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Purgatory's Bells
2006-05-19 14:30
by Jon Weisman

Lance Carter has been in limbo long enough, the Dodgers have decided, recalling the right-handed reliever and sending Franquelis Osoria down to Las Vegas.

A comparison of Carter and Hong-Chih Kuo at AAA:

Carter: 8 1/3 innings, 1.08 ERA, six hits, two walks, 10 strikeouts
Kuo: 8 innings, 1.13 ERA, four hits, six walks, 11 strikeouts

Whatever. In other minor league news:

  • Justin Orenduff pitched six no-hit, three-walk innings for AA Jacksonville on Thursday.

  • The Luke Hochevar door has been opened a crack, according to Baseball America:

    Hochevar was the 40th overall pick to the Dodgers last June out of Tennessee, and after a long holdout, his case took a strange turn over Labor Day. Hochevar switched agents from Boras to Matt Sosnick and agreed to a $2.98 million deal. However, after getting in touch with Boras, Hochevar switched agents again and never signed the contract, pulling out of the deal.

    The aftermath became acrimonious, and talks broke off. Hochevar joined other past Boras clients in joining a team in an independent league. In his case, it's the Fort Worth Cats of the American Association, and Hochevar had looked good in two outings, one an exhibition and one a regular-season game. His fastball, slider and changeup all had flashed above-average potential, but the effects of his long layoff were evident in his lack of consistency.

    "We're cautiously optimistic that there's an outside chance (to sign him)," Dodgers scouting director Logan White said. "I've seen his first two starts and I'll go back and see him again. Then (GM) Ned (Colletti) and I will get our heads together and see what we can do."

    * * *

    Garret Anderson and Tim Salmon may be reduced to pinch-hitting duties this weekend for the Angels, according to the local papers.

    Tonight's Game

  • Comments (398)
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    2006-05-19 14:55:05
    1.   Marty
    Oh heck, I'll be first I guess.
    2006-05-19 15:02:43
    2.   DodgerJoe
    I would like the Dodgers to do all they could to sign Hochevar. He seems like the real deal.

    I am not sure what to think about the revolving door in the bullpen. I guess they are going with whoever pitches well and shuttling players back and forth from the minors to take advantage in the majors.

    2006-05-19 15:02:49
    3.   underdog
    Cool about Orenduff.

    What's the weather look like down there for tonight? It's been drizzly all day here in SF.

    2006-05-19 15:03:49
    4.   the OZ
    Sergio Garcia is playing pretty darn well in Vegas. I know he came out of ASU around 2002, but is he a prospect or not? I'm having a tough time finding information about him, other than his 15-game suspension last summer.

    Anyone know more? Nate?

    2006-05-19 15:04:20
    5.   DodgerJoe
    It's about 90 here, but I'm in the SF Valley. They said maybe some rain on Sunday.
    2006-05-19 15:05:48
    6.   Prescott Pete
    "Purgatory's Bells," on Da Vinci Day no less -- well done.
    2006-05-19 15:06:39
    7.   MartinBillingsley31
    The solution to the bullpen without any trades is the health of gagne and kuo getting his control under control.

    Then the 6th reliever later on could be a former starting pitcher when billingsley is brought up.

    2006-05-19 15:06:44
    8.   Telemachos
    Marty has a drink and cheets on his wife!

    (probably too esoteric, and it jumped the shark awhile ago anyway)

    2006-05-19 15:08:50
    9.   Marty
    I finally saw an episode of The Office. The season finale. I liked it a lot and I'm going to make sure to catch up.
    2006-05-19 15:09:57
    10.   underdog
    Btw, for what it's worth, my thoughts on Da Lance Carter Code - I think the Dodgers chose him right now over Osoria (or Kuo) because Osoria could probably use more regular work than he's getting right now, to keep working on his stuff, while Kuo is still a little wild. Carter, one would assume, has "fixed" some of his kinks and glitches and the Dodgers figure why not give it a try? (We may soon find out why not but let's see...) At least he won't be as affected if he sits on the bench too long, whereas Osoria, again, could use more work. My working theory anyway.
    2006-05-19 15:10:34
    11.   King of the Hobos
    4 This is the first time since 2002 (in rookie ball) that he's had an OPS over .700. He has the ability to play every infield position, but I have to believe his hitting is a Vegas-induced fluke
    2006-05-19 15:11:00
    12.   natepurcell
    have we had mlb draft thoughts yet? If not, ill start.

    BA has posted their first round mock draft. they have for the dodgers:
    7- clayton kershaw (##^*$@ yea!)
    26- Kevin Mulvey RHP Villanova (boo!)

    Mulvey has not been consistent this spring but has flashed 4 above average pitches depending the day he pitches. I am not feeling this pick at all.

    also ive had correspondences with Jonathan Mayo and he thinks if Kershaw doesnt drop to the Dodgers, this is the year White does something different and goes college with the 7th pick. But it wont be reynolds because he is climbing up draft boards and will go before 7 now if he continued to roll through the pac 10 schedule.

    2006-05-19 15:11:54
    13.   Marty
    The name Mulvey reminds me of a Seinfeld episode.
    2006-05-19 15:14:53
    14.   Jon Weisman
    6 - Complete coincidence.

    9 - I'm glad you're hooked, since you started with the big finish to season 2, it will all seem like a flashback.

    2006-05-19 15:14:54
    15.   natepurcell
    Marty, someone else said that too on another board. lol
    2006-05-19 15:15:15
    16.   Jon Weisman
    14 - that should be, "but since you started ..."
    2006-05-19 15:16:22
    17.   towerofpower
    On Hochevar, with 3 first round draft picks this year, should the dodgers sign Hochevar before the deadline the dodgers will come out with one hell of a draft, stocking up the number of quality arms in the system. After losing arms through trade, and the looming possibility of injury (i.e. miller, hanrahan, pilkington) it definitely would be welcomed.

    A few issues might occlude the dodgers from signing hochevar. BA is reporting that the draft is thin on position players, so it looks as though pitcher selections will be top heavy. With three first round selections, the dodger's need for hochevar may not be as great as two of the three drafts picks will probably be pitchers. Also, Hocevar is going to demand a first round signing bonus, and my gut tells me that mccourt wont pony up the money neccessary for signing 4 first rounders. Granted, the dodgers don't have a 2nd rounder, so there may be an outside chance that the money that would have been spent on the 2nd rounder be allocated to Hochevar (which will cover only but a part of the actual signing should it happen, though perhaps the money not spent the previous year would also be alloated to this endeavor). hopefully they can sign the kid, and put him on the fast track. he's definitely rusty, but im sure hungrier than before the whole fiasco.

    2006-05-19 15:17:29
    18.   towerofpower
    also, though im not entirely sure on this, if they lose the righs to hochevar, don't the dodgers get a sandwhich pick in next yrs draft?
    2006-05-19 15:20:01
    19.   natepurcell

    no. Luke was not a first round pick but a supp first round pick. You only get sandwich picks for pure first rounders.

    2006-05-19 15:21:40
    20.   JoeyP
    Carter, one would assume, has "fixed" some of his kinks and glitches

    Not me.

    2006-05-19 15:21:45
    21.   towerofpower
    19 - ah i see. all i could remember was that he fell on the dodger's laps due to signability concerns (boras factor).
    2006-05-19 15:29:41
    22.   JoeyP
    have we had mlb draft thoughts yet?

    One thought. Are there any college hitters that can step in and produce very soon? The Rangers got Mark Teixeira with the 5th overall pick in the draft. I know the Dodgers are drafting 7th. Is there a Ryan Zimmerman/Teixeira type out there to be had. Preferably a 1st base power hitter.

    2006-05-19 15:31:48
    23.   underdog
    20 Not me either - not entirely anyway. Thus, the "quotes."

