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We're Done Burnishing the Cat
2006-04-03 08:12
by Jon Weisman

Today's Game

Today's Weather

* * *

It's baseball time. Forget all the petty worries, breathe deep, and just enjoy the day.

Update: Nomar Garciaparra and Kristen Chenowith have been scratched from today's lineup, the principals said this morning. More information to come.

Comments (579)
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2006-04-03 08:31:13
1.   mike20
When was the last time the Dodgers played 2 tie games in a row? (Exhibition games or otherwise?) when was the last time Opening Day was rained out? When was the last time the first 3 games of the season were rained out AT Dodger Stadium?

2006-04-03 08:35:54
2.   Marty
I don't think 3 games have been rained out in a season, much less in a row, since the Dodgers moved to L.A.
2006-04-03 08:38:23
3.   D4P
I thought the title of this thread could have been "Rain Clouds Don't Care if your GM is Old School."
2006-04-03 08:38:58
4.   Jeromy
How far has Repko come in the past couple of weeks? Gurnick predicts he's getting sent down and now he's the opening day CF! That's scrappy.
2006-04-03 08:42:37
5.   Inside Baseball
Over/under on official end time of today's game is 5pm

I'll take the over.

2006-04-03 08:56:03
6.   D4P
From JD Drew:

"The older you get, people lean on you more," he said. "It comes with the territory. You become more team-oriented. The focus becomes less on you and more about chemistry and picking each other up. I see myself growing into that type of player."


2006-04-03 09:03:05
7.   underdog
I wish my Tivo was smart ebough to know a game is rain delayed and to then wait until it starts before recording, even if it's 4 hours late. It's not that smart, is it...

Oh well, if it is that late, I can watch(?) live when I get home from work. conflicting with the NCAA game of course!

Meanwhile, I'm going to the Yankees-A's game tomorrow night and might run into the same problem: rain.

Building an ark,

2006-04-03 09:03:30
8.   Spageticus
Happy Opening Day to all. Word is Repko came out and saw his shadow -- sounds like two more days of rain outs. Guess Albert Hammond Sr. was correct: Man, it pours.
2006-04-03 09:10:09
9.   Eric Enders
I thought if Repko came out and saw his shadow, that meant two more days of strike outs.
2006-04-03 09:13:40
10.   Nate Maxwell
Good morning all. I am a Braves fan, but I come in peace. I have been a lurker here for a long while. I must compliment Jon for creating a baseball site about the Dodgers that is enjoyable to someone like me who doesn't follow the Dodgers, nor live on the West Coast. It has become my favorite non-Braves baseball site. I have even developed a certain attachment to the Dodgers just from following them via this site. Don't get me wrong, I still hope the Braves take them to the woodshed today, but I wish you well on the season. I thought I would come hang out here for the next couple of days, as long you all have no problem fraternizing with the opponent. Here's to Opening Day and no rain.
2006-04-03 09:13:45
11.   underdog
Can we schedule one day a week that is Repko-bashing-free? ;-) How about Thursdays - those can be Ramon Martinez Mockery Day?
2006-04-03 09:15:34
12.   FirstMohican
9 - Either way, I think, there will be many more days of strikeouts. This aint Oakland, boys.
2006-04-03 09:15:45
13.   underdog
10 Welcome Nate! Best of luck to the Braves - except when they play the Dodgers of course. As for today, both teams may end up in the woodshed - waiting out the rain.
2006-04-03 09:16:56
14.   D4P
Every day is RMMD.
2006-04-03 09:34:33
15.   Slikk
Repko will prove you all wrong. That's my Opening Day prediction. ;)
2006-04-03 09:58:13
16.   Humma Kavula
So, how do rainouts/ticket make-ups work? I have tickets for Wednesday's game, and according to [1], there's 100% chance of rain. I don't like those odds...

How do I get tickets to the make-up game?

2006-04-03 09:59:14
17.   Gen3Blue
Welcome Max
I am a Dodger fan but an East Coaster(W.Ma);
must be heredity from Brooklyn ancestors.
What is toughest is all the home night games at 10 pm. It gets worse, seems like the last 6 weeks is all interdivision night games.
What a great run you guys are having and no end is in sight!
I've spent some time on the west coast and it rains very differently there. It rarely rains at this time of year, but if it does the fronts move glacially, and if you lose one game to rain, you'r apt to lose a whole series.( I believe I remember it happening).
Sorry to be a wet blanket. Lets hope its so light we get all games in.
2006-04-03 10:00:32
18.   dzzrtRatt
10 Well, Nate, I can't say I've ever been a Braves fan, given the formerly hot rivalry between the Dodgers and its former NL West cohort, and given the association with whacko Ted Turner...but as a baseball organization, they would have to be the ultimate role model, one I hope the Dodgers eventually emulate. That said: Do you think it was Schuerholz' fine drafts, or was it Leo Mazzone? I guess we might start to find out.

To everyone going to the game, have a great Opening Day. I think today's game is going to happen. Tomorrow -- iffyer.

2006-04-03 10:02:10
19.   Gen3Blue
By the way we are having the driest spring I can remember, ruining the trout season. Strange patterns at work.
2006-04-03 10:03:24
20.   Vishal
[15] he can't prove ALL of us wrong.
2006-04-03 10:04:28
21.   das411
10 - Welcome Nate! As a Phillies fan who got sucked into DT the same way, I'd just like to say welcome here and...may the best team win :)

Hey Sam DC, what's this Bowden is saying about the Nats will have a "special guest" at their home opener?

2006-04-03 10:11:48
22.   Steve
April is love your formerly useless dodger month! May a thousand flowers bloom in centerfield, and may Bob's dire predictions be as distant memories! For today is St.Crispin's Day! :)
2006-04-03 10:14:17
23.   Gilgamesh
I didn't know we could add musical artist to your list of talents until today, has you listed as the author of 'It's A Beautiful Day For A Ball Game'!
Maybe someone got confused with this post ;)
2006-04-03 10:14:24
24.   D4P
"Love your FUD" is my favorite month theme.
2006-04-03 10:24:06
25.   Marty
Welcome Mr. Maxwell. My late brother hated the Braves with a passion. He seemed to focus much of that hatred on Mark Lemke for some reason. I never hated them as much as got tired of them being so good for so long. I'm still tired of that.
2006-04-03 10:25:26
26.   ToyCannon
Just because the baseball god has a unique sense of humor the following will happen today.
Repko will get two hits, steal one base, and score at least one run.
Sandy Alomar will get at least one hit, one which will be at least a double but the Braves will run wild because Lowe is on the mound.
If the Dodgers win Baez will get the 1st save of 2006
2006-04-03 10:25:55
27.   Nate Maxwell
I think that the Braves success has not been built solely upon the talents of Schuerholz, Mazzone, or Cox. I think that it has been an organization-wide philosophy that has created the amazing run. Schuerholz is a shrewd GM, Mazzone had a philosophy of pitching that created a lot of success, and Cox has both kept a stable clubhouse where players can be comfortable and know what's expected of them. In addition, the Braves have a great minor league system that ingrains the Braves philosophy in the players as they come up through the system. By the time they get to the majors, Braves pitchers had been exposed to Leo and Bobby's philosophy from their minor league instructors abd can step in.

Basically, I think that the Braves success has been the result of a very stable organization that has allowed talented people, from Schuerholz to Bobby to Leo to the minor league instructors and coaches, to do what they are good at for a long period of time without drama or chaos. Braves prospects are able to grow in that enviroment, and for some reason, outside players are able to flourish in it when they get here, probably partially because Schuerholz and his people seem to be very good judges of talent.

That's why I'm not too worried about Leo's departure, because I think a lot of his success has been aided by the health of the Braves organization, and if Roger McDowell buys into the organizational philosophy, he should be able to be successful here as well. Leo is a great coach, but the strength of the Braves organization has been the fact that it has not been dependent upon any one specific asset to be succesful. I think that keeping a stable organization is an aspect of a team's success that many teams miss the boat on because they don't have immediate gratification.

2006-04-03 10:31:11
28.   Marty
That is, if McDowell isn't too busy tryng to spit on Kramer and Jerry...:)
2006-04-03 10:32:44
29.   Marty
My favorite Brave memory, from before they got good, was when Ted Turner decided he was going to be the manager. Whoever was commisioner then (Bowie Kuhn??) had to kick him out of the dugout.

Good times.

2006-04-03 10:35:43
30.   Steve
Dale Murphy - yay! All other Braves - boo!

I have just been informed that the flyover will be something in a little higher price range than a Jet Blue airliner.

2006-04-03 10:37:44
31.   Nate Maxwell
So what do you LA folks think the chances are of this game happening today? Is Dodger Stadium going to be Dodger Lake?
2006-04-03 10:40:26
32.   Marty
I think they'll get in at least 5 innings. The rain seems to have been delayed a bit. It was supposed to have come in last night.
2006-04-03 10:46:33
33.   Steve
Hey, Nomar's out of the lineup for injury reasons! Anti-DePo people line up here:
2006-04-03 10:48:51
34.   Marty
Apparently in the Nationals/Mets game, the new Met H&S catcher lost the ball AND his glove trying to throw out Soriano at second.
2006-04-03 10:49:14
35.   Limey
I was reading the discussion on the decline of a former Dodger top pitching prospect on DT the other day, and his apparent loss of confidence since his first start in blue. The next day I saw Brown's article in the LAT on the effects of coming off steriods:,1,4390105.story?coll=la-headlines-sports-mlb-dodger

and how it can involve loss of confidence as well as strength/power/endurance. What really bugs me about steroid use in baseball is that it's really hard for a fan to know who's a kid who's been mishandled and lost his confidence, and who's suffering from a withdrawal of juice. Brown's article also quoted Colletti as saying that the GM or the scouts rely on "eyes, intellect and intuition". Again, as a fan, you just don't know what factors a GM has taken into account when he decides to make a trade.

The same is true of players who did really well 2 or more years ago, got injured last season and are coming back this year. Are they a shadow of their former selves because of the injuries, or because they can't rely on a chemistry set any more? Sorry if I'm revisiting old ground here, but it really p*sses me off not knowing whether I should have sympathy or contempt for these guys.

2006-04-03 10:53:40
36.   Sam DC
21 Hadn't heard.

34 Yes it's true -- love those runnin' hard Nationals. Soriano stealing second in the second inning of an 0-0 game, with the Count 3-1 to the batter, no less.

Meanwhile, Livan gets a single in his first AB (love me them pitchers who can hit), and leadoff man not-Ryan-Church is promptly asked to bunt, at which point David Wright throws out the less-than-nimble at second. Gonna be fun year for DC fans.

2006-04-03 10:56:46
37.   Marty
Robbie put the bunt on with Livan on first?? Hilarious.
2006-04-03 10:57:40
38.   sanchez101
What's the weather like right now in LA? Is it raining yet?
2006-04-03 11:00:25
39.   Sam DC
And Glavine gets a single in his first AB. Touche.
2006-04-03 11:02:56
40.   Sam DC
Last update - me gots work todo, but the first Met RBI of the season goes to a clean-shaven (or saith Gameday) Paul LoDuca. Tow out single to center with a runner on third.
2006-04-03 11:05:43
41.   Ken Arneson
Gameday saith wrongly. LoDuca has a pretty good five-o'clock shadow going.
2006-04-03 11:06:17
42.   Jon Weisman
It has started raining at the ballpark. Plus, see update up top re: Nomar.
2006-04-03 11:07:26
43.   Telemachos
38 Here in Culver City, the rain is falling steadily.

ESPN has changed the look of their Gamecast. I'm not sure if it like it or not -- there's a cute animation for pitches and for balls hit into play.

