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Garciaparra Packs for Vegas
2006-04-19 19:20
by Jon Weisman

Nomar Garciaparra is to begin a two-day minor league rehabilitation assignment Thursday and join the Dodgers on Saturday if all goes well, reports The Associated Press.

"I'm excited. I've had three days of batting practice and felt really good, so this is definitely the next step," Garciaparra said before making the trip to Fresno to join the Las Vegas team ...

Garciaparra also acknowledged that he still wasn't 100 percent physically, but that was only because of residual soreness.

"I think the last time I was 100 percent might have been when I was 5, but I'm feeling pretty good," Garciaparra said. "I did a lot of things to keep my legs in shape and maintain that, so going out there is not going to be much of a shock."

* * *

Against a lefty tonight, J.D. Drew, James Loney and Dioner Navarro sit. Jason Repko, Olmedo Saenz and Sandy Alomar, Jr. stand.

So does Kenny Lofton. I understand the impulse to rest Drew, but is Drew more fragile than Lofton? Guess the Dodgers are anxious to get Lofton his 100 games.

Tonight's Game

Comments (461)
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2006-04-19 16:16:41
1.   ToyCannon
Maybe JD tweaked something running to 1st base instead of walking. Can't imagine Grittle sitting him tonight with our team in such a slump unless he needs it.

The more Navarro slumps, the more I'm convinced Ned will make a play for Javy Lopez. The Orioles have no need for him and he's in the last year of his contract. I don't think the kids will get the benefit of the doubt when they slump like Furcal and Nomar will. I'm preparing my grimace for when he makes a move for another veteran.

2006-04-19 16:19:21
2.   underdog
I'm fine with the lineup changes though obviously I'd rather JD in there than Rekpo, or Lofton...

As for catching, it's a little early to give up on Navarro, but if the Dodgers do, I'd suspect they'd call up Russell Martin before making a trade for an established catcher. Could be wrong, but... it really sounds like Martin is pretty close to getting a try. Navarro's too young to give up on though, despite my being one of the many frustrated with his play over the past week... (his pitch calling, however, seems to have improved, and I trust more than Alomar's at this point.)

just my two cents

2006-04-19 16:24:29
3.   ToyCannon
I'm not giving up on Navarro, I just don't think Ned will ride him if his offense is still sputtering come May and I don't think he'll bring up another rookie who only played 15 games above AA to give it a go. I could be wrong and Ned may embrace Navarro all year or Martin if Navarro continues to struggle but I think the pressure is on Ned to deliver this year and he may not want to depend on a rookie catcher in his own rookie GM season.
2006-04-19 16:27:33
4.   Jacob L
We're pretty heavily invested in JD, so I can see protecting him a bit more than other guys who may be equally likely to get hurt.
2006-04-19 16:36:14
5.   DodgerJoe
The Cubs' pitcher tonight, is he a righty or lefty? I don't know much about him.
2006-04-19 16:38:07
6.   fanerman
Has Cody Ross been picked up by another team?
2006-04-19 16:38:44
7.   fanerman
5 - Couldn't you guess lefty from the title of Jon's thread?
2006-04-19 16:39:44
8.   Jon Weisman
I guess Las Vegas played a day game today. The 51s lost, 3-2, even though William Juarez and Eric Hull combined to strike out 12 in six innings. No 51 had more than one hit. Young had a single and two walks, Garcia had a homer and a walk, Duncan had a single and a walk, Ethier had a triple. The 51s left the tying run on second base in the ninth.
2006-04-19 16:42:16
9.   regfairfield
6 He probably won't go to waivers for another nine days.
2006-04-19 16:42:52
10.   ToyCannon
Come July, D Young will be the hottest hitter in Vegas.
2006-04-19 16:42:56
11.   franklin
Drew has played in 13 of 15 games so far. This forecasts to about 140 games for the season which, if he stays healthy, would be an improvement over the 112 games he has averaged the last five years. (data:
2006-04-19 16:44:03
12.   trainwreck
Little is killing Drew's fantasy value.
2006-04-19 16:44:58
13.   trainwreck
I really wish I could get some possible info of when Drew is going to sit out games.
2006-04-19 16:46:04
14.   Jon Weisman
If the Dodgers win their next two games, they will be on an 86-win pace.

If the Dodgers lose their next two games, they will be on a 67-win pace.

Who says pennants aren't won or lost in April?

2006-04-19 16:46:42
15.   Jon Weisman
13 - If you see a lefty coming, that's your first clue, because the Dodgers are overloaded with right-handed reserves.
2006-04-19 16:48:43
16.   trainwreck
Yeah, I will have to pay attention to that. Of course, Drew is our best player so he should be playing against lefties.
2006-04-19 16:54:08
17.   sanchez101
Is Grady Sizemore the best CF in baseball yet?
2006-04-19 16:54:29
18.   underdog
14 {Raises hand}

Mumbling to self... "12 and 2... 12 and 2...."

2006-04-19 16:56:34
19.   underdog
3 You could be right, I guess we'll have to see. There is some pressure on him, but not so much that anything will be decided this month, or next... I still think there will be a certain amount of patience with Navarro (I'm more worried about his defense than his hitting right now, surprisingly...)

Should we take a poll? Who will be the first Dodger catcher to throw out a baserunner this season?
A) Navarro
B) Alomar Jr.
C) Alomar Sr.
D) Russell Martin
E) ___________

2006-04-19 16:57:44
20.   underdog
19 Responding to myself - ... and I blame the pitchers about as much as I do the catchers for not throwing out a runner yet (deja vu from last year). Oh well, at least Jason Phillips isn't the one we're counting on...
2006-04-19 17:00:55
21.   Jon Weisman
For what it's worth, Grady said he wasn't looking for offense from Navarro. I take that with the appropriate grain of salt, but if the pitchers continue to improve their performance and Navarro starts to throw out a few baserunners, I think he'll stick for a while. I think the pressure will be on the other seven positions to carry the offense.
2006-04-19 17:01:17
22.   Dodger Blue Notes
Sitting Drew is a mistake right now (unless he has something wrong with him we dont know about). This team needs to score runs and Drew is a catalyst for this offense. Wasn't his game winning hit last night was against a lefty?
2006-04-19 17:03:41
23.   Humma Kavula
19 Jayson Werth. In his first game back, both catchers get injured. Forced into an emergency role, the opposition starts running. Werth throws and gets the runner, but then, his hand detaches from his arm and the Dodgers, with no one to play catcher, are forced to forfeit.
2006-04-19 17:04:48
24.   Dodger Blue Notes
19 Isnt Ramon Martinez our emergency catcher?
2006-04-19 17:06:04
25.   underdog
23 Hahah. And this would be... in 2008?

21 Agreed. And I think his offense will come around to "adequate" while his defense... well, as I said, I'm a little worried about it right now - based on passed balls and the basestealing issue, but agree that he should improve there. And the pitch calling is definitely better.

2006-04-19 17:06:59
26.   DodgerJoe
7 I assumed lefty, but you never know. Drew should play tonight especially with a day off tomorrow.
2006-04-19 17:08:57
27.   trainwreck
One of the top PG/SG in the nation, Russel Westbrook, committed to UCLA last night for the 2006 season. :) That will help off-set the possible loss of Farmar (I expect AA to come back).
2006-04-19 17:09:58
28.   Jon Weisman
26 - You're right, there's a day off! Either something's aching, or that's an excessive amount of rest at this point.
2006-04-19 17:11:11
29.   trainwreck
Grady probably forgot there was no game tomorrow.
2006-04-19 17:12:34
30.   Prescott Pete
19 -- Maybe Ned can talk Izzy into backstop consideration.
2006-04-19 17:13:05
31.   trainwreck
In one of the articles on, Grady says the stats he pays attention to are on-base percentage and slugging percentage for hitters and k/bb ratio for pitchers...

I swear Grady does the exact opposite of everything he says.

2006-04-19 17:14:52
32.   Curtis Lowe
Maybe Drew is tired and needs rest. Afterall he hasn't played everyday since July of 05. I'd rather Drew survive the season on regular rests then breakdown from being overworked.
2006-04-19 17:15:40
33.   Curtis Lowe
32- should read- instead of breaking down from being overworked.
2006-04-19 17:20:03
34.   Jon Weisman
27 - I thought Trevor Ariza was crazy to leave UCLA early, though I guess his bank account proves I was wrong. But I think Farmar is crazy to leave early too. He seems nowhere near ready to be an NBA player.
2006-04-19 17:21:35
35.   sanchez101
I can see why Drew sits today, not only do they face a lefthander, but Sean Marshall is a struggling rookie going up against a surging Brad Penny. I understand that Drew is easily the best hitter on the club, but he has to miss some starts and if there's a situation where the Dodgers can get by without him its one where the Dodgers hold a significant advantage on the mound like tonite.
2006-04-19 17:22:19
36.   trainwreck
Ariza was crazy, because if he stayed longer he could have been a lottery pick, not to mention he would be such a better basketball player. Farmar has to work himself into the first round, so I agree that he should stay. Afflalo might not even be drafted if he left, which is why I expect him to comeback.
2006-04-19 17:27:08
37.   Sam DC
Livan 2-2 w/a HR and a double.
2006-04-19 17:28:06
38.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
My lineup:
Furcal, SS
Cruz, LF
Drew, RF
Kent, 2B
Mueller, 3B
Old Maid, 1B
Sandy Jr., C
Repko, CF

A few thoughts:
1. Mueller batting in the 6-hole seems low. My guess is Grittle doesn't think Mueller has the power, but I'd rather see his high OBP there than Saenz.
2. Grittle has a rep as a player's manager, so after noting the Cubs were throwing a lefty he might've approached Drew and asked whether back-to-back days off sounded good.
3. I don't mind this cautious approach; perhaps the thinking is the Dodgers won't mind if Drew sits out a game a week as long as he's still healthy at the end of the season.
4. Clarification: I won't mind this cautious approach until Drew gets hurt. Then, I'll criticize JD for his fragile nature, DePo for signing him and Little for not running Drew into the ground despite knowing a season-ending injury was an inevitabilty. ;)

2006-04-19 17:30:12
39.   Jon Weisman
Okay, folks, I made up a stupid joke. I tried it out on people at this cultural institution I work at, and they lacked the breadth and depth of knowledge to get it. But I have to see it through. I just want one person to get it.

