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As the Gagne Sits ...
2006-04-06 09:03
by Jon Weisman

Was Eric Gagne's decision to serve his suspension Tuesday and Wednesday when he hadn't pitched since Friday completely without portent? Was it because of his temporary ear trouble? Or was it a sign that his arm needs more rest? Ken Gurnick of wonders aloud:

(Franquelis) Osoria was pitching the eighth inning because Danys Baez was being held back for the ninth -- because Gagne was unavailable. The ripple effect of Gagne's absence was irrefutable, and the timing odd in that he has not pitched since Friday's Freeway Series game against the Angels, when he allowed a home run to Garret Anderson. Prior to that outing, Gagne pitched in back-to-back games for the first time since elbow surgery.

A more likely scenario to serve the suspension would have been for Gagne to drop the appeal the day after he pitched, knowing he could use the extra time to rebound. With the suspension, Gagne will be going a minimum of one full week without pitching.

For Gagne, he goes that long without pitching only when he's physically unable to. But when he explained his decision on the appeal on Tuesday, he said the MRI showed nothing more than scar tissue. The club said he will be ready for action on Friday.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers are off today, so we will wait for more information on the fivefecta of injuries suffered Wednesday by Jeff Kent, Olmedo Saenz, James Loney, Jason Repko and Rafael Furcal.

* * *

Curiosity is growing about the genesis of the Sandy Alomar, Jr.-Odalis Perez match, which doesn't appear to have been made in heaven and more likely came out of nowhere, according to Steve Henson of the Times:

Alomar might catch him again, but how much worse could it go with Dioner Navarro behind the plate? Alomar isn't sure how the arrangement got this far.

"What do I know about him?" Alomar said. "His name is Perez. That's about it.

"He kept the ball down the first couple of innings then started getting his changeup up and they hit the ball hard."

* * *

Some stat notes from the opening series. These are not necessarily foreshadowings of the season, but just a recap of what we saw.

  • All three games were one-run decisions.

  • The Dodgers had 39 hits, 12 walks, six doubles and one home run. Their on-base percentage (.412) is almost as high as their slugging percentage (.425).

  • The pitching staff, which had trouble getting strikeouts last season, has 24 in their first 27 innings (compared to 10 walks). But home runs remain a problem. Atlanta outhomered Los Angeles, 6-1.

    * * *

    Here's a rather uncomfortable interview with former Dodger catcher and current AAA batting coach Steve Yeager in the Las Vegas Sun. I couldn't decide which part to excerpt.

    * * *

    He's talking about the Yankees, but today's piece in Baseball Prospectus by Joe Sheehan serves as a good reminder for all teams:

    On Opening Day in 1978, the Yankees got a strong start from one of their best pitchers. With the game tied entering the bottom of the ninth, manager Billy Martin brought in his best relief pitcher, Rich Gossage, to try and extend the game.

    On the second day of the season in 2006, the Yankees also got a strong start from one of their best pitchers. With the game tied entering the bottom of the ninth, maanger Joe Torre brought in his ... we'll call it fourth-best relief pitcher, Scott Proctor, to try and extend the game.

    This is progress?

    Now, the Yankees lost both games by allowing ninth-inning runs, so perhaps this comparison is going to be lost on some people. Regardless of the outcome, though, it's clear that Martin was using the talent available to him in the best way possible, while Torre was allowing 28 years of increasing silliness in the use of relief pitching prevent him from doing just that. ...

    Forget everything that we write about at Baseball Prospectus. Forget Win Expectancy and the work that people like Rany Jazayerli have done on reliever usage and the analyses by people such as James Click and Keith Woolner. Forget all of that and focus on one idea: a manager wins baseball games by getting his best players into the highest-leverage situations. That's why Martin used Gossage when he did. It's why you try and optimize your lineup to get sluggers hitting behind OBP guys, and why you put your starting pitchers in roughly descending order of ability, and for that matter, have a concept of "starters" at all. In a game in which you can't control who has the bat in their hand in critical times, you can control who throws critical pitches, so a large part of the job is matching skill sets to situations. ...

