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RISPy Business
2006-04-26 14:15
by Jon Weisman

Don't fret too much about the Dodgers' performance with runners in scoring position this season. At worst, they have been solidly average.

The team is eighth in the National League in RISP OPS. With a runner on any base, the team vaults all the way to second in OPS. For those who care about RBI, the Dodgers are fourth with runners in scoring position and second with any runners on.

What will happen going forward, I don't really know. All I can see is that as far as the opportunities they've had to score, despite our ongoing frustration with every missed chance, the Dodgers have been more successful than the typical NL team. They're also not half bad at getting a rally started, ranking seventh in the NL in on-base percentage with the bases empty.

Want to see where they're hurting? Slugging percentage with the bases empty: dead last at .338. The Dodgers really have to work to get to second base. But hey, didn't most of us at one time or another?

* * *

Tonight's Game

Following Tuesday's 14-inning game, Rafael Furcal, Jeff Kent and Kenny Lofton are out of the starting lineup today against Houston lefty Wandy Rodriguez, leading to Ramon Martinez in the No. 6 spot of the batting order. Jason Repko is leading off, and Oscar Robles is batting eighth.

Comments (395)
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2006-04-26 14:17:25
1.   Linkmeister
Ha. I never got that draft notice for the sexual revolution, even though I was of prime age at the time.
2006-04-26 14:21:19
2.   fanerman
I guess the difference is these guys get paid to reach second base. Or maybe more accurately, paid to score. Everybody else does it for "love of the game."
2006-04-26 14:26:49
3.   Steve
Apparently Ted Lerner has rounded third and is headed for home.
2006-04-26 14:31:22
4.   oldbear
To those that argue that the Dodgers have more depth this year than last, I present exhibit A- Tonight's starting lineup.
2006-04-26 14:34:00
5.   underdog
I don't mind Repko and one of Martinez or Robles, but both of the latter and... I don't see a lot of, uh, scoring tonight. (That's what she said! {ba dum dum!} )
2006-04-26 14:35:13
6.   oldbear
Also, this is Navarro's 6th consecutive game. If Alomar isnt healthy enough to give him a rest, what is his purpose on the team?
Get Martin up here and have them split time. Navarro's gonna be exhausted by the middle of May.
2006-04-26 14:39:31
7.   Icaros

I'd hate to have to watch Navarro block balls in the dirt when he's exhausted.

It's bad enough when he's 22 and the season just started.

2006-04-26 14:45:26
8.   natepurcell
Im surprised Sam hasnt broken the story here yet.. Nationals owner to be named...

2006-04-26 14:47:04
9.   Jon Weisman
6 - This may not matter to you, but I bet Alomar would have started today if he hadn't caught seven innings last night.
2006-04-26 14:49:53
10.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-26 14:50:39
11.   underdog

If Alomar turned out to be hurting, then they probably would consider DL'ing him and bringing up Martin. But only IF...

Btw, related to your entry above, any Dodgers fans who whine about the offense should think a moment about the Padres'. Look at their numbers and compare and contrast.

(Of course, I don't want to jinx it - makes me nervous having to play them right when they are majorly overdue, but I expected them to be fairly weak offensively in general this year.)

2006-04-26 14:51:03
12.   Humma Kavula
I'm not surprised that they're doing OK with RISP. It's just that the one-run losses have got me down. I know that's the kind of thing that tends to even out over the course of a season, but left RISP (even if it's not an above-average number of them), followed by a loss, leads to sadness from Humma Kavula.
2006-04-26 14:51:58
13.   Andrew Shimmin
OT: A German friend of mine is flying in to Florida (for the same wedding I'm going to, next month) and has tickets for a Marlins/Cubs game. He was born in Chicago, and wants to wear a Cubs hat, but his point of reference is crazy German soccer thugs. Nobody at Dolphin Stadium is going to care, though, right? Or are the 10K fans they still draw hard core?
2006-04-26 14:56:50
14.   Icaros

Tell him to bash a beer bottle over Marty the Marlin's head and see if anything happens.

2006-04-26 14:58:02
15.   Steve
Nothing like watching first-place teams like Houston and the Mets crushing the ball with runners in scoring position.
2006-04-26 15:02:25
16.   Marty
Quit calling me a marlin.
2006-04-26 15:02:37
17.   natepurcell
to add on 14

tell him its a rite of passage. everyone going to an American baseball game for the first time has to do it.

2006-04-26 15:07:24
18.   D4P
Some of us still have to work to get to second base...Even those of us who are married...
2006-04-26 15:07:30
19.   oldbear
but I bet Alomar would have started today

Not sure. Didnt OP have some problems when it was suggested Alomar would be his personal catcher?

2006-04-26 15:09:17
20.   Andrew Shimmin
17- I totally would, but it's not his first game. I got him out to a Dodger game a few years back. His favorite player was Mark Grudzielanek. This year, he'd like Mueller, until he found out how it's pronounced.
2006-04-26 15:14:06
21.   Icaros

I'm not. You're Marty the LA Times Computer Guru.

2006-04-26 15:15:08
22.   jasonungar05
well 18 my wife complains because I have now decided to skip 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and head straight for home.

My wife said after Nomar hit the homerun the other night, if everyone knows its a homerun, why does he have to run around the bases to get where he just was? I said you know thats a very good point. You should think about it some more.

2006-04-26 15:15:17
23.   Icaros

I've always hated the way Bill pronounces Mueller.

2006-04-26 15:20:07
24.   D4P
True, HRs are more common these days than Hitting for the Cycle...
2006-04-26 15:22:28
25.   Icaros
If this wasn't a family site, I'd start the discussion where we hammer out, in strict detail, just what constitutes reaching each base.

For example, I think I may have hit a triple off of a 19-year-old pitcher the other day, but depending on some definitions it may have only been a double.

2006-04-26 15:26:59
26.   Curtis Lowe
Coconut is neither Chocolate or a nut.


2006-04-26 15:29:43
27.   Andrew Shimmin
Most of what gets called third base, these days, would have gotten you thrown out of the game back in my day.
2006-04-26 15:31:08
28.   kegtron
(From the previous thread)

I wish my secretaries stacked up to Eva Longoria. We have three (all females), one looks like Vito Spadafore, another looks like Alice from the Brady Bunch and the third one looks and sounds like Billy Packer. They are all really nice ladies who I love working with, they just aren't very easy on the eyes.

2006-04-26 15:31:13
29.   Icaros

Yeah, I hear kids in middle school are OPSing way higher than they did when I was there.

2006-04-26 15:31:20
30.   the OZ
25 Was it a legit triple, or a double and an error?
2006-04-26 15:32:45
31.   D4P
OPS has gone up, but IsoP and IsoD have gone down...Odd...
2006-04-26 15:33:01
32.   natepurcell
I think I may have hit a triple off of a 19-year-old pitcher the other day

Nice, off a pitcher in their prime.

2006-04-26 15:33:17
33.   D4P
Was it a legit triple, or a double and an error?

No runs, no drips, no errors.

2006-04-26 15:34:49
34.   Icaros

There weren't any regrets (to my knowledge), so I don't think it could be scored an error.

2006-04-26 15:36:23
35.   Icaros

Definitely a "toolsy" young hurler.

2006-04-26 15:39:32
36.   D4P
Righty or lefty (or both...)?
2006-04-26 15:42:34
37.   Icaros

I'm not quite sure how to answer that one, but I can tell you that I've never tried switch hitting.

2006-04-26 15:42:35
38.   the OZ
36 Well played.
2006-04-26 15:43:21
40.   heato
Damn. Must be nice to be able to bring Bonds in to pinch hit.
2006-04-26 15:45:48
41.   Andrew Shimmin
29- So true. The late-ninties, that was a time of chastity and innocence.
2006-04-26 15:48:48
42.   Vishal
this may be TMI, but i'm more of a typical three true outcomes hitter, romantically. high slugging percentage, low average. unfortunately i don't get nearly as many plate appearances as i'd like.
2006-04-26 15:49:29
43.   Icaros

I was there in the late eighties, at the height of AIDS paranoia.

Nobody would even step in the batter's box.

2006-04-26 15:51:02
44.   the OZ
42 What's the park factor in upstate NY?
2006-04-26 15:51:08
45.   Icaros

Hee Seop Vishal!

2006-04-26 15:51:43
46.   Humma Kavula
When I was in middle school, I was lucky to reach first on a dropped third strike.
2006-04-26 15:55:04
47.   Icaros

I didn't even get an extra base hit until I was in college.

