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April 29 Open Chat
2006-04-29 17:35
by Jon Weisman
Comments (165)
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2006-04-29 17:57:51
1.   Suffering Bruin
I was at game four of the '81 World Series with my brother and two friends (rich guys who had the tix). One of the friends was pretty loud before the game while the Dodgers were warming up, begging for a baseball. It was good-natured enough but he was getting on people's nerves. Steve Howe stopped running in the outfield and turned toward us--he must've been about 30-35 yards away. Howe shouts, "If I give you a ball, will you sit down?" Our friend says yeah and Howe throws a perfect strike, right into the guys hands. From that moment on, we agreed to send positive energy to Howe throughout game 4 of the '81 World Series. Check the stats... I think you'll agree the positive vibes worked.

Another Howe story: During my broadcasting days in Alaska, we had a relief pitcher named Darrin Garrick. He was our closer and we found ourselves sitting next to each other on a plane. Garrick had a lot of Steve Howe stories--the two were friends--but what Garrick raved most about was Howe's arm. "Unbelieveable... three pitches and he was warm."

I never stopped cheering for Steve Howe. I always wanted the best for him and I wasn't alone.

2006-04-29 17:59:26
2.   xaphor
Pre-Game entertainment from Coachella:

My Morning Jacket is up now and I seem to recall a few posters spoke fondly of them.

2006-04-29 18:02:52
3.   Kayaker7
A JT Thought:

2006 Freddy Sanchez = 2005 Antonio Perez?

2006-04-29 18:04:50
4.   Telemachos
"I've done everything I possibly can to keep Freddy involved, and he has responded big-time. You have to get Freddy at-bats, but you also have to give those other guys a chance to jump-start themselves."

Tracy paused.

"And," he said, "you also have to consider that maybe Freddy is thriving the way he's thriving because of the niche he has."


Oh my.

2006-04-29 18:16:41
5.   xaphor
1 Reminds me of early in '04 when I got last minute seats right by the bullpen. One individual who seemed a little slow on the uptake would holler out Lima Time repeatedly. Before the game, during the game, and especially whenever Lima fidgeted in his chair. Someone eventually decided to throw this guy a ball, but missed him by a mile. Three more attempts and he was sufficiently placated. He must have given off a lot of positive Lima energy that year.
2006-04-29 18:22:04
6.   xaphor
Tracy works under the idea that he performs the best when he isn't managing. Naturally he assumes players respond in the same way.
2006-04-29 18:30:59
7.   Icaros

I love My Morning Jacket, and I hate most things.

2006-04-29 18:32:07
8.   Uncle Miltie
Why is Kent still hitting cleanup? He's arguably the worst hitter in the lineup at this time. Cruz is in a slump, so I probably would have played Repko. Navarro is beginning to heat up. Will Tomko give up any home runs at Petco at night?
2006-04-29 18:32:10
9.   be2ween
4 I sure don't miss that.
I would Tony LaRussa answer a similar question?

Charley Steiner is on the air. Go Blue!

2006-04-29 18:34:09
10.   Suffering Bruin
4 LOL. That is priceless.
2006-04-29 18:35:59
11.   Nagman
8 At least Mark Bellhorn is not our cleanup hitter.
2006-04-29 18:36:55
12.   Icaros

Things have come a long way now that I'm actively rooting for Repko to be in the lineup.

2006-04-29 18:39:46
13.   be2ween
1 Great story.

Speaking of rich guys w/ tix...
I got a pair for the upcoming Businessman's Special on May 11. My folks are DRIVING out from Iowa next month and this will be the only game they can make. Here's my quality problem: I thought my friend had a four-pack of tix for us, but it's only a pair. Any suggestions on the best way for me to trade these in? They are season tix, so I think the Ravine ticket window is not an option???
Thank you, DT.
"Beat S D!"
"Beat S D!"

2006-04-29 18:43:20
14.   Linkmeister
Pre-game humor from The Onion:

Snagged from Bat-girl's Twins blog.

2006-04-29 19:05:14
15.   bigcpa
Attention Tyler Walker fans- his second appearance as Rays closer with a 6-5 9th inning lead:

Youkilis singled to left center
Loretta walked
Ortiz walked
Ramirez struck out swinging (9 pitches)
Nixon walked, Harris scored
Varitek singled to right, Loretta scored
Dan Miceli relieved Tyler Walker
Lowell hit sacrifice fly to left, Ortiz scored
Pena singled to center, Nixon scored
Gonzalez flied out to center

2006-04-29 19:13:56
16.   Steve
12 - you want this, I want this, the dodgertalk halfwits want this - what in the world is the holdup?
2006-04-29 19:19:11
17.   Steve
That'll show 'em
2006-04-29 19:20:34
18.   Linkmeister
Goodness gracious. The usual customers must have other things to do this evening. The Dodgers have played a full inning, Tomko's given up a long fly ball, and yet no one's been here to mention this game?

