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Perez Activated, Robles Optioned, And ...
2006-05-09 17:02
by Jon Weisman

The Dodgers will go with 12 pitchers while trying to solve the Odalis Perez conundrum. The team announced Perez is back, and that they have optioned Oscar Robles to Las Vegas.

I hope this doesn't qualify as burying the lead, but believe it or not, the Dodgers also announced the signing of Giovanni Carrara to a minor league contract - Carrara's third stint with the organization. He was most recently with the Pirates' AAA team in Indianapolis. A rational mind would see this move only as an impulse to kill minor league innings, and not as a major league solution.

Update: Blue Notes reports that Aaron Sele will start in San Francisco on Saturday and Perez will work out of the bullpen this week.

* * *

Bill Mueller is back in the Dodger lineup tonight, which also features Jose Cruz, Jr. batting second and Jason Repko batting seventh against Houston lefty Andy Pettitte.

* * *

Tonight's Game

Comments (384)
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2006-05-09 17:07:45
1.   Humma Kavula
In my considered, careful, and expert opinion:

Now is the time to panic.

2006-05-09 17:09:23
2.   thinkblue0
the Carrara era for the THIRD time?


This Odalis situation is going to end badly.

2006-05-09 17:12:22
3.   Kayaker7
A reprise of the Herges/herpes conversation. Gio keeps coming back.
2006-05-09 17:13:00
4.   Bob Timmermann
Professor, without knowing precisely
what the danger is, would you say it's time for Dodger fans to crack each other's heads open and feast on the goo inside?
2006-05-09 17:13:05
5.   natepurcell
lol. Carrara and Carter can exchange different ideas on how to be the best gas can you can be!
2006-05-09 17:17:43
6.   Bob Timmermann
Tadahito Iguchi made a 3-base error in the first inning in Chicago.

How can a second baseman misplay a ball so badly that the batter makes it to third?

2006-05-09 17:18:48
7.   thinkblue0
I'm starting to wonder with our bullpen situation in shambles, maybe we should just keep Odalis and throw Sele in a relief role and hope to catch lighting in a bottle for a couple innings here and there.
2006-05-09 17:19:31
8.   thinkblue0

it was a pop up to short right. He dove for it and it went off his glove. Cabrera made it all the way to third. There's NO way that should have been an error.

2006-05-09 17:20:19
9.   Jon Weisman
I'm going to do another post on top of this one, but this will remain the Game Chat thread.
2006-05-09 17:22:09
10.   confucius
I hope they give Carrara the chance to walk in some winning runs this season. He's good at that.
2006-05-09 17:22:48
11.   Bob Timmermann

Thank you.

2006-05-09 17:24:02
12.   confucius
If iguchi would have stood up and thrown it back into the infield the guy never would have gotten to third. Instead, he tossed it to someone fifteen feet away from him.
2006-05-09 17:27:12
13.   Xeifrank
Tonight's Dodger sim game results:

Astros... 4-12-0
Dodgers.. 3-12-0
12 innings. Go Dodgers!
vr, Xei

2006-05-09 17:28:25
14.   Marty
Gio: "Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in!"

Well, I'm glad Robles is gone, I'm not particularly glad to see OP and I hate the idea of Gio on any Dodger team.

2006-05-09 17:29:36
15.   thinkblue0

yeah that was bizzare. That error is a ridiculous call though. I have a feeling that if the ball didn't bounce so far off his glove and Cabrera was held to a single it wouldn't have been an error. But he basically had to dive for it...should have been a triple all the way...

2006-05-09 17:30:38
16.   thinkblue0

Reminds me of something the infamous words of Rowdy Roddy Piper: "Just when you think you have all the answers I change the questions!"

2006-05-09 17:30:47
17.   Jon Weisman
Lineup is out - see update above.
2006-05-09 17:38:28
18.   natepurcell
ruggiano goes deep again, ties kemp for the team lead with 5. nice.
2006-05-09 17:41:53
19.   ToyCannon
D Young and Ruggiano are my favorite Dodger sleeper prospects.

And I'm off to collect those warm fuzzy Dodger fleece blankets. The best giveaway the Dodgers do all year.

2006-05-09 17:43:36
20.   trainwreck
Perez and Carrara back on the same day...

I think I am going to be ill.

2006-05-09 17:47:27
21.   Uncle Miltie
Did we really need to bring Geo back again? I thought he was in Pittsburgh with Jimbo.

Grits almost has the right lineup. Take Kent out and it's fine.

Why not send down Lucille instead of Robles? Oscar has given the team some quality at bats while he's been up here, he's a better defender than Lucille and he's left handed.

nate- I'm growing a beard (minus the mustache)

2006-05-09 17:52:25
22.   thinkblue0

pretty sure lucille doesn't have options left.

2006-05-09 17:57:42
23.   D4P
pretty sure lucille doesn't have options left.

Just suicide.

2006-05-09 18:05:09
24.   Bob Timmermann
Pittsburgh is shutting out Arizona 3-0, which I find odd because I never think of Pittsburgh ever playing Arizona.
2006-05-09 18:07:21
25.   Jon Weisman
Another update, courtesy of your new Times blog. Not a real surprise at this point, but Perez goes to the bullpen.
2006-05-09 18:10:43
26.   Bob Timmermann
Perez in the bullpen. You can find that scenario in a dictionary of phrases next to "fraught with peril."
2006-05-09 18:10:58
27.   thinkblue0
wow, I'm actually surprised that they're going with Sele over Perez here. I don't necessarily think it's an endorsement of Sele as much as they're just sick of Perez.

If they want to have any chance of dealing perez they should probably hope for a couple good starts to up his value a bit...even if it isn't all that much.

2006-05-09 18:13:32
28.   King of the Hobos
Brent Leach has 11 pickoffs in 7 starts so far this season. Roughly 56% of the outs Leach has recorded have come from either strikeout or pickoff. I'm hoping he will follow Bastardo to Vero fairly soon, rather than continue to make A- hitters look bad

Pedroza has a similar problem. He hit his 8th homer today, good for a tie for second in the SAL. His 26 walks rank 1st in the league. the 25 yr old Ryan Russ is begging for Pedroza to take his OF spot, but the Dodgers don't seem to be in a hurry

2006-05-09 18:14:18
29.   xaphor
The Gio signing is a huge relief. It temporarily puts on hold any prospect for middle relief ideas Ned might have been having.
2006-05-09 18:15:18
30.   Jon Weisman
27 - It's not necessarily a permanent thing. One good relief outing by Perez and a tatooing of Sele could easily reverse it. Basically, Sele pitches in the rotation until he bombs - hopefully the Dodgers are smart enough to realize when that is happening.
2006-05-09 18:16:10
31.   King of the Hobos
Perez probably hasn't worked out in a week, thus he's probably going to the bullpen just for this week, at which point he'll replace Sele
2006-05-09 18:17:52
32.   thinkblue0

agreed. I guess, in a way, this is a good problem to have. I just honestly don't see Sele getting through too many more starts without getting shelled...but who knows, maybe he can be decent until Bills is ready.

The whole Perez situation has more drama than an episode of 90210

2006-05-09 18:17:53
33.   Bob Timmermann
Duaner Sanchez gives up a run. Ryan Howard takes him deep.
2006-05-09 18:18:15
34.   Bob Timmermann
Sorry, Howard doubled in Burrell.
2006-05-09 18:20:18
35.   GoBears
From the AP story on Delmon Young's suspension:

"No, I really don't think I have anger management issues," he said. "I'm competitive. I just let the emotions get a little better than me sometimes. I've got to control that."

PS: My first tinyurl try - did it work?
So, translated: I don't have anger management issues. I just have to control my anger.

Oh, OK, when you put it that way....

2006-05-09 18:22:31
36.   Jon Weisman
In the last two Mays, San Diego is 30-6. In other 2005-06 action, the Padres are 69-89.
2006-05-09 18:23:10
37.   King of the Hobos
An A's catcher homered, but Perez remains hitless, although he did commit an error. Josh Towers also managed to give up fewer runs than innings pitched
2006-05-09 18:24:27
38.   Bob Timmermann
Tom Gordon pulled a Danys Baez and gave up a 2-run game-tying homer to Carlos Delgado in the 9th.
2006-05-09 18:25:40
39.   Marty
Hmmm...My company has decided to block because of possible "proxy avoidance" issues. I don't see how I could use that site to get around a proxy server. I need to investigate.
2006-05-09 18:27:30
40.   Jon Weisman
39 - LACMA was doing that for a while. In fact, there are several Toaster sites that I can't read the comments on while at work.
2006-05-09 18:29:39
41.   Bob Timmermann
Bucs 3, DBacks 0 in the first final of the night.
If Florida holds on to lose against the Braves (they're down 8-1), the Pirates move out of the #14 slot in the NL.
2006-05-09 18:32:53
42.   natepurcell
matt kemp is 2-3 with a 2b and bb in tonights game.

his BA is up to .353

when does he go to sin city?

2006-05-09 18:33:00
43.   regfairfield
Did Shea Hillendbrand just weakily flail at three sliders a foot out of the strike zone?

Because that's what it looks like on Gameday.

2006-05-09 18:42:51
44.   jasonungar05
A rational mind would see this move only as an impulse to kill minor league innings, and not as a major league solution.
A rational mind would see this move only as ______________________ and not as a major league solution.

I have a feeling we should use this fill in the blank moving forward with Ned and Grady.

