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Burleigh Grimes, You've Changed
2006-05-18 17:36
by Jon Weisman

I thought I knew you. Now you're Burleigh Grime$. I hardly know you now.

Comments (106)
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2006-05-18 18:14:28
1.   Linkmeister
"Greed is good" is so 1980s. ;)
2006-05-18 19:38:10
2.   Disabled List
"BURLEIGH GRIME$, a new comedy by Roger Kirby (Medea in Jersusalem), opens Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at Dodger Stages (340 W. 50th St.), in the heart of the Theater District."

That can't be a coincidence.

2006-05-18 20:06:46
3.   3 tacos de asada por favor
yuppies were so 80's
2006-05-18 20:11:14
4.   Sushirabbit
Stubblebeards were 80's, too.
2006-05-18 20:17:39
5.   3 tacos de asada por favor
I wonder what "they" call yuppies now 'a days? spoiled brats?
2006-05-18 20:24:47
6.   Andrew Shimmin
5- Bobos (Bohemian Bourgeois). But calling someone that makes you instantly politically suspect, so, be advised.
2006-05-18 20:27:06
7.   Steve
6 -- Beware latent Brooks-ism.
2006-05-18 20:30:10
8.   Sushirabbit
That's pretty funny. One of my friends is an economist and I think he sometimes refers to baby boomers as GOGs (greedy old geezers).
2006-05-18 20:33:37
9.   3 tacos de asada por favor

is it some kind of a stage act or something?

2006-05-18 20:59:18
10.   Andrew Shimmin
A month or so back, Steve asked who would (by choice) live in Ogden, Utah. Today, we have our answer.

2006-05-18 21:00:23
11.   3 tacos de asada por favor

I like you'res better GOG'S

2006-05-18 21:02:28
12.   Steve
If I had to pitch for the Angels, I'd start shoving my first baseman too.

10 -- That's basically the kind of thing one would have in mind.

2006-05-18 21:03:31
13.   3 tacos de asada por favor

I woulda cashed in on the cans! 800$ bucks sounds really good.

2006-05-18 21:19:16
14.   Steve
Unfortunately, Tim Salmon didn't just miss that either.
2006-05-18 21:25:34
15.   3 tacos de asada por favor
sarcastic 14
2006-05-18 21:26:16
16.   3 tacos de asada por favor
Hey you don't think Phys & Rex look kinda alike?
2006-05-18 21:42:11
17.   Bob Timmermann

didn't work

2006-05-18 21:46:45
18.   3 tacos de asada por favor
yeah BAD CALL! (if it woulda worked I woulda said great call)
2006-05-18 21:47:47
19.   3 tacos de asada por favor
I don't like K-RODS mechanics!
2006-05-18 21:49:04
20.   Steve
When Rex Hudler calls you out, there's not much room to wiggle.
2006-05-18 21:50:54
21.   Steve
But bringing in K-Rod was probably his attempt at amends. In the old days, the top of the 9th in a tie game was Carrara Time!
2006-05-18 21:56:51
22.   mikethinksblue
that was a sweet bunt by whoever #65 is on the angels.
2006-05-18 21:59:08
23.   Steve
Glaus attempted the Stonehenge Strategy on that bunt, but it didn't pay off
2006-05-18 21:59:31
24.   3 tacos de asada por favor
The Angels kinda scare me now (being a Dodger fan)
2006-05-18 22:00:43
25.   3 tacos de asada por favor
the Dodgers had a chance go sign Glaus, why didn't they!.
2006-05-18 22:00:50
26.   mikethinksblue
c'mon, double play is set up
2006-05-18 22:01:19
27.   3 tacos de asada por favor
it's kinda like why didn't they sign Guerrero.
2006-05-18 22:03:38
28.   Steve
I didn't notice this before, but this pretty much sums up the Shawn Green article:

"Bochy found out the hard way. In Monday night's opener, Bochy had lefty Alan Embree pitch to Green with two on and two out in the 10th inning and the game tied at 5-5."