They seem to have lost their fascination of overdone flash, praise be.

2006-04-03 11:08:17
44.   D4P
Dale Murphy - yay!

Was it the mole or the Mormon?

2006-04-03 11:18:39
45.   sanchez101
Its been raining pretty hard here in Santa Barbara since at least 8:00, my guess is that this game is a rain delay.
2006-04-03 11:28:01
46.   D4P
I don't follow the Reds at all, but I see that their OD starter is Aaron Harang.

Something tells me that does not bode well for Reds' fans.

2006-04-03 11:29:15
47.   D4P
I am also reminded that the Cubs were the "winner" of both the Juan Pierre and Jacque Jones sweepstakes.
2006-04-03 11:30:41
48.   D4P
Nomar's injury is evidently a strained rib muscle or something to that effect.
2006-04-03 11:37:32
49.   Sam DC
Cubs up 5-0 in the first (they like the President, apparently).

LA Times says Dodger game is safe from the Weater: "It's now official: the gathering storm that should snarl rush hour commutes Tuesday morning is not expected to delay the opening of the baseball season this afternoon. 'The Dodger game will be safe,' said Stuart Seto, a specialist with the National Weather Service."

By the by, greatest possible title for this thread.

2006-04-03 11:41:19
50.   D4P
Has Mike Lowell ever been implicated in steroid suspicions? He strikes me as a likely candidate. In addition to his performance drop-off, he looks pretty skinny these days.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-04-03 11:45:52
51.   Marty
If you can believe Gameday, Zambano is all over the place. Already thrown 30 pitches in the first. Bases loaded, 2 outs.
2006-04-03 11:47:50
52.   Marty
And he gets out of it. One hit, one run, 3 walks
2006-04-03 11:49:55
53.   natepurcell
sweet, the injuries continue with nomar. who would have guessed.
2006-04-03 11:51:38
54.   natepurcell
does colletti use stats analysis? he answers...

''Do I use VORP?" Colletti said, referring to one such sabermetric tool, Value Over Replacement Player. ''I may be using it and not even know it, and if I am, it's nobody's business. There are a lot of different criteria in judging players. I think I use, um, esoteric qualitative mathematical review times five. That's one of them.

2006-04-03 11:51:47
55.   Humma Kavula
I don't think anyone anticipated the breech of the rib muscle.
2006-04-03 11:51:52
56.   D4P
There was no way to know.
2006-04-03 11:56:26
57.   natepurcell
of course, it doesnt matter with nomar, we got the big korean as a great backup!

oh wait....

2006-04-03 11:58:35
58.   Mark
57 Nevermind that Choi is hurt right now, nate.

2006-04-03 11:59:50
59.   natepurcell
ahhh we are cursed either way!
2006-04-03 12:00:44
60.   Marty
We've got the big Pomeranian. Or Panamanian...
2006-04-03 12:01:27
61.   D4P
Or Big Tomato.
2006-04-03 12:01:33
62.   Sam DC
David Wright now on pace to hit about 220 home runs this year.
2006-04-03 12:03:47
63.   Sam DC
Old Friend -- we're all friends, right? -- Jose Valentin in to pinch hit for Tom Glavine, runners at first and second.
2006-04-03 12:05:22
64.   Sam DC
Got up 3-0, watched two strikes, then swung at the third.
2006-04-03 12:05:29
65.   D4P
And The Old Friend looks the Friend of Old.
2006-04-03 12:06:28
66.   Humma Kavula
Does anybody have a link re: the Nomar injury?
2006-04-03 12:08:14
67.   dzzrtRatt
50 This week's baseball preview in the dead-tree version of Sports Illustrated implies Jason Schmidt was a steroid case, citing his slimming down, some mph loss off his fastball, his fragility, his needing to relearn pitching techniques.

In the 80s, if someone suddenly lost weight, many people whispered they had AIDS. Today, they whisper "he used to be on steroids."

2006-04-03 12:11:43
68.   Mark
Encarnacion is batting leadoff for the Cardinals?

Wow, this is bizarro-MLB.

2006-04-03 12:12:20
69.   Mark
Wait a second, the ESPN scoreboard just updated. Nevermind.
2006-04-03 12:20:17
70.   fawnkyj
We'll probably see Loney up sooner rather than later.
2006-04-03 12:31:38
71.   Steve
63 -- It is Love Your Formerly Useless Dodgers Month, and I see no reason not to extend the celebration to those who are no longer Dodgers.
2006-04-03 12:33:57
72.   sanchez101
Is it just me, or is Tommy Lasorda one of the most overrated "characters" in baseball history? He walked into a great situation in 1976 with a good, fairly young ball club on the rise. People say he's a great clubhouse guy and give him a lot of credit for 1988, but where was his magic in 1974, 1977, 1978, or in the '83 or '85 playoffs? In return for that we get a guy that overworked a number of promising young pitchers and the terrible Konerko trade. I think his biggest contribution to the Dodgers has been Mike Piazza, and its not even close.

Am I missing something, I must be, because he's supposed to be somesort of "legend" but I see him as more of a curse.

2006-04-03 12:48:49
73.   Blu2
This is interesting but only tangential to baseball (sports) watching. It was posted on another board I frequent.
Living Will


While watching a football game a couple weeks back, my wife
I were discussing life and death. I told her, "Just so you know, I
want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and
from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug."
She promptly got up, unplugged the TV and threw out all my
Some days I hate being married to a smartass.

2006-04-03 12:48:52
74.   Curtis Lowe
If you are only looking at the bad then yeah Lasorda is overrated. With that logic the same can be said about President Lincoln, though he freed the slaves he was also a direct cause of the greatest loss of american life this country has ever seen. Finding the bad is easy, it's finding whats good that takes some work.

This message has been brought to you by NBC.

2006-04-03 12:51:19
75.   Steve
Apparently, according to the (admittedly stupid) KFWB radio guy, Nomar is an excellent candidate to have "100 RBIs without hitting 10 homeruns." ToyCannon's bet is starting to look like a pretty good one for the Bear Caucus.
2006-04-03 12:55:15
76.   Sam DC
See, Steve, if you were at the ballpark, you'd have missed that.

Nationals down 3-2, open up the 8th with a single from Soriano and a double from Zimmerman. Third base coach (Beasely or something) sends Fonzy, who promptly gets thrown out by the relayman at the plate. To make the first out, in a one-run game. Gonna be a long year of "aggressive" baserunning for DC fans, allright.

2006-04-03 12:55:38
77.   trainwreck
Soriano got robbed. (surpised I would type that, unless of course it was connected to his house, car, or jewelry.

I am not going to anymore classes today, including my sports appreciation class hahahah. I love MLB package!

Wagner's debut

2006-04-03 12:57:40
78.   Marty
Steve once described Angel baserunning as a bunch of headless chickens running around the paths. I always liked the mental picture that conjured up.
2006-04-03 12:57:45
79.   Todd
44 C'mon, give the Bob Horner Jheri Curl and the Certifiable Madness of Pascual Perez some love.....
2006-04-03 12:58:26
80.   Vishal
what happened to nomar??
2006-04-03 12:58:40
81.   natepurcell
so is it raining?
2006-04-03 12:59:07
82.   Sam DC
He's out with Kristen Chenoweth. 6-4-2 will be all over it, no doubt.
2006-04-03 12:59:43
83.   Marty
Zambrano went 5 innings, giving up 5 runs on 105 pitches. Amazingly, Dusty replaced him. That's usually around the time a pitcher gets into his comfort zone in Dusty's mind.
2006-04-03 12:59:49
84.   natepurcell
what happened to nomar??

nomar is out of the lineup because he [ ] a [ ] muscle.

2006-04-03 13:02:02
85.   Marty
Cruz in the number 2 spot. That's interesting.
2006-04-03 13:03:24
86.   D4P
Why are Sutcliffe and Karros yelling?
2006-04-03 13:04:21
87.   bigcpa
File this under stating the obvious, but sending out Repko/Saenz to face a right-handed ace really underscores the downside of the Bradley/Choi firesale. Despite the unoriginality of this point, I feel better having said it.
2006-04-03 13:05:05
88.   Todd
Qu'est-ce c'est le Kristen Chenoweth talk?
2006-04-03 13:05:45
89.   trainwreck
HEaring Vince's voice feels me with happy happy joy joy.
2006-04-03 13:06:45
90.   Sam DC
All done with Nationals talk, after presenting this, the final out of the game, courtesy of MLB Gameday: "Jose Vidro singles on a line drive to center fielder Carlos Beltran. Jose Vidro out at 2nd, center fielder Carlos Beltran to second baseman Anderson Hernandez."
2006-04-03 13:09:01
91.   natepurcell
the pastel blue outfield wall looks really nice. and yes, i am imagining it without the ads
2006-04-03 13:09:06
92.   Sam DC
88 Jon made a funny about all the understudies in the game today (see update to his post).
2006-04-03 13:09:25
93.   Todd
87 Unoriginality is nothing to apologize for. It's only "unoriginal" (it's original to you in your mind as of some time ago) because so many people agree with it. And yes, we have lost some versatility now with the shortage of leftie power off the pine.
2006-04-03 13:09:37
94.   Sam DC
5-0 Cards top fourth, and Pujols up with the bases loaded . . .
2006-04-03 13:10:22
95.   Vishal
[84] hrm. that could be something as minor as [tweaked] a [hamstring] or as bad as [tore] a [groin]
2006-04-03 13:10:48
96.   Todd
92 Thanks Sam. I thought it must be something like that but thanks for clarifying.
2006-04-03 13:10:51
97.   micktissue

Having to suffer with Charlie and Rick fills me with yucky yukky where's choi?

2006-04-03 13:11:31
98.   natepurcell
re 95

strained a rib muscle!

2006-04-03 13:11:33
99.   D4P
I like the pastel wall too. I never liked the dark blue.
2006-04-03 13:12:27
100.   D4P
I don't like the Time Warner ad behind home plate.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-04-03 13:12:42
101.   Nate Maxwell
Play ball!
2006-04-03 13:12:51
102.   trainwreck
Not a good way to start.
2006-04-03 13:13:03
103.   natepurcell
re 100

its the braves brainwashing!

2006-04-03 13:13:21
104.   Uncle Miltie
Just got back from lunch. Dodger Stadium looks really good. I'm predicting a Dodger loss.
2006-04-03 13:13:57
105.   GoBears
75. Hmm, just realized that my "bet" with TC over Nomar was based on rate-stats only, namely a +/- of .800 for OPS. I suppose it's entirely possible that Nomar will OPS over .800 if he only manages 200 ABs this season.
2006-04-03 13:14:01
106.   Uncle Miltie
What a play by Mueller! (Aybar could have done that...)
2006-04-03 13:14:26
107.   natepurcell
the quiet assassin snares a line drive! (huh?)
2006-04-03 13:14:31
108.   Vishal
ah, okay that's in the middle i guess. a strain is better than a pull, right?

also, does anyone think the jimmy rollins hit streak is sustainable?

2006-04-03 13:14:43
109.   micktissue
106. did it look as good as it sounded/
2006-04-03 13:14:53
110.   Uncle Miltie
Told you Kent is horrible defensively...
2006-04-03 13:15:04
111.   D4P
Kent's old!
2006-04-03 13:15:51
112.   Uncle Miltie
Kent is a loser, I never want anybody to get injured, but...
2006-04-03 13:16:08
113.   Vishal
uh oh, an error. here come some runs.
2006-04-03 13:16:28
114.   natepurcell
lol, and so it begins...
2006-04-03 13:16:38
115.   D4P
Repko bobbles the ball, then misses the cutoff man.
2006-04-03 13:16:48
116.   Steve
The Derek Lowe we know and love, giving up "unearned" runs like candy.
2006-04-03 13:16:55
117.   GoBears
That Repko is a great defensive OFer. Sheesh.

