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Rally Capped
2006-04-21 16:19
by Jon Weisman

The Dodgers have lost five games in which they led. Led substantially, I might add.

They have won two games in which they trailed (unsubstantially).

April 5: Led 5-0, lost 9-8
April 9 (1): Led 3-0, lost 6-3
April 11: Led 6-3, lost 7-6
April 12: Led 3-0, lost 9-5
April 19: Led 4-2, lost 5-4

April 9 (2): Trailed 1-0, won 6-2
April 15: Trailed 1-0, won 3-1

* * *

Tonight's Game

Comments (567)
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2006-04-21 16:51:42
1.   underdog
And as I wrote in the previous thread, the Dodgers have lost 8 in a row to Arizona (all last season). Let's hope they snap out of that, too.
2006-04-21 16:52:48
2.   Bob Timmermann
Jon would have been more awake if he hadn't run the beer serving experiment over and over.

So do you prefer the cold, newly poured beer or do you prefer one that's been sitting for 10 minutes?

2006-04-21 16:53:41
3.   Marty
Stephen Colbert interviewed the Valley's congressman the other day and it was hilarious. One of the things he mentioned when questioning him about the porn industry was that to get your "porn" name, you take the name of your first pet and the name of the street you initially grew up on.

So, my porn name would be Pixie El Sur.

2006-04-21 16:53:42
4.   Bob Timmermann
What are my chances of getting home before 11:00 pm tonight? Keeping in mind that I only live 10 minutes from Dodger Stadium.
2006-04-21 16:54:39
5.   Bob Timmermann
I just don't think there will be a big demand to see a film starring Pumpkin Gothic.
2006-04-21 16:56:02
6.   underdog
You grew up on Gothic Street? That's pretty cool, actually. If a little spooky.

As for me, Muffin Montague is a good porn name. But for a woman, not a guy. (Actually we lived in a ton of places growing up but few street names that work...)

2006-04-21 16:57:43
7.   Jon Weisman
2 - I don't know. I'm still in line to get to the kitchen.
2006-04-21 16:59:12
8.   Jon Weisman
3- How would you define "initially grew up on?" I lived on one street until age 4, but on another until I was an adult.

In the past, I've heard it just as "grew up on" and therefore would go with street #2.

2006-04-21 17:00:34
9.   Bob Timmermann
I grew up at intersection of Gothic and Celtic. (It was an Avenue, not a Street.)

In my life I lived on an Avenue (childhood home), then a Drive (UCLA dorm), then back to an Avenue (UCLA apartment), then to another Avenue (second UCLA apartment), then to a "The -----" (fancy named street in Berkeley, I'll let others take a guess at that one), then back to the ancestral Avenue, before finally living on a "street".

Which we pronounced like the Boston basketball team instead of pronouncing it correctly since we didn't know any better.

2006-04-21 17:00:46
10.   Marty
8 Sure, get picky. For me, I lived on the same street until I moved out of the house, so it was easy.
2006-04-21 17:02:05
11.   capdodger
Somehow I don't think "Zoe Road 138" would work too well as a porn name.
2006-04-21 17:02:14
12.   LAT
My dogs name was Chief
I was born on Monte Mar Place.

That makes me Big Chief Monte. Now all I need is my spear and war paint.

2006-04-21 17:03:13
13.   Bob Timmermann
I'm thinking that this methodology would not work well for people who grew up in Salt Lake City.

Buffy 6 West 4 North

2006-04-21 17:05:03
What do you think of todays game fellow Dodger fans? I think we godda win this one just to shake of the loss of Wed.
2006-04-21 17:05:17
15.   tjshere
Ugh! I can't see a guy named Bodger Glengarry getting a whole lot of action.

Now if you want to count when I was just a wee baby I could be Snooks Fairford, most likely another lonely man.

2006-04-21 17:05:51
16.   capdodger
13 Or in Manhattan: "Smokey East 52nd Street"
2006-04-21 17:07:08
17.   Jon Weisman
10 - Well, take your pick:

Truly Ballina or Truly Queen Florence

They both work in certain odd respects.

2006-04-21 17:07:26
18.   Jon Weisman
14 - Wednesday is history. We don't need an extra reason to win tonight.
2006-04-21 17:09:05
19.   MikeB
Duke Naylor
2006-04-21 17:11:55
20.   Bob Timmermann
"Duke Naylor" should be a film noir character.
2006-04-21 17:12:46
21.   LAT
19. We have a winner.
2006-04-21 17:13:24
22.   CT Bum
Teddy Cabin

Although, when I make that serious drama with Neil Patrick Harris I'll go by the name of Theodore Cabin.

2006-04-21 17:15:27
23.   Marty
Duke Naylor is perfect.
2006-04-21 17:20:27
24.   Steve
Shawn Green will at least pinch hit tonight
2006-04-21 17:20:59
25.   Dark Horse
Smiley Warnall.

It ain't Duke Naylor, but it sounds perfectly plausible as a porn director maybe.

2006-04-21 17:23:10
26.   Bob Timmermann
Somebody will be happy if Shawn Green pinch hits....
2006-04-21 17:25:20
27.   MikeB
Guess I better get it trademarked. ;>)
2006-04-21 17:25:29
28.   Steve
Me for instance
2006-04-21 17:27:00
29.   LAT
24 It looks like Green has never faced OP. I would have thought it happened at least once last year but I guess not with OP's injuries.
2006-04-21 17:31:43
30.   Steve
One of my favorite all time stats is Green v. Hampton.
2006-04-21 17:33:15
32.   LAT
26. Are line-ups out yet? Given the following quote from Melvin on Wed. she is expecting him to play even though OP is a lefty.

"He's got good numbers and he always wants to play and is going to play in L.A., so this was kind of the day," Melvin said. "He's strung some good at-bats together."

2006-04-21 17:36:18
33.   LAT
30. Her's too, Steve.

Anyone besides Bob and his clones going tonight? (Don't mean to insult you Bob and make you sound like Jim Rome)

2006-04-21 17:36:22
34.   Bob Timmermann
If Green doesn't start, then Byrnes would start.

The DBacks have just four outfielders on the roster: Green, Gonzalez, Byrnes, DaVanon.

2006-04-21 17:36:28
35.   Steve
Any suspicion that the shoulder is a problem?
2006-04-21 17:37:36
Man I wish I could go to the game today! Friday crowd & all!!
2006-04-21 17:37:52
37.   Jon Weisman
34 - "What was that?" asks Cody Ross.
2006-04-21 17:39:10
38.   King of the Hobos
Dan Uggla stole home just now against the Phillies. Is that the first time it has happened this season?
2006-04-21 17:42:38
39.   Bob Timmermann
The Angels had someone steal home this year.
2006-04-21 17:42:43
40.   King of the Hobos
Andy Green can play the OF but isn't listed as one.

The Dodger lineup is out, but it's nothing new.

My pron name would be Zezal Saffron. It would have neen Weasel Saffron, but my mom felt weasel was a bad name for a dog

2006-04-21 17:43:56
41.   godvls
Cindy Natoma

Our dog's name was actually Cinderella of Woodland Hills; Cindy for short.

2006-04-21 17:46:32
42.   King of the Hobos
40 There's at least two glaring typos in that. I really need to proofread better when I preview (how many times have I said this now?)
2006-04-21 17:46:40
43.   ToyCannon
My favorite AAA pitcher just got recalled by the A's. I still think the A's stole him from the Jay's and that he will end up having a solid career.

Cesear Opeechee

2006-04-21 17:47:01
44.   underdog
31 I'd like more power too but we've already had some discussions here about how power is sometimes overrated if offensive output in general is pretty solid. No one was complaining the first week when they lead the lg in hitting, then they went down the tubes, and I'm pretty sure they'll pick it up again.

as for this:
"Choi/Saenz replaced by Nomar/Loney (drastic drop in power)"
Not really the right comparison - Loney is only a temp replacement for Nomar, then it will be Nomar and Saenz which I like better than last year's overall.

"Bradley replaced by Lofton- (drastic drop in power)"

Definitely a drop in power though a little early to determine whether this is a drop overall. Certainly a plus in team chemistry.

"Valentin/AP/Aybar replaced by Mueller- (drop in power)"
Valentin + AP + Aybar still don't = one Mueller if you ask me. Sorry. And it has nothing to do with power. How much power did Valentin show last year?

"And then not signing Brian Giles."
I would've liked Giles, too. But at what cost?

At any rate, it's a little early in the season to be judgemental of all of this, methinks. Just my two cents.

2006-04-21 17:49:04
45.   godvls
My kid's first pet - which we don't have yet- will be either Zidane (Zizou for short) or Zubizaretta, both names come from famous footballers.
2006-04-21 17:49:08
46.   Bob Timmermann

You mean:

Cesar O All-Season Portfolio

2006-04-21 17:49:42
47.   LAT
Hobos, where are you finding the line-up?
2006-04-21 17:50:23
Guys can I ask you a cuation about our coaching staff down in Vegas?

How would you greade the coaching staff in terms of developing a quality player?

I ask this because of Martin.

2006-04-21 17:51:02

it's in the dodger blog in the front page of

2006-04-21 17:51:53
50.   LAT
49. Thanks
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-04-21 17:52:19
51.   Steve
44 you are responding to a post that could only be described in a very charitable mood as being in good faith:
2006-04-21 17:56:00
52.   Lasordas Lasagne
3 - My porn name would be Shaggy Castor. I dabble in Spanish. And if anyone knows what "castor" means, they'd realize that my Porn name is not pretty.
2006-04-21 17:56:05
O.T. What dose Baker see in Williams? the guy get's rocked all the time! (I'm watching the cubs right now)
2006-04-21 17:56:35
54.   Blu2
48 Steve Yeager is at Vegas, although he's listed as the hitting coach. That don't make a lot of sense if you look at his career hitting records. But he could really help Martin a lot in defense and he probably is.
2006-04-21 17:57:20
55.   Jon Weisman
51 - Moreover, I take issue with part of that response in 44. I don't think power is overrated, certainly not in Dodgerland 2006.

How can the offensive output be solid without power? No team hits enough singles or steals enough bases - certainly not the Dodgers - to generate good offense if the team is not hitting for power as well.

2006-04-21 18:03:26

I speak spanish but I have no clue what you're saying?

2006-04-21 18:03:29
57.   regfairfield
We would have been fine if we'd just kept up that obscene .450 team OBP, or whatever it was.

Mueller can hit .420 the rest of the way, right?

2006-04-21 18:05:47
58.   Underbruin
My porn name would be Ranger Ramos.


As for 55 - But Jon, remember, this team was built for "defense and speed" - how can we not have several thousand steals by the end of the season? =P

In all seriousness, I think part of 44 at least is well taken: "No one was complaining the first week when they lead the lg in hitting, then they went down the tubes, and I'm pretty sure they'll pick it up again."

Now true, most of that first week happened to be singles, but I expect Kent to provide more offensive power than he has to date (anybody else remember how JD Drew started off last season?), and the rest of the team should pick things up somewhat from the last couple weeks.

I do believe this team is somewhat power-starved, but I think it does happen to have a couple of weapons that are at the moment misfiring. Let's see if they can't get things going a bit.

2006-04-21 18:09:58
59.   beLITTLED and maligNED
Dakota Peck (I'm not entirely sure what to think of that)

I'm excited to have Nomar back tomorrow. If he indeed contributes 20+ HR, the power output does not seem so terrible. Agreed that Kent will improve (once he's not seeing double).

Over/Under for Barry Bombs in Colorado this weekend?

