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Doesn't 'Cole Hamels' Sound Like a Cigarette?
2006-05-24 16:03
by Jon Weisman

Maybe it's just me. Anyway, I'm still laughing at Cole Hamels Facts (thanks to The Griddle).

Some examples:

8. Jack Bauer calls Cole Hamels for advice.
10. Fear itself is afraid of Cole Hamels.
29. Cole Hamels expected the Spanish Inquisition.
46. Kanye West almost needed to pay Cole Hamels royaties to release that "Jesus Walks" song, but Cole let it go, because he doesn't walk anyone so it couldn't really be about him.
68. Cole Hamels will win 1 Cy Young... and 11 Cole Hamels.
70. Cole was Bugs Bunny's private pitching coach.
98. Cole Hamels understands Ulysses.
116. Cole Hamels once struck a man out looking. Literally. Cole just gazed at him and the batter was retired on strikes.
237. Cole has his cake and eats it too. And then he takes your cake, and eats that as well.
240. For first grade show and tell, Cole Hamels just stood in front of the class.
263. A Klondike Bar would do anything for Cole Hamels.

* * *

Tonight's Game

No Lost chat on this site without my go-ahead. Maybe The Griddle will host a thread.

Comments (257)
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2006-05-24 16:12:41
1.   D4P
I guess I was sick the day Cole Hamels-Mania started. I have no idea who the guy is.
2006-05-24 16:14:45
2.   towerofpower
well...he was just put on the dl.
2006-05-24 16:16:38
3.   Vishal
2006-05-24 16:18:08
4.   Johnson
I'd be more impressed if Cole Hamels understood Finnegan's Wake.
2006-05-24 16:18:35
5.   Marty
The Cubs should trade Lee for Hamels now. Cole would fit right in over there.
2006-05-24 16:19:35
6.   blue22
1 - As far as pitching prospects go, he's behind Liriano, but ahead of Billingsley I think.
2006-05-24 16:20:32
7.   kegtron
Check out professional handicapper Brandon Lang's (Lane's?) assessment of tonights game and why he picks the Dodgers to win. He's the dude that "Two For the Money" is based on. People actually pay for this.

I always said that when this team gets on a roll, you ride them. They are making it look very easy. They won their 6th in a row last night and to 4-1 over the Rockies. Overall, you are a real confident team when you have won 14 of your last 17. Tonight, Aaron Sele goes again. He has been fantastic since being called up from Triple AAA Vegas going 2-0 with an era of 2.29. I know Cook has been hot but the fact remains that the Dodgers have just been hotter. Get on LA as they win a 7th straight game tonight.

2006-05-24 16:21:58
8.   towerofpower
1- Lil info on chad and how he rates as a right handed prospect.

2006-05-24 16:22:32
9.   Jon Weisman
4 - True.
2006-05-24 16:22:43
10.   Jon Weisman
1 - Does it matter?
2006-05-24 16:24:15
11.   Marty
The only thing I want to ask about Lost is, does it start at 8 or 9 tonight? It's two hours, correct?
2006-05-24 16:25:54
12.   D4P
If I know who he is?
2006-05-24 16:27:00
13.   Marty
When you bring a guy into New York, it's New York," Mets general manager Omar Minaya said. "I think he's a proven guy."

I love the way New York people think that just because he's coming to New York, El Duque will magically find the fountain of youth. Yeah, he's a proven guy. I just don't think he's a proven good pitcher anymore.

2006-05-24 16:27:01
14.   Jon Weisman
12 - Yeah. It really won't make a difference.
2006-05-24 16:27:44
15.   Jon Weisman
13 - Scott Erickson - says it all.
2006-05-24 16:29:08
16.   Marty
Isiah Thomas should sign both of them to Knicks contracts.
2006-05-24 16:30:29
17.   Marty
The Yankees should seriously think about trading for Jeff Weaver. New York would be just the ticket for him. Wait, nevermind.
2006-05-24 16:30:51
18.   Andrew Shimmin
Cole Hamels cigarettes: bold taste, tons of smoke.

Alternate--Cole Hamels cigarettes: because the Marlboro man was a pansy.

2006-05-24 16:31:14
19.   Telemachos
11 Marty, I'm pretty sure it starts at 9 and goes late. There's a LOST retrospective at 8.
2006-05-24 16:31:33
20.   blue22
So anyone have any clue what Arizona is doing? This trade saves them a million bucks, but forces Russ Ortiz back in the rotation. Are they aware that they are in first place?
2006-05-24 16:32:05
21.   Marty
19 Thanks. That probably means I watch it in the morning.
2006-05-24 16:35:56
22.   regfairfield
20 They weren't built to win this year, so they might as well not waste time deluding themselves.
2006-05-24 16:38:41
23.   blue22
22 - Ah, so that's why they dumped El Duque for a prospect. Oh wait.

But at least it opens a spot in the rotation to try out a young pitcher. Hmm, no.

I just don't get it.

2006-05-24 16:40:25
24.   regfairfield
What's they're rotation now?

B. Webb

Who's the fourth? Juan Cruz or Medders can take the fifth slot.

2006-05-24 16:43:34
25.   sanchez101
23. Orlando Hernandez has an era of 6.11, so its not as if its a huge fall back to Russ Ortiz. Hernandez is done, Arizona was probably just happy to get anything back for him and I definitly think they got the better of the deal. Not that Julio is anything special but he does have 33 K's in 21 IP.
2006-05-24 16:43:35
26.   blue22
25 - Cruz is the 4th by default. Speculation is that someone of Russ Ortiz/Mulholland/Kevin Jarvis takes the 5th slot.
2006-05-24 16:44:05
27.   towerofpower
willis to arizona?
2006-05-24 16:45:29
28.   blue22
27 - That's what I was thinking. I wouldn't mind one bit if Arizona sent some of their hitters to Florida for Dontrelle.
2006-05-24 16:46:51
29.   sanchez101
Grabowski Principle in effect for Matt Clement.
2006-05-24 16:48:37
30.   Marty
Craig Wilson somehow bribed his way into the lineup and is 2-2 with a HR. Not that it matters, Pittsburgh is laying down again.
2006-05-24 16:53:51
31.   D4P
Pittsburgh's lineup looks surprisingly decent tonight. Every hitter (except the pitcher) is OPSing over .700, and the 3-6 hitters are all over .800
2006-05-24 16:55:54
32.   towerofpower
juan cruz is in the rotation, creating a need for a bullpen arm. kinda works out for the dbacks, though julio and his straight fastballs are not much to be worried about. the salary dump and pitching woes do create the conditions for a dback run at a quality starter though, making those willis rumors a possibility (wilis is on a 1 yr contract and is elgible for arbritration next yr)
2006-05-24 16:57:32
33.   Johnson
30 Craig Wilson somehow bribed his way into the lineup