    * * *

    Cool hand Bob Timmermann has a chilly recap of his first time at Dodger Stadium this year at The Griddle.

    ... I believe the last time I had sat in right field was for Game 6 of the 1978 World Series. Not exactly a memorable experience for a Dodgers fan. I had forgotten how far away the bathrooms were from the seats. I also forgot that there are a lot of low-lying beams when you walk under the pavilions. Then again, when you're 12, they aren't so low-lying. ...

    * * *

    Update: Koyie Hill, whom the Dodgers parted with in the Steve Finley trade, has been claimed on waivers by the Yankees, according to

  • Comments (97)
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    2006-04-06 09:33:07
    1.   Bob Timmermann
    I never knew Bill Mueller was the Dodgers trainer BEFORE he signed to play third base.

    What a versatile performer!

    That Yeager interview was deeply disturbing and somewhat embarrassing for both parties.

    2006-04-06 09:39:15
    2.   Vishal
    that yeager interview was dumb.
    2006-04-06 09:45:48
    3.   MSarg29
    It's bad enough that the writer tried to make fun of Yeager, but he didn't even have his facts right.
    2006-04-06 09:45:48
    4.   Xeifrank
    I guess each newspaper (Las Vegas Sun: Ron Kantowski) has their own bad reporters. The LA Times (Plaschke, Simers) has a few too, but I won't mention any names. vr, Xei
    2006-04-06 09:50:04
    5.   Goozmani
    Im really not looking forward to see Odalis take the mound this year, even year or not. And Osorio makes me nervous, when he makes his pitches, great, but that has to be only 30% of the time.

    Also, does anybody (maybe nate) know where I can watch LV's game(s)?

    2006-04-06 09:58:38
    6.   Steve
    The left-handed Langerhans hit a game-winning homer against Osoria on opening day. Little said he stayed with the right-handed reliever this time because if he brought in left-hander Tim Hamulack, he expected the Braves to counter with right-handed pinch-hitter Brian Jordan.

    Unspeakable evil.

    2006-04-06 09:58:57
    7.   bigcpa
    I understand the Gagne ripple effect but why is Lance Carter out there in a 5-5 game with runners on? We needed K's there and Brazoban was available. That inning felt very Carrarra 2005.
    2006-04-06 10:02:24
    8.   Jon Weisman
    6 - As is often the case, I'm too timid to use those words, but agree with the thought behind them. (Also, see the Joe Sheehan update above.)

    7 - I'm pretty sure that Carter had temporarily passed Brazoban in Grady's eyes. The question I have, and I didn't see anyone else ask it, is what about Kuo?

    2006-04-06 10:03:04
    9.   DodgerJoe
    To discuss the bullpen, I thought Hamaluck should have faced Jordan. Osoria was struggling.

    But we could pick apart every move. The bottom line is that OP had a 5 run lead and blew it.

    2006-04-06 10:03:31
    10.   Xeifrank
    5. This is an even year, so Odalis will be fine. :) vr, Xei
    2006-04-06 10:08:51
    11.   Steve
    9 -- I am more concerned with the fact that Grady Little thinks we have something to fear from Brian Jordan (and all of the logical extensions of that) than his mishandling of that particular situation.
    2006-04-06 10:12:44
    12.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm hoping Jimmy Rollins gets a hit today against the Cardinals, but then has his streak snapped against the likes of Brett Tomko, Lance Carter, and Tim Hamulack after he goes 0 for 2 with two HBPs.
    2006-04-06 10:17:07
    13.   Jon Weisman
    12 - That's a rather specific fantasy.
    2006-04-06 10:19:03
    14.   Bob Timmermann
    My mother told me that if I was going to dream, to dream specifically.
    2006-04-06 10:29:14
    15.   jasonungar05
    So, I must have been asleep or something...