2006-04-21 18:11:40
60.   beLITTLED and maligNED
59 - After reading that, I'm thinking 20+ may be hoping for too much. I haven't read the projections... (assuming of course he's at least MOSTLY healthy)
2006-04-21 18:12:17
61.   Lasordas Lasagne
56 - el castor? Its a type of semi-aquatic rodent. At least thats what my Spanish teacher taught us.
2006-04-21 18:14:17
62.   be2ween
Sherman Union here.
Was reading USA Today this morn (it was free) and the Azul have nothing in the way of batting leaders - in ANY category.
Penny is listed in the top 4 for strike-outs and ERA.
That's it.
Question-mark. Where is Grady from? I find his accent fascinating.
2006-04-21 18:17:13
63.   Marty
62 Somewhere in south Mumbleton.
2006-04-21 18:17:59
64.   Steve
58 no doubt that's true, since 44 was almost certainly written by someone else
2006-04-21 18:18:01
65.   Jon Weisman
I've co-had six pets in my lifetime but have never gotten to name one.
2006-04-21 18:18:28

He's from Texas from what I've read, I don't know though his accent is very unique.

2006-04-21 18:18:42
67.   gcrl
eddie harding. it's no "buck naked"...
2006-04-21 18:20:37
68.   Humma Kavula
Herbie Woodhaven.
2006-04-21 18:20:48
69.   Lasordas Lasagne
62 Grady's from Abiline, Texas.

2006-04-21 18:22:03
70.   tjshere
68 LOL! Woodhaven is nearly perfect!
2006-04-21 18:23:16
71.   adg
Charrua Stonybrook.

Barry still seems to be having warning track power only. If he can't get over the fence at Coors, then the Bambino probably has nothing to fear.

2006-04-21 18:25:29
72.   Humma Kavula
[70] My porn name is the pride of Scotia, New York.
2006-04-21 18:27:13
73.   Linkmeister
Oh, man. I lived in so many places as a Navy kid there's no way I could pick one.


2006-04-21 18:28:39
74.   Woody
Bring up the babies!
2006-04-21 18:29:09
75.   Marty
73 Cherry Avenue seems a good candidate.
2006-04-21 18:30:30
76.   underdog
55 58 Good points back, too. Thanks. And I got a little lazy in my response - I meant more that we'd discussed this, not that we'd all agreed that power is overrated or underrated. And not that people can't re-raise topics again. It's true that if they're not generating offense at the level they were in the first week, over the whole season, then the lack of power will become particularly glaring. My main point was more as I'd said, that these things will fluctuate and it's a little early to judge one way or the other. As I said in the beginning of that post, too - I wish they had more power too!

Just that I have a little bit of faith that a) more power will come (especially since Kent hasn't been knocking it out at all and I expect that to change) and b) more offense in general will come and c) if not, I'll expect some changes. Oh and option d) is always, re-sign Cody Ross for immediate power output increase. [g]

Muffin Montague

2006-04-21 18:30:52
77.   Lasordas Lasagne
The 3rd base umpire in Colorado is Tim Timmons. What cruel parents. How can you name your son Timothy Timmons?

Is anyone else upset that all the NBA playoff games are all being broadcast on Major networks (TNT, ESPN, ABC)? I was kind of looking forward to Ralph Lawler have apoplexy during the playoffs. Bad news for the Clips, They broke Lawler's Law twice this season, the second time against none other than the Denver Nuggets.

2006-04-21 18:30:58
78.   Jon Weisman
Has anyone been to the Barona Casino near San Diego?
2006-04-21 18:32:31
79.   Marty
78 I've only been to Morongo and will probably not return.
2006-04-21 18:33:03
80.   Linkmeister
75 Yeah, maybe. But I was a college student by then, so I don't think it fits the criteria. natepurcell would recognize that street.
2006-04-21 18:33:48
81.   regfairfield
Yes, yes I have.
2006-04-21 18:34:33
82.   underdog
Hmm, I just realized my other childhood porn name is "George Campobello" which is a much better soap opera name.

{he says, purposely forgetting that their other - the third - cat when growing up was nicknamed "Tuna Fish." Would rather not go there...}

2006-04-21 18:35:04
83.   be2ween
Jee-mo jelly! Abilene!

Woodhaven is a classic name. Use it well.

2006-04-21 18:38:47
84.   natepurcell
Has anyone been to the Barona Casino near San Diego?

ive been there recently. nice poker room.

2006-04-21 18:40:50
85.   Bob Timmermann

My father went by Tim Timmermann. He preferred that to his real name.

There are bunch of other people in my family who have gone by Tim.

2006-04-21 18:42:20
86.   underdog
By the way, speaking of the Dodgers and power... does anyone see any of the minor leaguers as being close to being able to help in that department, if the case arose? (i.e., Guzman, Ethier, etc.)

I don't quite see any of those guys as quite being ready to hit for power in the majors, though it's a nice thought I suppose...

Is Ethier the closest to major league ready? (Besides Aybar, whose power in the minors I would suspect would be quite higher than what we could expect when/if he returned to the majors.) Just wonderin' aloud.

2006-04-21 18:43:52
87.   LAT
84. Was the Gambler there? He looked terrible on American Idol a couple of weeks ago.
2006-04-21 18:45:49
88.   bonnie
Alright, I have to post now with the porn name.

Dodger Thoughts is a daily read for me, but I don't post anything here. The level of intelligent discourse here is slightly intimidating for me. (that's why I stick to the "official" board)

Here's my porn story. When I was young (4 or 5), my brother went to Vietnam. We took care of his dog while he was gone. One Sunday morning, the dog got been hit by a car. The pastor who lived down the street and who was apparently so late to church that he couldn't stop, had ran over the dog. Before my parents could stop me, I ran outside. My first thought was the dog was okay because he was running around. Then he ran over to me and fell over and had blood coming out of his mouth.

My parents, fearing I was traumatized, decided to let me get a dog of my own. I picked an Australian Shepard mix from the pound and borrowed my sister's baby name book. (I have much older siblings). At the time I like the song "Second Hand Rose" by Barbara Streisand (remember I was very young, so don't laugh), so I named the dog Rosie.

All these events happened at my childhood home on Palm Ave.

So I'm Rosie Palm.

2006-04-21 18:47:57
89.   bonnie
See, how nervous I am here. "dog got been hit"!

The story looked a little long, so I edited it. Rather poorly.

2006-04-21 18:48:10
90.   tjshere
88 Whether that's actually true or not, it still makes a great story.
2006-04-21 18:48:45
91.   Linkmeister
88 Easily wins the Palme D'Or for best story behind porn name. ;)

My first dog was run over by an ice cream truck, but she lived another few years with the use of three legs.

2006-04-21 18:49:18
92.   tjshere
88 again. By the way, welcome to you.
2006-04-21 18:51:13
93.   gcrl
i knew a jeff jeffries growing up. and there was the nhl goalkeeper pete peeters.
2006-04-21 18:52:07
94.   Fearing Blue
#76: I just ran some numbers to see where we're at vs. the preseason projections. Currently, the team's OBP is .354 and SLG is .402. Using everyone's 50% PECOTA projections against the same number of plate appearances gives a prediction of a .323 OBP and a .397 SLG. Averaged out, the team's probably playing a little over its head, but the current pace is certainly maintainable. We shouldn't expect to see anything like the first week over an extended period of time, but hopefully it won't continue to be as bad as the last week.

Also, as a somewhat related aside, I've never been a huge Repko fan, but I am particularly pleased with his peripheral statistics. He's walked in about 13% of his plate appearances and only struck out in 17% of his plate appearances (vs. 8% and 27% last year). If that signifies true improvement, I'd still expect his AVG to drop to about .275, his ISOd to drop to about .80, and his ISOp to drop to about .180, but that would make him an extremely valuable 4th outfielder with a .275/.355/.455 batting line. Of course, I'm going to avoid any discussion of his theatrical defensive abilities.

2006-04-21 18:52:31
95.   LAT
88. No reason to be nervous here. Just jump in.
2006-04-21 18:53:10
96.   Steve
88 -- DT -- come for the porn, stay for Jeff Kent's pornstache.
2006-04-21 18:53:13
97.   LAT
Crisis averted: S. Green is in the line up.
2006-04-21 18:54:00
98.   Steve
By the way, I can't even imagine what the google ads on this post will be for.
2006-04-21 18:57:29
99.   Steve
97 -- You're not going tonight?
2006-04-21 18:58:45
100.   capdodger
97 - He's posting from a Blackberry while stuck in traffic on the 110.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-04-21 18:59:56
101.   Fearing Blue
#94: My porn name would be either Taz Freshwater or Honky Freshwater. I'm not sure how my mom convinced my grandmother to name her little white dog Honky. It was supposedly because he liked chasing cars -wink-wink-.
2006-04-21 19:16:00
102.   Lasordas Lasagne
I had a friend as a kid whose gerbil's name was "Happy" and he lived on Woodcrest Dr.

Next reunion, Im calling him Happy Wood.

2006-04-21 19:20:26
103.   Jon Weisman
I don't want anyone here to worry about posting for the first time. As long as you're polite, you have nothing to fear.
2006-04-21 19:28:27
104.   gcrl
this game can't start soon enough - i am stuck watching "high school musical" with my kid until extra innings kicks in.
2006-04-21 19:28:56
105.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
9 Bob: no one took a guess that in Berkeley, you lived on The Alameda? I guess few DT readers have spent time up North.

I just want the Dodgers to get hot and the Jints to stop winning games well beyond their pythagorean projections before May 12, when I'll be braving the Jint natives up here who will beat me silly for cheering so loudly for the Dodgers. (Really, the crowd is more docile when the Dodgers win.)

2006-04-21 19:41:32
106.   Steve
I remember my first time. Someday, you too can be compared to Cher.
2006-04-21 19:42:07
107.   bonnie
Thanks Jon and the rest of you guys! Don't worry, I worry about everything. I just think you have one of the classier blogs and if I don't have anything to contribute, I'm happy just to read. It's like some guy told me once, "You know what I like about you? You don't have much to say and even when you do, you don't say much." Still can't figure if that was a compliment or an insult.

Anyway, I'm a huge Dodger fan, and love this site. Jon, you have some of the best analysis, and the best commentors. Timmermann (see I spelled it right-copy and paste) has endeared himself to me with his struggles with the old cat and the pictures of the new. Casey?. Link has great commentary (and a cool blog). Steve cracks me up and I love his sense of humor. LAT is usually spot on. Nate and King of the Hobos are the go-to guys on prospects. Old bear, good to see the real one here instead of all the imposters. I agree with him more than I would like. Except for LoDuca, Old Bear! He was my favorite Dodger! Of course the Penny trade was good, but can't get rid of my Paulie! very respectfully Frank has great comments, even if he hates the movie talk. coachjpark and his ticket offer. Would have taken him up on it, but I live a ways away. And all the others here. Don't mean to leave you'all out but post is getting long

Keep up the good work Jon.

2006-04-21 19:44:10
great pitch sequence by OP.
2006-04-21 19:47:37
109.   natepurcell

compliments are a great way to have people like you :)

2006-04-21 19:47:52
110.   trainwreck
I could not remember the name of my first pet to save my life. The earliest pet's name I remember is my tortoise Tortie.

Tortie Caravelle

2006-04-21 19:47:54
111.   Andrew Shimmin
I was reading through old letters the other day and, in the thank you note I wrote to my uncle (he'd sent me copy of Moneyball), I wrote that while I was disposed to liking DePo, I was also reluctant to forgive him for shipping off Lo Duca.

