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April 15 Game Chat
2006-04-15 12:06
by Jon Weisman

Mostly keeping myself offline this weekend ...

Tonight's Game

Comments (237)
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2006-04-15 02:25:44
1.   BarkinJ
Heh Heh. First comment.

The best part of a two-hour rain delay: sitting at home, then showing up just in time for the first inning (free parking, no less).

Worst part: losing on a wild pitch.

Maybe today it'll be a bit better.

2006-04-15 04:18:30
2.   Woody
You'll be proud of me that I didn't heckle Barry Bonds at all. Of course, I was watching the game at home on my computer. I did, however, heckle my computer.
2006-04-15 07:06:39
3.   oldbear
James Loney- .214/.267/.286 through 28AB's.
2006-04-15 07:33:07
4.   Daniel Zappala
What I want to know is did apsio make it to last night's game from San Diego. My prediction that they would get the game in was spot on -- I wasn't asked how long the rain delay would be. :-) Here's hoping it turned out all right...
2006-04-15 07:38:46
5.   Steve
As if he doesn't have enough problems right now, San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds said Friday night that he has "10 to 12 bone chips floating" in his left elbow, which he revealed is swollen "almost twice the size" of his other elbow.

[heckle, heckle]

2006-04-15 07:54:59
6.   tjshere
5 Maybe bone chips are responsible for the size of his head, too.
2006-04-15 08:02:21
7.   Gen3Blue
ouch-that makes for a long day-to wait till 12:30 am and then see that kind of game.

Worst moment-when I turned my attention back to the game and thought for a moment it was Bonds w/ the HR for the first run.

2006-04-15 08:35:59
8.   Underbruin
Grittle quote after last night's game:

"Penny was outstanding," Dodgers manager Grady Little said. "Had he not gotten hit on the arm, I think you would've seen both of them go very deep into that game and not a whole lot of offense."

Okay, can somebody explain to me exactly how Penny's getting hit on the arm caused a 1-1 game through 8 innings (at which point even if he still was in the game almost certainly he would have been taken out anyway) to become a 'whole lot of offense'? Because I just don't see it.

Additionally, I wasn't around to watch the game - is there a reason Kuo started the 9th over Baez, with the 2-3-4 of the Giants lineup coming up?

2006-04-15 08:38:37
9.   Bob Timmermann
It wasn't a save situation!
2006-04-15 08:41:47
10.   Screwgie
6- James Loney- .214/.267/.286 through 28AB's.

Granted, this is an extremely small sample size, but this, coupled with a .357 .419 line a AA last year, makes me less than optimistic that Loney will improve much on these numbers at the major league level.

In fact, I was looking over Loney's stats this morning and I noticed that aside from 47 at bats in rookie league, Loney has failed to post an OPS above .800 at any level he's played at thus far. But he does have a sweet swing (for what that's worth) and he has put together some impressive performances during a couple of spring trainings. However I think he really shouldn't be anywhere near the major league roster at this point.

2006-04-15 08:41:49
11.   Underbruin
9 - Ah. Right. How silly of me. Thanks.
2006-04-15 08:53:45
12.   DXMachina
9 - Well, it wasn't a save situation when Baez did come in, either.

I didn't have a problem with Kuo coming out in the top of the ninth. He'd done well enough in the eighth, and the Giants had a switch hitter and two lefties due up.

2006-04-15 09:15:17
13.   Marty
Tracy is starting to drive the the Andy Van Slyke blog crazy. First this:

Tracy again failed to get Craig Wilson's bat into the starting lineup with a young lefty on the mound, so at this point I'm going to have to assume that he's either really really stupid or he honestly makes every lineup up under gunpoint

Then this:

Jose Castillo flew out (and got congratulated in the dugout by Tracy for hitting a sac fly, you know, because making outs is the kind of thing we encourage here

2006-04-15 09:52:46
14.   Bob Timmermann
I really should have written "Save Situation ®"
2006-04-15 10:18:32
15.   oldbear
Loney has failed to post an OPS above .800 at any level he's played at thus far

He also plays 1st base.

This is what the Dodgers have to look forward to for the next 2-3 years.

2006-04-15 10:44:57
16.   King of the Hobos
According to Rotoworld, Megrew has been returned to the organization. Not sure where he has been assigned, although I'd guess one of the A ball teams
2006-04-15 10:45:13
17.   DodgerHobbit
Garvey never posted an ops over .800 until he was 25.
But then again, Garvey had some pretty nice minor league numbers.
2006-04-15 10:48:20
18.   SiGeg
Gammons on Izturis:

Cesar Izturis is approximately two weeks from returning to the Dodgers, a miraculous recovery from Tommy John surgery. With Rafael Furcal and Jeff Kent in place in the middle of the diamond, the club has asked him to break back in as a super-utility player, which includes playing the outfield. Izturis has told friends he has no intention of risking reinjuring the elbow by trying to make a different throw from the outfield and eventually wants to be traded. Because he has a $5.5M option for next year, this is a distinct possibility. Izturis believes he will eventually end up in Boston with good friend Alex Cora.

2006-04-15 10:59:32
19.   Bob Timmermann
But the Red Sox have Alex Gonzalez.

The one that isn't completely useless. He's just mostly useless.

2006-04-15 11:04:13
20.   Steve
Because after all, the throw from shortstop was obviously a therapeutic wonder on the scale of the Fountain of Youth.
2006-04-15 11:18:40
21.   oldbear
Comparing raw OPS numbers against eras isnt the most relevant comparison bc each era is different.

An .800 OPS in 2006 isnt the same as having an .800 OPS in 1976.

2006-04-15 11:21:17
22.   oldbear
Because he has a $5.5M option for next year

I hope thats a club option. If its a player option, DePo's deal with Izturis just went from an F to an F- (if there is such a thing).

If you take away Izturis contract and Gagne's deal, everything else is at least arguably thought out.

