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Martin Rests, Borders Retires
2006-05-26 14:31
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

Tonight's Weather

Dodger catcher Russell Martin, who had been getting quite a workout lately, enjoys manager Grady Little's two-for-one vacation plan today, with Sandy Alomar, Jr. getting the start following Thursday's day off.

In case you missed the news earlier, the Dodgers announced that veteran catcher Pat Borders has retired. The 43-year-old Borders had been playing in Las Vegas - a place he never intended to be, preferring to be near his home in Florida - since Martin's callup. Edwin Bellorin is now the next catcher in line, with Dioner Navarro still on the disabled list.

Scattered thunderstorms are in the forecast ...

Comments (189)
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2006-05-26 14:47:10
1.   Ken Arneson
Dan Wilson and Pat Borders, both retired? Say it ain't so!
2006-05-26 14:49:05
2.   thinkblue0
and now I'm going to miss the game because I got called into work...I should have just said no..guh.
2006-05-26 14:53:53
3.   D4P
Didn't you learn anything from Ron and Nancy?
2006-05-26 14:55:51
4.   D4P
Alomar is finally batting 8th.
2006-05-26 14:57:03
5.   Steve
Kenny Ray. Yeesh.
2006-05-26 15:01:01
6.   natepurcell
no ethier, no martin... i dont even want to watch anymore.
2006-05-26 15:17:20
7.   gpellamjr
I really don't understand why Ethier isn't playing. Cruz and Lofton in the lineup at the same time seems pretty ridiculous. I guess we need more weak-hitting outfielders who know how to win in the lineup.
2006-05-26 15:17:28
8.   Sam DC
Rain gone -- I'm 10 blocks from RFK.
2006-05-26 15:18:40
9.   regfairfield
7 I happen to like players with .380 on base percentages.
2006-05-26 15:22:57
10.   D4P
But .360 slugging percentages? Not so much...
2006-05-26 15:25:50
11.   Steve
"Ee" "Theee" "Errrr"
2006-05-26 15:26:18
12.   D4P
"Eh" "Thee" "Ay"
2006-05-26 15:27:00
13.   underdog
I think Ethier's resting the same reason Martin is - because he's been playing constantly for a week or so and Little likes those, as Jon says, 2-for-1 breaks. I have a little more confidence when he's in there with Lofton, too, but don't think Cruz is so horrible that it's reason for us to avert our eyes. Though it does seem Cruz does better in the two spot... At any rate, doesn't seem like a freakishly horrible line-up. Will be interesting to see how Alomar does after, what, three months off? How long has it been?
2006-05-26 15:29:10
14.   King of the Hobos
The Jays are starting their new SS tonight: Troy Glaus
2006-05-26 15:29:17
15.   underdog
Also, too bad Schneider's back at catcher. ;-) Even Repko with his ankle was hoping to activated for one game if the other fellow, Robinson's objet d'tristesse, was in there.
2006-05-26 15:29:35
16.   Gen3Blue
Whoa! I looked at DTV schedule and thought I was reduced to Gameday again tonight, but it game up after as a HDTV game. We've got our men in D.C., esp Sam, but weren't you gonna hafta miss the games? Hope you see it anyways. Its a treat on the east coast not having to wait till 1-2am for that celebratory toast. ( or loss duller.)
2006-05-26 15:32:08
17.   Steve
I like Cruz. He has his purposes. It doesn't have to be a zero-sum game.
2006-05-26 15:32:17
18.   regfairfield
10 I'll take a .360 slug for a .380 on base. If I had my druthers, the Dodgers lineup would look like this:

RF - Cruz
3B - Aybar
CF - Drew
1B - Nomar
2B - Kent
LF - Ethier
C - Martin
SS - Furcal

This gets the three biggest on base threats at the top of the lineup and puts the worst hitter on the team at the bottom. If only we didn't need sparkplugs.

2006-05-26 15:35:59
19.   underdog
The Dodgers jumped to #8 in ESPN's new power rankings, up today.

"Meanwhile, take a look at the strong NL West contingent infiltrating the ranks of the top 10. The Dodgers, the week's only unbeaten team (6-0), make a well-deserved nine-point leap to No. 8, just behind the No. 7 D-Backs. Helping the Dodgers' cause were their plus-65 run differential (second only to Detroit's plus-80) and their overall balance (third in ERA, fourth in runs scored). The resurgent NL West, last year's worst division, might be this year's best from top to bottom."

