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Out of the Chem Lab, Out on a Limb
2006-04-13 07:35
by Jon Weisman

Nine games into the season, the Dodger pitching staff has struggled to get people out after about the second inning.

Expectations for the pitchers shouldn't have been too high going into 2006, but it's fair that they could have been higher than this. On a 12-man staff, only Brad Penny and Danys Baez have outpitched their histories.

The same logic that tells us the offense will not continue to lead the league in hits tells us that things will normalize among the pitchers. Certainly, though, there is reason to wonder how much better "normal" will be.

Look at Brett Tomko, for example. In all the local papers today, individual interviews with Sandy Alomar, Jr. and Tomko turned into a de facto debate about whether the two two-run home runs Tomko allowed in one inning Wednesday were because of pitch selection or pitch location. Not to be snide, but one wonders whether Tomko has been having these debates all his career. The guy gives up runs at a rate higher than the league average, and at his age, it's going to take a heck of a discussion to change that.

This Dodger team was marketed as one that would win more through better chemistry, character and veteran leadership. Nine games into the season, we're about to begin our first test of that theory. Is it about personality, or is it about talent? There are four possible answers to this quiz:

  • The chemistry is good and will help the team.
  • The chemistry is good but will have no effect.
  • The chemistry is actually bad and won't help the team.
  • The chemistry is bad, but the team will improve because the talent is there.

    It should be said that the Dodgers' 4-5 record isn't far below reasonable hopes for a team that begins the season with six of nine games on the road and six of nine games against National League East division title contenders. Anything above 5-4 would have been a pleasant surprise. As far as the goal of the Dodgers winning the NL West, I don't see any reason to panic. Thanks to the strength of their farm systems, the Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks are more likely than any other NL West team to improve as the season goes on.

    But I will take this moment to reiterate that for all the supposed personality strengths of the 2006 Dodgers, I don't see much difference from the 2005 Dodgers other than the absence of Milton Bradley. That 2005 team was made up of plenty of hale fellows well met who never got credit. The biggest chemistry difference with the 2006 Dodgers is that people were willing to hear, to believe, that there are good guys around. Oh, and that they go to dinner together. For now.

    Me, I'm not placing a whole lot of hope in chemistry and character getting the Dodgers out of a pitching slump or holding the hitting to such lofty levels. Instead, I think it comes down to what Grady Little said of Yhency Brazoban in the Press-Enterprise:

    "He has to do better."

    Can he? Can the Dodgers? Sure. But we'll have to see how much.

    (Update: Oh yeah - Spring Training stats don't matter.)

    * * *

    Today's 9:35 a.m. game

  • J.D. Drew is out of the starting lineup, against a lefty in a day game following a night game.

  • I am sickened - sickened - that they have banned the fumblerooski. How dare they!

    Next thing you know, they'll be banning Butts Up or Socco in grade schools...

    * * *

    Update 2: Jeff Ianucci of My Name Is IRL passes along a report by Damian Dottore in the Register that the Dodgers may host an Indy Racing League street race in the area surrounding Dodger Stadium as early as next year:

    Dodgers senior vice president of communications Camille Johnston confirmed Monday that IRL officials are proposing a race that would use the parking lot and access roads on the streets in Elysian Park.

    IRL vice president of public relations John Griffin said the race likely would be held in March, with a 2007 event being a remote possibility.

    "The Los Angeles market is very important to the Indy Racing League," Griffin said. "We are exploring several opportunities for us to return."

    The IRL raced for four years at California Speedway in Fontana, but the track was left off the 2006 schedule. Speedway officials wanted to hold the race the week after the Indy 500. The IRL, however, thought it would be too much of a logistical nightmare to travel across the country in such a short amount of time.

    Update 3: Uh, who had Cody Ross with seven RBI in the pool today?

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    2006-04-13 07:42:07
    1.   Bob Timmermann
    The head of the outfield chemistry department, Kenny Lofton, won't be back on Friday as predicted.

    So, when will it be?

    Despite the photos people linked, I still deny the existence of Kenny Lofton on the Dodgers. I'm trying for a "doubting Thomas" attitude.

    Keeping with the season and all that.

    2006-04-13 07:42:53
    2.   Howard Fox
    #5, the chemistry will come unglued, but chemistry or not, the team will still be ok

    and Yhency, this is what he is...he did well for a short while until every other team else saw him a couple of times

    2006-04-13 07:44:02
    3.   Howard Fox
    one more thought, if they let Loney settle in as a regular, Garciaparra may never play, a la Wally Pipp....
    2006-04-13 08:18:52
    4.   Jon Weisman
    Hey Howard! Good to see you. Congrats on your No. 2 finish in the hoops challenge.

    I don't think your #5 is much different than my #4. Same spirit, anyway.

    2006-04-13 08:58:56
    5.   Steve
    When Steve Henson sucks his thumb, he doesn't hold anything back. Wow. I hope he had a nice nap.
    2006-04-13 08:59:32
    6.   Sam DC
    JD sits (day-game-after-a-night-game, I assume, but wasn't he just off Monday?).
    2006-04-13 09:01:58
    7.   Jon Weisman
    6 - Noticed that too. Guess he's platooning with Cody Ross.
    2006-04-13 09:06:32
    8.   Marty
    I think Grady has previously said he planned on resting Drew regularly, ostensibly to save his knees. Not that I agree with it, but I think that is the explanation.
    2006-04-13 09:09:46
    9.   King of the Hobos
    Craig Burley did a study at THT regarding speed and was trying to find out if Molina was truly the slowest player in the league. His conclusion was that Molina is not the slowest, guess who won that honor:

    2006-04-13 09:12:30
    10.   tjshere
    What's the deal with TV coverage for todays game? The Dodger website claims Prime Ticket is carrying it live at 9:30 but my local paper says it's same-day delayed and will air this afternoon.
    2006-04-13 09:15:19
    11.   Bob Timmermann
    The game should be shown live and then replayed later in the day. I don't think the Dodgers ever show a game on tape delay.

    Dodgers Lakers

    2006-04-13 09:15:28
    12.   Howard Fox
    4 the best part of the hoops challenge is that I had two teams in Vegas to win it all...UCLA and Florida...put those down last January...
    2006-04-13 09:17:33
    13.   StevieK
    Did you forget to proof read your post Jon?
    2006-04-13 09:17:47
    14.   the count
    Grady had a nice quote in the Daily News. Speaking of the bullpen he said, "But I do know we have a ballclub that isn't hitting on all cylinders, and that's a cylinder we're not hitting on."

    Made me scratch my head anyway.

    Not sure about the rules you have on the site, so here is a link.

    2006-04-13 09:19:34
    15.   Bob Timmermann
    How about Dodgers != Lakers
    2006-04-13 09:21:12
    16.   Jon Weisman
    13 - No, but what'd I miss?
    2006-04-13 09:21:50
    17.   RMAPasad
    I think some of the early season pitching woes can be laid squarely at the doorsteps of Honeycutt (who is unfamiliar with NL hitters having spent last 4 yrs as minor league pitching coordinator) and Alomar who spent last 15 years in the American League (except for a brief 3 mo stint in Colo in 2001).

    After reading yesterday's interviews, am having very negative thoughts about Alomar, who could be a real minus to this pitching staff. First of all, with his veteran-ness he controls pitchers into throwing the game he calls v. shaking him off, as Tomko said he wanted to do yesterday. A real problem when Alomar doesn't know the hitters Second, Alomar is now terrible at controlling the running game. Third, is his attitude as was revealed in the interviews yesterday.

    "On the pitch to Jack Wilson, he was supposed to go up and in but left the ball
    middle-in," said Alomar. "On 0-2, you shouldn't give up a home run. We threw
    too many strikes in those situations. He left one breaking ball up for a home
    run. You have to keep them low in the zone. He just missed a few locations,
    that's the bottom line."
    Up and in on 0-2 ? How about low and away, especially with a free swinger like Jack Wilson ? How easy is it for a tiring pitcher to be a little off on an up and in pitch and leave it out over the plate ? But worse still, rather than be magnanimous and share blame, Sandy is only interested in covering his own rear-end by publicly roasting his pitcher. He went on to do with other pitchers too.
    " Alomar said Brazoban's velocity wasn't up to his normal speed, a continuation of his inconsistency since developing arm soreness in the spring. The stolen base on Kuo, Alomar believed, might have been the result of Tracy's inside information from last year. 'I guess they picked something up on him,' he said."
    Yeah, they picked up on something alright. It's the fact that his arm is a wet noodle. Funny how he focuses the one guy who didn't look at the baserunner and blames it on Tracy's inside info about the pitcher and blithely ignores the fact that two other runners stole bases too. Or that he hasn't caught a single baserunner stealing since 2004.
    This kind of petty backbiting is absolutely inconsistent with a supposed veteran leader who is trying to mold a pitching staff. In fact, I have no idea what on earth convinced Colletti that this guy was such a great leader/game caller. He joined the White Sox and their pitching staff in 2001, and there ERA + went from 110 to 101 in 2001. In the succeeding three yrs. he's with them it averages 103. He leaves them in 2005, and the staff ERA + goes to 123. He then joins Texas in 2005, whose ERA+ was 111 in 2004, which then stumbles to 90 in 2005.
    Yes, it's a small sample but Dodger pitchers so far this year have a 7.71 ERA with Alomar catching -4.12 with Navarro.
    While I'm not prepared to say Alomar himself is the reason for making pitching staffs worse (there's a case he's a contributing factor to worsening pitching staffs though),
    the evidence is absolutely crystal clear that he doesn't make them better.