And remember how Vinnie counted Kent's errorless chances to start last season? Not this year.

2006-04-03 13:17:04
118.   trainwreck
So how do you guys feel when a fantasy player of yours is successful against your favorite team? Me...bittersweet. haha
2006-04-03 13:17:06
119.   Sam DC
Ouch -- intentional walk to load the bases and get to Scott Rolen, who promtply hits a grand slam home run. 10-0 Cards over the Phillies.
2006-04-03 13:17:30
120.   Todd
Well, Rolen's back.
2006-04-03 13:17:41
121.   D4P
The camera got way too close to Lowe's face in his Gameday photo.
2006-04-03 13:17:58
122.   micktissue
Loften's VORP spikes ...
2006-04-03 13:18:03
123.   Uncle Miltie
Lowe is back, lol
2006-04-03 13:18:18
124.   regfairfield
Is anyone else on Gameday? Lowe's photo makes him look like he's about 350 pounds.
2006-04-03 13:18:25
125.   natepurcell
..... so guys. 2007? eh eh?
2006-04-03 13:18:43
126.   Steve
Derek Lowe had a tremendous spring training. Really, quite impressive.
2006-04-03 13:18:45
127.   blue22
94 - Rolen with a slam. 10-zip Cards in Philly.
2006-04-03 13:18:46
128.   Todd
118 I hope the Dodgers get him out but if they don't, I just say, I don't want the Dodgers to lose but it won't hurt my fantasy team :) Very complicated ethical question :)
2006-04-03 13:18:48
129.   micktissue
2006-04-03 13:18:51
130.   screwballin
Great, already down 4-0.

Is this a sign that this season will be the opposite of last? :)

2006-04-03 13:19:13
131.   slackfarmer
2006-04-03 13:19:28
132.   regfairfield
It's only opening day, it's only opening day...
2006-04-03 13:19:33
133.   Uncle Miltie
Gotta love Lowe's tremendous mound presence and the excellent pitch calling by the Gold Glove All Star, Sandy Alomar.
2006-04-03 13:20:23
134.   Marty
Wait til next year...
2006-04-03 13:20:42
135.   Steve
Derek Lowe is a veteran gamer. He knows he doesn't have very many more chances to win.
2006-04-03 13:20:48
136.   Todd
10 Well kids, we're at least on the garden path down to the woodshed. The plus: half of the crowd isn't there yet to suffer through that.....
2006-04-03 13:20:53
137.   D4P
Grittle already leaving the starting pitcher in too long...
2006-04-03 13:20:55
138.   StevieK
There must be crappy weather all over the country. I think the fans in LA forget the fact that LA weather isn't normal. I thought about ditching work this afternoon and going to see the Brewers open, but when I woke up this morning it was snowing. Yeah, they have a "dome", but that takes away the fun. So right now I am still shackled to my desk wondering why I moved to Milwaukee, and hoping for a break in the weather.
2006-04-03 13:21:17
139.   micktissue
The Dodgers end the inning! The Dodgers end the inning!
2006-04-03 13:21:45
140.   trainwreck
When do the 51's, Sun's, and lower division teams games start?
2006-04-03 13:22:17
141.   Marty
The good news is, I can't seem to connect to gameday audio here at work, so I don't get to listen to Monday.
2006-04-03 13:22:27
142.   natepurcell
re 140

thursday, billingsley on the mound for the 51s. i cant wait!

2006-04-03 13:22:40
143.   scareduck
140 - Raptors open their season today, GCL in June, pretty much everyone else Thursday.
2006-04-03 13:22:59
144.   natepurcell
they removed the error from repko- more repko loving..
2006-04-03 13:23:19
145.   oldbear
That has to be a record for quickest "boos" on opening day.

I'd say this game is over. Its going to be hard scoring more than 3 runs a game this year with no power.

2006-04-03 13:23:23
146.   scareduck
141 - I can't get the new "improved" Gameday Audio to work at work OR at home.
2006-04-03 13:24:14
147.   Uncle Miltie
Giles doesn't want to feel left out
2006-04-03 13:24:39
148.   Uncle Miltie
Bunt, hit and run, steal?
2006-04-03 13:24:39
149.   oldbear
Thats ridiculous. There's no way thats a double. Repko booted the ball that allowed Jones to go to 2nd base.

But it doesnt really matter when your pitcher gives up homers.

Derek Lowe must give up the most inordinate amount of HR's for being a GB pitcher.

2006-04-03 13:25:25
150.   D4P
Small ball, baby.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-04-03 13:25:49
151.   GoBears
144. Well, Repko did boot the ball, but it didn't cost any bases anywhere, did it? The runner on 2nd was going to score anyway, and no one else advanced. Sorta like a "WP" with no one on base. Same mistake, no cost.
2006-04-03 13:25:56
152.   Nate Maxwell
Well this is a stellar defensive start to the season for both teams.
2006-04-03 13:26:28
153.   Todd
Geez, when will Lance Carter be warm?
2006-04-03 13:26:33
154.   GoBears
149. Oh. So there was an advance? My bad.
2006-04-03 13:26:38
155.   Uncle Miltie
Not a productive out!
2006-04-03 13:26:45
156.   Steve
See Weaver, Jeff.
2006-04-03 13:27:08
157.   blue22
149 - Yahoo credits Andruw with a single, advancing to 2nd on the throw. Did that make sense, visually speaking?
2006-04-03 13:28:10
158.   Uncle Miltie
Kent will swing at the first pitch
2006-04-03 13:28:17
159.   Steve
If only LaRoche had made a productive out.
2006-04-03 13:28:37
160.   Marty
Advancing a runner with one out should be called an "Erstad"
2006-04-03 13:28:45
161.   GoBears
Nuh uh.
2006-04-03 13:29:10
162.   scareduck
160 sigh.
2006-04-03 13:29:35
163.   GoBears
161 was in response to 158.
2006-04-03 13:29:38
164.   blue22
160 - A specific kind of "Olney"?
2006-04-03 13:29:38
165.   blue22
160 - A specific kind of "Olney"?
2006-04-03 13:29:58
166.   scareduck
159 - sigh.
2006-04-03 13:30:57
167.   Uncle Miltie
Kent with a walk? wow. Give some credit to Kenny Lofton...
2006-04-03 13:31:11
168.   scareduck
I wonder if Lowe just got another divorce?
2006-04-03 13:32:21
169.   trainwreck
Dodger Stadium looks like it should be in Miami now.
2006-04-03 13:32:37
170.   bigcpa
We interrupt this miserable game for our first look at TRACY BALL in Pittsburgh.

With his ace Oliver Perez nursing a 2-1 lead in the 6th with 1 out and 1 on, Tracy pulls Perez. 5ip, 9k, 3h, 1er, 93 pitches. He brings in the RHP Salomon Torres to face RH Carlos Lee and LH Fielder. Torres gets out of it, but has now walked the first 2 batters in the 7th with no out.
Here we see two classic Tracy traits at work:
1) Protecting the fragile psyche of his starters by seeing to it that they can get the WIN. If the game is 1-1 I honestly think Perez stays in.
2) Overthinking the lefty/righty matchup by replacing an effective pitcher with an inferior one. Lee had an infield single and a walk in his first two ab's vs. Perez.

2006-04-03 13:32:39
171.   trainwreck
Especially with the Bud Light ad.
2006-04-03 13:33:09
172.   Todd
Alright....a professional hitter.....
2006-04-03 13:34:27
173.   scareduck
170 - Clearly, Saenz needs to work on his productive-out-making.
2006-04-03 13:34:48
174.   Marty
We seem to be using time-honored "get em on, get em over, get your glove" philosophy.
2006-04-03 13:35:35
175.   adamclyde
The good news... look at our current stats for the year:

ERA: 27.00
Batting Avg: .000

Assuming Lowe doesn't give up 5 runs this inning, there's only one way to go.

It's going to be a great year.

2006-04-03 13:36:17
176.   King of the Hobos
170 He also has Randa batting behind Bay. Randa is 0-3. Bay has 3 walks.
2006-04-03 13:36:20
177.   slackfarmer
Given the choice of an offence based on the gradslam, or on error, wild pitch and ground out, I'd take the former any day.
2006-04-03 13:36:21
178.   regfairfield
170 How about this: Tracy has a catcher that could easily hit 20 home runs if given playtime, and his team can't hit.

Instead he goes with the guy with a career .685 OPS because of his "amazing defense."

2006-04-03 13:36:40
179.   Uncle Miltie
At least Hudson made 21 pitches. We'll be lucky if he only goes 6 innings (hoping for 5 is unrealistic)
2006-04-03 13:37:50
180.   scareduck
175 - yes, because a 10.00 rotation ERA in the NL West might still be good enough to lead a division containing the Colorado Rockies.
2006-04-03 13:38:39
181.   bigcpa
The Tracy Boner is complete...

"Cirillo singled to left center, Weeks and Hall scored."

3-2 Milwaukee. Torres will take the loss.

2006-04-03 13:39:12
182.   scareduck
Lowe starts the merry-go-round again by giving up a leadoff single to Marcus Giles.
2006-04-03 13:40:34
183.   blue22
Pujols with his 2nd dinger of the day.
2006-04-03 13:40:40
184.   Uncle Miltie
"Renteria is one of the best clutch hitters in baseball"
2006-04-03 13:40:42
185.   scareduck
181 - forgotten in all the Pittsburghian preseason salivation over Tracy is the fact that he was also using lineups built from team payrolls of $90-$110M. Give him a roster with Solomon Torres on it and he'll hang himself every time.
2006-04-03 13:41:21
186.   King of the Hobos
Since when does the graphic show: R H E LOB?
2006-04-03 13:41:41
187.   Steve
Don't forget that you could get the Tracy-Bounceback Theory working here, where the team overcomes his bonehead mistakes and he gets all the credit for it. An old favorite.
2006-04-03 13:41:42
188.   scareduck
182 - not so leadoff. Damn you, Gameday! Damn you all to hell!
2006-04-03 13:42:13
189.   screwballin
181 I can understand pulling a young starting pitcher at 92 pitches on Opening Day.
2006-04-03 13:43:09
190.   slackfarmer
The worst thing about Tracy pulling Perez after only 1 out in the 6th is that he let him bat in top half of the 6th with the bases loaded.
2006-04-03 13:43:35
191.   Uncle Miltie
Too bad Mueller is a slap hitter
2006-04-03 13:43:52
192.   bigcpa
187 The only signature move missing is having Oliver Perez strike out with 2 runners on in the top half, then pulling him 9 pitches into the bottom half.
2006-04-03 13:44:29
193.   bigcpa
190 Wait- tell me you're kidding.
2006-04-03 13:45:15
194.   bigcpa
Ohmigod- you are not kidding. That is high-larious!!!!!!!!!!
2006-04-03 13:45:24
195.   Steve
190 -- You're not serious.
2006-04-03 13:45:47
196.   blue22
187 - A friend asked me if I thought Pittsburgh would be better this year, with Tracy at the helm.

They lost 95 games last year. They will almost certainly be better this year.

I guess this is what Tracy is talking about when being put in "positions to succeed".