    13 Yeehaw, the "rhymes with a female body part" episode - classic. Right up there with "The Contest."

    2006-05-19 15:32:42
    24.   towerofpower
    2006-05-19 15:33:30
    25.   Inside Baseball
    17 I don't think the signing or non-signing of Hochevar will have much at all to do with McCourt. It will be all based on if Colletti and White's determination of his value meets up with what price Boras thinks he can still get. I'm excited it's a possibility again and I think it will get done.
    2006-05-19 15:33:33
    26.   Vishal
    [13] dolores?
    2006-05-19 15:35:45
    27.   King of the Hobos
    22 The draft is pitching-heavy, and doesn't really have any Zimmermans in it. Stubbs, Laporta, and Longoria are probably the best college hitters, but I would expect they all need some time in the minors (Stubbs is a toolsy OF who strikes out all the time, Laporta has power but he's a 1B/OF with little defensive talent, Longoria is probably the best overall hitter/fielder, and he plays 3B)
    2006-05-19 15:37:03
    28.   King of the Hobos
    25 He meant that McCourt might not be willing to pay for Hochevar and 3 other first rounders, as it will require a lot of money
    2006-05-19 15:41:30
    29.   Inside Baseball
    28 - I understood that, I just think McCourt would be willing to spend the money. For all his cheapness is talked about, I haven't ever seen it in action. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
    2006-05-19 15:42:20
    30.   natepurcell

    no teixera, zimmeramn, alex gordons or any truly elite college hitters in this draft. the best one is evan longoria and he projects as a bobby crosby/chase utley type and he is likely to go top 5.

    this draft is the year you stock up on prep lefties, for the prep lefty class is one of the best in a long long time.

    2006-05-19 15:46:40
    31.   Inside Baseball
    29 - Cheapness in terms of spending money on ballplayers...
    2006-05-19 15:54:41
    32.   natepurcell

    this is a good rundown of the top prep pitchers.

    2006-05-19 15:58:23
    33.   Faramond
    I am so distraught about He Who Shall Not Be Named being recalled from Vegas that I am moved to delurk and wail about it. Can't they find anyone else? Why? I ask you, Mr. Colletti, why? Why? WHY?

    How many more times do I have to watch Grady put him in with a four run lead in the ninth and then see the game blow up?

    I confidently told a fellow Dodger fan that we had seen the last of this sorry reliever. Well, I can still make this true. I just won't watch him pitch. I refuse. No more malaise!

    2006-05-19 16:05:08
    34.   Andrew Shimmin
    Is Lance Carter worse than Beimel or Hamulack? (I considered using the construction, "any less good," just to bother Steve, but decided against it.)
    2006-05-19 16:07:53
    35.   towerofpower
    the signing bonus money nec to sign the first 3 rounders and a hochevar alone will be around 10-12 million. The pot of left over money may not be as big, as some of the money that was not used last year in the signing of hochevar went to enticing 17th rnder andy van slyke into signing with the dodgers (ala matt kemp, laroche). Im not sure about the terms, so the acutal money transfered may not have been that much. When you consider the dodgers have cut back on their intl scouting (they leased half their complex in the dom rep. to tampa bay i think),their reliance on the draft may be bigger than in the past making hochevar possible. there are alot of factors in play, but lets hope things get done.
    2006-05-19 16:08:27
    36.   Andrew Shimmin
    How to tell you married the wrongest possible woman:

    2006-05-19 16:09:05
    37.   D4P
    Is Lance Carter worse than Beimel or Hamulack?


    2006-05-19 16:12:48
    38.   natepurcell
    last years slot numbers:

    7- 2.3 mil
    26- 1.325 mil
    31- 1.05 mil

    im guessing hochevar is roughly 3.5 mil or so. thats about 8.1-8.3 mil to sign our top 3 drafts picks+ hochevar.

    2006-05-19 16:17:22
    39.   DodgerHobbit
    My feeling about the callup is the same as Jon's...whatever. It's not like Grady will put him in with less than a 6 run lead or anything. :P
    2006-05-19 16:21:09
    40.   DodgerHobbit
    36 i wont sleep very well tonight after reading that.
    2006-05-19 16:25:56
    41.   Uncle Miltie
    36- what a sick person. My sociology teacher would say to not blame her since she's bi polar. She just needs to be understood, that's all.
    2006-05-19 16:27:16
    42.   Faramond

    A six run lead?

    Oh my no. The Jeff Hamilton rule applies here. The only acceptable time to put Lance "Malaise" Carter into a game is in a situation in which it would also be acceptable to run out Jeff Hamilton to pitch.

    2006-05-19 16:42:07
    43.   Andrew Shimmin
    42- I hope you'll give up lurking permanently. That was very funny.
    2006-05-19 16:43:28
    44.   TheRedMenace
    One reason to call up Carter is to figure out whether or not you want to dump the guy.

    Is it possible that the "Dodger Brass" is bringing Carter up to determine whether or not he will be in the band for the 2006 Summer Tour?

    I keep hoping this is the reason behind all of the at-bats Scoiscia has given to Edgardo Alfinley.

    2006-05-19 16:47:57
    45.   Andrew Shimmin
    This is his sixth year, is Carter FA eligible after this year? Is it worth the risk of his agreeing to arbitration, to offer it?
    2006-05-19 16:53:07
    46.   Steve
    Freddy Sanchez just bought himself a month on the bench for killing that rally.
    2006-05-19 16:56:04
    47.   Bob Timmermann
    After seeing the "Da Vinci Code", I must say that no one can play an albino, sociopathic, self-flagellating monk like Paul Bettany can.
    2006-05-19 16:56:31
    48.   underdog
    Did Jeff Hamilton once actually come out and pitch? I must have repressed all memory of that one. Hah.

    I have a feeling that
    may actually be right...

    2006-05-19 17:01:05
    49.   Bob Timmermann
    Jeff Hamilton threw pretty hard for a guy who hadn't pitched since he was in high school. The Astros got to him in that game in part because he didn't have a curve.

    "Old friend" Brent Mayne is the last non-pitcher to credit for a win. Back in 2000 when he was on Colorado. I think he threw knuckle balls.

    2006-05-19 17:03:14
    50.   Inside Baseball
    35, 38 - Thanks for the numbers.
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2006-05-19 17:11:56
    51.   Steve
    47 -- Pittsburgh is so very, very far from Hollywood.
    2006-05-19 17:14:38
    52.   Jacob L
    46, 51 - Maybe its time to start up FJT again.
    2006-05-19 17:16:30
    53.   Prescott Pete
    47 -- Your overall impressions of the movie?
    2006-05-19 17:20:27
    54.   Bob Timmermann

    My overall impression of the movie is:

    Is it over yet?

    Oh, that's the ending?


    That was it?

    It's nice to know that you can store paper documents that are thousands of years old in a basement in a church and not even use any archival preservation. You can just pull it. The hero can apparently find any document at will.

    I did not read the book. My girlfriend had and she said that the movie was entirely uninvolving.

    2006-05-19 17:23:12
    55.   Jacob L
    Wild game in NY. RJ struggling again. Posada, apparently, is hurt.
    2006-05-19 17:24:59
    56.   underdog
    But Audrey Tatou is in it! It's got to be at least involving when she's in it? Sort of?

    Ah well, the book kind of sucked, so I don't know why I expected more from the film. Maybe it was that the cast is so good.

    2006-05-19 17:27:38
    57.   Curtis Lowe
    I saw it and thought it was pretty good. Not earth shattering good but a good matinee.
    2006-05-19 17:42:19
    58.   JoeyP
    I've only seen previews but Tom Hanks' hair in it kinda creeps me out. I hope thats not his current style.
    2006-05-19 17:54:18
    59.   Bob Timmermann
    Audrey Tatou is pretty ordinary in it. But fortunately, her appearance stays the same throughout and never has her makeup disturbed.

    There is a huge continuity error in the film (and I usually don't notice them) when the lighting of a scene goes from night to dawn to morning back to night then to dawn then back to night, all in about 10 minutes.

    2006-05-19 18:01:11
    60.   natepurcell
    wow. This qualifies as irony.

    the team Hochevar is currenntly pitching for is the forth worth cats. The official Mascot of the cats is "Dodger"

    crazy eh?

