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Chad Chat
2006-04-01 13:52
by Jon Weisman

All baseball chat should go in this thread.

Tonight's 7 p.m. game (Channel 9)

Gold nugget Chad Billingsley is scheduled to start the game for the Dodgers.

Basketball chat goes in a separate thread tonight. Please click here.

Thoughts about such subjects as Daylight Savings Time and the workings of the magnet are welcome here as well, per usual

Comments (217)
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2006-04-01 14:04:53
1.   Linkmeister
I see that some Indianans are objecting to their forced conversion to DST.

Magnets, feh. Isn't this nation polarized enough?

2006-04-01 14:07:19
2.   Brendan
My Crazy Prediction for the season which might not be so crazy:

Neither Yankees nor Red Sox make the playoffs.

what's yours?

2006-04-01 14:09:11
3.   Bob Timmermann
Daylight savings time
And the living is easy
Fish are jumpin
And the cotton is high

Oh your clock is wrong
And your VCR is flashing
But hush little baby
Don't you cry.....

2006-04-01 14:10:58
4.   Linkmeister
Bob, wouldn't that scan better if the first line was the initials "DST?"
2006-04-01 14:13:23
5.   Bob Timmermann
Everybody's a critic when it comes to George Gershwin parodies I guess. ;-)
2006-04-01 14:26:03
6.   Bob Timmermann
Oh Frank, I'm on my way.
I'm on my way to a Pastel land,
I'll ride dat long, long road.
If You are there to take my ten.
Oh Frank, I'm on my way.
I'm on my way to a Pastel Land
Oh Frank. It's a long, long way, but
You'll be there to take my ten.
2006-04-01 14:35:56
7.   Xeifrank
Anyone going to Monday's opener? It's going to get rained out. vr, Xei
2006-04-01 14:40:14
8.   Bob Timmermann
I doubt the game will be rained out. They'll make everybody sit around a long time. Baseball owners really hate dealing with over 50,000 rain checks.
2006-04-01 14:48:42
9.   natepurcell
Is daylight savings time tonight?
2006-04-01 14:49:49
10.   PennyJavy
9. Yeah
2006-04-01 14:50:57
11.   overkill94
The weather forecast for West LA on Monday is "showers" as opposed to "rain" the next day. I think it would take some hardcore wetness to get the game rescheduled.
2006-04-01 14:52:58
12.   Bob Timmermann

Except in Hawai'i and Arizona.

2006-04-01 14:56:29
13.   Bob Timmermann
Keep in mind that this is the Braves only trip to L.A. So any game that was rained out would have to be made up as a doubleheader Tuesday or Wednesday.

Frank won't like that. He won't like that one bit.

2006-04-01 15:03:00
14.   Linkmeister
Yeah, we don't go on DST. If the Dodgers opener was here it would be in danger of being rained out; today's the first day without rain in my neighborhood in six weeks, but more's supposed to be on the way.

Photos at my place, if anyone doubts that it rains in Hawai'i.

2006-04-01 15:10:58
15.   Daniel Zappala
Good luck on that. This latest storm is fairly strong, and a special weather statement has been issued:



Excuse the caps, but this is the NWS.

2006-04-01 15:15:22
16.   ToyCannon
Hey Bear boys, old and go I'm totally up for any wager involving Nomar not posting an OPS of 800 for the 2006 season. How about we make it simple. If Nomar posts an OPS > 800 both of you can only post positive comments for one week during the NL division series which the Dodgers will be playing in. Name your terms for me.
2006-04-01 15:15:45
17.   natepurcell
so can Frank build an inflatable dome in a day?
2006-04-01 15:17:21
18.   Bob Timmermann
But the way I read it, the heaviest rain is expected Monday night and it might be lighter in the afternoon. So they may just try to get in five innings and then call it a day.
2006-04-01 15:19:31
19.   Woody
No but he can give an inflatable doll instead of a raincheck to each ticketholder.

I wish we could get some rain here on the Gulf Coast, it's been so dry that the fireants won't even come out to bite.

2006-04-01 15:36:12
20.   Marty
I love daylight savings time.

Dodgers/Final Four menu:
Chicken Picasso (chicken with 2 kinds of olives, 2 kinds of cheese, onions, peppers, mushrooms, cucumber, sour cream)
Roasted green beans with garlic
Walnut Salad
Bread Pudding for dessert

I'm not making the salad or dessert.

2006-04-01 15:38:54
21.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers have never played a game in L.A. (regular season that is) that was regulation, yet shortened by rain. They have played in a handful of them of on the road. The last two were in Colorado. In 1984, the Dodgers played a game that ended after seven innings in San Diego of all places.
2006-04-01 16:10:45
22.   deburns
Anyone notice that HSC is on the DL, and that Edwin Jackson is on his way to Durham?
2006-04-01 16:18:15
23.   Humma Kavula
[3] [6]

Nomar is my 1B now
He is, he is
And he must play and hit and field for Saenz as well as Choi
In the loge I'll have no cow, nohow,
Because the sorrow of last year is all done-done,
Nomar, Nomar!
Chavez Ravine is now a joy.

2006-04-01 16:19:06
24.   natepurcell
for tonight, im not expecting much from billingsley.

5IP 6H 3ER 3BB 4K and a homerun to vlad.

2006-04-01 16:28:14
25.   Brendan
I'm sitting diamond club tonight so I hope for a better line. Trying not to get my hopes up because of what the Angels did to edwin jackson a few years ago in a similar situation as CBill's tonight. that was painful to witness.
2006-04-01 16:29:55
26.   natepurcell
re 25

i remember that. jackson got rocked.