2006-04-26 15:55:14
48.   natepurcell
I've been in a slump.
2006-04-26 15:55:37
49.   Vishal
[42] it's like there's a short porch but i keep hitting it to the biggest part of the ballpark.
2006-04-26 15:56:54
50.   underdog
40 Sigh, I know. The Giants fans I work with gave out a holler. Of course, now they have to play him in the field with his creaky knees. But I guess they'll take that trade-off. Now the Mets have the bases loaded in the 10th with 2 outs...
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-04-26 15:57:29
51.   Icaros

You'll do better. Don't start swinging at pitches out of the zone. That'll only make it worse.

2006-04-26 15:57:30
52.   underdog
This is now officially the "Too Much Information Thread". Heh.
2006-04-26 15:57:54
53.   Vishal
[45] hah! you said it man. i mostly just need to get off the bench.
2006-04-26 15:58:13
54.   Humma Kavula
49 Just hit 'em where they ain't, Vishal.
2006-04-26 15:59:02
55.   natepurcell

Ive been patient. Waiting for the right pitch to drive. I usually get it too, but i get under it and pop up to the catcher most of the time. I probably need to go back in the cages for practice and work on my form.

2006-04-26 15:59:05
56.   Icaros

What do you mean? We're only talking baseball.

2006-04-26 16:00:48
57.   underdog
51 I've always had trouble trying to find that "zone."

Lately, my girlfriend has been disinterested in , uh, baseball altogether.

2006-04-26 16:01:11
58.   jasonungar05
You guys who aren't getting it just need to be a bit more "scrappy"

There is always a place for someone who hustles.

2006-04-26 16:01:15
59.   Curtis Lowe
Though I've never hit a Grandslam I have walked in the winning run from time to time.
2006-04-26 16:01:16
60.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
55 - If you take too much BP, you'll go blind.
2006-04-26 16:01:29
61.   Icaros

The pitchers get a lot easier to figure out as you enter your prime.

2006-04-26 16:02:13
62.   Curtis Lowe
59-taken a walk.
2006-04-26 16:03:21
63.   Icaros
I'm very proud of this thread I've helped to create, but now I am off work and must bid you all farewell for now.
2006-04-26 16:03:51
64.   Jon Weisman
We'll see if Christina, Molly or Bonnie ever return. I hope I haven't put the site's G rating on the line. Still, there's a precedent for this discussion here.

2006-04-26 16:04:07
65.   the OZ
55 Just don't swing at tough pitches in on the hands. You don't want to break your bat.
2006-04-26 16:06:01
66.   Christina
Us switchhitters have a twice as high batting average as the rest of you. (smirk)
2006-04-26 16:06:41
67.   fawnkyj
Its tough to get the double play unless your partner isn't willing to work on the fundamentals with you.
2006-04-26 16:07:20
68.   natepurcell
I know a couple switch hitters, they mostly play softball though.
2006-04-26 16:07:44
69.   Christina
64 Jon, I can't speak for Molly or Bonnie, but I know a few here remember a certain thread conversation that I participated in last season.

Suffice to say, I'm not bothered in the least by threads like these. They're fun.

2006-04-26 16:07:49
70.   fawnkyj
Do you have more power from the left or the right side?
2006-04-26 16:09:07
71.   Curtis Lowe
It's easy to score from second on a wild pitch. You just have to be fast and hope you don't get blocked at the plate.
2006-04-26 16:09:38
72.   Christina
70 Well, I get more PAs from one side, but score more from the other side.
2006-04-26 16:10:10
73.   Jon Weisman
69 - I wasn't that worried - just covering my, um, bases.

Last year's was a wee hours thread, as I recall. This is almost prime time.

2006-04-26 16:10:48
74.   natepurcell
If the other team is asleep, and you hit a homerun....does that still count as a homerun? (rimshots all around!)
2006-04-26 16:11:50
75.   Linkmeister
64 What the heck, Jon, some directors/producers would kill for a PG-13 rating, so I wouldn't worry about it. ;)
2006-04-26 16:12:05
76.   Christina
73 True enough. A game that ended late, and then the conversation went on for a couple of hours afterwards, IIRC.

Hey, I had comment 69. Heh-heh-heh.

2006-04-26 16:12:16
77.   Sam DC
Just let me know when I can post something over at the Griddle telling Bob it's OK to come back.
2006-04-26 16:12:21
78.   fawnkyj
Depends, was your homer inside the park or not?
2006-04-26 16:12:49
79.   Curtis Lowe
68- I've heard Arizona state is known for their partying switch hitters.
2006-04-26 16:13:17
80.   underdog
See, I knew women could do innuendo just as well as men can!

Take that to the kitchen, Keith Hernandez!

2006-04-26 16:13:47
81.   underdog
Speaking of extra innings, they're now in the 11th in SF...
2006-04-26 16:15:34
82.   Bob Timmermann
Believe it or not, I work sometimes.
2006-04-26 16:16:27
83.   Christina
Hey underdog, Le Petit Lieutenant was quite good. It turned out not to be a police procedural or mystery kind of movie, it's really a character drama/slice-of-police-life movie. I'm still debating whether it was sadder than the Dodgers 14th-inning loss I missed in order to see it, though!
2006-04-26 16:16:44
84.   Bob Timmermann
Mets lead 8-7 in the 11th and are still batting.

The Giants have their entire offense due up in the 11th: Winn, Alou, and Bonds.

2006-04-26 16:16:56
85.   Curtis Lowe
Lance Carter enjoy's watching the other team score.
2006-04-26 16:17:06
86.   Bob Timmermann
Whoops, now it's 9-7 Mets.
2006-04-26 16:17:10
87.   Jon Weisman
74 - I think that counts as 20 to life in the state pen.
2006-04-26 16:17:27
88.   Gen3Blue
Oh , its great - watching the Mets pester the Giants.

Ahh, they just went up 8-7, wait- 9-7 in the eleventh.
One out!

2006-04-26 16:18:46
89.   T Money
Like many of you, it's been a while since I've rounded third. I have, however, been hit by a lot of pitches. Unfortunately, I'm then inevitably taken out of the game for a pinch runner.

Clearly, I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore.

2006-04-26 16:20:37
90.   Sam DC
Speaking of baseball, sorry to be derilict in my DC correspondent duties (freezing my correspondent off in Chicago). Lerners news seems everywhere. Less widely reported is that Nationals, after getting 1-hit by Bronson Arroyo today, have claimed Zach Day back off waivers. Now that's dealing from strength. And they are also calling up a left named Michael O'Connor who was in A ball last year to pitch against St. Louis. (Really, he's just going to pitch to them.)

Fun start for a rookie; pitching against St. Louis at home.

Also of some interest, the office next door to my borrowed one today was occupied by one "J. Grabowski." S/he did not come in all day, unfortunately.

2006-04-26 16:21:55
91.   Jon Weisman
89 sounds like some kind of fetish is involved.
2006-04-26 16:22:07
92.   Andrew Shimmin
87- Unless you're the son of an OC district attorney.
2006-04-26 16:22:09
93.   Sam DC
Possible bright side for Michael O'Connor: St. Louis is running Sir Sidney out against him.
2006-04-26 16:22:47
94.   Christina
91 That was my take too, a little kinkiness...
2006-04-26 16:23:34
95.   Christina
92 Wasn't it the son of an OC sheriff? Or am I mixing up cases?
2006-04-26 16:24:35
96.   underdog
83 Thanks Christina! I'm actually going to see it tonight, after Iraq in Fragments. Hopefully they'll both be more depressing than the Dodgers (and Lakers) games I'll be missing.
2006-04-26 16:24:41
97.   natepurcell
back to real baseball talk.

Russ Mitchell down at Columbus is destroying the ball. he went 4-5 today with his 4th homerun.

in 74ABs, he is batting .365, slugging .689 and has 10/4 k/bb ratio.

2006-04-26 16:25:21
98.   Andrew Shimmin
95- Nope, you're right, it's my memory that's off. And, actually, it looks like his re-trial didn't go so smoothly as the first. So, small blessings.
2006-04-26 16:26:01
99.   underdog
Bonds is up against Darren Oliver. Good thing the Mets are up 2 now.
2006-04-26 16:26:57
100.   Gen3Blue
And Bond makes the last out--The aa Mets win
The ahahahaha METS WIN!
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-04-26 16:27:56
101.   Christina
98 Yeah, I remember the re-trial. Still not an entirely satisfactory result, but at least something.
2006-04-26 16:29:11
102.   Christina
96 Tonight is "Gabrielle" with Isabelle Huppert for me.
2006-04-26 16:29:11
103.   be2ween
I remember my first home run. I was too drunk to ..., errr, touch home plate. When I got sober, my sponsor said 'You'll never have that problem again, son.'


2006-04-26 16:29:31
104.   Gen3Blue
97 How old is this cornerman Mitchell--maybe thats why we haven't heard of him as a prospect. Hey--the light can strike at any age!
2006-04-26 16:29:44
105.   Bob Timmermann
The Royals must lose tonight to maintain their hold on the worst record in baseball.