2006-05-09 18:48:21
45.   Sam DC
two outs tied bottom of the ninth -- abreu up w/bases loaded v. Heilman
2006-05-09 18:49:00
46.   natepurcell
a little heads up that billingsley is pitching tonight....(for the 51s)
2006-05-09 18:49:07
47.   Bob Timmermann
Not any more!
2006-05-09 18:49:50
48.   Sam DC
and the rest is gameday history: "Bobby Abreu reaches on throwing error by pitcher Aaron Heilman. David Dellucci scores. Jimmy Rollins to 3rd. Chase Utley to 2nd."
2006-05-09 18:54:07
49.   Bob Timmermann
Two divisions in the AL will likely have new leaders when the day is out.

If Huston Street can close it out.

2006-05-09 19:02:58
50.   Bob Timmermann
For those of you scoring at home ...
Tadahito Iguchi of the White Sox no longer is credited with a 3-base error. The play was changed to a triple.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-05-09 19:03:55
51.   LAT
38. And like Baez picks up the win after a blown save.
2006-05-09 19:07:35
52.   Eric Enders
Why isn't Vinny calling the game tonight?
2006-05-09 19:08:46
53.   overkill94
44 I can only assume that's the case. The 51s' bullpen wasn't very good even before their two best relievers got called up (Brox and Beimel), so I'm sure they just wanted someone sightly better than the guys they have.
2006-05-09 19:09:12
54.   Eric Enders
52 Uh, never mind.
2006-05-09 19:09:25
55.   Bob Timmermann

Beats me. Maybe he's sick. Or maybe he had theater tickets.

2006-05-09 19:09:53
56.   Bob Timmermann

So you're cancelling the Red Alert?

2006-05-09 19:10:15
57.   overkill94
52 I'm listening to his voice on the TV broadcast right now...
2006-05-09 19:17:05
58.   trainwreck
Not the sharpest of innings for Billingsley.
2006-05-09 19:17:09
59.   natepurcell
ouch billingsley in trouble in the first.
2006-05-09 19:18:47
60.   ninjavshippo
well crud.
2006-05-09 19:18:58
61.   fanerman
59 - Same can be said for Seo.
2006-05-09 19:19:12
62.   ninjavshippo
it says injury delay on gamecast for the game. can anyone update?
2006-05-09 19:19:23
63.   Uncle Miltie
2-0 already?

Injury delay--please be Kent!

2006-05-09 19:20:00
64.   Bob Timmermann
Repko hurt himself chasing a home run?
2006-05-09 19:20:16
65.   kegtron
Repko injured his ankle scaling the CF wall.
2006-05-09 19:20:21
66.   Eric L
62 On the Ensberg homerun, Repko tried running (jumping?) up the wall and injured an ankle.
2006-05-09 19:20:24
67.   ninjavshippo
uh oh. is that the sound of the repko bandwagon getting rear-ended by a hummer?
2006-05-09 19:21:12
68.   Gen3Blue
So whose your next center fielder Grits
Lofton? Are you sure he can stand to work one day in a row. He's only making in the low millions!
2006-05-09 19:21:57
69.   natepurcell

4 runs in the first to one of the worst offenses in the PCL. and still only 1 out.

2006-05-09 19:21:59
70.   fanerman
65 - Well that's gonna hurt us (sadly, I'm not being sarcastic).
2006-05-09 19:25:18
71.   Marty
I half-expected Grady to double-switch with Cruz to get Lofton in the number 2 spot.
2006-05-09 19:27:01
72.   natepurcell
billingsley made 39 pitches that inning.
2006-05-09 19:28:33
73.   ninjavshippo
great AB by JC jr.
2006-05-09 19:30:47
74.   Gen3Blue
I know I sound like a reactionary, but when you have a day off with a five man rotation, you should drop the fourth or fifth man for that one turn.
(Actually, I know I am a reactionary, because I think we are doing something wrong with pitchers arms, and should have four man rotations).
I used to argue for five man rotations with my father and grandfather, and I never won that one.
2006-05-09 19:31:48
75.   ninjavshippo
i hear you G3B. maybe not drop him altogether, but make him available for long relief/7+8 setup on the next day.
2006-05-09 19:33:57
76.   Sam DC
In the it's about time dept, St. Louis up 4-2 over Colo in the 9th, mostly on the strength of a Pujols 3R HR in the 8th.
2006-05-09 19:38:04
77.   Bob Timmermann
The weird thing about the four-man pitching rotation is that few teams have ever had a strict four man rotation. The teams that used it the most were in the 1960s. The 1966 Dodgers used five starters all year: Koufax, Drysdale, Osteen, Sutton, and Moeller. Moeller started eight games and filled in when doubleheaders came around. But toward the end of the season, Alston just kept trotting out Koufax and Drysdale. Weaver's Orioles teams and the Mets 1969 squad noticeably had strict four-man rotations.

The 1953 Yankees won the World Series and had 13 different starting pitchers.

2006-05-09 19:38:39
78.   ninjavshippo
well i at least like the guys running up the pitch count on pettite by all the fouls... i guess. :/
2006-05-09 19:41:25
79.   natepurcell
51s need to get billingsley out of there soon. he clearly doesnt have it tonight.
2006-05-09 19:45:27
80.   natepurcell
royster comes to the mound, billingsley out of the game. Carrara is coming in.
2006-05-09 19:46:23
81.   fanerman
Ah, so that's why Carrara's back.
2006-05-09 19:47:15
82.   ninjavshippo
80 - i wonder what got into him tonight. maybe he had the $5 lobster from the frontier or something...
2006-05-09 19:47:43
83.   Sam DC
Any worry that the Blogger High Council is going to crack down on Jon for spelling it "lead"? So not-insider.

Meanwhile, about me, I'm pretty psyched to have fallen into tickets to see Justin Verlander pitch at Camden Yards tomorrow night.

2006-05-09 19:47:59
84.   Marty
I hate Gio's pitching routine. I remember someone referring to him as the human rain delay.
2006-05-09 19:52:36
85.   natepurcell
billingsleys final line:

1.1IP 6H 6ER 3bb 3k

his era has ballooned up 3.44

at the start of the game he was at 2.04

2006-05-09 19:54:38
86.   Curtis Lowe
85- Maybe he's a little angry that Sele got the call up instead of him.
2006-05-09 19:56:26
87.   ninjavshippo
martin with the timely productive out. this kid has been a breath of fresh air so far.
2006-05-09 19:56:31
88.   natepurcell
he might be missing martin as well.
2006-05-09 19:57:04
89.   Bob Timmermann
Did Martin get the ball after his first Olney?
2006-05-09 19:57:27
90.   Curtis Lowe
88- Makes sense, I would miss Marting too.
2006-05-09 19:58:02
91.   Marty
89 In my book, that's his first Erstad.
2006-05-09 19:58:39
92.   Bob Timmermann

Dude! That's a great at bat by Ersty! He helped out the team!

2006-05-09 19:59:27
93.   Marty
Hudler would no doubt be calling Martin Rusty.
2006-05-09 20:04:52
94.   Marty
Vinny getting peeved at the beach balls.
2006-05-09 20:05:32
95.   Curtis Lowe
lol " I just dont leave home without my Beachball."
2006-05-09 20:05:55
96.   trainwreck
That was the greatest rant I have ever heard from Vin.
2006-05-09 20:06:49
97.   Curtis Lowe
woo woo
2006-05-09 20:07:10
98.   gcrl
i think vin is close to his breaking point. i have never heard him spend so much time discussing the beach ball situation.
i enjoyed the "drawl" he used for effect when saying "i just don't leave home without my beachball".
2006-05-09 20:07:27
99.   Jon Weisman
96 - That was great.

83 - I hate the "lede" spelling. I'm a conscientious objector to it.

2006-05-09 20:08:44
100.   fanerman
Anybody have a transcript of the rant? That would be pretty cool.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-05-09 20:13:14
101.   gcrl
a portion of the rant, to the best of my memory:

"got your binoculars?
got your scorecard?
got your pencil?
got your beachball?

i just don't leave home without my beachball."

good stuff.

2006-05-09 20:13:42
102.   Curtis Lowe
Not to turn this into a movie discussion but has anyone seen "The Last Don"? I just finished the book and was wondering if the movie is worth the rental fee?
2006-05-09 20:13:45
103.   gcrl
oh my nomah!
2006-05-09 20:14:14
104.   Curtis Lowe
2006-05-09 20:14:14
105.   Uncle Miltie
Furcal might be breaking out of his season long slump. Cruz with another walk. He is so much better than K Loft.

Nomar run scoring play!

2006-05-09 20:14:32
106.   Gen3Blue
Sorry 75,77 I fell asleep as I often do on this east coast. Think of how the guys used to always get 10 or twelve complete games.
I used to think it was over-expansion, but back then you had maybe 14 or 16 teams drawing on 200 million for pitchers. Now you got about 30 teams, but there's at least a 300 mil. pop in North America, and you can probably double that with Latin America and Taiwan,Japan and Korea.
2006-05-09 20:15:17
107.   ninjavshippo
just let this guy's ligaments last for more than a month and i might have something to smile about this summer.
2006-05-09 20:15:22
108.   das411
Did anyone catch this quote from Mark over at Bad Altitude the other day? Steve?

There is no more powerful force in baseball than Fear of Change. In fact I believe Joe Morgan has a motto to that effect tattooed on his ass.