2006-04-03 13:46:44
197.   Marty
Plus, Tracy let Perez hit with the bases loaded the inning before. Only to pull him two batters later. Ahh, brings back old times.
2006-04-03 13:46:55
198.   natepurcell
repko had a pretty good at bat actually.
2006-04-03 13:47:36
199.   Marty
Umm...I guess I was a little late there.
2006-04-03 13:48:05
200.   Uncle Miltie
198- probably the second best at bat besides Kent's.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-04-03 13:49:57
201.   Xeifrank
Dodger win expectancy: 14.2%
Rainout expectancy: 3.2%
Dodgers get no hit expectancy: 24.45%
Nomar gets hurt expectancy: 109.5%
2006-04-03 13:50:48
202.   blue22
Shawn Green batting 6th today for AZ in COL. I wonder if he's requested a trade to Pittsburgh yet.
2006-04-03 13:51:09
203.   Todd
The sportswriters will love JT's press the fact that...they're in PIT.
2006-04-03 13:52:21
204.   Uncle Miltie
Nice play by Cruz. Would Mike Edwards have made that play? Maybe this will give Lowe some confidence.
2006-04-03 13:53:06
205.   scareduck
202 - hey, if Chan Ho Park could convince John Hart that he needed his personal caddy in the persona of Chad Kreuter in order to be successful, I don't see why Green couldn't say something similar about his manager in Arizona.
2006-04-03 13:54:29
206.   Steve
Did we miss a spot on the cat?
2006-04-03 13:55:45
207.   slackfarmer
Wait, there's more Tracy stupidity. Not only did Tracy let Perez strike out with the bases loaded in the top half of the 6th, and pulled Perez after he faced only two batters in the bottom of the 6th -- Tracy pulled him after he stuck out both guys he faced in the 6th (the second one reached on a wild pitch).
2006-04-03 13:55:50
208.   Marty
Kreuter's the kind of guy you want in your foxhole if you need to go into the stands though.
2006-04-03 13:57:46
209.   adamclyde
watching gameday here... did lowe really just ground out on the first pitch there?
2006-04-03 13:58:39
210.   Uncle Miltie
Great at bat by Furcal. We aren't used to having a leadoff hitter do that.
2006-04-03 13:59:18
211.   Sam DC
Bet Jim Tracy is talking about Alex Cora right now. Carlos Lee just hit a 2-run homer on the eleventh pitch of his at bat in Milwaukee (and the court was only 2-2).
2006-04-03 14:00:21
212.   Steve
207 -- Fortunately, we didn't miss that spot on the cat.
2006-04-03 14:00:40
213.   scareduck
Having hired Jim Tracy and made all the spectacularly boneheaded maneuvers possible, the Pirates have extended Dave Littlefield's contract:

It seems in his case to be a remarkably suitable last name.

2006-04-03 14:01:30
214.   slackfarmer
Say what you want about Grady, at least he's not Jimbo.
2006-04-03 14:01:45
215.   natepurcell
drew with an ersty.
2006-04-03 14:02:23
216.   Uncle Miltie
215- not really because he didn't move both runners over.
2006-04-03 14:02:24
217.   scareduck
215 - but he does the little things so well!
2006-04-03 14:03:02
218.   Uncle Miltie
I just realized that Hudson isn't going to pitch a no hitter now!
2006-04-03 14:03:13
219.   natepurcell
re 216

thats the beauty of an ersty :)

2006-04-03 14:03:32
220.   D4P
The RBI Machine strikes again.
2006-04-03 14:04:05
221.   Uncle Miltie
"That's what proven 100 rbi guys do"
2006-04-03 14:04:53
222.   slackfarmer
Wow, a walk followed by two singles. Looks like we might score some runs yet.
2006-04-03 14:05:17
223.   natepurcell
at least the braves dont have a closer.
2006-04-03 14:05:21
224.   Sam DC
Isn't running ahead of the pitch supposed to get you safely to third, not almost thrown out coming back to second?
2006-04-03 14:05:48
225.   Todd
The mustachioed supposed-quad user does it again.
2006-04-03 14:05:54
226.   Uncle Miltie
not a professional at bat, thanks Ned!
2006-04-03 14:05:56
227.   D4P
Yep. Saenz may be a Professional Hitter, but he's no Proven 100 RBI Guy.
2006-04-03 14:06:04
228.   natepurcell
that pitch was the same pitch the tomato struck out on in his first ab.
2006-04-03 14:06:26
229.   scareduck
Also not a productive out.
2006-04-03 14:07:18
230.   Telemachos
The Big Tomato is making sure he's professionally getting us out of the inning.
2006-04-03 14:08:12
231.   D4P
I guess we should feel lucky. Choi's strikeouts would have been less Professional than Tomato's.
2006-04-03 14:09:04
232.   Uncle Miltie
Is Olmedo now the "Professional Outmaker"?
2006-04-03 14:09:08
233.   slackfarmer
Choi has a hole in his swing.
2006-04-03 14:09:35
234.   D4P
LOL. They just said Hudson suffered a similar injury last year to what Nomar is going through and that, in addition to being on the DL for 5 weeks, he never really got over the injury all year.
2006-04-03 14:09:49
235.   Steve
Isn't a cold, drab, humid day supposed to be better for a "sinkerball" pitcher?
2006-04-03 14:10:21
236.   oldbear
The Killer Tomato has trouble with sliders away. Thats why he kills LHP but doesnt do as well against RHP.
2006-04-03 14:10:37
237.   blue22
Pop quiz - Kenny Rogers is the opening day pitcher for which major league team this year?

No peeking.

2006-04-03 14:10:50
238.   Uncle Miltie
Nice DP by Furcal.
2006-04-03 14:10:56
239.   scareduck
235 - I think he just got re-divorced. Yeah, that's it.
2006-04-03 14:11:14
240.   scareduck
237 - Detroit.
2006-04-03 14:11:16
241.   King of the Hobos
232 Isn't that Neifi!'s job description?
2006-04-03 14:11:49
242.   oldbear
Are Nomar and Lofton really injured, or are the Dodgers labeling them 'injured' bc there just MUST be a reason for them doing nothing in spring training (apart from you know, declining talent....)
2006-04-03 14:11:53
243.   regfairfield
Let's not blame Olmedo. Everyone in the world knows he's terrible against lefties. It's not his fault he's the only other option at first base.
2006-04-03 14:12:34
244.   overkill94
Looks like Tracy has his new Carrara - he put in some guy named M. Capps to pitch with the team down only 3-2, only for him to let 2 runs score in his second inning of work.

I've never even heard of this Capps guy (and I know almost every player in the majors), yet he's trying to keep a game close on opening day?

Then again, their pen might just be that bad.

2006-04-03 14:12:51
245.   oldbear
237- Detroit, he's on my fantasy team. Rogers and Tom Glavine are both on my team, but somehow i'm still in last place.
2006-04-03 14:13:22
246.   Xeifrank
Dodger win expectancy: 22.0%
vr, Xei
2006-04-03 14:14:06
247.   blue22
240/245 - Correct. I must've been sick that day - it was a complete surprise to me.
2006-04-03 14:15:26
248.   natepurcell
good job mueller, make hudson throw a lot of pitches. thats our only chance. we must get to the bullpen!
2006-04-03 14:15:36
249.   Uncle Miltie
We are really going to have to play a lot of small ball to score some runs...
2006-04-03 14:15:55
250.   Todd
Olmedo's professional accreditation may have run out? Is he in the Union of Professional Hitters (also composed of Scott Hatteberg, Lyle Overbay, Jon Olerud and anyone else I care to throw in there apart from M. Choi)? Maybe his dues aren't paid up.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-04-03 14:16:21
251.   King of the Hobos
The Dodgers opened up at 4th on the BP Hit List, good for best in the NL.
2006-04-03 14:16:42
252.   Uncle Miltie
Great at bat by Mueller. Made Hudson work and drew a walk. Nice.
2006-04-03 14:17:01
253.   Uncle Miltie
Productive out by the All Star.
2006-04-03 14:17:12
254.   D4P
Alomar with an Ersty!
2006-04-03 14:17:49
255.   Steve
"a solid insurance policy last year"
2006-04-03 14:18:11
256.   King of the Hobos
244 Capps is a rookie who has pitched 20 innings in AA ball. He's not proven mediocricy like Carrara
2006-04-03 14:18:42
257.   natepurcell
wow, repko isnt swinging at the slider away.
2006-04-03 14:19:58
258.   scareduck
247 - given that I follow the Angels and he's been hell on them historically, I was grateful to see him leave the division.
2006-04-03 14:20:03
259.   natepurcell
another good AB by repko. although the results arent there, hes doing all the right things.
2006-04-03 14:20:08
260.   D4P
Great hustle by Repko!
2006-04-03 14:20:31
261.   Uncle Miltie
As much as we make fun of Repko his pitch recognition has looked better this year and despite making an out, he had a good at bat and really worked the count.
2006-04-03 14:20:33
262.   Steve
Repko has hit the ball hard twice, but of course for Monday the story is that he was only thrown out by a step, as if that matters.
2006-04-03 14:21:17
263.   Marty
Repko cannot even record an Erstad.
2006-04-03 14:22:30
264.   Uncle Miltie
71 pitches for Hudson through 4 innings and Furcal will lead off next inning. If Olmedo got injured, would Ramon Martinez have to play 1B...oh God!
2006-04-03 14:22:31
265.   natepurcell
in addition to hitting the ball hard twice, hes layed off some pretty good pitches by hudson.
2006-04-03 14:23:21
266.   D4P
Repko cannot even record an Erstad.

It takes experience* to hit the ball softly enough for the runner to advance. Repko made a common mistake among younger players by lining that ball hard.

*See: Alomar Jr., Sandy

2006-04-03 14:24:34
267.   oldbear
Karros actually made a pretty good point about how weak the Dodgers bottom of the order is, and why its ok to bat Mueller 6th.

Sutcliffe totally buried Nomar in that last inning.

However, they both seem to think what Ned did this off-season was "unbelievable"...?

What exactly was "unbelievable"?

2006-04-03 14:25:24
268.   Steve
Repko does all this good stuff, and all we hear about it is nonsense. It is no different than when Repko does all this bad stuff, and all we hear about it is nonsense.
2006-04-03 14:25:34
269.   Uncle Miltie
Can someone explain why Alomar is playing, why he isn't batting 8th, and why he is even on the roster? Some people said it's no big deal that we signed him, but from everything I've read, he's going to play 25 % of the time (if he can stay healthy). That's a lot of outs (and bad defense).
2006-04-03 14:25:47
270.   blue22
264 - I wonder if Ledee has taken any groundballs at first. I'm quite shocked that this team doesn't have a left-handed hitter that can play firstbase.
2006-04-03 14:25:58
271.   natepurcell
lowe should only start night games.
2006-04-03 14:26:08
272.   Steve
267 -- I invited the anti-Depo people to form a line to take their licks at Colletti, but the rain kept them away.
2006-04-03 14:26:24
273.   Todd
With his hustle, and hopefully another year of wisdom, he might be able to get some playing time this year. He picked it up end of last year.
2006-04-03 14:27:05
274.   King of the Hobos
If Lowe had grown out his beard to Morris-like levels, rather than what he has now, the Dodgers would be leading right now

And with Hudson's single I realized Brazoban is likely our best hitting pitcher now that Weaver and Jackson are gone. And he is probably our best righty PH tonight (Ross gives him a run for his money)

2006-04-03 14:27:32
275.   regfairfield
269 I believe the company line was "there's too much pressure on opening day."
2006-04-03 14:28:05
276.   Steve
Pressure's gone.
2006-04-03 14:28:27
277.   trainwreck
Yeah, bring Kuo in.
2006-04-03 14:28:38
278.   micktissue
stick a fork in him ...
2006-04-03 14:28:55
279.   Steve
Well, Tracy may be gone, but not that delightful habit of allowing a run to score and two runners to be on before anybody gets up in the bullpen.
2006-04-03 14:29:03
280.   jmoney
Karros actually sounds sensible talking about the steroid investigation. He's not parrotting the MLB-party line. Sutcliffe, as usual, is a goddamn moron.
2006-04-03 14:29:33
281.   trainwreck
Bring Navarro in as well.
2006-04-03 14:29:43
282.   natepurcell
dont worry, lowe's a gamer, he'll bounce back.
2006-04-03 14:29:46
283.   slackfarmer
Who's Lowe having an affair with this year? Or is it that he just can't pitch anymore?
2006-04-03 14:29:52
284.   Uncle Miltie
Derek Lowe stinks. Can we put Seo back in the rotation?
2006-04-03 14:30:39
285.   regfairfield
Are Lowe's pitches as up in the zone as Gameday is indicating?
2006-04-03 14:30:49
286.   scareduck
I see Captain Homer has once again helped out the other team.
2006-04-03 14:30:53
287.   Humma Kavula
Derek Lowe: on pace to give up 70 home runs.
2006-04-03 14:31:14
288.   autumnlanding
dodgers, lowe looking awful through 5
our offense is just as bad if not worse as last year
the lineup today is an embarassment
2006-04-03 14:31:43
289.   KAYVMON
Its a good thing we got all those veterans consdiering the coaching going on.
2006-04-03 14:32:01
290.   regfairfield
288 That's not a haiku.
2006-04-03 14:32:05
291.   oldbear
Remember when the Dodgers had power....

