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May 13 Game Chat
2006-05-13 08:30
by Jon Weisman
Comments (434)
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2006-05-13 08:49:42
What up peeps, Let's get another win
2006-05-13 08:51:16
I'm suprised BIG FOX isn't broadcasting this game.
2006-05-13 08:52:49
3.   King of the Hobos
I don't believe FOX is broadcasting games until next week, although I could be wrong
2006-05-13 08:58:49
I'm kinda suprised the game starts at 1:00pm today.
2006-05-13 08:59:43
5.   Marty
I am confounded by San Diego. But Bob saw it coming all along.
2006-05-13 09:01:07
King of the Hobos Victorino played for the Dodgers no? He plays for the Phillies now.
2006-05-13 09:06:43
7.   ToyCannon
On paper this looks like a loss for us and the day Bonds gets 714. Hopefully Sele uses his May magic and we can get Lowry out by the 6th so we can pick on their bullpen more then they can pick on our bullpen.
2006-05-13 09:10:13
Lowry has a good change up from what I heard, but yeah Sele is just what the doctor ordered for Bonds*
2006-05-13 09:12:05
9.   Marty
Hey Toy, too bad the Clippers lost but it sounds like you saw a great game.
2006-05-13 09:12:56
10.   still bevens
Assuming Sele only gives up one dinger to Bonds, Seo doesn't instill much confidence against 715.

I will be at Minute Maid Park next week to boo our swollen friend Barry.

2006-05-13 09:20:10
11.   Bob Timmermann
After this week, the next three Saturday games are on big Fox, against the Angels, at Washington and then against Philadelphia.
2006-05-13 09:23:58
well anyways about Victorino he's replacing Rowand & had a really good day at the plate yesterday 4for4 with a HR. That's why I was asking if he was a Dodger. His name wrang a bell in my head
2006-05-13 09:25:25
13.   Steve
To answer the question from the earlier thread, I believe the consensus the last time we discussed this was to trade Izturis to the Twins for Scott Baker and Francisco Liriano.
2006-05-13 09:39:27
14.   Greg S
Thanks Steve. I guess I'm having trouble catching up. Too many martinis last night.
I'd hate to see Izzy go. I think I'd even prefer him to RF but for some reason, RF is making 4x as much and that means he stays. RF has a higher ceiling on offense but will never be nearly the ss that Izzy is. I'd rather my shortstop catch than hit.
2006-05-13 09:44:40

I like you're way of thinking Greg.

2006-05-13 09:45:38
16.   underdog
Anyone comment yet on Jeff Passan's piece in Yahoo this morning on Barry Bonds?

2006-05-13 09:51:21
17.   Purple Hippopotamus

I gloss over any and all Bonds coverage: there's really nothing left to digest.

2006-05-13 09:57:37

Make you're self a glass of fresh lamonade, that's what I did. I feel much better now.

2006-05-13 09:58:38
19.   underdog
Me too. Except this is specifically about last night's game, talking about Bonds failure to hustle and his lack of movement in the OF as signs the Giants are basically enablers with him.

"Since Barry Bonds is sure to take a public flogging for almost hitting into a double play when he failed to run out a pop-up, I will refrain from ripping him for the act itself. Surely Bonds knows what he did was wrong, much like the 3-year-old who chucks silverware across the dinner table.

Difference is, children have parents who dole out punishment and make the kid apologize and, hopefully, learn from the mistake. Barry Bonds, the biggest child in baseball, doesn't seem to care, and he has done such a magnificent job of shielding himself from everybody except the yes-men and stooges in his employ, he no longer understands the meaning of accountability." how it starts...

But I hear ya. The media's over-coverage of Bonds is hard to take at this point. "Bonds constipated, no poop for two days - details coming up on SportsCenter!"

2006-05-13 10:08:12
20.   still bevens
ESPN News' Bonds coverage is specifically insufferable. They have the ticker going on 24/7 and highlight a key game/performance/stat or whatever in the lower right corner of the screen. They constantly have BONDS 0-3, BB highlighted.


2006-05-13 10:08:19
21.   ToyCannon
It was close but it wasn't a great game. Both teams were off and Brand/Cassell didn't step up when we needed it. Brand did all his damage in the 1st and wasn't very good after that. Marion seemed to take Cassell out of his game. It was a great move by the Suns to put Marion on Sam and we didn't adjust and take advantage of other mismatches. If Radmo doesn't get hot we lose by 10. It was a shame cause Nash/Diaw had off nights and you want to win when the opportunity knocks. Still if we can win Sunday we can still make this a series.
2006-05-13 10:08:39
22.   Greg S
Feeling better already. Time to go play golf and tivo the first half of the game. Catch up during the pitching changes.
2006-05-13 10:09:52
23.   ToyCannon
This might have been mentioned but the Daily news is saying that Mueller will probably undergo surgery and be out 4-6 weeks. This looks like a long term audition for Abyar. Here hoping he passes it.
2006-05-13 10:29:09
24.   underdog
23 Yeah, saw the news about Mueller. If he does need the surgery, it sounds exactly like what he did previously when with Boston, at almost the same exact time. So, yeah, he's going to be back late June. Hope he recovers and can go back to contributing; meanwhile, I have confidence in Aybar.

When's Repko back, btw? A week?

2006-05-13 10:29:46
25.   Blu2
If Aybar does well, will Mueller be back by end of August so we can trade him to someone for their pennant drive?
2006-05-13 10:32:33
26.   underdog
Here's today's lineup, courtesy of Inside the Dodgers:

Furcal, SS

Cruz, CF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Alomar, C

Aybar, 3B

Ethier, LF

Sele, P

Damn, I was hoping Martin would start again because I wanted to see him play in person. Looks solid overall - most importantly, though, is that Sele doesn't suck horribly.

2006-05-13 10:50:22
27.   sanchez101
Will Carroll claimed Repko would be out for six weeks. Mueller will be back well before August.
2006-05-13 10:53:37
28.   Vishal
grabowski principle in effect in new york; jaret wright walks marco scutaro with 2 out and 2 on.
2006-05-13 10:55:06
"I wanted to see him play in person."

After a night game I think Little just wanted to rest him, he's been playing everyday since the injury to Navarro. He'll be back.

2006-05-13 11:06:02
30.   overkill94
27 6 weeks? I thought he was reluctant to go on the DL at all? Seemed like a fairly harmless ankle sprain to me.
2006-05-13 11:22:02
31.   Bob Timmermann
The reports said that Repko had a high ankle sprain. I assume those take longer to heal. I usually only hear about those in football instead of baseball though.
2006-05-13 11:31:27
32.   the OZ
31 That's because Repko has the "football mentality" that makes Darin Erstad soooo great. Only gritty, gutty baseball players get high ankle sprains. Mama's boys like Drew get low ankle sprains, broken wrists, etc. :)
2006-05-13 11:39:09
33.   GoBears
In another installment of "Irony or No Irony," I submit the following.

The 2005 Dodgers were decimated by injuries, with Tracy's foibles and petty finger-pointing merely salt in the wound. DePo was fired for both.

We figured 2006 couldn't possibly be as bad, because we at least had reversion to the mean working in our favor on the injury front. True Colletti went out and acquired a bunch of old guys whose "mean" was closer to the 2005 reality than the 2005 expectation, but still.

Now, in 2006, injuries are just as bad, if not worse, with players dropping left and right (Mueller, Repko, Navarro, Gagne again, Furcal, Werth again, Lofton, Nomar) but simply because 2006 comes after 2005, the backups are a lot better than last year (with only Ethier a Colletti acquisition). And this year, we're not only NOT tearing our hair out over the injuries -- we're actually kind of excited to see the kids play. I like Mueller, but I was pretty sure he'd get hurt, so when he did, it was no rude shock, and his backup is even more interesting to me.

So, here's the irony. Last year, injuries drove us all to distraction. This year, just-as-frequent injuries give us reason for hope, because they force onto the field kids who we weren't sure would be allowed to play otherwise.

2006-05-13 11:44:32
34.   buster
Bradley is an established MLB contributor just entering his prime. His talent is rare (CF'er with .800+ OPS). He makes 3mils a year.

Yes, Ethier is nothing compared to what he was bartered for.

After Giles was lost, I did give props to Ned for at least signing Furcal. However, since then the Bradley trade has gone down, Tomko was signed, and Guzman was moved off SS.

Its only in the last several days have I realized the type of dumb moves the FO has pulled off. I wasnt paying attention during the off-season apparently.

Choi has a good OBP and pretty decent SLG. So whatever your argument, I'd rather have him at 1st base.

2006-05-13 11:44:34
35.   Bob Timmermann
I rule in favor of irony.
2006-05-13 11:48:38
36.   Slikk
GoBears - Okay - what's DePo's excuse for not having depth?

I'm not a DePo hater, I understood his philosophy, but trying to say that things were just 'handed' to Colletti is stupid. DePo chose to sign Valentin, after all, without any kind of decent backup for several positions - and kept Grabowski way longer than he should.

2006-05-13 11:49:52
37.   thinkblue0
wow. Still can't believe people would take Izzy over Furcal. Izzy is basically Royce Clayton or Alex Gonzalez...would you take those two over Furcal as well?
2006-05-13 11:52:32
38.   Vishal
yeah, that's irony.
2006-05-13 11:54:06
39.   thinkblue0
I'm not a DePo hater, I understood his philosophy, but trying to say that things were just 'handed' to Colletti is stupid. DePo chose to sign Valentin, after all, without any kind of decent backup for several positions - and kept Grabowski way longer than he should.

First of all, we have to remember that last year wasn't just a couple of injuries...basically everyone on the team got hurt. This year, we have the bonus of guys like Repko actually playing well. We have Russ Martin who wasn't ready to come up last year. etc etc.

I think this has more to do with the management than the GM. For instance, if we were still playing Tracyball I have no doubt Ramon Martinez would be in there instead of Aybar....

2006-05-13 11:57:00
40.   GoBears
36. That's easy. The kids weren't ready. Plus, to backpedal a bit on the "just as bad this year" claim, last year the team had multiple injuries at some positions. So the backups were hurt too.

Also, a lot of last season's injuries were completely unpredictable. This year, we KNEW that Mueller, Nomar, Lofton, and Furcal were all likely to get hurt, so the "need" for depth was more obvious.

