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Radio for Backup
2006-05-27 16:02
by Jon Weisman

J.D. Drew has a sore right shoulder and Jeff Kent has a sprained left wrist, according to Pete Kerzel at It doesn't sound as if Drew's injury is serious enough for the disabled list, and Kent may also be day-to-day. (He will be examined before Sunday's game.) In any case, the Dodgers will need more backup to make sure these guys are allowed to recuperate properly and to field the best possible team in any given inning that they're absent. So it's emphatically time now to return relief pitcher Lance Carter to the minor leagues and call up a sixth reserve player.

Though the first look may be to Las Vegas, Nate Purcell noted in today's game chat that AA stars Andy LaRoche and Matt Kemp did not play in Jacksonville's 1-0 victory over Huntsville this afternoon.

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2006-05-27 16:27:13
1.   D4P
Another "truck-washing" injury for Kent...?
2006-05-27 16:58:15
2.   bhsportsguy
Well I listened to Jacksonville broadcast, Laroche was off due to some shoulder soreness, nothing serious and Kemp was a late scratch (he was in the original lineup), nothing was mentioned about them being sent up, they could have been taking the day off, (Suns had won first 4 games of this 5 game series, they did win today completing the first 5 game sweep this season) because they are playing their top rival, Montgomery, for 5 games starting tomorrow.
2006-05-27 17:32:46
3.   Bob Timmermann
"Old friend" Scott Erickson pitched a mopup inning for the Yankees today.

In 5 2/3 innings of work, Erickson has one strikeout and one home run allowed, maintaining his typical ratio.

2006-05-27 17:52:58
4.   coachbean
I know he's not tearing the cover off the ball right now, but the most logical callup right now would be Delwyn Young. I know his defense is suspect but he can play 2nd base and in the outfield, which is where the Dodgers need help.
2006-05-27 17:59:17
5.   Gen3Blue
Delwyn is the most logical. There is some sense in providing some stability for the players and the team, particularly in AA.
2006-05-27 17:59:22
6.   JoeyP
If his defense is suspect and he's struggling to hit, why would it be logical to call up Delwyn Young?
2006-05-27 18:03:55
7.   Gen3Blue
I hope these aren't too serious. It sends me back to last year when our offense was steadily disembowled. This year wouldn't be so bad because help is closer to the horizon. But I would rather have things go according to plan. We can get rid of a one ridiculous pitchers spot.(more in my opinion).
2006-05-27 18:10:23
8.   confucius
The only logical solution to this problem would be to find Mike Edwards and get him on a red eye to Washington.
2006-05-27 18:14:21
9.   coachbean
Delwyn is hitting 300/360/440 which is pretty good but he is playing in Vegas. He usually is a slow starter so by calling him up now the Dodgers might catch as he heats up. Also his defense is spotty but the Dodgers already have utility/defensive guys like Martinez and Robles on the roster so they have no need to replicate that. As far as other options LaRoche has been hot lately, but he just doesn't show enough power, he plays 3rd which would mean Aybar could move to second, but they could do the same with Nomar or Saenz. Kemp I just don't beleive is ready, defensively and power wise he'd be fine, but he is just beginning to learn some plate discipline.
2006-05-27 18:24:26
10.   the OZ
8 You'll have to pry him from Jim Tracy's cold, dead lineup card.

Of course, the Dodgers could offer Gio Cararra in return to sweeten the deal!

2006-05-27 18:27:01
11.   the OZ
9 There should be some solid outfielders available during June. I expect the Dodgers will make a trade for one of them sooner rather than later (Hunter, Stewart, Crawford; players of this nature).
2006-05-27 18:35:21
12.   King of the Hobos
Young, Guzman, and Loney are all playing for Vegas, although Guzman is playing 3B. There's also a DH, despite the fact the game is being played in Vegas (which means both teams agreed to it for some reason).
2006-05-27 18:37:40
13.   coachbean
I don't beleive the Dodgers need anoth high paid OF on the downside of his career... they already have Cruz and Lofton and Ledee... also that doesn't help the if Kent needs an extended rest. Why not call up Delwyn and when Repko or Werth(?)are ready, you can always send one of them back down.
2006-05-27 18:49:40
14.   Bob Timmermann
It's helpful that the LA Times website keeps us informed of editing decisions:

Lowe (3-3) posted his second win in a row, cruising along until the seventh when three hits in a row produced a run and put runners on first and second with none out. Not known for holding runners well, Lowe froze Ryan Zimmerman with a slick pickoff move that killed the rally.