    What happened to Loney, Repko and Furcal?

    I fear that this year is going to be alot like last year but this year there is no scapegoat.

    2006-04-06 10:30:28
    16.   Bob Timmermann
    Loney - bruised wrist after taking grounder off of it.
    Repko - hit by pitch in wrist
    Furcal - undisclosed owey after collision at second base with Andruw Jones.
    2006-04-06 10:43:09
    17.   jasonungar05
    Thanks Bob

    I must have been helping Hurley off his cliff and missed all that.

    Either that or all those injuries are all in your head?

    2006-04-06 10:47:32
    18.   jystakes
    By the way, I went to the game last night (first of season) and here are my comments:

    1) The throw by Repko from center to almost gun out a runner at second was spectacular. I didn't expect there to even be a play, yet before I could even comprehend what had happened, he had made a laser throw on the fly into second. It was the most amazing throw I have seen in person.

    2) DOdger stadium is looking very nice, except the aqua outfield walls make us look like the Marlins. The field seats along the 1st and 3d baselines look great though with the vegas sportsbook like tables in front of you. May try to sit there for the GIants next weekend.

    3) Sometime in the middle innings, a huge fight broke out just below us where 3 guys were pummelling 1 guy. The fight spanned 7 different rows and lasted over 3 minutes. At one point, the lone guy was down, and the other three guys were kicking him in the face and back and noone stopped them. Finally, a 60 year old security guy came and tried to stop it and i thought they were all going to fly over the edge. Then more security came and escorted the guys out. Ahhhh, can't we all just get along?

    2006-04-06 10:48:40
    19.   Sam DC
    Any fantasies for Sunday's game Bob? I want to know what I'm going to see.
    2006-04-06 11:02:24
    20.   Bob Timmermann
    Dave won't be there in Philadelphia.
    2006-04-06 11:05:04
    21.   Vishal
    [18] 2) robin's egg blue!
    2006-04-06 11:08:51
    22.   Marty
    For those of you who have the inclination, I highly recommend the column one story on the front page of the Times today. It's about the East L.A. baseball clubs of the 40s - 50s. I had no idea they ever existed and really enjoyed it. It sounds like there was quite the baseball culture around L.A. back then. Anyways, I think it's worth a look.
    2006-04-06 11:20:33
    23.   Sam DC
    2006-04-06 11:21:08
    24.   gvette
    22-- Haven't read the article, but isn't there supposed to be an exhibit at Cal State LA concerning baseball in East LA sponsored by the Baseball Reliquary?
    2006-04-06 11:22:49
    25.   Marty
    24 Yes, it's mentioned din the article. I'd like to get over there and see it.
    2006-04-06 11:25:43
    26.   Bob Timmermann

    There is no Dave.

    2006-04-06 11:28:56
    27.   ToyCannon
    If this was already posted yesterday, my apologies but here is a great rundown on Loney by John Sickels:
    2006-04-06 11:32:33
    28.   jasonungar05
    but there is a libby?
    2006-04-06 11:32:37
    29.   gvette
    25--Best local baseball exhibit I ever saw was the one at the Autry Museum about ten years ago on the old PCL.

    Over fifty years of baseball in the area before the Dodgers came to town, and all that's left are a couple of hard to find plaques.

    2006-04-06 11:33:47
    30.   ToyCannon
    Steve Yeager has the same birthday as JtD.
    2006-04-06 11:34:46
    31.   ToyCannon
    If that is all that is left why was the exhibit so great?
    2006-04-06 11:37:17
    32.   Bob Timmermann
    The second statement in 29 was not a followup to the first one.
    2006-04-06 11:37:54
    33.   gvette
    31--They were great plaques!

    Actually, among other things, somebody took the time to make a model of an old San Francisco ballpark out of what looked like toothpicks. Pretty darn impressive.

