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Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whew
2006-05-10 14:08
by Jon Weisman

Russell Martin's dash home with the winning run Tuesday night for the Dodgers was mad, I tell you, mad.

Keep in mind that the sprint from second base came seconds after potential winning run Kenny Lofton was thrown out trying to advance from second to third on Martin's pop fly single to left with nobody out in the bottom of the eighth (Lofton misjudging how quickly Houston shortstop Adam Everett would be able to get the ball back to the infield). The next batter, Olmedo Saenz, then hit a liner to right.

Thus beganeth the mayhem:

  • Though there was a considerable chance that Houston outfielder Jason Lane would catch the ball, Martin took the calcuated risk of being doubled up and immediately broke for third.

  • Even though Lane fielded the ball on the short hop, Dodgers third base coach Rich Donnelly waved the fast-for-a-catcher-but-nevertheless-still-a-catcher home.

  • Lane's throw to Brad Ausmus was in time but ever so slightly up the line, allowing Martin to slide around the attempted tag.

    In fewer than 10 seconds, there were three different ways for the Dodgers to pick up their second consecutive out on the basepaths. We could have had a very angry Dodger fan base. But Martin dodged every bullet. I guess Martin is ... a Dodger.

    Martin's debut has been fairly fantastic, and he's rapidly winning hearts and minds everywhere. It will certainly be interesting when Dioner Navarro, who was turning his season around before he got his bone bruise, comes back from the disabled list. Obviously, the hot hitter who is 4-0 when he starts is going to get some votes, but we'll see what happens over time.

    I'm always fascinated when a player comes up from Las Vegas and posts better numbers in the bigs than he had in AAA, as Martin is doing. Willy Aybar was another example of this last year (as was Navarro himself, almost). You'll see some 0 for 4s and some fielding miscues from Martin soon enough, but it has been a lovely beginning. He has shown a good knowledge of the strike zone, hit with power and moved with agility behind the plate.

    I'm still partial to the idea of Martin and Navarro sharing the catching job in the majors. I still believe that 3 1/2 games a week is plenty of work for a young catcher to stay involved while also staying fresh, and that Sandy Alomar, Jr. would best serve the team as a coach and off-roster stand-by in case someone gets hurt, but I know many disagree with me.

    * * *

    Update: Unable to play a man down for even a week while carrying 12 pitchers, the Dodgers announced they have placed Jason Repko on the disabled list and called up last year's September Sunshine, Willy Aybar, who as most of you know has been the organization's best hitter in AAA Las Vegas.

    * * *

    Tonight's Game

  • Comments (452)
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    2006-05-10 14:51:34
    1.   blue22
    Martin is going to win over a lot of hearts in LA with both his production and style of play, I think.

    I call him Paul LoDuca, except with talent.

    2006-05-10 14:53:33
    2.   Marty
    And without the attitude.
    2006-05-10 14:55:11
    3.   caseybarker
    Or the age.
    2006-05-10 14:56:29
    4.   blue22
    Russell Martin certainly seems cast as the "heart and soul" of this new group.
    2006-05-10 15:10:00
    5.   DodgerHobbit
    My guess is that Navarro and Martin will split catching duties when Navarro returns from the DL while the Dodgers shop the heck out of Navarro.

    Martin will be catching for the Dodgers for a long time to come.

    2006-05-10 15:12:56
    6.   DougS
    So, how many HRS (or what kind of OPS, if you prefer) do you think Martin will be good for? Navarro seems not to have much power at all — a punch hitter who will probably have to hit around .280 or so with good plate discipline to contribute to the offense. I still like Navarro, but I get the impression that Martin is a very different kind of hitter.
    2006-05-10 15:12:58
    7.   BruceR
    A couple of questions to ponder...

    First, which do you all think is the real Navarro -- the one from the last part of '05 or the one thus far this year ??? BTW, did he have the same aversion to blocking balls in the dirt last year ???

    Secondly, if the '05 Navarro is the real one, is there any possibility of Martin going the Craig Biggio route from catcher to 2B and/or CF ???

    2006-05-10 15:14:52
    8.   caseybarker
    I thought the Yankees had tired of Navarro's lackidasical attitude.
    2006-05-10 15:16:07
    9.   Jon Weisman
    Neither catcher has much home run power that I can see. I think you're mostly hoping for doubles power.

    I should make it clear that I don't expect to see Martin and Navarro splitting time this year without Alomar getting hurt - at least until September.

    2006-05-10 15:17:16
    10.   Fallout
    5 DodgerHobbit

    Makes sense to me but do you think the Dodgers will carry 3 catchers for a while? What will they do with Alomar? I do not see them moving him.

    2006-05-10 15:20:17
    11.   Nagman
    Speaking of dashes for home, Donnelly seemed especially agressive w/Ethier as well. Do you think he could see Wilson was throwing to second? I saw an angle where it appeared that he was sending him before Wilson had the ball. I don't think this would have had good results had Wilson made the right play.

    Is Donnelly known as an aggressive 3B coach?

    2006-05-10 15:21:02
    12.   PHilldodger
    Haven't seen it mentioned, but is there any concern about Navarro's weight when comparing who is best for the Dodgers long term? He's only 22, but in just looking at them, I would peg Navarro to suffer more muscle pulls (already did this spring) and nagging injuries than Martin.

    And I'm all for a job share between Martin and Navarro.

    2006-05-10 15:27:28
    13.   Jon Weisman
    11 - I think it was a better risk with Ethier, but Wilson made a particularly wrong-headed throw on that play. The throw went directly to second base instead of toward home plate (whether it was going to be cut off or not). I don't know if the shortstop was out of position or if Wilson just screwed up.

    Anyway, the right throw would have made it more interesting.

    Is anyone known as a passive 3B coach?

    2006-05-10 15:35:09
    14.   Bob Timmermann
    The only way to get a passive third base coach is to hire one that has no arms.
    2006-05-10 15:35:57
    15.   thinkblue0

    I don't think the SS was out of position OR Wilson screwed up. If you watch the replay our guy was JUST touching the bag when Wilson got the ball...he probably figured there was no way in you know where that he'd go home...he'd have to be insane to do that...but he did it, and it worked out. He probably figured the guy isn't going home, so a throw him will only advance the runner on first to second.

    I think we basically just surprised him kinda like what Lofton did to Roberts the other night.

    2006-05-10 15:36:28
    16.   thinkblue0
    err.. a throw home will only advance...
    2006-05-10 15:48:46
    17.   Jon Weisman
    15 - The situation you just described is precisely why the cutoff man was invented. Because if you throw to second base with a runner crossing third, Cecil Fielder could score as easily as Ethier did. But if you throw to a player stationed on the infield that can then throw to second, third or home, you've basically got everything covered.

    Obviously, Ethier was not insane to go home, so I don't know how the Houston defense could be blameless.

    2006-05-10 15:50:39
    18.   Jon Weisman
    In short, worrying about Olmedo Saenz taking an extra base over Andre Ethier in a one-run game ... that's a mistake. If there's as good a chance to stop Ethier from scoring as you correctly indicate there was (Ethier was only on third when the ball was fielded), you have to take advantage of that chance.
    2006-05-10 15:52:04
    19.   Marty
    The mental image of an armless third base coach makes me chuckle.
    2006-05-10 15:53:31
    20.   DodgerHobbit
    10 my thinking was dfa ing alomar then assigning him to vegas with an understanding that he still has his job as backup as soon as they find a taker for navarro. but idk maybe alomar wouldnt take kindly to that.
    2006-05-10 16:01:56
    21.   DougS
    7b Martin seems kinda big and too slow to replicate the Biggio route. Maybe 1B or LF if his offense would justify it. But as Jon says, he proably won't have enough pop to justify it.
    2006-05-10 16:05:40
    22.   Jon Weisman
    Martin was originally a third baseman, but I doubt he's going back there for a while.
    2006-05-10 16:08:48
    23.   Jacob L
    I don't think either Martin or Navarro has near the offensive value to warrant a position change. They're catchers. Not that they're not good hitters, but once they're out from behind the dish, I might start expecting some speed or some pop or both.

    In the long run, the team should decide which one they want, and trade the other. I don't think we've reached that point, though.

    2006-05-10 16:10:03
    24.   underdog
    The Cards beat the Rockies for the second day in a row. Pujols homered again. He's only hit 18 in 35 games.

    Meanwhile, break up the Royals, three game sweep of the Indians. And the Mariners continue to be offensively... offensive. Bringing this back to the topic at hand, too bad they don't really need a catcher, or Navarro could be trade bait with them.

    2006-05-10 16:11:04
    25.   Xeifrank
    Catching options for when Navarro comes back:

    1. Send Martin to AAA
    2. Send Navarro to AAA
    3. Send Alomar to AAA
    4. Trade Martin
    5. Trade Navarro
    6. Move Alomar to 1B where he gets 75% of the at bats there.

    (3) is the best choice. (1) is most likely to happen. (6) would have happened if we were under previous management (JT).
    vr, Xei

    2006-05-10 16:11:50
    Catcher's aren't suppose to be that quick!! (great play)
    2006-05-10 16:11:53
    27.   blue22
    7 - which do you all think is the real Navarro -- the one from the last part of '05 or the one thus far this year ???

    You mean the '05 Navarro that OPS'd .729, or the '06 Navarro who is OPS'ing .759?

    Tough call.

    2006-05-10 16:13:58
    28.   Fallout
    Wow, I just got an idea. Martin at 3rd, Mueller at 1st, Navarro C, and Garciaparra in left. j/k :) I had to say that b4 someone else suggested it.
    2006-05-10 16:14:38
    29.   BlueCrew Fan
    Love Martin's potential also, but let's not get too carried away. A lot of the same things were being said about Loney after his first three or four games.
    2006-05-10 16:15:34
    30.   blue22
    Sending Navarro to AAA really hurts his trade value, since it would be viewed as failing at the major league level.

    If Martin gets sent back down, it falls under the category of "not losing your job due to injury". No harm done.

    Assuming Navarro continues to play at his pre-injury level, both catchers should still maintain good trade value.

    2006-05-10 16:15:47
    31.   Bob Timmermann
    As much as we derided the idea of Jason Phillips playing first base for the Dodgers, he played but 21 games at first base and 93 as a catcher.

    774 innings behind the plate.
    156 2/3 innings at first base.

