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April 22 Game Chat
2006-04-22 14:55
by Jon Weisman
Comments (452)
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2006-04-22 15:02:10
1.   gpellamjr
insidethedodgers hasn't posted today's lineup yet. Where will Nomar bat?
2006-04-22 15:06:40
2.   Bob Timmermann
Presumably fifth or sixth.
2006-04-22 15:07:31
3.   D4P
Fifth, to provide "protection" (cackle cackle) for Kent.
2006-04-22 15:13:28
4.   King of the Hobos
For those of you rooting for the Rockies in the last thread, Helton is going on the DL with a "stomach ailment." If it's appendicitis, then the Rockies' early run is essentially over
2006-04-22 15:15:54
5.   Bob Timmermann
Here's how Nomar Garciaparra provides protection for Jeff Kent.

Scene: Visiting clubhouse
Nomar Garciaparra walks in carrying a bat. He walks up to Miguel Batista.

NG: Hey, Miguel
MB: Hey, Nomar, what are you doing here?
NG: Just stopping by to say hello?
MB: You're not supposed to be here.
NG: Oh? Really?
MB: Yeah man, get out of here.
NG: I'm just checking to see that you were feeling OK.
MB: Get out of here.
NG: I wouldn't want you to meet with an unfortunate clubhouse accident. Like a chair collapsing underneath you.
[NG smashes chair with his bat.]
MB: Why did you do that?
NG: Just sending a message.
MB: What message.
NG: My message is, just throw Kent fastballs. No offspeed stuff.
MB: Why?
NG: Because, I can come back. And I could steal your shower shoes.

2006-04-22 15:17:01
6.   trainwreck
He's got the farts.
2006-04-22 15:43:04
7.   sanchez101
6. too much deer meat
2006-04-22 15:46:52
8.   gpellamjr
5 I usually hate to give it up, but that was funny.
2006-04-22 15:51:31
9.   sanchez101
While trying to stay awake during my history class yesterday, it occured to how many parallels could be made between recent Dodger regimes and the French Revolution:

O'Malley Ownership --- Bourbon Dynasty

Kevin Malone --- Maximilien Robespierre and the "Reign of Terror"

Dan Evans --- The Directory/ Constitution of 1795

Depodesta --- Napoleon

Ned Colletti --- Restoration of the Monarchy

I like this because it equates Mike Piazza with Marie Antionette, "Let them eat Pizza"

2006-04-22 15:57:13
10.   Sam DC
First rainout for the Nationals since they moved to DC.
2006-04-22 15:57:38
11.   thinkingblue

Well, he tore up the ball in his rehab stint, so maybe he can give us a jolt.

2006-04-22 16:07:21
12.   Blu2
I always thought the lineup should change day to day or week to week to take advantage of whomever is hitting good. Hence:
You think I have a better shot at the lottery tonight?
2006-04-22 16:17:33
13.   gpellamjr
12 "whomever" as the subject of the clause? Have I taught this blog nothing??
2006-04-22 16:20:58
14.   Bob Timmermann
When was the Thermidorian Reaction?
2006-04-22 16:23:08
15.   natepurcell
edwin jackson pitches tonight in Texas at 5.

... if anyone cares (i know trainwreck does!)

2006-04-22 16:24:51
16.   Bob Timmermann
Don't play the lottery:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Garciaparra, 1B

Mueller, 3B

Cruz, LF

Navarro, C

Seo, P

2006-04-22 16:25:59
17.   gpellamjr
Lineup's up at insidethedodgers, turns out, it's as we were told and as Bob suspects.
2006-04-22 16:25:59
18.   Steve
14 - after I read 11
2006-04-22 16:26:42
19.   sanchez101
14. I let you decide that one

I cant imagine Edwin Jackson having much success against Texas. They really need to leave him in Durham all season, can you imagine BJ Upton and Delmon Young sitting back in AAA watching Jackson of all people get the promotion they desire.

2006-04-22 16:31:19
20.   Bob Timmermann

That wasn't a guess. I just didn't quote my source.

My powers of clairvoyance have been very rusty lately.

But I think they will be improving soon.

2006-04-22 16:31:44
21.   oldbear
Lofton bats 2nd.
Mueller bats 6th.
Cruz bats 7th.

Something is wrong with this picture.

2006-04-22 16:35:46
22.   sanchez101
21. Im shocked, both by Grady's lineup and your reaction to it.
2006-04-22 16:36:01
23.   MartinBillingsley31

We need to get cruz back in the 2 spot and that means sitting lofton.
I'd rather have cruz 2nd and repko 7th, then lofton 2nd and cruz 7th.
Not that it means much but cruz has been cooling off since being moved out of the 2 spot.
Thanks alot lofton.

2006-04-22 16:39:37
9 gotta love this one.

Dan Evans --- The Directory/ Constitution of 1795

2006-04-22 16:39:59
25.   oldbear
Wouldnt Mueller make a better #2 hitter than Lofton?
2006-04-22 16:40:39
26.   thinkingblue
21, 23

Lofton's game is speed, so there is no point in hitting him 6th or 7th.

And MB, do you really want to sit Lofton after yesterday's performance?

2006-04-22 16:41:16
27.   thinkingblue

Wouldn't Mueller make a better 6th hitter than Lofton?

2006-04-22 16:41:59
28.   natepurcell
I am going to bring back the Grabowski just because i saw Steve mention it in the other thread.


2006-04-22 16:43:32

oldbear I think this is the first time I ever agree with you! That is if you're the same old bear from

2006-04-22 16:48:43
30.   thinkingblue

But again, what's the point in having your speed guy hitting 6th or 7th?

2006-04-22 16:49:44
31.   natepurcell
If Russell Mitchell continues to mash down at Columbus, he could be an intriging backup to 3b or 1b if our upper level prospects dont make it.
2006-04-22 16:50:18
32.   natepurcell
But again, what's the point in having your speed guy hitting 6th or 7th?

so he wont waste outs in front of drew?

2006-04-22 16:51:34
33.   sanchez101
28. holy crap! this is why im glad i dont remember the 1980's
2006-04-22 16:51:50
34.   Bob Timmermann is really pushing the fact that Freddy Garcia is trying to match the MLB record for most wins by a Venezuelan pitcher.

This would be more impressive if the record wasn't 102 and that pitcher is Wilson Alvarez.

2006-04-22 16:51:52
35.   MartinBillingsley31
And MB, do you really want to sit Lofton after yesterday's performance?

Definately, we rank 14th in slg in the NL.
And lofton does nothing for slg.
I'd rather have repko in their over lofton.
What i'd prefer is promoting ethier and letting him start for awhile, and if he struggles vs lefties, platoon him with repko.

2006-04-22 16:52:38
36.   oldbear
Lofton's game is speed, so there is no point in hitting him 6th or 7th.

Lofton could take advantage of his speed batting 7th moreso than 2nd. If you bat 2nd, there's no need to steal bases once you get on base because Drew/Kent have enough power to drive you in with double,triples, or HR's. Also, Lofton doenst have complete freedom to steal bases batting in the two spot bc if he does, the pitcher may IBB Drew. No one wants the bat taken out of your best hitters hand (besides Jim Tracy). Thirdly, you never want a CS'ing attempt in front of your best hitters. It totally kills the inning.

However, think of Lofton batting 7th. Down in the order, you need to steal bases in order to manufacture a run. Navarro isnt going to hit for much power. So Lofton gets on base, then steals 2nd. Navarro has a chance to hit him in. If the pitcher walks Navarro, no harm no foul bc Navarro really isnt that big of threat. They take the bat out of his hands, who cares? Sure the pitcher would come up next, but at least it gets him out of the way. Also, if Lofton gets CS'ing down in the bottom of the order, it doesnt really affect much.

2006-04-22 16:59:51
37.   trainwreck
I am watching that game for sure now!
2006-04-22 17:00:02
38.   trainwreck
Let's go Edwin!
2006-04-22 17:03:13
39.   Bob Timmermann
If Texas can win behind John Rheinecker, they will be tied for first with the Angels!
2006-04-22 17:03:14
40.   trainwreck
And of course it is the only game not on MLB Extra Innings. Why must you toy with me Baseball gods?
2006-04-22 17:05:38
41.   trainwreck
The NHL playoff coverage is such garbage. If it was not for the fact that we ordered MLB Extra Innings, I would not be able to see the Sharks in the playoffs.
2006-04-22 17:05:45
42.   Bob Timmermann
It's God's way of telling you to watch hockey.
2006-04-22 17:05:59
43.   LAT
I swear Extra Innings finds out what one game I want to watch and then they don't carry it.

Don't they realize just how big the TB game is?

2006-04-22 17:07:56
44.   Steve
"Ed" "Jack" "Son"
2006-04-22 17:08:40
45.   Blu2
13 My thinking, right or wrong:
'Whomever' is object of preposition 'of', 'is hitting good' is gerundive phrase modifying 'whomever'. Just an opinion, and of course everyone has one, like a certain part of the anatomy, and in the long run, unimportant. If you're right and I'm wrong, I shall have to live with that, along with my Arthritis, Hypertension, High Cholesterol and multitudinous other faults and flaws. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maximo Culpa...
2006-04-22 17:08:44
46.   Bob Timmermann
That's I'm picketing my local cable system with a sign saying "Sports In Demand is unfair to Devil Rays fans!"