2006-04-01 16:34:21
27.   Brendan
sitting there with all my angel loving friends after I talked up edwin for an hour. awful.
2006-04-01 16:38:38
28.   DXMachina
22 Anyone notice that HSC is on the DL

Well, rats. I have tickets for Pawtucket next weekend, and I was hoping to see him play.

2006-04-01 16:39:47
29.   natepurcell
did guzman make the trip with the team to socal?
2006-04-01 17:03:18
30.   Uncle Miltie
Not sure if anyone has posted this yet:
According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Marlins will send Rule 5 pick Michael Megrew (shoulder) back to the Dodgers as soon as he's healthy enough to come off the DL.
Yes, they really are that cheap.

Haha at rotoworld's commentary.

Billingsley prediction:
5 IP 5 H 2 ER 2 BB 6 K (HR to vlad)

2006-04-01 17:10:51
31.   natepurcell
re 30

awesome. i would love megrew back. he was pretty darn good before the TJ surgery. If we bring him along slow, he could regain his old form. I hope the dodgers are willing to spend the 25k to get him back.

2006-04-01 17:18:02
32.   King of the Hobos
31 If we paid that to get Luis Gonzalez, then we will spend it for Megrew. DePo not accepting Victorino back continues to confuse me, and I doubt Ned will redo DePo's error
2006-04-01 17:33:12
33.   s choir
Ever notice that daylight savings time and baseball season are almost perfectly aligned?
2006-04-01 17:33:42
34.   CanuckDodger
The long wait is over. Tampa Bay has sent the Dodgers the PTBNL that completes the Jackson/Tiffany for Baez/Carter trade. The player we get is Ryder Mathias, a first baseman who played in Rookie ball last year at the grey old age of 23 and hit .236/.348/.328. Mathias brings to the table a cool first name and an uncanny ability to get hit by pitches. He had 15 HBP's in only 52 games in 2005, which is more than any Dodger minor league player had even in any of the full-season leagues.

In other first baseman news the Dodgers have released the Dodger with the best last name ever, Dan Batz, on whom we wasted a 6th round pick in the 2004 draft because DePodesta liked his college numbers and Logan White had to placate the boss. The Dodgers are making Cory Dunlap play another year at Vero Beach so Batz had no place to advance to. Also released was Xavier Paul's older brother Matt, who played second base.

2006-04-01 17:35:12
35.   Bob Timmermann
The 2002 World Series Game 7 was the last MLB game that counted (and was played in the US) that was played during Standard Time.
2006-04-01 17:36:41
36.   s choir

I don't think that's true... they've started some games in March that counted.

2006-04-01 17:37:21
37.   scareduck
Wow... Billingsley on the mound. Gotta get to the park early and hope to get some shots before the game. Gotta run.
2006-04-01 17:41:12
38.   natepurcell
if dunlaps repeating vero, who plays 1b at jax?
2006-04-01 17:43:35
39.   Bob Timmermann
Oops, in 2003, DST didn't start until April 7 so they had a week's worth of games in Standard Time.
2006-04-01 17:44:44
40.   das411
35 - And what about those openers in Japan, the TB v NYY series in 2004?

I'm watchin my 1991 World Series video over here, Chili Davis just homered off of Steve Avery in Game 3 after the Braves lit up, you guessed it...SCOTT ERICKSON!

2006-04-01 17:46:56
41.   Bob Timmermann
that counted (and was played in the US)

At least I had already had that qualifier. So I was only mostly wrong and not entirely wrong!

2006-04-01 17:47:31
42.   natepurcell
im actually surprised they released batz.

his avg and OBP of 280/.347 are not bad at all. Of course his power didnt translate yet to wood bats. but i would think they would have given him more then one full season to hit with power.

2006-04-01 17:47:45
43.   das411
Top of the 12th, Bobby Cox just intentionally walked the late great Kirby Puckett to get to the pinch hitter Rick Aguilera...what a cool series...
2006-04-01 17:52:17
44.   Bob Timmermann
Rick Aguilera didn't totally stink at the plate. He was a lifetime .201 hitter and he batted .278 in his rookie year.

But by 1991, he was out of the hitting business.

2006-04-01 17:53:58
45.   CanuckDodger
38 -- I think Craig Brazell was signed from the Mets' farm system to play first base in Jacksonville, Nate. Batz was 23 in low A last year. If he couldn't hit with any power at that age at that level, he is never going to
2006-04-01 17:58:28
46.   natepurcell
good point, i forgot batz was drafted as a senior.
2006-04-01 18:07:02
47.   das411
44 - McCarver says in the broadcast that it was the first time since LCS play began that a pitcher had pinch-hit for another pitcher in a World Seires game, is that right Bob?

And now it's back to the Twindome, Knoblauch leads off with a single off Steve Avery and Kirby TRIPLES him in, before Shane Mack singles in Puckett to give Twins starter Scott Erickson a two run lead...

2006-04-01 18:42:01
48.   Bob Timmermann

I would imagine that was correct. I'm sure CBS had somebody feeding the info to them.

