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Meet Me on Pepe Frias Boulevard
2006-05-03 14:41
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

* * *

Tugging almost directly at my obscure but memorable heartstrings, Dodger Profiles by Isi Baly offers snapshots of the team's supporting cast through the years - with footnotes! Enjoy some of the names that are already on the board:

Charlie Manuel
Jeff Hamilton
Mike Fetters
Von Joshua
Phil Ortega
Phil Hiatt
Jim Campanis
Dennis Springer
Karl Spooner
Jim Hickman
Dave Goltz
Pepe Frias
McKay Christensen
Tom Candiotti
Steve Bilko
Billy Ashley
Eddie Ainsmith
Hank Aguirre
Morrie Aderholt
Bert Abbey
Don Aase

Looks like the alphabetical approach might have gotten abandoned partway through. No matter. Any site that takes note of Pepe Frias' Dodger tenure is good by me.

Comments (476)
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2006-05-03 14:58:50
1.   ElysianPark62
How about Brad Gulden?
2006-05-03 15:02:35
2.   Bob Timmermann
The footnotes make the site perfect.

I don't even use footnotes!

2006-05-03 15:03:29
3.   ElysianPark62
That is quite a list--instant memories. I have a weird memory for players' uniform numbers. When I see a list like that, I start picturing the player in his uniform.

Jeff Reboulet was Kevin Malone's doppelganger (or vice versa).

2006-05-03 15:06:28
4.   Daniel Zappala
Can't forget McKay Christensen, good Mormon and all.
2006-05-03 15:13:47
5.   Bob Timmermann
Note to members of the Raja Bell Marching and Chowder Society:
The NBA suspended him for one game.
2006-05-03 15:14:48
6.   underdog
Steve Bilko always made me think of - no, not Sgt. Bilko, but Steven Biko, the black activist in South Africa who was played by Denzel Washington in a movie version...

Hey, what about our Aussie Dodger, Craig Shipley? I think he went on to coach somewhere.

2006-05-03 15:16:10
7.   Bob Timmermann
Craig Shipley works in the Red Sox front office.
2006-05-03 15:16:46
8.   Sam DC
I thought Luke Prokopec was our Aussie Dodger?
2006-05-03 15:18:04
9.   Voxter
7 - To be more specific, he's in charge of professional & international scouting. I wonder if it's because he's Australian.
2006-05-03 15:29:06
10.   Bob Timmermann
Being Australian, Shipley is fluent in no language. :-)
2006-05-03 15:30:20
11.   underdog
Ah, yes, but Craig was before Luke, and last longer... (Er, whatever that's saying.) That's right, he works for the Red Sox. Thanks.

Good ol' Larry See...

2006-05-03 15:42:36
12.   Jon Weisman
By the way, you may have heard the Paris Hilton-Matt Leinart rumors. I only bring this up - as always, at the risk of my integrity in this town - to wonder if Drew McCourt will be next.
2006-05-03 15:43:48
13.   Bob Timmermann
Does anyone seriously think Paris Hilton would attend an Arizona Cardinals game?

"Why is my boyfriend holding a clipboard?"

2006-05-03 15:45:08
14.   Telemachos
Surely Matt Leinart can do better than Paris Hilton! Even Lindsay Lohan's better (and that's saying something).
2006-05-03 15:54:40
15.   Ken Arneson
10 Reminds me of my visit to Australia. I get off the plane from America, and head for a bus to where I'm staying. The bus driver is loading my luggage onto the bus, and he says to me, "What hightail?"

And I'm thinking, "Hightail? What the heck is he talking about?"

So then after about three or four seconds of going "um...ah...", I suddenly realize that he's asking me which hotel I was staying at.

Welcome to Australia, mate.

2006-05-03 15:56:26
16.   Linkmeister
Phil Ortega! I remember Ortega! Can Joe Mueller be far behind?

Gah, those pitching staffs behind Koufax and Drysdale before Osteen got there...

2006-05-03 15:58:03
17.   underdog
Did Joe pronounce that Miller or Mueller?

Gack, when you look at some of the guys who the Dodgers tried out at first in the 80s and 90s it's a Boulevard of Broken Dreams. And Breams.

2006-05-03 15:58:28
18.   Linkmeister
Ken, this book's for you. "Let Stalk Strine."

I have a copy. I have no idea why.

2006-05-03 15:58:54
19.   underdog
My opinion of Matt Leinart just went down about 15 notches if those rumors are true.
2006-05-03 15:59:13
20.   Linkmeister
17 I think Vinnie and Jerry called him Mooler or Mewler, but I won't swear to it.
2006-05-03 16:00:24
21.   Marty
Paris hilton goes out with #10 picks?

(sent from my blackberry)

2006-05-03 16:01:18
22.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Moeller
2006-05-03 16:02:38
23.   Bob Timmermann

And it was pronounced "mole-er". Mole, like the burrowing animal.

2006-05-03 16:04:30
24.   natepurcell
paris hilton is trash, leinart could do so much better.
2006-05-03 16:04:54
25.   Kayaker7
What a fun thread. Just off the top of my head, Hiram Bocachica and Matt Herges come to mind.
2006-05-03 16:06:48
26.   Kayaker7
Speaking of supporting cast, I see a Jason Phillips at 1B for Syracuse AAA against Pawtucket AAA with HS Choi at first. I wonder if it is "our" Jason Phillips. I can't see the goatee on gameday.
2006-05-03 16:07:42
27.   Jon Weisman
I do recommend people click on the "Obscure but Memorable" link above just for fun to see what names have been thrown out in the past.

21 - Mobile Marty!

2006-05-03 16:08:37
28.   Andrew Shimmin
ESPN ALERT: Barriod took a foul ball (somebody else's) off the head during batting practice.

ESPN promises live updates to come!

2006-05-03 16:09:16
29.   Jon Weisman
Confidential to Suffering Bruin:

2006-05-03 16:09:23
30.   Xeifrank
Paris Hilton : trash :: Steve Nash : Greasy

It's not as if he has to marry her. What's wrong with a little fun. vr, Xei

2006-05-03 16:09:44
31.   Bob Timmermann
I can't imagine that Syracuse would have two players named Jason Phillips.
2006-05-03 16:10:21
32.   Marty
Now I'm back in my office.

I'm waiting for Nate Oliver and Duke Sims.

2006-05-03 16:12:23
33.   natepurcell
re 30

if that fun is attached to herpes then it is really fun?

2006-05-03 16:13:04
34.   Kayaker7
31 I thought maybe it was this Jason Phillips:
2006-05-03 16:15:11
35.   Xeifrank
33. who has herpes?
vr, Xei
2006-05-03 16:17:18
36.   natepurcell
if not herpes, has to be something else. Nothing will convince me that Paris Hilton is clean.
2006-05-03 16:17:23
37.   underdog
Matt Herpes or Herges? Wait, I'm confused... all these threads are running together.
2006-05-03 16:20:18
38.   Andrew Shimmin
33- To answer the question: yes, it's still fun. But fun is overrated.
2006-05-03 16:20:26
39.   Kayaker7
37 Matt Herpes. And Paris Hilton has herges simplex 2.
2006-05-03 16:21:04
40.   Icaros

Since it's confidential, am I not supposed to ask if that's SB on the mic?

I've only spoken to him once in person, so I can't tell if it's his voice.

2006-05-03 16:21:18
41.   Bob Timmermann
Getting back to Joe Moeller, the starting pitcher tonight for Florida is Brian Moehler and I believe Moeller and Moehler are pronounced similarly.

Especially, if you're from California.

2006-05-03 16:27:15
42.   Kayaker7
A runner just reach base on a Jason Phillips catching error at first.
2006-05-03 16:28:01
43.   Icaros

I thought herges simplex 2 is what Lance Carter has.

2006-05-03 16:28:20
44.   Marty
40 I think that may be SB on the video.
2006-05-03 16:29:03
45.   natepurcell
matt kemps current numbers:
107AB 11doubles 2triples 4hr 11bb 17k


bb/ab= 10.3%
k/ab= 15.9%
ISOd= .77
ISOp= .253

i honestly cannot find anything to criticize. At 21 yrs old, if he keeps this up, this is top 15 prospect terrority.

2006-05-03 16:29:11
46.   Icaros

Flying the plane?

2006-05-03 16:29:18
47.   Kayaker7
41 That's Kahlifohnia.
2006-05-03 16:30:51
48.   Johnson
41 Not only am I from California, but I happen to work in the building directly next to Moller International, where they (don't) produce the Moller SkyCar. I pronounce it "could you please test that durn thing on weekends?!?"
2006-05-03 16:31:02
49.   Marty
46 Burnishing the cat.
2006-05-03 16:32:01
50.   Icaros

That's gross.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-05-03 16:32:51
51.   Bob Timmermann
I will have a Mueller/Miller post tomorrow on the Griddle.

It's somewhat time-sensitive and needs to go up then.

2006-05-03 16:34:34
52.   das411
Ahh Aaron Hill tries to stop a ball with his face at Fenway, no stitches though.

Does anybody know if MLB has a blood rule like the NHL?

2006-05-03 16:38:57
53.   LAT
Hey Icaros are you still up north or back in LA?
2006-05-03 16:39:16
54.   Bob Timmermann
I don't believe a pitcher is allowed to apply blood on the baseball.
2006-05-03 16:42:07
55.   LAT
52. A couple of years ago there was a Red Sox pitcher who took a very hard line drive to the face (eye, I think). It was brutal. Can't remember who it was, but whatever happened to him?
2006-05-03 16:42:35
56.   Bob Timmermann
Bryce Florie.

He tried to come back, but retired.

2006-05-03 16:43:42
57.   Johnson
55 Wasn't that Clement? I thought he took an Ishii last year.
2006-05-03 16:44:11
58.   Johnson
57 So, I guess not.
2006-05-03 16:46:45
59.   Bob Timmermann
Bryce Florie:

Matt Clement:

2006-05-03 16:47:20
60.   Xeifrank
What time does the Dodger starting lineup usually get posted for home evening games?
vr, Xei
2006-05-03 16:47:22
61.   Kayaker7
Batting helmets for pitchers, anyone? Buhler? I think it's a good idea.
2006-05-03 16:47:34
62.   Bob Timmermann
From the photos, it looks like Florie was bleeding, but Clement was knocked out.
2006-05-03 16:48:10
63.   Uncle Miltie
Mike Kinkade- the HBP king
Chris Donnels
Bruce Aven
Jeff Reboulet- Jeff Kent's on screen co-worker
2006-05-03 16:53:23
64.   das411
Nono, do ballplayers need to change uniforms if they somehow get blood on them? I would say no b/c of the whole Schilling thing in 04 but you never know what the rules are when the Red Sox are involved.