2006-05-26 15:37:44
20.   Bob Timmermann
Troy Glaus played shortstop when he was at UCLA.

I can't say he played it well.

2006-05-26 15:38:49
21.   Bluebleeder87

he's long & lanky (sp?)

2006-05-26 15:40:36
22.   gpellamjr
18 I like that lineup a lot. I would just as soon eliminate the the whole concept of the "leadoff hitter". I wouldn't mind seeing that lineup only with Aybar moving off and Cruz squeezing in behind Kent. It seems it would give Drew/Nomar/Kent the most possible plate appearances throughout the season.
2006-05-26 15:42:10
23.   Tommy John
Does anyone know when the Dodgers arrived in D.C.? Would they typically arrive the night before or day of?


2006-05-26 15:43:27
24.   Jon Weisman
I don't know about typically, but they arrived yesterday.
2006-05-26 15:44:25
25.   Tommy John
Thanks Jon.
2006-05-26 15:50:39
26.   D4P
Um, why does Soriano (with his .295/.349/.580/.930 line) bat leadoff for the Nats?
2006-05-26 15:50:47
27.   Gen3Blue
13 Where is the particular line-up you refered to. Young guys need two days off in a row like a bullet in the temple. Probably getting ready to send a few down before they start their pay clocks.
2006-05-26 15:51:12
28.   Bob Timmermann
2006-05-26 15:51:20
29.   underdog
23 How's the surgery biz treating you?
2006-05-26 15:51:30
30.   D4P
Not to mention his 16 HRs, 15 BBs, and 42 Ks.
2006-05-26 15:51:49
31.   Steve
I like Navarro too. I'm even cottoning to Lucille. Lowe is just a pimple I'll have to live with. That leaves Odalis, Baez, Hamulack, and Carter. That's quite an improvement from circa August 2005.
2006-05-26 15:52:25
32.   underdog
27 I disagree. Sorry.
2006-05-26 15:55:47
33.   Bluebleeder87

I kinda didn't like it either (better conditioning next year?) but you could kinda tell he was tired on Wed.

2006-05-26 15:56:27
34.   Steve
At any rate, doesn't seem like a freakishly horrible line-up.

I suppose one of these would be possible (Lucille at short, Robles at third, Alomar at catcher), but not probable. Isn't it refreshing?

2006-05-26 15:57:02
35.   sanchez101
31. but, but, Mike Edwards was so professional!
2006-05-26 15:58:07
36.   D4P
Did you already cotton to Repko?
2006-05-26 15:59:21
37.   sanchez101
Why do I get the sinking feeling that Soriano is going to hit a 450-foot homerun off of Tomko to start the game? maybe its just residual negative energy from last season.
2006-05-26 16:01:13
38.   Bob Timmermann
The Nationals are starting three infielders in the outfield.
2006-05-26 16:01:17
39.   sanchez101
darn it, i forgot i have to hear charlie steiner this game. oh great, the fool cant even button his jacket right.
2006-05-26 16:01:49
40.   underdog
Wait, I keep forgetting - why do we call Furcal "Lucille" again? Does he look like BB King's guitar?
2006-05-26 16:03:14
41.   Gen3Blue
Either my IP or toaster has messed up so consistantly that my posts would have been more incoherent than usual. Luckily, most seem to have not made it through.
2006-05-26 16:04:21
42.   sanchez101
40. lucille II refers to Ramon Martinez
2006-05-26 16:05:29
43.   Gen3Blue
I had tried to ask 13 where he was getting the line-up, and comment that young guys don't need two days off. But the D's may have to send some down before the pay clock gets started.
2006-05-26 16:06:51
44.   Jon Weisman
I see Overbay at 1B and Shea H. at 3B for Toronto. Where were those guys playing before Glaus was put at SS for tonight's game?
2006-05-26 16:08:24
45.   Marty
Hopefully the Livan will be easy tonight.
2006-05-26 16:08:55
46.   Bob Timmermann
Hillenbrand would either play 1B or DH. Overbay just plays first or DHs. Isn't he lefthanded?
2006-05-26 16:14:56
47.   underdog
43 Ah. Well, the line up I got just from Jon's link above to Gameday. Also available on Inside the Dodgers.

