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Opening the Door for Joel
2006-06-01 16:19
by Jon Weisman

Jeff Kent is, not surprisingly at this point, going to the disabled list. And still caught up in Prospect Fever, the Dodgers have recalled Joel Guzman (despite his May slump). Inside the Dodgers reports.

Guzman is not in the starting lineup tonight, but we do have the four-rookie combo of Matt Kemp (batting second), Willy Aybar, Andre Ethier and Russell Martin. Ramon Martinez is healthy enough to play second base. Perhaps soon, though, we'll have Guzman at third base and Aybar at second to give the team five rookie starters. And then all eyes will be on Chad Billingsley to make it six ...

Update: A new starting lineup has Olmedo Saenz at third base and Aybar at second base tonight.

Update 2: Matt Kemp's first home run, as called by Vin Scully. (Who else would you want to call it?)

Fastball is whacked down the left-field line, in the corner and ... fair ball! Home run, Matt Kemp.

Though I'm sure it has happened, I don't recall any Dodgers specifically hitting a ball as high off the left-field foul pole as Kemp did.

Update 3: Dodger manager Grady Little confirmed to Ken Gurnick of that Guzman will play some third base. Gurnick added that "Little said (Bill) Mueller is healing 'slowly' from May 16 right knee surgery, which can be interpreted to mean the five-week prognosis for his return might have been overly optimistic." Cesar Izturis and/or Kent could be activated before Mueller returns.

Among the other disabled, Gurnick reports that only Dioner Navarro is showing progress. Ricky Ledee, Jason Repko, Jayson Werth and of course Yhency Brazoban are not near (to varying degrees) returning.

* * *

Tonight's Game

Comments (421)
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2006-06-01 16:25:08
1.   trainwreck
This is my dream come true, 3 months early.
2006-06-01 16:26:32
2.   regfairfield
I'm all for prospects, but this is starting to get nutty.
2006-06-01 16:28:44
3.   Marty
Hell, let's bring em all up!
2006-06-01 16:29:30
4.   Uncle Miltie
I don't like Guzman being recalled right now. Unlike Aybar, Martin, Ethier, and even Kemp this year, Guzman has pretty poor plate discipline. He's only 21 years old. I think we're rushing him even more so than Kemp. It is possible though unlikely that he'll develop good plate discipline in the majors at this point in his career. All I can see this doing is lowering his trade value, which would effect our ability to go after Carl Crawford.
2006-06-01 16:32:13
5.   regfairfield
Is the man even going to play? Has he played anywhere but 1st or a corner outfield spot this year?
2006-06-01 16:32:55
6.   Jon Weisman
By the way, my headline is an ultimately unsuccessful callback to this movie line:

"Why don't you open the door, Joel. That way, you see, I can call a cab."

4 - I don't share your concerns for the long term, but I agree I am surprised by the callup when he hasn't really had much of a season offensively, or defensively from what I can tell. But I don't think it's a big deal, and it's fine if they want him just to get a taste of MLB.

2006-06-01 16:33:07
7.   Jon Weisman
5 - He has played third.
2006-06-01 16:35:09
8.   trainwreck
I do not think Guzman will ever learn plate discipline in the minors. I think he is one of those guys that at some point in his career realizes he has to change his approach a bit to be really successful.
2006-06-01 16:36:29
9.   trainwreck
Or he will never work on his plate discipline and will be a solid player, but a definite underachiever in my eyes.
2006-06-01 16:37:00
10.   Andrew Shimmin
Delwyn Young has played second. And OF. It's like he's been smearing lamb's blood on his door posts.
2006-06-01 16:38:12
11.   Marty
6 You're a Risky Business fan?
2006-06-01 16:39:07
12.   JoeyP
Good deal.
He deserved the call up over both Robles and Loney.

SS- Furcal
2b- Aybar
1b- Nomar
2b- Drew
LF- Ethier
CF- Kemp
C- Martin
3b- Guzman

Just let these guys plays everyday.
Its all good.

2006-06-01 16:39:36
13.   CanuckDodger
4 -- Crawford? Don't take Rosenthal's rumors too seriously. I don't think we have a single prospect that Rosenthal hasn't had us trading away in one of his rumored deals the last few years. If we got Crawford, and stuck him in left field, presumably the idea would be to hope he does even partly as well as Ethier has for us while making more money than Ethier, which makes no sense.
2006-06-01 16:40:04
14.   Jon Weisman
11 - Well, I haven't watched in a while, but I worshipped it when I was in high school.

10 - That seems a bit much.