Quoting my favorite cat litter commercial: "Where'd everybody go?"

2006-04-29 19:22:50
19.   Curtis Lowe
Nomar Walks?
2006-04-29 19:35:09
20.   Curtis Lowe
Dioner should play like this all season.
2006-04-29 19:35:46
21.   Curtis Lowe
Nice bunt by Tomko.
2006-04-29 19:36:55
22.   Steve
During my broadcasting days in Alaska

I realized that you had broadcasting days, but not in Alaska. There has to be a book in that.

2006-04-29 19:37:29
23.   Marty
At least Furcal hit it hard from the left side. Maybe his hand is feeling better.
2006-04-29 19:44:46
24.   Vishal
i don't want to jinx it, but tomko doesn't look crappy tonight.
2006-04-29 19:45:09
25.   Vishal
[knock on wood]
2006-04-29 19:49:06
26.   Marty
Except maybe RFK, Petco has to be the best stadium for Tomko.
2006-04-29 19:49:43
27.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-29 19:50:05
28.   Marty
2006-04-29 19:50:20
29.   King of the Hobos
Only 7 homers left for Nomar, but he also has 95 RBIs left
2006-04-29 19:50:25
30.   Vishal
nomah! i think he's on pace for more than 9 now...
2006-04-29 19:51:07
31.   Marty
He killed the rally though.
2006-04-29 19:51:15
32.   Steve
Hasn't Nomar heard of rationing? We're going to need some of these in the dog days of August!
2006-04-29 19:51:37
33.   Vishal
hahah! i LOVE how loud the "let's go dod-gers" chant is at petco.
2006-04-29 19:51:42
34.   scareduck
24 - I think damn near anybody can be good in that cavernous, dank place. Hell of a pitcher's park.
2006-04-29 19:51:44
35.   natepurcell
7 more!
2006-04-29 19:52:58
36.   Curtis Lowe
Nomar only needs 12 more home runs before Monday to tie Pujols.
2006-04-29 19:53:12
37.   Vishal
[34] san diego has a pitcher's lineup too, if you know what i mean ;)

didn't they move the fences in this offseason though? certainly that must help somewhat.

2006-04-29 19:53:41
38.   Steve
34 -- I think this year, the Padres lineup makes Petco a pitchers' park.
2006-04-29 19:55:12
39.   Vishal
to be fair though, pujols has had a bit of a head start on nomar. in the past week, pujols has only hit 1 more homer than nomar has.
2006-04-29 19:56:39
40.   scareduck
Well that certainly could have gone better.
2006-04-29 19:57:22
41.   Vishal
ugh. either furcal should have gotten that, because it should've been within his reach, or if he got called off by cruz, then cruz needs to be sure he can get to it before opening his mouth.
2006-04-29 19:57:49
42.   Curtis Lowe
That ball sure looked pretty hanging in the dusky sky.
2006-04-29 19:58:33
43.   Marty
Tough play, but it looked like JD misjudged that.
2006-04-29 19:58:45
44.   Curtis Lowe
ugly ugly ugly.
2006-04-29 19:59:05
45.   scareduck
No pitcher's park will help you if you leave meatballs thigh-high over the plate.
2006-04-29 19:59:11
46.   Steve
But we must never forget, to paraphrase John Marshall, that this is Brett Tomko on whom we are expounding
2006-04-29 19:59:28
47.   Marty
Vishal is to blame for this :)
2006-04-29 20:00:11
48.   scareduck
47 - ???
2006-04-29 20:00:52
49.   Curtis Lowe
Furcal is insistent on making his signing a bad move.
2006-04-29 20:01:07
50.   natepurcell
will drew get his strong arm back?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-04-29 20:01:13
51.   Marty
48 see 24
2006-04-29 20:01:17
52.   Vishal
i liked that description of furcal's throw: "you could've hung laundry on that"
2006-04-29 20:01:52
53.   Curtis Lowe
I have a feeling Drew is going to 1up Bellhorn by hitting a Homerun.
2006-04-29 20:02:01
54.   Vishal
hey, i knocked on wood!! what else do ya want me to do?
2006-04-29 20:02:34
55.   Curtis Lowe
54- Kick a goat?
2006-04-29 20:02:48
56.   scareduck
51 - ah. Clearly, then.
2006-04-29 20:03:01
57.   Uncle Miltie
50- I heard that he wasn't throwing like he normally does because of the shoulder surgery he had in the offseason. How weak has his arm looked? He should get his strength back in his arm mid to late season and definitely by next year.
2006-04-29 20:03:39
58.   Steve
54 -- time for cat burnishing
2006-04-29 20:03:43
59.   Vishal
[50] his arm was irrelevant on that play. that was hit almost out to the warning track deep in the power alley, and drew had to make the catch on the run. there was no chance of getting bellhorn.
2006-04-29 20:03:43
60.   Curtis Lowe
I saw the ugliest animal today. It looked like a cross between an ugly goat an a deformed llama.
2006-04-29 20:06:05
61.   Vishal
goats are mighty ornery. i'd rather leave them well enough alone.
2006-04-29 20:12:02
62.   Curtis Lowe
Cora woulda had that.
2006-04-29 20:13:12
63.   Marty
Who is this Cora you speak of?
2006-04-29 20:14:36
64.   Curtis Lowe
Iron Chef Kat Cora. She not only is a master of greek cuisine, she is also a formidable defensive infielder.
2006-04-29 20:16:41
65.   D4P
Good news for Project GRITLE:

