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Pitchers Give, Furcal Takes
2006-04-30 10:50
by Jon Weisman

Rafael Furcal has 18 singles, two doubles, a .220 slugging percentage ... and 15 walks.

Since April 10, Furcal has 11 singles, one double and 11 walks.

Until he proves he can hit again, walking Furcal at this point is like walking the pitcher. And yet ...

* * *

Today's Game

Comments (286)
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2006-04-30 10:55:56
1.   Bob Timmermann
I believe the lowest slugging percentage for a player who played in over 150 games in a season is .223 by Dal Maxvill of St. Louis in 1970.

He had 80 hits all season. 5 were doubles and 2 were triples.

2006-04-30 11:06:17
2.   D4P
Walking Furcal = Grabowski Principle
2006-04-30 11:07:21
3.   Vishal
that's amazing. his isolated discipline is almost twice his career average. if furcal is able to have this kind of an eye at the plate seemingly at will, why wouldn't he use it even when he's hitting well? make them throw you a strike.
2006-04-30 11:10:28
4.   Bob Timmermann
Maxvill had 51 walks in 1970.
2006-04-30 11:14:58
5.   D4P
Is it necessarily the case that a higher IsoD reflects "more discipline"? For example, what if Furcal is swinging at all the same pitches as before, but is just not getting hits because he's hitting the ball so weakly? What if the apparent "discipline" is actually just the result of a lower BA?
2006-04-30 11:16:42
6.   Vishal
i believe i read a quote where furcal acknowledged that he wasn't hitting well, so he was actively trying to get more walks so he could get on base and help the team.
2006-04-30 11:22:23
7.   D4P
Yeah, I'm not doubting that, I'm just suggesting that an increase in IsoD does not necssarily reflect an increase in "discipline." Take 100 points of a player's BA and all of a sudden he looks more "disciplined."
2006-04-30 11:23:01
8.   Vishal
and to follow up, in 2004 he had 58 walks for 563 at-bats (10.3%) and in 2005 he had 62 walks for 616 at-bats (10.1%). this year he has 15 walks already in just 91 at-bats (16.5%), which is more than a 50% higher rate. i probably should've done plate appearances instead of at-bats, but i can't imagine that skews things very much.
2006-04-30 11:32:06
9.   D4P
Small sample size, but from what I've seen, a "lot" of Furcal's walks have been on 4-5 pitches. It has seemed as if pitchers are pitching around him, which really makes no sense.
2006-04-30 11:40:14
10.   Bob Timmermann
Furcal averages 4.35 pitches per PA.
I believe Nick Johnson leads the NL in this category at 4.52 pitches per PA.
2006-04-30 11:43:05
11.   Bob Timmermann
Among Dodger regular, Bill Mueller seems to see the fewest pitches. 3.66 per PA.
2006-04-30 12:04:08
12.   Bob Timmermann
Enjoy the game folks.

Time to go be avuncular again.

2006-04-30 12:16:55
13.   Gen3Blue
Bummer-No D's game on DTV. Matter of fact it looks like we may not get any of the games on that local LA station, I'm not positive how it works.
Back to gameday!
2006-04-30 12:51:20
14.   Uncle Miltie
Chan Ho Park against Lowe...the Dodgers better win this game.

Furcal deserves a lot of credit for those walks since he can't hit a lick. I doubt they're pitching around him to get to Lofton (who is hot) and Drew.

Bold prediction: Furcal will get an extra base hit today.

2006-04-30 13:08:42
15.   DXMachina
Anyone else getting really bizarre sound out of Gameday audio? Vin sounds like Elmer Fudd on the feed I'm getting.
2006-04-30 13:21:12
16.   Eric Enders
I'm getting Elmer Scully too. And he sounds like he's underwater to boot.
2006-04-30 13:22:44
17.   Sam DC
Gameday says "injury delay" -- Kent at the plate . . .
2006-04-30 13:22:53
18.   natepurcell
whats the injury delay?
2006-04-30 13:23:16
19.   Eric Enders
They're checking out Park.
2006-04-30 13:28:11
20.   xaphor
Repko batting 330 with a guy on third, two outs and Park pitching attempts to bunt on the first pitch. Why lord, why?
2006-04-30 13:28:39
21.   regfairfield
In case the third baseman has a mental defect?
2006-04-30 13:29:37
22.   natepurcell
repko raises his E(PA).
2006-04-30 13:31:14
23.   regfairfield
And his amazingly highy BABIP and line drive percentage.
2006-04-30 13:32:17
24.   natepurcell
was that a solid hit or lucky?
2006-04-30 13:34:19
25.   regfairfield
It was solid. Just trying to keep project BROTheR alive.
2006-04-30 13:36:37
26.   D4P
Project GRITLE has been giving it a run for its money.
2006-04-30 13:37:54
27.   ToyCannon
The breath of fresh air that Navarro brought with him last July is now blowing strong again.

Slowly Nomar will turn the winter cynics much like Repko did.

After watching JD last night I came to the conclusion that it has been 32 years since I've seen a player with that kind of plate discipline play for the Dodgers. If he can duplicate what the Toy Cannon did in 1974 I'll be a happy fan.

2006-04-30 13:37:57
28.   Langhorne
Chan Ho loses his bling.
2006-04-30 13:38:00
29.   Marty
I'm all for Repko and Nomar proving my skepticism wrong.
2006-04-30 13:38:51
30.   Uncle Miltie
27- what about Gary Sheffield?
2006-04-30 13:39:09
31.   coachjpark
Park should win today because he's higher paid than Lowe.
2006-04-30 13:40:26
32.   D4P
Jason Repko started in left field for the Dodgers on Sunday over the slumping Jose Cruz Jr., and it could become a regular gig.

