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Tectonic Plates of Bullpen
2006-05-26 20:19
by Jon Weisman

Salt Lake at Las Vegas

Eric Gagne is scheduled to pitch tonight for AAA Las Vegas.

As for tonight's Dodger game, well, these things happen - and they were overdue for Brett Tomko. But the story of the game is in the bullpen, where ...

  • Odalis Perez pitched for the first time since the dawn of man. He faced five batters, with a wild pitch with a runner on third, two singles, a groundout and a double-play grounder. Won't knock your socks off, but it certainly presents him as a better-looking option than ...

  • Lance Carter, who came into a 6-3 game and allowed a walk, an RBI double, an RBI single, a double-play ball and a hard flyout to right. Look, Carter can pitch better than the nightmare he has been, but he can't pitch better than this on any trustworthy basis. Why he was in a three-run game is a bit of a mystery, when he can't even be trusted to mop up. He has become the Scott Erickson of this year's staff - relief version - and if he's still on the team and pitching like this when Gagne is activated ... well, let's just assume he won't be.

  • Tim Hamulack also gave up two runs. Once more, I've run out of energy to criticize by the time I get to him - let's just say he makes me miss Buddy Carlyle. I'll never get over Buddy not making it.

    Candidates for bullpen promotion besides Gagne? Well, Giovanni Carrara has a 0.90 ERA in 10 innings - but only four strikeouts. Franquelis Osoria or Hong-Chih Kuo could return. Eric Hull has a 1.21 ERA in 22 1/3 innings with 32 strikeouts and only one home run allowed. He has walked 10, which is a little high. Greg Miller has pitched three shutout innings, but it seems a little soon for him.

    If Gagne looks stable, though, it would be nice to go down to an 11-man pitching staff. That might happen when Cesar Izturis is ready for activation.

    Update: Welcome to the Neon Jungle. Gagne enters the game in the ninth inning with Las Vegas leading, 8-5.

  • Strikeout of Ryan Budde swinging on a 2-2 pitch.
  • On a 3-2 pitch, eighth pitch of the at-bat, Abel Nieves grounds out. (Not exactly Assaulters with a Deadly Weapon Row)
  • Reggie Willits strikes out swinging on a 1-2 pitch.

    Seventeen pitches, 11 strikes.

  • Comments (52)
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    2006-05-26 20:42:33
    1.   thinkingblue
    So when will Hamalack and Carter finally get their due releases?
    2006-05-26 20:45:59
    2.   Jon Weisman
    They won't get released this year. They'd get sent to Las Vegas.
    2006-05-26 20:48:40
    3.   D4P
    Tim Hamulack also gave up two runs. Once more, I've run out of energy to criticize by the time I get to him

    Don't worry, Jon. We got your back. :-)

    2006-05-26 20:51:34
    4.   bcmaiden
    I thought Carter was out of options. Does that mean DFA? Houlton has given up 5 runs already for the 51's, but they still lead by 1.
    2006-05-26 20:53:02
    5.   thinkingblue
    has Gagne pitched yet?
    2006-05-26 20:54:56
    6.   bcmaiden
    Not yet. Houlton still pitching in the 6th.
    2006-05-26 20:58:36
    7.   bcmaiden
    Why do teams continue to walk "the cheater"? He's hitting .240 for crying out loud. The Rocks just walked him to load the bases with only 1 out and Durham hitting .500 vs double. Gnats now leading 4-0
    and still only 1 out.
    2006-05-26 21:09:34
    8.   bcmaiden
    After 6 in Vegas 51's 7 Bee's 5
    Greg Miller in to pitch the 7th

    Gnats now lead 7-0
    Pads over Cards 7-1
    Snakes won

    2006-05-26 21:12:47
    9.   coachjpark
    "I'm very patient, and with young players you have to be patient," he said. "But when you get to the point where you feel you've delivered enough messages, when the messenger has sent enough messages and they're not being heard, you find somebody else."

    Is Tracy unintentionally implying that he should be fired?