Paul Lo Duca is a great reminder to never let one's opinion of a player go on auto-pilot.

2006-04-21 19:48:27
112.   Andrew Shimmin
Oops, forgot to sign that Kirby Longwood.
2006-04-21 19:49:58
113.   trainwreck
My porn name sucks.
2006-04-21 19:51:01
114.   Curtis Lowe
Nate are you getting the Dodgers feed or Arizonas?
2006-04-21 19:51:31
115.   Curtis Lowe
Kirk Whittier or Panda Marimba whichever you prefer.
2006-04-21 19:51:58
116.   Brendan
Nicole Danbrook

um.. dodgers need more power.

2006-04-21 19:52:06
117.   natepurcell
my porn name sucks too.

Tucker Wakonda

2006-04-21 19:52:28
118.   Uncle Miltie
Angel Hernandez calling a balk on Odalis Perez? What's new. I'm pretty sure he did the same thing in San Francisco 2 years ago.
2006-04-21 19:52:43
119.   Linkmeister
I guess I could go with Annie Spruance. Maybe she's Ray's granddaughter, although an Admiral would not approve of her occupation.

Thanks for the compliment, bonnie.

2006-04-21 19:52:49
120.   natepurcell
Nate are you getting the Dodgers feed or Arizonas?

i am in arizona so its blacked out on

its on the tv though and sadly, its the stupid arizona guys.

2006-04-21 19:53:59
121.   underdog
Balk! For SuperOdalis! Balk!

(obscure Cartoon references are easier to take when the pitcher gets out of the inning anyway.)

2006-04-21 19:54:07
122.   capdodger
I've got the AZ feed.
2006-04-21 19:55:50

Did you see the little dance Angel Hernandez did when he called the balk

2006-04-21 19:55:55
124.   Uncle Miltie
My porn name is Jumper Ocean
2006-04-21 19:56:33
125.   Brendan

whos announcing? Brenneman?

2006-04-21 19:56:39
126.   capdodger
118 But that balk was pretty obvious. Even I called it.

He waggled his leg to home and back while leaning towards third before he went to first.

2006-04-21 19:57:02
127.   Andrew Shimmin
123- He was explaining the call. OP's right leg came across the rubber, before he went to first.
2006-04-21 19:58:22
128.   capdodger
Fire lighting time!!
2006-04-21 19:58:25
129.   Uncle Miltie
Lofton got a huge jump
2006-04-21 19:58:38
130.   Steve
See, just hit the ball, Kenny.
2006-04-21 19:58:44
131.   Andrew Shimmin
Well, even if I'm wrong about how the balk happened, the dance was an explanation. Interprative dance is not a strong suit of mine.
2006-04-21 19:59:00
132.   natepurcell
why the HELL is Drew bunting?
2006-04-21 19:59:02
133.   Uncle Miltie
Lofton taught JD how to do that!
2006-04-21 19:59:11
134.   Curtis Lowe
Lofton is faster than me.
2006-04-21 19:59:13
135.   Steve
If Drew does that again, he will be dead to me.
2006-04-21 19:59:30
136.   capdodger
OK!!! Why is JD Drew trying to bunt?
2006-04-21 20:00:13
137.   Uncle Miltie
Angel Hernandez is a horrible umpire!

Vin stop standing up for him!

2006-04-21 20:01:10
138.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-21 20:01:42
139.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-21 20:02:43
140.   capdodger
Hopefully they won't use the firstbase gopher cam much when the dodgers are up.
2006-04-21 20:03:09
141.   natepurcell
That was a strike to Drew. It was a good pitch.
2006-04-21 20:03:24
142.   Curtis Lowe
140- lol.
2006-04-21 20:03:30
I don't like Angel Herenandez
2006-04-21 20:04:04
144.   Gen3Blue
I didn't know we could stack the deck with lefties like this.
Amazing how the old guy can make stealing look so easy.
2006-04-21 20:04:30


2006-04-21 20:05:46
146.   Uncle Miltie
What is going on with Rich Harden?

I hate the Angels announcers.

"That's Halo baseball....we'll see if Big Daddy Vladdy does what he's paid to do."

2006-04-21 20:07:33
147.   Uncle Miltie
I guess he's being paid to strike out.

Nate, what's Arizona's gun have Perez's fastball at?

Kenny Lofton looks even older than he really is when he's running.

2006-04-21 20:08:21
148.   Steve
Repko, that dope...

Oh wait, you mean that's not Repko?

2006-04-21 20:08:36
149.   natepurcell
Nate, what's Arizona's gun have Perez's fastball at?

no gun.

way to go Drew, you're better then that.

2006-04-21 20:08:38
150.   capdodger
Angel Herenadez is a good ump for Perez, though. A big zone with generous edges works well for a nibbler like OP.

Green up. Drew plays it into a triple. Should be a single and an error.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-04-21 20:09:10
151.   Uncle Miltie
It should be a single and an error, not a triple.
2006-04-21 20:09:48
152.   Curtis Lowe
Drew is not like a million bucks tonight. 2 consecutive days of rest did not do good.
2006-04-21 20:10:36
153.   capdodger
Is Drew dead to you yet, Steve?
2006-04-21 20:10:41
154.   Uncle Miltie
150- bad for our offense though. The Dodgers' offense relies on walking.
2006-04-21 20:11:57
155.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-21 20:12:03
156.   Steve
Repko can, literally, do that for 338,000 a year.
2006-04-21 20:12:05
157.   Uncle Miltie
Come on Billy! He should have had a play on that. Not only was Green running, but he actually stopped for some reason.
2006-04-21 20:12:13
158.   Gen3Blue
Wow the runner to the plate stopped momentarily --weird
2006-04-21 20:12:51
159.   MartinBillingsley31
Inside the park hr for aybar.
2006-04-21 20:13:05
160.   capdodger
157 - He stopped to get in a rundown.
2006-04-21 20:15:09
161.   Uncle Miltie
160- he was 2/3 of the way there. You stop if you are about half way.

159- nice he needs those RBIs to reach 100.

2006-04-21 20:15:18
162.   D4P
Repko can, literally, do that for 338,000 a year.

So can I. Literally.

2006-04-21 20:16:55
163.   Steve
And yet we toil away for little renumeration and relative obscurity, outside of our Cher-like monikers.
2006-04-21 20:17:25
164.   beLITTLED and maligNED
So I guess Orlando doesn't rake like his half brother... If Olmedo wasn't here, we might ask about Livan as a right-handed PH.
2006-04-21 20:17:41
165.   capdodger
2/3 or 1/2 of the way there, that's the only reason he would have stopped. It probably wasn't the right play, but it's probably why he did it.
2006-04-21 20:19:20
166.   Steve
Eric Byrnes is going to kill someone.
2006-04-21 20:20:22
167.   Uncle Miltie
Loney can thank Eric Byrnes for that hit. Byrnes is a horrible fielder.
2006-04-21 20:20:42
168.   Steve
Repko is playing every outfield position for both teams tonight. Bob needs to get his hands on the cloning equipment he uses.
2006-04-21 20:21:13
Loney keeps on droping that left shoulder, & he'll keep on popping them up! CHOP WOOD LONEY!!!!!
2006-04-21 20:21:25
170.   capdodger
The D-Backs CF doesn't seem to be very good.
2006-04-21 20:22:53
171.   Uncle Miltie
These bloopers are reminding me of the Cubs hits from Wednesday night.
2006-04-21 20:23:11
172.   natepurcell
Good job Navarro, that would have been a homerun in little league.
2006-04-21 20:23:20
173.   Curtis Lowe
little doinker down the line.
2006-04-21 20:23:47
174.   capdodger
AZ announcers, just said Perez handles the bat well.
2006-04-21 20:23:56
175.   Steve
2006-04-21 20:24:22
176.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-21 20:24:50
177.   D4P
Is there a more exciting play in baseball than the squeeze bunt?
2006-04-21 20:24:54
178.   Andrew Shimmin
If Repko is playing all the OF positions, who's running all the bases?
2006-04-21 20:25:04
179.   Curtis Lowe
At least AZ announcersa aren't as bad as that guy for St Louis that calls evything "Baby"
2006-04-21 20:25:17
180.   Uncle Miltie
Loney is an idiot. He waited until the bunt was caught before he even thought about running back to third. Then he started jogging to third, and finally he decided to run back. Let's just hope that he's a little bit hung over from partying last night.
2006-04-21 20:25:35
181.   capdodger
Why did loney stare at the ball when it was popped up? He stood and watched until it was caught when he should have been tearing back to the bag. He's making a ton of mental errors...
2006-04-21 20:25:39
182.   beLITTLED and maligNED

Vinny said the game was "scratchy". Can that be counted as a Repko reference?

2006-04-21 20:25:49
183.   kegtron
Lonely should've been hustling back to 3rd on that play.

I hope Kent chews him out.

2006-04-21 20:26:22
184.   capdodger
180 Loney was a slow getting back to the bag as I was in posting to complain about it.
2006-04-21 20:26:33
185.   Curtis Lowe
183- Kent wont know what to say that's why they got Lofton.
2006-04-21 20:26:45
186.   Andrew Shimmin
183- Racist.
2006-04-21 20:27:08
187.   underdog
And for those of us following the game via GameDay on Yahoo... this bizarreness to describe the play:

"O. Perez unknown into double play pitcher to third, J. Loney out at third"

Perez leads the league in unknowns.

2006-04-21 20:27:44
188.   Steve
If Loney would have just stayed at third, Perez could have struck out in peace, and our $13 million banjo-hitting shortstop might have had a chance to do what is allegedly his job, leaving Perez to do his.
2006-04-21 20:28:01
189.   natepurcell
"Loney is an idiot" is a little harsh. It was a mental error. Everyone has one of those.
2006-04-21 20:28:32
190.   Uncle Miltie
186- haha, I was thinking the same thing. Let's hope that Kent doesn't get near Loney. Let Kenny Lofton or Brett Tomko do it.
2006-04-21 20:29:33
191.   capdodger
189 I bet a dozen doughnuts that the 3rd base coach was screaming at him to get back.
2006-04-21 20:29:42
192.   natepurcell
Guzman is 0-3 with 3ks tonight. Awesome!
2006-04-21 20:30:18
193.   Uncle Miltie
189- but Repko would have gotten on all fours and slid into third base head first.
2006-04-21 20:30:34
194.   regfairfield
188 Fortunately, Furcal always stinks in April with a .677 OPS, while he ranges from .759-.779 in every other month.
2006-04-21 20:30:40
195.   Curtis Lowe
192- Why is he doing that"?
2006-04-21 20:31:14
196.   Steve
I said allegedly
2006-04-21 20:31:50
197.   natepurcell
The good news is that Guzman did go to 3-2 before King in that last AB.
2006-04-21 20:32:13
198.   Uncle Miltie
Furcal has a lower OPS than Jason Kendall. Ouch.
2006-04-21 20:32:45
199.   natepurcell
Why is he doing that"?

Because he's dominican.

now thats racist!......(and joking)

2006-04-21 20:33:22
200.   capdodger
That should have been a balk.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-04-21 20:34:52
201.   Curtis Lowe
199- I thought he was takning the nickname JtD to the extreme and decided to destroy his BA.
2006-04-21 20:34:56
202.   Nagman
This game is going to make up for that sub-2:00 game. Is it OP? Seems like it...
2006-04-21 20:35:28
203.   Uncle Miltie
200- he was stepping towards 1st. Have you seen Andy Pettitte's pickoff move?
2006-04-21 20:36:21
204.   Steve
Tonight's seventh bunt off the 45 year old with the 7 ERA.
2006-04-21 20:36:28
205.   Andrew Shimmin
If Odalis re-balks, I'm switching sides.
2006-04-21 20:36:30
206.   beLITTLED and maligNED
5 of first 10 batters have attempted a bunt.
2006-04-21 20:36:51
207.   Uncle Miltie
Why would Furcal bunt towards the best fielder in tonight's game?

