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Kent Beaning Sends Ross Out of Town
2006-04-17 17:40
by Jon Weisman

Jeff Kent's absence from tonight's game has forced the Dodgers' infield-deficient hand, and they have designated Cody Ross for assignment to call up Oscar Robles to play second base.

Ross, who can only remain a Dodger if no team trades for him or claims him on waivers, may hold the record for fastest departure after a game with seven RBI or more.

Babe Ruth remained in baseball for eight days after his three-homer, six-RBI game for the Boston Braves. Don't know if anything has ever topped - or bottomed - that.

Robles, who will start and bat seventh tonight, has been called up for his defense. After a rookie season that was productive only in the absence of any competition in 2005, Robles is OPSing .627 in Las Vegas. He is 8 for 32 with two doubles and three walks. Willy Aybar, who has shuttled between second base and third in his career, is OPSing 1.157: 16 for 40 with three doubles, three homers and five walks.

The Dodgers have also essentially given up on James Loney for the time being. Olmedo Saenz, who really can't hit right-handed pitchers at all (he has an OPS just above .700 against them since 2003), is starting at first base tonight against Greg Maddux and batting fifth.

If I find out that Saenz has been given this primo spot in the order because of his career .333 average against Maddux, I will ache like a helicopter ride after eating funnel cake. He's 1 for 3.

* * *

Tonight's Game

Comments (337)
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2006-04-17 18:08:00
1.   Marty
For the record, I love funnel cake.
2006-04-17 18:15:35
2.   Sam DC
1 for 3. "Bingo! Case closed."
2006-04-17 18:15:49
3.   Bob Timmermann
And Jon will die as he lived, wearing a green shirt, a catcher's mask, and dancing the can can.
2006-04-17 18:22:23
4.   natepurcell
losing a player for nothing seems to be the M.O of the colletti regime.
2006-04-17 18:23:29
5.   Sam DC
4 Jim Bowden for AGM! He's mastered the art, you know.
2006-04-17 18:27:12
6.   Jon Weisman
3 - Bob truly knows the way to my heart.
2006-04-17 18:31:16
7.   Vishal
funnel cake after a helicopter ride hurts?
2006-04-17 18:33:35
8.   Jon Weisman
7 - I should have said "helicopter ride after funnel cake."
2006-04-17 18:34:30
9.   Vishal
[8] ah yes. there's a reason why we always get the funnel cake on the way OUT of magic mountain :)
2006-04-17 18:36:33
10.   grandcosmo
But Charlie Steiner said that Ross secured his roster spot with that game!
2006-04-17 18:36:36
11.   Andrew Shimmin
Is JtD's name really pronounced Joe-ell? Like Superman, with a lisp?
2006-04-17 18:38:38
12.   Bob Timmermann
Only if Verne Lundquist is forced to say it that way.
2006-04-17 18:40:48
14.   D4P
Lucille II made the roster as a proven veteran who could play multiple infield positions (and the outfield!). Robles, presumably inferior, was sent to AAA.

Now that Lucille's alleged utility-ness could actually be of use (by filling him in temporarily at 2B for Kent), all of a sudden the presumably inferior Robles is being called up and given the start over Lucille.

Makes sense to me...

2006-04-17 18:41:21
15.   grandcosmo
The Truth Detecter has spoken.
2006-04-17 18:44:17
16.   gpellamjr
13 You are definitely preaching to the saved here, but I don't know how many misused "whom"s I can stand in one post. "Whom" is used for the relative pronoun in the objective case, that is when it is NOT the subject of the relative clause or interrogative sentence.
2006-04-17 18:45:48
17.   Vishal
haha, which baseball fans ARE "the most intelligent lot" then, i wonder.
2006-04-17 18:47:08
18.   Bob Timmermann
I think we have a few SCIAC baseball players in our midst. I think they may be among the most intelligent lot.
2006-04-17 18:47:14
19.   grandcosmo
17. Its whom are the most intelligent fans not which.
2006-04-17 18:47:43
20.   Vishal
[16] i thought about saying something about his whoms, but pointing out his grammatical flaws after he went to all the effort of belittling our intelligence just didn't seem fair.
2006-04-17 18:49:02
21.   Vishal
[19] hahahah, now THAT was a missed opportunity.
2006-04-17 18:49:05
22.   grandcosmo
He's the Truth Detector not the Grammar Detector.
2006-04-17 18:49:29
23.   Paul B
Wow, Jon. That was kind of a depressing update: Kent, out; Robles over Aybar; Olmedo in the lineup against a RHP; Ross possibly gone. (OK, don't really care about Ross that much, but losing another player for nothing just seems lame.)

Well, don't know if this was mentioned before, but here's something to lighten the mood. Another feather in the cap of the Dodger medical staff:

"Jayson Werth will be examined Monday by Dr. Noman Zemel, who will attempt to determine why Werth still has extreme pain in the wrist that Zemel surgically repaired in November. One theory to be explored is that scar tissue might have grown into the joint. Werth said swinging a bat is just as painful five months after the surgery as it was before."

Ah, our old friend "scar tissue."

Can't wait to see what happens with Furcal's finger.

2006-04-17 18:51:29
24.   gvette
Who has time for proper grammar when you are a "Truth Detector".

Does x-ray vision come with that, or am I confusing this with other superpowers?

2006-04-17 18:52:21
25.   Icaros
I think a good way to remember when to use "whom" is that it's usually only used when immediately followed by a pronoun.


2006-04-17 18:53:00
26.   grandcosmo
He knows only the truth not proper grammar.
2006-04-17 18:54:02
27.   Bob Timmermann
Whom knows?
2006-04-17 18:55:05
28.   Paul B
Him knows, apparently.
2006-04-17 18:55:34
29.   Icaros
Do owls know when to say "whom"?
2006-04-17 18:56:50
30.   D4P
Whom's to say?
2006-04-17 18:58:15
31.   Icaros
My favorite book is titled "Whom's Who in Poetry."
2006-04-17 18:58:29
32.   overkill94
23 Well, if there was actual interest in Ross during spring training, going 7-14 with 2 homers in limited duty can't hurt. I'd think someone like the Marlins or Royals would be wise to take a flyer on him and would only have to give up a low-A prospect to get him.
2006-04-17 18:59:13
33.   Linkmeister
Taking this further into absurdity, as I recall Fangorn aka Treebeard used to mutter "Hoom, hoom."
2006-04-17 18:59:17
34.   Sam DC
The Shadow knows.
2006-04-17 18:59:19
35.   Curtis Lowe
Whom's on first?

No Whom's on second Who's on first?

2006-04-17 18:59:47
36.   Granfallooner
I'm a funnel cake detector. Whom's been eating in here?
2006-04-17 19:00:14
37.   gpellamjr
25- "whom" is a pronoun. It's used in any case the a relative or interrogative pronoun is called for that is not in the nominative case (i.e., is not the subject of the sentence or clause). Oh man! I follow baseball to get away from school. Sorry guys, this will never happen again.
2006-04-17 19:01:47
38.   Andrew Shimmin
Any minute now, The police officer from Monty Python is going to come by and lock the unintelligent lot of you up.
2006-04-17 19:02:04
39.   Bob Timmermann
Giants score a pair in the first in Arizona, but none of the runs come on homers.
2006-04-17 19:03:43
40.   Bob Timmermann
Jeff Fassero, part of the Giants corps(e) of bad pitchers who seemingly still can get people out, is starting tonight.
2006-04-17 19:04:17
41.   Icaros

But seriously, "whom" is almost always followed by a pronoun, is it not?

That's what I used to teach, anyway.