Small ball rules.

2006-04-03 14:32:11
292.   scareduck
284 - hell with Seo, call up Chad Billingsley.
2006-04-03 14:32:25
293.   Humma Kavula
Seriously. Why is Lowe still in this game? Give whatever PR-spun answer you want. Why?
2006-04-03 14:32:46
294.   Curtis Lowe
280- I beg to differ. Karros is the one that sounds like he wants it to be swept under the rug so to speak, I for one will be happy once theres closure to that dark era of baseball history.
2006-04-03 14:32:50
295.   Kayaker7
Maybe Lowe should work from further left of the mound? The dugout, maybe?
2006-04-03 14:32:58
296.   blue22
Things looking better in Angel-land:

Vlad with a 2-run homer in the top of the 1st.
Colon strikes out the side in the bottom half.

2006-04-03 14:33:17
297.   natepurcell
little is a genius, this is why he went with 12 pitchers!
2006-04-03 14:33:29
298.   Todd
I heard Karros on The Big Show (ESPN Radio 710 here in LA) a few weeks ago and he was talking a lot of sense about how poorly the Nats' GM handled the Soriano situation and he really hammered him. It was refreshing to hear a thoughtful, honest opinion.
2006-04-03 14:33:40
299.   blue22
Will Philly still take Lowe for Abreu?
2006-04-03 14:33:46
300.   autumnlanding
290 - ROFL
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-04-03 14:35:11
301.   Uncle Miltie
Furcal looks pretty damn good, but this was expected. Too bad Ned doesn't think power is important at the corners. Good job by Cruz. I like him batting 2nd.
2006-04-03 14:35:23
302.   Todd
Meantime in PHI, a 36 (?) game hitting streak is on the line. Jimmy Rollins will have one more at-bat, in the 8th inning, presuming the Phils don't rally majorly (said rally would probably require a hit from Jimmy R.)
2006-04-03 14:35:24
303.   Dark Horse
299-Abreu? Watching this I'd think us lucky to get Grabowski...
2006-04-03 14:35:29
304.   oldbear
The problem this year is if the team gets behind, its hard to come back when the 3run HR isnt part of the weaponry.
2006-04-03 14:35:50
305.   Kayaker7
290 It's an "aigu..."

A Korean word of lament, like "Woe is me..."

2006-04-03 14:35:57
306.   autumnlanding
drew keeps swinging at the first pitch
2006-04-03 14:36:18
307.   MartinBillingsley31
It looks like we lost this one especially with the garbage we have on the bench.
Alomar repko and the pitcher at the bottom of the lineup is such a powerfull 7,8,9. (sarcasm)
What's up with nomar being injured, saenz can't play everyday.
Is nomar on the DL?, if so, who got called up?
If you can't tell i'm frustrated.
2006-04-03 14:38:14
308.   natepurcell
no 0-25 start for drew!
2006-04-03 14:38:19
309.   Steve
Guys, it's 8 to 1 (now 2). The half of the teams who are losing generally lose, regardless of their lineup.
2006-04-03 14:39:08
310.   Uncle Miltie
That probably should have gone up the middle. Too bad Lowe gave up that last HR.
2006-04-03 14:39:10
311.   regfairfield
J.D. Drew - Not 0 for 25.
2006-04-03 14:39:13
312.   slackfarmer
The Cubs are killing the Reds 16 to 7.
2006-04-03 14:40:18
313.   Uncle Miltie
Yea! Now Kent can't hit into a DP!
2006-04-03 14:40:34
314.   slackfarmer
Wow, for each 4 runs they score, we manage 1. Not an impressive ratio.
2006-04-03 14:40:48
315.   GoBears
Nice rally. If it were still 4-2 instead of 8-2, this might actually be exciting.
2006-04-03 14:40:50
316.   Paul B
304 If the pitching is such that it is a regular ocurrence that TWO three-run homeruns wouldn't even pull you even, I think the team is in trouble regardless of its offensive capabilities.
2006-04-03 14:42:14
317.   regfairfield
313 Yeah, Jeff Kent is really terrible.
2006-04-03 14:42:33
318.   Uncle Miltie
Stupid Lowe! We would be in this game if it wasn't for Lowe.

Did David O'Brien just call the Braves manager the singular form of his last name? LOL

2006-04-03 14:42:36
319.   MartinBillingsley31
Kent's a monster, i doubt that new contract is gonna backfire.
2006-04-03 14:44:01
320.   Steve
316 -- That's right.

At least Jeff Kent's alright. Jeff Kent's always alright. Right, D4P?

2006-04-03 14:44:58
321.   Todd
Damn, Hudson is on my fantasy team. Oh well. Go Blue!!!
2006-04-03 14:45:19
322.   Uncle Miltie
319- $11.5 million for a 40 year old first baseman? Is that a good deal?
2006-04-03 14:45:20
323.   autumnlanding
3 K's for saenz
2006-04-03 14:45:41
324.   Marty
The big Pomeranian is off to a good start.
2006-04-03 14:45:41
325.   King of the Hobos
Rollins doubled, his streak is alive
2006-04-03 14:45:42
326.   fawnkyj
Yep all Kent does is bring in runs, he wakes up and rbis.
2006-04-03 14:45:48
327.   Linkmeister
I just ran across this nifty poem. Maybe it'll take our mind off the unpleasantness on the field:

"Baseball and Writing," by Marianne Moore

It probably helps if you're in your late forties or early fifties; that way you'll recognize the names.

2006-04-03 14:46:10
328.   D4P
Wrong. Jeff Kent is always wrong. And that's regular wrong, not hot wrong.
2006-04-03 14:46:17
329.   scareduck
312 - the wife counts 17 walks in that Cubs/Reds game. They're calling a tight strike zone.
2006-04-03 14:46:23
330.   slackfarmer
The killer tomato ain't looking so killer today.
2006-04-03 14:47:05
331.   bigcpa
So can we now call Kent a Colletti signing?
2006-04-03 14:47:30
332.   Uncle Miltie
Wow, I can't believe that Kent scored on that one. Is Langerhans' arm really that weak?
2006-04-03 14:47:31
333.   natepurcell
dodgers bullpen> braves bullpen

we still have a shot

2006-04-03 14:47:42
334.   blue22
Loney must be called up if Nomar goes on the DL, right?
2006-04-03 14:48:11
335.   MartinBillingsley31

$11.5 million for a 40 year old first baseman? Is that a good deal?

Vs having anyone else at 2b, i would say yes.
Tell me any 2b that we could get that can produce the same production as kent, or anyone we allready have.

2006-04-03 14:48:26
336.   Steve
Bring in Remlinger!
2006-04-03 14:48:49
337.   Uncle Miltie
333- now that it's a 3 run game, we definitely have a long as Lowe is taken out of the game.
2006-04-03 14:49:03
338.   Steve
The more I hear "Repko lays off a slider" ...
2006-04-03 14:49:30
339.   subclub
Alomar looks 100 years old in his gameday photo.
2006-04-03 14:49:33
340.   Uncle Miltie
Yea Repko! Please pinch hit for Lowe, Grits!
2006-04-03 14:49:41
341.   Steve
And, on cue...
2006-04-03 14:49:51
342.   natepurcell
repko has stopped swinging at the breaking ball away. wow impressive.
2006-04-03 14:50:16
343.   D4P
Every one of Repko's balls put in play looked exactly the same. Kind of an upper-cutted, topspin, looping line drive to the left side.
2006-04-03 14:50:16
344.   Todd
324 Can we just beg the Rouge Sox for HS Choi back? Prolly not.
2006-04-03 14:50:36
345.   Marty
I'm a charter member of the Jason Repko Marching and Chowder Society. :)
2006-04-03 14:51:18
346.   blue22
Lefty off the bench would be nice right now.
2006-04-03 14:51:50
347.   slackfarmer
Come on Ross, earn a spot on someone's roster.
2006-04-03 14:51:51
348.   Uncle Miltie
Is it possible that Repko will be a more productive player than Lofton this year?
2006-04-03 14:52:04
349.   sanchez101
cody just missed his pitch on 3-1
2006-04-03 14:52:28
350.   Marty
Every time I see Ross' picture I want to wipe that smile off his face.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-04-03 14:52:46
351.   Uncle Miltie
Oh well, we lead off next inning with Furcal again.
2006-04-03 14:53:45
352.   blue22
Who's coming in?
2006-04-03 14:55:21
353.   Nate Maxwell
Well, we really needed more out of Hudson than that. I was hoping to delay having to test our bullpen until tomorrow or later. I think we could have a very good bullpen, but we could also be really bad. I don't know yet, and I definitely could have waited to find out. I am not excited about having to get four more innings out of our bullpen.
2006-04-03 14:55:42
354.   Marty
It's Kuo time.
2006-04-03 14:55:49
355.   slackfarmer
352 Kuo
2006-04-03 14:56:20
356.   scareduck
338 - explain, Steve?
2006-04-03 14:56:36
357.   tjshere
OK, I have to admit that I'm impressed with the scrapitude that we're showing today.
2006-04-03 14:56:51
358.   Nate Maxwell
Who is this guy you guys are pitching now?
2006-04-03 14:57:40
359.   natepurcell
Who is this guy you guys are pitching now?

hong chih kuo

24 yr old stud lefty who has had two TJ surgeries.

2006-04-03 14:57:59
360.   blue22
354/355 - Excellent. Should be a two-inning stint for Kuo.
2006-04-03 14:58:07
361.   King of the Hobos
358 Fireballing lefty that likes to blow out his arm after amazing starts
2006-04-03 14:58:38
362.   Marty
358 He's a guy who can throw really hard when his tendon isn't exploding. He's had 2 Tommy John surgeries.
2006-04-03 15:00:24
363.   overkill94
Kuo's still only hitting 88 on the gun today, what gives?
2006-04-03 15:00:31
364.   natepurcell
squeezing the zone there ump!
2006-04-03 15:00:35
365.   Marty
Brian Jordan is still on the team? Where's Mondy?
2006-04-03 15:00:46
366.   Nate Maxwell
I see. Well, here we have Brian Jordan doing his best Julio Franco impression. Only he's really not that old, he just plays like it.
2006-04-03 15:00:46
367.   bigcpa
Well did he actually have TJ surgery or does everyone just say he did?
2006-04-03 15:01:33
368.   Uncle Miltie
How can you walk Brian Jordan?