2006-04-01 19:10:40
49.   natepurcell
good job of hittng by martin. went with the pitch line drive to right field
2006-04-01 19:13:10
50.   MartinBillingsley31
What's up with gameday?, its not working.
It seems like it only happens to dodger games, every year i've had the internet there has been times where gameday wasn't working only for dodger games.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-04-01 19:15:52
51.   natepurcell
lol, 94mph fb right on figgins kneecap.
2006-04-01 19:18:32
52.   MartinBillingsley31
Now its working.
2006-04-01 19:19:01
53.   natepurcell
wow... 3 pitches K to vlad.
2006-04-01 19:19:41
54.   Curtis Lowe
53- That made my night.
2006-04-01 19:21:43
55.   alexx
What kind of pitches were they? My Gameday still isn't working.
2006-04-01 19:23:29
56.   natepurcell
vlad AB

1st pitch- 80mph cb called strike outside corner
2nd pitch- 94mph fb high and away swinging strike
3rd pitch- 79mpn cb swinging stike away

2006-04-01 19:25:16
57.   alexx
2006-04-01 19:32:34
58.   natepurcell
billingsley cant find the strike zone vs lefties.
2006-04-01 19:34:43
59.   natepurcell
billz curveball is so money!
2006-04-01 19:34:55
60.   tjshere
Judging by his photo on Gameday, Billingsley's neck is about the same size as my thigh. He really has a powerful build.
2006-04-01 19:36:14
61.   Uncle Miltie
So Chad only likes to challenge good hitters? He walks Anderson and Ersty, but strikes out the Angels 2 best hitters, Vlad and Kotchman.
2006-04-01 19:38:47
62.   natepurcell
re 61

that seems to be the theme with our pitching prospects- remember broxton last yr?

billingsleys cb induces another DP. thats two DPs off his curveball in two innings.

2006-04-01 19:38:55
63.   Curtis Lowe
2 hits 2 k's 2 bb's and 2 dp's

The duality of Chad?

2006-04-01 19:40:49
64.   Uncle Miltie
62- yea, I kept thinking, who's that one pitcher who strikes out the great hitters, but walks the bad ones. Anyone have the full list? Off the top of my head I remember:
Pujols twice
Miguel Cabrera
Edmonds (?)
2006-04-01 19:41:13
65.   natepurcell
as vinny would say, "deuces wild!"
2006-04-01 19:44:35
66.   King of the Hobos
Sele's going to Vegas, which means the Vegas rotation is probably Billingsley, Sele, Houlton, Stults, and Hull
2006-04-01 19:48:34
67.   King of the Hobos
64 I believe Andruw Jones is on that list (although I'm not 100% sure)
2006-04-01 19:49:27
68.   natepurcell
billingsleys arm is warmed up. sitting at 96 now.
2006-04-01 19:51:14
69.   natepurcell
great 1-2-3 inning by billingsley. it seems his arm is now warmed up. he was pumping 96 gas consistently there... for strikes!
2006-04-01 19:53:00
70.   MartinBillingsley31
Thank you nate for the detailed stuff about billingsley, keep it up.
I don't live in the L.A. area so i can't watch.
2006-04-01 19:54:10
71.   natepurcell
suprisingly, billingsey hasnt thrown his plus slider yet.

hes thrown 2-3 change ups, but its mostly his cb and his fb so far.

2006-04-01 19:54:21
72.   Ken Arneson
I'm watching this on and this is driving me nuts: Billingsley's motion looks really familiar. Who is he reminding me of? Troy Percival, maybe?
2006-04-01 19:58:02
73.   tjshere
I thought Billz' delivery looked familiar, too. I was thinking maybe Trevor Hoffman.
2006-04-01 19:58:31
74.   DaveP
billingsley hit 95 on the two pitches to Vladdy that at bat. looking very good tonight.
2006-04-01 20:00:29
75.   CanuckDodger
How does Billingsley's "body language" on the mound look? Was he visibly nervous the first couple innings? I would expect "jitters" his first time in front of such a big crowd in a big league park.
2006-04-01 20:04:07
76.   Uncle Miltie
His mound presence is comparable to that of Brett Tomko. He seems to have the same kind of poise that Jeff Weaver has. Just great makeup.
2006-04-01 20:05:27
77.   tjshere
IMO I wouldn't say he looks/looked jittery. He does look to me like he might be trying to be a little too precise.
2006-04-01 20:06:21
78.   natepurcell
that wasnt fair to kotchman...

hasnt throw one single slider the whole game and finally throws it to kotchman striking him out swinging inside corner.

2006-04-01 20:06:34
79.   Curtis Lowe
76- April Fools?
2006-04-01 20:07:01
80.   King of the Hobos
76 That's far worse than your Furcal story
2006-04-01 20:08:14
81.   Ken Arneson
Yeah, maybe the leg kick does look like Hoffman. But the follow through is different, and it's the follow through that's driving me nuts.
2006-04-01 20:09:08
82.   Faramond
May I point out that there shouldn't be a second S on the word "saving" in "Daylight Saving Time"?
2006-04-01 20:09:40
83.   natepurcell
re 81

what do you mean by driving you nuts?

2006-04-01 20:11:23
84.   King of the Hobos
Marcos Carvajal has been DFA'd by the Mariners. Why they would dump a 21 year old pitcher with some success in the majors is beyond me, especially considering Carvajal still has options. He'd be the perfect replacement for Ross' roster spot, although I can't believe that the teams in front of us would ignore him
2006-04-01 20:13:26
85.   natepurcell
theres only 6 teams in front of us. bring carvajal home!
2006-04-01 20:21:15
86.   Ken Arneson
83 What's driving me nuts is that I can't figure out who Billingsley reminds me of.
2006-04-01 20:22:12
87.   tjshere
After watching Chad's follow through the only name that comes to mind is Bob Gibson. Guess I'm showing my age.
2006-04-01 20:23:32
88.   natepurcell
spark hits in the gap so he was able to run free and wild like a good little puppy should.
2006-04-01 20:24:12
89.   natepurcell
What's driving me nuts is that I can't figure out who Billingsley reminds me of.

when he was drafted, logan white compared him to tom seaver.