61 - Have you seen the new Ben Stein commercial for I think HDTV?

2006-05-03 16:54:56
65.   Kayaker7
64 Yeah I saw the commercial. Maybe that's why that scene was so accessible to my brain. I'll admit. I never saw the movie, but I'm familiar with the scene because I've seen my friends act it out so many times.
2006-05-03 16:59:30
66.   Icaros

Living in downtown SF. Was there for Bonds' 712 yesterday.

I was the only person not standing as he rounded the bases. It was a comfy chair.

2006-05-03 17:02:18
67.   Andrew Shimmin
There'll be a moment of silence before today's game in Steve Howe's honor, and the flag in CF will fly at half-staff.
2006-05-03 17:06:14
68.   Bob Timmermann

Bet anyone that some idiot in the stands will boo.

Why? Because people are stupid.

2006-05-03 17:07:11
69.   Icaros
I've heard that Dave Stewart admitted once that he would often stand up in front of Steve Howe in the pen while Howe bumped rails before entering Dodgers games.

Has anyone else heard this?

If true, I find that really remarkable on more than a few levels.

2006-05-03 17:07:46
70.   Xeifrank
66. What's the rent? My condolences on the Bonds HR? Any word on today's batting cage incident? Raja suspended for 1 game.
vr, Xei
2006-05-03 17:07:55
71.   LAT
56. I assume that means he regained vision in that eye. I can understand not succeeding in a comeback. Hard to finish your pitch when you are ducking before you release the ball.
2006-05-03 17:09:15
72.   Icaros
Because people are stupid.

This should be the first sentence that all American children learn to read.

2006-05-03 17:09:37
73.   Bob Timmermann
Florie pitched again after the incident, but only for a few games at the big league level.
2006-05-03 17:10:03
74.   Uncle Miltie
It's pathetic how all the Giants fans at my school still support this guy. Earlier in the year, when I brought up that Bonds was using steroids, they said there was no proof. Then that book came out during spring training and there was even more proof that he did roids, yet the people at my school still defend him saying that he's never failed a drug test.
2006-05-03 17:12:30
75.   Icaros

$975/month for a studio.

$190/month for a place to park my car.

I try to avoid the local sports media as much as possible, so I don't have any news on the batting cage incident. I hope it hurt really bad, though.

2006-05-03 17:13:44
76.   regfairfield
74 I love that Barry himself admitted he was roided, yet there's still no proof.
2006-05-03 17:15:06
77.   Icaros

Most of the people I know up here now just say that everybody did steroids.

They talk about Gagne doing it as if the government has his daily cycle schedules and 200 witnesses.

2006-05-03 17:18:39
78.   Bob Timmermann
If Barry Bonds has been using PEDs as well as Eric Gagne, I would think that it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Bonds doing so would have a much greater effect on the Giants success.

Bonds would play 140-150 games a year. Eric Gagne pitches one inning 3-4 times a week.

2006-05-03 17:19:24
79.   Marty
I've heard that story about Stewart and Howe.
2006-05-03 17:21:56
80.   Kayaker7
Is "bumped rails" a slang for something?
2006-05-03 17:22:15
81.   Icaros

I'm not totally sure that you weren't there with them.

2006-05-03 17:22:41
82.   Icaros

Snorting cocaine.

2006-05-03 17:22:58
83.   LAT
72 Yeah but then they will find out "people" include their parents.

Icaros, save your ticket to yesterday's game. People on E-Bay are buying and selling them. I have a friend who's hobby for the last 4 years has been collecting as many Bonds HR tickets as he can find. There are a lot of people collecting and driving the price of old tickets way up.

2006-05-03 17:24:11
84.   Kayaker7
82 Ah...I first thought that he was so wobbly from alcohol abuse that he bumped into rails on the way out of the pen. LOL.
2006-05-03 17:24:22
85.   Marty
81 I'm not totally sure I wasn't either.
2006-05-03 17:26:52
86.   Xeifrank
Just ran tonight's sim game. Not a good night for Dodger sticks tonight. Chris Young was definitely on his game and Seo was a little wild. The Dodgers drew first blood with a solo HR by J.Kent in the bottom of the 2nd inning. The Padres scored three times in the top of the 3rd when Seo walked in two runs and was knocked out of the game. The Dodgers not having a "true" long reliever brought in Hamulack who gave up a 2 run single to M.Piazza in the 4th inning putting the Pads up 5-1. Chris Young took a one hitter into the 9th inning with two outs when R.Furcal singled and N.Garciappara doubled him home to make the score 5-2. T.Hoffman then relieved Young and retired J.Drew on a comebacker to end the game.
Padres: 5-8-0
Dodgers: 2-3-0
WP: C.Young
LP: J.Seo
SV: T.Hoffman
HR: J.Kent
2006-05-03 17:27:17
87.   Icaros

I have it. His picture is on it and everything. How much you think I can get? And how stupid are people again?


That also probably happened.


LOL. I figured.

2006-05-03 17:29:50
88.   Bob Timmermann

How stupid?

I refer you to my comments in 68

2006-05-03 17:31:58
89.   Icaros

I was just there. Quit trying to trap me in a continuum loop.

2006-05-03 17:33:16
90.   Kayaker7

10 Read post 88.
20 Read post 68.
30 Goto 10

2006-05-03 17:34:40
91.   LAT
74, 76 & 77. You forgot the other favorite Giant refrain:

"This is a witch hunt. Everyone was doing it but no else is being persecuted like Barry. Its so unfair."

1. Everyone else didn't lie to a grand jury.
2. Everyone else is not on the verge of breaking one of the biggest records in history.
3. Everone else is not an %^&*.
4. Everyone else did not screw over their mistress.
5. Everyone else did not play catch me if you can.

2006-05-03 17:36:50
92.   Icaros

That's like the footnotes in Nabokov's "Pale Fire."

1) How do we underline again?

2) I didn't actually "read" all of the book, but it was one of the many that I "studied" and even "wrote about" in grad school.

2006-05-03 17:37:53
93.   LAT
87. You could probably get $10-15 bucks for each one on Ebay.
2006-05-03 17:42:05
94.   Icaros

Really, if Bonds would just come out and admit to all of it, I would have absolutely no problem with him whatsoever.

He doesn't even have to apologize or show remorse, just quit assuming that the rest of us are as gullible as SF fans who can't admit to themselves that their hero is at least somewhat unaturally enhanced.

2006-05-03 17:43:46
95.   Icaros

Huh. If I'd have known that I would have spent the day pickpocketing ticket stubs.

2006-05-03 17:47:03
96.   Linkmeister
95 Ha! But be careful; declaration of intent can get you tried in federal court these days.
2006-05-03 17:52:14
97.   Icaros

I take it back, then.

Oh, and it should have been spelled "unnaturally" in 94.

2006-05-03 17:53:53
98.   kegtron
Here's a link that talks about Paris Hilton allegedly having herpes. I'm beginning to question his decision making skills.,1,18523,00.html?yhnws

2006-05-03 17:54:24
99.   Jon Weisman
80 - "Is "bumped rails" a slang for something?"

I believe this is what kiddie bowling has become.

In my day, we didn't have rails along the gutters when we bowled. We got gutter balls. And we liked it!

2006-05-03 17:54:50
100.   Kayaker7
94 Even if Bonds is totally clean, his unsavory personality would preclude me being his fan. I'm not all that thrilled about Kent, though he's a Dodger.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-05-03 17:55:29
101.   Jon Weisman
Not to comment on Paris Hilton in particular, but I think it's worth pointing out that having herpes shouldn't restrict you to a life of solitude.
2006-05-03 17:55:38
102.   Kayaker7
99 Thank you Grandpa Simpson. ;-)
2006-05-03 17:56:01
103.   kegtron

His = Leinart

2006-05-03 17:58:51
104.   das411
92 - --shudder--

Ic, where were you when I dropped "Pale Fire" a couple weeks ago after "Lost"?

Halladay and Beckett are locked in an AL pitchers' duel, 4-3 TOR after 4.

2006-05-03 18:01:18
105.   LAT
98. Yes, but have you seen the video of Paris and her last boyfriend on the internet. That might cause Matt to make some bad decesions.

Seriously, I have always wondered, not about Paris, but her parents. Who would let their daughter behave this way and in public no less. And even worse condone it. These people have money and education. What are they thinking. These must be some seriously vacant people.

2006-05-03 18:01:56
106.   Greg Brock
No Jon, being Paris Hilton should restrict you to a life of solitude. Herpes is just God's way of evening the score...I kid.
2006-05-03 18:03:00
107.   Jon Weisman
106 - That was pretty funny, actually.
2006-05-03 18:04:02
108.   Greg Brock
In that case, I meant every word of it.
2006-05-03 18:05:18
109.   LAT
BTW, I know that money and education does not = smarts but if it were my kid I would close the purse strings. If its her money (I believe she has some obscenely funded trust) I would kick her boney ass out of my house. I certianly would not go public in support of her. Have some self-respect.

All this being said, the Hiltons still have a long way to go before they are Tom Cruise to me.

2006-05-03 18:08:50
110.   Greg Brock
Why is it that every male Scientologist I've heard of has has had whispers of "Vito Spatafore's Disorder" levied at them at one time or another? Is Scientology supposed to "cure" certain tendencies? Not that there's anything wrong with that. Totally down with the rainbow over here in the Brock home.
2006-05-03 18:14:43
111.   Andrew Shimmin
There's about as good a chance that any given person (over 12) has herpes as there is that Jeff Kent will get a hit, in any given AB, this year.
2006-05-03 18:15:31
112.   Greg Brock
So one in ten?
2006-05-03 18:16:04
113.   Marty
I've heard from somone who claims personal knowledge that Cruise is not, but Travolta is a friend of Vito.
2006-05-03 18:18:35
114.   Andrew Shimmin
Around two in ten. Maybe more, by now. It's an older study that I'm looking at.
2006-05-03 18:20:18
115.   kegtron
News: Barry Bonds, only two home runs away from tying Babe Ruth's career mark of 714, was left in a temporary daze after getting bonked in the forehead by a ball during batting practice before San Francisco played Milwaukee on Wednesday night. Giants spokesman Matt Hodson said Bonds was deemed to be OK after being examined by Darin Rutherford, a local doctor hired by the team to assist its training staff, and was still in the lineup for the game.