2006-06-01 16:40:09
15.   JoeyP
It should be RF- Drew
2006-06-01 16:41:15
16.   Marty
Though Drew at 2nd is an interesting idea :)
2006-06-01 16:42:05
17.   trainwreck
He traded JD Drew for Stephen Drew.
2006-06-01 16:43:54
18.   JoeyP
That might not be a bad idea.
2006-06-01 16:45:54
19.   Humma Kavula
Is it true that Joel is pronounced Joelle?
2006-06-01 16:46:17
20.   trainwreck
2006-06-01 16:46:58
21.   the OZ
Joel as in Jor-el.
2006-06-01 16:48:00
22.   trainwreck
Arent J's pronounced like H's, like jamon y queso.
2006-06-01 16:51:04
23.   JoeyP
Joel in latin is almost always prounced Jo-EL.
2006-06-01 16:51:46
24.   Uncle Miltie
13- Ethier is off to a great start with the Dodgers, but he isn't in Crawford's class. Crawford is maybe a year older than Ethier, but is playing in his 4th full season in the majors. Early on this season, Crawford was playing through a wrist injury. It was affecting every facet of the game except for his base running. In May, he seemed to be healthy as he produced a line of .318/.345/.477 with 4 home runs and 15 stolen bases in 16 tries. I'm still not sure if I believe the rumors about Crawford being available, but if he is, we definitely need to make a play for him. Crawford is a special talent; you don't pass up opportunities to acquire players like Crawford before they have entered their prime.
2006-06-01 16:55:57
25.   JoeyP
Has Matt Kemp ever batted 2nd in professional lineup?

Because thats where he's hitting tonite.
Interesting to say the least.

2006-06-01 16:57:45
26.   Eric L
24 To be fair, Ethier didn't start his pro career until 2003 because of college. Crawford started in 1999.
2006-06-01 17:01:43
27.   thinkblue0

I like Crawford too...but do we really need ANOTHER lead off hitter?

2006-06-01 17:08:39
28.   Andrew Shimmin
14- Sorry. It was needlessly hyperbolic, but I didn't mean any offense.
2006-06-01 17:09:25
29.   Icaros
True or False:

In five years, the Joe Nathan, Francisco Liriano, Boof Bonser for A.J. Pierzynski trade will look worse than D4P.

2006-06-01 17:09:36
30.   sanchez101
for any questions about Joel's plate discipline, it should be noted that he's improved steadily since his breakout 2004.

2004 - 554 PA's 122K:34W (3.6:1)
2005 - 496 PA's 128K:42W (3.0:1)
2006 - 211 PA's 42K:15W (2.8:1)

At least its improvment, and he's got the strikouts under control in AAA. It seems like he still needs 400-600 PA in AAA, but he seems to be improving at his most glaring weakness.

2006-06-01 17:11:15
31.   CanuckDodger
24 -- Crawford's stats have been inflated by the hitter friendly parks he has played in, and even then he is under-powered for a corner-outfielder. He is also overvalued by fantasy players because he steals bases, but we already have 1 and 2 slot hitters for the line-up. But the real issue is this: When a guy six years from free agency is showing himself to be the player Ethier is showing himself to be, you don't move him out of the way to play a more expensive guy much closer to free agency whom you would have to give up an awful lot to get in the first place, ESPECIALLY if the guy you would be getting isn't even performing as well as the guy he would be replacing. Dodger fans have to get over their obsession with "name players" on other teams. It's just "The grass is always greener on the other sisde of the fence" syndrome, with more than a little bit of Hollywood star obsession thrown in.
2006-06-01 17:14:01
32.   Jon Weisman
28 - I wasn't offended, I just thought it was hyperbolic.

30 - Since outs are easier to come by in Jacksonvile, since he's more of a threat to hit a home run in Las Vegas, since there is therefore more reason to walk him this year, I'm not sure that's a significant improvement this year.

Beyond that, he just hasn't been hitting that much for Las Vegas. But maybe he's been unlucky. I really have no idea. All I know his, his offense has been unimpressive for Vegas.

2006-06-01 17:14:29
33.   dsfan
This year, Guzman has appeared in 28 games in the outfield, 18 at first base and four at 3B.
Starting him at 3B would be forcing the issue. He's neither quick nor agile. Third is no better than his fourth-best position.

As for Guzman's hitting of late, the best that can be said about it is he's walking at a career-best rate -- 12 walks in May, after drawing just three walks in April (24 games).

But in May, he batted just .250 (84 at-bats) with two 2Bs and three HRs. Accounting for PCL inflation, that's more in line with the SS/Guzman that Bowden gave $16 million.