2006-05-09 20:15:23
109.   Curtis Lowe
Did anyone notice the picture of Gagne bowling with his "Right Arm"?
2006-05-09 20:15:25
110.   gcrl
2006-05-09 20:16:03
111.   Curtis Lowe
2006-05-09 20:16:23
112.   Uncle Miltie
2006-05-09 20:16:27
113.   ninjavshippo
back to back!

seriously, though. between nomar and drew, what's the over-under for games played between the both of them? just seems like a perfect setup for heartbreak to rest your hopes on these guys' medical charts.

2006-05-09 20:16:28
114.   D4P
Cruz seems to have a case of Choi-In-the-#2-Spot-itis.
2006-05-09 20:17:58
115.   capdodger
Gameday said Drew tried to bunt before the homer. Is this true?
2006-05-09 20:18:33
116.   D4P
2006-05-09 20:18:43
117.   Uncle Miltie
114- yup, Cruz didn't start slumping until Lofton came back, moving him from 2nd to 7th in the order.
2006-05-09 20:19:05
118.   fanerman
Back to back. Nice.
2006-05-09 20:20:15
119.   gcrl
first pitch, he ran up as if to drag bunt. i don't recall if he offered at the pitch or if he pulled the bat back in time.
2006-05-09 20:21:16
120.   Marty
115 Yes. I cursed.
2006-05-09 20:24:05
121.   Curtis Lowe
2006-05-09 20:24:31
122.   Uncle Miltie
116- he is beyond awesome. He's almost as good as Adam Everett.

He's still better than Neifi (check the stats, they're ugly).

Who would have thought that Seo Seo would be worse than Tomko?

2006-05-09 20:25:52
123.   Uncle Miltie
Pierre steals a possible 3 run homer from Barroids. I don't think it was going out, it looked like it would be a double off the wall.
2006-05-09 20:26:31
124.   3upn3down
Just tuned in. Did I hear Repko left with an ankle? Can someone give me the 2 line summary? thx.
2006-05-09 20:26:43
125.   regfairfield
122 Early, it still is.
2006-05-09 20:26:54
126.   Curtis Lowe
Seo quickly robs Dodger fans of smiles.
2006-05-09 20:28:26
127.   scareduck
All the king's horses
And all the king's men
Couldn't get Jae Seo to be anything besides a miserable sixth starter who shouldn't be used against any team outside the NL West.

Doesn't rhyme that well, does it?

2006-05-09 20:28:39
128.   fanerman
That was fast.
2006-05-09 20:28:45
129.   ninjavshippo
adam everett seo? everett??? of the 29 career HRs everett?
2006-05-09 20:29:03
130.   MartinBillingsley31
What's up with bombseo?
2006-05-09 20:29:26
131.   Uncle Miltie
Majors props to Ned, tremendous move!

How is Houlton doing in AAA? He's a much better option than Seo and at lesat he has a little bit of potential.

2006-05-09 20:29:39
132.   scareduck
The designated run donor (Osoria) warms up in the bullpen.
2006-05-09 20:29:47
133.   gcrl
he turned his ankle trying to rob morgan ensberg's hr. i didn't see it, but vin has mentioned it a couple of times. shades of bobby v?
2006-05-09 20:29:58
134.   3upn3down
And in comes Little with the hook...
2006-05-09 20:30:36
135.   Vishal
how is brad ausmus still hitting .353?
2006-05-09 20:31:00
136.   ninjavshippo
well, can't say grittle left him in too long tonight. pretty much forced his hand.
2006-05-09 20:31:36
137.   natepurcell
How is Houlton doing in AAA? He's a much better option than Seo and at lesat he has a little bit of potential.

hes doing terrible, he has 5.46 era

2006-05-09 20:31:47
138.   regfairfield
131 As lucky as it was, Seo did have a 2.59 ERA last year. He's clearly not useless, and is almost certianly better than Houlton.
2006-05-09 20:31:59
139.   underdog
Arrrggggghh! It's my fault guys, sorry. I just got home, turned on my computer, put up the live gamecast, saw they were up 5-2, said "yay!" And then it all fell apart. Or more accurately, Jae Seo fell apart. Sigh

Well, it's far from over. But I'll try to help things by turning it off for awhile.

2006-05-09 20:32:08
140.   Curtis Lowe
Strikeout the side.
get some great run support.
immediatly give up the 3 run lead.

Which sentence does not fit?

2006-05-09 20:33:16
141.   Jon Weisman
I'll stand by what I wrote when the trade happened, and say that I thought Seo would be better than this.
2006-05-09 20:33:43
142.   3upn3down
Trivia provided on the Fox SW feed (I'm assuming guys with Vin's feed didn't get the same trivia question). Who did Babe Ruth pass on the all-time HR list when he moved into first?
2006-05-09 20:33:48
143.   ninjavshippo
ugh. i figured the fact that seo doesn't walk anyone would be a good thing. i hadn't considered that it might result in him being batting practice.
2006-05-09 20:35:18
144.   Jon Weisman
Matt Leinart has blown past "overexposed" and is closing in on "Crusian." If he ever starts a-preachin' ...

(Leinart was on the telecast, for those not watching.)

2006-05-09 20:35:34
145.   Uncle Miltie
137- I think he can post an ERA of 5.00 and pitch relatively well at Dodger Stadium. Seo makes Weaver look like a mentally tough ace with great stuff.
2006-05-09 20:36:28
146.   bcmaiden
i officially hate "the trade" NOW
2006-05-09 20:36:30
147.   3upn3down
Answer: Roger Conner was passed by Babe Ruth on 7/18/21 when Ruth hit his 139th HR.

Absurd when you think about it. It would be the equivalent of Bonds breaking Ruth's mark, then going on to hit 575 more.

2006-05-09 20:37:10
148.   natepurcell
its still early in the season. Like when everyone jumped on navarro and calling him to be sent down 3 weeks ago.
2006-05-09 20:37:31
149.   ninjavshippo
145- at least we're paying $350k for Seo as opposed to $8.5 mil to Weaver for his services.
2006-05-09 20:37:48
150.   scareduck
147 - but not absurd when you consider that Ruth happened along at the end of the Dead Ball Era.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-05-09 20:39:19
151.   bcmaiden
so, nate, are you saying you would rather have navarro over martin on the team if only one could stay?
2006-05-09 20:39:49
152.   natepurcell
biilingsley gave up 6 runs in 1.1IP today, weaver is more mentally tough than him as well.
2006-05-09 20:40:41
153.   Uncle Miltie
148- Navarro doesn't throw flat 87 MPH fastballs down the middle. We've seen what Navarro is capable of. Seo had a fluke half season last year. Seo used to throw hard, so he still hasn't gotten over the fact that his fastball is terrible and doesn't have much movement on it.
2006-05-09 20:41:56
154.   caseybarker
148 -
Do you think Seo is the weakest starting pitcher for the Dodgers? I would be fine if Billingsley replaced Seo in the rotation.
2006-05-09 20:42:00
155.   natepurcell
so, nate, are you saying you would rather have navarro over martin on the team if only one could stay?

im saying that all the "navarro sucks" comments were way too premature just like all the seo sucks comments might be too premature as well.

I personally dont have a preference of either martin or navarro right now.

2006-05-09 20:42:16
156.   regfairfield
145 While I think Houlton can improve, I don't think you can count on him to be better than Seo yet. Five of his eight quality starts last year came against the worst teams in baseball, and he was noticably better at home.

Really, if we replace Houlton with Seo, we'd end up with a Penny, Lowe, Tomko, Houlton, Sele rotation. Once Tomko gets his inevitable bombing, what do we do then? Billingsly as the number three? As bad as Seo seems now, we really don't have a better option.

2006-05-09 20:44:05
157.   natepurcell
We've seen what Navarro is capable of. Seo had a fluke half season last year. Seo used to throw hard, so he still hasn't gotten over the fact that his fastball is terrible and doesn't have much movement on it.

Seo has more of a track record then navarro. Do you think Seo was trying to throw his fb right down the middle? I personally do not and he just didnt have his location today. We all know Seo lives and dies with his ability to locate his pitches.

2006-05-09 20:46:17
158.   D4P
Good "Scrubs" episode tonight. Loved the "I learned it from watching you!" bit. Funny thing is I was just thinking of that commercial earlier today.
2006-05-09 20:47:05
159.   natepurcell
also, so just because Navarro did what he did last year with the Dodgers and Seo did it with the Mets, Navarro's performance should be held in higher regard then Seo's? I dont buy that. Seo isnt the sub 3 pitcher he was last year and he isnt the sub 6 pitcher he is showing this year. There is a medium there and its most likely his 2003 performance.

All i am saying is, baseball is a long season, to jump to conclusions off of one month of play is shortsighted.

2006-05-09 20:47:22
160.   Curtis Lowe
Nice Catch
2006-05-09 20:50:18
161.   Uncle Miltie
nate- last season was a fluke because his commend was impeccable and he got very lucky, allowing less than a hit and inning. He also struck fewer than 6 batters per nine innings. You're playing with fire when you run a starter like Jae Seo out there. He might have Jamie Moyer's stuff, but he doesn't have his command. Look at his minor league numbers (even last year). I expected him to post an ERA around 4. It looks like we'll getting the Jae Seo of 2004 or worse.
2006-05-09 20:50:30
162.   Bob Timmermann

Hey, no "Scrubs" spoilers! We don't want to miss out on any narrative surprises!