Not to burst the Tracyhate bubble, but Wilson appears to have been the starter in 18 of the Pirates 21 games thus far in May. Once Casey is back all bets are off, but for now he's getting consistent time.

2006-05-24 16:57:39
34.   sanchez101
I dont think he's been mentioned yet around here, or really anywhere, but 2005 draft pick Ivan DeJesus Jr. is off to a very nice start in low-A. He's hitting 314/401/400 after starting today's game with a double, rbi and BB. He has 21 walks and 26 strikeouts in 162 PA to go along with 8 stolen bases out of 10 attempts. Thats nice to see from a teenage shortstop, the strikeout rate is a bit high, but thats just nitpicking.
2006-05-24 16:58:38
35.   regfairfield
33 Check the various Pirate blogs to see how Craig Wilson is being treated.
2006-05-24 17:00:54
36.   regfairfield
To be more specific, while Wilson is actually playing, Tracy is doing things like pinch hitting for him with Jose Hernandez and using Ryan Doumit, who's never actually played first at the position.

In other words, he's treating him exactly like Choi.

2006-05-24 17:02:48
37.   sanchez101
Wilson must have trouble with funny arm angles
2006-05-24 17:03:41
38.   JoeyP
I'm still wondering why people still believe Miguel Cabrera or Dontrelle Willis are even available. They'll still be cheap at least for two more years, and I think by 2008 the Marlins will have another good chance to contend. They'll definitely keep those guys (at least Cabrera). They may deal Willis but it wont be bc of finances, I think it'll be bc they just dont think he's that great.
2006-05-24 17:04:35
39.   underdog
Randy Johnson and Matt Clement are having a good ol' fashioned suckfest in Boston, in a race to see who can get their ERA to 6 first.
2006-05-24 17:06:12
40.   Uncle Miltie
46. Kanye West almost needed to pay Cole Hamels royaties to release that "Jesus Walks" song, but Cole let it go, because he doesn't walk anyone so it couldn't really be about him.
That one is great.

1- Hamels is a minor league legend, but is extremely injury prone, kind of like Kuo. Here are his minor league numbers:
152 IP 88 H 2 HR 62 BB 208 K

If he was healthy, he would have been the best prospect in baseball, better than Felix Hernandez.

2006-05-24 17:06:18
41.   Johnson
35 That's a bit of a vague suggestion. I think I've seen a Pirates blog with Andy VanSlyke's name in the title, but that's all I would know off the top of my head.

I agree that Wilson should be a regular starter in Pittsburgh, whether it's at first or in the outfield, on the strength of his bat alone. And I think it was ludicrous to pinch-bunt for him the other night. If he's being treated badly, well, I can't speak for what the Pittsburgh media or the Pirates organization might be saying about him. But it's silly to suggest that he's not getting playing time.

2006-05-24 17:09:46
42.   JoeyP
Cole Hamels is no Boof Bonser.
2006-05-24 17:19:14
43.   Johnson
36 I wrote 41 before seeing 36. I should note that I think I was off by 1 in 33, Wilson has started 17 games in May, not 18. But Doumit has only started 5, and only two of those were at first base. The other three were at DH (with Wilson at first) in an interleague series. 2 starts at first for Doumit vs. 17 starts at first for Wilson. (I'm guessing the other two games had...Hernandez at first?) It never seemed to me like Choi came close to 17 starts in any 21 game stretch last year.
2006-05-24 17:19:33
44.   ToyCannon
Arizona has a decent prospect name Dustin Nippert who was a better option then El Duque.
Don't sell the Arizona GM short. He's has a lot of trading pieces and I think he'll use a couple because he has an excess of outfielders and a shortage of pitchers. D Willis may not be a top 10 pitcher but he would certainly give them a nice 1/2 combo of Webb/Willis. Not sure why your shortchanging the DTrain, for his age he's been very good.
2006-05-24 17:20:50
45.   towerofpower
willis is over-rated, but solid. willis is getting paid 4.35 million this year, so finances alone wont be the prime motivating factor in moving him, but is obviously going to be a consideration. also consider that the majority of the prospects the marlins recieved in their latest purge were pitchers, so a move to the dbacks org for highly touted position players would not be far fetched [dbacks rival the angels and dodgers org in terms of strength of the farm system - for the dbacks that strength is in the # of talented position players].

as far as cabrera goes, he likely will not be moved unless they are overwhelmed, and i doubt that will happen.

2006-05-24 17:22:21
46.   Uncle Miltie
From the other thread:
The most annoying thing about SF is how they call themselves "the city". A friend of mine said she heard I was moving to "the city" and I had no clue what she was talking about. If that's not arrogance I don't know what is.
Yea, it's pretty annoying. They call it "the city" like it's the best city in the world. Living in the northern california has it's pluses and minuses. The smugness is one of the minuses. The hatred towards southern california is pretty annoying too.
2006-05-24 17:23:03
47.   JoeyP
Dtrain doesnt strike out many, his arm has logged a ton of innings, and his mechanics put stress on his arm.

I think anyone that acquires him and gives him a long term deal, is really gambling. He's like Mulder but with a much greater chance of injury.

The Dbax should recall Nippert and Stephen Drew. Drew looks ready.