42 Ah, thanks...

2006-05-26 16:16:31
48.   Jon Weisman
Royce Clayton, following Soriano's leadoff double:

Pitch 1 - Foul Bunt
Pitch 2 - Foul Bunt
Pitch 3 - Swinging Strike

2006-05-26 16:17:19
49.   natepurcell
apparently this is how the dodgers got ethier.
2006-05-26 16:17:26
50.   sanchez101
this umpire is terrible
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-05-26 16:18:59
51.   Gen3Blue
Lord, I've got the nats announcers and they seemed OK for a moment, but they could be the worst kind of homers. I'll know by inning 2.
2006-05-26 16:20:41
52.   underdog
Uh oh, Tomko looks like v.2005 this inning.
2006-05-26 16:21:08
53.   Bob Timmermann
I'm glad I won't see much of tonight or tomorrow's game. I will get too irritated seeing the Nationals playing. It's as if each player who comes up to bat is more irritating than the next.

Well, except Frank Robinson didn't put them in that order.

If Livan Hernandez wins tonight, he's going on a list.

2006-05-26 16:22:27
54.   Gen3Blue
That should have been a strike! You give a guy like Livan a few runs and you'll have trouble.
2006-05-26 16:23:18
55.   Steve
Its Manderson!
2006-05-26 16:25:39
56.   natepurcell
did tomko strike out the side or am i too eager for the felix-liriano match up later today...
2006-05-26 16:25:39
57.   FirstMohican
49 - from that article: "Some of DePodesta's moves — signing outfielder J.D. Drew instead of third baseman Adrian Beltre, acquiring right-hander Brad Penny in the controversial Paul LoDuca trade — look better in hindsight. But Colletti stands a better chance of success with his more traditional, inclusive, John Schuerholz-style approach."
2006-05-26 16:25:57
58.   underdog
Okay, that's better. Much better.
2006-05-26 16:27:19
59.   Bob Timmermann
Look at Buster Olney's blog on ESPN Insider, I am not surprised to find out that he is too a member of the Frank Robinson Marching and Chowder Society.

Robinson helped Buster out when he was wondering how to propose to his wife.

2006-05-26 16:27:54
60.   Gen3Blue
OK OK maybe Tomko's got it straigtened out.
But I'm not optimistic about this line-up getting to Livan. I hope I'm wrong but I think we have to wear him out with the strong bottom of the line-up.
2006-05-26 16:29:03
61.   Gen3Blue
I mean our vets will probly just role over till a rook hits him.
2006-05-26 16:32:21
62.   Bob Timmermann
Or until a rook gets hit by him.
2006-05-26 16:32:27
63.   Marty
2006-05-26 16:32:47
64.   D4P
Not only can Aybar draw walks, but he can also get hit by pitches.
2006-05-26 16:34:39
65.   Telemachos
63 Just another hit by pitch ? appearance...?
2006-05-26 16:36:11
66.   regfairfield
Just Another Hit By Pitch For Aybar
2006-05-26 16:40:17
67.   JoeyP
You have to love a system of tradition that allows Royce Clayton to bat 2nd, and Ryan Church to be demoted to AAA.

Tis' a beautiful thing.

2006-05-26 16:41:14
68.   gpellamjr
67 Livan should be batting 2nd. Why on earth was he bunting?
2006-05-26 16:41:28
69.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Anyone see the recent (today's?) BPro article harshing on JtD? One scout called Guzman "fool's gold."
2006-05-26 16:41:36
70.   Bluebleeder87

Livan's hit by pitches don't hurt very much I would imagine.

2006-05-26 16:44:12
71.   Steve
Even Colletti's most questionable deal — right-handed reliever Duaner Sanchez to the Mets for right-handed starter Jae Seo — was not without logic.

How can you read that article? It's written in stupid.

2006-05-26 16:45:27
72.   JoeyP
One scout called Guzman "fool's gold."

Is that similar to being called "Ruben Mateo"?