Oh wait, never mind.

2006-05-09 20:55:51
163.   Gen3Blue
Nice rally.
2006-05-09 20:56:00
164.   underdog
What's the latest on Jason Repko - anyone hear how serious the ankle injury is?
2006-05-09 20:56:38
165.   Uncle Miltie
Cruz is good....Nomar is an animal!
2006-05-09 20:56:38
166.   Curtis Lowe
164-Sprain, day to day.
2006-05-09 20:57:08
167.   natepurcell
re 161

So now having good command is luck? I really dont understand that. Pitchers improve their command as they get older so I dont find seo improving his command a fluke. Seo's minor league average bb/9ip is 1.96. So i dont know how you can say a pitcher having a improvement in command in his late 20s, is a fluke and not a normal progression.

2006-05-09 20:57:39
168.   JoeyP
hes doing terrible, he has 5.46 era

To be fair to Houlton, he's only had 1 bad start down there. He gave up 9runs at Colorado Springs. That outlier is messing up his ERA.

2006-05-09 20:58:23
169.   D4P
Drew is just not a Proven 100-RBI Guy.
2006-05-09 20:58:53
170.   Louis in SF
Currently the National West is not the strongest division, but contrary to many of the experts the two teams playing the best in the division overall are the Rockies and Diamondbacks, and recently the Padres have hit thier stride. On the other hand our DOdgers and the Bariod Giants are the two teams playing the worst.
Since it is still early and 30 games do not make a season, wouldn't this seem to be the time for the Dodgers to bring up Billingsly accept his errors here but let him learn early in the hopes that he would be stronger and more ready to pitch later in the season. What would be the harm of him pitching a bit out of the bullpen
2006-05-09 21:00:41
171.   Gen3Blue
should have thrown the other one!
2006-05-09 21:01:36
172.   Bob Timmermann
Bonds vs. Eyre.
2006-05-09 21:01:43
173.   Curtis Lowe
Kent has been descent the last few games.
2006-05-09 21:02:46
174.   Uncle Miltie
Seo has 11 walks in a lot over 30 innings. Not terrible, but not the Greg Maddux like command he had last season. He's a flyball pitcher with mediocre stuff and a propensity to give up home runs. I didn't like the trade the day it was made.
2006-05-09 21:03:19
175.   fanerman
Kent comes through.
2006-05-09 21:03:44
176.   Gen3Blue
Yes, his descent seems to have stopped--maybes he's coming back.
2006-05-09 21:03:52
177.   Bob Timmermann
A mere single for Bonds.
2006-05-09 21:04:05
178.   D4P
That's what a Proven 100-RBI guy does.
2006-05-09 21:04:26
179.   natepurcell

dont you think 30 innings might equal "small sample size"?

2006-05-09 21:04:30
180.   Uncle Miltie
*a little
2006-05-09 21:04:47
181.   underdog
... Bariod?
2006-05-09 21:05:37
182.   Bob Timmermann
3-run homer by Greene in San Diego ties it up there 4-4.
2006-05-09 21:06:09
183.   Uncle Miltie
178- and he's only being paid $10 million. What a bargain.

The Astros are lucky to have 3 proven 100 rbi guys. Maybe we can trade for Jeromy Burnitz.

2006-05-09 21:08:24
184.   D4P
Well, he's only being paid $500k for production. The remaining $9.5 million is for Veteran Leadership™.
2006-05-09 21:09:08
185.   Uncle Miltie
You could also say that 90 innings is enough to prove that Seo had magically turned into a great pitcher. I think he's reverted back to his 2004 form.
2006-05-09 21:09:48
186.   D4P
Steiner thinks every play is at least twice as exciting as it actually was.
2006-05-09 21:09:51
187.   Vishal
el toro is in the pen warming up
2006-05-09 21:11:25
188.   Curtis Lowe
6 6 in the 6th



2006-05-09 21:12:05
189.   natepurcell

you could say that, but i didnt. I said his 2005 season was not what you should expect out of seo, but a sign that he has progressed. His 2003 year was pretty good as well.

No one has called Seo a great pitcher, not even colletti who traded him to be the #5 starter. He has the ability to be a solid pitcher, he has shown that already and 30 or so innings this year is too small of a sample size for me to make me think he is doomed.

2006-05-09 21:12:53
190.   Vishal
[188] this year my birthday is 6/6/6. it also happens to be national day of slayer. :)
2006-05-09 21:14:03
191.   Uncle Miltie
184- Ned might be spending more money on veteran leadership than on production.

Bill Mueller $5 million total salary (I think)- $4 million for Veteran Leadership™
K Loft- about $4 million with all but $25,000 for Veteran Leadership™ (the $25,000 goes to K Loft's charity of choice which happens to be AARP)

2006-05-09 21:15:42
192.   JoeyP
Berkman has had an awful game.
2006-05-09 21:17:27
193.   Curtis Lowe
Big Bad John.
2006-05-09 21:17:30
194.   natepurcell
the bull's slider is workin.
2006-05-09 21:17:57
195.   Uncle Miltie
But look at Seo's minor league numbers from last year. ERA above 4 in the minors with an average WHIP. Those are pretty much the numbers I expected from Seo (but with more HRs). I basically expected him to be Brett Tomko Jr. (maybe slightly better and minus the Veteran Leadership™)
2006-05-09 21:21:22
196.   JoeyP
Martin needs to bat higher than 8th.
2006-05-09 21:22:07
197.   D4P
Beltre is now officially above the Neifi line. (Furcal and Kent are still looking up at it).
2006-05-09 21:22:43
198.   Curtis Lowe
Big Bad John.
2006-05-09 21:22:56
199.   3upn3down
I'd flip Cruz and Martin today.
2006-05-09 21:23:00
200.   natepurcell
But look at Seo's minor league numbers from last year. ERA above 4 in the minors with an average WHIP.

again why are you looking at such a small sample size and ignoring his whole minor league record? His numbers in AAA last yr were average because when he was sent down, he was working on two pitches, a split finger and another pitch i forget which right now. I think if you go back and log each of his AAA outings from last year, you would probably see a significant improvement from his earlier outings to his later ones.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-05-09 21:23:13
201.   D4P
Big Jon Studd.
2006-05-09 21:23:29
202.   JoeyP
192. And continues.
2006-05-09 21:23:41
203.   natepurcell
was our first base coach waving a red sheet because the Bull was charging down that 1st base line!
2006-05-09 21:24:03
204.   underdog
Whoa, Broxton stayed in to hit?

And he gets aboard safely?

Parallel universe, take me away!

2006-05-09 21:24:19
205.   Uncle Miltie
Steal Russ!

Anyone know how Choi's doing. I hope he gets a chance with Boston. He's way better than J.T. Snow.

2006-05-09 21:24:44
206.   regfairfield
If you get lucky with one bunt, might as well try it again...
2006-05-09 21:25:40
207.   3upn3down
Bull's got some serious wheels. Did you see that?
2006-05-09 21:25:56
208.   Uncle Miltie
Fook(ie) you, Raffy!
2006-05-09 21:25:59
209.   D4P
Re Choi: Hee had been doing quite well. But I checked his stats tonight and saw that his SLG had slipped down to around .410 or so, which is less than his OBP.
2006-05-09 21:26:31
210.   JoeyP
Give half that K' to Grits.
Nothing like trying to bunt your 280# pitcher down to 2nd base.
2006-05-09 21:28:52
211.   natepurcell
that could have been a nice inning. oh well.
2006-05-09 21:29:31
212.   Curtis Lowe
you mess with the bull you know what you get?

You get the HORNS!

2006-05-09 21:29:31
213.   fanerman
209 - He's in a bit of a slump. 0 fer's with a few walks here and there.
2006-05-09 21:33:36
214.   Uncle Miltie
I'm kind of worried about Broxton. He's not going to face Berkman or Ensberg again.
2006-05-09 21:34:18
215.   underdog
Well, the Cubs continue to be sooooo helpful to the Dodgers cause, going down meekly again, to the Giants. Schmidt pitched a great game. Thanks Cubs!
2006-05-09 21:35:27
216.   jujibee
The bull looks a lot more confident with his battery-mate behind the plate.
2006-05-09 21:35:36
217.   Uncle Miltie
What's your favorite Choi moment? The obvious answer is the 3 HR game, but I loved the walkoff HR against Mulholland.
2006-05-09 21:36:08
218.   3upn3down
Jon needs to update the cover of his book to match the new color scheme in Dodger Stadium.
2006-05-09 21:37:43
219.   LAT
I believe its official: even 288 lbs Broxton is faster than Jason Goggles.
2006-05-09 21:37:55
220.   JoeyP
It'd be hard not to pitch a great game against the Cubs.
2006-05-09 21:40:13
221.   trainwreck
Are the radar guns in the minors very accurate? I have yet to see Broxton approach the level he hit in the minors.
2006-05-09 21:40:24
222.   underdog
220 Definitely true right now. Though I did watch a little of that game and Schmidt was throwing in the upper 90s in the 9th inning.
2006-05-09 21:40:40
223.   JoeyP
217. Probably his 3run HR against the Cards to cap a big rally on the road. Or one of his 500+ foot blasts against the Twins.
2006-05-09 21:41:44
224.   Curtis Lowe
( )
2006-05-09 21:42:10
225.   natepurcell

in today's outing, he touched 96. It looks like he is sacrificing velocity for more control.