    Choi played the most innings at first base last year. Saenz was second. Phillips third, then Kent, Myrow, Nakamura, and Grabowski.

    2006-05-10 16:19:46
    32.   Marty
    Tracy has Jose Hernandez playing first tonight.
    2006-05-10 16:23:46
    33.   trainwreck
    The gun in the A's and Blue Jays game is 11mph off. Gustavo Chacin does not usually stay in the 95-99 mph range... usually.
    2006-05-10 16:23:47
    34.   Andrew Shimmin
    Somebody get a rope, there's hanging needs done. But 21 games? But?! Outrageous.
    2006-05-10 16:23:50
    35.   Marty
    Cole Hamels being called up by Philly. He's a lefty with 36 strikeouts and 1 walk.
    2006-05-10 16:24:06
    36.   thinkblue0
    The situation you just described is precisely why the cutoff man was invented. Because if you throw to second base with a runner crossing third, Cecil Fielder could score as easily as Ethier did. But if you throw to a player stationed on the infield that can then throw to second, third or home, you've basically got everything covered.

    I completely understand that. I played college baseball and still do some coaching on the side. He SHOULD have thrown to the cut off man...I just think something along the lines of "there's NO way he'd even consider go home" was running through his mind.

    Basically Wilson just misjudged Eithier's ability to get to the plate and was more concerned about another runner getting in scoring position.

    2006-05-10 16:25:24
    37.   scareduck
    35 - I like the consonant switch of his names, Whole Camels.

    I'm coming down with something -- hopefully not serious -- and had to turn away the magic tickets. This cannot be a good sign for the Dodgers.

    2006-05-10 16:29:06
    38.   Jon Weisman
    36 - So then, getting back to your earlier comment in 13, somebody did screw up.

    But I'm going to be sure to be careful the next time I act all high and mighty to you about what I know about positioning :) (whew).

    2006-05-10 16:29:43
    39.   Jon Weisman
    Sorry, not 13 - but rather 15.
    2006-05-10 16:29:52
    40.   thinkblue0
    is anyone else listening to Morgan right now. He doesn't understand why people applaud Giambi and don't Bonds. Giambi is still despicable for what he did, but at least he admitted what he did was wrong...heck, even admitting it gained more respect for him in the first place.

    Meanwhile everyone knows Bonds cheated, yet he still denies it. Hmmm...and he wonders why Bonds gets booed?

    P.S. it only took 1/3 of an inning for Morgan to work Bonds into the broadcast...doesn't matter what game he does, he ALWAYS talks about Bonds...

    2006-05-10 16:30:51
    41.   trainwreck
    My thoughts on the catching situation...

    a) Send Martin back down for more seasoning once Navaro returns. Trade Navarro in a package of prospects to get a star player.
    b) Trade Navarro in a package of prospects now!

    I know Flanders and Mr. Southern Drawl will never go with Martin & Navarro.

    2006-05-10 16:31:46
    42.   thinkblue0

    yeah, I shouldn't have said somebody didn't screw up...because obviously they did. I guess I'm just giving Wilson the benefit of the doubt on that one because he probably thought there was no way Eithier would go home...same way I feel about the Roberts/Lofton thing the other night. Sure, Roberts was technically wrong, but I give him the benefit of the doubt because, really, how often do we see that happen?

    2006-05-10 16:32:37
    43.   thinkblue0

    Anyone think it's likely that Navarro gets packaged with Izzy? I could see that happening to sweeten the pot for a potential trading partner...

    2006-05-10 16:35:32
    44.   trainwreck
    Add Guzman to that deal and we can get someone sweet, I hope.
    2006-05-10 16:36:12
    45.   Bob Timmermann
    Unrelated thought of the day:

    According to Retrosheet, Rick Monday hit the most home runs off of Tom Seaver of any hitter.


    2006-05-10 16:38:52
    46.   trainwreck
    Joe Blanton...

    Wha Happened?!!

    Someone's got a case of the sophmore slump.

    2006-05-10 16:39:24
    47.   underdog
    41 What about Martin and Lewis?

    (sorry, the allergy meds are talking...)

    2006-05-10 16:39:34
    48.   blue22
    43 - Hello Washington DC!

    Brian Schneider, Wiki Gonzalez, Matt Lecroy and Robert Fick currently make up the Nats catching rotation.

    Schneider seems to be the starter, and is OPS'ing .570 on the year.

    2006-05-10 16:39:46
    49.   thinkblue0

    I'm not ready to give up, if we end up with someone named Cabrera or Dunn then Im willing to talk...but other than that, Guzman just has too much power potential to give up for anyone other than a star.

    2006-05-10 16:41:08
    50.   dsfan
    The sample size is small, of course, but nice reference up top to both Martin and Aybar faring better as major league rookies than they did in Triple-A. Both were only 22 or so, which adds to the appeal.

    One common demonimator: Both Aybar and Martin consistently had shown a good hitting approach in the minors. They knew what worked for them. They recognized pitches well. They were fairly consistent. And their K/W ratios were pretty solid, month after month -- even though both were fairly young for their respective leagues.

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2006-05-10 16:41:41
    51.   blue22
    46 - Lack of strikeouts catching up to him?
    2006-05-10 16:41:55
    52.   Bob Timmermann
    My Yankees fan friend must really be on a honeymoon as I am not getting profanity-filled emails today or yesterday about the Sox-Yanks games.
    2006-05-10 16:43:49
    53.   dsfan
    I'd keep Izzy as long as possible. Furcal has a surgical shoulder, a surgical knee and a max-effort-only way of throwing from a smallish frame (and it appears he's added a few pounds). If his rehab goes well, Izzy could become very important to this team.
    2006-05-10 16:44:48
    54.   Steve
    He doesn't understand why people applaud Giambi and don't Bonds.

    Aren't the Yankees playing at home?

    2006-05-10 16:45:21
    55.   Steve
    I mean, not to do Fire Joe Morgan's job for it or anything.
    2006-05-10 16:46:20
    56.   BruceR
    27 Sorry, my bad. I thought I remembered (but now I'm not so sure) Navarro having offensive stats subpar to last year when last I checked (memo to self: ALWAYS CHECK STATS BEOFRE POSTING... / flogs self with wet noodle / )

    However I was also thinking in terms of defense. Not blocking pitches in the dirt in addition to the drop in throwing out base stealers -- .214 last year, which isn't great, but beats .000 this year.

    Unfortunately, there's to much Purple here a mile up and precious little Blue (Bad Altitude, indeed), so it's difficult to check these kinds of things out for myself.

    2006-05-10 16:47:22
    57.   trainwreck
    I am willing to give up Guzman, Laroche, and Navarro for Cabrera. I will thrown in Orrenduff if we have to.
    2006-05-10 16:51:58
    58.   ToyCannon
    As we went into the season I didn't want Martin and Navarro sharing the job. I'm now all for it and I think Sandy will be out of a job once Navarro returns. I thought this would happen by July but I have no problem with the earlier timetable. I'm not sure the brain trust has been very happy with how he is unable to actually catch very much.

    Check out what Blanton was doing on May 10th of last year and this shouldn't surprise you. I even remember a DT poster saying his lack of dominance would doom him to mediocrity. Didn't happen and won't happen this year. If he's not hurt he'll right his ship and be a big part of the A's run to the WS.

    2006-05-10 16:53:40
    59.   trainwreck
    I know Blanton started off bad last year too, but this is ridiculous. He is getting crushed almost every time he goes out there.
    2006-05-10 16:58:04
    60.   blue22
    56 - Sorry, didn't mean to be smarmy. I just think this is who Navarro is - an ok offensive catcher who needs some coaching on his footwork behind the plate. I like him, but I find Martin easier to root for. I think Martin has a bit more upside on the offensive side of things.

    No one has been able to throw out a runner while wearing the Dodger blue in so long, that I hardly even notice anymore (and it can't be each catcher's fault completely, can it?).

    2006-05-10 17:00:47
    61.   ToyCannon
    If I can read the splits right his ERA in May 2005 was 13.82 in 5 starts. How many pitchers would have been allowed to pitch in June? If he had been Jay Seo he would have been hung in effigy here. Luckily the A's are a patient team.
    2006-05-10 17:00:51
    62.   Curtis Lowe
    60- Martin threw someone out.
    2006-05-10 17:01:35
    63.   Jon Weisman
    Eric Enders has made this point before - why do we have to trade Navarro or Martin, even if one becomes the full-time starter. Once we trade one of them, if the other gets hurt, we're sunk. And catchers get hurt a lot. Yes, they have trade value, but they make the minimum and are competent at a difficult position to fill.

    Never say never, but I think we have much more to lose from a trade of one of these catchers than we have to gain.

    2006-05-10 17:01:38
    64.   Curtis Lowe
    Aybar called up according to insdethedodgers.
    2006-05-10 17:02:12
    65.   Curtis Lowe
    63- I agree, thank you for stating my thoughts better than me.
    2006-05-10 17:05:10
    66.   Marty
    Does that mean Repko is on the DL?
    2006-05-10 17:08:34
    67.   trainwreck
    I am not supporting trading either one with Izturis just for the sake of trading, but if we want a star player it is an area of strength for us, while it is a weak position for most teams. Honestly, Cabrera is the only player I want us to trade for right now and the Marlins need a catcher.
    2006-05-10 17:08:40
    68.   Curtis Lowe
    66- Yes for about a week it says.
    2006-05-10 17:09:21
    69.   underdog
    I agree, too. I would be happiest if the Dodgers just kept Martin and Navarro together for as long as they can. Instead of learning from Alomar, I think at this point they could learn from each other (with Alomar coaching). That said, I've been pleasantly surprised by Alomar's offensive contributions thus far, but he obviously doesn't have the stamina at this point in his career to play very much at all. Anyway, yeah, why do we have to trade either of them?
    2006-05-10 17:09:24
    70.   bhsportsguy
    They DLed Repko...per Dodger Blog

    Repko's sprained ankle looks like it'll keep him off the field for at least a week, so we've DL'd him and recalled Willy Aybar, who will be here by game time.

    2006-05-10 17:10:56
    71.   Jon Weisman
    Yep, just saw that about Repko/Aybar too.
    2006-05-10 17:11:26
    72.   trainwreck
    I thought I was going to have to wait till 07 to be really amped by Dodger baseball again, but with prospects playing now I am excited.
    2006-05-10 17:11:56
    73.   underdog
    (And, yeah, if we could get Cabrera, then I'd be a little more okay with trading Navarro - not Martin - but only in that instance.)