2006-05-24 17:28:19
48.   trainwreck
I am from the bay and yes, SF is "the city". As mentioned earlier, I am sure most big cities surrounded by suburbs are referred to as "the city".
2006-05-24 17:28:37
49.   towerofpower
willis would nonetheless offer an improvement over what the dbacks have, and at 24 he still has few quality years ahead of him
2006-05-24 17:30:57
50.   overkill94
48 I like calling SF "Frisco" instead of "the city", really pisses off the natives for some reason.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-05-24 17:33:39
51.   sanchez101
50. I do the same thing, mainly because it really pisses people off. I dont know why, people in Los Angeles dont mind being called Angelenos.
2006-05-24 17:36:38
52.   Steve
Wait a minute. Jose Hernandez needs to play into this first base equation somewhere.
2006-05-24 17:38:26
53.   ToyCannon
If I had my druthers I'd live in SF instead of LA but never could make myself move because of the whole Dodger/Giant thing. My wife used to urge me to make the move all the time until the freeway pancaked during the earthquake. For some reason she seemed to lose interest in living there.
2006-05-24 17:40:33
54.   D4P
Not to mention Mike Edwards.
2006-05-24 17:43:06
55.   gpellamjr
Growing up, Huntington Beach, Lake Elsinore, Westminster were all "the city". When I met my wife, who is from New Jersey, I found out there's only one "The City".
2006-05-24 17:43:16
56.   Vishal
[40] what's wrong with King Felix anyway? why is he so bad this year?
2006-05-24 17:44:29
57.   Uncle Miltie
53- I would live in SF if the Clippers and Dodgers moved here or if I was being paid a ton of money by my future employer.
2006-05-24 17:45:30
58.   trainwreck
Yeah, a lot of people I have met have fears of Bay Area (especially SF) because of earthquakes. Some of my extended family will not move there for that sole reason. Earthquakes do not frighten me at all anymore. If I was on a ladder, on a bridge, or in a high building than I would worry.
2006-05-24 17:47:13
59.   D4P
Yeah. "The City" means New York (if not more specifically, Manhattan).
2006-05-24 17:50:39
60.   Linkmeister
58 Er, they've forgotten Northridge? One of the shopping centers that got smashed (off Reseda Blvd., I think) is all of two blocks from a friend's house, which I stayed in not six months earlier.
2006-05-24 17:52:51
61.   trainwreck
They are Canadian.

I have no idea what their news coverage on CA quakes is like.

2006-05-24 17:53:46
62.   Steve
54 -- I'm sure he will in the future. But for the time being, I know I've seen Jose Hernandez starting at first for the Pirates.
2006-05-24 17:54:01
63.   Ken Arneson
58 That's weird. It's not like LA doesn't have its fair share of earthquakes.
2006-05-24 17:54:47
64.   Ken Arneson
didn't see 61. never mind
2006-05-24 17:54:52
65.   Vishal
[55] how are any of those a "the city"?
2006-05-24 18:01:06
66.   trainwreck
Yeah, I was going to say my hometown of Walnut Creek is better than Hunington.
2006-05-24 18:01:34
67.   trainwreck
2006-05-24 18:02:58
68.   trainwreck
In terms of a downtown area.
2006-05-24 18:05:38
69.   Sam DC
Cole Hamels funny stuff.

Tonight's short nats notes. Tied 1-1 going into the eighth. When the starters were Oswalt v. local kid rookie Mike O'Connor, Nats Nation has to feel good about that regardless of the ultimate outcome. Jose Guillen left the game in the first after scratching his cornea on his own batting glove. Catcher Wiki Gonzales left the game after getting whacked in the head by a bat swung by Nationals old friend Preston Wilson. Nationals really have had a healthy (unhealthy?) run of injuries so far this year.

2006-05-24 18:11:11
70.   Vishal
i don't know if this was noted by anyone the past few days (i was out of town), but my how the mighty have fallen:

terrence long, starting left fielder, 2006 new york yankees.

2006-05-24 18:13:43
71.   Eric Enders
"The City" definitely means New York. Spending time in the East Bay as a kid I heard it occasionally in reference to S.F., but not nearly as often as I do now around here.
2006-05-24 18:14:34
72.   Eric Enders
70 Is the fallen mighty Terrence Long, or the Yankees? Both, I guess.
2006-05-24 18:16:04
73.   Andrew Shimmin
Baez update:
2006-05-24 18:24:41
74.   Vishal
gee, terrence long was once mighty?

"the city" only means new york around new york, just as with any other city.

2006-05-24 18:26:32
75.   Eric Enders
Well, Long was mighty in the same sense that Todd Hollandsworth and Marty Cordova were once mighty, I guess.
2006-05-24 18:26:51
76.   scareduck
Ugh. Like the Chuck Norris I-fad, this too shall pass. And not a moment too soon.
2006-05-24 18:27:44
77.   gpellamjr
65 I have no idea what makes anything a city, even if I do know what makes an "urbs" in Latin. When ever I drove home on the 15, the sign said "The City of Lake Elsinore", that's all I know. Now I live in Columbus, OH, which is a city, but I've never heard it called "The City".
2006-05-24 18:30:42
78.   Linkmeister
73 Now, Andrew, that's what's known as a "bait and switch" tactic.
2006-05-24 18:32:52
79.   Eric Enders
I technically live in a "Village," although we generally refer to it as a town, as in "there are no single twentysomething women in this town."

Here in NY state, settlements with smaller populations than Villages are officially "Hamlets." And an official Town is not necessarily a settled area, but merely a geographical subdivision of a county.

2006-05-24 18:39:17
80.   trainwreck
My friend in Walnut Creek moved into a new house that was built on open space his parents bought. Their house does not belong to any zip code or city technically. If they call the police the local police can not come to his house only the county police in Martinez (which is 25 minutes at least) away.

I should rob him.

2006-05-24 18:47:13
81.   Sam DC
Dodgers will be running into a hot Nationals team. They beat Oswalt tonight 5-1 and have won 4 out of their last five (with a day game against Pettite tomorrow).