2006-04-17 19:04:32
42.   Granfallooner
What about Jon's Aybar comment? That makes some sense. Unlike signing LucilleII (can someone explain the moniker, please?). And can the truth detector or gpellamjr tell me whether or not that poctuation (?).) made sense? Or that last bit?
2006-04-17 19:06:04
43.   Granfallooner
Whom is the objective case pronoun. Like me when you don't know who me is.
2006-04-17 19:06:04
44.   Bob Timmermann
Lucille II is a reference from "Arrested Development" and if you hadn't watched the show, we could go into a long explanation that likely won't sound funny.
2006-04-17 19:06:34
45.   Granfallooner
Sorry , I think that's whom me is.
2006-04-17 19:07:55
46.   GoBears
Transplanted from the other thread. I hadn't realized that Jon had provided a new one:

Wow. This Ross for Robles swap is unbelievable, unless there's a trade in the works (and probably, even then). Colletti really does seem to make the worst choice possible every chance he gets. Most of these decisions have been of minor importance, but they do not bode well for the bigger decisions down the line. Lofton over any decent corner OFer with power, Repko over Ross, Robles over Aybar, Loney (at this stage) over Choi. The evidence is really piling up.

The only theme that I see is that he might be consistently choosing the one he perceives as the better defensive player (and maybe the faster player). Most of us would argue that he's wrong on the Ross/Repko defensive comparison, and maybe even on the Robles/Aybar comparison (and certainly on the Alomar Jr./anyone choice). But by reputation alone, he does seem to have chosen perceived defense over offense every time. Remember, he did say that he would emphasize speed and defense. He apparently meant it.

Still, not good when you have the wrong decision rule, and then can't even apply it correctly.

2006-04-17 19:08:18
47.   Granfallooner
Thanks, Bob. I feel priveleged that I still get to watch every episode of that. You all seem very impressed with the show. Hmm.
2006-04-17 19:08:46
48.   Icaros
It's pretty clear that a number of Dodger Thoughts commentors just can't handle the truth.
2006-04-17 19:09:17
49.   sanchez101
Billingsley is taken out of the 6th inning (after 102 pitches):

5 1/3 IP 3h 3bb 8k 2gb 6fb runner on 1st

his era currently stands at 2.35

2006-04-17 19:10:42
50.   sanchez101
i think the truth detector is an agent for the colbert report
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-04-17 19:12:24
51.   sanchez101
natuarally l.gonzalez allows the barton to score, billingsley's era now stands at 2.93
2006-04-17 19:13:40
52.   Paul B
Just to continue on the health issue. From

"Rafael Furcal, who has played with a jammed middle finger on his left hand suffered while stealing a base Opening Day, said he grips a bat at 50 percent strength with that hand and it bothers him mostly batting left-handed. Furcal said the middle knuckle is still painful, but he has not had an X-ray taken."'re paying a guy 9 million and you won't spring for a $75 dollar X-ray, all the while risking who knows what? Seriously, as has been touched on before, this is one more data point in a very distressing trend.

2006-04-17 19:14:01
53.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm surprised people are upset by the Ross dump. If something can be gotten for him, instead of just dumping him, fine, but it's not clear that he'd be worth anything this year. If Colletti had demoted Repko, to keep Ross, that would have been alright, too. But keeping them both is like keeping Martinez and Robles. Bad example. . .
2006-04-17 19:14:56
54.   Bob Timmermann
Ahh, that didn't take long.
2006-04-17 19:15:15
55.   MartinBillingsley31
Remember, he did say that he would emphasize speed and defense. He apparently meant it.

Yep, and that makes me nervous.
It also could be a clue to our position prospects.
Can we conclude that out of our top position prospects guzman and aybar would be the first to go in a trade (if any get traded).

2006-04-17 19:15:22
Tomko ####'s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-04-17 19:15:39
57.   Icaros
Good thinking by Tomko to give up that HR when no one was on base.
2006-04-17 19:16:35
58.   Sam DC
At least he was careful to get that homer out of the way when no one was on base. Phew.
2006-04-17 19:17:08
Tomko is not a smart pitcher is he???
2006-04-17 19:17:23
60.   Sam DC
And that joke was funnier when made by whom?
2006-04-17 19:18:14
61.   capdodger
56 Don't you mean "Tomko ####s"?
2006-04-17 19:19:07
62.   Icaros

I would think that you'd have beat me, Sam, since you're three hours ahead of me in time.

2006-04-17 19:19:19
what do you guys think our boys will do against Maddux?
2006-04-17 19:19:50
64.   sanchez101
53. your right, but, i think the concern is that Colletti seems to be hemorraging useful young players when they have little to no trade value. A.Perez, Choi and now Ross have all left for basically nothing becuase none of them have gotten enough playing time in the majors to have serious trade value to other teams. you might be able to throw schmoll and milton bradley into that group. Its just a disturbing trend, one of these days he's going to let a good mlb player slip through becuase of his commitment to mediocre veterans. This is probably the biggest contrast between depodesta and colletti.
2006-04-17 19:20:07
65.   oldbear
Tomko will be here in 2007. Good Times.
2006-04-17 19:20:39
66.   Bob Timmermann
4-0 Giants after an RBI double by "That Man Again", Randy Winn, compounded by an error from "Old Friend" Shawn Green.
2006-04-17 19:21:04
67.   capdodger
3 H 1 BB 0 R
2006-04-17 19:21:06
68.   Icaros

Ground out a lot.

2006-04-17 19:22:46
69.   Andrew Shimmin
64- I'd add Jason Phillips to that list (grudgingly). I don't like the trend, either, but I'm not sure the Ross plot point belongs on the graph.
2006-04-17 19:23:00
70.   sanchez101
id put the over/under on dp's at 2
2006-04-17 19:24:16
71.   Icaros
One team bats Lance Niekro third, another has Jose Cruz, Jr.

Whom wins?

2006-04-17 19:24:52
72.   capdodger
Wasn't Jason Phillips released by some middling NL Central team?
2006-04-17 19:24:53
73.   CanuckDodger
11 -- Yes, Guzman's second name is pronounced "Jo-ell" (his first name is Irvin, but he goes by his middle name, like a lot of people do). That is the standard pronunciation of the name in Hispanic countries. The Mariners' Puerto Rican pitcher Joel Pineiro's first name is pronounced the same way.
2006-04-17 19:24:55
74.   sanchez101
69. your right, Ross could still be traded. I just hope he didnt/wont let a franscico liriano or david ortiz slip through. I dont think any of the players he's let go will really make us regret it, yet.
2006-04-17 19:25:11
75.   Bob Timmermann
The Giants have Mark Sweeney batting third tonight.
2006-04-17 19:27:12
76.   Andrew Shimmin
73- Thanks.
2006-04-17 19:29:56
77.   Icaros
Times are so desperate that I find myself slightly thrilled to see Nomar hitting 75MPH fastballs for home runs.

I hope those don't count against the nine.

2006-04-17 19:30:12
78.   Andrew Shimmin
Phillips signed with the Blue Jays, and ended up on their AAA team. He's not good, but he'd have made a better backup catcher than Alomar.
2006-04-17 19:30:13
79.   Gen3Blue
I woke up just in time to watch the wizard go to work, and I'll be able to watch some of the game even if we are doing terrible.
It's fascinating to watch Maddox work miracles with very little velocity
BTW, have any writers or statisticians weighed in on Dodger Stadium after the last few years of modification. I heard someone say that it may no longer be as much of a pitchers park.
2006-04-17 19:31:16
80.   natepurcell
this is a bit extreme of me, but if guzman doesnt work a walk by his 75th AB, i will officially lose hope for him and he becomes Prime trade bait for a young player that will be effective at the major league level.
2006-04-17 19:31:30
Can I ask you guys a question? about Maddux?
2006-04-17 19:33:47
82.   capdodger
Hmm... Vin just compared Maddux to the corner librarian.
A corner librarian who can... do...... something.


2006-04-17 19:33:50
83.   natepurcell
Can I ask you guys a question? about Maddux?

if you do, you wont live long enough to know the response.


.... im just kidding, ask away.

2006-04-17 19:36:15
84.   capdodger
Can I ask you guys a question? about Maddux?

Ask your question, or else MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WILL DIE!!

Sorry. Just trying to add some excitement to an otherwise dullish sort of game.

2006-04-17 19:36:43
85.   Icaros

I'm on board with that. We don't need Joel Francouer.