Here it is.

"What do you call Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' baby when she's wearing her fancy bonnet?"

2006-04-19 17:30:58
40.   Jon Weisman
(And then you say, "I don't know. What do you call her?")
2006-04-19 17:31:14
41.   trainwreck
Bill Walton just said Boniface Ndong (pronounced Dong) looks stiff.
2006-04-19 17:31:21
42.   Sam DC
Suri with a fringe on top!
2006-04-19 17:32:39
43.   Jon Weisman
42 - Ding ding ding ding ding!
2006-04-19 17:32:43
44.   underdog
Um, Suri with the fringe on top?
2006-04-19 17:33:06
45.   underdog
D'oh! I was a few seconds too late.

Anyway, cute!

2006-04-19 17:33:33
46.   Kayaker7
43 I went through Officer Candidate School with an Indian American classmate with the last name of Suri. Oh yeah, he got razzed.
2006-04-19 17:34:01
47.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
"Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry..."
2006-04-19 17:34:21
48.   trainwreck
Can someone explain the joke to me.
2006-04-19 17:34:40
49.   Kayaker7
47 Some detrius from the last thread:

Something more up to date:

2006-04-19 17:36:03
50.   Kayaker7
48 It's a song from a musical. Made re-popular in "When Harry Met Sally" when Harry and Sally are trying out a portable karaoke machine in a store, and Harry's ex-wife shows up with her new significant other, Ira.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-04-19 17:36:37
51.   underdog
It's a song from "Oklahoma!" and I had to look up "surrey" to see what the heck it was...

2006-04-19 17:36:58
52.   Blu2
48 That's a song, son, from the musical 'Oklahoma'.
2006-04-19 17:37:07
53.   Jon Weisman
48 -
2006-04-19 17:37:32
54.   trainwreck
Oh ok, thanks.
2006-04-19 17:38:30
55.   Jon Weisman
Ooh, I lose.
2006-04-19 17:39:11
56.   trainwreck
I saw Oklahoma when I was in sixth grade, have not seen Harry Met Sally aside from Meg Ryan's most famous scene.
2006-04-19 17:41:54
57.   Jacob L
I saw Oklahoma about 3 weeks ago. I'm pretty lame.

I remember, when I was about 10, being at a Bar Mitzvah party with my grandmother, who upon seeing the entree said, without hesitation, "Spicy chicken curry with a shrimp on top." I thought she was about the funniest person in the world.

2006-04-19 17:42:55
58.   Humma Kavula
57 That is pretty funny.
2006-04-19 17:45:37
59.   trainwreck
I swear Katie Holmes became pregnant like 4 months ago haha.
2006-04-19 17:48:17
60.   sanchez101
the more i hear orel hershiser, the more i wish he was the Dodger manager
2006-04-19 17:51:47
61.   Sam DC
Another double for Livan -- this one standard, not automatic/ground rule. That's 3-3, 8 total bases.
2006-04-19 17:52:29
62.   trainwreck
In addition, the kid comes right when Tom was going out to promote Mission Impossible 3, now he cancelled that...
2006-04-19 17:53:31
63.   Linkmeister
Aside: Photo of souvenir MLB pennants from my recently unearthed collection of the things. Includes the Bob Short Senators, the Angels, Dodgers and Cards.

2006-04-19 17:54:22
64.   Jon Weisman
For those who care about such things, LA Weekly has a feature online about T.J. Simers.
2006-04-19 17:56:38
65.   Jon Weisman
And from a Baltimore Sun blog:

"... the Orioles had some discussions about former Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Cody Ross, but weren't impressed enough to consider signing him. Or so I'm told."

I would assume he means "weren't impressed enough to consider trading for him," but maybe he means "weren't impressed enough to make a waiver claim for him."

2006-04-19 17:57:36
66.   trainwreck
Why would anyone trade for a guy, everyone knows will be released?
2006-04-19 17:57:47
67.   Blu2
51 Without looking it up, in the movie who played Judd Fry (?) and who played the peddler?
2006-04-19 17:58:49
68.   Jon Weisman
67 - The only two male actors I can name off the top of my head in the movie are Gordon MacRae and Rod Steiger.
2006-04-19 17:58:57
69.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
61 - Is it my imagination, or are pitchers hitting better this season? Livan, Arroyo, Maddux's single from the other night...
2006-04-19 17:59:34
70.   trainwreck
I should add that he is not good enough to warrant people trading for him if he has to be released.
2006-04-19 18:00:55
71.   Marty
I've never been much of an Oklahoma fan. But it's much better than South Pacific.
2006-04-19 18:01:10
72.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
62 - One of the best film reviews I've ever read came from that Cruise franchise.
The New Yorker concluded a piece with "MI:2" is NFG.
2006-04-19 18:02:05
73.   trainwreck
That movie is so bad, it makes Stormy Weather look like a good movie.
2006-04-19 18:02:31
74.   Marty
Defamer takes the award for best coverage of the Cruise/Holmes version of Rosemary's Baby.
2006-04-19 18:02:36
75.   Blu2
66 He has to go through waivers before being released. In waivers, there is a pecking order. A club that is maybe tenth in line to claim him and doesn't think he will be there when their turn comes, might be inclined to offer some money or a near worthless player in trade to get him.
2006-04-19 18:04:53
76.   Blu2
68 Rod Steiger was Judd Fry. Eddy Albert was the peddler trying to get Ado Annie (I'm just a girl who can't say no...)
2006-04-19 18:05:10
77.   Jon Weisman
74 - No surprise there.

72 - I've said this before here, but the best line in a movie review I've ever read was the Times' review of The War with Kevin Costner.

"'The War' is what Forrest Gump would have looked like if Forrest Gump had directed."

2006-04-19 18:07:31
78.   trainwreck
The best musical is the Happiness of the Katakuris by Takashi Miike.

Cannibal the Musical is real good if you listen to the drunken audio commentary by Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and gang.

2006-04-19 18:07:52
79.   FirstMohican
75 - Do you know how the order of teams to claim is determined?

77 - While hilarious, that review is misleading because I think it's trying to urge the reader to not see the movie. Would anyone here NOT pay to see a movie directed by Forrest Gump?

2006-04-19 18:09:21
80.   Marty
My favorite musical is Singin In The Rain, with Guys And Dolls a close second.
2006-04-19 18:14:21
81.   Humma Kavula
My favorite line in any review is, if I recall correctly, Ray Pride's review of Moulin Rouge:

It could have been edited by a crack-addicted ferret with ADD that had just downed a half-dozen pixie sticks.

2006-04-19 18:14:50
82.   Kayaker7
I enjoyed Singing in the Rain. I didn't like Chicago, nor Moulin Rouge. I guess I had my fill when I watched Singing in the Rain, when I was 14.
2006-04-19 18:15:52
83.   das411
73 - They made a movie out of a Carl Hiaasen book? Is that possible??

FYI The True Billy Hamilton has now been revealed.

2006-04-19 18:16:25
84.   Adams
My favorite review line was for another scientology junkie, Battlefield Earth with John Travolta. I think it was in the Washington Post and went something like, "A million monkeys typing on a million keyboards couldn't come up with a script this bad."
2006-04-19 18:18:29
85.   Humma Kavula
80 Gotta disagree with you about the movie Guys and Dolls. I like the show a lot, but the movie doesn't do it for me. Why do you cast the singer -- Sinatra -- in the comedy role? Why do you cast the actor famous for mumbling -- Brando -- in the singing role?

Personally, that movie is #1 on my list to remake. I want to see Hugh Jackman as Sky Masterson. He's a movie star, he's sexy, he can sing and dance.

2006-04-19 18:19:24
86.   sanchez101
My favorite musical was the south park movie, then again i dont much like that genre ...
2006-04-19 18:20:09
87.   Steve

``Mad Dog Time'' should be cut into free ukulele picks for the poor.