    2006-04-06 11:57:21
    34.   Blu2
    It occurs to me to wonder why Steve Yeager wasn't brought up to the Dodgers to help both Navarro and Martin learn the ins and outs of catching. His defensive reputation far, far exceeds that of Alomar. Not to mention just how much a career .228 hitter can teach anybody about hitting...Alomar's good start notwithstanding, he could have been hired as a minor league catching instructor for a lot less than $650,000. Even as a hitting instructor his credentials are more legitimate than Yeager's. Seems to me that all coaching and managing decisions are of the "give an old buddy a job" rather than any real perceived capability to teach young players anything. But what does logic have to do with baseball anyway???
    2006-04-06 11:59:49
    35.   King of the Hobos has Gamedays running for AAA teams if anyone's interested. Las Vegas won't be on until 7:00 tonight, but you can check out Buffalo/Richmond and Rochester/Syracuse right now. The other 3 Dodger teams all play at 4:00, but no Gameday (although Jacksonville should have a video feed online)
    2006-04-06 12:04:29
    36.   Jacob L
    I'm not sure whether or how that interview affects Yeager's status as my All Time Favorite Player (tm). Just weird stuff, but it makes the reporter look worse than Yeager. I'm surprised it got published. Its not like a Q&A with a minor league hitting coach is a major scoop.

    Yeager's right about one thing. Ethel Bradley was a huge Dodger fan. I met her and the Mayor years ago at their home (long story that doesn't really bear repeating). She had a "Dodger room" with all her memorabilia. She let me swing a bat given to her by (drumroll please) Steve Yeager. She's the one person that I've ever admitted is a bigger fan than me.

    The Bradleys' daughter Lorraine still goes to every home game.

    2006-04-06 12:07:53
    37.   gvette
    At least the reporter didn't bring up the amazing version of "We are the Champions" that Yeager, Johnstone and Jerry Reuss recorded a few weeks after the '81 Series ended.
    2006-04-06 12:08:48
    38.   Jon Weisman
    36 - The Yeager interview is like a weird mix of Simers and Deadspin irreverance with an attempt at getting some actual answers. It's like the writer couldn't entirely commit to one approach. In any case, I get the feeling that the discomfort is something the writer or editor embraced.
    2006-04-06 12:09:42
    39.   Jon Weisman
    37 - By the way, was anyone listening to KFWB at around 6:30 last night when Rick Monday told the strange Jerry Reuss Inspires the '81 Team By Wearing No Pants story?
    2006-04-06 12:11:16
    40.   fanerman
    Baseball Prospectus or somebody should hire J. Walter Weatherman, the one-armed man from Arrested Development, to teach Joe Torre and other managers a lesson.

    In a situation similar to the NY-Oakland game of 2 nights ago, Torre calls on Weatherman, disguised as Scott Proctor. Just like Scott Proctor, the one-armed man proceeds to blow the game for the Yankees. Then, his fake arm falls off (perhaps after being hit by a "zoned-in" line drive up the middle) with fake blood flying everywhere. The one-armed man screams in pain as Joe Torre rushes out to see what's wrong with who he thinks is Scott Proctor.

    Then, on national television, the one-armed man says, "And that's why.. you don't just use your closers in save situations."

    2006-04-06 12:16:43
    41.   Steve
    Didn't we have Scott Proctor at one point?
    2006-04-06 12:23:39
    42.   bhsportsguy
    This totally off-topic but then again maybe not, for those of you who follow golf, Tiger Woods is struggling today (one over par on the par 5s) and although he won't admit it, I have to believe that his father's health is affecting his play. I bring this up becuase Mr. Bonds, who gets booed everywhere except at Pac/SBC/AT&T Park, was hitless in San Diego (a team in the past that he has owned) and his treatment there is probably a preview of what he will get outside of San Francisco.