The Royals are 4-14 now (.222). The Pirates are 5-18 (.217)

A KC loss to Minnesota tonight would drop them to (.211).

The best record of any team that started 5-18 was 81-81 by the 1973 Cardinals.

Of teams that started 4-14, the 1969 Astros fared the best, going 81-81.

Usually teams with starts like the Pirates and Royals end up the season in Peter Tork's Locker.

2006-04-26 16:29:52
106.   underdog
Game over.

Now back to your innuendo talk.

I wonder if we could take Bugs Bunny baseball speak and turn it perverse. What would our mates say if we busted out with this in bed? "Watch me paste this pathetic palooka with a powerful paralyzing perfect pachyderms percussion pitch."

2006-04-26 16:32:06
107.   natepurcell
How old is this cornerman Mitchell--maybe thats why we haven't heard of him as a prospect. Hey--the light can strike at any age!

Russ Mitchell is 21, turns 22 next feb. So he isnt really old at all.

2006-04-26 16:34:44
108.   Christina
106 My own response would be "Less talk, more action"...
2006-04-26 16:36:26
109.   Gen3Blue
105 I get it. Davey Jones locker.(LOL)
2006-04-26 16:37:27
110.   Christina
I'm counting on the Royals to help a number of A's hitters out of their current slumps.

That would sound a lot less dirty in a normal baseball thread.

2006-04-26 16:38:06
111.   Gen3Blue
107 Talk about depth at 3rd base.
2006-04-26 16:39:28
112.   Gen3Blue
I'm shaky on inuendo.
2006-04-26 16:41:17
113.   Steve
I was the drummer in a garage band called Peter Tork's Locker.
2006-04-26 16:42:14
114.   Marty
I once scored on a suicide squeeze.
2006-04-26 16:43:06
115.   kegtron

Was there a pickle involved?

2006-04-26 16:43:31
116.   trainwreck
This thread makes me think of Joel Myers. He says the most un-intentional sexual things, while calling a Laker game.

Finally some penetration!

2006-04-26 16:48:01
117.   bonnie
I love how baseball is an euphemism (or is it "a" euphemism?) for that aspect of our life.

Am I switch hitter? Or do I bat for the other team? Straight pull hitter? Pitcher? Catcher? Do I need a pinch hitter? Or am I a designated hitter?

The best for me right now, I'm on the DL.

2006-04-26 16:49:08
118.   Christina
117 Ouch.
2006-04-26 16:49:17
119.   be2ween
I remember it as if it were yesterday... it was single A ball, the Iowa League.
She was a red-head with a filthy slider, a good curve and a nice change-up. But not nice enough. She had worked the count, and came back inside with the high heat. I swung from the toes and got all of it.
I saw her some years later when I was back down for a visit. She remembered too. She'd stayed in the single-A and made a name for herself. We had no regrets. Things had shook out the way they were supposed to.
2006-04-26 16:49:34
120.   fawnkyj
My first time at bat was 2 screamin line drives for outs. Third time up a soft infield grounder for a hit. I was happy to contribute.
2006-04-26 16:50:25
121.   Linkmeister
117 So the little blue pills could then take the place of greenies?
2006-04-26 16:50:29
122.   jasonungar05
113-You mean the Monkey? How funny.

Trainwreck now u got me thinking about how Rick Monday would call the action of Vishal's (or anyones) Dating/Baseball Games!!

2006-04-26 16:50:33
123.   trainwreck
This is like a Sex and the City joke that will not end.
2006-04-26 16:51:06
124.   natepurcell
I saw her some years later when I was back down for a visit. She remembered too. She'd stayed in the single-A and made a name for herself.

So she was partial to giving up the long ball eh? So shes kind of like the modern day jeff weaver.

2006-04-26 16:53:52
125.   Marty
Weed works in this game also...
2006-04-26 16:53:54
126.   Nagman
I'm usually only in the lineup once a week, (the same day of the week usually) and only get one AB, which would be best described as an "inpatient" at bat.
2006-04-26 16:55:28
127.   be2ween
124 In effect, yes. That and they both can eat up some innings!
2006-04-26 16:56:32
128.   Marty
Martinez, Navarro, Robles, Perez...a regular murderer's row.
2006-04-26 16:56:37
129.   fawnkyj
You might try working the count on the pitcher and you might get more Abs.
2006-04-26 16:56:42
130.   Daniel Zappala
Saw the Bonds home run with my son, who is a huge Bonds fan at age 8 (thank you, Backyard Baseball). He used all arms, no legs. Anyone else hits that way, it's a nice lazy fly ball to center. No innuendo intended.
2006-04-26 16:57:11
131.   Jon Weisman
113 is the most shocking comment of this thread.
2006-04-26 16:57:14
132.   be2ween
124 Hey! I just remembered. They're both pretty good with the bat, too!
2006-04-26 16:58:21
133.   Christina
128 You just removed any lingering regret I had over missing tonight's game for the film festival. Thanks.

Which I'm heading off to now - but keep up the innuendo!

2006-04-26 16:58:24
134.   Marty
So Steve was the Mickey Dolenz of the band.
2006-04-26 16:59:19
135.   trainwreck
What film festival?
2006-04-26 16:59:33
136.   Bob Timmermann
Marty, of all people, should know it was Micky (no e) Dolenz.
2006-04-26 16:59:33
137.   Marty
You're welcome. I sometimes have that effect on women :)
2006-04-26 17:00:24
138.   Marty
136 I was thinking, No "e"?, as I hit submit.
2006-04-26 17:00:50
139.   trainwreck
Lingering regret?
2006-04-26 17:00:57
140.   Gen3Blue
Do you get past 3rd base?
Its all been said in "Heaven by the Dashboard Lights", or whatever Meatloaf title.
2006-04-26 17:01:24
141.   Marty
139 No, just happens occasionally.
2006-04-26 17:01:45
142.   underdog
133 the San Fran International.
Fun stuff.

Btw, conjuring up Rick Monday's voice would be even better than the stereotypical "thinking of baseball players" method of... you know... uh, lasting. But I think it would work too well and cause major long-term impotence.

2006-04-26 17:02:01
143.   Vishal
this is the best DT thread ever.
2006-04-26 17:03:10
144.   trainwreck
That does sound sweet, if only I was back home.
2006-04-26 17:04:15
145.   Gen3Blue
Thank God the game is about to begin; its hard to see how this thread could degenerate.
2006-04-26 17:04:19
146.   Daniel Zappala
This thread should now be officially renamed to 'risque business'.
2006-04-26 17:05:43
147.   Steve
All it needs is more degenerates.
2006-04-26 17:06:25
148.   D4P
Who said anything about Ellen?
2006-04-26 17:07:19
149.   Jon Weisman
Wandy Rodriguez is a switch-hitter. And what I mean is, he's a switch-hitter.
2006-04-26 17:08:01
150.   underdog
And his name is Wandy. Now that's comedy!

Unfortunately, he's a good pitcher, too.

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2006-04-26 17:08:13
151.   MollyKnight
I just wanted to say that I love you guys. All those witty jokes about junior higherss OPSing more these days had me in stitches. I needed this humor today. Thank you.
2006-04-26 17:08:44
152.   Gen3Blue
At least in BB you can't go from a tight end to a wide receiver.
2006-04-26 17:09:38
153.   trainwreck
I am convinced Wandy's dad has a problem pronouncing R's.
2006-04-26 17:10:39
154.   Vishal
[102] i don't know too much about isabelle huppert's other work, but DON'T see "the piano teacher". terrible film.
2006-04-26 17:11:30
155.   Vishal
[153] but then he'd be wandy wodwiguez. that wascawy wabbit.
2006-04-26 17:11:48
156.   D4P
Agreed. Was supposed to be good, but was actually horrible.
2006-04-26 17:12:09
157.   Bob Timmermann
Well you threw and we whiffed without taking
but we sent you away, oh Wandy
well you whiffed me and stopped me from walking
We won't beat you today, oh Wandy
2006-04-26 17:12:10
158.   Daniel Zappala
151 Personally, I want my kids staying well below the Mendoza line.
2006-04-26 17:12:48
159.   bonnie
148 I think I did. I was talking about batting for the other team.

How'd this thread get here? I'm blaming Linkmeister and Steve.

2006-04-26 17:13:08
160.   Sam DC
158 Now that's dirty.
2006-04-26 17:13:30
161.   Gen3Blue
Thanks Manlowe makes me hurl.
2006-04-26 17:13:57
162.   D4P
It's all Jon's fault.
2006-04-26 17:14:45
163.   Vishal
[158] well, if they're singles hitters, it's not so bad. and be ready to tag them out in case they try to steal a base. :)
2006-04-26 17:17:04
164.   Marty
I'm watching the Boston-Cleveland game. I love watching a knuckle-ball pitcher, though I'm glad there isn't one on the Dodgers. I had enough roller coaster rides with Candiotti.

