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This Would Be Fun if My Kids Were Older
2006-05-06 18:20
by Jon Weisman

From the press notes:

For the first time in Dodger Stadium history, fans and their family can sleep on the outfield grass. The inaugural Dodger Stadium sleepover will be on Sunday, July 9 following the game against Giants. For $300 per person ($250 for full season ticket holders) fans will get field level seats to Sunday night's game, dinner at the new Loge Terrace compliments of Outback Steakhouse, a Dodger pillow, commemorative t-shirt, late evening movie on DodgerVision and other on-field activities. Space is limited to 300 fans, so act now. For more information, visit

* * *

Tonight's Game

Comments (259)
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2006-05-06 18:28:26
1.   LAT
So if you are a season ticket holder why do you need tickets to the game. AT $300 they should be dugout club seats
2006-05-06 18:28:51
2.   the OZ
Ahhh, the joys of product bundling.

[channels Jon Lovitz] - It's...MARKETING!!!

2006-05-06 18:38:43
3.   Monterey Chris
The Phillies are coming up with creative double plays against the Giants tonight. They had a 6-5-3 double play earlier tonight and now (8th inning), they just executed a 6-4-5 double play.
2006-05-06 18:43:30
4.   Vishal
the devil rays had a 6-4-5-6-4 double play today against the A's in the 9th inning, and still lost.
2006-05-06 18:43:47
5.   Sam DC
In DC, Jose Hermandez up in the top 8th, tied 4-4, two on, one out.

Meanwhile, in the bottom of the seventh w/two outs, the Nationals had a runner on first. Ryan Church (L) due to bat. Damaso Marte (L) pitching. Robinson sends Marlon Byrd (R) out to pinch hit for Church (whatever). Tracy responds with a double switch bringing in Salomon Torres (R) to pitch. But the Byrd pinch hadn't actually been announced, so Robinson leaves Church in to hit. Nationals fans joyfully mock Jim Tracy.

(Church flies out to end the inning).

2006-05-06 18:44:10
6.   Linkmeister
I'm guessing the movie will be sports-related. "Miracle?" "Glory Road?" The hoary-but-inspired "Field of Dreams?"
2006-05-06 18:44:39
7.   Sam DC
Hernandez is facing Gigantor, BTW, who has just given up back to back singles.
2006-05-06 18:48:07
8.   Sam DC
6 The Sandlot would be good - and it starts and ends at Dodger Stadium.

Hernandez gets some kind of infield single. Bases loaded.

2006-05-06 18:51:20
9.   Sam DC
infield fly rule for the second out - Gigantor facing Jason Bay with the bases loaded two outs tie game eighth inning . . .
2006-05-06 18:51:57
10.   Bob Timmermann
They'll pick whomever the Dodgers get the best deal to show.

Either that or the Dodgers will send somebody down to Blockbuster to see what they have in the "New Releases" section.

2006-05-06 18:52:46
11.   Sam DC
Bay pops out "sharply" to second to end the inning. What do you think it means to pop out "sharply"?
2006-05-06 18:53:43
12.   Vishal
why is todd jones still closing? fernando rodney has been awesome. 4 hits, 0 runs and 5 saves in 13 games.
2006-05-06 19:05:07
13.   Vishal
well, at least i won't be conflicted in the next round when the clippers play the suns, as it looks like the matchup will be...
2006-05-06 19:06:44
14.   Vishal
inside the park home run in arizona for felipe lopez!
2006-05-06 19:07:13
15.   Bob Timmermann
Remember that somebody on Thursday here said that he was hoping for a Game 7 because of the entertainment value.

He really needs to remember that he said that.

2006-05-06 19:09:19
16.   oldbear
I almost feel bad for Smush Parker. Phoenix goes at him on pretty much every single possession.
2006-05-06 19:11:04
17.   tjshere

What, no Bull Durham"?

2006-05-06 19:11:57
18.   Tommy John
Did Penny just inhale some type of steroid? Does he have a prescription for an inhaler? Keep it clean Brad.
2006-05-06 19:14:49
19.   Sam DC
Free baseball in DC.

Hey Jon -- what post of yours had the [perfect] line about a barfight between two Wiggles?

2006-05-06 19:15:37
20.   Sam DC
Hey Bob -- you know anything about this longest PCL game ever involving the Nationals' AAA affiliate?
2006-05-06 19:17:23
21.   Andrew Shimmin

2006-05-06 19:17:55
22.   Jon Weisman
19 - It was the night Navarro stole on Piazza.
2006-05-06 19:18:14
23.   Sam DC
2006-05-06 19:19:51
24.   Bob Timmermann

There's a guy in SABR who collects lots of information on longest games. I gloss over all of his postings on the listserv.