2006-05-09 21:45:39
226.   Steve
When does weaver become a free agent?
2006-05-09 21:46:02
227.   caseybarker
I was headed south on the 99 through Merced when Choi hit that bomb. What a moment. I remember thinking that if anyone was going to hit a GW homerun, it would be the man on deck (although I don't remember who it was).
2006-05-09 21:46:17
228.   underdog
Well... that was pretty meek, too.
2006-05-09 21:47:22
229.   MartinBillingsley31
I'm wondering how much better this team would have been if the money ned spent on mediocre veterans, players not in our future, could have went to 2 starting pitchers.
tomko 3.6 m
lofton 3.85 m
mueller 4.25 m
furcal 13 m
nomar 6 m
baez 4 m
total 34.7 m

I mean we could have gone with billingsley over tomko, anyone over lofton, aybar over mueller, robles or if we kept guzman at ss over furcal, anyone over nomar since 1b is the easiest position to play plus kept choi, and whoever over baez we have plenty of relievers kuo is in the minors right now.

I mean 2 quality starting pitchers with penny, lowe, billingsley, with seo and perez in the pen.
Heck if we need nomar then fine subtract 6 m from 34.7 m and it equals 28.7 m which is enough for 2 quality starting pitchers.

2006-05-09 21:49:40
230.   caseybarker AJ Burnett?
2006-05-09 21:50:53
231.   MartinBillingsley31
2006-05-09 21:52:38
232.   Gen3Blue
229 It does look good on paper, but playing to many rookies at once can be tough. As long as we keep bringing in a few a year we will be great.

BTW , whats going an with Laroche-I thought he's be coming around by now.

2006-05-09 21:52:47
233.   Uncle Miltie
231- I'd rather not give a pitcher a 5-6 year deal for $60+ million. Unless that pitcher is extremely durable and great (Greg Maddux in his prime)
2006-05-09 21:54:21
234.   Uncle Miltie
It's K Loft time! I hope Grits doesn't pinch hit for Martin with Alomar.
2006-05-09 21:54:58
235.   Bob Timmermann
Free baseball in San Diego.
2006-05-09 21:55:09
236.   Curtis Lowe
229- Why beat around the bush about signing two starting pitchers. There were only 3 pitchers who would be uprgrades over Seo/Tomko. Burnett,Millwood, and Morris. Each was looking for a long term deal. Given the market and the team, I said and I say, Colletti did not dissapoint me until he signed Tomko.
2006-05-09 21:55:19
237.   natepurcell
BTW , whats going an with Laroche-I thought he's be coming around by now.

looks like bad luck. his BABIP is .257 and the average is around .330 or so. his k: bb ratio is 18:22 in 119ABs so he is controlling the strike zone extremely well.

2006-05-09 21:55:50
238.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Did Vin just say Long Beach was 20 minutes from Dodger Stadium?
2006-05-09 21:55:56
239.   caseybarker
Dodgers have been down that road too many times.
2006-05-09 21:56:28
240.   underdog
They're going to extra innings in San Diego. Be nice if the Brewers got off the "schneid" as Chris Berman would say and snapped the Padres off their high horse.
2006-05-09 21:56:35
241.   caseybarker
...Although I really had hoped for Lieber.
2006-05-09 21:56:58
242.   Uncle Miltie
K Loft time. Please steal and then bunt!
2006-05-09 21:57:08
243.   natepurcell
I think Lieber was signed in the offseason after 2004.
2006-05-09 21:57:53
244.   LAT
Is this going to be another 14 inning, no players left on the bench, let's have Odalis pinch-hit game?
2006-05-09 21:57:55
245.   Gen3Blue

Then there's Kemp whose been way consistent in Vero, ari, and Jax. He's ahead of schedule and now people are saying he can play center.

2006-05-09 21:58:04
246.   Bob Timmermann

You can get to Long Beach from Dodger Stadium under optimal conditions.

Google Earth says you can go from Dodger Stadium to Downtown Long Beach in 27 minutes.

2006-05-09 21:58:04
247.   Curtis Lowe
238- You'd be suprised how close some places are after 3a.m.
2006-05-09 21:58:43
248.   underdog
Morris wouldn't have excited me any more than the others, and he hasn't impressed me so far on the Giants. Millwood would have been a bit better, maybe, than Tomko or Seo, but even more expensive. And Burnett, no comment.

The Dodgers were going with some short term solutions for flexibility with the knowledge that Billingsley (and maybe Sele) could help, too. Meanwhile, Seo's awful not withstanding, I'm in the "wait a couple more months before casting final judgement" camp.

2006-05-09 21:59:38
249.   caseybarker
You're right.
2006-05-09 22:00:01
250.   Uncle Miltie
Grits should try hit and run here
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-05-09 22:00:40
251.   Uncle Miltie
*run and hit
2006-05-09 22:01:05
252.   natepurcell
Then there's Kemp whose been way consistent in Vero, ari, and Jax. He's ahead of schedule and now people are saying he can play center.

you forgot columbus as well. Kemp has improved every year he has played and there are still some skeptics because of his low walk rate. Well this year he is showing he can take a walk and control the strike zone. For a power hitter, its amazing that he is only striking out 15-16% of the time.

2006-05-09 22:02:23
253.   Bob Timmermann
So many emotions on one play...
2006-05-09 22:02:33
254.   trainwreck
You have to be kidding me.
2006-05-09 22:02:40
255.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Ugly, K-Lo.
2006-05-09 22:02:40
256.   caseybarker
It takes two hours from Oxnard to Northridge at 5:00 p., 30 minutes at 10 p.
2006-05-09 22:02:55
257.   natepurcell
wow lofton you shouldbe stripped of your Veteran tag!
2006-05-09 22:03:09
258.   MartinBillingsley31
Think about it tho, the dodgers 2nd best starting pitching prospect is elbert and he's in single-a if i'm not incorrect, by the time he's ready lowe's contract will end.
Who do we have for starting pitching prospects?
Are we going to keep having a revolving door known as the starting pitching rotation?
Get a proven starting pitcher or 2, millwood would have been nice, trade for another.
You live or die by starting pitching, if you don't have that then you need to get your offense perfectly right, and that doesn't guarantee anything.
2006-05-09 22:03:15
259.   Uncle Miltie
Please explain how that happened...
2006-05-09 22:03:20
260.   underdog
...... what the....?? Okay, I guess that's almost like a bunt. One out, man at second. Uh.
2006-05-09 22:03:36
261.   Jon Weisman
204 - "Parallel universe, take me away!" is one of my all-time favorite lines here.

218 - Tell it to the Danbury Mint.

Oh, Kenny.

2006-05-09 22:03:38
262.   Curtis Lowe
This is a very humbling game.
2006-05-09 22:04:03
263.   Uncle Miltie
Old Maid against a RHP, at least he can't hit into a DP!
2006-05-09 22:04:52
264.   Bob Timmermann

30 minutes from Oxnard to Northridge!

I will make sure that I don't ride in a car with you.

The two places are about 45 miles apart. So you would have to drive 90 mph to get there in 30 minutes.

2006-05-09 22:06:01
265.   Bob Timmermann
Koskie doubles in Lee to put the Brewers up 5-4 in the 10th.
2006-05-09 22:06:41
266.   caseybarker
That play did end up better than a popup.


2006-05-09 22:06:55
267.   LAT
The sexy tomato strikes again. Is he money or what?
2006-05-09 22:07:04
268.   Jon Weisman
Man, Martin took two huge chances on that play and survived.
2006-05-09 22:07:05
269.   underdog
Good news in SD: Milwaukee just scored, it's 5-4 going to the bottom of the 10th.
2006-05-09 22:07:06
270.   Uncle Miltie
Nice Old Maid. Now Baez can blow it.
2006-05-09 22:07:13
271.   Curtis Lowe
Is Martin the fastest catcher in the Majors?
2006-05-09 22:07:35
272.   D4P
That's a Professional Hitter™, Ladies and Gentlemen.
2006-05-09 22:07:39
273.   underdog
I meant "Good news, too" since we just went ahead, as well. Woo hoo.
2006-05-09 22:07:57
274.   T Money
It's really, really hard not to love Olmedo, and I'm not just talking about the big hits...

I have an affinity for any ballplayer who looks even worse in a uniform than I would.

2006-05-09 22:08:35
275.   caseybarker

I drive faster the more runs middling reliever gives up.

Nice slide by Martin.

2006-05-09 22:08:53
276.   underdog
Yeah, 2 more runs would make feel a little more confident in this one. Since "Gaem over" worries me more than "Game over" does.
2006-05-09 22:09:18
277.   Jon Weisman
And now on Furcal's hit, Preston Wilson has a brain cramp and doesn't throw to the cutoff man (unless the cutoff man (shortstop) just wasn't there).
2006-05-09 22:09:39
278.   LAT
Well at least Baez will have to work a little harder to blow this game.
2006-05-09 22:09:43
279.   underdog
274 Would you call it a mancrush?

It's okay, we're among friends here.

2006-05-09 22:10:14
280.   fanerman
Maybe Furcal IS breaking out of his slump.
2006-05-09 22:11:21
281.   regfairfield
That's why he's my boy for life.
2006-05-09 22:11:48
282.   LAT
Huston's wheels are coming off.
2006-05-09 22:11:51
283.   T Money
Not so much a mancrush, no. More of feeling of kinship with someone else who looks like he's spent too much time at the all-you-can-eat enchilada bar.
2006-05-09 22:11:54
284.   natepurcell
the astros look like the dodgers.
2006-05-09 22:12:31
285.   Jon Weisman
280 - You could see it coming back in Houston, when he finally hit some hard balls to the outfield. Even though they were outs, it was a good sign.
2006-05-09 22:12:37
286.   King of the Hobos
271 Mauer may be faster, but it's close.