"During the Freeway Series [March 31-April 2 against the Angels], they asked if anyone had any catching experienced, and I hadn't, but I said I was willing, then I never heard about it again," Repko said. "Until [Friday]."

The 14-inning game in Houston on Tuesday night put the emergency catcher back on the Dodgers' radar. In that game, starter Dioner Navarro left for a pinch-hitter in the top of the eighth inning and Sandy Alomar caught the final seven innings with nobody available to take over if he went down.

So, Repko was asked to catch an occasional bullpen session to get familiar with the job. His debut was on Saturday with Brad Penny on the mound.

2006-04-29 20:17:57
66.   Curtis Lowe
65- He has a strong arm and loves to chase the ball.
2006-04-29 20:19:39
67.   Curtis Lowe
Who wore #6 on the Padres?
2006-04-29 20:19:55
68.   Marty
Wow! JD didn't misjudge that one.
2006-04-29 20:20:16
69.   Vishal
NICE catch by drew.
2006-04-29 20:20:27
70.   Vishal
[67] garvey.
2006-04-29 20:20:40
71.   Curtis Lowe
DREW DREW DREW please be more careful next time. I don't like it when you are hurt. The fence is very dangerous please do not bump into it again.
2006-04-29 20:21:08
72.   Curtis Lowe
70- Thank you.
2006-04-29 20:21:15
73.   natepurcell
wow, Kaman showing some fire there.
2006-04-29 20:21:53
74.   scareduck
Brett Tomko thanks the Pacific Ocean and the Padres' reticence to move the fences in at that exact part of the park.
2006-04-29 20:22:55
75.   natepurcell
can someone describe the drew catch?
2006-04-29 20:23:30
76.   natepurcell
hahahahaa, evans goosed kaman and kaman isnt a switch hitter.
2006-04-29 20:23:42
77.   D4P
Why do pitchers walk Furcal so often? Throw the guy strikes: he can't hit them.
2006-04-29 20:24:56
78.   Vishal
he caught it running full speed at the warning track and then slickly did a spinning bounce off the fence while hanging onto the ball.
2006-04-29 20:25:40
79.   Curtis Lowe
Hensley has a pretty good move to first.
2006-04-29 20:25:55
80.   natepurcell
Did you guys see the little exchange between Kaman and Reggie Evans?
2006-04-29 20:27:12
81.   Curtis Lowe
75,78- But Bellhorns triple that he missed caused him to bounce into the TV wall. So that's 2 bounces into the wall by Drew this game. Very worrisome.
2006-04-29 20:27:31
82.   bigcpa
75 Drew was playing Giles in straightaway RF. Ball was hit to the 402 sign in deep right center. Drew in a dead run 120 feet to the ball, caught it upright but fully extending his glove with his back to home plate. He had one more step before rolling across the CF fence with Lofton there to catch him. Just a breathtaking catch showcasing his crazy range.
2006-04-29 20:28:24
83.   Curtis Lowe
82- awesome description.
2006-04-29 20:28:38
84.   Vishal
this is awesome; the clippers are scoring seemingly at will.
2006-04-29 20:29:46
85.   Steve
Drew made that look extremely easy. Please leave Hensley in as long as possible.
2006-04-29 20:30:10
86.   Curtis Lowe
DREW DREW DREW, knarly buddy.
2006-04-29 20:30:47
87.   Steve
There you go Brucey. He got an out. He's still got it. Leave him in.
2006-04-29 20:30:51
88.   Curtis Lowe
Kent is good for Sac Flies.
2006-04-29 20:31:15
89.   Uncle Miltie
Yup, Evans tried to grab Kaman's junk. Then Brent Musburger actually said something funny.