    Damn, too bad about Rekpo (even tho I like Aybar), because I do enjoy watching him play, his antics, if you will, and was hoping to see him Saturday when I see them live in SF. Oh well.

    2006-05-10 17:12:46
    74.   underdog
    (But didn't Aybar hit the crap out of the Giants late last year? Hm.)
    2006-05-10 17:14:00
    75.   bhsportsguy
    As far as I can tell with 12 pitchers, this leaves them with 2 catchers, 7 infielders and 4 outfielders.

    My hunch is that Guzman and Young both need to play everyday right now, and the other outfielders are just filler but how long does Martinez hang around, he really doesn't play, Saenz is your top RH PH (or Nomar is if he isn't starting) and with Lofton and Drew always needing a day off, they will need another outfielder before 2 weeks runs out.

    2006-05-10 17:14:02
    76.   Bob Timmermann
    Mets beating the tar out of the Phillies 10-0 in the third.

    The A's have almost come back.

    2006-05-10 17:14:04
    77.   trainwreck
    I had no idea dustin mcgowan was up.
    2006-05-10 17:14:31
    78.   Xeifrank
    Tonight's Dodger Game Sim Results:
    Houston:2, Dodgers:1
    WP: Qualls
    LP: Saito
    SV: Lidge
    2006-05-10 17:14:41
    79.   Jon Weisman
    The team press notes are now saying "serape" instead of "poncho."
    2006-05-10 17:14:50
    80.   ToyCannon
    At this rate only D Young and JtD will be worth seeing in Vegas.
    2006-05-10 17:15:41
    81.   bhsportsguy
    Odalis for Xavier Nady or Victor Diaz.

    This is not what I want but just tossing it out there, however with Lima Time being one more blowout away, you have to wonder how long will they keep 12 pitchers......

    2006-05-10 17:16:48
    82.   bhsportsguy
    80 - there's still Chad, Loney and perhaps Matt Kemp who may need to get out of the Southern League soon if he keeps punching managers.
    2006-05-10 17:17:14
    83.   Xeifrank
    True, we don't HAVE to trade one of the young catchers. But you usually trade away something you have a glut in. Sure, we'd all like to trade OP due to his big contract but you aren't going to get much for him other than the other team eating part of his contract ala Mr Green in the desert. It's nice to have two lowered salaried catchers and if you can afford to wait them out to see which of the two pans out better then more power to us. vr, Xei
    2006-05-10 17:17:38
    84.   Marty
    So Lofton plays full time now? It seems a little strange to bring up an infielder instead of an outfielder.
    2006-05-10 17:18:01
    85.   trainwreck
    That is way more than I am hoping for haha.
    2006-05-10 17:18:50
    86.   Curtis Lowe
    84- Strange indeed...
    2006-05-10 17:20:27
    87.   ToyCannon
    I hope Mellhouse gets to catch once in a while when Kendall comes back.

    Isn't it weird to have a fast catcher? I was a bit worried that Martin was overhyped but he has quickly become my favorite player.

    2006-05-10 17:21:40
    88.   Curtis Lowe
    87- Did you read Kendall's quote about how he sould be able to fight whoever talks crap to him?
    2006-05-10 17:21:57
    89.   Marty
    I'm proud to say I was a member of the Martin Marching and Chowder Society since spring of 05.
    2006-05-10 17:22:40
    90.   trainwreck
    Melhuse needs to play more for the A's. I know everyone loves Kendal, but he can't hit!
    2006-05-10 17:23:40
    91.   ToyCannon
    Nate has covered this but Kemp was exonerated of hitting the opposing manager after an investigation by the team.
    2006-05-10 17:24:07
    92.   trainwreck
    He should. Old, grandmothers in wheelchairs included!
    2006-05-10 17:25:38
    93.   Jon Weisman
    84 - Cruz and Ethier are capable of backing up all three outfield positions. You don't need six outfielders. We just happened to have six outfielders.
    2006-05-10 17:25:45
    94.   ToyCannon
    I'm sick of Kendall and while I have great respect for Beane the move to bring in Kendall was terrible. To play him everyday just compounds the problem.
    2006-05-10 17:25:57
    95.   bhsportsguy
    91-Just a little friendly jab (pun inteneded), just thinking that if he continues at his pace, Las Vegas might not be far off, especially since I think Ledee is done for the year and Matt is another guy who has to go on the 40 man roster after this season anyways.
    2006-05-10 17:27:16
    96.   ToyCannon
    93Hopefully if we need a CF to spell Lofton it will by JD and not Cruz or Ethier.
    2006-05-10 17:28:12
    97.   Marty
    September sunshine -- nice Jon.
    2006-05-10 17:28:45
    98.   ToyCannon
    Kemp is hot enough that I would have no problem with them bringing him up for two weeks. I'm thinking they are more worried about Mueller then they are letting on which is why Aybar got the call. Did anyone notice how slowly he was moving last night?
    2006-05-10 17:30:23
    99.   thinkblue0

    A DL stint for Mueller now might not be a bad idea if he's got a nagging problem. I'd much rather have him on the shelf now than in September.

    2006-05-10 17:32:10
    100.   ToyCannon
    A's have pulled ahead after being down 6 zip. After 3+ innings the A's have 9 hits but A Perez incredibly is 0 for 2. He must get his 1st hit tonight.
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2006-05-10 17:33:58
    101.   trainwreck
    That did not last long.
    2006-05-10 17:34:52
    102.   Bob Timmermann
    It's a passed ball duel at Rogers Centre!
    2006-05-10 17:40:24
    103.   JoeyP
    I'm thinking they are more worried about Mueller then they are letting on which is why Aybar got the call

    Bill Mueller is in the midst of a 4-31 with 1bb slump.

    Hopefully the Dodgers just believe Willy Aybar is a better option, both for the present and in building for the future. Aybar should be starting, with Mueller on the bench.

    2006-05-10 17:40:48

    Can you tell me were I can find what he said?

    2006-05-10 17:41:28
    105.   Johnson
    93 I'm confused. I thought with Ledee already on the DL, we had a total of five OF (Drew, Lofton, Cruz, Ethier, Repko) and with Repko DLed today and Aybar called up, we only have four OF, right?
    2006-05-10 17:43:27
    106.   kegtron
    2006-05-10 17:45:49
    107.   Jon Weisman
    105 - Oh, you're right.

    I guess Martinez is the emergency outfielder.

    2006-05-10 17:47:23
    108.   JoeyP
    105. You are correct. The team is carrying 12 pitchers and 5 reserves (Alomar, Aybar, Martinez, Saenz, Ethier).
    2006-05-10 17:49:23
    109.   Marty
    So far Arizona has ten hits thru 5 2/3 innings. All singles. They are up on Tracy's boys 3-2.
    2006-05-10 17:49:27


    2006-05-10 17:49:28
    111.   Jon Weisman
    All it really means is that you'll see a lot of Ethier/Cruz. Not a big deal compared to what's been going on so far this year. If another outfielder gets hurt before Repko returns ... maybe that's Guzman's cue.
    2006-05-10 17:57:33
    we're so deep in our minor leagues that it dosen't matter. very nice.
    2006-05-10 17:58:32
    113.   Johnson
    107 Is there any reason to think Aybar couldn't act as an emergency outfielder if need be? I'd rather see his bat in the lineup than Martinez's.
    2006-05-10 18:03:53
    114.   Jon Weisman
    113 - He just hasn't played outfield in pro ball, as far as I know. I'm not saying he can't catch a fly ball, but I just don't think you're going to see him there.

    I don't think you'll see Martinez there, either. But as little as I think of Martinez, if he ends up in the outfield for half a game or a game instead of Aybar, it's not worth wringing our hands.

    2006-05-10 18:13:41
    115.   Marty
    Snakes get their first extra-base hit. A double by Green. Somewhere, LAT's daughter cheers.
    2006-05-10 18:16:29
    116.   D4P
    it's not worth wringing our hands

    Can we at least grit our teeth?

    2006-05-10 18:16:45
    117.   JoeyP
    Which is worse?
    A. Judging a player based on 20 AB's.
    B. Pinch hitting for that player, with another player thats hit .176 in 85 ABs
    2006-05-10 18:18:48
    118.   JoeyP
    If you're thinking A- Antonio Perez, and B-Dan Johnson, then you'd be correct.

    Why couldnt the Pirates have come to terms with Ken Macha?

    2006-05-10 18:33:17
    119.   Curtis Lowe
    When will it be okay to start calling Aybar, A-bomb.
    2006-05-10 18:33:43
    120.   das411
    Aren't the mini-Marlins pretty much committed to Willingham at C?

    115 - LAT's daughter had better stay away from Ken's post about his daughters the other day, the one where they all visited Weirderland...

    2006-05-10 18:37:31
    121.   overkill94
    120 They don't trust his defense back there, but love his bat. He's been playing mostly in the outfield last year with Olivo and Treanor getting the most PT behind the plate.

    Did someone mention trading Navarro to them? I haven't bothered reading the previous posts :)

    2006-05-10 18:38:42
    122.   trainwreck
    120 &121
    I mentioned it and yeah, Willingham has been permanently moved to outfield, well at least this year.
    2006-05-10 18:42:57
    123.   Fallout
    119 Curtis Lowe

    Is that uh-bomb or A-bomb?

    2006-05-10 18:45:58
    124.   Curtis Lowe
    123- the contraction of atom bomb. A-bomb. Of course he would have to hit homeruns.
    2006-05-10 18:47:33
    125.   confucius
    Who would win in a fight? Russ Martin or a hurricane?
    2006-05-10 18:53:44
    126.   Fallout
    125 confucius

    I do not understand where that came from. But, Hurricane if the last name was Carter.

    2006-05-10 18:54:22
    127.   Bob Timmermann

    Did Bob Dylan already write a song about Russell Martin?

    2006-05-10 18:54:57
    128.   confucius
    2006-05-10 18:55:59
    129.   trainwreck
    Don't go to a bar in Huntington Beach called Hurricane's, it is a rip-off!
    2006-05-10 18:56:10
    130.   ToyCannon
    Don't you find it strange that your commenting on how A Perez's 20 at bats mean nothing but in post 103 your moving Mueller to the bench because he's in a slump based on 31 at bats?
    2006-05-10 18:56:12
    131.   Curtis Lowe

    Which year of Russ Martin?