No euphemisms were harmed in the previous statement.

2006-04-26 17:18:10
165.   Steve
I'm blaming Linkmeister and Steve.


2006-04-26 17:19:05
166.   Jacob L
I reached a point in my youth where the virtual certainty of being left out on the bases made me not even want to take my turn at bat.

Kind of like Bill Mueller in tonight's lineup.

2006-04-26 17:19:05
167.   Gen3Blue
Holy Cow. Although the announcers said nothing, I swear I just saw George and Martha Bush in the stands. Am I sane?
2006-04-26 17:20:20
168.   Sam DC
Well, who'd a thunk the post Jon penned in May 2004 (and linked in 64) would contain the phrase "J.D. walked". It was an omen, a foreshadowing, a secret message to Paul DePodesta. It was The Weisman Code!
2006-04-26 17:20:41
169.   Curtis Lowe
Nice pitch Odalis.

Perez has now regained first name status.

2006-04-26 17:21:43
170.   Curtis Lowe
167- Barbara Hasn't aged in about 30 yrs.
2006-04-26 17:21:56
171.   Linkmeister
165 Agreed! (It's also amusing if one happens to know, as I do, that my name is also Steve).
2006-04-26 17:22:04
172.   Jacob L
170 That's one way to look at it.
2006-04-26 17:22:07
173.   Gen3Blue
I'll try again and hope it doesn't repeat.
Holy Cow! I swear I just saw George and Martha Bush in the stands. I thought it was a Hul. But then I remembered this was possible. Am I sane?
2006-04-26 17:22:08
174.   trainwreck
I am really sick of these metal detector ads.
2006-04-26 17:22:41
175.   Linkmeister
167 They were, according to Lyons, there last night as well.
2006-04-26 17:24:00
176.   Steve
173 -- It's Barbara Bush (Martha is George Washington's wife -- I'll let someone else do the humor on this one). And they live in Houston and are season ticket holders.
2006-04-26 17:24:02
177.   bonnie
Okay, Steve and Steve!, maybe crediting was a better word.
2006-04-26 17:24:16
178.   Gen3Blue
Thanx and a tip of the hat.
2006-04-26 17:24:17
179.   Jacob L
175 They were on camera constantly last night until round about the 10th, when they apparently left.

You'd think the games were still on Fox or something.

2006-04-26 17:24:53
180.   Linkmeister
177 Two different guys, two different locations, I assure you. ;)
2006-04-26 17:24:53
181.   trainwreck
Fox Sports Net :)
2006-04-26 17:25:51
182.   Uncle Miltie
Lately, I've been like Jose Cruz, I have a pretty good on base percentage, but my slugging percentage is lacking.
2006-04-26 17:26:05
183.   Steve
I'm the slightly unhinged one.
2006-04-26 17:26:33
184.   bonnie
If George I and Barbara are in the stands, can we please not see them on the kiss cam tonight?

Like watching your parents. Not pretty

This is not a political statement

2006-04-26 17:27:05
185.   Jacob L
Now we'll see if my 166 is prophetic.
2006-04-26 17:27:39
186.   Curtis Lowe
Though playing small ball might take longer to score I feel it is more exciting than the long ball.
2006-04-26 17:27:56
187.   Gen3Blue
I guess I knew Martha was wrong, but I thought Barbara was the current Bush. Seriously what is the current first ladies name?
2006-04-26 17:28:42
188.   bonnie
2006-04-26 17:28:54
189.   trainwreck
Do you guys use performance enhancers? You know, aside from the booze.
2006-04-26 17:29:01
190.   Steve
Laura is George W.'s wife. One of the twins is named Barbara after her grandmother.
2006-04-26 17:29:02
191.   Curtis Lowe
187- Mrs. Bush.
2006-04-26 17:29:06
192.   Vishal
[170] she did more than enough aging in the first 60. she's looked ancient forever.

steiner used the phrase "as all get out". i like when people say that.

2006-04-26 17:29:18
193.   Jacob L
186 Which brings up a whole other topic -

We all know what plating a run means. What, exactly, would constitute a big inning. (Slowly answering question in my own head . . .)

2006-04-26 17:29:18
194.   trainwreck
2006-04-26 17:29:34
195.   Gen3Blue
Ah I remember-tell Pickles I miss her.
2006-04-26 17:29:52
196.   Uncle Miltie
From what I've heard, Pat Burrell has a very high slugging percentage off the field too.
2006-04-26 17:30:10
197.   Steve
"Die" "On" "Er"

"Na" "Varr" "O"

2006-04-26 17:30:27
198.   Marty
If Robles gets a run in, I personally retract 128
2006-04-26 17:31:15
199.   Sam DC
So, I'm in a hotel now. There's a minibar. It's cold inside the minibar. There are candy bars there. Fine. But also, there is a can of pringles. I like my pringles just fine. But cold?
2006-04-26 17:31:15
200.   Vishal
[189] i don't need any PEDs. i've always got energy enough for a doubleheader at any given moment. but then i'm only 24.
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2006-04-26 17:32:29
201.   trainwreck
My bat is corked...

I have no idea what that means but it sounds good.

2006-04-26 17:34:26
202.   Uncle Miltie
So why was Preston Wilson swinging 3-0?
2006-04-26 17:34:45
203.   Marty
I'm in a hotel that has a mini-bar-looking thing, but it's empty. The sign says it's a safe and it has a key. So I leave my laptop and Ipod in it. When I get back in the evening and open the door, the laptop and Ipod are REALLY cold.

Also, I may have said this before, but I found out I'm in the room next to the one that Marion Berry was busted in.

2006-04-26 17:35:07
204.   trainwreck
Yeah, good job President. Showing children how to fire automatic fire arms.
2006-04-26 17:35:08
205.   bonnie
199 Ahhh, cold Pringles. It coagulates the grease better so it coats the roof of your mouth. Just say no.
2006-04-26 17:35:26
206.   kegtron

I hope I'm reading that wrong.

2006-04-26 17:35:26
207.   Gen3Blue
Sounds like Bill Clintons Problem (201)
2006-04-26 17:35:33
208.   Curtis Lowe
203- Who is Marion Berry?
2006-04-26 17:36:52
209.   trainwreck
Washington's former crack smoking mayor.
2006-04-26 17:37:15
210.   Steve
208 -- Sam's city councilman
2006-04-26 17:37:25
211.   Jon Weisman
At work yesterday I had to explain who Don Rickles is.
2006-04-26 17:37:31
212.   Greg Brock
It's Barry, not Berry. He was the mayor of D.C. who got caught smoking cocaine with a few, er, shall we say, "ladies of the evening."
2006-04-26 17:37:52
213.   Marty
208 I'm so disappointed in you Curtis.
2006-04-26 17:38:13
214.   Uncle Miltie
200- you're nearing the end of your prime
2006-04-26 17:38:35
215.   Marty
I'm spelling challenged tonight. I knew it was Barry.
2006-04-26 17:38:53
216.   trainwreck
Marty, comment 125 might be a hint that you are honoring Marion's legacy.
2006-04-26 17:38:58
217.   Curtis Lowe
213- Mom?
2006-04-26 17:39:34
218.   underdog
Can someone explained to me why the Dodgers didn't intentionally walk Brad Ausmus? Sigh...
2006-04-26 17:39:39
219.   Marty
I saw Rickles in Vegas in the 70s when I had hair down to my shoulders. He called me "Custer"
2006-04-26 17:39:45
220.   Vishal
[208] smoked crack, got his job back.
2006-04-26 17:39:59
221.   trainwreck
Curtis should change his name to Hung for this thread.
2006-04-26 17:40:10
222.   Steve
By the way Sam, don't know if you are a football fan (I'm not, but...), but Gregg Easterbrook (known to non-New Republic readers as Tuesday Morning Quarterback on ESPN) devotes a portion of his article to trashing the D.C. stadium deal. No real surprise, wondered if you had any thoughts.
2006-04-26 17:40:10
223.   underdog
explain, -ed. I have tense issues, because I'm tense. Or dense. Or something.
2006-04-26 17:40:12
224.   Curtis Lowe
218- Because it was Brad Ausmus.
2006-04-26 17:40:17
225.   Jon Weisman
218 - Because if you're afraid of the No. 8 hitter in the second inning, you might as well give up.
2006-04-26 17:41:12
226.   underdog
Who's batting .333 and is a pretty good hitter against Perez. Pitcher on deck. Oh well.
2006-04-26 17:42:08
227.   underdog
Maybe so, but I call it playing the percentages over being afraid. Just me. But Rick Monday just agreed with me, so... obviously I'm wrong and never mind. ;-)
2006-04-26 17:42:54
228.   Curtis Lowe
Rickles? Barry?