2006-05-18 22:06:51
29.   natepurcell
time for kingfish to swim upstream.
2006-05-18 22:07:37
30.   mikethinksblue
well, at least we got D Navarro for Shawn Green
2006-05-18 22:07:48
31.   Steve
Nate, who are those guys you posted over at the Dodger blog?
2006-05-18 22:09:06
32.   3 tacos de asada por favor
Frasor was I Dodger no?
2006-05-18 22:09:08
33.   Steve
Not only did karma beat the hell out of Mike Scioscia there, but strike three to Salmon was way inside.
2006-05-18 22:11:50
34.   3 tacos de asada por favor


2006-05-18 22:12:57
35.   3 tacos de asada por favor

If it's close you gotta swing.

2006-05-18 22:14:24
36.   mikethinksblue
the strike zone seems to have grown quite a bit
2006-05-18 22:15:57
37.   Steve
I'd prefer he just stand there and strike out, lest there be a rash of backup catchers squeezing their way across the major leagues next week.
2006-05-18 22:17:12
38.   mikethinksblue
what ever happened to troy percival?
2006-05-18 22:17:28
39.   natepurcell
3 prep prospects.

LHP Clayton Kershaw- 6'4 210lbs. Throws a heavy heavy sinking fastball 90-98, steadily 94-96 with very projectible loose frame. avg change up, avg cb, avg slider, all 3 with a chance to be plus pitches. His fb has amazing movement. Top prep pitching prospect in the draft. Tigers love him at #6. if he gets past tigers, he is ours.

LHP Kasey Kiker- 5'11 185lbs. Very very live and loose arm. Has topped out at 97mph this year, consistently 90-94 with a nasty plus plus change up. cb is above average but not as good as his fb or change up. He has great command of his pitches and very good poise on the mound. Reasons why he will drop to the 20s is because of his size and some off the field/makeup rumors surrounding him. BUT, i do know the Dodgers like him and are currently investigating those off the field issues.

OF/1b Travis Snider- 6'1 225lbs. ELITE prep hitter. this guy hits bombs. he has a strong lower half, great eye at the plate, very flexible hips and strong quick wrists. Comps ive seen are the power of prince fielder combined with Giles like approach. Knocks on him is that he isnt very fleet of foot and he might have to move to 1b down the line if he gains more weight. Thats why he might drop to 31. But there is a consensus that his bat is very very legit.

2006-05-18 22:18:02
40.   natepurcell
39 was for steve.
2006-05-18 22:18:32
41.   Curtis Lowe
And we are worried about Baez?
2006-05-18 22:18:42
42.   3 tacos de asada por favor
this is gonna sound dumn but did the clips win?
2006-05-18 22:19:13
43.   mikethinksblue
yeah, by 10 or so
2006-05-18 22:19:34
44.   Bob Timmermann

I'm afraid that the answer to both parts of your question is yes.

2006-05-18 22:23:33
45.   Vishal
[38] he left as a free agent, got signed by detroit, continued to have arm trouble, and then retired. i think he's a coach now.
2006-05-18 22:24:08
46.   3 tacos de asada por favor

sounds like you don't like the clips chances.

2006-05-18 22:25:50
47.   Curtis Lowe
39- I can understand why the Dodgers would hestate on Kiker, with the high velocity and vertical shortness and all. What might offset his height would be his width. Is the guy built like a tank? Is he wide? If he is skinny, throwing 97 and only 5'11 I would worry about arm problems. However if he is wide and his legs are thick, theres a good chance the velocity is coming from his lower half.
2006-05-18 22:29:11
48.   natepurcell

Kiker has a huge leg kick in his delivery, which he incorporates his lower half very well. He has never had injury problems and he throws all the time so his arm has been built up, just like billingsley. He is stocky, but he has a good frame with muscle on it.

the dodgers are not hesitant on his ability at all. They like his pitching ability....a lot. They are researching his background and have spent considerable time with him lately. I'll try to dig up a video clip of him if i can find it.