2006-04-19 18:20:24
88.   Humma Kavula
86 Don't kid yourself: the south park movie is a great movie musical.
2006-04-19 18:20:39
89.   trainwreck
Vin Diesel has been trying to remake Guys and Dolls for awhile.
2006-04-19 18:21:59
90.   trainwreck
If you guys like South Park movie, you should check out Trey's first movie, Cannibal the Musical. I personally get tired of musicals, unless they are sung in Japanese.
2006-04-19 18:22:30
91.   Humma Kavula
89 Yeah, I know. He wants to play Sky.

The earth shudders at the thought.

2006-04-19 18:24:24
92.   Marty
I like the songs in G & D. I don't really mind Brando in that part either for some reason.
2006-04-19 18:26:00
93.   Steve
In the Broadway revival, Nathan Lane played Nathan Detroit and the guy with the eyebrows from the OC played Sky Masterson.
2006-04-19 18:26:56
94.   Marty
I think Nathan Lane is in every Broadway musical nowadays.
2006-04-19 18:27:27
95.   coachjpark
Is Cruz a better lefty or righty?

I have a conundrum. Start Cruz batting in the 3 hole against a lefty he's never faced (I assume), or start Frank Thomas batting cleanup against Kenny Rogers who's doing well of late but someone that Thomas has hit well in the past.

I will count votes and make my lineup decision based on a majority vote (and before 6:45 PM). Thanks!

2006-04-19 18:28:06
96.   trainwreck
I would go with Cruz personally.
2006-04-19 18:28:35
97.   sanchez101
Sendy Rleal is a kind of name you'd expect of an extraterrestrial.

88. I think the funniest aspect of that movie is that it's actually considered by many to be a really good musical. Like I said, Im no expert, but I do enjoy South Park.

2006-04-19 18:28:41
98.   Uncle Miltie
I found those fake binoculars

I hope Sam Cassell doesn't search for himself on yahoo because the suggestions that yahoo makes aren't very nice.

2006-04-19 18:29:23
99.   trainwreck
Marshall still needs a little more seasoning in the minors. Frank still has not totally gotten it going, but he has started to get better.
2006-04-19 18:29:33
100.   natepurcell
laroche hits his first homerun of the year. Kemp belts his second. Laroche also draws another walk, giving him 11 in 45ABs. thats pretty nice.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-04-19 18:29:36
101.   FirstMohican
95, 96 - Wierd... I see Dodger related posting.
2006-04-19 18:30:11
102.   Vishal
[64] you know, for some reason i thought t.j. was younger. and black.
2006-04-19 18:30:52
103.   trainwreck
Trey Parker was a music major in college. Matt and him are in a band DVDA, I suggest checking them out.

The initials stand for something I could never say at DodgerThoughts.

2006-04-19 18:30:53
104.   natepurcell
At our UofA homecoming game football game (i think it was the UCLA game), my friend snuck in those booznoculars. Then he got caught and his police report was in the school newspaper the next day.
2006-04-19 18:32:02
105.   natepurcell
you know, for some reason i thought t.j. was younger. and black.

I always thought TJ simers looked like David Aldridge, the baseketball analyst guy.

2006-04-19 18:32:02
106.   sanchez101
95. I vote for Cruz, my guess is that he gets more to hit batting infront of Kent while Rogers is smart enough to stay away from Thomas and Thomas is smart enough to take a couple walks.
2006-04-19 18:32:26
107.   trainwreck
I use to think Reggie Abercrombie had to be a preppy white guy. You can probably guess why.
2006-04-19 18:33:52
108.   Vishal
[105] YES. why did we think that?!
2006-04-19 18:35:31
109.   sanchez101
103. I like DVDA, especially "now your a man", or whatever that song is called. On a somewhat related note, I thought Orgazmo was a better movie than Basketball.
2006-04-19 18:36:07
110.   natepurcell
So Simers doesn't look like David Alrdidge?
2006-04-19 18:38:37
111.   FirstMohican
Off topic, but has the NBA MVP debate gone on at DT yet?

I'll be at the Dodger game - I hope they have Laker game updates. The game may be the most important game of the year: the difference between getting swept and advancing to the 2nd round.

2006-04-19 18:38:38
112.   Vishal
there's a picture included with the la weekly article:
2006-04-19 18:38:41
113.   Steve
How can TJ Simers look like anybody if he doesn't exist?
2006-04-19 18:39:19
114.   natepurcell
Hu has drawn 12bbs in 51ABs, last year, he drew only 19 in 470ABs.

this turn around is remarkable.

2006-04-19 18:39:26
115.   trainwreck
Orgazmo is one of the greatest movies ever. Easily one of the most quotable movies ever.

Dad I don't think I am going to do hamster style anymore.

2006-04-19 18:40:29
116.   trainwreck
lol Did you guys think Simers was black because his name was TJ or what?
2006-04-19 18:40:36
117.   natepurcell

Nope, thats not Simers. Or at least, what my brain thinks Simers looks like.

2006-04-19 18:42:03
118.   natepurcell
Maybe. JA Adande is black and he has intials in his first name. Thats probably why.

When I learned Simers had an adult daughter, i just made Simers look like David Alridge but with grey hair and fatter in my mind.

2006-04-19 18:42:44
119.   trainwreck
2006-04-19 18:43:14
120.   coachjpark
102 Haha, marginally Dodger-related posting. So far, Cruz 2, Thomas 0. Like the arguments.
2006-04-19 18:43:37
121.   coachjpark
I mean 101
2006-04-19 18:44:08
122.   Humma Kavula
That's funny -- Simers looks exactly like what I thought he would look like.
2006-04-19 18:44:47
123.   coachjpark
When I interned for the Dodgers, I said something to Jason Reid and I remember him shouting at me for some reason... so I can empathize with Milton...
2006-04-19 18:49:01
124.   trainwreck
I did not even know TJ Simers existed (I am from Bay Area) until I saw Around the Horn. It did not take me long to hate him.
2006-04-19 18:54:39
125.   Nagman
MLB Extra Innings alert - Phils/Nats tied in the bottom of the ninth, this game is on the channel that the Dodger game is scheduled to air on. We need a Phillie walk off win right now, unless they have their act together and can move the Dodger game to an open channel.
2006-04-19 18:56:18
126.   Steve
His LA Weekly interview is amusing given his claim to Slate last year that he is a serious journalist.
2006-04-19 18:59:42
you guys are early BIRDS!!!

LET'S GO BLUE!!!!!!!

2006-04-19 19:00:41
Is it true aboud Gregg wanted to be a Dodger next year?
2006-04-19 19:01:43
129.   trainwreck
Pure speculation. The article just said that Colletti is apparently a big fan. Remember when everyone thought Maddux was for sure going to sign with a west coast team? He ended up on the Cubs.
2006-04-19 19:03:22
130.   Gilgamesh
Sorry if I'm slow, but I saw Oklahoma! just last week and I still don't get how Cruise/Holmes' baby is related??!!
2006-04-19 19:05:13
131.   Bob Timmermann

Too bad there's no hockey to watch tonight on Extra Innings.

2006-04-19 19:05:39
132.   overkill94
I'm glad you guys enjoyed the alcoholic binoculars episode. They were given to me as a Christmas gift by some friends of mine, I regret that I didn't get nearly enough use out of them.

I guess the real problem is that they hold 16 ounces of alcohol which will get you quite wasted in a 3-hour period. That's why I think the 8 oz. flask is the ideal baseball-watching accessory.

Another favorite alcohol-sneakin moment was a few years ago at a spring training game in Arizona. We took the bladder out of a box of wine and put it at the base of my back, halfway down my paints, held up by my belt. Needless to say, it was a day of fun in the sun relentlessly heckling the Padres' bullpen in right field.

2006-04-19 19:06:17
133.   Nagman
131 but there are a couple channels being used to tell us to stay tuned for the playoffs!
2006-04-19 19:06:24
134.   Bob Timmermann
Everyone was fortunate that I was commuting home while you discussed "Oklahoma". After my father retired, he bought a home karaoke machine and practiced to the soundtrack of "Oklahoma".

All I can say is that the farmer and the cowman really should be friends.

2006-04-19 19:07:45
135.   overkill94
Wow, Vlad just totally botched an easily fly ball, letting a run score and extending the inning while they're up by 1.
2006-04-19 19:11:53
136.   Jon Weisman
This is of course subjective, but Penny looked like the definition of uncomfortable throwing his warmup pitches.
2006-04-19 19:13:17
137.   Jon Weisman
I knew Aldridge when I lived in D.C. Really nice guy.
2006-04-19 19:14:09
138.   Curtis Lowe
136- I expect some runs to be given up tonight, since Penny has only given up 1 run a game.
2006-04-19 19:14:22
139.   trainwreck
I always thought Aldridge was the best of ESPN's NBA guys. I also liked him when he guest hosted on PTI.
2006-04-19 19:14:29
140.   Andrew Shimmin
I can't express, fully, my disappointment with Marty over his disliking South Pacific. It's the only musical I really like. I guess it's possible that I only do because I played in the pit orchestra for a production, but still: What, do you just not have a soul?
2006-04-19 19:15:31
141.   Gen3Blue
2006-04-19 19:16:09
142.   Bob Timmermann

Right now, Marty wants to wash Brad Penny out of his hair.