That homerun swing by Furcal was hilarious.

2006-04-21 20:41:25
208.   trainwreck
Odalis bores me to death.
2006-04-21 20:42:14
209.   kegtron
My porn name would be Buddy Buckeye
2006-04-21 20:43:15
210.   trainwreck
Now that one works!
2006-04-21 20:43:45
211.   Gen3Blue
Where statistics can break down: The run is Drew's, not Perez's.
2006-04-21 20:44:07
212.   Steve
Chasing the Beltre
2006-04-21 20:44:12
213.   trainwreck 1977.
2006-04-21 20:44:31
214.   Curtis Lowe
that was cool.
2006-04-21 20:44:33
215.   KAYVMON
A little help. Im watching the game on and want to get the LA feed. Is that possible? This arizona guy is annoyingly dumb.
2006-04-21 20:45:57
216.   Curtis Lowe
215- I am experiencing the same thing. Usualy I just reconnect a few times and then Vinny comes on but tonight that has not worked. Sorry.
2006-04-21 20:47:46
217.   Uncle Miltie
Can we trade Kent for Orlando Hudson straight up? Then we can get rid of all of our flyball pitchers (Tomko, Carter) and lead the league in ERA.

Somebody take care of Rex Hudler….now!

2006-04-21 20:48:40
218.   KAYVMON
Man, its not even like their just dumb too. They flat out dont do a competent job. Did they just do a report on a minor league game and not even know where the game was? How basic is that?
2006-04-21 20:49:38
219.   Uncle Miltie
Nice at bat Jiffy.
2006-04-21 20:50:10
220.   Curtis Lowe
"They called him old Hawpe but old was not his name" hehe.
2006-04-21 20:50:35
221.   regfairfield
217 Considering our only true groundball pitcher is Lowe, and Kent is one of the few reasonable power sources we have, this seems like a bad idea.
2006-04-21 20:51:15
222.   MartinBillingsley31
Wow, 4 k's for guzman in todays game so far.
2006-04-21 20:51:59
223.   Curtis Lowe
222- Maybe he's hungover.
2006-04-21 20:53:53
224.   Steve
Can't we just get rid of Tomko and Carter anyway?
2006-04-21 20:54:00
225.   kegtron
Soriano just hit his 3rd jack of the game.
2006-04-21 20:55:33
226.   regfairfield
224 This is a much better plan.
2006-04-21 20:56:25
227.   Curtis Lowe
224- Tomko and Carter traded for Dollar beer night?
2006-04-21 20:57:00
228.   kegtron
And Loney redeems himself.

Nice at bat.

2006-04-21 20:57:08
Loney choped wood on that one!
2006-04-21 20:57:09
230.   Uncle Miltie
Rockies designated RHP Zach Day for assignment.
There are enough teams looking for pitching that Day shouldn't make it through waivers, even if he has struggled right from the start of the spring. He went 1-2 with a 10.80 ERA in three starts for Colorado.

Pick him up Ned!

I thought Loney had a home run there.

2006-04-21 20:57:11
231.   Steve
Yay Loney!
2006-04-21 20:57:21
232.   capdodger
Good AB by Loney. That makes up for his baserunning brain-fart earlier.
2006-04-21 20:58:14
233.   trainwreck
Can we trade Carter and Baez for Duaner?
2006-04-21 20:58:19
234.   D4P
Big Game James comes through in the clutch.
2006-04-21 20:59:44
235.   Uncle Miltie
221- Lowe, Osoria, Perez
2006-04-21 21:00:49
236.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-21 21:01:02
237.   Uncle Miltie
Rockies are coming back. Down by 2 and bases are loaded with nobody out. The left handed version of Repko, Cory Sullivan is batting.
2006-04-21 21:01:07
238.   kegtron
Rockies-Giants game - Ninth inning bases loaded no outs, Rockies down by 2.

I got my rally cap on.

2006-04-21 21:01:43
239.   kegtron
5 friggin seconds!
2006-04-21 21:01:47
240.   Gen3Blue
On one hand JtD's prospect value disappears when he leaves SS.
On the other hand, he's very young and has had no time to grow into this huge body.
This may be a good thing, because it may keep him from getting traded before he reaches his potential.
2006-04-21 21:01:58
241.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-21 21:02:40
242.   regfairfield
235 At least last year, Penny was more groundball prone than OP. (1.39 to 1.25) neither is defined as a ground ball pitcher.

Osoria is a groundball pitcher. I wasn't thinking about relievers.

2006-04-21 21:02:58
243.   Gen3Blue
The other side of this coin is--maybe we missed the time to trade Guz.
2006-04-21 21:03:05
244.   Steve
Steve Kline?
2006-04-21 21:04:29
245.   kegtron
Benitez is in. One out.
2006-04-21 21:04:47
246.   trainwreck
2006-04-21 21:05:24
247.   Curtis Lowe
Shoot me.
2006-04-21 21:05:24
248.   kegtron
Lofton was trying to get cute.
2006-04-21 21:05:40
249.   regfairfield
243 It's early.
2006-04-21 21:05:47
250.   Steve
I can't believe Ned found somebody more useless than Repko to play centerfield.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-04-21 21:05:48
251.   capdodger
Did that just come out of his glove or was he trying to toss it to Drew?
2006-04-21 21:05:53
252.   beLITTLED and maligNED
Drew is not ready for the amount of intensity that Lofton brings to the park.
2006-04-21 21:06:00
253.   Gen3Blue
I think Lofton was trying to flip it to Drew with the better momentum to make the throw.
2006-04-21 21:06:13
254.   kegtron
Colorado is down 1, 2 outs. Holliday is up.
2006-04-21 21:06:17
255.   Curtis Lowe
The Energy Duque used right there is the equivelent to throwing 40 pitches.
2006-04-21 21:06:33
256.   Uncle Miltie
242- besides last year, Perez has been more of a groundball pitcher than Penny

I love Felipe Alou. He's bringing in Benitez and I'm confident that he's going to blow it.

Not a scrappy play by Lofton.

2006-04-21 21:06:44
257.   Gen3Blue
Drew didn't get it.
2006-04-21 21:07:53
258.   kegtron
Holliday ties it with a single.
2006-04-21 21:08:21
259.   Andrew Shimmin
Steve is prescient.
2006-04-21 21:08:41
260.   Curtis Lowe
Go Rockies Go Rockies.
2006-04-21 21:08:44
261.   capdodger
AZ Announcers:

"It will have to be a deep fly ball to score, I don't think a gb to anyone will score el dooke, but he runs well so...."


2006-04-21 21:08:49
262.   kegtron
1st and 3rd, Atkins is batting.
2006-04-21 21:08:58
263.   Uncle Miltie
I love Felipe
2006-04-21 21:09:38
264.   Andrew Shimmin
259- For gameday followers, Byrnes let go of his bat, and nearly brained some of his teammates.
2006-04-21 21:09:41
265.   kegtron
Base hit, game over.


2006-04-21 21:09:41
266.   regfairfield
256 Okay, I was wrong there. Still not worth trading Kent for Hudson though.
2006-04-21 21:09:56
267.   Curtis Lowe
Taste the Rockies.
2006-04-21 21:10:05
268.   Uncle Miltie
Giants win. Thank you Felipe.
2006-04-21 21:10:33
269.   capdodger
259 - And it did hit a cameraman.
2006-04-21 21:11:08
270.   Curtis Lowe
That was not a ball.
2006-04-21 21:14:48
271.   King of the Hobos
So the Rockies have tied up the lead of the NL West. Good thing the Rockies play in Coors (and the Giants pen is terrible), no way their Helton-less offense can score close to 9 runs outside of there
2006-04-21 21:14:48
272.   gpellamjr
Am I the only one who thinks that Odalis is getting squeezed compared to the zone that Hernandez is getting?
2006-04-21 21:16:11
273.   Gen3Blue
This somehow relates to Jon's opening statement. 7 quality starts in a row for the Doddgers.
2006-04-21 21:16:33
274.   Steve
Why does the ball clank when Furcal hits it?
2006-04-21 21:17:15
275.   capdodger
Isn't a quality start at most 3 runs in at least 6 innings pitched?
2006-04-21 21:17:43
276.   Gen3Blue
Its calling for Izturis.
2006-04-21 21:18:40
277.   Andrew Shimmin
Once J.D. Drew goes down for the season, and the Dodgers settle in to their eight-games-back-fighting-the-Padres-for-fourth-place groove, I'm going to start rooting for the Rockies to win the West.
2006-04-21 21:19:00
278.   Gen3Blue
Could be. I really didn't mean the technical definition. Actually its been 7 great starts in a row.
2006-04-21 21:20:11
279.   Steve
Tomko's start would stretch the word "quality" to its breaking point.
2006-04-21 21:20:19
280.   Uncle Miltie
272- Angel Hernandez hates Odalis Perez because of some things that have happened in the past.

271- didn't the Rockies score 9+ runs in San Diego 2 consecutive days?

2006-04-21 21:21:20
281.   King of the Hobos
Mike Maroth has now pitched 18.1 innings and has given up a run, thus giving him an ERA of 0.49. I'm farily certain that leads the league. The run was a homer by Michael Young, the second batter he faced, giving him 18 straight scoreless innings, so only 42 more innings until he passes Orel
2006-04-21 21:22:08
282.   Uncle Miltie
Is Vin Scully the only announcer who pronounces Osoria's first name Frank-Ellis?
2006-04-21 21:23:35
283.   Andrew Shimmin
280- They scored 32 in the three game series at Petco. Plus, Coors seems to have calmed down, with the humidor job they're doing on the balls. This could be their year!
2006-04-21 21:24:20
284.   King of the Hobos
280 I'm pretty sure they had Helton though, and Jason Smith decided to start a run for the MVP title during that series
2006-04-21 21:24:54
285.   Steve
The D-Backs still have Shawn Green, so don't count them out.
2006-04-21 21:26:05
286.   Uncle Miltie
284- did not see the thing about Helton. Any reason why he didn't play today?
2006-04-21 21:27:44
287.   Steve
That was meat on a stick.
2006-04-21 21:27:44
288.   Uncle Miltie
David Jonathon!
2006-04-21 21:27:47
289.   kegtron
2006-04-21 21:27:58
290.   Andrew Shimmin
Every HR Drew hits brings him one closer to the cripling injury that's surely just around the bend.
2006-04-21 21:28:00
291.   King of the Hobos
Did Vin just say the Giants beat Colorado?

Drew did a nice job of making up for his misplay earlier in the game

2006-04-21 21:28:12
292.   be2ween
281 - Go Tigers! Leyland is a baseball God. I'd like to have a cup a joe with that guy.
Wha wha what?!?! Did we just hit for POWER? Go JD.
2006-04-21 21:28:26
293.   MartinBillingsley31
Drew hr.
2006-04-21 21:28:26
294.   Curtis Lowe
I take back what I said.
2006-04-21 21:29:13
295.   Gen3Blue
Nice stroke; Could Kent stand farther from the plate?
2006-04-21 21:29:37
296.   Curtis Lowe
290- chill.
2006-04-21 21:29:46
297.   Gen3Blue
Booyyah indeed!
2006-04-21 21:30:50
298.   be2ween
Steiner just said that 'when JD is healthy he's a TERRIFIC talent.'
Just let that sit for a moment.
2006-04-21 21:31:03
299.   Uncle Miltie
Bradley is 0 for 2 with 2 walks and a stolen base. I'm still wondering why Macha hasn't switched Bradley and Crosby in the batting order. Does Frank Thomas really need protection?
2006-04-21 21:32:15
300.   D4P
The D-Backs still have Shawn Green, so don't count them out.