    2006-05-10 18:58:24
    132.   das411
    Martin would stand very little chance against a tornadocane though.
    2006-05-10 19:00:54
    133.   trainwreck
    This Nets/Heat series is very boring! I'm talking Pistons/Cavs boring.
    2006-05-10 19:02:40
    134.   ToyCannon
    Quote from Repko
    "My cleat got stuck in the wall and the rest of my body kept going and put a lot of pressure on my ankle. That's when I felt the pop," Repko said. "So before I even came down, I knew I had sprained it. I couldn't tell you if it was worth going for it or not, but that's the way I play the game. If I think I have a chance for it, I'm going to go up for it. I've done this my whole career, even in the minor leagues. I'm just hoping that one of these days I'm going to get it."

    Someone should tell Repko that a 1st inning homerun is meaningless compared to missing two weeks. He wasn't close to the ball from the replays I've seen. If your going to get hurt banging into walls and jumping over walls pick your spots. If you play that way every inning of every game you'll never last. He's not good enough to spend much time in his career on the DL. He could easily find that they found someone better.

    2006-05-10 19:03:25

    are the clipers still in the playoffs (sorry if it sounds dumb)

    2006-05-10 19:03:54
    136.   trainwreck
    Yeah, against Suns.
    2006-05-10 19:03:55
    137.   ToyCannon
    Hopefully the Clipper/Sun game 2 will be just as exciting as game 1 with a better ending. That was a fun game to watch.
    2006-05-10 19:07:09
    138.   Nagman
    The Dodgers are 0-5 on Wednesdays. We're due.
    2006-05-10 19:09:31
    139.   Bob Timmermann
    "This is the point of the game where the loss of Sean Casey really hurts the Pirates...."

    I never knew that there was such a point.

    2006-05-10 19:10:39
    140.   Andrew Shimmin
    Anybody know how Werth's doing?
    2006-05-10 19:15:37
    were was that pitch at (to Taveras)
    2006-05-10 19:16:16

    from what I've heard his days are #, atleast as a Dodger.

    2006-05-10 19:17:07

    he's a good guy I hope he gets well soon.

    2006-05-10 19:18:36
    144.   Curtis Lowe
    140- I heard he's been on the DL since 2004.
    2006-05-10 19:23:55
    145.   JoeyP
    Don't you find it strange that your commenting on how A Perez's 20 at bats mean nothing but in post 103 your moving Mueller to the bench because he's in a slump based on 31 at bats?

    Mueller's AB's have been rather consistent. I dont think A Perez's AB's have been. It might just be that Perez isnt very good when he only plays once a week or pinch hits.

    My main point was subbing Dan Johnson (who's been horrible for most of the season (85ABs)), for a player with only 20ABs was a bad move. And then to top it off, Macha put in the .200 batting Scutaro after DJ pinch hit. It just made little sense. I wasnt implying Antonio Perez should be starting, but rather should not have been pinch hit for by a player batting .176.

    2006-05-10 19:26:47
    146.   Andrew Shimmin
    Rough couple of days for Uncle Miltie.
    2006-05-10 19:26:47
    KENT IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2006-05-10 19:27:11
    148.   Curtis Lowe
    2006-05-10 19:27:21
    Kent is waking up, the Dodgers have won 4 streight yeah baby!!!!
    2006-05-10 19:27:41
    150.   Curtis Lowe
    "Je" "ff" "Kent"

    "Je" "ff" "Kent"

    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2006-05-10 19:27:59
    That pitcher has a nasty curve
    2006-05-10 19:28:53
    152.   Andrew Shimmin
    144- We may wish to forget his 2005 season, but it's still on record.
    2006-05-10 19:28:58
    153.   Bob Timmermann
    Bonds vs. Zambrano
    2006-05-10 19:28:58
    is "the damage has been done" a Vinnie original or not?
    2006-05-10 19:29:01
    155.   Curtis Lowe
    Bucholtz has a cool looking curveball.
    2006-05-10 19:30:10
    156.   Bob Timmermann
    "The damage has been done" is a very old phrase and it showed up in newspapers and I think Vin and other announcers have used it for quite a while.
    2006-05-10 19:30:18
    157.   Curtis Lowe
    152- 2005 is dead to me.
    2006-05-10 19:30:24
    158.   Bob Timmermann
    Bonds walks.
    2006-05-10 19:34:02
    159.   trainwreck
    Now when I hear Vin all I can think of is...

    "I'm gonna bring my beachball."

    Or whatever he said lol.

    2006-05-10 19:34:22
    160.   Curtis Lowe

    Were you aware of Ruth's relative's disdain for Bonds? Thought the Griddle might find that a little interesting.

    2006-05-10 19:34:41
    161.   Icaros

    Sun rises.

    2006-05-10 19:35:42
    162.   Uncle Miltie
    [Expletive]! Still it was off of a rookie, so this doesn't mean anything yet.
    2006-05-10 19:36:42
    163.   D4P
    We may need to form a support group, Miltie. Stat.
    2006-05-10 19:37:13
    164.   Eric Enders
    160 Well, Ruth did play during the Depression. Bonds weren't exactly paying off big time back then.
    2006-05-10 19:38:02
    165.   Uncle Miltie
    I changed my mind. I should be cheering for Kent to do well. It helps the team win games and it increases the chances of him being traded if the Dodgers are out of it at the trade deadline.
    2006-05-10 19:38:40
    166.   Curtis Lowe
    165- Did Kent burnish your cat?
    2006-05-10 19:40:52
    167.   D4P
    Hmmm...Catch-22. In order to be traded at the deadline, Kent probably needs to be playing well. Yet, the better he plays, the better the team will be and thus the less likely he will be traded at the deadline.

    I think I'll stay the course.

    2006-05-10 19:41:58
    168.   Andrew Shimmin
    "I would hate myself a million times if I shook Mr. Bonds' hand. . ."

    Linda Tosetti, Babe Ruth's granddaughter

    2006-05-10 19:43:38
    169.   Icaros

    I know you guys hate him, but my Giants fan friends wish to death they still had Kent. It hurts them to see him do well as a Dodger.

    Think of it like you're sleeping with your enemy's ugly wife. You really want nothing to do with her, but boy is it fun to make the #%*&! cry.

    (#%*&!=your enemy)

    2006-05-10 19:45:18
    170.   D4P
    Jeff Kent = my enemy
    2006-05-10 19:45:19
    171.   trainwreck
    Am I supposed to care how this person feels because her grandfather could hit homeruns? I am really sick of the Bonds bashing. Blame MLB for allowing Bonds to use steroids, because no one tested him for it.
    2006-05-10 19:45:45
    172.   Gen3Blue
    Could they all come to life at once!
    2006-05-10 19:46:00
    we're on FIRE!!
    2006-05-10 19:46:35
    174.   Curtis Lowe
    2006-05-10 19:46:40
    175.   Icaros

    I understand. Try sleeping with his wife.

    2006-05-10 19:47:18
    176.   D4P
    Flanders is not gonna be happy with all these 3-run homers. Where's the speed? Where's the athleticism?
    2006-05-10 19:47:21
    177.   Andrew Shimmin
    171- I don't particularly care how she feels, I just think that it's a charming turn of phrase. Also, it was referenced earlier, without a link. If anybody was curious, they're now free to see what 160 was about.
    2006-05-10 19:47:27
    178.   Curtis Lowe
    171- Bonds is a prick why stick up for him?
    2006-05-10 19:47:35
    179.   Uncle Miltie
    Haha, I was just going to say I bet Furcal hits a homer here and it would help diminish Kent's accomplishment tonight. Thank you Fookie.

    Now, I'm going to watch the Clippers game.

    2006-05-10 19:47:58
    180.   Gen3Blue
    Kent and Furcal join Drew, Loft, and Garc.
    If there all healthy and not senile you got a ROW.
    2006-05-10 19:48:05
    181.   trainwreck
    How is the injury situation so far compared to last year? Have we had more days spent on the DL this year at this time last year?
    2006-05-10 19:48:25
    182.   D4P
    I understand. Try sleeping with his wife.

    I actually "know" a couple on another message board who go to church with the Kents. I think they know Kent's wife. I'll see if they can set something up for me...

    2006-05-10 19:49:34
    183.   Curtis Lowe
    Kenny is fast.
    2006-05-10 19:49:39
    184.   Steve
    Forsooth, that sound I hear is the sound of us at .500! With a bullet!
    2006-05-10 19:49:41
    185.   Underbruin
    This is nice to watch.

    Then again, considering what happened in the A's game, I'd like to see a few more on the board. Just in case. =P

    2006-05-10 19:50:23
    186.   Underbruin
    176 - He will, however, be happy with that Lofton steal.
    2006-05-10 19:50:33
    187.   Curtis Lowe
    Remember last year when Tracy continued to try to have Izturis steal even when it was clear he would be caught each and every time?
    2006-05-10 19:50:55
    188.   trainwreck
    We all know Bonds is a jerk. I do not need to be told every day of this or who we find out hates Bonds today. It is just burying the guy. Let him play and have some enjoyment since he is going to be kicked out of the game soon. I really have no problem with adult men taking steroids. I liked it when people could throw 98 mph and people were hitting homeruns. It was fun. Bending the rules and cheating has always been a part of baseball and performance enhancers will always be a part of sports.
    2006-05-10 19:51:57
    189.   Underbruin
    ... Then again, I guess Lofton isn't that fast. Oh well.

    188 - Umm... Because he's a Giant. Schaudenfreude, baby! :)

    2006-05-10 19:51:59
    190.   Steve
    I hate Bonds today. And yesterday. And tomorrow. And probably when we were offering Jeff Hamilton for him.
    2006-05-10 19:52:03
    191.   Andrew Shimmin
    175, 182- I hope you both know that you're going to hell. As is whoever created the not-at-all-funny-horribly-offensive Burger King commercial about the Texas double whopper, or whatever. Sexists, the lot of you.
    2006-05-10 19:52:06
    192.   Icaros
    I'm starting to think that play where Lofton fooled Dave Roberts awhile back was actually just Kenny being stupid and lucky.
    2006-05-10 19:52:23
    193.   Gen3Blue
    173 If that wasn't a line from "O Lord, Where Art Thou" it was close.
    " We're on Fire "
    2006-05-10 19:52:36
    194.   ninjavshippo
    188 - sorry man. he may be getting the brunt of it because of his lofty accomplishments, but that doesn't excuse it. not in my book. you're free to like whoever you want though.
    2006-05-10 19:53:53
    195.   Curtis Lowe
    188- I would rather Bonds not have any enjoyment with baseball for the rest of his life. Letting Bonds get away with using roids is sending a message to my little brothers and kids that it is okay to use illegal drugs if it makes you better at sports. Honestly why sweep the issue under the rug?
    2006-05-10 19:54:01
    196.   D4P
    I hope you both know that you're going to hell.