(Optional add end)

Danys Baez and Takashi Saito each pitched a scoreless inning and the Dodgers bounced back from the loss Friday that ended their seven-game winning streak.

2006-05-27 19:01:28
15.   King of the Hobos
JD Closser is finally starting for the Rockies, and through only 3 innings, has already caught 2 attempted base stealers (Winn and Vizquel). I'm not quite sure how he managed such a feat.
2006-05-27 19:10:16
16.   Uncle Miltie
School is over and I'm back in LA.

Heard that Kent got Kent... :(

We could really use Brandon Phillips right now. I'd probably use Oscar Robles at 2B.

2006-05-27 19:30:47
17.   King of the Hobos
Columbus scored 13 runs in the 7th inning. There were only 2 extra base hits, a Russ Mitchell homer and a Sergio Pedroza double. They both flew out during their other ABs in the inning, Drew Locke made the other out. Juan Apodaca and Jason Mooneyham were the only hitters with 2 hits in the inning
2006-05-27 19:34:41
18.   the OZ
13 I'm not advocating, just speculating. This team should be in the hunt, and I'd be shocked it a first-year GM like Ned doesn't bring in a "name" player to make it seem like he's doing somthing to make the team better. Again, not saying it's good or bad, but that I think it will happen. If the Dodgers were going to let Young or Repko play, they'd probably just stick with Ethier anyway and leave the other kids on the bench.

Though the players I listed aren't way above average or cheap, they represent upgrades over Lofton, Cruz, and Ledee for sure.

2006-05-27 19:51:14
19.   sanchez101
11.18. Those names are the same ones Rosenthal came up with during the game. I cant imagine Carl Crawford being available, and if he is the price would be pretty steep. I'd rather Delwyn Young be called up, he's hitting .367/.432/.544 in may with only 11 k's in 79 ab's (through the 24th). That line translates very roughly to .317/.372/.444 in the majors.
2006-05-27 20:18:51
20.   Daniel Zappala
Weaver has 4 Ks, 2 hits, 1 walk on 60 pitches through 4. Angels lead 4-0. Wish this game was on DirecTV.
2006-05-27 20:25:05
21.   Uncle Miltie
19- I would wet my pants if the Dodgers acquired Carl Crawford.

Jeff Kent (with all of his salary paid, but $2.5 million including next season), Cesar Izturis, Andy Laroche, Dioner Navarro for Carl Crawford. The D-rays can then move Cantu to 1B.

2006-05-27 20:37:32
22.   Steve
2006-05-27 20:39:53
23.   das411
Awww I'm sorry Bob. The Ducks hafta do something about those uniforms though!

21 - Why on earth would TB ever want Kent with Cantu holding down 2B at Utley-ian offensive levels?

Laroche, Navarro, and perhaps Loney for Delmon though...then you may have something to build off of...

2006-05-27 20:48:29
24.   natepurcell
can someone tell me the huge infatuation with carl crawford? he doesnt even play centerfield.
2006-05-27 20:51:03
25.   bill cox
Add to the aimless speculation I was at the game in Huntsville today.When the Suns came out to celebrate after the win,Kemp wasn't with them.He's a nice looking player,but seems to need some more development before he's ready for the bigs.I saw 4 of the 5 games in Huntsville.Hu is a tremendous defensive shortstop.If only he hits enough to play in the majors,he'll be around awhile.
2006-05-27 20:53:54
26.   Steve
Carl Crawford looks like Jacque Jones with speed.
2006-05-27 20:56:50
27.   sanchez101
24. objectively, he's a good player. His translated line last year was .313/.351/.498 to go with all those steals, which comes to a .292 EQA. He's also really fun to watch, which should count for something. He'll be overrated and overpaid his entire career, but that doesnt make him a bad player. He's Rickie Henderson minus 50 walks a season, but less annoying. But, knowing Tampa they would want a kings ransom in prospects that'd Id rather save for Miguel Cabrera.
2006-05-27 20:58:45
28.   Steve
But, knowing Tampa they would want a kings ransom in prospects that I'd rather save for Miguel Cabrera.