    2006-04-13 09:23:03
    18.   Bob Timmermann
    I hated the fumblerooski. It's not a football play. It's a joke.

    And I would wager to say I've seen it performed many more times than Jon has.

    2006-04-13 09:25:36
    19.   Daniel Zappala
    16 "has been having this debates"
    2006-04-13 09:25:59
    20.   oldbear
    This Dodger team was marketed...

    The McCourts seem to be more interested in a friendlier team, than a winning one. Therefore, they must believe that popularity will generate more revenue than substance.

    They might be right.

    Look at the Cubs.

    Honestly, I've tried to justify from a baseball perspective why the McCourts have operated the way they have. I cant justify it.

    However, from a business standpoint, I completely understand. Frank McCourt wants a team that the media wont rag on, a GM that the media wont rag on, and players that wont generate negative publicity from the media. Winning is irrelevant. Talent is irrelevant.

    The McCourts arent in baseball to compete. They are in baseball to make money. Big difference.

    I'm fairly certain the best sports organizations are owned by people whom actually make their revenue apart from the sport they are participating in. Ex. Bob Kraft, Mark Cuban, Jerry Buss etc...

    The Dodgers need an owner that doesnt actually depend on the team in order for themselves to be better off. Because if they do depend on the team, they are going to do what any good businessman does....Minimize risk ("Lets ax Bradley, the unpopular GM,lets bring in "name" vets)...which in turns minimizes rewards.

    If attendance/revenue were correlated with winning %, there wouldnt be this problem. But unfortunately in LA, it isnt. Anything will draw. Anyone can make money. Its a shame.

    It makes me an apathetic fan. Sort of like how Cubs fans feel.

    2006-04-13 09:27:02
    21.   Jon Weisman
    Ooh ... a heated disagreement with Bob!

    How is the fumblerooski not a football play, given that it is a play in a football game? How is it different from any kind of fake?

    Would you ban the hidden ball trick in baseball?

    2006-04-13 09:27:29
    22.   Daniel Zappala
    1 Bob, please don't tell me you'll need to actually feel the nail marks in his hands? Or maybe in this case, you need to sit in the right field pavilion and watch Lofton play center in person?
    2006-04-13 09:29:44
    23.   Eric L
    17 Tomko was getting hammered because his fastball was riding a bit high yesterday. He was serving up fastballs middle-in and a bit up.

    Besides, Tomko is a big boy. It isn't like he is some fresh faced rookie (ala DJ Houlton last year). If he doesn't like the pitches Alomar is calling, he can shake them off. He knows his game better than his catcher.

    I believe that Earl Weaver said in his book that his pitchers (not catchers) better be in control of their own games.

    2006-04-13 09:30:06
    24.   Bob Timmermann
    Football has pretty much banned every other gimmick play that is out of the ordinary, such as the "sleeper" play (having a player standing just in bounds as an eligible receiver so the defense wouldn't notice). Getting rid of the fumblerooski is like that.

    If you want be deceptive, try a play action pass or a fake punt.

    Comparing football and baseball rules is a classic case of comparing apples to zucchinis.

    2006-04-13 09:30:47
    25.   oldbear
    The stolen base on Kuo, Alomar believed, might have been the result of Tracy's inside information from last year. 'I guess they picked something up on him,' he said."

    At least Alomar is speaking like a coach...Hopefully he transitions completely.

    2006-04-13 09:31:38
    26.   Bob Timmermann
    I, Bob (the name does not mean twin), needs more evidence!

    I think Lofton might need a rehab assignment in Emmaus.

    2006-04-13 09:32:29
    27.   Bob Timmermann
    I, Bob, should use better subject/verb agreement.
    2006-04-13 09:33:13
    28.   Jon Weisman
    24 - I'm still not clear why those bans are good things.
    2006-04-13 09:34:50
    29.   Bob Timmermann
    The Giants are scheduled for a day-night doubleheader today in San Francisco, but there is still a chance for rain and the field is in bad shape. One game is scheduled to be made up on May 8. That may end up being a doubleheader too.

    I was surprised to learn from the SF Chronice that the Giants have not had two consecutive home games in the regular season rained out since 1961.

    2006-04-13 09:35:51
    30.   oldbear
    It appears Loney will not get the chance to face left handed pitching. If ever a day to let him get in work, it would be today.

    Day game after a nite game. Saenz playing both..? 3 in 4 days.

    2006-04-13 09:37:32
    31.   drewjensen
    17 was really insightful. Add me to the list of people not so happy with Alomar not acting very "veteran-like" in not taking any responsibility for his end of the battery.

    Also, though, I found it so (so, so, so) frustrating listening to Tomko giving up the first bomb in the 5th yesterday - then the pirates announcers talking about how the dodgers were frantically trying to call down the the bullpen to get someone up, but there's mechanical difficulties so they can't communicate with the bullpen, and next thing you know, HR number 2 and tie game. I don't think they could have got someone warmed up that quickly, regardless, but it became so apparent so quickly that Tomko just had nothing in the 5th - even the outs were hit hard.

    Which brings me to the most frustrating part for me - it was all well and good watching Tomko get bombed when he was with the Giants (I live in the Bay area). I frankly sort of relished them trotting him out so I could watch him go through his high wire acts. However, it's really difficult watching that same guy now do it for my Dodgers. So, I guess I'm on the "not loving Tomko" list, too.

    Wow, kind of long post for first one. I'll try to temper it.

    2006-04-13 09:37:41
    32.   oldbear
    Lowe is on 3 days rest also. Wonder how he'll adjust?
    2006-04-13 09:37:43
    33.   Bob Timmermann
    The bans are in place, in part, because they are very hard for the officials to monitor also. Usually if you were going to run a fumblerooski, a coach had to tell the referee before the game that they were going to do so.

    Football players also can't wear uniforms with pictures of footballs on them. Those are considered potentially deceptive.

    It's a philospophical thing with football. They want teams to win by either running completely around one team or running over them.

    2006-04-13 09:41:33
    34.   Jon Weisman
    If they had to tell the refs before the play, it seems like the easiest thing in the world to monitor.

    I'm not buying this. As Karl said to Homer's tailor, it's not Homer's job to hold in his stomach. It's up to the tailor to make Homer look good.

    Some deception is clearly permitted in football. The fumblerooski is nothing more than a misdirection play.

    2006-04-13 09:42:17
    35.   Jon Weisman
    Wow - Repko with another example of newly found plate discipline.
    2006-04-13 09:42:40
    36.   Steve
    2006-04-13 09:43:02
    37.   oldbear
    That was scrappy.
    2006-04-13 09:43:13
    38.   Bob Timmermann
    As one assistant coach said on the sideline after someone ran a fumblerooski against them,

    "That ain't football. That's $&! )&^%! schoolyard %(#)!###!"

    2006-04-13 09:43:17
    39.   subclub
    20 If you believe Baseball Between the Numbers, a few playoff appearances will earn you a lot more money than having a likeable team.

    The Dodgers might still have good attendance during losing seasons (hypothetical side question: would we still be setting attendance records after several consecutive losing season?), but a lot of things like tv rights and licensed apparel have a very strong correlation to winning percentage (and playoff appearances), and that's definitely a huge part of how teams make money.

    2006-04-13 09:43:19
    40.   Kayaker7
    32 He'll shift to the right side of the rubber this time.
    2006-04-13 09:44:01
    41.   Jon Weisman
    38 - Again, not an argument against the play.
    2006-04-13 09:44:10
    42.   subclub
    I meant "losing seasons"
    2006-04-13 09:44:40
    43.   Bob Timmermann
    It may not be an argument against the play, but I think it explains why the rulemakers got rid of it.
    2006-04-13 09:45:18
    44.   subclub
    Top 1ST B:2 S:2 O:2
    With Jose CruzJr. batting, Jason Repko picked off and caught stealing 2nd base, pitcher Oliver Perez to first baseman Craig Wilson to shortstop Jack Wilson.