2006-04-17 19:36:43
86.   Sam DC
Randy Winn w/the bases clearing triple in AZ. 7-0.
2006-04-17 19:37:04
It's a simple question natepurcell WHAT WAS PAUL LODUCAS AVG. AGAINST MADDUX??
2006-04-17 19:37:13
88.   Andrew Shimmin
Tomko sure can throw a pitchout. It's a plus pitch for him.
2006-04-17 19:38:19
89.   sanchez101
uh oh, cedeno just got himself benched for a week, Neifi wouldntve made that mistake!
2006-04-17 19:39:12
90.   Andrew Shimmin
87- Three for ten with a HR and a walk.
2006-04-17 19:39:30
91.   Jon Weisman
For people following this saga from the earlier thread, my Dad said he would have offered pre-injury Gagne an extension of no more than three years at $7 million per year and let him walk if Gagne turned it down.
2006-04-17 19:40:27
92.   natepurcell
my Dad said he would have offered pre-injury Gagne an extension of no more than three years at $7 million per year and let him walk if Gagne turned it down.

The public has spoken!

2006-04-17 19:40:28
93.   D4P
Cycle Alert! Cycle Alert!

Randy Winn has singled, doubled, and tripled in his first 3 ABs.

2006-04-17 19:40:30
94.   sanchez101
87. i dont know, but i do remember Shawn Green having a lot of success against mad dog, almost made you think he was worth $16m.
2006-04-17 19:41:10
95.   Bob Timmermann
Paul Lo Duca is a career 5 for 14 with a home run against Maddux.
2006-04-17 19:41:17
96.   capdodger
89 I believe you misspelled "Neifi!". As an aside, I saw Neifi! play way back when for the Cal Leauge Visalia Oaks. It was a fun name to shout at ole Recreation Park.
2006-04-17 19:41:33
97.   thinkblue0

Jon, your dad is a wise, wise man....

2006-04-17 19:42:04
98.   sanchez101
96. my mistake
2006-04-17 19:42:31
99.   Bob Timmermann
The last player in the majors to hit for the cycle was:

Randy Winn

2006-04-17 19:42:43
100.   capdodger
96 Though, the Oaks might have been the Central Valley Rockies, then.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-04-17 19:43:47
101.   Andrew Shimmin
95- Que? Oh, did the Cubs play the Mets already? Darn it. Foiled by the retrosheet slackers again.
2006-04-17 19:44:01
102.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-17 19:45:14
103.   Bob Timmermann
That was Lo Duca's career line against Maddux.

As for cycles

2006-04-17 19:45:23
you said >>>Bob Timmermann
Paul Lo Duca is a career 5 for 14 with a home run against Maddux.<<<

why do you think that is?

2006-04-17 19:47:09
105.   Bob Timmermann

He batted 14 times and got 5 hits perhaps?

2006-04-17 19:48:40
106.   sanchez101
104. I think its pretty obvious! He's a man of superior character and he just wants to win. Plain and simple. Trac' knew better. Never trade a leader that knows how to win.
2006-04-17 19:48:49
107.   natepurcell
why do you think that is?

Because the grittiness of Paul Lo Duca overtakes the librianness of Greg Maddux in the intergalatic war between the two forces which proves that grittiness trumps all in the universe.

or because of a small sample size. But i prefer the first explanation.

2006-04-17 19:49:02
108.   blue22
91 - Thanks for the update. Your dad drives a hard bargain...

104 - Just come out with it, man!

2006-04-17 19:49:58
Bob Timmermann

what is Paulies LIFE TIME BATTING AVG. against Braves pitchers?

2006-04-17 19:50:41
110.   natepurcell
Dodger Thoughts: Come for Profound Weisman commentary, stay for the rimshots.
2006-04-17 19:52:10
111.   Icaros

Marty prefers rum shots.

2006-04-17 19:52:23
112.   Curtis Lowe
104- Greg loves Paulie?
2006-04-17 19:53:52
113.   natepurcell
"Greg Loves Paulie" sounds like a failed sitcom.
2006-04-17 19:55:18
114.   D4P
Or a sitcom that should have failed, but succeeded because people are stupid.
2006-04-17 19:55:25
115.   Icaros
"Failed sitcom" sounds like an oxymoron to me.
2006-04-17 19:55:34
116.   sanchez101
112. i cant comment on their relationship, but i do know paulie is jim tracy's "most favorite player in baseball"
2006-04-17 19:55:40
117.   Bob Timmermann
In his career, Lo Duca is batting .292 against the Braves. Overall, he has a career batting average of .285.

Among NL teams, Lo Duca's best batting average is against Washington (.349).

It's good he's on the Mets now. They had held him to a .200 batting average.

2006-04-17 19:55:57
118.   the OZ
104 109

The reason is Arm Angles™. LoDuca was a savvy-enough hitter to handle different Arm Angles™.

2006-04-17 19:56:19
119.   Curtis Lowe
113- It would have had Bi-Monthly Alicia Silverstone cameos.
2006-04-17 19:57:06
120.   Icaros

How do you make the little TMs?

2006-04-17 19:57:19
121.   Curtis Lowe
Instead of Dharma and Greg

LoDuca and Greg?

2006-04-17 19:57:21
122.   Bob Timmermann
For the record, I don't resemble Greg Maddux at all. And I doubt I can throw a baseball as half as fast as Maddux does.
2006-04-17 19:58:19
123.   sanchez101
122. maddux just threw a 82 mph fastball, i bet you can throw 41 ...
2006-04-17 19:58:48
124.   Curtis Lowe
No Hitter ruined.
2006-04-17 19:58:55
125.   Icaros
Move Dharma over to a series with Yhency.

He has some time on his hands.

2006-04-17 19:59:01
126.   Sam DC
117 Now, in such a report, do you include Montreal numbers as part of Washington, or do you not do that in the spirit of protest?
2006-04-17 19:59:15
127.   Bob Timmermann
Like this ™™™™
2006-04-17 19:59:25
128.   sanchez101
bunt alert!
dusty eat your heart out
2006-04-17 19:59:37
129.   Curtis Lowe
Lofton looked less then speedy on that run.
2006-04-17 19:59:53
130.   Jon Weisman
FYI, Lofton was bunting for a hit in my opinion.
2006-04-17 20:00:08
131.   Bob Timmermann

The numbers on Yahoo are Was/Mtl

2006-04-17 20:00:37
132.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-17 20:00:56
133.   Gen3Blue
How stupid is that!
2006-04-17 20:01:37
134.   Curtis Lowe
Dee Dee Dee
2006-04-17 20:01:43
135.   thinkblue0

seems pretty typical of this team lately. Idiotic mistakes make you lose....Furcal and Ross are two prime examples of this.

2006-04-17 20:01:45
136.   Icaros


2006-04-17 20:02:25
you said >>>natepurcell
Dodger Thoughts: Come for Profound Weisman commentary, stay for the rimshots.<<<

Live & learn :o)

2006-04-17 20:02:44
138.   Bob Timmermann
Vin is overselling Maddux there. Historically, he's been terrible at holding runners on. His pickoff move was more of a Furcal screwup.

Also while Maddux does have a lot of sacrifices, you can't say he's the greatest bunter. He has a lot of sacrifices because he's been in the NL his whole career. The most sacrifices he's had in one season is 13.

2006-04-17 20:04:02
139.   Christina
Evening all. I get home from work late, turn on GameDay, fire up Dodger Thoughts, and read the Ross news. And then look at tonight's posted lineup, which makes me weep tears of joy. And my least favorite Dodger Tomko is pitching.

I need a drink.

2006-04-17 20:04:49
140.   Bob Timmermann

On a Mac, you can hit Option + 2 to get ™

For Windows, consult "Character Map"

2006-04-17 20:07:22
141.   Icaros

My Mac and I thank you.

2006-04-17 20:07:35
142.   Bob Timmermann
That hit and run is going to inspire Little to try that with the Dodgers now.

Except he'll call it with Saenz on first and Navarro batting.

2006-04-17 20:07:56
143.   Gen3Blue
On the positive side--we've had five good starts in a row now. That could be a good sign, implicating all five starters.
On the other hand, I hate losing one run games.
2006-04-17 20:08:17
144.   Sam DC
10 hits, 7 runs, and 4 innings later, the Diamondbacks are sticking with Batista. Winn up second next inning.
2006-04-17 20:08:19
145.   thinkblue0

Ive already had a drink and I'm still baffled as to what's going on. How a team with a 100 mill payroll could have absolutely zero power hitting outside of Drew and's pretty astonishing actually.