2006-05-27 21:03:15
29.   sanchez101
Kendry Morales is buying Kotchman's ticket back to Utah. Really, he should be buying Garrett Anderson a ticket to the Cubs.
2006-05-27 21:03:55
30.   Uncle Miltie
I have a Carl Crawford fetish. He plays great defense, has developing power, great speed, and is a good hitter. He's isn't your prototypical speed guy. He's definitely going to hit 25+ home runs during his peak. He also piles up a lot of extra base hits. Dodger Stadium seems to be allowing a lot more extra base hits, which is conducive to his style of play.

Besides having a kind of weak arm, I don't see why Crawford can't play CF. I'm pretty sure the main reason why he's played left is because they have Baldelli is center.

Even baseball prospectus likes him, so I don't see why people here would dislike him. He's never going to be a walker, but once he develops a little more power, he should be walking around 50 times a year.

Furcal SS
Vidro 2B
Drew RF
Nomar 1B
Crawford CF
Aybar 3B
Cruz/Guzman LF
Martin C

2006-05-27 21:04:00
31.   twerp
Diff subject: Carter was an AL all star, with 26 or so saves one year. Did well in spring training, FWIW. Then has stunk up regular season.

Beyond just saying the guy's screwing up, anyone have ideas WHY? Trying too hard, lost his stuff, mechanical flaws, what? A guy can lose it pretty quick, but he seemed like he still had at least a semblance of "it" in spring.

Saw where Baez's problems might be caused by not getting his legs into pitches very well and not finishing pitches, causing ball to flatten out. Right? Who knows?

But at least it's specific things rather than just saying the guy stinks; that's what I'd like to know about Carter.

2006-05-27 21:05:10
32.   Daniel Zappala
Man, if the Angels can play like this, they will make a race of it this year. They will be only 4 back of Texas, and I don't count on the Rangers to be that good. Like I said the other day, they need Morales, McPherson, and Kotchman to show they deserve the hype, and if Weaver steps into the rotation throwing shutouts, it could be a great turnaround.
2006-05-27 21:05:49
33.   Daniel Zappala
Oh yes, they also need to rest Figgins and Erstad as much as possible.
2006-05-27 21:07:21
34.   Daniel Zappala
Crawford has played 51 games in CF over the last three years.
2006-05-27 21:08:16
35.   Steve
Crawford is, like, 24. Jones is, like, 38. So that comparison was bad. I can see your point, though I still lean toward the position that if we were going to spend a lot on prospects (and why would Tampa Bay want Kent?), I would rather do it for someone else (I would rather not do it at all.) Plus, since we already paid two prospects for a middle reliever and a DFA candidate, the Tampa Bay exchange rate is unfavorable right now.
2006-05-27 21:09:06
36.   Steve
In Erstad's case, maybe more than possible.
2006-05-27 21:12:37
37.   sanchez101
31. Because he's not very good. He was an allstar only because of the silly rule that every team has to have an allstar, dont let that fool you into thinking he was ever a good pitcher. He was a ok middle reliever one year on a bad team, but it wasnt the year he was an allstar and saved 26 games. That year, 2003, is era was 4.33. Carter is exhibit A for why things like "allstar" and "closer" and "saves" are fairly meaningless.
2006-05-27 21:18:53
38.   Uncle Miltie
(and why would Tampa Bay want Kent?)
Good question, I know I wouldn't want him around my team.

They could always pawn off Kent to another team for more prospects (and keep a lot of the cash).

2006-05-27 21:22:26
39.   sanchez101
They could, but Kent isnt going anywhere unless he falls apart Bret Boone/Robbie Alomar style, in which case he'd be nothing more than a salary dump. I think Kent's extension has been the worst move Colletti's made.
2006-05-27 21:28:07
40.   doctordoowop
2 comments- my 1st ones here.
1-I had always suspected that Izturis was a steroid user. His Tommy John surgery convinced me. Has any other NON pitcher ever needed it?

2-Nomar- he seems to be rather "leaner" now than last year- & with only warning track power now. Why? The LA media is way too forgiving.
Also, I was at the Houston day game a couple weeks ago. Although he has only one error, his failure to make an easy scoop at first cost them the game.

2006-05-27 21:31:12
41.   Uncle Miltie
If so, he's one of the worst all star steroid users ever.

I was going to say just one of the worst ever, period, but he's in the majors and he isn't Alex Sanchez.

2006-05-27 21:32:42
42.   Xeifrank
Nice outing for Jered Weaver tonight. 7 scoreless innings in his debut. Wonder what the record is for most scoreless innings to start a career off with? Bob??
vr, Xei
2006-05-27 21:34:42
43.   sanchez101
40. welcome, we're always happy to see new people posting here.
2006-05-27 21:38:33
44.   DodgerHobbit
I hope they do not call up Guzman to play 3B or LF. He isnt ready yet. He still swings at pretty much anything.

