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Thoughts from the Shallow End of the Pool
2006-04-17 09:34
by Jon Weisman

Still refusing to get too up or down after 13 games ...

  • See how quickly we solved last week's imbalance of great Dodger hitting vs. woeful Dodger pitching? Pittsburgh seems so long ago, but it's been all of four days.
  • When we coined the term "smokejumper" here, did we really have Takashi Saito in mind?
  • Spring Training Is Over (Cont.): Ex-Dodger and Mad Marlin of March Reggie Abercrombie is 2 for 21 with two walks, no extra-base hits.
  • The Dodger offense has 56 walks compared to 67 strikeouts. Rafael Furcal is living off walks - 10 of them have boosted his on-base percentage to .362. His slugging percentage is .250.
  • I don't play fantasy baseball for precisely the non-fantasy problem I'm facing tonight: I like Greg Maddux and want to see him do well. Give me a Dodger victory after Maddux is out of the game.
  • The Jose Cruz, Jr. bunt Sunday? No, I didn't like it, either.
  • Combined stolen base statistics of Dodgers and their opponents: 23 for 24.
  • So far, Brad Penny (18 innings, three runs, 12 baserunners, 18 strikeouts) has been everything you want in an ace except going deep in games.
  • The fact that 2006 might not be James Loney's year means nothing for his long-term prospects.
  • I still think this team will get better, but not great, as the season goes on.

    * * *

    Dodger OPS by Position
    P: .248
    C: .825
    1B: .766
    2B: .775
    3B: .990
    SS: .594
    LF: .952
    CF: .854
    RF: 1.097
    PH: .591

    * * *

    Update: More of the fine work of St. Manny, from

    "Manny Mota is like a second father to me," (Placido) Polanco, 29, said. "He not only gave me a scholarship to go to college and to live in the United States, he taught me the game and how to live. He gave me a life scholarship."

  • Comments (102)
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    2006-04-17 10:15:49
    1.   Vishal
    i have always liked greg maddux too. for a while in the 90s i used to DESPISE the braves, and i pretty much every single person on the team... except greg maddux.
    2006-04-17 10:16:15
    2.   Vishal
    *pretty much [hated]
    2006-04-17 10:18:18
    3.   Bob Timmermann
    Did the Dodgers score a bunch of runs against Pittsburgh because they have the worst pitchers or do the Pirates have the worst pitching because they had to face the Dodgers?
    2006-04-17 10:21:29
    4.   Kayaker7
    Are there bad pitches when there is no one there to hit them?
    2006-04-17 10:21:31
    5.   CharlieBrown
    I feel pretty good about the offense, provided health remains about as it is. People are definitely going to get on base. Almost everyone in the lineup--except when Martinez and Alomar play--is an OBP threat. I think the early power problems, though, are troubling. Is it just me or is JD Drew having difficulty lifting the ball out of the infield? He seems to have come down with a case of Shawn Green Disease. And if Jeff Kent is having power problems due to HIS wrist, (boy, I haven't even gotten into the Lost Wrist of Jayson Werth) who is going to hit the ball over the fence?

    On the pitching side: if Seo and Tomko can limit their home runs to solo shots, one per start, we are in heaven. The bullpen seems to walk a lot of guys, though. Pitching looks shakier than hitting.

    2006-04-17 10:23:05
    6.   Vishal
    [5] if pitchers are able to control who hits a home run and in what situation, then why would they be allowing home runs at all?
    2006-04-17 10:30:09
    7.   Jacob L
    I agree with the general sentiment that if we give up fewer home runs and hit more, we'll be great. The only problem with that is that players on our team don't hit that many and the pitchers on our team give up a bunch. Prove me wrong, guys!

    In other news, can we consider the bullpen a strength anymore? It looks pretty average to me.

    2006-04-17 10:31:13
    8.   CharlieBrown
    (6) Well, Curt Schilling, for one, is known (I believe) to pitch differently with men on and nobody on. But I guess maybe I was saying, a little of that, and the luck of, when those guys give up a cookie, perhaps nobody will be on base. Because we know they are going to be taken deep.
    2006-04-17 10:31:59
    9.   Marty
    5 I don't know, the RF's OPS looks pretty good to me.
    2006-04-17 10:32:30
    10.   Jon Weisman
    5 - J.D. Drew has an OPS of .908 and an EQA of .316. His slugging average of .476, while less than ideal, is hardly anemic.