2006-04-19 19:20:44
143.   Gen3Blue
Jon- you had something there, I don't think Penny could get lose. Hope he does soon.
2006-04-19 19:21:05
144.   Gen3Blue
make that loose.
2006-04-19 19:21:12
145.   Linkmeister
140 What? West Side Story doesn't appeal?
2006-04-19 19:21:59
146.   trainwreck
Wow, that half inning was terrible fantasy wise. I have Brad Penny starting and Derek Lee as my first baseman, in addition JD Drew whos playing bench.
2006-04-19 19:22:08
147.   Linkmeister
Cussed Prime Ticket not showing the game again out here. Yaaargh.
2006-04-19 19:22:10
148.   Jon Weisman
Garciaparra update up top.
2006-04-19 19:22:31
Furcal hits a FLY BALL OUT!!
2006-04-19 19:23:49
Furcal should take a page out of Lofton
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-04-19 19:25:18
151.   Gen3Blue
I'm getting the game on DTV from something called the Comcast network.
2006-04-19 19:26:05
I'm getting the game on something called adelphia
2006-04-19 19:26:15
153.   sanchez101
so im assuming coachjpark went with Jose Cruz
2006-04-19 19:26:27
154.   Bob Timmermann

That explains the new headline. Do you think Mia Hamm comes along to Vegas for the rehab assignment?

Does Nomar Garciaparra have the spouse who likely makes the most money on her own?

2006-04-19 19:26:42
155.   Andrew Shimmin
145- Not really, but I don't know the music all that well. I did hit submit too soon, though: I like Porgy and Bess.
2006-04-19 19:27:22
156.   sanchez101
Does Kent choose is own music? My guess is that he does, Offspring sounds like motocross music.
2006-04-19 19:27:30
Vinnie not wanting to show up the Ump said "kinda of an embarrasing moment for the umpire"
2006-04-19 19:27:35
158.   Gen3Blue
Don't let this rookie get on-track. wow, he's tall.
Oh-oh. sound like Cub announcers.
2006-04-19 19:28:15
159.   Bob Timmermann

Blame the Lakers. They are on FSN and the Angels got bumped to FSN Prime.

However I thought that you couldn't show a game on a OTA (over the air) station on a Wednesday?

2006-04-19 19:29:07
160.   Gen3Blue
Was that a balk or the Strike of the Stork?
2006-04-19 19:30:51
161.   Dodger Blue Notes
Time for a professional at bat from Saenz.
2006-04-19 19:34:45
162.   Gen3Blue
That was too close to take.
2006-04-19 19:34:51
163.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-19 19:34:58
professional strike out By the killer tomato!
2006-04-19 19:35:15
165.   Curtis Lowe
dee da dee
2006-04-19 19:37:11
oh man! that was funny did you guys see that Cub's rookie carring that child back pack?
2006-04-19 19:44:54
You guys think the blue is being inconsistent with the strike zone? (I do)
2006-04-19 19:48:07
168.   overkill94
167 Pretty much. Not calling the high strike at all, semi-liberal low in the zone and on the outside corner.
2006-04-19 19:49:01
169.   natepurcell
if anyones watching on, vin sounds like he is underwater.
2006-04-19 19:49:55
170.   Uncle Miltie
Scrappy dog!
2006-04-19 19:50:14
171.   Gen3Blue
Ahh--our only power.
2006-04-19 19:50:18
172.   D4P
The feed was doing that last night. It drove me to listening to the horrendous Cubs announcers.
2006-04-19 19:50:21
2006-04-19 19:50:22
174.   natepurcell
i will be accepting applicants to the Church of Repko after this game.
2006-04-19 19:50:23
175.   Vishal
wooo go repko 2.0!
2006-04-19 19:50:44
176.   Curtis Lowe
Repko cannot be stopped.
2006-04-19 19:50:50
177.   gpellamjr
Who needs Drew?
2006-04-19 19:51:21
178.   Steve
Sanchez, I owe you an $8 Dodger Stadium beer. I'll have the 7-up.
2006-04-19 19:51:28
179.   Curtis Lowe
169- It fixed itself for me. Are you still experienceing it? If not don't bother replying.
2006-04-19 19:52:06
180.   Johnson
169 I'm having trouble with the Gameday Audio feed as well. It's going in and out, from regular to super-fuzzy.
2006-04-19 19:52:22
181.   Gen3Blue
I'd love a situation where J.D. didn't care to sit.
2006-04-19 19:53:49
182.   Uncle Miltie
This is why Lofton shouldn't play.
2006-04-19 19:53:56
183.   natepurcell
if you guys want to know what Mike Megrew looks like, just look at sean marshall.
2006-04-19 19:54:01
184.   Bob Timmermann

Live on the wild side Steve. Have a Diet Coke!

Be a rebel.

2006-04-19 19:55:30
185.   Bob Timmermann
Somebody tell Vin that East Chicago is in Indiana, not Illinois.
2006-04-19 19:56:27
186.   Steve
Now if we can just get Grittle to bench Lofton for Repko.
2006-04-19 19:56:28
187.   trainwreck
Throw Lofton out of the game, so Drew can play!
2006-04-19 20:02:34
188.   Gen3Blue
Nows the time to make the rookie throw some pitches so we can get into their bull-pen.
2006-04-19 20:03:10
189.   D4P
Ron Santo is a terrible announcer.
2006-04-19 20:03:31
190.   Dodger Blue Notes
Wow! This is pathetic!
2006-04-19 20:04:14
191.   Uncle Miltie
Alomar is a horrible defender!
2006-04-19 20:04:43
192.   confucius
Other than not being able to get Pierre out, has Penny looked good? I'm "watching" on Gameday.
2006-04-19 20:04:58
193.   Steve
189 -- I think I'll turn Vin Scully up now.
2006-04-19 20:05:44
194.   natepurcell
Penny is always yelling about something or at someone whenever he comes off the mound at the end of an inning.
2006-04-19 20:05:47
195.   Bob Timmermann
Twins with the bases loaded and no outs and down 10-9 to the Angels in the 9th.

Morneau pops out for the first out.

2006-04-19 20:06:15
196.   Bob Timmermann

Penny doesn't like the baseballs.

2006-04-19 20:07:17
197.   Gilgamesh
Who can actually remember when we got a CS without having to look it up? I can't.
2006-04-19 20:07:27
198.   confucius
Announcing is all in the legs :)
2006-04-19 20:07:39
199.   Curtis Lowe
194- I've starting doing that too whenever I finish something.

When I get off work.

When I brush my teeth.

After taking a test.

After sitting through 4 redlights and it's finally green.

2006-04-19 20:07:53
200.   D4P
Enjoy listening to him say things like "Juan Pierre is a fantastic ballplayer in all facets of the game."
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-04-19 20:07:53
201.   Bob Timmermann
Tony Batista vs. Francisco Rodriguez was not fair. Batista whiffed.

Lew Ford is the Twins last hope.

2006-04-19 20:07:59
202.   Gen3Blue
re 188 - not part of the Strategy ,Jose.
2006-04-19 20:08:29

the balls were not rubbed correctly according to Brad Penny

2006-04-19 20:09:52
204.   Curtis Lowe
203- So it is safe to say that Penny does not like his balls rubbed the wrong way?
2006-04-19 20:10:38
205.   Steve
200 -- It's different when he says it. It's lyrical.
2006-04-19 20:11:31
206.   Dodger Blue Notes
F-Rod just walked in the tying run
2006-04-19 20:11:59
207.   Bob Timmermann
Tied up in the Twin Cities on a bases-loaded walk by Ford.

Juan Castro will be the last batter of the 9th inning.

2006-04-19 20:12:27
208.   Gen3Blue
Well, we made him work that inning.
2006-04-19 20:13:15
209.   Marty
Right now, Marty wants to wash Brad Penny out of his hair.

If you saw a picture of me without a hat, you'd realize how funny that is.

2006-04-19 20:13:20
210.   Gilgamesh
180 - Me too. If you figure out the problem please post. I had this issue last night also.
2006-04-19 20:13:33
211.   confucius
Gotta love K-Rod
2006-04-19 20:13:40
212.   Uncle Miltie
196- Jason Repko doesn't like his chin.

Grits should make Alomar Tomko's personal catcher. We are going to lose most of those games anyways, so we might as well get him out of the way.

2006-04-19 20:13:40
213.   Andrew Shimmin
McCourt contracted out the Delaware River Mud concessions to Aramark.
2006-04-19 20:14:26
214.   Bob Timmermann

For me, that was almost a Jamba Juice spit take.

2006-04-19 20:14:35
215.   Sam DC
Big goings on in Minn, but I'm too tired to describe. Juan Castro (not sure if old friend or not) ended the ninth w/the bases loaded and the game tied at 10-10. I think the tying run had just been walked in.
2006-04-19 20:14:54
216.   Steve
Is that why the mud is bright yellow?
2006-04-19 20:15:30
217.   trainwreck
Not like Odalis is that much better haha.
2006-04-19 20:16:08
218.   Bob Timmermann

We're a bit ahead of you there Sam.

Juan Castro is indeed an "old friend".

