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Viva Las Vegas
2006-04-12 14:59
by Jon Weisman

Just a reminder: Rob McMillin recaps the previous day in Dodger (and Angel) minor league baseball every morning at 6-4-2.

AAA Las Vegas is 6-0 following Tuesday's 5-4 victory over Salt Lake and has outscored its opponents, 48-20.

* * *

Today's Game

Comments (375)
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2006-04-12 15:29:24
1.   Woody
Why not just promote the entire Vegas team, now?
2006-04-12 15:38:39
2.   sanchez101
two minor league games finished so far today:

Blake Johnson 6ip 4h 3r 2er 1bb 6k 0hr 3gb 9fb ND

Justin Orenduff 5.2ip 4h 3r 2er 3bb 7k 0hr 2gb 8fb L

Are these successful outings?

2006-04-12 15:48:01
3.   jystakes
Amidst all the trade speculation surrounding Miguel Cabrerra and Dontrelle Willis (and I know this has been discussed here before), would anyone be opposed to a deal that sent Dontrelle and Miguel Cabrerra to the Dodgers in exchange for Billingsley, Laroche, Guzman and Orenduff? We would have a rotation of Dontrelle, Penny, Lowe, Perez and Tomko. And a lineup that looked like this:

Furcal SS
Cruz/Lofton CF
Drew RF
Cabrera LF
Kent 2b
Loney/Nomar 1b
Mueller 3b
Navarro/Martin C

Just a thought since Neddy Boy is looking for a SP and LF, and the recent press in Florida about trade rumors about those two guys. That's a world series team, is it not? Far fetched, but possible?

2006-04-12 15:58:26
4.   underdog
The Maholm guy pitching for Pitt tonight is considered their top pitching prospect (according to Street and Smith), so it's assumed he'll look better than the first two young 'uns who started in this series for the Pirates. Here's hoping he doesn't, though.
2006-04-12 16:03:27
5.   thinkblue0

I'd absolutely pull the trigger on that deal. I'm all about keeping the prospects, but if you can get trelle AND cabrera you HAVE to pull the trigger.

also, I'm finally back online after about 10 days....DSL guy had to come out...turns out my modem was dead and I had no idea...

2006-04-12 16:09:29
6.   underdog
Jose Cruz just said, Prospect THIS!
2006-04-12 16:09:43
7.   DodgerHobbit
scored again in the first inning
2006-04-12 16:11:13
8.   Curtis Lowe
Anyone else having strange problems with MLBTV?
2006-04-12 16:13:51
9.   DodgerHobbit
no steve lyons,you cannot eat innings.
2006-04-12 16:18:03
10.   FirstMohican
And Jon's HR list grows and grows...
2006-04-12 16:19:42
11.   Curtis Lowe
See Seo if Tomko can blow away Burnitz you can Too!
2006-04-12 16:21:34
12.   Michael G
Quite frankly, I am shocked at how often the Dodgers have scored in the early innings. I can't think of a Dodger team in the last 20 years that consistently scored early.
2006-04-12 16:23:12
13.   Bob Timmermann
Small sample size alert!
Small sample size alert!

Wait until the end of the year and we'll see how often the Dodgers score in the first inning compared to other teams.

2006-04-12 16:23:20
14.   Jacob L
Put more generally, does anyone NOT think that the Dodger offense a mirage born of small sample sizes?
2006-04-12 16:23:28
15.   Andrew Shimmin
Paul Maholm doesn't really pronounce his name muh-huh-lum, does he?
2006-04-12 16:24:08
16.   Jacob L
O.K., who from the last thread dubbed himself late Bob?
2006-04-12 16:25:11
17.   Mark
Yay, I'm back from my one-week ban, all ready to get banned for life!

Step 1: Get Firefox.

Step 2: Get Greasemonkey.

Step 3: Install the Anti-Choi script.

Never see a comment with the word Choi in it ever again! (Including this comment, once you install the script...)

I won't mention my other script just yet, because I just know that'll get me banned forever.

2006-04-12 16:25:19
18.   Bob Timmermann
Wasn't that Johnson?

Or was it Ray?
Or was it Jay?
Or was it Ray Jay?

2006-04-12 16:25:41
19.   underdog
15 At least Rick Mononaday seems to think so.
2006-04-12 16:27:14
20.   regfairfield
14 If you don't think it is, it means you believe Bill Mueller and Sandy Alomar will continue hitting .480.
2006-04-12 16:27:39
21.   underdog
Ah hah - according to the Pirates web site: "Paul G. Maholm (pronounced "mah-HALL-uhm")." They must have read the media guide, too.
2006-04-12 16:28:12
22.   Jon Weisman
17 - I just think it's peculiar that everyone pretty much has stopped talking about Choi - even with Nomar injured - and yet you keep complaining about all the Choi talk. You might be only the first or second person to mention his name this week.
2006-04-12 16:29:02
23.   Curtis Lowe
Alas Good Hitting Repko we hardly knew thee.
2006-04-12 16:29:19
24.   tjshere
Jim Rome interviewed Tomko on Monday and I was really impressed with him. (Tomko, not Rome). He comes off as fairly bright and articulate and seemed like a heck of a good guy and a great teammate. He actually made me feel like kind of a jerk because it reminded me that just because I'm not impressed with his skills as a player there's no reason to dislike Tomko the man.
2006-04-12 16:29:56
25.   regfairfield
21 All have to stop prouncing it like I pronounced Pat Maholmes' name.
2006-04-12 16:30:26
26.   regfairfield
21 All have to stop prouncing it like I pronounced Pat Maholmes' name.
2006-04-12 16:30:33
27.   DXMachina
8 "Anyone else having strange problems with MLBTV?"

I had a problem getting the login screen for Gameday audio. I had to turn off Ad-Blocker in Firefox to get to it.

2006-04-12 16:33:46
28.   regfairfield
Great, a terrible post, and it went up twice.
2006-04-12 16:33:52
29.   Jon Weisman
24 - You know, I heard a radio interview with Tomko last week and he also sounded like a good guy then. So he's got that going for him.
2006-04-12 16:34:00
30.   Michael G
13 - I guess I am not really talking about scoring early over an entire year, but rather scoring early over a significant period of time. It has only been 9 games, but I can't think of a time where the Dodgers scored early like this for any extended period of time.
2006-04-12 16:35:41
31.   Buffalo Jones
Here we go again. Can we not have a few unenventful innings?
2006-04-12 16:36:04
32.   Steve
Tomko is crafty -- he almost got a double play out of that line drive.
2006-04-12 16:36:47
33.   HomeDePo

Ah, but Jon, we are always thinking of 'whe who shall not be named'...

2006-04-12 16:37:10
34.   Bob Timmermann
I found an old Altoona media guide (Pirates farm team) online and the pronunciation guide (a pdf) said that Maholm's name should be pronounced "mu-HOLL-um"
2006-04-12 16:37:14
35.   HomeDePo
I meant he, I swear...
2006-04-12 16:38:09
36.   Gen3Blue
I am a loyal blue fan, and would hate to see these prospects gone. That being said--- this is a fantasy and no team would give up two proven stars for four unknown quantities. The idea is inane beyond comment.
2006-04-12 16:38:51
37.   FirstMohican
Would you pay 10 bucks to park and 30 bucks a ticket to watch a bunch of great dudes play ball?
2006-04-12 16:39:32
38.   HomeDePo
steiner says "moo-HOLL-um" or "mu-HOLL-um"
2006-04-12 16:39:38
39.   Bob Timmermann
Try this link:

for the pronunciation of Maholm.