Did I mention I can't go to any of the games?

2006-05-24 18:52:56
82.   Andrew Shimmin
78- I prefer to think of it as awareness building--by any means necessary.
2006-05-24 18:53:58
83.   Linkmeister
82 Heh. Well, since I'm a Baez fan from way back, I'll let you off the hook this time. ;)
2006-05-24 18:57:46
84.   Eric Enders
Off topic: Jyllands-Posten, the major newspaper in Denmark, published an interview with Springsteen which contains this hilariously bizarro excerpt:

"Jyllands-Posten: Do you think the President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld are giving the black men syphilis?

Bruce Springsteen: Uh…I think…I think the point is for a lot of Americans, the country we carry in our hearts is still waiting.

Jyllands-Posten: But like the blacks who were given syphilis in the 1950s. Will the Bush administration start doing this again? There was an HBO movie.

Bruce Springsteen: Um…I think what we really need to concentrate on is mobilizing the progressive voice in America for the 2006 and 2008 elections.

Jyllands-Posten: What else do you see on the horizon in terms of the political American setting?

Bruce Springsteen: Um…did I say the thing about FEMA yet? The cronyism bit?

Jyllands-Posten: Yes, and now we are out of time!

Bruce Springsteen: Uh-huh."

2006-05-24 19:18:28
85.   Sam DC
81 Suppose it's worth mentioning too that the Nationals scored 4 of those runs in the 8th inning, all off Lidge, who came in at 1-1, with a man on third and one out.
2006-05-24 19:20:39
86.   Uncle Miltie
So will Fookie steal here, or will he be caught stealing for the 7th time this year?
2006-05-24 19:26:44
87.   s choir
50: I live around the corner from the "Don't Call it Frisco" Laundromat.

People in SF have a strange inferiority complex to New York, which results mostly from ex-NYers coming to SF and telling everyone here how much better New York is in almost every way. It hurts our feelings, which is why we turn around and project the same hatred at LA. It's totally passive-aggressive.

2006-05-24 19:27:13
88.   Andrew Shimmin
84- I finally get it! That's what the whole Jeff Gannon thing was about. It's so clear now.
2006-05-24 19:28:34
89.   s choir
one more thing: Otis Redding is allowed to call it Frisco.
2006-05-24 19:32:43
90.   Steve
I miss Ethier already. I feel about Cruz the same way I feel about Navarro. They'll find someone who loves them.
2006-05-24 19:34:11
91.   Linkmeister
88 Never fear. At some point there's gonna be a "tell-all" book which explains all that in excruciating detail. It'll be called Starr Report: The Sequel.
2006-05-24 19:44:11
92.   Steve
Anybody watching McCourt? I have the game on but the sound is down for kid-related reasons.
2006-05-24 19:45:03
93.   Buffalo Jones
There goes the no hitter :)
2006-05-24 19:48:25
94.   King of the Hobos
Ardoin walks, is Sele preparing to collapse?
2006-05-24 19:48:32
95.   Gen3Blue
I was afraid Frnk was going to stay all night. Poor Vin had trouble getting him moving. What he said had nothing dangerous in it, thank god.
2006-05-24 19:48:38
96.   regfairfield
There's a Grabowski principle.
2006-05-24 19:48:40
97.   Buffalo Jones
How 'bout a triple play?!?
2006-05-24 19:55:16
98.   regfairfield
Something tells me the Rockies Cinderella story is about to meet a fiery demise.
2006-05-24 19:55:18
99.   Buffalo Jones
That works.
2006-05-24 19:56:04
100.   JoeyP
The Rockies 6-7-8-9-1 might be the worst in baseball.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-05-24 19:56:48
101.   Uncle Miltie
87- the natives hate it when anyone calls SF frisco or sco. When I tell I'm from LA here are some of the responses I get:
"Oh, that sucks"
"It's really smoggy there"
2006-05-24 19:58:43
102.   Purple Hippopotamus
81 - I'm going to Friday's game: Section 211! I don't mean to rub it in.

Rub, rub, rub.

2006-05-24 19:59:07
103.   JoeyP
May OPS for the Rockies: 6-7-8-9-1:
#6 Gonzales- .582
#7. Barmes- .335
#8. Ardoin: .565
#9 Cook: .182
#1 Sullivan .529
2006-05-24 20:00:37
104.   xaphor
[92] McCourt mentioned that Nomar is doing so well because he is home. He doesn't show thinkingblue's enthusiasm and instead is glad the team hasn't let their current success go to their heads, insisting that they are taking it "one game at a time." Grady is a real leader and Ned understands chemistry. Wants to build the team through the system and agreed with the implication from Vin that we could field up to eight position players from within the organization in the near future.
2006-05-24 20:03:27
105.   Steve
That works in the box score.
2006-05-24 20:04:40
106.   Sam DC
102 Ooooh -- those are such good seats! Visitor side dugout, too.
2006-05-24 20:04:56
107.   JoeyP
Drew provides another game winning hit.
2006-05-24 20:05:38
108.   Steve
If it is possible, I am feeling even less charitable toward Pittsburgh after these last three days than I might otherwise.
2006-05-24 20:07:06
109.   Buffalo Jones
2006-05-24 20:08:46
110.   Camano Island Dodger addict
1b: Loney
2b: DeWitt
ss: Hu
3b: LaRoche
c: Martin
of: Guzman
of: Ethier
of: Kemp

Looks like a solid group of players...We probably won't ever see this line up but the the Dodgers are going in the right direction.

2006-05-24 20:08:57
111.   Uncle Miltie
We need to get Wilber as far away from Kent as possible. That's the only possible reason for him swinging at the first pitch there.

You are very lucky if you have Carl Crawford on your fantasy team. He had a pretty nice game today
5-5 5 runs scored 4 steals HR 2 RBI

2006-05-24 20:11:09
112.   Uncle Miltie
C Martin
1B Loney/Dunlap
2B Dewitt/Aybar
SS Furcal/Hu
3B Aybar/LaRoche
LF free agent
CF BJ Upton
RF Kemp
2006-05-24 20:14:13
113.   Steve
Where is Camano Island?