"This guy has been very productive every time we put him in the game," manager Grady Little said about Repko. "It's hard to ignore what he brings to the team. We're going to start getting him in there a little bit more."

2006-04-30 13:41:24
33.   Marty
What a beautiful Sunday here in SoCal. I think I'm gonna break out the bbq for the first time this year.
2006-04-30 13:43:09
34.   Eric Enders
33 I live in a place where it's winter 9 months a year and I broke out the bbq earlier than that...

Do Southern Californians really not barbecue year-round?

2006-04-30 13:43:58
35.   Vishal
lowe's having a hard time finding his release point from the stretch.
2006-04-30 13:44:22
36.   ToyCannon
30I didn't watch the Dodgers while Sheffield played for the team.

Brewers just lambasted Carlos Zambrano. Fielder coming on faster then I imagined, more then making up for the slow start by Weeks. With Ben Sheets back they are still my Wild Card pick.

2006-04-30 13:44:34
38.   D4P
San Diego is an embarrassment right now. I almost feel sorry for their fans who actually pay to watch them.
2006-04-30 13:45:47
39.   Marty
Well, for me I like cooking with the oven more than grilling. So I do as much as I can while it's cool.
2006-04-30 13:46:29
40.   Marty
37 Is Bradley hurt?
2006-04-30 13:46:31
41.   coachjpark
Furcal's swing looks terrible, and he's not running out his bunts. Terrible.
2006-04-30 13:47:05
42.   Vishal
that was the lamest attempt at bunting for a hit i've ever seen.
2006-04-30 13:47:05
43.   coachjpark
40 He hurt his hand.
2006-04-30 13:47:28
44.   coachjpark
Error on Chan Ho. Will Lofton steal?
2006-04-30 13:48:14
45.   Vishal
[40] he has a mildly sprained right knee from sliding into first in front of a pickoff attempt.
2006-04-30 13:49:51
46.   coachjpark
45 That's right... it's his knee... don't know why I thought it was his hand.
2006-04-30 13:50:23
47.   coachjpark
Was Kent's extension for $11 million?
2006-04-30 13:52:03
48.   regfairfield
47 11.5. He has a seven million dollar option for 2008 with a 500 thousand buyout. If he gets 550 plate appearances in 2007, he automatically recieves nine million in 2008.
2006-04-30 13:59:22
49.   Blu2
Doesn't anyone have the guts to tell Kent (and Furcal) that playing hurt is hurting the club? Seems to me we have some real good replacements at Las Vegas that could really help the club.
2006-04-30 14:03:24
50.   King of the Hobos
49 Furcal is the only player who doesn't have a really good replacement at Vegas. After Lucille II and Robles, you have Wilson Valdez, who is capable of a .200/.220/.220 line in the majors, and Sergio Garcia, who is like Robles, but younger and not as good
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-04-30 14:05:27
51.   regfairfield
Hopefully Joel Guzman still remembers how to play short.

Whether or not he's an upgrade is a seperate issue.

2006-04-30 14:12:20
52.   Blu2
If a guy can play second and third (Aybar), then he certainly can play shortstop to some degree, probably better than Furcal iws capable of right now...
2006-04-30 14:14:55
53.   D4P
I wouldn't be surprised if, at the end of this game, Lowe's WHIP for today included only Ws (i.e. no Hs).
2006-04-30 14:18:40
54.   coachjpark
53 and you jinxed him
2006-04-30 14:20:04
55.   coachjpark
Is it just me or do all major leaguers simply refuse to run full speed to first base?
2006-04-30 14:21:34
56.   D4P
They don't get paid enough to run hard.
2006-04-30 14:23:07
57.   D4P
Am I the only one who does not refer to Furcal (affectionately or otherwise) as "Raffy"?
2006-04-30 14:25:41
58.   D4P
I'd walk Drew here.
2006-04-30 14:25:53
59.   coachjpark
Wow. 1st and 3rd situation is an automatic steal. Just like JV Baseball.
2006-04-30 14:26:06
60.   coachjpark
No. Strike him out!
2006-04-30 14:27:12
61.   coachjpark
changeup... low and away for Drew to chase...
2006-04-30 14:27:25
62.   D4P
I guess if I was pitching and my choice was "walk" or "strikeout," I'd choose strikeout too.
2006-04-30 14:28:48
63.   coachjpark
Piazza BARELY holds on to that foul tip... question... do you pitch to Kent??? I would with Nomah on deck...
2006-04-30 14:28:54
64.   D4P
Monday just noted that Park's pitch count "continues to go up."
2006-04-30 14:29:30
65.   D4P
Absolutely. Pitch to Kent. They walked Kent to get to Nomar the other day, which I see as a mistake.
2006-04-30 14:30:24
66.   coachjpark
62 As much as I'm a Dodger fan, I think I'm more of a Chan Ho/Hee Seop fan... so I guess I'm not true blue :(
2006-04-30 14:30:59
67.   coachjpark
Throw another 2-seam fastball diving into Kent...
2006-04-30 14:31:32
68.   D4P
I feel the same way regarding Hee Seop, but not so much Chan Ho. I suppose I might feel differently if my last name was "Park"...
2006-04-30 14:32:04
69.   Uncle Miltie
When is Nomar going to become the cleanup hitter?
2006-04-30 14:32:38
70.   Curtis Lowe
you got to be kidding me.
2006-04-30 14:32:55
71.   Gen3Blue
So far its been a satisying late afternoon seeing Lowes good start on gameday, and Cain getting beat 4-0 on DTV.(no intention to jinx anyone here)
Isn't this string of intentional walks to Duaner Navarro a bit much? Of, course I personally like it.
2006-04-30 14:33:03
72.   coachjpark
68 Nice play, Khalil!
Doh! Nomah!
2006-04-30 14:33:25
73.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-30 14:33:26
74.   Uncle Miltie
Jeff Kant needs to be traded for a bag of baseballs. Bring up Aybar!
2006-04-30 14:33:54
75.   coachjpark
71 Take out Estrada and Green and Cain's pitching a no-hitter...

and it all falls apart for Chan Ho...