I don't know anything about it.

2006-05-06 19:21:23
25.   Bob Timmermann
I never thought Vin would ever reference Prince, the musician.

Does Vin wear Raspberry Beret?

2006-05-06 19:24:12
26.   Bob Timmermann
I predict that Lawler's Law will hold true tonight in Phoenix.
2006-05-06 19:24:42
27.   Sam DC
It is now the bottom of the 10th inning in DC, and Pittsburgh's closer has not pitched and is not in to pitch. Old friend Ward and then the top of the Nationals' order coming up.
2006-05-06 19:25:14
28.   Sam DC
Great big never mind, Tracy has brought Gonzalez in now.
2006-05-06 19:27:16
29.   D4P
Just another walk for Furcal. I don't get it. Just throw it down the middle.
2006-05-06 19:28:54
30.   thinkingblue
Does Penny remember that he has a splitter?
2006-05-06 19:29:14
31.   Vishal
i have decided that
shawn chacon : vishal :: russ ortiz : bob timmermann

the guy is like harry houdini, it's so... MADDENING. it's like he should get pounded every time out there, but he dances his way out of trouble every time.

2006-05-06 19:30:34
32.   Uncle Miltie
Furcal continues to amaze me with his ability to draw walks despite barely hitting over .200.
2006-05-06 19:31:28
33.   King of the Hobos
31 The 2004 Chacon will reappear soon enough, it just may have to wait until after he's signed a 4 year, $40 mil deal with the Royals
2006-05-06 19:31:36
34.   Uncle Miltie
Productive strikeout by Lofton.
2006-05-06 19:31:40
35.   thinkingblue
Alright Nomar!
2006-05-06 19:32:22
36.   Linkmeister
32 I think that's called compensation.
2006-05-06 19:33:33
37.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think the Bronx Banter guys are all that enamored of Chacon.
2006-05-06 19:34:42
38.   fanerman
Drew with the rally-killing walk.
2006-05-06 19:35:50
39.   thinkingblue
Has Kent gotten Steve Finley syndrome?
2006-05-06 19:36:46
40.   Vishal
steve finley syndrome? you mean, "old"?
2006-05-06 19:37:46
41.   D4P
"Old" combined with "Just signed big contract extension so has less incentive to produce."
2006-05-06 19:38:05
42.   Vishal
[37] don't they seem to be of the opinion that his low-BABIP numbers are due to something more than luck or the yankees defense?
2006-05-06 19:39:18
43.   Gen3Blue
Damn-- Tomato hit it on the nose!
2006-05-06 19:40:09
44.   Bob Timmermann
I thought Saenz's bat broke on that flyball?
2006-05-06 19:40:48
45.   Vishal
why is an athletic ex-shortstop playing first base for us, while an old fat guy is at the hot corner?
2006-05-06 19:40:56
46.   Bob Timmermann

I would just stop by and ask them yourselves. They're not bad people. But Cliff lets them swear a bit.

2006-05-06 19:41:54
47.   Bob Timmermann
Lawler's Law is in effect!
2006-05-06 19:42:09
48.   Gen3Blue
38 I'm somewhat inclined to agree. There should be a stat for hitters who walk with runners on base that takes into account the outcome vs. a base hit.
2006-05-06 19:42:47
49.   Andrew Shimmin
44- That's what I saw.
2006-05-06 19:43:41
50.   Vishal
[46] nah, i'm content just sitting back and hating on him from a distance :)
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-05-06 19:43:47
51.   Gen3Blue
Because the old,fat guy can go get it.
2006-05-06 19:43:54
52.   Bob Timmermann

I believe somewhere in the Bible, it says "the testimony of two men is true."

So, Olmedo Saenz broke his bat.

2006-05-06 19:44:02
53.   fanerman
48 - I was being slightly sarcastic, but on second thought, I wonder if the positive of not making an out is outweighed by the (lack of) quality of the following hitters.
2006-05-06 19:45:14
54.   Gen3Blue
Could be.
2006-05-06 19:45:15
55.   Jon Weisman
I think they'll be talking about the Lakers' blown lead from this past week longer than they talk about the Dodgers' blown leads from this past week.
2006-05-06 19:45:24
56.   Bob Timmermann

I can empathize with you.

2006-05-06 19:45:26
57.   the OZ
My roommate was Chacon's catcher when they were teenagers in Greeley. Supposedly, his curveball is outstanding.

He isn't shocked at all that Shawn walked 4 batters in 6.1 innings tonight, though. I'll always remember Chacon fondly for blowing 2 saves against the Dodgers in one week to close out the 2004 season.