Who's with me? We can shake up the world.

In one of the ways described in 9!

2006-04-22 17:09:45
47.   Bob Timmermann
Ty Wigginton bats cleanup for the D-Rays.

He actually has seven home runs this season.

2006-04-22 17:10:53
48.   Sushirabbit
Any D-Thinkers close enough to go to the nationals @ cardinals on April 29th? I might have a pair of tickets that I will essentially be eating (long sad story-- mostly because I am impatient and stupid).

Sorry, Sam, about the rain and what I assume would be too long a drive to see your second favorite team....

Chief Teakwood, aka Sushirabbit, aka David Kitchel

If I ever feel the need to logon under a fake name to give myself props, I think Chief Teakwood will be what I use. :-)

(Collie named Chief and 585 Teakwood Drive, Satellite Beach, FL)

2006-04-22 17:14:27
49.   Eric L
40,43 I'm watching the game on EI right now. If you happen to have DirecTV, the game is on channel 748. For some strange reason, it's towards the back end of the EI channels (for example, games that haven't started yet are on lower numbered channels today).
2006-04-22 17:15:10
50.   Bob Timmermann
709 for Bonds.
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2006-04-22 17:16:08
51.   Eric L
Edwin gets his first out for the d-rays...
2006-04-22 17:17:14
52.   LAT
Time for a perspective check.

Tonight my wife and I are invited with a group of close friends to dinner at Wilshire Resturant. My wife, who if I may say so, is pretty good looking, looks especially good tonight. The resturant is supposed to be very chi-chi and great food. The folks we are going with are very close friends and a lot of fun. Our favorite baby-sitter is sitting tonight ensuring that the kids will be asleep and the house clean. So why is it I want to stay home and watch baseball?

(I better find my game face in the next couple of hours)

2006-04-22 17:18:50
53.   natepurcell
1-2-3 inning for jackson. FB was 93-95 according to the rangers gun. Threw a nice change up to get texiera to ground out.
2006-04-22 17:19:16
54.   Bob Timmermann
I'll fill in at the restaurant if someone else is picking up the check.
2006-04-22 17:20:21
55.   trainwreck
Edwin goes through the first three like a hot knife through butter.
2006-04-22 17:21:59
56.   trainwreck
Very chi-chi?
2006-04-22 17:24:56
57.   ToyCannon
Great shot over at Catfish stew of Erstad robbing Milton of a home run.
2006-04-22 17:26:15
58.   Steve
52 -- That Shawn Green obsession runs deep within you.
2006-04-22 17:26:25
59.   gpellamjr
45 It should have been "whoever" because it is the subject of the clause "whoever is hitting good"... now, as for the using the adjective "good" in place of the adverb "well", I don't care because it's natural language, not hypercorection. As for hypertension and high cholesterol, I'm with you. I think they're a result of how much time I spend thinking about what I say and how I say it. Ugh... I am one unhappy person.
2006-04-22 17:28:39
60.   trainwreck
I think the Rangers would take Wigginton at clean up over Phil Nevin.
2006-04-22 17:29:06
61.   LAT
chi-chi=fancy or trendy.

I think the check is going to be divided by the number of couples. That is unless someone in our group hit the pick-six today or the Lottery.

2006-04-22 17:29:21
62.   trainwreck
Well there goes Edwin's perfect game.
2006-04-22 17:31:28
63.   Bob Timmermann
Just retouch my hair a little and I think I can pass for LAT.
2006-04-22 17:31:36
64.   natepurcell
Edwin's in trouble, 2bbs and no one out!
2006-04-22 17:31:48
65.   sanchez101
He can still throw a no hitter. Nice walk to Blalock setting up the triple play.
2006-04-22 17:32:25
66.   LAT
That Erstad pictue is great. He got some serious air. Mitch K. give him a call.
2006-04-22 17:32:48
67.   ToyCannon
That is why Tivo and DVD recorders were made, so you can enjoy your wife/friends and your baseball at different times even when the action is happening at the same time.
2006-04-22 17:33:03
68.   Linkmeister
Bonds homers, following a Vizquel home run leading off the first. It's at least 2-0, but Hennessy can't throw his slider over the plate in the bottom of the first.
2006-04-22 17:33:38
69.   Eric L
Mench hits a 3 run bomb off of Edwin..
2006-04-22 17:33:42
70.   ToyCannon
EJ and command. Unless he ever gets it, he will have a zero career.
2006-04-22 17:34:06
71.   natepurcell
Mench crushes a pitch to center. wow, that got out of the park in a hurry.
2006-04-22 17:34:14
72.   sanchez101
Thats the Jackson we all know!
2006-04-22 17:34:28
73.   trainwreck
He wants to be down 0-3. He likes the pressure.
2006-04-22 17:34:48
74.   LAT
Just retouch my hair a little and I think I can pass for LAT.

You'd have to corner the market on grey hairspray first. Although we are about the same height.

2006-04-22 17:35:07
are guys watching the game on
2006-04-22 17:35:40
76.   trainwreck
Someone remind Edwin where the strike zone is.
2006-04-22 17:35:57
77.   sanchez101
Ejax is the most passive power pitcher ive ever seen
2006-04-22 17:36:13
78.   thinkblue0

normally I'd agree, but while I don't like Lofton if he can get on base in front of Drew and Kent then I'm happy. If not, yank him.

As far as slugging. Yeah we're not too hot there right now but that'll change. Kent has been stinking up the joint, we've had blackholes in Loney and Navarro in the lineup so Nomar should help a bit there.

I'd still like to nab a corner OF power hitter and just move Drew to CF....

2006-04-22 17:36:45
79.   Steve
Still can't throw anything but a fastball for a strike
2006-04-22 17:36:49
80.   LAT
Come on EJ get it together, prove most of here at DT right.
2006-04-22 17:37:32
81.   sanchez101
Thats 6 pitches in a row without a strike
2006-04-22 17:37:57
82.   sanchez101
make that 8
2006-04-22 17:38:13
83.   thinkingblue
So at what point will you admit that he is a bust?
2006-04-22 17:38:35
84.   natepurcell
wow i just turned on the Heat game and there is a full whiteout in effect in the crowd.
2006-04-22 17:38:57
85.   thinkblue0

three innings and one HR and he's a bust?


2006-04-22 17:39:14
86.   Steve
Make that can't throw anything for a strike
2006-04-22 17:39:14
87.   natepurcell
So at what point will you admit that he is a bust?

when hes 26.

2006-04-22 17:39:37
88.   thinkingblue
I suppose he still has a "live arm" but he still can't throw a strike, which is why the dodgers gave up on him.
2006-04-22 17:39:48
89.   sanchez101
why would you sacrifice when the pitcher cant throw strikes?
2006-04-22 17:39:51
90.   trainwreck
Why do you sacrifice bunt, when the guy cannot even throw a strike?
2006-04-22 17:40:13
91.   trainwreck
2006-04-22 17:40:53
92.   Steve
The fans pay good money, and they get bored if you try too hard to win.
2006-04-22 17:41:00
93.   thinkblue0
I suppose he still has a "live arm" but he still can't throw a strike, which is why the dodgers gave up on him.

you do know that not every young player comes in and immediately performs well right?

ESPECIALLY when it comes to pitchers.

So if Bills comes up, gives up 6 runs in four innings will he be a bust?

2006-04-22 17:41:01
94.   thinkingblue
Koufax might not have been very good his first couple of years, but this is just deplorable.
2006-04-22 17:41:04
95.   natepurcell

the dodgers gave up on him because we needed another all star on the team.

2006-04-22 17:41:34
96.   sanchez101
83. Jackson is still pretty young, he really he really shouldnt be pitching in the majors right now, especially not in texas.
2006-04-22 17:41:38
97.   Bob Timmermann
Meyer had to sacrifice since didn't have a picture of him. Since he was such an unknown quantity Showalter called for a bunt.
2006-04-22 17:41:55
98.   trainwreck
The Miami crowd looks like the largest gospel choir I have ever seen.
2006-04-22 17:42:36
99.   thinkingblue
The point is, he has not been able to get consistant outs above AA. You keep making excuses for him, but he did not have a good start except for his debut.
2006-04-22 17:42:50
100.   natepurcell

if you keep ragging on jackson, i am going to start talking about all the bad moves Midas has made. And I know you dont want that.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-04-22 17:42:58
101.   trainwreck
He K's the pride of UCSB.
2006-04-22 17:43:00
102.   thinkblue0
Koufax might not have been very good his first couple of years, but this is just deplorable.

what are you talking about? The guy is young, hasn't even been pitching that long....jeez, give him a break.

2006-04-22 17:43:07
103.   sanchez101
89.90. So you Gary Matthews can sacrifice in the runner on third.
2006-04-22 17:43:44
104.   Steve
As soon as the strawmen come out, so do the spell checkers.
2006-04-22 17:43:54
105.   thinkingblue

What about every start he had with the dodgers except for his debut?

