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L.A. Hardball
2006-06-01 07:38
by Jon Weisman

Dave Studeman, whom I'd like to give the nickname "Graphmaster Flash," takes a look at the Dodgers and Angels this morning in "Ten Things About Los Angeles Baseball" for the Hardball Times.

2006-06-01 08:19:12
1.   Kayaker7
I hate to sound like a pessimist, but basic takeaway from the article seems to be that the Dodgers are playing way over their heads at the moment. Perhaps they're not as bad as them seems at times in April, but not as good as they looked in May neither. Also, this is pure speculation, but I get the feeling that Jim Tracy, if presented with the same situation this year, he would have found some way to botch it up.

I give Grady Little a lot of credit for the way he handled the pitchers, and allowing the kids to play. Of course, the kids have performed very well, so I don't know how he would have reacted if they had not performed. I still think back to how Antonio Perez did last year, but Tracy always seemed unconvinced that the good performance was real. Grady doesn't seem to overanalyze and just go with what works.

2006-06-01 08:34:42
2.   Terry A
Tomko and Seo, unfortunately, have recently shown the sort of inconsistency that everyone feared from them. If Sele falters, starting pitching certainly won't be considered a strength.

The phrase that pays from Studeman's column: The main difference between this season and last is that the kids are contributing.

2006-06-01 10:16:09
3.   scareduck
2 - not the same Terry from Arkansas who used to run The Bench Coach, is it?

It's not a question of if with Sele losing it, but when.

2006-06-01 10:17:40
4.   scareduck
1 - also, Little is clearly Ned Colletti's man. Maybe that doesn't make a difference, but there was definitely a friction between the inherited Tracy and DePodesta.
2006-06-01 10:19:53
5.   Bob Timmermann's audio doesn't let me log in to listen to the Pirates-Brewers game that is going on now.

I'm taking this as a sign from God to do something more useful with my day.

2006-06-01 10:23:19
6.   Gilgamesh
For those who care...Choi Central has a good new article on the love/hate relationship people have with Choi at
2006-06-01 11:05:36
7.   FirstMohican
Off Topic, but this is just sad:

We're spoiled here.

2006-06-01 11:06:50
8.   Terry A
3 - Only if being that "Terry from Arkansas" is a good thing. :-)

How are you, Rob?

2006-06-01 11:24:47
9.   King of the Hobos
The Dodgers have finished the Ross deal, acquiring 25 yr old AAAA pitcher Ben Kozlowski.

2006-06-01 11:29:23
10.   Jon Weisman
7 - I'm not feeling the Roger backlash the way others are. I don't have a problem with a guy who has spent 20 years as a professional baseball player at the highest level negotiating a deal with conditions attached. Baseball teams are free to say no to him if they don't like what he's asking.
2006-06-01 11:31:50
11.   Marty
10 I think the sad part he was referring to was the writer. It was a pretty poor article.
2006-06-01 11:32:34
12.   Bob Timmermann
King Kaufman's column pretty much said the same thing as Jon. The Astros are in far better shape this year than they were at this point last year.

Is everybody required to play for the Yankees or Red Sox?

2006-06-01 11:35:22
13.   Jon Weisman
For those who read Baseball Prospectus, they have a win-probability chart for the 1990 game in which the Dodgers blew an 11-3 lead in the ninth.

I left that game before the ninth.

2006-06-01 11:37:55
14.   Jon Weisman
Here's the retrosheet box score for that game:

One of the pitchers in the ninth for the Dodgers was someone named Dave Walsh. I have zero memory of him.

2006-06-01 11:40:55
15.   Bob Timmermann
I watched that game on Sportschannel. I'm not sure if that was during the Eddie Doucette era.

The Phillies already had most of its second string in the game too.

2006-06-01 11:49:55
16.   Jon Weisman
Check out the recent managerial exploits of Mike Hargrove.

2006-06-01 11:56:50
17.   s choir
I remember that Phillies/Dodgers game. I was heartbroken.
2006-06-01 12:00:32
18.   Bob Timmermann
When I saw the Mariners playing the Rangers earlier this week, the Rangers announcers were baffled as to why Lopez had so many sacrifices.

I wonder if any team has ever had the same player lead it in RBIs AND sacrifices except possibly during the era (1909-1935) when sacrifice flies were just counted as sacrifices.

2006-06-01 12:00:45
19.   JoeyP
I took from that article two things:
#1. The Dodgers depend on BA w/RISP.
#2. Sele, Seo, Tomko are the 3/5 of the rotation.

Can a team depend on these two factors throughout the season? Guess we'll see.

2006-06-01 12:05:20
20.   bigcpa
13 I attended that game and left in the 8th as well. The next year I interned for Sportschannel and pulled the tape from the vault. It was a raw feed with open mikes between innings with Joel Meyers and Ron Cey doing the game. When the comeback is in full swing they keep cutting to commercial for pitching changes. Joel Meyers goes on a profane rant because he's going to miss his plane. Then he starts ripping into Offerman. It's great great stuff. I should put a Jim Healy mp3 together somehow.
2006-06-01 12:06:32
21.   regfairfield
It's pretty clear that the Dodger are playing over their heads, anyone playing .782 ball is.