Analysis: Bonds was leaning against the batting cage when Giants infielder Kevin Frandsen hit a ball into the netting that struck the San Francisco slugger. Bonds yelped, then let out an expletive. Bonds appeared to be stunned immediately after being struck, then laid down on the ground for several minutes while being attended to by the team's medical staff. He got back up, went to the clubhouse for an examination, then took his regular turn in the batting cage. Escorted by security, Bonds went back into the clubhouse after hitting. Bonds is hot right now and should be starting in all Fantasy leagues while he chases down legends.

2006-05-03 18:37:06
116.   Sam DC
Gigantor sighting in DC. Sent down Florida's 2-4 hitters in the top of the sixth. Many a man LOB by the Nationals tonight (10 through 5 innings).

Meanwhile, recent hero Nick Johnson over the last 7 games: .148 (BA) .233(OBP) 296(SLG). Ouch.

2006-05-03 18:37:44
117.   Greg Brock
Hey, that Dodger Profiles page is great...But where am I? And how about my best bud, Mr. Stubbs?
2006-05-03 18:38:43
118.   Bob Timmermann
Took me a while, but I finally found the Ducks playoff game on TV. It is a Game 7 and all that.

It's on KDOC.

Live from the Pengrowth Saddledome!

They had to preempt "Becker" and "Magnum: PI" and "Perry Mason" to show it.

2006-05-03 18:39:22
119.   Icaros
Ic, where were you when I dropped "Pale Fire" a couple weeks ago after "Lost"?

Probably hiding since I didn't do all of the reading, just like when I was in the class.

2006-05-03 18:40:42
120.   Bob Timmermann
Tyler Walker into relieve for Tampa Bay in the 9th against the Yankees. I have to think the folks at Bronx Banter have to like this.
2006-05-03 18:45:38
121.   Sam DC
In the Ninth at Shea, Pirates have 2 on, one out, against Wagner. Craig Wilson is PH for Jeremy Burnitz. Why do you get a Jeremy Burnitz if you're going to be hitting for him in a spot like this?
2006-05-03 18:46:13
122.   Sam DC
Wilson strike out, now its old friend Jose Hernandez.
2006-05-03 18:46:16
123.   Icaros
Meanwhile, recent hero Nick Johnson over the last 7 games: .148 (BA) .233(OBP) 296(SLG). Ouch.

I'll trade Odalis Perez for him.

2006-05-03 18:47:30
124.   Icaros
It's spelled Jeromy, Sam. Get with it.
2006-05-03 18:48:32
125.   Greg Brock
Billy Wags blows it.
2006-05-03 18:49:42
126.   das411
113 - Marty, I did not know that about Dave Stewart!

The Bonds foul is classic btw, I guess some good has come out of ESPN's constant 24/7 attention on him after all.

2006-05-03 18:50:51
127.   Sam DC
Hernandez singles, as does the anonymous to me next guy -- Pirates tie it up off Wagner in the ninth and still going.
2006-05-03 18:51:40
128.   Andrew Shimmin
123- You forgot to throw in Izzy.
2006-05-03 18:53:49
129.   Sam DC
Anonymous is Ronny Paulino (spellchecked for you Icaros), rookie catcher for the Bucs.

Close games across the board tonight. Hey, if the Dodgers don't get five runs ahead, they can't blow a five-run lead.

2006-05-03 19:02:19
130.   Andrew Shimmin
This "How much is the job of being a Mom worth?" stuff makes me a little bit furious. The methodology (near as I can tell from the site) for determining that they're worth $134,121 a year is taking a poll of what jobs (housekeeper, day care center teacher, cook, etc.) have similar duties to that of Mom, and then ADDING the salaries of those 10 jobs.

I realize that Mother's Day is coming up, so the brave truth-speakers of the news business have to celebrate the theme, but it makes me want to lay siege to any handy NBC studio.

2006-05-03 19:05:48
131.   Icaros
(spellchecked for you Icaros)

No, it's always for Bob. We must never forget that.

I already made and corrected my own spelling error in 94 and 97.

2006-05-03 19:11:20
132.   Icaros
Look at Kenny passing out the KeLories in the dugout!
2006-05-03 19:15:50
133.   D4P
A 4-pitch walk followed by a 3-pitch strikeout. What's next?
2006-05-03 19:17:26
134.   Uncle Miltie
133- what do you expect from a Seo Seo pitcher?

Brewers have 2 men on, 1 out. Schmidt is being taken out of the game. Please bring in Benitez, Felipe!

2006-05-03 19:17:34
135.   Curtis Lowe
What's with the Boos!
2006-05-03 19:18:40
136.   Uncle Miltie
Nevermind, Felipe is living Schmidt in to face Carlos Lee. Great slide by Geoff Jenkins to prevent a double play.
2006-05-03 19:19:52
137.   Uncle Miltie
135- what do you expect? He turned down a $90-100 million contract and got about the same from the Mets.
2006-05-03 19:20:22
138.   natepurcell
wow nice, i get the dodger game today.

i usually dont get SD games because apparently tucson is blackout restricted for san diego.

2006-05-03 19:20:51
139.   natepurcell
billingsley's pitching a decent game today. hes allowed 2 runs, but 0bbs 9ks.
2006-05-03 19:21:07
140.   D4P
You usually don't miss much.
2006-05-03 19:23:02
141.   regfairfield
And then we signed Kevin Brown for 105 million...

I don't know, booing the best player that the Dodgers will see for a very long time seems like a bad thing to do.

2006-05-03 19:24:31
142.   Marty
Young is Gigantor II
2006-05-03 19:24:36
143.   natepurcell
and i just jinxed billingsley. gave up a homerun in the 7th.
2006-05-03 19:24:56
144.   Sam DC
Sorry -- who's getting booed? Piazza?
2006-05-03 19:26:32
145.   Andrew Shimmin
Vin realizes he's going to have to make his own fun, this year. But there've got to be some long dead Egyptian fellows who object to hearing that some New Orleanian has the world's biggest tombstone.
2006-05-03 19:27:03
146.   Uncle Miltie
141- do you cheer for Gary Sheffield?
2006-05-03 19:27:48
147.   sanchez101
139. both runs where thanks to eric aybar. the first run scored in the first thanks to a single, stolen base, and two sacrifices. Other than that, he's done really well. I like how he's being very efficient with his pitches today.
2006-05-03 19:28:50
148.   natepurcell
and now billingsley walks the #9 batter. come on chad.
2006-05-03 19:30:47
149.   Bob Timmermann
How come Sam isn't giving us pitch-by-pitch updates of the epic Washington-Florida tilt?
2006-05-03 19:31:10
150.   natepurcell
martin throws out the runner ends the threat.

after 90s pitches, billz line:
7IP 7H 3ER 1bb 9k
60strikes: 30balls
7ground outs: 3 fly outs

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2006-05-03 19:32:16
151.   Andrew Shimmin
146- Oh no you di'in't!
2006-05-03 19:33:00
152.   natepurcell
and billingsley ERA creeps up past 2 to 2.04

they should send him back out in the 8th! that era needs to be below 2 or its not acceptable!

2006-05-03 19:33:53
153.   Sam DC
149 I was busy in Flushing -- Jose Hernandez with another shot to make a difference, Ks.

Meanwhile, everyone keeps making outs in DC. The city anxiously waits to see if Frank will send Stanton out to pitch the top of the ninth in a tie game or if he'll bring in Cordero for two innings.

Unsurprisingly, failure to double switch burned Gigantor after three batters. Nationals have only 2 bench players left -- Damian Jackson and Matt LeCroy. And Livan. They've gotten 9 walks tonight -- unheard of -- and left 13 OB -- quite heard of.

2006-05-03 19:35:13
154.   Icaros

ERA is a dead language.

2006-05-03 19:36:57
155.   Icaros
Drew looks like a child compared to this behemoth on the mound.
2006-05-03 19:39:05
156.   natepurcell
and david almost conquered goliath.
2006-05-03 19:39:58
157.   Sam DC
So of course Robinson leaves Stanton, and the Marlins #2 hitter promptly doubles. Now facing Miguel Cabrera.

In Boston, by contrast, the Red Sox brought their stud closer in to pitch the top of the ninth of a time game (and weren't even heading into the buzzsaw 2-4 of the opponent's lineup).

2006-05-03 19:42:29
158.   Marty
So on Lost, I know Michael won't rescue Waallttt! this episode, but will he see Waallttt!?
2006-05-03 19:43:35
159.   Bob Timmermann
Lost is supposed to be an Ana Lucia flashback, so the only thing certain is that fan boards will be full of people complaining about the character and/or Michelle Rodriguez.
2006-05-03 19:43:40
160.   Uncle Miltie
Chris Young is pitching a perfect game!

Who has the tallest pitching staff in the majors?

2006-05-03 19:45:05
161.   natepurcell
lol kuo.

he relieves billingsley and goes 1-2-3, strikeout, strikeout, strikeout.

2006-05-03 19:46:01
162.   Linkmeister
Speaking of "Lost," have y'all seen or have I mentioned this website?

2006-05-03 19:47:11
163.   Marty
I really like Hurley, but Hurley and Libby seem like a really odd pairing. But then again, Libby showed up in the asylum with Hurley in his last flashback, so who knows what's going on.

Maybe it's all a dream, like the Sopranos.

2006-05-03 19:47:57
164.   Marty
162 Yes, I showed that to my sister who got a kick out of it.