2006-04-19 20:16:17
219.   Steve
Jim Tracy's "inside information" is quickly becoming less "inside"
2006-04-19 20:16:27
220.   thinkblue0
I want to bring up Martin simply to see if he can throw a runner out.

This is embarrassing.

2006-04-19 20:16:27
221.   Vishal
we pretty much are allowing almost any single to turn into a free double. disgusting.
2006-04-19 20:16:54
222.   D4P
For me, that was almost a Jamba Juice spit take.

I drink a Protein Berry Pizazz 2-3 times a week. Yum!

2006-04-19 20:17:33
223.   regfairfield
Maybe this wasn't Jason Phillips' fault.
2006-04-19 20:18:04
224.   Steve
Charlie, he's old.
2006-04-19 20:18:25
225.   Bob Timmermann

That was the drink I had.


2006-04-19 20:18:45
226.   natepurcell
this is so ridiculous.
2006-04-19 20:19:13
227.   regfairfield
That's like the fifth dunker that's dropped in.
2006-04-19 20:19:20
228.   Curtis Lowe
226- Time for drink!
2006-04-19 20:19:20
229.   Sam DC
Oh --- you were talking about those twin cities.

Oops and g'night.

2006-04-19 20:19:27
230.   Dodger Blue Notes
The Cubs are hitting the cover off the ball
2006-04-19 20:19:34
231.   natepurcell
Please stop Cubs.
2006-04-19 20:19:50
232.   D4P
Great minds drink alike...
2006-04-19 20:20:04
233.   Uncle Miltie
This is why I made a big deal about not bringing back Bako.
2006-04-19 20:20:24
234.   natepurcell
Lets play a drinking game everyone. Every time the cubs get a pop fly base hit, you drink!

Every time the cubs steal a base, you drink!

2006-04-19 20:21:44
235.   Curtis Lowe
234- I try to have a beer an inning every other night.
2006-04-19 20:21:44
236.   PHilldodger
Not to belabor a point, but I will.
At what point will the Dodgers be able to prevent anyone not playing catcher for the opponent from stealing second base whenever they want? Watching on TV, I can't tell if the catchers or the pitchers are to blame, or both.
2006-04-19 20:22:19
237.   D4P
Steve really shouldn't be consuming that much sugar...
2006-04-19 20:24:27
238.   Uncle Miltie
Penny just walked a guy who hasn't walked this year, until now. I'll blame it on Alomar.
2006-04-19 20:24:41
239.   natepurcell
whats Penny's pitch count at?
2006-04-19 20:25:15
240.   regfairfield
Are the fans actually booing Penny, or is that my imagination?

Actually, the sarcastic cheer on that strike answers my question.

2006-04-19 20:26:03
241.   regfairfield
238 I presume he'd rather just strike the pitcher out.
2006-04-19 20:26:11
242.   Steve
Have you guys ever tried this "Diet Coke?" Geez! I could drink this all...night...
2006-04-19 20:26:27
243.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-19 20:27:06
244.   Steve
How many "changeups" would Tomko have thrown Marshall?
2006-04-19 20:27:06
245.   D4P
77 pitches thus far, which is what you'd expect from a non innings eater.
2006-04-19 20:27:52
246.   natepurcell
If Penny is not eating innings, then what is he eating? He's at least 250lbs.
2006-04-19 20:30:11
247.   trainwreck
A's game not exactly going well. Down 8-1 in the 5th.
2006-04-19 20:30:29
248.   regfairfield
I came to the realization last year that from a distance, you can't tell the difference between Penny and Choi. They both look like gigantic rectangles with high socks.
2006-04-19 20:30:50
249.   Dodger Blue Notes
Cuddyer walk off HR for the Twins.
2006-04-19 20:32:13
250.   Brendan
I notice that channel 9 has the speed gun. Is that due to Andrew's e-mail complaint or was it Prime Ticket/FSN that didn't have the speed gun last week when penny pitched?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-04-19 20:32:21
251.   das411
Pinch-hitting for Nick Punto? Always a good decision!
2006-04-19 20:32:35
252.   Bob Timmermann
Condition Yellow for the cycle in Arizona with Jeff DaVanon. He just needs a double.
2006-04-19 20:34:50
253.   Vishal
vinny finally corrected himself about east chicago.
2006-04-19 20:35:39
254.   trainwreck
Frank Thomas with the A's only run. We screwed that one up for you coachjpark.
2006-04-19 20:40:24
255.   Andrew Shimmin
250- While I'd be shocked to learn that mine was the deciding vote, I am prepared to take credit for it.
2006-04-19 20:41:05
256.   Underbruin
You know, for a guy who seems to be having a bit of trouble today, Penny's only given up 2 runs through 5 innings...

Could be a lot worse.

2006-04-19 20:41:33
257.   Brendan

good because that's the story I'm telling everyone. well done.

2006-04-19 20:42:49
258.   natepurcell
all the trouble can be contributed to bloop pop fly hits.
2006-04-19 20:43:42
259.   Dodger Blue Notes
256 - I think Penny has looked good tonight. Of the 7 hits, 4 are bloopers.
2006-04-19 20:44:10
260.   thinkblue0
So Nomar is back in a couple days...

what's the over/under on when he goes back on the DL? I'm setting the mark at 20 days....

2006-04-19 20:45:13
261.   Gen3Blue
It really seems like the D's haven't worked on holding runners for a couple of years.
They have had more important worries and an ideally uncaring bunch of starters. I hope they work on this in the minors but I have my doubts.
2006-04-19 20:45:27
262.   Underbruin
258 - This is true, but still, when a guy's WHIP is 1.6 for the game through 5 innings, and it's a 2-2 game, I'm not -too- upset. =P
2006-04-19 20:46:22
263.   Steve
And we have Lance Carter to pitch the 7th!
2006-04-19 20:47:55
264.   Gen3Blue
Penny is not sharp but he seems OK. But we missed our op. to get this rookie out of the game. Seems like no instict from all these vets.
2006-04-19 20:48:29
265.   Curtis Lowe
10 in a row! is this a joke?
2006-04-19 20:48:58
266.   Nick Iyengar
When are we going to start hitting again?
2006-04-19 20:49:47
267.   Curtis Lowe
266- In the 8th.
2006-04-19 20:52:19
268.   Steve
Is Furcal slugging under 200 yet?
2006-04-19 20:53:20
269.   thinkblue0

if we let one more runner steal, I was going to drink a gallon of bleach.

2006-04-19 20:53:36
270.   Andrew Shimmin
While I'd be shocked to learn I had anything to do with it, I'm prepared to take credit for that strike 'em out, throw 'em out double play.
2006-04-19 20:53:44
271.   natepurcell
Victory! No stolen base!
2006-04-19 20:53:50
272.   Curtis Lowe
!!!! Ohhhh Yeahhhhh !!!!!
2006-04-19 20:54:19
273.   Steve
Thanks Dusty!
2006-04-19 20:56:35
274.   trainwreck
Is it me or are the crowds a lot smaller this year?
2006-04-19 20:57:39
275.   D4P
No. In fact, he's slugging a gaudy .246
2006-04-19 20:57:46
276.   Bob Timmermann
Crowds are about normal for this time of year. Weeknight games before school is out don't draw all that well.
2006-04-19 21:01:24
277.   Dodger Blue Notes
Dodger gameplan: Wait for the brilliance of Dusty Baker.
2006-04-19 21:02:32
278.   Uncle Miltie
Drew should pinch hit for Olmedo, even though we know it's not going to happen. Or they could save him for later and have him pinch hit for Lofton.
2006-04-19 21:04:06
279.   D4P
Kent, meanwhile, is slugging a nice little .354 of his own.
2006-04-19 21:05:41
280.   thinkblue0
olmedo should have murdered that pitch
2006-04-19 21:06:32
281.   Jon Weisman
The name of the father of one of the accused from Duke is Kevin Finnerty. Is that the same as Tony Soprano's dream alter ego? Has this been brought up?
2006-04-19 21:08:25
282.   trainwreck
He ripped off some Buddhist monks, no wonder his kid has issues.
2006-04-19 21:11:04
283.   thinkblue0

Mueller robbed. Those seem to be our breaks lately...

2006-04-19 21:11:24
284.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-19 21:11:31
285.   Johnson
Anybody else having technical difficulties with the MLB Audio Dodgers feed? (And by "technical difficulties" I don't mean Rick Monday.) I'm being forced to listen to the Cubs radio broadcast, and wow is the "color" guy just awful. I think maybe they were going for "Harry Caray II". And yes, I understand that Caray was a great announcer in his day, but I never had an opportunity to hear him until he had gone far downhill.
2006-04-19 21:12:40
286.   thinkblue0
Break up Alomar! Throw a runner out AND a 2-out RBI single?

Good times.

2006-04-19 21:12:47
287.   sanchez101
Gotta love that shark cartilage!
- do they test for that?
2006-04-19 21:13:14
288.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-19 21:13:15
289.   thinkblue0
(And by "technical difficulties" I don't mean Rick Monday.)

that is arguably the funniest thing I've ever read on this board.