    Just how ugly was this?

    2006-04-13 09:45:28
    45.   Curtis Lowe
    At least theres no 1st inning lead to lose.
    2006-04-13 09:45:44
    46.   Daniel Zappala
    One of my biggest plays as a kid was acting the sleeper on the sleeper play. If only the quarterback had a stronger arm, I could have had an easy touchdown.
    2006-04-13 09:46:11
    47.   Eric L
    41 I don't care about the argument either way, but if you can't hand it off directly to a lineman or pass it to them, why should a play be allowed that is essentially "handing" it off to a lineman?

    Sure, you run all kinds of risks by putting the ball on the ground, but the intent of the play is the same as handing it off to an ineligible player.

    2006-04-13 09:46:13
    48.   Bob Timmermann
    I didn't see it, but I can't imagine that it was much different than any other play where a runner gets picked off and breaks for second.
    2006-04-13 09:47:09
    49.   oldbear
    but a lot of things like tv rights and licensed apparel have a very strong correlation to winning percentage (and playoff appearances

    Thats true. Expect the McCourts to start caring about winning when the next local TV rights come up for bid. IIRC, Fox still owns those rights and wont be giving them up for at least 10 more years though.

    2006-04-13 09:50:31
    50.   Bob Timmermann
    Eric had a very good point there.

    Also, if you want to draw a comparison to the hidden ball trick in baseball, even that play has limitations. It can't be done if the pitcher is standing on the mound. If so, it's a balk.

    Baseball players used to get away with all sorts of stuff in the 19th century and early 20th century. Eventually, it was decided to crack down on nearly all of it.

    Except PEDs.

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2006-04-13 09:53:15
    51.   oldbear
    Thats the way you pitch Burnitz. Dont throw him a strike.
    2006-04-13 09:54:03
    52.   Jon Weisman
    47 - I don't know. My intent is to gain yardage. My means are (or were) legal. I don't see the problem.

    Your approach is sort of like saying that the intent of a double-reverse flea-flicker is to have as many players touch the ball as possible. That's not the case. It's a means to an end.

    The goal of the fumblerooski isn't to give an ineligible player the ball. The goal of the play is to use an eligible player to advance the ball.

    2006-04-13 09:54:06
    53.   Curtis Lowe
    Furcals D has been looking pretty shakey the last few games. I was under the impression that
    he was supposed to be a defensive upgrade over Izzy?
    2006-04-13 09:54:55
    54.   jystakes
    What is the over/under on number of world series titles the Dodgers will win in the average life span of a 29 year old male? Im thinking 2. I need to know how upset to get about losing games this year.
    2006-04-13 09:56:26
    55.   Sam DC
    29 Now, Bob, if you'd read comment 152 of the Gagne injury thread you wouldn't have been surprised.
    2006-04-13 09:56:54
    56.   Bob Timmermann
    By the time I was 29, the Dodgers had won 2 World Series (1981 and 1988). If I had been born three months earlier, it would have been 3 (I would have picked up 1965).

    The Dodgers World Series championships are not distributed evenly throughout time.

    Marty would tell you that the number should be higher.

    2006-04-13 09:56:56
    57.   Jon Weisman
    50 - The fumblerooski has limitations too. No argument there. You have to be positioned in certain places when the ball is snapped.
    2006-04-13 09:58:40
    58.   Bob Timmermann
    The Giants did have several rainouts during the 1962 World Series. And then there was the earthquake postponement during 1989.

    And then there was Game 6 of the 2002 World Series.

    It's clear. God does not want the Giants to win the World Series.

    2006-04-13 09:59:18
    59.   Gen3Blue
    9 Amazing--Jason Phillips again gets the honors--I remember almost affectionately watching him chug first to second in an incredably long time. Did you notice in that article he was listed as a Met in 2005?

    Also, did you notice the opening sentence had a typo. I think this pitching is upsetting us all. I think I noticed a few typos in Jons offering and our mentor is usually about the smoothest writer around.

    2006-04-13 10:02:13
    60.   Jon Weisman
    Okay, feel free to point out the typos and I'll correct them.
    2006-04-13 10:03:25
    61.   Bob Timmermann
    I believe the NFL classifies a fumblerooski as a "palpably unfair act" and dings the offense 15 yards. The NCAA just rings up 5 yards and a loss of down.
    2006-04-13 10:03:49
    62.   oldbear
    According to Gameday, Cody Ross is 5'9. Would that make him the shortest RF'er in the NL?
    2006-04-13 10:06:04
    63.   Kayaker7
    59 LOL. I remember seeing Phillips get doubled up on soft grounders, and he'd only be 2/3 of the way to first base. At least Molina has 2 triples in his career. Phillips has none. I remember once Phillips hit a ball to the wall and only got a single.
    2006-04-13 10:08:22
    64.   Bob Timmermann
    Molina hit both of his triples in 2000. One in Cleveland and one in Detroit. The one in Detroit was a long drive that went to the deepest part of Comerica Park. A faster player would have gotten a home run on it.
    2006-04-13 10:10:18
    65.   Gen3Blue
    No correction needed. Its just obviously something you didn't see. The last few clauses of the last sentence in the Paragraph that starts "Look at Brett Tomko".
    If you read my posts you know I'm no typist and not much for spelling or grammar.
    2006-04-13 10:12:02
    66.   al bundy
    From today's SF Examiner about Milton Bradley makes the point that the umps are continuing to make life difficult for him even though he's got a new uni and league.

    "Bradley also isn't getting a lot of calls lately. One scout who saw the A's series at Seattle believes that Bradley has been getting squeezed and another said that umpires seem to be out to get the outfielder because of his temperamental reputation. Bradley struck out seven times this year, and the last six have been looking. Like Thomas, though, Bradley has not complained, though he did fire his bat in frustration after one strikeout."

    2006-04-13 10:12:30
    67.   bhsportsguy
    56-Bob, not to question your math (okay I am questioning your math) or maybe it was some sort of freudian slip but if you were 29 in 1988, you should have not only picked up 1965 but also 1963 and maybe 1959.

    Just wondering if you meant you had to actually be following the team as opposed to just being born.

    Best times to be a Dodger fan in my lifetime - 1977-1988, 2 WC, 4 pennants, 6 divisions, 1 division playoff and 1 division lost on last day.
    Best time to be a Laker fan - 1979-1991 (also the Magic "Showtime era") 5 WC, 9 Finals appearances, 12 out of 12 playoff appearances.

    2006-04-13 10:14:53
    68.   Gen3Blue
    Wow! Its hard to imagine a park where Molina could triple.
    2006-04-13 10:15:04
    69.   thinkblue0
    does anyone think Brazoban has any sort of trade value left? I would have to say no...but we all know how much teams love the guys who throw gas. We should just try to get whatever we can for the my view, losing him is addition by subtraction....
    2006-04-13 10:15:32
    70.   oldbear
    00-04 wasnt a bad time to be a Laker fan either.
    2006-04-13 10:15:33
    71.   al bundy
    3 typos provided per your request, Jon:
    "it's fair that they could have been were higher than this" and
    "one wonders whether Tomko has been having this debates all his career" and
    "There are four answers on this quiz"
    2006-04-13 10:18:23
    72.   Jon Weisman
    Yep, pretty sloppy. Thanks, guys.
    2006-04-13 10:22:48
    73.   bhsportsguy
    Late comments on the fumblerooski, my favorite strange play was the "holy roller" and especially the old NFL film clip where the late Bill King tells John Madden to go back to the sideline, priceless
    2006-04-13 10:23:55
    74.   bhsportsguy
    Oh no, Saenz is up with the bases loaded, wonder if Colby is telling Perez don't worry, he'll hit into a double play.
    2006-04-13 10:23:55
    75.   oldbear
    Last year Saenz was like 0-15 with the bases loaded or something. Maybe this year his luck will change.
    2006-04-13 10:23:58
    76.   oldbear
    Last year Saenz was like 0-15 with the bases loaded or something. Maybe this year his luck will change.
    2006-04-13 10:24:03
    77.   Bob Timmermann
    I was using the same math that I used in calculating when Jon's grandmother was born.
    2006-04-13 10:24:38
    78.   Gen3Blue
    Please--no grounder
    2006-04-13 10:24:44
    79.   bhsportsguy
    75-gee are we in some sort of vulcan mind meld or what
    2006-04-13 10:25:25
    80.   Bob Timmermann
    According to's splits, Saenz was 3 for 16 with the bases loaded in 2005.
    2006-04-13 10:25:36
    81.   bhsportsguy
    77-sorry i missed that one. LOL
    2006-04-13 10:26:29
    82.   bhsportsguy
    Well what do you know, sometimes the coin does come up heads once in a while
    2006-04-13 10:26:52
    83.   Bob Timmermann
    I made Jon's grandmother 106 on her birthday. I was off by a power of 10.
    2006-04-13 10:27:05
    84.   jystakes
    Nice for Killer Tomato. Redeemed himself for swinging at 2-0 pitch with bases loaded and a wild Perez out there.
    2006-04-13 10:27:14
    85.   tjshere
    I forgot to mention that while driving home on Monday, listening to the game on KFWB, I heard Rick Monday utter the classic line, "Got him swingin', called strike 3!"