2006-05-03 19:48:20
165.   natepurcell
2006-05-03 19:48:45
166.   Marty
I've been complaining about Navarro's lack of power, so this is great.
2006-05-03 19:48:50
167.   Greg Brock
160- I believe the tallest pitching staff belongs to Manute Bol's Travelling All-Stars and Motor Kings...And nice jinx on the perfecto...Well done.
2006-05-03 19:49:07
168.   Uncle Miltie
Navarro can thank me later
2006-05-03 19:50:11
169.   Bob Timmermann
Chris Young is not a likely perfect game candidate. He doesn't strike out a lot of guys.
2006-05-03 19:50:18
170.   natepurcell
2nd and 3rd no out, loney up, 51s down by 1 in the 9th!!!
2006-05-03 19:50:22
171.   Sam DC
Well, Papelbon gave up the run, and the Mets (of course) won in the bottom of the twelfth on a Delgado homer. And Hanley Ramirez has singled in a run after Cordero was brought in w/one out in the top of the ninth.
2006-05-03 19:51:05
172.   Bob Timmermann
Meanwhile at the Pengrowth Saddledome....

Anaheim 2, Calgary 0 after 2 periods

2006-05-03 19:51:22
173.   natepurcell
loney gets the bonds treatment. martin up bases loaded no outs.
2006-05-03 19:52:56
174.   natepurcell
martin hits it to the warning track. sac fly, guzzie scores, young to 3rd.
2006-05-03 19:53:10
175.   scareduck
First pitch to Martin ... sac fly to right. Ties the game up.
2006-05-03 19:53:29
176.   Curtis Lowe
174- Sweet the triple play is broken up.
2006-05-03 19:53:54
177.   Bob Timmermann
The Rockies continue to roll.

They shut out the highest scoring team in the NL at Coors.

Rockies 3, Reds 0

2006-05-03 19:55:43
178.   Greg Brock
Hee Seop Cho and Byun Yun King...Vin is on his game tonight.
2006-05-03 19:56:27
179.   natepurcell
51s take the lead but they have lance carter throwing in the bullpen... if they use him, then they really dont want to win this game.
2006-05-03 19:57:41
180.   natepurcell
to note, the game should have been over. Young grounded to the SS and i guess it was a bad hop but aybar blew the play.
2006-05-03 19:58:48
181.   scareduck
Lance Carter! The Bees have a chance!
2006-05-03 19:59:20
182.   Icaros
Drew would've gunned Piazza on that play last year.
2006-05-03 19:59:34
183.   Curtis Lowe
Drew shows off his arm.
2006-05-03 19:59:49
184.   fawnkyj
That is an informative site thanks!
2006-05-03 19:59:59
185.   natepurcell
I dont think the 51s realize what is going to happen when u bring in lance carter.
2006-05-03 20:00:14
186.   bhsportsguy
179 - with an homage to Franklin Adams oh those many years ago, "the saddest words" uttered at the ballgame...lance carter is warming up in the bullpen

BTW my guess is that the 51s were instructed to use Kuo and Carter as much as possible, albeit for different reasons, I think Kuo needs to work on his control and Carter needs to figures things out and get whatever confidence he can muster up and make himself a MLB pitcher again.

Whether carter can get there, we'll see.

2006-05-03 20:00:58
187.   bhsportsguy
180 - my hunch is that the infields in AAA are not MLB quality.
2006-05-03 20:01:07
188.   natepurcell
russ langer just said fb in the mid to upper 90s....


2006-05-03 20:01:35
189.   Greg Brock
Wow, with Kenny Lofton and J.D. Drew, we have a regular Cannon Brigade out there. Any way we can trade for Damon?
2006-05-03 20:04:20
190.   Icaros

It would be easier to just reaquire Dave Roberts.

2006-05-03 20:05:02
191.   scareduck
Wow, Carter at AAA looks about as good as Baez does at the major league level.
2006-05-03 20:05:40
192.   Icaros
So who guards Kobe tomorrow? Barbosa?
2006-05-03 20:05:47
193.   natepurcell
young weighs 260lbs!?!?

maybe on jupiter.

2006-05-03 20:05:59
194.   Bob Timmermann
If the Dodgers reacquired Dave Roberts, Plaschke would write a column describing that event as the happiest day in his life aside from the birth of his children.
2006-05-03 20:05:59
195.   Greg Brock
Nice swing Nomar...Jesus H., don't hurt yourself.
2006-05-03 20:06:26
196.   D4P
That bad, eh?
2006-05-03 20:06:36
197.   Icaros

I honestly can't tell if that means he did well or poorly.

2006-05-03 20:07:55
198.   scareduck
197 - one strikeout, a pair of groundouts. Game over.
2006-05-03 20:08:30
199.   Icaros
Damn, now I spell "reacquire" wrong.

I need to stop bumping rails.

2006-05-03 20:08:46
200.   Curtis Lowe
What is a Zurcon?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-05-03 20:08:50
201.   Bob Timmermann

I can believe 260 for Young. When you get to be tall, you'd be surprised how fast that weight can get up there.

I weigh a lot more than people think and people call me skinny.

2006-05-03 20:09:02
202.   natepurcell
6'10 pitcher + piazza should = lots of stolen bases.
2006-05-03 20:09:27
203.   Icaros

I honestly don't know if that result should make me happy or sad.

2006-05-03 20:09:51
204.   natepurcell
are you part of the giant clan Bob?
2006-05-03 20:10:14
205.   Greg Brock
Better Physical Comedy? Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, or Piazza's body language while throwing down to second on a steal?
2006-05-03 20:10:53
206.   D4P
The happy tastes like sad.
2006-05-03 20:10:59
207.   natepurcell
I need to stop bumping rails.

you should go hit the slopes, a little double black diamond action.

2006-05-03 20:11:03
208.   Uncle Miltie
Everyone in the Dodgers lineup should be running on Piazza, except Seo.
2006-05-03 20:11:19
209.   Bob Timmermann
Looking at Chris Young, I can tell you where a lot of the 260 lbs comes from. He's got fairly big legs. And the part where the legs connect to the back.

That's not small.

2006-05-03 20:12:59
210.   Icaros
I weigh a lot more than people think and people call me skinny.

Then how did you get the nickname "Bobba the Hut"?

2006-05-03 20:13:29
211.   Bob Timmermann

I'm 6'5", which I consider to be average height.

When I was about 1 or 2, my mom game across some chart that would predict how tall a child would be based on the size of your thigh at the time.

On all four of her sons, the prediction was accurate to within 2 inches.

2006-05-03 20:13:36
212.   D4P
Bob has a really big tongue.
2006-05-03 20:15:17
213.   Bob Timmermann

Just like Charlie Callas.

2006-05-03 20:15:17
214.   Curtis Lowe
211- The Average height for Giants?
2006-05-03 20:15:42
215.   Curtis Lowe
214- That was mean I am sorry.
2006-05-03 20:17:09
216.   Bob Timmermann
A look at the current roster for the Giants leads me to estimate the team's height at 6'2".

The team ranges from 6'6" Jamey Wright to 5'9" Omar Vizquel.

2006-05-03 20:17:47
217.   Bob Timmermann

That was mean? I thought it was funny.

2006-05-03 20:18:06
218.   fanerman
Average height for adult males is either 5'8" or 5'10" (I think 5'10") with a standard deviation of about 2 inches.

Average height for adult females is 5'4" with a standard deviation of about 2 inches.

At least according to my stats book, which used those 2 pieces of data in nearly every example.

2006-05-03 20:20:56
219.   Curtis Lowe
I am 5'10 in a family where the Avg height is probably 6'3.
2006-05-03 20:21:07
220.   Bob Timmermann
There's a book I've used at work before called "Reference Man" which tells you the average size of all the parts of the body (with the notable exception of the one part men ever care to know the size of). It has things like how long your fingers should be, how much your liver should weigh (best to check that after you're dead I hear).

I was disappointed to find out that my ovaries are undersized.

2006-05-03 20:21:42
221.   Icaros

Hooray! I'm perfectly average.

2006-05-03 20:21:58
222.   Bob Timmermann

I have a brother who is in a similar situation.

2006-05-03 20:22:54
223.   fanerman
I'm 5'8" or so. My brother is 6' and my dad 5'11". I blame all those high school nights getting less than 4 hours of sleep.
2006-05-03 20:23:45
224.   Icaros

I thought "Reference Man" was your failed attempt at creating a superhero based on your own life.

2006-05-03 20:24:18
225.   natepurcell
im 5'10/11.

my younger brother is 6'0. my dad is my height.

2006-05-03 20:24:26
226.   D4P
I'm 5'8", and I'm pretty sure I'm the shortest male in my entire family.
2006-05-03 20:24:52
227.   natepurcell
warm the bullpen.
2006-05-03 20:25:14
228.   fanerman
224 - LOL.
2006-05-03 20:25:46
229.   fanerman
Bases loaded. Uh-oh.
2006-05-03 20:25:50
230.   Bob Timmermann
Call # 612 I61
Author International Commission on Radiological Protection. Task Group on Reference Man.
Title(s) Report of the Task Group on Reference Man : a report / prepared by a task group of Committee 2 of the International Commission on Radiological Protection.
Publisher Oxford ; New York : Pergamon Press, 1975.
Paging xix, 480 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Series [ICRP publication] ; no. 23
ICRP publication ; 23.
Notes "Adopted by the Commission in October, 1974."
Includes index.
Bibliography: p. 420-442.
Subject Headings Human physiology Standards.
Human anatomy Standards.
2006-05-03 20:26:54
231.   trainwreck
Chaplin is funnier, while Keaton is more savage. Keaton and Lloyd make Jackie Chan look like a wuss.

I got screwed in the height department. My dad comes from a family of large white guys. My mom comes from a bunch of short Indians. So I ended up 5'9 and my dad's family asks me when am I going to grow.

2006-05-03 20:27:16
232.   Jerry
Hey guys, long time, no see.

Just got back from the 51s-Bees game here in Salt Lake City. Perhaps the most remarkable thing I saw was Lance Carter get a 1-2-3 save.

Chatted with Russ Martin while Billingsley was warming up--nice guy. I attempted to convey to Billingsley our need for him to get called up and succeed. Billingsley looked great--3 ER in 7 IP, with nine K's. Guzman looked so-so: he went 1 for 4. He was fooled badly in every at-bat by an off-speed pitch--no exaggeration.

2006-05-03 20:28:24
233.   Jon Weisman
Nice pitch by Seo to strike out Cameron.

Welcome back, Jerry!

2006-05-03 20:29:15
234.   Gen3Blue
At the moment, due to the horrendous fortune the D's have had lately (and I'm not using the word fortune in place of luck), the psychology of losing is getting my attention. This is something that needs both individuals and management to rise above.
2006-05-03 20:29:25
235.   Curtis Lowe
sweet justice, Curse of the 5th is broken.
2006-05-03 20:29:39
236.   Marty
I'm 5'9". My dad was 6'2". I've always felt cheated.
2006-05-03 20:30:06
237.   natepurcell
what was the gun showing for billingsley's fb? howd his breaking balls look? could you notice the slider and the curve? did he throw any change ups?

ill stop with the questions now.