2006-04-17 20:09:25
146.   sanchez101
142. thats exactly what i thought, this is just going to encourage colletti & co. to continue focusing on speed and defense.

who said this kind of baseball is better, this sucks

2006-04-17 20:09:35
147.   Curtis Lowe
cue "Keystone Cops" theme.
2006-04-17 20:09:41
148.   Marty
120 You get a couple adult TMs in a room and let nature take it's course.
2006-04-17 20:10:54
149.   sanchez101
14. Cruz and Saenz are more than zero ... but you make a good point ... if only we had power hitting 1B, hmmm
2006-04-17 20:10:57
150.   Icaros

Funny, if a little late. Did you like my rum shots?

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-04-17 20:11:00
151.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-17 20:12:08
152.   capdodger
And now Bombko will give up the two run homer to Derek Lee.
2006-04-17 20:12:12
153.   Bob Timmermann
Now, we just root for this one to end at a relatively hour.
2006-04-17 20:12:24
154.   Curtis Lowe
How good is the Cubs bullpen?
2006-04-17 20:12:34
155.   trainwreck
I visited friends at Irvine and went to the UFC event in Anaheim on Saturday. Friday night we went to this bar in Newport and they would not turn on the Dodger game, because they were an Angel's bar and they said this was Angel's territory.
2006-04-17 20:12:38
156.   Christina
145 The purpose of drinking isn't to figure out anything. It's to deaden the pain.

And Maddux hitting a run in against Tomko is just cruel.

2006-04-17 20:12:39
157.   Bob Timmermann

relatively early hour.

2006-04-17 20:12:55
158.   das411
Who's to say Chris Shelton won't have nine more HRs than Barry Bonds after the first two weeks?

138 - What about his tons and tons of Gold Gloves (^TM), Bob?

2006-04-17 20:13:50
159.   Sam DC
Gameday is frozen, mocking me with Juan Pierre's "run scoring play" -- so, what, did he hit the light towers? Launch one over the rf pavilion? Or was it a little Ahmad Rashad/Jake Taylor trick bunt deal? I can take it, whatever it was.

But the suspense is awful.

2006-04-17 20:13:51
160.   capdodger
143 - How is 4 runs through five innings a good start?
2006-04-17 20:14:40
161.   Curtis Lowe
155- Why are people trying to make an Angels Dodgers Rivalry? it really makes no sense until the Dodgers and Angels face off in about 3+ world series.
2006-04-17 20:14:51
162.   capdodger
154 - Who cares? At this rate, Maddux won't be out until the 9th anyway.
2006-04-17 20:14:59
163.   Bob Timmermann
It was a bunt down the line. Pierre beat it out and the throw bounced off Robles glove to give Maddux an extra base.
2006-04-17 20:15:14
164.   Marty
150 I take em where and when I can. Which reminds me...

What's the secret of Comed... TIMING!

2006-04-17 20:16:46
165.   thinkblue0
The purpose of drinking isn't to figure out anything. It's to deaden the pain.

oh, I know. But the fact that I'm STILL baffled by all this shows how absurd it really is.

2006-04-17 20:17:30
166.   Icaros
I take em where and when I can.

Deep down, that's everybody's motto.

2006-04-17 20:19:16
167.   Sam DC
163 Thx -- it has now caught up in time for the Walker sac fly. Bleh.

Speaking of UFC, did anyone see the entry at the Dodgers' house blog about Brad Penny's UFC buddy; apparently, he threw out the first pitch at Saturday's game. Rudy Saenz got a lot of press recently for his UFC training regimen, I believe.

2006-04-17 20:19:39
168.   Curtis Lowe
Mueller for president!
2006-04-17 20:20:16
169.   capdodger
Hey. A run. Woah.
2006-04-17 20:20:45
170.   Sam DC
Winn singled. I don't know what color that puts the cycle warning system at.
2006-04-17 20:21:00
171.   Icaros
I think UFC could one day be as popular as boxing used to be.
2006-04-17 20:21:58
172.   Curtis Lowe
Robles is not impressing with his first start this year.
2006-04-17 20:22:54
173.   trainwreck
Tim Sylvia is his name. I hate him. The fans booed him all night long and when he came out to fight they cheered for him because he came out with the American flag and then of course they were all on his side once he won.
2006-04-17 20:23:18
174.   Sam DC
Hmmm . . . I see I'm still living in a past where JD Drew is not yet up and Bill Mueller is just a distant figment of a possible RBI.
2006-04-17 20:24:19
175.   Bob Timmermann
If you just need a home run, it's Condition Orange.
If you just need a single, it's Condition Red.
If you need a double or triple, it's Condition Yellow.

I'm borrowing from the Homeland Security System.

For example, if Brett Tomko pitches a shutout, buy duct tape for your doors and windows.

2006-04-17 20:25:35
176.   Christina
175 Well, it IS the 100th anniversary of the Great San Francisco Earthquake tomorrow.
2006-04-17 20:26:04
177.   Xeifrank
FTLOG please get rid of the LOB on the FSN TV broadcast. vr, Xei
2006-04-17 20:29:11
178.   PennyJavy

One of the strenghts of the Cubs is their bullpen. Ryan Dempster, Scott Eyre, Bob Howry, and Scott Williamson have been doing really good so far. Ryan Dempster has become a completely differnt pitcher now that he's become a closer.

2006-04-17 20:29:49
179.   sanchez101
lob? is fsn trying to send a not to subtle message to the dodgers?
2006-04-17 20:30:13
180.   Curtis Lowe
178- bummer.
2006-04-17 20:30:17
181.   D4P
Tomko ate 6 innings tonight.
2006-04-17 20:30:17
182.   Bob Timmermann
Arizona has realized that Jeff Fassero was pitching and cut the Giants lead to 7-4.
2006-04-17 20:30:49
183.   Curtis Lowe
ESPN insider reports of a possible trade for Matt Lawton.
2006-04-17 20:30:54
184.   das411
177 - Xf, is that the code that Bob and Jon were talking about in the John Kruk thread?

161 - Didn't they say that aboot the Mets and Yankees once?

2006-04-17 20:31:04
185.   Bob Timmermann
Why does the LOB graphic bother you so much?
2006-04-17 20:31:13
186.   trainwreck
I am not surprised Dempster is a good closer. He has been a successful pitcher before. He has always been a guy with two good pitches: a good fastball and a very good slider.
2006-04-17 20:33:00
187.   Bob Timmermann
Of course I'd rather have Vin fawn over a Hall of Famer like Maddux than hear his odd paeans to Pedro Feliz.
2006-04-17 20:33:25
188.   Xeifrank
185. Because it is a rather worthless stat and adds confusion to the usual "R H E" line. I could name 36 other stats that I'd rather see than LOB if they want to add a 4th stat to the line.
vr, Xei
2006-04-17 20:34:17
189.   Bob Timmermann

Fair enough.

A lot of stadium scoreboards have LOB as a stat. I think BBs would be more useful.

2006-04-17 20:34:41
190.   capdodger
181 I'd say that Tomko chewed on 6 innings for a while and spit them out.
2006-04-17 20:34:43
191.   D4P
ESPN insider reports of a possible trade for Matt Lawton.

After virtually giving Milton Bradley away...

2006-04-17 20:35:11
192.   D4P
I'd say that Tomko chewed on 6 innings for a while and spit them out.

And he got the runs...

2006-04-17 20:35:24
193.   MartinBillingsley31

Tomko ate 6 innings tonight.

I've allways wondered what an innings eater is.
Aren't ace starting pitchers innings eaters?
How can a mediocre starting pitcher be an innings eater?