2006-04-01 20:24:50
90.   Curtis Lowe
88- good times.
2006-04-01 20:25:21
91.   King of the Hobos
88 And like a puppy, he ran a little too far, but he was able to get back to the sidewalk before the car hit him
2006-04-01 20:28:12
92.   natepurcell
dodgers let sparky stranded on 2nd, poor little guy couldnt find his way home.
2006-04-01 20:31:18
93.   Bob Timmermann
It's odd that Seo wears glasses, but not protective goggles like Gagne.

We need more goggles!

2006-04-01 20:32:58
94.   Ken Arneson
89 Seaver was one of the names that popped in my head. Other names: Troy Percival, Justin Duchscherer, Billy Swift, Roy Oswalt. Maybe it's Oswalt.
2006-04-01 20:36:03
95.   natepurcell
seo looked really good in that inning. that 65mph cb he snapped off was a dandy.
2006-04-01 20:38:17
96.   MartinBillingsley31
It'd be nice if we could land zito and add billingsley and trade perez and move tomko to the pen in 2007.
2006-04-01 20:44:37
97.   natepurcell
why did seo only go 1 inning. that seems odd to me.
2006-04-01 20:48:11
98.   tjshere
I thought nearly the entire line-up tonight was odd.

According to the gun, Yhency is really bringing the heat.

2006-04-01 20:49:08
99.   natepurcell
mathis has been impressive at the plate tonight.
2006-04-01 20:49:50
100.   natepurcell
brazobans slider has gotten alot better since last year.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-04-01 20:54:16
101.   Steve
Billingsley must have pitched well, even if it was only against the Angels.
2006-04-01 20:58:57
102.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Anyone else thinking "Lord of the Rings" when they hear the name Rohan?
2006-04-01 21:09:00
103.   Curtis Lowe
Krod looks alot better than he did at the end of last season.
2006-04-01 21:09:31
104.   capdodger
102 - Only if he rides into the game.
2006-04-01 21:13:06
105.   Daniel Zappala
How many innings will they play?
2006-04-01 21:16:02
106.   Curtis Lowe
I will not feel wrong if Salmon wins tonight.
2006-04-01 21:16:52
107.   Curtis Lowe
106- Ha Ha.
2006-04-01 21:18:11
108.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
105 - Until they run out of pitchers. Anyone else scheduled to throw tonight?
2006-04-01 21:18:27
109.   Daniel Zappala
106, 107 Talking with yourself, is not a good sign.
2006-04-01 21:19:54
110.   Daniel Zappala
The Angels fan in me wishes that Erstad would platoon with Rivera in CF, with Salmon and Morales platooning at DH. Morales is going to be good, and could contribute already this year with some time at DH and some time at 1B.
2006-04-01 21:22:30
111.   Linkmeister
Some of you guys always complained about the radio announcers never giving the score, so has anybody mentioned that it's 0-0 in the 9th, according to Yahoo? No-o-o.


2006-04-01 21:24:34
112.   Daniel Zappala
Oh look, it's the Angels equivalent of Rohan ... Brian Specht.
2006-04-01 21:25:23
113.   Steve
Tragic that that Wells for Broxton deal didn't go through.
2006-04-01 21:26:20
114.   Curtis Lowe
112- Isn't specht when you spit out little chunks of throw up?
2006-04-01 21:34:43
115.   Curtis Lowe
Game Over Joe Biemel
2006-04-01 21:37:20
116.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers and Angels are playing a scoreless tie in honor of it being opening day for MLS.

New England leads LA 1-0 in the second half. I guess they want revenge for the MLS Cup.

2006-04-01 21:38:51
117.   capdodger
Good. That might help this game end.
2006-04-01 21:38:59
118.   MartinBillingsley31

*Roster deadline: The Dodgers would not discuss the 25-man roster they would submit by Saturday night's 9 p.m. PT deadline, but outfielder Cody Ross said he was told he would be on it.

That does not necessarily mean Ross, who is out of options, would be on the Opening Day roster Monday, because changes can be made.*

A trade on the way?

2006-04-01 21:39:28
119.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
The Dodgers and Angels are playing a scoreless tie in honor of it being opening day for MLS.
Penalty kicks!
2006-04-01 21:41:21
120.   Jon Weisman
Nuts, Pedro Astacio is going on the DL.
2006-04-01 21:42:06
121.   capdodger
119 - How would that work? How about, five pitchers come to the mound and get to try and throw a pitch by a designated hitter. If it goes by, it's point.
2006-04-01 21:44:31
122.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I know I've mentioned it a zillion (OK, at least three) times before here, but I can't think of Pedro Astacio without thinking of the Rodney King riots.
Kurt Vonnegut says only one person benefited from the bombing of Dresden bombing, and it was him.
Astacio can say the same about the '92 riots, er, civil disturbance.
2006-04-01 21:44:43
123.   Bob Timmermann
I still contend that last night's game should not have been considered a tie.

I am going to chain myself to a seat at Dodger Stadium until I get justice!

2006-04-01 21:44:56
124.   godvls
116 - I missed the Revs goal. How did they score? A Hartman clanker perchance? Hartman makes some great reaction saves, but too many godawful mistakes.
2006-04-01 21:45:18
125.   capdodger
Yay.... Sister-kissing.
2006-04-01 21:45:46
126.   Jon Weisman
Whoever mentioned Carvajal earlier, I'd like to get him back.

And the Dodgers should trade Sele to Washington!

2006-04-01 21:46:50
127.   Jon Weisman
122 - "I can't think of Pedro Astacio without thinking of the Rodney King riots."