But the biggest difference, as Jon has pointed out several times, is that the prospects are ready to contribute now. They weren't (other than Aybar, late) last year. Last year, DePo was hamstrung - he didn't want to rush prospects who might not help anyway, but didn't want to trade them either. Had the MLB team stayed healthy, this wouldn't have mattered. So when he did need LOTS of backups, all he had to turn to were non-prospect AAAA-types.

That McCourt has given $20-25M extra to Colletti to play around with basically means that NC can splurge on slightly-better-than AAAA backups and overpay some starters.

2006-05-13 12:02:10
41.   27indigo
Hey guys, a little help here ...

- I'm planning on a trip to Los Angeles of Anaheim of Orange County of Southern California for the Dodgers/Angels tilt in a month or two. Anyone recommend a good seat for under $30? I haven't been there since it's Anaheim Stadium days, so I'm a little behind the times.

- re: OBP
Does getting aboard on a fielder's choice count towards OBP? If a runner was safe at first on a 6-4 FC, and eventually scored, how many total bases is he credited?


2006-05-13 12:05:53
42.   Bob Timmermann
The seats in the View Level at Angel Stadium are a great deal. They aren't as high up as the Top Deck at Dodger Stadium and pretty nice. They come in two prices. Avoid the bleachers because they have bad viewpoints in my opinion. Also avoid anything with the word "Terrace" in it because there is an overhang which can block your view.

Reaching on a fielder's choice counts toward OBP in the sense that the batter DIDN'T get on base safely. So it's an 0 for 1 in that category. It's the same as reaching on an error. If a runner reaches on an FC, he doesn't get credit for any total bases.

2006-05-13 12:15:08
43.   Bob Timmermann
Bonds is in the lineup batting third today. Finley is batting cleanup for the Giants.
2006-05-13 12:43:23
44.   natepurcell
wow, Matt Kemp is destroying Hunter Pence in Sickels "Who would you rather have poll?"

out of 195 votes, 62% goes in favor of Kemp.

2006-05-13 12:43:58
45.   Bob Timmermann
Everybody must be hung over from last night.
2006-05-13 12:45:05
46.   D4P
Matt Kemp's votes:

Nate: 121
Other: 0

2006-05-13 12:46:07
47.   D4P
Everyone except the Iced-Tea Drinkers (you, Steve, Andrew S., and I).
2006-05-13 12:47:05
48.   confucius
37. He made a couple bad throws last night. People are going to critcize the day after. If he wasn't struggling on defense right now I don't think people would say that.
2006-05-13 12:47:20
49.   natepurcell

You can only vote once for each user name and I only use one user name. But if I wasn't so lazy, the margin would probably be greater by now.

D4P, aren't you excited for Kemp!!??!

2006-05-13 12:49:28
50.   D4P
Just teasing you, Purcey. For one thing, I have no idea who "Hunter Pence" is or what "Sickels" is.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-05-13 12:50:06
51.   Linkmeister
45 Not me. I might have been delirious, but that was just the "Beat the Giants" effect.
2006-05-13 12:51:48
52.   natepurcell
re 50

I figured that much. The best minor league blog on the internet. Its probably my second favorite place next to DT of course.

2006-05-13 12:56:12
53.   Bob Timmermann
I was drinking Diet Pepsi last night, not iced tea.

I'll be at Disney Hall and I hope that the selection tonight, Beethoven's 9th, will match my mood after this game.

2006-05-13 12:58:48
54.   confucius
I like Cruz in the No. 2 spot today. Especially against a lefty.
2006-05-13 13:03:51
I'll about ready to head out, I hope the Dodgers win another one today. I'm sure FSN/PRIME will air it agian tonight.

Go Dodgers!!!!

2006-05-13 13:05:20
56.   Linkmeister
Y'all found Google Trends yet?

Here's a search showing trend lines for searches for Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants.

2006-05-13 13:06:49
57.   regfairfield
Why is Sandy Alomar hitting sixth?
2006-05-13 13:09:59
58.   D4P
"Iced Tea" is meant to be taken figuratively.
2006-05-13 13:10:09
59.   Bob Timmermann

Somebody has to bat sixth. It's in the rules.

2006-05-13 13:10:28
60.   King of the Hobos
49 If you log out, you can get a second vote, which would double your influence with little effort
2006-05-13 13:11:32
61.   Bob Timmermann

Ahh, I see. I need some metaphorical iced tea now. I'm really sleepy.

2006-05-13 13:12:04
62.   D4P
Pop Quiz: Which player has drawn more walks this year -

A. Sandy Alomar Jr.
B. Odalis Perez.

2006-05-13 13:12:15
63.   regfairfield
Really bad sign #432

Barry Bonds rate2: 91
Rafael Furcal rate2: 77

2006-05-13 13:13:32
64.   regfairfield
62 Well, I know Alomar has 0, so, Perez.
2006-05-13 13:14:30
I still have half n hour to kill, Lowry has a great change uh guys!
2006-05-13 13:15:44
Let's see what kind of stuff Sele has today.
2006-05-13 13:16:05
67.   D4P
That, my friends, is a little thing I like to call the "process of elimination."
2006-05-13 13:18:21
2006-05-13 13:19:48
69.   DodgerHobbit
inside the dodgers blog says mueller is going to have surgery on monday in AZ
2006-05-13 13:20:32
2006-05-13 13:20:57
sit down Barry
2006-05-13 13:23:19
72.   nick
everything about the Bonds spectacle is grotesque...right down to the fact that he become a hitter who can't catch up with a 3-1 fastball from one Aaron Sele....

remember when Pete Rose was whoring after base hits?

2006-05-13 13:23:29
73.   Bob Timmermann
I don't believe you can make a backwards K in HTML.

At least my keyboard doesn't handle Phoenician, which seems to be the only alphabet that every had a backwards K.

2006-05-13 13:25:25
74.   D4P
Just another single for Alomar.
2006-05-13 13:25:40
75.   Bob Timmermann
Alomar still made that play fairly close. I doubt he gets too many infield singles anymore.
2006-05-13 13:26:44
76.   Bob Timmermann
Padres take a 4-3 lead in the ninth in Wrigley on a 3-run bomb from Piazza off of Dempster.
2006-05-13 13:29:08
77.   trainwreck
I voted for Kemp on Sickel's site. I like how he called it the monster of all prospect smackdowns.
2006-05-13 13:29:43
78.   trainwreck
2006-05-13 13:30:01
Well atleast we got rid of Sele, for the top of the line up, next at bat.
2006-05-13 13:30:54
80.   D4P
Nice to see the DT youth out there rockin' the vote.
2006-05-13 13:32:49
good lucking pitch by Sele.
2006-05-13 13:33:35

vote for what d4p?

2006-05-13 13:38:22
Furcal uses A HUGE GLOVE! Don't you think?
2006-05-13 13:38:55
84.   regfairfield
80 Can the others Mongolian Throat Sing the vote?
2006-05-13 13:40:33
85.   Gen3Blue
Looks like he needs a bigger one.
2006-05-13 13:42:37
86.   Bob Timmermann
How was that not a swing?
2006-05-13 13:42:50
Bruce Fremming looks like humpty dumpty over.
2006-05-13 13:43:50

is he really that bad!? I don't think so, I know there's something wrong with his finger BUT COME ON!!

2006-05-13 13:45:53
Well ther it is he made up for it.(furcal getting a hit)
2006-05-13 13:48:05
90.   natepurcell
why is nomar so effin good?!!?
2006-05-13 13:48:24
91.   fawnkyj
Woohoo Nomar! He is becoming a Dodger getting big hits against the Giants.
2006-05-13 13:48:57
92.   LAT
Good thing Cruz made sure that was a one rule HR. Geez
2006-05-13 13:49:10
93.   LAT
2006-05-13 13:49:25
94.   trainwreck
If Nomar keeps this up, do we re-sign him?
2006-05-13 13:51:05
95.   Big Game
nomar's ba/obp/slg over the last 7 games:
2006-05-13 13:53:32
96.   natepurcell
honestly, besides pujols, has there been any other 1b in the NL better then Nomar so far this year?
2006-05-13 13:54:56
97.   Big Game

I'll say Delgado has, but thats about it.

2006-05-13 13:55:09
98.   King of the Hobos
If Nomar keeps hitting and stays healthy, Flanders figures to try to lock him up for several years. If that were to happen, what do we do with Loney? Give up and trade him? Let him play 2+ years in AAA?
2006-05-13 13:55:58
99.   LAT
Vin just noted that Nomar has not committed an error all season at 1B in 180+ chances.

(Of course mentioning it is the kiss of death)

2006-05-13 13:56:32
100.   regfairfield
Is left field really short at Pac Bell? It seems like Kent and Nomar didn't hit the ball hard at all.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-05-13 13:56:44
101.   JT Dutch
... Well, at least Kent isn't falling below the Mendoza line -- yet.
2006-05-13 13:57:02
darn it, I was outside when Nomar hit it out! he's been tearing the cover off the ball!
2006-05-13 13:57:05
103.   LAT
It must feel good to Kent to do that in SF
2006-05-13 13:57:22
104.   natepurcell
re 96

i retract that statement after realizing delgado, berkman, johnson, howard and fielder are in the NL.

2006-05-13 13:58:12
105.   LAT
BB looks to be moving around a little better today than last night.
2006-05-13 14:01:11
106.   JoeyP
Nomar has 4 HR's left.
2006-05-13 14:03:57
Let's get some more runs!
2006-05-13 14:04:08
108.   JoeyP
Sele with a 4 pitch inning.
Who built the Giants again?
2006-05-13 14:04:11
109.   Big Game
pujols > berkman > delgado > nomar

howard is having a louder season, but not better thus far.

2006-05-13 14:09:26
O.K. Peeps out outta here.


2006-05-13 14:14:35
111.   LAT
Willie Willie Willie
2006-05-13 14:15:36
112.   Bob Timmermann

For those not scoring at home, those were 12 exclamation points.

2006-05-13 14:16:50
113.   Uncle Miltie

I think the inning would have been over had Aybar fielded that ball.

2006-05-13 14:19:25
114.   LAT
Sele is averaging less than 11 pitches per inning today
2006-05-13 14:21:02
115.   Big Game

what's his exclamation point-to-post ratio?