2006-04-17 20:35:34
194.   PennyJavy
Last year Ryan Dempster had a BAA of .280 as a starter and once he became a reliever his BAA went down to .218, his K rate also went up and he also lowered his walk rate.
2006-04-17 20:35:46
195.   King of the Hobos
The second Las Vegas game has begun. Aybar walked, but got picked off. Houlton is struggling a little, gave up an unearned run in the first.
2006-04-17 20:36:20
196.   Xeifrank
wow, dodgers are leading the LOB category 1 to 2. yippee. :) vr, Xei
2006-04-17 20:36:42
197.   Curtis Lowe
193- Innings eaters eat up innings while not giving up more than 5 runs.

Ace's put away innings in that they rarely give up more than 3.

2006-04-17 20:36:47
198.   capdodger
*I'd say that Tomko chewed on 6 innings for a while and spit them out.
And he got the runs...*

I wasn't going to go there, but that's what I typed first. Oh look, another K for Maddux.

2006-04-17 20:36:50
199.   Andrew Shimmin
189- Hey, no fair. First you have to bid him down; only after he says, "name that tune," do you get to call out the right answer.
2006-04-17 20:37:27
200.   Marty
150 Also, rum is one of my least favorite liquors. I'm a bourbon man when it comes to real drinking.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-04-17 20:38:28
201.   Curtis Lowe
200- A good rum is hard to find.
2006-04-17 20:39:07
202.   Christina
200 I like whiskey sours, myself.
2006-04-17 20:39:33
203.   MartinBillingsley31

*Innings eaters eat up innings while not giving up more than 5 runs.

Ace's put away innings in that they rarely give up more than 3.*

Is that seriously the definition of an innings eater?
If so, every starting pitcher is an innings eater, except the extremely horrible ones.

2006-04-17 20:39:51
204.   capdodger
200 "You remind me of my high school drinking coach. Now enough talking, let's drink!"
2006-04-17 20:40:17
205.   Marty
201 I was just reading an article in Bon Appetit about premium Jamaican rums. It made me want to try them.
2006-04-17 20:40:50
206.   Curtis Lowe
Mueller has been a great pick-up.
2006-04-17 20:41:42
207.   Marty
202 I like em too. Haven't had one in years. Lately, I've been on an Old Fashioned kick. Once you learn how to make one, you realize it's practically impossible to get a decent one at a bar.
2006-04-17 20:41:47
208.   Curtis Lowe
203- I dunno sounds about right though.
2006-04-17 20:42:12
209.   Bob Timmermann
Arizona pulled to within 7-5 before Taschner struck out Snyder with runners on 2nd and 3rd.
2006-04-17 20:42:49
210.   D4P
I tried an Old Fashioned recently and didn't care much for it. My new drink is the Side Car.
2006-04-17 20:43:05
211.   Bob Timmermann
I thought an innings eater was a pitcher who would put up a league average ERA while not getting hurt.
2006-04-17 20:43:12
212.   Marty
So, does Jack Bauer take down the President tonight?
2006-04-17 20:43:13
213.   Jon Weisman
Innings eaters: There is a perceived value to lasting at least six innings, regardless of how many runs you allow. Of course, if you allow too many runs, you won't last.

I believe a pitcher could qualify as an innings eater with a 7.50 ERA. Five runs in six innings.

That gives you a hint of how useful the term is.

2006-04-17 20:43:14
214.   Robert Daeley
Tacoma News Tribune story on Matt Lawton. Doesn't mention Ross, but describes Lawton's situation, which sounds familiar.

2006-04-17 20:44:05
215.   Curtis Lowe
205- After having some premium Rum brought back by a friend who went to the Bahamas, I have not found any Rum worth drinking anywhere. Though I should probably try BevMo I really haven't had the urge til tonight. If I miss work tomorrow it's your fault Marty.

: )

2006-04-17 20:44:27
216.   Bob Timmermann
Petagine is Venezuelan for "Choi".
2006-04-17 20:44:56
217.   Icaros

Noted. It's just that rimshots to rum shots worked a lot better stylistically.

2006-04-17 20:46:12
218.   capdodger
213 Could a so-called innings eater do that every time out and hang around, though?
2006-04-17 20:46:25
219.   Marty
The secret to a good Old Fashioned is a sugar cube drenched in bitters. Then an orange peel and lemon slice "muddled" in the bourbon and sugar to infuse the citrus flavors. Also use good bourbon like Bakers or Blantons, not mediocre stuff like Jack Daniels or Jim Beam.
2006-04-17 20:46:47
220.   Christina
207 Haven't had that one yet, but I just looked up the recipe. I'll definitely have to try it.

I only just recently got back into whiskey sours. I used to drink them all the time, and then I went to Scotland and had a lot of straight whiskey. Took me a while to adjust to whiskey sours again after that.

2006-04-17 20:47:03
221.   King of the Hobos is working! The second Vegas game is on right now for those interested

2006-04-17 20:48:43
222.   Bob Timmermann
Bonds was just struck out by Casey Daigle.
2006-04-17 20:48:48
223.   PennyJavy
Has anyone seen David Aardsma MLB picture? The Cub pitcher that was called up today, hopefully he doesn't come out of the pen tonight.

2006-04-17 20:49:46
224.   Icaros
I can see Don Johnson sitting directly behind home plate.
2006-04-17 20:50:08
225.   Christina
I'm so happy to be looking at Osoria's face on GameDay. Anyone's mug other than Tomko's is a welcome sight to me, regardless of how Osoria might pitch.
2006-04-17 20:50:13
226.   trainwreck

Sweet, they are playing the Rivercats.

2006-04-17 20:51:04
227.   sanchez101
osoria didnt even know he caught that
2006-04-17 20:51:22
228.   D4P
Great news: Quality Start tonight for Tomko!
2006-04-17 20:51:32
229.   Jon Weisman
2006-04-17 20:51:48
230.   Marty
It looked like that line drive was going to take Osoria's head off if he hadn't put his glove in the way.
2006-04-17 20:52:10
231.   MartinBillingsley31
How about that whopping .100 batting average that lofton has.
Don't know what his ops is, but i'd guess its probably under .600 if not .500.
Small sample size alert tho.
2006-04-17 20:52:25
232.   capdodger
Nice Catch.
2006-04-17 20:52:29
233.   Icaros
Bright side alert: Osoria pitches two perfect innings and doesn't die.
2006-04-17 20:53:25
234.   underdog
according to Charlie Steiner just now, the Dodgers are pitching Derrek Lee tomorrow vs. Zambrano. I wish they had Derrek Lee, but probably not pitching.
2006-04-17 20:54:12
235.   das411
218 - Ask Cory Lidle, Aaron Harang, Eric Milton...

223 - Who would've thought Dave Aardsma would pass Hammerin' Hank in the record books before The Barry?

2006-04-17 20:54:29
236.   trainwreck
Derrek Lee could probably make our bullpen.
2006-04-17 20:54:54
237.   Icaros
Best ever Don Johnson film:

A Boy and His Dog.

2006-04-17 20:54:54
238.   Marty
It really depresses me to see Robles back on the team. I'm sure he's a nice guy, but it just reminds me of last year's horrible season.

I'd make a lousy GM.

2006-04-17 20:55:09
239.   Bob Timmermann

But Eric Milton has thrown a no-hitter!

2006-04-17 20:55:10
240.   underdog
Btw, why does Charlie Steiner announce baseball games if he's more interested in anecdotes off topic rather than the game itself?

(Not that I blame him tonight for talking about something other than the game, but in general...)

I might as well have taken an at bat against Maddux tonight, rest the real players, for all it matters.

2006-04-17 20:56:36
241.   underdog
Jacques Jones is batting even less than Lofton. Should the Cubs DFA him?

Btw, I am now officially looking forward to Nomar's return. I wasn't caring the first week but now... I kind of think he can help them.

2006-04-17 20:57:08
242.   Bob Timmermann

What about "Return to Macon County"?

2006-04-17 20:57:12
243.   Jon Weisman
I tell you, Maddux has made it look sooooo easy. Brad Hennessey easy.
2006-04-17 20:57:49
244.   Marty
I hope Don Johnson get's on his cell phone and waves to the camera.
2006-04-17 20:58:03
245.   D4P
Btw, why does Charlie Steiner announce baseball games if he's more interested in anecdotes off topic rather than the game itself?

One of the many reasons I dislike him.