    2006-05-26 21:16:29
    10.   ToyCannon

    and it wasn't easy.

    2006-05-26 21:17:28
    11.   ToyCannon
    Carlos Santana with a triple and a walk but the star of night was Dunlap who returned to the lineup and whacked two home runs.
    2006-05-26 21:18:16
    12.   Xeifrank
    I propose a new man law that states Lance Carter is not allowed to pitch.
    vr, Xei
    2006-05-26 21:22:16
    13.   sanchez101
    how about gagne and miller replace carter and hamulak?

    -on a completely unrelated topic, is Bill Walton worse than Joe Morgan? I heard him last week say, "...Steve Nash, who is pretty much Bill Russell," then tonite he compares Boris Diow to Elgin Baylor. It was like that movie Scanners, my head was about to explode.

    2006-05-26 21:29:24
    14.   D4P
    I thought Steve "Snapper" Jones was generally considered to be the NBA's Joe Morgan counterpart...?
    2006-05-26 21:30:45
    15.   sanchez101
    perhaps walton has no equal
    2006-05-26 21:31:16
    16.   JoeyP
    The difference between Bill Walton and Joe Morgan is that one guy takes themselves seriously.

    The other, not so much.

    2006-05-26 21:31:50
    17.   King of the Hobos
    11 It should probably be mentioned that that was game one, which went 5 extra innings. In the second game, Dunlap went 1-3 with a walk and Santana went 0-3 with a GIDP. Xavier Paul was a triple away from the cyle in that game, and Denker had a homer. Several players for Vero Beach had to play 19 innings tonight
    2006-05-26 21:32:35
    18.   King of the Hobos
    Carrara's in to pitch the 8th, so I'm guessing Gagne gets the 9th
    2006-05-26 21:35:25
    19.   bcmaiden
    Our old friend Gio now in to pitch the 8th. Gagne will take the 9th I guess.
    51's 8
    Bee's 5
    2006-05-26 21:36:08
    20.   bcmaiden
    Is there an echo in here?
    2006-05-26 21:38:01
    21.   D4P
    Gio in now, Gagne...oh, never mind.
    2006-05-26 21:44:48
    22.   Steve
    Baez and Car...oh, never mind.

    Nate, do we have our Kazmir yet? Because while Kazmir kind of sucked tonight, I really want a Kazmir.

    2006-05-26 21:46:36
    23.   D4P
    My mother-in-law buys me one Kazmir sweater every year for Christmas...oh, never mind.
    2006-05-26 21:53:08
    24.   King of the Hobos
    Gagne in, one inning, 20 pitch max. First pitch a fastball ball, then a swing at a fastball, curveball that missed, another swing at a fastball, changeup, swung on and missed. First batter Ks.
    2006-05-26 21:56:11
    25.   King of the Hobos
    Next batter: Curveball strike on the inside corner, fastball check swing foul, high fastball, curveball high, change up grounded foul, another change up and foul, fastball low, chopper back to Gagne. Second out.
    2006-05-26 21:56:39
    26.   thinkingblue
    Lets go Gagne! Clap clap, clapclapclap
    2006-05-26 21:57:56
    27.   bcmaiden
    Drum roll please...Gagne hitting 97
    1st batter = struck out swinging
    2nd batter = comebacker to "goggles"
    3rd batter = struck out called
    2006-05-26 21:58:39
    28.   King of the Hobos
    Third batter: Change up for a strike, breaking ball for a strike, change up low, swing at a change up, strike 3. Perfect inning, 2 Ks

    Sorry if my descriptions aren't specific or disagree with Gameday, I was just repeating exactly what Langer said