    So are all the sell-outs who root for Kent just because he dons a Dodger uniform.

    2006-05-10 19:54:26
    197.   Underbruin
    191 - Ungah. It's hu-man, not hu-woman, fella.

    (I kid, I kid)

    2006-05-10 19:54:58
    198.   Icaros
    I'm looking forward to hell. The music is way better there.
    2006-05-10 19:55:06
    199.   trainwreck
    I don't like Barry Bonds! I am just tired of everybody getting their jabs in now. It is too easy to kick him while he's down. No one said crap when he hit 73 home runs. I will be happy when he is gone, I am tired of hearing about him!
    2006-05-10 19:55:34
    200.   Curtis Lowe
    196- Kent repented.
    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2006-05-10 19:56:19
    201.   trainwreck
    This may be cold, but you have to teach your kids to not do steroids and if they do it anyways because of Barry Bonds then that is their own problem frankly.
    2006-05-10 19:56:58
    202.   Curtis Lowe
    199- I talked crap back when Sosa and Maguire were in the race. Steroids sicken me, and how is the man down? He's getting away with purgery and making truck loads of money.

    The man is not down.

    2006-05-10 19:57:27
    203.   Underbruin
    How deep was that flyout by Kent? Just out of curiosity.
    2006-05-10 19:57:45
    204.   Curtis Lowe
    201- That's not cold. It is ignorant and naive.
    2006-05-10 19:57:56
    205.   ninjavshippo
    199 - i hear you. in my defense, i've been throwing right hooks for almost a decade.
    2006-05-10 19:58:50
    206.   trainwreck
    How naive to let people have their own responsbility in life.
    2006-05-10 19:59:00
    207.   Icaros
    No one said crap when he hit 73 home runs.

    I did. It was obvious that something was afoul.

    Mine is one small voice, however.

    2006-05-10 19:59:35
    208.   Underbruin
    202 - Don't you remember? McGwire didn't do steroids! He only apologized for 'something,' but was unwilling to say what it was.

    And the grammar/spelling Nazi in me forces me to point out that it's 'perjury.'

    2006-05-10 19:59:36
    209.   Steve
    No one said crap when he hit 73 home runs.

    That is not accurate.

    2006-05-10 20:00:31
    210.   Gen3Blue
    146,etc. ?? Uncle Miltie is a fixture. whats wrong? is he having a bad reaction to prosperity, or is he a Hoop fan?
    2006-05-10 20:01:19
    211.   Curtis Lowe
    206- yeh... This is going nowhere. It is naive to think you are the only influence in your childs life, it is ignorant to think steroids are okay and the same as anyother drug.
    2006-05-10 20:01:38
    212.   trainwreck
    I meant MLB and this other prominent baseball officials and players. At least, I do not remember many people saying anything.
    2006-05-10 20:01:40
    213.   Steve
    Miltie is getting a little good-natured ribbing re Jeff Kent. I think he can take it.
    2006-05-10 20:02:06
    214.   Andrew Shimmin
    210- He dislikes Kent. Kent hit a homerun.
    2006-05-10 20:02:17
    215.   Underbruin
    204 - I don't really agree. It is the responsibility of the parents to provide their children with all the care, information, and guidance that they can without becoming overbearing.

    If, despite all that, the child chooses to make a life-altering choice based on the decision of one very rich and famous individual, I find it difficult to really believe that particular child would not have found some other way to rationalize that choice in the long run anyway.

    2006-05-10 20:02:21
    216.   Curtis Lowe
    208- Thanks for the spelling correction. I dun no wut I was theenking.
    2006-05-10 20:03:20
    217.   trainwreck
    Your kid should know the consequences of doing steroids. It is up to him to make the smart decision.
    2006-05-10 20:04:13
    218.   trainwreck
    Thank you, I do not feel so naive.
    2006-05-10 20:05:16
    219.   Underbruin
    212 - Remember that many 'performance-enhancing' supplements were actually not banned by baseball for quite some time (see McGwire, who quite publicly admitted to taking androstenedione).
    2006-05-10 20:05:33
    220.   Curtis Lowe
    217- That decision would be a lot easier for the kid to make if there wasn't a steroid abuser glorified on TV. It's called psychological modeling.
    2006-05-10 20:05:43
    221.   Marty
    2006-05-10 20:05:48
    222.   Underbruin
    216 - Bad spellers of the world, untie.
    2006-05-10 20:06:20
    223.   Gen3Blue
    213,214 Ahhh,I remember.

    Kent's situation is nothing compared to Damon back east. This guy stated he'd rather piss on pinstripes than play in them. Six month later he took a few million more to be able to cut his hair and shave his face to be able to join the Yankees. Hey, this is baseball today!

    2006-05-10 20:06:38
    224.   sanchez101
    I gonna side with trainwreck on this one, in part because im just tired of hearing about bonds. I dislike Bonds because he plays for a team I hate, like Tim Duncan or Derek Jeter. I dont really mind the steroid use thought, (I just wonder why no Dodgers where jucing) I learned that pro athletes arent perfect when I was little kid.
    2006-05-10 20:06:49
    225.   Marty
    221 was a stab at the AFLAC question.
    2006-05-10 20:07:11
    226.   underdog

    This has been a great evening so far - I got to see and then meet my favorite fiction writer, George Saunders, got his autograph and talked to him.

    Then came home to see the Dodgers are up 6-zip and Furcal and Kent continue their participation in our "Are they out of their slumps yet?" program. Let's see if Tomko can make this stand.

    2006-05-10 20:07:37
    227.   Uncle Miltie
    I'm still at college so I can't see the Dodger game, but a Clippers playoff game takes priority.
    2006-05-10 20:08:41
    228.   Underbruin
    221 - I just hear Ben Stein's voice in my head every time I see his name.

    "Mueller... Mueller... Mueller?"

    2006-05-10 20:08:47
    229.   Curtis Lowe
    Just cause your awestruck by a steroid user's accomplishments shouldn't negate the negative effect his glorification will have on humanity.
    2006-05-10 20:08:58
    230.   trainwreck
    I agree with you, but it is still an individual's choice. Besides, isn't that MLB and ESPN and other media outlets fault for his glorification?

    Obviously there are a lot of social factors at work, I am not denying that. I just do not think we should punish a guy more because he is a "role model". He should be punished for breaking the law.

    2006-05-10 20:09:24
    231.   underdog
    And after reading the comments over the last hour or so here, I think I'm gonna try to enjoy this game quietly by myself for awhile...
    2006-05-10 20:09:30
    232.   Icaros

    If he runs into any touble we have Odalis in the pen.

    This game's as good as won.

    2006-05-10 20:10:29
    233.   Marty
    Bonds is certainly talked about constantly in all media because he's so close to Ruth's number. So you can't really fault people who want to talk about how they dislike him, think he's cheating, etc. He's ubiquitous right now.
    2006-05-10 20:10:49
    234.   sanchez101
    229. Who's glorifing Bonds and how exactly is humanity going to suffer?
    2006-05-10 20:11:46
    235.   Curtis Lowe
    230- I think an example should be made out of him.
    If someone at my school who is poor gets caught doing roids he is likely to spend some time in jail. Bonds lies to a grand jury but is still not even fined. It seems to me that he is not being punished at all yet alone more than someone who is not a "Role Model"
    2006-05-10 20:12:53
    236.   Icaros

    If "ubiquitous" means "fat jerkhead" I agree.