    2006-05-19 18:20:57
    61.   Bob Timmermann
    Time to go get ready to head off to go see Lance Carter's triumphal return in person!
    2006-05-19 18:26:26
    62.   Andrew Shimmin
    61- Wait, does that mean you're forsaking your duty to liveblog the 16th season finale of America's Funniest Home Videos? That's twice in two days, Bob! Somebody's going to end up on notice, if he doesn't watch his step.
    2006-05-19 18:31:57
    63.   Bob Timmermann
    Sorry to let down my public.

    Go read about a baseball game from 1891 instead.

    2006-05-19 18:33:26
    64.   LAT
    I too am going to the Lance Carter revival tour?

    Did I say "revival"? I think I meant "revile."

    2006-05-19 18:39:53
    65.   gpellamjr
    Lineup's been posted at insidethedodgers--- I think it's about the best possible lineup Grittle could put together with what he's got to work with. I'm pleased that he's been having Kent at 5th and not keeping him at 4th for ego reasons.

    So, what's Pujols' pace this year? 80hr and 200rbi?

    2006-05-19 18:40:31
    66.   Andrew Shimmin
    63- Does anybody get hit in the crotch with a ball? If not, it's a poor substitute.
    2006-05-19 18:54:38
    67.   King of the Hobos
    Alberto Bastardo hasn't slowed down in Vero. 5.1 IP, 10 Ks, no earned runs. That's 17 Ks in 12.1 IP for Vero, all without giving up an earned run
    2006-05-19 18:57:45
    68.   gpellamjr
    Just saw that other LaRoche hit a grand slam against Arizona in the first... the ball was caught by a kid in the pool. A pool? It shocks me everytime I see it. Where are the cheerleaders?
    2006-05-19 18:58:16
    69.   autumnlanding
    batista just served up a granny to McCann: Atl 5 Arz 0 top 1
    2006-05-19 19:03:13
    70.   gpellamjr
    69 Strange, I always thought credit for a grand slam went to the guy who was batting, not the guy on 1st. You learn something new every day.
    2006-05-19 19:08:34
    71.   trainwreck
    Got here late, but I love the fact we are opening up now and willing to get something done with Hochevar.

    I have figured out who I want us to draft now. Kershaw, Kiker, and Cody Johnson.

    2006-05-19 19:11:36
    72.   Andrew Shimmin
    Do McCann and LaRoche have a Lofton/Drew relationship?
    2006-05-19 19:12:03
    73.   natepurcell
    cody johnson is dropping hard. this is from BA's chat today.

    Q: jason from mansfield ohio asks:
    i've heard some about Cody Johnson where do you think he will end up goin?

    Alan Matthews: We don't have a good feel for where Johnson is going to be drafted, and that might be true for some major league teams. He has outstanding raw power, but big holes in his swing, especially handling hard stuff above his hands. He has hindered his stock a touch because of his inability to improve defensively. He might be stuck playing first base. He could slip out of the top 10 rounds if clubs don't believe he's signable in the third- to fifth-round range, or he could wind up going as high as the supplemental round. Thus the theme of this year's wide open draft.

    2006-05-19 19:21:56
    74.   trainwreck
    Man, just a little while ago I was hearing he had the bust raw power potential and was very patient and had great discipline. He does not need to be swinging at balls at his eyes. Maybe this is a case of scouts overanalyzing a prospect. They are not going to be perfect.
    2006-05-19 19:28:48
    75.   natepurcell
    cody johnson still has huge raw power but he hasnt progressed defensively and he has a hole in his swing. I personally think he should go to college. he will probably be a first round pick after facing SEC pitching for 3 years.
    2006-05-19 19:33:17
    76.   natepurcell
    lol greg miller replaces eric stults with the bases loaded and no outs. baptism by fire for greg miller.
    2006-05-19 19:35:40
    77.   Steve
    I don't care who we draft as long as we get a Kazmir. I want a Kazmir just like Dear Old Dad's.

    And a David Wright.

    2006-05-19 19:36:02
    78.   natepurcell
    was that kelly clarkson!?!? /drools
    2006-05-19 19:37:05
    79.   Steve
    I guess I've had time to consider this Carter thing, and I think the reasonable response anyone would have is "What in the world is Hamulack still doing here?"
    2006-05-19 19:37:08
    80.   King of the Hobos
    Anyone know what Hoorelbeke throws? I know he's old for AA (26), but giving up one earned run in 23.1 IP is very impressive, especially as his other stats are impressive (20 Ks, 8 BBs, 0 HRs)
    2006-05-19 19:38:16
    81.   King of the Hobos
    Miller has already walked two batters, but both were intentional walks
    2006-05-19 19:39:59
    82.   natepurcell
    Anyone know what Hoorelbeke throws?

    hes a sidearmer type guy.

    2006-05-19 19:41:54
    83.   trainwreck
    Kelly Carlson is way better than Kelly Clarkson.

    Kelly Clarkson looks good at times and then sometimes looks like Kelly Clarkson.

    2006-05-19 19:43:06
    84.   King of the Hobos
    82 That would probably mean he's a ROOGY at best, and his splits seem to agee with that (lefties haven't really hurt him, but they have hit him a little harder than righties)
    2006-05-19 19:44:15
    85.   King of the Hobos
    Nice throw by Martin. It's nice to see our catcher throw runners out, especially runners like Figgins
    2006-05-19 19:46:12
    86.   King of the Hobos
    At least the Angels got rid of one of their runs on the CS
    2006-05-19 19:47:31
    87.   Steve
    1) Somebody please tell Shawn that the Grabowski Face is not appropriate for caught stealings, particularly when Mike Scioscia is easier to read than a Dick and Jane book.

    2) When Russell Martin gets into Cooperstown, can I give his nominating speech?

    2006-05-19 19:53:39
    88.   King of the Hobos
    87 Shawn? You have a problem with Chone?
    2006-05-19 19:56:28
    89.   Andrew Shimmin
    Anybody not see that coming?
    2006-05-19 19:57:32
    90.   Johnson
    The wind must be blowing out tonight.
    2006-05-19 19:57:47
    91.   King of the Hobos
    Looks like the Dodgers are imitating the Angels, look for Nomar to go deep here
    2006-05-19 19:58:16
    92.   natepurcell
    dont take weaver out!
    2006-05-19 20:00:14
    93.   Johnson
    So much for symmetry.
    2006-05-19 20:00:32
    94.   King of the Hobos
    How many stolen bases/caught stealings will we see this series?
    2006-05-19 20:04:31
    95.   Curtis Lowe
    It seems Nomah didn't get the memo.
    2006-05-19 20:07:16
    96.   King of the Hobos
    Looks like the real Sele is back.
    2006-05-19 20:07:24
    97.   sanchez101
    ah, Sele is comming back to earth, the angels must be thrilled to see him
    2006-05-19 20:07:36
    98.   natepurcell
    Oh Billingsley, where art thou?
    2006-05-19 20:08:07
    99.   Doug N
    59 Anyone looking for the well-written, interesting, "literary" version of 'The Da Vinci Code' should read Umberto Eco's 'Focault's Pendulum.' That's all I've got to say about that.

    Vin just spoke on Nomar's pre-6th inning hitting, versus his bat at the end of the game, noting that Nomar is hitting .800+ from the 7th on, but sub-par in the first part of the game. My initial thought is that Nomar is getting fat on relievers, but his bat speed is not able to handle starters. Does anyone have a better theory?

    2006-05-19 20:10:37
    100.   natepurcell
    My initial thought is that Nomar is getting fat on relievers, but his bat speed is not able to handle starters.

    I saw nomar hit a grand slam off of a 2-2 96mph fb to left center off brad lidge. I have no questions about his bat speed.

    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2006-05-19 20:11:04
    101.   gpellamjr
    It's apparent that Sele is a wily veteran who knows how to win ballgames.
    2006-05-19 20:11:52
    102.   Andrew Shimmin
    I wasn't happy to see Cruz's name in the lineup. I still don't understand why Grittle is (or seems to be) using a reverse platoon with Cruz/Lofton. But he just saved a run that Lofton very likely wouldn't have, so there you go.
    2006-05-19 20:11:53
    103.   gpellamjr
    99 Easy. He's clutch! I bet DPD doesn't take statistical account of clutchiness!
    2006-05-19 20:12:36
    104.   gpellamjr
    103 By "DPD" I meant "Paul Depodesta"
    2006-05-19 20:13:03
    105.   D4P
    I saw nomar hit a grand slam off of a 2-2 96mph fb to left center off brad lidge. I have no questions about his bat speed.