2006-04-19 21:13:49
290.   trainwreck
Finally, I know why people take that stuff. I saw it at GNC and had no idea what it was used for.
2006-04-19 21:13:58
291.   D4P
Yes, see earlier comments on "problems with the Dodger feed" and the "unlistenability of Ron Santo."
2006-04-19 21:14:09
292.   Bob Timmermann

Isn't the color man Ron Santo? If so, everyone in Chicago is well aware of Santo's ability or lack of them. Santo is an avowed homer and the Cubs like that. He's not slick. He's an acquired taste.

2006-04-19 21:15:20
293.   Bob Timmermann
Cycle alert called off in Arizona. DaVanon walked in his last at bat in the 8th and the DBacks lead 10-3, so he likely won't bat again.
2006-04-19 21:15:28
294.   overkill94
Jon, are you willing to admit you were wrong on Alomar yet or are you going to fall back on the small sample size argument? ;)
2006-04-19 21:16:03
295.   Curtis Lowe
Don't they catch the shark take all its cartiledge then throw it back still alive?
2006-04-19 21:17:20
296.   natepurcell
repkos plate discipline has been impressive.
2006-04-19 21:17:31
297.   Bob Timmermann
Barring any HBPs, Scott Eyre has faced 98 Dodger batters in his career. 22 have reached base.
2006-04-19 21:18:41
298.   Uncle Miltie
294- don't you expect your backup catchers to call a good game and have the ability to throw out runners, neither of which Alomar is capable of doing.
2006-04-19 21:19:46
299.   Jon Weisman
Certainly I'm wrong so far on Alomar, except for the possibility that Martin might have gotten hits too.
2006-04-19 21:20:06
300.   sanchez101
Alomar runs in slow motion
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-04-19 21:20:23
301.   thinkblue0
what in god's name were they doing sending Alomar there? Seriously.
2006-04-19 21:21:03
302.   Gen3Blue
Doesn't look easy to hit Aire, but maybe a BB. Boy two of the weakest swings I"ve seen-and its a miracle. Why make the out?
2006-04-19 21:21:03
303.   Curtis Lowe
Ummm? Who is the third base coach?
2006-04-19 21:21:12
304.   Uncle Miltie
I think the Dodgers new 3rd base coach is worse than Hoffman. In the last few days, Alomar and Mueller, two of the slowest runners on the Dodgers have been thrown out at the plate.
2006-04-19 21:22:04
305.   D4P
Well, Mr. .580 OPS was due up next...
2006-04-19 21:22:16
306.   Bob Timmermann
If the Dodgers didn't hire Rich Donnelly to be the third base coach, then Jayson Stark's columns would be much shorter.
2006-04-19 21:23:03
307.   D4P
Why is Grittle going with an Unproven Rookie over The All Star?
2006-04-19 21:25:29
308.   overkill94
298 Has he shown a poor ability of calling a game? I know the Alomar/Perez connection didn't work out too well, but that was one game.

Jon's original argument was that Alomar couldn't hit worth a lick and his defense was subpar. I couldn't find Alomar's CS rate (for whatever reason ESPN doesn't have catchers' fielding stats), but I think the majority of the steals have come off Navarro. Even then, it's pretty evident the pitchers are crappy at holding runners on.

2006-04-19 21:29:15
309.   thinkblue0
Alomar really can't throw a runner out that has any sort of speed.

And there's no way anyone can expect Alomar to keep this up. There's just too much evidence to the contrary....

2006-04-19 21:29:35
310.   Johnson
308 has fielding stats. Coming into today Navarro was 0-7 and Alomar was 0-8 with a PB. If I've got it right Alomar is now at 1-11.
2006-04-19 21:30:54
311.   overkill94
Old friend Beltre just got his first RBI of the year off ole Six-Fingers. His average is now up to .161, who knows what his OPS has risen to!
2006-04-19 21:31:10
312.   regfairfield
If a player's OPS largely comes from their batting average, then they aren't going to keep it up.
2006-04-19 21:33:59
313.   sanchez101
Wow, Furcal just mugged Derrek Lee. Score one for the little guys.
2006-04-19 21:34:15
314.   Bob Timmermann
Cubs fans now see the 2006 season flash in front of their eyes.
2006-04-19 21:35:10
315.   Brendan
furcal might have just given Dlee the "Choi'. somewhere scott rolen shudders
2006-04-19 21:35:14
316.   Jon Weisman
Furcal was running inside the baseline for no reason, and Lee was standing just about with both feet on the base for no reason.
2006-04-19 21:35:29
317.   trainwreck
Derek Lee getting injured is about the worst news possible for my fantasy team.
2006-04-19 21:36:02
318.   Jon Weisman
If Lee had been extended properly and if Furcal runs properly, no collision.
2006-04-19 21:36:20
319.   overkill94
310 Well that's not very good now, is it. Don't forget the veteran leadership!
2006-04-19 21:36:44
320.   gcrl
didn't that same thing happen to cliff floyd a few years back, shattering his wrist and making him deathly afraid of ever returning to first base?
2006-04-19 21:37:07
321.   natepurcell
Now thats a double whammy for the cubs.
2006-04-19 21:37:23
322.   Steve
Now Dusty has a place to play Neifi!
2006-04-19 21:37:26
323.   sanchez101
Did Eyre hurt himself as well. That was a 10 point belly flop. Wow, this club is really cursed.
2006-04-19 21:37:36
324.   Jon Weisman
Hmm. Now it looks that Lee was extended for a moment, then was in the middle of changing his stance while trying to field the wild throw, when Furcal hit him.
2006-04-19 21:37:44
325.   overkill94
I think Furcal's new nickname should be The Assassin. Who else could do such damage with such a little hit?
2006-04-19 21:38:24
326.   gcrl
i think lee was drawn across the bag as the throw went that way. putting his wrist out would be a reflexive and defensive move. you are correct, though, that he was never in a proper position had the flip from eyre been on target.
2006-04-19 21:38:36
327.   Gen3Blue
Lose two players on one play! I thought that could only happen to the D's.
2006-04-19 21:38:40
328.   gpellamjr
Furcal should bunt more often. Why didn't he do this in the first game of the series?
2006-04-19 21:39:17
329.   Brendan
I agree both furcal and lee made some strange choices.
2006-04-19 21:40:14
330.   Brendan
I kinda of like his little tomahawk chop bunt (ducks)
2006-04-19 21:41:03
331.   overkill94
Another old friend update: Antonio Perez finally got a start and went 0-2 with a walk (possible 4th at-bat in the 9th), leaving him at 0-7 on the year with two walks.

Most damning of all, he just made an error at 3B that cost the A's a run.

2006-04-19 21:41:25
332.   natepurcell
How do you like dem apples cubbies! (the steal, not the injuries)
2006-04-19 21:41:36
333.   Steve
Lofton, get the bat on your shoulder and hit, you waste of space.
2006-04-19 21:42:29
334.   Izzy
300. Alomar catches in slow motion too. That guy is just plain not ready for prime time anymore. But, he is hitting somewhat. And ya, that was quite an ab by Repko to battle back from 1-2 for the walk. I was impressed. I still like Aardsma though, but he can pitch well against some other team.
2006-04-19 21:42:43
335.   Icaros

Perhaps we are witnessing a shift in the equilibrium of the baseball universe.

Suddenly luck is on LA's side all at once.

2006-04-19 21:43:05
336.   Steve
Thank you.
2006-04-19 21:45:14
337.   trainwreck
Well Cruz has had a solid game, so I do not feel so bad about my fantasy advice.
2006-04-19 21:46:00
338.   D4P
I don't like the way the Dodger Stadium announcer says "Jeff Kent."
2006-04-19 21:46:19
339.   Gen3Blue
I'd like to believe.
2006-04-19 21:46:32
340.   Curtis Lowe
338- What's weird is I was thinking the same thing his last at-bat.
2006-04-19 21:47:09
341.   Steve
You couldn't be projecting a little bit?
2006-04-19 21:48:56
342.   D4P
Is 2nd base closer than normal to 1b this year?
2006-04-19 21:49:31
343.   Steve
That inning was scraptastic.
2006-04-19 21:49:36
344.   D4P
If 341 was in response to 338, see 340.
2006-04-19 21:50:18
345.   Curtis Lowe
That was pretty ugly.
2006-04-19 21:50:22
346.   capdodger
343 Scraptastic, yet oh so futile.
2006-04-19 21:51:10
347.   Steve
As most scraptastic things are.
2006-04-19 21:51:49
348.   trainwreck
Lakers vs Suns is set.
2006-04-19 21:52:03
349.   Steve
Grady's having a pretty good game tonight, by the way.
2006-04-19 21:52:21
350.   natepurcell
wow, baez in for a 2 inning save!?!? wow.... i like it.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-04-19 21:52:23
351.   Uncle Miltie
308- Tomko also complained about Alomar's pitch calling.

Good news, Alomar is out of the game.

2006-04-19 21:52:35
352.   Icaros
Does Grittle realize this is the 8th inning?

I thought this was Saito Time.

2006-04-19 21:52:39
353.   das411
So who was it that just read Scott Long's Onion article over on the Juice and therefore caused horrific injuries to the Cubs?