2006-05-13 14:21:22
116.   Gen3Blue
88 Furcal is not that bad for an offensive shortstop. I'm curious about nagging injuries, but maybe it's just luck or nerves. If nothings wrong physically he should pull out just fine(imo).
2006-05-13 14:21:39
117.   Uncle Miltie
Nice triple for DJ. This run better score.
2006-05-13 14:22:36
118.   Uncle Miltie
Unproductive weak out by Kent.
2006-05-13 14:24:26
119.   JoeyP
Kent cant pick up the Olney, and Alomar is well, Alomar.
2006-05-13 14:26:06
120.   LAT
116. The thing about all this replace Furcal with Izzy talk is that we don't know how well Izzy can throw. He may field great but then what does he do with the ball.
2006-05-13 14:26:08
121.   Uncle Miltie
57- I was thinking the same thing. Why put the least patient hitter in the lineup 6th? Alomar has some singles because he swings at the first pitch every time. He has some of the worst at bats of anybody on this team. So Martin and Navarro, who are better hitters, bat 8th, yet that bum Alomar bats 6th?
2006-05-13 14:26:28
122.   LAT
Bad feeling about this BB at bat.
2006-05-13 14:27:24
123.   Uncle Miltie
That last pitch was a strike.
2006-05-13 14:28:24
124.   adamclyde
watching gameday... I'm assuming that it was an intentional walk to Bonds?
2006-05-13 14:28:26
125.   JoeyP
Sandy Alomar would fit in with the Giants lineup today. He's old, generally isnt very productive, and hacks at everything.
2006-05-13 14:28:48
126.   LAT
122. Never mind.
2006-05-13 14:29:02
127.   Uncle Miltie
124- he pitched around him though the 3-0 pitch was a strike.

Nice DP Finley

2006-05-13 14:29:29
128.   LAT
124. No just pitched around him
2006-05-13 14:31:06
129.   adamclyde
well, that pitch around sure worked. Thanks Finley!
2006-05-13 14:31:08
130.   JoeyP
Why would any gameplan involve swinging early in the count against a pitcher the caliber of Aaron Sele?
2006-05-13 14:31:15
131.   thinkblue0
i missed last night's game...did Penny get hurt? I heard something about it..if someone could fill me in I'd be much obliged.
2006-05-13 14:34:37
132.   trainwreck
Penny left with a stiff lower back.
2006-05-13 14:34:54
133.   mikethinksblue
According to Vin, it was probably just the cold air last night that stiffend his back...but they are doing an MRI just for fun.
2006-05-13 14:35:40
134.   JoeyP
Ethier gives off a James Loney vibe. I hope its just temporary.
2006-05-13 14:37:20
135.   Jon Weisman
Horrible news: USC point guard Ryan Francis was murdered.

2006-05-13 14:42:00
136.   overkill94
My parents always said nothing good ever happens after midnight. Seems like horrible things happen after 2 am.
2006-05-13 14:42:43
137.   Uncle Miltie
135- Sad. I always thought Gabe Pruitt was their starting PG
2006-05-13 14:43:29
138.   adamclyde
good time for nomar to remind us again why he's a dodger...
2006-05-13 14:46:46
139.   mikethinksblue
meanwhile, Munter reminds us why he's a giant...
2006-05-13 14:47:08
140.   adamclyde
or that works. now drew can come up with the heroics. I like that.
2006-05-13 14:47:20
141.   JoeyP
Oakland thing rearin' its ugly head....
2006-05-13 14:48:04
142.   Uncle Miltie
What a quality at bat by Nomar, I wish Kent was that unselfish.

The Giants announcers are such homers "That was a great pitch (on 3-1) by Munter, he just got squeezed!"

2006-05-13 14:49:48
143.   Uncle Miltie
Nice job DJ!
2006-05-13 14:50:21
144.   Marty
Nothing like a 2-out rally started by the pitcher.
2006-05-13 14:50:45
145.   JoeyP
Drew is awesome.
2006-05-13 14:50:56
146.   Nagman
The Giants announcers also said, after Sele got the 2 out hit, that the good thing about that was the Dodgers burn Furcal this inning. Yep, and Cruz, and Nomar, and Drew...
2006-05-13 14:50:56
147.   adamclyde
boy this feels good.
2006-05-13 14:51:50
148.   regfairfield
Happy Miltie?
2006-05-13 14:52:04
149.   Uncle Miltie
What a quality at bat by Nomar, I wish Kent was that unselfish.
Well, Kent proves me wrong. A little bit of a different situation though.

Too bad Alomar's up

2006-05-13 14:52:25
150.   Bob Timmermann
This performance by the Giants pitchers this inning is Carter-esque.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-05-13 14:52:45
151.   adamclyde
142 well, maybe kent just took a lesson from Nomar...

let's see if the geriatric part of our lineup can deliver.... come on alomar...

2006-05-13 14:53:21
152.   DXMachina
Anybody think Alomar can draw a walk here?
2006-05-13 14:53:30
153.   mikethinksblue
Kent should have been swinging 3-0
2006-05-13 14:53:42
154.   DXMachina
I guess not.
2006-05-13 14:53:52
155.   Uncle Miltie
Sandy is a horrible player who gives away at bats. He could have ended the game if he was a little more patient and had waited for a better pitch.
2006-05-13 14:54:31
156.   JoeyP
If Little is going to stick to his "catcher always bats 8th" mantra, he really needs to apply to it days in which Sandy Alomar plays. Or apply that mantra, only when Alomar plays.
2006-05-13 14:55:41
157.   Uncle Miltie
Cruz should have caught that
2006-05-13 14:57:11
158.   Bob Timmermann
If it's any consolation, I don't think Lofton would have caught it. Maybe Repko would have.
2006-05-13 14:58:01
159.   mikethinksblue
Repko would have at least got his uniform dirty(ier)
2006-05-13 14:58:52
160.   Uncle Miltie
Lofton might have played it into a triple. I think Repko would have caught it (or any slightly above average fielder). Cruz has been a horrible CF for the last few years. It's like playing Shawn Green in CF.
2006-05-13 14:59:53
161.   regfairfield
I think Repko would have run in several different directions and had the end result as Cruz.

But now we're firmly into who's-to-saybermetrics territory here.

2006-05-13 15:01:03
162.   overkill94
This umpire's strike zone went from really wide in the first few innings to really tight in the last couple. Luckily it worked out better for us than the Giants.
2006-05-13 15:03:16
163.   JoeyP
It wouldnt have worked for the Giants anyway. For a pitch to be called a ball, a batter must first not swing.

Giants have trouble with that aspect.

2006-05-13 15:03:29
164.   mikethinksblue
Vin just said basically the same thing
2006-05-13 15:03:41
165.   thinkblue0
I wouldn't mind adding anothe run my buddy says "no lead is safe with this pen"
2006-05-13 15:04:56
166.   Uncle Miltie
Just another walk for Aybar...
2006-05-13 15:05:22
167.   JoeyP
2006-05-13 15:06:51
168.   Uncle Miltie
Sele done after 86 pitches, why?
2006-05-13 15:07:56
169.   Bob Timmermann


2006-05-13 15:08:14
170.   JoeyP
With the Giants hackers, he could have pitched a complete game under 100.
2006-05-13 15:08:38
171.   thinkblue0

with a man on second Little was probably trying to take a better shot at getting another insurance run.

2006-05-13 15:10:09
172.   Christina
Another insurance run would have been nice.

Who's coming in to pitch?

2006-05-13 15:11:03
173.   JoeyP
Probably Saito or Broxton.
2006-05-13 15:11:12
174.   mikethinksblue
Saito was warming up
2006-05-13 15:11:30
175.   D4P
Sorry if this has already been noted, but Penny had a "precautionary" MRI on his back. Results not in yet.
2006-05-13 15:11:49
176.   Disabled List
It kills me how much Tim Worrell looks like his brother Todd. Every time I see him pitch, I have bad flashbacks.
2006-05-13 15:13:51
177.   mikethinksblue
walk him
2006-05-13 15:15:06
178.   Christina
Announcer babbling about Saito being tough to elevate. I hope that didn't jinx him.
2006-05-13 15:15:34
179.   Christina
That was a strike!
2006-05-13 15:17:07
180.   Uncle Miltie
Nice job by Saito. The Giants gun must be fast (like always). They had Saito throwing 94-95 MPH.
2006-05-13 15:17:08
181.   Bob Timmermann
That should be sending the Giants fans to the exits.
2006-05-13 15:17:18
182.   JoeyP
Nothing for Bonds today.
2006-05-13 15:17:28
183.   thinkblue0
I've got a question for Bob:

back in the 50s and 60's, do you remember pitchers going down with injuries this often? I can understand sitting with arm problems, but it seems like some of these teams sit guys on the DL for two months for something completely minor. I recall a quote from Nolan Ryan where he said pain is part of being a pitcher, and unless it's something major you just have to pitch through it....just something a friend and I were discussing.

2006-05-13 15:17:43
184.   Christina
Watch, Alou will still leave him out in LF in the 9th just in case.
2006-05-13 15:18:38
185.   JoeyP
Dodgers 96pitches in 8ip. Anyone know the lowest total so far this year for the Dodgers? Today might come close.
2006-05-13 15:19:00
186.   Christina
Most of the Giants fans will actually be inclined to stay and watch the rest of the game. The free Kaboom concert just a few piers over starts at 4pm, so there's no point in leaving early - no one is going to go home.
2006-05-13 15:21:14
187.   autumnlanding
takashi saito has been magnificent. he completely came out of the woodworks, has such a loveable, relaxed demeanor that it is very fun to watch him.
2006-05-13 15:21:19
188.   Bob Timmermann

I think pitchers going on the DL more now is a factor of two things:
1) Better medical diagnoses
2) The pitchers get paid a lot more

If you were a GM and Joe Starter said he had a bad arm and he was making about $10,000 a year, who cares if he goes down. Just get a new guy from the minors. With the Reserve Clause, you can keep them on your team forever!