364- it is Joe West

2006-04-03 15:01:37
369.   overkill94
365 Last I heard he was running for governor of Cuba or something.
2006-04-03 15:02:04
370.   Nate Maxwell
Hey, a walk. I'll take that. Now if he can just run around the bases without his knee imploding.
2006-04-03 15:02:45
371.   Uncle Miltie
The gold glover with an excellent defensive play!
2006-04-03 15:03:42
372.   MartinBillingsley31

Kuo's still only hitting 88 on the gun today, what gives?

92 according to espn.

2006-04-03 15:04:10
373.   natepurcell
kuo is only throwing low 90s but he gets tons of swing and misses. he probably hides the ball really well.
2006-04-03 15:04:46
374.   Nate Maxwell
373. It looks like he's hiding it from Alomar too.
2006-04-03 15:04:53
375.   natepurcell
now kuo gets demoted to AAA.
2006-04-03 15:04:59
376.   D4P
Sweet, Brazoban coming in with 2 runners on.
2006-04-03 15:05:22
377.   Uncle Miltie
Why would Grits bring in Brazoban!?! I smell a home run.
2006-04-03 15:05:22
378.   overkill94
372 Yeah, he's been up around 90-92 the last couple batters. I remember him hitting 97 when he came up last year though. Are we just dealing with a fast gun instead of a slow gun or has he lost a little on his fastball?
2006-04-03 15:05:49
379.   Christina
Good afternoon, all. Here's hoping that my brand-new GSM doesn't decide to stop in my office the rest of this afternoon, or we won't be off to a very good start. But I just can't stay away - it's opening day! Thanks for the play-by-play...I've got GameDay up now and expect to be reminded any minute now of why I hate GameDay.
2006-04-03 15:05:55
380.   Nate Maxwell
How do you do the link the post number to the post thing?
2006-04-03 15:06:45
381.   Uncle Miltie
James Loney will likely be called up from Triple-A on Tuesday if Nomar Garciaparra is placed on the DL as expected.
The left-handed-hitting Loney would likely get playing time at first base over Olmedo Saenz versus righties. He could have a little short-term fantasy value.

It's on It says that Nomar is likely to be place on the DL and that Guzman could also be called up. I think I'd call up Loney, he's a little bit more polished.

2006-04-03 15:07:59
382.   D4P
Heh heh, Repko runs into the wall...
2006-04-03 15:08:14
383.   Steve
356 -- Laying off of sliders is good. And actual performance is undebatable. If he hits so as to merit his plaudits, I will have been wrong, but Repko will have been useful, and I will take the trade.
2006-04-03 15:08:24
384.   Uncle Miltie
Nope 2 run double. Why is Brazoban on the roster? He still is terrible. Grits with his first poor managing job and now the game is over.
2006-04-03 15:08:30
385.   adamclyde

just not the kind we wanted.

2006-04-03 15:08:30
386.   blue22
381 - Oh baby, this could be sweet...Loney replaces Nomar, Guzman replaces Ross.

2007 is now!

2006-04-03 15:08:30
387.   sanchez101
F***ing Grady Little
what was the idea bringing Brazoban in?
2006-04-03 15:08:34
388.   Christina
380, put the post number in brackets.
2006-04-03 15:08:35
389.   Humma Kavula
I don't understand. Little is famous for his slow hook. Now this. What gives?
2006-04-03 15:08:38
390.   slackfarmer
380 put the number in [brackets]
2006-04-03 15:08:50
391.   Linkmeister
380 Open square bracket, post number, close square bracket

"[" Nbr "]"

2006-04-03 15:09:19
392.   Vishal
and repko provides some comic relief, the announcers meanwhile maintaining that he is a "fine defensive outfielder".
2006-04-03 15:09:25
393.   Sospiro0
Was that a catchable ball at all? Can't watch.
2006-04-03 15:09:29
394.   KAYVMON
HaHaHaHa, God that was so unclutch!
2006-04-03 15:09:54
395.   Nate Maxwell
388, 390, 391. Thanks.
2006-04-03 15:09:59
396.   Christina
So, Steve, do you have set up yet?
2006-04-03 15:11:13
397.   D4P
Yes, it was catchable. If anything, he kind of overran it, in that it fell on the homeplate side of his glove.
2006-04-03 15:11:31
398.   KAYVMON
That was a totally catchable ball. Repko jumped in the air for no reason. Other than to do a piroutte.
2006-04-03 15:11:43
399.   D4P
2006-04-03 15:11:44
400.   Uncle Miltie
Wasn't there a reason why Osoria made the team? Why is he still in there?
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-04-03 15:12:08
401.   bigcpa
I just noticed these "Glogs" that sportsline is doing for MLB games. A Glog, short for a "game log," is the latest way for you to follow games on CBS It's an expert color commentary of the contest at hand.... Who's Glogging? A select team of CBS SportsLine writers, producers and staff members - sports fans that know their stuff and want everyone else to know about it too.

So sample some of this expert commentary. This is not made up...

- Kennedy is at bat, but he is grounded out by the time he makes it to first base.

- Molina makes a sweet hit that goes deep right field. He easily runs to second base for a great double.

- Erstad gets another shot at bat. He makes the most of it with a nice double to get on second base.

2006-04-03 15:12:13
402.   slackfarmer
Rotoworld is great:
"Nomar Garciaparra will probably go on the DL Tuesday with a strained intercostal muscle that first bothered him on Sunday.
Garciaparra said he felt tightness in his right side during pregame warmups yesterday. "I kept swinging and kept feeling it," he said. "I was hoping it would feel better today, but it's still pretty sore." Garciaparra added that it was an injury he's never experienced before. It looks like he'll miss two or three weeks, putting Olmedo Saenz and James Loney at first base. No word yet on when the Dodgers are planning to fire GM Ned Colletti."
2006-04-03 15:12:33
403.   Steve
For instance, Repko remains a terrible defensive outfielder. Ironically, I'm one of the few that wouldn't be so bugged by that if he hit more than .220.
2006-04-03 15:12:33
404.   natepurcell
a good centerfielder would have caught it.
2006-04-03 15:12:35
405.   tjshere
Grittle needs to tell our relievers the same thing Lasorda told Jesse Orosco back in the LCS of `88.
2006-04-03 15:12:58
406.   Nate Maxwell
I feel like you guys would be a lot better off with Drew in center. However, it's been a while since I've seen him play much. And all I know about Repko is what I have seen today.
2006-04-03 15:13:04
407.   Uncle Miltie
Nomar Garciaparra will probably go on the DL Tuesday with a strained intercostal muscle that first bothered him on Sunday.
Garciaparra said he felt tightness in his right side during pregame warmups yesterday. "I kept swinging and kept feeling it," he said. "I was hoping it would feel better today, but it's still pretty sore." Garciaparra added that it was an injury he's never experienced before. It looks like he'll miss two or three weeks, putting Olmedo Saenz and James Loney at first base. No word yet on when the Dodgers are planning to fire GM Ned Colletti.
LOL, rotoworld takes a shot at Ned.
2006-04-03 15:14:22
408.   Steve
I feel like you guys would be a lot better off with Drew in center.

We debate Repko constantly, but there's really no one who doesn't believe this. We have to take Grittle as we find him.

2006-04-03 15:14:54
409.   blue22
406 - Drew should be in center for all player scenarios not involving Lofton. I'm not sure why Repko is out there.
2006-04-03 15:15:28
410.   Steve
396 -- I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of such a place.
2006-04-03 15:15:36
411.   Curtis Lowe
Repko ran really fast towards that ball. I didn't know people were capable of such speeds while running backwards.
2006-04-03 15:16:08
412.   sanchez101
407. I have to say, today's events dont leave me with much confidence in either Colletti or Little.
2006-04-03 15:16:42
413.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 408

Maybe Drew will speak up about playing CF. Little goes with his vets, and that should take priority over the scrub.

Also, it is the first game, so maybe we should let Little get his sea legs. Brazoban was once Ghame Over, and he may have just thought that MLB experience was worth more than Kuo or Osoria. If Little keeps on trotting out Brazoban to get torched, that's one thing, but it's the home opener. And it sounds like Repko should have caught that ball, anyhow.


2006-04-03 15:17:19
414.   Uncle Miltie
Umm...Furcal is good.
2006-04-03 15:17:47
415.   Todd
402 Tightness in my right side. Geez, can your wife play 1st?
2006-04-03 15:18:11
416.   scareduck
If I were three inches taller, I could have Remlinger's profile.
2006-04-03 15:18:20
417.   natepurcell
welcome to the bigs mr. james loney.... probably.
2006-04-03 15:18:49
418.   KAYVMON
Between Alomar Jr. trying to catch a pitch while trying to stand up and Repko triple jumping into the wall, I laughed pretty hard that inning. I do feel bad for Repko though; he just looks so in over his head despite his best efforts. Its not just that he is lacks the talent; its more like hes trying to catch flyballs that he cant see.
2006-04-03 15:19:05
419.   Telemachos
One step forward, two steps back. (checking in after being away for a bit).

It's amazing that we suddenly have NO depth at first.

2006-04-03 15:19:33
420.   Nate Maxwell
Ah, the Ghost of Mike Remlinger. Maybe he can still get righthanders out. Or maybe not.
2006-04-03 15:20:12
421.   Uncle Miltie
Ned "possible DL for Nomar"
"we'll need a player from Vegas"
"freakish injury for Nomar...a lot of good young players in the minors half a year to a year away"
2006-04-03 15:20:28
422.   adamclyde
well... at least no one can fault this one due to a bad game by our leadoff hitter... Furcal's been great today.

actually no one can fault this game for any of top-of-the order hitters today.

2006-04-03 15:21:29
423.   slackfarmer
419 Before you know it, Izzy will be back to take over 2B so Kent can move to 1B. Then we'll have an offensive powerhouse.
2006-04-03 15:22:18
424.   D4P
The story on makes it sound as if the DL for Nomar is pretty likely.
2006-04-03 15:22:20
425.   Nate Maxwell
Well that wasn't bad for an old man. Nice Work, Mike.
2006-04-03 15:22:41
426.   sanchez101
413. Maybe Repko shouldve or couldve caught it, bit it was an hard hit line drive that reached the warning track, Brazoban definitly deserves blame for that one. Lets just say that if Repko caught it, you wouldve seen it on the aftergame highlights. Im willing to give Little the benifit of the doubt after one bad decision, but make no mistake it was a pretty dumb move.
2006-04-03 15:22:54
427.   Uncle Miltie
The Rockies and Diamondbacks are in the middle of a pitching duel in Coors Field with the score tied at 2-2.
2006-04-03 15:23:24
428.   D4P
If and when Izturis rejoins the lineup, the Dodgers could very well have three 8th place hitters.
2006-04-03 15:24:34
429.   Uncle Miltie
Pinch hit for Olmedo with Ledee!
2006-04-03 15:24:44
430.   Nate Maxwell
Well all things considered, I suppose I would rather the ball hit Kent than Kent hit the ball.
2006-04-03 15:25:12
431.   overkill94
At least he hit it that time.
2006-04-03 15:25:28
432.   adamclyde
428 something all teams aspire to, no doubt
2006-04-03 15:25:48
433.   subclub
421. Hey Flanders, maybe you can try to pick up a good 1B on the waiver wire--oh, wait.
2006-04-03 15:26:50
434.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Old Maid is 0-fer-4.
Mr. Loney, carpe diem.
2006-04-03 15:27:20
435.   GoBears
331 So can we now call Kent a Colletti signing?

Well, if the conspiracy theorists have it right, it might be more accurate to call Colletti a Kent signing.