2006-04-15 11:21:31
23.   D4P
2006-04-15 11:27:25
24.   regfairfield
22 10 million dollars for an eight win player is a good deal.

Given the Dodgers had no options at shortstop for the next few years, and Izturis seemed like he could breakout, securing him through arbitration wasn't a terrible idea. Not DePo's fault these players got hurt.

2006-04-15 11:28:49
25.   regfairfield
Izturis is a team option for 5.85 million or a 300k buyout.
2006-04-15 11:44:57
26.   oldbear
Given the Dodgers had no options at shortstop for the next few years, and Izturis seemed like he could breakout,

The first part is true, but what amongst Izturis prior numbers suggested he could 'breakout'? Nothing in Izturis career has suggested he'd be anything more than a utility level SS.

The Dodgers didnt have any options in the OF either at the time, similar to the SS situation. But at least those circumstances didnt prompt DePo to sign Dave Roberts to a 3yr deal. No, instead he upgraded the OF by trading for Werth and Bradley. What was stopping him from making a similar move at SS? Certainly, anything was better than buying out Izturis arbitration years. I think that was the worst possible decision that DePo could have made regarding Izturis. One, he essentially paid a premium (buying out one's arbitration years) for a replaceable asset.

As for Gagne, there was no need to sign him to a 2-year deal. He was still arbitration eligible. I'd have went to arbitration again with him mainly because it lowers risk on a risky asset (relief pitching)...

Signing Izturis was a gaffe in terms of talent evaluation and finances.

Signing Gagne was a gaffe just in terms of finances (paying more for something than need be).

2006-04-15 11:48:40
27.   D4P
Signing Gagne was a gaffe just in terms of finances (paying more for something than need be).

Signing Gagne to a big contract was a sign of Respect.

2006-04-15 12:29:32
28.   King of the Hobos
Sean Casey is out until June, meaning the Pirates will have their second best hitter in the lineup regularly

The Cardinals decided to sit Edmonds today, so they batted Encarnacion 5th, which has led to Rolen being walked 3 times and Encarnacion going 0-3

2006-04-15 12:37:02
29.   Andrew Shimmin
Isn't Izzy's option for 2008, not next year?
2006-04-15 13:00:38
30.   regfairfield
Saying they weren't thought out means the moves are compeltely indefensible, there was clearly some thought process going on there.

Say Izturis repeats his 2004 in 2005, how much does he get from arbitration? Probably about what he's getting this year. Seeing as Izturis is still only 25, it's entirely possible that he would improve. Also, what kind of trade could DePo have made to improve at short, without increasing payroll? The Dodgers were pretty much out of tradeable assets at that point. Yes, Izturis made some big improvements in 2004, but he was still developing. Was it a pump the fist, A+ signing? No, but it was certainly a decent deal considering Orlando Cabrera got a massive contract. (A fact which I'm sure Cesar could have taken to arbitration.)

2006-04-15 13:02:41
31.   slackfarmer
29 Yep.
2006-04-15 13:16:19
32.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm not in love with the Izzy deal, but I have trouble thinking it was bad at all, much less as bad as oldbear seems to think. His arb. salary would have come out to about the same, maybe a little less coming off of the TJ surgery nobody expected he'd need. It had to be about even money that he'd get better, and, even if he didn't, he was still worth somethign in the neighborhood of three million bucks a year. Furcal may be better with the glove, but probably not by much (unless last year was the one in which he reached his true level of performance; it'd be nice to think that. . .).

Anyway, I'd just as soon never see him in a Dodger uniform again, but I hope he does well for his next team. This super utility crap seems to ignore the minor issue of his not being able to hit.

2006-04-15 13:18:17
33.   D4P
Super Utility seems to be the defensive corollary to Professional Hitter.
2006-04-15 13:20:39
34.   D4P
And of all the inane ideas, putting Izturis in the outfield has to be the inanest.
2006-04-15 13:27:12
35.   GoBears
34. Yeah, as much as I'm rooting for Loney, I agree that he's not ML-ready. He's young enough to improve and gain some power, tho, so I'd send him down.

And as little as I like the idea of moving Kent to 1B to open up a spot for Cesar at 2nd, that would seem a better option than Cesar in the OF.

My guess is that this will resolve itself through injury. Can we really imagine that Kent, Furcal, and Mueller will all stay healthy all season?

2006-04-15 13:30:11
36.   sie0174
Anybody catch the details of the ticket exchange for last nights game? I couldn't hear the PA system.
2006-04-15 13:41:44
37.   LAT
And of all the inane ideas, putting Izturis in the outfield has to be the inanest.

There is still pitcher and catcher.

This will be Bradly all over again. Every other GM knows we have to move him and we will get signifiagnatly diminished value in return.

2006-04-15 13:46:26
38.   Bob Timmermann
Ticket info for people at Friday night's game:
2006-04-15 13:49:17
39.   Steve
If Ned Colletti can't at least get Gigantor from Jim Bowden, I will think far less of him than I already do.
2006-04-15 13:56:32
40.   D4P
True, though we shouldn't have to pay a "character" penalty for Izturis.
2006-04-15 13:58:43
41.   Nick Iyengar

When I read 18, I thought the same thing. That would be so cool.

2006-04-15 14:01:15
42.   oldbear
No, but it was certainly a decent deal considering Orlando Cabrera got a massive contract

Any type of money/multi year contract for a utility level player like Izturis is a bad deal. Using Cabrera as an example of what not to pay is like saying signing Brett Tomko wasnt that bad because Jeff Weaver makes twice as much.

The bottomline is that you should never committ any type of money/years to bad players (especially when you dont HAVE to to begin with). Izturis is a replaceable player. Always has been going back throughout his career.

Say Izturis repeats his 2004 in 2005, how much does he get from arbitration? Probably about what he's getting this year.

So what was gained by giving him that contract? Nothing. But what if he regresses, which he did. What is lost by giving him the deal? Alot, since most MLB teams dont spend 3-5mils on utility players.