Of course! Who can?

2006-04-01 21:47:49
128.   Louis in SF
Good news from the Bay Area, while one doesn't like to wish anyone injuries the olad Giants have started a day early by putting Bennetiez on the 15 Day DL-knee problems, which he has had all spring. Worell has struggeled in Spring, he will be the temporary closer.
2006-04-01 21:48:10
129.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
You've heard my spiel before, Jon.
Don't make me repeat it!
2006-04-01 21:49:32
130.   Uncle Miltie
Ross over Repko? Please!

I can't believe that the game is still going on.

2006-04-01 21:49:51
131.   Steve
How did last year's crappy Dodger outfielders -- the millstone around Paul DePodesta's neck -- become the new 27 Yankees? Bizarre, somewhat disturbing, and as usual, extremely dishonest.
2006-04-01 21:50:39
132.   Bob Timmermann
New England scored in the 33rd minute on a goal by Clint Dempsey.
2006-04-01 21:50:46
133.   Uncle Miltie
Good news from the Bay Area, while one doesn't like to wish anyone injuries the olad Giants have started a day early by putting Bennetiez on the 15 Day DL-knee problems, which he has had all spring.
That's bad news. I watching the A's game with a friend and we were laughing at Benitez getting hammered. Nice move Sabean.
2006-04-01 21:51:02
134.   Jon Weisman
129 - No one has talked about Astacio's debut here more than me, seeing as it's about my favorite game that I've attended.
2006-04-01 21:54:15
135.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
OK, here goes - again...
Here's that game, Jon:
As for Astacio's debut, context is everything.
Look at the box score, and you'll notice it was the second game of a doubleheader. A twinbill in LA? Was there rain?
No, but there was a "civil disturbance."
This doubleheader was the first of four in six days, making up the games postponed by the Rodney King riots in late April. The Dodgers had to play 10 games in a Fri-Wed stretch.
Needing arms, they reached down to Albuquerque and pulled up the pitcher who would toss a gem the first time he ever faced a big-league lineup.
2006-04-01 21:58:41
136.   Bob Timmermann
The Kings were in the low-scoring mood of the day. They beat Dallas 1-0.
2006-04-01 21:59:11
137.   natepurcell
so why did the dodgers trade for valdez when they are sending robles down to AAA?
2006-04-01 22:01:30
138.   Jon Weisman
135 - Seriously, you don't need to tell me.

2006-04-01 22:03:15
139.   oldbear
Why is the team carrying 12 pitches when Jay Seo is going to start the year in the bullpen anyways?

Whats the logic behind that?

2006-04-01 22:03:38
140.   thinkingblue
Chad very impressive tonight. I had not seen him pitch until tonight, and he was great. Might need to work a bit on his command, but his stuff is outstanding, especially the curve he got Vlad out with. And the angels had been pounding the ball all spring, so that makes it even better.
2006-04-01 22:04:43
141.   thinkingblue

There is a day off, so the dodgers say that they will skip Jae Seo's first start. I would rather see Seo start, but that's not my call.

2006-04-01 22:05:12
142.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
138 - You can probably confirm that it was scorching hot during the game(s).
I say that because one of my lasting memories from that stretch of games was Vin telling those in the stands to feel the cool breeze blowing in off "Lake O'Malley."
2006-04-01 22:08:21
143.   Jon Weisman
141 - That's Oldbear's point, which I agree with. With Seo not starting, the team now has an eight-man bullpen. That's excessive.

The team should start with an extra bench player, then, only if the pitchers get worked out, you can send him down and call up an extra reliever for the following game. You're much more likely to need a sixth bench player than an eighth reliever.

Literally, even if they started with six bench players on Opening Day and that game went extra innings and they decided to add a reliever for Day 2, that would be preferable to starting with 12 pitchers.

2006-04-01 22:10:12
144.   oldbear
I'm actually interested in seeing how the Dodgers are going to carry 12 pitchers AND keep Cody Ross too...

Dont Robles and Repko have to be sent down for that to happen?

2006-04-01 22:10:13
145.   Steve
There is no situation that calls for an eight-man bullpen, other than solving the personality problems of an extremely vain manager.
2006-04-01 22:12:02
146.   Brendan
just got back from the game. I know it's a spring a game but CBill throwing his 12-6 curve and Vlad swinging right through it is heart warming. Chad is no edwin jackson. kid can pitch, flat out. was hitting 95 but that has to be a slow gun. can't wait until sept 2006. he has broxton's lower half body(all legs and butt) and throws strikes. we have a dominating ace in 2008(at the latest).
2006-04-01 22:13:43
147.   Brendan

cody ross and tom delay have the same smile (all apologies to andrew of course)

2006-04-01 22:19:40
148.   coachjpark
To all Dodger Thoughts readers:

Please pray for no rain on Wednesday, April 5th... Monday and Tuesday, fine... but please not Wednesday, April 5th.

Thank you! :)

2006-04-01 22:22:01
149.   regfairfield
Did anyone else catch this:

Injured outfielder Jayson Werth remained in Vero Beach after the Dodgers left and is expected to rejoin the team next week when it travels to Philadelphia.

Does this mean Werth is coming back way ahead of schedule, or am I just being dense?