2006-04-22 17:44:55
106.   Marty
LAT, what restaurant?

It looks like I'll be flying into rain tomorrow.

2006-04-22 17:45:50
107.   thinkingblue

We've been waiting 2 or 3 years for him to come together, and he still hasn't done anything, how many more breaks does he need?

2006-04-22 17:47:03
108.   sanchez101
105. see (96)
2006-04-22 17:47:15
109.   thinkingblue

The guy is young, well he's been in and out of the leauge for 3 years, and has shown nothing except for his debut.

2006-04-22 17:48:07
110.   Sam DC
Thanks for the thought, Sushi, but I'm trying to imagine the conversation with my wife where I explained that I scored tickets for the Nationals against the Cardinals on Saturday night. In Saint Louis.

"What's wrong, honey. You had a girls night out last Monday." "OK, right, you stayed within the Washington metro region and made it out and back in under four hours. That's true. But still . . ."

2006-04-22 17:48:42
111.   Steve
But has he shown anything other than in his debut?
2006-04-22 17:50:51
112.   sanchez101
In fairness to thinkingblue, Jackson's overall chances of being a successful starter are slim. But not any more than most 22 year olds. Its hard to see him developing into a star considering his struggles. The Randy Johnson's, Sandy Koufax's, and Nolan Ryan's are few and far between.
2006-04-22 17:50:55
113.   LAT
83 & 85. Am I the only one who goes too fast and thinks they are the same poster talking to themself?

87. Might even go until he's 27.

Watching SF-Co. game, Fox reporter Charissa Thompson is pretty good looking. We used to have our own good looking Fox reported but then she had to start sleeping with our married, alcholic, not too smart, 4.5 ERA starting pitcher and lose her job.

2006-04-22 17:52:26
114.   LAT
84. That Heat game looks like Moony wedding.

BBonds up.

2006-04-22 17:52:35
115.   LAT
84. That Heat game looks like Moony wedding.

BBonds up.

2006-04-22 17:52:40
116.   natepurcell
Gomes is such a beast. I want a beast on the Dodgers :(
2006-04-22 17:53:55
117.   thinkblue0

the guy is 22. REPEAT: 22. if he were 26 or 27 then fine, but jeez...give him some time. You mentioned we've been waiting three years...think about that. Three years ago the kid was 19.

Give the kid some time to get it together. Not only is he only 22, he hasn't even been pitching all that long. Asking some kid who is in his VERY early 20's who hasn't even pitched his whole life to come in and dominate is just absurd.

2006-04-22 17:54:14
118.   sanchez101
113. I think Lidsay Soto is both more attractive and more capable than whats her name.
2006-04-22 17:54:29
119.   LAT
Drat! I think I went months without the dreaded double post.

Bonds grounds out. He pretty much just walks srtaight to the dugout. He doesn't even pretend to jog it out.

2006-04-22 17:56:18
120.   sanchez101
117. weve been waiting two years.

What kinda outfielder did Jax profile as?

What the heck is going on with Haslem?

2006-04-22 17:56:26
121.   trainwreck
I agree!
2006-04-22 17:57:30
122.   Bob Timmermann
Are we not allowed to say "Carolyn Hughes"?
2006-04-22 17:58:00
123.   Steve
How long do we have to wait for Izturis?
2006-04-22 17:59:19
124.   thinkingblue
Here we go again...
2006-04-22 17:59:23
125.   Bob Timmermann
Only one hit surrendered by Houston's Tyler "Don't call me Horst" Buchholz against the Pirates through 7.
2006-04-22 17:59:42
126.   LAT
106. Marty, its called "Wilshire" Can you guess what street its on in Santa Monica.
2006-04-22 17:59:55
127.   Bob Timmermann
I should say Taylor "Don't Call Me Horst" Buchholz.
2006-04-22 18:00:18
128.   sanchez101
122. no, i just forgot her name
2006-04-22 18:01:05
129.   Steve
Taylor "Don't Call Me Tyler" Buchholz
2006-04-22 18:01:31
130.   Bob Timmermann
How can we forget this?
2006-04-22 18:01:49
131.   Marty
Oh, I thought you had said just that it was on Wilshire :). I don't know that one. I expect a report...
2006-04-22 18:02:04
132.   Uncle Miltie
Gomes is a monster. Can we swap offenses with the D-rays? Or maybe just Crawford, Gomes, Cantu, and Baldelli (he's better than Lofton and Repko). The D-rays should call up Bossman Junior. Anyone know how he's doing in the minors? He's been ready for 2 years hitting wise, so why don't the D-rays just move him to 2B, 3B, or CF (probably doesn't make much sense with Baldelli, Elijah Dukes, and Gathright).
2006-04-22 18:02:56
133.   LAT
Sanchez and Trainwreck, I gotta go with Carolyn Hughes. But that's just me . . . and D.Lowe.

BTW, was she married when she started shacking up with Lowe. I seem to recall that she was but its an aspect of the story you don't hear much about.

2006-04-22 18:04:32
134.   sanchez101
132. His defensive problems are with his throwing arm, so third really isnt an answer and Cantu plays 2nd. I say we send Navarro, Guzman, and Orenduff to the DRays and install Bossman JR. in CF.
2006-04-22 18:04:50
135.   trainwreck
She was, but they were not together.
2006-04-22 18:05:58
136.   thinkingblue
I thought maybe Jackson could succeed in a non pressure environment, but he looks like the same old pitcher so far.
2006-04-22 18:06:39
137.   LAT
131. You got it.
2006-04-22 18:07:05
138.   sanchez101
Soto's big advantage over Hughes and just about every pretty face you see in sports television is that she actually seems like she knows and cares about sports. She's like the the Kim Ng of sports television without the mustache.
2006-04-22 18:07:13
139.   thinkingblue
Gomes is gonna be a star, what a sweet swing.
2006-04-22 18:07:13
140.   Steve
Now, who is Bossman Jr.? Upton?
2006-04-22 18:07:21
141.   thinkblue0

since when is pitching against texas IN texas a non pressure environment?

2006-04-22 18:08:43
142.   thinkblue0

would you consider james loney a bust as well? If we follow your philosophy of Jackson then the answer should be "yes".

2006-04-22 18:09:39
143.   sanchez101
140. thats what BJ stands for
2006-04-22 18:10:42
144.   Steve
142 -- the answer would be "yes" for 93% of the league or more. But the point is the same.
2006-04-22 18:11:15
145.   natepurcell
upton is badass. They dont need all that outfield talent do they?
2006-04-22 18:12:07
146.   Steve
Apparently, BJ stands for Melvin.
2006-04-22 18:13:07
147.   thinkingblue
Well, at least Jackson has struck out 3, too bad he's walked 5.
2006-04-22 18:13:07
148.   thinkingblue
Well, at least Jackson has struck out 3, too bad he's walked 5.
2006-04-22 18:13:12
149.   thinkingblue
Well, at least Jackson has struck out 3, too bad he's walked 5.
2006-04-22 18:13:50
150.   thinkingblue
Darn, triple post, must be a new record.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-04-22 18:14:21
151.   sanchez101
wow, the rare triple post. congrats.
2006-04-22 18:14:38
152.   thinkingblue

Loney hasn't even been at AAA yet, his sample size is much smaller than Jackson's.
2006-04-22 18:14:41
153.   Uncle Miltie
We used to have our own good looking Fox reported but then she had to start sleeping with our married, alcholic, not too smart, 4.5 ERA starting pitcher and lose her job.
Stupid Lowe. He got the Dodgers best reporter fired, pissed off the "non American" players (anyone who wasn't white), and gave up a bunch of home runs for only $9 million a year.

134- that's what I've been saying. Trade for Bossman Jr. and play him in CF. Who wouldn't want a .300/.400/.500 CF who could steal 40 bases. New lineup:
1. Cruz LF
2. Bossman Jr. CF
3. Drew RF
4. Nomar 1B
5. Vidro 2B
6. Mueller 3B
7. Furcal SS
8. Navarro C

Much better lineup

2006-04-22 18:15:04
154.   thinkblue0

exactly. It's not as if he's getting hammered out there. He's getting himself into trouble by walking guys. That's nothing that can't be fixed over time.

2006-04-22 18:15:37
155.   sanchez101
why would you name your kid melvin? is bossman sr. a british lituature buff?
2006-04-22 18:17:02
156.   Steve
Melvin Izturis has had 26000 at-bats in his career, 22000 of them out of the leadoff spot last year.
2006-04-22 18:17:08
157.   thinkblue0

now you're just dodging it. Loney has had a good number of AB's in the minors and hasn't shown power potential, he hasn't shown ANYTHING at the major league level how is that much different from Jackson?

(I'm not ragging on Loney everyone, playing devil's advocate.)