    I think each game we should submit nominees for that day's "Monday Moment."

    2006-04-13 10:27:49
    86.   Bob Timmermann
    Coming into the game, Saenz was 9 for 50 in his career with the bases drunk with 1 grand slam.
    2006-04-13 10:28:22
    87.   sanchez101
    Kent's been making a lot of mental mistakes this season. He's starting to remind me of Brett Favre, an old guy who retains his physical talents but starts loosing his decision making abilities.
    2006-04-13 10:28:27
    88.   jystakes
    Thome again!
    2006-04-13 10:28:41
    89.   Kayaker7
    64 I recall that Molina also had a triple during the playoffs. What it 2001?
    2006-04-13 10:30:02
    90.   oldbear
    Perez has thrown 65 pitches in 3 innings.
    2006-04-13 10:31:10
    91.   Bob Timmermann
    2002 against the Twins.
    2006-04-13 10:32:06
    92.   bhsportsguy
    85-Are there different categories when he is doing play-by-play vs. when is the "analyst".

    Punctuation question, once and for all, where do you put puncuation marks when you are using quotation marks?

    2006-04-13 10:32:54
    93.   Curtis Lowe
    Defense anyone?
    2006-04-13 10:33:56
    94.   Bob Timmermann
    The way you did it was wrong in my style guide.
    2006-04-13 10:34:16
    95.   Gen3Blue
    Way it should be
    2006-04-13 10:34:21
    96.   bhsportsguy
    Looking at the early results, are the Hernandez brothers done this year, if not, who will go out first El Duque or Livan (did he ever have a nickname)?
    2006-04-13 10:35:09
    97.   Curtis Lowe
    Ask and thou shlat recieve..
    2006-04-13 10:35:15
    98.   bhsportsguy
    94 - thanks, that what I thought.
    2006-04-13 10:35:28
    99.   Gen3Blue
    in respect to dp, not grammar.
    2006-04-13 10:36:36
    100.   Marty
    1959-1966 was not a bad time for the Dodgers either. The Lakers in the 60s were also a great team to follow. Unfortunately, the Celtics were too. I hate them to this day.
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2006-04-13 10:37:39
    101.   Curtis Lowe
    99- oops.
    2006-04-13 10:38:44
    102.   Marty
    I'm souring on Reuss very quickly. He brings no information worth hearing in the last few broadcasts I've had the "pleasure" of hearing. Teaming him with Monday is bordering on sadism.
    2006-04-13 10:39:18
    103.   Gen3Blue
    looked close to a balk to me
    2006-04-13 10:41:02
    104.   capdodger
    That was a weak groundout. Way to go scrappy.
    2006-04-13 10:41:54
    105.   oldbear
    Furcal has yet to attempt a stolen base this year. Is that accurate?
    2006-04-13 10:44:09
    106.   oldbear
    Ooops he has two.
    2006-04-13 10:44:29
    107.   Buffalo Jones
    105 - I seem to remember at least one. The catcher made an error and he advanced to third.
    2006-04-13 10:46:19
    108.   bhsportsguy
    102 - I wonder if he is trying to figure out what kind of personality to adapt for radio. He could go the Hudler/Ron Santo route (which would be unusual for the Dodgers) or he could try to play it straight, personally as I recall he was quite the smart ass (in a good way) as a player and I think that would be a nice change, someone who doesn't take it too seriously.
    2006-04-13 10:47:15
    109.   Daniel Zappala
    According to the Wikipedia manual of style:

    Arthur said the situation was "deplorable". (The full stop [period] is not part of the quotation.)
    Arthur said, "The situation is deplorable." (The full sentence is quoted; the period is part of the quotation.)
    Arthur said that the situation "was the most deplorable he had seen in years." (Although the full sentence is not quoted, the sense of finality conveyed by the period is part of the quotation.)
    Martha asked, "Are you coming?" (Inside when quoting a question.)
    Did Martha say, "Come with me"? (Outside when there is a non-interrogative quotation at the end of a question.)

    2006-04-13 10:48:22
    110.   Sam DC
    So, after last night's loss to the Mets, Nationals' notional good guy Jose Vidro ferociously sounded off about the fences at RFK being too far out (despite hitting a homer himself in the game). Very sharp quotes, taking direct aim at team management.

    Today, the Mets have responded by hitting 4 HRs in the first three innings. Ouch.

    Long long year coming for the Nationals if Livan and John Patterson can't seriously sharpen up. (if you're tinyurl impaired, this is just the nationals game story at

    2006-04-13 10:51:09
    111.   Jon Weisman
    109 - Definitely disagree with this one:

    Arthur said the situation was "deplorable". (The full stop [period] is not part of the quotation.)

    2006-04-13 10:51:35
    112.   Jon Weisman
    Sam, have you become a Nationals fan or just a bemused observer?
    2006-04-13 10:51:39
    113.   Bob Timmermann

    I weep not for the Nats. I laugh. I look at the team and realize that schadenfreude is a German concept best served with schnitzel.

    2006-04-13 10:52:34
    114.   Steve
    Really, I can only be accused of loving Derek Lowe too much.
    2006-04-13 10:53:09
    115.   Bob Timmermann
    So Steve is really Carolyn Hughes?
    2006-04-13 10:54:24
    116.   Curtis Lowe
    2006-04-13 10:55:04
    117.   Curtis Lowe
    2006-04-13 10:55:46
    118.   Bob Timmermann
    For Gameday watchers, that second run was somewhat stealthy.
    2006-04-13 10:55:52
    119.   oldbear
    Which was worse?

    Lowe's WP with the pitcher up...
    Jim Tracy letting the pitcher hit with the bases loaded...

    Tracy is such a moron.

    2006-04-13 10:55:54
    120.   Curtis Lowe
    Both of those runs were directly related to poor defense.
    2006-04-13 10:55:59
    121.   Steve
    What a star. And he's tall. Cesar Romero was tall.
    2006-04-13 10:58:18
    122.   Daniel Zappala
    In the original quotation that was questioned (92), the format was correct. bhsportsguy was using "scare quotes", and the punctuation goes outside the quotation in this case.
    2006-04-13 10:58:34
    123.   tjshere
    Also during Mondays broadcast, Rick said something to the effect of Baez having pretty good arm extension. I laughed and thought of Nate.
    2006-04-13 11:02:19
    124.   Sam DC
    112 I'm in a transitional state, I'd say, like a fish with legs. I definitely like certain players (Nick Johnson, Brian Schneider). And I want them to win because it really generates a good vibe in the city and esp. my neighborhood close to the stadium. But Bowden and Robinson are bleh, and the organization's inability to show any respect for its Expo past is really unlikeable. So I meander along, interested and trying to be informed, but wearing no gear or colors and not using "we" in referring to the team as I do sometimes re the Dodgers. Expect I'll continue to grow attached, although if the team is sold to the jew-counting, dog-barbecuer, that'll certainly be offputting.

    Of course, my kid is most definitely a big Nationals fan, so that brings me along quite a bit.

    2006-04-13 11:02:42
    125.   jdjd77
    Over/under on the number of times Steve Lyons will refer to Rafael Furcal as "Raffy" in any given game: 22.
    2006-04-13 11:05:30
    126.   oldbear

    I think he did this exact same thing in Oliver Perez first start. He let Perez hit with the bases loaded, then pulled him the next inning.

    2006-04-13 11:05:57
    127.   Curtis Lowe
    Life Changing Moment Warning!
    2006-04-13 11:06:37
    128.   Gen3Blue
    Bases juiced with slow runners.
    2006-04-13 11:06:45
    129.   fawnkyj
    OH yeah! Ross!
    2006-04-13 11:06:55
    130.   capdodger
    Break up Cody Ross!!
    2006-04-13 11:07:06
    131.   Gen3Blue
    Bases juiced with slow runners.

    Cody Ross yes!

    2006-04-13 11:07:15
    132.   Bunting is for losers
    My favorite 'Monday Moment' from last night's game was when he said, "That gets a positive reaction from the crowd, which isn't a lot, because there is barely anyone here."
    2006-04-13 11:07:26
    133.   Curtis Lowe
    2006-04-13 11:07:36
    134.   oldbear
    Jim Tracy... gotta love it.

