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Mostly Pointless Comparison
2006-05-05 22:11
by Jon Weisman

Paul LoDuca, 1998-2000: 174 at-bats, 42 hits, four doubles, five home runs, 16 walks, 18 strikeouts, .241 batting average, .306 on-base percentage, .351 slugging percentage, .657 OPS, 26-28 years old.

Jason Repko, 2005: 276 at-bats, 61 hits, 16 doubles, eight home runs, 16 walks, 80 strikeouts, .221 batting average, .281 on-base percentage, .388 slugging percentage, .669 OPS, 24 years old.

Update: If there is a point to this comparison, and I'm not sure that there is, it's that people often forget how weak LoDuca looked at the plate before his 2001 season. Just about the only thing he had going for him was his plate discipline. It's not common, but every once in a while a guy just comes out of nowhere, and I am starting to wonder whether Repko, at least against lefties, is one of those guys. He's mostly a dead pull hitter, and I don't know how far he can go with that, but it's getting hard to overlook how solidly he's hitting those southpaws. He lacks LoDuca's knowledge of the strike zone, but he makes up for it in power. Of course, as an outfielder, Repko must be a better hitter than a catcher would be to be productive.

Repko's ninth-inning throw last night, by the way, was pedestrian - about 250 feet. It wasn't automatic in the sense that nothing is automatic for us humans, but it would have been heartbreaking to see it go awry. I don't think a center fielder could ask for a more routine play at the plate. Admittedly, it would not have been easy for Kenny Lofton's arm.

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2006-05-06 00:23:13
1.   natepurcell
so repko is going to be traded in 5 years for a #2 starter?
2006-05-06 05:58:18
2.   gpellamjr
Wow, that is pointless!

I'm not attached to Repko yet, but I would love to see him get better and be the fourth outfielder to the Dodgers dynast in a few years, with the top three being Guzman, Kemp, Ethier. Wait--- can any of those guys play CF?

2006-05-06 08:02:04
3.   Steve
Given those numbers, LoDuca must have only played in September of 1998-2000.
2006-05-06 08:13:52
4.   Eric Enders
Today's L.A. Times, Daily News, and Press-Enterprise all refer to Nomar's Cinco de Mayo clothing as a "poncho." WTF? Are people who supposedly consider themselves writers really that unfamiliar with the word "sarape"?
2006-05-06 08:23:37
5.   Steve
They have enough trouble with English -- you want them to master another language?
2006-05-06 08:24:47
6.   Eric Enders
It's an English word by now, or so say Webster and American Heritage.

Something tells me they wouldn't have the same trouble with "burrito."

2006-05-06 08:31:21
7.   D4P
Or "chalupa". Or "gorditas". Or "nacho supreme."
2006-05-06 08:38:05
8.   Steve
No reason to bring Plaschke and his diet into this.
2006-05-06 08:46:59
9.   D4P
Speaking of reason: how come nobody's giving Danys-boy any credit for winning last night's game?
2006-05-06 09:10:50
10.   Steve
No reason I can think of
2006-05-06 09:33:50
11.   Curtis Lowe
He may have won but he didn't save squat.
2006-05-06 09:36:12
12.   Steve
He's saving us a lot of bloviating about how great he is.
2006-05-06 09:36:49
13.   Greg Brock
LoDuca's adjusted OPS (adjusting for heart and soul) is about .975
2006-05-06 09:41:32
14.   Bob Timmermann
Lindsay Soto on FSN just said "gear", but Vin Scully said "sarape".
2006-05-06 10:11:46
15.   ToyCannon
From Dodger vision I thought he was putting on a Dodger superman cape.

Nice to see Martin's 1st hit. I haven't been to many games this year but I'm now 4 - 0 and I'll be going Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday so maybe we can pick up some steam.

2006-05-06 10:17:36
16.   ToyCannon
Just another pointless post since Jon dubbed this pointless post day but the guy who sits in front of me played rookie ball with Lance Carter. He coaches high school baseball now and several years ago he told me that Chuck Tiffany was the best pitcher his team had faced so far in his brief coaching career. He was looking foward to seeing him as a Dodger and to have him traded in the deal for Carter ticked him off to no end because in his words "carter was a real jerk". Since this guy is a class act I'll take his word for it so it makes it even easier to root for Carter to never find his way back to DS.
2006-05-06 10:34:42
17.   Eric Enders
Jon, do you think Repko's throw might have been deliberately unspectacular? That is, that he sacrificed some power on the throw in exchange for accuracy, since he knew it would get there in plenty of time? That's the way it seemed to me at the time, anyway.
2006-05-06 10:35:16
18.   Vishal
He lacks LoDuca's knowledge of the strike zone

in that sample you provided though, jon, repko's isolated discipline is .60 to lo duca's .65

if anything, what repko lacks is lo duca's contact skills.