    2006-05-10 20:13:57
    237.   Curtis Lowe
    I guess Bonds accomplishment's are like fake breasts.
    Nice to look at but you would rather feel the real thing.
    2006-05-10 20:14:05
    238.   trainwreck
    Ok, I understand where you are coming from. My friend and I had a discussion about this when it comes to Lil Kim. True, he probably will get off easier than you or I would, but that is a problem with the concept of celebrity.
    2006-05-10 20:16:18
    239.   Underbruin
    I think a big part of the Bonds debate is, much like with McGwire, how much is the player and how much is the drugs? I think it's pretty commonly agreed, despite how little people might or might not like Bonds the person, that Bonds the player was almost guarenteed a spot in Cooperstown even before we hit the 00s (some might argue he was more likely to earn said spot back then as opposed to now).
    2006-05-10 20:16:24
    240.   Andrew Shimmin
    237- Now who's being naive? 8^)
    2006-05-10 20:16:51
    241.   Curtis Lowe
    I guess Bonds accomplishment's are like fake breasts.
    Nice to look at but you would rather feel the real thing.
    2006-05-10 20:17:56
    242.   trainwreck
    This LA/Phoenix series is looking like deja-vu.
    2006-05-10 20:18:15
    243.   Underbruin
    And, concerning that whole 'baseball game' thing going on, nice job by Tomko to get out of the jam caused by Mueller's error, though admittedly it was Jason Lane at the plate.
    2006-05-10 20:18:16
    244.   Curtis Lowe
    240- Should I have said Prefer the real thing instead of rather?
    2006-05-10 20:18:23
    245.   Icaros
    Marty wins.
    2006-05-10 20:18:26
    246.   Marty
    Vinny, tell Marty what he's won.
    2006-05-10 20:18:55
    247.   sanchez101
    233. One thing I really hate about baseball is the obsession with career totals and how certain numbers like "714", "3000", and "300" are special. It forces everybody to focus on old, declining, expensive veterans at the expense of guys in their prime (or good teams) who are actually entertaining. I dont find watching a guy who can barely run hulking up take a walk while waiting for homerun to be entertaining.
    2006-05-10 20:19:27
    248.   Buffalo Jones
    Tomko's at 77 pitches through 4 innings
    2006-05-10 20:20:38
    249.   sanchez101
    243. More amazing is that Nomar didnt injure himself on the play.
    2006-05-10 20:21:38
    250.   Underbruin
    248 - How deep do you think he'll go? 6?
    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2006-05-10 20:22:00
    251.   trainwreck
    Yeah, I am surprised Nomar has had no problem on long stretches. He must have worked that groin strong.
    2006-05-10 20:23:03
    252.   Buffalo Jones
    250 - not much further than that I'd guess. Even if he has quick innings he'll be up around 100 by then.
    2006-05-10 20:23:58
    253.   Marty
    Garner seems to want his pitcher to "eat innings" tonight.
    2006-05-10 20:24:19
    Tomko is throwing a nono guys! (I didn't realise it untill somebody mentioned it.
    2006-05-10 20:24:47
    over under 6-7 innings?
    2006-05-10 20:24:51
    256.   Marty
    254 not anymore
    2006-05-10 20:24:52
    257.   sanchez101
    "He must have worked that groin strong"
    -thats just a funny sentence
    2006-05-10 20:24:54
    258.   Andrew Shimmin
    244- I was kidding. I'm not weighing in on that topic--my toying-with-misogyny quota for the day is full.
    2006-05-10 20:25:51
    oh shoot I just saw the Astros have 1 hit, My bad.
    2006-05-10 20:25:54
    260.   trainwreck
    I hoped it would sound that way.
    2006-05-10 20:27:05
    261.   capdodger
    I think Vin likes to call two games at a time just to prove he can.
    2006-05-10 20:27:37
    262.   Curtis Lowe
    To catch pop flies like that you need to get under the ball.
    2006-05-10 20:28:05
    263.   Curtis Lowe
    262 was my impression of Joe Morgan.
    2006-05-10 20:28:25
    264.   Curtis Lowe
    Nomar is very bendy.
    2006-05-10 20:29:15
    265.   Steve
    Between a member of the Temptations, Jon Lovitz, and world-renowned actor Matthew McConaughey, this board is way too chic.
    2006-05-10 20:30:26
    266.   Curtis Lowe
    265- I'm not a chic!
    2006-05-10 20:32:26
    267.   Buffalo Jones
    Where did the hit come from? Yahoo sports isn't very helpful.
    2006-05-10 20:32:44
    268.   Steve
    Charlie Steiner cracks me up.
    2006-05-10 20:33:02
    269.   D4P
    LOL. Steiner just got all excited calling Nomar's flyball a HR.
    2006-05-10 20:33:18
    270.   Underbruin
    267 - Infield single, I believe.
    2006-05-10 20:33:38
    271.   natepurcell
    Nomar was really close there. Right off the top of the wall.
    2006-05-10 20:34:32
    272.   Buffalo Jones
    270- I thought that was a throwing error? At least that is what yahoo said.
    2006-05-10 20:35:42
    273.   Bob Timmermann
    Traffic signals? What traffic signals? Officer, I didn't see a sign.
    2006-05-10 20:35:50
    274.   Curtis Lowe
    Nomar takes scoring into his own hands!
    2006-05-10 20:35:55
    275.   Underbruin
    272 - The way it's recorded as far as I can tell, the single was in the books, then Mueller made the error afterwards.
    2006-05-10 20:35:55
    276.   trainwreck
    Is this lead safe?
    2006-05-10 20:36:03
    277.   Gen3Blue
    What a Decoy!
    2006-05-10 20:36:26
    278.   Andrew Shimmin
    Back during the steroids subthread, I stepped out for a smoke, and Monday was explaining to Steiner that Tomko was completing the transission from Thrower to Pitcher. He credits Honeycutt.
    2006-05-10 20:37:37
    279.   D4P
    Is Kent mad at Drew for not scoring from 2B on that single? Or does Kent not expect a white guy to be able to run that fast...?
    2006-05-10 20:37:37
    280.   Buffalo Jones
    275 - thanks, that makes sense. I can't watch the game here in Spokane, so I have to rely on yahoo to update me. They had it as a throwing error.
    2006-05-10 20:38:10
    281.   Underbruin
    276 - With the highest-paid middle reliever in baseball in our pen, one would hope so.
    2006-05-10 20:38:23
    282.   trainwreck
    That's a good one.
    2006-05-10 20:39:19
    283.   Gen3Blue
    Have your third base coach throw his hands up in an exagerated stop signal, and the throw gets cut off--score at will!
    2006-05-10 20:39:36
    284.   trainwreck
    I doubt Mr. Buchholz is goin to be 27th in VORP after tonight.
    2006-05-10 20:39:58
    285.   Underbruin
    280 - Right, but as far as I understand the 'error' ruleset (Bob's favorite topic =P), the hit is only charged as an error if the scorer believes that the error prevented the runner from reaching base successfully, though I'm not 100% sure how that applies re: a fielder's choice.
    2006-05-10 20:41:50
    I hope Russell Martin hit's a grand slam right now!!
    2006-05-10 20:41:52
    287.   natepurcell
    Ethier gettin respect!
    2006-05-10 20:42:07
    288.   Underbruin
    Is this young Mr. Ethier's first IBB in the majors?
    2006-05-10 20:42:08
    289.   capdodger
    Setting the table for Martin's first MLB Grand Slam!!!
    2006-05-10 20:42:32
    290.   Curtis Lowe
    Does Andre get the ball for that?
    2006-05-10 20:42:35
    291.   Bob Timmermann

    I would have an opinion on the play except that I was asleep as my body is trying to right the ship from a weird sleep schedule the past week or so.

    2006-05-10 20:43:18
    292.   Bob Timmermann
    Cubs leading 8-1 in San Francisco.
    2006-05-10 20:43:23
    293.   Underbruin
    285 - Gah. "the hit is only charged as an error if the scorer believes that the error allowed the runn to reach base successfully..."


    2006-05-10 20:43:30
    294.   Marty
    It made me think. If the fielder's look at what the third-base coach is doing, (which I don't know if they ever do) there may some good spots to put in a reverse logic to the signals. At certain times maybe hands-up really means go home and vice-versa.

    It's probaly too complicated for the average professional athlete.

    2006-05-10 20:43:58
    295.   natepurcell
    nice chop martin. way to drive the ball!
    2006-05-10 20:44:08
    296.   Underbruin
    293 - "run"


    -head explodes-

    2006-05-10 20:44:40
    297.   trainwreck
    I like Ethier's base-running.
    2006-05-10 20:45:04
    298.   Andrew Shimmin
    285- It wasn't the lead runner whose reaching required the error. It was the guy on first who went to second on the hit, and third when the throw got past Nomar.
    2006-05-10 20:45:27
    299.   Bob Timmermann

    I think such a plan would be very, very, very, very hard to work. And prone to lots of misunderstandings.

    2006-05-10 20:45:57
    300.   Underbruin
    Eww. Ugly at bat by Tomko. Oh well. He's certainly pitching pretty well tonight.
    Show/Hide Comments 301-350
    2006-05-10 20:46:03
    301.   Curtis Lowe
    Martin Stinks bring back Navaro.


    2006-05-10 20:46:58
    302.   Andrew Shimmin
    It was, rather. Let me start over. Man on first, grounder to third. The man on first went to second on the hit, then third on the bad throw. The batter reached first on the hit, did not advance on the bad throw.
    2006-05-10 20:47:09
    303.   Underbruin
    298 - Right. That's what I meant, I just seem to have contracted a 'poor-typist' virus in the last few minutes. :(
    2006-05-10 20:48:08
    304.   Marty
    299 Yeah, but at least I'm thinking outside the batter's box, right?
    2006-05-10 20:48:58
    305.   Andrew Shimmin
    303- At least you didn't spell transition like transmission, without the M.
    2006-05-10 20:49:04
    306.   D4P
    Tomko's ERA is now under 3.
    2006-05-10 20:49:20
    307.   Underbruin
    304 - Phew, rough punnage there Marty.
    2006-05-10 20:49:51
    308.   natepurcell
    alert! alert! guzman has walked.

    okay back to your regular scheduled program.

    2006-05-10 20:49:58
    309.   trainwreck
    Marty when will you be appearing on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour?
    2006-05-10 20:51:39
    310.   trainwreck
    Nate, I got the advance copy of the Peeping Tom album. I like about half of it.
    2006-05-10 20:52:44
    311.   capdodger
    Dear Aliens,

    Thank you for abducting Brett Tomko. You can just keep him if you want, because we kinda like the advanced robotic replacement you have left us. As they say in your parts, Roswell that Ends Well.


    2006-05-10 20:53:07
    312.   Underbruin
    Man, nice at-bat by Berkman. That might have guarenteed Tomko doesn't come out for the 7th (assuming nothing catastrophic happens) - he was only at 91 pitches before the whole at-bat, and might have been able to get away with one more inning.
    2006-05-10 20:53:43
    313.   natepurcell

    I dont know what that is...

    2006-05-10 20:53:52
    314.   Curtis Lowe
    "Roswell that ends well"


    2006-05-10 20:54:22
    315.   trainwreck
    Tomko's actually doing it against a team that can hit too.
    2006-05-10 20:55:18
    316.   trainwreck
    New Mike Patton album. It's Mike Patton doing pop music. Funny to hear Norah Jones swear on a song.
    2006-05-10 20:55:49
    317.   Buffalo Jones
    Nice work tonight by Tomko. I'd say his night is over. Let's nail this thing down.
    2006-05-10 20:56:26
    318.   Gen3Blue
    Actually, Guzman has been walking a bit ever since it came up in this discussion
    2006-05-10 20:57:41
    319.   trainwreck
    What is Guzman's bb/k now?
    2006-05-10 20:59:03
    another dinger for Nomar
    2006-05-10 20:59:03
    321.   capdodger
    319 - What is Guzman's bb/k now?
    >0 ?
    2006-05-10 20:59:15
    322.   Underbruin
    Interesting... ESPN's GameCast lists the the game as... Um... "something interesting" (e.g. that Wilson hit was listed as a 'reached base on an error' if you catch my drift)
    2006-05-10 20:59:21
    323.   Gen3Blue
    WE BAD!!
    2006-05-10 20:59:29
    324.   Curtis Lowe
    It seems Guzman took your ultimatum seriously Nate.