The safest bet is to spot him in LF and 1B, preferably against pitchers who can't tie up that long swing with inside fastballs.

2006-06-01 17:16:32
34.   Jon Weisman
31 - "Dodger fans have to get over their obsession with "name players" on other teams."

It's this kind of generalization that I wish we could avoid. (Putting aside the fact that I bet most Dodger fans still don't know who Carl Crawford is, or don't know him enough to have an opinion of him.) In any case, I know plenty of Dodger fans who consistently prefer the grass on this side of the fence.

2006-06-01 17:18:34
35.   Bob Timmermann
Now this is hyperbolic:

2006-06-01 17:23:07
36.   sanchez101
32. the source of Joel's improvment this year has been his strikeout ratio, its at 21% down from 30% last year. Your point about walks makes sense, but AAA is tougher to get walks in because the pitchers have better control. I think I might rather have a young hitter cut down on the strikeouts more than improving the walks, but its an interesting debate. But I think we can both agree that he definitly needs more time in AAA.
2006-06-01 17:24:49
37.   Underbruin
35 -


2006-06-01 17:25:03
38.   Uncle Miltie
31- Crawford has been much better at home this year and last year.

His EqA (which is park adjusted) was .281, above average for a corner outfield and that doesn't even factor in his top notch defense. Crawford is locked up through 2010 at a reasonable. While Ethier will be cheaper during this time period, it is very unlikely that he'll outproduce Crawford, and I'm guessing that it won't even be close. Ethier is a nice player and with Drew being so injury prone, it should help us to have a more than capable backup. There's nothing wrong with Ethier being a backup. I think you are overestimating what Ethier is capable of doing based on very small sample sizes.

2006-06-01 17:27:44
39.   Steve
Miltie, we get one crappy trade with Tampa Bay a century. Come back in 2100.
2006-06-01 17:28:00
40.   Uncle Miltie
34- I also did not like that comment. Crawford is an established major leaguer, but I'd hardly call him a "name player" outside of the fantasy baseball world. Many know who Crawford is based on his numbers, but a lot of people have not had the chance to see him play. He is a special talent. It's not like I'm talking about acquiring an old washed up veteran.
2006-06-01 17:28:20
41.   sanchez101
Why are we arguing about Crawford, why would any one take what Ken Rosenthal says seriously?

The argument shouldnt be between Crawford and Ethier, it should be between Crawford and whatever it takes to pry him from the DRays.

2006-06-01 17:30:05
42.   Andrew Shimmin
39- Count down to Bob submitting: "2101!"

5. . .4. . .3. . .

2006-06-01 17:36:23
43.   sanchez101
39. does that mean crappy for the Dodgers, or crappy for etheir partner? Im all for taking advantage of them, this is after all the same organization that traded Bobby Abreu for Kevin Stocker.
2006-06-01 17:38:34
44.   Bob Timmermann
I'm feeling very satisfied after my success with "The Bison" and I'm not going to push it.
2006-06-01 17:40:03
45.   Jon Weisman
According to the team roster, Guzman is still saddled with No. 64.
2006-06-01 17:41:04
46.   Steve
If you're thinking Crawford for izturis, I'm in.
2006-06-01 17:43:48
47.   Bob Timmermann
So he's Joel 2⁴!
2006-06-01 17:45:03
48.   regfairfield
43 Sadly, the enginner behind that trade is long gone now.
2006-06-01 17:47:21
49.   Jon Weisman
Arizona has not seen a lot of offense in a while. Against Atlanta, 0-0 in the fifth.
2006-06-01 17:48:51
50.   sanchez101
43. sigh. With him gone, and now Allard Baird gone, Littlefield and Bowden must be feeling lonely. Although I hear Randy Smith is still looking to destroy some poor franchise.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-06-01 17:50:03
51.   Steve
We need to make our own crawfords. And kazmirs.
2006-06-01 17:52:00
52.   Linkmeister
Starting pitching's what we need, not another outfielder, unless he's the second coming of (Put Hall-of-Fame name here). We've got Repko and Werth coming back at some point, in addition to the Ethiers, Ledees, Cruz's, Drews and Loftons.
2006-06-01 17:57:32
53.   sanchez101
51. their names will be Jared Mitchell and Kaisy Kiker, respectively.
2006-06-01 18:01:37
54.   Screwgie
If the Dodgers decide they want to go with Guzman's bat over Martinez', shouldn't it be time to start a discussion about moving Nomar off of firstbase? Nomar can play third and probably secondbase fairly well. So wouldn't it make more sense to stick Guzman at a position where he feels more comfortable like firstbase while Nomar slides over to third?
2006-06-01 18:02:17
55.   natepurcell
Mitchell in the first round would annoy me. Kasey Kiker in the first round would make me very happy.
2006-06-01 18:02:51
56.   Steve
I wonder if Logan white wants a lifetime contract.
2006-06-01 18:13:26
57.   trainwreck
Logan White's names getting too much publicity, heck even Harold Reynolds mentioned him. If he becomes popular he will not be here much longer.
2006-06-01 18:15:11
58.   Humma Kavula
I'm sure Arizona is nowhere near this... but... what is the record for scoreless innings on offense?
2006-06-01 18:20:25
59.   sanchez101
54. why would guzman be more comfortable at 1st rather than 3rd?