2006-05-06 10:35:53
19.   MartinBillingsley31
I've said it once (actually more than once) and i'll say it again, i'll take repko over lofton starting.
Drew, the 2 other starting outfield spots any of cruz, ethier, repko.
Lofton's role to me is trying to squeeze out a tying run or winning run late in the game with him pinch running, i don't want him racking up 4 or 5 at bats a game.
2006-05-06 10:36:51
20.   Jon Weisman
17 - There was nothing wrong with the throw. I'm just saying the challenge was relatively low.

18 - Yeah, your words are probably better.

2006-05-06 10:40:29
21.   Steve
I wondered whether Milwaukee's coach had it in his head that you could "run on the centerfielder," but forgot that it was Repko playing center last night. There was really no reason to go on that fly ball.
2006-05-06 10:42:05
22.   Bob Timmermann
Milwaukee third base coach Dale Sveum has a reputation for sending many a runner home to meet his doom.

I believe that SOSH people will talk about any runner being thrown out on the basepaths as being Sveumed.

2006-05-06 10:51:46
23.   Steve
I had no idea that was who that was. Bill Simmons' Dale-Sveum-related tirades are classic.
2006-05-06 10:52:42
24.   ToyCannon
Watching the replay of the game on Fox and Vinny seems to be quite taken with Russel Martin. My seats are so far away I didn't get a good look at his defensive skills but he seems to have "catlike" reflexes behind the plate and he's quite fast for a catcher. He looks like the hype. I think 3 innings is plenty of time to make a snap judgement:)
I don't think he'll see Vegas again and the combo that Jon was hoping for of Martin/Navarro may be around the corner.
2006-05-06 11:02:13
25.   Bob Timmermann
Vinny is also quite taken with Andre Ethier and likes to talk about his wife and his parents.

It's the same kind of mancrush Vinny used to have about Pedro Feliz.

This year Vinny has apparently decided to ask every visiting player what he would do if he weren't playing baseball. This would be nice if anyone had a particularly interesting answer. Orlando Hudson had a good job planned (teaching autistic children).

I can't imagine any announcer other than Vin actually caring about what a visiting player would want to do in life. Most announcers ignore the road team players except for the big stars.

I wonder what Barry Bonds would be doing if he weren't a baseball player?

2006-05-06 11:05:58
26.   xaphor
[17] "[Repko] sacrificed some power on the throw in exchange for accuracy…"

And go against the time honored scrappy code? A loafer like Drew would throw the ball only as hard as needed. Repko through the ball as hard as he could. Just into the dirt rather than the backstop. Thus proving Repko is progressing as a ballplayer.

2006-05-06 11:07:13
27.   tjshere

Renting out his head to the Griffith Park Planetarium?

2006-05-06 11:07:46
28.   Eric Enders
25 You mean Benihana isn't interesting?
2006-05-06 11:08:53
29.   Steve
Miguel Batista wants to fight crime.
2006-05-06 11:10:03
30.   Eric Enders
And write poetry, of course.
2006-05-06 11:10:54
31.   Marty
25 Time
2006-05-06 11:11:11
32.   Eric Enders
I actually own Batista's book of poetry. My Spanish is good enough to mostly understand it but not good enough to tell whether the poems are any good or not.
2006-05-06 11:13:33
33.   Bob Timmermann
Presumably Batista's poems don't involve anti-Semitism.
2006-05-06 11:52:56
34.   Sam DC
Vishal -- LOL on your 'punctions joke at The Griddle.
2006-05-06 12:49:09
35.   Fallout
4 Eric Enders

What if the writer said a colorful Mexican shawl? Then we all would understand.

2006-05-06 13:01:19
36.   LAT
Regarding the throw, could it be that the great ones make it look easy.

Nah. . .

The other day I heard Rick Monday interveiw Andre Ethier. He seemed like a very nice kid. Talking at length about how proud his parents were during his first ML game in AZ. Recounting stories of his childhood of making his father toss him one more bucket of balls after dark. His mother complaining that dinner was getting cold while he continued to play catch with his father. How proud he was to have made it to the show for his parents. It was a nice story.