2006-04-22 18:19:10
158.   sanchez101
153. the only problem with trading for Upton is that TB is rediculasly (sp?) stubborn when it comes to trade. They would demand Guzman, Laroche, Billingsley, Broxton, a future first round draft pick, McCourts Boston parking lots, the western half of the mississippi river valley.
2006-04-22 18:20:12
159.   Steve
Not to mention they've already rooked us once this year. Fool me once...
2006-04-22 18:20:38
160.   LAT
She's like the the Kim Ng of sports television without the mustache.

Ouch but funny.

2006-04-22 18:22:38
161.   sanchez101
160. She's just trying curry favor with Ned. He's not about numbers, its all about the facial hair.
2006-04-22 18:23:47
162.   thinkingblue

Uh, no it would no be. Makes no sense to have Furcal hit 7th.

2006-04-22 18:23:51
163.   Uncle Miltie
158- Bossman is going to be an elite hitter in the majors.
I'd offer them Guzman, Izturis, Broxton, and a choice between Navarro and Martin. Bossman would have to agree to move to CF first. I've read that he still think he can stay at shortstop. Maybe "The Communicator" could convince him that he'd be an all star center fielder playing in a large market and that the Dodgers would be willing to give him the big bucks later on.
2006-04-22 18:24:40
164.   thinkingblue

The first 3 hits have been a double triple, and home run.

2006-04-22 18:24:44
165.   overkill94
158 I think the D-Rays are just plain afraid to trade for pitching since they're the anti-Midas, every pitcher they touch turns to crap. Anybody else hear the stat during the D-Rays game that 150 pitchers have had an ERA under 3.50 since the D-Rays came about, and none were Devil Rays? Sure they have Kazmir now, but one pitcher does not a staff make.

I fear that all their talent will go to waste and we'll see guys flame out instead of be given a chance to thrive with another team. Gomes has to thank his lucky stars that enough guys got hurt last year that he was given a chance. The team basically gave up on him after 2004.

2006-04-22 18:26:27
166.   LAT
161. That explains the Kent extension.

Time to get in the shower. Night all.

2006-04-22 18:26:48
167.   overkill94
163 All that just for Upton? Seems like if you're going to clean out the farm you do it for more of a sure thing cough Miguel Cabrera cough. I'd be willing to give up Elbert or Orenduff along with Broxton for him, but that's about it.
2006-04-22 18:27:03
168.   sanchez101
163. his younger brother was commited to playing SS as well, but the DBacks were able to convince him otherwise. I figure he'd be happy just to get out of Tampa Bay. Hopefully Delmon Young can follow him when he reaches free agency and be SoCal's answer to Barry Bonds.
2006-04-22 18:28:28
169.   Steve
When you hear things like "The Devil Rays are going to call him up for this game then send him down," you have most of the problem right there. What are the Devil Rays playing for? Either bring him up and let him learn by fire, or keep him down and pitch Seth McClung or Doug Waechter or Soupy Sales or whatever rag-arm nobody is going to blow that day's game anyway. Either would certainly make more sense than this plan, which appears to be a non-plan.
2006-04-22 18:29:17
170.   Uncle Miltie
167- Miguel Cabrera isn't going anywhere. The Dodgers would have Bossman under contract for 6 years.
2006-04-22 18:30:40
171.   sanchez101
169. You can never underestimate the value of shattering a young pitchers confidence, especially when he doesnt really have much to begin with.
2006-04-22 18:30:48
172.   trainwreck
Sit down Teixeira.
2006-04-22 18:31:31
173.   natepurcell
170- are you sure about that? hes due to make between 3-5 mil in arby next year.. thats like 45% of the marlins current payroll.
2006-04-22 18:32:20
174.   thinkingblue
5 Ks in 4 innings, and 6 walks. Well, at least he's showing a little now, so lets give him another start.
2006-04-22 18:33:50
175.   trainwreck
I think the Marlins keep Cabrera and Willis because they are going to need big names to attract audiences when they move to another city.
2006-04-22 18:34:31
176.   sanchez101
174. you mean in AAA right?
2006-04-22 18:38:28
177.   sanchez101
175. I dont think the Marlins are moving to another city. Theyre just trying to get a stadium deal. Ownership will sell before they move to another city. See Expos, Montreal and Guerrero, Vladimir. To continue the parallel further, the Angels will steal Miguel Cabrera from us at the last second and somehow Frank McCourt will be to blame.
2006-04-22 18:42:21
178.   overkill94
170 Either way, I still don't want to give up that much for Upton. That would severely deplete our minor league depth for someone with 159 major league at-bats.
2006-04-22 18:43:32
179.   natepurcell
well if the Marlnis do put Cabrera on the block, its probably going to come down between the Dodgers and Angels in the bidding war.
2006-04-22 18:44:10
180.   trainwreck
I read an article on the Marlins and Loria seems committed to the team and wants to build a winner. They just believe in the philosophy if you are not going to be in contention for a World Series, then be as bad as possible and rebuild that way. Frankly it works because they have two championships. There is no way they are staying in Miami. They refuse to build a stadium there and no one goes to games even when they have a championship team on the field.
2006-04-22 18:47:31
181.   Steve
just believe in the philosophy if you are not going to be in contention for a World Series, then be as bad as possible and rebuild that way.

It's a perfectly rational and reasonable response to the inefficiencies of the MLB "free" market. A league in which Jeromy Burnitz is being paid 6 million to play for Pittsburgh is an unhealthy league.

2006-04-22 18:48:09
182.   sanchez101
180. I wouldnt believe anything Loria says, didnt he own the Expos? He's a selig guy anyway. He cares as much about building a winner as selig did about building a winner in milwaukee. Its about the money, if you can win and make money great, but its money that is most important. If he really cared about building a winner, or even running a franchise, he'd sign Cabrera and Willis to long term contracts.
2006-04-22 18:49:12
183.   natepurcell
Orenduff had a pretty good start today.

6IP 4H 1ER 1bb 8k 1hr

his era is still high at 4.66 though

2006-04-22 18:49:34
184.   Steve
Speaking of which, Beltre had two singles yesterday to raise his slugging percentage to .190
2006-04-22 18:51:39
185.   sanchez101
... or a front office so dumb that it would hire jim tracy. mlb is certainly not financially unhealthy in any way. an anti-trust exemption will do that.
2006-04-22 18:52:52
186.   Bob Timmermann
Or a front office that would give Grady Little a second chance.
2006-04-22 18:53:54
187.   sanchez101
the one nice thing about being a dodger fan is that former Dodgers seem to perform worse after they leave the team. Unfortunatly players coming to LA seem to do the same.
2006-04-22 18:55:19
188.   sanchez101
186. that may be true, but the other nice thing about being a dodger fan is that the dodgers are not the pirates.
2006-04-22 18:57:48
189.   trainwreck
Or the Royals.
2006-04-22 18:59:06
190.   Steve
I don't think MLB is unhealthy financially. The rules of free agency, arbitration, guaranteed contracts, the union -- the system as a whole, on both sides -- leads naturally to value inequities that harm the game being played on the field. One can debate whether trade-offs are a good idea -- for instance, whether the six-year rule or the draft are valuable for some reason that justifies market inefficiencies -- but it is a debate that generally starts with the wrong questions, and ends with trading 22 year old "busts" for middle relievers.
2006-04-22 18:59:41
191.   trainwreck
If we all pretend the second inning never happened, then Edwin has pitched a good game.
2006-04-22 18:59:56
192.   natepurcell
rising prospect alert!

it seems we have a pitcher separating himself from the pack down in Columbus. 6'3 210lb lefty, Marlon Arias.

his line today:
6ip 4h 1er 3bb 10k

for the season:
16IP 15h 4er 5bb 20k 2.25 era

Hes only 21, so not that old considering hes a lefty. Just someone to watch in the lower levels.

2006-04-22 19:02:04
193.   Steve
191 -- Even with the second inning, an outing no worse than, say, Danny Haren's or Jeff Weaver's.
2006-04-22 19:03:07
194.   Uncle Miltie
I think the Marlins are going to deal Willis either at the trading deadline or in the offseason. Cabrera is the only "highly paid" major league I see them keeping.

178- I think you are underestimating Bossman Jr.'s potential. While Guzman has the potential to be a big power hitter, he's still very raw and not very close to being able to provide the production of a league average center fielder. Bossman Jr. is very polished and ready to contribute now. Bossman Jr. is basically a young star. There are very few players that are worth trading multiple prospects for.

2006-04-22 19:03:34
195.   natepurcell
check the 210lb, he weighs 155lbs

wow, he needs to eat.

2006-04-22 19:05:18
196.   sanchez101
Not sure if this is common among Laker fans, but Im rooting against Maimi because I see any faliure on Shaq's part to win a championship as validation of the Lakers trading him. Yet, not 15 min ago I was rooting for Edwin Jackson to succeed. Fanership is not a rational thing.
2006-04-22 19:06:18
197.   Steve
Verlander v. Hernandez tomorrow? That will be worth watching. Not nearly as exciting as that thrilling matchup between those two veteran warhounds Ortiz and Tomko, but it will have to do.
2006-04-22 19:06:28
198.   Bob Timmermann

They are now 3-13.