2006-05-18 22:29:44
49.   Andrew Shimmin
Keeping my streak of non-baseball comments going. . .

Creepier McDonalds promotion:

Clown baby?

or cartoon yoga instructor?

2006-05-18 22:29:49
50.   Steve
Daddy, I want a Kazmir. I don't care that Tampa Bay already has a Kazmir. I want my OWN Kazmir. I want a Kazmir right now. Now, now, now. I'm going to hold my breath until I turn blue or get a Kazmir for my very own minor league system. You better get me a Kazmir. I don't wanna wait until Christmas, I want a Kazmir now.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-05-18 22:32:20
51.   mikethinksblue
the baby is much more creepy, but it does resemble my baby pictues
2006-05-18 22:33:22
52.   natepurcell

click on 2005 National Showcase and there is a short video clip.

2006-05-18 22:34:01
53.   3 tacos de asada por favor
Frasor was a former Dodger si o no?
2006-05-18 22:35:12
54.   mikethinksblue
I don't remember him being a dodger asada...but i'm probably wrong
2006-05-18 22:35:51
55.   natepurcell
re 50

funny you say that steve. this is what perfect game, the premier prep scouting org says about Kiker in their most recent top 100 draft prospect list.

Kasey Kiker, lhp, Russell County HS, Phenix City, Ala. Kiker reminds us of Scott Kazmir in a number of ways at the same point of his development, without some of the athleticism and the killer breaking ball. His fastball, which has touched 97, and an outstanding changeup, are big league pitches.

2006-05-18 22:36:27
56.   3 tacos de asada por favor

that would be sweet if you can find a video clip of him.

2006-05-18 22:36:57
57.   Curtis Lowe
48 - Nate, a video would be cool but if it becomes a hassle I trust your opinion on potential talent. You have had a good track record, considering the Aybar, Loney, and Sele....

Maybe you should give Logan a similar ultimatum you gave Guzman.

2006-05-18 22:37:28
58.   3 tacos de asada por favor
"I don't remember him being a dodger asada..."

this little line brought a smile to my face.

2006-05-18 22:41:31
59.   natepurcell
Curtis, Sele is my hope diamond, my crown jewel of knowing potential talent. Its not hard to look at the numbers he was putting up at vegas this year and project "future ace guaranteed" with this young pup. Should be a pillar in our rotation for the next 10 years. The next big hoss.
2006-05-18 22:42:47
60.   natepurcell

Frasor was a former dodger, he was traded by Depo for Jayson Werth in ST of 2004.

2006-05-18 22:42:59
61.   3 tacos de asada por favor

so you're saying you're creepy Mike?

2006-05-18 22:43:21
62.   Uncle Miltie
Jose Mesa:Omar Vizquel
2006-05-18 22:45:09
63.   mikethinksblue

I look like Bill McDonald (the FSN guy), about 10 years younger. So yes, I am creepy

2006-05-18 22:46:13
64.   natepurcell
The scouting videos should be up in the next 2 weeks. Then I can waste all my time watching those videos and not have a life until after the draft. My real life friends are going to hate me.
2006-05-18 22:51:24
65.   Andrew Shimmin
Bob likes the Clippers. He doesn't like the word, dumn. I think he's wrong on both counts. And, based on his refusal to liveblog Will and Grace, I think he's probably a homophobe, too.
2006-05-18 22:53:55
66.   3 tacos de asada por favor

with the bad tan & all?

2006-05-18 22:55:46
67.   3 tacos de asada por favor

that means he likes the underdog que no.

2006-05-18 22:58:49
68.   Bob Timmermann
All people here who can say they attended the Clippers first regular season home game in L.A. raise their hand!