Not to mention the fact that the Dodgers still have Lance Carter.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-04-21 21:34:23
301.   Nagman
Are we choosing to ignore Duaner's performance so far this season. He's looked great.
2006-04-21 21:34:56
302.   Andrew Shimmin
296- Perhaps you can direct me to emoticon which most closely means: that homerun by Drew makes my last post look a little silly, so, I'm going to say something over the top, demonstrating that I realize it did.
2006-04-21 21:35:06
303.   D4P
I guess Jae Seo's performance thus far has made us forget about Duaner.
2006-04-21 21:35:46
304.   capdodger
Are we choosing to ignore Duaner's performance so far this season. He's looked great.

Seo what? 8-P

2006-04-21 21:36:17
305.   D4P
Duaner Sanchez looks totally different this year in his Gameday photo. Among other things, he's not wearing his goggles.
2006-04-21 21:37:28
306.   Steve
Hey, look, it's Tim Hamulack! Grady doesn't want a reputation of being a good manager, and two straight games would put him perilously on track.
2006-04-21 21:38:14
307.   Curtis Lowe
Dodgers D is anemic.
2006-04-21 21:39:47
308.   Curtis Lowe
I know Andy Green's brother or cousin or something like that.
2006-04-21 21:40:04
309.   capdodger
307 Like puppies chasing superballs.
2006-04-21 21:40:50
310.   Curtis Lowe
309- great analogy.
2006-04-21 21:42:43
311.   Steve
Hi Grady!
2006-04-21 21:43:49
312.   EricGagnesGoggles
Speaking of Hamulack....How does he have a 0 ERA after giving up a HR to Bobby Abreu? Well theres his first ER in any event.
2006-04-21 21:44:44
313.   regfairfield
Eric Byrnes vs. a lefty seems like a bad idea.
2006-04-21 21:44:49
314.   Uncle Miltie
301- I was against that trade!

Hamulack isn't very good.

Is Saito finally going to implode?

2006-04-21 21:45:31
315.   gpellamjr
312 Furcal's error would have been the third out. Whatever happens after that, if I understand the rules, is unearned.
2006-04-21 21:45:34
316.   Curtis Lowe
314- no.
2006-04-21 21:45:55
317.   capdodger
312 There was an error on what should have been the 3rd out before the HR.
2006-04-21 21:47:11
318.   EricGagnesGoggles
Saito is gunna be dominant for a few months until they figure him out. It's a japanese relief pitcher thing...Shingo Takatsu, Akinori Otsuka, Shigatoshi Hasagawa, even Kazuhiro Sasaki.
2006-04-21 21:48:16
319.   Uncle Miltie
316- nope, but there's always next inning.

Time to get some insurance runs.

2006-04-21 21:48:28
320.   EricGagnesGoggles
Ahoy thanks for the clarification.
2006-04-21 21:48:55
321.   Curtis Lowe
Saaaiiiiittttt down.
2006-04-21 21:49:02
322.   capdodger
Ahh... 24 seconds slow.
2006-04-21 21:49:16
Let's get some insurance!!
2006-04-21 21:49:16
324.   Uncle Miltie
318- that's what I'm thinking. He reminds me of the Japanese guy who pitched for the White Sox. He was good for 1 year and then stunk in his 2nd year.
2006-04-21 21:49:41
325.   Curtis Lowe
319- I am going to be the first member of the Saito mania manic depressives.
2006-04-21 21:49:50
In Saito we trust!!!
2006-04-21 21:50:14
327.   Sam DC
Pepsi Dunleer here. Welcome Rosie.

Nate -- Tucker Wakonda is nothing short of excellent; how can you not love that?

2-hour rain delays are challenging for five-year olds, but had a fun time at the Nationals Braves game anyhow. Was really a nice night (though a little cool) once the rain cleared. Left after 7 so missed Soriano's third homer (he also had a double). Had a fun moment when, during a promo thing they do where they shoot T-Shirts into the stands, the first base ump walked over the college kids who work for the team and asked for a shirt, then walked straight over to us (we'd moved down to the front row of the sparsely filled stadium by then) and handed it to my kid. I have no idea why. My son also had the fun of calling Soriano's second short -- when Alfonso came up the second time, my boy said "I hope he hits another one" and lo and behold he did. When youre five, that's all yours. Think the ump was Bruce Froemming; need to double check.

Ryan Zimmerman made an unbelievable diving grab of a low popfly a third of the way out to left field. Hope they espn it. Really amazing catch.

2006-04-21 21:50:17
328.   gpellamjr
Thank the gods for the Arizona announcers! If it weren't from them, I wouldn't know that the Dodgers have three left handers in the 'pen, including Saito.
2006-04-21 21:50:36
329.   King of the Hobos
Speaking of Little's questionable moves, what is Macha doing? Is Street hurt? Kennedy came in acting as a LOOGY in the 9th (and gave up a triple to Erstad), and now Calero is in to pitch up 5-3
2006-04-21 21:50:48
330.   Curtis Lowe
After every K by Saito the Announcer should say "Saaaaiitttt your @$% down!"
2006-04-21 21:51:20
331.   EricGagnesGoggles
Like I said: Shingo Takatsu. Otsuka had his dominant year in his rookie year, and then last year he wasn't as deceptive as he was before. Hasagawa was getting lit up in the twilight of his career, Kazuhiro Sasaki, the former closer for the Mariners, was starting to get lit up at the end of his MLB career, which lived like 3 years or so (off the top of my head).
2006-04-21 21:51:27
332.   Uncle Miltie
Bradley turned a single into a triple- kind of like what JD Drew did.
2006-04-21 21:52:18
333.   EricGagnesGoggles
Yeah, actually I heard Huston Street is hurt, my fantasy team cries.
2006-04-21 21:52:27
334.   Curtis Lowe
327- That was a neat story about your kid calling that 2nd homer. That will stay with him for the rest of his life.
2006-04-21 21:52:31
335.   Steve
Street is hurt. Yesterday, the question was why Duckman pitched 109 pitches and was allowed to walk in the game-winning run.
2006-04-21 21:53:16
336.   capdodger
Hmm.. 4 beach ball delays. That's fewer than the mean, right?
2006-04-21 21:54:17
337.   Kayaker7
331 I don't think you can include Hasegawa and Sasaki in that 1-year wonder group. They were successful for a few years until they went into the eventual decline with age. Sasaki especially, once he lost a few MPH on his pitches, he was no longer effective. It's not like he was good because of some quirk or some herky jerky windup.
2006-04-21 21:54:54
338.   MartinBillingsley31

Saito your @$% down.

2006-04-21 21:55:54
339.   EricGagnesGoggles
I`ll give you Sasaki, maybe Hasegawa, yeah probably Hasegawa. Point taken.
2006-04-21 21:57:02
340.   Curtis Lowe
LOL Repko's catch into the wall last yr is classic.
2006-04-21 21:57:53
341.   kegtron
The Angels lost on a double play strike out - catchers interenfce call.
2006-04-21 21:58:00
342.   Uncle Miltie
Please steal here. I know that Snyder is a good catcher, but I really can't see Furcal getting an extra base hit.
2006-04-21 21:58:49
343.   MartinBillingsley31
Ouch guzman 5 k's tonight.

I still can't stop laughing about saito your @$% down.

2006-04-21 21:59:25
344.   EricGagnesGoggles
Holy crap whats going on with Ty Wiggington, the bro hit his 7th homer today...My Fantasy team salivates for his offense, on the other hand...Impulse moves tend to never work out.
2006-04-21 21:59:28
345.   D4P
Monday talking about how Repko is "not afraid to make mistakes."

Steiner talking about Repko's "defensive prowess."

2006-04-21 22:00:24
346.   Uncle Miltie
Oh yea, scrappy dog! He matches his stolen base total from last year.
2006-04-21 22:01:30
347.   King of the Hobos
Eckert, Simmons, and Hull have successfully allowed Fresno to score 8 runs in 2 innings, thereby tying the game. Bottom of the 8th currently, Hull still pitching, tied 8-8
2006-04-21 22:01:58
348.   Steve
Beware Devil Rays bearing gifts. Travis Lee has four.
2006-04-21 22:04:39
349.   Steve
The SLG goes over the .250 mark!
2006-04-21 22:04:42
350.   kegtron
That was a nice AB by Furcal
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-04-21 22:04:49
351.   Curtis Lowe
Furcal sure banged that one.
2006-04-21 22:05:32
352.   EricGagnesGoggles
It's official. Rafael is my favorite DUI baseball man, way more than Jim Bowden.
2006-04-21 22:06:21
353.   Steve
352 -- lol
2006-04-21 22:07:09
354.   EricGagnesGoggles
I take that back, I've always had a thing for Guillermo Mota. I sure miss Mr. Catfish.
2006-04-21 22:10:04
355.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-21 22:10:33
356.   Steve
And that should do, if Baez can hold on, and Shawn Green doesn't hit a five run home run.
2006-04-21 22:10:41
357.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Fans chanting the name of J.D. Drew!
Probably the first time in his career that's happened.
2006-04-21 22:10:51
358.   Curtis Lowe
Did you see Byrnes throw himself into a full front flip? hahahaha
2006-04-21 22:11:00
359.   EricGagnesGoggles
Im starting to wonder if this whole resting Drew theory has any legitimacy to it---Did Jeff Kent just slam his helmet?
2006-04-21 22:11:44
360.   capdodger
Kent was POed about that one.
2006-04-21 22:11:45
361.   King of the Hobos
Wigginton won't continue to hit homers at this rate, but he's not really that bad of a hitter. His biggest problems are the Ks and Huff/Burroughs/Branyan/Maddon. The Pirates probably shouldn't have released him, as he could easily outhit Joe Randa (Randa hit .276/.337/.452 last year, Wigginton .258/.325/.465 in a far smaller sample)
2006-04-21 22:12:21
362.   EricGagnesGoggles

Nothing to worry about, Whens the last time Shawn Green was clutch?

2006-04-21 22:15:26
363.   Gen3Blue
I just had a 10 minute fight with some piece-o-@#$% piece of hardware or software and by the time I fought my way back to Dodger thoughts all brilliant insight is gone and all I can say is BOOYAH- 6-2.
2006-04-21 22:16:02
364.   Curtis Lowe
When showing Gagne's stats FSNAZ shows wins.
2006-04-21 22:16:24
365.   EricGagnesGoggles
Thats some deep insight yourself.
2006-04-21 22:16:53
366.   MartinBillingsley31
2006-04-21 22:16:58
367.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Last night, I told some East Coasters (i.e. don't follow the Dodgers closely) about Green's Odalis Perez no-hitter travesty. They reacted like I said Green likes to spend his off days beheading kittens.
2006-04-21 22:17:47
368.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
364 - Wasn't that the overall bullpen's stats?
2006-04-21 22:18:43
369.   capdodger
364 Yes.

Otherwise, I would like to know how Gange is earning wins and losses while on the DL.

