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Oh, Did 1962 End Badly?
2006-05-05 13:12
by Jon Weisman

Kinda. Via The Griddle, you can revisit the crushing finale to the Dodgers' 1962 season, as seen in Rob Neyer's Big Book of Baseball Blunders: A Complete Guide to the Worst Decisions and Stupidest Moments in Baseball History.

Comments (55)
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2006-05-05 15:42:22
1.   Suffering Bruin
A year before I was alive but it hurts just the same.
2006-05-05 15:43:51
2.   Marty
2 years before I cared about baseball and it still hurts.
2006-05-05 15:45:33
3.   thinkblue0
19 years before I was born, and I still don't want to look at it.

I haven't watched the last couple games, and I won't be watching tonight. Watching this team right now is just too frustrating. Here's hoping the beginning of May brings the return of the Jeff Kent we know, and Furcal we hoped we were getting....

2006-05-05 16:38:15
4.   bigcpa
3 Hey a bit early to boycott there. I waited until Lima beat us in KC last year before taking a week off.

Anyone know if this game available on to download?

2006-05-05 16:45:33
5.   Jacob L
Last year I was using the following line -

Q: What do Jeff Kent and I have in common?
A: We both took off most of May.

Maybe it'll be April this year. I'd rather believe that than believe he'll be this bad for the 2 additional full years on his contract.

Oh, and I also hate 1962, despite having been the ripe old age of negative 9.

2006-05-05 16:48:49
6.   thinkblue0

not necessarily boycotting...I'll still be checking the scores, reading the board etc...i just can't handle watching it right now. It's just too irritating. We're gonna lose, that's the nature of the game...but the way we've lost a lot of these games makes me want to slam my head against the wall...

2006-05-05 16:50:46
7.   fawnkyj
The new lineup is posted on the inside dodgers, Russ Martin is up:

Furcal, SS

Cruz, LF

Garciaparra, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Repko, CF

Martinez, 3B

Martin, C

Lowe, P

2006-05-05 16:53:13
8.   Jacob L
I don't know, I've found this season strangely watchable, even lately. In the past, I'd probably watch hoping against hope that they'd hold onto leads, closeout wins. Now the collapse seems so inevitable that I kinda watch just wondering how it will unfold. I believe last summer, we referred to this strange mindframe as ACCEPTANCE.
2006-05-05 17:01:25
9.   thinkblue0

agreed. I just don't want to accept it yet. If we lose like 6-1 then it doesn't bother me because that stuff happens. But when we're up 5-0, 6-0 etc etc and continue to blow these games it's just unreal.

Good luck to Russ Martin tonight, I'm looking forward to seeing how he does. Also, good luck to Colletti for hopefully finding us some bullpen help.

Speaking of, I saw the Sox might be interested in Izzy. Would it be an awful idea to trade him for a prospect and maybe a reliever? I don't like trading for relievers just like the rest, but we sorely need someone who can put some goose eggs on the board...

2006-05-05 17:04:34
10.   Jacob L
I predicted Izzy for Timlin a week ago. Mind you, that's not an endorsement.

Agree with your sentiment generally, but something about blowing 5 runs leads like every night kind of demystifies it. The sun keeps coming up.