2006-04-22 19:06:29
199.   natepurcell
Jackson is young, polite, works hard and hasnt won anything or made any money yet.

Shaq is old, wont shut up, seriously overpaid, and has already won.

2006-04-22 19:06:55
200.   overkill94
192 Looks like he put up some good peripherals last year at Ogden, 9.3 K/9, almost 3:1 K:BB, but gave up way too many hits (10.32 per 9). Looks like if he can miss a few more bats he could turn into something pretty good.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-04-22 19:07:03
201.   sanchez101
... the picture of projectability. Im also rooting for Bastardo, if just to hear Vin Scully cuss.
2006-04-22 19:07:36
202.   trainwreck
Yeah, I root against the Heat as well. It is easier with people like Antoine Walker on their team.
2006-04-22 19:07:47
203.   natepurcell
Billingsley on the mound tonight. The games in vegas and theres a 20mph wind out to CF. Uh-oh...
2006-04-22 19:08:04
204.   sanchez101
199. thanks, my universe makes sense once again.
2006-04-22 19:08:38
205.   natepurcell

Also, he could add velocity if he ever fills out.

2006-04-22 19:08:51
206.   Uncle Miltie
Jackson is young, polite, works hard and hasnt won anything or made any money yet.
Except for that $1+ million signing bonus he got when he was drafted.
2006-04-22 19:08:53
207.   Steve
And now we have the other problem, where 22 year olds on bad teams are asked to throw 120 pitches by their 80 year old managers.
2006-04-22 19:09:12
208.   sanchez101
Hey, isoPedroza finally had a nice game, 3 for 3 with a homer.
2006-04-22 19:10:07
209.   regfairfield
Why on Earth was Jackson brought out for this inning?
2006-04-22 19:10:10
210.   natepurcell
Except for that $1+ million signing bonus he got when he was drafted.

Jackson's not a bonus baby. he was drafted in the 6th round.

2006-04-22 19:11:07
211.   sanchez101
206. did jackson sign for $1+ million? he was like a sixth round draft pick. I suppose nate may have already cleared this up.
2006-04-22 19:12:38
212.   Uncle Miltie
7 innings 3 hits 5 runs 6 walks 7 strikeouts 1 homerun

He's about as good as good as Tomko now and much cheaper. Damn you Ned!

2006-04-22 19:12:48
213.   Steve
Let's assume that was it. Nice inning. Glad we have that crack Tampa Bay bullpen to keep us warm at night.
2006-04-22 19:13:09
214.   sanchez101
207.209. if jackson is going to be asked to pitch like this, then we can give up on him now.
2006-04-22 19:13:11
215.   trainwreck
Clearly Edwin has earned the CG haha.
2006-04-22 19:14:03
216.   Steve
Who isn't as good as Tomko? I mean, other than the guys we traded Jackson for.
2006-04-22 19:15:27
217.   natepurcell
bad location on that pitch seo.
2006-04-22 19:16:30
218.   sanchez101
Im starting to like Chicago, they really hang around. Wonder if they have any use for Mihm, perhaps in exchange for NY's 2007 1st rounder?
2006-04-22 19:16:42
219.   trainwreck
Snapper Jones just called the Bulls small and scrappy, well he just ruined their chances for success.
2006-04-22 19:20:11
220.   sanchez101
219. Are we expected to take someone named "Snapper" seriously? He's right there with "Skip" Bayless and "Buster" Olney. I should be a sports writer, my name will be "Dirty" Sanchez.
2006-04-22 19:21:08
221.   sanchez101
Tyson Chandler just got to 2nd base with Shaq
2006-04-22 19:21:57
222.   natepurcell
good call by the ump on that play at the plate.
2006-04-22 19:22:38
223.   sanchez101
how much do the Bulls remind you of UCLA?
2006-04-22 19:22:46
224.   natepurcell
Wonder if they have any use for Mihm, perhaps in exchange for NY's 2007 1st rounder?

Mihm, plus resigned george and first round pick for boozer!

2006-04-22 19:25:19
225.   trainwreck
The Lakers will make an offer for KG.

Tyson Chandler might have gone to UCLA, that adds to the comparison.

2006-04-22 19:26:17
226.   sanchez101
224. You just want to root for someone named boozer. Id like to see him end up on the Blazers for the ultimate party team.
2006-04-22 19:26:29
227.   natepurcell
how is batista throwing 95??!?!
2006-04-22 19:28:15
228.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-22 19:28:46
229.   capdodger
Bad swing David Jonathan.
2006-04-22 19:28:51
230.   trainwreck
The Lakers need some Boniface Ndong.
2006-04-22 19:28:55
231.   Curtis Lowe
That was not a productive out.
2006-04-22 19:29:05
232.   D4P
I was expecting a squeeze play with Drew.
2006-04-22 19:29:33
233.   be2ween
Carolyn Hughes was fired? Man, I got some catching up to do.
I wondered why she was sitting behind the screen directly behind home plate the other night with that Stu Nahan looking guy.
2006-04-22 19:30:06
234.   Linkmeister
100 triples? Stating the obvious, that's a bunch, I don't care how long the guy's played.

Oh, great. Kent hit again. Who is he, Biggio?

2006-04-22 19:30:28
235.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-22 19:30:55
236.   Marty
I'll give Lofton this. He runs hard.
2006-04-22 19:31:06
237.   be2ween
No Mar G!
No Mar G!
2006-04-22 19:32:07
238.   natepurcell

i mean..... argh.

2006-04-22 19:32:46
239.   capdodger
You're kidding me... That had to hurt. Oh well.
2006-04-22 19:32:53
240.   Curtis Lowe
Does Batista also play soccer?
2006-04-22 19:33:27
241.   Curtis Lowe
What are the odds it bounces off his leg directly towards first?
2006-04-22 19:35:29
242.   sanchez101
Oh ya! Billz starts the 2nd with a triple, then responds with 3K's and a walk to strand Barton on third.
2006-04-22 19:35:49
243.   King of the Hobos
Billingsley gave up a leadoff triple to Barton in the 2nd, but he got out of the jam by striking out the side. He's at 44 pitches after 2 innings, but no runs for either team yet
2006-04-22 19:36:15
244.   natepurcell
on gameday, the barton ball didnt land that far down the LF line. I think most likely it was a single but Young misplayed it into a triple. Kind of like what Drew did last night.
2006-04-22 19:39:06
245.   sanchez101
I dont think Jackson had the intestinal fortitude to do what Billingsley pulled off. Im okay if he only lasts 4-5 innings if he keeps runs off the board. When you got a 20 mile head wind, you got keep the ball out of play and go for the walks and K's.
2006-04-22 19:41:42
246.   natepurcell
Seo is really hittable tonight.
2006-04-22 19:45:55
247.   Curtis Lowe
Seo I saw "The Sentenel" today.
2006-04-22 19:49:07
248.   Marty
Are we sure that's not Tomko out there?
2006-04-22 19:50:47
249.   Steve
If we just had Duaner Sanchez back, he could have held all the leads Aaron Sele would have handed us.
2006-04-22 19:52:08
250.   King of the Hobos
Took Billingsley 12 pitches for 2 groundouts and a strike out in the 3rd inning.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-04-22 19:56:31
251.   Gen3Blue
Ever wake up an inning late and feel like your woozy from a sucker punch.
2006-04-22 19:58:11
252.   Gen3Blue
This looks bad.
2006-04-22 19:58:57
253.   King of the Hobos
Wigginton hit his 8th homer of the season to tie the game, but Orvella and Camp managed to lose the game
2006-04-22 20:02:35
254.   oldbear
Wigginton is sitting out there in our fantasy league and no one will pick him up. He has to come back down to earth eventually.

Jay Seo must be feeling the WBC hangover. That, or he was insanely lucky last year. He doenst seem very good.

2006-04-22 20:03:57
255.   Steve
Reg goes for extremely lucky.
2006-04-22 20:04:53
256.   regfairfield
Am I that predictable?
2006-04-22 20:06:29
257.   scareduck
254 - Or the WBC batters had never seen him before. Come on, guys, some things are just gimmes.
2006-04-22 20:06:57
258.   Curtis Lowe
I looked into my Beer for wisdom and it told me the Dodgers will win tonight 9-8 in the 12 inning.
2006-04-22 20:06:58
259.   Steve
256 --You're not predictable. You've said it already.
2006-04-22 20:08:24
260.   oldbear
You figured Shea suppressed a ton of HR's and that since Seo didnt K anyone, his luck would probably regress back to normal levels this year.

I still thought he'd be better than this. At least Houlton can strikeout people.