2006-05-13 15:21:26
189.   Linkmeister
183 On injuries I think it's a combination of several things. 1) Teams invest a lot more money in players than they used to; 2) Medical science has improved greatly from the days when Koufax would soak his arm in liniment or goo; 3) Pitchers don't throw as many pitches as they used to, so their arms may not be as strong as they once were.
2006-05-13 15:22:11
190.   Linkmeister
Great minds, and me horning in. Sorry Bob.
2006-05-13 15:23:54
191.   Marty
Make room for Danys. Fasten your seatbelts.
2006-05-13 15:23:58
192.   Christina
To the theories floated above, I'd add in more wear and tear in Little League, high school, and college on arms.
2006-05-13 15:23:59
193.   JoeyP
Now Kent is setting up Baez....
First Lance, and now Jeff Kent.
2006-05-13 15:24:55
194.   Uncle Miltie
Quality at bat by Kent. Let's hope it doesn't come back to haunt us.
2006-05-13 15:25:23
195.   trainwreck
And it begins...
2006-05-13 15:25:38
196.   Christina
Well, a lead-off double wasn't what I was hoping for...
2006-05-13 15:25:58
197.   Marty
What happened to playing on the line late in games to prevent extra bases. Is that not done anymore?
2006-05-13 15:26:16
198.   JoeyP
Its a good thing Baez doesnt seem to have gotten many 1 run save chances.
2006-05-13 15:26:27
199.   Uncle Miltie
197- not with a 3 run lead and nobody on base
2006-05-13 15:27:27
200.   Uncle Miltie
Great. Will-E
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-05-13 15:27:40
201.   Marty
After that, Aybar would sit for a month last year.
2006-05-13 15:28:20
202.   regfairfield
When did the Giants get a mascot?
2006-05-13 15:29:02
203.   Disabled List
Here we go again...

I don't remember Aybar being this bad defensively. That was his first error, but the second time he should've made a play and blew it.

2006-05-13 15:29:47
204.   thinkblue0

yeah that's pretty much what I figured. I pitched relief in college and I can't even imagine the days when guys threw 150 pitches regularly...any time I got to like 90 I'd start feeling empty.

But an example would be like Rich Harden. I think he's got like a minor back thing and he's sitting and ALWAYS on the DL...those just seem like the kind of things you either have to pitch through, or miss a start and then get back at it...but whatever, I guess if it was MY money I'd be sitting the guy too...

2006-05-13 15:29:47
205.   D4P
Ray Durham is OPSing .494
2006-05-13 15:30:08
206.   mikethinksblue
They've had him/her for is Louseal. I wish they would bring back the Crazy Crab
2006-05-13 15:30:49
207.   JoeyP
It helps to have a .188 hitting grizzled veteran batting 6th.
2006-05-13 15:31:00
208.   Christina
Aybar had some nice plays last night. This might just be a bad day for him. It happens.
2006-05-13 15:31:07
209.   thinkblue0
you know, it's pretty funny how Baez kept complaining that he wants to be a closer when clearly, he shouldn't be more than a set up guy.
2006-05-13 15:31:16
210.   joekings
Why is Baez our closer?
2006-05-13 15:31:26
211.   trainwreck
I can't believe I am going to say this, but lets make Saito the closer.
2006-05-13 15:31:43
212.   Uncle Miltie
Doesn't something bad always happy when the Dodgers new pitching coach comes to the mound?
2006-05-13 15:32:24
213.   D4P
Broxton might make a good closer.
2006-05-13 15:32:48
214.   Uncle Miltie
2006-05-13 15:32:57
215.   Marty
I don't know what's scarier. Baez throwing a ball in the dirt a foot outside, or Alomar backhanding it because he can't move.
2006-05-13 15:33:09
216.   thinkblue0

I couldn't agree more...go with who is the best guy. The problem is managers these days get so caught up in "roles" that they refuse to change. Saito, based on performance, really should be our closer right now.

Boy do I miss the days of the dominant Gagne. Sigh.

2006-05-13 15:34:26
217.   Christina
The thing about trying to pitch through injury is that a lot of times the pitcher's performance is appreciably downgraded. Loiaza tried just that earlier this season and did zero favors for his team.

It must have happened a lot in the past too, not pitching as well when pitching through injuries, but perhaps that's a function of hitting having changed over the decades. Maybe pitchers these days get jumped on more by good hitters for bad pitches than they used to?

2006-05-13 15:34:40
218.   Uncle Miltie
Greene, like Alomar, has no walks this year.
2006-05-13 15:34:43
219.   scareduck
But Baez is a proven closer.
2006-05-13 15:34:51
220.   tjshere
This may not be an optimum spot for Broxton, but who the heck else are you gonna bring in?
2006-05-13 15:35:42
221.   Uncle Miltie
Grits will inevitably blame the loss on Aybar, just like he's done with Osoria and Kuo in the past.
2006-05-13 15:36:07
222.   thinkblue0

True. The league is also more watered down. When there were less teams, even a 75% Sandy Koufax was still pretty darn good....a 75% Loaiza is going to get hammered against the best hitters in the world.

2006-05-13 15:36:13
223.   Disabled List
This is unbelievable. Baez is doubly killing me: he's on my fantasy team too, for some reason.
2006-05-13 15:36:16
224.   Langhorne
Baez is Lidging.
2006-05-13 15:36:39
225.   scareduck
Anybody But Baez.

Grittle, the chant is for your neck.

2006-05-13 15:36:43
226.   D4P
Danny "In play, run-scoring play" Baez
2006-05-13 15:37:06
227.   regfairfield
Given that Barry's out of the lineup, would walking Ortmeyer be a good idea?
2006-05-13 15:37:08
228.   Mark Joseph
I believe the correct formatting is Baez is a Proven Closer™
2006-05-13 15:37:32
229.   thinkblue0

if "proven" is a euphemism for "shaky" then I agree :)

2006-05-13 15:37:34
230.   Christina
Jeez, Alomar just barely saved that.
2006-05-13 15:37:46
231.   joekings
I don't think there is anyone who didn't see that coming.
2006-05-13 15:37:51
232.   caseybarker
Baez will be hung in effigy at my house tonight.
2006-05-13 15:37:52
233.   Uncle Miltie
On Jeez. Giants announcer practically had a heart attack. That's enough of Baez. Is that 5 blown saves now?
2006-05-13 15:38:03
234.   autumnlanding
put in parez
2006-05-13 15:38:12
235.   thinkblue0
Little should have yanked Baez about two batters ago.
2006-05-13 15:38:18
236.   regfairfield
223 Thankfully he's stashed safely on my bench. Alomg with proven closer Fransico Cordero.

Hey, Jose Viscaino is still in baseball.

2006-05-13 15:38:22
237.   scareduck
226 - LOL!
2006-05-13 15:38:31
238.   Mark Joseph
228 Wait a minute; I accidentally put a "C" in front of "loser".
2006-05-13 15:38:34
239.   tjshere
It's becoming more and more apparent that unless this bullpen improves dramtically we aren't going to win jack this year.
2006-05-13 15:38:36
240.   Rob M
put in anyone! Jeez, he's got nothing.
2006-05-13 15:38:46
241.   Nagman
We must lead the league in giving up hits when ahead in the count. Ridiculous.
2006-05-13 15:38:51
242.   JoeyP
If Baez cant retire the Giants scrubs, who can he retire?
2006-05-13 15:39:23
243.   thinkblue0
we better get a DP here or I'll seriously lose my lunch.
2006-05-13 15:39:28
244.   scareduck
Baez almost throws an IBB pitch into left field, narrowly averting a Kuo situation.
2006-05-13 15:39:29
245.   natepurcell
Just another blown save for Baez.
2006-05-13 15:39:57
246.   Disabled List
I cannot believe how many solid late-inning leads this team has blown, or come close to blowing.
2006-05-13 15:39:59
247.   Marty
I'm speechless.
2006-05-13 15:40:34
248.   tjshere

That's "T Rex" to you, mister.

2006-05-13 15:40:44
249.   joekings
Why is Baez still on the mound?
2006-05-13 15:40:45
250.   trainwreck
Our plan is to double up one of their fastest runners?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-05-13 15:41:07
251.   thinkblue0
I'm shocked. Why is he still in there? I mean seriously, is Gravy kidding?
2006-05-13 15:41:26
252.   scareduck
238 - I'm stealing that line.
2006-05-13 15:41:32
253.   tjshere
I'm speechless too, probably due to all the hurling.
2006-05-13 15:41:51
254.   Christina
2006-05-13 15:41:55
255.   Linkmeister
Don Stanhouse. Stan Williams. Danys Baez.
2006-05-13 15:41:57
256.   thinkblue0
Five blown saves is enough, get this guy out of our closer role.

How many games are we going to lose after being up by 3 or more runs?

2006-05-13 15:41:58
257.   Uncle Miltie
Drew with the Lofton like arm...great. Drew throws him out if this is 2005.
2006-05-13 15:42:05
258.   tjshere
2006-05-13 15:42:09
259.   Rob M
that was awesome.
2006-05-13 15:42:30
260.   caseybarker
Well, at least this one will show up in the loss column for Baez.
2006-05-13 15:42:44
261.   Christina
Bright side, Bonds hit no home runs.
2006-05-13 15:43:06
262.   thinkblue0
the sad part is that someone is still going to give Baez a nice closer deal this offseason. I don't HATE the guy, but c'mon, he shouldn't be closing.

Put Saito ahead of him.

2006-05-13 15:43:21
263.   Disabled List
Comment 239 needs repeating. The Dodgers aren't going anywhere this year with a bullpen like this.
2006-05-13 15:43:24
264.   JoeyP
Remember when Garner pulled Lidge when he cleary didnt have it.

What was Grady thinking?

2006-05-13 15:43:39
265.   scareduck
I am laughing and laughing... Grittle can't continue to justify Baez in the closer role anymore.
2006-05-13 15:43:46
266.   Rob M
Why isn't Broxton closing?
2006-05-13 15:43:50
267.   caseybarker
I'd rather have Edwin Jackson in there closing games.
2006-05-13 15:43:54
268.   Mark Joseph
Be my guest. Happy to share.
2006-05-13 15:43:59
269.   natepurcell
People can blame Aybar for making the error, but i'm going to blame Baez for not being good pitcher.
2006-05-13 15:44:05
270.   Big Game
gagne back in june, gagne back in june, gagne back in june...
2006-05-13 15:44:48
271.   Uncle Miltie
Quality at bat by Kent. Let's hope it doesn't come back to haunt us.
It did. Probably doesn't matter since Baez is pitching like garbage.
2006-05-13 15:44:56
272.   thinkblue0
hopefully the next time Baez heads to the park he only makes left turns and gets lost.
2006-05-13 15:44:56
273.   trainwreck
Somebody call Dick Cheney, we need someone shot in the face.
2006-05-13 15:44:58
274.   natepurcell
Little needs to demote Baez to "ordinary reliever"
2006-05-13 15:45:47
275.   Marty
This type of thing wouldn't happen if we had some veteran leadership.
2006-05-13 15:46:08
276.   Christina
269 I agree. Errors happen, and Aybar's was certainly ill-timed, but it by no means sealed our fate today. It wouldn't have mattered if we'd had a pitcher on the mound who had his stuff today.
2006-05-13 15:46:12
277.   thinkblue0
I sense a strong run on either Saito or Broxton coming in just about every fantasy league.
2006-05-13 15:46:27
278.   Nagman
Baez likes to challenge... "here it is, hit it"... and they do.
2006-05-13 15:47:13
279.   regfairfield
That was really frustrating, but Baez has been really unlucky this year. His perhiprials are all much better than his career numbers, it's just that his BABIP has been absurdly high (.358 coming into the game, it's probably closer to .380 or .390 now), he'll get better.
2006-05-13 15:48:27
280.   thinkblue0

ORRR will he???