2006-04-21 22:19:02
370.   Steve
367 -- Shawn Green gets to go to Barry Bonds' house?
2006-04-21 22:19:42
371.   Langhorne
A check swing ground out by Kent and FSN goes straight to a commercial for Cialis. It made me laugh.
2006-04-21 22:19:51
372.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Bad relay, but Loney should dig that out.
2006-04-21 22:20:45
373.   Curtis Lowe
369368 - thank you for clearing that up.
2006-04-21 22:20:52
374.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
370 - No, it's Kevin Mitchell's house.
2006-04-21 22:21:50
375.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
FSNAZ announcers are roasting Furcal. "Style over substance."
2006-04-21 22:21:53
376.   King of the Hobos
The Mets and Padres are currently tied in the 12th inning. The Mets' remaining pitchers are Chad Bradford, Pedro Feliciano, and Jorge Julio. Billy Wagner has made 27 pitches and is probably done. Who do you use if you want to have some chance at winning? Let Franco pitch?
2006-04-21 22:22:03
377.   capdodger
Why are these airheads talking about style over substance? There was no style in Furcal's play. He just screwed up.
2006-04-21 22:22:10
378.   Sam DC
Brian Sweeny is pitching the 12th for the Padres. His birthday would indicate that he is 32, but his gameday photo makes clear he is 14. Hmmmm.
2006-04-21 22:22:16
379.   Steve
That was a heck of a good pitch Hudson popped up.
2006-04-21 22:22:54
380.   Curtis Lowe
Repko with scrappy style and some savvy substance for the final out.
2006-04-21 22:22:59
381.   EricGagnesGoggles
2006-04-21 22:23:02
382.   Steve
375 -- Given that the Diamondbacks have neither, who are they to talk?
2006-04-21 22:24:47
383.   capdodger
380 - There's no way that was scrappy enough. You can't crash into a wall in short left field.
2006-04-21 22:25:45
384.   Curtis Lowe
As bad as FSN AZ are, I prefer them to WGN, St Louis, Pittsburgh, WhiteSox and many many others.
2006-04-21 22:26:22
385.   Steve
I prefer hemlock to cyanide.
2006-04-21 22:26:41
386.   King of the Hobos
Juan Cruz became 2 years older a few years ago, but I swear he's even older than he supposedly is now (28). If I had to choose between Lofton and Cruz, I'd swear Cruz was the older of the two
2006-04-21 22:26:55
387.   EricGagnesGoggles
Can we replace Paul Shuey's hip and coax him out of retirement? And promise to make Tom Martin the bullpen coach.
2006-04-21 22:27:28
388.   Curtis Lowe
When the Dodgers were playing the Giants I thought I finally figured out why Lucille II is Ramons monicker. The Giants seal mascot Lucille looks just like Ramon but I was wrong.
2006-04-21 22:28:34
389.   King of the Hobos
387 Tom Martin is busy. The Rockies are actually paying him to pitch out of their bullpen
2006-04-21 22:30:07
390.   MartinBillingsley31
I hear that carter is warming up to pitch the 9th, i guess grady wants to make the game interesting.
No, just messin, i like grady alot.
2006-04-21 22:30:15
391.   EricGagnesGoggles
My god, When we play the Rockies, I pray to god Clint Hurdle brings in Tom Martin to face JD Drew (and not Ray King).
2006-04-21 22:31:32
392.   King of the Hobos
Nomar went 2-5 with a double before he was replaced by a PH. The PH, Nick Alvarez, hit a go-ahead double in the 10th

And the Mets went with Pedro Feliciano in the bottom of the 12th. Franco was used as a PH, but Chris Woodward is still available, should Randolph be forced to choose between Julio and a hitter to pitch

2006-04-21 22:31:47
393.   EricGagnesGoggles
My god. I pray to god Hurdle brings in Martin to face Drew when the Dodgers play the Rockies.
2006-04-21 22:32:14
394.   Spageticus
Evening. I don't understand all of this ill will toward Shawn Green. The guy was nothing but class when he was here, and he performed incredibly until the final season. Why must Dodger fans boo him every at-bat? I went to Vero Beach in 2004 and he signed anything for anybody, even during pregame stretching. It's not like he left as a free agent. Heck, he wanted to stay.

If you must boo, boo Sheffield or Beltre. Cheer this Old Friend.

2006-04-21 22:32:17
395.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
390 - Four-run leads are almost always safe no matter who is pitching.
So, has Carter fallen to mopup man status?
2006-04-21 22:32:31
396.   EricGagnesGoggles
Oops..I thought my 1st comment didn't go thru, eh sorry.
2006-04-21 22:33:32
397.   King of the Hobos
Guzman is at the late for 6th time. Can he strike out for the 6th time tonight?
2006-04-21 22:34:29
398.   EricGagnesGoggles

I was thinking the same thing. I may not like Green just because...well I never liked him. But he was a generally good guy and did alot of charity work out here in CA. The fans are just retarded and boo anyone that left the team. Hell I heard them boo LoDuca last year. When Gagne is traded to the Giants I`m sure they`ll boo him.

2006-04-21 22:34:45
399.   Uncle Miltie
You go L-Cart!
2006-04-21 22:34:45
400.   Curtis Lowe
So Carter and Hamulack are better than Schmoll and Tiffany?
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-04-21 22:34:57
401.   Steve
395 -- You were saying?
2006-04-21 22:35:07
402.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
395 - Almost always.
2006-04-21 22:35:20
403.   MartinBillingsley31
So, has Carter fallen to mopup man status?

Lets hope so.
Is it possible to have 2 mopup men?
Because hamulack would be another good mopup candidate.

2006-04-21 22:35:23
404.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-21 22:35:29
405.   Steve
Hi Grady!
2006-04-21 22:35:30
406.   EricGagnesGoggles
Clark vs Baez? Anyone here religious?
2006-04-21 22:35:43
407.   King of the Hobos
Carter really is trying his best to lose this thing

Feliciano didn't last long, two batters. Bradford in now. Apparently Randolph thinks he has plenty of bullpen arms left

2006-04-21 22:36:14
408.   fawnkyj
OMG Carter is awful.
2006-04-21 22:36:21
409.   Uncle Miltie
Carter is awful. Is Ned still patting himself on the back for trading for the All Star? He makes Giovanni Carrara look like a good pitcher.
2006-04-21 22:37:04
410.   Curtis Lowe
409- At least Giovanni had a cool name.
2006-04-21 22:37:12
411.   EricGagnesGoggles
I said Bradford before dammit, although I remember reading Moneyball...He gets nervous and self-concious in pressure situations. OH THE DERISION OF PITCHING IN FRONT OF SAN DIEGO FANS
2006-04-21 22:37:22
412.   natepurcell
at the end of ST, someone was trying to tell me Lance Carter is a great reliever. I want you to show yourself and amend! Amend I say!
2006-04-21 22:37:37
413.   gpellamjr
Do you think Carter has a chance at another all-star game?
2006-04-21 22:37:54
414.   King of the Hobos
For those curious about Guzman, apparently Duncan had replaced him and Gameday forgot to tell me. Duncan did K though, meaning Vegas' 4th hitter went 0-6 with 6 Ks
2006-04-21 22:38:24
415.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
407 - As we speak, warming up is Neil Allen.
2006-04-21 22:38:53
416.   Steve
411 -- lol again

413 -- American Legion, maybe.

2006-04-21 22:39:40
417.   Uncle Miltie
I thought Tomko was going to be the mop up man when Billingsley is called up. Ned is really good at finding mop up men.
2006-04-21 22:40:32
418.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
What's the over-under for J-Brox to get the call? I start the line at May 7.
2006-04-21 22:40:50
419.   EricGagnesGoggles
Your all wrong. Why do you think Oscar was brought up? I saw him mopping up some spilled soda in the pavilions in the 4th inning.
2006-04-21 22:42:25
420.   EricGagnesGoggles
If Danys gets the save, free grand slams for everyone.
2006-04-21 22:42:33
421.   King of the Hobos
413 Sure, if he joins the Royals and replicates Mike William's 2003 Pittsburgh All Star campaign (6.27 ERA, more walks than strike outs, 25 saves)
2006-04-21 22:42:38
422.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2006-04-21 22:42:55
423.   Uncle Miltie
That's probably a home run in almost any other stadium.
2006-04-21 22:42:59
424.   Andrew Shimmin
413- It depends on whether the Royals want him. Since they don't seem to want Matt Stairs, maybe something could be arranged.
2006-04-21 22:43:08
Is it that we're to use to GAME OVER GAGNE OR SOMETHING? These games I tell you!! :)
2006-04-21 22:43:26
426.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-21 22:44:18
427.   Langhorne
Carter's job is to come in in a non-save situation and make it a save situation. Carter did his job well. I'm sure Baez will give him a nice tip.
2006-04-21 22:45:27
428.   Uncle Miltie
If JD Drew opts out his contract, Repko or Cruz may be our #3 hitter.

Apparently, Furcals nickname is "Fookie"

2006-04-21 22:45:31
429.   King of the Hobos
417 Late May, let's say May 25. Not that it means anything, but he failed to appear in a 9-8 game tonight, as Joe Beimel received the honor of saving his own win
2006-04-21 22:45:58
430.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
427 - A true set-up man!
2006-04-21 22:46:07
431.   King of the Hobos
429 That would be 418, not 417
2006-04-21 22:46:08
432.   EricGagnesGoggles
Haha i love all star selections- I an already picture Phil Garner trying to pick an All Star for Pittsburgh:
"Bay's on the DL, Whos left?"
"Their closer has 15 saves---8.25 ERA"
"Oh come on, those idiots watching the Fox broadcast see the 15 saves and think im a genius...Especially when I put him in to face David Ortiz"
2006-04-21 22:46:16
433.   natepurcell

The Bull pitched a 2 inning save last night.

2006-04-21 22:46:41
434.   Steve
Well-played. Hamulack and Carter need to go.
2006-04-21 22:47:42
435.   natepurcell
no ones said it yet... GAEMEZ OVER!
2006-04-21 22:48:11
436.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
429 - That's impossible.
Worse, if you save your own win too much, you'll go blind.
2006-04-21 22:49:36
437.   Linkmeister
Ha. Watch 2.5 hours of news and still see the final inning. Obviously neither Perez nor El Duque went to the same school Maddox did.
2006-04-21 22:50:00
438.   MartinBillingsley31
Well-played. Hamulack and Carter need to go.

Their replacements will hopefully be billingsley and broxton, with tomko moving to the pen.

2006-04-21 22:51:07
439.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
437 - Watch 2.5 hours of news...
For the love of God, why?
2006-04-21 22:51:18
440.   King of the Hobos
432 To be fair, Mike Gonzalez is actually a pretty good pitcher and could be Pittsburgh's best candidate for the game if Wilson and Bay land on the DL and the starters continue to be mediocre
2006-04-21 22:53:03
441.   Gen3Blue
AT least grits was fairly quick to realize he wouldn't get away with casting Carter as mop up man. That hopefully scared him.
Good observation by some analyst(sitting left of Kennedy) D's kept the pressure by scoring runs in th 6th and 7th.
In the games Jon reffered to up top, I noticed they scored early and tried to coast. Doesn't work.
2006-04-21 22:53:27
442.   Inside Baseball
428 Also, apparently "Six runs is an offensive explosion" and [the Dodgers] "of all nights didn't need to score all these runs." Love that Lindsay Soto. That was one impressive post-game interview.
2006-04-21 22:53:59
443.   natepurcell
So does our season hinge on the health of JD Drew?
2006-04-21 22:54:25
444.   King of the Hobos
Bradford has now made 21 pitches for five outs. Randolph has a tough choice in the 14th, Bradford, Julio, or the 1st base coach
2006-04-21 22:56:04
445.   Uncle Miltie
Chad Bradford has 4 strikeouts in 1 2/3 innings? I didn't know that he was still pitching. I can't believe that the game is still going on.
2006-04-21 22:57:48
446.   Curtis Lowe
In all fairness Hamulack did K 2 batters.
2006-04-21 22:58:16
447.   underdog
boy, it's a good thing I saw the score before reading the last batches of comments here or I'd-a thunk the Dodgers had lost? Whew!