55. Mitchell has a football-baseball scholarship to Tulane, I think, he might fall to the third round. Maybe I shouldve said Trayvon Robinson, he is a hometown kid anyway.

2006-06-01 18:22:13
60.   Humma Kavula
58 Answering my own question... The A's went 48 innings without a run in '08 and the Cubs matched that in '68. That may or may not be the record.

Only 25 more innings, D-Backs! You can do it!

2006-06-01 18:22:28
61.   Underbruin
59 - I'd assume because he has more experience? Also, he's a more prototypical 1B than Nomar, in that he's not particularly quick, as opposed to the SS-playing Garciaparra, and he is very tall which would suggest the ability to reach for more throws.

Then again, we know how the LA media reacts to big, slow-swinging 1B who aren't particularly quick and hit for power. =P

2006-06-01 18:28:45
62.   Linkmeister
I can't see moving Nomar. He's just getting used to playing 1b, and the footwork has to be different at any of the other positions at the infield. It would take time for him to get used to it again. Right now, if it weren't for Pujols he'd be the obvious choice for the ASG at that position; why muck it up for a kid like Guzman?
2006-06-01 18:30:30
63.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
61 - we know how the LA media reacts to big, slow-swinging 1B who aren't particularly quick and hit for power.
Well, the media gave a free pass to Eric Karros.
2006-06-01 18:30:32
64.   Underbruin
Not saying it -should- be done. Just that there is a case to be made for doing it, albeit not a very good one.
2006-06-01 18:30:59
65.   overkill94
59 Don't we already have Trayvon Robinson in our farm system?
2006-06-01 18:32:19
66.   Underbruin
63 - Umm... Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain?
2006-06-01 18:39:48
67.   gpellamjr
61 Wasn't Guzman playing SS more recently than Nomar?

23 "Joel" never existed in Latin.

2006-06-01 18:40:45
68.   natepurcell
im watching the braves dbacks game and grace just said "Jonathan Broxton is the biggest man in the world"


2006-06-01 19:03:33
69.   Jon Weisman
Looks like Martinez was scratched. Aybar to second, Saenz to third.
2006-06-01 19:05:52
70.   thinkblue0
why in the heck does cox KEEP bringin in Remlinger? The guy is awful...he should have brought in anyone but him.
2006-06-01 19:06:23
71.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Ryan Howard must be sad to hear Yhency isn't available to close out ghames.
2006-06-01 19:09:08
72.   gpellamjr
Cox pushed all the right buttons. He brought in a left to face a lefty. I can't figure out how it could have gone wrong.
2006-06-01 19:17:46
73.   ToyCannon
Will Julio be able to close his 1st game as the new closer for the Diamondbacks?
2006-06-01 19:22:06
74.   Vaudeville Villain

I REALLY don't want to talk about Crawford that much anymore, but I will stick up for Guzman.

You're saying we might be rushing Guzman because he doesn't have any plate discipline? He's only 21.

Crawford has shown very little discipline at the major league level for a few years now, and is older than Guzman.

If we can get Crawford for say, Izturis, do it. But otherwise, please no.

2006-06-01 19:22:26
Shaky inning but a nice pitch to end it.
2006-06-01 19:25:39
76.   Tommy John
This just came out today. Major article penned by RFK Jr in Rolling Stone Mag.