2006-04-01 22:27:24
150.   Brendan
wow what a difference from watching edwin jackson a few years ago in his "reward" start against the angels a few years ago and Cbill tonight. Cbill was setting hitters up and man that curve is something(almost 12-6). he started off a little wild but bared down when he had to (I think 4 DP's). I know it was just one outing and spring time but he handled Vlad and company and the kid has never pitched above AA. He is colon/broxton from the waist down. it's hilarious. only injuries are going to stop him from being a great major league ace. we are going to see him this year. ok tomko tomorrow. good night.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-04-01 22:27:46
151.   MartinBillingsley31
According to

The white sox are looking for a couple relievers, because unexpected concerns about jenks and hermanson

2006-04-01 22:28:58
152.   Brendan

I don't think it has been clear when werth would be ready so you are not dense (on this point anyway)

2006-04-01 22:29:22
153.   Andrew Shimmin
147- I find DeLay's smile quite fetching. 8^)
2006-04-01 22:30:32
154.   regfairfield
152 Considering the last I remember he was coming back in June, this is a definate improvement.
2006-04-01 22:31:08
155.   thinkingblue

We'll see how it plays out. I just hope the dodgers don't bury Seo like the Mets did last year.

2006-04-01 22:31:19
156.   thinkingblue

We'll see how it plays out. I just hope the dodgers don't bury Seo like the Mets did last year.

2006-04-01 22:31:57
157.   Bob Timmermann
No rain is expected for Wednesday. Who knows? It could be a doubleheader.
2006-04-01 22:37:20
158.   thinkingblue

Totally agree, Billingsley's stuff looks awsome, and his toughness on the mound is way above Jackson's

2006-04-01 22:38:37
159.   Uncle Miltie
151- Gagne, Ramon Martinez, and Tomko (if they want him) for Brandon McCarthy and Rob Mackowiak
2006-04-01 22:45:21
160.   Brendan
ken(I think it was Ken) you are correct with the oswalt comment. Cbill's delivery/follow through does remind me of a really thick oswalt.very good call.
2006-04-01 22:50:53
161.   natepurcell
re 159

i wonder if McCarthy is on the block. kenny just signed contreras to a 3 yr deal.

that starting 5 is locked up for at least til the end of 2007... wheres McCarthy going to slot?

I would be willing to trade some of our bullpen+ extra outfielders for McCarthy.

2006-04-01 22:54:43
162.   Brendan

best non female mugshot ever.

2006-04-01 22:55:20
163.   ToyCannon
Everyone here seems to have a fleeting memory. Edwin Jackson looked every bit as good as Billz did tonight in his Dodger debut but he did it in a real baseball game at a younger age. He looked plenty tough that night. It was only later he cratered but to compare what Billz did tonight against what Jackson did in his Dodger debut is denigrating how impressive Jackson's debut was.
2006-04-01 22:57:30
164.   King of the Hobos
Brazoban, Repko, and a prospect (Abreu? with Kent, Furcal, Hu, and Dewitt, we really have no need for him) for McCarthy, then use that open roster spot on Carvajal. I would fully endorse that. Unfortunately, there's no chance of it happening
2006-04-01 22:58:35
165.   natepurcell
re 163

jacksons breaking ball wasnt nearly as crisp or advanced as billingsleys though. Jacksons slider, according to jackson from earlier this spring, is still his worst pitch. Thats what really separates the two pitchers.

2006-04-01 22:59:07
166.   ToyCannon
Yhancy or Broxton for McCarthy would be nice but I don't think it will get it done. If Gagne had proven to be completely healthy this is when we could have traded Baez for McCarthy and more but I doubt they will move Baez this early with Gagne looking very vulnerable.
2006-04-01 23:00:48
167.   natepurcell
re 164

yea something like that would be swell. And you're right, it probably wont happen.

2006-04-01 23:00:59
168.   ToyCannon
What separates the two pitchers now is command and velocity. But on that night, EJ had both.
2006-04-01 23:01:11
169.   oldbear
Here are the Dodgers meaningless team spring training stats. (16 NL Teams) 32 Dodger games:

OBP-.325 (15th)
SLG-.418 (11th)
AVG-.265 (13th)
SB's-15 (13th)
HR's-34 (6th)
R- 153 (11th)

Now the HR thing sort of surprised me, but then I remember the Vero Beach HR ballpark factor that Jon posted last week. So that might explain the home run total. As for steals, I guess some would point to Furcal being out. But when people talk about an improvement in team speed, they really are only talking about 1 guy. Lofton didnt do anything this spring, mainly bc he hardly ever got on base.

ERA- 3.85 (3rd)
HRs- 31 (7th)
K's- 238 (1st)
BB's-101 (10th)
WHIP-1.32 (3rd)

Pitching was the bright spot of the spring.

What do people take from all this?

Probably nothing as nothing really stands out and spring stats are not good indicators of future performance (at least I dont think they are).

2006-04-01 23:03:39
170.   natepurcell
re 166

perfect midseason scenario
*gagne regains form
*kuo is dominate
*osoria is quantril 2.0
*sox bullpen is struggling

ned calls up kenny, tradea baez for brandon McCarthy, calls broxton to replace baez's spot. Kuo and osoria take over the 8th inning.

2006-04-01 23:04:24
171.   MartinBillingsley31
Ned can do anything he wants as far as trading lofton, tomko, brazoban, carter, repko, ross, martinez, robles, izturis, alomar, any lefty specialist, any non roster invities, any non powerhitting prospects, and i won't lose any sleep over it.
2006-04-01 23:07:51
172.   ToyCannon
Surprised that no one is talking about what Vinny said about the roster. Robles is down, Repko and Ross make the team. Sele accepted his AAA demotion. Now the question is who will caddy for Lofton, Ross or Repko?