2006-04-22 20:09:15
261.   regfairfield
I didn't realize I made such an impression.
2006-04-22 20:09:48
262.   oldbear
If Vin is doing the broadcast, has he recited his "Miguel Batista is a poet" story for the 53rd time yet?
2006-04-22 20:13:35
263.   Steve
Some of us pay attention. Some of us just hoard straw.
2006-04-22 20:14:41
264.   D4P
Bonds is currently OPSing an even .900, despite a BA of .206. That's quite a disparity.
2006-04-22 20:14:53
265.   King of the Hobos
Billingslet is struggling with his control. The last 3 batters have seen 9 balls and only 7 strikes. All 3 batters got on base, although one reached on an error. Bases loaded, still no score
2006-04-22 20:16:06
266.   natepurcell
i think billingsley is trying to fine with his pitches and nibbling on the corners.
2006-04-22 20:17:34
267.   King of the Hobos
264 It's not hard when you have a 20/3 BB/K ratio. He could finish at .200/.600/.300 at this rate. Pitchers will pitch to him at some pooint, right? It amazes me that pitchers are more scared of Bonds than Pujols
2006-04-22 20:17:47
268.   D4P
Darn, Seo can't get the Win.
2006-04-22 20:17:48
269.   scareduck
Is Keisler anything like Keister?
2006-04-22 20:18:02
270.   sanchez101
He did throw a couple pitches in the dirt. Then responds with yet another K. I wonder what the score in chavez ravine would be if chad was starting there instead of vegas.
2006-04-22 20:18:13
271.   oldbear
Jay Seo tried to eat innings tonite, but he ended up just throwing up.
2006-04-22 20:18:44
272.   D4P
I think it has been a mistake to walk Bonds thus far.
2006-04-22 20:19:21
273.   King of the Hobos
Billingsley struck out the batter to end the inning, without giving up any runs. He's doing a good job gettign out of jams

So much for the Nomar Gold Glove

2006-04-22 20:19:49
274.   scareduck
Was that a hot smash, or is Garciaparra slow?
2006-04-22 20:20:01
275.   natepurcell
the difference between Nomar and Loney: Loney falls down after he catches the ball, Nomar falls down before he catches the ball.
2006-04-22 20:20:14
276.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-22 20:20:15
277.   oldbear
Yikes...Tough opening game for Nomar.
2006-04-22 20:20:56
278.   scareduck
Franquelis Osoria: Spanish for "run donor".
2006-04-22 20:22:10
279.   oldbear
Osoria's goal is to just not die at the game. He barely escaped last time.
2006-04-22 20:23:13
280.   scareduck
271 - with some fava beans and a nice chianti.
2006-04-22 20:24:10
281.   oldbear
What is Josh Byrnes thinking as he glances between Shawn Green in the batters box, and the Dbax balance sheet?
2006-04-22 20:24:26
282.   Curtis Lowe
Maybe Osaria should start using his 6th digit.
2006-04-22 20:25:05
283.   Curtis Lowe
Alright 9 run rally lets go!!
2006-04-22 20:25:11
284.   Gen3Blue
OK--- We have almost the whole new team on the field for the first time. Lets see what it can do.
2006-04-22 20:25:33
285.   D4P
I just noticed that when Nomar hits his 9th and final HR this season, it will also be the 200th of his illustrious career.
2006-04-22 20:25:46
286.   sanchez101
281. "Im sure glad Depodesta isnt in LA anymore"
2006-04-22 20:26:18
287.   scareduck
Kent wiping stuff out of his eyes is making me nervous.
2006-04-22 20:27:04
288.   sanchez101
284. turns out Ned's dodgers can be carved up by Miguel "wasnt I a reliever" Batista
2006-04-22 20:27:11
289.   Curtis Lowe
NomAHHHHH starts the Rally
2006-04-22 20:29:12
290.   scareduck
Look, Ma, a productive out!
2006-04-22 20:29:21
291.   Steve
"Buster" "Ol" "Ney"
2006-04-22 20:30:28
292.   Curtis Lowe
"DI" "OWN" "ER"
2006-04-22 20:30:54
293.   King of the Hobos
Billingsley hit the first batter, but Martin caught him attempting to steal for the first out
2006-04-22 20:31:13
294.   Curtis Lowe
'Pop' 'It' 'Up'
2006-04-22 20:31:23
295.   sanchez101
caught stealing alert! martin throws out doug clark. What is more rare, a dodger catcher throwing out a baserunner or an oakland player attempting a stolen base?
2006-04-22 20:31:55
296.   scareduck
Billingsley launches the fifth by plunking Doug Clark, but Clark then suffers a case of total amnesia and forgets he's in the A's system, erasing himself on a CS 2-4.
2006-04-22 20:34:19
297.   scareduck
Billingsley gets out of the fifth, but he's used up 96 pitches.
2006-04-22 20:34:25
298.   King of the Hobos
Billingsley has made 96 pitches through five innings, only 54 for strikes, but just keeping the Rivercats from scoring is a great accomplishment with the wind
2006-04-22 20:34:41
299.   scareduck
Frank Ellis Osoria.
2006-04-22 20:36:42
300.   scareduck
298 - is there an echo in this room?
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-04-22 20:37:41
301.   sanchez101
I like Aybar playing 2nd. Id like to see Repko getting regular playing time in AAA, with Guzman playing third, loney at first, ethier in right, young in left, aybar at second. When Izturis shows up for a rehab assignment, who would you rather have, the 51's lineup with Billingsley or "Ned's Dodgers" with Brett Tomko?
2006-04-22 20:40:45
302.   King of the Hobos
Billingsley, as expected, is done for the night. It'll be a no decision, Luis Gonzalez now in to pitch
2006-04-22 20:41:15
303.   Steve
I don't know about all that; Nomar's nine-homerun power is not to be trifled with.
2006-04-22 20:42:07
304.   scareduck
The Human Walk Machine (Homo ingredior) rolls out.
2006-04-22 20:44:59
305.   oldbear
Maybe Kent can go on the DL and get his wrist or whatever thats bothering him healthy and the Dodgers can bring up Aybar and let him play 2nd.

Kent is either hurt, slumping, or he got really old during 1 off-season.

2006-04-22 20:45:50
306.   Bob Timmermann
Sheesh, I've been reduced to reading Pakistani newspapers about baseball and watching NBA playoff games instead of the Dodgers game.
2006-04-22 20:47:10
307.   oldbear
Bob, you're missing Robles, Furcal, and Lofton.

What more can you ask for?

2006-04-22 20:48:02
308.   Steve
Just don't get anybody up in the bullpen Bob. We'd do the same for you.
2006-04-22 20:50:06
309.   Bob Timmermann
It's halftime. The Clippers are up by 9.
2006-04-22 20:51:10
310.   scareduck
Chad Tracy is an improvement over Shea Hillenbrand.
2006-04-22 20:51:20
311.   Bob Timmermann
Are the DBacks now going to attack the soft underbelly of the Dodgers bullpen or is the entire bullpen just one big soft underbelly?

It's not like the bullpen is Stalingrad.

2006-04-22 20:52:26
312.   Steve
Between the two teams, the bullpens are like F Troop.
2006-04-22 20:53:37
313.   oldbear
Need something from Jeff Kent here.
2006-04-22 20:53:51
314.   natepurcell
Drew's reached base in every game he's played in this year. Nice stat.
2006-04-22 20:53:58
315.   sanchez101
Nice job by Lofton getting JD to get that hit. Now Kent can GIDP.
2006-04-22 20:54:17
316.   Steve
He's fine Bob. Furcal turned that pitch that was going to hit him in the ankles into a line drive to center field because Batista has it. You have to leave him in. He deserves the win.
2006-04-22 20:54:59
317.   scareduck
Sacto draws first blood, 1-0.
2006-04-22 20:55:13
318.   Steve
2006-04-22 20:55:14
319.   Bob Timmermann
I just don't think copyright law was meant to protect lyrics like this:
The end of the Civil War was near
When quite accidentally,
A hero who sneezed abruptly seized
Retreat and reversed it to victory.

His medal of honor pleased and thrilled
his proud little family group.
While pinning it on some blood was spilled
And so it was planned he'd command F Troop.

Where Indian fights are colorful sights
and nobody takes a lickin'
Where pale face and redskin
Both turn chicken.

When killing and fighting get them down,
They know their morale can't droop.
As long as they all relax in town
Before they resume with a bang and a boom
F Troop.

2006-04-22 20:56:29
320.   oldbear
Olney's everywhere for the Dodgers.
2006-04-22 20:56:35
321.   Steve
Forgive the dramatic all-caps, but one can only watch a cleanup hitter diving after those sliders for so long...
2006-04-22 20:56:36
322.   D4P
The Proven 100-RBI Guy comes through big time.
2006-04-22 20:56:50
323.   natepurcell
ah man i thought that was gone.
2006-04-22 20:57:22
324.   D4P
Steiner just about had a heart-attack over Nomar's flyout.
2006-04-22 20:57:43
325.   sanchez101
The dbacks are F Troop, the Dodger bullpen is more Get Smart since they have better technology like 6th digits, extra first name consonants, and gloves that can be thrown at linedrives.
2006-04-22 20:58:32
326.   sanchez101
Oh Nomar, you tease.
2006-04-22 20:59:36
327.   Marty
I hate to say it, but that is one of Vin's lesser efforts in the toupee category.
2006-04-22 20:59:39
328.   Uncle Miltie
Not watching the Dodgers game. I'm not surprised that Seo got hammered again. His stuff is Seo-Seo. How has Nomar looked so far. I'm guessing he's seen fewer than 5 pitches total in his first 3 at bats.
2006-04-22 21:00:03
329.   Steve
We're fortunate that that didn't go out, because now he still has nine left to hit.
2006-04-22 21:00:57
330.   D4P
He also hasn't used up any of his 100 RBI.
2006-04-22 21:01:05
331.   Bob Timmermann

Was it Bobby Hull-like?