311 - Ichiro! put up a 4 for 4 tonight, bringing his batting average to a whopping... .227??

2006-04-19 21:52:48
354.   D4P
The PA announcer also likes to roll the "R" in "Rafael" Furcal.

Rrrrrafel Furcal!

I think that he should drop the embellishments and just announce the names.

2006-04-19 21:53:18
355.   sanchez101
so what music do they play for Dannys Baez?
2006-04-19 21:53:27
356.   trainwreck
I hate Baez's throwing motion.
2006-04-19 21:54:16
357.   Curtis Lowe
354- "The unenthusiastic PA announcer" That would be interesting.
2006-04-19 21:54:37
358.   sanchez101
355. wait, its the 8th, is Grittle confused?
2006-04-19 21:54:48
359.   Curtis Lowe
356- Really? I think it is very dramatic and adds excitment.
2006-04-19 21:54:59
360.   Steve
It's the ball's fault, Danny.
2006-04-19 21:55:29
361.   overkill94
That's what happens when a tyrannosaurus tries to pick up a bouncing ball.
2006-04-19 21:55:59
362.   Steve
More of that classic Repko defense. He forgot he was a corner outfielder.
2006-04-19 21:56:01
363.   Uncle Miltie
Bad scrappy dog!

What is wrong with Baez?

2006-04-19 21:56:09
364.   Curtis Lowe
Cue Keystone music?
2006-04-19 21:56:13
365.   Bob Timmermann
The plate's over here Jason. It's the white thing in the ground.
2006-04-19 21:56:19
366.   trainwreck
Repko's throw was impressive lol.

What a great closer we have.

2006-04-19 21:57:06
367.   Johnson
355 "Bad To The Bone" by George Thorogood.
2006-04-19 21:57:06
368.   MartinBillingsley31
I like grady alot, he's managed the bullpen good so far considering what he has in the pen.
Plus i like what he said about obp and slg and k's and bb's when he evaluates hitting and pitching.
I'm excited about grady, i think we have a good one.
Now only if we can get rid of ned.
Total opposite of last year.
2006-04-19 21:57:21
369.   regfairfield
363 Nothing?

I actually like the "bring in the closer to face the best hitters" concept. Well played, Grady.

2006-04-19 21:57:25
370.   capdodger
361 It looked like a very small dog trying to pick up a ball.
2006-04-19 21:57:26
371.   Icaros
Wow, this is suddenly going very well, isn't it?

Baez is clearly holding back because he's worried about pitching two innings.

2006-04-19 21:57:57
372.   overkill94
Wow, what a bust of an inning this turned out to be
2006-04-19 21:58:06
373.   Steve
The problem with Baez is that he isn't any good.
2006-04-19 21:58:30
374.   Brendan
haha mueller ducks when repko's throw goes about 80 feet above his head.
2006-04-19 21:58:45
375.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-19 21:58:46
376.   Bob Timmermann

It's all Icaros's fault for saying that there was a shift in the luck in the baseball world.

2006-04-19 21:59:10
377.   Dodger Blue Notes
This all started on a single by Neifi on an 0-2 pitch!
2006-04-19 21:59:10
378.   Steve
The ironic thing is this is when you're going to hear all the moaning about Grady Little, even though he finally did it right.
2006-04-19 21:59:22
379.   natepurcell
pop fly single? take a swig!
2006-04-19 21:59:57
380.   sanchez101
So at least we know Baez can handle adversity, thank god our finally cares about character.
2006-04-19 22:00:19
381.   trainwreck
When did Freddie Bynum and Neifi Perez become one the Cubs' best hitters haha?
2006-04-19 22:00:35
382.   Steve
Baez gets to keep his ERA of 0 and pretend to be a closer for the rest of the year. Good times.
2006-04-19 22:00:39
383.   Icaros

I said "perhaps"!

2006-04-19 22:00:46
384.   Johnson
378 And after the result, he'll never do it right again. Faaaaaantastic.
2006-04-19 22:01:03
385.   gcrl
anyone understand brenly's last comment (i think i have it pretty much verbatim):

this is what happens when you bring your closer in in the 8th inning and wind up with a one run deficit.

2006-04-19 22:02:32
386.   D4P
And if the Dodgers score a few runs, Baez gets a save opportunity.
2006-04-19 22:02:32
387.   Bob Timmermann
Ut sit magna, tamen certe lenta ira deorum est.
2006-04-19 22:02:39
388.   capdodger
385 - He said that? We'll you can't argue with it. It's completely without meaning.
2006-04-19 22:02:40
389.   Xeifrank
My bad, I turned on the game just in time to see the 3 run Cub rally in the 8th. I also turned on the Angels game in the bottom of the 9th with two outs to see K-Rods game tying walk.
vr, Xei
2006-04-19 22:02:45
390.   Curtis Lowe
So the closer can't hack it as a middle reliver?
2006-04-19 22:03:14
391.   MartinBillingsley31
Gameday froze.
Anyone want to give the status of the game, whhat's the score, how many out what inning?
2006-04-19 22:03:42
392.   trainwreck
At least, South Park is on.
2006-04-19 22:04:15
393.   Uncle Miltie
Am I the only one who finds this whole thing hilarious? Everyone has been praising Ned for his tremendous acquisition of "proven closer" Danys Baez. He's a proven "40 save guy", so he should be able to replace Gagne right? You can't blame Grits that Mr. Ned handed him an old, horrendous team.

At least we still have JD Drew left to pinch hit. Maybe the arsonist Kenny Lofton will light a fire, or perhaps Jeff Kent's leadership will will this team to victory.

2006-04-19 22:04:26
394.   Xeifrank
5-4 cubs, 1 out bottom of 8th. Loney up.
2006-04-19 22:04:50
395.   Johnson
386 If we come back this inning, Baez would be in line for the win, not the save.
2006-04-19 22:05:46
396.   Bob Timmermann
Single by Perez
Error by Baez allows Ramirez to reach
Single by Barrett scores Perez, wild throw by Repko moves runners up
Cedeno bloops single to score to two runs.
2006-04-19 22:05:55
397.   Xeifrank
393. Two of the hits he gave up were barely hits, plus the bad throw to home cost us atleast one run. Joan Baez did a poor job of backing up home plate on the wild throw.
vr, Xei
2006-04-19 22:06:38
398.   MartinBillingsley31
So baez blew up.
It was the right move by grady, just the wrong results.
2006-04-19 22:06:44
399.   Dodger Blue Notes
A bunt attempt! That was scraptrulescent!
2006-04-19 22:07:04
400.   capdodger
The annoying thing about that overthrow was that it was flying over Navarro's head while Neifi! was still 10 feet up the line.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-04-19 22:07:08
401.   Bob Timmermann
How was Baez supposed to back up the throw to the plate? Repko threw it 30 feet over Navarro's head!
2006-04-19 22:07:30
402.   LAT
I haven't read through the thread so this may have been mentioned, during the pre-game show Rick Monday (while putting me into the usueal coma) said that Bobby Cox told Tracy who told Little that in order to maximize Drew's strength he should be rested the day before a day off--effectvly giving him two days off. Monday says we should regularly expect to see Drew off the day before a day off.
2006-04-19 22:07:48
403.   Xeifrank
Cedeno pulls a Steve Sax.
vr, Xei
2006-04-19 22:07:50
404.   LAT
I haven't read through the thread so this may have been mentioned, during the pre-game show Rick Monday (while putting me into the usueal coma) said that Bobby Cox told Tracy who told Little that in order to maximize Drew's strength he should be rested the day before a day off--effectvly giving him two days off. Monday says we should regularly expect to see Drew off the day before a day off.
2006-04-19 22:09:29
405.   MartinBillingsley31
Thanks guys, gameday is back, but behind its still in the top of the 8th, so i'm seeing what went on right now.
2006-04-19 22:09:43
406.   Xeifrank
401. How was he suppose to back it up? You don't back up home plate by standing right next to the catcher, let me put it that way.
vr, Xei
2006-04-19 22:09:46
407.   capdodger
397 Repko nearly threw it over the screen behind the plate.
2006-04-19 22:10:43
408.   capdodger
Hah... A dude in a cubs jersey knocked it away.
2006-04-19 22:13:12
409.   Bob Timmermann
Baez was going to be in position where a "normal" bad throw would have been. But once Repko's throw started to burn out in its second stage, Baez and Navarro were scrambling around like a Navy search team trying to find Scott Carpenter.
2006-04-19 22:13:49
410.   capdodger
Dioner is pressing.

After that fly ball, he slammed his bat on the ground. He did that last night, too. It seems like he just needs to relax. He's swinging at good pitches, but just missing them. Hits will come.

2006-04-19 22:14:28
411.   overkill94
Who said the stadium was empty earlier? 41,000 ain't too shabby for a Wednesday night.
2006-04-19 22:15:20
412.   trainwreck
Would somebody please sit Furcal. His shoulder has to be messed up.
2006-04-19 22:16:15
413.   trainwreck
It sure does not look like 41,000 showed up.
2006-04-19 22:16:35
414.   Uncle Miltie
Grits hasn't done anything wrong tonight (probably a first). I have a problem with the team that Ned assembled.