    2006-05-26 21:59:48
    29.   thinkingblue
    Sounds pretty good to me
    2006-05-26 22:00:24
    30.   bcmaiden
    I don't think it's a good idea to get Kazmir, Steve. We might have the Pakistanis after us.
    2006-05-26 22:00:55
    31.   coachjpark
    Game Over!
    2006-05-26 22:13:44
    32.   Steve
    I will take the risk.
    2006-05-26 23:16:57
    33.   Greg S
    Already bringing back vivid memories of when the only question was if Gagne would strike out the side or if somebody would manage a comebacker.
    I know it may be that he's not the same guy but if you're not excited at the prospects right now, you're not a Dodger fan and you may want to check for a pulse.
    2006-05-26 23:26:41
    34.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    Gagne's perfoemances pleases me.
    Tracy blaming everything on people who are not him amuses me.
    ""I can't catch it, I can't throw it and I can't hit it. That's not my job. I'm not allowed to do that. My job is to get them in a position to where the stage is set and the opportunity is there for them to carry it out, finish the job and win.""
    2006-05-26 23:31:30
    35.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    OK, bed time.
    2006-05-26 23:57:51
    36.   Vishal
    gagne hit 97?!?! that's awesome. and such a relief.

    [30] LOL!!!!

    2006-05-27 00:37:27
    37.   towerofpower
    we do have a kazmir. his name is greg miller.
    2006-05-27 01:08:57
    38.   Suffering Bruin
    Full-time work can give you insomnia. I miss being a full-time dad...

    I had written off Gagne. Not that he wouldn't pitch again but that we'd ever see Immortal Gagne. With the injuries, I thought he would spend the rest of his career as just another closer.

    But... 97mph? Nice...

    2006-05-27 04:25:44
    39.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Re: 38

    The article has him clocked at 93 mph.

    Really, though, it's my understanding that after Tommy John, a pitcher should be able to throw at full speed. I assume that Gagne's loss of velocity as of late is due to, first, his knee injury, and then the problem he's had with the nerve, which wasn't fixed until spring training.


    2006-05-27 05:32:28
    40.   Daniel Zappala
    2006-05-27 05:40:47
    41.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    He would start to use Odalis Perez more, and go to a 11-man pitching staff.


    2006-05-27 06:49:44
    42.   Kayaker7
    Gagne might have had a muscle inhibition reflex, whereby the muscles don't fire to their fullest. It is a natural response of the body to avoid injury.
    2006-05-27 07:36:44
    43.   Jon Weisman
    Don't we have a history of finding the Las Vegas speed gun to be faster than the Dodger Stadium gun?
    2006-05-27 07:47:20
    44.   Greg Brock
    Nice to see Tracy throw his guys under the bus...Wait, let me rephrase. Nice to see Tracy throw his guys under the bus, stop the bus, back up over his guys, and drive over them again to go get an egg MacMuffin.
    2006-05-27 07:48:10
    45.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    Re: 43

    That might explain the discrepancy. I assume the 97 mph report was from someone at the game, or a broadcaster going off the stadium gun. The 93 mph reading in the article may be from a more accurate gun used by a scout of some sort.

    I don't keep up with the comments threads all the time, so I don't know how many posters will be at the game today, but you can find me and another Dodger fan in M28 Row 3 Seat 6-7.


    2006-05-27 07:48:54
    46.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
    BTW, I'll be in my favorite Dodgers' home jersey--good 'ol Hideo Nomo.


    2006-05-27 07:56:49
    47.   Bluebleeder87

    not cool! (funny! but not cool!)

    2006-05-27 08:00:56
    48.   Bluebleeder87
    is it just me, or did all the Dodger hitters look lazy yesterday? Well I shouldn't say lazy just tired.
    2006-05-27 08:01:14
    49.   Steve
    Makes you want to boycott McDonald's just knowing that Jim Tracy eats there.
    2006-05-27 08:25:19
    50.   Bluebleeder87

    I saw his son play yesterday (great ball player) the guy can flat out hit, his arm didn't impress me all the much but he's nice & sound behind the plate.

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2006-05-27 09:07:33
    51.   D4P
    I'm pretty sure JT shops at Wal-Mart too...
    2006-05-27 09:19:08
    52.   King of the Hobos
    Last night, on an 86 mph change up, Langer admitted the Vegas gun is 3-4 mph fast.

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