I am not a big follower of modern politics but I did stay at a holiday inn express once.

2006-04-26 17:46:08
229.   trainwreck
I learned about Marion Barry as a child from In Living Color.
2006-04-26 17:47:49
230.   Sam DC
Ahhh, The Night Owl. He's currently our tax-evading city councilman. Crack smoking man of the evening is old old news. But hey, he wore a Nationals cap during the stadium debate -- even as he voted against the stadium (before he voted for it).
2006-04-26 17:48:53
231.   Marty
It's a fine hotel. No reason to think anything illegal may be going on...
2006-04-26 17:49:27
232.   Jon Weisman
227 - There are also the percentages of getting to Lance Berkman sooner? And of maybe having the pitcher leadoff an inning.
2006-04-26 17:50:22
233.   trainwreck
It's not illegal, your'e in Columbia.
2006-04-26 17:52:13
234.   Curtis Lowe
I sadly sense a Nomar DL reappearance soon.
2006-04-26 17:52:35
235.   underdog
True... Maybe I was speaking partially out of frustration. Which has now increased even further after the Dodgers have left two runners stranded for the second time. I'm missing the euphemisms already! (Wait, maybe that was a euphemism.)
2006-04-26 17:53:16
236.   Marty
234 Really? I can't see the game. Does he look like he still has pain in the side?
2006-04-26 17:57:35
237.   thinkblue0
Is anyone else really frustrated over the lack of power in our lineup? Not only do we not even have a 30 HR guy, we only have two guys that are in the 25 HR range (drew, kent). Ned REALLY needs to fix I know some people will take this to mean that I only want power hitters in the lineup which isn't true...we just need a threat of the long ball somewhere in the lineup.


2006-04-26 17:57:58
238.   Curtis Lowe
236- He seems sluggish out of the box.
2006-04-26 17:59:58
239.   Greg Brock
Nice play Cruz. Misplay #2 off the wall for Junior tonight.
2006-04-26 18:00:15
240.   trainwreck
Great relay throw Ramon!
2006-04-26 18:03:07
241.   trainwreck
Kent looks more bored than I am.
2006-04-26 18:04:29
242.   Greg Brock
2006-04-26 18:04:38
243.   trainwreck
I can't say I am dissapointed... Berkman is on my fantasy team.
2006-04-26 18:04:55
244.   Steve
This game carries the dead stench of 2005 with it.
2006-04-26 18:05:20
245.   Greg Brock
Hey ball, don't hit the Direct TV satellite. The MLB package costs too much to lose.
2006-04-26 18:05:44
246.   Sam DC
Wow - that was a dense and interesting read on the stadium. Too frazzled to go over it all but:

1. The tax money point isn't put exactly right -- no general dc funds will be used to fund the ballpark. Only ballpark-specific taxes on sales at the park, sales related to baseball, and a special large-businesses-only ballpark tax (like one used to build the MCI/Verizon center) that would be very hard to pass for a different purpose (e.g. schools) are to be used. So, it's not quite right to say that the taxpayers are just "on the hook" for this project.

2. I think it is quite reasonable to be against cities building stadiums for rich sports teams. And I think rich sports teams could and should build stadiums w/o these subsidies. But it was clear there was no baseball coming to DC w/o building a stadium and I don't think it's crazy for a city to pay that price if it thinks having baseball is beneficial.

3. He is wrong on this: "Citizens Bank Park is larger than the planned Washington Nationals park, sits on similar downtown land bought at similar downtown prices, yet cost taxpayers only about a third as much." The empty industrial sports zone around CBP is nothing like the waterfront land a mile from the national mall that the DC stadium is going up on. True the stadium footprint is an underused industrial area, but the whole surrounding area was already part of a large redevelopment project and this land had already been valued up to prime.

4. He is also not right on road access -- this site is not as good as RFK for drivers, but it is not a hard place to get to. Good surface streets from downtown, a bridge (to be a fancy newly rebuilt one in 10 years) to a main artery from the south, and a freeway from the north.

5. He is exactly right there is not nearly enough parking. This is crazy. They city council says they think developers will fill the gap, because parking will be so profitable in the redeveloped area, but that's not much of an answer. Easy metro access means you don't need as much parking, but they need a lot more.

6. Mostly, I think the deal makes financial sense for me and the district because the stadium is going to anchor a seriously redeveloped residential/commercial area. A lot of this redevelopment was planned already, but this makes the whole neighborhood very hot and vibrant and should reap a good chunk of money for the city in (i) increased property values of nearby residential properties, and (ii) income taxes from a few thousand new residents in the redeveloped area (see for detailed description of the development plans). This of course is separate from the monies generated by actual game-related spending.

7. I don't know what to say about his statements that the ballpark is too expensive and there is graft built in. Seems odd to me. But the ballpark price is high.

2006-04-26 18:06:58
247.   Andrew Shimmin
227- Actually, in order for an IBB to be the better bet in that situation, the OPS difference between Ausmus and the pitcher would have to be greater than .747. So, if I were coming up behind Ausmus, walking him might be playing the percentages. But I wasn't.

That's based on historical run expectancy numbers, so there's wiggle room in it, but even it it's off by half, walking Ausmus would have been a lower percentage move.

2006-04-26 18:12:04
248.   Linkmeister
246 Sam, I missed the link to that story. Can you post it? Thanks.
2006-04-26 18:14:10
249.   Steve
I lived in DC for about nine months, but I'm not very familiar with this area.
2006-04-26 18:14:39
250.   underdog
Oh well, so much for OP giving the bullpen a rest tonight. (Unless he completely gets his act together...)
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-04-26 18:15:11
251.   Sam DC
It's Tuesday Morning Quarterback at --

Need to scroll about halfway down.

2006-04-26 18:16:12
252.   Linkmeister
Ah. I thought it was in the Post. Sorry.
2006-04-26 18:17:16
253.   Vishal
dodgers commentators discussing the marilyn manson, for no particular reason.
2006-04-26 18:19:05
254.   underdog
So... how about that NFL draft huh? Think my Broncos will take a receiver in the first round?

Okay, I'm obviously not caring about tonight's game. Need to head to the film festival.

2006-04-26 18:19:08
255.   Sam DC
249 It really didn't exist other than the historic Navy Yard 5 years ago. Now, a new Fed Ctr and DOT headquarters complex bring lots of folks there during the day, but not so much at night. A massive swath of failed public housing projects has been razed, and some nice mixed market residential is being rebuilt, as well as a new hotel and a bunch of major office buildings. The marines just built a large new bachelors quarters as well. Finally, the ballpark itself is getting an ill-defined "ballpark entertainment district" which I guess will be like a Citywalk thing you walk through from the metro down to the stadium.
2006-04-26 18:23:45
256.   trainwreck
That or a tight end.
2006-04-26 18:25:02
257.   natepurcell
re 254

as much as a mlb draft nerd i am, i am a bigger nfl draft nerd.

2006-04-26 18:25:42
258.   trainwreck
What team do you follow Nate? And who do you want them to draft?
2006-04-26 18:25:55
259.   underdog
256 Yeah, TE will probably come in 2nd or 3rd round though, unless by some miracle they could trade up for Davis, which won't happen. Bet they take one on day 1, at least, though.
2006-04-26 18:26:07
260.   Linkmeister
Ok, I've now read it. Sam's in a better position to comment than I am, but I will say that Easterbrook's been known to get his facts mixed in the past, as I recall, so it's not unlikely that he's got them muddled some this time as well.

That's the old Yards and Docks area? Hmm. From 1965-1968 my Dad worked at what became the Naval Facilities and Engineering Command when the site was laughingly called "yucks and chucks." That's what enabled me to attend the same high school in the suburbs for all four years, unlike most other military kids of the time.

2006-04-26 18:28:17
261.   trainwreck
They tried to trade up for Davis, but the Niners will not budge from their spot because they are taking him for sure. The draft is deep in tight ends. I just hope Mercedes Lewis does not end up on the Broncos. I hated seeing DJ Williams (a guy I have followed since high school because he went to my school's rival) go to the Broncos.
2006-04-26 18:28:29
262.   natepurcell
i cant tell apart lofton's arm from drew's arm.
2006-04-26 18:28:32
263.   underdog
I'm a draftnerd, too, which is different than a draftnik, or a daft nerd.

Argh, another run for the Astros. That's it, I'm officially shutting this off now. Later everyone!

2006-04-26 18:29:34
264.   Bob Timmermann
I used to really like TMQ, but I thought that Easterbrook's return to should have been called Tedious Morning Quarterback.