2006-04-17 20:58:06
246.   Sam DC
Weisman's alter ego at the plate as the tying run in AZ, no outs.
2006-04-17 20:58:10
247.   capdodger
He has so much movement on that "fast"ball.
2006-04-17 20:58:36
248.   Bob Timmermann
The SF-AZ game started 30 minutes before this one and is just in the 6th.
2006-04-17 20:59:11
249.   Jon Weisman
9th inning, 1:46 into the game.
2006-04-17 21:00:18
250.   Dodger Blue Notes
Looks like Grady Little is going to fall just short of his goal and start the season 6-8.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-04-17 21:00:22
251.   sanchez101
how do we even know its a fastball, it looks like a circle-change to me. maybe maddux doesnt even throw a fatball anymore
2006-04-17 21:01:01
252.   Bob Timmermann
There have also been (right now) 231 pitches in the SF-AZ game.
2006-04-17 21:01:10
253.   Jon Weisman
Friday's game started 45 minutes from now.
2006-04-17 21:02:53
254.   Bob Timmermann
Right now, there have been 197 pitches in the Dodgers-Cubs game
2006-04-17 21:03:15
255.   Icaros
maybe maddux doesnt even throw a fatball anymore

Avoiding those is what has made him one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history.

2006-04-17 21:03:23
256.   Jon Weisman
250 - He could win his last two and still make the NFL playoffs.
2006-04-17 21:04:33
257.   D4P
East Coast fans appreciate short games.
2006-04-17 21:04:36
258.   Icaros

Only if he coaches in the NFC.

2006-04-17 21:04:41
259.   Dodger Blue Notes
256 - Not with this offensive line.
2006-04-17 21:04:54
260.   King of the Hobos
Bellorin had Vegas' first hit, a blooper to RF that the fielder almost caught. How do you properly pronounce "Bellorin?" I swear I've heard at least 3 different pronunciations by various minor league/spring training announcers

Nice outing for Osoria, hopefully he can continue to pitch like that

2006-04-17 21:05:10
261.   capdodger
If a fastball becomes a changeup in the forest and no one hits it...
2006-04-17 21:05:29
262.   Bob Timmermann
DBacks to within 7-6.
2006-04-17 21:07:01
263.   Bob Timmermann
And Arizona leads 9-7.
2006-04-17 21:07:50
264.   Icaros
Giants should've used their smokejumper.
2006-04-17 21:07:57
265.   Sam DC
No Dodger walks so far tonight; only one for the Cubs.
2006-04-17 21:08:04
266.   Bob Timmermann
ERAs of the first three pitchers for the Giants tonight: 7.56, 40.50, 24.30.
2006-04-17 21:08:14
267.   Christina
At least tonight we don't have to listen to Morgan call Ledee "a fine pinchhitter"...
2006-04-17 21:08:43
268.   underdog
And after watching Navarro the last few days, I'm actually hoping to see Russell Martin sooner than I originally was thinking...

Two passed balls (or should have been called that way) vs. the Giants. Lots of called third strikes. No runners thrown out. oh, well I'm probably being too hard on him...

2006-04-17 21:09:36
269.   Bob Timmermann
Cycle alert called off.

Randy Winn was taken out as part of a double switch.

2006-04-17 21:10:38
270.   Nagman
265 and it was a costly one. Leadoff walk, hit and run, etc. etc.
2006-04-17 21:10:40
271.   capdodger
268 No, I don't think you are. The should-have-been-PBs were in the dirt in front of him, and because he tried to backhand and didn't block properly, they got away from him.
2006-04-17 21:10:45
272.   Bob Timmermann
2 hours even?
2006-04-17 21:14:44
273.   natepurcell
guzman is standing like 5 feet away from the plate.

and, this ump sucks. his strike zone is like 8 inches off the plate.

2006-04-17 21:15:39
274.   Bob Timmermann
This game was 1:59. Koufax's perfect game was just 1:43.
2006-04-17 21:16:09
275.   natepurcell
eithier should have walked and guzman should had been at 3-1 with a chance to get his first walk.
2006-04-17 21:18:23
276.   Jesse
physco is a post game idiot.
2006-04-17 21:20:41
277.   das411
239 - Kevin Millwood has also thrown a no-hitter. Dude, JOSE JIMENEZ has thrown a no-hitter!!

Did anybody end up winning the Brewers/Astros version of an American League pitchers' duel?

2006-04-17 21:21:35
278.   D4P
Randy Winn was taken out as part of a double switch.

Are you sure about that? I think Gameday is telling me that he moved over to RF...

2006-04-17 21:22:25
279.   Bob Timmermann
Whoops, cycle alert continues at Condition Orange.

Winn just switched positions. He didn't leave.

2006-04-17 21:22:58
280.   Sam DC
I imagine this already made the rounds over the weekend but, if not, Capitol Punishment blog passes along this random feature story from CBS: "When Alfonso Soriano of the Texas Rangers hit a foul line drive into the seats during a game last May, he had no idea he'd end up making a save. As Steve Hartman describes in this week's Assignment America, the line drive didn't save a game … it saved a life."

The story is that, when the woman who got hit by the foul went to the hospital for a precautionary exam, they diagnosed her ovarian cancer.

2006-04-17 21:35:54
281.   King of the Hobos
Chad Gaudin must have one heck of a pick off move, he's already picked off 4 baserunners this year. Not bad for a righty
2006-04-17 21:37:45
282.   Sam DC
Cycle watch on life support now. But do wake me if he gets it . . .
2006-04-17 21:38:46
283.   Underbruin
280 - I'll bet Flanders is really wishing he'd traded for Soriano now. Talk about 'heart and soul,' a real 'character' guy. He saved a life!

I know this comment is inane, but it allows me to think of anything but the fact that this team is now 6-8 to opponents with a combined W-L record of 30-34, but removing the Cubs game makes them 6-7 to opponents with a combined W-L of 22-30 (in case you're wondering, that's bad).

Sure, the LAD started 12-2 last year before spiraling into the depths, but just because the team started well last year and then vanished doesn't mean a bad start this year will automatically be erased (it doesn't mean it can't be, but I'd rather be 12-2 than 6-8, thank you very much).

2006-04-17 21:53:36
284.   oldbear
I agree with that line of thinking. Also, its more likely a younger team will improve throughout the season, while an older team will tire down the stretch.

I'm just surprised the Dodgers management thought that they'd be able to win games with so little power. The only way to do that is to have dominant pitching, which the Dodgers dont have.

2006-04-17 21:59:55
285.   natepurcell
even though eithier has struck out in both ABs ive seen of him in this game, i still like his approach and swing at the plate. He works the count, has a short, compact swing with good bat speed, quick hands and wrist. He is very knowledgable of the strike zone and that will help alot when he makes the transistion to the bigs.

oh yay broxtons in!

2006-04-17 22:03:05
286.   natepurcell
this ump sucks. hometown umping! Should have been a K.
2006-04-17 22:05:09
287.   natepurcell
the bull moves gracefully off the mound for the bunt attempt and gets the lead runner.
2006-04-17 22:06:57
288.   natepurcell
strikes out some dude on a 96mph heater. he is just shoving the ball at the hitter. disgustingly brutal stuff.
2006-04-17 22:07:34
289.   Bob Timmermann
Giants back ahead 10-9 in the bottom of the 9th.
2006-04-17 22:09:58
290.   Steve
Front row tickets and the game lasts less than two hours. And I get to see Brett Tomko throw changeups to Greg Maddux up close. Good times.
2006-04-17 22:10:15
291.   dsfan
I'm probably the most outspoken Aybar backer on this board but am glad he's staying in Triple-A.

I'm also thrilled that tonight he is batting leadoff. That's the spot most conducive to preparing him for the majors. Mini rant: In spring training, Aybar's best game came in the No. 1 spot, but from there Grittle pretty much ignored him. I understand that Grittle had to prepare the 25-man roster. But a smarter franchise would've alternated Willy in the No. 1 spot. The Dodgers and Mr. Pirate, Roy Smith, really don't appreciate or teach Aybar's kind of patient approach that the No. 1 spot accentuates, even develops. As an aside, the Rockies are batting SS prospect Tulowitzki leadoff to improve his plate discipline. Smart!