    Shawn Green hasn't had an OPS that high since 2002. At this point, even if you throw out Green's 5 for 35 start this season, there isn't much that's similar between him and Drew.

    I don't understand how Drew is a target for criticism.

    2006-04-17 10:37:11
    11.   Bob Timmermann
    I thought Kenny Lofton was supposed to be a lighting a fire under J.D. Drew?

    If so, is that a real fire or a metaphorical fire?

    2006-04-17 10:37:41
    12.   Steve
    I miss Juan Castro.
    2006-04-17 10:40:34
    13.   Kayaker7
    11 Lofton knows all the best Mexican restaurants?
    2006-04-17 10:45:48
    14.   Daniel Zappala
    13 That might work for our pitchers who need to throw with a little more gas.
    2006-04-17 10:47:45
    15.   DaveP
    Barry Bonds this year reminds me of Mark McGuire's 2001 season. Serious decline due to injury and age (in combination with no more PEDs).
    2006-04-17 11:02:49
    16.   sub4eraplz
    Its a marathon... I think our hot start last year and our cold finish pretty much sums it up."Still refusing to get too up or down after 13 games ..." is probably the best thing to do.
    2006-04-17 11:02:57
    17.   JMEnglish
    Have you guys ever seen Greg Maddux rookie card? He looks like a pitcher from like 1900, and he even looks like he is part asian...its kinda creepy.

    Take care,

    2006-04-17 11:07:54
    18.   DougS
    5 I don't see that Drew's been having a particularly hard time. One might like to have had a couple more homers out of him, but his OPS is good. Didn't see much of yesterday's game, but Saturday, he made pretty good contact on that liner that got Furcal doubled off second. It was rather an unfortunate play.
    2006-04-17 11:09:10
    19.   dsfan
    Always bugged me that it was a fait accompli that James Loney should start this season in Triple-A.

    Placing Loney in Double-A and Choi in Triple-A was the sensible thing to do for several reasons, one of them Nomar's fragility, another Loney's lukewarm track record.

    Being Mr. March means very little -- in spring training, most pitchers are building strength and their breaking pitches are less of a factor.

    From a macro view, the 1B situation was bungled from Double-A up.

    Another half season in Double-A would've been just fine for James Loney, who, IIRC, is about 21 years old.

    And I say this as a Choi doubter in term of Choi's probability of becoming a frontline first baseman.

    2006-04-17 11:10:34
    20.   dsfan
    I'd also keep Izturis as long as possible. Furcal's durability for 2006 should be in serious question.
    2006-04-17 11:18:21
    21.   Jon Weisman
    19 - Pretty good point. Essentially, it doesn't make sense that Choi is gone - even if he was only a stopgap - so that 27-year-old A.J. Zapp can play first base at Jacksonville.
    2006-04-17 11:21:46
    22.   Sam DC
    1. pulitzer prize winners announced today:

    2. nationals hav a new stats page up at, which includes a snazzy looking win probability graph citing tangotiger and THT.

    (I hope these links don't foul anything up; I
    m having tinyurl problems.)

    2006-04-17 11:26:30
    23.   Jon Weisman
    21 - I should add, though, that I think Choi's case is somewhat similar to Milton Bradley's, in that I just don't think the Dodger leadership wanted Choi around as a lightening rod. But again, when you look at the decision as Zapp over Choi ...

    Dodger Thoughts reader Mark is now readying his weaponry. I apologize for the breach.

    2006-04-17 11:26:53
    24.   Jon Weisman
    (Lightning rod, not lightening rod.)
    2006-04-17 11:29:54
    25.   Jacob L
    19, 21 - Not that I completely disagree, but would it make any sense to have Loney repeat AA? He had a good year there. Similarly, Choi has nothing to prove at AAA. At some point, you have to be fair to the player, and I think both players will spend the season where they should (Loney at AAA and Choi on another team).

    AJ Zapp? Really?