2006-05-26 16:46:16
73.   King of the Hobos
67 Church was demoted to AA this time :)
2006-05-26 16:46:29
74.   underdog
I've had some insomnia lately and decided just now that the next time, I should have an archive of Dodger broadcasts with Rick Monday as the main announcer at my bedside to help send me to dreamland.
2006-05-26 16:46:54
75.   Bob Timmermann
Church was demoted to AA so he would be closer to DC in case he was needed to be called up, according to the esteemed Mr. Bowden.
2006-05-26 16:47:35
76.   Marty
Furcal's hit must have killed the Gameday operator. The log on the left went blank.
2006-05-26 16:48:52
77.   gcrl
e4 according to yahoo
2006-05-26 16:48:59
78.   Marty
Patience, thy name is not Lofton.
2006-05-26 16:49:31
79.   Marty
77 Thanks, it never posted on my Gameday screen.
2006-05-26 16:49:45
80.   Steve
Vidro furkeled it.
2006-05-26 16:50:43
81.   gpellamjr
71 Why stupid?
2006-05-26 16:52:18
82.   Bob Timmermann
Ken Rosenthal cranks out column after column after column with any possible rumor he can get his hands on. I wonder when he eats. Or goes to the bathroom. He's like Jack Bauer without the gratuitous violence.
2006-05-26 16:53:31
83.   gpellamjr
Nats announcers: "Ed Hickox has a high strike zone and a low one, but not very wide today." Non-homer translation: "Ed Hickox is calling strikes in accordance with the strike zone called for by the rules of baseball."
2006-05-26 16:54:46
84.   Steve
Specifically, the Baez/Carter trade was an obscenity when transacted, and in hindsight should be grounds for committal. In more general terms, Rosenthal is a parrot.
2006-05-26 16:55:33
85.   Bob Timmermann
I think he is more of a macaw, but he has definite budgerigar features.
2006-05-26 16:55:35
86.   Marty
Did Lofton overrun the ball as he was getting up to Kenny speed?
2006-05-26 16:55:57
87.   JoeyP
I laugh at Royce Clayton.
But then I consider that Cesar Izturis is sort of a Clayton protege.
At that point my smile ceases.
2006-05-26 16:56:50
88.   King of the Hobos
Dodgers pitcher starts to suck when Martin sits. Coincidence?
2006-05-26 16:57:13
89.   Steve
85 -- Just so.
2006-05-26 16:57:20
90.   underdog
Ugh. This suddenly makes me less depressed about going to my end of the day staff meeting.
2006-05-26 16:57:30
91.   natepurcell

is that a word?

2006-05-26 16:57:50
92.   Marty
Gameday is back to normal for me. It described Zimmerman's hit as a "sharp" fly ball. What's that? A line-drive?
2006-05-26 16:58:13
93.   Bob Timmermann
Nope, it's just that Frank Robinson has now finally been successful in molding his team into playing baseball his way. The right way. A man's way of playing.

sniff... sniff...

2006-05-26 16:58:33
94.   underdog
92 It pulled a Road Warrior and sliced a few fingers off on its way to the outfield grass.
2006-05-26 16:58:43
95.   Linkmeister
82 Sounds like Drudge.
2006-05-26 16:59:33
96.   natepurcell
Julia Roberts is pretty hot in Stepmom and shes like 20 yrs older then me.
2006-05-26 16:59:42
97.   King of the Hobos
92 Big fly ball just off the top of the wall in deep center. Lofton gave up on it either because he thought it was gone, or it would bounce further off the wall
2006-05-26 17:00:34
98.   Jon Weisman
Zimmerman's ball went over Lofton's head easily to the base of the wall. Lofton leisurely retrieved the short bounce-back, then his throw short-hopped and kicked off the cutoff man. It wasn't a good throw, but the error should have been prevented.
2006-05-26 17:01:06
99.   Bluebleeder87
let's just hope Tomko settles down after this bad inning, & our offence WAKES UP!!
2006-05-26 17:02:06
100.   Bluebleeder87
Livan is doing a magic act on our hitters.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-05-26 17:02:33
101.   JoeyP
Julia Roberts is pretty hot in Stepmom and shes like 20 yrs older then me

I nominate Heather Locklear as woman that has aged the most gracefully. She's a knockout at any age. She also seems alot more down to earth than other movie stars.

2006-05-26 17:03:02
102.   gcrl
let's see if nomar swings at the first pitch.
2006-05-26 17:05:37
103.   Xeifrank
vr, Xei
2006-05-26 17:06:53
104.   Bluebleeder87


2006-05-26 17:07:28
105.   Marty
I would never classify Heather Locklear as down to Earth. She's caught up in that Denise Richards catfight over their two degenerate husbands.

She was also at a golf tournament at the Trump course that a friend of mine was working. He said she looked anorexic.

2006-05-26 17:07:39
106.   Gen3Blue
I would guess our guys are not going to hit Livan tonight so its a good thing they have such good eyes. They'll raise his pitch count and then get to the bull-pen. How they doing so far?
2006-05-26 17:08:25
107.   King of the Hobos
Did we miss this?