Feel bad for Robles. Hope he makes it back as our utility player. The Twins need a SS very badly. They have no faith in Bartlett and set him to AAA and will start the season with Castro as their SS. Robles would be an upgrade over him and Izzy would be a serious upgrade over him. If we make a deal with the Twins I hope they are looking at Baker and not Lohse. Twins need to open a rotation spot for Liriano. So far it looks like we have two possible trading partners in the AL Central.

2006-04-01 23:15:20
173.   Brendan
I don't have fleeting memory of edwin jackson at all. especially that game. that is why his downfall was so tough to take. I do remember when he was given the # 5 spot by tracy and what transpired after that. I remember when he was given the game to start to against the angels and he gave up rocket after rocket. thinking blue had it right, I think Cbill is a pitcher and edwin is a thrower.
I also believe something is wrong with jackson either health wise or delivery wise. jackson and that game the fastball was 95 at least. when he was throwing in dodger stadium it was 92 or 90 and he didn't have a competent change up. or a third pitch. there was talk about a slider but that didn't work if he couldn't spot his fastball or couldn't throw it by hitters. I've read that like most young pitchers he was unable to repeat his delivery but I don't know if that is just a saying or actually true. You were putting out wagers earlier how about this one, Cbill vs. edwin, name the stakes. Not trying to call you out at all but these are two different guys. I'm not sure of the reason for it but there it is. My opinion of course.
2006-04-01 23:18:00
174.   regfairfield
172 Wait, if we're carrying 12 pitchers, Repko, and Ross, does that mean Ledee goes down?

The others on the bench are Saenz, Martinez, and Alomar. Ledee seems to be the odd man out.

2006-04-01 23:19:57
175.   MartinBillingsley31
There's gotta be a trade coming, i don't ever remember the dodgers not discussing their 25 man roster after submiting it.
Maybe that shortstop we acquired means a ss prospect like hu is leaving in a trade.
2006-04-01 23:20:45
176.   Brendan
I reread your post toy cannon and I think I misunderstood it at first. you are right the ejax performance was more impressive but we have 20/20 hindsight with ejax now. if I was overly aggressive in 173 I apologize.

this is my last post of the night so will not be able to read or respond . have good night.

2006-04-01 23:22:00
177.   natepurcell
the notes says that ross was told he did not make the team.
2006-04-01 23:24:02
178.   natepurcell
oops, nm. it said he would be on it. i should wear my glasses.
2006-04-01 23:24:08
179.   MartinBillingsley31

Ledee is out of options.
Plus the dodgers haven't officially given martinez a contract. article said changes could be made to the 25 man before opening day.
I assume that ross had to be on the 25 man as of today or be sent thru waivers.
I think ned is working on a trade.

2006-04-01 23:25:35
180.   MartinBillingsley31

Ledee is out of options.
Plus the dodgers haven't officially given martinez a contract. article said changes could be made to the 25 man before opening day.
I assume that ross had to be on the 25 man as of today or be sent thru waivers.
I think ned is working on a trade.

2006-04-01 23:26:23
181.   MartinBillingsley31
ooopppsss, double posted, sorry.
2006-04-01 23:27:32
182.   natepurcell

lucille II



counting that, it adds to 26. Yea they are probably working on a minor trade with ross or something.

2006-04-01 23:28:17
183.   regfairfield
180 Right, but he does need to make the team if we don't use Robles or Aybar. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.
2006-04-01 23:34:18
184.   dsfan
I detest watching Juan Castro hit, but I would rate him over Robles because his SS defense is that much better and Robles, as much as I like his approach, is a weak hitter, not as weak as Castro, but, I fear, weaker than his early returns last year suggested. On that Minnesota turf, Robles would be a liability at shorstop.
2006-04-01 23:35:17
185.   dsfan
Cody Ross has pretty good power for a 4A guy, no? Does that get him on the team? Seems like the team's power is below average.
2006-04-01 23:36:08
186.   MartinBillingsley31
Maybe a major trade involving a couple of our relievers plus a middle infield prospect(since we picked up a ss) plus one of our bench guys and maybe more to the white sox for a power hitting outfielder(but then again ned seems like he's in love with lofton).
2006-04-01 23:40:16
187.   natepurcell
the white sox dont have a power hitting outfielder.
2006-04-01 23:44:01
188.   MartinBillingsley31

You're right, all i could find is dye, and i don't think i would want him.

2006-04-01 23:44:32
189.   oldbear
I still think Cody Ross could pass through waivers and not be claimed. I'm surprised they are worried about losing him. I'm even more surprised that they think they can get something for him.
2006-04-01 23:46:17
190.   Uncle Miltie
Expect Ross to be traded (given away) for a minbor league nobody. And yes, I'll criticize Ned for getting nothing because look at what Billy Beane got for Freddie Bynum.
2006-04-01 23:50:59
191.   CanuckDodger
If Ross has made the team, it means Lofton is probably starting the season on the DL.

And enough with the wild trade fantasies.

2006-04-01 23:51:42
192.   MartinBillingsley31
Which one of billingsley or guzman is closer to being ready for the major leagues?
Any opinions?
2006-04-01 23:51:55
193.   PennyJavy
191. Yep, Lofton is starting the season on the 15-Day DL.
2006-04-01 23:52:17
194.   oldbear
Thats a good point Canuck. Hadnt thought of it, but someone will be opening the year on the DL.
2006-04-01 23:53:37
195.   oldbear
So is Repko going to play everyday in CF?


2006-04-01 23:57:37
196.   natepurcell
Which one of billingsley or guzman is closer to being ready for the major leagues?

billingsley. both still need to work on things, billingsley with fb control and guzman contact skills but billingsley could do reasonable decent if he started out in the bigs right now.