2006-04-30 14:34:15
76.   Uncle Miltie
Is anyone surprised that Nomar came through? Like I said, when is Grits going to move him up in the batting order?
2006-04-30 14:34:22
77.   D4P
Buell Miller making Dodger fans forget about Mike Edwards.
2006-04-30 14:34:22
78.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-30 14:34:51
79.   Uncle Miltie
Bill Mueller hit a home run in Petco? How?
2006-04-30 14:35:02
80.   Eric Enders
That's 4 runs on 2 pitches if anyone's counting.
2006-04-30 14:35:09
81.   regfairfield
Dewon Brazelton will put out this fire!
2006-04-30 14:35:31
82.   Gen3Blue
Yes--this afternoon keeps getting better.
2006-04-30 14:37:30
83.   coachjpark
359 foot homerun...
2006-04-30 14:38:49
84.   Uncle Miltie
Looks like Bill Mueller killed the rally
2006-04-30 14:39:46
85.   Gen3Blue
The Giants announcers have been driven to talk about how Matt Cain pitched well enough to win, with just a few rookie mistakes. I love them put in that position!
2006-04-30 14:41:31
86.   Gen3Blue
Uh--OOhhh-Whats happenning here.
2006-04-30 14:43:10
87.   Curtis Lowe
nice punt.
2006-04-30 14:45:10
88.   coachjpark
At least one Korean pitcher threw well today... btw, it's BH Kim, NOT BK Kim.
2006-04-30 14:50:56
89.   coachjpark
Brazelton making it look easy... compared to raising himself at age 12, I'm sure it is...
2006-04-30 14:54:18
90.   Gen3Blue
My mellow afternoon is shaken by S. Green missing a very catchable fly, perhaps giving S.F. a chance at life.
2006-04-30 14:56:45
91.   Gen3Blue
And Bonds drives in the run and passes Babe Ruth on the all time extra base -hit list.
2006-04-30 14:57:33
92.   coachjpark
If one of the Dodger SPs were to go down, would we see C.Billingsley? Or Sele?
2006-04-30 15:00:58
93.   Curtis Lowe
92- With Grady's recent comments about how good Billingsley has been performing I would have to predict that Bills would get the call up.
2006-04-30 15:04:33
94.   Blu2
Seems to me Sele has some special kind of contract or Gentleman's agreement or something... And of course Ned loves vetrans.
2006-04-30 15:09:41
95.   Eric Enders
92 Or Houlton?
2006-04-30 15:12:49
96.   coachjpark
I wonder how much Ned's input went into trading away Joe Nathan/Liriano/Boof for AJ Pierzynski...
2006-04-30 15:13:13
97.   natepurcell
Lakers!!! Tie game!!!
2006-04-30 15:14:02
98.   Blu2
Now when he really could profittably use the double switch, Grady eschews it! Putting the pitcher in Kent's batting spot with only two more innings to go, Kent ain't hitting a lick, he's tired and could use the rest, and probably Robles or Martinez is a defensive improvement, that's a no brainer and apparently Grady is well qualified.
2006-04-30 15:18:46
99.   Uncle Miltie
Luke Walton fouled Thomas (?)
2006-04-30 15:18:52
100.   KAYVMON
How? Last time I checked they were down 5 with like 10 seconds left. crazy comeback?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-04-30 15:23:00
101.   natepurcell
re 100

smush hits a three then steals ball off Nash during the inbound play and kobe makes an acrobatic lay up off the backboard at a really wierd angle.

2006-04-30 15:35:56
102.   alex 7
wow, gotta love sports.
2006-04-30 15:36:04
103.   coachjpark
wow. kobe.
2006-04-30 15:36:06
104.   natepurcell
2006-04-30 15:36:26
105.   coachjpark
a jordan-esque moment
2006-04-30 15:36:57
106.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-30 15:37:37
107.   sanchez101
three letters: MVP
2006-04-30 15:38:02
108.   Gen3Blue
When does Izzy get back? The point is (as Jon has made very well)--don't rush him! But Furcal could use a good rest also. He's a much better player than this. We got somebody down below who could handle SS.
2006-04-30 15:40:46
109.   Uncle Miltie
Talk about a game being fixed. Walton hacked up Nash and they call a jump ball? Absolutely disgusting.
2006-04-30 15:41:18
110.   coachjpark
Lance kinda sucks.
2006-04-30 15:42:36
111.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
If Lance keeps it up, I think we should call Broxton up from AAA. Or Bills could also pitch in the bullpen, no?