That whole effort (except for the DC Stadium deal part) was incredibly boring.

2006-04-26 18:29:42
265.   natepurcell
I'm a Vikings fan and I dont want any of the first round QBs. Probably either Ernie Sims or Antonio Cromartie with the 17th.
2006-04-26 18:30:20
266.   underdog
Raiders fan I'm guessing, Train? ;-)

(I think they'll either take Young, or go in a diff. direction and take a DB like Huff if still available.) But yeah, I think Davis is going to the Niners, if they're smart.

2006-04-26 18:30:20
267.   scareduck
In Navarro's case, is "catcher" merely an honorific?
2006-04-26 18:30:21
268.   oldbear
Is Odalis now "taking one for the team"?

He's getting shelled.
Of course, one could also argue that he had no chance tonite with what the Dodgers put in the lineup.

2006-04-26 18:30:34
269.   trainwreck
Jerry Porter just asked to be traded. Please do not make some horrible deal to move up and draft a QB Al.
2006-04-26 18:30:42
270.   Steve
I agree with that. I thought it was kind of stuff that was just saved for the last three months so that he didn't have to work very hard last week.
2006-04-26 18:31:46
271.   oldbear
Maybe Chris Burke should play everyday at SS? Thats a pretty smart move to have him in there and not Adam Everett.
2006-04-26 18:33:49
272.   trainwreck
Oh yeah, I knew your a Vikings fan! Damn memory. I personally like Manny Lawson a lot. He reminds me a lot of Demarcus Ware.

Guilty as charged. Though my patience will be tested once we waste a pick on a QB.

2006-04-26 18:35:46
273.   natepurcell
I like Lawson a lot too and i think he could go 12 to the browns if Ngata doesnt drop. I cant see the vikes investing in lawson though with Udeze and James on the corners, and lacking in talent in other positions.
2006-04-26 18:36:24
274.   Steve
Well, there you go.
2006-04-26 18:36:32
275.   natepurcell
Repko just keeps on truckin'.
2006-04-26 18:37:30
276.   underdog
272 I agree. I can see them taking a QB like Young, but with Brooks and Andrew Walter (Tuiasasopo sucks, by the way) and other holes to fill they'd be smarter taking a blue chipper at another position. I think the Browns take Ngata.

Wasn't I leaving a few mins ago. Okay, for real this time...

2006-04-26 18:37:51
277.   trainwreck
I think Lawson can play linebacker, but he is more suited for a 3-4.
2006-04-26 18:37:53
278.   oldbear
Repko delivers.
2006-04-26 18:38:45
279.   oldbear
Yes, the Chris Burke SS jinks.
2006-04-26 18:40:04
280.   scareduck
I went to Dodger Thoughts and a football draft broke out.
2006-04-26 18:40:10
281.   oldbear
Looked like Wandy was on the ropes. But Drew/Nomar make outs on consecutive pitches.
2006-04-26 18:40:13
282.   trainwreck
Well from almost day 1, I wanted Mario Williams, but he has moved up too high in the draft for the Raiders. Then I wanted Vernon Davis, but that is not happening with the Niners in front of us. So I am hoping for Michael Huff.
2006-04-26 18:40:17
283.   natepurcell
Lawson reminds me alot lof Jason Taylor but more athletic. He is a perfect 3-4 OLB/pass rushing de.

This draft is super deep and im excited. Friday, i am going to make my mock draft, my vikes 5 round mock draft, my top 10 players for each position, anddd buy beer for saturday.

2006-04-26 18:41:21
284.   natepurcell
If Al was smart, he would go defense.

But I think he will go QB lol. Why did Porter request a trade?

2006-04-26 18:44:19
285.   trainwreck
Nice. I got some purple for the occasion :)

The great thing about this draft is that some of the best prospects at their positions in years are all in one draft. Bush is one of the most acclaimed running backs ever. Mario Williams best DE and defensive linemen since Peppers. Ferguson best offensive linemen since Gallery (probably better than him too). Hawk best linebacker prospect since Urlacher. Huff best safety prospect since Roy Williams (he is more complete a player than Williams). And finally Vernon Davis who is probably the best tight end prospect ever.

2006-04-26 18:45:20
286.   trainwreck
I do not why yet, he told Lincoln Kennedy who talked about it on his radio show. Probably because we suck.
2006-04-26 18:45:25
287.   Steve
Isn't it the case that rather than obsessing about how many runners Perez allows to steal (who cares?), our announcers worry that he gave up 17 runs tonight?
2006-04-26 18:46:07
288.   natepurcell
Huff best safety prospect since Roy Williams (he is more complete a player than Williams)

sean taylor!!

2006-04-26 18:47:19
289.   trainwreck
Sean Taylor is awesome on the field, but that guy is literally crazy. When you have the reputation as the worst Miami football player of them all (off the field) you have issues lol.
2006-04-26 18:48:11
290.   micktissue
Hey Skip, I think he's done. There's no gas left in the tank; he's dumped it on the Astros line up.
2006-04-26 18:49:39
291.   Gen3Blue
Even though I keep glancing at my watch I'm not giving up quite yet. OOps ther goes a home run--Repko I think.

Although this pitcher makes our vets look like little leaguers, he's thrown over 80 pitches getting into the fifth. Maybe we can get into their pen and do some damage.

Interesting situation. Repko seems to be about the only player to give us occasional power. I would guess this isn't good, and ask our stats guys how important is power in comparison to BA and OBP.(and speed for that matter). I have never seen this analyzed. We seem to have very little power.
Is this why we often outhit opponents but aren't quite at .500?

2006-04-26 18:51:11
292.   natepurcell
Yea Taylor is a thug but he's an amazing safety.
2006-04-26 18:52:27
293.   trainwreck
I wanted the Raiders to draft Taylor. He would have fit in nicely. But your'e right I should have mentioned him even with the possibility of jail time lol.
2006-04-26 18:54:09
294.   oldbear
Sean Taylor isnt a thug. His father was the Dade County police chief. He's a rich spoiled brat.
2006-04-26 18:54:48
295.   oldbear
Sort of like Marcus Vick.
2006-04-26 18:55:49
296.   natepurcell
you can act like a thug even though you arent from the "hood"
2006-04-26 18:56:24
297.   natepurcell
Thats from my "how to be a thug" handbook.
2006-04-26 18:57:05
298.   Dodgersfan79
hey all, on natepurcell's recommendation I'm new to this site, just thought I'd say what's up.
2006-04-26 18:57:07
299.   trainwreck
Yeah, just go anywhere in the Bay Area and you will find that out haha.
2006-04-26 18:58:02
300.   trainwreck
Hey, how's it going?
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2006-04-26 18:59:29
301.   Dodgersfan79
Good, thanks.
2006-04-26 19:04:18
302.   natepurcell
osoria is a good roogy.
2006-04-26 19:09:43
303.   D4P
FYI: Personal attacks are not allowed on this board. Save that stuff for ESPN.
2006-04-26 19:09:56
304.   natepurcell
Okay I'm curious, if you guys drop an ice cream cone on the ground at DS, would you pick it up before the 5 second rule comes into play and eat it because DS is so clean?

Well... Lyons would...

2006-04-26 19:15:24
305.   trainwreck
Anyone going to Coachella this weekend?
2006-04-26 19:17:01
306.   oldbear
IF you were selecting 1 OF'er for a fantasy team, which would you select: Mark Kotsay, Willy Taveras, or Mike Camerson?
2006-04-26 19:17:07
307.   Dodgersfan79
It depends, what kind of ice cream and how hot is it at Dodger stadium that day...
2006-04-26 19:21:34
308.   Dodgersfan79
306 - those are the only three choices? I guess I'd probably go for Tavares, hoping for a lot of runs scored and a few stolen bases. I figure him the most likely to stay healthy out of that bunch.
2006-04-26 19:21:35
309.   natepurcell
Coachella is wayyy to expensive for me.
2006-04-26 19:26:26
310.   oldbear
Brett Tomko, great for the clubhouse:

*Pitcher Brett Tomko was working on one of his latest art projects in the clubhouse before the game, a charcoal drawing of one of pitcher Brad Penny's racehorses.

It is a stunning rendition from a photograph, and several teammates gathered around to watch him work on it. A popular figure in the clubhouse, Tomko has another drawing of Penny's horses to work on and then has promised to do one of Little's two grandchildren, Braden, 6, and Luke, 2, for his next work.

Tomko, who had a one-man showing of his art in San Francisco two years ago, hopes to do the artwork full-time after his baseball career is over.*

2006-04-26 19:27:58
311.   natepurcell
Brett Tomko probably switch hits.
2006-04-26 19:28:11
312.   D4P
Tomko, who had a one-man showing of his art in San Francisco two years ago, hopes to do the artwork full-time after his baseball career is over.