2006-04-02 00:01:21
197.   Uncle Miltie
Please tell that if Repko plays, he won't be hitting 1st or 2nd...
2006-04-02 00:08:26
198.   natepurcell
and the injuries start again :(
2006-04-02 00:08:36
199.   oldbear
It'll probably be:


Thats what Grady will probably do. If I was managing, I'd flip Nomar and Mueller. Furcal wont get chances to steal bases with Nomar 1st or 2nd pitch swinging every time.

If Repko ends up batting 2nd, then we should have just kept Tracy bc at least with Tracy you can make fun of his quotes.

2006-04-02 00:11:26
200.   ToyCannon
Ned might be rethinking his idea of having a 39 year old CF. Would not surprise me one bit if we have a new outfielder by the end of the week. I know he must not be comfortable with Repko or Ross as his starting CF.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-04-02 00:12:44
201.   MartinBillingsley31

God i wish!!!!!!!!!

2006-04-02 00:13:22
202.   regfairfield
200 We might be okay if Werth is coming back next week.
2006-04-02 00:17:29
203.   oldbear
I dont think Werth is coming back. I just took the quote to mean he'd be doing some more rehab at Vero Beach, and then join the Dodgers on their road trip (as in just travel with the team as he waits for his wrist to heal).

I'd be shocked if Werth was back before June 1st. You'd think a AAA rehab assignment would take at least 2-3 weeks to begin with.

2006-04-02 00:18:54
204.   regfairfield
203 That makes sense. That's why the quote surprised me.
2006-04-02 00:19:36
205.   natepurcell
i agree with oldbear. dont expect werth back until at least middle of may.
2006-04-02 00:23:06
206.   MartinBillingsley31

From notes, lofton on the DL.

2006-04-02 00:48:15
207.   thinkblue0
If Repko is our only option then I hope to god we trade for another CF.

I didn't want Lofton here to begin with...I don't understand why we don't put Drew in CF, Cruz in RF, and either trade for a decent LF or just put Guzman there.

ANYTHING to keep Repko out of the lineup...and if he is there and hits first or second, im going to be comatose on the floor....

2006-04-02 00:49:49
208.   MartinBillingsley31

I agree 100%.

2006-04-02 00:56:16
209.   thinkblue0

I've never seen another player as subpar as repko get a free pass. He can't hit, he is a below average fielder, and he really shouldn't be utilized as anything more than a pinch runner...yet, there's a chance he's our starting CF on opening day.

The whole thing is about twenty steps beyond illogical.

2006-04-02 01:10:23
210.   das411
Hey Ken, I think the Griddle is doing that thing where my comments are not good enough for it to show them again...
2006-04-02 01:11:20
211.   MartinBillingsley31

*Kenny Lofton will go on the 15-day disabled list Sunday with a strained calf.
This after they were originally calling it a leg cramp. In an effort to minimize offense, the Dodgers will use Jason Repko in center field. The smarter play would be to shift J.D. Drew over and set up a platoon with Ricky Ledee in right field against righties and Repko in center against lefties, but that'd be too DePodestian for these Dodgers to try. Bill Mueller should replace Lofton in the second spot in the order. Cody Ross will make the team after all, though he only figures to have a job until Lofton retuns.*

Too depodestian, how funny.

2006-04-02 01:22:30
212.   MartinBillingsley31
Remember that alomar is starting opening day.
alomar and repko reminds me of cora and david ross at the bottom of the lineup, 2 automatic outs, add the pitcher = 3 automatic outs.
Stuff like this is why i'd like to have both martin and navarro on the team.

Lofton is going to be a black hole all season and we don't have a backup plan unless guzman is in the picture.

2006-04-02 01:27:30
213.   thinkblue0

this is what has been scaring me about our OF this entire offseason. We're one Lofton strained calf, and a Cruz back spasm from having Repko and Ross starting in our outfield.

Navarro came back didn't he? Why is Alomar starting? I'll assume Navarro is still hurt.

Flanders had a chance this offseason to fix our OF situation, and he did that by getting Lofton which is basically counter productive.

You're absolutely right, Alomar and Repko are going to be the two automatic outs in the lineup. With three automatic outs (including the pitcher) it's going to be real tough to win ball games.

2006-04-02 01:32:35
214.   MartinBillingsley31
The reason for alomar opening day according to ned or grady (i don't remember which) is that they don't want navarro starting in the hype of opening day.
Oh wait it might have been because they didn't want martin starting in the hype of opening day, so maybe we will avoid 3 automatic outs and only have 2 automatic outs in repko and the pitcher.
2006-04-02 01:37:18
215.   thinkblue0

Other people are going to think I'm being overly negative, when in fact I'm just being realistic about the situation. Watching Repko is painful, he's the prime example of "hits well in spring training but can't hit the broad side of the barn against MLB pitching".

I just can't believe that Ned sat through this entire offseason and the only OF help he got us was an almost-40-year-old CF who has had one good year in about his last 5.

On another note, Ned is in a position to REALLY fleece someone for Baez if Gagne proves to be healthy. Rumor has it the White Sox are starved for relievers, and if Hermanson is out, and Jenks doesn't live up, we could deal Baez to the White Sox for something nice *cough*McCarthy*cough*...well, I can at least hope, right?

2006-04-02 01:53:11
216.   jeepseats
215 -

I really doubt that Ned will consider trading Baez while Gagne is looking questionable, though we do have other relievers to trade since we have a surplus.

...and yes, you're being overly negative about CF.

2006-04-02 03:16:59
217.   oldbear
I don't understand why we don't put Drew in CF, Cruz in RF, and either trade for a decent LF or just put Guzman there.

That would be the best plan.


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