2006-04-12 16:40:05
40.   Buffalo Jones
Anyone know a good place besides Gameday to follow the games? Gameday won't load here at work for some reason. I've been using SI but I like to see pitch-by-pitch. Thanks
2006-04-12 16:40:37
41.   Curtis Lowe
37- I paid 10 bucks to park and 30 bucks for a ticket to see a bunch of underperformers play ball.
2006-04-12 16:41:01
42.   Curtis Lowe
40- Try cbs sportsline
2006-04-12 16:41:11
43.   Curtis Lowe
40- or yahoo.
2006-04-12 16:41:25
44.   HomeDePo

I do not know if it is better than SI, but gamechannel on is okay (nothing like gameday.

2006-04-12 16:43:06
45.   Marty
I haven't been able to get MLB audio to work yet this season. But I just got a email from them saying my account had been disabled because the couldn't verify the credit card I'd used last year. They say that it's been temporarily enabled (I haven't tried it yet) so I can update the credit info.

Anyhoo, I thoght I'd seen some others commenting that it wasn't working for them and I thought it may be for the same reason.

2006-04-12 16:43:55
46.   HomeDePo
gameday seems fine for me...
2006-04-12 16:44:54
47.   Marty
45 Then again, it could be a phishing scam.
2006-04-12 16:45:15
48.   HomeDePo
Cruz is having a great AB.
2006-04-12 16:45:53
49.   HomeDePo
and he finishes it well!
2006-04-12 16:46:09
50.   underdog
MLB Audio's working fine for me - I just had to re-up for the year. The only thing that doesn't seem to work that well on MLB audio is Rick Monday, but that's not their fault.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-04-12 16:46:37
51.   underdog
48 Officially a great at bat now
2006-04-12 16:46:46
52.   Buffalo Jones
40- Thanks for the tips, but it looks like the IT guys took Flash off the computers for some reason. Probably so I wouldn't watch Dodger games at work. They're probably watching me type this right now!!
2006-04-12 16:47:25
53.   Gen3Blue
30 I have not seen a streak of early leads like this in a long time. What is troubling is the lack of scoring in the middle innings to press this advantage. This seems to keep us a .500 team.
2006-04-12 16:47:59
54.   Gen3Blue
Right now is an example. Hope I'm wrong.
2006-04-12 16:49:50
55.   sanchez101
The offense is scoring enough for the team to win, the problem is the pitching.
2006-04-12 16:50:14
56.   Gen3Blue
I'm wrong.
2006-04-12 16:50:20
57.   HomeDePo
2006-04-12 16:50:56
58.   Curtis Lowe
Butter and Egg man comes through with the uhh butter and egg.
2006-04-12 16:51:05
59.   Steve
Is this Terry Mulholland?
2006-04-12 16:51:26
60.   Marty
Old Maid looks drunk in his gameday photo.
2006-04-12 16:51:50
61.   HomeDePo


The lowest run total we have scored this game has been 3 runs, and the second lowest has been 5. 5 runs should be a win every time.

2006-04-12 16:52:07
62.   fawnkyj
Oh yeah! The tomato strikes again!
2006-04-12 16:52:56
63.   Marty
A couple more singles and we could have a conga line.
2006-04-12 16:53:51
64.   Jon Weisman
Watching the Dodgers this season, I think the big statistic in every game has been time of possession. And turnovers.
2006-04-12 16:54:33
65.   Gen3Blue
Nows the time when our pitching used to take over in'04 and evenpart of '05
2006-04-12 16:56:15
66.   Buffalo Jones
65-I have a feeling it will today. Don't know why, nothing to back that up. Just a feeling.
2006-04-12 16:56:35
67.   Steve
It's now the Chris Duffy Look.
2006-04-12 16:58:03
68.   underdog
64 Their red zone offense has been a plus so far, however.
2006-04-12 16:58:22
69.   King of the Hobos
66 Kuo hasn't pitched in awhile, he's due to get some innings. Maybe that's why?
2006-04-12 16:58:57
70.   Curtis Lowe
Perhaps the pitching will coem through today if Tomko can last till the 6th wishfully 7th then Kuo can set up Baez.
2006-04-12 17:00:03
71.   Mark
64 I was thinking that the penalty minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct is pretty low so far this season...
2006-04-12 17:00:44
72.   Buffalo Jones
69-very well could be, though it must have been a subconscious thought, becasuse I hadn't even thougt of that. We'll see. And by the way my hunches tend to be wrong more often than not.
2006-04-12 17:04:23
73.   Buffalo Jones
Even with preview, I cannot spell
2006-04-12 17:04:32
74.   Jon Weisman
Jason Repko with his 19th career walk.
2006-04-12 17:07:35
75.   Steve
Kevin Youkilis is leading off for Boston tonight. It's 5-0 Toronto. The best laid plans...
2006-04-12 17:08:45
76.   Steve
And pitching for Boston...former Jonathan Broxton bait David Wells (shudder)
2006-04-12 17:10:09
77.   Gen3Blue
Wow-- I'm not that enamered of Furcals first pitch aproach with 2nd and 3rd and one out.
Incidentally- Martin's on base should already be amazing from the boxes I've seen.
2006-04-12 17:11:42
78.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-12 17:11:43
79.   Jon Weisman
Freddy Sanchez with his sixth career home run.
2006-04-12 17:12:57
80.   sanchez101
Does anyone get the feeling Tomko is falling apart right now? Can he handle adversity? Wow there goes another hit.
2006-04-12 17:14:26
81.   regfairfield
Thank god this lineup is terrible after the number five slot.
2006-04-12 17:14:36
82.   Marty
But there's more innings to eat.
2006-04-12 17:14:41
83.   sanchez101
Who thinks Tomko can last 6 innings?
2006-04-12 17:16:10
84.   Gen3Blue
And now we enter the twilight zone of our 12 Pitcher roster.

and apprapo of our pychological dealing with the Dodgs. site I say "unhiemlicht"

2006-04-12 17:16:10
85.   Curtis Lowe
Dodgers need to put up about 15 runs this inning.
2006-04-12 17:16:12
86.   thinkblue0
the whole "giving up leads" thing is driving me up the wall...I'd rather lose 10-1 than get an early lead and lose it...

I saw Lofton is coming off the DL Nomar still coming off the DL the same day?

2006-04-12 17:18:14
87.   Marty
Nomar will take longer. He's only barely swinging the bat.
2006-04-12 17:18:42
88.   Bob Timmermann
Giants and Astros rained out again. Doubleheader still scheduled for tomorrow with the other game to be made up later, possibly on May 8.
2006-04-12 17:18:57
89.   Jon Weisman
Nomar isn't eligible until Tuesday.

I'd rather have an early lead and lose it. Losing 10-1 offers no pleasure. I'd rather have the highs to go with the lows.