2006-05-05 17:06:37
11.   Jacob L
Or put another way, the Suns (Jacksonville variety) keep coming up.
2006-05-05 17:14:15
12.   Telemachos
I find our lack of pitching more distressing than anything to with the lineup, possibly because I'm willing to be patient with Kent and Furcal and every week, it seems, I get to see another Jax Sun as a Dodger. But lord, do we need our pitchers to start putting up batches of zeros.
2006-05-05 17:26:22
13.   fanerman
Here Come The (ex-)Suns, do do do do
And I say, it's all right.
2006-05-05 17:31:03
14.   DXMachina
Speaking of Lima, WFAN in NY was reporting that he's likely going to start for the Mets on Sunday.
2006-05-05 17:31:37
15.   underdog
12 Definitely. It sounds like they aren't going to hesitate to continue making changes in that dept., either, though. Whether it's a temporary spot start for Odalis, by Sele or Houlton (or less likely, Billingsley), see how they do and take it from there, or more tweaks to the bullpen, or both...
2006-05-05 17:35:09
16.   DXMachina
It's not even so much that I want our pitchers to put up nothing but zeros (although that would be great), but rather that they stop putting up those crooked numbers. They seem to be packaging them as warehouse club bundles.
2006-05-05 17:39:12
17.   natepurcell
Cristian Guzman is out for the year. Would you guys do izzy for Rauch?
2006-05-05 17:39:16
18.   fawnkyj
The mets could be a nice trading partner who might be snookered into taking Odalis off of our hands.
2006-05-05 17:53:27
19.   Sam DC
"Power" delay in Florida. Fun stuff.

Assuming he can show he's healthy, I would think the Dodgers would demand a good deal more than Rauch for Izturis.

2006-05-05 17:59:21
20.   Steve
I would think the Dodgers would demand a good deal more than Rauch for Izturis.

Felix Rodriguez is packing as we speak.

2006-05-05 17:59:23
21.   natepurcell
I would think the Dodgers would demand a good deal more than Rauch for Izturis.

well thats good since im not expecting much for izzy. If we can get more then Rauch, then yay.

2006-05-05 18:02:44
22.   Sam DC
Meanwhile, Zach Day, just claimed off waivers, has pitched seven innings of shutout ball against the Pirates. 4 hits, 1 BB, 4Ks. Sure, why not?

Day has thrown 105 pitches, he's the third man to bat in the bottom of the seventh, and no one is warming in the pen. Because . . .

And Nick Johnson hasn't made an out yet (2 run HR and 2 BBs). Maybe Bowden'll trade him for Izturis and some good middle relief?

2006-05-05 18:05:09
23.   Sam DC
Power delay resolved in South Florida.
2006-05-05 18:06:03
24.   thinkblue0

how about Izzy for Church ;)

I've been on the Nick Johnson bandwagon since he was a Yankee. I'd love to have that guy at first every day minus the injury problems.

2006-05-05 18:08:07
25.   thinkblue0

I keep wondering what we'd be able to get for Odalis. I mean, the guy CAN be a great pitcher but he's just too up and down. Quite frankly, I'd just as soon have Houlton or even Bills in his spot for a fraction of the cost.

Maybe Flanders can pull a fast one and package Izzy and Odalis for something good....highly doubtful though.

2006-05-05 18:09:51
26.   Sam DC
To close the loop on 22, Robinson did pinch hit for Day -- if sending Marlon Anderson to the plate can be called "pinch hitting".

And Anderson gets hit by a pitch right square on his kneecap -- ouch ouch ouch. Been down for a while and now he's leaving the field.

2006-05-05 18:09:54
27.   natepurcell
dewitt hits his first homerun of the year.
2006-05-05 18:10:34
28.   Steve
SAT Question:

Who will have the highest OPS come Game 162?

A) Kent
B) Fur-kel
C) Beltre
D) Izturis

2006-05-05 18:13:15
29.   natepurcell
2006-05-05 18:15:12
30.   Sam DC
Here comes Gigantor . . .

And I vote A too.

2006-05-05 18:20:19
31.   Bob Timmermann

I don't think you can download the 1962 playoffs game. In fact, I've never seen any video footage of that game. The game was televised locally by KTTV and they probably just taped over it as was the custom in those days.

Remember that there aren't even any intact tapes of the broadcasts of Super Bowls I and II.

2006-05-05 18:22:37
32.   oldbear
So did Navarro or Mueller get put on the DL? How did they come up with Martin's roster spot?
2006-05-05 18:24:35
33.   Steve
My cynical side says D, my hopeful side says A, and my ascerbic side says E -- Brett Tomko.
2006-05-05 18:28:01
34.   trainwreck
I am going down to Irvine again (I better get to see Martin), Nate you wouldn't know of any good bands playing in that area this weekend?
2006-05-05 18:33:57
35.   underdog
32 I'm assuming Navarro, though I can't seem to find official confirmation anywhere. If Mueller, wouldn't they call up Aybar?

