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Carter Retained Despite Minor League Option
2006-05-01 07:49
by Jon Weisman

Lance Carter does have a minor league option remaining, according to Tony Jackson of the Daily News - making the decision to keep him on the major league roster that much less explicable.

Jackson also supplements my thought Sunday that Derek Lowe ended his start prematurely:

Lowe left the game following the sixth inning, during which he turned his left ankle when he stepped in a small hole on the side of the mound and then took a line drive from Mike Cameron off the instep of the same foot. Lowe said after the game he didn't think either injury was serious enough to sideline him.

Finally, in a sidebar, Jackson writes that infielders are saying that they are have trouble picking up balls coming off opposition bats against the new color of the seats at Dodger Stadium:

The seats in the dugout club now are pastel yellow. Baseballs that have been rubbed down with mud - something umpires routinely do before games - certainly can't be described as pastel yellow. But they are close enough that some Dodgers infielders are complaining that they can't initially see the ball against the background of the seats when it is hit at them.

* * *

Hong-Chih Kuo more or less previewed his demotion in comments he made Saturday to Allison Ann Otto of the Press-Enterprise:

Kuo said he has been struggling with his location and relying primarily on his fastball and slider.

"The last three games, I can't throw low," Kuo said Saturday. "And every time I try to throw strikes, I throw a little high."

Meanwhile, every time Eric Gagne throws, I get nervous. But he did some tossing for the second day in a row Sunday, according to Otto.

* * *

Anyone who is a fan of the Lakers and the Dodgers had to feel a certain Even Steven feeling when the incredible Dodger collapse immediately followed the incredible Lakers rally. By the way, has anyone commented on how similar the end of regulation of the Lakers-Suns game was to the end of the UCLA-Gonzaga game in the NCAA tournament?

* * *

Update: From Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus:

Pitching for Triple-A Las Vegas, Billingsley took a no-hitter into the eighth inning on Friday night, lowering his ERA to 1.59 in 28.1 innings. In his last three starts he's allowed just seven hits in 18.1 innnings while striking out 20. Add in that he's pitching in the Pacific Coast League and his home park is a hitting paradise, and the degree of difficulty makes his accomplishments that much more impressive. A scout who recently saw Billingsley thinks that the righty might be the answer to the Dodgers' bullpen woes. He thinks Billingsley could handle the switch, that it would keep his arm fresh, and that he could learn on the job. Sounds like Pedro Martinez' entrance to the big leagues. Why don't more teams do that?

I also feel that middle relief in the majors can be a great apprenticeship for a starting pitcher, though I have to admit that in Billingsley's case, I've been wanting to see him stay in the starting rotation kind of groove. The two main things are that I don't want him overworked, and I want him to be allowed to make mistakes in the majors without the world criticizing him.

In the same piece, Goldstein throws some cold water on the Andy LaRoche hype. He points out that La Roche is batting .273 with 16 home runs in 440 at-bats away from Vero Beach over the past two seasons. Are LaRoche's numbers really so bad, especially considering that some of them come in the tough AA hitting environment he is now in? "I'm not writing LaRoche off, but I am concerned," Goldstein says. I guess, for now, that's a reasonable straddle.

2006-05-01 08:29:42
1.   Bob Timmermann
I noticed the Lakers-Suns, UCLA-Gonzaga similiarities and said so at the time at my aunt's home in Thousand Oaks.

I have three witnesses! Maybe even four, but my niece may not remember what I said. She was just happy that everybody else was happy.

As for the seats, I guess it's time to check to see if anyone complained about them in the 1960s. I doubt it.

2006-05-01 08:29:49
2.   Eric L
Kuo needs to work on his command at the AAA level while Carter gets to do it at the ML level? Someone is being afforded a veteran perk that doesn't deserve it.
2006-05-01 08:36:05
3.   Jeromy
I know that it is only one game, but yesterday's bullpen collapse was demoralizing. The pen was supposed to be a strength and there have already been a handful of losses, after blowing huge leads!

A healthy Gagne would force Carter off the roster. The Dodgers could bring in Hamulack or Kuo or Saito with a 5 run lead. Baez could return to the set-up role.

I know it is April, but San Diego is a division rival and the Dodgers should have swept them.

2006-05-01 08:40:16
4.   MollyKnight
Just stopping by to say that the Lakers/Suns game was one of the most exciting sporting events my eyes have ever witnessed. When Kobe hit that shot, I jumped around, screamed, and high-fived strange men in public.

That is all.