Also, what kind of trade could DePo have made to improve at short, without increasing payroll?

Antonio Perez for one. But after DePo gave Izzy that contract, that pretty much eliminated AP from consideration of playing SS, since there's no way you make Izzy a bench player after buying out his arbitration years.

The Izturis contract will go down as one of the biggest blunders bc it set into motion a series of events: #1. It gave the appearance that Izturis was a starting caliber player. #2. It prevented other SS's from being able to take his place #3. It gave a dumb manager even more of a reason to play him as if he were a leadoff hitter (since he was paid as such).

If players are paid as if they are starting caliber, everyday players, then they'll be treated as such. Unfortunately, in Izturis case he was paid and treated like a regular, when in reality he never should have been. Its just a shame that a sabermetric guy could fall for Izturis. But of course Erickson, Grabowski, and Jim Tracy were kept on the roster far too long so DePo was not perfect.

2006-04-15 14:02:10
43.   D4P
Yeah, we'd all get a kick out of that (for a variety of reasons).

Returning to the Inane Ideas Index (or "I-cubed"), I suppose that waiving Choi then trading Izturis for him a month later is even inaner than moving Izturis to the outfield.

2006-04-15 14:05:32
44.   Andrew Shimmin
If Colletti wants another pitcher, he's got to throw one in, in the Izzy for Gigantor deal. Carter is my favorite gift with purchase, but Odalis would be alright, too. Or, if the deal can wait for June 15th, Tomko. The Nats dig inning eaters, don't they?
2006-04-15 14:20:07
45.   GoBears
41. Nick, I asked this in a previous thread, but you might have missed it (or you might have merely declined to respond, which is perfectly understandable), but just in case:

Are you related to Shanto Iyengar? I knew him at UCLA, before he moved to Stanford. When you mentioned Palo Alto, my suspicions of a relationship grew.

None of my business, really, so if you'd rather not say, then no worries.

2006-04-15 14:20:45
46.   Nuke
I hope Gigantor is another name for John Patterson, he's the only starting pitcher on the Nats worth trading for.
2006-04-15 14:24:21
47.   Marty
A. Martinez was saying last night that with way too many outfielders we should be trading one for some solid middle relief. I just about did a spit take.
2006-04-15 14:25:12
48.   Nick Iyengar

Hey GoBears, I didn't see you ask before, so I'm sorry for not answering, but yeah, he's my dad. How do you know him?

2006-04-15 14:32:06
49.   King of the Hobos
46 Gigantor is the 6'11" Jon Rauch
2006-04-15 14:34:37
50.   GoBears
48. Thought as much. We were colleagues before he abandoned us to work for the Evil Empire. I still think about him every time I go to Nizam (which, sad to say, is not as good as it was when you lived here).
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-04-15 14:43:17
51.   Andrew Shimmin
47- Everybody snap your fingers and say, "I do believe in Cody Ross! I do belive in Cody Ross!" Actually, why not throw him in. He's a gamer, not like that lay-about Ryan Church. Izzy, Ross, and Carter for Church and Gigantor.
2006-04-15 14:47:34
52.   al bundy
A's just racked up back to back to back hr's on 3 straight pitches. Chavez, Thomas and Bradley. 3 straight pitches.
2006-04-15 14:48:19
53.   Uncle Miltie
Izturis, Jeff Kent, Brett Tomko, Lance Carter, and $5 million cash
Jose Vidro and John Patterson
2006-04-15 14:53:25
54.   Bob Timmermann
That was so 3 minutes ago.
2006-04-15 14:56:09
55.   D4P
What happened to The Oakland Thing?
2006-04-15 14:59:46
56.   Eric Enders
"But the Red Sox have Alex Gonzalez. The one that isn't completely useless. He's just mostly useless."

So all we have to do to make him useful again is call Billy Crystal?

2006-04-15 15:04:09
57.   Andrew Shimmin
I'd trade Cody Ross for a mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich.
2006-04-15 15:23:42
58.   Nick Iyengar

Nizam was once a great restaurant, but I've also heard that it has deteriorated quite a bit. Rumor has it that this is due to the owner divorcing his wife, who had been the cook. We used to go there all the time with guys like Frank Gilliam and other Poli Sci/Comm types.

It's been a while, but I don't remember there being m/any other good Indian restaurants in West L.A., at least around Rancho Park.

2006-04-15 15:34:44
59.   das411
56 - And is an Alex Gonzalez truly useless when he keeps David Bell out of a lineup?
2006-04-15 15:42:39
60.   thinkblue0
I know we all hate trading for middle relievers, but I wouldn't be against dealing Izturis for a good prospect, plus a good bullpen arm. Our bullpen isn't looking good, who knows if Gagne will be back, we need an 8th inning type guy out there. If Gagne does come back, then we'd have a loaded 7-8-9
2006-04-15 15:44:33
61.   Eric Enders
I wouldn't really mind that either, but I suspect Flanders' definition of a "good bullpen arm" is different from ours. I'd try to get Soriano from Seattle or Cabrera from Cleveland. He'd probably go after Tim Worrell.
2006-04-15 15:46:14
62.   natepurcell
has anyone tried the crest vanilla mint toothpaste? i love it so much that i find myself brushing my teeth like 4 times a day just for the taste.
2006-04-15 15:46:56
63.   natepurcell
if the twins wanna deal scott baker, then i guess i could give up izturis for him.
2006-04-15 15:50:36
64.   D4P
Does it have sugar in it...?
2006-04-15 15:52:12
65.   natepurcell
wouldnt putting sugar in toothpaste be counterproductive to what toothpaste is trying to accomplish?
2006-04-15 15:54:50
66.   D4P
Depends on whether you think toothpaste is trying to accomplish dental health or corporate wealth.
2006-04-15 15:57:46
67.   Bob Timmermann
Most toothpastes have sugar in them because it makes their tastes more palatable.