2006-05-13 15:48:27
281.   Christina
Just to toss a hypothetical out for discussion: Would it have made a difference if Martin had been catching today and calling the pitches?
2006-05-13 15:49:31
282.   Mark Joseph
McCourt needs to demote Little to "unemployed."
2006-05-13 15:49:37
283.   trainwreck
No. Baez throws practically all fastballs
2006-05-13 15:50:40
284.   thinkblue0

probably not since everything Baez throws gets hit. I wouldn't mind if this happened every now and then...blown saves happen.

But let's face it, this is five right? In how many chances? This guy should not be the question is whether or not Little has the guts to make a switch.

2006-05-13 15:51:44
285.   Christina
Yeah, I didn't really think so either.

I just hope Baez doesn't face Bonds in tomorrow's game.

2006-05-13 15:52:06
286.   caseybarker
Sure, Baez likes to challenge, but his pitches have nothing on them.

What's the point of a 12 man staff if you're not going to use it?

2006-05-13 15:53:14
287.   Uncle Miltie
279- I do think he's been unlucky. The hits he gives are no cheapies. The ball gets smoked when he's pitching. 95 MPH down the middle really aren't difficult for major leaguers to hit.
2006-05-13 15:53:39
288.   Linkmeister
286 That's easy. If you don't trust any of your relievers to hold leads, you don't put any of them out there.

Why didn't he just leave Saito in?

2006-05-13 15:54:48
289.   Dark Horse
284-I concur. Baez is just abysmal, and should be released. The club won't do that of course, but I've a suspicion Grits might push him back. I'd rather see Broxton come in and be erratic than I would watch Baez be awful, every time.
2006-05-13 15:55:17
290.   regfairfield
287 If you're BABIP is in the .380s, you're unlucky, plain and simple.
2006-05-13 15:55:36
291.   thinkblue0

because managers are so caught up in "roles". There's no reason Saito shouldn't stay in...looking at the numbers, even before Baez came in Little should have known that there was a better chance that Baez would mess this up than Saito...but Baez is the "closer". So stupid.

2006-05-13 15:56:45
292.   Christina
Leaving Saito in would have been my preference, but he pitched an inning and a third last night. Maybe he just wasn't up for two today.
2006-05-13 15:57:17
293.   autumnlanding
ever wonder what it feels like to be stabbed three times with a huge carving knife?

watching baez pitch tonights game thats only like getting stabbed once with a huge carving knife. for three times you really have to think more along the lines of

duaner sanchez. edwin jackson. chuck tiffany.

wouldnt be suprising if those get grouped next to pedro martinez in the stripped clean from the dodgers category. this one just hurts.

2006-05-13 15:57:53
294.   Uncle Miltie
287- DON'T
2006-05-13 15:58:49
295.   Nagman
I'm amazed how much managers let stats dictate decisions. Trying to get a withering starter thru 5 innings to get a W, or if a game suddenly becomes a save situation, the closer comes in.

The whole Pedro situation w/Grittle keeps making more sense to me everyday. I'm not sure he knows how to handle it.

2006-05-13 16:03:21
296.   caseybarker
I do not believe that a pitcher who allows as many baserunners in a row as Baez is unlucky. He is just not effective.
2006-05-13 16:04:04
297.   Christina
(repeats to self: At least Bonds didn't homer) I'm going to go work out and work off my residual frustration, then head to the Kaboom concert for KT Tunstall's 5:55 performance. It really sucks to know that there will be a lot of happy drunk Giants fans in attendance, though.
2006-05-13 16:06:48
298.   caseybarker
I believe Miltie proves why Baez' BABIP is high - because of the HARD hit balls and line drives he gets.
2006-05-13 16:08:15
299.   Sam DC
(returns home)

(nervously peeks into comments)


2006-05-13 16:08:52
300.   thinkblue0
I have a feeling after today that Saito is going to be closing soon....I sure hope so, I can't handle watching Baez come in to close things out. Release him? Naw...he's still a decent pitcher and would be perfect for the 7th inning role.

It's just sad that some team is going to give him like 5 mill to close next year when someone could do the same job for like 1/5 of that.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-05-13 16:09:49
301.   caseybarker
No heart attacks here. I think everyone knows what to expect, now.
2006-05-13 16:13:56
302.   Linkmeister
301 Right. Hara-kiri or seppuku, maybe, but no heart attacks.
2006-05-13 16:15:39
303.   Andrew Shimmin
In addition to being a computer nerd and loner, clearly DePo is also a voodoo master. There's just no other explanation for what I saw this afternoon. And he's angry. . .
2006-05-13 16:20:03
304.   MSarg29
Look I don't think Baez should be in the closer role anymore. But many of you are acting like Grady is keeping Mariano Rivera at the end of the bullpen.
The calls for Saito to close are humorous to me since he was so derided earlier this season. I defended Grady for bringing him into a tough situation a couple of weeks ago against the Phillies in which Kuo was taken out and Saito proceeded to induce a double play ball. I said wow that decision worked and all I heard was "you dont bring the last guy to make the team out of spring training into a big spot." "Why do you take Kuo out against a righthanded hitter like David Bell, Grady only looks at left right matchups" and so on.

My point is, the revisionist history here is getting pretty thick. Now people say Saito is the answer. He may be, but once he gets the closer role he'll probably start to struggle as well. And everyone will blast Grady again.

I hope the bullpens failures this season allow everyone to really appreciate what we had with the Gagne era. We may never have that again and most here probably didnt fully enjoy it because they were so fixated on getting rid of Gagne "because he only pitches 1 inning a game."

Well Gagne didnt lose games like that and the security that provided the team was invaluable.

2006-05-13 16:25:17
305.   caseybarker
Do you suggest closer by committee? Saito the obvious choice to be closer as he is next in line. It only took three blown saves for Brazoban to be replaced by Sanchez.
2006-05-13 16:30:47
306.   MSarg29
I would have Saito take a crack at the job. We just have to understand that more than likely the guys we have in the pen currently arent very good and we will probably be disappointed.
2006-05-13 16:32:56
307.   Underbruin
304 - "I hope the bullpens failures this season allow everyone to really appreciate what we had with the Gagne era. We may never have that again and most here probably didnt fully enjoy it because they were so fixated on getting rid of Gagne 'because he only pitches 1 inning a game.'"

Now who's being revisionist? Who exactly here wanted to get rid of Gagne when he was moved into his role as a closer?

2006-05-13 16:35:11
308.   LAT
Why is everyone bagging on Grady. Save some for Ned. After all is Grady going to rip the players his GM (who hired Grady) brought in. So I'm going to do it for him. With the season nearly a quarter of the way through let's look at the deals Ned has made.

Furcal, although not a total disater, Ned badly overpaid for a SS who is underperforming.

Baez a horrible horrible deal. Forget for a moment who we gave up. Just the fact that he took Baez over any other reliever is a bad deal. And to think Baez thought he was going to compete with Gagne for the closer role.

Lofton. There were cheaper alternitives available but at least he is performing.

Lance Carter. I'll leave it at that.

Seo. This is the biggest mistake of all through not fault of Seo's. While he is pitching reasonable well for a 4/5 starter giving up Duaner is absolutly KILLING us right now.

Meuller. Ok but injured. Not entiriely unexpected.

Nomar. Great signing if he continues like this.

Alomar. Whatever, we didn't need him in the first place.

Kent extension. I think it will work out but right now it is terrible.

Ironically, the people who have saved Ned's bacon are the prospects he had nothing to do with and the deals Depo did: Drew, Penny, Lowe.

As we sit today I have to give Ned a "D."

Even though I think Old Bear is a bit gloom and doom at times, I think he called this one correctly from the beginning.

2006-05-13 16:36:21
309.   MSarg29
Oh I think a lot of people here have talked about how the Dodgers should let Gagne and his big contract go so his salary would be more effectively used. Many here have the attitude that a closer, even one as great as Gagne was, only throws 1 inning a game and we shouldnt be spending so much money on that 1 inning.
2006-05-13 16:37:16
310.   caseybarker
I'm of the opinion that solid people can be found to close out games, from Broxton to Saito to Beimel. And we have a bunch or hard throwers in AAA.
2006-05-13 16:38:20
311.   trainwreck
I don't think Saito will end up being that good, but right now he is a better option than Baez. I would take Broxton over them all, but I know Grady will not go for that.
2006-05-13 16:40:58
312.   trainwreck
Lieber doing his best Cole Hamels impersonation.
2006-05-13 16:41:16
313.   Bob Timmermann
Jon Lieber's perfect game is broken up with 2 outs in the 7th on a single by Adam Dunn.
2006-05-13 16:42:34
314.   Uncle Miltie
I don't like Saito as our closer. His stuff isn't very good and I'm afraid that teams are starting to figure him out. I'd try the Bull, he's our closer of the future, so we might as well try him out. He keeps the ball in the park, but he's going to need to improve his command.
2006-05-13 16:43:26
315.   Blu2
In the good old days we had managers who would have come out, ripped the ball out of his hand, screamed at him for 5 minutes, maybe even hit him, letting him and everyone else know he was a gutless failure. He is a big mouth braggert who can't back it up. He appears to be stupid too. But he's got company in Little and Colletti, doesn't he? I'm all for getting that guy to shoot him. Can we get a discount if we have Hamulack and carter done at the same time?
2006-05-13 16:44:28
316.   Underbruin
Last year, Brazoban was considered to be somewhat of a failure in the closer role (especially after players realized he did nothing but toss heat, and started sitting on his fastball)... And he only had 6 blown saves in 27 opportunities (though admittedly his W/L record was 4-10). Baez has 5 blown in 13 shots.

Saito could be an interesting guy to put in the closer role. But I almost would rather see Broxton there - Saito seems to be flourishing in his job as a set-up man, and we know Broxton can be dominant as a closer, at least at AAA. I think he deserves a shot to replicate that success (even adjusted for going from the minors to the majors, he would make a servicable closer, I think).