2006-05-06 13:01:54
37.   Vishal
[34] i'm always glad to contribute with a bit of inane wordplay :)
2006-05-06 13:18:50
38.   Eric Enders
During the game in Phoenix, the DBacks station did an interview during the game with Ethier's wife in the stands. Apparently he had about 40 friends and family members who came to the game.

They really played up the hometown boy angle; Brennaman and Grace kept talking about him all game long.

2006-05-06 13:23:30
39.   Bob Timmermann
You know, it's not like Arizona doesn't produce many major leaguers. It may not be San Pedro de Macoris, but they play a lot of baseball there.

Now if you have a hometown player from a city that doesn't produce a lot of players, such as Toronto or Minneapolis or Milwaukee, then I think it's more understandable. If a player from anywhere near St. Louis comes to play there (home or road), they pretty much shut down the city and throw the guy a parade. "Look everybody, it's Cliff Politte!"

Did anyone really consider Nomar Garciaparra as a "local kid" until he signed with the Dodgers?

2006-05-06 13:27:31
40.   Fallout
Did anyone really consider Nomar Garciaparra as a "local kid" until he signed with the Dodgers?

No. I thought that he was related to McCourt and came from Boston.

2006-05-06 13:39:33
41.   Bob Timmermann
But Bill Mueller is the perfect Dodger.
He's a former Red Sox to satiate McCourt and he's a former Giant and Cub to satisfy both aspects of Ned's career.
2006-05-06 13:56:37
42.   LAT
For the record my Derby picks are:

Win: 17. Lawyer Ron
Place: 5. Point Determined
Show: 11. Sweetnorthernsaint

Exacta Box using same three horses

2006-05-06 13:57:10
43.   LAT
Forgot to add my longshot: A.P. Warrior
2006-05-06 13:58:43
44.   Bob Timmermann
Figures he'd bet on a lawyer.

I would bet on Bob and John. Because I like the name.

2006-05-06 14:09:55
45.   natepurcell
What song does Baez come out to?
2006-05-06 14:12:47
46.   bluegold
A couple of years ago I would watch Tom Martin not able to get outs in relief. Then it was Carrera. And now it's Hamulak. Seems like each year we are subjected to one of these. Hamulak, unfortunately, seems to be the worst of the lot.
2006-05-06 14:15:14
47.   natepurcell
So last night I watched Walk the Line for the first time and Joaquin Phoenix looked identical to Danys Baez. Just an observation.
2006-05-06 14:20:10
48.   thinkingblue

The third game with the Cubs, he came out to "bad to the bone" then proceeded to boot Neifi's grounder, and blow the game.

2006-05-06 14:22:18
49.   natepurcell
He should come out to "Danny Boy"

But I think we've had this discussion before though.

2006-05-06 14:26:31
50.   thinkingblue

No one can top Gio. When he was in, we were certain to lose on a walk off walk.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-05-06 15:18:08
51.   LAT
Wow that was a powerful performance by Barbaro, the sentimental favorite.
2006-05-06 15:21:56
52.   LAT
My streak since Real Quiet in 1998 remains in tact.
2006-05-06 15:30:38
53.   King of the Hobos
The Cardinals are batting Juan Encarnacion cleanup today, ahead of both Rolen and Edmonds, who are batting 5th and 6th, and out-OPSing Encarnacion .344 and .127 respectively. I guess Larussa just wants Pujols to walk every plate appearance
2006-05-06 15:38:35
54.   thinkblue0
jumping back to the relief discussion, relievers are like catching lightning in a bottle. Some will be great for an extensive period of time, then mysteriously stink up the joint (i.e. Mota last year). The problem is, when you've got guys like Hamulack and Carter you simply need to cut your losses and look at other options. There is no reason Hamulack should be entering a close game at this juncture. If the the organization still sees something in him they should bring him in during non-pressure situations to see if he can get it back together.

But this continual "throw Hamulack in when we know he's going to give up runs in a close game" thing has really got to stop.

2006-05-06 15:52:19
55.   dsfan
Sadly, CF throwing is so bad that Repko's 250-foot throw actually is better than one might first think.

The likes of CFs Juan Pierre, Dave Roberts (who recently moved back to left field), Davannon and Winn are more apt to fail on such a throw, and as mentioned, Lofton, too.

I have seen Shawn Green, who plays RF and sometimes in CF, wind up and throw a four-hopper from 200 feet to cost his team a game on a late flyball (and he has a pretty good arm).

Bernie Williams failed to make a decent throw such as Repko many times while playing CF.