If you want to try a toothpaste without sugar, get some of the Tom's of Maine toothpaste. You will notice a big difference.

2006-04-15 15:59:06
68.   Uncle Miltie
I want Jose Vidro. Kent looks like he's done and his defense is as bad as any 2B in baseball. I'm sure Bowden will pull the trigger since Kent is a "proven 100 RBI guy".
2006-04-15 15:59:30
69.   D4P
Don't know if anyone posted this yet or not, but thought it was noteworthy:

Utility infielder Mike Edwards was recalled from Triple-A Indianapolis to replace Casey on the 25-man active roster. The former Dodger batted .316 (6-for-19) with one home run and three RBIs in six games with the Indians.

2006-04-15 16:00:49
70.   dzzrtRatt
62 Finally, Toothpaste Thoughts!

Yes, indeed, Crest Vanilla Mint is a terrific product, one that should become the official dentifrice of Dodger Thoughts. I am waiting for this fine product to inspire a line of other vanilla mint products. Crest Vanilla Mint Ice Cream would be my first choice for my next birthday.

Here is a more comprehensive resource for the toothpaste community:

2006-04-15 16:01:46
71.   dzzrtRatt
69 To paraphrase Yogi Berra, Jim Tracy must be thinking this is "JD Drew all over again."
2006-04-15 16:02:44
72.   Jose Habib
In China they sell green tea flavored Crest toothpaste. It's a really nice, mild flavor.
2006-04-15 16:04:30
73.   Dark Horse
68-I'd like Vidro too, but reckon we're dreaming if we think Colletti would flip Kent.
2006-04-15 16:04:30
74.   Bob Timmermann
To make it complete:
What kind of toothpaste does Danica McKellar use?
2006-04-15 16:04:56
75.   D4P
get some of the Tom's of Maine toothpaste

Do you buy that at Whole Food?

2006-04-15 16:06:07
76.   Andrew Shimmin
Today is regfairfield's first aniversary of becoming a blogger (congrats!). He has a link-filled retrospective up, so, if you want to re-live the pain and frustration of last year, head on over to:

2006-04-15 16:07:46
77.   Eric Enders
I used the vanilla mint a couple hours ago and frankly I don't see the appeal. I like regular toothpaste better.

Of course, you can't find plain ol' toothpaste anymore because nobody makes it. I always look for it at the store, but alas, it's never there.

2006-04-15 16:12:33
78.   Bob Timmermann
Tom's of Maine is sold at most supermarkets in Southern California now. At least it is at Vons and Pavilions.

Used to be you had to go to Trader Joe's.

2006-04-15 16:31:06
79.   Marty
We used tooth powder when I was a kid. Colgate I believe.
2006-04-15 16:46:31
80.   King of the Hobos
I use Cresy mint vanilla, but mostly because I don't like the flavor of most toothpaste and it has a mild, agreeable flavor, at least in my opinion. I had no idea it was so popular
2006-04-15 17:01:49
81.   GoBears
Kent looks like he's done and his defense is as bad as any 2B in baseball.

Wha-huh?! Look, small samples are small samples. I don't believe Kent's bad April any more than I believed Drew's last year, or any more than I believe Mueller will hit .400.

I too expect Kent to produce less than last season. But it's a bit premature to declare him "done." And I thought we'd cleared up the "Kent is a horrible defensive 2bman" meme last year. He's average or slightly below average. Not terrible.


2006-04-15 17:15:15
82.   MSarg29
Interesting column Thomas Boswell today about the tensions surrounding the Washington Nationals.
2006-04-15 17:16:25
83.   King of the Hobos
The lineup's out, same as it was yesterday before Repko replaced Lofton. Hopefully Lofton is better today than he was in his Dodger debut
2006-04-15 17:24:54
84.   Steve
76 - mem'ries light the corners of my mind. Misty water-colored mem'ries of the way we were. Scattered pictures...
2006-04-15 17:41:53
85.   dzzrtRatt
79 I thought I was the last person to use tooth powder. Py-co-pay. It was salty.

Off to the game with about 14 nieces.

2006-04-15 17:53:06
86.   fanerman
I just switched toothpastes (used up old one). I'm using something my roommate got from Price Club (Costco). It's foamy and tastes like Halls cherry cough drops. I don't like it very much.
2006-04-15 18:08:23
87.   DXMachina
Tom's of Maine just got bought out by Colgate.

2006-04-15 18:18:20
88.   scareduck
84 - much as I like you, Steve, invoking that song cancels all goodwill. A defenestration is in order.
2006-04-15 18:20:11
89.   scareduck
77 - Tom's of Maine is just nasty stuff. I always used to think it was something inflicted on kids by too-strict mothers, or nuns at orphanages. Maybe Colgate will make the stuff palatable.
2006-04-15 18:22:49
90.   scareduck
70 - that's nothing, wait until we get to mental floss.
2006-04-15 18:29:29
91.   scareduck
Let's Try This Again Dep't: is, once again, claiming the Vegas/Sacramento game will be available for streaming, and for free.

2006-04-15 18:33:09
92.   Andrew Shimmin
91- Fool me once. . .
2006-04-15 18:37:41
93.   Tommy John
Tom's of Maine shaving cream is the best product they offer. It lasts forever as well as being superior in quality. I tried using natural toothpaste for about nine months, and all it got me was two cavities and subsequent fillings at the dentist. Been fine since switching back. If you use natural toothpaste, make sure it has flouride in it.

Is that the weatherman from KCAL or Steve Lyons?

2006-04-15 18:47:15
94.   Andrew Shimmin
It'd almost be worth not having a Jackie Robinson day just to keep from having to hear Psycho and Kevin Kennedy talk about him.
2006-04-15 18:51:54
95.   Linkmeister
82 I recognize that situation. It ain't no fun. Even 15 years later the version I went through still annoys me.
2006-04-15 18:58:11
96.   Bob Timmermann
Wondering why my MLB Extra Innings package is showing hockey on all but one channel I have this conversation with customer service.