2006-05-03 20:30:12
238.   fanerman
So just curious... do all of you who chat during the game watch the game on your TV and talk on your laptop? (assuming you watch the game that is)

I don't have a laptop (though, I don't have cable either so I can't see any games). But whenever I'm at home and I watch games, I never chat because the computer is in a different room.

2006-05-03 20:31:01
239.   Icaros

I'm more interested in seeing your sketches and/or photos.

2006-05-03 20:31:06
240.   Gen3Blue
232 Good news from LV helps!
2006-05-03 20:31:10
241.   D4P
My dad is 6'1", and I too always felt cheated.
2006-05-03 20:31:41
242.   Marty
I run back and forth between rooms. It confuses my dogs. DVR is your best friend because you can rewind and watch stuff you missed.
2006-05-03 20:31:49
243.   Bob Timmermann

I have a laptop. It's on my lap a lot. Fortunately, I don't plan on having kids so I imagine the radiation coming through it isn't going to be a problem.

2006-05-03 20:32:01
244.   fanerman
236, 241 - Well, it's somewhat comforting to know that I'm not alone.
2006-05-03 20:32:53
245.   Curtis Lowe
My mom is 5'10 an My Dad is 6'1.

All of my uncles on both sides are at least 6'2 and most of my cousins are already over 6'1 an still in high school. I felt cheated until I met my fiance who is 5'3, I feel anything over 5'10 would have made our relationship impossible.

2006-05-03 20:33:19
246.   Jon Weisman
I'm 5-10 and the tallest in my family.

I have a TV next to the computer, but I'm not always in that room, especially during kids' bedtime and prime time.

2006-05-03 20:33:20
247.   Voxter
I'm 5'9" in a family where the average height for men is about 5'5". I have an adopted brother who's 6'4", though.
2006-05-03 20:34:05
248.   D4P
Does your laptop produce a lot of heat, as mine does? Said heat makes my lap uncomfortable when my laptop is on it.
2006-05-03 20:34:22
249.   Curtis Lowe
238- I'm on MLBTV until I move back to Orange County in late May. So it's convenient to chat and watch.
2006-05-03 20:35:44
250.   D4P
I felt cheated until I met my fiance who is 5'3, I feel anything over 5'10 would have made our relationship impossible.

My wife is 5'3", and I'm happy I'm not any taller. I know a couple through the internet that consists of a 6'5" male and a 5'4" female.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-05-03 20:35:52
251.   Icaros

I have to go to a 51s game when they play in Sacramento.

I'm going to become Russ Martin's friend!

2006-05-03 20:35:52
252.   Curtis Lowe
Did I type Fiance correctly in 245? Is there an english word for fiance?
2006-05-03 20:37:19
253.   fanerman
251 - Hopefully Russ Martin doesn't read this chat and think we're all stalkers.
2006-05-03 20:37:31
254.   Bob Timmermann
Final score from the Pengrowth Saddledome (I like that name)

Anaheim 3, Calgary 0 - Game 7

Ducks advance to the second round and will face Colorado. And they get home ice for the second round too despite being the #6 seed.

All the higher seeds lost in the first round in the West.

2006-05-03 20:38:32
255.   Bob Timmermann

If you're going to marry a man, he's your fiance. If you're going to marry a woman, she's your fiancee.

2006-05-03 20:39:21
256.   Voxter
238 - I use to watch Dodger games, when it's not pretending that there's a blackout in rural Oregon for home games played in southern California.
2006-05-03 20:39:26
257.   Bob Timmermann

I have a Powerbook. They are nice during the winter, but not as much during the summer.

2006-05-03 20:39:48
258.   trainwreck
My mom is 5'1 and shes the tallest of her sisters. One of my aunts can technically be called a dwarf I believe haha.

While I am at college, I use my mom's laptop, I do not even own a desk.

2006-05-03 20:40:15
259.   Uncle Miltie
im 5'10/11
Me too, but I'm the tallest person in my family.

Navarro now has a very respectable .753 OPS

2006-05-03 20:40:40
260.   Curtis Lowe
255- Thank you for clearing that up. I have been alternating between the two spellings for about a year and it's nice to finally know how to refer to my fiance.


2006-05-03 20:41:42
261.   Bob Timmermann

You could have a fiance and we'd be cool with that too.

We're an open-minded bunch.

2006-05-03 20:42:33
262.   Icaros

Hopefully he realizes that in DT speak, an exclamation point means "I'm putting on a little show here."

2006-05-03 20:44:09
263.   Curtis Lowe
Strong throw by Andre.
2006-05-03 20:44:15
264.   Uncle Miltie
.753 OPS 2 HR 8 RBI batting 8th
.557 OPS 1 HR 12 RBI batting cleanup most of the year
2006-05-03 20:44:52
265.   Curtis Lowe
Ooh that play looked cool from teh ground shot.
2006-05-03 20:46:03
266.   Jon Weisman

2006-05-03 20:46:32
267.   D4P
What about the Veteran Leadership?
2006-05-03 20:47:53
268.   Marty
If you were into faience as I am, you'd be a tile collector.
2006-05-03 20:48:09
269.   Greg Brock
Wow, the Jim Tracy Fan Club sure didn't last long.
2006-05-03 20:51:27
270.   Curtis Lowe
2006-05-03 20:51:28
271.   Bob Timmermann
The Pirates 8-21 start matches the 1957 Pirates start. The 1952 team started 5-24!
2006-05-03 20:51:38
272.   Uncle Miltie
267- Veteran Leadership (tm) only adds 100 points to ones OPS, therefore Navarro is still better than Kent.
2006-05-03 20:53:03
273.   Voxter
Vin's a little stuck on the word "admirable" right now.

It weirds me out a little bit to see Piazza on base is that silly Padres uni. I'm sure he must hve been on third once in a Mets uni, but it's weirder this way.

2006-05-03 20:54:19
274.   Curtis Lowe
Letting young hit right there.

Good move or Bad move?


2006-05-03 20:56:12
275.   Gen3Blue
I hope I am not right , but a team that has easily scored runs most of the year(D's) may now have trouble because they need runs.
This would help explain why our favorite subject is the 51's. Success over failure.
2006-05-03 20:56:31
276.   Bob Timmermann
On TNT, they put up a graphic stating that Detroit eliminated Milwaukee tonight with a 106-79 win.

Except the final score was 122-93.

The score in the game was never 106-79.

2006-05-03 20:59:58
277.   natepurcell
way to make him work guys. good job.
2006-05-03 21:00:03
278.   fanerman
I can't imagine 106-79 ever being the score in the Washington/Cleveland game. It's in overtime and it looks pretty exciting.
2006-05-03 21:01:12
279.   Goozmani
J.D. was thinking first-pitch fastball.
2006-05-03 21:01:23
280.   Bob Timmermann

I was referring to the Pistons-Bucks game.

2006-05-03 21:02:03
281.   Uncle Miltie
Lebron with a game winner. No defense by the Wizards.
2006-05-03 21:02:25
282.   fanerman
I'm guessing from yahoo's final score that LeBron just hit a game-winner buzzer beater. Wow.
2006-05-03 21:03:25
283.   fanerman
280 - Oops. I meant to write "either" somewhere in that first sentence. My bad.
2006-05-03 21:03:36
284.   Bob Timmermann
The Cavs took it out at half court, passed it to James and he just drove pretty much unmolested to the basket for a layup.
2006-05-03 21:03:36
285.   trainwreck
He got a pretty clear lay up on the last play. If you like defense, do not watch this series!
2006-05-03 21:06:15
286.   fanerman
I guess that's not as impressive.
2006-05-03 21:08:18
287.   thinkblue0
i was hoping there wouldn't be a Hamulack sighting tonight...
2006-05-03 21:08:21
288.   Bob Timmermann
I doubt I would have been able to duplicate what Lebron James did.
2006-05-03 21:08:42
289.   Daniel Zappala
232 I just got back from the 51's and Bees game too. I obviously live farther from the park than Jerry. I have tons of photos documenting Billingsley's decency, Guzman's flailing, and Carter's triumph. Sergio Garcia and Brian Sprecht with home runs of all people. I'll put the photos up in a couple days, once I finish grading finals.

Also got my 6-year-old daughter a nice, pink Bee's hat. She actually paid attention all night, was tracking the count on the scoreboard, and understood walks, strike outs, and foul balls. Figured out that because Aybar (Bee's version) had tons of dirt on his uniform that he must have slid a lot. Can already pick out the scrappy ones. Made her dad proud.

2006-05-03 21:08:45
290.   Gen3Blue
Ahh- we are using Hamulack.
The Padres weren't playing their role so we're trying to help.
2006-05-03 21:09:07
291.   Gen3Blue
There now we can lose
2006-05-03 21:09:23
292.   Bob Timmermann
The Rule of Three is over and the Rule of Four looks like it won't get started. We now must rely on the Rule of Five tomorrow.
2006-05-03 21:09:33
293.   thinkblue0
great, another terrible outing by Hamulack....why in the heck would Grittle even consider putting him in? Seriously.
2006-05-03 21:10:11
294.   Voxter
One never knows what to make of Mark Bellhorn.

"Rusty, my eye." I think Vin Scully is the only announcer in America who would ever say that anymore.

2006-05-03 21:10:30
295.   trainwreck
Time to see if McCourt explodes on Flanders again.
2006-05-03 21:10:37
296.   Gen3Blue
I have trouble enjoying my misery when everyone gives up and starts talking basketball.
2006-05-03 21:10:47
297.   fanerman
287 - I now see why you hoped there wouldn't be a Hamulack sighting tonight.
2006-05-03 21:10:48
298.   3upn3down
Anyone notice a trend with Perez heading off to the Domincan for various reasons mid season following a period where he struggled. I remember back in either '02 or '04, I think it was '02 because we were worried about whether he could take the inning accumulation. Anyhow, he was struggling around the All-Star break after a great start to the season, so he skipped a start, headed down to the Dominican, and came back and was a new man!!!