2006-04-12 17:19:08
90.   Marty
Man, I hope Drew can keep it up. Nothing like the start of last year.
2006-04-12 17:24:47
91.   Curtis Lowe
Man I hope Kent turns it on soon.
2006-04-12 17:26:33
92.   Mark
Paging Homer Simpson, we have a meltdown on our hands.
2006-04-12 17:26:59
93.   thinkblue0

it's pretty amazing that we're doing so well when Kent and Furcal aren't doing anything. ooooo there's a a HR...oh man, giving up leads is going to make me physically ill...

2006-04-12 17:27:27
94.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-12 17:27:38
95.   Bob Timmermann
Let's test Mark's Greasemonkey Script:


2006-04-12 17:28:00
96.   sanchez101
How is Grittle going to mismanage the bullpen today?
2006-04-12 17:28:06
97.   Steve
"There's lots of ways to do it if you have the stuff Brett Tomko has"

Sure, Jerry.

2006-04-12 17:28:44
98.   norcalblue
midas...strikes again
2006-04-12 17:29:40
99.   Jon Weisman
96 - As far as I can tell, there isn't much to distinguish the relievers beyond Kuo and Baez right now. So for a couple of innings tonight, it might not really matter what Little does, except pinch-hit at the right times.
2006-04-12 17:30:19
100.   Linkmeister
Where's that Home Runs Allowed database? I wonder if we're giving them up at the same rate as last year. Sure seems like it.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-04-12 17:30:52
101.   regfairfield
After four innings, Daniel Cabrera has struck out eight and walked seven.
2006-04-12 17:31:12
102.   Icaros
Call timeout you idiots.
2006-04-12 17:31:14
103.   Bob Timmermann

Nolan Ryan is back!

2006-04-12 17:31:31
104.   King of the Hobos
Tomko still needs one more to match Seo...oh wait, it's tied
2006-04-12 17:31:32
105.   fawnkyj
2006-04-12 17:32:02
106.   regfairfield
Well, if Derek Lowe comes to Dodger Stadium and allows 35 home runs, shouldn't that mean Brett Tomko will allow 200?
2006-04-12 17:32:10
107.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-12 17:32:32
108.   Bob Timmermann
This inning would have gone much better if only Sean Casey had been starting at first base.

Stupid Pirates manager knowing which player is better.

2006-04-12 17:32:38
109.   sanchez101
wow, Tomko just fell apart.
2006-04-12 17:32:52
110.   Mark
Is Tomko still on the Giants payroll?
2006-04-12 17:33:15
111.   Curtis Lowe
They ol' disconnect the bullpen trick.
2006-04-12 17:33:32
112.   Steve
Hey, we're getting someone up! What was your first clue there, Grittle?
2006-04-12 17:33:43
113.   scareduck
Wilsonian diplomacy in action: spreading democracy by way of the bomb. Or something like that.
2006-04-12 17:33:48
114.   s choir
I understood leaving Pedro in in the ALCS. But Tomko is no Pedro.

But I guess this is not the ALCS either, so I shouldn't be too worked up about it anyway.

I can't watch anymore, nonetheless

2006-04-12 17:33:56
115.   Jon Weisman
102 - Exactly.

By the way, my 99 did presume that Little would take Tomko out at some point. Apparently, that was too naive a presumption.

Perhaps it's a matter of pitch counts, and that Tomko has a minimum of 100.

2006-04-12 17:33:56
116.   Icaros

No, but Colletti is.

2006-04-12 17:34:00
117.   trainwreck
Our pitching is special, but in the short bus way.
2006-04-12 17:34:17
118.   scareduck
109 - "Just" would imply there was a surprise in there somewhere.
2006-04-12 17:35:10
119.   Bob Timmermann
Saying Tomko fell apart presupposes that he was all together at one point.
2006-04-12 17:35:47
120.   Steve
It also implies that he has somewhere to fall.
2006-04-12 17:36:00
121.   Curtis Lowe
Shouldn't there be a brawl for this type of thing?
2006-04-12 17:36:16
122.   Steve
Darn you, Bob! :)
2006-04-12 17:37:04
123.   s choir
Well hey, at least they've given up the lead early rather than late.
2006-04-12 17:38:57
124.   D4P
There seems to be a pattern here. Dodgers get out to a relatively large lead, then give up a bunch of HRs in the middle innings and end up losing.
2006-04-12 17:41:54
125.   s choir
I just noticed: Gameday says the wind is blowing out to left at 18 MPH. Is that right? If so, no wonder all the homers.
2006-04-12 17:42:26
126.   sanchez101
115. I would presume that, Im waiting for things to go wrong for our bullpen. I agree that there isn't much to distinguish the relievers beyond Kuo and Baez right now, but I think that means how you use them is that much more important. If you need groundballs because the wind is blowing out like last night, dont bring in Lance Carter. Or, if you can handle a walk, but need a K, go to Brazoban. Each reliever has their own strengths and weaknesses but, I think he's just trying to label a 8th inning guy and a 7th inning guy just so he doest have to make decisions for himself in the future.
2006-04-12 17:42:55
127.   King of the Hobos
Dodger's starters: 33 runs in 47.1 IP, 6.27 ERA
51's starters: 11 runs in 28 IP (all in Vegas), 3.54 ERA

Disregarding sample size, that's nto too pretty. Maybe we should switch (but keep Penny and let the 51's keep Sele)

2006-04-12 17:43:19
128.   Curtis Lowe
That was clutch.
2006-04-12 17:46:20
129.   D4P
Is Ross better than Lofton?
2006-04-12 17:46:37
130.   bhsportsguy
Over the past couple of years, it does seem that the Dodger pitching staff does give up a lot of home runs, I mean how does Derek Lowe, a sinker ball pitcher, start giving up homers.

That said, I hate to keep saying this but the starters have to get beyond the 5th inning, lead or no lead, your bullpen can't go out there game after game nor can you start warming up guys in the 5th and 6th inning.

I think the hard part is that when you seem to be in every game, you want to do all you can to win each game but when you don't have too many days off, its pretty hard to manage a game that way.

One thing I am wondering, what were Rick Honeycutt's qualifications as a pitching coach before this season. If his main qualification was working with the young Dodgers in the system, then maybe we should have hired another guy because none of the starters nor the key bullpen guys are from the Dodger system.

2006-04-12 17:46:41
131.   Curtis Lowe
Ross is younger than Lofton.
2006-04-12 17:48:09
132.   Curtis Lowe
Clutch hit to the knee.
2006-04-12 17:48:39
133.   DodgerHobbit
methinks lyons protests about his car ashtray-change too much!
2006-04-12 17:49:20
134.   FirstMohican
Ross has 2 RBI, but Lofton hasn't failed to reach base this season.
2006-04-12 17:49:29
135.   bhsportsguy
For those of you who have Tomko on your fantasy team LOL, hope for a rally to get a possible win.
2006-04-12 17:50:12
136.   D4P
Who's to say Ross wouldn't be the MVP of the league if given an opportunity to play every day?
2006-04-12 17:50:56
137.   Mark
Furcal VORP++
2006-04-12 17:50:56
138.   Steve
Why does Rick Monday finish with the lede?
2006-04-12 17:51:21
139.   Curtis Lowe
Furcal should have scored.
2006-04-12 17:51:36
140.   D4P
Cruz is doing great in the #2 spot. Expect him to be benched soon for a few weeks and then to return to the lineup in the #6 spot.
2006-04-12 17:52:57
141.   sanchez101
Its remarkable that while the starters have been, as a group, bad and the bullpen hasn't been anything special either, the Dodgers' 5.22 ERA is better than SF (5.94) and SD (6.50). Thank god we're in the NL west.
2006-04-12 17:53:44
142.   sanchez101
I hope Drew gets a hit because I have no faith in Jeff Kent.
2006-04-12 17:53:49
143.   regfairfield
What I imagine is Daniel Cabrera's final line:

5 innings pitched, three hits, ten strikeouts, nine walks, one run.