    2006-04-17 11:30:22
    26.   Marty
    22 Today is always an interesting time around the office for me. Though, CW around here is no trophies this year.
    2006-04-17 11:38:16
    27.   oldbear
    Since Choi's gone, nothing can be argued either way.

    However, Joel Guzman is playing 1st for Vegas.

    What are the chances that Guzman stays at 1st and Loney is optioned to Jacksonville to play 1st for another season?

    I'm still surprised James Loney got the call up instead of Joel Guzman. I know Loney's a better 1st basemen, but Guzman's a much bigger threat in the lineup.

    2006-04-17 11:39:47
    28.   Jon Weisman
    Clearly, Choi had something to prove to the Dodgers.

    By the way, I don't mind that Loney got this trial with the Dodgers at all. I think it's great for him to get a taste of the bigs, and then go back down and work on things.

    2006-04-17 11:47:05
    29.   Sam DC
    Marty -- No hope for the UFW piece?
    2006-04-17 11:49:33
    30.   blue22
    27 - I guess the thinking was that Saenz would take the RH-side of the 1B platoon while Nomar is out (and rightfully so - Saenz has continued to pound left-handed pitching), leaving Loney in the proverbial "position to succeed" by facing righties only.
    2006-04-17 11:50:14
    31.   Bob Timmermann
    Plaschke for commentary? Or maybe Simers?
    2006-04-17 11:50:17
    32.   Marty
    Some hope, but I think that's in the investigative category up against the Post' Abramoff series. Feeling from some I've talked to is that Abramoff is a stronger candidate. I could have the categories all mixed up though.
    2006-04-17 11:51:24
    33.   Bob Timmermann
    Hitting "submit" too soon, I mean the piece on poor Irving Zeiger having to move his ticket from right next to the dugout to further up, made me weep.

    I hadn't felt emotion like that since I don't know when.

    2006-04-17 11:52:08
    34.   Sam DC
    No love for the Washington Post thing I linked. C'mon -- they use the word "sabermetrics" right there in the (online) newspaper. That's progress!
    2006-04-17 11:52:53
    35.   Bob Timmermann
    I'll link it for you Sam.
    2006-04-17 11:54:04
    36.   Sam DC
    I love the idea of a "lightening rod" by the way. Lot of promise there.
    2006-04-17 11:55:39
    37.   Jon Weisman
    More of the work of St. Manny:
    2006-04-17 11:55:40
    38.   Marty
    Is it safe for Sopranos talk? I thought last night's episode was outstanding.
    2006-04-17 11:59:26
    39.   Bob Timmermann
    Yeah, I never would have thought that Tony Soprano worked for the Hanso Foundation.
    2006-04-17 12:02:29
    40.   Jon Weisman
    38 - Yes, it's safe.
    2006-04-17 12:02:58
    41.   Marty
    imes-Picayune of New Orleans and The Sun Herald of Gulfport, Miss., share Pulitzer public service prize

    NEW YORK (AP) — Susan Schmidt, James V. Grimaldi and R. Jeffrey Smith of The Washington Post have won the Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting for coverage of the Jack Abramoff scandal.

    2006-04-17 12:04:16
    42.   Linkmeister
    23 Have I missed something? Why would Choi be considered a lightning rod to Dodgers mgmt? His association with DePodesta?
    2006-04-17 12:04:16
    43.   Marty
    It's the Post' year. So far 3 Pulitzers
    2006-04-17 12:06:46
    44.   Sam DC
    Hard to argue with the Gulf papers getting their due.
    2006-04-17 12:08:43
    45.   Linkmeister
    41 The heck with a Pulitzer; The Times-Picayune should win a Nobel for its work at during the aftermath of Katrina. I was glued to that site.
    2006-04-17 12:09:29
    46.   Daniel Zappala
    I hereby pronounce February 18 the feast day for St. Manny Mota.
    2006-04-17 12:14:52
    47.   Sam DC
    For Jon, an excerpt of a Michael Wilbon comment today about rumours that UMD atheletic director Debbie Yow is being considered by Stanford: "Wilbon: I've always thought Stanford has the best combination of academics and sports in America."
    2006-04-17 12:16:40
    48.   Bob Timmermann

    I always thought it was Arizona State?