2006-04-30 15:42:45
112.   Curtis Lowe
Carter sucks.
2006-04-30 15:42:56
113.   DXMachina
110. Kinda?
2006-04-30 15:43:08
114.   Marty
I never want to see Carter again.
2006-04-30 15:43:59
115.   scareduck
112 - Do it. Just call up Billingsley.
2006-04-30 15:44:07
116.   Curtis Lowe
No matter what happens the Lakers win over the Suns is going to make me smile for a while.
2006-04-30 15:44:53
117.   scareduck
... and release Carter. If you can't make outs against the Padres, who couldn't buy a hit, there's something wrong.
2006-04-30 15:45:12
118.   King of the Hobos
Can Carter beat out Erickson's number of days on the roster?
2006-04-30 15:46:06
119.   coachjpark
Carter kinda really sucks bad.
2006-04-30 15:46:24
120.   Benaiah
Carter exists to jack up Baez's save totals by turning non-save opportunities into save opportunities. This is the second time I can remember this happening recently.
2006-04-30 15:46:46
121.   coachjpark
Tying run at the plate... interesting
2006-04-30 15:47:05
122.   King of the Hobos
How many Carter-induced saves does Baez have?
2006-04-30 15:47:48
123.   natepurcell
this has the makings of being very bad.
2006-04-30 15:48:26
124.   scareduck
Takes "rooting for laundry" to a new low.
2006-04-30 15:48:37
125.   coachjpark
Is Gagne warming up?
2006-04-30 15:48:59
126.   scareduck
3-1 to Greene?
2006-04-30 15:49:22
127.   regfairfield
122 I think he has two, not including this.
2006-04-30 15:49:25
128.   natepurcell
if we lose this game, carter needs to be DFA immediately after the game.
2006-04-30 15:49:30
129.   coachjpark
This is Grady's fault. Why even set up a situation like that, knowing that Carter is struggling?
2006-04-30 15:49:33
130.   Curtis Lowe
You have got to be kidding ME!
2006-04-30 15:49:40
131.   scareduck
Can't Baez Me Love.
2006-04-30 15:49:57
132.   King of the Hobos
Grady could have let Osoria come out for a third inning and get the save, but apparently he really wanted Baez to match Gagne's April save mark
2006-04-30 15:50:10
133.   capdodger
109 - Once a player picks up the dribble most NBA officials will allow a mugging to occur without calling a foul.

That said, where was Nash's sign for a time out?

Oh, and Carter is awful.

2006-04-30 15:50:59
134.   DodgerHobbit
This isnt cool at all. Grady shouldnt have left Pedro in.


2006-04-30 15:51:08
135.   Nick Iyengar

At some point, you've got to put Carter in so that he can get some confidence back. A 5-0 game in the 9th inning seems to me like a reasonable time to do so. I don't blame Grady, I just blame Lance for stinking it up again.

2006-04-30 15:51:14
136.   EricGagnesGoggles

Los Angeles Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti has just sold relief pitcher Lance Carter's contract to the Hanshin Tigers. Jesse Orosco will take his place on the 25 man roster. Jayson Werth was transerred to the 1000 day disabled list.

2006-04-30 15:51:59
137.   Suffering Bruin
I just left the Laker game. I like what happened there.

Is this payback?

2006-04-30 15:52:17
138.   scareduck
Can we get Saito in here? No, it's Hamulack.
2006-04-30 15:52:19
139.   Curtis Lowe
2006-04-30 15:52:28
140.   natepurcell
OH MY GOD! stop please.
2006-04-30 15:52:37
141.   scareduck
Grady Little, this is on you.
2006-04-30 15:52:58
142.   King of the Hobos
Maybe Carter and Baez really want Drew to extend his streak?
2006-04-30 15:53:23
143.   EricGagnesGoggles
Get Lofton outta there! If thers a fly ball to center again the Dodgers are screwed. Move Repko to center! AHHHH
2006-04-30 15:53:36
144.   coachjpark
135 Just because he's on the roster doesn't mean that you have to use him.

Seriously, just leave Osoria in there for the long save...

2006-04-30 15:53:42
145.   Suffering Bruin
Baez has the high fastball and that's it.
2006-04-30 15:53:51
146.   Andrew Shimmin
Here comes World Series Hero Geof Blum!
2006-04-30 15:54:08
147.   Suffering Bruin
Infield at DP depth.
2006-04-30 15:54:16
148.   DodgerHobbit
Welcome to mvp baseball 2005 where you can switch controllers when your team is losing and still come up with a victory in the last inning.
2006-04-30 15:54:27
149.   Andrew Shimmin
Two f's.
2006-04-30 15:55:19
150.   scareduck
This is almost as funny as October 2, 2004 was for Giants fans.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-04-30 15:55:25
151.   Bunting is for losers
Only a miracle is going to prevent the Lakers and Clippers playing each other in the next round. That's going to be a great series to watch.

Oh and Carter blows.

2006-04-30 15:55:25
152.   EricGagnesGoggles
2006-04-30 15:55:37
153.   Suffering Bruin
148 LOL
2006-04-30 15:55:59
154.   DodgerHobbit
this game is uglier than the facial hair on jason repko
2006-04-30 15:56:01
155.   coachjpark
DRob will have a chance to do some damage...
2006-04-30 15:56:33
156.   Suffering Bruin
We are Phoenix!
2006-04-30 15:56:35
157.   EricGagnesGoggles
I walk Blum to get to Dave Roberts...A bunt cant score two....Unless Dioner Navarro ends up throwing the ball.
2006-04-30 15:56:38
158.   King of the Hobos
Drew still has a chance to extend his streak!
2006-04-30 15:56:40
159.   coachjpark
Great job, Grady!
2006-04-30 15:57:10
160.   capdodger
Wow. Just wow. Fire Grady Little.
2006-04-30 15:57:13
161.   Nick Iyengar

If we're not going to use him, we should just DFA him. It doesn't make sense to be carrying dead weight on the roster.

