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Divisional Standings
2006-05-10 23:43
by Jon Weisman

.526 NL West (90-81)
.515 AL East (86-81)
.512 AL Central (86-82)
.512 NL Central (105-100)
.468 AL West (65-74)
.457 NL East (75-89)

2006-05-10 23:59:32
1.   xaphor
Back on top baby. Who needs Brown, Nomo, Johnson and Schilling? We got Tomko, Sele, Park and Wright.
2006-05-11 00:07:06
2.   Inside Baseball
2006-05-11 01:50:54
3.   Lasordas Lasagne
The Dodgers have the longest current winning streak in Baseball right now.

The Astros have the longest current losing streak in baseball right now.

Heres to extending both of those streaks this afternoon.

2006-05-11 07:37:53
4.   Bob Timmermann
The NL West's worst team is just two games under .500. The East has both the Nats and the Marlins. The Central has the sinkhole that is Pittsburgh.
2006-05-11 08:11:49
5.   Steve
The Central has the sinkhole that is...


2006-05-11 08:12:47
6.   LAT
Anyone taking bets on whether the Dodgers newest relief pitcher will make his first appearence from the bullpen today? If so what song will be playing (or do only closers get their own music?)
2006-05-11 08:25:40
7.   FirstMohican
NL West is clearly the toughest division in baseball. Numbers don't lie.

By the way, what are the odds for this weekend on which Dodger pitcher will give up 714?

2006-05-11 08:28:28
8.   Sam DC
Sigh, I guess no one remembers when I said the NL East was the new NL West. Admittedly, I did not say that the NL West was the new AL East.

Was at Camden yards last night watching the Tigers choke down the Birds. Justin Verlander throws real hard and he was always around the plate. Then Detroit brought in this rooke named Joel Zumaya, who was throwing even harder, hit 100 mph on the Camden gun several times (which the much-hyped Verlander did not do, although he was at 97-99 all night).

So in the 7th innning, with runners on first and second, no outs, Detroit has a one run lead. Brandon Inge comes up, and tries to bunt and misses -- strike one. Foul bunt -- strike two. Couple of balls/fouls later -- three-run homer.

2006-05-11 08:33:50
9.   Sam DC
BTW, as the Dodgers win 9-6, the Nationals lose 9-6. They were down 6-4 in the 8th tied it in the top of the inning. Reds got 3 back as Mike Stanton imploded in the bottom half of the inning, giving up three runs while the Nationals best relief pitcher watched from the pen, carefully saved away for the bottom of the ninth that never came.
2006-05-11 08:34:13
10.   DXMachina
Maybe we could sign Al Downing for the weekend?
2006-05-11 08:40:22
11.   Marty
10 That's brilliant. Make it so.
2006-05-11 08:57:06
12.   Bob Timmermann
Jack Billingham, who gave up Aaron's 714, was also a Dodger at one point in his career.
2006-05-11 08:58:50
13.   Johnson
6 Pretty good odds that our newest relief pitcher will get in the game today. Why? Well, I looked through my scorecards, and of the 8 Dodger games I've attended since about 2000, Perez has started 4 of them (Nomo 2, Prokopec 1, I forget the other). I'll be at the game today, so I'm counting on writing his name down at some point. I'll try to remember the music if I can recognize it.
2006-05-11 09:02:41
14.   Sam DC
Capitol Punishment points out a new blog for Bob:
2006-05-11 09:03:31
15.   ToyCannon
I'll be putting my 5-0 record on the line today. Heading out in about an hour. Going to be a hot day. I expect Martin won't be catching with a day game following a night game which leaves me bummed but I do expect Aybar to play.
Here's to hoping I'm 6-0 when I come home today.
2006-05-11 09:05:12
16.   underdog
Peter Gammons writes (I have a hard time saying "blogs" since it hardly seems like a blog) about Luke Hochevar on ESPN. Anyone with insider access want to share Gammons' wisdom on the matter?

Re: Perez - is there a chance he'll start Sunday in Seo's place? It's hard to believe the Dodgers won't want him throwing against the Giants given his record against them.

And what are the odds I see #714 on Saturday when I go to PhoneCo Park? Aaron Sele vs. Bonds... shudder... Given the history of it, tho, I wouldn't mind seeing that IF the Dodgers won, too.

2006-05-11 09:08:27
17.   Bob Timmermann
Basically Gammons is telling Hochevar not to become the next Matt Harrington.

Harrington has 10 wins in his career for the Fort Worth Cats.

2006-05-11 09:09:26
18.   underdog
15 Can you come up to San Francisco this weekend? ;-)
2006-05-11 09:16:59
19.   Penarol1916
8. Zumaya has been pretty well-hyped too I believe, though not as much as Verlander, plus, given the fact that Verlander was hitting 97-99 as a starter, wouldn't you think as a reliever he could have hit 100?
2006-05-11 09:27:49
20.   bluetahoe
My gut instincts told me that Brett Tomko might be the steal of the 2005 free agent class. I know its early, but my gut is starting to growl (lol...) Cy Young.
2006-05-11 09:31:39
21.   Bob Timmermann

Hot? It's supposed to get all the way up to 76 degrees downtown today!

2006-05-11 10:00:17
22.   thinkblue0

It's a little bit early to be talking Cy Young....he's faced San Diego twice, Arizona, Chicago, Pittsburgh....none of those are exactly good offenses. Ironically enough out of his seven starts we've won four, two against the two toughest teams he's pitched against in Houston and Philly.

I like what Tomko is doing, but again it's too early to get TOO excited considering all the evidence we have that says he'll give up a few more runs. In his last two starts his ERA has gone from 4.20 to 2.93.

2006-05-11 10:04:35
23.   Bob Timmermann
Cy Young? I think Tomko is looking at Cy Young, MVP, and possibly Comeback Player of the Year. Maybe even the Fred Hutchinson Award and the Roberto Clemente Award.

God bless Brett Tomko!

2006-05-11 10:05:14
24.   Blu2
(7) As I see it, Hamulack is brought in to pitch to Bonds because he's a lefty. Ergo, Hamulack is the home run donor. The only thing that can save us is if Hamulack is sent down, in which case the "honor" will fall to Perez or Osorio.
2006-05-11 10:16:47
25.   underdog
Yeah, you may very well be right. Hamulack could be the donor. Didn't Kuo give up a couple of dingers to Bonds last year? I'd pick him if he was up here, but otherwise it'll be The Hamyoulack. If it's not Sele. The Cubs have a lefty going against the Giants today, who is pretty solid, given that and the way Bonds hits the Cubs, it probably will be the Dodgers victimized. The q is, without Alou, do you even pitch to Bonds most of the time?
2006-05-11 10:38:36
26.   Curtis Lowe
Did anyone else notice the wins in the NLWEST are sequenced?






2006-05-11 10:55:18
27.   underdog
26 Yeah, which is also in reverse order of predicted finish (by most major baseball preview publications). Funny.
2006-05-11 10:56:46
28.   Curtis Lowe
27- This seems like a case for Mulder and Scully.
2006-05-11 14:49:20
29.   fanerman
I've been hoping Bonds gets past Ruth before he played the Dodgers, just so we didn't have to serve them up. Oh well.

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