Seems like James Loney said bon voyage to himself in a decent fashion.

2006-04-21 22:58:41
448.   Langhorne

Unless Furcal, Mueller, and especially Kent start hitting, yes.

2006-04-21 22:59:51
449.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
The Padres TV broadcast plays Pearl Jam when going to commercial.
Why can't the Dodgers be that cool?
2006-04-21 23:01:10
450.   Langhorne
What's a Pearl Jam?
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-04-21 23:01:45
451.   underdog
Btw, Tim Worrell of the Giants.

6 saves.
8.31 ERA.
got his first loss tonight to go 2 and 1.

2006-04-21 23:03:13
452.   King of the Hobos
Bradford couldn't handle Giles, who doubled in the winnign run. The Mets pen had gone 21.2 innings without giving up a run
2006-04-21 23:04:00
453.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Blum might've been out there.
2006-04-21 23:04:01
454.   LAT
99. Steve, I was there. Left right after my earlier posts. It was very nice of Drew to give my daughter a triple.

Great night traffic wise. I'm not sure why but the in and out was very fast. The announces crowd was 44K but I don't think it was near that.

2006-04-21 23:05:16
455.   capdodger
I thought he missed the plate, too, but the umpire was screened.
2006-04-21 23:12:04
456.   underdog
I'm gonna go out on a limb here. I think the next Dodger minor leaguer to be called up is going to be this Nomar Garciaparra kid. He's got what it takes.

Just a guess.

2006-04-21 23:12:15
457.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, nobody threw anything at me in the loge.

But I don't believe they stock Grey Poupon. Anyway, I ate at home before I left.

2006-04-21 23:21:58
458.   Bob Timmermann

Going way back, yes in Berkeley I lived on "The Alameda". It was listed in map indexes under "T".

2006-04-21 23:24:03
459.   capdodger
456 He's no prospect. He's too old.
2006-04-21 23:25:37
460.   LAT
On TV, did they show Eric Byrnes throw his bat after a sharp line drive out to Furcal? He is lucky he didn't kill one of his teammates.
2006-04-21 23:32:34
461.   Steve
They did. Eric Byrnes is more than slightly unhinged.
2006-04-21 23:33:04
462.   Linkmeister
439 20 years of habit. 2 half-hour local news, 1 half-hour national news, 1 hour of The News Hour.
2006-04-21 23:34:14
463.   underdog
That's why they call him "Kookie" Byrnes.

(The Obscure Reference Dating Back Before My Birth Award of the Evening)

2006-04-21 23:36:14
464.   LAT
If I was one of his teammates I owuld not have been very happy about that. I bet his house is a mess. Lots of walls with holes.
2006-04-21 23:36:33
465.   Linkmeister
463 Did he have a comb in his back pocket?

(I watched that show during its original run.)

2006-04-21 23:39:50
466.   oldbear
Byrnes should stick to radio commentary.

Did JtD really strike out 5 times tonite? Thats hard to do.

2006-04-21 23:41:20
467.   Bob Timmermann
It's not hard for Preston Wilson.
2006-04-21 23:47:54
468.   fanerman
2006-04-21 23:49:54
469.   oldbear
I'd still take Preston Wilson at SS.
2006-04-21 23:52:20
470.   trainwreck
I am starting to lose my love for Guzman. A k/bb ratio that bad can be tolerable for a power hitting shortstop, but not a right fielder.
2006-04-22 00:07:25
471.   LAT
So if we make Izzy a reluctant outfielder will he hit three HRs in one game?

(Only Sam's son knows for sure.)

2006-04-22 00:25:15
472.   ToyCannon
Just got back and just a few observances:
Lofton is still very fast even at 39. I'm not talking stealing bases, I'm talking running the bases.
JD Drew is the new chant and hopefully he continues to hit and play so we hear the chant all year.
Mueller is everything I hoped he'd be.
You have to love a group of fans that stand up while your team is about to score some insurance runs so they can cheer someone chugging a beer instead of watching the game. 10 year olds, grandma's, 3 legged dogs, you name it, they were standing and chearing. Yes, of course I sit in the corner Loge section but I saw idiots in the field section cheering with their backs turned to the action. If only a screaming foul line drive had ripped one of the fools head off so I could have had a mirthy ride home.
Was glad to see Loney actually hit the ball hard and fair before his departure to AAA.
2006-04-22 00:35:07
473.   Steve
Lots of walls with holes.

That's where he keeps the nuts.

2006-04-22 00:52:38
474.   the OZ
463 When Byrnes was at UCLA, he spent a year living in my friend's frat house. An odd cat, certainly.

When I say "odd cat", I am not referring to Casey.

2006-04-22 00:56:44
475.   thinkblue0
is Nomar coming back to the team tomorrow, or Sunday?
2006-04-22 07:54:02
476.   Andrew Shimmin
Nomar should be back today.

2006-04-22 08:32:48
477.   Bob Timmermann
Casey is not an odd cat. He's pretty much a normal cat. He's certainly not as weird as Eric Byrnes.

Although Eric Byrnes hasn't tried to bite my hand and I'm pretty sure he uses a toilet instead of a litter box.

2006-04-22 08:37:18
478.   Sam DC
I don't know exactly how they chant it, but "J. D. Drew" seems to have the same meter as "Hee Seop Choi".

(watches blog comments explode into flames . . .)

2006-04-22 08:39:07
479.   Steve
"Lance" "Car" "Ter"

"Lance" "Car" "Ter"

2006-04-22 08:42:44
480.   Sam DC
"Sam" "D" "C".
2006-04-22 08:49:18
481.   Bob Timmermann
The lack of having a three syllable name killed Mark Grudzielanek's chances of staying in L.A.
2006-04-22 08:51:11
482.   Sam DC
"Tim" "Mer" "Mann"
"Tim" "Mer" "Mann"
2006-04-22 09:08:12
483.   D4P
"Lu" "Cille" "II"
"Lu" "Cille" "II"
2006-04-22 09:10:55
484.   Marty
"Ham" "You" "Lack"
"Ham" "You" "Lack"
2006-04-22 09:15:57
485.   Steve
"Da" "Vid" "Bell"
"Da" "Vid" "Bell"
2006-04-22 09:17:00
486.   D4P
"Ne" "i" "fi"
"Ne" "i" "fi"
2006-04-22 09:18:06
487.   Sam DC
Hey, Bob, if you find yourself back on the market, I think I may have found someone for you (other than her being a married nationals fan, that is). From a nationals blog comments: "So I tried my hand at scoring last night for the first time since my softball days as a kid . . . . The only hard part was finding enough room to write in which batter Stanton came in on (I kinda scribbled it in the batters line box for the previous inning and drew an arrow), and how to indicate Church came home on a wild pitch while LeCroy was batting (again, scribbled 'WP 18'). I think maybe the pen I used has too thick of a point. . . . I'm thinking multicolored pencils might actually be the way to go . . . That way I can color code the lines around the bases to match the batter who hit someone around. — [Miss X]"
2006-04-22 09:20:52
488.   Steve
"Keep" "Ing" "Score"
"Keep" "Ing" "Score"
2006-04-22 09:26:50
489.   Bob Timmermann
I briefly experimented with going out with a female version of myself.

Very briefly.

What you do to mark events that happen to baserunners during at bat (steals, wild pitches, etc.) is to just mark the event with the batting order number of who was up.

So if there was a wild pitch with the #4 hitter up, you write "WP4". It's always easier to track events by the batting order since you usually don't know which number which player wears.

Last night, I looked at my scorebook and realized that in 2005, Dioner Navarro wore 41. Now he's 30. Apparently, he's the reincarnation to Maury Wills.

2006-04-22 09:29:52
490.   D4P
I briefly experimented with going out with a female version of myself.

A clone?

2006-04-22 09:30:49
491.   Bob Timmermann
"I briefly experimented with going out with a female version of myself.

A clone?"

That explains the hooves.

2006-04-22 09:31:04
492.   be2ween
"Wood" "Hay" "Ven"
"Wood" "Hay" "Ven"
2006-04-22 09:36:13
493.   D4P
Having played one more game this year than the Giants, the Dodgers have scored 8 more runs and have given up 16 fewer. Yet the Giants are 9-7, while the Dodgers are 8-9.

I guess the Giants just know how to win.

2006-04-22 09:36:54
494.   Steve
Armando Benitez -- winner.
2006-04-22 09:38:59
495.   D4P
Steve Finley -- also winner.
2006-04-22 09:40:24
496.   Steve
Mike Matheny - Winner Supreme w/ Olives
2006-04-22 09:59:55
497.   D4P
Randy Winn -- Need I say more?
2006-04-22 10:26:27
498.   Bob Timmermann
In the Arizona Republic:

View from the press box
Considering there was no rational explanation for it last year, perhaps it should be no surprise that Shawn Green continues to get booed by Dodgers fans at Chavez Ravine. Green has always been a classy individual. And it's not as if he left LA as a free agent - he was traded to Arizona.
- Nick Piecoro

2006-04-22 10:28:55
499.   D4P
I attended the game between the Dodgers and DBacks last year that included The Catch, and found myself confused as to why Green was treated so poorly by the fans. Sure, the guy made more money than he should have, but I didn't consider that sufficient reason to boo him.
2006-04-22 10:31:27
500.   Steve
The guy here yesterday got it right. If you boo Shawn Green, the boos lose their meaning. Save them for when they count, like when Russ Ortiz or Brett Tomko are pitching.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-04-22 10:32:18
501.   Bob Timmermann
Lo Duca doesn't get booed does he? And Piazza still gets relatively warm welcomes.

But Finley gets booed a lot, which doesn't make much sense since it's a good thing if the Giants are playing him.

How about Beltre when the Mariners come to L.A. in July? What about Jeff Weaver?

2006-04-22 10:33:24
502.   Steve
Jeff Weaver gets booed on general principles.
2006-04-22 10:40:05
503.   Bob Timmermann
How about when Jose Valentin makes his triumphant return?
2006-04-22 10:41:44
504.   D4P
I don't think people care enough about Valentin to bother booing.
2006-04-22 10:43:43
505.   D4P
Bob - What kinda "boost" do you get in your Protein Berry Pizzazz? I normally get a protein boost, and then pay extra for an additional protein boost as well.
2006-04-22 10:46:38
506.   Steve
I normally get a protein boost

That's what they all say.

2006-04-22 10:46:42
507.   Bob Timmermann
I believe I had an immunity boost.

I believe they all are the same and they just label them differently.

2006-04-22 10:50:38
508.   D4P
Do you think it's just flour?
2006-04-22 10:56:21
509.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think it's flour. Then the drinks would taste funny. I just think it's ... powder ...
2006-04-22 10:58:31
510.   Steve
Baltimore bunts (with their #3 hitter, no less) their way out of a big (or any kind of) inning. Baltimore managers are like Mets GMs. They are so dumb and turnover so quickly that I can't keep track of them.
2006-04-22 11:10:31
511.   Bob Timmermann
But the Yankees used the bunt to manufacture a run. I bet Michael Kay is ecstatic.
2006-04-22 11:11:15
512.   Blu2
What kind of reception would Choi get if he came back here with another team? I'll bet he was such a fan favorite that he'd still get cheers and the same old chant. I hope so. How can you hate the guy? Anybody hates Choi, (Tracey, Colletti, McCourt), has something wrong upstairs.
2006-04-22 11:13:37
513.   Bob Timmermann
I think Choi would get a warm welcome because it seems that the Dodgers have a not insubtantial number of Korean fans now.