Back to topic: Aybar is better defensively at 3B, iffy at 2B. I know many people look at his stats and say put him at 2B, because his offensive game fits better there. But the stats don't show his defensive actions, and those actions put Willy at 3B.

Keep Willy at 3B unless Mueller gets hurt. And keep him at leadoff. Robles is a better fit to spell Kent a few games

2006-04-17 22:11:32
292.   das411
Is Gameday flipping out on you too Bob? Or did Worrell actually slam the doors on this Andy Green fellow?
2006-04-17 22:12:05
293.   Bob Timmermann
And the Giants prevail 10-9.
2006-04-17 22:13:29
294.   Steve
224 -- Geez, Icaros. That wasn't Don Johnson!
2006-04-17 22:16:40
295.   Bob Timmermann
I listened to the end of it, so Andy Green did make the last out.

The game was so fast that when I watched "24" and fast forwarded through the commercials, it was 10:01 when I was done.

2006-04-17 22:21:47
296.   King of the Hobos
No walks for Guzman yet, but Laroche, who had similar problems although wasn't nearly as bad, is no longer having such a problem:


I'd swear Laroche is a leadoff prospect with that line, surely not a power hitter. He has the same number of walks as he does hits

2006-04-17 22:24:34
297.   Uncle Miltie
I was very surprised to see Oscar Robles in the starting lineup when I got to Dodger Stadium. I figured that the Dodgers had put Kent on the DL. I am not surprised that Colletti dumped Ross. I guess we really need a 24 year old single A player or $50,000 cash.

There were tons of Cubs fans there and many of them were drunk and obnoxious. Every time a Cubs player hit a flyball, the Cubs fans would stand up and cheer, thinking it was a homerun. Scrappy dog got one of the loudest ovations when he came in to pinch hit for Tomko. Osoria looked great. Hopefully, Grits will now trust him in more important situations. This will probably be one of Tomko's best outings of the year.

I had more fun at the LA public library and eating at Philippes, than I did watching the Dodgers hitters get completely dominated by Greg Maddux's 82 MPH fastball.

2006-04-17 22:24:55
298.   LAT
294. Who cares if it was Don Johnson, Steve actually used a number to refer to a previous post. Now that's news. :-)
2006-04-17 22:27:35
299.   natepurcell
Laroche hasnt really had problems with drawing walks. The only reason he didnt draw that many walks in VB last year was because he was hitting like .340 and slugging close to .700

His ISOd has always been good. Its good to see him progressing in that department this year. Gives me hope that he will make it as a major leaguer. THe lack of power is sort of concerning to me right now simply because in the AFL, he didnt hit for any power either and if you swung the bat blindfolded, you could hit for power in the AFL.

as for guzman, I think he is showcasing the "you cant walk your way out of Vegas" philosophy.

it also might help guzman if he stood closer to the plate. In ST of 2005, he was really far off the plate, the farthest you could be. During the AA jax season, from the webcast i saw, he was alot closer to the plate and his plate discipline and ISOd was respectable.

This year, he is back to standing at the very back end of the batters box and his plate discipline has been horrid.

is there a correlation here?

2006-04-17 22:27:47
300.   oldbear
LaRoche is hard to figure bc he started his career out rather slow. Then he destroyed Vero Beach. But then he got to Jax and was just so-so there.

You assume he has good power with all the dingers he hit the year at Vero, but Vero Beach is very homer friendly.

He seems sort of up and down. Certainly I dont see him as a 'cant miss' type.

In terms of closest to the MLB's to produce: I'd put Aybar, Guzman, Martin, Ruggiano, Ethier,LaRoche, Loney in that order in terms of position players. The first 4 I think could play right now at the MLB level and at least be average. Ethier, LaRoche, and Loney I'm not as confident in.

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2006-04-17 22:35:48
301.   natepurcell
LaRoche is hard to figure bc he started his career out rather slow. Then he destroyed Vero Beach. But then he got to Jax and was just so-so there.

laroche didnt start his career out slow at all.

at Low A, in his first full season, he hit 283/.375/.525 with 13hr and 29k:30bb . A 20 yr old in Low A with that line projects to have a very high cieling.

In his callup midseason to high A, he struggled but he was still walking and hitting for power with ISOd of 58 and ISOp of 197.

2006-04-17 22:42:14
302.   natepurcell
In terms of closest to the MLB's to produce: I'd put Aybar, Guzman, Martin, Ruggiano, Ethier,LaRoche, Loney in that order in terms of position players.

I dont know how you can put guzman and ruggiano at the upper part of that list. The biggest indication that a prospect is close to producing, or at least holding his own at the big league level is his K:bb ratio and his K/PA rate. You are putting alot of stock in ruggiano's season last year but two things jump out to me when looking further into his numbers:
1-beating up high A as a 23 yr old should have been expected if he was any sort of prospect, not praised or looked upon as future stardom.
2- The 35% k/ab rate probably tells us his high BA at jax was a bit of a fluke due to a high BABIP and doesnt really paint a great picture of his MLB readiness or ceiling.

in terms of being ready, i would probably project them like this:
Aybar, Martin, ethier, young, laroche, ruggiano, guzman.

2006-04-17 22:51:16
303.   natepurcell
also, laroche hit 302/360/488 in 129ABs in the FSL last year so that shows that his power wasnt due to just playing home games at Holman Stadium. Outside of Holman stadium, the FSL is arguably the toughest league to hit in.
2006-04-17 22:52:50
304.   Steve
True, Maddux had an 82 mph fastball, but he was on. Every pitch was down and where he wanted it. He made Repko look silly on three pitches, which I say not because I'm not a big Repko fan, but just because it was one of the clearer examples of a guy who can tell his grandkids in twenty years that he got taken to school by Greg Maddux. Everyone else just killed a bunch of gophers. It's even easier to enjoy it if you're already resolved to 82-80.

Tomko on the other hand, has an uncanny ability to throw exactly the wrong pitch at exactly the wrong time. Whatever idea he or Navarro or Grittle or whoever should be fired for that pitch to Maddux had, it should have been returned to the Bad Idea Store without being opened.

2006-04-17 22:55:13
305.   natepurcell
that 302/360/488 was his road line. If anyone got confused there...
2006-04-17 23:00:15
306.   LAT
304. Sorry Bad Idea Store is closed for remodeling. Need to expand since the Lofton acquistion. When it reopens it will be re-named the Bad Idea Giant Super-Store.
2006-04-17 23:01:43
307.   Uncle Miltie
304- Don't get me wrong, I'm not insulting Maddux -- I love watching him pitch, but it's embarrassing to see guys swing through 82 mph fastballs. Maddux has tremendous control and he's a very smart pitcher. Tomko wasn't throwing much harder than 92 mph. He usually throws between 93-95, but isn't a very good pitcher because he lacks the ability to think through things like Maddux can. We shouldn't blame Tomko for being stupid. Million dollar arm, ten cent head.
2006-04-17 23:02:34
308.   natepurcell
The Bad Idea store should send Colletti a fruit basket for his birthday for all the business the two have done together.
2006-04-17 23:06:22
309.   natepurcell
When billingsley comes up mid year, moving tomko to the bullpen might be a pretty good idea.

Tomko is a guy that throws hard and has a very good slider and throws strikes. The reason he gets shelled is because he lacks any smarts on the mound. Regulate him to the bullpen, he can come in the game in 1-2 inning spurts where he doesnt have to think, just rear back and throw. Who knows, his 91-94 mph fastball might turn into a 94-97 mph fastball when he can just give it his all for one inning.

But then again, we have to justify paying a middle reliever 4 mil.

2006-04-17 23:10:37
310.   MartinBillingsley31
When billingsley comes up mid year, moving tomko to the bullpen might be a pretty good idea.

That's exactly what i want.

But then again, we have to justify paying a middle reliever 4 mil.

Who cares he's under contract anyways and we can't move him.

Hey what about bringing up ethier for our outfield, because lofton and repko both (fill in the blank).