I agree about Osoria; he looked solid. Still, if you're going to bring Carter into any situation, this would be it. I think Little is going to learn from this (and Carter's recent appearances), and I have to suspect Carter's days are numbered.

2006-04-30 15:57:16
162.   coachjpark
What the? Bringing in Hamulack?
2006-04-30 15:57:31
163.   scareduck
NOW he comes to get Baez.
2006-04-30 15:57:35
164.   Curtis Lowe
I had no idea I could be so explicit!
2006-04-30 15:58:04
165.   EricGagnesGoggles
I`m starting to feel like a Bostonian
2006-04-30 15:58:18
166.   Marty
This will be a disgusting loss.
2006-04-30 15:58:23
167.   Suffering Bruin
162 Yes, IMHO. Baez is finished with a capital F. He's got nothing left.
2006-04-30 15:58:49
168.   Woody
This team stinks!
2006-04-30 15:59:04
169.   EricGagnesGoggles
Anyone here religious?
2006-04-30 15:59:06
170.   coachjpark
161 Still don't like that argument. That's the argument that had Erickson in the game too many times last year. DFA him or if not DFA'd, don't use him in situations that can lead to explosions. Use him in blowout situations. 5-0 in the 9th isn't quite a blowout...
2006-04-30 15:59:16
171.   scareduck
I am ALMOST — ALMOST — ready to root for the Padres.
2006-04-30 15:59:41
172.   bigcpa
Carter 10.2ip, 14h, 8er, 7bb, 5k, 6.75ERA

Good thing we got him some work.

2006-04-30 16:00:09
173.   PHilldodger

I guess the issue with me is thinking that Lance Carter was worthy of being on the roster in the first place. And especially after what we've seen of him in spring training and now in games. It's not like he's a young guy like Osoria. Carter is what he is, which is a pretty bad pitcher. And he might just have cost the Dodgers a game today.

2006-04-30 16:00:12
174.   Suffering Bruin
170 If you don't use Lance Carter in a 5-0 game with one inning to go, you don't use him, period.

Which seems to be the argument...

2006-04-30 16:00:22
175.   scareduck
169 - sure. Jesus, that sucked.
2006-04-30 16:00:56
176.   EricGagnesGoggles
2006-04-30 16:01:34
177.   Marty
I really hate that Florida trade today.
2006-04-30 16:01:39
178.   coachjpark
174 Exactly. Maybe if the Dodgers are down 10-1 in the 9th, then use him.
2006-04-30 16:01:47
179.   Bunting is for losers
172 - in addition, how many inherited runners has he allowed to score?
2006-04-30 16:02:02
180.   Curtis Lowe
How many Outs has Carter induced?
2006-04-30 16:02:08
181.   Marty
Hey Bruin, how's that pooch working out?
2006-04-30 16:02:26
182.   coachjpark
Just carry an extra bat instead of Carter. By bat, I mean either a position player or more literally, a bat.
2006-04-30 16:03:14
183.   scareduck
181 - wuzza?
2006-04-30 16:04:04
184.   coachjpark
Derek Lowe fantasy owners must be very anti-Carter right about now.
2006-04-30 16:04:16
185.   capdodger
177 - What does the Florida trade have to do with anything?
2006-04-30 16:04:40
186.   EricGagnesGoggles
It's time for Broxtonmania. We need our very own Bobby Jenks to come up.
2006-04-30 16:04:57
187.   Gen3Blue
Well, my provider kicked out for the crucial 15 minutes.
I was trying to send a message to the effect-Well, Grady's getting cute trying to show our clever trades and get Carter in.
Is that how we blew it?
2006-04-30 16:04:59
188.   Marty
183 During last season, SB was looking for a dog and we were giving him suggestions. He got one and I was wondering how it was going. I'm a dog nut.
2006-04-30 16:05:14
189.   EricGagnesGoggles

I`m a Baez owner...that *

2006-04-30 16:05:29
190.   King of the Hobos
185 I'm guessing he means the other Florida trade, the one with Tampa, not Miami
2006-04-30 16:05:37
191.   Suffering Bruin
181 Nice of you to ask! I know I haven't been around in a awhile--the price you pay for being a first-year teacher!

a) The dog is a joy.
b) He swallowed a lego a few months back which clogged him to teh point where he couldn't hold down food. The vet took x-rays to confirm he had, in fact, swallowed a toy and that he would probably digest said toy in a couple of hours.

The vet than took a Tahitian vacation.

c) Did I say he was a joy? And thanks again for asking...

2006-04-30 16:05:46
192.   Marty
185 Baez and Carter for Tiffany and EJ.
2006-04-30 16:06:11
193.   Andrew Shimmin
185- He meant Tampa Bay.
2006-04-30 16:06:44
194.   Suffering Bruin
183 I rescued a dog about a year ago and got great advice from this group at the time.
2006-04-30 16:06:52
195.   coachjpark
189 As am I, as am I.... how's this, though? I have Baez, I picked up Chan Ho for today, and I dropped Derek Lowe after his first start...

I'm fantasy-managing like Grady Little!

2006-04-30 16:06:54
196.   Marty
I got the state right :)
2006-04-30 16:07:16
197.   capdodger
193 et. al.

Just checking.