I think I can recall 1 other time when he headed to the Domincan mid season, plus this one announced today in relation to his mother.

I'm wondering if he isn't going down there to get a dose of the secret sauce. Whether it is as innocent as some home cooking, or it involves a guy named Juan who has a roid lab in his garage, it just seems strange.

Oh well, here's to hoping what ever it might be, it gets him straightened out.

2006-05-03 21:10:50
299.   regfairfield
293 Grady's been using Hamulack as the number three arm pretty much all year.
2006-05-03 21:11:27
300.   LAT
So apparently the problem is odd numbered innings.

Sunday 9th
Tues. 5th
Tonight 7th

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-05-03 21:11:41
301.   Uncle Miltie
Terrible Timmy does it again. I think I'm going to go to the gym now. I expect to see a game winning home run from Furcal in the box scores when I come back.
2006-05-03 21:11:43
302.   Gen3Blue
A losing culture.
2006-05-03 21:11:50
303.   Voxter
Never question Grady Little's ability to do dumb things with the pitching staff. He's really a pretty good manager when it comes to the lineup, but on the other side of the ball, he's like a captive dolphin being shown a hula hoop for the very first time.
2006-05-03 21:13:07
304.   trainwreck
If ODP uses steroids, he does not use them right.
2006-05-03 21:13:21
305.   natepurcell
Anyhow, he was struggling around the All-Star break after a great start to the season, so he skipped a start, headed down to the Dominican, and came back and was a new man!!

is there a really good hooker down there or something?

2006-05-03 21:13:37
306.   Voxter
Bellhorn is a very good-looking gentleman.
2006-05-03 21:14:09
307.   Icaros

Oh, you and your rules. I remember last season when you promised a little boy in the hospital that his beloved Dodgers would finish ahead of the Russ Ortiz-led Arizona Evilbacks.

2006-05-03 21:14:23
308.   Steve
When does Grittle run out of excuses? Very soon.
2006-05-03 21:14:42
309.   Voxter
Wow, this game is like a "heroes of the 2004 Red Sox" reunion. I hadn't noticed.
2006-05-03 21:15:09
310.   LAT
I'm 6'5".
My wife is 5'11".
My 11 yr old daughter has a size 9.5 foot. Dr. says she'll be 5'8" before she's 13.
2006-05-03 21:15:17
311.   thinkblue0
is anyone else starting to think this Kent "slump" isn't exactly a slump, but that decline we were all fearful of?
2006-05-03 21:16:07
312.   3upn3down
305 - she's going to have to run 250lbs+ to break his current slump.
2006-05-03 21:16:09
313.   Bob Timmermann

Is that a women's size or a men's size shoe?

2006-05-03 21:16:27
314.   trainwreck
Why do they play a depressing song for a walk? "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
2006-05-03 21:16:55
315.   Voxter
Dr. says she'll be 5'8" before she's 13

Yeah, my doctor said I was gonna grow up to be well over six feet. Shows to go ya.

2006-05-03 21:18:15
316.   trainwreck
I hope she plays sports. She could be the next Michelle Wie, who somehow seems to be a foot taller than her father.
2006-05-03 21:18:57
317.   regfairfield
But he's walking the lonely road.

If you must play music every time, it's better than playing Walk This Way 250 times a year.

2006-05-03 21:18:59
318.   Icaros
Sure would be nice to have a lefty pinch-hitter not named Robles or Saenz.
2006-05-03 21:19:18
319.   Steve
When bob Melvin has to show you how to do it, that's bad.
2006-05-03 21:19:26
320.   Voxter
Man, Bochy has been managing SD forevah.
2006-05-03 21:19:50
321.   regfairfield
Saenz doesn't fit that description.
2006-05-03 21:20:10
322.   overkill94
314 Because it has the word "walk" in it. The same reason they play Teagan and Sara's "Walking with a Ghost".

It's easy to pick on Grittle for his bullpen management, but honestly, who can he count on? Hamulack had been one of the better relievers lately and wasn't pitching too bad in the inning. Broxton would have been a good choice if he hadn't pitched the last two nights and I assume Saito would have been used in the 8th. The only other logical choice is Osoria, but it wasn't exactly a no-brainer.

2006-05-03 21:20:11
323.   trainwreck
How about the play Pantera's Walk lol.

Re...spect! Walk!

2006-05-03 21:20:19
324.   Voxter
They oughta play "Walk on the Wild Side".

I guess that one's a little dirty. But it's a good song.

2006-05-03 21:20:42
325.   LAT
313. Woman's.

315. I wouldn't mind if she slowed down.

2006-05-03 21:20:49
326.   Sam DC
Wow, apparently when I stop watching and go do stuff, the other team scores lots of runs. This has happened a number of times this year. I'm unclear how best to respond.

Aaaargh, for starters.

2006-05-03 21:21:45
327.   Icaros
Saenz doesn't fit that description.

I know. That's my point.

2006-05-03 21:22:17
328.   fanerman
326 - Well, you can be selfish and do the things YOU want to do, or you can be a team player and watch every Dodgers game of the season.
2006-05-03 21:22:50
329.   Bob Timmermann

Gotcha, then your daughter wears the same size shoe as my 9-year old nephew.

My brother and sister-in-law buy shoes a lot.

2006-05-03 21:23:19
330.   Voxter
326 -

Ritual sacrifice has worked for me.

2006-05-03 21:23:24
331.   thinkblue0

at what point does Flanders start taking responsibility for putting together an offense without enough pop, and a sub par bullpen?

We've already watch Carter and Hamulack pitch too much. If that means we've gotta somehow find a couple better relivers then so be it. But the.....SAENZ HOMER!

2006-05-03 21:23:26
332.   overkill94
Killer Tomato!!!
2006-05-03 21:23:50
333.   natepurcell
giddy up!
2006-05-03 21:23:50
334.   LAT
The Tomato is felling sexxxy tonight.
2006-05-03 21:23:54
335.   Bob Timmermann
Expecting a homer there was like betting on the hard eight.
2006-05-03 21:24:16
336.   Voxter
Olmedo Saenz is the best player in baseball. I wouldn't trade him for Albert Pujols.
2006-05-03 21:24:22
337.   Sam DC
I guess I really do need to watch.

But I really want to go to bed.

It's late here.

2006-05-03 21:24:45
338.   regfairfield
Olmedo just obtained "boy for life" status.
2006-05-03 21:24:58
339.   fanerman
334 - Just reading those words make me cringe.
2006-05-03 21:26:07
340.   Voxter
338 -

Is that a reference to the fact that Tomato looks like he's about the same age as Dick Cheney?

2006-05-03 21:26:44
341.   overkill94
Olmedo needs to have the theme song from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes played as his at-bat song. I understand he's from Panama, so having Van Halen belt out their mediocre hard rock might get him pumped up, but that theme song is just so campy and funny it would win everyone over soon enough.
2006-05-03 21:27:29
342.   Voxter
Is it weird that I find Vin Scully reading adverts more enjoyable than most guys describing a no-hitter?
2006-05-03 21:27:53
343.   trainwreck
2006-05-03 21:28:05
344.   overkill94
That's the second grounder up the middle Castilla has hit tonight that I thought Furcal would get for sure. Why is he playing so far in the hole?
2006-05-03 21:28:18
345.   Andrew Shimmin
Does it seem like Furcal never gets to anything up the middle? I know he's got a great arm, so he plays deep, but is he cheating to the 3B side?
2006-05-03 21:28:19
346.   regfairfield
340 No, it me saying in that at bat "if Olmedo hits a homerun here, he's my boy for life."
2006-05-03 21:29:47
347.   overkill94
Our bullpen sucks
2006-05-03 21:30:11
348.   natepurcell
and just like that, we suck again.
2006-05-03 21:30:11
349.   trainwreck
I can feel the blood vessels in McCourt's eyes popping.
2006-05-03 21:30:23
350.   Sam DC
That one wasn't my fault.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-05-03 21:30:23
351.   Andrew Shimmin
2006-05-03 21:30:39
352.   Voxter
Man. Man oh man oh man.

That was a cookie.

2006-05-03 21:30:44
353.   Sam DC
And, oh, sometimes, I hate baseball.
2006-05-03 21:31:00
354.   fanerman
Well th at lead disappeared rather quickly.
2006-05-03 21:31:09
355.   overkill94
I mean reaaaaally sucks
2006-05-03 21:31:29
356.   Voxter
350 -

Are you sacrificing chickens yet?

Oh my god. Geoff frigging BLUM?!

2006-05-03 21:32:02
357.   Andrew Shimmin
Beimel gets up in the pen.
2006-05-03 21:32:03
358.   Gen3Blue
Too bad. The D's fought back and I was hoping they would be rewarded. But management has traded a ton of good middle relief pitchers away, and you can't make up for that.
2006-05-03 21:32:28
359.   Voxter
I think it's time for Osoria to fake an injury.
2006-05-03 21:32:39
360.   Bob Timmermann
I liked the brief look in the dugout when Little turned to Honeycutt and Honeycutt had this look on his face like "I don't know what else we've got left."
2006-05-03 21:32:52
361.   fanerman
Sam DC, did you go to the bathroom or something? Grab something from the fridge? Look away from the TV for one split second? Blink?
2006-05-03 21:33:34
362.   Voxter
And now, here's someone with geniune power. If he throws another one like he threw to Barfield, they're gonna be catching it in Barstow.
2006-05-03 21:33:52
363.   Bob Timmermann
Could be worse, Cleveland just scored 9 times in the 7th in Oakland.

The game went from 5-3 to 14-3.

2006-05-03 21:34:21
364.   Greg Brock
Well, this is going swimmingly. Hey Honeycutt, why don't you call 1-900-MYPENSUX. Crowd in full Mets mode, booing everything in sight.
2006-05-03 21:34:23
365.   Gen3Blue
We may need to replace all of management.
2006-05-03 21:35:17
366.   trainwreck
I swear Beimel and Hamulack are the same player. He goes and shaves his face and cuts his hair to be Hamulack and then glues it back when it is time to be Beimel.
2006-05-03 21:35:32
367.   Greg Brock
Everybody ready to promote the 51's and enjoy watching the kids grow up?
2006-05-03 21:36:06
368.   Icaros
Poor Osoria. He looked like such a sad little kid walking off the field to a chorus off boos.
2006-05-03 21:36:14
369.   Voxter
363 - You're kidding me. I was watching that game earlier.
2006-05-03 21:36:21
370.   Sam DC
Nope sitting here (on gameday, no tv) through it all.