    Maybe he just started the bat moving really early.

    2006-05-19 20:13:37
    106.   gpellamjr
    It seems Sele has great clutchiness, too.
    2006-05-19 20:13:55
    107.   Johnson
    99 I heard Vin, but I thought there was something funny about his numbers. I think he said that Nomar is 7-8 in the 7th and beyond, but on the season Nomar is 30-90, so there's no way that Nomar could have only 8 ABs in the last third of the game, should be more like 30. I wonder if Vin was talking about Nomar's numbers with RISP, or if I just heard him wrong.

    Stranding runners on second and third with no outs is nice, even if it was Sele. ;-)

    2006-05-19 20:16:29
    108.   gpellamjr
    107 I think he is 7 for his last 8 in the last three innings of ball games.
    2006-05-19 20:17:13
    109.   Daniel Zappala
    108 Yes, that was the graphic they showed on the telecast. Vin got that stat/story all messed up.
    2006-05-19 20:17:28
    110.   sanchez101
    102. Lofton isnt available, apparently he's still hurting
    2006-05-19 20:18:27
    111.   sanchez101
    Martin is becoming my favorite Dodger
    2006-05-19 20:19:34
    112.   natepurcell
    the rooks come through!
    2006-05-19 20:19:42
    113.   Johnson
    108 Ah, that makes much more sense.

    ...and the kids come up with a bloop and a double for a run. [tickled pink]

    2006-05-19 20:19:48
    114.   gpellamjr
    111 As unlikely as it is, I hope Aybar/Ethier/Martin stay around for the rest of the year.
    2006-05-19 20:19:57
    115.   Curtis Lowe

    Martini time?

    2006-05-19 20:20:29
    116.   gpellamjr
    I'm a little irked that the PA announcer is referring to that other team the way they'd like to be referred.
    2006-05-19 20:20:43
    117.   Gen3Blue
    Good Mornin almost from the east coast.
    Howed we get behind 2- excuse me--2-1.
    Martin is one of my favorite old Dodgers too.
    2006-05-19 20:21:32
    118.   sanchez101
    Sele cant get anything past Vlad
    2006-05-19 20:22:15
    119.   natepurcell
    I hope Aybar/Ethier/Martin stay around for the rest of the year.

    but, championship.... :(

    2006-05-19 20:23:26
    120.   sanchez101
    why doesnt Guerrero get the Bonds treatment, Adam Kennedy is batting cleanup?
    2006-05-19 20:25:35
    121.   gpellamjr
    119 That team's still loaded. Though I'm more worried about the NLWest.
    2006-05-19 20:26:27
    122.   gpellamjr
    Will Kemp and LaRoche be at Las Vegas before the season's out?
    2006-05-19 20:28:20
    123.   Curtis Lowe
    What does a man have to do in order to see a good throw to first?
    2006-05-19 20:29:03
    124.   Andrew Shimmin
    110- Hadn't heard. Thanks.
    2006-05-19 20:29:40
    125.   Curtis Lowe
    123- See Aybar, Willy.
    2006-05-19 20:29:52
    126.   natepurcell
    re 122

    yes i think so.

    2006-05-19 20:30:00
    127.   Steve
    Po-tay-to, po-tah-toe. Scioscia still won't be making any appearances on American Inventor any time soon.
    2006-05-19 20:33:10
    128.   natepurcell
    2006-05-19 20:33:57
    129.   lakerican
    122 Not this year...
    2006-05-19 20:34:40
    130.   trainwreck
    I would be so happy to see the old Gagne back.
    2006-05-19 20:34:56
    131.   natepurcell

    kemp has a 1000+ OPS. why wouldne he see AAA this year?

    2006-05-19 20:34:59
    132.   Johnson
    So Garciaparra likes to hit relievers and Weavers?
    2006-05-19 20:35:35
    133.   King of the Hobos
    Osoria had a scoreless inning in Vegas. 1 IP, 1 H, 1 BB, 1 K
    2006-05-19 20:37:13
    134.   Doug N
    115 reverend horton heat reference?
    2006-05-19 20:37:33
    135.   lakerican
    Jacksonville defending...
    2006-05-19 20:37:46
    136.   Curtis Lowe
    "Je" "ff" "Kent!"

    "Je" "ff" "Kent!"

    2006-05-19 20:38:17
    137.   gpellamjr
    132 Yeah, Nomar's batting .500 in his last two at bats against Weaver--- with a 1.000 OPS!!!
    2006-05-19 20:40:12
    138.   natepurcell
    Jacksonville defending...

    prospect development is more important then minor league championships (contrary to my fecetious comments about PCL championships).

    2006-05-19 20:42:10
    139.   Curtis Lowe
    Dos Equis special lager is pretty dang tasty.
    2006-05-19 20:43:11
    140.   Gen3Blue
    Looks like Laroche is starting to heat up.
    Kemp is awful young-but if anyone was to skip Las Vegas, it would be him.
    2006-05-19 20:43:49
    141.   Johnson
    137 [Forget] the small sample size, full speed ahead!
    2006-05-19 20:44:01
    142.   Gen3Blue
    Drew took away a dinger. I think.
    2006-05-19 20:44:08
    143.   Curtis Lowe

    Lazily robs a homerun.

    2006-05-19 20:45:07
    144.   natepurcell

    Kemp is 21 which is young and i dont think he should skip vegas. Half a year in vegas at least.

    2006-05-19 20:45:28
    145.   Curtis Lowe
    If Drew were scrappy he would have dived into the stands to catch that one.
    2006-05-19 20:46:42
    146.   scareduck
    142 - no, but probably a ground rule double.
    2006-05-19 20:48:19
    147.   Andrew Shimmin
    144- Still, there are only 4 OFs on the team right now. If Lofton's down for more than a day or two. . .
    2006-05-19 20:49:17
    148.   gpellamjr
    Don't get too excited about Ethier's single. Weaver's just trying to set up the DP. Good strategy Jeff!
    2006-05-19 20:49:18
    149.   sanchez101
    146. that wouldve going out, Drew was standing over the wall when he caught it. Not that it was a great play, it wasnt.
    2006-05-19 20:50:01
    150.   King of the Hobos
    147 I would expect Guzman or Young would replace Lofton ahead of Kemp, as they are on the 40 man roster. Drew/Cruz/Ethier can play CF for a few weeks if needed
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2006-05-19 20:52:22
    151.   sanchez101
    what was the whole story behind Mike Scoiscia, why wasnt he hired to manage the Dodgers?
    2006-05-19 20:53:21
    152.   King of the Hobos
    Tydus Meadows is healthy and has replaced Nick Alvarez in Vegas. I know Meadows is old, but I can't help but think he'd be better than some 5th OFs already in the majors. He did nothing to help the 51's as a PH though, and they were shut out, losing 7-0
    2006-05-19 20:53:31
    153.   Steve
    Fur-kel can handle that Weaver cheese.
    2006-05-19 20:54:01
    154.   Andrew Shimmin
    150- I was sort of kidding. I don't want Kemp brought up this year; I don't even want Billingsly brought up unless it's clear that he'd be (a) very good and (b) significantly better than the next best option. Until Odalis gets his rotation spot back, the second condition cannot be met.

    I hope Young gets called up. In place of Beimel, Hamulack, or Carter.

    2006-05-19 20:54:49
    155.   gpellamjr
    Too bad Nomar can't hit before the 7th inning.
    2006-05-19 20:55:02
    156.   sanchez101
    If my memory serves me, this is where Weaver gives up a homerun. Its fun to be on the other side of this.
    2006-05-19 20:56:42
    157.   Steve
    156 -- Scioscia's going to give us plenty of chances.
    2006-05-19 20:56:59
    158.   Curtis Lowe
    Nomah must have missed that memo too.
    2006-05-19 20:57:30
    159.   lakerican
    138 I don't understand. Develop, rushing?!
    2006-05-19 20:58:35
    160.   JoeyP
    Remember when Weaver was trying to open up contract extension talks last year and DePodesta told him to take a hike?