2006-05-06 19:45:50
58.   Sam DC
Jason Bay HR in DC -- 5-4 in the top of the 11th.
2006-05-06 19:46:51
59.   Linkmeister
My word. The Suns are destroying the Lakers by 30 points?
2006-05-06 19:47:13
60.   Jon Weisman
20 - Primer has it.

2006-05-06 19:51:11
61.   Bob Timmermann
UCLA, after starting out the season 12-12, won its last 14 matches and won its 19th men's volleyball championship, defeating Penn State in 3 games.

The match was played at Penn State as well.

The volleyball team just gets one banner at Pauley Pavilion and they just add years on to it.

2006-05-06 19:52:32
62.   gcrl
isn't ben hendrickson the pitcher who purposely threw at the guy in the on deck circle in college?
2006-05-06 19:52:59
63.   Sam DC
Thx -- near 100 yr-old record.
2006-05-06 19:53:26
64.   Linkmeister
61 Yeah, after beating UH in a major upset at the start of the tournament. Oh well, hat's off to them.

Is that true about the banner?

2006-05-06 19:54:25
65.   Gen3Blue
59 The Jax?
2006-05-06 19:57:38
66.   fanerman
65 - Basketball. The Lakers lost the series when they let Tim Thomas hit a game-tying 3-pointer with 6 seconds left in Game 6.
2006-05-06 19:58:19
67.   Bob Timmermann
Once UCLA won the MPSF (there's a special conference for sports like volleyball so UCLA and UH play each other), they were positioned well to win it all.

The NCAA tournament in men's volleyball is just two games. UCLA played IPFW in the semis and got help when Penn State upset UCI in the other semi.

IPFW = Indiana/Purdue at Fort Wayne

2006-05-06 19:58:26
68.   Andrew Shimmin
If Martin wins the starting catcher's spot over the next couple weeks, does that mean that Pat Borders replaces Alomar?
2006-05-06 19:59:19
69.   nick
Chacon info here--

--a non-Bronx Banter sponsored study, it should be may be that he induces a lot of infield flies, perhaps through irritating the opposition?

As a pitcher, getting to leave Coors while still getting Rockies-level offensive support would have to be a dream come true....

2006-05-06 20:00:56
70.   Uncle Miltie
Anyone else getting this message on Yahoo sports:
Sorry, Unable to process request at this time -- error 999.
2006-05-06 20:01:36
71.   Gen3Blue
never let a goalie bat in the clutch! At least thats true on the east coast.
2006-05-06 20:03:22
72.   Bob Timmermann
At Pauley Pavilion, only men's basketball gets a separate banner for each national championship.

There also banners for women's basketball, women's volleyball, women's gymnastics, and, I think, men's and women's water polo.

The water polo teams might not get banners since they don't have their competitions inside Pauley Pavilion.

2006-05-06 20:14:44
73.   King of the Hobos
Speaking of the Suns and long games, they had a 14 inning game the other night. The Suns' backup catcher pitched 2.1 innings, more than the starting pitcher (Hanrahan pitched 2 innings), but he lost. Sorry if this was already mentioned
2006-05-06 20:15:44
74.   ToyCannon
No, that was Ben Christianson or something and he got his due by blowing out his arm before ever reaching the Major Leagues. He was drafted by the Cubs and the Cubs deserve what happens to them every year.
2006-05-06 20:17:54
75.   D4P
We can rest easy: Furcal is OPSing at a relatively gaudy .675 clip in May.
2006-05-06 20:23:57
76.   Uncle Miltie
What is going on with Penny. 4 walks already, including the opposing pitcher!
2006-05-06 20:25:46
77.   D4P
He's just trying to set up double plays and force outs.
2006-05-06 20:36:07
78.   Vishal
[77] you mean he's using strategery...
2006-05-06 20:37:33
79.   Bob Timmermann
This game is moving at the same pace as that 24-inning PCL game.
2006-05-06 20:39:22
80.   Vishal
the game in san diego is a little bit more interesting...
2006-05-06 20:43:54
81.   D4P
Yes. Don't misunderestimate him.
2006-05-06 20:49:20
82.   D4P
How long until we replace the "Jeff" in "Jeff Kent" with "Ja(y)son"?
2006-05-06 20:50:47
83.   Steve
I think Billy Beane was wrong about Prince Fielder.
2006-05-06 20:51:52
84.   oldbear
80. Eric Young says nothing to see there.
2006-05-06 20:51:54
85.   Vishal
aww, there goes marshall's no-hitter. i was rooting for the kid.
2006-05-06 20:51:59
86.   Bob Timmermann
For those of you watching the Cubs-Padres game:

Move along, move along, nothing to see here.