But feeling somewhat liberated to go to bed at this point as back to back singles brings up Brian Giles.

2006-05-03 21:36:53
371.   LAT
send Osoria to OP's hooker in the DR.
2006-05-03 21:37:10
372.   natepurcell
i want taco bell.

whenever im mad at something, i get the craving for taco bell.

or jim beam.

2006-05-03 21:37:28
373.   Voxter
368 - I always feel sorry for young guys when they get bombed. I almost cried for BK Kim during the 2001 World Series. And I'm a grown-ass man.
2006-05-03 21:38:00
374.   Bob Timmermann
Top 7TH B:0 S:2 O:0
Casey Blake hit by pitch.

Top 7TH B:4 S:2 O:0
Ben Broussard walks. Casey Blake to 2nd.

Top 7TH B:3 S:2 O:0
Ronnie Belliard singles on a ground ball to center fielder Mark Kotsay. Casey Blake scores. Ben Broussard to 3rd.

Top 7TH B:0 S:0 O:0
Pitcher Change: Kiko Calero replaces Joe Kennedy.

Top 7TH B:4 S:1 O:0
Aaron Boone walks. Ronnie Belliard to 2nd.

Top 7TH B:2 S:1 O:0
Kelly Shoppach singles on a ground ball to right fielder Bobby Kielty. Ben Broussard scores. Ronnie Belliard scores. Aaron Boone to 2nd.

Top 7TH B:4 S:2 O:0
Grady Sizemore walks. Aaron Boone to 3rd. Kelly Shoppach to 2nd.

Top 7TH B:3 S:2 O:0
Jason Michaels singles on a line drive to left fielder Nick Swisher. Aaron Boone scores. Kelly Shoppach to 3rd. Grady Sizemore to 2nd.

Top 7TH B:0 S:1 O:1
Jhonny Peralta flies out to center fielder Mark Kotsay.

Top 7TH B:0 S:0 O:1
Pitcher Change: Ron Flores replaces Kiko Calero.

Top 7TH B:3 S:1 O:1
Travis Hafner singles on a line drive to right fielder Bobby Kielty. Kelly Shoppach scores. Grady Sizemore scores. Jason Michaels to 2nd.

Top 7TH B:3 S:2 O:1
Casey Blake homers (3) on a fly ball to left field. Jason Michaels scores. Travis Hafner scores.

Top 7TH B:0 S:3 O:2
Ben Broussard strikes out swinging.

Top 7TH B:1 S:2 O:3
Ronnie Belliard flies out to center fielder Mark Kotsay.

2006-05-03 21:38:04
375.   Gen3Blue
While the 51's could not do worse, it would be a disaster to permit them near this organizational collection of people!
2006-05-03 21:38:17
376.   regfairfield
At this point, Beimel is our second best reliever according to WXRL.
2006-05-03 21:38:22
377.   Voxter
or jim beam.

Between this and the Red Sox loss earlier, I've taken to the Maker's Mark.

2006-05-03 21:38:31
378.   overkill94
367 Unfortunately the middle relief in Vegas is pretty bad too. I would be in favor of calling up Sele for long relief, but who gets sent down? Osoria?
2006-05-03 21:38:56
379.   LAT
So much for my odd inning theory
2006-05-03 21:39:29
380.   trainwreck
Why? Do you like to punish yourself as well lol.
2006-05-03 21:39:32
381.   Voxter
374 - Oh god, and Kennedy's on my Scoresheet team, too. He's like, my only worthwhile reliever.
2006-05-03 21:39:36
382.   Sam DC
Kiko Calero! Did his band swing out on the National Anthem, as well?
2006-05-03 21:39:56
383.   overkill94
378 Oh, I guess you meant the whole team. I don't think that would work either.
2006-05-03 21:40:22
384.   fanerman
370, 379 - So much for the Sam DC theory.
2006-05-03 21:40:30
385.   oldbear
THe Padres are regressing upwards with their run production. They werent going to score 1-2 runs every single game all year long.

Replacing Adrian Gonzales with Mark Bellhorn seems to have helped, although they are stunting Gonzales growth potential (if he has any).

If Klesko/Sledge both come back, their offense is at least middle of the pack.

2006-05-03 21:40:30
386.   Voxter
"And that gets away, just to really mess things up," says Vin.
2006-05-03 21:40:48
387.   Bob Timmermann
Didn't Aaron Sele leave the 51s?
2006-05-03 21:41:28
388.   Andrew Shimmin
375- I don't understand what happened to the stuck-on-losing theory you had going in to today. Saenz's HR means that was wrong? That it's really about bad juju coming from the owner's box?
2006-05-03 21:41:39
389.   overkill94
Osoria must be a math fan because his ERA and WHIP for tonight are infinity.
2006-05-03 21:42:24
390.   natepurcell
they just showed a close up beimal's face. He is pretty grizzly.
2006-05-03 21:42:47
391.   Bob Timmermann
But will Scott Cassidy lose out on the win under the "brief and ineffective" proviso?
2006-05-03 21:43:02
392.   Voxter
385 -

I think Gonzales may be going the Carlos Pena route. Athletic, but not enough power or contact to hack it in the bigs.

2006-05-03 21:44:13
393.   Voxter
And by contact, I mean discipline.
2006-05-03 21:45:13
394.   Voxter
Which, now that I think about it, is not exactly the Pena route. Ignore me, my mind is fully of silly misapprehensions.
2006-05-03 21:46:46
395.   LAT
Chris Young must be seriously pissed off. After Scott Cassidy gives up the HR to The Tomato erasing Young's win, Cassidy in line to be the winning pitcher.
2006-05-03 21:47:57
396.   natepurcell

another example of why wins are almost pointless when evaluating pitchers.

2006-05-03 21:48:39
397.   Voxter
Good play from Sweeney. When I heard the Dodgers had signed Nomar, I had a sinking feeling that I'd be seeing this sort of thing a lot this year.
2006-05-03 21:50:43
398.   natepurcell
last place dodgers. one step closer to david price!
2006-05-03 21:51:34
399.   trainwreck
2006-05-03 21:51:54
400.   Voxter
Chris Young is one of the reasons I worry about the Padres. I think he's got potential to be real good, and make San Diego's pitching staff more than Peavy-and-whatever-busted-prospect-or-old-chump-we-have-tonight, like it was last year.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-05-03 21:52:16
401.   Greg Brock
I believe this is a non-save situation for Baez.
2006-05-03 21:52:20
402.   LAT
Who is David Price?
2006-05-03 21:52:43
403.   jasonungar05
Someone get the Dolphin and the Hula Hoop. At least that will at least keep me captive.
2006-05-03 21:54:00
404.   Voxter
Look, it's Travis Lee!

No, it's Doug Meintkiewicz!

No, it's -- Adrian Gonzalez!

2006-05-03 21:54:41
405.   oldbear
I think Adrian Gonzales is another guy getting the Loney/Burroughs treatment. Really high pick (in this case #1 overall). Toolsy but little production.

Baez is in to pitch.

Wouldnt this be Lance Carter's ideal spot, if he were here?

2006-05-03 21:55:47
406.   Voxter
Why don't we just underhand Barfield beachballs? It would be roughly as effective.
2006-05-03 21:55:55
407.   LAT
Seriously, how can you spend $100M and have a team this bad? Really it takes a special talent.
2006-05-03 21:56:10
408.   trainwreck
He's a great closer blah blah blah
2006-05-03 21:56:26
409.   oldbear
Baez looks to be in mid-season form.
2006-05-03 21:57:29
410.   das411
Breaking news about Albert Pujols!

2006-05-03 21:57:49
411.   oldbear
Seriously, how can you spend $100M and have a team this bad?

Cant blame Shawn Green, Darren Dreifort, or Kevin Brown anymore.

2006-05-03 21:57:53
412.   natepurcell
6'6 LHP pitcher from vanderbilt.

White drafted him in the teens in the 2004 draft. Didnt sign because he had a strong comittment.

out of HS, his fb sat 88-91. Now, it sits 92-96.
13.6 k/9ip
7.07 h/9ip
3.21 bb/9ip

2006-05-03 21:59:48
413.   LAT
Man, Frank is going to kick his dog tonight.
2006-05-03 21:59:55
414.   Voxter
Seriously, how can you spend $100M and have a team this bad? Really it takes a special talent

I dunno, but the Angels have been pretty foul as well. And the Mariners are almost guaranteed to be worse, despite spending only marginally less.

2006-05-03 22:00:20
415.   Eric L
So does Baez also suffer from the "can't pitch unless it is a save situation" syndrome?
2006-05-03 22:01:17
416.   Voxter
And Scully just used the proper plural for "Mister" ("messers").
2006-05-03 22:02:01
417.   Voxter
415 -

Baez suffers from "isn't actually particularly good" syndrome.

2006-05-03 22:02:04
418.   trainwreck
Set up is far too easy.
2006-05-03 22:02:23
419.   oldbear
Brian Giles- 0-6 with 9 LOB.
But the Padres do have 11 runs.
2006-05-03 22:03:22
420.   Eric L
418 I didn't want to be too snide. Figured I'd let others do the dirty work.
2006-05-03 22:04:10
421.   Voxter
Price's ERA is surprisingly high, given his perhipherals.

Hey, if there's anyone the Dodgers can score seven off of, it's Brazelton.

2006-05-03 22:04:37
422.   bigcpa
Why when Mike Cameron singles on a 2-1 pitch does Vinny say he "promptly" lines it into left field. That bugs me. The only way I could understand this description is on the first pitch of an at-bat.
2006-05-03 22:05:18
423.   trainwreck
I wish Cartman was a real person.
2006-05-03 22:05:46
424.   Voxter
Time for a 7-run homer from Mueller.
2006-05-03 22:06:16
425.   oldbear
I'll repeat again.
Jeff Kent's agent is one of the best in baseball.
2006-05-03 22:07:22
426.   overkill94
Well there's your silver lining. Might need an asterisk since it was off Brazelton though ;)
2006-05-03 22:07:29
427.   Voxter
It's Eithier who hits the 7-run homer! Tie game!
2006-05-03 22:07:56
428.   Eric L
425 Or Ned was just being terribly myopic when he gave Kent the extension.
2006-05-03 22:08:09
429.   oldbear

Good job further cementing Repko to the bench.