    Weaver's 2006 is rivaling Beltre's 2005.

    2006-05-19 20:58:35
    161.   King of the Hobos
    Grady provided an explanation for the Carter move: "Lance got himself straightened out during his little trip to Vegas"
    2006-05-19 20:58:53
    162.   natepurcell

    the dodgers like to challenge their prospects instead of letting stay in a league they can handle with ease for a whole year.

    2006-05-19 20:59:49
    163.   natepurcell
    oh, dallas: DR
    carter: LV

    both cases involve the same hooker.

    2006-05-19 21:00:48
    164.   sanchez101
    wow, that nice RAFFY
    2006-05-19 21:01:23
    165.   Andrew Shimmin
    Furcal to Steve: How you like me now, smarty pants?
    2006-05-19 21:01:36
    166.   King of the Hobos
    An OF with an .873 OPS is not good enough for the Nationals, so Church is headed back to the minors, although AA this time. Ned seriously needs to acquire Church (and Gigantor if he can)
    2006-05-19 21:02:37
    167.   Curtis Lowe
    163- hehe.
    2006-05-19 21:02:46
    168.   natepurcell
    vlad swung through one pitch....3 times.
    2006-05-19 21:02:57
    169.   scareduck
    160 - for that to happen, he would have been a terrible pitcher his entire life -- save for 2005.

    Weaver has been mediocre, but I do have to wonder whether his opportunities to redeem himself have run out.

    2006-05-19 21:03:19
    170.   natepurcell

    why are they demoting him?

    2006-05-19 21:03:33
    171.   Curtis Lowe
    Did that play restore Furcal's confidence? Will he now show superior D?
    2006-05-19 21:03:41
    172.   scareduck
    168 - he's done a lot of that this year. Methinks he's overswinging.
    2006-05-19 21:03:55
    173.   Steve
    I love .235 hitters with Rate2's of 80. Everyone knows that.
    2006-05-19 21:04:25
    174.   JoeyP
    Vlad was working on his golf stroke in that last at bat. More specifically, bunker shots.
    2006-05-19 21:06:23
    175.   King of the Hobos
    170 4-24 slump after he had the flu, and they wanted to bring up Alex Escobar
    2006-05-19 21:07:10
    176.   JoeyP
    Weaver has been mediocre, but I do have to wonder whether his opportunities to redeem himself have run out

    He's living off his draft position and what scouts say about his "stuff". 3-5yrs from now Adrian Gonzales will be bouncing around still getting the same sorts of chances. It happens.

    2006-05-19 21:07:48
    177.   Gen3Blue
    My IP just hiccoughed and shut me up for a minute.
    144 agreed.
    If my sentimental post about Weaver got through then, never mind it was a mistake.
    2006-05-19 21:09:03
    178.   natepurcell
    hehe Oh, Dallas!
    2006-05-19 21:11:08
    179.   Andrew Shimmin
    173- Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was still an awesome play.
    2006-05-19 21:11:44
    180.   Johnson
    Donnelly put up a stop sign? Is that the first time all year?
    2006-05-19 21:13:11
    181.   Gen3Blue
    2006-05-19 21:13:42
    182.   sanchez101
    ok, Martin needs a nickname
    2006-05-19 21:14:00
    183.   natepurcell
    ahhhh, young talented players. Oh how have i missed them in Dodger blue.
    2006-05-19 21:14:06
    184.   Johnson
    #31 is going to be the best supplemental draft pick ever. Thank you, Jeff Weaver.
    2006-05-19 21:14:09
    185.   JoeyP
    Grady has to pinch hit for Sele in this situation.
    2006-05-19 21:14:25
    186.   Steve
    Hit for Sele and bring in Perez, knucklehead!
    2006-05-19 21:15:30
    187.   Steve
    Scioscia is aching to give us this one. Take it, Grady!
    2006-05-19 21:15:54
    188.   natepurcell

    dont forget pick 26 :)

    2006-05-19 21:16:15
    189.   gpellamjr
    185 Absolutely! We have added veteran depth in the bullpen with Carter having been called up!
    2006-05-19 21:16:29
    190.   JoeyP
    Are you serious?
    2006-05-19 21:16:30
    191.   lakerican
    Bring Olmedo!!!
    2006-05-19 21:17:02
    192.   xaphor
    [182] Labatt Blue?
    2006-05-19 21:17:22
    193.   natepurcell
    2006-05-19 21:17:49
    194.   Greg Brock
    Hey Dummy, look at three strikes and get in the dugout. Gadzooks.
    2006-05-19 21:17:54
    195.   spacebrother
    I was waiting so patiently for the patented Jeff Weaver Meltdown Plus Grand Slam.
    2006-05-19 21:17:59
    196.   JoeyP
    I thought Jim Tracy was in Pittsburgh.
    That might have been the worst managerial decision of the season.
    2006-05-19 21:18:17
    197.   scareduck
    Before I saw this series, I was thinking the Grittle factor might come into play. We shall see whether this happens now.
    2006-05-19 21:18:55
    198.   Steve
    I try to like Grady Little. You have all seen me bend over backwards to give the man a chance. Every once in a while, he even excites me. But that was just flat out retarded.
    2006-05-19 21:19:02
    199.   Curtis Lowe
    dang Sele better make up for that DP by striking out the side.
    2006-05-19 21:19:54
    200.   Johnson
    188 Oh, yeah. Totally forgot about that. First rounder and a supplemental!
    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2006-05-19 21:20:17
    201.   Steve
    I mean, it's the Angels. Score six runs, and then bring in an usher or Bill Plaschke to get the last twelve outs. Moron.
    2006-05-19 21:20:17
    202.   scareduck
    195 - to be followed by the screaming into the glove on the mound.
    2006-05-19 21:20:56
    203.   JoeyP
    I was thinking Sele better pitch a complete game to make up for that decision. You dont leave him in to hit with the bases loaded and 1 out, if he's only going to pitch at most 1-2 more innings.
    2006-05-19 21:21:58
    204.   Greg Brock
    Hey Nomar, Derek Lee called, he said "Watch yourself on those tag plays at first."
    2006-05-19 21:22:05
    205.   lakerican
    Oh Well, Sele got 9 in a row... maybe that was the reason.
    2006-05-19 21:22:27
    206.   Steve
    Wow, nice inning for Mickey's Kids out there. Does "Swing, batter" actually work?
    2006-05-19 21:23:06
    207.   lakerican
    He, he 3 more, 12 now...
    2006-05-19 21:24:32
    208.   natepurcell
    nomars going to net us two draft picks! yay!
    2006-05-19 21:25:20
    209.   scareduck
    206 - have you ever heard of the "silent e"? Same principle.
    2006-05-19 21:29:30
    210.   King of the Hobos
    208 At this point, there's a better chance that we sign Nomar to a 3 year, $30 mil extension and trade Loney for a veteran reliever
    2006-05-19 21:30:47
    211.   Steve
    mmmm...Nomar...three-year extension

    [slaps self, "Snap out of it!"]

    2006-05-19 21:30:53
    212.   natepurcell
    close the door on this game kent
    2006-05-19 21:31:14
    213.   Curtis Lowe
    Bases Loaded 1 out.

    Is this familar?

    2006-05-19 21:31:20
    214.   natepurcell
    close the door on this game aybar
    2006-05-19 21:31:21
    215.   D4P
    Proven 100-RBI Guy comes through.
    2006-05-19 21:31:34
    216.   Gen3Blue
    Rally breaker!
    2006-05-19 21:32:16
    217.   Curtis Lowe
    well that's one way to get a run.
    2006-05-19 21:33:16
    218.   Curtis Lowe
    Aybar reminds me of the Voodoo guy from Live and let die.
    2006-05-19 21:33:38
    219.   Gen3Blue
    Aybar can hit!!
    Geez, I'm waiting for the seventh to hit my ration-and it seems to be taking a while.
    2006-05-19 21:34:18
    220.   Uncle Miltie
    Wilber with a rally killing double.
    2006-05-19 21:34:45
    221.   gpellamjr
    The Dodgers OBP for this game is well over .500. They lead the league coming into the game. Who is responsible for the team's great patience?
    2006-05-19 21:34:48
    222.   Kayaker7
    Ceeeeeelebrate good times, c'mon!
    2006-05-19 21:35:10
    223.   natepurcell
    that works. thanks for pulling the infield Angels!
    2006-05-19 21:35:33
    224.   Greg Brock
    220-Say what? Doubles are the greatest rally sustainers in the world.
    2006-05-19 21:35:59
    225.   Kayaker7
    221 Wallach's preaching is finally sinking in.
    2006-05-19 21:36:03
    226.   D4P
    Aybar reminds me of the Voodoo guy from Live and let die.