2006-05-13 16:47:42
317.   3upn3down
I'm with you Trainwreck. I think we should take what we've got from Saito in the set up role and not push our luck.

Give the job to bull, and hope he can take the momentum from his last 2 outings, bottle the swagger, and build off a quick start in the role.

As a side note, do any of you have any explanation to Baez's troubles. I'm not qualified to speculate, but for what it's worth, his fastball has no movement, and I would think with his delivery (ball out of the glove early), it would be easy to pick the ball up early in his wind up and follow it to release.

2006-05-13 16:50:30
318.   trainwreck
Anyone else watching USC vs UCLA?
2006-05-13 16:51:04
319.   Vishal
GAH. doubleyou. tee. eff. i watched the first eight innings before leaving to do an errand. i just assumed we must have won, but only now did i bother to check the score. i feel cheated by baez.
2006-05-13 16:53:06
320.   JoeyP
I think Baez is just sort of an average reliever, and probably would be thought of as average if he were just pitching middle relief.

But when he's pitches in the 9th, everything is magnified so its clear he is only average or below average.

Edwin Jackson could be 8 for 13.
Steve Schmoll could be 8 for 13.
Tim Hamulack could be 8 for 13.

Baez is as Bill Parcells would say about a player..."just a guy"..

2006-05-13 16:54:22
321.   caseybarker
yes. Looks like USC and OSU are the class of the pac-10 once again. UCLA has really fallen off.

They hit a HR as soon as I said that.

2006-05-13 16:55:35
322.   Uncle Miltie
320- could Duaner Sanchez go 8 for 13?
2006-05-13 16:57:23
323.   trainwreck
This has been a bit of a bounce back year for UCLA.
2006-05-13 16:58:51
324.   Andrew Shimmin
304, 309- Here's the problem with what you're saying: What's Gagne been worth this season and last? What could have been gotten for him during ST 2005?

Nobody wanted him DFA'd. They wanted him traded for something big. Cashed in. And, objectively, doing that would almost certainly have worked out better than not doing that. So, if your argument is that closers are undervalued, good luck with that. But hauling the Trade Gagne 2005 Club on to the mat sort of makes the exact opposite point, doesn't it?

2006-05-13 17:00:46
325.   caseybarker
Seriously, if all the closers were sampled for their worst 13-game stretch in terms of save percentage, how many would be below 8/13? How about if just teams were sampled over a 13 save situations?

My guess is that 8/13 save percentage is somewhat below average.

2006-05-13 17:05:19
326.   underdog
I just got back from witnessing this game in person (witnessing being an apt term for it) and here are my thoughts (which probably echo what has been written here above already):

We had really good seats, 3rd base line, in the season ticket club section. A good view of everything. Not enough Dodgers fans around me to make things less painful.

In addition to what/whoever else you want to blame the end result on, you can unofficially blame my well-meaning Dad. A Yankee fan living in Marin, he needed to leave a little early to catch a ferry home. He said, "Welp, looks good, I'm going to take off." Or something like that. If he'd never left early none of this would have happened! Okay, now for some more rational observations...

The Good:
Nomar - I officially have a straightmancrush on him now
Kent raising the ire of Giants fans with his homerun
Sele - looked terrific for most of his stint today, I mean way better than I expected. He had good control, good velocity, seemed to make very few location mistakes from what I could observe. I also think he was about done and agree with the Dodgers for pinch hitting for him. It seemed like a no brainer at the time. (More on that in a second.)
Saito - looked solid once again
Barry - I have a lot of digital pics of Bonds Not Hitting 714 if anyone wants to see them ;-)

The Bad:
- Aybar's defense. One sharp hit that was a double he still should have knocked down. (The obnoxious Giants fans behind me who blathered all game, mostly still disgruntled about Jose Cruz's dropped pop up in the world series, were mocking Aybar's defense for the rest of the game and then he made that brutal error later. I know Aybar is better than that. Makes me wonder what's up with the Dodgers D in general right now.)
- The fans behind me (see above). Knew everything about everything but actually knew nothing.
- Having to walk down the endless ramps out of PhoneCo Park to chants of Beat LA, was like straight out of a bad dream. I did enjoy one Dodgers fan responding to a Giants fan who yelled at him, "Dodgers suck!" by saying, "Then the Giants suck, too, because they're tied for last."

The Ugly
You already know it. Baez's implosion.
I'm gonna admit it - I was a proponent of his to a point but I am much more in the "want to strangle him" camp at this moment. NEVER in the last few years have I missed Eric Gagne more than I did today. Never. I saw Broxton warm up two innings earlier, and then Saito ultimately came in. Why didn't Broxton warm up again in the 9th when Baez was obviously getting hammered and the game was still winnable?
3upn3down, you may be right about Baez. From where I was sitting I'd say his fastball had great velocity but it was too predictable and easy to read. Whereas Gagne has like 4 pitches he can mix in and throw hitters way off balance.

God, I felt physically sick at the end of this game, like I hadn't felt since I was a kid - when we so had it won. And I really wanted them to win because I have no confidence in tomorrow's pitching matchup. I guess you never know though; I'm sure a lot of people had no confidence in today's matchup either but it was clearly advantage Dodgers. Until the 9th.


AT least I can delete my Barry pictures from the camera now. I would have much preferred to see the Dodgers win easily and Bonds hit a home run than what ultimately happened.

I will say this, though, if the Dodgers can hang around .500 or even a little above, for the next few weeks, when Gagne comes back I think things will be a lot better. Best thing to do about today's game - and the hardest - is to forget it.

2006-05-13 17:06:08
327.   underdog
Sorry for the long post there - didn't realize it would look that lengthy! But it made me feel better writing it. ;-)
2006-05-13 17:09:14
328.   Underbruin
309 - It's an issue of value gained for money spent. Quite frankly, to a degree there is merit in the argument that Gagne is overpriced (like pretty much every closer). But I, and pretty much everybody else in here, would rather pay Eric Gagne $10 million than Danys Baez $4 million. Though his ability to return from injury is of course a significant factor in that equation - if he comes back too quickly and gets hurt again or can't pitch at the same level, then yes, I would rather have spent that $10 million on somebody else. Hindsight is 20/20.

That having been said, it's a question of what you would replace him with. If you replace an overpriced but extremely good closer (Gagne) with an overpriced but terrible closer (Baez to date), it's a terrible deal. If you replace him, though, with a very cheap but average closer (we're currently paying Saito league minimum, and I find it hard to believe he would have done as poorly as Baez to date) and then spend the rest of that money on something else. I wouldn't mind seeing the team toss around $14 million trying to sign another power-hitting outfielder, for example.

The goal is to add the most value to the team - and comparing Gagne to Baez is like comparing Adam Dunn to Jason Phillips. They both played first base, but if you theoretically lose Dunn to injury and then end up with Phillips as your starting 1B, you probably could be filling that hole with somebody who does the job a little bit better - sure, you'll miss Dunn no matter who does the job, but proclaiming that there's no possible way the team could be better without him by using Phillips as the example of the next best possible replacement is a poor argument.

2006-05-13 17:11:09
329.   Bob Timmermann
According to Dave Smith of Retrosheet, the most games lost in a season (since 1901) by a team that was ahead after eight innings is 11 by the 1978 Mets.
2006-05-13 17:11:19
330.   caseybarker
Completely agree. I went to the ill-fated Padre game, and it was infinitely worse than watching something like that on TV.

It's obvious to everyone that Baez is getting lit up by the weakest of offenses even.

2006-05-13 17:14:35
331.   caseybarker
We're way ahead of that rate.

Terrible pickoff play by USC.

2006-05-13 17:15:23
332.   Bob Timmermann
This is from the AP recap of the game:

After Sunday's series finale against the archrivals, the Giants leave town for a three-game series starting Monday at Houston, followed by a weekend interleague matchup at Oakland in which Bonds can play designated hitter. Giants' management can't be thrilled thinking about the possibility of Bonds passing Ruth in the run-down ballpark across San Francisco Bay.

I wonder what Ken thinks of that!

2006-05-13 17:15:42
333.   caseybarker
...Sorry, by UCLA.
2006-05-13 17:21:08
334.   Steve
Unconscionable trade had baez pitched well, which is why it never should have been made.
2006-05-13 17:21:36
335.   Humma Kavula
329 How many HAVE the Dodgers lost after leading after the 8th?
2006-05-13 17:28:50
336.   caseybarker
It looks like we've only lost two after leading at the end of the eighth. I guess Baez has been bailed out in the bottom of the ninth a few times.
2006-05-13 17:34:40
337.   Sam DC
Just got through looking over the comments. Here's one worth recalling:

191. Marty 2006-05-13 15:23:54
Make room for Danys. Fasten your seatbelts.

And, the simplest ones always being best, this from 13 minutes later just cracked me up:

226. D4P 2006-05-13 15:36:43
Danny "In play, run-scoring play" Baez

2006-05-13 17:41:10
338.   Ken Arneson
332 Meh. I honestly don't care one way or the other, really. If it was 755 or 756, maybe I'd get worked up about it.
2006-05-13 17:41:20
339.   adamclyde
holy crap. I left during the eigth with a four run lead to get a mothers day gift for the wife. Come back to this??????????????

c-LOSER is right for Baez. (thanks 238)

2006-05-13 17:43:48
340.   dsfan
Too bad this defense isn't able to give more run-suppression help to a staff that needs it. It's not a bad defense, but it's nowhere near the 2004 D. Martin is helping. Drew is a plus RF, although his arm isn't what it was. But the middle infield play is far from dynamic. In the big ballparks such as SF's, Lofton's flaws are even more painful.

As for Aybar, I believe in him, but he should make that play. It'd be nice to see him bounce back with a strong game. Hope they put him back out there Sunday.

Defense tends to get overlooked/under-evaulatued. This team's defense could be just bad enough to bleed you slowly to death over the six months.