2006-05-06 20:52:57
87.   Bob Timmermann
In the words of Krusty the Klown:
"Hey, if this isn't Steve Allen, you're stealing my bit!"
2006-05-06 20:54:49
89.   Bob Timmermann

We prefer "goo"

2006-05-06 20:54:56
90.   Vishal
well, to be fair... he's averaging 6 innings a start.
2006-05-06 20:56:16
91.   D4P
Or "barnyard excrement"
2006-05-06 20:56:40
92.   oldbear
89. Or jelly.
2006-05-06 20:57:01
93.   Steve
Or "Baez"
2006-05-06 20:57:19
94.   Curtis Lowe
Miller wanted no piece of that poo.
2006-05-06 20:57:38
95.   Curtis Lowe


2006-05-06 20:58:05
96.   Curtis Lowe
2006-05-06 20:58:54
97.   Bob Timmermann

The Dodgers don't remind me of Mel Torme.

2006-05-06 20:59:37
98.   oldbear
93. or "[Lofton]"
2006-05-06 20:59:39
99.   Vishal
"guano" is an underused term.
2006-05-06 21:01:02
100.   Curtis Lowe
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-05-06 21:01:36
101.   Bob Timmermann
Wars have been fought over guano.

It's just that they happened in South America, so only weirdos like me have studied them in school.

2006-05-06 21:01:46
102.   Curtis Lowe
or "KwameSmush"
2006-05-06 21:01:51
103.   oldbear
98. It works every time. Talk "Baez" about the players and they come through in their next at bat.
2006-05-06 21:02:18
105.   Vishal
2006-05-06 21:03:00
106.   Curtis Lowe
Nomah hit the "Kwame" out of that one.
2006-05-06 21:03:16
108.   oldbear
Marvin's back posting at juvenile hall again. Oh boy.
2006-05-06 21:03:27
109.   Bob Timmermann


Kids today. Haven't they watched "Night Court"?

2006-05-06 21:04:15
110.   Bob Timmermann
I thought I had double-posted there. It's just that Vishal and I were of one mind.
2006-05-06 21:04:27
111.   Curtis Lowe
109- I am 23 and confused.
2006-05-06 21:04:41
112.   Uncle Miltie
Oh great, they're back.

Nomar is on fire.

2006-05-06 21:05:25
113.   Curtis Lowe
I thought Mel Torme was the singer of that one song "I'm a scat man!"
2006-05-06 21:05:39
114.   Vishal
[111] i'm 24... what's age got to do with it?
2006-05-06 21:06:12
115.   Bob Timmermann

See, you were born too late to appreciate "Night Court". Or have parents who would let you watch it.

It must be in reruns somewhere. It was on a long time.

2006-05-06 21:06:21
117.   oldbear
Drew with an Olney. Who says he's just up there hunting for walks?
2006-05-06 21:06:35
118.   Curtis Lowe
114- easy excuse for ignorance?
2006-05-06 21:06:43
119.   Bob Timmermann

Vishal is wise beyond his years.

2006-05-06 21:07:24
120.   Curtis Lowe
115- All I remember of "Night Court" is Bull and that I thought Larry Bird was the judge.
2006-05-06 21:07:29
121.   Vishal
[119] nah. i actually got to watch night court. :)
2006-05-06 21:08:36
122.   oldbear
If Jon changes his sign up requirements for this site, do the terrorists win?
2006-05-06 21:08:52
123.   Bob Timmermann

Sitcoms can be valuable learning experiences.

2006-05-06 21:09:04
124.   Uncle Miltie
Nice to see Kent swinging 3-0. Nice at bat team leader!
2006-05-06 21:09:32
125.   Gen3Blue
Good thing I didn't need to count on gameday tonight. It has been amazingly eratic.
2006-05-06 21:11:37
126.   Curtis Lowe
I saw MI3 today.
2006-05-06 21:11:40
127.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Beimel is now more clean-shaven than I! I've been off work for three days and I haven't shaved.

All that happens when I don't shave is that I end up looking like Shaggy from "Scooby-Doo".

2006-05-06 21:12:28
129.   oldbear
How did Weeks only get a single on a groundball right down the 1st base line? Gameday must be messed up.
2006-05-06 21:12:58
131.   Bob Timmermann

Yes, but I watched a rerun of "Mission: Impossible" today where Greg Morris went undercover as a pop singer to expose corruption in the music industry. The bad guys were played by William Windom, Ed Flanders, and Alex Rocco.