"You're wondering why we're showing hockey aren't you?"
"Yes, I am."
"Well, MLB has to share the channels with the NHL."
"But you're showing the same NHL games on two different channels. And I didn't pay for any of them."
"That's interesting."
"But hockey is not baseball."
"I know."
"So when will this end?"
"I don't know. Maybe when baseball season gets started."
"Baseball season has started."
"Maybe when hockey season ends."
"Hockey season goes until June."
"That's a problem I guess."

2006-04-15 19:01:23
97.   Bob Timmermann
Nashville leads Phoenix 3-0
Detroit and St. Louis are tied at 2-2.
Washington and Floria are tied at 1-1.
Carolina and Tampa Bay are tied at 2-2. That game is on FOUR channels on my cable system as both teams feeds are being shown.
2006-04-15 19:05:25
98.   King of the Hobos
96 It's not like other games are on the schedule, although Extra Innings isn't helping itself
2006-04-15 19:10:58
99.   Nagman
When early games go long they usually will show the game on an open channel but I haven't found it yet. There are at least two open channels, not counting the same game being shown on the same channel.
2006-04-15 19:12:26
100.   Bob Timmermann
It's the same company handling both packages.

Hockey is supposed to be 821-830
Baseball is supposed to be 831-840

Tonight hockey is 821-839.

Washington has taken a 1-0 lead in the shootout against Florida!

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-04-15 19:13:25
101.   scareduck
96 - let me guess: Adelphia?
2006-04-15 19:13:36
102.   King of the Hobos
Can anybody access the Vegas feed? Vegas is listed, but no link is available
2006-04-15 19:16:03
103.   Bob Timmermann
See the Griddle.
2006-04-15 19:16:08
104.   King of the Hobos
100 This has been a problem since the season started. It's not like they're advertising games that they aren't showing. I have no idea why they're playing hockey, but i don't think this is an accident. The Yankee game is the only one scheduled for the current time 9and the Dodger game follows it on the same channel).
2006-04-15 19:16:54
105.   scareduck
Lose the gopher cam, Fox.
2006-04-15 19:17:48
106.   King of the Hobos
I too have Time Warner if it matters. Maybe it's their problem, but somehow I doubt it.
2006-04-15 19:19:17
107.   King of the Hobos
Matt Holliday is a single away from the cycle, although it would take a rally in the 8th or a Phillies comeback for him to have the chance at it
2006-04-15 19:21:47
108.   Gen3Blue
East Coast Howdie.
Please don't mention Hockey --I'm here partially to forget the Bruins--who are so
hurting that probably only new ownership can help.
2006-04-15 19:31:59
109.   MSarg29
I have comcast here in Maryland and I'm also enjoying multiple hockey games while I wait for the Yankee - Twins game ends.

I guess I have to root for the Yankees.

2006-04-15 19:34:21
110.   Gen3Blue
Oh great,Shmidt plays the cripple and makes the heart of the order look foolish, and Kent almost gets thrown out.
2006-04-15 19:36:12
111.   scareduck
Booing Steve Finley. Feh, they should be cheering him with a .188 average for the G'ints.
2006-04-15 19:38:16
112.   Gen3Blue
Wow, the Giants must average about 40 years old.
Is Cruz playing.
2006-04-15 19:40:29
113.   scareduck
Refresh my memory, someone: was Dioner Navarro supposed to be a good defensive catcher?
2006-04-15 19:41:48
114.   MSarg29
Yankees are winning 5-4 in the bottom of the 9th. Twins have 2nd and 3rd with none out - Rondell White at bat.
2006-04-15 19:43:47
115.   D4P
Yes, but so was Dave Ross.
2006-04-15 19:44:36
116.   Marty
Martin is/will be my favorite Dodger. Let's get him up to the bigs!
2006-04-15 19:46:39
117.   MSarg29
Rivera strikes out White and Hunter.

Then Morneau hits a broken bat looper past Cano to win the game.

2006-04-15 19:47:27
118.   D4P
So, why should Lofton get more PAs than Cruz...?
2006-04-15 19:47:49
119.   MSarg29
Now the Dodgers are on comcast.
2006-04-15 19:49:58
120.   scareduck
116 - Martin's hitting .348 for Vegas, but 0-1 in today's game.
2006-04-15 19:51:12
121.   scareduck
In Sacto, Oscar Robles grounds out and drives in the first run of the game. 1-0 Las Vegas.
2006-04-15 19:54:33
122.   D4P
Quick, trade him to Pittsburgh!
2006-04-15 19:57:40
123.   scareduck
That actually wasn't a bad throw, but the tag was awful. That "ole" loop cemented it.
2006-04-15 19:58:56
124.   scareduck
In Sacto, with men on the corners, Delwyn Young strikes out. Not a productive out.
2006-04-15 19:59:17
125.   D4P
I don't think it's really worth walking Bonds right now.
2006-04-15 19:59:32
126.   Johnson
Odalis is much less frightening than Kuo on the intentional walk.
2006-04-15 20:01:38
127.   Andrew Shimmin
So, instead of striking out, Delwyn Young actually hit a bases clearing double?
2006-04-15 20:03:05
128.   scareduck
127 - very weird. Gameday said he had struck out a second or two ago, but then I look up and Young's a hero.
2006-04-15 20:04:07
129.   scareduck
Anyway, 3-0 Vegas, middle of the 3rd.
2006-04-15 20:05:43
130.   Andrew Shimmin
128- Has anybody ever seen the way the stringers imput gameday data? I imagine a McDonalds-like picture board, where the strike out key looks a lot like the bases clearing double key.
2006-04-15 20:06:41
131.   scareduck
Now that Kenny Lofton's back, how long before he GIDPs?


2006-04-15 20:07:25
132.   Bob Timmermann
A day in the life of an stringer:

2006-04-15 20:08:20
133.   scareduck
130 - they changed the game data. I think what happened was they had Delwyn Young in the wrong spot in the batting order, and then corrected it.
2006-04-15 20:10:35
134.   scareduck
But Finley was our heart and soul!