2006-05-26 17:08:25
108.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Four infield flies in four innings?
I doubt LA had that many pop-ups during the last homestand.
2006-05-26 17:08:37
109.   Gen3Blue
Thia should be obvious to a pro-manager.
2006-05-26 17:10:07
110.   King of the Hobos
In other former Dodger prospect news, Koyie Hill has been brought up to back up Kelly Stinnett for the Yanks
2006-05-26 17:15:35
111.   Bluebleeder87
o.k. Let's get going already!
2006-05-26 17:16:28
112.   Jon Weisman
Odalis is up and throwing.
2006-05-26 17:18:10
113.   gcrl
and i am throwing up
2006-05-26 17:20:33
114.   Eric Enders
So far the dent in our rookies' armor appears to be baserunning.
2006-05-26 17:20:50
115.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Doesn't Soriano lead the league in baserunner kills?
2006-05-26 17:21:22
116.   adamclyde
what on earth happened there? did he try to extend a single to a double?

we haven't really had much in the way of baserunners here... let's not press our luck any more than we need to...

2006-05-26 17:22:07
117.   adamclyde
at least it isn't a no hitter bid anymore
2006-05-26 17:23:15
118.   Eric Enders
116 Yes he did, very foolishly. He was out by a mile. Even Lofton could have thrown him out on that play.
2006-05-26 17:23:21
119.   Marty
And now we can't pray for rain.
2006-05-26 17:23:31
120.   Bluebleeder87
Rookie woes for Aybar I guess
2006-05-26 17:24:19
121.   Marty
118 Maybe Duncan was doing a Donnely imitation.
2006-05-26 17:27:05
122.   Bluebleeder87
Larry Bowa's sister!
2006-05-26 17:27:42
123.   Bluebleeder87
Tomko dons't have it today.
2006-05-26 17:28:20
124.   Marty
That's 4 doubles so far.
2006-05-26 17:28:45
125.   regfairfield
This is just a long overdue regression to the mean.
2006-05-26 17:30:02
126.   Kayaker7
Tomko's doing what's been predicted here over and over. He's pitched over his head thus far, this was long overdue.
2006-05-26 17:30:12
127.   Bluebleeder87
We need to chip away, hopefully that run at 3rd dons't score.
2006-05-26 17:33:32
128.   Eric Enders
The Nats announcers are now discussing Livan Hernandez's habit of staying out until 3 a.m. every night, and how that makes him a team leader and a man of great character.

They are saying this with a straight face. Or at least a straight voice, since I can't see their faces.

2006-05-26 17:33:41
129.   Marty
"O" "DAL" "IS"
"O" "DAL" "IS"
"O" "DAL" "IS"
2006-05-26 17:34:14
130.   Bluebleeder87
this wans't Tomko's day I'm cool with it, He's been really good for a while, so in My book it's alright. Come on OP, stop the bleeding.
2006-05-26 17:37:31
131.   King of the Hobos
This is all Martin's fault. Or at least I hope it is. He really needs to develop the ability to catch every game somehow.
2006-05-26 17:37:57
132.   D4P
101 pitches didn't even get Tomko through the 5th inning.
2006-05-26 17:38:11
133.   Bluebleeder87
yup, that's what happens when you don't play guys for a while
2006-05-26 17:38:27
134.   JoeyP
Looks like Aybar was double switched out of the game.
2006-05-26 17:39:11
135.   Eric Enders
Am I a bad fan if I turn off the game in disgust at this point and move on to other matters?
2006-05-26 17:39:32
136.   JoeyP
Whats Sandy Alomar's CERA?
It cant be helped after this game.
2006-05-26 17:41:00
137.   sanchez101
131. I think (some of) this is Alomar's fault, because he shouldve retired a while ago. When Navarro comes back, Alomar should be sent out to pasture.
2006-05-26 17:41:41
138.   Bluebleeder87

looks like Grady didn't appreciate Aybar taking us out of that inning, growing woes that's all, live & learn.

2006-05-26 17:42:12
139.   Bluebleeder87


2006-05-26 17:42:23
140.   ddger
Now I know how the Angels and Rockies felt last week.
2006-05-26 17:44:25
141.   natepurcell

i already turned off the game, im watching twins-mariners now.