2006-04-30 16:08:10
198.   EricGagnesGoggles
"make it 16 and it's not sweet." at least we still have Vinny right?
2006-04-30 16:10:21
199.   scareduck
194 - oh, good. I thought maybe you had suggested the Dodgers bring in Lance Carter and he was suggesting you had screwed the pooch.
2006-04-30 16:10:31
200.   Uncle Miltie
Haha, absolutely amazing. I just came home and went to check the final score and the Dodgers blew it. Incredible. Can somebody give me a quick recap and explain why people are blaming Lofton.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-04-30 16:10:43
201.   bigcpa
192 Which begs the question did we ask for Carter or did they insist we take him? If it's the former than Ned is incompetent. If it's the latter than Grady is incompetent for using him. Pending the outcome this could be three 1-run losses that we can pin on Carter this month. The guy had a 3.5 k/9 last year with a 4.90 ERA and blew 3 saves in 4 opps.
2006-04-30 16:10:49
202.   EricGagnesGoggles

Nut. April is a terrible month in fantasy baseball. Sometimes you pick up over-achievers for underachievers. You gotta stick with you're guns for awhile. I learned all about that last year.

2006-04-30 16:11:40
203.   regfairfield
195 Last week, I benched Baez because I had too many closers. After Cordero blew something like four saves last week, I bring in Baez.
2006-04-30 16:12:13
204.   EricGagnesGoggles
Otsuka is the closer for Texas now.
2006-04-30 16:12:14
205.   Gen3Blue
Firng a manager for one mistake is usually a ridiculous reaction. But in this case the recklesness was so obvious that it could be justified.
2006-04-30 16:12:29
206.   King of the Hobos
200 Deep flies to center with a man on third and Lofton in center result in easy runs for the opposition
2006-04-30 16:13:20
207.   scareduck
200 - nobody's blaming Lofton just yet. The game really hinged on putting Lance Carter into a five-run blowout. Danys Baez couldn't get anybody out, either.
2006-04-30 16:13:57
208.   Linkmeister
Man, I go to make lunch up 5-0 and see a trailer on ESPN saying it's 5-5. We need a different Carter (Jimmy, maybe?).
2006-04-30 16:13:59
209.   regfairfield
204 I know. Being forced to take "proven" closers is definately something I have against fantasy baseball.
2006-04-30 16:14:04
210.   scareduck
206 - that's BS. NO CF in baseball today could have saved that run.
2006-04-30 16:14:37
211.   LAT
Mama, er I mean Steve, said there would be days like this.
2006-04-30 16:14:47
212.   Langhorne
I'm sure there is someone who can pitch better than Carter. Either in Las Vegas, Jacksonville, Vero Beach, ...Riverdale High.
2006-04-30 16:15:52
213.   Andrew Shimmin
At this point, I'm not sure DFA is sufficient punishment for Carter. He should be traded to a team in one of those countries that still hangs people. And a kilo of cocaine should be hidden in his carry-on bag.
2006-04-30 16:16:11
214.   regfairfield
210 Agreed. Who actually blamed Lofton anyway?

Maybe, if we had someone with an amazing arm, we could have held the runner who went from second to third, but even then it's not likely.

2006-04-30 16:17:31
215.   coachjpark
Maybe I can audition for that last bullpen spot... I'll be making a cameo on June 5th... I still have a wicked slider, and I can't do worse than Carter!
2006-04-30 16:17:38
216.   coachjpark
Game over!
2006-04-30 16:17:42
217.   ninjavshippo
well crap.
2006-04-30 16:17:52
218.   coachjpark
wow. carter should be traded to the pads.
2006-04-30 16:18:00
219.   regfairfield
Well, this is up there on my "worst game ever" list. At least no one got hurt.
2006-04-30 16:18:09
220.   Vishal
2006-04-30 16:18:16
221.   scareduck
214 - I think someone upthread who hadn't read the whole thing.

Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.

2006-04-30 16:18:21
222.   ninjavshippo
i realize the 51s are doing well with him, but they really don't think they could use broxton?
2006-04-30 16:18:49
223.   capdodger
No defense against the Base on Balls.
2006-04-30 16:18:59
224.   LAT
Frankly, I'm glad its over. If there is a silver lining, its that Ned and Grady have to know what we all know. . .Carter is awful.
2006-04-30 16:19:01
225.   King of the Hobos
Well, that sucked. We lost, Drew failed to get on base by hit or walk, and Carter still has a good chance to be on the roster tomorrow
2006-04-30 16:19:12
226.   coachjpark
In order of blame:
1) Ned
2) Carter
3) Grady
4) Baez
5) Hamulack
6) Kobe (for taking all the LA magic)
2006-04-30 16:19:43
227.   oldbear
At least the Lakers won.
2006-04-30 16:19:52
228.   Vishal
why on earth did we leave in hamulack (our ostensible LOOGY) to face all those right-handed batters?? where was kuo?! nobody was even warming up. what a recipe for disaster.
2006-04-30 16:20:05
229.   ninjavshippo
yes. the bright side is i was hooked to kobe until the losing inning here, so i missed all the regular inning heartbreak.
2006-04-30 16:20:10
230.   ninjavshippo
yes. the bright side is i was hooked to kobe until the losing inning here, so i missed all the regular inning heartbreak.
2006-04-30 16:21:03
231.   oldbear
For the Lakers to beat the Spurs two years ago they needed Fisher's miracle shot, I think today the Lakers got that miracle again today. Clippers vs Lakers SEMI's.

Dodgers baseball.. meh.