Stupid Dodger fans, booing Steve Finley. He's as essential to the team's success as he was two years ago!

2006-04-15 20:12:10
135.   Daniel Zappala
Bob -- Lofton officially exists, now that he has a triple and an RBI.
2006-04-15 20:12:21
136.   MSarg29
That was a nice pitch by Schmidt.
2006-04-15 20:12:35
137.   Johnson
Finley turned Lofton's single into a triple there. That ball was eminently cut-offable.
2006-04-15 20:12:50
138.   Gen3Blue
Gee-this Methany's best defensive quality seems to be harassing the third base ump for unlikely strikes!
2006-04-15 20:13:30
139.   Bob Timmermann
I think I'm going to hide in a room until Kenny Lofton appears before me and asks me to stick my fingers through the holes in his hands.
2006-04-15 20:13:34
140.   Gen3Blue
Finley is 41 years old or close--what do you want.
2006-04-15 20:14:19
141.   D4P
I think you'll have to wait until (at least) tomorrow for that, right?
2006-04-15 20:14:46
142.   Gen3Blue
131 longer than J.D.
2006-04-15 20:15:15
143.   King of the Hobos
Ginter hits a 2 run sac fly. That seems to be an especially productive out (although it wasn't an out, it was an error, so it really was 1 run, but a 2 run sac fly sounds better)
2006-04-15 20:16:21
144.   Daniel Zappala
I can't imagine ever wanting to be a stringer. It would ruin the experience of watching the game, having to keep track of all that stuff in real time. In fact, I would say the same about keeping score, but that would likely get me branded a heretic in these quarters. So forget I mentioned it.
2006-04-15 20:16:31
145.   kegtron
Was that Rob Schneider sitting next to Bonds?
2006-04-15 20:17:56
146.   Johnson
140 I want the Giants to sign the old man to a 2 year, $16M extension, but I'll take what I can get.
2006-04-15 20:20:28
147.   Bob Timmermann
The timeline is unclear, but it would have to be at least a couple of days away.

Perhaps I will go out fishing and Kenny Lofton will appear to me on the other side of the lake and tell me to fish on the other side of the boat so I will catch more.

Lofton will be gone by May 25.

2006-04-15 20:20:56
148.   spacebrother
1-2-3 inning to the visitors. That's something you don't see often at the Ravine these days.
2006-04-15 20:30:54
149.   Andrew Shimmin
Thanks for the gameday stringer article. It's excellent. I was wrong about the McDonalds boards, but I think they have potential.
2006-04-15 20:32:19
150.   kegtron
Do you guys have any idea how much stringers make?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-04-15 20:33:36
151.   scareduck
Hm. Looks like the game in Sacto is tied, 3-3, and the bases are loaded with nobody out in the fourth. Eric Stults is in quite a jam.
2006-04-15 20:36:52
152.   King of the Hobos
A DP and a ground out, Stults got out of the jam cheaply enough, only allowed one run
2006-04-15 20:37:27
153.   Bob Timmermann
I think the stringers make around $50 a game. And they get a free hot dog and a nice seat in the press box.

Failing to get one of those jobs is one of my most bitter disappointments.

Well, not really, although I do think I would be pretty good at the job.

2006-04-15 20:38:52
154.   spacebrother
Is this not the first instance of a Dodger double steal this year? Nice to see.
2006-04-15 20:39:02
155.   scareduck
Giants rookie infielders have a habit of helping the Dodgers within recent memory, c.f. Cody Ransom, October 2, 2004.

Stults gets out of the inning on a GIDP and a groundout, but gives up a run. 4-3 Sacto.

2006-04-15 20:40:59
156.   D4P
Failing to get one of those jobs is one of my most bitter disappointments.

For now, you'll have to settle for scoring at home.

2006-04-15 20:41:52
157.   scareduck
147 - from your keyboard to Colletti's cellphone.
2006-04-15 20:45:29
158.   scareduck
YEAH! Brilliant catches on both sides. Very timely DP.
2006-04-15 20:45:55
159.   MSarg29
what a grab by Loney. That was some dive.
2006-04-15 20:46:17
160.   Johnson
What a play by Loney to catch Odalis' wild throw on the line drive DP. Maybe he should be our catcher instead of Navarro.
2006-04-15 20:53:27
161.   Gen3Blue
Wow Shmidt is almost unhitable; good for Furcal.We're lucky his control is bad.
We should make him throw enough pitches to get him out of there.
2006-04-15 20:53:58
162.   Andrew Shimmin
It's a long time since I actually knew any of this, but I think that Kenny Lofton will reveal himself unto doubting Bob a week from tomorrow.
2006-04-15 20:54:38
163.   Bob Timmermann

For those who may have been confused about my remark about Lofton and May 25, I was using the date of Ascension Thursday to keep the Easter/Resurrection/Doubting Thomas gag going.

When I was a lad, we had to go to church on that day, but that holy day of obligation is no longer obligatory on the West Coast for Catholics.

2006-04-15 21:02:17
164.   Gen3Blue
J.D. is good at drawing the walk with men on base and it is the right thing to do--we got the bull-pen up. A few more pitches and we would have Shmidt out of there, and we can't seem to hit him
2006-04-15 21:03:47
165.   scareduck
In Sacto, Russell Martin loses a pitch, scoring a run. Jeremy Brown singles, also plating one. 6-3 Sacramento, and looking like it could become a blowout with nobody out and a pair on in the Rivercats' half of the fifth.
2006-04-15 21:09:42
166.   Icaros
Horrible at bat for Mueller.
2006-04-15 21:16:07
167.   scareduck
It's officially a bloodbath: 9-3 Sacramento.
2006-04-15 21:17:45
168.   Gen3Blue
That we didn't get into their bull-pen in time may seal our fate.
2006-04-15 21:21:40
169.   kegtron
I hope no one looks at the box score and labels this game a pitchers duel.
2006-04-15 21:24:06
170.   scareduck
169 - sure, between bad pitchers.
2006-04-15 21:25:22
171.   Bob Timmermann
Schmidt missed his career high in walks by one. He walked eight in a game for the Pirates in 1996.