2006-05-06 21:13:19
132.   Curtis Lowe
129- Slipped rounding first.
2006-05-06 21:13:26
133.   Bob Timmermann
Weeks slipped on first base.
2006-05-06 21:15:42
135.   D4P
Penny looked like Baez tonight.
2006-05-06 21:16:03
136.   Uncle Miltie
Weeks stole 3rd on a walk. Nice.
2006-05-06 21:16:46
138.   oldbear
117 pitches worth of Carter/Kwame/Smush.
2006-05-06 21:17:23
139.   capdodger
136 It was a curve in the dirt. Not an easy throw for Martin.
2006-05-06 21:17:33
140.   oldbear
136. I thought just by dumping Navarro the team had solved all its problems.

Silly me.

2006-05-06 21:20:33
145.   capdodger
2006-05-06 21:20:34
146.   xaphor
Yost back out there doing his best goat impersonation.
2006-05-06 21:21:53
147.   oldbear
And order is restored, at least temporarily.
2006-05-06 21:23:04
148.   capdodger
Why isnt Vin calling this game on FSN:PT?
2006-05-06 21:25:36
149.   oldbear
The Dodgers evidently got tired of the slow pace so they sped things up a bit in the bottom of the 6th.
2006-05-06 21:26:34
150.   D4P
Plus, they didn't want Beimel's arm to get cold. Better to help him stay warm and keep his momentum.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-05-06 21:28:53
151.   Andrew Shimmin
148- I've got Vin on FSN:PT
2006-05-06 21:31:41
152.   das411
67 - Argh, I had tix for that but gave them away because I had to go see Mister Bonds put up a 1-3 tonight.

Those two double plays were weird. David Bell was involved in both.

2006-05-06 21:32:14
153.   Andrew Shimmin
Thanks to Ken, or Jon, or whoever killed the goat. Yeoman's work.
2006-05-06 21:33:57
154.   Bob Timmermann
When Vin says "Bring the kids", he sounds like he's one of "The Others".
2006-05-06 21:36:00
155.   capdodger
MLB.TV has the FSN:PT video feed, with the Dodger Radio feed.
2006-05-06 21:36:56
156.   oldbear
Little is pretty smart about not letting Robles run the bases.
2006-05-06 21:37:16
157.   Gen3Blue
2006-05-06 21:38:56
158.   D4P
Just another walk for Fur-kle.
2006-05-06 21:39:20
159.   Gen3Blue
I've got Vin on DTV thank god
2006-05-06 21:39:25
160.   capdodger
Making the steal gravy...
2006-05-06 21:40:54
161.   Andrew Shimmin
158- What's the joke with spelling it that way? I saw Steve do it, but was too intimidated to ask him.
2006-05-06 21:41:02
162.   oldbear
Lofton doesnt get an olney, but at least that means Drew gets to hit.
2006-05-06 21:41:49
163.   Uncle Miltie
Nice unproductive out by Lofton. Why isn't Repko the starting CF?
2006-05-06 21:41:56
164.   oldbear
Er wait.. that was when the Dodgers used to bat their best hitter 3rd.

Nevermind 162.

2006-05-06 21:42:15
165.   Jon Weisman
Three cheers for Beimel, huh?
2006-05-06 21:44:22
166.   Uncle Miltie
The Brewers would be wise to walk Drew here
2006-05-06 21:44:29
167.   D4P
I never watched the show, but there was a sitcom (in the 90s?) with a nerdy character named (something like) Erkle. I assume that's the allusion.
2006-05-06 21:45:42
168.   Andrew Shimmin
167- Ah! Family Matters. Great, great show. Well, no, I suppose not. Thanks for explaining.
2006-05-06 21:46:26
169.   Uncle Miltie
Repko is scrappy
2006-05-06 21:47:45
170.   Bob Timmermann
It was Urkel!
2006-05-06 21:48:05
171.   oldbear
Why wasnt Repko allowed to do that last nite? That makes last nite's sac bunting in the 8th even more confounding.
2006-05-06 21:50:45
172.   Uncle Miltie
Will Saito blow it again?
2006-05-06 21:52:55
173.   oldbear
Why didnt the Little doubleswitch Lofton out of the game? SHould have kept Repko in the 9th spot and let the pitcher bat in Lofton's 2nd spot.
2006-05-06 21:57:30
174.   Bob Timmermann
I'm calling Grabowski Principle on the walk to Brady Clark.
2006-05-06 22:02:48
175.   Bob Timmermann
Nothing makes you look more foolish than a premature invocation of the Grabowski principle.

Well, I can think of a few other things.

2006-05-06 22:02:55
176.   Curtis Lowe
Saiiiiittoooo your butts down!
2006-05-06 22:03:56
177.   Curtis Lowe
Between last nights mid air tag and tonights belly plop, Nomar has come through huge with the glove.

I wonder if he can throw runners out from behind the plate....

2006-05-06 22:03:57
178.   oldbear
11 LOB for the Brewers tonight.
2006-05-06 22:04:21
179.   D4P
Well, I can think of a few other things.