Jose, you gotta give yourself up for the team, dude.

2006-05-24 20:29:08
114.   confucius
It seems like the Rockies have hit into a million Double Plays this series.
2006-05-24 20:29:45
115.   Buffalo Jones
That must be some kind of a record
2006-05-24 20:36:06
116.   confucius
six, and it is a record.
2006-05-24 20:37:05
117.   Buffalo Jones
6 for the series? That's gotta be deflating.
2006-05-24 20:43:13
118.   Steve
Just another Miltie-annoying line drive from Kent!
2006-05-24 20:44:01
119.   Andrew Shimmin
Sele should bean the ball boy.
2006-05-24 20:44:24
120.   Steve
Hackin' Willy Aybar.
2006-05-24 20:44:25
121.   Uncle Miltie
That's why we pay him $11 million. At least he left some for Wilber.
2006-05-24 20:44:53
122.   D4P
Kent is now officially OPSing over .800

And 118: those line drives are equally annoying to me!

2006-05-24 20:45:29
123.   Uncle Miltie
1st pitch swinging again! What the hell is going on? I blame Kent again. I have to go do some work. Hopefully Sele/Baez/Carter won't have blown the lead when I get back.
2006-05-24 20:46:14
124.   Andrew Shimmin
Kent really started turning around when Miltie amped up his criticism. Drew played well last night to spite Bob. Maybe Steve isn't mocking Baez enough. . .
2006-05-24 20:48:11
125.   Steve
Nobody could mock Baez enough. That is inconceivable. Plus, your hypothesis is faulty. Clint Hurdle never gets any better.
2006-05-24 20:49:43
126.   confucius
Nomar will have an error by the end of the week with all the praise he is getting from Scully.
2006-05-24 20:49:57
127.   DodgerHobbit
Blue Jays could be looking for a shortstop
2006-05-24 20:50:44
128.   confucius
No one would take Izturis twice.
2006-05-24 20:51:17
129.   Vishal
where's bluetahoe's dodger blue kool-aid? i think i might want a sip of that.
2006-05-24 20:52:03
130.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
OK, what's up with Sele?
2006-05-24 20:52:47
131.   Steve
When Eric Karros gets in the Hall of Fame, can Aaron Sele go too?
2006-05-24 20:52:52
132.   King of the Hobos
127 Seems like they're interested in Kennedy, and they need a SS/2B immediately, not in 3 weeks, as they currently have only 2 middle infielders on their roster, one of which is John McDonald
2006-05-24 20:56:43
133.   Steve
But who will Mike Scioscia bat third?
2006-05-24 20:57:10
134.   Andrew Shimmin
130- It might be a Robert Johnson deal. Except, would the devil really be willing to pay that much for his soul?
2006-05-24 20:59:28
135.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
134 - The price will be determined in offseason arbitration.
2006-05-24 21:00:07
136.   Steve
The Pride of Kitsap High
2006-05-24 21:00:51
137.   King of the Hobos
133 Well, Alfonzo is gone, so maybe Jose Molina can take over for awhile.
2006-05-24 21:00:56
138.   Andrew Shimmin
I never like to see a Dodger get thrown out on the base paths, but that was pretty cool.
2006-05-24 21:04:00
139.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
138 - I'm "watching" via Gameday. Wha' happened?
2006-05-24 21:04:46
140.   King of the Hobos
Broxton has a new pitch, a splitter. Martin's opinion: "It was really good."
2006-05-24 21:05:34
141.   Andrew Shimmin
Cruz got nailed at the plate. Great throw, and Ardoin blocked the plate perfectly. It was Scioscia-esque.
2006-05-24 21:09:58
142.   JoeyP
Sele with 7ip 0 3h 1bb 5k
Which does it say more about?
The Rockies or Sele?
2006-05-24 21:10:44
143.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Sele's thrown only 90 pitches. CG, anyone?
(Watch Grittle decide this is a good night to get Odalis some work...)
2006-05-24 21:12:07
144.   JoeyP
Sele will be tested more in his next start at Atlanta.
2006-05-24 21:12:38
145.   regfairfield
141 Unlike other catchers who can't hit who have "good defense" Ardoin is supposedly the best defensive catcher in baseball.

The fact that the Rockies were in first place up to a couple days ago shows how long a lucky streak can last.

2006-05-24 21:13:45
146.   bcmaiden
(143) sele pitch count is only 76 thru 7
2006-05-24 21:13:51
147.   JoeyP
I'd let Sele pitch one more inning of batting practice to the Blake Street Banjos (Barmes, Ardoin, and Choo Freemen).
2006-05-24 21:15:21
148.   JoeyP
The Rockies lineup of 4 SLG'ers and 5 pitchers doesnt seem that effective.
Nomar with a STEAL!
2006-05-24 21:17:27
149.   Steve
Willy, let's look at that second pitch there, babe.
2006-05-24 21:18:00
150.   regfairfield
Ardoin has a 118 career rate2 (the first two banjo hitting catchers I thought of, Matheny and Ausmus, are at 106 and 107 respectively), doesn't make up for his non-existant bat, but he is really, really good.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-05-24 21:18:24
151.   King of the Hobos
148 It gets a lot scarier when sluggers Jason Smith, Eli Marrero, and Jamey Carroll play. Unfortunately, that's not a joke so far this season.
2006-05-24 21:18:34
152.   Steve
Good things come to those who wait.
2006-05-24 21:19:13
153.   JoeyP
2006-05-24 21:19:40
154.   Steve
It's gotta be Ethier against Joe Table! Armageddon!
2006-05-24 21:21:31
155.   King of the Hobos
150 It probably should be noted that Ardoin's career consists of only 131 games
2006-05-24 21:22:31
156.   Steve
That's still Cruz. Well, all right then.
2006-05-24 21:23:22
157.   King of the Hobos
Sele needs 2 more outs to pitch the longest outing of the year for a Dodgers starter
2006-05-24 21:24:25
158.   sanchez101
150. actually his defense does make up for his non-existant bat, or at least it did last year. In the equivilent of 68 games he accumulated a WARP of 3.1.
2006-05-24 21:26:13
159.   JoeyP
Either Colorado's infield defense isnt very good, or the Dodgers are just finding the holes tonite. Lots of ground ball singles.
2006-05-24 21:26:17
160.   xaphor
Crazy Canadians
2006-05-24 21:26:30
161.   sanchez101
Nice job Martin, until that, but Ill give you a pass on the baserunning error
2006-05-24 21:26:36
162.   King of the Hobos
Martin decided to let Sele go for the longest outing, rather than have Saenz PH for him in the 7th
2006-05-24 21:26:40
163.   Steve
Martin, if you hurt yourself getting thrown out running for meaningless bases I will come after you.
2006-05-24 21:26:51
164.   joekings
Russel forgets he's a catcher there.
2006-05-24 21:27:31
165.   Andrew Shimmin
When Russ Martin gets inducted into the HOF, Cole Hamels will be an usher.
2006-05-24 21:28:37
166.   JoeyP
Didnt Martin dive into 1st base last week against the Rockies?