Uh oh, Steiner just said that the Dodgers may have lost Sandy Alomar to injury. Bring up Martin!

2006-04-19 22:16:40
415.   D4P
Season over: Steiner just said Alomar may have pulled a hamstring trying to score.
2006-04-19 22:18:01
416.   Uncle Miltie
410- he's pulling everything, that's the problem. He needs to go with the pitch. It looks like he's trying to hit home runs and he's not a power hitter.
2006-04-19 22:19:25
417.   Gen3Blue
As far as I can see, Baez fixed his own wagon. Good thing I saved the drink till after 1:00am

Repko's young,excited; I did that in softball too. What an arm,hope he didn't hurt it.

2006-04-19 22:21:38
418.   Uncle Miltie
I'm hoping that Grits will pinch hit for Lofton with Drew.
2006-04-19 22:23:46
419.   Curtis Lowe
Why did the 8th inning happen?
2006-04-19 22:23:47
420.   overkill94
418 Didn't you watch last night's game? Lofton is a late-inning table-setting dynamo! I would love a repeat, my fantasy team could use another steal, walk, and run.
2006-04-19 22:23:49
421.   natepurcell
edwin jackson's been called up to be the rays 5th starter. good luck edwin!
2006-04-19 22:25:04
422.   Steve
So that's how they threw him out by 30 feet instead of 20.
2006-04-19 22:27:20
423.   overkill94
2006-04-19 22:27:35
424.   Xeifrank
Baez had no chance to back up home plate standing 4 feet behind the catcher and not even on the proper angle. He was completely out of position. That's all I said. It was a poor backup. If he was in the proper position he couldv'e fielder the ball off the screen quicker, but probably would not have mattered much considering how poor the throw was. All in all, he gave himself no chance by standing where he did. vr, Xei
2006-04-19 22:27:44
425.   Uncle Miltie
Ok, I'll shut up now.
2006-04-19 22:28:14
426.   Bob Timmermann
I stand by my astronautical metaphor.
2006-04-19 22:28:21
427.   capdodger
What time is it???


2006-04-19 22:29:22
428.   Brendan
two run homer from CruzJr and we can all go home.
2006-04-19 22:29:41
429.   Brendan
why do I do that?
2006-04-19 22:29:51
430.   Uncle Miltie
Kent will hit a weak ground ball to end the game.
2006-04-19 22:30:28
431.   capdodger
Go Home? Why would we want to do that? Then we'd have to talk with families, roommates, pets....
2006-04-19 22:30:42
432.   Dodger Blue Notes
This game hurts...
2006-04-19 22:31:22
433.   Uncle Miltie
It was hit hard, but I really don't think he needed to dive. It was an Eric Byrnes like dive - completely unnecessary.
2006-04-19 22:34:42
434.   EricGagnesGoggles
We might have lost, but the Cubs lost alot more if Derrek Lee is hurt. What is it with Dodger players and hurting star players? First Choi and Rolen, now Furcal and Lee?
2006-04-19 22:35:10
435.   das411
392 - Oh trainwreck, you sooooo do not want to watch South Park tonight...

Walk-off three run HR for Carl Everett in Seattle. I wonder if he believes Danys Baez never existed...?

2006-04-19 22:37:59
436.   Gen3Blue
I remember Alomar being sent home for the sure out ending our scoring, then there's Baez' hacky- sack act
Oh-well, Goodnite Iraq.
2006-04-19 22:41:31
437.   LAT
The E by Baez was all part of his master plan not to inflate his ERA.
2006-04-19 22:43:23
438.   Xeifrank
I failed to read the previous 400 posts but when Nomar is ready who gets sent back down? Loney? Afterall, he's only hitting around .200 vr, Xei
2006-04-19 22:46:54
439.   trainwreck
I already watched it haha. Well I guess I can no longer use that British slang word without people knowing what I am talking about.
2006-04-19 22:50:23
440.   coachjpark
254, 337 Yeah, initially I saw Thomas' homerun and thought "Dangit!" but Cruz's stolen base certainly made his start the better choice...

I KNEW for some reason that the Dodgers would lose this game even with a 4-2 lead. I deduced that Dusty would bring in Scott Williamson in the 7th inning and I actually vultured a fantasy win with him.... given the fact that he hadn't been used since April 14, and a rookie lefty on the mind it was a mathematical certainty that Williamson would come in and I had a hunch he'd get the save....

Still, I was rooting for that Cruz walk-off bomb... that would have been sweet

2006-04-19 22:50:24
441.   capdodger
Goodnight, Iraq.
Goodnight, Mortar Attack.

Goodnight IED.
Goodnight Al-Zarquai.
Goodnight old Rummy whispering, "Hush".

2006-04-19 22:50:52
442.   das411
439 - Well to go back about 350 posts, you could start using the expletive form of "Gary."

Sometimes Gameday is just too funny:

Bottom 9TH B:0 S:0 O:1
Chicago Cubs pitcher Scott Eyre left the game due to an injured knee.

Bottom 9TH B:0 S:0 O:1
Chicago Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee left the game due to an injured hand/wrist.

Bottom 9TH B:0 S:0 O:1
Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Sandy AlomarJr. left the game due to an injured leg.

I almost expected to see this followed by a list of penalty minutes awarded. But of course Bob would have let us know all about those by now!

2006-04-19 22:52:04
443.   coachjpark
440 mound not mind, and win, not save
2006-04-19 22:53:54
444.   LAT
438. Dodgers web-site says Loney down when Nomar up--probably on Sat.
2006-04-19 22:56:17
445.   natepurcell
i still think we won (the 8th inning is blocked out from my memory).

how about that Danys Baez eh guys? Era of .00. What a pick up!

2006-04-19 22:59:01
446.   Steve
There will be excuses a-plenty from the Proven Closer Marching & Chowder Society. In the meantime, he only has seven blown saves to go to match last year.
2006-04-19 23:09:55
447.   Uncle Miltie
But he's an all star and he saved 41 games last year!

Baez reminds me of Jeff Shaw...and that's not a good thing.

2006-04-19 23:30:10
448.   Uncle Miltie
The Dodger Talk idiocy continues:
"Why was Baez pitching when we have a solid bullpen behind him? Saito, Lance Carter"
2006-04-19 23:36:14
449.   trainwreck
How absurd to think a closer can pitch an inning that is not the 9th. Why not blame the guy who sucks? Uhhh in this case I am referring to Baez.
2006-04-19 23:50:51
450.   beLITTLED and maligNED
Am I crazy for thinking that Grits should have pinch hit Drew for Cruz Jr. in the ninth? He was finally in the on deck circle when Kent lined out, but it seems that our best hitter should be in the batter's box at that kind of moment, especially since he was available. With Lofton on base, a Kelorie might have been in play.

If Alomar gets DListed, won't Martin be called up? Possible platoon with Navarro?

Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-04-19 23:52:10
451.   Eric L
448 I just don't listen to Dodger talk anymore. The dumb trade ideas and not having even a decent grasp of a players value just bugs me.

I miss Ross being around. He seemed to have a knack for cutting off the nutjobs before they got going. It seemed rude at times, but it worked.

2006-04-20 04:03:36
452.   27indigo
Goes along well with the rhetorical question posed earlier, "are typical Dodger fans that dense?"
2006-04-20 05:29:38
453.   PennyJavy

I would say the average sports fan is like that.

2006-04-20 06:37:30
454.   Vishal
if the error is on the pitcher, the runs he gives up should be earned.
2006-04-20 07:15:48
455.   FirstMohican
454 - Then ERA wont as well indicate how well a pitcher pitches.

Dodgers Stadium played Panama when Olmedo came to bat. Hilarious.

2006-04-20 07:31:12
456.   Vishal
[455] but it would still indicate the quality of his play. who cares how well he pitches if he's just going to throw the ball away?
2006-04-20 07:41:25
457.   Bob Timmermann
Pitchers do get a chance to keep their ERAs down in another way: by fielding their position well.

I think the errors on pitchers and earned/unearned runs rule exists for consistency.

Pitchers don't make a lot of errors to begin with.

2006-04-20 07:55:27
458.   Howard Fox
I'm going on record right now, I don't like Little as a manager, and the Dodgers cannot succeed with him at the helm.

Ross has a 2 homer game, then sits for 2 days.

Drew is the only one hitting and getting on base consistently, drives in the only 2 runs 2 nights ago, then sits the next game.

Questionable, at best, double switches and substitutions.

I hope I am wrong. But I doubt it.

2006-04-20 08:21:16
459.   Vishal
[458] if they can win the division with tracy at the helm, they can certainly win with little.
2006-04-20 08:24:23
460.   Howard Fox
I don't have as much faith in little as I did with tracy, and I didn't like tracy
2006-04-20 08:25:54
461.   dagwich
Howard, you sound like my grandfather, for whom the old saying "Frequently wrong but never in doubt" must have been written.

That said, I'm beginning to agree with you about Little. My cousin the Red Sox fan told me when the Dodgers hired Little "Now he's your problem." Grady is not highly respected in Red Sox Nation.

It is way too early I think to draw any conclusions...heck, this time last year Dodger fans were blocking out October to watch the bums during the postseason.

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