Such as: knowing the correct spelling in 170

2006-05-06 22:05:35
180.   Curtis Lowe
175- Like that one time Mohamad gave me those tickets to a mexican cruise.
2006-05-06 22:08:56
181.   Curtis Lowe
Kolb throws Kent a few Kwame pitches to give up a walk.

Lee really Baezed up that one.

2006-05-06 22:09:00
182.   Steve
I heart Dan Kolb. And Olmedo Saenz for that matter.
2006-05-06 22:09:35
183.   oldbear
God bless Dan Kolb.
2006-05-06 22:09:39
184.   Bob Timmermann

I think I've already proved the value of watching too much TV earlier tonight.

2006-05-06 22:11:32
185.   Curtis Lowe
184- Did you ever watch Ducktales or Darkwing Duck?
2006-05-06 22:12:19
186.   Jon Weisman
185 - My brother was the creative executive at Disney on those shows.
2006-05-06 22:13:00
187.   Curtis Lowe
186- Those shows baby sat me through most of grammar school.
2006-05-06 22:14:46
188.   Curtis Lowe
186- Does your Brother still work for Disney?
If so, ask him why they made "Chicken Little."
2006-05-06 22:15:20
189.   Jon Weisman
Didn't the Padres and Cubs do this low-scoring, extra-inning thing last night?

Beltre is now out-hitting Kent.

2006-05-06 22:15:38
190.   Curtis Lowe
Mike Maddux runs like a girl or like he's british.
2006-05-06 22:16:44
191.   capdodger
Hit it into the Eth(i)er!!!!
2006-05-06 22:17:32
192.   D4P
Oh Baez, it's Danys.
2006-05-06 22:18:12
193.   Jon Weisman
188 - He freelances. He's an executive producer of the second season of W.I.T.C.H., which will begin this summer. You'll see my name on there as well.

The DT sidebar will reveal his main career achievement.

2006-05-06 22:18:19
194.   Curtis Lowe
Danys the menys.
2006-05-06 22:19:06
195.   Bob Timmermann
The L.A. Dodger record for most walks received in a 9-inning game is safe unless the bullpen blows the lead.

The record is 13.

July 13, 1974 at San Diego. The Dodgers won 15-4. Every Dodger starter (including pitcher Doug Rau) walked EXCEPT Joe Ferguson who went 0 for 6 with 2 strikeouts. Ron Cey drove in 8 runs.

2006-05-06 22:19:17
196.   xaphor
[190] Oy, I'll take you any day of the week boy-o :)
2006-05-06 22:21:12
197.   oldbear
Geoff Jenkins is 0-9 in the series.
2006-05-06 22:21:26
198.   Bob Timmermann
If you look at the batting averages of the players in the game in San Diego, you wonder if that game will ever end.
2006-05-06 22:21:46
199.   Bob Timmermann
And Rob Bowen homered while I hit submit.
2006-05-06 22:22:19
200.   D4P
Is Danys as homely in real life as he is in most of his photos?
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2006-05-06 22:22:40
201.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres have now won 7 straight and are back at .500.
2006-05-06 22:22:54
202.   oldbear
Gameday called a pitch out of the strike zone a strike. First time I've even seen that happen.
2006-05-06 22:23:41
203.   D4P
Oh yeah, the 2nd pitch to Lee. First time I've seen that too.
2006-05-06 22:24:45
204.   Uncle Miltie
Why didn't Lee tag up?
2006-05-06 22:25:43
205.   Steve
Thought he had him there.
2006-05-06 22:25:50
206.   Curtis Lowe
I now understand the contraction Steinday.
2006-05-06 22:26:09
207.   Steve
But he didn't
2006-05-06 22:26:22
208.   Jon Weisman
I think Rob Bowen might be the Padres MVP. He's always scoring the winning run. When you pinch-run wiht him, the game is as good as over.

Baez is sort of a Cuban Matt Dillon, no? Except with four blown saves.

2006-05-06 22:26:41
209.   D4P
In play, run-scoring play
2006-05-06 22:26:41
210.   Curtis Lowe
Danys really Baezed that one up.
2006-05-06 22:27:01
211.   Uncle Miltie
Great job, Proven Closer (tm)
2006-05-06 22:27:17
212.   oldbear
4 blown saves for Baez. How many did he have last year?
2006-05-06 22:27:51
213.   Curtis Lowe
2006-05-06 22:28:06
214.   Bob Timmermann
The 13 walks record is still safe. The Dodgers can't pick up more than four next inning.

Someone has to worry about such things.