He's one silly Canadian.

2006-05-24 21:28:39
167.   ToyCannon
No matter what Sele does the rest of the year he has earned serious kudo's for giving us some big games when we needed them. I'm in shock, but it is a pleasant shock. He may have just pitched his best 4 games in a row in 5 years.

How this Rockie team was ever in 1st place is a mystery to me while Helton was on the DL.

2006-05-24 21:29:52
168.   sanchez101
For all the talk about the young guys, Broxton seems a little overlooked, especially for a guy with a sub-1.00 ERA.
2006-05-24 21:30:17
169.   King of the Hobos
So much for Sele getting the longest outing, but at least we can see Broxton's splitter, assuming he uses it at some point (he used it in his last two games apparently)
2006-05-24 21:30:20
170.   regfairfield
Hey, a seven run lead, it's safe to bring Broxton in.
2006-05-24 21:30:55
171.   JoeyP
The Dodger high should last through the weekend.

Playing the Rockies-Angels-Rockies-Nationals for 12 games can cure many ills.

2006-05-24 21:32:28
172.   xaphor
With that play, Martin has established himself as the most aggressive Canadian ever. Only if he humbly apologizes for his embarrassing behaviour post-game will my faith in stereotypes be reaffirmed.
2006-05-24 21:32:48
173.   JoeyP
Furcal makes errors just to mess with Izturis.
2006-05-24 21:33:36
174.   Disabled List
Another 7-run lead, and still no Odalis. I didn't know they made doghouses big enough for a guy that size to get lost in.
2006-05-24 21:34:24
175.   Steve
Warm up Hamulack!
2006-05-24 21:34:39
176.   King of the Hobos
When was the last time Alomar started? If Vin is correct abotu Martin, Alomar needs to start soon, although he doesn't need to bat 6th
2006-05-24 21:36:56
177.   Gen3Blue
Broxton shouldn't be tired unless he's really out of shape. This is a good test,to see if he can get it together in some adversity. Much of this isn't his fault.
2006-05-24 21:37:52
178.   Andrew Shimmin
176- He got thrown out at third, to make the last out. Then he had to run to the bench and put on his gear. Maybe he needs a day off, but maybe it's just a normal response to a lot of effort exerted over a relatively short period.
2006-05-24 21:38:52
179.   Gen3Blue
If Furcal has 15 errors by the time Izturis rehabs, you'll see Iz get some playing time.
2006-05-24 21:39:22
180.   sanchez101
Atkins meet Mr.Splitty
2006-05-24 21:40:27
181.   King of the Hobos
178 While that likely is true, Martin has played 6 straight days without rest. It's about time Alomar takes over for a game
2006-05-24 21:41:21
182.   Gen3Blue
Most of base hits by first five guys. Majority of RBI's by the bottom of the line-up.
2006-05-24 21:41:34
183.   JoeyP
Thank you for the lack of plate discipline Garrett. Things were almost about to get interesting.
2006-05-24 21:41:54
184.   Steve
Nasty 1-2 pitch. We're not selling jeans here.
2006-05-24 21:41:58
185.   Gen3Blue
Broxton tightens up good.
2006-05-24 21:42:31
186.   Andrew Shimmin
181- You've convinced me. He should definitely take tomorrow off.
2006-05-24 21:42:40
187.   sanchez101
I dont think it was a lack of plate discipline, I think he was fooled into thinking that pitch was a fastball
2006-05-24 21:43:16
188.   Disabled List
Helton has really had an awful series.
2006-05-24 21:44:29
189.   xaphor
The Bull's in the box!
2006-05-24 21:45:00
190.   JoeyP
Helton's had an awful month of may for him.
.717 OPS.

I'm with everyone else. How have the Rockies won 25 games? Did they win a bunch against the Marlins/Cubs/Nationals or something?

2006-05-24 21:46:07
191.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
So, Bull is batting?
2006-05-24 21:46:10
192.   Steve
Tito Fuentes alert!
2006-05-24 21:46:50
193.   sanchez101
Broxton earns a walk, what cant he do
2006-05-24 21:47:22
194.   Gen3Blue
Come on Tito, I'm anxious to pop the cork again.
2006-05-24 21:47:29
195.   Steve
That was a heck of an at-bat by Broxton. Not so sure that this is such a good idea now that he actually has to run bases and such. Let's hope Windmill remembers to play it conservative here.
2006-05-24 21:47:35
196.   xaphor
[191] And he draws the walk.
2006-05-24 21:47:51
197.   King of the Hobos
Broxton now has as many walks as Placido Polanco, in 165 fewer ABs
2006-05-24 21:47:51
198.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Good eye, Bull!
2006-05-24 21:49:40
199.   Steve
The umpire is all for getting this game over with.
2006-05-24 21:49:53
200.   JoeyP
Dodgers have 12 relatively easy games (Rox-Angels-Rox-Nats), and then 10 hard games (Braves, Phillies, Mets).