GREAT reading every 3 outs:

2006-06-01 19:26:40
77.   scareduck
You know, what really has started to bug me about the Dodgers' current and thankfully temporarily nameless uniforms: they remind me too much of the minor league unis.
2006-06-01 19:27:37
78.   scareduck
That was a major-league at-bat. Impressive.
2006-06-01 19:28:00
79.   towerofpower
kemp had a pretty good ab there dspite the outcome
2006-06-01 19:28:11
80.   natepurcell
pretty good AB by Kemp, barely missed a doubled.
2006-06-01 19:28:19
81.   Gen3Blue
DTV has Vin tonight and it seems like a while. What a pleasure compared to many.
I get a bit uncomfortable when rookies become a certain critical mass, and when we pass that I believe it will begin to tell.
But it may not be so bad to give them a taste, if it doesn't keep getting worse.
2006-06-01 19:30:15
Even though he flied out, Kemp had a good at-bat. None of the guys we have brought up seem to swing and miss that much. If "swing-and-miss Guzman" can come up and make contact, our coaches should get some credit.
2006-06-01 19:30:43
83.   scareduck
76 - not to go offtopic too far, but by far the scariest of those stories are those concerning manipulated electronic voting machines. The ease with which that can be done is simply frightening. In my precinct, they recorded more votes than ballots cast for some propositions using those gizmos.
2006-06-01 19:31:28
84.   natepurcell
Kemp laid off a couple of breaking balls that i was sure would make him look stupid. so kudos to him.
2006-06-01 19:31:38
85.   scareduck
81 - You should be more concerned about the quality of the Dodger rotation 3-5.
2006-06-01 19:37:32
86.   ToyCannon
Tigers roar and wake up Manhatten.
2006-06-01 19:38:25
87.   ToyCannon
Tigers roar and wake up Manhatten.
2006-06-01 19:38:43
88.   scareduck
In Vegas, 1-0 Sacramento. Harold Eckert on the mound. Harold who?
2006-06-01 19:39:59
89.   Uncle Miltie
Is this umpire related to Floyd? Aybar just got screwed and was then forced to swing at a ball outside of the strike zone.
2006-06-01 19:40:48
90.   towerofpower
laroche must one hungry guy right now. most of other top prospects he has played with are with the big club or at least one step away in vegas.
2006-06-01 19:41:51
91.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Seeing all the these walks... Apparently, there was nothing to Grittle's preseason muttering of "We don't do that Oakland thing here."
2006-06-01 19:42:52
92.   Uncle Miltie
74- Guzman right now is an all or nothing hitter. His defense is mediocre at best. He looks like Tony Batista, but he can change that by improving his plate discipline.
2006-06-01 19:43:04
93.   gpellamjr
89 This may come from my coaching background, but have the Dodgers really been getting the shaft from the umpires lately? It seems like every close call is going against them the last few games.
2006-06-01 19:43:27
94.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Grittle really does seem refreshingly flexible, especially after Tracy's dogmatism last season.


2006-06-01 19:43:51
95.   gpellamjr
91 I've always thought that was just a joke, I don't know why everyone took it so seriously.
2006-06-01 19:44:07
96.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 93

I'm sure it'll even out in the end.


2006-06-01 19:44:09
97.   Steve
89 -- That was a terrible call on that 2-1 pitch. Just supremely awful.
2006-06-01 19:44:48
98.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
That being said, I really don't think Aybar actually went around on that first pitch.


2006-06-01 19:47:56
99.   sanchez101
93. I think that has something to do with having so many rookies.
2006-06-01 19:48:26
100.   Steve
Dayn Perry thinks that Chris Reitsma might lose his closers' job. What a crystal ball.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-06-01 19:49:48
101.   towerofpower
ethier showing more power than advertised ala chad tracy
2006-06-01 19:49:52
102.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 99

But it's not like Floyd's an established veteran.


2006-06-01 19:50:11
103.   ToyCannon
Can't understand that comment. He has 44 singles out of 57 hits. That is hardly the % of an all or nothing hitter. He has the reputation of a home run hitter but not the numbers to back it up yet. At this moment he's known more for the batting practice shots then the shots he hits in real games.

But I'm not going to get all shook up by his Vegas stats. Last year I focused to much on the vapid numbers of Aybar in AAA and look what he did during his stint.