    I think his name was something like Baron von Sandie.

    2006-05-19 21:37:15
    227.   Steve
    224 -- Just a little reference to Steve Lyons' ongoing belief that everything but Olneys kill rallies.
    2006-05-19 21:37:30
    228.   Kayaker7
    Why is Alfonso going in for McPherson?
    2006-05-19 21:37:44
    229.   lakerican
    221 Eddie Murray?? naaaaaaah!!!!
    2006-05-19 21:37:53
    230.   scareduck
    Wow, same mistake twice. How badly do the Angels miss Joe Maddon?
    2006-05-19 21:38:25
    231.   Steve
    Andre Ethier -- .300 hitter.
    2006-05-19 21:38:46
    232.   Greg Brock
    Ahhhhh, gotcha. Sorry, I was not equipped with my "Lyons Book of Wisdom." Apologies.
    2006-05-19 21:39:09
    233.   Steve
    230 -- Hard to tell when the first line of defense is Jeff Weaver and Esteban Yan.
    2006-05-19 21:39:26
    234.   Curtis Lowe
    226- I should've known that from all the hours wasted on Goldeneye.
    2006-05-19 21:39:34
    235.   Uncle Miltie
    227- especially home runs and walks. Sac flies give teams momentum.
    2006-05-19 21:39:37
    236.   Kayaker7
    227 "Olney?" Does this mean singles?

    229 Just kidding...all season last year, they talked about Wallach's patient approach while everyone's walk rate dropped.

    2006-05-19 21:40:05
    237.   natepurcell
    the 24 and under team is having a good night.
    2006-05-19 21:40:09
    238.   Greg Brock
    230- Great point. I think the Angels miss Maddon A LOT. One of sharpest guys around.
    2006-05-19 21:40:12
    239.   scareduck
    NOW he makes Saenz pinch hit for Sele.
    2006-05-19 21:40:17
    240.   gpellamjr
    Now the pressing question: can the Dodgers get a hit with the infield back?
    2006-05-19 21:40:43
    241.   scareduck
    236 - I suspect this is Buster Olney's bogus Productive Out stat.
    2006-05-19 21:41:00
    242.   Greg Brock
    Hit Parade
    2006-05-19 21:41:22
    243.   Steve
    When Russ Martin is elected President of the United States (thanks to the Schwarzenegger Amendment), do you think he will make me Secretary of Defense?
    2006-05-19 21:41:35
    244.   King of the Hobos
    So much for letting Sele go for single game IP lead (currently 7.1, by Lowe).

    Every spot in the lineup but 4th, Drew, has a hit now. Drew, however, has 2 walks, so he's participating as well

    2006-05-19 21:41:59
    245.   underdog
    I'm feeling so confident all of a sudden I say bring in Lance Carter! Bring it on!

    Okay, maybe not that confident, but copacetic anyway.

    2006-05-19 21:42:14
    246.   scareduck
    Are they yelling, "Beat LA"?
    2006-05-19 21:42:18
    247.   Greg Brock
    This is the kind of game that will really raise Baez's confidence.
    2006-05-19 21:42:31
    248.   Kayaker7
    241 I see.

    What's up with the much vaunted Angels bullpen?

    2006-05-19 21:42:40
    249.   natepurcell
    dodger farm system, i command you to bear fruit!
    2006-05-19 21:43:17
    250.   xaphor
    Vlad's arm is going to fall off by the end of this game.
    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2006-05-19 21:43:39
    251.   King of the Hobos
    And there's still only one out in the inning...
    2006-05-19 21:43:47
    252.   scareduck
    Well, that pretty much cements a series sweep. Of the three starting pitching matchups, this was the most even.
    2006-05-19 21:44:02
    253.   gpellamjr
    245 That would be the only thing that would make me question the Dodgers' destiny to win this game.
    2006-05-19 21:44:07
    254.   Uncle Miltie
    I thought we decided a long time ago that Martin's nickname is the Canadian Mountie of Walks
    2006-05-19 21:44:08
    255.   Kayaker7
    Batting around, baby...
    2006-05-19 21:44:31
    256.   scareduck
    248 - not much vaunting at this end of it.
    2006-05-19 21:44:36
    257.   Gen3Blue
    Geez, I can't get into the Seventh! When Sienz scores from 1st, its a DRIVE.
    2006-05-19 21:45:12
    258.   gpellamjr
    Good thing Cruz struck out--- he almost ended the rally.
    2006-05-19 21:45:32
    259.   Steve
    Aybar, Ethier, Martin -- 8 for 12, 5 R, 6 RBI, all hitting over .300. I'm swooning


    2006-05-19 21:45:40
    260.   Kayaker7
    Nomar should be taken out before he slips a disk.
    2006-05-19 21:45:54
    261.   underdog
    The Giants now have two hits against the A's, but only one more inning to get a run. The Braves have now gone ahead of Arizona in that crazy game. But best of all is that the Anaheim, yes, I said Anaheim, nyah, Angels are getting whooped.
    2006-05-19 21:46:20
    262.   Curtis Lowe
    Russ Almighty?
    2006-05-19 21:46:35
    263.   sanchez101
    I wonder what Ersty's going to be yelling about in the Angels clubhouse tonite?
    2006-05-19 21:47:30
    264.   sanchez101
    262. i like that better than the canadian mountie of walks
    2006-05-19 21:48:03
    265.   King of the Hobos
    And now every spot in the lineup has a hit
    2006-05-19 21:48:13
    266.   sanchez101
    nice hustle J.D.
    2006-05-19 21:48:21
    267.   Greg Brock
    This inning brought to you by Rod Serling.
    2006-05-19 21:48:39
    268.   Kayaker7
    Anyone else find the "Ersty" "Brownie" "Greenie" etc. a bit gay?
    2006-05-19 21:48:46
    269.   Steve
    262 -- Approved. Russ Almighty it is. That's really the only thing left. I like you Dioner, I really do. I'm just not that into you anymore.
    2006-05-19 21:48:51
    270.   D4P
    15 singles, 4 extra basehits. I guess Ned knew what he was doing all along.
    2006-05-19 21:48:55
    271.   Andrew Shimmin
    It just keeps getting better. Even when you think it couldn't; it's like this inning has come unstuck from the laws of diminishing marginal returns.
    2006-05-19 21:49:02
    272.   scareduck
    Some of these guys are having whole seasons worth of at bats this inning.
    2006-05-19 21:49:02
    273.   Curtis Lowe
    Russ the run bus?
    2006-05-19 21:49:13
    274.   Gen3Blue
    I know: we're gonna need these runs all next week.
    2006-05-19 21:49:13
    275.   spacebrother
    This reminds me of that Bugs Bunny cartoon where the batters do a conga line around the bases.
    2006-05-19 21:49:25
    276.   Doug N
    ok, now that the game is almost safe for the dodger bullpen, here's an off-topic remark:

    im gonna see the 51ers in Texas this week. Anybody have anything they'd like scoped out? Anybody in the area going?

    2006-05-19 21:49:41
    277.   dkminnick
    Of all that has happened this inning, that hustle by JD on the slow roller to first may have been my favorite. That's how you play ball.
    2006-05-19 21:50:28
    278.   Suffering Bruin
    A long week of teaching ends with the radio letting me know the Dodgers are up 4-2. I think I'll treat myself to some frozen yogurt.

    (goes into the store, waits in a line for a moderate time, gets frozen yogurt and returns to car...)