    2006-04-17 12:18:55
    49.   Jon Weisman
    47 - Anyone have the Sears Cup standings? (Do they still have the Sears Cup?) We used to win that every year, but I get the feeling this might not be our year.
    2006-04-17 12:21:13
    50.   Bob Timmermann
    It's the Directors Cup now.

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2006-04-17 12:27:49
    51.   Bill Crain
    You guys have in your own conference the only Heisman Trophy winner ever found not guilty of a double homicide and you still think the argument is between Stanford and UCLA? Come on.
    2006-04-17 12:32:10
    52.   Johnson
    36 The real stumper is: if you rub a tabby with a lightening rod does it change color, or are you just burnishing the cat?
    2006-04-17 12:34:31
    53.   Vishal
    that new washington post feature is excellent. hopefully other papers will begin following suit. though of course the LAT would probably be the last major paper to do something like that.
    2006-04-17 12:35:25
    54.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    48 - I resemble that remark.
    2006-04-17 12:39:33
    55.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    Jon, you mention Furcal's power problems.
    Did I see over the weekend that his bad hand/knuckle has yet to be X-rayed?
    2006-04-17 12:41:31
    56.   bigcpa
    Hey folks- back from 5 days up north. Caught one Giants game at AT&T and watched a lot of A's on FSN Bay Area. Bradley looks great- appears to be the most popular guy in the dugout.

    As for the locals- Dodgers lead the NL in OBP, so I'm not concerned at all about the LOB's. The pythag record is 7-6 which is fine given the slow starts of Lowe and Kent. This team needs Aybar and Broxton in a big way and needs Martinez and Carter jettisoned in a big way.

    2006-04-17 12:52:23
    57.   blue22
    56 - On the roster suggestions...has Carter really been that bad? He's been better than Osoria, and probably on par with Kuo and Hamulack. I'd be for replacing Hamulack or Osoria with Broxton.

    And Martinez unfortunately still gets a roster spot due to his ability (perceived or otherwise) to play short. Apparently Aybar "can't" play short to backup Furcal.

    But I'm with ya in spirit on these suggestions.

    2006-04-17 12:56:13
    58.   GoBears
    In more "it's still early, folks" news, Manny Ramirez still has zero extra-base hits this season. He's 11-46, all singles, plus nine walks. No 'roids talk or injury talk around Manny.

    So, uh, I'm pretty sure we don't know anything yet. I'd prefer a moratorium on 2006 stats for another 4-6 weeks, even with the "small sample size, but..." caveat.

    2006-04-17 12:57:10
    59.   bigcpa
    57 Carter is a mop-up guy and the last guy I trust in a close game. Unfortunately Little disagrees with this notion, and we have 2 painful 1-run losses to show for it. The frustrating thing with Carter is his veteran tag which makes him difficult to send down or cut. I'm fine with flipping Osoria to AAA for Broxton if that moves Carter down the depth chart. Broxton has 8k, 0bb in 4ip. Free Broxton!
    2006-04-17 12:58:10
    60.   Jon Weisman
    55 - No doubt Furcal is playing hurt. As usual, the Dodgers are okay with this. As usual, I'm not so sure.

    56 - I'm not concerned about the LOBs, either. I also recognize that some players are starting slow - the problem is that Repko/Ross/Alomar will fall back ... Mueller too.

    2006-04-17 12:59:54
    61.   Jon Weisman
    59 - Well, Carter has already been demoted in the pecking order for Kuo and Saito, so he's being trusted less.
    2006-04-17 13:00:18
    62.   Bob Timmermann
    Ramirez drilled a couple of balls off the Green Monster today that would have been home runs anywhere else, so I doubt he's going to drop off that much.

    Ortiz hit two home runs and missed a third when Ichiro caught his fly ball against the bullpen wall in RF.

    Meanwhile Carl Everett hit the shortest home run possible in the majors when he homered off the Pesky Pole in RF.

    2006-04-17 13:01:58
    63.   dsfan
    Jon, I agree that Milton would've been a lightning rod but don't see Choi as a parallel there, although I am mindful of how Choi was depicted in the LAT. Giving Ned a bit of credibility, I think any "Depo" stigma is a bit of a reach. I would even think Choi has some marketing value to the large Korean-American market, but I'm drifting here. I'm not pining for Choi, just thought the depth was prematurely eroded at 1B from Double-A to the parent club.