(hand goes up)

2006-05-18 23:01:11
69.   natepurcell

good article on Orenduff's outing tonight. Mentions Kemp making a great play in CF to end a n inning and keep the no hitter intact.

2006-05-18 23:04:08
70.   Uncle Miltie
68- on New Year's eve when they were blown out by Boston.

It's nice to see Elton Brand get some national exposure.

2006-05-18 23:07:33
71.   3 tacos de asada por favor

Bob you're showing your age by saying that or no?

2006-05-18 23:09:52
72.   3 tacos de asada por favor
DeLahoya is being intreviewed right now on best damn sports show period, let's see what he says.
2006-05-18 23:11:28
73.   Uncle Miltie
68- I am really tired, I didn't read that correctly
2006-05-18 23:11:52
74.   3 tacos de asada por favor
DeLahoya talks like you're tipickle EAST L.A. GUY. kinda funny. except he has like 200 million in the bank.
2006-05-18 23:16:30
75.   natepurcell
2006-05-18 23:19:33
76.   Vishal
[74] it's spelled "typical", just so you know. and yeah, every time i see a multi-million dollar athlete interviewed and he sounds like he's never cracked a book in his life, i wonder why i couldn't have been born a bit more athletically gifted.
2006-05-18 23:19:39
77.   3 tacos de asada por favor

& you correct me like a typical white guy ;)

2006-05-18 23:21:02
78.   Vishal
and while we're at it, the possessive form of you is your. :)
2006-05-18 23:22:22
79.   3 tacos de asada por favor
2006-05-18 23:22:41
80.   natepurcell

I am currently studying for a spanish 102 exam tomorrow. Pro nouns, reflexive verbs and tu commands!

2006-05-18 23:25:13
81.   3 tacos de asada por favor
some of his friends use too call him that. He ain't eating no more frijoles, I would imagine.
2006-05-18 23:29:37
82.   Andrew Shimmin
77- Dodger Thoughts was voted Most Literate Dodger Fan Site on the Internet, in a (very) private poll I commissioned earlier this year. Slack can be cut, but not enough to tolerate tipickle (though, I kind of like this one, too).
2006-05-18 23:31:34
83.   3 tacos de asada por favor
80 "reflexive verbs and tu commands!"

I don't know what that means, but It sounds interesting.

2006-05-18 23:34:12
84.   3 tacos de asada por favor

You must really pull your hair when I come around que no. Hey I never said I was a great speller. ; )

2006-05-18 23:37:12
85.   natepurcell

a reflexive verb is like- levarse

a tu command is like- Acuestate (go to bed)

I have a feeling what I am learning native spanish speakers dont even use.

2006-05-18 23:38:19
86.   Andrew Shimmin
84- No, no; I liked dumn and tipickle. But you might want to leave a browser window, or tab, open on, to check anything that doesn't look right, before posting it.
2006-05-18 23:41:08
87.   Bob Timmermann
Spanish speakers know what reflexive verbs are, but if you're a native speaker you don't really learn it.

Just like most of us here who grew up with English probably don't know about the past perfect although we use it. In a Spanish class, you will learn the present tense, but in English we hardly ever use the simple present tense. We usually use the present progressive.

I am walking. I am typing. And so on.

2006-05-18 23:44:49
88.   natepurcell
voy a andando

voy a escriendo

i think.....

2006-05-18 23:46:06
89.   natepurcell
or it might be estoy. its probably estoy. darnit.
2006-05-18 23:46:19
90.   3 tacos de asada por favor

right, Getto spanish is what we use, It sounds very funny when I white guy talks spanish (sounds retarded)

2006-05-18 23:46:49
91.   natepurcell
it is estar. I have failed you Bob. Now I will fail my test por la manana.
2006-05-18 23:48:53
92.   3 tacos de asada por favor

I kinda like My bad spelling, makes me feel original, but I'll take you're advise.