    2006-05-10 20:59:30
    325.   Underbruin
    Break up Nomar. Sheesh.
    2006-05-10 20:59:34
    326.   trainwreck
    I wish I could remember my lofty predictions for Nomar at the start of free agency. I might have been on to something.
    2006-05-10 20:59:50
    327.   capdodger
    He's using those up too fast. Save some of your nine homers for the strech run!!!
    2006-05-10 21:00:11
    328.   Steve
    I think the radio guy was wrong
    2006-05-10 21:00:23
    329.   Curtis Lowe
    "It is a huggable ball club"......
    2006-05-10 21:01:10
    330.   capdodger
    325 - Be careful what you wish for...
    2006-05-10 21:01:30
    331.   Underbruin
    328 - Explain, please?
    2006-05-10 21:01:34
    332.   Xeifrank
    Anybody besides me worried about Phoenix coming back on the Clippers in the 2nd half? I mean the Clippers look great, but with that incredible Phoenix offense and ability to score a ton of points you just can't help but worry a little bit. vr, Xei
    2006-05-10 21:01:46
    I saw his #'s (Guzman's) they look pretty good.
    2006-05-10 21:02:00
    334.   Underbruin
    330 - ... Hahahah, I hadn't even thought of it in that way.
    2006-05-10 21:02:20
    335.   trainwreck
    Anyone here a Mighty Ducks fan? I am a Sharks fan. Looking ahead to the WCF.
    2006-05-10 21:03:00
    336.   natepurcell
    guzmans k/bb ratio is 9/27 in 126ABs.

    my new ultimatum was at least 15bbs by the time of his 200th AB. It looks like he is going to make that. Good job guzzie. small steps young man, small steps.

    2006-05-10 21:03:08
    337.   Curtis Lowe
    It seems Guzman took your ultimatum seriously Nate.
    2006-05-10 21:04:23
    338.   natepurcell
    his k ratio right now is absolutely acceptable (under 22%), so i am delighted he is getting that under control.
    2006-05-10 21:04:26
    339.   Curtis Lowe
    2006-05-10 21:04:58
    340.   Gen3Blue
    Since the ultamatum Guz has walked 8 times for 8/27. Not great, but trending rapidly.
    2006-05-10 21:05:11
    341.   Underbruin
    Nomar, Drew, and Kent are a combined 7 for 11 on the evening, with two doubles and two home runs.

    Power outage? What power outage?

    2006-05-10 21:06:15
    342.   Bob Timmermann

    I doubt there are too many Ducks fans on this site. Maybe a couple. I follow hockey, but I've been a Kings fan. But as in baseball where I also like the Angels, I just like the Dodgers more.

    I think that the Ducks could go to the Final and no one down here will notice.

    Contrary to my earlier statements, I don't dislike hockey. I disliked my cable system using two channels to show identical hockey games while not showing baseball games I paid for.

    2006-05-10 21:07:37
    343.   trainwreck
    I completely agree, we had that problem too with our cable system. I pay real attention during the playoffs because there are too many other sports to follow during the regular season.
    2006-05-10 21:07:41
    344.   Curtis Lowe
    342- I'll watch the finals if the ducks are in it.
    2006-05-10 21:09:37
    345.   Curtis Lowe
    I thought I'd never say this but why take Tomko out?
    2006-05-10 21:10:10
    346.   Bob Timmermann
    The years that the Kings and Ducks made the finals, I was on vacation during the conference finals.

    Since I will be in the U.S. for the conference finals, I'm concerned.

    The Kings and Ducks both have won their only conference final series.

    2006-05-10 21:10:33
    347.   regfairfield
    Why leave him in?
    2006-05-10 21:10:43
    348.   Marty
    309 Sorry, I went out and walked the dogs as I waited for the first part of Lost to queue up on my DVR.

    My philosophy of life can pretty much be summed up as "always go for the laugh". Even when it gets you in trouble.

    2006-05-10 21:10:50
    349.   trainwreck
    I even rooted for the Ducks a few years ago when they were in it. I loved those movies! Well, not the third one!
    2006-05-10 21:11:17
    350.   Icaros
    Hamulack is a joy to watch.
    Show/Hide Comments 351-400
    2006-05-10 21:11:37
    351.   Underbruin
    345 - He's thrown around 105 pitches. The team is up by 9 runs. Do we really need to see if he's got another inning or two in him? Or would it be better to just get him out of the game and get the arm on ice?
    2006-05-10 21:11:45
    352.   Steve
    "radio guy" is my appellation for the doofus who said that nomar would have nine homeruns etc. I don't know his name.
    2006-05-10 21:11:59
    353.   D4P
    Where's The All-Star when you need him?
    2006-05-10 21:12:04
    354.   capdodger
    Oh good... The bullpen will try to make it more fun.
    2006-05-10 21:12:32
    355.   Curtis Lowe
    347- He has only given up 1 hit and isnt due up.
    2006-05-10 21:12:40
    356.   D4P
    Steiner is giving a pitch-by-pitch of Bonds' current AB.
    2006-05-10 21:13:08
    357.   underdog
    I'm still enjoying this game (taking a break now for Lost) but just wondered if anyone wants to take a bet as to whether Hamulack will be the next guy demoted?
    2006-05-10 21:13:26
    358.   trainwreck
    At least our games aren't boring.
    2006-05-10 21:13:49
    359.   D4P
    To some extent, isn't a pitcher in a situation like this just supposed to throw strikes? You can't really blame him if he gets rocked.
    2006-05-10 21:14:44
    360.   trainwreck
    It's not his fault he has bad stuff. Wait, is it?
    2006-05-10 21:15:00
    361.   Curtis Lowe
    359- Not when everytime they are put in a position like this they give up leads.
    2006-05-10 21:15:28
    362.   Underbruin
    352 - Ah, gotcha. Thanks.
    2006-05-10 21:15:59
    363.   regfairfield
    356 Shouldn't it be the Dodger's duty just to ignore him?
    2006-05-10 21:16:20
    364.   Gen3Blue
    Its never easy, but I can see plenty of reason to leave Tomko in, the best being Hamulack!
    2006-05-10 21:16:42
    2006-05-10 21:17:18
    366.   Steve
    Beware 30 year olds dominating AAA
    2006-05-10 21:17:31
    367.   Bob Timmermann
    To answer xeifrank's earlier question, no, I don't think the Clippers are going to give up this lead.
    2006-05-10 21:18:18
    368.   Bob Timmermann
    According to the Yahoo boxscore, the Clippers are outrebounding Phoenix 42-16.
    2006-05-10 21:18:19
    369.   capdodger
    358 - It's all part of Frank's plan to keep people at the games until the end. If they think there could be wild swings, they'll stay and buy more five-inning-old Dodger Dogs.
    2006-05-10 21:20:31
    370.   Curtis Lowe
    I hope the Dodgers walk Bonds all weekend.
    2006-05-10 21:20:45
    371.   Bob Timmermann
    Looks like the Gameday operator for must have been taking the same antihistamines I was using last night.
    2006-05-10 21:21:04
    "but just wondered if anyone wants to take a bet as to whether Hamulack will be the next guy demoted?"

    I was out of town for a while, & was gonna ask if he's pitched any better when I was gone, because everytime I see him he dosn't impress me.

    2006-05-10 21:21:54
    373.   Bob Timmermann
    Just another GIDP for Aybar.
    2006-05-10 21:22:08

    what do you mean?

    2006-05-10 21:22:37
    375.   Curtis Lowe
    Remember at the beginning of the season when Vin said he would feel awkward calling Bonds if he matched or beat Ruth.


    2006-05-10 21:23:56
    376.   Bob Timmermann

    I think the Irony Court is going to rule against you on calling that irony.

    2006-05-10 21:26:09
    377.   trainwreck
    I should not have started talking about the Sharks in the WCF yet!

    Milk was a baaad choice.

    2006-05-10 21:26:43
    378.   Andrew Shimmin
    376- Wouldn't the Irony Court always rule the opposite of the way one would expect?

    Aybar put on his dancing shoes tonight.

    2006-05-10 21:26:54
    I wonder how Vinnie would call it? Vinnie is right though AWKWARD!
    2006-05-10 21:28:29
    380.   Curtis Lowe
    I shouldn't have used the word Irony. Everytime I use that word I end up getting confused.
    2006-05-10 21:28:31
    381.   Bob Timmermann
    Vinny would call Bonds' 714th home run not unlike William Mulholland opening up the Los Angeles Aqueduct.

    Something like, "There it is. He hit it."

    2006-05-10 21:28:51
    382.   Bob Timmermann

    How ironic!

    2006-05-10 21:29:58
    383.   Curtis Lowe
    Can I buy an out?
    2006-05-10 21:30:10
    384.   trainwreck
    Nice play!
    2006-05-10 21:30:32
    385.   trainwreck
    I never thought he was going to catch up to that.
    2006-05-10 21:30:40
    386.   Curtis Lowe
    Nice Catch!
    2006-05-10 21:32:00
    387.   Steve
    We can argue about anything, but is it consensus that the worst team-killer in America (not to mention Jason Bay killer) is Dave Littlefield's Six Million Dollar Man?
    2006-05-10 21:32:30
    388.   Curtis Lowe
    His name is John Kimble. He is a police officer. "It's a beautiful day for killing drug dealers. Are there any in the house?"
    2006-05-10 21:32:58
    389.   bluegold
    The concept of Gio Carrera as setup man is becoming more and more attractive. And I could never stand him in the past.
    2006-05-10 21:33:11

    Good call, I can picture Vinnie saying it that way.

    2006-05-10 21:33:29
    391.   trainwreck
    That is one of the most quotable movies ever.
    2006-05-10 21:34:33
    392.   Bob Timmermann
    Next basket for the Clippers invokes Lawler's Law.
    2006-05-10 21:35:18
    393.   Curtis Lowe
    391- Have you ever played with the Arnold soundboard?
    2006-05-10 21:36:40
    394.   trainwreck
    Totally. It does not work as well when you call your friends and they know all the lines. Takes the fun out of it.

    The Ali G/Borat soundboards are the best.

    2006-05-10 21:36:44
    395.   Curtis Lowe
    Dusty Baker would never do what Little has just done.

    Points for Grady.