2006-05-01 09:01:07
5.   Nagman
Yes, Lance Carter is public enemy #1, and yes, there are a few others in line right behind him, but anybody else notice Navarro's inability to frame a pitch? His mitt constantly moves after catching the ball. On pitches which break inside to the right handed batter, he backhands, which makes it look like he's swiping at it.

This is a small thing compared to what went on in that debacle of a ninth, but if Bob Boone is catching, that might've never happened.

Okay, it's a new day... I'm over it. Sorta.

2006-05-01 09:08:41
6.   Sushirabbit
It seems like someone somewhere would have thought about the seat colors and had some infielders check it out before installing them.

At least we don't have Jason Isringhausen, he almost imnploded on Saturday. I think Baez just shouldn't have been out there, that choice was Little's.

We thought the Cards/Nats game would get rained out up until they took the tarp off, then it just stopped raining. The new park is nice, we had good seats and we got to see a record HR from Pujols. He also made some great defensive plays. Got to see Mulder do his offday routine, which was cool. Anyway, everyone had a good time. Just wish I could make that trip to LA.

2006-05-01 09:08:46
7.   the OZ
I called the UCLA-Zags connection, too. Unfortunately, I had to listen to the game on the radio whilst driving back from Palo Alto and didn't see the highlights until last night.

Let me say to all the Stanford kids at DT: Wow. What a great place. I am envious of what must have been an incredible experience for anyone that went to school there. I visited the campus/area for the first time this weekend while participating in an MBA golf/sports tournament and am already trying to figure out how I'm going to (1) raise my future children so they can gain admission and (2) pay tuition, or (3) raise my future children such that they gain admission AND earn full scholarships.

A really great place. The golf course is incredible, too.

2006-05-01 09:09:24
8.   Bob Timmermann
The day was put in perspective when I was told I drew a good looking duck on my niece's doodle board.

She's not a tough critic.

2006-05-01 09:10:41
9.   Sushirabbit
I'm thinking Lance may just be acting as Gagne's place holder-- rather than bring someone up to be sent back down in a couple of weeks. I'm with you though, Jon, that that seems overly optimistic.
2006-05-01 09:10:47
10.   Peanuts in My Shoes
OT really quick: where would one find stats on the number of double plays a hitter has hit into this season? Thanks...
2006-05-01 09:11:45
11.   Telemachos
I passed up watching the Dodger game yesterday to catch an M:I 3 screening.... and man, am I eternally grateful I missed the game. Sounds like a truly hideous and gutwrenching game.
2006-05-01 09:12:14
12.   the OZ
2 Does anyone think it's possible that Kuo was demoted first because Colletti traded two starting pitching prospects for Baez and Carter and that demoting Carter would reflect badly on his transaction?

Kuo's not his guy. Carter is.

2006-05-01 09:15:20
13.   Jon Weisman
8 - I was doing stickers with my daughter during the ninth and 10th inning. Really kept me on an even keel.

12 - Yes, my hunch is that Colletti has been stalling.

2006-05-01 09:18:02
14.   Humma Kavula
12 Sure, I can believe that. But I have no evidence for that.

I'm a fan of Kuo and I root for him, but he HAS had control problems. It's not like he was lighting the league on fire. Some time against easier opponents might be just what the doctor ordered.

That said, Carter needs to be exchanged for Broxton ASAP. It MIGHT be a good idea to send down Kuo; it WOULD ALSO be a good idea to jettison Carter.

2006-05-01 09:22:20
15.   Steve
res ipsa loquitor
2006-05-01 09:24:59
16.   Bob Timmermann and all have GIDP stats. They're usually not among the first ones listed. You usually have to go to a second page.

James Loney leads Dodger hitters in GIDPs at 5.

Kent has 2.

A bunch have 1.

Garret Atkins of Colorado and Shea Hillenbrand of Toronto lead the majors with 7.

2006-05-01 09:26:13
17.   Jacob L
12 Ned may find that he looks better by having his acquisition out of full view.

I caught a little of post-game Dodger talk yesterday, and didn't notice anyone blaming the GM for acquiring Carter (or Baez for that matter), only plenty of complaining, including from the host, about the manager thinking that his worst reliever could hold a five run lead with three outs to go.

What a difference a year makes. And I know I should never listen to Dodger talk, especially in the post-Ross era, but I was on a long-ish drive, so what can say?

2006-05-01 09:30:12
18.   scareduck
Jon, don't you think it a little odd to wonder out loud about Lowe's lack of resiliance on Sunday after chiding Furcal for trying to play through something that's clearly interfering with his bat?
2006-05-01 09:30:48
19.   Peanuts in My Shoes
Thanks, Bob. Dad-in-law and I have a season long pool going about Repko, HR's vs DP's.
2006-05-01 09:32:46
20.   ToyCannon
Some comments by BA on Billingsly:
"Billinglsey Deals--Again

The Pacific Coast League is perhaps as tough as it gets for pitchers. What may be the best hitter's league in the minors eats arms, from prospects to minor league veterans.