"Kaman needed an IV, not a Proctologist"

2006-04-29 20:31:50
90.   Vishal
[82] just had to show me up, eh? just because i'm watching two games and kept my description brief...
2006-04-29 20:32:11
91.   Marty
I love watching Drew's ABs.
2006-04-29 20:32:30
92.   Steve
That's what we're talking about. Rationing.
2006-04-29 20:39:49
93.   Curtis Lowe
Mueller was safe.
2006-04-29 20:39:50
94.   Vishal
that khalil greene is a good shortstop.
2006-04-29 20:43:03
95.   Curtis Lowe
Can I call Saito "Sammy the Bull"?
2006-04-29 20:48:05
96.   Steve
Hey, don't get in a hurry or anything over there, Shortstop Guy
2006-04-29 20:56:11
97.   Curtis Lowe
Lofton lights another fire
2006-04-29 20:56:26
98.   D4P
Again I say: walking Furcal is ridiculous.
2006-04-29 20:57:04
99.   scareduck
Adrian Gonzalez, stealth employee of the Los Angeles Dodgers Professional Baseball Club, Inc.
2006-04-29 20:57:52
100.   Steve
No way he was out. What nonsense.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-04-29 20:58:08
101.   Curtis Lowe
1st base ump is Blind!
2006-04-29 20:58:22
102.   Steve
Slow motion confirms it, not that one would have needed it.
2006-04-29 20:59:18
103.   D4P
Nevertheless, a Productive Out.
2006-04-29 20:59:19
104.   Curtis Lowe
102-Reality detracts from the baseball experience.
2006-04-29 20:59:53
105.   Steve
Umpires detract from the baseball experience.
2006-04-29 20:59:55
106.   Curtis Lowe
Load em up for Nomar, he hasn't had a grand slam since his first at bat.

5 days ago.

2006-04-29 21:00:01
107.   D4P
Walking Kent to face Nomar...?
2006-04-29 21:00:15
108.   Steve
No more rationing, Nomar.
2006-04-29 21:00:49
109.   Uncle Miltie
Intentionally walking Kent to get to Nomar.

Thank you Padres.

2006-04-29 21:01:59
110.   Steve
Dave Roberts has to shot put the ball just to lob it to second on a bounce.
2006-04-29 21:03:07
111.   Curtis Lowe
Padres suck chant at Petco.


2006-04-29 21:03:20
112.   D4P
Whatever works.
2006-04-29 21:03:55
113.   Purple Hippopotamus
Classy chants at Petco tonight.
2006-04-29 21:05:35
114.   scareduck
110 - what's funnier, his tepid arm or his geriatric bat?
2006-04-29 21:06:18
115.   Curtis Lowe
"Sa" "i" "to"

"Sa" "i" "to"

2006-04-29 21:07:31
116.   kngoworld
114 - The fact he is a starter!
2006-04-29 21:09:43
117.   Curtis Lowe
Why is Japan considered far east from California when you fly west to get there?
2006-04-29 21:11:53
118.   D4P
Why is Northwestern University in Illinois?
2006-04-29 21:12:50
119.   Curtis Lowe
118- if 7/11 is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week why do they have locks on their doors?
2006-04-29 21:14:39
120.   D4P
And why is it called 7/11 instead of 24/7?
2006-04-29 21:15:44
121.   xaphor
119 April 1992
2006-04-29 21:16:37
122.   Curtis Lowe
in Fullerton,CA off of Euclid there is a generic liquor store named 6/12
2006-04-29 21:19:47
123.   scareduck
"Heart of the Padres order"?

More like the spleen or small intestine.