    Congratulations Cody Ross.

    2006-04-13 11:07:40
    135.   sanchez101
    Depodesta's revenge! Take that Jim Tracy!
    2006-04-13 11:07:40
    136.   underdog
    Okay, the Dodgers need to officially keep Cody Ross now.
    2006-04-13 11:07:43
    137.   Curtis Lowe
    IN your Face Repko!
    2006-04-13 11:07:47
    138.   Steve
    The Dodgers take advantage of their inside information that Jim Tracy is an idiot.
    2006-04-13 11:07:53
    139.   Jon Weisman
    Sing it with me now:

    How do you solve a problem like Cody Ross?

    2006-04-13 11:08:31
    140.   Gen3Blue
    Cody Ross for Matt Cain!
    2006-04-13 11:08:34
    141.   Bunting is for losers
    So why are we going to let Ross go (most likely)? Oh yeah, so we can have Lofton fire everyone up. Makes sense...
    2006-04-13 11:09:03
    142.   Sam DC
    Hey great -- we cleared the pitcher's spot!
    2006-04-13 11:09:12
    143.   underdog
    My favorite Rick Monday moment so far today is his repeated use of "shin hamburger" for a shin bruise, and the fact that he had to finish that story before telling his listeners the results of the last pitch.

    Okay, Lowe, don't blow it.

    2006-04-13 11:09:14
    144.   sanchez101
    So are the Dodgers still going to drop him? I can just see Choi and Ross batting 5-6 in the Red Sox lineup this Sept.
    2006-04-13 11:09:20
    145.   fawnkyj
    Drop Brazo to AAA and keep Ross.
    2006-04-13 11:09:37
    146.   Daniel Zappala
    Based on playing patterns, you would think they'd release Ledee instead.
    2006-04-13 11:10:04
    147.   natepurcell
    brazoban is hurt i think. they need to take a look at his arm.
    2006-04-13 11:10:11
    148.   oldbear
    You let your struggling pitcher hit with the bases loaded in the previous inning, and since you're tied to that decision, you let him crash and burn in the decisive next inning.

    That might be the worst managing I've seen since like, eh the last time Jim Tracy managed the Dodgers.

    2006-04-13 11:11:00
    149.   natepurcell
    jae seo has swagger.
    2006-04-13 11:11:01
    150.   underdog
    Well if they do get rid of Ross, it'll be easier to get something for him at least. But maybe they could get rid of one of their pitchers instead - keep one less, since a few of them aren't doing anything anyway.

    Oooh, Perez is losing his temper. That's always a treat.

    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2006-04-13 11:11:19
    151.   capdodger
    Secret weapon Seo gets into Perez's head.
    2006-04-13 11:11:46
    152.   Curtis Lowe
    126- you called it.
    2006-04-13 11:12:00
    153.   Jon Weisman
    Ross officially has trade value where none existed a month ago. Repko has more trade value than he had a month ago. The question is, what do we do with it.

    I fear a trade for a middling middle reliever.

    2006-04-13 11:12:25
    154.   Steve
    139 -- Don't we have 17 pitchers on the roster? Or we could just DFA Lofton.
    2006-04-13 11:12:28
    155.   underdog
    148 You mean the pitcher who just walked and forced the opp. pitcher out of the game?
    2006-04-13 11:12:36
    156.   blue22
    141 - To be fair, we have a surplus of righty-swinging outfielders...Repko, Werth, Cruz (favors the right side), Guzman in AAA, Nomar (???).

    The best thing for everyone is for Ross to build up some trade value during his second life in Blue.

    2006-04-13 11:14:00
    157.   Curtis Lowe
    Seo yelling at Perez in Spanish,


    2006-04-13 11:14:04
    158.   oldbear
    153. Are you sure someon would claim Repko or Cody Ross if they passed them through waivers?

    This early in the season, are teams really in need of 4th/5th OF'ers?

    2006-04-13 11:15:10
    159.   Jon Weisman
    158 - Absolutely. A claim would be made even if the player were then sent to the minors.
    2006-04-13 11:16:05
    160.   Kayaker7
    What did Seo do?
    2006-04-13 11:16:25
    161.   Jon Weisman
    154 - I would certainly go to 11 pitchers, regardless of how Ross and Repko would level off, regardless of whether Ross is to remain a Dodger.
    2006-04-13 11:18:06
    162.   Curtis Lowe
    160- I believe he told Perez to sit down.
    2006-04-13 11:19:19
    163.   Steve
    I'd rather have a surplus of Repko/Ross/whatever than a "surplus" of rag-armed middle relievers.
    2006-04-13 11:20:23
    164.   blue22
    163 - How soon until we swap Brazo for Broxton?
    2006-04-13 11:21:00
    165.   Kayaker7
    162 I didn't see that on Gameday. It would have been cool to see Seo plant the Korean flag on the mound. :-)
    2006-04-13 11:21:12
    166.   Curtis Lowe
    164- As soon as Broxton starts to show some Major League Swagger?
    2006-04-13 11:21:49
    167.   Jacob L
    Are we prepared to have Cody Ross become the next Bubba Crosby?
    2006-04-13 11:21:55
    168.   Steve
    Last week:

    "Tracy was leery of Perez's pitch count of 95 and, with the Pirates ahead, 2-1, and cleanup man Carlos Lee stepping in, he summoned Torres an inning earlier than hoped."


    O. Perez Pitch Count -- 106

    2006-04-13 11:23:47
    169.   Curtis Lowe
    Bay painted black by Lowes artistry.
    2006-04-13 11:24:19
    170.   Jon Weisman
    168 - Every week you get another 11 pitches to work with, Steve.

    The only reason that Tracy shouldn't have pinch-hit for Perez with him at a high pitch count and the bases loaded with Pirates in the bottom of the fourth is if his bullpen were burnt out. I don't know offhand if that was the case.

    2006-04-13 11:24:30
    171.   blue22
    166 - That slider to Pujols last year was enough swagger for me.

    Last I saw Broxton was mowing down hitters in AAA. It may hurt the 51s chances of staying unbeaten, but Brazo should be closing there.

    2006-04-13 11:25:11
    172.   oldbear
    Jeromy Burnitz with his 11th HR in 88 AB's against the Dodgers since leaving them.
    2006-04-13 11:25:36
    173.   Jon Weisman
    Ah, Derek. Dodger games disguised as eight-man football, Day 10.
    2006-04-13 11:25:38
    174.   underdog
    Frankly, this is not a bad "problem" to have. The Dodgers have a stronger bench this year, and it'll be even stronger when Lofton and Nomar come back. Loney I'd like to keep, too, but it's okay if he goes back down for awhile - I'm sure we'll see him again.

    Meanwhile... Lowe just made a mistake. I hope he can go another inning or two ((sweat))

    2006-04-13 11:26:57
    175.   oldbear
    How do the Dodgers have a stronger bench?
    2006-04-13 11:27:06
    176.   natepurcell
    this team does have the midas touch. but with one little change. instead of everything turning into gold, the pitching turns into crap.

    what a cruel joke the baseball gods play on us.

    2006-04-13 11:27:22
    177.   Uncle Miltie
    Derek Lowe stinks. He's not even good when given some run support.
    2006-04-13 11:28:04
    178.   Curtis Lowe
    176- Nate, how did you like the Al Queda American cartoon on South Park last night'?
    2006-04-13 11:29:26
    179.   King of the Hobos
    171 They've been beaten. Couldn't buy a hit vs Dustin Moseley yesterday
    2006-04-13 11:31:06
    180.   natepurcell

    haha that was amazing. i was laughing so loud my housemate had to come in to see what was wrong with me.I wasnt expecting that but i know i should have been. if you dont know whats southpark is going to do, always guess feces and you will probably never go wrong.

    2006-04-13 11:32:22
    181.   Uncle Miltie
    Repko walks again. Is there any doubt that he's better than Lofton? Ok, I'm off to the gym.
    2006-04-13 11:32:38
    182.   oldbear
    This year's bench is Alomar, Repko, Saenz, Martinez, Ledee when everyone is 'healthy'.

    Last year's bench was Bako, Repko, Saenz, Perez, Ledee when everyone is 'healthy'.

    I fail to see any tangible difference.

    The Dodgers have a stronger bench this year

    No they dont.

    2006-04-13 11:32:54
    183.   blue22
    180 - Do we have to initiate a "no South Park spoilers" policy in here?
    2006-04-13 11:33:14
    184.   natepurcell
    i never knew that, repko has broken his back twice.

    is he seriously the scrappiest player in the majors now?