And he won that game!

2006-04-15 21:35:20
172.   Bob Timmermann
So the Dodgers primary setup men now are Takashi Saito and Tim Hamulack?

That can't be a good thing.

2006-04-15 21:36:10
173.   Andrew Shimmin
Sometimes I wonder if Bob exists. I mean, sure, I've seen him, but we might both be figments of Hee Seop Choi's autistic imagination.

OT: What's the deal with Randy Winn? Did he get a magic hat when he moved to SF? At some point he's going to remember that he's Randy Winn, not Ted Williams, yes? It's crazy enough that Jose Cruz is doing what he's doing, but Winn is other-worldly (over 68 games).

2006-04-15 21:37:38
174.   Xeifrank
wonder if teams would still walk Bonds if he went up to the plate to bat right handed. Might be worth a try.
vr, Xei
2006-04-15 21:38:03
175.   Bob Timmermann
It's obvious:

Randy Winn is a changeling.

2006-04-15 21:38:14
176.   scareduck
172 - Apparently Saito is enough to get the top of the Giants' order out tonight.

This is almost certainly not a normal condition.

2006-04-15 21:39:23
177.   King of the Hobos
Has Saito really done anything bad up to this point? Naming him primary setup man may be a mistake, but other than Baez, he seems to have made the fewest mistakes
2006-04-15 21:40:37
178.   Icaros
Perez lowers his ERA to 5.28!
2006-04-15 21:42:27
179.   Xeifrank
178. is that 5.28 factorial?
vr, Xei
2006-04-15 21:43:33
180.   Xeifrank
Please don't bunt.
vr, Xei
2006-04-15 21:44:34
181.   Xeifrank
IBB and then DBP.
vr, Xei
2006-04-15 21:45:00
182.   Andrew Shimmin
Adventures with Google, Changeling edition: a movie (1980) starring George C. Scott; an object of European legends; a vanity press erotic fiction publishing imprint.
2006-04-15 21:45:46
183.   Gen3Blue
Saito is the only one with experience besides Baez.
Gee our hitting seems to have returned from its early season statistical excursion.
2006-04-15 21:47:15
184.   Bob Timmermann
Do factorials only apply to integers?

Not a rhetorical question. I don't know.

2006-04-15 21:47:51
185.   Marty
Any online poker players out there? I'm playing Party Poker right now. Any other that people like?
2006-04-15 21:48:15
186.   Xeifrank
184. Yes... only integers.
vr, Xei
2006-04-15 21:48:28
187.   Bob Timmermann
Randy Winn. Two assists on the night.

He's possessed by a demon.

2006-04-15 21:49:07
188.   King of the Hobos
184 No

2006-04-15 21:49:15
189.   Bob Timmermann

But can't you have non-integers as exponents?

2006-04-15 21:49:28
190.   kegtron
My sister got a new dog and is letting me name it. It looks like a mix between a wiener dog and a golden retriever. It's a male and cries like a little b**. I would like for him to have a baseball name.

Any suggestions?

2006-04-15 21:50:15
191.   Xeifrank
Been on vacation for most of the season so far but would like to comment on the LOB column that FSN puts on the "R H E" line of the scoreboard. I don't like it. Why not put something more meaningful like the longitude of third base. vr, Xei
2006-04-15 21:50:33
192.   Johnson
184 I had to look it up! It appears according to Wikipedia that there is a way to apply factorials to non-integers. So far as I can tell, it looks like for numbers greater than 1, it's basically a smooth function that runs through the easily-defined integer points. It does some kooky stuff for numbers less than 1, though.
2006-04-15 21:51:41
193.   Xeifrank
189. Yes you can... but we digress.
vr, Xei
2006-04-15 21:52:17
194.   Johnson
193 Digress? Here?!?
2006-04-15 21:54:15
195.   Bob Timmermann
According to the calculator on my Mac, 5.28! is around 194 and change.
2006-04-15 21:56:25
196.   Bob Timmermann
Oh look, we won!

What do you know about that?

2006-04-15 21:59:16
197.   xaphor
It was nice!
2006-04-15 21:59:28
198.   Johnson
195 Huh. Cool. My mac will calculate it too! Oh, and the Dodgers won. Now I want the calculator to have an inverse factorial function. Not so much to know what factorial equals 200, but to be able to enter exclamations in Spanish.
2006-04-15 22:01:04
199.   Icaros
LA's offense resembles a wet pillow.
2006-04-15 22:01:16
200.   Nick Iyengar
Gameday is apparently frozen after Bonds' double. What happened?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-04-15 22:01:18
201.   MSarg29
I know I'm going to seem like an old schooler on this board - but I have no idea what you guys are talking about.
2006-04-15 22:03:05
202.   Gen3Blue
Does that include negative integers?
Who cares---we won-- and bless Lofton-he seemed to be the only one who could hit Shmidt.
2006-04-15 22:05:28
203.   Johnson
200 Let's see...Bonds replaced by pinch runner (leaves dugout and doesn't watch end of game), groundout to third, runner stays at 2nd, groundout to first, 3-1 (nice play by Loney AND Baez), runner advances to third, know what? I was thinking about factorials of non-integral numbers and I forgot.
2006-04-15 22:05:54
204.   Bob Timmermann
A factorial is a math function that is written with an !

Usually it's just something like 5!