2006-04-22 21:01:56
332.   Curtis Lowe
That ball would have been a HomeRun had Shawn Green not used his evil powers and willed it into his glove.
2006-04-22 21:02:05
333.   sanchez101
Everytime Nomar does something good, I cringe.
2006-04-22 21:02:39
334.   Steve
The best is yet to come and won't it be fine...

You think you've seen the sun but you ain't seen it shine...

2006-04-22 21:02:46
335.   natepurcell

Nomar's actually looked pretty good at the plate.

2006-04-22 21:03:58
336.   scareduck
Chad Tracy, 2.000 SLG in this game.
2006-04-22 21:04:07
337.   Curtis Lowe
How was that a double?
2006-04-22 21:05:27
338.   King of the Hobos
Thanks to Justin Reid's efforts, the Rivercats now lead 3-0 over the 51's
2006-04-22 21:05:49
339.   sanchez101
Damn Tracy, if your going to go 3 for 3 could you at least hit a homer and help out my fantasy team. These doubles do me no good!
2006-04-22 21:06:16
340.   Bob Timmermann
The most doubles in a game by a player is 4.

Which has been done 48 times, the last time by Adam Laroche in 2004.

2006-04-22 21:06:34
341.   Steve
I'm going to start calling him 2 and Kuo if he doesn't quit with the walking and the baserunners and the laven.
2006-04-22 21:07:57
342.   Curtis Lowe
"Hon" CHi "GO"
2006-04-22 21:08:32
343.   natepurcell
Kuo keeps his k:bb ratio an even 1!
2006-04-22 21:08:39
344.   the OZ
Go to jail. Do not pass Kuo. Do not collect $200.
2006-04-22 21:08:59
345.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-22 21:09:07
346.   Steve
LAT gets a funny feeling at the Wilshire but he...doesn't...know...quite...why...
2006-04-22 21:09:50
347.   Bob Timmermann
I see my pronunciation campaign has had an effect here.

"Go" works better than "Kwo" anyway.

2006-04-22 21:10:21
348.   oldbear
Shawn Green- 0-4 with 3k's. 7 LOB.

Connor Jackson is still sitting on the bench, I assume.

2006-04-22 21:10:48
349.   Bob Timmermann
If that's a good dinner, maybe LAT will have another daughter who in about seven or eight years will have a crush on Ethier.
2006-04-22 21:11:40
350.   Bob Timmermann
Conor Jackson wasn't looking much better last night.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-04-22 21:11:47
351.   scareduck
Rivercats homer, 3-0 Sacto.
2006-04-22 21:12:01
352.   Marty
331 Oooh, I've not seen Bobby Hull's rendition. But then, I barely know who Hull is. Hockey has always held less than zero interest for me.
2006-04-22 21:13:17
353.   Curtis Lowe
ahhhh Hamulack is warming up. Hopefully to go get the team some Coffee so they can come back and win this thing.
2006-04-22 21:14:15
354.   Steve
319 -- About all we'll need at this point, with Medders and Hamulack in, is a bugle.
2006-04-22 21:14:37
355.   Bob Timmermann
A recent Bobby Hull photo:

2006-04-22 21:15:20
356.   Bob Timmermann
Bobby Hull in his heyday (late 1960s)

2006-04-22 21:20:08
357.   Steve
2006-04-22 21:20:14
358.   natepurcell
i dont understand why the CFer is playing so far back for Ricky Ledee.
2006-04-22 21:20:29
359.   sanchez101
Gotta love that outfield defense. This is NL West baseball!
2006-04-22 21:20:42
360.   be2ween
325 --
"The Olllllld Ricky Ledee pinch-HIT Trick! I fall for it every time!"
2006-04-22 21:23:40
361.   sanchez101
360. Id rather have Maxwell Smart as the dodger skipper than Grittle
2006-04-22 21:25:03
362.   Bob Timmermann
And now the Clippers are up by 16.
2006-04-22 21:25:08
363.   Curtis Lowe
361- Did Grady burnish your cat or something?
2006-04-22 21:27:34
364.   sanchez101
Wow, Hudson is good. Im glad well get to see him more often.
2006-04-22 21:28:05
365.   be2ween
"Shoe Phone Kuo!"
2006-04-22 21:28:39
366.   sanchez101
363. No, I just want to see the manager call the bullpen with his shoe.
2006-04-22 21:29:15
367.   Curtis Lowe
366- I see.
2006-04-22 21:30:12
368.   be2ween
Grittle and Ned using the Cone-Of-Silence.
2006-04-22 21:31:32
369.   Curtis Lowe
Hudson is my new enemy.
2006-04-22 21:32:09
370.   Gen3Blue
So far in 2006 I spend more than half the time with the sound off, with my attention partly diverted to avoid the pain. This is similiar to the last half of 2005. 2004 marked a year when I watched almost every inning with undivided attention.
And some people still ask why I spend time at a site dealing with the psychology of Dodger fanhood.
2006-04-22 21:32:44
371.   be2ween
"Missed it by THAT much!"
2006-04-22 21:33:31
372.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-22 21:38:58
373.   sanchez101
370. The key is that no matter what the result of the game, this dodger team is just transitional. In two years, only Furcal and Drew, and maybe Navarro will be left among the position players.
2006-04-22 21:42:04
374.   Curtis Lowe
5 Run inning right here.
2006-04-22 21:44:41
375.   natepurcell
For every runs we score this inning, that is the number of beers i will drink before the 8th is over. Come on Dodgers, here is your chance to get me hammered!
2006-04-22 21:47:41
376.   sanchez101
i think youre rooting for the wrong team
2006-04-22 21:49:31
377.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-22 21:50:25
378.   Gen3Blue
Thanks for the positive support.
Why could't we have two collisions tonight!

I like the transitional sentiment, but the history of prospects evaporating(especially pitchers) is hard to block from the mind. This comes from perhaps too many years of Dodgereurosis.

I hope this isn't the year Kent fades.

2006-04-22 21:50:51
379.   overkill94
Nomar looks 100 times better than he did in spring training. I saw in the game on Thursday night and he was hitting the ball hard there too. Maybe he's not so bad after all...

Then again, Kent looks about 100 times worse than he did last year. Was he that far away from the plate before? Seems like he can barely reach anything on the outside corner.

2006-04-22 21:50:52
380.   Bob Timmermann
Clippers lead slashed to four.

Now for something that's puzzled me for 35 years (I wasn't puzzled from ages 0 to 5)

Why does a fidgety person make coffee nervous? Isn't coffee inherently fidgety?

2006-04-22 21:51:24
381.   Curtis Lowe
I will remain silent for the rest of the night.
2006-04-22 21:53:24
382.   sanchez101
Gotta love ole dusty, "I think walks are overrated unless you can run. If you get a walk and put the pitcher in a stretch, that helps, but the guy who walks and can't run, most of the time he's clogging up the bases for somebody who can run." courtesy of 6-4-3
2006-04-22 21:53:30
383.   King of the Hobos
374 Assuming you meant the 51's, they were trying real hard to do that. Unfortunately, Truby struck out with te bases loaded and two runs across
2006-04-22 21:55:16
384.   Gen3Blue
Nate--your condemned to sobriety; I'm glad I made no such statement.
If I experience Doger depression for more than 4 hours, I know I'm supposed to consult a doctor immediately. The ad just said so.
Is Furcal coming off an arm injury. We need an ex-shortstop to harvest his throws.
2006-04-22 21:56:24
385.   capdodger
Ouch. Hope he's ok.
2006-04-22 21:56:30
386.   regfairfield
382 So, goodbye Matt Murton?
2006-04-22 21:57:29
387.   Steve
Jim Hendry loves him some middle relievers and we got 'em right here!
2006-04-22 21:58:05
388.   overkill94
386 Luckily Murton's got a little speed. He's projected to steal 15-20 bases a year by John Sickels.
2006-04-22 21:58:35
389.   capdodger
382 Is that vintage Dusty or the latest and greatest?
2006-04-22 21:59:17
390.   Gen3Blue
Boy, I think Colletti and Kent planned that extension just in time.
Actually, I should give Kent more slack because I know how those minor concusions can hang on.
2006-04-22 21:59:18
391.   Gen3Blue
Boy, I think Colletti and Kent planned that extension just in time.
Actually, I should give Kent more slack because I know how those minor concusions can hang on.
2006-04-22 22:02:27
392.   Suffering Bruin
Just arriving for my weekly two innings of baseball. (sigh).

Just in time for a Cruz strikeout.