2006-04-29 21:21:41
124.   Curtis Lowe
123- Dick Cheneys Heart of the order?
2006-04-29 21:23:58
125.   scareduck
Was anyone else aware of Grady Little pitching tonight? Apparently Vinny thought he was...
2006-04-29 21:24:12
126.   Gen3Blue
Just checking in to say --
2006-04-29 21:26:03
127.   Gen3Blue
Grady allows no leadoff runners. What more do you want in a manager!
2006-04-29 21:26:14
128.   Curtis Lowe
125- hehe. I've been forced to listen to the Padres broadcasters.
2006-04-29 21:26:56
129.   bigcpa
What a gratifying game! The Drew call at first was pathetic. The 2-7 mark in 1-run games still irks me. Coulda woulda shoulda been 15-9.
2006-04-29 21:29:02
130.   gpellamjr
The "record in 1-run games" thing never made sense to me. All that means is that the Dodgers are 2-0 when they win by 1 run and 0-7 when they lose by one run. It's not that bad when you think about it.
2006-04-29 21:33:26
131.   Steve
Even beating bad Padres teams is extremely satisfying.
2006-04-29 21:36:55
132.   D4P
You're easy to please.
2006-04-29 21:38:21
133.   Steve
Kinder; gentler
2006-04-29 21:39:25
134.   NPB
With that withered lineup, the Padres will be lucky to win 65 games. Their rotation and their bullpen are also down a peg. The Eaton/Otsuka trade to Texas was a big mistake. They don't even look like they're building for the future.

The Dodgers, on the other hand look like, um, a professional baseball team. Could a down-to-the-wire race with the Rockies be a real possibility?

2006-04-29 21:41:51
135.   D4P
Is this the real you, or just a phase?
2006-04-29 21:52:43
136.   Steve
I'm not angry. I'm just angry at Jim Tracy.
2006-04-29 21:53:53
137.   Bob Timmermann
Good: Spending a nice day being a good uncle and looking after my niece along with another brother while her father went to a college reunion.
Better: Finding out when I got home that the Dodgers won.
Bad: Wondering what happened to the line score on Channel 9's graphics for the game. I didn't know the score!
Worse: Watching the Channel 5 broadcast of the Clippers game and seeing a graphic and not having any idea what it says.

I still think the Padres aren't this bad. But they may not have been one of my better choices to win a division.

2006-04-29 21:56:02
138.   Telemachos
Something I missed seeing any mention of here, but Vin sure enjoyed it: Kenny Lofton picking Dave Roberts' pocket by fake-bluffing tagging up on a sac fly. Not too often you see someone able to advance from second to third on an average fly to left.
2006-04-29 21:59:32
139.   D4P
Finding out that the less-lowly Dodgers beat the more-lowly Padres is better than a day with the niece?
2006-04-29 22:08:50
140.   Bob Timmermann

It made a good day even better!

It was nice to know that a 4-year old whom I've only met a handful of times wanted to greet me at the door with a hug before I could even set down my stuff.

And she even pretended to enjoy my reading a story to her.

The really bad thing today was stepping in tar at the beach and ruining my shoes.

2006-04-29 22:25:45
141.   Andrew Shimmin
Bruce Froemming had a mouth on him, didn't he? This is maybe my favorite feature to appear in the Times ever.

2006-04-29 22:43:27
142.   Uncle Miltie
141- those are great.

My favorite ones:
"If it's an insult, I certainly didn't think it was, but if they are offended, then I certainly offer an apology."

— Jimmy Swaggart, after threatening to kill any homosexual who looked at him with lust. Sept. 22, 2004

"My family and I are deeply sorry for all that Vice President Cheney and his family have had to go through this past week."

— Texas lawyer Harry Whittington, expressing his remorse for having stuck his face in front of Dick Cheney's shotgun. Feb. 17, 2006

2006-04-29 23:08:26
143.   natepurcell

I actually laughed out loud when i read what he said.

hahahah, who says that on the record?

2006-04-29 23:25:20
144.   Andrew Shimmin
143- He didn't exactly say it on the record. He left it in a phone message. Which is even stupider.
2006-04-30 08:29:37
145.   King of the Hobos
From the New York Daily News:

Although the Red Sox insist they're committed to Alex Gonzalez for his defense at shortstop and not concerned with his sub-.300 on-base percentage, they are getting ready to engage in trade talks with the Dodgers for Cesar Izturis as soon as he comes off the disabled list.

It also concludes Navarro is a bust, based on his first month of the season, sans the last few games

2006-04-30 08:57:05
147.   zdawg7
If anyone is interested, I put a page together that pulls news feeds from all the popular Dodger media outlets and blogs

2006-04-30 09:02:42
148.   Sam DC
Interesting article by Alan Schwarz at the NY Times about refining OPS to account for the different values of different walks (e.g. a walk by Pujols w/a man on second is less valuable than a walk to the pitcher with no outs or some such). The analysis is interesting; what is quite is annoying is the near-snide suggestion that statheads won't like this because it undermines their reverence for the walk -- as if "statheads" were about much more than finding accurate ways to value, measure and predict performance. Maybe this is a good tool, maybe not, but methinks most statminded fines will judge it on the merits.