2006-06-01 19:52:43
104.   ToyCannon
Good thing Eric Chavez is playing today for the A's or that would be one very poor offensive infield they put out on the field tonight.
2006-06-01 19:52:58
105.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
95 - Because he made that comment when everyone was trying to determine how the new regime regarded Moneyball and the like.
2006-06-01 19:53:07
106.   scareduck
The hard-luck pitcher doubles with two out. If not for Martin's screwup, he could also have an RBI.
2006-06-01 19:54:03
107.   xaphor
Adande must be thrilled with that hit.
2006-06-01 19:54:16
108.   towerofpower
if martin were still on the basepaths, they wouldnt have let lowe swing away
2006-06-01 19:54:45
109.   scareduck
Someone explain to me what the point of Gameday is when it's almost an entire inning behind.
2006-06-01 19:55:10
110.   scareduck
108 - true.
2006-06-01 19:55:44
111.   scareduck
107 - no, because it generated a statistic, which is overvalued.
2006-06-01 19:56:39
112.   Andrew Shimmin
109- If you've got no other way of knowing what the score is, it doesn't matter (within reason) how far behind it is.
2006-06-01 19:56:39
113.   scareduck
C'mon, Kemp.
2006-06-01 19:56:57
114.   Bob Timmermann
But as Vin explained, Lowe wouldn't have been swinging away if Martin had still been on base.
2006-06-01 19:57:16
115.   towerofpower
2006-06-01 19:57:18
116.   Bob Timmermann
Bison! Bison! Bison!
2006-06-01 19:57:23
117.   King of the Hobos
2006-06-01 19:57:27
118.   Steve
YES! It starts!
2006-06-01 19:57:32
119.   xaphor
Way to go Kemp
2006-06-01 19:57:33
120.   sanchez101
merely the first of many
2006-06-01 19:57:48
121.   trainwreck
2006-06-01 19:57:52
122.   natepurcell
2006-06-01 19:57:56
123.   scareduck
Ha ha! I had a feeling he'd do something good, but I didn't want to jinx it. Out of character, I know.
2006-06-01 19:58:21
124.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Floyd looked about ready to burst into tears.


2006-06-01 19:58:33
125.   Andrew Shimmin
AAA? We don't need no steenking AAA.
2006-06-01 19:58:39
126.   KAYVMON
Talk about being all over a pitch.
2006-06-01 19:58:42
127.   Disabled List
2006-06-01 19:58:58
128.   Steve
That ball was still going up when it hit the foul pole.
2006-06-01 19:59:05
129.   Gen3Blue
Glad to see that HR. I think there will be many more. Is it Bison?
2006-06-01 19:59:18
130.   scareduck
Martin is more jazzed than most about Kemp's dinger.
2006-06-01 19:59:27
131.   trainwreck
That was all strength.
2006-06-01 19:59:56
132.   Uncle Miltie
I had a feeling that Kemp might hit one out tonight with Floyd pitching. I hope K Loft enjoys sitting on the bench, hopefully Kemp will be able to steal his job.
2006-06-01 20:00:12
133.   Blaine
Wow! what a shot. That was truly a bullet.
2006-06-01 20:00:18
134.   natepurcell
that was all bat speed. so awesome!
2006-06-01 20:01:15
135.   Steve
So who wants to start Matt Kemp Facts?
2006-06-01 20:01:16
136.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
The nice thing is that Bison also laid off the outside breaking ball in the first pitch of that AB. Did the same in his first AB. Nice to see that he's not another Beltre.


2006-06-01 20:01:35
137.   autumnlanding
kemp hammers one with the power of a buffalo
2006-06-01 20:01:41
138.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
The nice thing is that Bison also laid off the outside breaking ball in the first pitch of that AB. Did the same in his first AB. Nice to see that he's not another Beltre.


2006-06-01 20:02:07
139.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Sorry about the double post....


2006-06-01 20:03:14
140.   gpellamjr
Where did that 2-2 pitch to Rollins miss? This is making me angry.
2006-06-01 20:03:36
141.   scareduck
I remember somebody saying that playing first would keep Nomar healthy. Not if he keeps diving like that. I mean, the guy bounced.
2006-06-01 20:04:03
142.   Icaros
Cool...WWSH with the rare double field goal post. (136-138)
2006-06-01 20:04:05
143.   natepurcell
Utley didnt sign for a million dollars!??!
2006-06-01 20:04:39
144.   Bob Timmermann
I'm hoping that when Vin said that Chase Utley makes his home in Wilmington, he means Wilmington, DE and not Wilmington, CA.
2006-06-01 20:05:12
145.   Gen3Blue
It s gonna be a high post # at the old Toaster tonight, partly thanks to Kemp.
2006-06-01 20:05:25
146.   scareduck
Does anyone else find it disturbing that Lowe is getting so many outs in the outfield?
2006-06-01 20:05:51
147.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Wilmington, NC?
2006-06-01 20:06:34
148.   scareduck
144 - I had the same thought. Must be the convenient access to all those salvage yards.
2006-06-01 20:07:32
149.   Steve
Lyons has got to be crushed that he killed that rally though.
2006-06-01 20:07:37
150.   scareduck
That was hilarious. The ball almost found Nomar by itself, and the runner still didn't score.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-06-01 20:07:56
151.   scareduck
149 - LOL!
2006-06-01 20:09:02
152.   scareduck
Is it just me, or does Burrell resemble Karros?
2006-06-01 20:09:27
153.   scareduck
In a literal sense. Couldn't get a clutch hit.
2006-06-01 20:09:56
154.   ToyCannon
The most impressive thing about the Kemp HR was how he was able to keep that ball fair. Most hitters would hit it a mile but foul.