    Some athletes seem to thrive despite all the controversy that surrounds them (see Kobe during his criminal case days, especially after flying back from Colorado) but others may not do as well. I know that it is their job and they get paid a lot of money to do it but it will be interesting to see how Tiger and Barry handle these personal crisis in the coming months.

    2006-04-06 12:27:20
    43.   Andrew Shimmin
    41- Yup. He was part of the Robin Ventura deal, in 2003. Can't ever get enough 26 year old AAA relief pitchers, I guess.
    2006-04-06 12:28:52
    44.   Jon Weisman
    40 - LOL. Very good.
    2006-04-06 12:28:56
    45.   Andrew Shimmin
    Proctor was an out going part of the deal, I'm not sure that was clear. He and Bubba Crosby were traded for Ventura.
    2006-04-06 13:09:31
    46.   Jacob L
    42 Bonds has been in controversy/crisis mode for most of his career. Perhaps this round of crisis and pressure is different, but in any case, it'd be hard to separate its effects from those of the gimpy knees and generally being old.

    Plus, I wish I was convinced that Bonds is actually going to struggle this year.

    2006-04-06 13:35:07
    47.   Uncle Miltie
    How do these freaks (Giants fans) in San Francisco continue to support Bonds?
    2006-04-06 13:40:21
    48.   Sam DC
    Rollins 0-2 through four; due to bat second in the bottom of the fifth.
    2006-04-06 13:41:00
    49.   Sam DC
    actually, will bat third. Cards up 4-2.
    2006-04-06 13:42:39
    50.   Sam DC
    yes, this is ridiculous and no one really cares, but in fact, I was right before I was wrong, he bats second. Coming up now, in fact. Unless there's a pinch hitter. Or a forfeit.
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2006-04-06 13:44:11
    51.   Daniel Zappala
    Thought I was the only one watching that game, but Rollins is now 0-3.
    2006-04-06 13:44:24
    52.   jasonungar05
    Tiger is right where he always seems to be after the first round of a major. 5 back. The others will wilt away out there and Tiger will be in the hunt on Sunday. I think his fathers health will help him if anything, not hurt him. I also agree with Jacob, Bonds thrives on this stuff, its him against the world and thats the way he wants it.
    2006-04-06 13:44:24
    53.   Sam DC
    flies out, 0-3, should get at least one more chance. Unless there's a tornado, or . . .
    2006-04-06 13:53:56
    54.   Steve
    Never fear, Ol' Grooveball LaRussa will take care of Jimmy Rollins.
    2006-04-06 13:55:45
    55.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    39 - My favorite Reuss story comes from the ugly '86 season.
    Vin said, during a broadcast that year, Lasorda wanted to fire up the troops with a pregame meeting.
    "There are those who make things happen," Lasorda starts, according to Vin. "There are those who watch things happen. And there are those who wonder what happened."
    As Lasorda got rolling, Vin said Reuss started humming "Battle Hymn of the Republic."
    2006-04-06 14:01:37
    56.   MartinBillingsley31
    The Dodgers had 39 hits, 12 walks, six doubles and one home run. Their on-base percentage (.412) is almost as high as their slugging percentage (.425).

    I know its early in the season, but that's why i never complained about obp in the offseason, but did complain about the power.
    We'll have plenty of obp, but in my opinion not enough power this season.

    Also, the starting pitching is gonna be a problem, i was complaining about the bullpen at the end of the offseason for 2 reasons.
    1 because of the average starting pitching.
    2 because i wasn't expecting kuo and osoria to make the team.
    Starting pitching is a hot commodity and you'd have to trade some serious prospects to get good starting pitching, which i don't want the dodgers to do, so billingsley is about our only option (but i was for signing millwood in the offseason, now whether or not a 5 year deal for millwood would be worth it is debatable, we'll see if tomko is good enough, that millwood wasn't needed).
    Thankfully kuo and osoria made the team (yea osoria had a bad outing yesterday, but it was all about locating his offspeed stuff, he ended up having to go with his fastball and got rocked).