2006-05-03 22:08:25
430.   natepurcell

yea i know i was suprised when i saw that. Last time i checked his stats, his era was around 2.60 or something. hes only given up 5 homeruns so i think hes been a bit unlucky.

go ethier!

2006-05-03 22:08:40
431.   LAT
"And that mercifully does it."

truer words were never said

2006-05-03 22:10:16
432.   Steve
I can't imagine what we would have done if Ned hadn't grabbed the Tampa Bay bullpen. He's crazy like a fox.
2006-05-03 22:10:18
433.   natepurcell
I love ethier's swing. its so compact. nice, bright spot of the night.
2006-05-03 22:11:34
434.   natepurcell
i forgot about navarro. He was another bright spot.
2006-05-03 22:16:26
435.   Gen3Blue
I think Greg Miller should go back to starter, but we really need a few guys like him right now.
Forget I said this-anyone could get poisoned coming up into this. Just let the Vets work it out, and if stink it up-take the draft picks.
What a night. What a week. I'd feel bad for Ned and Grits, but I can't cause I would have done almost everything differently, and I've never had such clear knowledge.
2006-05-03 22:16:56
436.   LAT
Grady is unlucky. Leaves OP in too long last night and takes Sao out too early tonight.

Kevin Kennedy: OP's failure last night to get beyond 5 innings cost the team the game tonight. Bullpen cooked from last night.

2006-05-03 22:18:27
437.   regfairfield
Didn't Osoria not pitch last night?
2006-05-03 22:20:39
438.   Gen3Blue
Oh,this is the last straw. There are some dudes on something called the West Coast report expounding on what a reliever is supposed to do.
2006-05-03 22:20:48
439.   oldbear
Bullpen cooked from last night.

Or could it be that Hamulack/Osoria just arent that good?

2006-05-03 22:23:15
440.   Gen3Blue
If McCourt can't see outrageous incompetance
under his nose, we will long suffer.
2006-05-03 22:28:04
441.   the OZ
440 McCourt will sell the team before the 2009 season, so just be patient.
2006-05-03 22:32:54
442.   Daniel Zappala
To bring this thread full circle, the main problem is that we have no long reliever. :-)
2006-05-03 22:33:49
443.   Daniel Zappala
To bring this thread full circle, the main problem is that the Dodgers have no long reliever. :-)
2006-05-03 22:34:21
444.   oldbear
At least when Frank got upset with DePo about losing, DePo could always say, "hey Frank, this is the system we have to use if you want a winner..It takes time, but look at the results in Oakland..Going with these young, cheap players will eventually work".

What does Colletti say to McCourt?

"Sorry Frank. But I just need more money. I mean look at all of my success in San Francisco"

"Oh ok Ned. So what you're sayin is we need to sign Barry Bonds when he's a free agent"


With DePo, he could always use the excuse that his manager wasnt managing right, or they were developing youngsters, or that there were too many injuries to get an accurate read on the system.

What is Colletti's excuse going to be?

2006-05-03 22:34:41
445.   Daniel Zappala
I swear it didn't show up the first time.
2006-05-03 22:35:39
446.   trainwreck
Guzman, LaRoche, and Navarro for Cabrera.
2006-05-03 22:49:05
447.   thinkingblue

Ok, maybe we could have expected a drop off from Kent, maybe down to .270/20/90, but he is being out hit by Alex Cora- has he even had an extra base hit?

2006-05-03 22:50:47
448.   thinkingblue

Ethier looks very good, really makes good adjustments from early at bats.

But too bad Billz is starting tonight, so he can't go Sunday.

2006-05-03 22:52:47
449.   natepurcell

care to revisit your "ill check back in june to laugh in your faces when the dodgers are cruising" prediciton?

2006-05-03 22:54:47
450.   oldbear
Do you think Kent will hit .270/20/90 next year? Thats the big question. Very poor decision by Dodger management to give Kent 11.5 mils for 2007, before knowing how well he'd do in 2006.

Wrist surgeries are a tough deal. Thats why Kent's agent was very smart in getting an extension done before the season even started.

Works out great for Kent and really poorly for the Dodgers.

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2006-05-03 22:55:41
451.   Jon Weisman
Seo getting through six innings again is a good thing. Does anyone know if a reliever was warming when the bases were loaded in the fifth.

Congrats to Ethier.

The "House" two-parter this week was phenomenal.

2006-05-03 22:56:25
452.   oldbear
"ill check back in june to laugh in your faces when the dodgers are cruising"

The Dodgers are cruising right now. Just at a lower altitude.

2006-05-03 22:57:10
453.   Jon Weisman
Did everyone see on that Perez may be bumped from the rotation?
2006-05-03 22:58:40
454.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres are no longer have the fewest runs in the NL.
2006-05-03 23:00:19
455.   Bob Timmermann

The same wasn't true for Ricky Ledee, whose groin muscle tore off the bone on Monday night, and he will be out at least a month, possibly longer.


2006-05-03 23:01:17
456.   Steve
Mike Cameron looks like if someone didn't put the bat in his hands right side up, he wouldn't know how to hold it, much less swing it.
2006-05-03 23:04:04
457.   oldbear
Odalis Perez is away from the team in the DR. They dont know when he's going to come back.
2006-05-03 23:06:26
458.   LAT
453. "We're not in the position of liking people who are getting worse. We need him to be a little more productive."

Followed by a comment that he doesn't really care how OP reacts.

Can't accuse GL of not being direct.

2006-05-03 23:08:34
459.   caseybarker
I was thinking, I haven't been this frustrated with the Dodgers since... last year about this time.
2006-05-03 23:16:40
460.   oldbear
Last year was more difficult because there were fixable things "Tracy's lineups", that could have been prevented.

Why cant Choi play more?
Why cant Perez play more?
Why is Izturis batting leadoff?
Why cant Houlton/Dessens start over Erickson?
Or..Just wait till the team is healthy.

Last year, there always seemed to be something that could be done or looked at for optimism

This year, there's really nothing. The team is what it is.

2006-05-03 23:20:22
461.   caseybarker

But there are things like Izturis (trade him) and the possible return of Gagne that brighten the outlook. An early callup of Billingsley would be nice, too.

2006-05-03 23:22:58
462.   Voxter
The same wasn't true for Ricky Ledee, whose groin muscle tore off the bone on Monday night, and he will be out at least a month, possibly longer.

I saw the replay and I had immediate, and vivid, Nomar Garciaparra flashbacks. Do guys always crumple backwards when their groins blow up?

2006-05-03 23:24:33
463.   caseybarker
I hope I never find out...
2006-05-03 23:33:27
464.   thinkingblue

I'll take the laughing part out.

However, lets see if this team can improve. The Braves were something like 34-37 to start last year, and won the division still. They did it by calling up thier kids, and they produced. Lets see if Ethier can kinda do the same thing. Also, lets see if Furcal can heat up like he did the second half of last season. Also, c'mon, Kent cannot possibly be this bad for the whole year, right?

12-16 isn't an insurmountable hole, especially when we are only 4 games out of first.

2006-05-03 23:35:04
465.   natepurcell

the braves won because andruw jones had a career year. Kind of like beltre and the dodgers in 2004.

sure there were other factors, but that was the main factor.

2006-05-03 23:39:36
466.   thinkingblue

Hmm... well, maybe last year had something to do with the fact that Houlton didn't perform well when he was in, and Dessens couldn't last for more than 5-6 innings.

Also, what you don't see, there is LOTS more optomism to look forward to this year. Like the fact that if we call some one up, it won't be a Mike Edwards, or Jason Grabs. It'll be a top prospect like Billz, Guzman, Ethier, Aybar, Broxton, Loney, or Martin.

As for Perez, well, why don't you look at his OPS? It's not good.
Going on, as for why Izzy was batting leadoff, maybe it had something to do with the fact that no one else was a leadoff type hitter. The projected line up had Choi, Drew, Kent, Bradley, Valinetin, Werth, and Phillips. The closest thing to a leadoff hitter there is Bradley.

2006-05-03 23:39:37
467.   caseybarker
Kent looks like he may be hitting the wall of old age.

I'm with you, though. I'm not giving up hopes of a good season. Particularly if that is a result of some midseason callups.

2006-05-03 23:43:19
468.   thinkingblue

Yes, that was the major factor, but you have to admit that they would not have been able to do it without Francouer (bad spelling), McCann, Betimet, Langerhans, and the rest of their young players, and Furcal having the second half that he had.

2006-05-03 23:43:23
469.   caseybarker
Kent looks as though he's hit a wall as far as his age goes.

I'm still hoping for a good season, though, especially if that is a result of some midseason callups. I also wish I could've seen what a $100 mil DePo run team looks like.

2006-05-03 23:44:27
470.   caseybarker
Sorry, my computer has a tough time catching up.
2006-05-03 23:45:08
471.   thinkingblue

I hope Kent isn't suffering from Steve Finley syndrome.

2006-05-04 00:00:52
472.   Andrew Shimmin
464- The June part, too, right?
2006-05-04 00:20:31
473.   Uncle Miltie
Seriously, how can you spend $100M and have a team this bad? Really it takes a special talent.
Ned is a very special guy.

I see that the Dodgers actually did tie up the game after I left, but Furcal didn't hit a home run.

Nice to see that Kent still stinks. How much longer is he going to be starting second baseman, let alone bat 5th? Too bad Ned gave him that huge extension.

Royce Clayton .594 OPS
Kent .546 OPS

Kent is now the worst hitter on the team, even worse than Furcal.

2006-05-04 01:22:02
474.   Steve
Andrew and Nate, please. Oldbear is the only one that makes bad predictions around here. Why don't you guys read your memos?
2006-05-04 01:43:01
475.   Andrew Shimmin
While it can't be proven bad, exactly, my prediction that Aybar at third would be about as good as Mueller isn't as clever as I thought. Maybe I've just been scarred by last year, but I still wince every time the ball gets hit toward third; but he's been near perfect. Even though I know Mueller won't keep up his hitting, I'm happy he's here.
2006-05-04 06:20:07
476.   Eric L
444 I'm pretty sure if the Dodgers stink this year (I hope they don't) that the media will find a way to blame DePo. He left the cupboard bare, bad deals (Perez and Drew), etc.

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