Gavin Floyd was once upon a time the top pitching prospect for the Phillies.

A smart GM could have gotten Utley awfull cheap 2 years ago when the Phillies kept playing Polanco instead of him.

2006-06-01 20:10:30
155.   sanchez101
152. no
2006-06-01 20:12:09
156.   scareduck
How the hell do you score two on a groundout? Cesar Izturis and James Loney somehow allow two Rivercats to get to home plate on a groundout. 3-0 Sacramento.
2006-06-01 20:12:26
157.   bhsportsguy
Poor Jerry Royster, you figure that Aybar, Ethier, Martin, Broxton and Guzman were all playing there about a month ago when his team was rolling, now he just has Chad (for how long) and Loney and Young (who are not graded as high) and a bunch of AAA fill in guys.

But there is no doubt the biggest change from last year in the quality of the players we have been able to bring up.

However, we will need Kent to come back to provide the solid 3-4-5 punch and pick up another starter but I am beginning to believe that the outfield situation is getting brighter and brighter.

2006-06-01 20:12:53
158.   overkill94
154 Cheaper than he would be now, but your argument's a bit flawed. Polanco was playing a lot because he was being showcased for a trade. He had to be showcased because he surprisingly accepted Philly's offer of arbitration and they were stuck with him.
2006-06-01 20:12:58
159.   Icaros

I think he looks more like Ray Liotta.

2006-06-01 20:13:24
160.   King of the Hobos
Casey Hoorelbeke pitched 2 scoreless innings for Jacksonville today, dropping his ERA quite a bit. He went all the way from 0.28 to 0.26. He's given up 1 run in 34.2 IP
2006-06-01 20:14:06
161.   gpellamjr
Drew? Saenz? Pff. They're not rookies!
2006-06-01 20:15:49
162.   overkill94
Sweet defense Phils
2006-06-01 20:17:42
163.   scareduck
Yeah, but I'm just limiting myself to ballplayers. Besides, Liotta already has a namesake/cousin in the minors as a legit prospect in the Chisox system.
2006-06-01 20:18:00
164.   Steve
Who would be batting second if Tracy was managing? Lucille, Cruz, or Lofton?
2006-06-01 20:19:22
165.   bhsportsguy
160 - Something I noticed in his stats from last year, now Hoorelbeke has pitched 117 innings without giving up a home run, did not give up one last year at Vero Beach.
2006-06-01 20:20:07
166.   dzzrtRatt
159 I thought Burrell looked more like Tom Hanks.
2006-06-01 20:20:53
167.   King of the Hobos
164 Wouldn't be Lucille II, he'd be batting 3rd.
2006-06-01 20:20:55
168.   D4P
2006-06-01 20:24:18
169.   Gen3Blue
My-he didn't get half way to first.
2006-06-01 20:24:37
170.   scareduck
Pretend I'm new here. Who is Lucille?
2006-06-01 20:24:38
171.   King of the Hobos
165 It becomes 125 IP if you include his AFL appearances last year (although he was terrible in his 7.2 innings of work, he did not give up a homer).
2006-06-01 20:24:42
172.   gcrl
aflac trivia time - tom gordon?

and, re: update 2 - the hr was off the left field pole, i believe.

2006-06-01 20:24:47
173.   lakerican
164 Choi?
2006-06-01 20:24:53
174.   sanchez101
why is David Bell even in uniform?
2006-06-01 20:24:57
175.   Steve
When Bell and Lieberthal are gone, Rowand will fill the void.
2006-06-01 20:25:35
176.   scareduck
Bases jammed with Delwyn Young at bat, nobody out.
2006-06-01 20:25:40
177.   Gen3Blue
164 wouldn't be Lofton-he's actually doing OK hitting second.
2006-06-01 20:25:42
178.   underdog
164 Mike Edwards. Or maybe Jose Hernandez.
2006-06-01 20:25:50
179.   scareduck
K swinging. Fooey.
2006-06-01 20:27:09
180.   underdog
Damn, I had soccer practice and missed Kemp's home run, missed Vin's call (thanks for transcribing that though, Jon!) Maybe they'll show it on ESPN later or on tomorrow. Sounds like he buffaloed it outta there.
2006-06-01 20:27:37
181.   gcrl
wasn't lucille dave stewart's "friend"? and bb king's guitar? i have gleaned that lucille 2 is the current ramon martinez. does that mean pedro's brother was lucille 1.0?
2006-06-01 20:28:02
182.   Uncle Miltie
It wouldn't be that much different from Little's. Lucille would bat 2nd and start at 2B. Fookie would bat 3rd. Old Maid would play 3B over Wilber. Alomar would play a lot more. That's about it.