    I still think that 4 prospects are wild cards this season and they are billingsley, martin, guzman, and broxton, if any or all of them can get it together and get ready to be called up they can improve our team.
    Werth is another one, if he can get healthy he can improve our bench, because i'm still skeptical of repko.

    2006-04-06 14:02:08
    57.   LAT
    The Yager interview stangely reminded me of DT MovieChat and Xei Frank:-) Yager wants to talk baseball and the reporter is talking movies.
    2006-04-06 14:03:35
    58.   D4P
    Regarding the ratio of OBP to SLG, wasn't there something in "Moneyball" to the effect that OBP is thrice as important as SLG with respect to scoring runs?
    2006-04-06 14:06:15
    59.   heato
    Anyone paying attention to the Giants game? What happened to Lowry?
    2006-04-06 14:06:44
    60.   LAT
    Looks like Bonds was intentionally walked in his first plate appearence to load the bases and then Alou hit into DP. I'm guessing no one has to worry about Bonds sliding to break up the DP.
    2006-04-06 14:07:10
    61.   Jon Weisman
    Add this to the Scott Proctor discussion:

    MIAMI (AP) -- The infant daughter of New York Yankees reliever Scott Proctor was released from a hospital Thursday after she underwent successful surgery to fix a serious heart ailment. ...

    Proctor had returned home to Miami to be with his wife and daughter during the March 30 surgery, but her condition improved enough for him to join the Yankees for their season opener Monday. The right-handed reliever took his spot in the bullpen for the team's 15-2 rout of the Oakland Athletics.

    2006-04-06 14:08:04
    62.   D4P
    Too bad Kent and Bonds aren't on the same team anymore. I'd love to see Kent confront Bonds for failing to hustle on the basepaths...
    2006-04-06 14:11:00
    63.   LAT
    59. Apparently Lowry doesn't want to face Brian Jordan either.
    2006-04-06 14:14:43
    64.   LAT
    and Jorden Ks - still hitless for the season. Good thing we didn't have to pitch to him the other night.
    2006-04-06 14:19:17
    65.   King of the Hobos
    Rotoworld says Lowry likely has a right oblique injury.

    Also, the Dodgers did not have a chance to reacquire Marcos Carvajal, as Tampa Bay picked him up off of waivers. They also released Jesus Colome and signed Tomas Perez to replace Julio Lugo. If they hate Upton this much, maybe they could just give him to the Dodgers, they can even have Carter back.

    2006-04-06 14:20:26
    66.   Uncle Miltie
    62- 3 way trade
    Jose Vidro and cash to the Dodgers
    Jeff Kent to the Giants
    Ray Durham to the Nationals

    Then I can root for the Dodgers to win the World Series.

    McCann just hit a HR

    2006-04-06 14:21:12
    67.   Uncle Miltie
    Haha, Jorge Sosa just hit a HR.
    2006-04-06 14:23:01
    68.   Vishal
    2006-04-06 14:25:55
    69.   Uncle Miltie
    Alou just made a falling catch, that for some reason the Giants announcers described as a diving catch. Almost every outfielder in the majors would have caught in on the run. Too bad the Giants don't have Grissom in center anymore. That might have been the worst defensive outfield ever.
    2006-04-06 14:26:01
    70.   Jon Weisman reports that Koyie Hill is now a Yankee.
    2006-04-06 14:26:35
    71.   Bob Timmermann
    I thought Sosa was just around to be a pinch runner.
    2006-04-06 14:26:46
    72.   King of the Hobos
    The Yankees claimed former Dodger Koyie Hill off waivers from Arizona
    2006-04-06 14:28:40
    73.   Jon Weisman
    72 45 enormous, embarrassing seconds late
    2006-04-06 14:28:50
    74.   Bob Timmermann
    Jon beats the King on an obscure transaction!