2006-04-12 17:54:06
144.   DodgerHobbit
Doh! @ Drew
2006-04-12 17:54:17
145.   Icaros
Outside and low.
2006-04-12 17:55:12
146.   Curtis Lowe
145- I thought the same but of course Monday painted it black.
2006-04-12 17:55:16
147.   bhsportsguy
140-secret shout out to HSC (Okay, please no HSC talk)

Darn, no win for Tomko

A battle of the bullpens, why am I nervous

2006-04-12 17:56:08
148.   Icaros

The previous pitch called a ball looked closer to me.

2006-04-12 17:57:36
149.   tjshere
OK, so Tomko the man is a good guy, a great teammate and I like him. Tomko the pitcher is still filled with suckitudity.
2006-04-12 17:58:03
150.   Steve
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-04-12 18:01:58
151.   bhsportsguy
This may sound really stupid and since Tomko was not with the team last year, does not make a lot of sense but I recall when Jon Gruden coached against the Raiders in the Super Bowl and all the defensive players laughed on how much he correctly mimicked Gannon during their practices.

After watching these guys for a couple of years, I wonder how much of their previous knowledge about the Dodger pitchers is helping their batters?

2006-04-12 18:02:54
152.   Icaros
That was almost as sweet as Cora-Izturis-Green.
2006-04-12 18:05:00
153.   sanchez101
Kent looks lost right now. I hope he can get things back on line soon.
2006-04-12 18:05:20
154.   King of the Hobos
141 But we're almost a run behind Colorado (4.29) and 2 runs behind Arizona (3.16). The Rockies are using an odd tactic: never strike anyone out. Their 37 Ks as a team is lowest in the majors
2006-04-12 18:08:16
155.   FirstMohican
I'm relieved by the fact that the two hottest pitching staffs in the NLW are not the Padres and the Giants.
2006-04-12 18:09:26
156.   FirstMohican
Think Olmedo could score on a triple by Mueller?
2006-04-12 18:09:27
157.   Gen3Blue
Oh man , I hate to admit it, but I was Dodger proud with the infield of Beltre,Izturis,and I can't remember who.
We didn't have quite the offense but we woudn't have to deal with 1/2 the bullshoot.
Besides--where is this offense now after we get the lead early--I don't see any off. 4-7 innings when its important-- I hope I'm wrong!
2006-04-12 18:10:21
158.   Gen3Blue
Cora --that was it--157
2006-04-12 18:14:49
159.   Steve
This calls for an intentional walk, Jimmy!
2006-04-12 18:16:20
160.   dzzrtRatt
156 Same question still applies.
2006-04-12 18:16:21
161.   bhsportsguy
Is this the slowest group of runners we could have on base?
2006-04-12 18:16:31
162.   Steve
2006-04-12 18:16:55
163.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-12 18:17:34
164.   bhsportsguy
All those Jason Repko haters c'mon out, c'mon out wherever you are?
2006-04-12 18:17:46
165.   scareduck
2006-04-12 18:18:13
166.   natepurcell
it seems that wrist surgery has sapped all of kents power.

and why couldnt we wait to give him the new deal?

2006-04-12 18:19:04
167.   FirstMohican
164 - You mean all of the people who aren't surprised by a bases-loaded-inning-ending-double-play?
2006-04-12 18:19:27
168.   King of the Hobos
161 First you'd have to replace Mueller with Odalis
2006-04-12 18:19:55
169.   bhsportsguy
Available players on the bench:
Ramon Martinez, James Loney, Rickey LeDee, and Navarro.

My hunch, Martinez will bat hopefully for Kuo.

2006-04-12 18:19:57
170.   D4P
and why couldnt we wait to give him the new deal?

Cause we're the Dodgers. It's just what we do.

2006-04-12 18:20:13
171.   FirstMohican
166 - Because surgery can't sap veteran leadership. Unless you lead by example. Damn.
2006-04-12 18:20:40
172.   bhsportsguy
Hopeful that Kuo makes out of the 7th.
2006-04-12 18:21:22
173.   Steve
That's a little more understandable leadoff walk than Humberto Cota, particularly if you can get Tracy to run into a strike him out throw him out.
2006-04-12 18:22:29
174.   natepurcell
2006-04-12 18:23:17
175.   Steve
Assuming that you actually look at the runner you are staring at at the time.
2006-04-12 18:25:57
176.   King of the Hobos
Kuo joins in on the fun
2006-04-12 18:26:24
177.   trainwreck
Lionheart Craig Wilson is killing us.
2006-04-12 18:26:52
178.   natepurcell
what a team! i cant get enough of that midas touch!
2006-04-12 18:27:15
179.   Curtis Lowe
Now is the part of the show where my Dad calls and tells me to stop crying and be a man.
2006-04-12 18:27:16
180.   King of the Hobos
Brent Leach didn't give up a run while striking out 5 today. He's now gone 11 innings, striking out 12 while giving up one run. He is, however, 23 years old, which is pretty old for Columbus
2006-04-12 18:27:21
181.   FirstMohican
I tentatively give that HR a 4.
2006-04-12 18:27:45
182.   Steve
If this is, in fact, irony, make it stop.
2006-04-12 18:27:55
183.   scareduck
That was far from Kuopacetic.
2006-04-12 18:28:02
184.   Curtis Lowe
Get this team out of Pittsburgh Now!
2006-04-12 18:28:20
185.   PHilldodger
Is 8+ games enough time to say that our pitching stinks?
Billingsley and Broxton can't get here soon enough.
2006-04-12 18:29:12
186.   scareduck
185 - well, Billingsley, anyway.
2006-04-12 18:29:33
187.   D4P
If Craig Wilson isn't careful, he's going to earn JT's ire.
2006-04-12 18:29:49
188.   bhsportsguy
Home Runs and walks, no defense for them.
2006-04-12 18:30:21
189.   Curtis Lowe
This ackward start to the season reminds me of the old saying,

It is better to stumble than to collapse.