So far they are 8-1 (counting tonite).

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-05-24 21:50:10
201.   xaphor
[195] Imagine him running into a play at the plate.
2006-05-24 21:51:12
202.   Steve
Clint Hurdle should be shot.
2006-05-24 21:51:26
203.   CanuckDodger
Why was Broxton charged with an earned run? The guy who scored wouldn't have even been on the base but for Furcal's error.
2006-05-24 21:51:32
204.   JoeyP
Its 7-1 and they are Int'll walking Nomar to get to Drew.
2006-05-24 21:51:42
205.   regfairfield
Why would you intentionally walk Nomar to get to Drew when you're down by six?
2006-05-24 21:52:30
206.   Andrew Shimmin
202- [Shooting] one scoundrel, it appears, does not deter the next. Well, what of it? The first one is at least disposed of. --H.L. Mencken
2006-05-24 21:52:36
207.   regfairfield
Come to think of it, why would you use your closer when you're down by six?
2006-05-24 21:54:10
208.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
200 - Good teams beat up on bad teams.
But ATL and PHI are collectively 46-45, so while I wouldn't dismiss either team they aren't setting the NL on fire.
2006-05-24 21:55:06
209.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Fuentes walks Bull, but paints the corners on Drew.
Baseball is a funny game.
2006-05-24 21:56:20
210.   JoeyP
208. Thats true but at this point, I throw out records. I mean the Rockies were 25-19 coming into the series, and they arent very good.

I think the Phillies/Braves/Mets will provide a very good test, especially for the pitching staff.

2006-05-24 21:56:35
211.   Steve
Infield Hit!
2006-05-24 21:56:39
212.   sanchez101
these darn shortstops arent doing Broxton any favors
2006-05-24 21:57:00
213.   xaphor
Can they not just give the error to Furcal, not as if anyone will notice.
2006-05-24 21:57:21
214.   3upn3down
The game isn't in the fridge yet, Carter loosens...!
2006-05-24 21:57:48
215.   JoeyP
They gave it to Nomar.
2006-05-24 21:57:50
216.   Steve
206 -- I love Mencken, which should come as no surprise.
2006-05-24 21:58:18
217.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Nice while it lasted, Nomar.
2006-05-24 21:59:15
218.   JoeyP
All 7 of the Dodgers runs came on 2-out hits tonite.
2006-05-24 21:59:42
219.   King of the Hobos
203 Vin just called it an unearned run, and Gameday is far from perfect.
2006-05-24 21:59:54
220.   3upn3down
I can understand Bull pitching the 8th. He was already warm when we were only up 3-0, but I just don't see the sense of having him go 2 when we've got arms rotting away in the pen.
2006-05-24 22:00:40
221.   Gen3Blue
We knew Garc was going to get jinxed harping on his 200+ errorless chances.
2006-05-24 22:01:57
222.   Steve
we've got arms rotting away in the pen.

Then they are right where we want them.

Meanwhile, Broxton is going in the Martin/Aybar/Ethier/JtD/LaRoche wing of the Hall of Fame someday. Come on, Ned. No more Baezes!

2006-05-24 22:03:38
223.   Mark Joseph
203 219
I was going to ask the same question, as the box score on Yahoo's MLB site shows the run Broxton gave up as earned. Is it really going to be unearned (as it should be)?
2006-05-24 22:03:59
224.   Gen3Blue
Amazing-I don't know how to handle this prosperity.
2006-05-24 22:04:22
225.   JoeyP
Broxton is going 2ip tonite so they can beging lengthening his appearances/endurance. That way in August he'll be able to step into the rotation and lead the team to the playoffs. Penny/Brox/Billz/Lowe/Odalis.
2006-05-24 22:05:27
226.   Andrew Shimmin
Is Martin dating Lindsey Soto? This has to be the third time in a row I've seen her interview him after the game.
2006-05-24 22:07:20
227.   Gen3Blue
She looks like she'd like that.
2006-05-24 22:08:07
228.   towerofpower
2006-05-24 22:08:20
229.   Vishal
i thought i heard vinny say that broxton prefers relieving to starting...
2006-05-24 22:08:35
230.   Andrew Shimmin
227- Well she does seem to get flustered when he's standing next to her. I've not seen enough of her work to know whether this is an aberration.
2006-05-24 22:09:59
231.   Mark Joseph
OK, no one is interested in Broxton's ERA. Anyhow, here is the inning:

- J. Broxton relieved A. Sele
- C. Barmes safe at first on shortstop R. Furcal's fielding error
- C. Barmes to second on wild pitch
- M. Ojeda walked
- J. Smith hit for J. Mesa
- J. Smith flied out to right
- C. Sullivan singled to left, C. Barmes scored, M. Ojeda to second
- G. Atkins struck out swinging
- T. Helton grounded out to pitcher

That looks like an unearned run to me!

2006-05-24 22:10:27
232.   towerofpower
she always gets flustered regardless of who she is talking to
2006-05-24 22:11:12
233.   JoeyP
Didnt Soto blush constantly when she was interviewing Jayson Werth 2yrs ago? I think Werth was the first object of Miss Soto's lust.
2006-05-24 22:11:50
234.   Steve
If Grady will actually let him pitch two innings at a time, he can do anything he wants.
2006-05-24 22:13:44
235.   Steve
Gameday has fixed its error. It was always an unearned run.
2006-05-24 22:15:28
236.   lakerican
We are idle tomorrow, right!? What's the problem? Do you guys really wanted to see Carter pitch?
2006-05-24 22:17:38
237.   natepurcell
Broxton is abeast!
2006-05-24 22:19:30
238.   Steve
236-7 -- Amen to all of that.
2006-05-24 22:24:05
239.   ToyCannon
Hey Bob, can you enlighten us on the last time the Dodgers swept a home series of 6 games with a run differential as large as this one? This one seems historic.
2006-05-24 22:27:06
240.   ToyCannon
Lance is just twiddling his fingers until Gagne is ready next week. Can't wait for the 1st game. Only thing I'm bummed about this year was the poor showing of Kuo. Is Aaron Sele on pace to be Dodger pitcher of the Month for May? What fate awaits his next start?
2006-05-24 22:31:08
241.   cdbavg400
I just came back from the game tonight, and I just wanted to share my impressions of the best game I have attended in years, both in terms of on-the-field and off-the-field conduct.