2006-05-26 17:44:45
142.   ddger
Does anyone know how baseball players get paid (weekly, monthly, etc.)? Also, is their annual salary divided evenly into 52 weeks if they are paid weekly.
2006-05-26 17:44:51
143.   Bluebleeder87

I'm kind of a fan of his now, I saw him in the elevator at Dodger Stadium on Wed. (I was with my girlfreind) he was like "Se miran bien enamorados" I'm really shy so I just stood quite, My girlfriend told him thank you.

2006-05-26 17:49:41
144.   JoeyP
Brandon Webb is 6 outs away from being 8-0.
2006-05-26 17:49:57
145.   Bluebleeder87
can we score a run atleast! darn!!
2006-05-26 17:51:00
146.   BruceR
107 That was the first I heard of old friend Cody Ross going to the Fish for PTBNL. Maybe the PTBNL will be Cabrera and the Transitive Property of Player To Be Named Later Trades will kick in and it's Cabrera in Blue !!!

[ woken up with bucket of cold water... ]

2006-05-26 17:51:03
147.   Eric Enders
141 I was hoping for a double no-hitter in that game, for fantasy baseball purposes. Didn't last long.
2006-05-26 17:55:26
148.   regfairfield
142 I remember Ross saying a long time ago on Dodger Talk they get paid bi-weekly during the season.
2006-05-26 17:56:28
149.   D4P
Royce Clayton is doing pretty well in his audition for Ned.
2006-05-26 17:58:50
150.   Bluebleeder87
how long was the flight from L.A? it seems like there still asleep of something.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-05-26 18:02:06
151.   JoeyP
Cody Ross should benefit from more playing time in Florida. Right now they are playing CF'er Reggie Abercrombie, I think Ross can beat him out.
2006-05-26 18:02:27
152.   gcrl
and the royals have blown it again. arod even bucks the odds by coming through in the clutch...

insert sarcasm icon here.

2006-05-26 18:03:31
153.   Suffering Bruin
Jim Tracy is rapidly wearing out his welcome.

2006-05-26 18:10:31
154.   fanerman
136 - Jon posted it. Navarro and Martin's "catcher ERA's" were similar. Alomsar's was higher. I don't think the catcher affects pitchers' ERA very much. Usually.
2006-05-26 18:10:32
155.   sanchez101
"To" "MA" "TO
2006-05-26 18:24:05
156.   D4P
Argh. DT had to crash right before a vintage Lance "White Flag" Carter meltdown.
2006-05-26 18:27:09
157.   Daniel Zappala
Tonight is the night of the janitors.
2006-05-26 18:27:20
158.   gpellamjr
104 Unless "heather" is a verb that I'm unaware of, that is a totally ungrammatical sentence.
2006-05-26 18:28:15
159.   regfairfield
So, Grady uses Broxton twice with a seven run lead, then he uses Carter in a game that we can actually win?
2006-05-26 18:28:24
160.   dzzrtRatt
153 Jim Tracy is like George Costanza in the scene when George stampedes over children and old people to escape a fire.
2006-05-26 18:28:53
161.   ddger
157. I guess our janitors really swept this game out of reach?
2006-05-26 18:31:22
162.   JoeyP
I'm convinced that the only thing keeping Lance Carter on the roster is Ned Colletti's vanity.

There's so many other viable options, that its the only logical conclusion I can come to at this point.

2006-05-26 18:32:06
163.   Tommy John
Lance Carter is our Judas. When will he be released?
2006-05-26 18:32:49
164.   natepurcell
Colletti was suppose to turn Carter into gold.
2006-05-26 18:34:06
165.   D4P
Looks more like iron pyrite to me.
2006-05-26 18:35:26
166.   natepurcell
Kemp hits his 7th homerun, hopefully he's getting out of his mini slump.
2006-05-26 18:36:12
167.   Camano Island Dodger addict
Another brilliant outing by Lance Carter. If the Dodgers lose 8-7, the team should give him a Full Metal Jacket type blanket party.
2006-05-26 18:36:59
168.   Tommy John
Perhaps Carter needs Tommy John's surgery?
2006-05-26 18:40:21
169.   Bob Timmermann
And the Royals now lead the Yankees 7-4 on a 3-run Angel Berroa homer off of Kyle Farnsworth.
2006-05-26 18:43:12
170.   JoeyP
Frank Robinson can still manage to use his entire plethora of mediocre bullpen pitchers even in a game that he is winning 8-3.