    As for Loney getting a few weeks in the majors, I, too, see that as a good thing.

    2006-04-17 13:03:08
    64.   D4P
    Meanwhile Carl Everett hit the shortest home run possible in the majors when he homered off the Pesky Pole in RF.

    Excluding inside-the-parkers, of course.

    2006-04-17 13:05:44
    65.   blue22
    59 - I'm for immediately replacing either Osoria or Hamulack (pick your poison) with Broxton.

    In a few weeks, either Seo or Tomko may have pitched themselves out of the rotation, to be replaced by Billingsley. Seo or Tomko takes Carter's place as the long guy, and Carter is DFA'd.

    A kid can dream, can't he...

    60 - Add Jose Cruz to the "fall back" list.

    2006-04-17 13:07:19
    66.   Bob Timmermann

    Well, it stayed in the park!

    2006-04-17 13:09:00
    67.   Jon Weisman
    64 - Shortest home run ever was hit by Englebert off the Yankees. This memory was brought to you by Chico's Bail Bonds.
    2006-04-17 13:11:16
    68.   Howard Fox
    Thoughts about yesterday's game...

    I am having a bad feeling about Grady Little….I know it is early and I should give him a chance…but for some strange reason, I don't have any more confidence in him than I did in Jim Tracy.

    Why bat for Loney last night with Ledee and put Saenz at first defensively in the 7th slot. If we were just going to hit Bonds to start the next inning and do a double switch, why not put Ledee at first for all of 2 pitches? (Actually, why bat for Loney at all? but that is a another story)

    Alomar leads off the 8th instead of Saenz, after the double switch?

    We wasted our bench and were down to our last batter (Repko) in the on-deck circle in the ninth.

    I don't get it.

    I too am perplexed over the Cruz bunt thing...our #5 hitter bunting?

    2006-04-17 13:11:48
    69.   GoBears
    62. Exactly. My point is that we should all expect Manny to be just fine, that we should read nothing into his "slow start" other than that he's had a slow start.

    Far from meaning to accuse him of hiding an injury or coming off the juice (I realize that my wording was open to interpretation), what I meant was to use him as an example of a perfectly healthy slugger having a brief power outage. It annoys me that any time we see a guy struggling who has hit HRs in the past we (some of us) immediately jump to steroids as the explanation. Manny's dopey, but no one has ever suggested he's doped up. And if he can go 12-13 games without even a double, then I'd say that the court of public opinion out to suspend judgment for a while.

    Let's reconvene the jury in June and see what the numbers look like then.

    2006-04-17 13:13:47
    70.   Marty
    Last year it was our #3 hitter bunting, so we are improving!
    2006-04-17 13:16:55
    71.   MartinBillingsley31
    *I'm for immediately replacing either Osoria or Hamulack (pick your poison) with Broxton.

    In a few weeks, either Seo or Tomko may have pitched themselves out of the rotation, to be replaced by Billingsley. Seo or Tomko takes Carter's place as the long guy, and Carter is DFA'd.*

    Exactly, i'm all for that.
    I'm not a fan of the lefty specialist, so hamulack can go, and the other one between carter and osoria.
    Then when gagne returns the other one goes.

    2006-04-17 13:19:51
    72.   Vishal
    [68] maybe little thinks the veteran ledee would be more likely to at least get a sacrifice fly or clutch base hit, and he didn't want to put that kinda pressure on loney. it was only 2-0 with the bases loaded and 1 out in the 7th, so arguably the game was on the line there.
    2006-04-17 13:20:04
    73.   blue22
    Alou had Durham bunt until he struck out with runners on 1st and 2nd and nobody out on Friday night.

    What does that say if Durham isn't trusted to swing away in that situation, but is still hitting behind Bonds?

    I'm asking, because I really have no idea...

    2006-04-17 13:21:17
    74.   Humma Kavula
    71 I was out of commission most of the weekend, so... what's the opinion on going with 6 outfielders? Would you rather have Cody Ross's bat or one more pitcher?
    2006-04-17 13:23:45
    75.   thinkblue0

    If Gagne ever returns. I'm going to get hammered for this, but I'd end the Gagne era after this season....