Sitting in the Reserved level, left field corner (aisle 39), the experience was unlike any other. Just like many other posters here, I've been turned off by the unruly behavior in Chavez Ravine lately. However, tonight had to be the most family-friendly behavior I have ever experienced here. Adults laughing with one another, kids starting up good-natured chants ("Here we go, Dodgers, here we go!"), parents playing and discussing baseball with their children. I even overheard a women in her late 20's discuss the fine promise of Billingsly with her boyfriend. Plenty of laughs and smiles all around.

Of course, the night couldn't be completely perfect. A couple "Rockies sucks!" chants were heard, and even a "You suck, Todd!" refering to Mr. Helton, I believe. However, when one drunk fan yelled, "f___ the Rockies!" in the bottom of the 7th, a nearby security guard warned him about his language. When he gave him the finger, his party, presumeably family, led the drunk man out before an arrest could be made.

But that was the worst of it, and definitely the exception to an otherwise perfect night. Happy children, great game by Sele, civil and engaging conversation, three-run double by a rookie...What more can a Dodger fan ask for?

2006-05-24 22:45:45
242.   Camano Island Dodger addict
113. Steve
Where is Camano Island?

Jose, you gotta give yourself up for the team, dude.


Camano Island is in Washington, I'm originally from Southern CA.

2006-05-24 22:51:42
243.   Steve
The Jose in question was Jose Cruz, just so's you know. :)

Is that near Kitsap?

2006-05-24 23:00:14
244.   Camano Island Dodger addict
243. Steve

It's about 40 mi north of Seattle on the freeway and then about 20 miles West off the freeway. It's the island next to Whidbey.

2006-05-25 00:41:19
245.   Bob Timmermann
I enjoyed the game from Aisle 122 of the Loge. I needed to watch "Lost" before going to bed. There is a thread for it on the Griddle.

But as for me, I will sleep and pretend to stay awake at work.

2006-05-25 06:37:24
246.   Denezin
Sam DC --

I'm going to miss all three games as well. What bad timing for the Dodgers series. I'll be in Bethany Beach. Not as good as Newport or Huntington, but I'll take what I can get on the East Coast.

2006-05-25 07:42:38
247.   Sam DC

"Michael Ausiello, senior writer, columnist (Ausiello Report) and Lost aficionado/expert for TV Guide and will be online Thursday, May 25, at 1 p.m. ET to discuss the finer points of Wednesday night's episode, as well as what to expect for season three."

Go to and look for the list of chats at the bottom of the page. This is at 10 am pacific.

For early-rising Idol fans, Lisa deMoraes, who is super sharp and witty, is doing a chat on that show at 8 am Pacific.

2006-05-25 07:45:59
248.   Sam DC
247 Should have made clear, Lostheads other than Jon, who I realize will not want to risk exposure to "what to expect for season three".
2006-05-25 08:02:53
249.   Sam DC
Speaking of which, I really can't recommend highly enough that you read de Moraes column about the idol finale. She'll win a Pulitzer for criticism someday. Sample:

"Speaking of Meatloaf, he was exhumed to do a "Beauty and the Beast" duet with McPhee, "It's All Coming Back to Me Now." He's in a black suit, carrying a bedspread-sized red hankie with which to wipe the flopsweat off his face. She's in this incredible tight black dress slit up to here in the back and down to there in the front. The "American Idol" Cleavage Cam gets some great shots of Katharine while around the country men kick themselves for having voted for Taylor.

Puck 'n' Pickler's back. This time: lobster. EEEEEK! She screams as two live lobsters destined for slaughter, their claws taped shut, are brought out for the amusement of viewers watching at home and the 3,000 or so in Hollywood's Kodak Theatre."

2006-05-25 08:32:06
250.   gcrl
don't have time to read the whole thread, but just wondering if anyone noticed that lofton isn't wearing the "LA" patch on his left sleeve. could it be that the additional weight of the patch was keeping him from reaching "kenny speed"?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-05-25 09:12:51
251.   Jacob L
241 - FWIW, I've often found the standard of behavior to be much better on weeknights and with lower profile opponents. The Rox should still qualify for that, despite their good start. The exception to this pattern was, of course, the $2 Tuesday Night Fight Nights at the beginning of last season. Those were a cross between the old bleachers at Candlestick and the Lord of the Flies. General rule - big games bring out the jerks.
2006-05-25 09:25:32
252.   Bob Timmermann

I think fan behavior tends to be better when the Dodgers are playing well.

2006-05-25 09:30:23
253.   Sam DC has a list of top comeback players of the year so far. Nationals' Jose Vidro is number one. DJ is number nine. Amazingly, Nomar is not on the list.

Anyone care to explain on behalf

2006-05-25 09:47:14
254.   Blu2
(226) Apparently she likes variety in her life. I copied this excerpt from a Laker Blog:
I'm slowly becoming pro Lindsey Soto, she was terrible for a while there, but she's finally starting to have some personality in those post-game interviews. I think she has a major crush on Kwame though fkillah, she was practically drooling on camera last night while interviewing the Kwamster.
2006-05-25 10:00:29
255.   ToyCannon
I love Whidbey Island. Good friend of mine's family has a place there and it is like a little compound. They have all built houses from Great Grandma to his Dad and they share this great spot overlooking Puget Sound. You can scuba dive just by walking right off his back yard. Not much to see but a lot of crabs. Once day we caught around 10 of the crabs and then we took a nap dreaming of crabs for dinner. My wife let them all go while we were napping.
2006-05-25 10:15:45
256.   Jon Weisman
253 - Not me.
2006-05-25 10:41:39
257.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.

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