2006-04-12 18:30:32
190.   Icaros
At least we know Craig Wilson will be bunting his next at bat.
2006-04-12 18:31:19
191.   Linkmeister
That was the strangest looking pitchout I've seen in a long while.
2006-04-12 18:32:17
192.   Steve
If Rick Sutcliffe were calling the game, he would have credited those two runs to Jim Tracy and his running game.
2006-04-12 18:32:24
193.   bhsportsguy
Another observation re Kuo, he really has not had a lot of pitching experience, with all the injuries, does he even have one year of experience anywhere?
2006-04-12 18:32:39
194.   King of the Hobos
At least Tracy will bench Craig Wilson tomorrow so he can get some veteran leadership in the lineup
2006-04-12 18:33:18
195.   ryu
geez, our pitching sucks.
2006-04-12 18:33:43
196.   bhsportsguy
BTW, the reason Kuo stayed in the game, of course he is due up first in the 8th.
2006-04-12 18:33:46
197.   subclub
If we lose a series to the Pirates, do we still have to play the rest of the season? Isn't there some kind of clause?
2006-04-12 18:33:58
198.   scareduck
189 - and it is better to collapse than to ... aw, I can't think of it.
2006-04-12 18:34:23
199.   scareduck
Does anybody want to take bets on when Colletti gets fired?
2006-04-12 18:35:15
200.   scareduck
197 - the Psychic Mercy Rule applies.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-04-12 18:35:32
201.   D4P
Pittsburgh is hitting some Harmful homeruns tonight.
2006-04-12 18:35:46
202.   Curtis Lowe
How damaging was Repko's GIDP?
2006-04-12 18:35:48
203.   bhsportsguy
I like Kuo and a lot of these young guys but you are going to have games like this when you have a lot of young players because some how, whenever a key moment comes up in the game, it will find them whether it is pitching in a tie game or coming up with the bases loaded, can't seem to hide them anywhere.
2006-04-12 18:36:31
204.   Linkmeister
14 hits, 5 runs, 9 LOB. With this pitching, that's not good enough, obviously.
2006-04-12 18:36:40
205.   Steve
Does anybody want to take bets on when Colletti gets fired?

Sounds like the kind of thing that could use its own website.

2006-04-12 18:37:48
206.   FirstMohican
202 - 5
2006-04-12 18:37:52
207.   bhsportsguy
199-uhhh how about 2012, our problem has been getting the lead into the 8th, partly due to bad starts and bad early middle relief, an improvement on either (more importantly the starters) would help.
2006-04-12 18:38:00
208.   Uncle Miltie
Why was Furcal swinging 3-0 down by 2?
2006-04-12 18:38:06
209.   Bob Timmermann
Condition Orange for the Cycle
Condition Orange for the Cycle
2006-04-12 18:38:19
210.   Uncle Miltie
nevermind it was 2-1
2006-04-12 18:38:19
211.   natepurcell
colletti has saved us from the mess depodesta has created. you cant fire our savior!
2006-04-12 18:38:53
212.   Gen3Blue
Wha happened? I had to leave for a few minutes.
I din't think I was that serious saying the D's couldn't sustain offense when their terrible pitching let down.
But that is exactly what is hapenning.
The D's get a lead and then stop while their pitching gives up about .75 runs an inning.!
2006-04-12 18:39:30
213.   Bob Timmermann
Condition Green for the Cycle
Condition Green for the Cycle

Resume normal activities.

2006-04-12 18:39:49
214.   FirstMohican
Cruz has officially earned himself a spot on my fantasy team.
2006-04-12 18:40:25
215.   natepurcell
well good thing i just went to the store and picked up some capt'n crunch or else this crappy dodger team would be really making me mad.
2006-04-12 18:40:36
216.   FirstMohican
Re: Drew's AB: "This aint Oakland."
2006-04-12 18:41:16
217.   scareduck
207 - and that's not Colletti's fault, how?
2006-04-12 18:41:19
218.   Uncle Miltie
Drew first pitch swinging, again? Fire Eddie Murray?
2006-04-12 18:41:42
219.   scareduck
207 - My point is that McCourt is still McCourt. Win, or die.
2006-04-12 18:42:51
220.   King of the Hobos
We're hurting our defense so Ledee has the honor of batting 6th in the 9th inning?
2006-04-12 18:43:21
221.   regfairfield
219 I think it's actually make me look good, or die. We won't know unless things start to get really bad, but so far Colletti is basically immune from the media.
2006-04-12 18:43:32
222.   natepurcell
is yhency even trying?
2006-04-12 18:45:13
223.   subclub
2006-04-12 18:45:59
224.   Curtis Lowe
I think someone slipped some Ambien in the Bullpens Coffee.
2006-04-12 18:46:02
225.   regfairfield
Two questions to anyone actually watching the game:

How hard is Yhency throwing?
Is he throwing anything but fastballs?

2006-04-12 18:46:04
226.   D4P
Does Brazoban ever not give up runs?
2006-04-12 18:46:22
227.   trainwreck
This supposed great back up closer is useless if he never gets on the field.
2006-04-12 18:46:29
228.   jasonungar05
When your mom calls and leaves a message to say, "gosh the Dodgers are going to drive me nuts this year, it's gonna be a long season" and we are only 8 games in then you know it's rough.
2006-04-12 18:46:31
229.   sanchez101
The boys in Vegas must be licking their chops ...
2006-04-12 18:46:53
230.   D4P
Bring in the All Star! Stat!
2006-04-12 18:47:13
231.   fawnkyj
Jeez come on Braz, do something!
2006-04-12 18:47:23
232.   Uncle Miltie
Nate I know you want Vegas to win the PCL Championship, but can we please swap Brazoban and Broxton....and release Carter while we're at it. Is there any reason why Brazoban and Carter are ahead of Osoria on the depth chart?
2006-04-12 18:47:35
233.   King of the Hobos
With all of these SBs against Alomar, do we call up Martin and move Alomar to 1B?
2006-04-12 18:47:37
234.   Curtis Lowe
The whole team has pretty much given up. Please get this team out of Pittsburgh! And as far away from Jim Tracy as possible.
2006-04-12 18:47:43
235.   scareduck
222 - tryhing to do, what? Lose? Sure!
2006-04-12 18:47:46
236.   sanchez101
225. Hasnt broken 90, Im starting to get that sinking feeling that Yhency is injured.
2006-04-12 18:48:43
237.   D4P
How long until Tracy moves Burnitz into the #3 spot?
2006-04-12 18:49:10
238.   Bob Timmermann
Alomar wasn't repsonsible for any of the stolen bases in my book. Bengie Molina could have stolen off of Yhency.
2006-04-12 18:49:24
239.   FirstMohican
233 - ((gently places gun in mouth))
2006-04-12 18:49:36
240.   regfairfield
236 Well, that's somewhat good news. I'd hate to think this was the best he can do.
2006-04-12 18:50:07
241.   Gen3Blue
For Grady and Colletti it will be important to see if our guys roll over in the ninth. If they do McCourt may have to give it up--or try something else.
2006-04-12 18:50:21
242.   natepurcell
brazoban needs to go on the DL, his arm is so dead right now.
2006-04-12 18:50:30
243.   Curtis Lowe
This is bang your head on the wall bad. Good thing I know that next week will be good.
2006-04-12 18:50:33
244.   Gen3Blue
For Grady and Colletti it will be important to see if our guys roll over in the ninth. If they do McCourt may have to give it up--or try something else.
2006-04-12 18:50:44
245.   FirstMohican
241 - ...Rick?
2006-04-12 18:50:45
246.   Steve
230 - we don't use stats anymore
2006-04-12 18:51:04
247.   regfairfield
I really doubt anybody will be (or should be) giving things up nine games in.
2006-04-12 18:51:06
248.   Nick Iyengar
Pittsburgh's last run was particularly annoying because Mike Gonzalez is on my fantasy team.
2006-04-12 18:51:08
249.   fawnkyj
Oh man i hope Penny, Kent, Little or Mueller just yells at the team tonite! This is ridiculous.
2006-04-12 18:51:31
250.   Gen3Blue
sorry abot the double post
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-04-12 18:51:40
251.   trainwreck
A's brought one of their best relievers (kike calero) in the 6th in a game they are losing by a run. That is the right way to use a bullpen.
2006-04-12 18:52:21
252.   xaphor
Someone shoot Lyons
2006-04-12 18:52:27
253.   regfairfield
251 To be fair, he's their third or fourth best reliever.
2006-04-12 18:52:32
254.   tjshere
With all the rally-killing homers the Bucs have hit tonight it sure seems like we should be winning.
2006-04-12 18:52:48
255.   Curtis Lowe
Penny should yell. He is the biggest and has a horse.
2006-04-12 18:53:50
256.   Curtis Lowe
If you take away the oppositions homeruns and the Dodgers Home runs they are undefeated.
2006-04-12 18:54:12
257.   Uncle Miltie
Is it wrong that I enjoy seeing Kent fail? I predicted a collapse, but not this bad. I guess it's early..
2006-04-12 18:54:24
258.   natepurcell
no power from kent. he has popped up weakly or grounded out weakly in almost every AB.
2006-04-12 18:55:02
259.   natepurcell
the collapse probably has alot to do with the wrist surgery.
2006-04-12 18:55:38
260.   trainwreck
How many days till we get to see Bills in the bigs?
2006-04-12 18:55:57
261.   subclub
That's $9 mil well spent!
2006-04-12 18:56:31
262.   Steve
Remember when we were swept by the royals and no one would give up?
2006-04-12 18:56:42
263.   trainwreck
I count 3rd to be one of the best haha. He will be better this year then he was last year. He has nice stuff.
2006-04-12 18:56:43
264.   regfairfield
Until Sandy Alomar drops below a .300 average, its still early.
2006-04-12 18:56:50
265.   Curtis Lowe
Craig Wilson beat the Dodgers.!
2006-04-12 18:57:08
266.   Uncle Miltie
Thank god Ned signed him until he's 40. We desperately needed his leadership.
2006-04-12 18:57:10
267.   FirstMohican
258 - Gameday shows a flyout from the 1st that's just shy of the warning track. Please advise...
2006-04-12 18:57:39
268.   scareduck
Well, that's lovely. At least we have the Vegas/Salt Lake game to entertain us.