    2006-04-13 11:34:03
    185.   bhsportsguy
    I believe Yhency has 2 more options, though I could see him being shut down and going to 11 pitchers, especially with Kenny's calf and Grady's managing Drew's playing time.

    I wonder if they will hold off on Nomar for a couple more weeks since the Olmedo/Loney combo is doing okay but for PR reasons I could see them try to get him out there during the nine game homestand.

    2006-04-13 11:34:42
    186.   Jon Weisman
    By the way, an auto racing update up top.
    2006-04-13 11:35:03
    187.   natepurcell
    scrap and claw! scrap and claw!
    2006-04-13 11:35:43
    188.   natepurcell
    lol what a pointless steal, cruz just walks.
    2006-04-13 11:36:06
    189.   Curtis Lowe
    How does Repko not get dizzy?
    2006-04-13 11:36:11
    190.   bhsportsguy
    The real issue will be when Cesar and if ever Werth ever rehabs and is ready to play.

    Both of those guys could be trade bait but they would have to play in order to establish their value.

    2006-04-13 11:36:12
    191.   Jacob L
    185 Even if PR is dictating Nomar's status, think they should be more concerned with how many games he'll play this season, as opposed to this week.
    2006-04-13 11:36:44
    192.   caseybarker
    By far the best episode in a while. I loved the subtitles for Bin Laden and Zawahiri.
    2006-04-13 11:37:49
    193.   Curtis Lowe
    A Balk is just as good as a double steal.
    2006-04-13 11:38:08
    194.   bhsportsguy
    186-Another reason for neighborhood folks to love the Dodgers. Did you catch Grady's reference to Nascar in the notes today. Between Nascar and Grady's Jiffy Lube commercials, are we in Atlanta or LA?
    2006-04-13 11:38:31
    195.   Jacob L
    Is the Indy race going to be after a game? In any case 6 or 7 mph would be a new record for the parking lot.
    2006-04-13 11:38:38
    196.   Curtis Lowe
    192- Yes Osamas take on family guy was great.
    2006-04-13 11:39:27
    197.   oldbear
    I'm not Izturis biggest fan, but it would be ridiculous for Lucille II to be kept on the team over Izturis.
    2006-04-13 11:41:09
    198.   Curtis Lowe
    That looked like it was on purpose.
    2006-04-13 11:41:13
    199.   Gen3Blue
    Come on Tomato!

    That looks like a bad wrist. What luck.

    2006-04-13 11:42:08
    200.   King of the Hobos
    195 No, a race would involve setting up barriers and grandstands, which couldn't be accomplished between games. So if it followed a game, there'd be no parking. Which would bring up another problem, where would all the race spectators park?
    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2006-04-13 11:42:11
    201.   Eric L
    186 So lemme get this straight.. the Nascar folks can have a race in CA the week after Daytona, but the Indy car people can't do it the week after Indy?

    *not a racing fan, just found the reason for IRL not having a race in CA the week after Indy was a little silly. Just for thought, the Nascar people also have a race in CA the week after a race in TN.

    2006-04-13 11:42:32
    202.   Curtis Lowe
    The time a Dodger gets hit on the wrist and I'm at the game, I'm charging the mound.
    2006-04-13 11:43:54
    203.   Eric L
    So which Dodger pitcher is going to be given the opportunity to make this game "interesting" again?
    2006-04-13 11:44:11
    204.   fawnkyj
    Its pretty obvious now that Mueller is the MAN. No doubt.
    2006-04-13 11:44:15
    205.   Daniel Zappala
    Jon -- I coached Damian Dottore (from the Register article) in city-league baseball several years when I was in 6th or 7th grade. He would have been maybe 2nd or 3rd grade.
    2006-04-13 11:45:17
    206.   oldbear
    I wonder if Cody will get the intentional walk...A grand slam and an Int'll pass in the same game?
    2006-04-13 11:45:21
    207.   bhsportsguy
    Worst 4/5 in a regular season lineup, check out today's Padres lineup, the mighty Doug Mirabella and power hitting Khalid Greene.
    2006-04-13 11:45:55
    208.   Linkmeister
    Anybody remember the last time the Dodgers had a former batting champ playing 3rd base? Coincidentally, his initials were also BM.

    Mueller does seem to be a good acquisition.

    2006-04-13 11:45:55
    209.   Jon Weisman
    According to the article, the auto race would probably be in March.
    2006-04-13 11:46:06
    210.   bhsportsguy
    203-I am sure Grady is thinking maybe Derek can give me one more inning
    2006-04-13 11:46:09
    211.   Curtis Lowe
    Is Davey Jones Locker located in the Pirates Clubhouse?
    2006-04-13 11:46:16
    212.   underdog
    Is it just me or are Pirates crowds a bad mix of either non-existent or incredibly cranky?
    2006-04-13 11:46:31
    213.   King of the Hobos
    Cody Ross is going crazy
    2006-04-13 11:46:35
    214.   fawnkyj
    2006-04-13 11:46:37
    215.   Daniel Zappala
    Ross has to stay on the roster now.
    2006-04-13 11:46:38
    216.   Jacob L
    207 Are those guys actually worse the Doug Mirabelli and Khalil Greene?
    2006-04-13 11:46:40
    217.   sanchez101
    Whoa! Cody is locked in.
    2006-04-13 11:46:42
    218.   bhsportsguy
    208-Madlock (not the Andy Griffith character)
    2006-04-13 11:46:58
    219.   DodgerHobbit
    wow....lightning does strike twice
    2006-04-13 11:47:05
    220.   natepurcell
    cody ross is the outfield version of saenz.
    2006-04-13 11:47:10
    221.   Eric L
    Cody Ross - you can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him!
    2006-04-13 11:47:11
    222.   underdog
    Oh my God!!

    Break up Cody Ross!

    2006-04-13 11:47:22
    223.   Jon Weisman
    Holy cow.
    2006-04-13 11:47:30
    224.   Steve
    That was, quite possibly, the worst home run call ever.
    2006-04-13 11:47:42
    225.   Daniel Zappala
    That ball was deep to CF.
    2006-04-13 11:47:46
    226.   capdodger
    Break up Cody Ross!!
    2006-04-13 11:47:53
    227.   Gen3Blue
    So far this game is a lesson on the base on balls. The D's have had good luck cashing them in. But lets hope we remember they are killers.
    Break up Cody Ross indeed! But small samples- I believe Ross only has an RBI in one game this year.
    2006-04-13 11:47:54
    228.   Curtis Lowe
    Monday- " Ross has a chance to hit another Grand Slam with runners at 2nd and 3rd"

    Ross- "In your face Jim Tracy!"

    2006-04-13 11:47:58
    229.   oldbear
    NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alright today has to be the most exciting game of the season.

    2006-04-13 11:48:08
    230.   DXMachina
    Speaking of the chem lab, what in heck did they put in Cody's Alpo this morning. My goodness!
    2006-04-13 11:48:23
    231.   bhsportsguy
    216-sorry on the misspelling but I was wondering if there ever was a worst cleanup/5 spot combo than those two.
    2006-04-13 11:48:27
    232.   sanchez101
    Has Ross played any CF this year? I think BA called him the best defensive outfielder in the farm system this season.
    2006-04-13 11:48:43
    233.   underdog
    Maybe we can trade Cody Ross to the Yankees to supplant Bubba, for Randy Johnson?


    2006-04-13 11:49:42
    234.   Daniel Zappala
    224 Steiner on TV or someone else? Because the TV call wasn't that bad.
    2006-04-13 11:49:47
    235.   slackfarmer
    It's a good thing we're getting rid of this Ross kid soon. He doesn't understand that the plan is to rely on speed, not power. If he keeps hitting homeruns, how will anyone ever get a chance to steel a base?
    2006-04-13 11:50:12
    236.   natepurcell
    ross can play center. wow, good gracious mr. munchkin!
    2006-04-13 11:50:18
    237.   bhsportsguy
    I told you Grady was going to keep Derek out there.
    2006-04-13 11:50:28
    238.   drewjensen
    Doesn't it seem kind of rude to dfa a guy that just hit 2 homers (so far)?
    2006-04-13 11:50:45
    239.   Jacob L
    231 Just teasing. You're right. I wonder how many times in his long career Doug Mirabelli has batted above 7th.
    2006-04-13 11:50:49
    240.   Sam DC
    I'm sure this has been commented on, but what is the story with Lowe's gameday picture. He just looks seriously unwell.
    2006-04-13 11:50:50
    241.   underdog
    Did Rick Monday just say that Cody Ross "looked like he was going to start the season in AAA [before Kenny Lofton's injury]"? Twice he said it. And then... he just contradicted and corrected himself with the point about Ross being out of options... Sigh.
    2006-04-13 11:51:15
    242.   Benaiah
    Is this the worst announcer ever or what. And that ends the inning, no wait.. that is only the second out. This is following up his "chance to do it again" call. Is he watching the game or what. That said it is just too sweet to worry about little stuff like that.
    2006-04-13 11:52:43
    243.   oldbear
    I've enjoyed the Dodgers 7 walks and the two big home runs by Cody Ross.