    2006-05-19 21:50:41
    279.   sanchez101
    ok guys, this is little much. not that im not enjoying it.
    2006-05-19 21:51:30
    280.   DodgerHobbit
    I guess it's safe to use Carter once we score a couple of more runs.
    2006-05-19 21:51:51
    281.   natepurcell
    dioner, guzman and elbert can net us miguel cabrera.... do it ned!
    2006-05-19 21:51:55
    282.   gpellamjr
    The Dodgers should end this rally--- out of respect for Los Angeles of Anaheim.
    2006-05-19 21:52:32
    283.   DodgerHobbit
    good night, irene.
    2006-05-19 21:52:48
    284.   Curtis Lowe
    269- hehe.
    2006-05-19 21:53:39
    285.   underdog
    269 Dioner gets the "It's not you, it's me" speech, poor guy...

    I think Russ Martin should be Russ "Eh" Martin, because nothing's more Canadian than saying, "Eh."

    2006-05-19 21:53:49
    286.   scareduck
    282 - is that to say there's a mercy rule for teams with ridiculous names?
    2006-05-19 21:54:40
    287.   xaphor
    When do we start the fund raiser to get season tickets for Bob?
    2006-05-19 21:54:44
    288.   spacebrother
    They ought to let Kent pitch. I remember seeing Robin Ventura go at it for an inning a couple of years ago when he was with the Dodgers. LA was so far behind it was a wash anyway. He retired the side and when he came up the next inning they put up his 0.00 ERA on the jumbotron.
    2006-05-19 21:55:16
    289.   King of the Hobos
    We have Hamulack, Carter, and Perez, and we waste Broxton in a blowout?
    2006-05-19 21:56:05
    290.   natepurcell
    bull! bull! bull!
    2006-05-19 21:56:40
    291.   gpellamjr
    What gives me a little thrill is that Broxton will be our setup guy when Gagne comes back, not Baez.
    2006-05-19 21:57:11
    292.   Curtis Lowe
    Daa Bull.
    2006-05-19 21:57:17
    293.   natepurcell
    bull! bull! bull!
    2006-05-19 21:57:56
    294.   sanchez101
    289. i wonder when little will realize that Broxton is his best relief pitcher
    2006-05-19 21:58:04
    295.   Gen3Blue
    Just throw gas.
    2006-05-19 21:58:34
    296.   scareduck
    Grittle's bullpen management is unparalleled.
    2006-05-19 21:58:38
    297.   natepurcell
    2006-05-19 21:58:56
    298.   Curtis Lowe
    Good move pulling Nomah for Saenz.
    2006-05-19 21:59:02
    299.   sanchez101
    nice, Olmedo, nice
    2006-05-19 21:59:12
    300.   Steve
    Show/Hide Comments 301-350
    2006-05-19 21:59:13
    301.   trainwreck
    Nate you beat me to it.

    I hate you Saenz.

    2006-05-19 21:59:47
    302.   Curtis Lowe
    Lets see how Da Bull reactgs after an error.
    2006-05-19 21:59:54
    303.   lakerican
    There was a black humor phrase , my dad used to say:

    "Duro con el Invalido"

    "Hard with the handicapped"

    2006-05-19 22:00:27
    304.   xaphor
    All this talk about no errors for Nomar got me wondering how many you really pickup playing first anyway. Saenz shows me how it's done.
    2006-05-19 22:00:34
    305.   scareduck
    Anyone quivering at the prospect of an Angels rally ruining the Dodgers' day? Bueller?
    2006-05-19 22:00:51
    306.   Gen3Blue
    I still say a guy Broxton's age should be a starter. Seeing these guys like Brox and Miller relegated to middle relievers makes me sick, especially looking at this years draft.
    2006-05-19 22:01:12
    307.   Uncle Miltie
    Huston Street just made Barry Bonds look like a little boy.

    Time to bring in Carter. He needs to get some innnings in. Enough innings where he can't be used for another week or so. I'd like to see him throw around 80 pitches while giving up fewer than 5 runs.

    2006-05-19 22:01:53
    308.   Curtis Lowe
    He's not handling this as well as I would have hoped.
    2006-05-19 22:02:23
    309.   natepurcell
    broxton had a very good outing.
    2006-05-19 22:02:46
    310.   underdog
    San Diego lost. The Giants lost. Arizona tied their game up.

    Btw, I hope we save a little of this for the rest of the series. The pitching matchups do favor the Dodgers in the last two but I don't want to get too cocky or jinx it. One at a time boys, one at a time...
    Ah screw that, this is fun.

    2006-05-19 22:03:29
    311.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    The Dodgers are giving me a great birthday gift. :)
    2006-05-19 22:03:29
    312.   Curtis Lowe
    308- Oh really fool!
    2006-05-19 22:04:09
    313.   underdog
    ....stupid Braves and their crappy bullpen. {{Mutter}}
    2006-05-19 22:04:42
    314.   gpellamjr
    311 Happy birthday!

    Go Dodgers! How about a new record, 10 runs, in the 7th??

    2006-05-19 22:05:04
    315.   Curtis Lowe

    It should be your birthday every year!

    2006-05-19 22:05:17
    316.   lakerican
    Remember one thing...

    Carter specialty is giving enough 9 inning runs so Baez can blow another save!

    2006-05-19 22:06:16
    317.   King of the Hobos
    Nice conclusion for Ethier's great game
    2006-05-19 22:06:18
    318.   sanchez101
    "E" "THI" "ER"
    2006-05-19 22:06:23
    319.   DodgerHobbit
    Heh, Ethier flashes some power.
    2006-05-19 22:06:28
    320.   natepurcell
    2006-05-19 22:06:34
    321.   Steve
    So...this is what a mancrush is like...
    2006-05-19 22:06:47
    322.   Curtis Lowe
    2006-05-19 22:07:31
    323.   Gen3Blue
    Go ahead, stick in Hamulack, Carter, anyone.
    2006-05-19 22:07:58
    324.   trainwreck
    My roommate just ran upstairs to pick up Ethier.
    2006-05-19 22:08:37
    325.   Xeifrank
    Let's see... Jeff Weaver started and the Dodgers have 21 hits. Sounds about right.
    vr, Xei
    2006-05-19 22:09:03
    326.   underdog
    Holy crap, what is Andre the Giant on tonight?! Somebody ate their Wheaties this morning!
    2006-05-19 22:10:12
    327.   Xeifrank
    gotta be about time for a Dodger player to get hit by a pitch. vr, Xei
    2006-05-19 22:10:31
    328.   natepurcell
    i havent been this happy about the big league club in a long time.
    2006-05-19 22:11:26
    329.   Curtis Lowe
    Vin is making Donnelly sound like the poorest man to make 315,000 a year.
    2006-05-19 22:12:13
    330.   underdog
    Now I've been as bad about this as anyone but can't we use tonight's game as an opportunity to at least temporarily curtail our Carter-bashing? What say? A few Lance mockery-free minutes?

    Or not.

    2006-05-19 22:12:49
    331.   Gen3Blue
    At least someone knows how to strike out when its appropriate. Keep this going long enough and the angels will get a second wind.
    2006-05-19 22:13:31
    332.   towerofpower
    trade cruz to the yankees for cash, use that cash to sign hochevar
    2006-05-19 22:14:52
    333.   Uncle Miltie
    329- is he telling the "He got a $5,000 signing bonus; he bought a chain to go around his neck and a wedding ring for his wife" story?
    2006-05-19 22:14:58
    334.   Disabled List
    What do you guys think? Can our bullpen possibly blow a 12-run lead?

    Probably not, I'm thinking. But then again, we do still have Baez down there, and of course, Carter.

    2006-05-19 22:16:10
    335.   sanchez101
    334. not after the Angels have taken out their two best hitters, Vladimir and Cabrera.
    2006-05-19 22:17:38
    336.   natepurcell
    cabrera is one of their best hitters? Orlando cabrera?.......
    2006-05-19 22:19:55
    337.   Uncle Miltie
    336- sadly, he's probably right, but it's a good thing that the Angels know how to play smallball. They are quite good at making outs.

    Weaver is a better hitter than Molina and Mathis.