One hopeful sign (though those have been crushed many times recently): R Furcal is 4-for-6 (.667) against Capuano. For what that's worth. Not much...

2006-05-05 18:34:33
36.   Sam DC
Second 2-run HR of the night for Nick Johnson. The part of tracyball where you stop the other team from hitting home runs is not working well.
2006-05-05 18:35:31
37.   trainwreck
When was not allowing homeruns ever part of Tracyball?
2006-05-05 18:37:42
38.   trainwreck
I really hate the late start time for Friday games.
2006-05-05 18:41:44
39.   natepurcell
guzmans at 3-2!!
2006-05-05 18:42:30
40.   natepurcell
anddd he flies out to CF. False walk alarm.
2006-05-05 18:43:27
41.   natepurcell
Nate you wouldn't know of any good bands playing in that area this weekend?


its the website for chain reaction, the all ages venue in OC.

2006-05-05 18:44:29
42.   Steve
No fracture but a deep bruise
2006-05-05 18:49:01
43.   trainwreck
There is a hardcore show. Do you know any of these bands? On A Warpath, Unite and Conquer, kildren, from the hands of angels, learn to die, and Dawn of Lament.
2006-05-05 18:51:24
44.   natepurcell
I know unite and conquer, they requested to be my myspace friend lol. I think they are all just local bands. Im sure most of them are on myspace.

2006-05-05 18:51:31
45.   Steve
A few of those could have been the dodgers' 2006 slogan.
2006-05-05 18:53:11
46.   trainwreck
I guess these guys did not get enough hugs growing up.
2006-05-05 18:55:03
47.   natepurcell
unite and conquer has some decent mosh/breakdown parts, but nothing that groundbreaking.
2006-05-05 18:55:41
48.   Marty
Dodger baseball. Learn to Die.

I like it.

2006-05-05 18:58:10
49.   trainwreck
The SF Giants are one of their friends. I now hate this band!
2006-05-05 19:04:52
50.   trainwreck
We called up martin because navarro has a bruise?
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2006-05-05 19:06:19
51.   natepurcell
A deep bruise!
2006-05-05 19:07:02
52.   underdog
Speaking of mosh pits, I just got a review disc of the Beastie Boys concert film, Awesome, I F____' Shot This, in my hands. Don'tcha think I should watch that instead of listening to the Dodgers game?
2006-05-05 19:13:25
53.   natepurcell
wow Houlton got absolutely rocked tonight.

4.1IP 9H 10ER 2bb 2k

2006-05-05 21:08:22
54.   Gen3Blue
It will take more than a ghastly string of four or five games to make me get normal sleep. At least the Brewer's announcers give me some hope that we might get a game in this series. If they can't jinx a team, no one can.
2006-05-06 14:41:36
55.   norcalblue
>>The Dodgers went ahead with two runs in the sixth, and added one more in the seventh for a 4-2 edge. Roebuck gave up a single in the eighth, but that runner was erased by a double play and he got the next guy on a pop to second.<<

My first gut-wrenching memory as a Dodger fan. I was 9 years-old and 1962 was the year I became a thoroughly emgaged fan. I had the privledge of seeing Koufax's first no-hitter that summer with my grandfather and, I think, that June night will remain one of the top five most memorable events in my life.

When the Giants rallied in the 9th, I still recall coming home from school and sobbing, alone in my room. A janitor at my school had kept me informed of the games' progress all afternoon and I remember riding my bike home thinking the Dodgers would be in the World Series. To find out, when I arrived home, that my world had been turned upside down was true devastation. The four game sweep of the Yankees a year later was so sweet, but only partly made up for the pain of how 1962 ended.

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