Anyone see this in the notes? Sorry if it has already been posted:

"He [Gio] signed and will join Triple-A Las Vegas, but he is likely to be the first promotion if the big-league club needs a middle reliever"

2006-05-09 22:13:17
287.   underdog
Yessss! Padres lose! I never thought that would be such a feel-good moment.
2006-05-09 22:13:51
288.   Curtis Lowe
Good Job Cruz aka. John Kimble.
2006-05-09 22:13:59
289.   D4P
Oh no, this might not be a Save Situation™ for Danys.
2006-05-09 22:14:01
290.   Jon Weisman
One month into his 20th major-league season, Terry Mulholland has been around the baseball diamond a time or two.

The 43-year-old lefty from Uniontown, who is in his first season with the Arizona Diamondbacks, easily recognizes a winner.

The Pirates, he said -- his hometown team as a youngster in Fayette County and a team he pitched for in 2001 -- are getting closer.

2006-05-09 22:14:13
291.   Uncle Miltie
Is there any reason why Cruz should not bat 2nd everytime he plays?
2006-05-09 22:15:15
292.   caseybarker
He and Wilson Alvarez. Although Eric Gagne looks that way at times.
2006-05-09 22:15:22
293.   D4P
See: Choi, Hee-Seop
2006-05-09 22:16:45
294.   T Money

Absolutely. Prior to his retirement, Wilson Alvarez was a charter member of the All-Buffet team.

2006-05-09 22:18:36
295.   Uncle Miltie
290- somebody's campaigning for a job either in their front office or ..... pitching for them next year!
2006-05-09 22:21:02
296.   Steve
Phil Garner bringing a new pitcher in there was a classic burnishing the cat moment.
2006-05-09 22:21:04
297.   Gen3Blue
Would be a nice time for Kent to confirm his comeback!
2006-05-09 22:21:07
298.   Uncle Miltie
Swing the bat you loser. Talk about killing a rally!
2006-05-09 22:21:17
299.   LAT
Oh no, this might not be a Save Situation™ for Danys.

Don't worry, if need be he'll turn it into a save situation. Sometimes he even likes to turn them into win situations.

2006-05-09 22:21:41
300.   Jon Weisman
It's like two days in Pittsburgh. 10 runs and 12 runs
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2006-05-09 22:21:42
301.   Steve
C'mon, Miltie, give it up for the man that gave us a six-run lead!
2006-05-09 22:21:47
302.   Curtis Lowe
Kent is back.
2006-05-09 22:21:52
303.   caseybarker
Kent! Good night for breaking out of slumps.
2006-05-09 22:21:54
304.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Kent is back?
2006-05-09 22:22:02
305.   Gen3Blue
2006-05-09 22:22:50
306.   Curtis Lowe
22 runs in the last 17 innings.
2006-05-09 22:22:57
307.   Jon Weisman
It's Lance Carter time. Oh, wait ...
2006-05-09 22:23:12
308.   Uncle Miltie
Dammit. At least it wasn't a game winner.

On the other hand, he might be building up his trade value. His OPS just skyrocketed to over .600!

2006-05-09 22:23:18
309.   Disabled List
Baez is gonna have to work real hard to blow this one now, although I'm confident he's up to the challenge.
2006-05-09 22:23:43
310.   Steve
Well, Dan Wheeler and all. But smoke 'em if you got 'em.
2006-05-09 22:24:00
311.   Gen3Blue
We might hold this one.
2006-05-09 22:24:42
312.   Uncle Miltie
Don't worry, we still have Hamulack. He'll get Baez his chance at a save.
2006-05-09 22:24:49
313.   Curtis Lowe
304- yeh. He took an Aril sabatacle and returned on saturday.
2006-05-09 22:25:18
314.   gpellamjr
299 Maybe you were feigning ignorance, but a pitcher can't create his own save situation.
2006-05-09 22:25:44
315.   Gen3Blue
This offense is puzzling: we also had it the first few weeks. Its great if we get pitching at the same time.
2006-05-09 22:25:57
316.   King of the Hobos
The 51's, down 7-5, scored 6 runs in the 7th inning. Kuo and Carter then combined to give up 5 runs. The run Carter gave up was earned (he gave up a grand slam), but all 4 of Kuo's were unearned. 51's go quickly in the 8th, but now Billingsley is guaranteed to get a no-decision.
2006-05-09 22:26:02
317.   underdog
280 Yeah, what you said about Furcal, about Kent, too.

If this isn't "Gaem Over" I don't know what is. {gulp}

2006-05-09 22:26:29
318.   underdog
Oh sorry, I meant "Gamel Over."
2006-05-09 22:28:01
319.   fanerman
I love all those Game Over variations. I still wear my "Ghame Over" t-shirt proudly.
2006-05-09 22:28:20
320.   Steve
a pitcher can't create his own save situation.

And that goes double for Baez

2006-05-09 22:28:31
321.   Uncle Miltie
Furcal is out of his slump.

Kent isn't. He hit his home off of a AAAA pitcher with a career ERA of 6+. And the game was out of reach. The kid came in trying to throw strikes and threw a fat pitch down the middle to Kent.

2006-05-09 22:29:15
322.   Gen3Blue
Whats wrong with bringing in Baez now. Or does he need more rest between appearances.
2006-05-09 22:30:33
323.   gpellamjr
322 The Dodgers are trying to win.
2006-05-09 22:30:38
324.   natepurcell

lol. uncle miltie keeps pumping those 95mph fastballs right at kents chin.

2006-05-09 22:30:49
325.   Gen3Blue
"The game was out of reach"


2006-05-09 22:31:24
326.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
This would've been a good inning to use Odalis. It's not long relief, but he hasn't pitched in eight days.
2006-05-09 22:31:46
327.   caseybarker
How much do think unearned runs reflect on the pitcher's ineffectiveness as opposed to that of the defense?
2006-05-09 22:32:11
328.   regfairfield
322 If you can't count on someone to hold a six run lead, they shouldn't be in the majors.
2006-05-09 22:32:22
329.   underdog
Arggh. I must have jinxed it, the gamel isn't over-el, and I'm not full of catchy doggerel.
2006-05-09 22:33:00
330.   Jon Weisman
326 - I suspect if Odalis were really ready to pitch tonight, he would have gone in when Osoria did. Chances are he just flew in from the D.R.
2006-05-09 22:34:54
331.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
330 - That's probably the case.
2006-05-09 22:36:09
332.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Beimel isn't making a case to stay in The Show.
2006-05-09 22:37:53
333.   caseybarker
2006-05-09 22:38:27
334.   Jon Weisman
Spry Kent.
2006-05-09 22:39:04
335.   Gen3Blue
Why does it always seem so hard even when we are up by 6 runs. thats why we have Dodger thoughts.
2006-05-09 22:39:11
336.   Steve
333 -- Amen to that. Amen to that. Had Beimel walked that guy, we could have shown LAT how Danys Baez got 41 saves last year with his lousy stuff.
2006-05-09 22:39:51
337.   Curtis Lowe
good stuff.
2006-05-09 22:40:06
338.   natepurcell
everyone: "great play by Kent"

unclue miltie: "What a show off, hes just padding his "good defensive plays" highlight reel so he can get into the Hall as a decent defensive second basemen."

2006-05-09 22:40:53
339.   caseybarker
Man, Russ Martin sounds like an awestruck kid. I love it.
2006-05-09 22:42:15
340.   Uncle Miltie
338- Juan Pierre stole a 3 run homer from Bonds today. Bad defenders have their moments.
2006-05-09 22:46:21
341.   Curtis Lowe
Juan Pierre is the Jeff Kent of actors.
2006-05-09 22:47:06
342.   Curtis Lowe
Good night all.
2006-05-09 23:00:48
343.   Strike4
It's great to see Saenz performing at +.860 OPS against RHP's, let alone +1.06 vs lefties, even before tonight's hit off Wheeler. No need to consider platooning Olmaedo when Nomar needs resting.
2006-05-09 23:09:35
344.   Uncle Miltie
Nate another thing on Seo:

Jae Seo surrendered six runs and three homers in 3 1/3 innings Tuesday against the Astros.
Seo has a 6.00 ERA and still hasn't pitched more than six innings in any of his seven starts. He's not going to lose his rotation spot right now, but since Odalis Perez isn't likely to remain in the pen for more than two or three weeks, Seo is going to need to outpitch Aaron Sele from this point on.

This is huge, he's not even eating innings. A bullpen is bad as is, but when tired it's like batting practice for the other team.

2006-05-09 23:15:32
345.   natepurcell
consdering the longest start by any other starters this year is 7.1IP by Lowe, no one on the staff is eating innings.
2006-05-09 23:18:38
346.   Andrew Shimmin
Do you think Sele is better than Seo? Do you think it's a good idea to grant starter status to Sele based on Seo's having (hypothetically) another couple of crummy weeks?
2006-05-09 23:29:22
347.   LAT
The Seo deal doesn't stink because Seo is inconsistent, it suctinks because Ned traded away one of our best reliever, something we desperately need right now.
2006-05-09 23:31:09
348.   LAT
"suctinks" I guess you can tell what word I was going to use.
2006-05-09 23:34:04
349.   Bob Timmermann
At least you were suctink.
2006-05-09 23:34:24
350.   fanerman
348 - Or rather, what 2 words.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-05-09 23:47:27
351.   Andrew Shimmin
347- Well, the only thing we don't need is another SS. We're losing a starting pitcher a day, here. . .