2006-04-30 16:21:40
232.   Langhorne
Well, that was an ugly game, in an ugly series, between two ugly teams.
2006-04-30 16:22:19
233.   Dark Horse
Well, there's more-than-enough blame to go around, but I hang this one first and foremost on Carter. Yeah, Danys and Hamulack were terrible too, and yes Grady handled it poorly (albeit holding a poor hand to begin with,) but if this team doesn't demote Carter immediately my fandom is in jeopardy.
2006-04-30 16:22:49
234.   King of the Hobos
Eckert (Vegas' Carter) did his best Carter impression today, which forced Broxton to come in. He struck out both batters he faced
2006-04-30 16:23:27
235.   sanchez101
226. God will only let one LA team win at a time.

228. One crappy team loosing to another crappy team because of a terrible reliever(s) is not a disaster. These things happen to mediocre teams. Like the great Meat Loaf said, "two out of three ain't bad", or something like that.

2006-04-30 16:23:40
236.   regfairfield
You guys are all forgetting that Carter saved 26 games once.

Proof that saves are truly meaningless.

2006-04-30 16:23:50
237.   Gen3Blue
What an incredible waste of an excellant start. Trying to give confidence to pitchers in terrible shape in your bullpen is something you can only do if you are leading your division by five games or have conceeded it and you are about 8 runs up.
2006-04-30 16:27:37
238.   Andrew Shimmin
The good news is that Baez probably only has six or eight more blown saves in him, this year.

Actually, since you'd figure he'd have more save opps. this year than he ever has, maybe he'll set his own personal best for blow saves. So, that'll be something.

2006-04-30 16:28:23
239.   Linkmeister
Carter needs to go to AAA to re-learn how to pitch.
2006-04-30 16:29:09
240.   oldbear
The last game I can remember similar to this one was 2002 (I think) against Arizona. Dodgers leading comfortably, cruising along 4-0 in the 8th. Tracy leaves Quantrill in to face Finley, and the rest is history.

It seemed at the time that game was much more important than this one. Like Langhorne said. Two mediocre teams, both playing badly, and you get games like this.

2006-04-30 16:29:17
241.   Uncle Miltie
Terrible day. The referees cheat twice in order to help the Lakers in the final seconds of regulation and overtime. Then the 2 all stars ruin Derek Lowe's gem.
2006-04-30 16:31:26
242.   oldbear
Miltie are you not a Lakers fan? The refs did help the Lakers out, but it was still up to the Lakers to make the shots.

If Nash doesnt want to get tied up, dribble around the middle of the floor. Not the corners.

2006-04-30 16:32:06
243.   sanchez101
238. anything to prevent Ned from giving him some stupid contract this offseason. I can taste those two draft picks. The great thing about watching the Dodgers this season is that with every loss and every bonehead performance by a veteran, it brings us that much closer to the prospects.
2006-04-30 16:35:11
244.   King of the Hobos
239 re-learn?
2006-04-30 16:35:30
245.   sanchez101
"The referees cheat twice in order to help the Lakers"
-the first play at the end of regulation, the steal by Smush, wasnt a foul at all. The second play in overtime, by Walton, was a foul but Luke was in the way and the ref couldnt see him slap Nash's arm.
2006-04-30 16:39:16
249.   King of the Hobos
Someone really wants to be banned
2006-04-30 16:40:10
252.   oldbear
Jon really needs to look into IP banning software. Of course, this looney tune could be at a library.
Show/Hide Comments 253-300
2006-04-30 16:41:20
254.   King of the Hobos
Tomas Perez has a shot at history, he's struck out eight straight times, and nine is the record
2006-04-30 16:41:27
255.   Gen3Blue
243 I'd like to agree and join you in optimistic anticipation. But I must warn you from experience that prospects are a very fragile platform, Rational ownership and management are more important in my experience, and we still may do OK. I'm not in despair but perhaps more guarded.
2006-04-30 16:41:32
257.   regfairfield
I'm really curious how oldbear managed to get this many people to hate him.
2006-04-30 16:42:28
258.   King of the Hobos
252 Jon doesn't really have control over that, Ken does.
2006-04-30 16:42:53
259.   natepurcell
wow.. what is your problem marvin?
2006-04-30 16:43:14
260.   Gen3Blue
Wow, there's an asshole in here. Sorry, couyn't help it
2006-04-30 16:43:28
262.   oldbear
Well, there's alot of people that literally "hate" George Bush too. I never understood that either.
2006-04-30 16:43:34
263.   Andrew Shimmin
Marvin: enough.

Profanity isn't permitted on this site. Personal attacks aren't permitted on this site. If you have a problem with oldbear, email him. Or yell at him back at, or where ever else. The people who post here don't care, and don't want to read it.

2006-04-30 16:43:50
264.   kngoworld
2006-04-30 16:46:40
268.   Fearing Blue
#265: It would be nice if you would consider the fact that the owner of this site puts his heart and soul into it. This isn't an anonymous baseball blog like
2006-04-30 16:47:01
270.   Andrew Shimmin
266- There isn't an iggy bin. This is a community, we read what other people write, and engage them, civilly. If you want to post here, respect those rules. If you don't, just leave.
2006-04-30 16:47:26
271.   kngoworld
What is an "iggy bin"?
2006-04-30 16:47:37
272.   natepurcell

I dont think he cares.