    That darn power and patience thing...

    2006-04-13 11:52:50
    244.   al bundy
    Apparently Jim Tracy's clairvoyant powers (as determined by Steve Henson) aren't working so well today.
    2006-04-13 11:53:15
    245.   Linkmeister
    And the Dodgers record for RBI in one game is? Bob?
    2006-04-13 11:53:27
    246.   bhsportsguy
    Rick Monday's typical home run call, first no change in his tone, script usually is fly ball hit to blank field, outfielder going back, btw don't forget about the next homestand, its Dodger towel night on Friday, my my it went over the wall and up in the stands.
    2006-04-13 11:55:14
    247.   bhsportsguy
    239-no problem, he probably batted 9th in Boston but hey this why the Padres traded Loretta for him last winter to bat cleanup and protect Giles.
    2006-04-13 11:55:29
    248.   Jon Weisman
    245 - Ron Cey with nine?
    2006-04-13 11:55:31
    249.   Sushirabbit
    "logistical nightmare" is like "washing my hair"

    Does anyone else have this sinking Deja Vu? This year, the team just started out with crappy pitching instead of waiting till May.

    I agree Alomar was a bad decision, and I am starting to wonder about Honeycutt. A catcher should never be doing that in the press, maybe during a game, you go out and tell the pitcher how it is, but not like that. Also, that was bad about Little not going straight out to the plate and calling time or something so that he could communicate with the bullpen.

    Did anyone else think the guy behind the plate night before last was calling "Sieg Hiel" for strikes?! After awhile I started really trying to hear it and I swear that's what it sounded like. Freaky.

    2006-04-13 11:56:53
    250.   PHilldodger
    Sorry if it's already been mentioned, but. Isn't keeping Cody Ross around on the roster a better idea than carrying whoever is deemed the 12th pitcher (Carter/Hamaluck)
    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2006-04-13 11:57:34
    251.   Ben H
    Anyone else thinking that Osoria gets sent down and Ross stays on the roster?
    2006-04-13 11:58:09
    252.   Jacob L
    For the record, I have no problem with Lowe working the 6th inning at under 100 pitches and a 7 run lead.
    2006-04-13 11:59:11
    253.   Linkmeister
    Hodges and Green each hit 4 home runs in a single game, so you'd think they'd have managed a bunch of RBI, but maybe not.
    2006-04-13 12:01:33
    254.   Gen3Blue
    242 The P's announcer is something else.
    2006-04-13 12:02:01
    255.   bhsportsguy
    251 - I think we will hear during the next homestand that Yhency is still suffering from a sore arm and he will be shut down. I don't think they would bring up Broxton but a guy like Sele or Houlton for middle innings could be a possibility.
    2006-04-13 12:02:44
    256.   Steve
    Monday's call, which started (and was much worse than this) "And Ross hits a fly ball to center field and that will be deep enough to score a run, and Duffy goes back and he's under it and it's going to score three runs, because it's a home run"

    NOTE: Not a word-for-word transcript.

    2006-04-13 12:03:16
    257.   Jon Weisman
    250 - Yeah, it's just a matter of who should be demoted, keeping in mind that Broxton should be a candidate for promotion as well.
    2006-04-13 12:03:31
    258.   Buffalo Jones
    I think the person running the Dodger updates has died. It still has it 6-4, bottom of the 5th with two outs and Wilson up to bat.
    2006-04-13 12:04:45
    259.   Curtis Lowe
    258- If your wondering it is now 11-4 in the top of the 7th.
    2006-04-13 12:04:59
    260.   underdog
    250 251 Yep, a few of us had the same thought earlier in this thread, and agreed... Not sure who to send down but I'd pick Osoria, too.

    Btw, Jon's right, it was Ron Cey with 8 RBI in a game in 1974. All time franchise record is Gil Hodges with 9.

    2006-04-13 12:06:00
    261.   Sam DC
    Wow, the Nationals are bad. Down 8-3, relief pitcher Joey Eischen loaded the bases. With two outs, Willie Randolph was so confident in his lead that he let relief pitcher Darren Oliver bat. And Oliver laced a single to centerfield to score two more runs.

    Now who was griping about letting pitchers bat with the bases loaded?

    2006-04-13 12:06:15
    262.   Buffalo Jones
    259- nice! Thanks for the score update. I knew we'd scored again, but I didn't figure that much.
    2006-04-13 12:06:16
    263.   underdog
    Er, right as far as person, but it was 8, not 9.
    2006-04-13 12:06:40
    264.   DodgerHobbit
    i really couldve done without the 5th appearance of the Saenz 57 joke
    2006-04-13 12:07:24
    265.   Jeff Iannucci
    201 - IRL teams generally have a single car with a backup. NASCAR teams have a much higher budget with multiple cars. Jeff Gordon can have the car in California sitting in a truck waiting while driving a different car in Daytona.

    ...and sorry for the automotive interlude during the Cody Ross-a-thon.

    2006-04-13 12:07:32
    266.   Curtis Lowe
    262- It is now 13-4.
    2006-04-13 12:08:14
    267.   Jon Weisman
    Nice. Saenz with the HR, which I assume will be followed with a double-switch involving Lowe and Loney. Or, Loweny.
    2006-04-13 12:08:38
    268.   bhsportsguy
    Tracy just called his GM and said lets offer Ian Snell or Zach Duke for the Tomato, he just kills the ball here at PNC.

    Note to Tracy, I think he just kills Pittsburgh pitching

    2006-04-13 12:09:06
    269.   Gen3Blue
    262 now its 13-4 Tomato attack
    2006-04-13 12:09:59
    270.   underdog
    13-4 now. Saenz homered to deep left, with Cruz aboard.

    Wow, I bet the Dodgers could get both Wilsons from Pittsburgh if they offered Saenz to Tracy, given the way he's hitting in that stadium. Amazing.

    2006-04-13 12:10:37
    271.   underdog
    268 Heh. GMTA. (Wannabe GMs think alike.)
    2006-04-13 12:10:38
    272.   Steve
    Future HoF Alert: Francisco Liriano just pitched two scoreless innings and struck out five
    2006-04-13 12:11:01
    273.   bhsportsguy
    267-Jon did you text message PNC with that move? LOL
    2006-04-13 12:11:08
    274.   Gen3Blue
    The P's announcer just said "Dodgers in a cake walk". We don't need jinxing!
    2006-04-13 12:12:54
    275.   bhsportsguy
    Actually, I always thought that certain teams should target guys who do really well at their parks, Shawn Green in Miller for instance and Raul Mondesi in Coors (I know everyone hits at Coors but Raul used to really hit well from my recollection)
    2006-04-13 12:16:14
    276.   Jon Weisman
    Cody Ross leads off the next inning. Will the lefty, Grabow, be out there to face him?
    2006-04-13 12:18:08
    277.   Sam DC
    Wow -- After leading 9-1, White Sox lead is now 10-8 against Detroit.

    Hope Cody gets us some insurance here.

    2006-04-13 12:18:25
    278.   bhsportsguy
    Is Jon Garland another example of what could happen when you extend a contract, last April 4-0 with 1.5 earned run average and averaged over 7 innings a start, this year, 2 starts, 10.1 innings, 16 earned runs and 23 hits allowed.
    2006-04-13 12:21:20
    279.   scareduck
    One lousy server crash and I come back, five innings later, to this. Cody Ross for ... what? Who?
    2006-04-13 12:28:23
    280.   Curtis Lowe
    Furcal out Martinez in.

    Something wrong with Rafeal?

    2006-04-13 12:28:24
    281.   Linkmeister
    Martinez in as a defensive replacement for Furcal? I gotta think Furcal isn't entirely healthy.
    2006-04-13 12:32:33
    282.   Steve
    Dewon Brazelton was able to lower his ERA from 34.71 to 24.16 by merely giving up eight runs in four innings today.
    2006-04-13 12:32:39
    283.   Jon Weisman
    280 - Nine-run lead.
    2006-04-13 12:33:13
    284.   Eric L
    280 I think Furcal has 13to5-itis.
    2006-04-13 12:33:19
    285.   Bob Timmermann
    Wow, I guess I should try this "work" thing more often. The Dodgers do well during those periods.
    2006-04-13 12:35:59
    286.   Bob Timmermann
    So, there are three teams playing right now that have scored 13 runs.
    2006-04-13 12:42:26
    287.   Jon Weisman
    I made some payroll updates on the sidebar thanks to some info from, whose player pages purport to have 2006 salaries for the less experienced guys.
    2006-04-13 12:43:58
    288.   Curtis Lowe

    Gaim Over?