2006-05-13 17:44:09
341.   Sam DC
Uh oh in Atlanta. Nationals-Braves tied 2-2. Leadoff home run given up in the fifth to backup catcher Todd Pratt. Then a walk to the pitcher Jorge Sosa. Is that a Grabowski major?
2006-05-13 17:45:19
342.   dsfan
It does appear Saito and Sele can give decent or better returns on their low-risk investments. That's one of the beauties of low-risk investments.
2006-05-13 17:49:12
343.   Sam DC
Big trouble for Duke in the sixth in Pitts. Cabrera just doubled in a run; now it's bases loaded no outs . . .
2006-05-13 17:50:05
344.   Sam DC
Oh -- the rare run-scoring DP Olney. 4-2 FL.
2006-05-13 17:52:44
345.   Sam DC
Meanwhile, Pujols is 3-3 with his 19th HR of the year tonight. Machine.
2006-05-13 17:57:59
346.   underdog
Since we're talking about bullpens, I remembered a conversation I had with my dad today at the game (the 67 year old Yankee fan). He was worried a little about Mariano Rivera, not being as reliable as he had been in the past (and how could he be?) and the Yankees lacking the bullpen depth they'd had in the past. He said they miss Gordon, and people like Stanton and co. And having Tanyon Sturtze doesn't instill much confidence. Anyway, he said, "They're still trying to juggle and figure out the pecking order there." I said: "Join the club."
He said: "I wish they could trade for some relief help."

And I said, "With who, though?"

We started naming all the teams in baseball, and how their bullpens are, etc. And the Giants bullpen came in and looked horrible (this was when I was briefly feeling cocky about the game).

And we came to the conclusion that... most bullpens this year are in a state of flux, in many cases downright mediocre-to-awful.

This isn't meant to perspective check the Dodgers' bullpen, Baez and so on, just to say, things are tough almost all over. Maybe the Dodgers should make Broxton the closer, and when Gagne comes back, make Brox the set up man, followed by Baez so he could maybe gain some confidence back, etc.

And if we need some help, who we gonna trade with? (Okay, the Mets to get Duaner Sanchez back, but other than that...)

2006-05-13 18:04:12
347.   MartinBillingsley31
Swim or sink with what we have, i hope ned does not make a trade, especially for a reliever.

The dodgers need to get to the point of building around the prospects.

Don't blow it and trade the prospects for a so called chance this season.

2006-05-13 18:08:07
348.   natepurcell
Padres Cesar Carrillo is currently gettin owned by the Suns.

his line through 3: 6H 4R 1bb 2S0 1hr (to the pitcher!)

kemp 1-2 2b
laroche 2-2 (avg up to .263)

2006-05-13 18:09:44
349.   caseybarker
Trade Odalis
2006-05-13 18:13:14
350.   JoeyP
I think Eric Hull deserves a chance to pitch in LA. Its hard to ignore what he's done at Vegas.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-05-13 18:15:54
351.   Steve
I think we've made enough trades for proven (or unproven) relief "help."
2006-05-13 18:17:45
352.   caseybarker
Sure is. Heath Totten has been having a good year in AA, too. Is he projected as a reliever of starter?
2006-05-13 18:22:33
353.   natepurcell
Albert Bastardo makes his first high A start and its quite a dandy one.

final line:

7IP 1H 0ER 0BB 7K

wow, thats hot.

2006-05-13 18:25:39
354.   tjshere
326 Thanks, underdog. I knew you went to the game today, so I was hoping you'd check in and give us your perspective. Great work, painful though it may have been.
2006-05-13 18:30:08
355.   Sam DC
Brian Schneider is on the DL. The Nationals catching duo is now Matt LeCroy and Robert Fick.

My eyes! My eyes!

2006-05-13 18:46:21
356.   LAT
new closer=Odalis

Why not? Could it be any worse than Baez?

2006-05-13 18:57:48
357.   trainwreck
2006-05-13 19:01:57
358.   King of the Hobos
356 That's actually somewhat intriguing. It may even make him happy, and it could help with his value if he's successful.
2006-05-13 19:03:31
359.   King of the Hobos
Maybe we don't want Duaner back. He gave up 2 homers and 4 runs, good for a blown save today.
2006-05-13 19:04:46
360.   Steve
Duaner's Duaner everyone. These are just middle relievers. Nothing to see here.
2006-05-13 19:04:59
361.   CanuckDodger
352 -- Tater Totten isn't projected as anything other than a career minor leaguer.
2006-05-13 19:08:20
362.   caseybarker
So bring him out in the eigth or ninth, and back him up with Broxton if he can't finish?

I do like that because Odalis has three pretty good pitches.

2006-05-13 19:08:36
363.   Steve
Totten would have to flush his system too, if I remember right.
2006-05-13 19:08:53
364.   MartinBillingsley31
Relievers are just failed starters, in my opinion.
2006-05-13 19:10:32
365.   caseybarker
Like Tomko of Seo. Oh, nevermind. He looks good, but I guess this is his second or third year in AA?
2006-05-13 19:18:32
366.   LAT
356. I think giving OP a try at closing may not be a bad idea. As a closer he will, generally, not inherit runers and will come in with a lead. He only needs to pitch one inning. The position carries status which should placate his ego. Why not give it a shot.
2006-05-13 19:24:35
367.   caseybarker
Because if he fails, then what is his value? I think the question, now, is how not to decrease his trade value while evaluating his worth to the team.
2006-05-13 19:27:22
368.   Uncle Miltie
Baez for Cordero now! I hate seeing the Braves win.
2006-05-13 19:38:28
369.   King of the Hobos
The notes have been updated. Penny's MRI was "clean" and he's expected to make his next start.
2006-05-13 19:40:35
370.   D4P
And Odalis is trying to turn over a new leaf.
2006-05-13 19:51:48
371.   LAT
367. Between his performance this season, his contract and his attitude, I don't think he has a whole lot of trade value either way.
2006-05-13 19:59:44
372.   D4P
Yeah, but Odalis is a new man.

Odalis Perez is still hot about his demotion to the bullpen. But burned in the past by his outspoken comments, he's taking the silent approach rather than airing his grievances.

"I don't say anything. I just wait and see," said Perez. "I don't want to be a bad guy on the team. I've learned from my mistakes. If this happened a few years ago, it would have been big trouble. Not now. When they give me the ball, none of this will affect me. I'll put the situation away and pitch the way I know I can."

2006-05-13 20:10:43
373.   Eric L
Anyone see this headline on ESPN?

Giants rally past Angels; Bonds goes 0-for-3

If only it were true!

2006-05-13 20:16:14
374.   Uncle Miltie
Danys Baez won't be pulled from the closer's role after blowing his fourth straight save chance on Saturday.
"Danny will keep getting the ball in that situation," manager Grady Little said. "Hopefully the results will start getting better for him. We still have a lot of confidence in him." Maybe that's the case, but the Dodgers have to be eagerly awaiting Eric Gagne's return.

Grits and Ned are morons.

2006-05-13 20:20:50
375.   D4P
Regarding Gagne's return: I'm not expecting it to be a panacea. There's really no reason to expect him to be anywhere near as effective as he used to be. Maybe he will be, but the odds would appear to be against it. That being said, he doesn't have to be 100% to be better than the alternatives.
2006-05-13 20:41:27
376.   natepurcell
we should call up mark alexander from AA and see what he can do.

He reminds me of Saito, average fb, excellent slider.

2006-05-13 20:51:02
377.   caseybarker
Man, Oregon State bullpen has blown up two games in a row against Arizona State. Looks like both my teams are having similar problems.
2006-05-13 20:52:08
378.   caseybarker
I saw at Greg Reynolds and Stanford beat Lincecum and Washington. Reynolds looked pretty good, 9 K's.
2006-05-13 20:53:01
379.   King of the Hobos
Pat Borders has been "promoted" to Vegas, likely due to the loss of Langill (I have no idea why he's lost, but he is). So far the Sounds have ran against Pat, stealing 4 bases.
2006-05-13 20:54:58
380.   caseybarker
I had no idea Borders was in AA. All-Canadian battery in AAA (Gagne-Borders)
2006-05-13 21:12:33
381.   King of the Hobos
380 Actually he was in A ball, as he lives near Vero.

The other interesting part of the Vegas game: Loney is making (what I believe is) his AAA debut in RF. He even had an OF assist (although as I recall, he had a few last year as well when he played RF)

2006-05-13 21:16:21
382.   caseybarker
Loney played in RF last night. Which I think is a little wierd because his greatest attribute is defense at 1B. Which tells me that the organization may be soured on Loney.
2006-05-13 21:18:52
383.   King of the Hobos
Borders has now allowed 5 stolen bases, in only 6 innings. However, Nashville also has 65 stolen bases, over 20 ahead of the next team in the PCL
2006-05-13 21:21:08
384.   natepurcell
after tonights game, Kemp's current line:

150ABs 360/442/607

to put that into perspective...

miguel cabrera as a 20 yrs old in AA:
286AB 365/.429/.609

david wright as a 21 yr old in AA:
223AB 363/.467/.619

scott rolen as a 21 yr old in AA:
230AB 361/.445/.587

Not implying anything, but just saying, if he keeps it up and stays like this through 250ABs or so.....

2006-05-13 21:22:47
385.   King of the Hobos
382 He played some RF last year in the AFL and Jacksonville, so he's use to playing RF occasionally. Maybe the organization believes his defense is so good at 1B that they want to improve his versatility? Or maybe they have just soured on him.
2006-05-13 21:25:53
386.   Steve
Doesn't it just mean that Ned is holding contract negotiations with a certain Ramon Arrapaicrag
2006-05-13 21:26:40
387.   caseybarker
Hopefully the former. What's his arm like? I'd love to have a rightfielder with a Mondesian arm.
2006-05-13 21:28:04
388.   caseybarker
That'd be fine with me.
2006-05-13 21:34:48
389.   Steve
Though I'm not sure what Loney will be doing in right field given the incumbent.
2006-05-13 21:35:21
390.   dsfan
On Loney:

Here's what a smart club would do with Loney:

Let him keep getting his ABs, but require him to do a lot of long tossing to keep that left arm strong. Loney was a heck of a HS pitcher. Some clubs believed he could be a major league pitcher.

If he doesn't develop power in two years, put him on the mound.

I'm fine with giving him a few games in the OF. It shouldn't rust his 1B defense and adds to his versatility (and, subtle point here, induces him to do more long toss). He played a litte OF in high school.

2006-05-13 21:38:12
391.   dsfan

Kemp could be a bona fida five-tool guy, but I don't want to jinx him.

2006-05-13 21:40:40
392.   natepurcell
so put loney on the mound when he is 23/24 years old? When he hasnt pitched since HS. Its going to take him another 3 yrs at least to work his way back up and who knows if he can develop the necessary secondary pitches.

I just dont see any merit in that idea.