2006-04-30 16:47:49
273.   oldbear
Marvin you arent doing much to stem the stereotype of the ignorant, uninformed, junior high messageboard poster.
2006-04-30 16:48:35
276.   Gen3Blue
I could possibly understand if Marvin was a Dodgers fan who snapped today, but I don't think thats the case.
2006-04-30 16:48:45
277.   regfairfield
271 Hey I learned something today.

Via Urban Dictionary:

ignore or permanent ignore feature of instant messages or chat. place someone on iggy if they are being disruptive or rude or annoying.

2006-04-30 16:49:26
279.   Uncle Miltie
Goodbye Marvin

the first play at the end of regulation, the steal by Smush, wasnt a foul at all.
No it wasn't, but on the play Walton was grabbing James Jones. No call, Smush gets a steal. Maybe the ref didn't see it, fine.

The second play in overtime, by Walton, was a foul but Luke was in the way and the ref couldnt see him slap Nash's arm.
This play was inexcusable. The ref had a clear view, Walton is grabbing and hacking Nash. While Nash is getting abused by Walton, he realizes that he's not going to get a call, so he verbally calls a timeout with a referee very close by. The game was fixed. The NBA wants a Lakers/Clippers series. I wouldn't be surprised if the Lakers make the Finals. I'm having flashbacks of game 7 against the Kings where the refs (and the NBA) decided that they wanted the Lakers to win.

2006-04-30 16:51:23
282.   regfairfield
279 So would you say that the call was horrrrrible?

I kill me.

2006-04-30 16:52:24
284.   oldbear
Either Marvin hates the Lakers, or had money on the Dodgers sweeping the Padres.

One could have conceivably made him come unglued. Of course, if you are in junior high, shouldnt you be more concerned with school, friends, and recreational sports rather than MLB baseball?

Dont kids these days have anything to do?

2006-04-30 16:52:39
285.   D4P
Calls don't always go the Lakers' way. I remember when Utah's Karl Malone obviously hammered Van Exel on the last shot of the game (and, thus, the series) and no foul was called. But it's true that the Lakers were the league's "golden child" during the Kobe, Shaq, Phil era.
2006-04-30 16:54:24
286.   Fearing Blue
#284: Just ignore it oldbear. Let him rant and by the end of the night his nonsense will be deleted as if it never existed.
2006-04-30 16:56:43
291.   oldbear
The game was fixed

If it was, the refs did a very poor job of fixing it. And the foul on Walton....That foul occurred before the ball was even inbounded. You hardly ever see that call made (away from the ball, on an inbounds, with .7 left).

The calls might have been bad, but Phoenix still blew the game. Its similar to Arizona blowing that game against Illinois. Sure, Illinois hacked and hacked and hacked, to get back into it. But Arizona still should have won.

If the Lakers do play the Clippers, I think the Lakers will win. But Phoenix might still come back and take this series. You never know.

But I dont think today's game was fixed.

2006-04-30 16:57:07
302.   Gen3Blue
If I were managing the D's today I would think-- there are only one or two guys in the bullpen who are at a point where they could initiate a fatal sequence of events.
It would actually take an effort beyond random chance. Thats scary!
Show/Hide Comments 303-350
2006-04-30 16:57:41
311.   Gen3Blue
I'd rather hear msyself talk.
2006-04-30 16:59:15
343.   D4P
Starvin' (for attention) Marvin
2006-04-30 16:59:31
351.   MartinBillingsley31
I'm really curious how oldbear managed to get this many people to hate him.

Its the sabermetrics vs old mainstream media type baseball or whatever you want to call it.
People hate the other people that are more informed then them.
Alot of people on board hate me.

Show/Hide Comments 352-400
2006-04-30 17:00:13
355.   DXMachina
Don't feed the energy creature.
2006-04-30 17:02:14
380.   Greg Brock
What's going on here?
2006-04-30 17:02:29
381.   King of the Hobos
At least we have a legitimate chance to beat the record number of posts, right?
2006-04-30 17:03:15
382.   Suffering Bruin
380 It would appear to be a troll.
2006-04-30 17:03:36
383.   Fearing Blue
I'm still with you Gen3Blue.

Assuming Carter does get DFA'ed (or perhaps DL'ed), which at this point seems pretty likely, I'd like to see Ned bring up Broxton or Houlton. But, it wouldn't surprise me to see him bring up Sele to use as a long reliever. His statistics aren't too shabby for pitching in Las Vegas, though small sample sizes certainly apply.

2006-04-30 17:03:36
384.   Uncle Miltie
Maybe Marvin is really Ned. Ned is having a temper tantrum because people are criticizing the all star.

oldbear- I'll get back to you later on the Lakers when Jon cleans up this mess.

2006-04-30 17:06:19
385.   Fearing Blue
And just like that, the world is right again.

Thanks Jon.

2006-04-30 17:06:46
386.   oldbear
Good point. If Ned Colletti really is Midas, then what exactly is Lance Carter?
2006-04-30 17:07:03
387.   Inside Baseball
And I didn't think anything today could be more pathetic than the game.
2006-04-30 17:09:06
388.   D4P
Sue Masterson...?
2006-04-30 17:09:47
389.   Jon Weisman
A new but rushed post up top - hope it's coherent. I won't be able to monitor the site closely for a few hours, so everyone, please be civil. Thank you.
2006-04-30 18:08:55
390.   capdodger
Woah... That's got to be a new high for removed posts...
2006-04-30 19:48:42
391.   Nick Iyengar
Wow, I must have left right when all the bad stuff started. What was this guy's problem?
2006-04-30 19:53:26
392.   Andrew Shimmin
His main problem was that he's a jerk. His second problem was that he doesn't like oldbear.

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