2006-04-12 18:57:42
269.   D4P
Is it wrong that I enjoy seeing Kent fail?

Not at all. In fact, maybe it's very very right...

2006-04-12 18:57:59
270.   natepurcell
guys its okay, david price in 07. !!!!!
2006-04-12 18:58:50
271.   natepurcell
Gameday shows a flyout from the 1st that's just shy of the warning track. Please advise...

it was a pop fly to the middle of CF lol.

2006-04-12 18:59:17
272.   bhsportsguy
Too lazy to post the link but glad to see that Rick Honeycutt has realized that his staff needs to improve. See it at site.
2006-04-12 19:00:10
273.   TheRedMenace
251 - Calero is in the game because Saarloos, who would normally enter in that spot, pitched more than an inning last night.
2006-04-12 19:00:30
274.   Odysseus
Maybe our megalomaniac owner will fire everyone again.

This team is terrible. I sure am glad money was thrown away on Tomko!

Hopefully the prospects won't be shipped off...

2006-04-12 19:02:57
275.   Odysseus
262 those days are gone my friend
2006-04-12 19:03:08
276.   Buffalo Jones
Why does "small sample size" become everyone around here's favorite term when talking about the good things the Dodger's have done, but it's nowhere to be found when the bad things occur. I think it goes both ways. Sure, they aren't going to hit this well all year, but the sure aren't going to pitch this bad either. There seems to be a double standard. It's early.
2006-04-12 19:03:47
277.   heato
. . . for middle relief. Oh, wait a second . . .
2006-04-12 19:04:21
278.   Gen3Blue
I've had to listen to this series from the local Pittsburg announcers point of view. And I've actually felt good for the poor Pirates fans getting a bit of good feeling.
They are thinking they may have a "high-powered" offense and feeling good which is very rare in this part of the country. Weirdly, I feel like we've done some good, though I can't for the life of me see how this is good for the Dodgers. Well, maybe I'll sleep OK and not think until morning.
2006-04-12 19:05:48
279.   scareduck
278 - in the same way a prostate exam is useful, in that it allows you to determine what has to be cut out.
2006-04-12 19:06:07
280.   Steve
Tomko and Lowe have both been in the league forever. Much to our chagrin.
2006-04-12 19:06:38
281.   regfairfield
276 Agreed. If you didn't think this team stunk before, you shouldn't think it now. I think only Oldbear can be fully griping right now.
2006-04-12 19:07:07
282.   scareduck
280 - only true of Tomko. Lowe was AL exclusively prior to last year.
2006-04-12 19:07:32
283.   natepurcell
maybe we can trade off the vets in july to give the 51s some ammo to make a championship run.

im only half serious here...

2006-04-12 19:07:35
284.   Odysseus
276 I think Tomko can very well pitch this poorly all year. Sure others will be better, but some of Colletti's signings were just garbage, and they'll play like garbage.

I sure am glad we have Nomar and a "true leadoff man" though. Oh wait...

2006-04-12 19:08:21
285.   scareduck
Salt Lake/Vegas game is Dustin Moseley vs. D.J. Houlton: was-a-prospect vs. not-a-prospect.
2006-04-12 19:08:34
286.   Odysseus
283 Why wait until July?
2006-04-12 19:09:06
287.   Steve
What if you thought it would go 82-80?
2006-04-12 19:12:33
288.   natepurcell
82-80 isnt bad enough for david price!
2006-04-12 19:12:54
289.   regfairfield
287 Just be careful with the adejectives. For example the Dodgers stink, they don't really stink.
2006-04-12 19:14:04
290.   FirstMohican
careful with verbs?
2006-04-12 19:14:17
291.   trainwreck
Who is david price? We still have DeWitt, everyone do not worry.
2006-04-12 19:14:59
292.   regfairfield
Maybe it's an adverb.
2006-04-12 19:15:52
293.   bhsportsguy
Well, since I don't think any team has given up over 600 home runs in a season, we may not see 4 home runs every game.

Not sure how it works since the Dodgers have not worked in a young player of any regard since Beltre in the late '90s. You won't see a starter demoted but if Odalis goes on the shelf again then maybe Chad comes up.

Short of some stop gaps here or there, don't expect to see any of the position players up from Vegas and the only moves I could possilbly see being considered is if Florida tanks and Miggy becomes available, then I could see some prospects dealt to shore up LF.

2006-04-12 19:16:51
294.   natepurcell
david price is a 6'6 lefy from vanderbilt. logan white drafted him in the 2004 draft, something like 17th round oe something. But hes amazing. has close to 100Ks in less then 50 innings, less then a 2 era, lefty with mid 90s fb and 2 other plus pitches.
2006-04-12 19:17:26
295.   Steve
And to think that we could have had David Wells.
2006-04-12 19:18:27
296.   trainwreck
Oh sweet, a pitcher! Where is he in the minors? Shouldn't he be higher up since he went to college?
2006-04-12 19:20:20
297.   natepurcell
i should have said, logan white drafted him, but he never signed with the dodgers. hes currently a sophmore in college and will probably be the #1 pick in 2007 draft.
2006-04-12 19:21:13
298.   heato
Has anyone heard why Las Vegas has regularly been puttint JtD at first or at DH? Is Eric Duncan supposed to be good?
2006-04-12 19:21:26
299.   King of the Hobos
We still have a long way to go if we want to do worse than Kansas City
2006-04-12 19:22:06
300.   trainwreck

I am down for that plan.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-04-12 19:22:14
301.   heato
Oops. Jeff Duncan.
2006-04-12 19:22:15
302.   King of the Hobos
298 Jeff Duncan, and he's a AAAA player. They don't trust Ethier at CF
2006-04-12 19:23:16
303.   Steve
Unless Boras gets to him.
2006-04-12 19:23:30
304.   D4P
And to think that we could have had David Wells.