I hope LaRoche and Kemp get promoted to AAA then I wont have to bother with watching Truby at 3B and Weber/Duncan manning CF.

Some really drunk guys were heckling Guzman at his first at-bat because he was swinging at really bad pitches. They were also heckling the pitcher at the same time for throwing said bad pitches. Guzman looked toward them seemed a lil bothered by it but shook it off and swung at the next pitch--another bad ball almost in the dirt, but he golfed at it for a weak chopping infield hit. One of the drunk guy kept cheering for the Brewers. The other three had to remind him that the Brewers werent here. By the 5th inning he was so drunk he lit up a pall mall in his seat. They had remembered to go to the smoking section two innings earlier.

2006-05-27 21:39:13
45.   King of the Hobos
The Pirate-Astro game is in the 18th. Pirates are out of non-SPs, so Victor Santos is pitching. The Astros still have Borkowski left in the bullpen.
2006-05-27 21:53:19
46.   King of the Hobos
Mike Gallo just threw his second wild pitch of the Wilson AB, during an IBB
2006-05-27 21:57:15
47.   King of the Hobos
Taveras made a perfect throw to Munson and Bay was out by a mile, but Munson dropped the ball. Tracy wins in the 18th
2006-05-27 22:08:05
48.   overkill94
I was at the 51's game last night as well, didn't get there til the 3rd inning though. I wish I could give a better report, but I was fairly drunk when I got there. I was pretty sober when Gagne came in though. He seemed to be throwing a lot of off-speed pitches, not sure if that's cause for concern or not.

I did have some interactions with the guys in the bullpen. I asked Gagne how his elbow felt while he was getting some water and he gave me a casual "very good" without looking up at me. I got Kuo's attention as well, but couldn't think of anything clever to say so I just gave him a thumbs up which made him smile. Good lord is he big.

2006-05-27 22:44:21
49.   DodgerHobbit
48--i wasnt at last nights game..i was at tonights game and left in the 5th inning. Thank goodness i missed the 51s implode.
2006-05-28 05:11:25
50.   Sam DC
48 He didn't say "Dude -- I can't feel my elbow."?

Glad for the Dodgers win yesterday; I've been taking an inordinate amount of grief since friday pm.

Did the broadcast cover Zach Day -- whose pitched well since being picked up off waivers -- likely gone for the year. Sore luck Nats on pitching injuries this year.

Jose Guillen to the DL and still no Ryan Church. Instead, he gets sent from AA ("close to the big club") "up" to AAA (in NO). Um sure, Jim. Whatever.

Danys Baez is Abu Ghraib on a grass field. hahaha.

Or is it not OK to laugh at that?

capdodger, is your local packie Chats?

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-05-28 07:24:05
51.   Gen3Blue
I haven't been able to find out anything about Kent. Well, the game's on DTV today and I imagine there will be info then.
2006-05-28 07:47:28
52.   bill cox
My local fishwrap,the esteemed"Huntsville Times" reported this morning Kemp got called up to the majors.Its not on Dodgers.Com as of yet.I take back everything I said he's not ready.He is ready!!!
I wonder who will get called up to Jacksonville if Kemp did get promoted.Maybe Xavier Paul with Pedroza going to Vero Beach.
2006-05-28 08:09:15
53.   Nagman
Inside the Dodgers said Kemp is up and starting today, Carter send down.
2006-05-28 08:34:01
54.   capdodger
50 capdodger, is your local packie Chats?
It's Cleveland Park Liquor and Wines. Very helpful people with a very big selection of wines, spirits and beers.

Has Kemp been up for a cup before or is this his first shot? Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing it.

2006-05-28 20:55:39
55.   twerp
35. Hesitate to ask, but what's a DFA candidate? I can think of some things starting with dumb but will risk actually asking.
2006-05-28 21:11:57
56.   twerp
31. Saw something in Times addressing Carter ineffectiveness. Sent to Vegas to correct delivery problems, he slowed the tempo of his windup, posted 1.08 ERA, 8 1/3 IP.

But in both appearances back in LA, the first 3 runners reached base. ERA now 8.49. "I feel fine. I just need a good inning to get going," item quoted him.

Going, all right...going back to the 51s....

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