    2006-04-17 13:26:20
    76.   MartinBillingsley31

    I was out of commission most of the weekend, so... what's the opinion on going with 6 outfielders? Would you rather have Cody Ross's bat or one more pitcher?

    With the lack of good pitching, i'd keep ross.
    Why keep an extra junk pitcher.

    2006-04-17 13:26:52
    77.   blue22
    75 - I'm going to get hammered for this, but I'd end the Gagne era after this season....

    This is probably the last place you would get hammered for saying that.

    2006-04-17 13:27:22
    78.   MartinBillingsley31

    If Gagne ever returns. I'm going to get hammered for this, but I'd end the Gagne era after this season....

    I'm open to that, but its a wait and see thing for me.

    2006-04-17 13:28:41
    79.   Jon Weisman
    75, 77 - I see absolutely zero reason to have an opinion on this subject right now. We're going to have so much more information on Gagne before that decision needs to be made.
    2006-04-17 13:32:05
    80.   MartinBillingsley31
    So i see some of you open to the idea of tomko in the pen when billingsley is ready.
    I'd like to give seo a chance in the rotation.
    2006-04-17 13:33:35
    81.   Jon Weisman
    79 - I suppose it's fair to guess that in 2007, Gagne won't be worth the team option of $12 million, but we're still so far away from knowing what the team budget will be and whether Gagne can capture any of his old form, I just don't see any value in making the guess.
    2006-04-17 13:35:40
    82.   kngoworld
    Any DodgerThought readers planing on attending tonights game to see Maddux?

    38 - Best sopranos episode of this early season

    2006-04-17 13:40:21
    83.   Kayaker7
    81 Other than just having some fun speculating. ;-)
    2006-04-17 13:41:06
    84.   blue22
    81 - My point was that the regulars here seem to think a little more rationally along those lines, as opposed to other blogs/message boards/radio shows.

    The devil's in the details, but I wouldn't consider it blasphemy to think that the Dodgers would be wise to let Gagne walk after this year.

    2006-04-17 13:42:15
    85.   Kayaker7
    82 In a fit of anger, over Depo's firing, I publicly declared, I think on this board, that I would not be going to a Dodger game this year. Although I'm not so mad anymore, I feel kinda sheepish about going back on my word.
    2006-04-17 13:46:06
    86.   Jon Weisman
    84 - Certainly, I like to think we're a rational bunch. I think that letting Gagne go would have been considered blasphemy by the mainstream last year. I think now, when doubt about Gagne is rampant, that there are quite a few typical baseball fans that would question handing Gagne $12 million for 2007 if you asked them tonight.

    Tell you what: I'll ask my Dad tonight.

    2006-04-17 13:46:30
    87.   MartinBillingsley31
    I'm kinda going off topic but i looked at the free agent market for this coming offseason and the only free agent i'm interested in is zito.
    And with all the position prospects coming up, the dodgers need to shore up their pitching for next year, and kinda rely on pitching because the rookie position players will struggle a little.
    2 of the above in the pen with broxton and kuo and a couple other relievers.

    Its too early to speculate but the free agent market coming up is thin again, another reason i don't want ned to panic and trade away top prospects.

    2006-04-17 13:48:56
    88.   thinkblue0

    the reason I'm making a guess is just based off what's transpired. TJ surgery, another surgery, now ANOTHER surgery. I just can't, under any circumstances, justify paying a closer 10-12 mill when that has happened.

    Hopefully we can decline his option, and sign him to a nice base salary with incentives. If he dominates in '07 again, then re-visit the long term deal. But, even if Gagne DOES come back, I'd just feel more comfortable with keeping Baez and spending the rest somewhere else than give a closer with a questionable arm 12 mill....

    2006-04-17 13:55:56
    89.   blue22
    88 - It's funny I was thinking the same thing - that this injury might make him more attractive to LA, since the market doesn't figure to be as hot for him.

    If he isn't able to sign a long term deal somewhere, he may very well end up back in LA as you say.

    That's the silver lining in this injury. It's almost impossible to fathom Colletti ripping up Gagne's option and signing him to a Wagner/Ryan deal now. I saw that as a distinct possibility if Gagne had come back with a healthy, 40-save season.