    2006-05-19 22:20:30
    338.   Gen3Blue
    Who's this lefty pitching Vin? Biemel?
    2006-05-19 22:20:45
    339.   Curtis Lowe
    333- That one and how he works very hard jobs in the off season. Lays pipe, pest control, and plumber.
    2006-05-19 22:22:14
    340.   Curtis Lowe
    Vin was making it sound like you could find Donnelly down at the local Home Depot, looking for work every off season.
    2006-05-19 22:22:48
    341.   Uncle Miltie
    339- Donnelly has only made a little over a million dollars in the past three years. Poor guy.
    2006-05-19 22:23:42
    342.   Gen3Blue
    Oh. Hamulack, but beef you don't
    2006-05-19 22:24:31
    343.   natepurcell
    whats ethier's current ops?
    2006-05-19 22:25:52
    344.   Curtis Lowe
    Slightly below his ego.
    2006-05-19 22:26:39
    345.   Curtis Lowe
    Tonight should boost Ethier's confidence to unprecedented levels.
    2006-05-19 22:26:49
    346.   King of the Hobos
    343 .890
    2006-05-19 22:29:14
    347.   sanchez101
    343. Ethier's hitting 317/391/512
    2006-05-19 22:30:58
    348.   sanchez101
    Shouldnt that be an error on Carrasco?
    2006-05-19 22:30:59
    349.   mikethinksblue
    6 for 6?
    2006-05-19 22:31:27
    350.   Curtis Lowe
    25 hits for the Dodgers. Now that is Historic.
    Show/Hide Comments 351-400
    2006-05-19 22:31:30
    351.   Johnson
    So can Ethier pull a Lo Duca? 6-6?
    2006-05-19 22:31:37
    352.   Uncle Miltie
    Was that an infield hit for Wilber?
    2006-05-19 22:31:51
    353.   King of the Hobos
    Now every spot in the lineup has at least 2 hits after Aybar's single
    2006-05-19 22:31:54
    354.   xaphor
    Who says Drew isn't a team player.
    2006-05-19 22:32:22
    355.   Johnson
    Oh, it's only 5-5. What a shame.
    2006-05-19 22:32:32
    356.   Uncle Miltie
    Productive out by Andre!
    2006-05-19 22:33:52
    357.   Curtis Lowe
    I'm 6-6 in Dos Equis.
    2006-05-19 22:33:55
    358.   Faramond
    Time to bring in Jeff Hamilton.
    2006-05-19 22:35:05
    359.   mikethinksblue
    Uh oh, its Lance Time
    2006-05-19 22:35:06
    360.   Curtis Lowe
    Ahhhhhhh Carter.
    2006-05-19 22:35:34
    361.   Faramond
    Time to bring in Jeff Hamilton.
    2006-05-19 22:36:11
    362.   Kayaker7
    Uh oh. Carter coming in. Is the lead safe?
    2006-05-19 22:36:19
    363.   Faramond
    Oops, I said it twice. Well, it was true both times.
    2006-05-19 22:36:22
    364.   trainwreck
    It begins, the Lance Carter Ride of doom.
    2006-05-19 22:36:33
    365.   Curtis Lowe
    And it begins...
    2006-05-19 22:37:00
    366.   mikethinksblue
    And it continues...
    2006-05-19 22:37:22
    367.   natepurcell
    2006-05-19 22:37:35
    368.   Curtis Lowe
    2006-05-19 22:39:09
    369.   Uncle Miltie
    367- very bad play by Ethier. We want Carter to give up runs especially in this situation. Do not help Carter!
    2006-05-19 22:41:07
    370.   mikethinksblue
    this is The Lance Carter Experience
    2006-05-19 22:41:19
    371.   scareduck
    Charity hit for an Aybar brother?
    2006-05-19 22:41:24
    372.   spacebrother

    All right, CHONE!

    2006-05-19 22:41:31
    373.   Gen3Blue
    Like Lancing a Boil
    2006-05-19 22:41:33
    374.   scareduck
    2006-05-19 22:42:04
    375.   scareduck
    369 - heh!
    2006-05-19 22:42:06
    376.   Curtis Lowe
    2006-05-19 22:42:06
    377.   Xeifrank
    A field goal vs two TDs and two two point conversions? or a TD and three FGs?
    vr, Xei
    2006-05-19 22:42:14
    378.   Kayaker7
    Didn't Grady say that Lance worked the kinks out?
    2006-05-19 22:42:52
    379.   Gen3Blue
    Good night. And God Bless.
    Who the hell said that.
    2006-05-19 22:43:20
    380.   Johnson
    378 I think he meant that Carter was pitching to Ray Davies.
    2006-05-19 22:44:40
    381.   mikethinksblue
    who won the mavs/spurs game?
    2006-05-19 22:44:46
    382.   underdog
    Hooray! Huzzah!

    And does Carter get the save, too?


    378 Apparently he was misquoted; he was talking about how Ray Davies was hanging out with some of the 51s in Vegas, used their exercise equipment, somehow it all got confused...

    2006-05-19 22:45:27
    383.   underdog
    Hah. D'oh. 380 Beat me to it, taking a much shorter route to get there. ;-)
    2006-05-19 22:47:39
    384.   natepurcell
    hochevars line tonight:

    6IP 4H 2ER 4bb 10k

    the walks show he is obviously rusty, but the 10ks shows he still has quality stuff.

    2006-05-19 22:50:19
    385.   Johnson
    383 If Bob were here, he would have made the joke not only quicker, but funnier. I second the motion to buy Bob season tickets.
    2006-05-19 22:51:19
    386.   Andrew Shimmin
    384- Is there any conversion rate that can be applied to translate American Association numbers?
    2006-05-19 23:09:35
    387.   Steve
    That was a glorious evening, but underscores that Ned need not embarrass himself trying to salvage something out of the wreckage of the Baez/Carter trade. It was never to be.
    2006-05-19 23:14:00
    388.   natepurcell
    Dunn is batting in the 2 hole for the reds now. When did their manager get smart?
    2006-05-19 23:16:23
    389.   natepurcell
    a poster made this on the dodgers scout board.

    Andre Ethier Desktop Background!

    2006-05-19 23:18:32
    390.   Uncle Miltie
    389- that's awesome. I'd definitely change my background if he made one of Wilber.
    2006-05-19 23:20:17
    391.   Underbruin
    Well that was an enjoyable romp. I second Steve's point in 387, though. I mean, honestly, did anybody in here really expect Carter to come in and get three outs in anything resembling a graceful fashion?

    I mean, if not for the fact that Napoli decided to run himself out of a single (the Angels running themselves out of innings? SHOCKING), we might still be sitting here watching the game.

    2006-05-19 23:25:15
    392.   Steve
    By the way, what is it with the Angels and having Napoli doing increasingly embarrassing things? On that play in the ninth, I thought Vinny was going to go down, tug on his ear, and make him go to his room without supper.

    No more Jose Lima. He has been DFAed.

    2006-05-19 23:25:22
    393.   blue22
    388 - When did their manager get smart?

    Let's not get carried away. Aurilia and Hatteberg are hitting 4-5 before you finally get to Kearns batting 6th.

    2006-05-19 23:27:21
    394.   natepurcell

    ah, didnt know that.

    2006-05-19 23:34:26
    395.   blue22
    394 - Yeah, they put Dunn there just yesterday, but I figured his 6 LOB's in the game would kill that idea quickly. Interesting to see if that works. Just move Kearns up and they might have something.

    Well, that was the most satisfying win in some time. LA has a pretty easy schedule the rest of the month. This team could stay hot for awhile.

    2006-05-19 23:37:54
    396.   underdog
    Ken Arneson on the A's blog pointed this out but I thought it was darned funny. If you thought tonight's offense was exciting, you haven't heard about the greatest walk of all time. From the Onion:

    2006-05-19 23:55:18
    397.   Jon Weisman
    Hi friends. New post up top.

    No one commented on the great new word I think Nate invented tonight: fecetious? To be stinky but not really mean it?

    2006-05-20 00:28:03
    398.   Andrew Shimmin
    Better than dumn? Stupidity beyond redemption?

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