2006-04-03 15:27:30
436.   slackfarmer
433 Seriously though, Carlos Pena's out there.
2006-04-03 15:27:44
437.   djramone
Didn't 2004 start just like this?
2006-04-03 15:28:09
438.   blue22
433 - Choi-a-likes Carlos Pena and Erubiel Durazo are currently unemployed.
2006-04-03 15:29:06
439.   Curtis Lowe
437- Yeh, it sucks that Brad Penny is on the DL again with Gagne and Alverez.
2006-04-03 15:30:25
440.   GIDP
Depth at first base = James Loney.
You guys don't want to trade prospects, but apparently you don't want to play them either.
2006-04-03 15:30:39
441.   Uncle Miltie
438- Durazo is off the rods. Pena is interesting. A really streaky hitter, who gets on base at a decent clip. He was apparently a gold glove caliber first baseman in the minors, but has been below average defensively in the majors. He'd probably be more productive than Loney.
2006-04-03 15:30:42
442.   bigcpa
435 Actually it was Orel Hershiser, in the restaurant, with the revolver.
2006-04-03 15:30:59
443.   Curtis Lowe
Winning on opening day with a new manager is like going to bed with someone on a first date, it only happens with those you dont really care about.
2006-04-03 15:31:10
444.   Telemachos
Too bad Yhency wasn't doing this last inning.
2006-04-03 15:31:34
445.   oldbear
If Nomar is going on the DL, I'd rather bring Aybar up to play 2nd and put Kent at 1st.

Also, send Repko to AAA and call up Guzman to play LF. Drew in CF. Cruz in RF.

I'd rather not see anymore of Repko nor Loney.

2006-04-03 15:32:19
446.   Curtis Lowe
445- I agree with your assessment but whats wrong with Loney? Too young?
2006-04-03 15:33:00
447.   King of the Hobos
439 Wrong year. That was 2005, not 2004. In 2004, they started with a 2-8 defeat to Brian Lawrence and the Padres

2006-04-03 15:33:29
448.   blue22
445 - Kent to 1st is a good idea, but don't you think Robles or Martinez would get first crack at the 2nd base gig?

I'd prefer to keep Repko, but shuffle Ross off someplace else.

2006-04-03 15:34:08
449.   oldbear
I like Aybar's bat more than Loney's and I even though I dont care about defense much, it'd probably be better having Aybar at 2nd, Kent at 1st, rather than Kent at 2nd and Loney at 1st.

Up the middle defense is more important than corner defense.

2006-04-03 15:34:19
450.   natepurcell
id rather callup loney. see what he can do.

at least you know loneys going to be play really good defense.

Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-04-03 15:34:21
451.   djramone
439 - 2004, not 2005... Nomo was our starter, that game went poorly (very poorly), but everything worked out in the end.
2006-04-03 15:34:24
452.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 426

Thanks for clarifying.

Loney gets his chance. I hope he makes us forget Choi---sigh....


2006-04-03 15:34:56
453.   Uncle Miltie
Kent won't move to 1st. He needs to stay at 2nd to boost his HOF credentials...
2006-04-03 15:35:05
454.   King of the Hobos
Why not call up Robles and play Martinez at 1B?
2006-04-03 15:35:21
455.   natepurcell
I like Aybar's bat more than Loney's and I even though I dont care about defense much

aybar and loney would probably hit the same.

2006-04-03 15:35:43
456.   autumnlanding
just rewatched the repko blunder. that ball was 100 percent playable and catchable without any fancy stuff
2006-04-03 15:36:15
457.   Uncle Miltie
Why is Alomar still in the game? Would it be wrong to root for him to get hurt?
2006-04-03 15:36:21
458.   oldbear
Kent to 1st is a good idea, but don't you think Robles or Martinez would get first crack at the 2nd base gig

I think thats what the Dodgers will do. Unfortunately, neither Robles or Martinez has the upside that Willy Aybar has. I'd rather go with the younger player if they are going to play everyday at the MLB level.

Play Aybar and Guzman both everyday for LA, with Lofton, Nomar on the DL.

2006-04-03 15:37:22
459.   blue22
Why would Aybar suddenly catapult himself up two spots on the roster? Either they give Loney a fulltime gig at first, or they move Kent and put Martinez/Robles at 2nd.
2006-04-03 15:37:35
460.   oldbear
aybar and loney would probably hit the same

Aybar would probably walk alot more and hit for the same amount of power. You guys forget that Loney repeated AA last year, and that Aybar actually hit well in about 100 at bats at the MLB level.

2006-04-03 15:37:59
461.   natepurcell
aybar age 22 at AAA last yr 297/.356/.419 5hr
loney age 21 at AA last yr 284/.357/.419 11 hr

taking into contest park and league factors, and that scouts still project loney to fill out, gain more strength and hit for more power, I would probably callup loney because he has the chance to hit for more power then aybar.

2006-04-03 15:38:24
462.   Uncle Miltie
At least we have our best pinch hitter up
2006-04-03 15:38:51
463.   Christina
I forgot Ledee even existed...
2006-04-03 15:38:52
464.   Mark
Maybe it's just me, but the words "C Ross" on the 'sheet are a little too close to either "D Ross", or maybe "Catcher, Ross".

That gives me the heebie-jeebies. Put him out on waivers.

2006-04-03 15:39:17
465.   overkill94
That was an absolutely horrible pinch-hitting appearance. Weak swing on the first pitch, sheesh.
2006-04-03 15:39:49
466.   Steve
I think that you can basically take it to the bank that if Repko drops a fly ball, it was eminently playable.
2006-04-03 15:39:57
467.   Uncle Miltie
465- maybe it's our new hitting coach. I've seen a lot first pitch swinging today from the Dodgers.
2006-04-03 15:40:13
468.   Christina
I realize now that I must've blocked out his existence, rather.
2006-04-03 15:40:22
469.   natepurcell
why would aybar walk a lot more then loney?
2006-04-03 15:40:37
470.   Uncle Miltie
Why was Furcal swinging 2-0? We need baserunners!
2006-04-03 15:41:28
471.   Uncle Miltie
469- because he's walkin' willy.
2006-04-03 15:42:09
472.   oldbear
Aybar walked a ton when he played last year. 18BB's to 11 K's.
2006-04-03 15:42:13
473.   Marty
We swing the bat around no matter the count. If this were an island, we wouldn't be walking off it.
2006-04-03 15:42:34
474.   D4P
I believe that Murray and Grittle teach aggressive hitting.

"We swing here (1,2,3) and O"

2006-04-03 15:43:18
475.   King of the Hobos
Not a good start for Osoria
2006-04-03 15:43:21
476.   Marty
473 There should be a "here" between around and no
2006-04-03 15:43:23
477.   Steve
Who's pitching?
2006-04-03 15:43:55
478.   D4P
I think the Braves' #8 hitter is better than the Dodgers'.
2006-04-03 15:44:00
479.   D4P
I think the Braves' #8 hitter is better than the Dodgers'.
2006-04-03 15:44:08
480.   Uncle Miltie
Well, Osoria did something that he normally doesn't do. Maybe he throws too many strikes.
2006-04-03 15:44:21
481.   natepurcell
what is data size would tell more about a players abilities, 401 ABs or 86 Abs?
2006-04-03 15:44:43
482.   Linkmeister
453 That's the second or third time I've read that. I don't understand why anyone would believe it. The writers who vote for the HOF presumably would be aware that Kent played second for the first 10-15 years of his career, whether he finished at first or not.

It didn't hurt Ernie Banks's chances of getting into the HOF when he moved from short to first.

2006-04-03 15:45:21
483.   Uncle Miltie
478- I think their starting #9 hitter is better than our #7 hitter.
2006-04-03 15:45:33
484.   King of the Hobos
That's more like Osoria.
2006-04-03 15:45:55
485.   autumnlanding
2006-04-03 15:47:22
486.   Uncle Miltie
482- because in the past Kent has refused to move to 1B. I don't expect that change for at least another year (when his new contract kicks in), if ever.
2006-04-03 15:48:13
487.   Curtis Lowe
at least the Dodgers aren't down by 7. Theres nothing worse than being down by 7 except maybe
clown babies.
2006-04-03 15:48:51
488.   Christina
486 Has Kent said his refusal is based on HoF grounds?
2006-04-03 15:49:53
489.   GoBears
482. In fact, Banks played more games at 1b than he played at SS.

Yeah, I think it's a dumb argument for predicting that Kent won't move to first. A better one might be that he's a better defensive 2bman than 1bman. Something I didn't think possible. And that, if Colletti weren't insane, it'd be a lot easier to find a backup 1bman with value than a backup at 2b.

But Kent at 1b means more ABs for Ramon II. With the Lofton plan on hiatus, that's gotta be Colletti's ex-Jint priority.

2006-04-03 15:50:50
490.   Uncle Miltie
Giants manager Felipe Alou has picked Ray Durham to hit third in front of Barry Bonds tonight.
Something of a surprise, given that Durham was mostly hitting sixth during the spring. If he can stay in the third spot and Bonds remains healthy, Durham's value would get quite a boost. Bowever, it's likely that Steve Finley will bat third when he's in the lineup.
I love Felipe Alou!
2006-04-03 15:51:08
491.   natepurcell
our 1-4 hitters are doing well.
2006-04-03 15:51:32
492.   blue22
That's 3 HR's today for a total of 7 runs given up by our extreme groundball pitchers.
2006-04-03 15:52:51
493.   Curtis Lowe
492- Therefore extreme ground balls = Homeruns?
2006-04-03 15:54:12
494.   Uncle Miltie
lol, Sutcliffe was praising Kent for being patient saying he will a take a walk (and basically that he doesn't care about RBIs) and then he proceeds to swing at a pitch out the zone. Make that 2 pitches out of the zone. What a team player.
2006-04-03 15:54:24
495.   Telemachos
If we don't score this inning, does that make 13 stranded runners?
2006-04-03 15:55:55
496.   autumnlanding
another 0-2 count for the tomato...
2006-04-03 15:55:55
497.   overkill94
I'd settle for an RBI Olney from Tomato right now.
2006-04-03 15:56:11
498.   Telemachos
494 I'd rather have Kent free-swinging than Saenz up, frankly.
2006-04-03 15:56:13
499.   D4P
Hmmm...I'm starting to think "power" might be more valuable than Ned has suggested that it is. The Dodgers have the same number of hits as the Braves, but have 6 fewer runs...
2006-04-03 15:56:24
500.   tjshere
The Dodgers have 11 hits today, 10 of them singles. The dearth of power is already showing.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-04-03 15:56:30
501.   Uncle Miltie
golden sombrero for Olmedo?
2006-04-03 15:57:09
502.   GIDP
Kent goes 2-3 with a walk and 3 RBI and you still criticize him? Tough crowd.
2006-04-03 15:57:31
503.   Christina
A barrage of singles is good. We don't want any of those pesky rally-killing HRs!
2006-04-03 15:57:33
504.   Uncle Miltie
Nope 2 RBIs! But we are done 4.
2006-04-03 15:57:38
505.   natepurcell
we need to save our runs for games that matter. conceed little, conceed!
2006-04-03 15:57:42
506.   D4P
Yeah, that was funny. He was literally saying that Kent wouldn't swing at a pitch out of the zone while Kent was swinging at a pitch out of the zone.
2006-04-03 15:57:47
507.   tjshere
Old Maid O'Saenz!!
2006-04-03 15:58:24
508.   Steve
The lesson of this game is not that we have to be worried about the offense, the lesson is that our pitching is still lame.
2006-04-03 15:58:38
509.   overkill94
I don't think we should complain about 7 runs in 7 1/3 innings, even if it does take 14 hits to score them.
2006-04-03 15:58:44
510.   Uncle Miltie
A barrage of singles is good. We don't want any of those pesky rally-killing HRs!
Nope, we need a sacrifice bunt right now.