And lets be careful w/Mr. Froemming (or "the guy who gave my kid a t-shirt last week," as I like to call him . . .).

2006-04-30 09:05:14
149.   NPB
I don't buy it, truth. If anyone's got the best lineup in the division, it's Colorado. I think the Rockies, Dodgers and Giants will battle it out all year. San Diego is not a good baseball team.
2006-04-30 09:29:04
150.   gpellamjr
I'm stoked about the Rockies' success this year. I hope it's a two-horse race with LA and the Rocks this year because it reminds me of my first full year as a Dodger fan. I hope it stays that way.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-04-30 09:34:12
151.   Steve
The Dodgers must have won last night.
2006-04-30 09:35:33
152.   Sam DC
BTW, Zach Day, recently DFA'd by the powerhouse Rockies (?!), gets the start in St. Louis today for the Nationals. After he was so grossly mishandled by Bowden and Robinson last year, I'd love to see him start back towards respectability today. Seems like a good, thoughtful kid. If I recall correctly, he's a pretty good artist as well.
2006-04-30 09:39:00
153.   Bob Timmermann
I'm guessing five innings would be an optimistic start for Day.
2006-04-30 09:42:42
154.   Jon Weisman
151 - It's over.
2006-04-30 09:43:02
155.   GoBears
148 Except that Alan Schwarz is a stathead. I'm thinking the remark was less snide and more tongue-in-cheek. Of COURSE statheads would like such a refinement.

In the bizarro version of who's what, I turned on ESPNews a couple days ago while I was making lunch, and unfortunately, "Around the Horn" was on. Woody Paige was blathering on about something, and he stopped himself and said, "of course, Plaschke will probably have some fancy statistic that shows this is wrong, but..."

I'm prety sure that Woody Paige is not capable of irony, so what this implies is that, uh, Plaschke is the resident stathead among TV sportstalk egomaniacs?

My head hurts.

2006-04-30 09:50:11
156.   Sam DC
153 Well, your optimism seems a little more fact-based than mine. For me, 8-inning three-hitter, now that's some optimism for ya.
2006-04-30 09:55:19
157.   Steve
Another chance to plug Schwarz's book "The Numbers Game," which is excellent.
2006-04-30 10:01:46
158.   Sam DC
155, 157 You know, I knew about Schwarz, but his piece still reads the way it reads. I guess there's nothing inconsistent with a statminded person lodging a criticism about the statminded community. (Also, he never uses the word stathead in the article, as I recall from my admittedly quick read.) Might even be a totally fair criticism; wouldn't consider myself in a great place to know. But I don't think it's an accurate criticism of those statminded folks who write or comment here.
2006-04-30 10:03:49
159.   Bob Timmermann
Alan Schwarz has left comments on the Griddle before.
2006-04-30 10:26:32
160.   thinkingblue
Well, there's one bad prediction on the part of oldbear, picking the padres to win the division.
2006-04-30 10:29:05
161.   Marty
This may be the best/most bizarre Tracy quote yet:

That is why, when Tracy was asked about Torres starting, he replied: "Is it something that I'm considering? I'm sure this guy would entertain anything that makes sense to help this club. But the other part of the equation is that, when you take from something here to put it there, what does the damage look like to the bullpen? You have to wait and see how the rest of the flowers bloom."

There's not many flowers blooming in Pittsburgh at the moment.

2006-04-30 10:33:54
162.   Bob Timmermann
That quote by Tracy has a Chairman Mao flavor to it.
2006-04-30 10:38:21
163.   Steve
If irony could improve a hitter, we could bottle, sell it, and turn Lucille 2 into a Silver Slugger.
2006-04-30 10:48:55
164.   Jon Weisman
160 - And who is batting 1.000 among us?
2006-04-30 10:52:59
165.   Bob Timmermann
I picked the Padres to come in first. And I picked the Reds to come in last.

So far those choices haven't proven well, but there are a few more months to go.

Ken Arneson picked the Tigers to win the AL Central and they're the wild card team in the AL now.

And of course, a whole bunch of people picked Colorado to finish first.

2006-04-30 11:13:45
166.   Steve
There are few absolutes, though I can think of at least one.

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