2006-05-06 15:54:43
56.   LAT
Any word on who is pitching tomorrow?
2006-05-06 15:55:33
57.   thinkblue0

the best throws I've ever seen in person were from Raul Mondesi. I don't know how many times I saw him rifle a line drive from RF to 3B to nail a runner...that was a treat to watch.

2006-05-06 16:02:39
58.   Bob Timmermann
The Inside the Dodgers blog says Aaron Sele has had his contract purchased from Las Vegas. Perez has gone on bereavement leave. Brazoban has gone on the 60-day DL.

And Rich Donnelly bet on Barbaro.

2006-05-06 16:05:31
59.   thinkblue0

Does anyone have any idea how long the Aaron Sele era is going to last? Something tells me this isn't going to be fun...

2006-05-06 16:05:33
60.   bluegold
54. Carter/Hamulack should never be in the Dodgers bullpen in any way, shape, or form.
2006-05-06 16:06:45
61.   Mark
"He lacks LoDuca's knowledge of the strike zone, but he makes up for it in power."

Yes, that extra .037 in SLG certainly overshadows the 62 extra strikeouts.

Come on-- quit phoning it in.

2006-05-06 16:09:02
62.   D4P
From this point forward, "Lo Ducas" and "Repkos" will replace "apples" and "oranges" as the quintessential "items that cannot be compared."
2006-05-06 16:10:57
63.   thinkblue0

good call. to be honest, I'm just completely sick and tired of hearing about Lo Duca. We all loved him while he was here, but things change.

It's also easier to forget about him when Depo's two most ridiculed moves (penny, drew) are panning out.

Let's make it two in a row!

2006-05-06 16:40:49
64.   Uncle Miltie
So how did Russ Martin look yesterday? What are the chances that Alomar is released and both Martin and Navarro stay in the big leagues?

I went to the A's game last night and sat behind home plate. I ordered the tickets a few hours before the game started. It's ridiculous how bad the A's attendance is. I guess a lot of people in Northern California would rather go to a nice park with lots of fun activities and have a quality dining experience rather than actually seeing a good baseball game.

2006-05-06 16:41:00
65.   underdog
Yep, Sele is officially scheduled to pitch tomorrow in Perez's stead. You know, saying this will probably blow up in my face, but I actually have more faith in Sele tomorrow than I would in the Perez we've been seeing lately. We'll see...
2006-05-06 16:43:30
66.   underdog
64 Except for one passed ball (that was called a wild pitch), Martin looked superb both behind the plate and at. A double that drove in two runs, another hit, a play at the plate in which he withstood a big collision, numerous saves of lively Lowe pitches, and Vin Scully has a man crush on him. (Just summing up from the previous thread.)
2006-05-06 16:45:35
67.   Bob Timmermann
If Sam DC stops by perhaps he can describe this play to us:

Bottom 2ND B:1 S:3 O:1
Ramon Ortiz strikes out swinging. Wild pitch by pitcher Victor Santos. Brian Schneider scores. Royce Clayton to 3rd. Throwing error by catcher Ronny Paulino. Throwing error by center fielder Nate McLouth.

2006-05-06 16:51:57
68.   Jon Weisman
61 - Sorry, Mark. Maybe you can show me how the type of out that Repko was making was so much more important than the total bases he was generating, that I should feel so bad about my efforts on the site - keeping in mind that Repko has about 100 more at-bats in the comparison I made.
2006-05-06 16:53:15
69.   Bob Timmermann

In some respects, you do literally "phone" it in.

2006-05-06 16:53:56
70.   dsfan
Sele is well-conditioned and mentally tough. That cannot be said of the $9.5-million pitcher he is replacing. But if the Brewers watch tape of Sele's work last year, they'll bea giddy.
2006-05-06 17:05:08
71.   thinkingblue

And Lidge this year.

2006-05-06 17:06:38
72.   thinkingblue

Repko said he remembered his last throw sailing away, and made sure that didn't happen again, that's why it only went 250 feet. I wouldn't complain about that throw-it worked.

2006-05-06 17:11:18
73.   Steve
It wasn't really a bad throw. It was a pretty good throw, in the sense that it beat the runner by 30 feet. Keeping perspective just helps the analysis.
2006-05-06 17:13:22
74.   Jon Weisman
69 - But I do try not to.
2006-05-06 17:15:57
75.   thinkingblue

A bad throw is not even in the area code of the catcher. You can't always throw a frozen rope right to the catcher's chest, but you can make sure the catcher has a chance, which is what Repko gave him.