2006-05-06 22:28:17
215.   Uncle Miltie
212- "Only" 8
2006-05-06 22:28:19
216.   Curtis Lowe
I have no blown saves.
2006-05-06 22:28:45
217.   Bob Timmermann
Proven Closer™
2006-05-06 22:29:06
218.   oldbear
Russell guns him down!
2006-05-06 22:29:29
219.   underdog
Well the shocking news is the Dodgers throw out a baserunner (thanks Russ!) and Rick Monday said something spot on! {{gasp}} He questioned why Baez would throw a slider to someone who looked so overmatched by your fastball. He was totally right. (Was that Baez's call or Martin's?)
2006-05-06 22:29:37
220.   D4P
It's nice to see one of the runs Danys gave up actually being charged to him for a change.
2006-05-06 22:30:01
221.   Uncle Miltie
I'm predicting that Furcal will draw a walk, K Loft will bunt him over and Nomar will win it.
2006-05-06 22:32:06
222.   oldbear
I'm surprised Yost isnt using Turnbow. This inning will be the best chance the Dodgers have of scoring.
2006-05-06 22:33:09
223.   Bob Timmermann
Turnbow can't pitch because it's not a Save Situation™
2006-05-06 22:33:23
224.   underdog
This Brewers pitcher gave up 9 runs in 9 innings last year for KC. Been doing better this year so far tho. Would be nice to do something against him, give Baez his nightly post-blown-save win.
2006-05-06 22:33:53
225.   Uncle Miltie
I guess that's why Grits left K Loft in
2006-05-06 22:33:57
226.   underdog
Lofton says, "That one of yer KC pitches?"
2006-05-06 22:34:28
227.   Steve
He did it again!
2006-05-06 22:34:38
228.   oldbear
Brewers might lose back-back games without using their best bullpen pitcher. Thats really poor managing.
2006-05-06 22:35:04
229.   D4P
Danys gets another Win™
2006-05-06 22:35:15
230.   Curtis Lowe
2006-05-06 22:35:17
231.   underdog
Deja Vu Nomar does it again! [tm]


2006-05-06 22:35:34
232.   Uncle Miltie
Ho hum, another game winner for Nomar. I was almost right with my prediction. Baez gets another win (flashbacks of Billy Koch when he was with the A's)
2006-05-06 22:35:43
233.   oldbear
Thank goodness Yost is an old school manager. It definitely helped the Dodgers the last two games.
2006-05-06 22:36:35
234.   Steve
Time to play Prince closer to the line!
2006-05-06 22:37:14
235.   xaphor
1 rbi per night in the ninth and Nomar is guaranteed his century.
2006-05-06 22:38:02
236.   Curtis Lowe
That was cool.
2006-05-06 22:38:42
237.   Bob Timmermann
If you're on a Mac, Option + 2 is ™
2006-05-06 22:42:12
238.   natepurcell
i find it funny that baez is being rewarded for sucking so bad with a win.

well, 2 draft picks for next year.

2006-05-06 22:42:15
239.   Uncle Miltie
Tracy is the Worst Manager Ever™
2006-05-06 22:42:17
240.   Steve
I think Nomar is going to comfortably pass the 9-home-run mark as well.

(barring injury)

2006-05-06 22:42:47
242.   xaphor
For users of real computers, ™ is alt + 0153
2006-05-06 22:43:13
243.   Uncle Miltie
238- it's just like Billy Koch when he was with the A's. He stole at least 5 wins from Tim Hudson that year.
2006-05-06 22:44:01
245.   Curtis Lowe
Here is a very valuable resource for chatting

It well tell you how to use alt commands for text such as ™ and ©

2006-05-06 22:44:06
246.   natepurcell
AAAHHHH. what a shame for steve and oldbear. The Dodgers won.

yes since they dont want the dodgers to win. of course!..........

2006-05-06 22:44:55
247.   Uncle Miltie
242- does not work on PC laptop. I just typed (tm) into word.
2006-05-06 22:45:58
248.   Curtis Lowe

Did you see Martin gun down the runner to end the top of the 9th?

2006-05-06 22:47:30
252.   natepurcell

noo, i just got back from dinner and im at a buddy's house. I just snuck upstairs to check the score and DT because im too obsessed with the dodgers haha.

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2006-05-06 22:48:30
254.   natepurcell
and I have a feeling your a little depressed about the win too.

you're right, we took one step backwards in our quest to land david price.

2006-05-06 22:49:48
257.   Curtis Lowe
252- Well I hope dinner was good because seeing Marting catch the base stealer was pretty cool.
2006-05-06 22:50:02
259.   natepurcell
there is no cussing on this site oscar. then again, you've probably been warn already under your other names.
2006-05-06 22:50:58
260.   natepurcell

it was okay. id rather have watched the dodger game.