2006-05-13 21:41:26
393.   natepurcell

I'm doing a great job of jinxing him already huh :)

If he is the real deal, its going to take more then my jinxes to bring him down.

2006-05-13 21:43:00
394.   Steve
Be creative, Nate. We can turn him into a middle reliever and watch the prospects roll in.
2006-05-13 21:46:25
395.   Steve
The Yankees called up veteran right-hander Scott Erickson to take the injured pitcher's place.

Holy crap.

2006-05-13 21:49:26
396.   caseybarker
When they tire of Erickson, they'll overpay for Odalis.
2006-05-13 21:50:26
397.   dsfan

Loney as a pitcher is strictly a fallback and keeping that possibility alive is only sensible. Rather than let that great arm of his atrophy, at the very least have him do a lot of long toss. That's an indirect cool thing about spotting him in the OF. I don't want to give the LAD credit for being smart, but that certainly could be behind this.

And Nate, you're being a tad harsh to dismiss Loney as a pitcher down the road.

Trevor Hoffman was 24 when he began pitching in Cincinnati's farm system. He was exclusively a SS in high school, college and his first two years of pro ball.

I could give you other examples of strong-armed players who converted to pitching while they were minor leaguers and became successful major league pitchers.

Loney already has an advantage over some of them -- he pitched often in HS and was very good. He also is left-handed.

The idea is to maximize your investment. Ultimately, the mound could be an intriguing fallback for Loney.

Let's be clear: I'm not saying you do that now or even next year. But if doesn't evolve as you would hope, it certainly should be considered.

2006-05-13 21:51:42
398.   dsfan
Oops, Hoffman was 23, not 24, when he gave up shortstop and took up pitching.
2006-05-13 21:53:03
399.   CanuckDodger
Loney's hitting .383. The Dodgers aren't souring on him, they just like defensive versatility.
2006-05-13 21:54:07
400.   JoeyP
Kemp's made a great transition to AA, after looking way outmatched in spring training.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-05-13 21:55:39
401.   natepurcell
Canuck, what do you think of Kemp? I would love your thoughts on him.
2006-05-13 21:55:44
402.   Steve
"James" "Lo" "Knee"

"James" "Lo" "Knee"

His name reminds me of Jim Tracy though. I'm going to call him Bob Loney.

2006-05-13 21:56:08
403.   dsfan
Nate, I'll match your jinx and raise you. I said in the offseason Kemp would have the best major league career of any of these Dodgers prospects. (I'd feel better if he were in a smarter organization that could instill discipline and not let all the hype swell up his head. As much as I like Cabrera, failure to discipline him is evident in game, great as he is.)
2006-05-13 21:57:10
404.   MartinBillingsley31
I hope the dodgers promote kemp to AAA mid season, so we can get the starting lineup right next year.
c martin
1b nomar/aybar/loney/guzman (prefer nomar)
2b kent
ss furcal
3b aybar/mueller/nomar/guzman
lf guzman/ethier (prefer guzman)
cf kemp
rf drew


It will work out somehow with leftover starters from this season that are still under contract and relievers that work out this season like broxton, kuo, saito

2006-05-13 22:00:08
405.   caseybarker
I'm hoping that Broxton is converted to starter.
2006-05-13 22:05:36
406.   underdog
354 Delayed reaction (I needed more time away from the pain of this game before returning here ;-) ) but, de nada!

395 Holy crap is right. My poor Dad the Yankees fan. What was I saying about the state of their bullpen?

Btw, flashing back a bit again, I agree Gagne shouldn't be depended on as a panacea in the sense that our expectations shouldn't be that he'll be the record-breaking Gagne of old. But that he'll be a damned sight better than anyone trying to close for them now, that I'll trust him more in the 9th.

Tomorrow - how many innings do we think it will be before Odalis comes in to relieve Seo? If by some miracle the Dodgers took 2 out of 3 it'll take a little bit of the bitter after taste of today out of my mouth (and also prove that I'm a jinx).

2006-05-13 22:06:48
407.   JoeyP
It would have been nice to have the option of trading Kent with all these young guys coming up. His extension makes it impossible. I think Aybar would be fine at 2nd base and still not sure why the Dodgers dont try to develop him there.

C- Martin

I'm not really sold on Ethier or Loney. Maybe its bc there's not much power there.

2006-05-13 22:06:58
408.   Steve
A landmark day for Jose Lima:

Lima moved up to #2 on the all time list for worst career RSAA--

1 Herm Wehmeier -161
2 Jose Lima -131
T3 Bobby Witt -130
T3 Kevin Jarvis -130
5 Mike Kekich -127
6 Jimmy Haynes -120
7 Phil Ortega -119
T8 Jack Fisher -118
T8 Todd Van Poppel -118
T10 Harry McIntire -110
T10 Leo Sweetland -110

Nice to see Grabowski Principle lab rat Kevin Jarvis on the list.

2006-05-13 22:10:52
409.   Steve
Bob, can you help us out on the bane of Lima's existence, Herm Wehmeier? Can we get him for Jackson and Tiffany?
2006-05-13 22:16:57
410.   underdog
407 I'm not sold on Ruggiano's pro potential.

After witnessing today's atrocity, I'm not 100% sold on Aybar's defense, whether at 3rd or 2nd (though I do like his bat) but shouldn't hold today against him, I suppose.

I really think the Dodgers offense will be fine this year, for the most part it's fine now. It's the bullpen and defense that needs work. Still a lot of games left to play before giving up on this season and selling off the veterans.

2006-05-13 22:18:19
411.   MartinBillingsley31
I'm not really sold on Ethier or Loney. Maybe its bc there's not much power there.

Neither am i for the same reason, i just included them because they still can develop power.

But i disagree about kent, i'm perfectly fine with kent, i don't expect him to struggle or decline before his contract is up.
He's just been in a slump.

2006-05-13 22:19:49
412.   dsfan

The stuffed bunny is yours. Dead on about Kent. This extension was plain dumb.

2006-05-13 22:23:33
413.   dsfan

Agreed. Pitching and defense, defense and pitching. After all these years, it still gets overlooked. Especially defense. In all of these projections for the LAd, I see mediocre IF defenses, at best.

2006-05-13 22:24:47
414.   Steve
We are assured by those that watch a lot of baseball that Rafael Furcal is an excellent defensive shortstop.
2006-05-13 22:30:34
415.   dsfan
None of those people are Dodgers pitchers.
2006-05-13 22:31:33
416.   Steve
At least, we wish they weren't Dodgers pitchers
2006-05-13 22:32:50
417.   dsfan
So do they.
2006-05-13 22:34:39
418.   Steve
Then they are smarter than they are talented
2006-05-13 22:43:11
419.   caseybarker
It's funny, pitching and defense is what the Dodgers used to be known for.

And Furcal has not been very good this year. His 3 year contract is going to bite us the most--I guess now that Guzman moved to 1B, LF, Furcal is not blocking anyone.

I wonder how well Ned sleeps at night.

2006-05-13 22:48:13
420.   King of the Hobos
Have any of the other guys on that list won 20+ games in a season? Lima will always have those wins, unless the MLB takes them away because bad pitchers don't deserve such honors
2006-05-13 22:51:13
421.   Steve
Bobby Witt had 17. The rest of the time, he was just victimized by bad defense.
2006-05-13 22:58:02
422.   natepurcell
Hochevar's line tonight:

5IPs 4h 2r 2er 3BB 9So

2006-05-13 23:55:16
423.   Xeifrank
wow, was out all day and missed the game. What happened!? Wait, don't answer that. I'm glad to see that Barney Bonds didn't tie Ruth for 3rd on the all-time HR list.
vr, Xei
2006-05-14 00:02:57
424.   CanuckDodger
401 -- Nate, about Kemp, obviously I am loving his performance. I think John Sickels is looking pretty silly for ranking him so low on his Top 20 Dodger Prospects list, and Sickels recently making Kemp and Hunter Pence sound like they are equals is beyond foolish. I believe it was you who made the point that Kemp is two years younger than Pence and is playing in a pitcher's league and a home park that is a pitcher's park, while Pence is playing in a hitter's league and a hitter-friendly home park. I think Kemp will be a star even if he has to play in RF, but if he can stay in center, he may be a SUPERstar.
2006-05-14 00:51:05
425.   Curtis Lowe
one time. ONE TIME! Can I goto a graduation? I leave in the 8th Dodgers have 5 runs scored!
I get back now after winning an obnoxious amount of cash and Baez flaez's one right by me! BLE!
2006-05-14 04:42:10
426.   MollyKnight
I just came in here to say how much I love watching Nomar Garciaparra play baseball.

That is all.

2006-05-14 07:54:45
427.   Steve
The Danys Baez of sportswriters, Bill Plaschke, M.O.S.P, is right on top of the concession lines issue with a hard-hitting piece on how long he spent in line last week. His conclusion is that it's Peter O'Malley's fault.
2006-05-14 09:24:56
I'm glad I only watched 3-4 innings yesterday I'm sure I woulda pulled my hair out or something. The last thing I heard is that the Dodgers were winning 5-1 then I come home around midnight & I see that they lost 5-6 WOW!!!!
2006-05-14 10:02:38
429.   DXMachina
Duaner Sanchez had a tough outing last night, too. 1/3 IP, 1 BB, I HBP, 3 hits, 2 HR, 4 ER, and he got tossed from the game for plunking Brady Clark.

The good news for Mets fans was that since Duaner got tossed, they gave his replacement as much time as he needed to warm up. That's something Grittle ought to keep in mind as a future strategy when another reliever gets pounded when he's got no one warming up.

2006-05-14 10:08:59
430.   Woody
Going to see the Jax Suns vs. hometeam Mobile BayBears on Tuesday. This will be my first view of the '06 version after enjoying several games last year. Who to watch besides Kemp and LaRoche?
2006-05-14 10:13:37
you're gonna be AT THE GAME?
2006-05-14 10:33:57
432.   King of the Hobos
430 Ruggiano, Raglani (who has been terrible thus far), Hu, Abreu and the bullpen (Alexander, Miller, Hoorelbeke, Ojeda, Johnson, Alvarez, Diaz).
2006-05-14 11:31:53
433.   Woody
431-Yeah, I'm going to be AT THE GAME! One consolation for being "Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again..." is the occasional visit to Hank Aaron Stadium when the Suns come into town to play. Hey, at least I don't have to work Tueday.
2006-05-14 11:32:32
434.   Woody
430- Thanks.

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