That may be sooner rather than later...

2006-04-26 19:32:17
313.   scareduck
312 - your keyboard to Colletti's cellphone...
2006-04-26 19:33:15
314.   trainwreck
I was going to go to Coachella, but then I found out it was during draft weekend. So I have to stay home and torture myself, by watching the Raiders draft.
2006-04-26 19:33:17
315.   trainwreck
I was going to go to Coachella, but then I found out it was during draft weekend. So I have to stay home and torture myself, by watching the Raiders draft.
2006-04-26 19:33:33
316.   Andrew Shimmin
Is he going to put Penny in the picture, standing next to the horse in a French soldier's uniform?
2006-04-26 19:36:00
317.   trainwreck
So who's head is Penny going to have to dispose of?
2006-04-26 19:36:18
318.   trainwreck
Please be Flander's.
2006-04-26 19:36:42
319.   Scanman33
315- Want tourture? Try watching the Browns pick...early...every year...and puke it.
2006-04-26 19:37:40
320.   trainwreck
At least you have a plan now and direction with Savage and Crennel. I don't think the Raiders have ever had a plan.
2006-04-26 19:38:44
321.   natepurcell
Scan, i think the browns will do it right under Savage and Crennel. Who do you want this year?
2006-04-26 19:38:49
322.   Scanman33
320-They've had a plan:

Cue Al Davis "Go vertical"

2006-04-26 19:43:09
323.   trainwreck
Yet, we will draft Leinart or something stupid like that. And the only recent success we have had, is when we went with the West Coast Offense.
2006-04-26 19:44:12
324.   Vishal
phil garner must be some kind of idiot if he can't find a way to get chris burke into the lineup. why can't he play over adam everett?? everett sucks.
2006-04-26 19:45:10
325.   Gen3Blue
I guess Kent, Furcal and Loften are being rested on night games following night games.

Actually, Houston may prove to be one of the best this year,and it may not be awful to drop a series to them at home.

2006-04-26 19:47:40
326.   Scanman33
326-Carter needs to be rested on days that end with 'y'.
2006-04-26 19:48:42
327.   Dodgersfan79
Come on Scan! Carter pitched two scoreless innings last night, he's heating up!
2006-04-26 19:49:02
328.   trainwreck
Steve Nash does not miss!
2006-04-26 19:49:43
329.   Underbruin
319 - Rather be a Browns fan than a Lions fan. How many receivers do you think they'll take in this year's draft? 4? 5?

I set the over/under on 3. =P

2006-04-26 19:50:08
330.   Gen3Blue
Could some scout have mistaken "excellent picture" for "excellent pitcher"?
2006-04-26 19:51:21
331.   Bob Timmermann
With a Houston win and a Chicago loss, the Astros would have the best record in baseball.

The Pirates have taken over the worst record.

2006-04-26 19:52:31
332.   trainwreck
Kwame the BEAST!
2006-04-26 19:55:15
333.   Gen3Blue
Back to Belisarius.
2006-04-26 19:58:05
334.   Gen3Blue
Ohh, for a moment I thought this was our old PAstacio!
2006-04-26 19:58:49
335.   Bob Timmermann
The Yankees have picked up their 14th walk of the night in the 10th inning.

They are losing 4-2 with 2 outs to Tampa Bay.

2006-04-26 20:01:06
336.   Vishal
gigantor struck out four batters in a single inning today.
2006-04-26 20:02:28
337.   natepurcell
what is with the obsession of gigantor? is it because hes almost 7 foot, or is it because he has steve nash hippie hair?
2006-04-26 20:04:48
338.   natepurcell
dah! how is steve nash so good!!?!?
2006-04-26 20:06:52
339.   trainwreck
He's Canadian duh.
2006-04-26 20:08:59
340.   D4P
I remember when Nash used to dominate Oregon when he played for Santa Clara. It was embarrassing back then, but makes a lot of sense now.
2006-04-26 20:10:40
341.   trainwreck
Why do the Suns have to shoot so well? This is not how the new NBA is.
2006-04-26 20:13:37
342.   trainwreck
I am refusing to see M:I:3 in theatres.
2006-04-26 20:15:42
343.   Bob Timmermann

That'll show 'em!

2006-04-26 20:16:42
344.   trainwreck
2006-04-26 20:17:24
345.   fanerman
Lakers fans... Forum Blue and Gold (see Jon's sidebar) is having a Dodgers Thoughts-style gamechat. Just letting you all know.
2006-04-26 20:17:44
346.   fanerman
342 - So is there a possibility you'll see it on DVD?
2006-04-26 20:19:24
347.   Bob Timmermann
They aren't releasing details of the plot of the "Mission: Impossible 3". Because you know, the first two had such easy to follow and sensical plots.
2006-04-26 20:20:02
348.   trainwreck
When it hits HBO/Cinemax or never. Depends on what other people say, I guess.
2006-04-26 20:21:45
349.   trainwreck
From the commercial it sounds like Phillip Seymour Hoffman (an arms dealer) implants him with something and makes him do his bidding. He has to save his girlfriend too.
2006-04-26 20:21:52
350.   Vishal
[337] i think it's partly his freakish stature, and partly his catchy nickname.
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2006-04-26 20:23:03
351.   Andrew Shimmin
People who've seen the first two Missions Impossible should be ashamed of themselves. If you people stopped incentivizing bad movies, there wouldn't be so many.
2006-04-26 20:27:39
352.   D4P
If you people stopped incentivizing bad movies, there wouldn't be so many.

Same goes for just about everything, not just movies.

2006-04-26 20:35:59
353.   Andrew Shimmin
352- Think globally, act locally, right?
2006-04-26 20:38:27
354.   D4P
Exactly. Just don't let Steve hear you spouting that Democrat talk...
2006-04-26 20:47:32
355.   Steve
I just think gigantor is a better pitcher than billy traber
2006-04-26 20:48:08
356.   Steve
I just think gigantor is a better pitcher than billy traber
2006-04-26 20:49:10
357.   Sam DC
Also, Gigantor actually pitches pretty well.
2006-04-26 20:49:31
358.   natepurcell
I just think [Mark Grace] is a better pitcher than [Lance Carter]
2006-04-26 20:49:41
359.   Steve
So there
2006-04-26 20:49:56
360.   Sam DC

Like Steve said.

Like Steve said.

2006-04-26 20:53:31
361.   Sam DC
It's really not fair -- I leave gameday on, I go out, I come back long after the game must be over, the Dodgers are shown as having what must be the last at bat, there is a long bright blue run-scoring play description visible from far off as I walk over to the computer and yet the Dodgers did not win. grumble.
2006-04-26 20:55:45
362.   Bob Timmermann
It could have been worse. You could have watched the Yankees pick up 14 walks and score 2 runs and lose.
2006-04-26 20:59:54
363.   D4P
More evidence that The Oakland Thing just doesn't work.
2006-04-26 21:16:07
364.   natepurcell
hahaha this probably one of the funniest posts ive read in a long time.

its about Delmon Young and his bat throwing at ump incident, taken from the primer thread:

20-30 Games? You must be kidding me. That is WAYYY to harsh given the precedent for suspensions handed to pro-athletes who assault officials.

At the Saturday Night Main Event where Andre the Giant "won" the WWF crown from Hulk Hogan on account of Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase hiring an "imposter" referee to administer a "quick" 3-count Hogan became infuriated, body-slamming both the "imposter" referee (Earl Hebner) and the real referee (Dave Hebner). WWF President Jack Tunney did not suspend Hogan for a Single match, and even went as far as to declare the WWF HEavyweight Title Vacant (in effect rewarding HOgan for his actions.) Why the disparate treatment between HOgan and Delmon Young?

Perhaps it is because Young is African American and Hogan is white? Perhaps it is because Hogan is a career babyface (with the exception of his NWO heel-turn in the WCW) while Delmon Young has a reputation for getting a lot of heel heat between the lines. Either way, I think that athletes should be treated equally for their respective offenses. If justic is not fairly administered to Delmon Young, then I am fearful that both the sport of baseball and the sport of Wrestling will suffer a signifigant blow to their reputation, dignity and prestige.

2006-04-26 21:21:04
365.   D4P
Hogan became infuriated, body-slamming both the "imposter" referee (Earl Hebner) and the real referee (Dave Hebner).

Did the Hulkster follow that up with a few signature leg-drops?

2006-04-26 21:34:50
366.   natepurcell
this is how you make sure you have a clear path to rush the mound.

2006-04-26 21:42:02
367.   Andrew Shimmin
366- His opening salvo was brilliant, but he clearly had no exit strategy.
2006-04-26 22:06:17
368.   Steve
I still think Gigantor is a better pitcher than Billy Traber.
2006-04-26 22:08:24
369.   Daniel Zappala
351 People who've seen the first two Missions Impossible should be ashamed of themselves.