2006-05-18 23:49:47
93.   natepurcell
your :)
2006-05-18 23:51:55
94.   3 tacos de asada por favor

that makes you sound like me & english

2006-05-18 23:53:42
95.   3 tacos de asada por favor

"por la manana."

I woulda used EN LA MANANA

2006-05-18 23:55:36
96.   Uncle Miltie
nate- are you required to take a language? At my school it's optional.
2006-05-18 23:56:51
97.   Sam DC
So I've been a secret highspeed work mission to Carson, CA the last two days. It ended at 6 today and I suggested to my colleague that we try and go see Roy Halliday pitch v. the Angels. She agreed and we walked up and bought seats at the box in the very first row behind the Angels dugout. So cool. I had a little chat with Erick Aybar. (Me: "You and Willy are both gonna make it Erick." Erick: [turns, thumbs up].)

What a crazy game. Angels (Salmon actually) left bases loaded in the 7th and 9th, and I see below the botched squeeze/doubleplay in the eighth has already been discussed. What a quick turn from joyful hysteria when the Angels loaded the bases in the ninth to mass dejection when the Blue Jays put up 4 in the top of the 10th.

Bizarre non-error scoring decisions. At one point, with a runner at first, Halliday cleanly fielded a bunt two steps in front of the mound, took to long deciding not to go to second, and was late throwing to first. No error. How can that be. And there was a muffed ball in right (I was blocked by the third base coach) also no error. And Donnelly misplayed a slow roller up to first; no error.

Last comment: Someone needs to put some boundaries on the rally monkey master of ceremonies. Seventh inning rally monkey? Isn't that too soon? Rally monkey take off on the Pirates of the Carribean. Rally monkey spoof on Addicted to Love video. Rally monkey waterskiing in Vacation video. Spooky "if you make noise, he will come" rally monkey. Sheesh.

2006-05-19 00:00:56
98.   natepurcell

depends on your major. Business majors need to be proficient in at least two semesters of a foreign language. You can test out of it. I only tested out of first semester so now i'm stuck taking span102 in may session.

2006-05-19 00:15:56
99.   ToyCannon
Bob, I had no idea you were a Clipper fan. I can raise my hand about seeing their 1st game at Staples but not the 1st game in LA.

Just got back from the game and that was easily the happiest group of CLipper fans I've ever been around. Normally it seems we have about 20-25 fans taking the subway home, but tonight it was just like a Laker game, the station was packed, horns were honking, good times were had by all. Q Ross, who would have thunk it?

2006-05-19 00:21:33
100.   Bob Timmermann
I didn't say I've been to many Clippers game since then. I've never seen them at Staples. I went to a handful games at the Sports Arena.

Guerrero didn't get an error on his dropped fly ball because he was able to force the runner at second base. Since it was a force out there, the scorer ruled that the runner on third scored on a fielder's choice.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-05-19 00:32:47
101.   Sam DC
When Guerrero came into the dugout after that non-error, I swear he looked about 1,000 years old, and pained. It was very said.

Then a drunk guy booed him and called him a fat___ in front of a bunch of little kids. It was grotesque.

2006-05-19 00:36:10
102.   regfairfield
Somewhat off topic:

Does anyone know where I can find the DL for AA and below?

2006-05-19 00:37:25
103.   Uncle Miltie
98- I guess I won't be going to Arizona then...just kidding. That really stinks. I took 3 years of French in high school and hated it.
2006-05-19 00:37:58
104.   Sam DC
Oh sorry, and yes, I seem to be in an all about me zone right now, but I forgot the best part.

When the Angels loaded the bases in the ninth and Salmon came up, I was, you know, watching the game. And darn if a beachball didn't just slam right into the back of my head. Didn't hurt, very startling.

[cranky old man grumble]

2006-05-19 01:21:35
105.   3 tacos de asada por favor
beach balls have to go, in so cal.
2006-05-19 01:21:38
106.   3 tacos de asada por favor
beach balls have to go, in so cal.

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