My bet is that, by the end of the season: Duaner + Sele < Hamulack (Osoria, Beimel, whoever) + Seo

Seo has stunk this year. He'll come around. Kent has stunk this year, but he'll come around. Duaner's been great this year, he'll revert.

2006-05-10 01:15:23
352.   bhsportsguy
Interesting article in BP this week about how the majority of starting pitchers that pitched in the WBC have started off the season by an average of 1.25 ERA higher than projected.
Bartolo Colon, Jake Peavy, Dontrelle Willis, Odalis and Oliver Perez, Johan Santana, Carlos Silva Estaban Loaiza all have either been hurt or have had horrible starts to their 2006 season.

No one has an answer except that by being taking out of their routines, not having their coaches and trainers around, pitching in high pressure situations before they were ready, all of those are being examined but with such a large sample of very diverse subjects, it may be a long time before MLB teams let their pitchers do this again.

2006-05-10 01:18:10
353.   natepurcell
I read on another board from a person that attended the 51s game tonight that Colletti was in attendence so he got to see Billingsley's crappy game in person.
2006-05-10 01:41:21
354.   fanerman
353 - Let's hope Colletti doesn't trade Billingsley for some "ace" reliever... like Duaner Sanchez.
2006-05-10 08:48:43
355.   underdog
A belated "argh" for the fact that Aaron Sele will be pitching against the Giants on Saturday. I'm actually okay with Sele right now, or at least my fingers are crossed for him but since this is the one game of that series I'm going to it's a little disappointing given that the one Dodgers game in SF I went to last year was one in which Wilson Alvarez started and got pounded. That was depressing. So my initial reaction was, why do I get stuck with the games the retreads are starting? I'll go into that game with a lot of nervousness, although I have faith in the Dodgers offense to at least keep up with them.
2006-05-10 08:51:13
356.   ToyCannon
5-0 now. The Dodgers are World Champs as far as I'm concerned. Next game is Thursday.

Orenduff left last game after one inning with sore elbow. Billingsly gets crushed for the 1st time and why am I now worried that it may have something to do with his arm/shoulder/elbow. I always get these spiderman tingles when an ace prospect gets lit up as bad as Billingsly did.

2006-05-10 09:04:46
357.   ToyCannon
For those who watched on gameday Nomar also just missed a homer in his 1st ab right down the line. Interesting how so many of the posters who claimed Nomar couldn't post a 800 OPS have been strangely silent. Choi meanwhile has a lower slug% then ob% in AAA and while sometimes that could be a good thing, in this instance it is not. A Perez still looking for his 1st hit on May 10th and again got pulled for defensive purposes which has now happened in each of his 3 starts and Milton continues to sit with numerous health issues after hitting 241 during his brief time in the starting lineup.

This small sample size update has been brought to you by the "Ned may not be such an idiot after all" election campaign and is not endorsed by anyone associated with DT.

2006-05-10 09:18:15
358.   underdog
352 Don't forget Seo on that list. He was terrific for the most part in the WBC...
2006-05-10 09:23:07
359.   Jon Weisman
Toy, Nomar is doing very well. I think most of the concern is still whether he can stay healthy, and much of the offseason debate was whether Choi/Saenz could have approximated Nomar's production at about a quarter of the cost. But I'm very happy Nomar is doing as well as he has done so far.
2006-05-10 10:23:54
360.   underdog
Tonight's game shouldn't be a problem for the Dodgers - the opposing pitcher they have to face is Horst Buchholz.

Wait.. no, Taylor. Sorry.

2006-05-10 11:27:57
361.   ToyCannon
These were the prevailing opinions that I can remember on DT during the winter. I'm not attributing these comments to Jon but posters in general. These are a sweeping generalization.

1. Repko - useless player who deserved no spot on any roster and a silly name was even created to remove him from the roster.

Seems that he is doing just fine as a 4th outfielder and I'd have to say the majority was wrong on DT.

2. Tomko - useless pitcher who will post a plus 5.00 ERA. Only BlueTahoe and ThinkBlue supported Tomko and made assertions that he could post a 3.90-4.50 ERA. They were ridiculed.

As of now the majority was wrong on DT. Time might be on the side of the prevailing DT posters but you can't ignore what he's done so far. Maybe tonight he gets toasted since I probably just jinxed him.

3. Nomar - would be a health issue and has lost his power. Some even suggested he would post a sub 800 OPS. I figure they did this based on last year's numbers, which would have been a fatal mistake because of the huge number of at bats missing from his most productive months during his career due to the early season injury.

The health issue is still up in the air. Has played every game but one since coming back and his power is not MIA. His skills at 1st base just based on a subjective opinion from those who have seats close to 1st have been excellent.

4. Choi - still centered on the fact that he could post a 250/390/475 line if give the chance.

In 102 AAA at bats has a 278/437/418 line. The OB is very promising but the lack of power is disappointing. This one is still up in the air but it is doubtful he will ever get the chance to prove DT posters right. Much like Roberto Petagine he may never get a 3rd chance.

5. Sandy Alomar - useless carcass

When able to play he has hit better then any other backup catcher. He gave Martin 100 at bats to percolate in AAA, which may or may not have meant anything. Seems to me he wasn't a useless carcass but more like a goat waiting for the T Rex called Russell Martin to turn him into a meal and end his solid career.

6. Dany's Baez - this seemed to split 1/2 and 1/2 between those that thought the trade would help upgrade our bullpen and those that thought you don't trade prospects no matter how dim the light for bullpen help.

Other then Steve I don't think to many would argue that with the Gagne injury having Baez to step into the closer has been a good thing.

7. Lance Carter - included in above trade and we all knew he had little skills.

He has proven DT posters 100% correct in that he had little skills.

8. Bill Mueller - another split. 1/2 seemed to think he was a good signing and the other 1/2 felt Aybar could do the job just as well for less money. The ones that didn't like Mueller felt his doubles would disappear in DS like a Saber Tooth Tiger in the tar pits.

I don't think Aybar could play the defense that Mueller does and Mueller doesn't seem to have much trouble still hitting doubles. I like the idea of Abyar playing everyday in AAA and tearing it up but I also think both sides could win this argument.

9. Antonio Perez - many DT posters hated the Milton trade and lamented losing A Perez based on his small sample size of last year when he tore it up in the beginning while totally discounting how he did in Aug/Sept and the fact his h% when he was tearing it up was over 40% and that no one on the Dodger staff had any confidence in his defense. During Spring Training, they pointed to comments by Ron Washington about what a great defender he was as further proof of the idiocy of the deal.

Reality is that A Perez is barely hanging onto a position as the 25th man in Oakland. He has yet to get a hit but that is due mainly to the fact he rarely plays. He has started 3 games to my knowledge and has been replaced for defensive purposes in each game. The utility Marco Scutaro is the player who gets his at bats. I think it is time we can stop lamenting the loss of A Perez. He is nothing special and even the utility Ramon Martinez is probably a better option as he can play 2nd, 3rd, and SS without the manager cringing.

10-Milton Bradley is heads and tails better then Kenny Lofton.

I've yet to see any proof of that. You would think that a power hitting CF coming into a combination of his peak year and walk year would be putting up the best numbers of his career. I'm still waiting for it to happen. As a RF he leaves much to be desired. It is very possible that Ethier could outhit Milton this year. Ethier projects to 275/350/425 with about 15-20 home runs. Isn't that close to Milton's career numbers?

2006-05-10 12:08:54
362.   Uncle Miltie
Repko - useless player who deserved no spot on any roster and a silly name was even created to remove him from the roster.
I wasn't a big Repko fan, but I thought he deserved a spot on the roster as a late inning defensive replacement and pinch runner

I did not support the Tomko signing but I thought he was capable of posting a 4.5 ERA. I think most here thought he would be mediocre, not awful.

Sandy Alomar - useless carcass
Nothing has changed here

Nomar - would be a health issue and has lost his power.
Still is a health risk. Has never really been much of a power hitter, but I'm thrilled with the way he has performed so far. I thought his OPS would be in the mid .800's

Bill Mueller - another split. 1/2 seemed to think he was a good signing and the other 1/2 felt Aybar could do the job just as well for less money. The ones that didn't like Mueller felt his doubles would disappear in DS like a Saber Tooth Tiger in the tar pits.
Mueller is really slowing down. Why doesn't Grits bench him like he benched Cruz? Because of his Veteran Leadership and the fact that he's a former Red Sox.

Antonio Perez
He's getting maybe 1-2 at bats a week, at most. I don't see how a guy can produce when he rarely plays. Ken Macha prefers Marco Scutaro.

Milton Bradley is heads and tails better then Kenny Lofton.
It's still early. We've seen what Lofton is capable of defensively (not much). Both have almost the same number of at bats this year.

As for Ethier, he's an average defensive corner outfielder. I would hope that he could better than an excellent defensive center fielder. I don't think he'll be a better hitter than Bradley. If the A's can find a taker for Kotsay, Bradley will be moved back to CF. The most important thing is that if he were still playing for the Dodgers, he would be playing CF.