    2006-04-17 13:58:37
    90.   blue22
    86 - I'll ask my Dad tonight.

    What's been Dad's opinion on Gagne regarding contract extensions, pre-injury (this recent one, at least)?

    2006-04-17 13:58:42
    91.   Kayaker7
    89 Coletti doesn't like Gagne because he is too young. ;-)
    2006-04-17 13:59:54
    92.   Jon Weisman
    88 - As I've said earlier, I understand your logic.
    2006-04-17 14:02:24
    93.   Jon Weisman
    89 - Gagne has shown the kind of personality to be easily insulted. I think if the Dodgers don't pick up Gagne's option, he's gone no matter what the team offers.

    90 - I'd guess that before Gagne got hurt, my Dad was in favor of any extension for him.

    2006-04-17 14:02:33
    94.   thinkblue0

    same here. And since we're a big market team, we can afford to spend 10 mill or so on a closer. Still...with all the injuries, I'd just rather keep Baez and be able to spend that extra money elsewhere.

    Also, I was just thinking about our CF situation and I was wondering: Drew can play CF, WANTS to play CF and Cruz can play either corner spot. So, why didn't we just put Drew in CF, Cruz in a corner, and just go get another corner outfielder be it through FA or trade? I'd much rather have Reggie Sanders are someone like that in the lineup than Lofton.

    I dunno. Maybe I'm just be over-pessimistic right now (losing to the Giants will do that to me) but I just think Ned really dropped the ball when it came to first base and CF. I'm not ragging on him just for the sake of doing it because I actually like his other moves. I love the Mueller move, don't think Tomko was as bad as most think etc etc....just feel that he could have handled those two situations better.

    One thing is for sure, we're gonna need another HR threat in this lineup if we want to get into the playoffs and do some damage.

    2006-04-17 14:07:23
    95.   Uncle Miltie
    I'm going to the game tonight. I love watching Maddux pitch. Unfortunately, Tomko is pitching for the Dodgers. Derrek Lee will hit at least one home run tonight. I'm guessing that Lucille II is going to be starting at second base tonight. I'm hoping that the Dodgers will call up Aybar soon. Anyone know how he's doing in the minors?

    87- I definitely don't want Zito. He's a pretty good innings eater, but isn't an ace. Zito will likely command $15 million a year. I'd rather let the Mets pay him that kind of money.

    2006-04-17 14:07:38
    96.   Kayaker7
    93 That was in the 'roid-rage days. He's not like that anymore.

    Just kidding...

    2006-04-17 14:20:27
    97.   MartinBillingsley31
    I definitely don't want Zito. He's a pretty good innings eater, but isn't an ace. Zito will likely command $15 million a year.

    If he's gonna get that kind of money then i agree.
    I was thinking about 9 million per year.

    2006-04-17 14:23:48
    98.   MartinBillingsley31

    oops, that was supose to say 9-11 million per year.

    2006-04-17 14:25:45
    99.   Johnson
    95 I'm hoping that the Dodgers will call up Aybar soon. Anyone know how he's doing in the minors?

    Looks like he's hitting the snot out of the ball: .400/.457.700. His 3 home runs, 13 RBIs and 28 total bases lead the club, and he's got 5 BBs to match his 5 Ks in 40 ABs. So far, so good. I guess the only reason not to call him up is to keep him from wasting away on the bench.

    2006-04-17 14:40:26
    100.   King of the Hobos
    The Billingsley game was rescheduled for today as part of a double header. The first will
    (supposedly) be on, so hope the first game is Billingsley's (Houlton figures to get the other start). Unfortunately for me, I have class starting at the exact same time as the game, but I hope someone can catch it and give reports on Billingsley
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2006-04-17 15:01:28
    101.   sanchez101
    99. Aybar has been playing 3B this season, and he's not moving Bill Mueller anytime soon. The upside is that when/if Mueller gets injured, the fall back option is pretty nice.
    2006-04-17 15:15:49
    102.   oldbear
    I'm hoping that the Dodgers will call up Aybar soon.

    Its too bad Kent wont move to 1st base bc I think there's an almost certainty that Willy Aybar can outproduce James Loney at this point.

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