I am not ashamed. Mission Impossible II was directed by John Woo. No excuses necessary to see any of his films.

2006-04-26 22:10:04
370.   joekings
369 - What's with all the doves in his movies?
2006-04-26 22:11:50
371.   Steve
By the way, why don't the guys at TV Land get their duffs off the couch, skip the 9999th rerun of The Munsters, and get themselves the rights to Mission Impossible reruns? Geez. Mr. Variety Writer, can you do something about this?
2006-04-26 22:15:40
372.   Steve
Boy, Pittsburgh is really getting The Jim Tracy Experience:

"The Pirates have toyed in recent days with the idea of bumping Jack Wilson up to the leadoff spot, but manager Jim Tracy sounded reluctant to do it, if only because Wilson has been so effective at No. 2.

"The most viable option we have is the guy hitting second," Tracy said. "But when you've spent so much time in the offseason and spring training, laying out what you want him to do as a No. 2 hitter, and then he fulfills that stuff to a T ... to ask him, after all he's done, to move to a different spot and then see his statistics start to come down ... how are you feeling about that?"

The leadoff spot could not be much less productive than it has been: The Pirates are batting .193 and have an on-base percentage of .248 that ranks last in the National League."

It's an exquisite misery.

2006-04-26 22:21:27
373.   trainwreck
Cartman is so hardcore!
2006-04-26 22:21:44
374.   Daniel Zappala
370 The doves are his trademark. I'll let Woo explain it, from a quote in Premiere magazine:

"I love doves. I am a Christian. Doves represent the purity of love, beauty. They're spiritual. Also the dove is a messenger between people and God... When I shot The Killer, these two men, the killer and the cop, they work in different ways, but their souls are pure, because they do the right thing. In the church scene, I wanted to bring them together. I wanted to use a metaphor of the heart. I came up with doves —they're white. When the men die, I cut to the dove flying —it's the soul, rescued and safe and also pure of heart. So the dove became one of my habits: I used it in Hard Boiled, Face/Off, and in Mission: Impossible II".

2006-04-26 22:29:58
375.   joekings
374 - Well that explains it, those last three are the only movies of his I've seen.
2006-04-26 22:36:16
376.   Jon Weisman
371 - The programmers at TV Land have been a mystery to me for a while now.

I'm surprised KDOC doesn't show Graves and Bain. Heck, they got my niece and nephew hooked on Ellery Queen.

2006-04-26 22:36:28
377.   regfairfield
How do you access the free this month? I want to see Delmon's bat throwing incident.
2006-04-26 22:45:19
378.   Kayaker7
372 Gosh...I really miss Tracyball.


2006-04-26 22:47:15
379.   Kayaker7
BTW, why does Mueller sound like "Miller?" Sorry if this has already been discussed.
2006-04-26 22:55:29
380.   das411
373 - I was watchin "Boston Legal" with a friend last night and she said that Shatner looked oddly like Jabba the Hutt during that episode.

Then she saw tonight's "South Park." And took back the harsh words aboot Shatner.

2006-04-26 23:05:45
381.   Bob Timmermann
KDOC is in the throes of the Lynda Day George era of "Mission: Impossible". It's not pretty.

The plot holes make "24" seem tightly written.

2006-04-26 23:07:17
382.   Sospiro0
The Killers is one of the better 1980's violent action movie genre films.

The Dove at the end of Blade Runner is a little more subtle than the million and one doves Woo uses at the end of the Killers. I know I keep a stash of doves in my house when playing Grand Theft Auto......

2006-04-26 23:07:34
383.   Sospiro0
...just in case the mood strikes me.
2006-04-26 23:07:35
384.   Bob Timmermann

I will give a half-hearted explanation of the pronunciation of "Mueller" on May 4 on the Griddle.

The short answer is: that's just the way his family chose to pronounce it.

Why does Matt Diaz pronounce his last name "Die-Ahz" and not "Dee-ahz"?

2006-04-26 23:08:49
385.   LAT
Missed the game and the thread tonight but it looks like the thread was better (usually is).

As for MI:III, was it here that someone posted a reveiw from the New Yorker that ended "MI:III=NFG." In any event, I will not see it in a theater or anywhere else. I can't stand Tom Cruise (I may have mentioned that once or twice before). Hate him more than any other actor in Hollywood. Only actor I boycott and the only boycott I have actually stuck to.

As for the Raider fans, maybe someone can answer a questions for me. About a month ago I was on a Southwest flight from LA to Oak. I was one of the first people to board but sitting in the first row was Al Davis with and attendent. He was in bad shape. He had bandages all over his face, he was on a walker, he had no voice, and kept falling asleep. I sat in the row across from him. It would be hard to believe the guy I saw runs the Raiders on a daily basis. Did something happen to him? Illness or accident perhaps? I searched the net but found nothing.

2006-04-26 23:09:46
386.   Sospiro0
Tom Cruise: "You don't know the history of pyschology. I do."
2006-04-26 23:50:40
387.   trainwreck
My friend's dad is the head of ABC News in the Bay Area and he says the rumor was Al Davis had major surgery and they thought he was going to die and they had a press release ready and they made everyone at the hospital sign contracts promising not to say anything.
2006-04-26 23:52:41
388.   Bob Timmermann
If Al Davis were deathly ill, why would he be flying Southwest? Wouldn't he be taking a private plane? I would think he could afford it.
2006-04-27 00:33:22
389.   LAT
388. Bob, funny you say that I thought the same thing. Al clearly was privately boarded before anyone else. I was the first guy in the "A" line. Over in the "C" line was Mayor Jerry Brown with a couple of aides. They were fairly conspicious with their cell phones and brief cases. I remember being impressed that they did not pull rank and pre-board or cut into the "A" line. They waited like everyone else in the "C" line.

In any event, I was sitting across from Al when Mayor Brown boards the plane he immediatly recognizes Al and stops to say hello. Al says "Hey Mayor what are you doing on this plane." Brown says "I gotta get home too." Al says, "Yeah but Southwest, I thought you'd catch a ride." Brown looked embarassed and said "Well what about you?" Al laughed and said "I know." The line of people boarding was backing up and Brown had continue down the asile but both were surprised to see the other on a commercial flight during the middle of the day.

I was impressed that Brown had a box of documents which he carried himself instead of giving to one of his aides. The box looked heavy, too.

My favorite moment was when a large middle aged black woman wearing a Raiders tee shirt boarded. She had to stop and wait for a second and Al says to her "I like your shirt." She says, "thanks" a little dismissavly and he says "No I really like your tee shirt." She looked at him like he was a freak and had no idea who he was. A couple people around us chuckled.

I was shocked how many people did recognize him and stop to wish hime well. He was a far bigger celeb that our former Linda Ronstat dating Gov.

(sorry for the typos but written in the dark)

2006-04-27 00:42:11
390.   GoBears
389. Great story, LAT. Thanks for sharing it.

Don't know if anyone else mentioned this, but Will Carrol (Under the Knife on BP) reports that Cesar suffered a big setback in his rehab. He wonders if it might not just be a case of CF-itis, but anyway says no Cesar before mid-June.

2006-04-27 00:57:29
391.   capdodger
388 - Have you looked at the price of AV-Gas recently? Better to let SW do the flying because of their fuel hedges.
2006-04-27 04:50:51
392.   Marty
Rich people can sometimes be weirdly cheap. I remember that the guy who owned the computer system company that about half the newspapers in the country used to produce their papers would room with another employee on road trips and insisted on taking MTA buses when he was in L.A.

He also made a vanity run for President in 1988. Got about 20 votes in the New Hampshire primary.

2006-04-27 05:10:55
393.   Marty
I don't know if this was brought up before but the guy who looked to be the next USC quarterback, Mark Sanchez, was arrested for sexual assault. I don't think they'll be making any title runs for awhile.
2006-04-27 07:40:57
394.   Daniel Zappala
I keep hearing nonsense that Kobe is selfish and doesn't make his teammates better like LeBron or Jordan. Those people ought to watch last night's game. Kobe can basically do what he wants whenever he wants in whatever style he chooses. If he feels his teammates can't get the win, he will try to take over the game himself. Jordan did this too. Some may argue Kobe tries this too much, but don't tell me he can't make his teammates better, that he simply doesn't have that ability, because he can and does.
2006-04-27 07:45:52
395.   LAT
393, Hey Marty was his sexual assault arrest for "beating Booty."

Sorry, bad pun I couldn't pass up.

2006-04-27 07:48:04
396.   LAT
387. Trainwreck, thanks for the response. The way he looked it wouldn't surprise me at all if that were all true.

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