Take a look at Giants rookie Matt Cain's numbers last year at Triple-A Fresno: while he had 176 strikeouts in 146 innings, Cain finished with a 4.39 ERA. But that wasn't bad in a league where four out of the top 10 pitchers in the league wound up with an ERA over four.

"The only thing comparable in minor league baseball is either the Cal League or the Arizona Fall League," Triple-A Tucson lefthander Bill Murphy said. "But if you pitched in either one, you have some kind of idea how to pitch in the PCL."

Don't tell any of this to Dodgers righthander Chad Billingsley. Billingsley, who was pulled from the Phoenix roster just before the AFL season started last fall, never pitched in either league. And he's doing just fine.

In his latest outing on Friday, the Dodgers' top prospect allowed one hit over eight innings and struck out six in a shutout against Colorado Springs. Billinglsey is now 3-0, 1.59 overall, with awesome secondary numbers: in 28 innings, he's whiffed 31 and walked 10."

2006-05-01 09:33:00
21.   Jon Weisman
18 - You're reading in a criticism of Lowe that absolutely isn't there. If he was hurting on the mound, I'm thrilled he left the game.
2006-05-01 09:38:36
22.   ToyCannon
Broxton has earned the right to replace Carter. I'm also glad that Kuo is being sent down to get the work he needs. His control has been terrible and he needs to get his command back before he can be the best he can be. The Vegas pitching staff is doing yeoman work, with Billingsly, Broxton, Beimal, Sele, Hull all doing fine work with WHIP's below 1.01. Even DJ Houlton has been decent.

A few more injuries to some Major League staffs and Ned should be flipping Sele soon.

2006-05-01 09:39:24
23.   Humma Kavula
I'm sure I'm jumping the gun at this point, but a boy can dream: when are we going to see Billingsley?
2006-05-01 09:43:00
24.   Bob Timmermann
Catchers who have played for the Dodgers are SB/CS

Navarro - 14/0
Alomar - 10/1

Piazza - 21/2
Lo Duca - 17/3
Melhuse - 5/4
Bako - 2/4
Ross - 1/0
Phillips - 1/0

2006-05-01 09:43:43
25.   Bob Timmermann
I have no idea why I used "are" in that last post.

I really need more sleep.

2006-05-01 09:43:58
26.   Eric Enders
Look, I like Billingsley as much as the next guy, but aren't we getting a wee bit too excited over five games?
2006-05-01 09:44:31
27.   heato
15 Who's negligent? Ned for having Carter on the team or Little for using him?
2006-05-01 09:44:33
28.   Jon Weisman
23 - There's a paragraph about Chad in an update up top.
2006-05-01 09:46:13
29.   Bob Timmermann
I also left out Henry Blanco in my list in 24

He's allowed one steal and caught three.

2006-05-01 09:52:56
30.   Jon Weisman
26 - One could say the same thing about your assessment of The Seeger Sessions Band vs. the E-Street Band :)
2006-05-01 09:54:56
31.   Bob Timmermann
My girlfriend, who is not a big fan of folk music or of Bruce Springsteen, loved the Seeger Sessions CD. I think I've listened to it about five times and I'm inspired to get a mule and go work on the Erie Canal.
2006-05-01 10:05:30
32.   Eric Enders
30, 31 Low bridge, everybody down!

I like the CD a good deal, but the live tour is infinitely better.

One reason is that the best song in the live show didn't make it onto the CD, because it's not "associated" with Pete Seeger. It's a rewrite of the old blues song "How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live." I think it's Bruce's best piece of writing in some time.

Fortunately it's freely available online.

2006-05-01 10:11:48
33.   Fearing Blue
Has a 1.32 ERA ever been more deceiving? After last night, Baez has now allowed only 2 earned runs in 14.2 innings. Of course, that doesn't account for the following:

Baez has now allowed 7 out of 11 inherited baserunners to score. According to, he has already surpassed his season high from last year of 6 (which was out of 31 inherited baserunners).

Baez has allowed 3 unearned runs, all off of a fielding error he committed. The fact that these runs get counted as unearned runs is one of the quirkiest issues with ERA.

2006-05-01 10:16:45
34.   GoBears
Wow, ignorance IS bliss. I watched yesterday's game until the bottom of the 9th. Dog wanted to go out for a walk, and I decided that the only interesting thing that could happen would be the Dodgers blowing that 5-0 lead, and that I wouldn't want to see that, so there was little chance I'd regret turning off the TV.