Grits, please take out Alomar now!

2006-04-03 15:59:54
511.   Curtis Lowe
If you take back Kents error in the first the score is 7-7.
2006-04-03 16:00:14
512.   Telemachos
Barrage of singles (and a ton of runners left on) aside, our offense has still put up seven runs. Had our pitching been remotely decent, we'd have won the game.
2006-04-03 16:00:15
513.   Xeifrank
2006 Dodger Mad Libs #1 is now out.

[New Dodger Player] will probably go on the DL [day of week] with a [type of injury] [body part] that first bothered him on [day of week].
[New Dodger Player] said he felt [adjective] in his [body part] during [an activity] yesterday. "I kept [action verb] and kept feeling it," he said. "I was hoping it would feel better today, but it's still pretty [adjective]." [New Dodger Player] added that it was an injury he's experienced [a number] time(s) before. It looks like he'll miss [a number] weeks, putting [Cartoon Character #1] and [Cartoon Character #2] at [baseball position]. No word yet on when the Dodgers are planning to fire [job title] Ned Colletti.

2006-04-03 16:01:20
514.   Vishal
[501] he already has a golden sombrero (3 K's). that would've made it a platinum sombrero 4th strikeout.
2006-04-03 16:01:20
515.   King of the Hobos
511 Wouldn't it be 7-10?
2006-04-03 16:01:51
516.   Christina
513 Priceless.
2006-04-03 16:02:34
517.   Uncle Miltie
An all star at bat from the gold glover. Thanks Grits!
2006-04-03 16:02:45
518.   overkill94
515 He must be assuming it would have become a double play.
2006-04-03 16:03:02
519.   blue22
514 - That's a hat trick. 4 K's is a golden sombrero.

Is Navarro dead? Should we notify his next of kin?

2006-04-03 16:03:11
520.   GoBears
If you take back Kents error in the first the score is 7-7.

No it isn't. That error took place with one out, as did LaRoche's HR. The error cost one run, not 4. Unless you're going to make the case that HR was also Kent's fault because he unnerved Lowe.

2006-04-03 16:03:32
521.   natepurcell
haha repko. go pup go!
2006-04-03 16:03:42
522.   Curtis Lowe
515- The error caused the loss of an inning ending double play which would have out the dodgers up with the score 0-0.
2006-04-03 16:03:54
523.   overkill94
I think with that hit Repko has posted a net positive result for the today.
2006-04-03 16:04:17
524.   Uncle Miltie
Repko is an animal.

514- the golden sombrero is 4 Ks. Platinum (which I've never heard of) is probably 5 Ks.

2006-04-03 16:04:49
525.   King of the Hobos
Now Navarro is batting? At least we'll still have Lucille II if we need him in extra innings
2006-04-03 16:05:10
526.   Vishal
[524] my bad. what's 3 strikeouts? a hat trick?
2006-04-03 16:05:58
527.   Vishal
nevermind, i missed the memo over at 519
2006-04-03 16:06:22
528.   natepurcell
i thought reitsma hurt himself in ST...
2006-04-03 16:07:07
529.   Uncle Miltie
This is why Bobby Cox is a great manager. He brings in his closer in a tough situation and isn't waiting until the 9th inning.
2006-04-03 16:07:32
530.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
What a strange day--not all bad, but all sorts of oddities.

In the end, though, if we lose, as we probably will, barring a pretty miraculous rally, the blame lies squarely with Lowe, who had a horrible day. Yeah, Grady might have done this or that, or Repko might have made that catch, or Kent not make taht error, but really, it's the starter that lost this game.

But hope lives at Chavez Ravine!


2006-04-03 16:07:43
531.   D4P
Repko is quickly establishing himself as the Anti-Depo Choi.
2006-04-03 16:08:43
532.   natepurcell
re 530

we probably all agree with that. but its just so much more fun to poke fun at everyone else as well.

2006-04-03 16:09:30
533.   King of the Hobos
Navarro didn't look particularly good in the AB. Maybe Martin will be up sooner rather than later
2006-04-03 16:10:15
534.   Curtis Lowe
530- Nice summary Wayne.

Hope Lives.

I don't think Navarro got the memo about hitting singles this inning.

2006-04-03 16:11:13
535.   King of the Hobos
Meanwhile, in Colorado, the DBacks and the Rockies are tied 2-2 in the 11th.
2006-04-03 16:11:31
536.   tjshere
Every time I see Baez pitch these days I crack-up. I keep thinking about Nate describing him as a T Rex. Perfect!
2006-04-03 16:12:48
537.   Telemachos
Hope is a Good Thing... at least we have the top of the order coming up in the ninth.
2006-04-03 16:13:42
538.   blue22
In Seattle:

Colon's 1st 3 IPs: 9 batters, 9 outs, 0 hits, 0 walks, 4 K's
Next 2 IPs: 8 hits, a walk, a HBP, a HR

3-3 in the 7th.

2006-04-03 16:15:42
539.   King of the Hobos
Steve gave up his tickets, so something historic is about to happen
2006-04-03 16:16:33
540.   Curtis Lowe
539- Look whose coming up....

Nomar on a bum rib.

2006-04-03 16:17:14
541.   Curtis Lowe
I will do 100 hail mary's for taking St. Gibsons name in vain.
2006-04-03 16:17:30
542.   Christina
540 Seriously? Of course, GameDay picked now to freeze.
2006-04-03 16:18:07
543.   Christina
Whew. Furcal. Grits hasn't lost his mind yet.
2006-04-03 16:18:13
544.   Uncle Miltie
Great bunt by Furcal
2006-04-03 16:18:17
545.   trainwreck
There is a good that is a single.
2006-04-03 16:19:18
546.   Uncle Miltie
Wow 4 hits for Cruz!
2006-04-03 16:20:08
547.   D4P
Depo's acquistions are providing a lot of offense today.
2006-04-03 16:20:14
548.   Suffering Bruin
2005! 2005! 2005!
2006-04-03 16:20:21
549.   Uncle Miltie
The new chant
"J.D. Drew! J.D. Drew! J.D. Drew!"
replaces the Hee Seop Choi chant
2006-04-03 16:20:56
550.   D4P
RBI Ersty for Drew!
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-04-03 16:21:02
551.   Uncle Miltie
Will they intentionally walk Kent?
2006-04-03 16:22:22
552.   Suffering Bruin
Not to get too dark here but I believe people who wave behind home plate from cell phones should be considered for amputation.

I'm just sayin'...

2006-04-03 16:23:07
553.   Suffering Bruin
I wonder what a left-handed bat with power would do here?
2006-04-03 16:23:10
554.   Christina
And it's now up to Old Maid...
2006-04-03 16:23:58
555.   Suffering Bruin
So I showed up just in time to see the last two outs... what did I miss?
2006-04-03 16:24:08
556.   natepurcell
oh well. we'll get em tomorrow.

off to class.

2006-04-03 16:24:48
557.   subclub
get well soon, nomar.
2006-04-03 16:25:18
558.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
What a wasted game. The offense was fine, but the pitching stunk.

I'm increasingly alarmed at Lowe's inability to not give up HRs. That was DePo's rationale for bringing him to DS after all--that his extreme groundball tendencies would fit perfectly in this park. But the guy seems to be a total headcase or something.


2006-04-03 16:25:26
559.   natepurcell
bonds ground rule double to centerfield off peavy in his first AB of the year.
2006-04-03 16:26:55
560.   Curtis Lowe
Stupid homeruns.
2006-04-03 16:27:43
561.   GIDP
Not cool! I'm on the east coast and Fox Sports cut away with Navarro the tying run at the plate - for Hockey!
2006-04-03 16:28:06
562.   King of the Hobos
The Rockies, until the conclusion of the Giants-Padres game, can claim first place in the NL West. I'm sure they are ecstatic
2006-04-03 16:28:15
563.   natepurcell
re 558

only pitch him in night games. i am dead serious. look at his night and day splits.

day- 4.37 era 1.43hr/9ip
night- 3.16era .96hr/9ip

2006-04-03 16:30:44
564.   LAT
Just got back from the game. Staduim looks ok. I'm not sure why Frank wants to make everything 1962 but it looks ok. The really bad aspect, besides D. Lowe, was the new "park area" at the loge enterance on the 3B side which is horrible. The gounds look nice but it was completly under staffed. It took nearly 30 mins to get in the gate. They had two ticket holders most people missed the first inning and there was a near riot. LAPD eventaully had to come over.
2006-04-03 16:31:07
565.   oldbear
Cruz and Furcal certainly had great games.

I'm not sure when the last time the Dodgers scored 10 runs without hitting a home run.

2006-04-03 16:31:33
566.   Christina
564 All things considered, it's probably good they missed the first inning.
2006-04-03 16:36:25
567.   LAT
Well, this may be the only time the Rockies are alone atop the division.
2006-04-03 16:38:50
568.   Curtis Lowe
Piazza Goes Deep!
2006-04-03 16:39:14
569.   screwballin
565 Yeah, I'll give Grittle credit for fielding a lineup that had an actual major-league hitter in the 2-hole. So many teams seem to stick their worst hitter there, and it drives me crazy. It'll be nice if Grittle doesn't do that to us, and gives Drew and Kent a few RBI chances.
2006-04-03 16:39:34
570.   Curtis Lowe
564- I grew out my pompadore to fit in with the whole 62 scheme.
2006-04-03 16:39:53
571.   Vishal
[567] they won't finish the day alone; san diego and san francisco are playing each other, and someone is likely to win that game.
2006-04-03 17:40:23
572.   Andrew Shimmin
Geez. 571 comments? This is going to take a while. Thanks to Steve for the tickets! Thanks to Repko for not making the catch--extra innings would have meant missing some part of the basketball game tonight. Thanks to Derek Lowe, just because.

I have a personal safety update for any future RF Pavilion dwellers: wearing the hat of any MLB team other than the Dodgers will get things thrown at you. Used to be this was only true of the Giants, but now the Braves (understandable, if not impressive), Cubs, Blue Jays, and Angels are no good either. Oh well. Lots of profantity, loads of failed The Waves, four trips by the LAPD (or the County Sherifs, I couldn't tell which) in to the seats, but no arrests or medical attention rendered. Most beachballs in play at an one time: aprox. 17!

2006-04-03 18:22:31
573.   D4P
Where have Jon and Bob been all day?
2006-04-03 18:24:36
574.   Jon Weisman
Two new threads up top - one for hoops, one for an Opening Day recap.
2006-04-03 18:24:44
575.   Woody
"Say it ain't so", Nomah!
2006-04-03 18:28:49
576.   tjshere
573 Bob has the misfortune of being at Disneyland today. Couldn't tell you why the boss was hiding.
2006-04-03 18:31:27
577.   Jon Weisman
573 - Is it that much of a surprise that I was at the game?
2006-04-03 18:34:14
578.   D4P
I guess what I meant was "Why hasn't Jon made an appearance since the end of the game?"
2006-04-04 08:41:07
579.   blueman
Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
What a wasted game. The offense was fine, but the pitching stunk.

I'm increasingly alarmed at Lowe's inability to not give up HRs. That was DePo's rationale for bringing him to DS after all--that his extreme groundball tendencies would fit perfectly in this park. But the guy seems to be a total headcase or something.

An article on Dodger thoughts about Lowe's ongoing divorce would seem to verify this headcase theory. The Red Sox did not want to sign him because of his drinking problem. He is being given amphetimines too. This is a perscription for failure if you ask me.

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