Or kept Scott Erickson.

2006-04-12 19:26:04
305.   scareduck
303 - in which case, the Angels pull another Jered Weaver and he slips to 16th or some dumb thing thanks to his Borasness.
2006-04-12 19:27:11
306.   natepurcell
regardless if he doesnt have boras, you are looking at prior like contract for david price.
2006-04-12 19:28:31
307.   bhsportsguy
Houlton struck out Dallas for his first K tonight, Martin threw out a runner. Dallas now has something like 16 strikeouts in 25 at bats. I wonder if he picked up bad habits with the Angels?
2006-04-12 19:29:44
308.   natepurcell
mcpherson has always Ked a ton.
2006-04-12 19:30:06
309.   natepurcell
so when does guzman get his first bb? today? next week? in june?
2006-04-12 19:30:18
310.   bhsportsguy
BTW, another Hochevar question in the BA chat today on, Jim Callis expects Luke to start pitching in an Independant league soon and does not expect any action by the Dodgers to sign him.

Based on our current pitching state, does anyone wonder about that?

2006-04-12 19:31:27
311.   bhsportsguy
308-64% against AAA pitchers, your boy Joel has only struck out 5 times before tonight.
2006-04-12 19:31:34
312.   natepurcell
3-2 count for guzman!!!
2006-04-12 19:31:47
313.   trainwreck
I still advocate signing Hochevar. His mentality on the field is far different then this contract fiasco.
2006-04-12 19:31:55
314.   regfairfield
I'm certainly going to classify it as a boneheaded move unless Logan White believes Hochevar has literally no chance to contribute.
2006-04-12 19:32:38
315.   natepurcell

well, 6 times now. take a walk please joel!

2006-04-12 19:33:02
316.   bhsportsguy
Another quickie, anyone notice that Drew is swinging a lot at the first pitch, I recall some angst about his pitch selection last year but I have noticed he has changed his approach thus far.
2006-04-12 19:33:18
317.   scareduck
307 - he used to not be this bad, even in the minors. McPherson hasn't faced live pitching since before the All Star break last year, IIRC. He's swinging at everything, but I think he'll fix that, though it could take a while.
2006-04-12 19:36:24
318.   Steve
How could they sign both Tomko and Hochevar? Madness, I say!
2006-04-12 19:37:10
319.   Sam DC
I might have preferred to see a Dodgers/Pirates Butts Up Challenge. Now there's a pay-per-view event with potential. But the Dodgers would have to call up Broxton for sure.
2006-04-12 19:39:26
320.   D4P
Dodgertalk on MLB Audio does not enable you to hear the caller. You can only hear the host.


Dodgertalk on enables you to hear both the caller and the host.

2006-04-12 19:41:35
321.   regfairfield
Fun fact: Only the callers on Dodger Talk have gotten me to actually yell at the radio.
2006-04-12 19:42:56
322.   D4P
The callers on Dodgertalk crack me up, especially after the Dodgers lose.
2006-04-12 19:45:22
323.   bhsportsguy
322 - well they can't be as an intelligent as those of us who live on DT... :)
2006-04-12 19:47:52
324.   fawnkyj
Sele will pitch tomorrow against Jered Weaver in Vegas.
2006-04-12 19:49:02
325.   fawnkyj
Depending on how Sele does tomorrow, i wouldn't mid seeing him join the big clubs bully as a swingman and send Brazoaban down.
2006-04-12 19:50:40
326.   das411
So did I miss tonight's South Park Thoughts already?

...and why were you guys talking about Pat Mahomes? He hasn't done anything since that one good year with the Mets in '99...

2006-04-12 19:54:24
327.   King of the Hobos
326 Because of his name's similarity to Paul Maholm's name. And nothing about South Park, it hasn't aired on the west coast yet
2006-04-12 19:55:29
328.   trainwreck
west coast no south park yet.
2006-04-12 20:02:23
329.   natepurcell
south park ETA is 1 hour 58 minutes.
2006-04-12 20:08:00
330.   trainwreck the time I had to sell pancakes to the school soccer captain.
2006-04-12 20:08:33
331.   King of the Hobos
Houlton hit a wall. 4 straight hits with one out, but just got Aybar to strike out. Still has to deal with Kendrick, who is 2-2 so far. Bees over 51's 2-0
2006-04-12 20:10:13
332.   King of the Hobos
And Kendrick flies out. Houlton is going to struggle if he can't induce groundballs, 3 GOs and 6 AOs so far, and has given up 8 hits in 4 innings
2006-04-12 20:10:19
333.   trainwreck
Kendrick should be in Anaheim already, he is that good.
2006-04-12 20:11:02
334.   bhsportsguy
325 - I go away for a minute and now we are calling for Aaron Sele. As I look at my little statue of Sandy Koufax on my desk, I repeat to myself, its only 9 games, its only 9 games.
2006-04-12 20:14:30
335.   King of the Hobos
If Gameday is to be trusted, Kendrick's fly out was pretty deep to center, maybe 410 feet. Center field is really deep in Vegas though, and the wall is really high, but a double would have scored 2 more runs
2006-04-12 20:15:03
336.   bhsportsguy
Any guess on the number of top 20 PCL prospects in this series:
Jered Weaver
Erick Aybar

Russell Martin
Kendry Morales

Good shot

Welcome any changes, additions, rebuttals

2006-04-12 20:15:22
337.   King of the Hobos
Guzman goes 1-2 before popping up. Still no walks
2006-04-12 20:17:08
338.   natepurcell
russ martin is a lock. laroche too once he gets called up.
2006-04-12 20:22:39
339.   King of the Hobos
Napoli, Young, and Saunders probably aren't top 20 in the PCl, but could easily be in the 21-30 range. These teams are stacked, if you combined their 25 best players, they probably would have a chance to have a better record than the Royals
2006-04-12 20:28:55
340.   sanchez101
Houlton had a nice 5th inning, maybe DJ can give Tomko a lesson on keeping your composure after giving up a couple runs.
2006-04-12 20:30:22
341.   sanchez101
Does anyone have a list of all the players drafted by Logan White, but not signed that went on to success in college? It seems like their are a couple White draft picks at the college level.
2006-04-12 20:30:57
342.   natepurcell
some other prospects that are top 20 locks

stephen drew
carlos quentin
chris young
felix pie
adam jones
jason hirsch
scott olson

i think quentin and olson might lose their prospect eligibility by the end of the year though.

2006-04-12 20:32:01
343.   natepurcell

well david price and joe savery are two high profile ones right now, both project to be top half first round picks next year.