2006-04-22 22:02:46
393.   sanchez101
386. in the 6th inning of today's game dusty initiated a double switch that resulted in murton being replaced by freddy bynum. He replaced Walker in the fifth for neifi perez. And you thought Drew bunting was bad.
2006-04-22 22:02:57
394.   Gen3Blue
I can understand Kent standing a yard from the plate for a while,after getting decked like that. That was gruesome.
2006-04-22 22:04:41
395.   scareduck
386 - close. Murton got yanked in a double substitution in today's game. Totally inexplicable.
2006-04-22 22:05:00
396.   Suffering Bruin
382 Wow.

On list of favorite players as a kid, Joe Morgan and Dusty Baker were very high up there.

2006-04-22 22:05:39
397.   scareduck
389 - spring training 2006 vintage.
2006-04-22 22:05:44
398.   regfairfield
This Olmedo against righties thing is getting old.
2006-04-22 22:07:21
399.   sanchez101
396. being a smart baseball player obviously doesnt mean youre a smart person. Just look at Barry Bonds.
2006-04-22 22:09:24
400.   regfairfield
Now that I think about it, Olmedo was the best choice.

I like this team less now.

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-04-22 22:10:10
401.   Steve
Nice double play there.
2006-04-22 22:10:17
402.   Gen3Blue
Impressive DP
2006-04-22 22:10:49
403.   Gen3Blue
Impressive DP
2006-04-22 22:10:52
404.   Gen3Blue
Impressive DP
2006-04-22 22:10:55
405.   natepurcell
Now that I think about it, Olmedo was the best choice


2006-04-22 22:11:16
406.   capdodger
Nomah seems to be fielding his position well tonight.
2006-04-22 22:11:29
407.   Suffering Bruin
Gen3Blue would like everyone to know that was an impressive DP. :)
2006-04-22 22:12:02
408.   Gen3Blue
Sorry for stuttering.
2006-04-22 22:12:18
409.   Suffering Bruin
Nomar moved looked very good there; he got a quick jump on that ball.
2006-04-22 22:12:51
410.   overkill94
400 It doesn't help when your starting pitcher goes 3 2/3 innings and you have to hit for the pitcher a bunch of times. So who's left now? Hammy Sandy? Scrapko? I think in retrospect Scrapko would have been a better choice, he's been quite hot lately and could have stolen a base or two if he got on. Then again, he's on my fantasy team so I may be biased.
2006-04-22 22:13:20
411.   Bob Timmermann
All tied up at Staples with 1:08 left.
2006-04-22 22:13:27
412.   Curtis Lowe
405- Dodgers homepage says Repko has the flu. I think He got drunk with Loney last night, because that is what I did.
2006-04-22 22:13:59
413.   capdodger
Is anyone else disturbed by that Carls Jr. ad with the cow for the milkshakes. I've milked cows and all, but that's just...weird.
2006-04-22 22:14:19
414.   Steve
405 -- Probably true!

Oh no! Jose Valverde!

2006-04-22 22:14:21
415.   Suffering Bruin
6-4, 255 pounds? Sheesh!
2006-04-22 22:15:03
416.   capdodger
411 - Which will end first? The 9th inning, or the basketball game?
2006-04-22 22:15:43
417.   Suffering Bruin
411 Weren't the Clips just up by 12? I was channel-switching and just caught a glance.
2006-04-22 22:16:28
418.   Bob Timmermann

It's an NBA game. It happens.

2006-04-22 22:16:28
419.   Gen3Blue
If someone gets on, it must mean a homer's coming.
2006-04-22 22:17:05
420.   overkill94
I don't think Estrada can close the mitt properly after taking that one off the forearm.
2006-04-22 22:17:57
421.   Suffering Bruin
Maybe Furcal wasn't looking "fastball" there.
2006-04-22 22:18:57
422.   Bob Timmermann
Clippers up by 2 with 24 seconds left. Denver ball after a timeout.
2006-04-22 22:19:31
423.   Steve
Oh no! Kenny Lofton!
2006-04-22 22:19:38
424.   Suffering Bruin
Bat speed an issue there...
2006-04-22 22:21:20
425.   Bob Timmermann
4.5 seconds left at Staples. Clippers up by 2. Denver ball.

The 110 Freeway will be crowded.

2006-04-22 22:21:23
426.   Gen3Blue
This guy looks like a Closer.
Well, finding ourselve3s down 5-0 we looked pretty good for most of the game,
2006-04-22 22:21:54
427.   Steve
Drew...don't start pulling the Grabowski Face on me now. Just...don't...
2006-04-22 22:22:00
428.   Gen3Blue
Only fault was our starter.
2006-04-22 22:22:21
429.   Suffering Bruin
Well, the Clippers won. But then, Denver didn't have Jose Valverde taking the last shot.
2006-04-22 22:22:41
430.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-22 22:22:43
431.   Bob Timmermann
Wow, a Clippers win. In the playoffs no less.
2006-04-22 22:23:39
432.   Steve
Jacque Jones did not get the memo:

""They're trying to walk me, bottom line," Jones said. "They're throwing everything in off the plate, trying to walk me. They're just not throwing strikes, and I'm not letting them walk me… It'd be good to take some walks."

Whatever helps him sleep at night

2006-04-22 22:26:52
433.   Suffering Bruin
"I'm not letting them walk me… It'd be good to take some walks."

Reminds me of one of my students. "I don't need to do homework, I don't do homework... but I like doing homework."

2006-04-22 22:28:36
434.   sanchez101
Does Jacque Jones know who Jacque Jones is?
maybe pitchers dont throw him strikes because they dont have to. this is like when dusty sent corey patterson down to the minors to work on bunting, like that was his problem. the cubs live in fantasy land.
2006-04-22 22:39:18
435.   Steve
Kevin Kennedy's secret tip for Brett Tomko tomorrow: He needs to put some zeroes up on the board.
2006-04-22 22:40:35
436.   beLITTLED and maligNED
Kennedy on postgame Dodgers... about tomorrow's game...

"Tomko has the stuff to go out there and put up a lot of zeros."

2006-04-22 22:42:22
437.   beLITTLED and maligNED
I could listen to the Grits accent all night long. He just burped on a live interview.
2006-04-22 22:43:17
438.   Suffering Bruin
In fairness to Dusty Baker, he made the quote from the earlier post on 3/10 and seemed to be implying that Spring Training is a place to learn how to hit, not walk. Or something...

He also said this: "Walks help. They do help. But you aren't going to walk across the plate, you're going to hit across the plate. That's the school I come from."

2006-04-22 22:45:10
439.   beLITTLED and maligNED
438 - And you sure don't walk off the island. Oh wait, Jones is from San Diego... (or France??)
2006-04-22 22:49:41
440.   oldbear
Brett Tomko vs Russ Ortiz tomorrow.

AZ should hit 2-3 HR's.
Dodgers should walk 6-8 times.

Game Time O/U: 3:20

2006-04-22 22:50:14
441.   natepurcell

Maybe he's from Coronado Island.

2006-04-22 22:52:02
442.   Steve
438 -- I love how guys like Morgan and Baker take no time to understand what they allegedly oppose, and their response is always to resort to the bleedingly obvious, as if they were privy to some remarkably precious wisdom that only they possess. Both of them should run for office.
2006-04-22 22:55:40
443.   beLITTLED and maligNED
Jacque Jones and Joel Guzman should have a chat...
2006-04-22 23:09:54
444.   Uncle Miltie
The Clippers barely won. I wish I had gone to the game.
2006-04-22 23:15:01
445.   King of the Hobos
440 Unless Dodger Stadium is hit by a major storm, or is destroyed by some means soon after the 5th inning, I don't think anyone would go with the under on that
2006-04-23 01:19:10
446.   Andrew Shimmin
Way too late, and probably not worth it, but it's a myth that Jackson only threw one good game. Three of Jackson's four starts in 2003 were good. He had a couple good starts out of five in 2004 (even though he was never permitted more than 5 IP). He had two good (5 IP, and 5.1 IP respectively) starts out of six in 2005.

2005 Retrosheet numbers are now up. No link on the front page, but if you go to 2004, you can click next year, at the top. Anyway, hooray!

2006-04-23 06:01:47
447.   Sam DC
Seo disappointing.
2006-04-23 06:15:20
448.   Sam DC
Given the Dusty/Joe discussion above, the anecdote in the second post down at this blog -- -- is pretty apropros. It describes the bloggers' chance meeting w/a former ballplayer who, as a little league manager, in 1971, sent a kid to the plate with no bat . . . with the bases loaded . . . in the league championship game.

(no permalinks so you need to scroll down past the bill james thing).

2006-04-23 06:18:12
449.   Sam DC
Has Stan from Tacoma commented lately?
2006-04-23 09:45:52
450.   Bob Timmermann
Re: Retrosheet

Click on "Boxscores+++" and you can see the link for 2005.

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2006-04-23 09:50:12

"4.5 seconds left at Staples. Clippers up by 2. Denver ball.

The 110 Freeway will be crowded."

I hope you don't get MOONED on the 110fwy like I did.

2006-04-23 09:52:32
I was driving to a friends house when these you guys out of nowhere mooned me. LOL!!

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