2006-04-17 23:11:31
311.   Uncle Miltie
309- Tomko is a sunk cost. Ned needs to either cut his losses by paying most of Tomko's salary and dealing him at the deadline or moving him to bullpen (when Billingsley) comes up. It might sound ridiculous that we're going to be paying a mopup man almost $4.5 million a year, but it's better than getting nothing (or negative production) out of him.
2006-04-17 23:13:52
312.   natepurcell
Hey what about bringing up ethier for our outfield, because lofton and repko both (fill in the blank).

if ethier can get his ISOp up to 175+ by june or whatever, then i will be all for calling ethier up. Lofton will probably be on the DL for his 4th pulled hamstring.

2006-04-17 23:15:21
313.   natepurcell
tomko only (lol only) costs 3.6 mil this year. If his velocity does spike up a bit with a move to the bullpen then he might be more then a bit useful and more then a mop up guy. Moving tomko to the bullpen could probably allow us to DFA lance carter.
2006-04-17 23:17:20
314.   MartinBillingsley31


Lofton is such a joke, i can't believe ned signed him.

I still don't understand why martinez is on the team over aybar.
Same goes for take your pick over broxton.

2006-04-17 23:19:31
315.   natepurcell
If the dodgers view aybar as a future starting caliber player, then I understand why martinez is on the roster over aybar. Aybar needs to get his everyday ABs to improve.

But in Gurnick's mailbag, he implies that the dodgers view aybar as nothing more then a utility player. So who knows.

2006-04-17 23:22:52
316.   MartinBillingsley31
Moving tomko to the bullpen could probably allow us to DFA lance carter.

That's what i want.
I also want broxton up and hamulack optioned down, then i'd be satisfied with the pen, except that gagne is out.
last spot or 2 saito/osoria

2006-04-17 23:24:27
317.   natepurcell
Hamulack hit bonds, he gets to stay.
2006-04-17 23:24:52
318.   Steve
307 -- Amen. Though I think if you put Tomko's arm and head together, you might still want to buy an LA Times with the money instead.

Osoria did look pretty good, although everyone was kind of just playing out the string the last three innings. The line drive he caught was stunning -- I think he thought he was dead before he realized that he had caught it. Derek Lee just stood there at home plate for several seconds -- I think Lee thought he was dead too.

2006-04-17 23:26:56
319.   MartinBillingsley31
That final outfield spot and 1b are holes.
choi and bradley are missed.
I wouldn't mind martin over navarro too.

But then again should we kinda give up on this season and let the prospects have their time in the minors.
A question to ponder.

2006-04-17 23:27:54
320.   Steve
Manager Ned Yost addressed the injury only after the club announced that the MRI on Kolb's elbow was negative

The only way this could be good news for the Brewers is if it means that Dan Kolb has no elbow.

2006-04-17 23:35:13
321.   coachjpark
Wouldn't it have been great to see Maddux in a Dodger uniform at a very reasonable price for 3 years?

Wasn't there speculation back in 2004 when DePo was first hired that a Maddux signing and Odalis-Magglio deal was in the works?

Isn't it ironic (Tracy's definition) that Maddux comes in to shut down the Dodgers 2 years and 2 months later????

2006-04-17 23:38:04
322.   coachjpark
Why isn't Broxton up? He, not Saito, should be our set up man.
2006-04-17 23:38:45
323.   natepurcell
I think Maddux will make a great pitching coach when he retires.
2006-04-17 23:42:07
324.   natepurcell
I think because the Dodgers want to give broxton more AAA experience. Which I don't think is such a bad idea. Have him work on his fb location at AAA isnt the end of the world.
2006-04-17 23:42:59
325.   beLITTLED and maligNED

I thought Maddux was going to be a librarian when he retired.

2006-04-17 23:47:10
326.   MartinBillingsley31
What i don't understand is that since we have bullpen problems and broxton is on the top of the list to help the bullpen, then why are they only using broxton for 1 inning at a time and only using him in save situations, why not get him ready ASAP.
Who cares about las vegas team record.
2006-04-17 23:48:52
327.   natepurcell
Because they are grooming broxton as a closer or as a high leveraged reliever.They want to give him experience in that role before he inherits that role when he gets promoted.
2006-04-17 23:49:19
328.   Uncle Miltie
319- I'm not going to blame Ned for trading Bradley even though I'm sure he's going to regret getting almost nothing in return. That was one of the conditions that came with the GM job.
2006-04-17 23:49:53
329.   coachjpark
324 True, but it's just a pattern of Ned's moves that's so dissatisfying. How does he come up with decisions? By gut instinct? Letting go of Choi for NOTHING to bring up an obviously hapless Loney. Bringing up Oscar Robles instead of Willy Aybar when a defensive, utility specialist Ramon Martinez already occupies a roster spot... I dunno.. just rambling here
2006-04-17 23:50:32
330.   MartinBillingsley31

Understandable, but still give him more than 1 inning at a time to get him ready ASAP.
I guess i'm nitpicking.

2006-04-17 23:55:10
331.   natepurcell

i dont think ethier is "almost nothing". He will most likely end up as a solid player- #6 type hitter.

2006-04-18 00:03:11
332.   Uncle Miltie
331- coming into the season, scouts projected Ethier as a 4th outfielder. I think that Antonio Perez and Milton Bradley are worth more than a 4th outfielder. Billy Beane took advantage of Ned.
2006-04-18 00:05:38
333.   Linkmeister
329 "Bringing up Oscar Robles instead of Willy Aybar when a defensive, utility specialist Ramon Martinez already occupies a roster spot..."

Even if you leave out the "instead of Willy Aybar" I didn't understand the callup. What's Martinez, chopped liver? Why couldn't he have filled in for Kent? Ross would then still be on the roster and available for pinch-hitting duties.

2006-04-18 00:07:56
334.   natepurcell
AP and Bradley are worth more then a 4th outfielder but opinions vary of Ethier. Some scouts view him as nothing more then a 4th outfielder because they do not project his power at the majors. The dodger scouts, specifically probably Logan White, like Ethier alot and project him as a starting caliber outfielder.

Billy Beane did buy Bradley below value due to his injury concerns and attitude, But Ethier is still a solid prospect and isnt nothing. When I think of nothing I think of Lance Carter, Tony Womack, Mike Edwards.

2006-04-18 00:09:22
335.   regfairfield
333 There's two things that stick out about this move.

1. We are acknowledging that Ramon Martinez is useless.
2. We can't go three days without Jason Repko.

2006-04-18 00:13:05
336.   Uncle Miltie
Lucille II, Sandy Alomar...

If Ethier turns into the next Ricky Ledee (a very solid 4th outfielder), it would still be a terrible trade.

2006-04-18 00:19:35
337.   LAT
While there is lots to get on Ned about, I give him a pass for not getting more for Bradley. I believe Frank made him trade MB and Frank's PR statements about chemestry and attitude substanitally devalued MB. Everyone knew Frank was going to give MB away.
(It is possible that my extreme dislike for anyone named McCourt could color my view.)
2006-04-18 07:43:38
338.   Sam DC
I know I link to a lot to the Washington Post alot. I really do feel that it has a great sports section and in particular excellent baseball coverage, even taking Tom Boswell's SWAGGER into account. Anyhow, today, fully a third of the E1 acreage was taken up by a thoroughly researched and richly written account of the 33-inning game played between the Os' and Red Sox' AAA clubs in 1981, the longest game in history. It is loaded with detail, from the broken lights that delayed the start of the game, to the free season tickets awarded the fans who stuck out the whole thing, to the 1981 major league baseball strike/lockout, to the player whose wife refused to believe he'd been at the ballpark all that time.

Just one of a dozen great moments from the piece: "'[Wade] Boggs, 22 years old when the game started and 23 when it ended, was Pawtucket's third baseman and top hitting prospect. His Rochester counterpart was Cal Ripken Jr., a 20-year-old phenom who some in the Orioles organization believed might eventually be moved to shortstop. Neither would have impressed anyone seeing them play for the first time that day, particularly Ripken, who went 2 for 13. 'A lot of us," Ripken joked, "had a bad week that day.'"

Anyhow, do take the time to read the whole thing; it's a great great piece. (or find it at

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