And it means 1 X 2 X 3 X 4 X 5 = 120

As for ¡, just hit Option + 1

2006-04-15 22:06:31
205.   Gen3Blue
190 J.D.? sorry thats not fair but I coudn't help it
2006-04-15 22:08:08
206.   Bob Timmermann
A whiny dog? How about Jose Guillen? Or Frank Robinson?
2006-04-15 22:09:44
207.   MSarg29
Thanks Bob
2006-04-15 22:12:05
208.   Gen3Blue
I really shoudn't aim hate and scorn at J.D. that is really directed at Boras.

But I did mean it isn't fair to the dog.

2006-04-15 22:12:07
209.   Johnson
204 Well, I was kind of hoping to get the ¡ on the calculator, so you could enter numbers like ¡5318008! and then turn the monitor upside-down. Then again, the regular factorial symbol doesn't print on the calculator screen anyways, so it kind of ruins the joke, but just humor me.
2006-04-15 22:14:25
210.   Gen3Blue
209 what does it use for a factorial symbol--if anything?
2006-04-15 22:14:45
211.   kegtron
I'll find out how scrappy the dog is tomorrow when I visit. That might make naming him a lot easier.
2006-04-15 22:17:12
212.   Bob Timmermann
You can use factorials in real life to figure out the numbers of permutations or combinations of things.

The numbers add up pretty fast. Which is why the chances of hitting the lottery are so remote.

2006-04-15 22:17:33
213.   Linkmeister
211 How about Jason? We need more Jasons. We used up some last year.
2006-04-15 22:18:43
214.   Linkmeister
Kennedy, Lyons, and whoever that third guy is are really overreacting to this win. It's the 12th game of the season, guys, not August.
2006-04-15 22:19:17
215.   Johnson
210 Nothing - it just calculates it. By this, I mean that nothing appears on the "screen" of the calculator. The "button" reads "x!". (Please note that Jon would probably disagree with my usage of a final period in that previous sentence, but to me, it only makes sense.)
2006-04-15 22:20:29
216.   Uncle Miltie
145 I was thinking the exact same thing during the game.

Perez was solid tonight, but I'm worried about his lack of velocity. His hardest fastball was 86 MPH. Saito wasn't a very good pitcher in Japan, so I don't think he'll continue to be this successful. Furcal is looking pretty good. J.D. Drew looks awful. He's been unusually aggressive this year.

2006-04-15 22:21:40
217.   kegtron
I'm thinking Rex Hudler. Name him after a person named after a dog.
2006-04-15 22:25:18
218.   das411
211 - FWIW, the first name that came to mind over here was "Pedro"...

212 - Is that why we haven't broken Tinyurl yet?

2006-04-15 22:26:07
219.   Bob Timmermann
The good people at the Idaho Lottery explain why the chances of hitting the Powerball are around 1 in 146 million.

2006-04-15 22:39:12
220.   kegtron

Ha, good one. Unfortunately, I have an uncle by that name. He'd probably get offended/

2006-04-15 22:40:08
221.   Uncle Miltie
Perez just praised Navarro's pitch calling. I don't think it's a coincidence that Odalis has been pitching better with Navarro behind the plate instead of Alomar.
2006-04-15 22:41:22
222.   kegtron
Hey my post disappeared.

218, good one but I have an uncle by that name. he'd probably get offended.

2006-04-15 22:42:01
223.   kegtron
Ok there it goes. I feel dumb.
2006-04-15 22:45:28
224.   Dodgerthoughts1
I think I was a little nervous for Perez the first 2-3 innings but He settled in nicely good win today, Plus Lofton showed why Colletti went after him. Good job blew crew!!
2006-04-15 22:46:47
225.   Dodgerthoughts1
I have a question, is the great Robert Timm of on weekends or something?
2006-04-15 22:50:00
226.   Steve
The junkballers shall inherit the earth.
2006-04-15 22:50:23
227.   Steve
Which immediately, of course, brings us back to Jeff Weaver.
2006-04-15 22:52:13
228.   Gen3Blue
215 I agree with the logic of that period
which seems to have nothing to do with English style or grammer.

216 I agree about Drew, but I find Furcal a slight dissapointment after defense like Isturiz.( I admit Furcal is a slight up on offense but what was that inning killing double play about.) Period in right place?

2006-04-15 22:57:40
229.   Uncle Miltie
Furcal is a pretty significant upgrade on offense. Right now, he's not hitting like he usually does, but he's still walking a lot and getting on base. The team's lack of power is disturbing.
2006-04-15 23:53:53
230.   Andrew Shimmin
228- Actually, since you needed a question mark, the period was not in the right place, metaphysically speaking.
2006-04-16 00:08:32
231.   Jon Weisman
I can't believe someone put "Dodgerthoughts" in their screen name.
2006-04-16 00:12:28
232.   LAT
Nomar swings--about 75 times

2006-04-16 00:58:25
233.   fordprefect
send in la's finest.
put him away like ruben salazar.
great site. great humour. keep it going.
2006-04-16 07:27:40
234.   Daniel Zappala
Perfect dog name, given the description in 190: Brett Butler.
2006-04-16 08:58:13
235.   thinkingblue
The team's lack of power is disturbing

Well, Drew and Kent haven't got their power swings going yet. Also, if you wan't to talk about disturbing lack of power, talk to the giants, who have only hit 5 home runs all season.

Also, on Drew, he struggled the first part of last season, so I think he'll come around like last year.

On Saito, who cares about Japan if he can pitch here. He has looked very good so far, I really like the deception, and his ability to change speeds. If we can just get one good year from him, I'm fine.

2006-04-16 10:14:20
236.   Jesse
i agree with the comments on jd. an .879 ops through 12 games is unacceptable.
2006-04-16 11:08:01
237.   King of the Hobos
As bad as the Dodgers have been with leaving men on base, the Brewers are trying to do better. Through 3 innings, they have left 8 men on base and have yet to score a run. Bannister is over 80 pitches after 3 innings and has yet to give up a run, trying his hardest to imitate Kaz Ishii.

Does anyone know the most men that were left on base in a 9 inning shut out?

Comment status: comments have been closed. Baseball Toaster is now out of business.