    2006-05-10 21:38:21
    396.   D4P
    Steiner still talks about the Yankees too much. He's better than last year, but still has work to do.
    2006-05-10 21:41:55
    397.   Curtis Lowe
    396- Isn't that like talking about your ex-lover when going out with your current lover?
    2006-05-10 21:43:35
    398.   D4P
    Or wearing your Giants' NL Championship ring while GMing for the Dodgers?
    2006-05-10 21:44:16
    399.   Underbruin
    398 - Zing!
    2006-05-10 21:45:48
    400.   3upn3down
    Lawler's law. I love it. At what point would chick put this game in the fridge for the clips? We've got to be getting close.
    Show/Hide Comments 401-450
    2006-05-10 21:46:01
    401.   Curtis Lowe
    2006-05-10 21:51:05
    402.   Curtis Lowe
    Osaria just gave up right there
    2006-05-10 21:51:16
    403.   capdodger
    Save Situation!!!!
    2006-05-10 21:51:22
    404.   D4P
    Save Situation™!
    2006-05-10 21:52:35
    405.   Daniel Zappala
    I liked Chris Wilcox, but I'm impressed with Radmanovich. The Clippers have a lot of talent and a great bench.
    2006-05-10 21:52:36
    406.   Johnson
    Not a save situation. Tying run is not on deck.
    2006-05-10 21:52:57
    407.   3upn3down
    It is a travesty that the networks have decided this clips v suns series is second fiddle to all of the other matchups out there. I'm glad I live in the central time zone, because staying up past midnight to watch the end of these games is hard enough. I couldn't imagine having to stay up past 1am if I still lived in Atlanta.
    2006-05-10 21:53:01
    we all saw that Berkman HR coming.
    2006-05-10 21:53:12
    409.   Gen3Blue
    We certainly havent' had a safe lead this week. At least it makes it exciting!
    2006-05-10 21:53:41
    410.   Marty
    All I can say is, our bullpen sucks. I want to go all Deniro on them.

    Hamulack, DEAD!
    Osorio, DEAD!
    Baez, DEAD!

    2006-05-10 21:53:57
    411.   Daniel Zappala
    I thought the game was in the bag, but you guys have forced me to put the Dodgers back on and flip between them and the Clippers.

    Baez looks good.

    2006-05-10 21:54:16
    412.   Curtis Lowe
    Thank God there was that 9 run cushion.
    2006-05-10 21:55:17
    413.   Daniel Zappala
    Have the Dodgers become the Rockies?
    2006-05-10 21:55:26
    414.   Ravenscar
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you come in with a 3-run lead, you are going to get a save regardless.
    2006-05-10 21:56:06
    415.   trainwreck
    There's overtime hockey on, if you are looking for something to watch after the game. That is, if anyone cares.
    2006-05-10 21:56:10
    416.   Gen3Blue
    Thats the way you do it!!
    2006-05-10 21:56:49
    417.   3upn3down
    To borrow Chick's phrase and apply it to a clippers game:

    "The door's closed, the light's are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter's getting hard, and the Jell-o's jiggling."

    1-1, home court back on our side. Let's get'r done!

    2006-05-10 21:56:54
    418.   Gen3Blue
    But to give up 3 in the seventh and 3 in the 9th is shameful.
    2006-05-10 21:57:03
    419.   Curtis Lowe
    Martin wins 5 in a row!
    2006-05-10 21:57:22
    420.   capdodger
    414. You're right. If there had been a runner on base, it would have been a save situation, due to the third part of the rule, but since there wasn't, it's not.
    2006-05-10 21:57:58
    421.   trainwreck
    I think you just cursed them by saying get'r done!
    2006-05-10 21:58:08
    422.   underdog
    Some of you continue to be too hard on Baez. He's been erratic, but he's also been a savior more than a few times when some other guys in the bullpen couldn't get anything done. At any rate, he got it done tonight.

    All that said.... When's Gagne coming back again?

    night folks!

    2006-05-10 21:58:19
    423.   capdodger
    And by third, I mean second...
    2006-05-10 21:59:29
    424.   Ravenscar
    420 - I'm right? I said he WILL get a save, as he came in with a 3-run lead, none of the runs leading up to that being his. It sounds like you're saying I'm wrong. This is more confusing than the save rule itself.
    2006-05-10 21:59:55
    425.   Johnson
    414 Only if you come in to begin the ninth (or earlier). To get a save you have to meet one of three criteria: A) Enter the game to start the ninth (or earlier) with a three-run lead (or less) B) Enter the game with any lead, but with the tying run either on base, at bat, or on deck (no restriction on inning), or, C) Pitch the final nine outs or more (no restriction on size of lead). And then you have to finish out the game without ever giving up the lead. So this was not a save situation. Bringing in Baez was the right move, anyway.
    2006-05-10 22:00:47
    426.   3upn3down
    enod r'teg. There, I reversed the curse.
    2006-05-10 22:01:48
    Dodgers win!
    2006-05-10 22:01:52
    428.   Johnson
    424 Yeah, the save rule is screwed up. It's completely arbitrary.
    2006-05-10 22:03:30
    429.   regfairfield
    422 Going by WXRL, a stat that measures performance in important situations, Baez has cost the Dodgers more than any pitcher but Hamulack.
    2006-05-10 22:03:41
    430.   trainwreck
    Which is why saves are even more meaningless than wins.
    2006-05-10 22:04:17
    431.   Ravenscar
    Hmmm... I guess I am wrong. Bizarro - I usually feel I have a good grasp on that rule. Ah well.
    2006-05-10 22:04:25
    432.   das411
    Didn't the Ducks actually make it to the finals a few years ago Bob?

    And immediately get DEMOLISHED by the evil evil evil New Jersey Devils?

    2006-05-10 22:05:26
    433.   Curtis Lowe
    Goodnight all.

    Some fun tonight.

    2006-05-10 22:06:39
    434.   trainwreck
    Actually they went 7 games with the Devils.

    Where can you look up WXRL?

    2006-05-10 22:07:39
    435.   Gen3Blue
    429 would that include Carter before he got sent out.

    I hope I'm wrong-but its not an unusual way to be a .500 team, blow five and then win five.

    2006-05-10 22:08:47
    436.   regfairfield
    434 Baseball Prospectus.
    2006-05-10 22:08:51
    437.   Ravenscar
    But I did know that 3-inning rule. That's how I got my save from Liriano for my fantasy team in Minny's 15-5 game yesterday!

    I actually don't think saves is particularly meaningless. It's about as good as you can come up with for a group of situations to give credit for some level of performance. The SABR guys have come up with all manner of - rightfully - far more effective and accurate stats, but I feel as if I haven't heard anyone devise anything for a faster, better, stronger closer statistic. Unless you want to go across the board with Runs Prevented or the pitching equivalant to Win Shares Prevented or whatever it's called. The name escapes me.

    2006-05-10 22:37:03
    438.   Telemachos
    So, um... LOST.


    (Glad I missed the last 6 runs scored, btw. Flipping over to JJ Abrams crack-laced entertainment with a 9-0 lead paid off.)

    2006-05-10 22:45:19
    439.   JoeyP
    Some of you continue to be too hard on Baez

    4 blown saves and 7/11 inherited runners scoring will cause that.

    2006-05-10 22:47:58
    440.   Bob Timmermann
    2003 Stanley Cup Finals
    Game 1: Devils 3, Ducks 0
    Game 2: Devils 3, Ducks 0
    Game 3: Ducks 3, Devils 2
    Game 4: Ducks 1, Devils 0
    Game 5: Devils 6, Ducks 3
    Game 6: Ducks 5, Devils 2
    Game 7: Devils 3, Ducks 0

    Oh my! It was indeed a massacre!

    2006-05-10 22:55:28
    441.   Steve
    Speaking of useless, Baez-like pitchers, Cory Lidle has six walks and thirty-eight strikeouts. Jerry Jenkins is unavailable for comment.
    2006-05-10 22:55:30
    442.   Andrew Shimmin
    Law & Order is hysterically funny, tonight.
    2006-05-10 23:00:34
    443.   trainwreck
    This hockey game won't end. Toskala is a sav.
    2006-05-10 23:01:33
    444.   underdog
    My point was only that the Dodgers would be even worse off without Baez, given their Gagne-less state and the Carters and Hamulacks of the world - not that he should make the All-Star game this year. Maybe Broxton, if he'd started the season with them and was annointed the closer role would have eventually settled into it, but as much as I like him and his future, I think he would have been even more erratic than Baez. And the others would have been worse. That's all. But if you think someone else on the current roster would have done better, I'm all ears. (And yes, I miss Duaner Sanchez, too.)

    Meanwhile, if you missed the highlights of the game on ESPN and feel bad, don't. The highlights consisted of talking about Tomko having a no hitter through 4, Mueller's error that was then changed to a hit, then a replay of same, and then Tomko throwing a runner out at first to keep his one-hitter. That was it. No home runs. No highlights of offense, nothing.

    "And now, here's the 56th replay of Barry Bonds 4 homerless ABs tonight followed by yet more commentary."

    2006-05-10 23:09:35
    445.   underdog
    Btw, speaking of... Lance Carter: a save tonight! In Las Vegas.

    Guzman, Young and Loney went 6 for 12.

    2006-05-10 23:10:38
    446.   Steve
    Baez could hardly be worse than Hamulack or Osoria.
    2006-05-10 23:11:10
    447.   Uncle Miltie
    The hockey game is still going on? Wow. I just went to check on the score on yahoo.

    The Clippers played great, completely dominated the Suns.

    I guess the Dodgers bullpen is still horrible.

    2006-05-10 23:15:33
    448.   regfairfield
    446 Osoria generally hasn't gotten shelled in important situations. The bombings occur when the game is already over.
    2006-05-10 23:20:22
    449.   Steve
    They're all just middle relievers.
    2006-05-11 00:00:12
    450.   thinkblue0
    I missed the game tonight but wasn't at all shocked to see Hamulack get whacked again. I'm surprised on Osoria, but for some reason I like him a lot more than Hamulack.

    Something needs to be done about this...we can't have Ham giving up runs every time he comes in....bring up Gio (I can't believe I just wrote that).

    Show/Hide Comments 451-500
    2006-05-11 00:24:21
    451.   ToyCannon
    You guys have no idea how sweet that Clipper victory was to me. I'll be there Friday and Sunday as we hope to hold home court. Gonna be a crazy time. My wife put our anniversary getaway on hold until the playoff run is over. I guess that is why I'm still having anniversary's.
    2006-05-11 00:37:40
    452.   Uncle Miltie
    My wife put our anniversary getaway on hold until the playoff run is over.
    You have a great wife

    Nice to see Kaman and Mobley have great games after their poor showings in game 1.

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