2006-05-06 22:51:14
261.   Andrew Shimmin
Apropos of nothing: if someone's IP address were published, steps could be taken. Nebulous, plausibly deniable steps.
2006-05-06 22:52:34
264.   Curtis Lowe
Good night all. Time to go waste an obscene amount of money at some lame club but I will dance with a smile on my face for the Dodgers have won back to back games, I will dance for a win tomorrow, I will dance.
2006-05-06 22:57:40
272.   Gen3Blue
Tomko started our streak. Thank you K.K.K.
2006-05-06 22:58:03
273.   das411
259 - Ehh Nate, you missed a minor little visit from one of our new guests earlier. Nothing too interesting.

Mister Bonds made some pretty nice plays out in LF tonight though! And Chase Utley had an exciting night, 2-2 with 2 rbi and he had the best view in the house of those two wacky double plays...

....are the Lakers really out?? And if so, is there enough room for Bob on the San Jose Sharks bandwagon?

2006-05-06 22:58:26
274.   natepurcell
lol, oldbear has a crazy obsessed stalking fan. Lucky guy.
2006-05-06 22:59:44
275.   natepurcell

i watched the philly and giants game yesterday partly because cain was pitching. he got lit up. utley and howard both hit 2 monster bombs off him. I felt bad. then i realized he was a giant and i stopped feeling bad.

2006-05-06 23:12:24
276.   Linkmeister
Prime Ticket is doing a replay, and I hear Vinnie say in the pregame show that Martin is Canadian. How'd I miss that?

Huh. Neil Young has a new album and the Dodgers' rookie catcher is from the Great White North too. O Canada!

2006-05-06 23:18:12
277.   thinkingblue
Oscar, please, find something else to do.
2006-05-06 23:27:58
278.   Uncle Miltie
Is Oscar Robles posting on this blog? If so, he's come to the wrong place.

Oscar- we like you here and think you deserve more playing time than Lucille (Ramon Martinez)

2006-05-06 23:49:03
279.   DodgerSoul
I will take a win anyway possible but Baez is sure making things more exciting. Its not a good sign that both Baez and Saito are struggling somewhat now.

Come on Broxton, show us what you can do.

The only good thing about Baez will be the 2 draft picks in 2007. Thanks Colletti.

2006-05-06 23:56:33
280.   Marty
Great steak at Ruth's Chris tonight. I guess we won tonight some way or another.

I'm still waiting for Oscar to say 1 good thing about nomar ..............

2006-05-07 01:34:25
281.   al bundy
Jon, take the wife to spend the night on the field...You, too, can brag about hitting a home run at Dodger Stadium. Heck, $600 is cheap for those kind of bragging rights.
2006-05-07 06:58:50
282.   Vishal
[281] i think it's supposed to be a family sort of event, with kids and such. i wondered if they might want to do some sort of singles night, but i bet it would get out of hand.

[186] jon, feel free to tell your brother that i think duck tales was the most awesome cartoon ever. i wish they had a dvd box set of all the episodes. i used to watch it every day and i'm pretty sure i've seen every single episode multiple times, to the point where if you give me just a few details, i could probably describe the entire plot of any given episode.

[190] i always thought jim colborn ran out to the mound like he was constipated or something. he didn't actually pump his knees at all in his stride.

2006-05-07 08:52:06
283.   still bevens
From today's LA Times:

Little made it clear Sele has replaced Perez (3-1, 6.90) for longer than today's game. Perez has not contacted team officials since leaving five days ago to visit his sick mother in the Dominican Republic, although assistant general manager Kim Ng has spoken to his agent. If the Dodgers didn't owe Perez about $21 million over the next two years, they would be tempted to release him.

Release him after some early inconsistency? He must have some serious issues with management.

2006-05-07 10:06:41
284.   Dark Horse
283-I have a funny intuition Odalis is gonna wind up in a Mets uniform. I'd be happier about it if I thought Ned would get anything worthwhile in return, but...that's my present, wholly unsupported suspicion.
2006-05-07 10:07:53
285.   Sam DC
So, Paul DePodesta is listed in a Post sidebar today as one of the top five candidates to GM the Nationals.
2006-05-07 10:16:54
286.   D4P
Ugh. I shudder to think what Depo would extract from Flanders for a Soriano/Clayton duo.
2006-05-07 11:19:11
287.   Blu2
(284) Maybe we can get Lo Duca back? (LOL)
2006-05-07 12:07:34
288.   underdog
284 How about Duaner Sanchez for OP? I'd be happy with that, but of course the Mets wouldn't. Especially if Omar Minaya reads DT.
2006-05-07 12:55:16
289.   the OZ
285 He IS from NoVa.

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