2006-04-12 20:42:52
344.   sanchez101
343. Matt Antonelli was drafted in 2003, now he's a 3b at Wake Forest. There was buzz around him coming into the college season, havent heard anything since. Cory VanAllen is at Baylor, he was a third round pick in 2003. Kody Kaiser, from the 2004 draft, had a nice frosh seaon at Oklahoma.
2006-04-12 20:44:53
345.   sanchez101
... also mark melancon was drafted in 2003
2006-04-12 20:53:15
346.   natepurcell
Moseley is owning the 51s tonight.
2006-04-12 20:53:20
347.   King of the Hobos
Antonelli is batting .336/.460/.650 with 10 homers. 12/14 on SB attempts, 30/19 BB/K ratio. Seems like he's doing pretty good
2006-04-12 20:56:04
348.   das411
343 - David Price? THIS David Price??

2006-04-12 20:56:29
349.   natepurcell
wow, antonelli is actually developing power? thats really interesting. I have read that he is so athletic that he has the ability to switch to CF and still be solid defensively there.
2006-04-12 21:03:29
350.   King of the Hobos
Moseley is finally done, but the 51's are down 4 with 3 innings left. Looks like they are in danger of losing their first game
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2006-04-12 21:07:20
351.   King of the Hobos
Jason Bulger picked up where Moseley left off. Guzman swung and missed at 3 pitches (although took 2 balls in between the swings), and Young quickly struck out on 3 pitches
2006-04-12 21:11:28
352.   King of the Hobos
Delwyn just threw out a runner at 2nd for what I believe is his first OF assist of the year
2006-04-12 21:29:02
353.   sanchez101
Justin Simmons is the lefthander that tops out in the 80's with a good change, right?
2006-04-12 21:29:55
354.   underdog
I've decided I'm not going to post any thoughts on Dodger Thoughts during a D game - even in the first inning - until they win one again. It's my fault, I'm jinxing it. Sorry! I just hope they wake up tomorrow and then take things up a notch against the Giants.

Meanwhile, go 51s!

2006-04-12 21:32:33
355.   King of the Hobos
353 That sounds right.
2006-04-12 21:34:41
356.   King of the Hobos
Simmons struck out the side despite throwing 10 straight balls at one point
2006-04-12 22:06:59
357.   natepurcell
hahah, southpark goes to war with family guy!
2006-04-12 22:12:54
358.   trainwreck
This episode is so awesome. Evil Bart!
2006-04-12 22:14:58
359.   natepurcell
cowabunga [__________]!
2006-04-12 22:16:21
360.   natepurcell
hahahaha. manatees. hahahaha.
2006-04-12 22:19:04
361.   trainwreck
The family guy impressions are so funny!
2006-04-12 22:21:57
362.   trainwreck
That was the greatest fight since Oldboy.
2006-04-12 22:22:03
363.   natepurcell
i really hope family guy fights back with one of their own cartoon wars episode against south park
2006-04-12 22:43:22
364.   trainwreck
Simpsons will do some South Park joke but it will be in a year when everyone else forgot about it.
2006-04-12 22:53:10
365.   das411
357, 362 - Um...Nate and trainwreck, did you see part 1 last week?

I personally am looking forward to next week when they air that episode of T&P!

2006-04-12 22:54:49
366.   trainwreck
Of course
2006-04-12 22:57:39
367.   Eric L
This team is frustrating the heck out of me. That said, it is still only 9 games into the season. Hopefully this isn't really how they are going to play the rest of the season.

I do need to vent about Tomko though. Did Ned pay him based on his 2004 season? He wasn't very good last year (and of course, wasn't very good prior to 2004). What did Ned see in him?

2006-04-13 00:41:39
368.   LAT
Was in Vegas the last few days and went to my first 51s game last night. What a blast. It was more fun than a Dodger game. Lots of high school students who were a riot. Heckeling Salt Lake mercilessly. They were all over "Alice" McPherson even after he hit a 2 run jack. There were lots of chants of "Left, right, left, right. . ." after a K. Lots of scouts too.

A few obsevations:

For over a year I have been listening to Nate and others talk about Billingsly as though he was the second coming. I was sure they were over hyping. I was wrong. After my baptism I am a convert. He was really something to watch. Granted he made a few mistakes but the LV gun (which is probably fast) had him at 99 a couple of times. And his breaking ball was simply filthy. I would be shocked if he wasn't called up before the all-star break.

Poor Oscar: A very servicable infielder and twice worked the count full. But what do you do with him. He is ML ready. Would be a good ML utility infielder but there is no place to put him on the Dodgers.

Russel Martin: Why is Grady giving Alomar so much playing time. This guy is pretty close to ready. He certianly has a better pick-off arm/move than Navarro. He called a very nice game for Billingsly.

Chris Truby: not so good with the glove. But not fair to judge based on one game.

It was a great outing. Any Dodger fan worth a lick has to make time when in LV. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but like I said I'm a convert.

2006-04-13 01:03:11
369.   jeepseats
LAT - I went to my first 51's game last night, too! Aside from the HR to McPherson, Billingsley was very impressive with 8 K's in 5 innings. Martin was on base at least 4 times, but JtD needs to be a little more patient at the plate.
2006-04-13 01:14:02
370.   LAT
Jeep, agree about JtD, but he is one big boy. What was anyone thinking making him a SS. Where were you sitting? I was in section 10, row E. Were you near the HS kids. They cracked me up.
2006-04-13 01:34:20
371.   jeepseats
With a little more discipline JtD will be just fine.

I was in the 3rd row of section 9, so I wasn't far from those guys. They were definitely having fun..."Erica" Aybar!

Hey, Broxton was looking good, too, don't ya think?

2006-04-13 02:19:27
372.   LAT
Ashamed to admit I left right before he came in. Family wanted to see the fountains at the Ballagio.

My younger daughter started having fun with those guys telling them how mean they were to the visiting players. That only made them go after Salt Lake even harder. Good fun.

2006-04-13 02:19:52
373.   al bundy
Sorry I missed it but who is JtD?
2006-04-13 02:24:55
374.   al bundy
ABC News is asking a difficult question: "Why were 64 Girls Pregnant at One Ohio School?" I dunno, maybe there's something in the water.
2006-04-13 03:06:44
375.   al bundy
And 1 more thing...what's with Steve Henson? Is he trying to be funny or did he let the cliche lead for his story (Jim Tracy knows the Dodgers' traits and that's why Pitt won) drive an article that is purely delusional?

"Armed with inside information from coaches who switched sides during the off-season, the Pittsburgh Pirates belted four home runs for the second game in a row to trot past the Dodgers, 9-5, Wednesday night at PNC Park...Jim Lett and Jim Colborn, the bench coach and pitching coach, held the same positions with the Dodgers last year. They were responsible for using information from advance scout Kent Tekulve and forming a game plan that resulted in eight Pirate homers the last two games."

Someone ought to tell Henson that the Dodgers pitchers who gave hr's yesterday weren't part of last year's team. As for stolen bases, only one of 3 came against a pitcher who played under Tracy last year. And Alomar wasn't here last year either. Even more laughably, the pitchers on Tuesday (Seo and Carter) weren't here last year either.

Meanwhile, it appears that another Dodger pitcher isn't happy with Alomar's pitch calling. And Alomar has a few things to say about Tomko too. Sheesh. What about all that good team chemistry they acquired in the off season?

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