2006-05-06 17:16:16
76.   King of the Hobos
Martinez started against the lefty yesterday, but Saenz will play 3B today against a righty. Ethier is also out of the lineup against a righty. I hope that Ethier doesn't just sit on the bench for the next few weeks, especially when some AAAA player (Weber?) could have warmed the bench just as well as Ethier can
2006-05-06 17:18:14
77.   underdog
Saenz is playing 3B? Why does that make me nervous? (I know he used to be a 3bman, but...)

I don't think Ethier is going to sit that much, I think he'll start 1/3 to 1/4 of the games.

2006-05-06 17:19:01
78.   fanerman
39 - Nomar Garciaparra went to the same elementary school that I went to. Then I attended the same high school as his sister (at about the same time). So yes, I've always thought of him as a local boy.
2006-05-06 17:20:21
79.   thinkingblue

Wait-why would a lefty be out against a rookie righty, that doesn't make a lick of sense.

2006-05-06 17:25:13
82.   thinkingblue

Batting right handed. He can't hit the broad side of a barn left handed.

2006-05-06 17:28:31
83.   xaphor
Just the 5th, but Vazquez is having a 'nice' game against the Royals.
2006-05-06 17:31:49
84.   Bob Timmermann
Move along, move along, nothing to see there.
2006-05-06 17:32:19
85.   xaphor
So much for not jinxing a guy.
2006-05-06 17:33:45
86.   Marty
Hope the boys do well tonight. I'll be trying out the new Ruth's Chris steakhouse in Pasadena for a friend's birthday.
2006-05-06 17:39:12
87.   oldbear
Sele is well-conditioned and mentally tough

And you've came to this conclusion based on.....?????

2006-05-06 17:49:01
88.   LAT
The Rockies are beating Houston 3-0. Did they not get the memo that they are not this good?
2006-05-06 17:49:26
89.   King of the Hobos
87 I think he's assuming just about any pitcher save Colon or Jenks is more well-conditioned and mentally tough than Odalis
2006-05-06 17:57:17
90.   Bob Timmermann
Arizona is tied with Colorado, so apparently the memo was not sent out with a cc.
2006-05-06 18:05:07
91.   LAT
Thom Hits another
2006-05-06 18:05:18
92.   MartinBillingsley31
Great, ethier is rotting on the bench(not good for his development) in favor of lofton.
I'm starting to not like grady.
2006-05-06 18:06:40
93.   LAT
90. And yet the Dodgers, Giants and Padres continue to stink up the place.
2006-05-06 18:10:09
94.   Steve
Statement: repko made a pretty good throw.

Rebuttal: repko made a pretty good throw.

And we are all enlightened

2006-05-06 18:12:07
95.   still bevens
Why not have Nomar start at 3B and Saenz at 1B? Is it because Nomar hasnt started at third in awhile?
2006-05-06 18:15:59
96.   Sam DC
Sorry Bob -- my wife swiped my tix, er I mean, my wife used our tickets, and is at the game with a girlfriend. And of course no tv etc. so I'm no help on the double error. I just read that on the gameday right before seeing your comment here and thought, yuck. That said, from reading it, it seems like a legit two error, assuming it went down lilke this -- Clayton was going, so the catcher throwing error allowed him to arrive safely at second, then the CF's error on the return throw allowed him to get to third. What do you think?
2006-05-06 18:25:07
97.   Jon Weisman
Game thread is open.

By the way, 92, having nothing to do with what will happen tomorrow or the rest of the month, I refuse to categorize sitting out two games in a row as "rotting."

2006-05-06 18:25:08
98.   LAT
Lakers are missing all kinds of opportunities. They could have easily cut the lead to 8 or even 6 if they could captialize
2006-05-06 18:41:33
99.   gcrl
just got back from chicago... i went to the sox/mariners game on thursday, and had these observations:

ichiro looks absolutely lost at the plate - bailing out after every pitch (even worse than i have previously seen from him).
felix hernandez is still a year away.
jim thome can hit the ball really hard.
us cellular field is not too bad of a park.
beltre looked pretty good in the field, and he hit the ball hard, including one shot down the third base line for a double.
the sox fans love their podsednik.
finally, it was "dollar dog" day, and there were no apparent fan behavior problems as a result.

2006-05-06 18:47:56
100.   Uncle Miltie
Looks like Lamar Odom remembered who he really is. I don't know who that imposter was inside of Odom's body for the past 6 games.
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