I then went about my afternoon, made some pasta, watched Sopranos, and went to sleep thinking it had been a pretty darn good day. Now, discovering that the Dodgers did indeed live in interesting times, I'm not nearly as upset about it as if I'd watched it happen. All because of a demanding beagle.

2006-05-01 10:18:43
35.   ToyCannon
April is in the books and I thought I'd just take a quick look at Ned's boys. None of this means anything due to small sample size but I thought it would be interesting to see how the boys are performing.

1st - Nomar - Not enough at bats to make any judgements but I'm still staying with my prediction that he will post a > 800 OPS. Health is still the biggest issue with him. The power that was supposedly gone seems to be just fine with both his homers going 400 feet so far in limited at bats. Has looked agile and competent at 1st base.

SS - Furcal - what a bust so far. The player I expected to be the biggest upgrade to the offense has instead been the biggest anchor. Even his defense has been subpar. We know he's injured and he'll bounce back but yuck.

3b - Mueller - as good as gold. Excellent defense coupled with above average offense. The offense should drop as the season progresses but man I love the defense. Rarely have I seen a ball get by the guy.

Utility- Ramon Martinez - can actually play defense at 2nd/SS/3rd just like Robles. I never expect much from any utility player so I haven't been dissapointed.

CF - Lofton - I expected Lofton to be average but I remain impressed with how he's retained his speed at age 39. He always seems to be on 2nd or 3rd when he gets on base. His arm has always been weak but when you see it on a daily basis you just winch when he has to make a throw.

Ethier - AAA numbers are impressive

Seo - until Friday a big dissapointment but maybe he'll build off that great game and be the pitcher I expected to post a 3.50-4.00 and give us 6 solid innings almost every start.

Tomko - Surprise - ERA right at 4.20 where the optimists expected him to be. Nothing great but not the disaster that so many predicted.

Baez - until Sunday he was good as gold.

Hamulack - after posting a 0.00 due to luck, he actually started pitching better. He's a one inning pitcher and he has his uses.

Carter - didn't expect much but what we've gotten so far was 2005 Lima in the bullpen.

Saito - without him I don't know where the bullpen would be. He came up big for us when we were expecting nothing.

Players that Ned traded to acquire some of the above:
D Sanchez - has been lights out for the Mets and might be the best setup man in the NL right now.

E Jackson - same ole, same ole. Until he gets his command under control he will be hot and cold.

Tiffany - moved upto AA. He's been terrible with a WHIP over 2.00 and more walks then K's.

Milton - was doing adequate for the A's before hurting his leg(suprise) and has not played for a week. Lofton was outhitting Milton before his injury.

A Perez - the player that so many regretted including in the Ethier deal has yet to get a hit in 2006 while being replaced defensively in the two starts he has gotten. Ron Washington may tell the press that Perez can play a solid defense but actions speak louder then words and the A's actions show they have no more confidence in his defensive skills then the Dodger staff did.

2006-05-01 10:18:59
36.   Bob Timmermann
If you had a basset hound, this would have never happened.
2006-05-01 10:20:49
37.   GoBears
36. Sorry. My bad.
2006-05-01 10:29:11
38.   Bob Timmermann
One of my brothers has both a basset and a beagle. They are at opposite ends of the energy spectrum.
2006-05-01 10:35:34
39.   Marty
You haven't seen energy until you get a Lab.
2006-05-01 10:50:46
40.   Bob Timmermann
I own a cat. What is this energy you speak of?
2006-05-01 11:01:34
41.   Underbruin
34 - "May you live in interesting times..."


2006-05-01 11:05:45
42.   Fallout
Jackson writes that infielders are saying that they are have trouble picking up balls coming off opposition bats against the new color of the seats at Dodger Stadium:

That was the first thing I wondered about when I saw that light color in the lower section. I would think that pitchers would be even more at risk.

2006-05-01 11:30:43
43.   Bob Timmermann
I found an article about Colt Stadium, the temporary stadium in Houston before the Astrodome opened.

The box seats were "Rio Grande Orange". The grandstand sections were alternating colors of turquoise and chartreuse.

The bleachers were pink.

2006-05-01 11:59:42
44.   capdodger
34 - The reason your dog wanted to go out was the same reason that animals go crazy before earthquakes: They can sense the coming disaster and want to get away.
2006-05-01 13:26:29
45.   Underbruin
I feel like this discussion topic needs a "Not" at the end. :)
2006-05-01 17:17:57
46.   Jon Weisman

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