    The King is dead!

    2006-04-06 14:29:24
    75.   Bob Timmermann
    Rollins at bat in Philadelphia
    2006-04-06 14:31:12
    76.   Vishal
    rollins flies out, 0-4.
    2006-04-06 14:32:21
    77.   Vishal
    rollins now needs two more phillies to reach base safely (assuming no double plays) in order to get another at-bat.
    2006-04-06 14:32:49
    78.   Uncle Miltie
    72- so he immediately becomes one of their top 10
    2006-04-06 14:34:10
    79.   Uncle Miltie
    Ok, so Jordan can't play defense at 1B. Jordan just turned a double play into 1st and 3rd.
    2006-04-06 14:38:50
    80.   King of the Hobos
    79 Meanwhile, the player Jordan replaced on the roster, James Jurries, went 1-3 with a homer and a walk in a Richmond win. He might not hit a lot better than Jordan, but at least he can play 1B (despite his error there today)
    2006-04-06 14:41:29
    81.   Uncle Miltie
    Bonds being intentionally walked. This is kind of ridiculous. He hasn't proven that he can hit major league pitching yet. So far this year from what I've seen, Bonds can't get around on hard stuff inside. Sosa is bringing it at 97-98 today.
    2006-04-06 14:42:34
    82.   Vishal
    and the wheels have now come off of jorge sosa's cart.
    2006-04-06 14:44:35
    83.   Sam DC
    Woe is the Nationals Watch The article linked below describes how Nationals' ticket sales are well off last years pace, including 10K unsold seats for the home opener (but maybe a Cheney donor will fix that). Most notably, it describes an absurd snafu in which a bunch of would-be season tickets were released for individual game sales, meaning that they were sold for a few choice games, but then couldn't be sold as part of 81-game season ticket plans. Ooops.

    2006-04-06 14:53:59
    84.   natepurcell
    atlanta will come back!
    2006-04-06 15:07:49
    85.   King of the Hobos
    Looks like Rollins' streak lies in the hands of Howard, Bell, and Lieberthal (and eventually a PH).
    2006-04-06 15:08:53
    86.   Uncle Miltie
    Barroids just hit a weak groundball to 1st.
    2006-04-06 15:09:52
    87.   Jon Weisman
    FYI, I'm going to put up a Minor League Opening Day thread in a little bit. For one shining moment at least, Suns Thoughts.
    2006-04-06 15:11:52
    88.   natepurcell
    suns thought! suns thoughts! i wonder who the opening day starter will be. im assuming orenduff.

    the lineup should be potent

    2006-04-06 15:13:33
    89.   Jon Weisman
    Man, the Cardinal bullpen has really iced Philly.
    2006-04-06 15:14:30
    90.   Uncle Miltie
    Where are you guys watching the Phillies game?
    2006-04-06 15:14:59
    91.   Johnson
    88 LaRoche is going to be in AA? I thought he was going to be in Vegas.
    2006-04-06 15:16:57
    92.   natepurcell
    LaRoche is going to be in AA? I thought he was going to be in Vegas.

    so did i and all indications were that he would be. But, jacksonville is having andy laroche bobblehead night for their home opener.

    2006-04-06 15:18:11
    93.   King of the Hobos
    90 Extra Innings

    91 Management decided there was no need to rush him with Mueller around, especially after he struggled a little in Jacksonville last year

    2006-04-06 15:53:03
    94.   Bob Timmermann
    Ken Ray making his first appearance in the majors in seven years and he gets to face Bonds.
    2006-04-06 15:53:29
    95.   Bob Timmermann
    And Ray gets a strikeout.

    He should just retire now.

    2006-04-06 15:53:37
    96.   Uncle Miltie
    Bonds just struck out on 3 changeups in a row. 2 were in the dirt.
    2006-04-06 18:13:58
    97.   Identity Crisis
    So, what is the over/under on how long Gagne will be out?

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