2006-05-10 12:09:41
363.   Andrew Shimmin

sub 2- Balderdash. The prediction was 4.00-4.10. That someone could claim precision within a tenth of a an ERA point based on, Tomko's having nearly done it once before (that was the state reason, if you'll recall) is a worthy of ridicule, on its face. It was, in part, bad spirited, which is regretable. But it was a clean kill.

sub 6- I argue against Baez's value with or without Gagne. When Gagne tries to come back to fast from his current injury and has to have his right arm amputated, it'll still have been a bad trade. Newly resigned Gio would have been about as good. Maybe better, maybe worse. Because that's how small sample sizes work.

2006-05-10 12:12:09
364.   Andrew Shimmin
Really should have checked my spelling, there. Sorry.
2006-05-10 12:16:40
365.   thinkblue0
Balderdash. The prediction was 4.00-4.10. That someone could claim precision within a tenth of a an ERA point based on, Tomko's having nearly done it once before (that was the state reason, if you'll recall) is a worthy of ridicule, on its face. It was, in part, bad spirited, which is regretable. But it was a clean kill.

completely agree. I remember that conversation's impossible to predict someone's ERA with that little wiggle room.

Is it bad that I'm starting Tomko in my fantasy league tonight? Is it an even worse sign that he's on my team in the first place? ugh.

2006-05-10 12:25:27
366.   Andrew Shimmin
365- Oh come on! You couldn't edit out my typos? You had to go ahead and bold them? I hereby pledge vendetta against thinkblue0.
2006-05-10 12:35:12
367.   bluetahoe
Great post ToyCannon. I hardly ever visit or post anymore. This place is a haven for negative nellies IMO.


2006-05-10 12:47:39
368.   underdog
Btw, in regards to... nothing really, thought it worth mentioning that the Dodgers bullpen has a 2.70 ERA over the last four games. All this really proves is the Dodgers need their bullpen to perform well for them to win games, duh. But, still, thought it worth pointing out since the bullpen has been much maligned here (deservedly so for the most part) in this space and to give a few props to management for making a few moves that seem to have helped a bit toward stabilizing relief. What would be better still would be to have a few games where the starters work deep into the games - this would make the bullpen even more solid.
2006-05-10 13:00:59
369.   GoBears
I told ToyCannon that I would 'fess up if Nomar posted a .800+ OPS this season. Then I hedged by admitting that he might do it while missing tons of games (i.e., preserve his numbers by sitting instead of playing hurt). So, to backtrack only a little, I will still call TC a soothsayer if Nomar goes .800+ AND plays 120 games.

That said, I'm very pleasantly surprised by his productivity thus far. I STILL think that Choi/Saenz would have been just as productive at a fraction of the cost (ditto Aybar vs. Mueller), but if cost is no factor for McCourt this year, then I'm very satisfied with Nomar (and Mueller) so far.

But it's a long season. We'll see.

2006-05-10 13:09:12
370.   Blu2
What if...
1. The reason Perez didn't come in last night
2. And the reason Sele is penciled in to pitch Saturday night that a deal is at this moment being worked to send Perez to the Mets? If so, Perez would have to know about it and has no objection to leaving L A. Delicious thought...
2006-05-10 13:23:01
371.   ToyCannon
Come on, the point was that he was predicting a sub 4.10 era not that he was predicting an ERA between 4.00-4.10.

Your right about A Perez and his at bats. The point is that Oakland has as little faith in him as the Dodgers which is why he's getting so few at bats. So that is two teams with diverse people at the management level that don't seem to have faith in him.

Very hard for Milton to play CF for the Dodgers while on the DL. A place he is very acquainted with.

Why is that a good thing? To trade OP now would be trading him at his lowest value ever. The best you would get is a bag of balls that wouldn't include Victor Diaz attached to them.

2006-05-10 13:24:40
372.   ToyCannon
Soothsayer nothing, I want my Dodger Beer. I can never afford one myself.
2006-05-10 13:39:22
373.   ToyCannon
If you really believe that Gio or anyone of that ilk can close a game just as easily as Baez then we just disagree on this matter. I hate the closer label but I think that Baez is a solid pitcher in the bullpen of which there have been very few. He doesn't do it the Gagne way but he gets it done. I still think this team can compete and I'd rather have Baez doing his stuff for us then EJ struggling to find his command for the 3rd year in a row. I was EJ's biggest bandwagoner but I'm off of it. I still hope to see him succeed in Tampa but I'm more interested in seeing a bullpen of Broxton/Baez/Gagne close the doors in 2006.
2006-05-10 13:48:55
374.   GoBears
372 Ha! OK, fair enough. This fits with my plan to boycott DS this year in a little private protest to the McCourts. We'll know Nomar's final stats at the end of the year, and the beer can flow in April.
2006-05-10 13:53:15
375.   Andrew Shimmin
371- It was explicitly his point. If your point is different, then shoehorning his in to it may not be a geat idea.

quoting from:

176. thinkingblue

Tomko should not have an ERA over 4.10. . .
179. blue22
176 - Tomko should not have an ERA over 4.10

Save that for posterity. And I expect Tomko to do good things for this team, but a sub-4 era is on the very high end of my expectations. He did have a 4.50 era in SF last year. Why would he (significantly) improve on that?
196. thinkingblue

I didn't say under 4, I'm expecting it to be 4-4.10.
197. thinkingblue

He did it 2 years ago, in 04. And he's moving to dodger stadium, where he will give up [fewer] home runs.
201. thinkingblue

. . .I'm not saying he will have a sub 4 ERA, but I don't think it'll be higher 4.10. I just think being a fly ball pitcher in dodger stadium will help.

2006-05-10 13:56:19
376.   Andrew Shimmin
273- I'm saying that over 17 1/3 innings, it's likely as anything that Gio would be just as good (not very) as Baez has been. Over a full season, there's likely no comparing the two.
2006-05-10 14:21:54
377.   blue22
375 - Saved for posterity, indeed.
2006-05-10 14:31:08
378.   ToyCannon
Yes, I only remembered the 4.10 part of it. On the record I don't think he can post a sub 4.10 ERA but I also don't think it is outside the realm of possibility. I have him starting for me in my roto league so I'm not just blowing hot air. Course I'm hedging my bets since he's being used in the DT no money league as oppossed to my money league where he would never sniff my roster.

Baez has a decent historical size of data that shows what he can do at the major league level. I don't need 17 innings to make any appraisel of him. If Gio pitched 17 solid innings I would go to Vegas and bet your house that he wouldn't duplicate it over the next 17 innings.

FYI- Aaron Sele has pitched 81 innings in the month of May over the last 3 years and has an ERA of 4.22 which is by far his best month. We can't let him be in the rotation come June and if he's still there in July even I will be off the Ned bandwagon. His Bollinger Band will blow come July.

2006-05-10 14:37:09
379.   ToyCannon
Rockies lose, why is anyone throwing Pujols a strike?
2006-05-10 14:48:05
380.   blue22
Despite never playing in less than 154 games in a season, Pujols has never walked over 100 times.

I'm thinking he gets there this year.

2006-05-10 15:07:51
381.   Andrew Shimmin

Part 1- I agree that it isn't outside the realm of possibility. I'm saying it's outside the realm of likelihood. And that it was based on nothing so much as wishful thinking. And that, as such, it was worthy of ridicule. Obviously, I'm wrong on even that point, since ridicule isn't acceptable, here, so my point is moot. Except that it wasn't dismissed because of reactionary stat-geek conceitedness, it was dismissed on the merits.

Anti-Repkoites don't like it when his stats are predicted by wishful thinking. Pro-Repkoites don't like it when his stats are predicted by the other sort of wishful thinking. Nobody likes it when it's being done in the opposite direction of predictions they've invested any thought in. And it makes for dull reading, "Well, I think Derek Lowe is a serious contender for a Cy Young this year because of the heart he showed in the World Series a couple of years ago," and, "Well, I think he'll be Scott Erickson bad because he'll never get over the shame of leaving his wife, etc." To be absolutely clear, I'm not accusing you of doing this, at all. I'm sure it irritates you as much as anybody, at least I am if I've been reading some of your posts as closely as I think I have, the last few months.

Part 2- Again, we agree. Baez is better than Gio; I have absolutely no trouble saying so. But if you're going to say that Baez's 17.3 IP (which may be a mistake on my part; it's just how I interpretted the tone of your list) this year demonstrate that acquiring him worked out (because of Gagne), then I'm going to say that washed-up, never great Gio could have done what Baez has, to this point, without costing two prospects, or bringing Lance Carter along for the ride. So long as Flanders doesn't extend him, I'm content that he's here (now that there's nothing to be done abot it), and look forward to the draft picks he'll be worth. But he's not pitched well, this year. We can agree on that, right?

2006-05-10 15:27:06
382.   Steve
2. Tomko - useless pitcher who will post a plus 5.00 ERA. Only BlueTahoe and ThinkBlue supported Tomko and made assertions that he could post a 3.90-4.50 ERA. They were ridiculed.

This is not an accurate summary of any of the stated issues. That said, I'm glad that Toycannon and I were right about Nomar, and that the Bear Caucus has some 'splainin' to do, Lucy. :)

2006-05-10 16:55:24
383.   ToyCannon
One out of ten ain't bad when working from a feable memory.
2006-05-10 19:16:55
384.   Steve
You could probably give me more credit for Baez too, since Baez is Spanish for Kolb.

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