    2006-04-13 12:48:57
    289.   underdog
    We've mocked Hamulack a little bit but he hasn't given up an earned run yet (though he's let other pitchers runs come in to score) and has been pitching a bit better. For "who should be sent down" purposes (in exchange for bringing Broxton up or keeping Ross), Osoria now officially gets my vote.
    2006-04-13 12:49:35
    290.   capdodger
    Where's the shaving cream?
    2006-04-13 12:49:39
    291.   King of the Hobos
    Gigantor just finished up 2 perfect innings in relief, now with 7 Ks in 8 IP while giving up 4 hits, 3 walks, and 2 runs. I know their bullpen needs him, but is Ramon Ortiz starting every 5 days really a better situation for the Nats?
    2006-04-13 12:51:09
    292.   Blaine
    It is rather interesting that almost 25% of the payroll is sitting on the disabled list.
    2006-04-13 12:52:19
    293.   underdog
    I didn't realize the Dodgers are leading the league in hits (after a grand total of 10 games). Don't know how much longer that will be true, but it's certainly a difference from last year.

    Now we just need a pitching improvement.

    2006-04-13 12:53:27
    294.   underdog
    Cody Ross will be the guest on the post-game show, for anyone who cares...
    2006-04-13 12:55:14
    295.   Jon Weisman
    289 - Not that he couldn't improve, but his 0.00 ERA going into today really was misleading.
    2006-04-13 12:56:57
    296.   Uncle Miltie
    Bonds hits it high! DEEEP!!! .....(silence)

    I guess Bonds without roids means warning track power.

    Alou just hit a HR. The announcers seemed more excited about Bonds' deep flyball though.

    2006-04-13 13:06:35
    297.   Marty
    Wow, I just got out of a long meeting and am going into another one, so I can't read the comments, but.... Ross with 7 RBIS?? Does he get DFA'd still when Zig Lofton comes back? That will be interesting.
    2006-04-13 13:10:10
    298.   Jon Weisman
    From AP:

    By hitting the bases-loaded homer, Ross became one of the few major leaguers in history to hit grand slams for each of his first two career homers. That homer was Ross' first since his only previous career shot, a grand slam for the Tigers on Sept. 2, 2003, against the Indians.

    According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the only other active major leaguer to begin his career by hitting grand slams for each of his first two homers was Craig Counsell for the Marlins in 1997-98.

    2006-04-13 13:11:07
    299.   Bunting is for losers
    What happened with Seo and Perez? Was Seo yelling at Perez from the dugout or something?
    2006-04-13 13:11:35
    300.   Sam DC
    Counsell - that's hysterical.
    Show/Hide Comments 301-350
    2006-04-13 13:12:22
    301.   Bob Timmermann
    There is no Kenny Lofton.
    2006-04-13 13:13:46
    302.   Sam DC
    Gee, Frank, is that all it takes? "'We have to put people on base and get the big base-hit,' Robinson said. '. . . We also have to start driving the ball to the gaps -- doubles instead of a single. We have to start our offense early in the inning instead of waiting for one or two outs. If we do that, things will fall into place. We'll score runs.'" (notes column at
    2006-04-13 13:17:03
    303.   Bob Timmermann
    2 outs, bases loaded in Detroit. White Sox up 13-9.

    It's time for Curtis Granderson to impersonate Cody Ross.

    2006-04-13 13:18:04
    304.   Bob Timmermann
    There is no joy in Motown, the Mighty Curtis has struck out.
    2006-04-13 13:21:22
    305.   King of the Hobos
    Carlos Lee stole a potential walkoff homer from Encarnacion. I can't imagine Carlos Lee will steal too many homers in his career, but what do I know
    2006-04-13 13:24:02
    306.   blue22
    Shelton with another homerun today (#7). He's hitting .514, with 7 HR's, 14 RBI's, and an OPS over 2.000.

    He was hitting 6th today for Detroit.

    2006-04-13 13:27:32
    307.   King of the Hobos
    Eric Milton is actually pitching well so far. Only gave up one homer today, for his second of the year. Tomko only wishes he was that lucky
    2006-04-13 13:29:34
    308.   Underbruin
    302 - Frank would later add, "Also, throwing pitches and having the opposing hitters miss them helps. Oh, and stepping on the bases as we go around them. Can't forget that. Doubles are better than singles, but let's try for some triples in there to boot. In fact, why even bother getting anything less than home-runs? In fact, every time any of my players gets anything less than a home run, I will kill a kitten."
    2006-04-13 13:29:48
    309.   Sam DC
    305 And it's a two-point swing!
    2006-04-13 13:31:23
    310.   Sam DC
    Bonds up in SF . . .
    2006-04-13 13:31:51
    311.   Sam DC
    Bonds down -- fly to center.
    2006-04-13 13:37:17
    312.   Uncle Miltie
    Anyone see this on rotoworld?
    The San Francisco Chronicle quotes two anonymous scouts who say that umpires seem to be intentionally calling more strikes against Milton Bradley.
    The newspaper reports that "one scout who saw the A's series at Seattle believes that Bradley has been getting squeezed and another said that umpires seem to be out to get the outfielder because of his temperamental reputation."
    2006-04-13 13:39:07
    313.   Uncle Miltie
    311- Bonds did his little home run trot....and then the ball was caught. I don't think the Giants announcers really care whether the team wins, as long as Bonds hits a home run.
    2006-04-13 13:55:08
    314.   King of the Hobos
    If the Cardinals have to rely on the bottom of their lineup or their bench, it's going to be a long year. They sent 4 hitters to the plate in the bottom of the 10th down by a run, and the best hitter was Jason Marquis (who bunted).
    2006-04-13 14:02:26
    315.   Marty
    312 I suspect it's more that the pitchers happen to be intentionally throwing more strikes.
    2006-04-13 14:05:38
    316.   Uncle Miltie
    Bonds pops up to 3B. I'm still confused as to why Bobby Cox intentionally walked Bonds twice in one game. Right now, I'd much rather face Bonds than Moises Alou.
    2006-04-13 14:14:59
    317.   jasonungar05
    The Weather report for LA over the next ten days is 64 to 70 degrees and sunny.

    Which is great news for Kenny Lofton, maybe not so great for Cody Ross.

    2006-04-13 14:28:01
    318.   Bob Timmermann
    I was told by my brother that the boos today in St. Louis were the loudest for any recent hometown player with the exception of Tino Martinez.
    2006-04-13 14:59:57
    319.   Michael G
    I am still laughing from #138.
    2006-04-13 15:07:54
    320.   das411

    Did any of you guys catch this?

    Some interesting (not nonpartisan but both sides are there) commentary and lots of good links here:

    Back to baseball...why is the Cody Ross Explosion not one of the top stories??

    2006-04-13 15:15:25
    321.   Jon Weisman
    Tracy on Ross' HR, from the AP write-thru:

    Pirates manager Jim Tracy said any major league hitter would have liked the two pitches Ross homered on.

    "The grand slam was a split-finger pitch by Oliver that sat in the middle of the plate," Tracy said. "The homer off Marte was a first-pitch fastball that was right down the middle. Cody, or anybody else, is going to hit pitches like that."

    2006-04-13 15:15:34
    322.   Johnson
    320 The Cody Ross Explosion would be a great band name.
    2006-04-13 15:23:35
    323.   sanchez101
    320. Apparently the 'bad blood' between the mets and nats, and the daily Roger Clemens conversation are more important to sports center. Then we'll hear how and why sports are so violent and dominated by "prima dona" personalities on "outside the lines."
    2006-04-13 15:42:31
    324.   Bob Timmermann
    Games involving the Pirates are rarely big news.

    The only way that game would have gotten a lot of press is if Jim Tracy had gone to the pitcher's mound and instead of changing pitchers, he just went and cold-cocked Humberto Cota.

    2006-04-13 15:44:58
    325.   Marty
    321 I assumed it was because the Pirates had inside information that Ross couldn't handle the middling fastball over the plate pitch.
    2006-04-13 15:53:22
    326.   Steve
    if Jim Tracy had gone to the pitcher's mound and instead of changing pitchers, he just went and cold-cocked Humberto Cota.

    Or vice-versa, which would be more amusing and satisfying.

    2006-04-13 16:08:11
    327.   Jon Weisman
    New post up top.

    Comment status: comments have been closed. Baseball Toaster is now out of business.