That takes talent.

Frank would make a great little league manager bc its more important for everyone to play, rather than to win.

2006-05-26 18:43:19
171.   JoeyP
Frank Robinson can still manage to use his entire plethora of mediocre bullpen pitchers even in a game that he is winning 8-3.

That takes talent.

Frank would make a great little league manager bc its more important for everyone to play, rather than to win.

2006-05-26 18:49:05
172.   Gen3Blue
I give up. Either my IP or Toaster is too screwed up to work. By the # of comments I would guess Toaster. Well, just write it off,same as the D's did the game.Goodnight.
2006-05-26 18:49:17
173.   Steve
in a game that we can actually win?


2006-05-26 18:49:35
174.   Bob Timmermann
I'll be out most of the night.

There's some SWAGGER!

2006-05-26 18:52:54
175.   Linkmeister
Somebody remind me which team had won six or seven straight coming into this game?
2006-05-26 19:18:42
176.   sanchez101
sorry if this has been mentioned, but its just to sweet(via
"Tracy blames Bucs' worst start in 52 years on players"

"Manager Jim Tracy is convinced he's done everything he can to put the last-place Pittsburgh Pirates in position to win games.

Friday, he all but pinned the blame for the team's worst start in 52 years on his players.

Tracy said he can't catch, throw or hit the ball and that that's not his job"

2006-05-26 19:34:39
177.   Jon Weisman
It isn't in fact Tracy's job to catch, throw or hit the ball. But it remains his remarkable beauty that he assumes that everything he does do is good.

"I know as a manager there are only so many things I can do," Tracy said. "I try to go home and every night and look in the mirror and ask myself if I did everything I could to do to give us a chance to win.

The mirror never tells him that some of the things he is doing could be wrong. Really, such utter lack of humility is extraordinary.

2006-05-26 19:36:40
178.   D4P
It isn't in fact Tracy's job to catch, throw or hit the ball.

It is his job to put the best catchers, throwers, and hitters in the lineup everyday. A job he fails miserably at, as we are all painfully aware.

2006-05-26 19:55:53
179.   sanchez101
I would love to hear what Depodesta has to say about what's going on in Pittsburgh, he probably wouldnt say anything bad about Tracy, which tells you something. Has there been any interviews with Depo since his firing?
2006-05-26 20:03:21
180.   Bluebleeder87
Martin Rests, Borders Retires

oh the irony!

2006-05-26 20:03:32
181.   Steve
Jim Tracy practicing sophistry? Perish the thought. Of course it's the players' fault. They're crappy. So what does that have to do with you? You're crappy. Geez, if we wanted Jim Tracy's Tales of the Bleedingly Obvious, we could have talked to Kevin Modesti and Tony Jackson, both of whom are still living rent-free in his basement. The word "hagiography" comes to mind, though neither of them can likely spell it.

Meanwhile, Lance Carter is to Ned Colletti as Jason Grabowski was to Paul DePodesta. Carter is an Enemy of the State, and harboring EOTSs is an offense punishable by deserved career termination. It is time to admit the obvious, DFA Carter, send Baez to middle relief obscurity where he belonged all along, apologize, say that he won't do it anymore, and move on. And it is certainly beyond time to stop saying stupid things like "Lance pitched 10 innings at AAA and fixed his problems."

2006-05-26 20:09:11
182.   Daniel Zappala
Dallas completely gave away the first game to Phoenix. Let's see if they can hold on tonight.
2006-05-26 20:16:45
183.   sanchez101
Houlton is pitching Las Vegas with a 24mph wind out to CF, is that a position to succeed? Maybe I should ask Tracy ...
2006-05-26 20:32:57
184.   natepurcell
hey sanchez, has their draft videos up.

they suck, they are all like a min long whereas previous years were up to 6 mins long.

2006-05-26 20:40:53
185.   thinkingblue
So how did Gagne do, or has he pitched yet?

Also, I wonder why we can't seem to win games without Russel Martin, we're 12-18 or so without Martin.

2006-05-26 20:44:14
186.   natepurcell
Also, I wonder why we can't seem to win games with [Sandy Alomar]
2006-05-26 20:44:24
187.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2006-05-26 20:46:24
188.   thinkingblue
Have we won a game this year with Alomar catching?
2006-05-26 21:00:00
189.   sanchez101
184. thanks, ive been waiting months

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