In May, outside of Russel Martin, the worst OPS for any regular was .782, and the lowest on base percentages came from Drew and Martin at .356, and .345 respectively.

Right now, every Dodger hitter except for Drew is playing way over their heads, making a come down inevitable.

2006-06-01 12:10:35
22.   s choir
This happened May 23, 1901:

At Cleveland's League Park, the Blues score a major-league record nine runs with two outs in the 9th inning to defeat the Washington Nationals 14-13. Cleveland is down to one strike, on Jack McCarthy, but they put the next ten men on base, winning the game on an error. Winning pitcher Bill Hoffer, who had given up the 13 runs, is carried off the field by the delirious crowd. Patton and Lee pitch for Washington. The scoring (as noted by Bill Kirwin) occurs as follows: Hoffer K, Pickering ground out, McCarthy singles, Bradley singles, LaChance with two strikes on him) singles scoring McCarthy, Wood is hit by pitch, Scheibeck doubles (Patton, replaced by Lee), Egan walks, Beck (batting for Hoffer) doubles, Pickering singles Beck home to tie the game, and then moves to 2B on a passed ball. Mc Carthy, who started the whole thing, singles him home for the victory.

Note: there were no rally-killing home runs.

2006-06-01 12:14:32
23.   s choir
22 taken from
2006-06-01 12:17:24
24.   gpellamjr
Is anybody else here stoked about the idea of maybe seeing a healthy Gagne tonight?
2006-06-01 12:22:56
25.   Jon Weisman
24 - I'm having trouble getting past my nervousness that something will go wrong, either physically or with his performance. I'm basically not counting my chickens. But I don't doubt the potential for Gagne to get me excited.
2006-06-01 12:23:55
26.   Steve
Derrick Turnbow joins the ranks of overhyped used-to-be-closers.
2006-06-01 12:27:53
27.   Bob Timmermann
My peaceful day off is being wrecked by the fact that I live in a place where the Assembly seat is open and I'm a Democrat voter in a safe Democrat district.

I will vote for whomever has bothered me the least.

2006-06-01 12:28:30
28.   towerofpower
any word on kent's mri?
2006-06-01 12:29:49
29.   JoeyP
The Pirates sweep the Brewers 4 straight. Thats sad.
2006-06-01 12:34:35
30.   Steve
I'm a Democrat voter in a safe Democrat district.

At least you're not alone.

2006-06-01 12:35:14
31.   gpellamjr
27 Bob, do you mean "I will vote for whoever has bothered me the least."?
2006-06-01 12:48:58
32.   Kayaker7
I'm a democrat in the inland empire.
2006-06-01 12:50:53
33.   Linkmeister
13, 14 We've discussed that game before (last season, I think). I'm pretty sure it was on ESPN when they did Friday Night Baseball, because I saw that ninth inning and flashed back to 1962.
2006-06-01 12:52:42
34.   Linkmeister
Is today primary day for Angelides/Westly, too?
2006-06-01 12:58:08
35.   Steve
Tuesday is primary day. Thursday is "Harass Swing Voters Day."
2006-06-01 12:58:22
36.   Bob Timmermann
The election is June 6.

I will vote for whomever annoys me least.

There I have my political credo.

I think I should be written up in "Profiles in Courage, Volume 2." Somebody get Ted Sorensen on the phone.

2006-06-01 13:03:12
37.   underdog
No one else is getting all excited about the Dodgers' acquiring Ben Kozlowski? Another body for Vegas! Tres magnifique.
2006-06-01 13:03:57
38.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
I think the team is clearly playing about its talent level, but it's not as if the roster will remain static. IF Gagne is healthy, that boost to the bullpen can balance offensive and starting pitching regression. Also, if Tomko and Seo go through sustained bad spells, Bills might be able to take up some of the slack. Perez might do the same.


2006-06-01 13:16:24
39.   Terry A
37 -- You mean bluetahoe's boy Benny K?


2006-06-01 13:36:12
40.   s choir
27 -

I am a volunteer for a Democrat fighting for the nomination in a safe democratic district (in San Francisco). Even if it's not my candidate, I apologize for the inconvenience.

2006-06-01 13:42:37
41.   Marty
I voted at one of the early vote places (Jackie Robinson Center in Pasadena) this morning. The touch screen system was very impressive I thought.
2006-06-01 13:46:24
42.   FirstMohican
I signed a petition that was sponsored by a democrat and now I get junkmail from Edward Kennedy.

10 - I don't see the problem with his contract (or incentives, conditions, clauses etc) either. I was just pointing out how unclever the article was as a whole. My only feeling about Clemens is that he should've won the CY last year.

2006-06-01 13:53:37
43.   Jon Weisman
42 - I understand. But that article is representative of a backlash that seems overwrought.
2006-06-01 14:35:55
44.   ToyCannon
The BHT has supplanted BP at the top of my must read list.
2006-06-01 15:56:50
45.   Uncle Miltie
I'm sick of these prerecorded phone calls from lousy politicians. The commercials are even worse. Rather than tell you what they stand for, they bash their opponent and then tell you to vote for them.
2006-06-01 16:06:05
46.   Eric L
44THT does good work on a consistent basis. I probably should make an effort to check them out more often.

It would probably be wise for me to check out other baseball sites less often.

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