Also if he came back playing for Boston, there would be a huge crowd anyway.

2006-04-22 11:52:49
514.   ToyCannon
Good news, Russ Ortiz is confirmed as the starter for Sunday's game.

The only Dodger I can remember booing is Jose Offerman. The only Ex-Dodger I boo is Gary Sheffield but I have to go to an Angel game to do that. Kid next to me was booing Green and calling him a traitor. I told him that he was traded and hated to leave the team. Then the guy behind said he stunk the whole time he was on the Dodgers, oblivious to the fact that Green has the all time Dodger home run record and hit 91 home runs in two years. But hey why let reality get in the way of a good boo.

2006-04-22 11:55:12
515.   Bob Timmermann
He Who Shall Not Be Named pitching in the daytime! Woo hoo! Get ready fans in the pavilions. There will be souvenirs!
2006-04-22 11:56:38
516.   ToyCannon
Choi is banging in AAA. Hit his 3rd home run yesterday. Doesn't Chicago need a 1st baseman? Youklis is doing great so Boston doesn't need him. Chicago doesn't think it can compete with an infield of Walker/Hairston/Cedeno or Mabry/Walker/Cedeno does it?
2006-04-22 11:57:38
517.   Steve
"Russ" "Or" "Teez"
2006-04-22 11:59:58
518.   ToyCannon
I'm going to be off to my 1st Clipper playoff game in a few hours since Larry Brown was our coach. I missed the lone Fitch year. Hope everyone wishes my Clippers good luck in the quest for an awesome city championship showdown in the 2nd round.
2006-04-22 12:03:59
519.   Steve
"El" "Ton" "Brand"
2006-04-22 12:06:31
520.   Bob Timmermann
"Boniface" "N" "Dong

No, that won't work.

2006-04-22 12:09:22
521.   ToyCannon
"Sam" "I" "Am"
2006-04-22 12:11:35
522.   oldbear
How do you use the tiny URL function? I have an entertaining interview I want to link.
2006-04-22 12:13:39
523.   fanerman
Choi's stats in AAA, per Choi Central:
267/405/567 with 7 BB, 6 K, 3 HR
2006-04-22 12:15:14
524.   Steve
"U" "R" "L"

Graham Chapman is going to end this sketch. It's much too silly.

2006-04-22 12:16:17
525.   D4P
Nomar's stats in AAA:
500/500/750 with 0 BB, 0 K, 0 HR
2006-04-22 12:17:11
526.   Steve
Now, I've noticed a tendency for this program to get rather silly. Now I do my best to keep things moving along, but I'm not having things getting silly. Those last two sketches I did got very silly indeed, and that last one about the bed was even sillier. Now, nobody likes a good laugh more than I do. Except perhaps my wife. And some of her friends.
2006-04-22 12:17:20
527.   LAT
514. Cannon, I had nearly the same experience last night. Some guy booing so aggressively, yelling at Green "You didn't do nothing the whole time you were here." Then he starts telling his girlfriend how much Green sucked. I asked him if he had any idea how many HRs Green hit while he was here or how many doubles he had. Whether he knew Green offered to restructure his contract in order to stay. Whether he knew Green played through injuries that last season. But its not about Green.

Unfortunately its symptomatic of a larger problem: ignorant fans who somehow think their admission ticket gives them the right to be an aggressive jerk. Say what you will about Green. There is room for criticism just don't be an ignorant ass. It doesn't matter who the player is either, it could be Bonds. During the Giant series people on the field level ran up to the on deck circle to abuse him, threaten him and hurl obsenitited at him. Come on people, its only a baseball game. Its not OJ were talking about here.

[Of course, Tom Cruise is the exception to this rule]

2006-04-22 12:21:18
528.   Linkmeister
522 Go to and paste the URL you want to make smaller into the box. If you're a time-efficiency sort (who was that? MacGregor?), drag the tinyurl site to your toolbar.
2006-04-22 12:22:43
529.   Steve
"You didn't do nothing the whole time you were here."

The Milwaukee Brewer pitching staff begs to differ.

2006-04-22 12:24:52
530.   Steamer
LAT: agreed, I didn't understand that at all. It used to be that the fans reaction was favorable to those who were traded away and only booed those who left for money. I expected to see Green at least get some golf applause and not that kind of reception.
2006-04-22 12:26:29
531.   oldbear

Everyone go to that page and click on the Darius Miles interview. I'd link directly but the URL is too long.

Miles discusses Cardinal baseball, being liqoured up at practice, who the Blazers should have drafted instead of who they actually drafted, and the lack of a Darius Miles bobblehead nite. NBA, its fantastic!

2006-04-22 12:27:49
532.   D4P
I suppose that depends on how the Brewer pitching staff interprets the double negative.
2006-04-22 12:29:08
533.   King of the Hobos
The Brewers started off the 4th inning alternating between homers and singles for five batters, but Hardy had to ruin it, hitting a homer directly after Clark's homer instead of a single. The Brewers managed five homers in the inning
2006-04-22 12:31:41
534.   Bob Timmermann
As King Kaufman wrote in yesterday:

"Actually, people in L.A. don't brag. They disparage everyone else. Same net effect, more fun. Ever notice how I talk so much about what dopes the rest of the commentariat are? You can take the boy out of the smog ... "

2006-04-22 12:35:08
535.   oldbear

That works!

2006-04-22 12:37:24
536.   Bob Timmermann
Last NL team with 5 homers in an inning was the Giants against ... THE REDS ... August 23, 1961 Messrs Cepeda, F. Alou, Davenport, Mays, and Orsino against Messrs. Jay, Brosnan and Henry.
2006-04-22 12:41:54
537.   ToyCannon
All those homers messed up Bush's concentration and he gave up a hit.
I wish the Dodgers were the Brewers. I really like that team and now with Sheets pitching like he did yesterday they will be ready to make a wild card run.
2006-04-22 12:43:19
538.   D4P
I wish the Dodgers were the Brewers.

And with that, we have officially witnessed the lowest point in Dodger history.

2006-04-22 12:46:35
539.   Bob Timmermann
Slightly off topic, but I noticed last night that the out of town scoreboard finally recognizes the Angels as "LAA".

But they're aren't any scores of NBA or NHL playoff games on the boards although they do appear in the concourses.

2006-04-22 12:48:53
540.   ToyCannon
We'll see how you feel about that in 2007.
2006-04-22 12:49:17
541.   King of the Hobos
If you ask Gagne, the Brewers are one of the worst teams in the league

The Brewers and Indians have done a great job in the last few years rebuilding and are poised for long successful runs. If teams like the Royals and Pirates could emulate them, instead of signing decrepit veterans, baseball would be a lot more interesting

2006-04-22 12:50:21
542.   Steve
When the Cardinals signed Juan Encarnacion, they officially ceded rights to the NL Central to the Brewers.
2006-04-22 12:55:22
543.   oldbear
Joel Guzman has a 21/1 ratio.
Dont ask what the ratio is.

Is Mark Alexander a prospect? He has really good numbers.

2006-04-22 12:55:26
544.   sanchez101
There are probably 20+ teams in the majors that wish they were the Brewers. They understand that sometimes you have to experience some loosing seasons in order to develop a championship core. McCourt should take notice.
2006-04-22 12:57:10
545.   sanchez101
I wish i knew more about Alexander, but I do know he's a polished college reliever that scouts dont expect to survive in the majors. He's definitly a Depodesta guy.
2006-04-22 13:08:48
546.   oldbear
I guess the main thing working against Alexander is his age. He's 25yrs old and is in AA.
K/9- 11.62
BB/9- 2.81
HR/9- .91

This year:
K- 13
HR- 0
WHIP- 0.52

I still wish they'd move Broxton back to the rotation, and if the Dodgers need relief pitching then pull a guy like Alexander/Kuo from the minors.

2006-04-22 13:15:29
547.   sanchez101
My guess is that Alexander is more of a Lance Carter type. Im not sure how much that would help the Dodgers.
2006-04-22 13:22:29
548.   King of the Hobos
Carter had a 7.74 K/9 in the minors, Alexander 11.86, although Carter's career is far more likely for Alexander than Rivera. Alexander missed out on's top 54 prospects, so they clearly don't view him as much of a prospect
2006-04-22 13:42:05
549.   MartinBillingsley31
What do you think guys, do you think its time for management to promote ethier and give him the starting job for awhile over lofton and repko and if over time he doesn't hit good enough vs lefties, then platoon him with repko.
2006-04-22 13:48:05
550.   Vishal
i missed the porn star name thing, but mine is a great porn-sounding name: Tiger Tunstall.

it's even alliterative.

Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-04-22 14:11:04
were you playing a porn star name game or something?
2006-04-22 14:15:40
552.   Vishal
[551] from post [3] - the game is, first pet's name and the name of the street you first grew up on.
2006-04-22 14:17:28
553.   Uncle Miltie
518- I'll be watching that game on TV tonight. A Clippers playoff game takes priority over a regular season Dodgers game. Elton Brand and Chris Kaveman need to have big games. Hopefully, Maggette can get Carmelo Anthony in foul trouble. Make sure to boo Andre Miller. I hated that little rat!

I don't boo Green, but I don't cheer for him either. Even in his good years, he seemed to hit a lot of homeruns when the Dodgers were winning or losing by a lot of runs. Kind of like Eric Chavez. I boo Piazza because he turned a ton of money and didn't get much more from the Mets. I boo Sheffield because he demanded a four year extension when he had three years left on his contract. I boo Jeff Kent, no explanation needed. I will cheer for Jeff Weaver when the Dodgers face him because he will help contribute to a Dodgers victory.

2006-04-22 14:18:24
554.   Steve
Does Milton Bradley look like he's favoring something? Or is he just slow? I know he is slow, but is it just that?
2006-04-22 14:23:46
552 vishal

what if you never had a pet?

2006-04-22 14:25:26
556.   Steve
555 - Then use the name "Repko"
2006-04-22 14:29:55
557.   Bob Timmermann
Jeff Weaver: Slumpbuster.

Witness: Dan Johnson. He's 2 for 2!

2006-04-22 14:31:35
558.   D4P
I boo Jeff Kent, no explanation needed.

Steve might need one.

2006-04-22 14:37:36
559.   Uncle Miltie
I love Jeff Weaver, when he's on the opposing team. I'd still take him over Tomko though.
2006-04-22 14:42:00
560.   Steve
It's 2:30. Do you know where your fifth starter is?
2006-04-22 14:42:14
556 steve

o.k. then My porn name would be REPKO WINTER

I kinda like it.

2006-04-22 14:44:09
562.   Bob Timmermann
But what do you use if you grew up on an unnamed street?
2006-04-22 14:44:22
563.   Vishal
[561] "repko winter" sounds like a dire forecast.
2006-04-22 14:45:33
564.   Steve
562 -- Then you use Grabowski.
2006-04-22 14:46:02

I woulnd't know how to answer that.

2006-04-22 14:52:29
562 >>>Then you use Grabowski.<<<

oh man!! lol!!! I think a chick might wanna use that name!!

2006-04-22 15:01:45
are they gonna have a game thread today?
2006-04-22 15:14:32
568.   Jon Weisman
567 - "They?"

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