Lofton CF
Lucille 2B
Furcal SS
Nomar 1B
Drew RF
Saenz 3B
Alomar/Martin C
Ethier LF

2006-06-01 20:28:12
183.   gcrl
jtd jtd jtd
2006-06-01 20:28:14
184.   Kayaker7
As for a HR high off the foul pole, I was at the game when Brian Jordan hit one just like Kemp did tonight.
2006-06-01 20:28:29
185.   Bob Timmermann
They found a 50 for Guzman. Much nicer number.
2006-06-01 20:28:30
186.   Jon Weisman
Guzman's uniform number got a 22 percent discount down to 50.
2006-06-01 20:28:35
187.   scareduck
But Oscar Robles sac flies out, and puts the 51's on the board. 3-1 Sacto.
2006-06-01 20:28:44
188.   Steve
173 -- decidedly not.

177 -- an excellent point.

2006-06-01 20:29:06
189.   underdog
#50 Jo-El Guzman has entered the building.
2006-06-01 20:29:10
190.   Jon Weisman
172 - oops, big typo. At least I got it right with Vinny.
2006-06-01 20:29:35
191.   sanchez101
pretty nice, eh
2006-06-01 20:29:49
192.   scareduck
Who... is... Lucille... repeat... who ... is ... Lucille?

Woot! Nice homer by Martin!

2006-06-01 20:30:22
193.   underdog

(Took Steiner about 10 minutes to determine it was gone.)

2006-06-01 20:30:42
194.   Bob Timmermann
Lucille, aka Lucille II, is Ramon Martinez.
2006-06-01 20:30:47
195.   King of the Hobos
2 of the 5 position rookies have hit homers, let's go for a perfect 5 for 5 tonight!
2006-06-01 20:31:03
196.   Disabled List
Nice to see the rookies bringing some power to the table tonight.
2006-06-01 20:31:06
197.   Gen3Blue
What do we do when Navarros back. I guess two good catchers isn't too many.
2006-06-01 20:31:11
198.   Steve
Is this heaven?

No, it's Los Angeles.

2006-06-01 20:31:17
199.   Jon Weisman
192 - The reference is to the two Lucilles on Arrested Development. The Dodgers have had two Ramon Martinezes.
2006-06-01 20:31:39
200.   bhsportsguy
A little comment regarding Tracy, if you have a player that is hot, why do you insist on batting him at the bottom of the lineup while you have an automatic out leading off. Also, if you were planning to take out the pitcher anyway, why not pinch hit for you .200 hitting catcher (since you are carrying 3 catchers ???) and then put the pitcher in that spot. I know it worked out today but he has got to be driving the Bucco fans crazy.

PS - I love the nickname Bucs and I did I have one of those Willie Stargell striped hats.

PSS - Vin always made it a point to refer to him by his proper name Wilver.

BTW - Charley Steiner is just a tad better at calling home runs than Rick Monday but that is like saying that the traffic is a tad better during morning rush hour then afternoon rush hour.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-06-01 20:32:00
201.   underdog
197 If they were smart, they'd say so long and thanks for all the fish to Sandy Alomar. And play Navarro 1 out of 4 games or so.
2006-06-01 20:32:20
202.   Jon Weisman
I accept that people don't like Steiner. But I like him. I don't hear him that much, but I find him easy on the ears.
2006-06-01 20:32:45
203.   gpellamjr
193 I also think it was about Vin's worst ever HR call.
2006-06-01 20:33:19
204.   Bob Timmermann
But traffic is better in the morning rush hour because there are fewer people on the road and people don't make stops on their way to work to do stuff like buy groceries or attend sporting events, et al.
2006-06-01 20:34:49
205.   scareduck
202 - "En-cah-nar-see-own".
2006-06-01 20:34:59
206.   underdog
I don't dislike Steiner at all, he is easy on the ears, but sometimes he's a little too easy on the ears and I find myself nodding off. He also does tend to take awhile to see whether a home run has gone out or fair or is caught, but as the above commenter posted, much better than Monday. I think he may just need a thicker glasses prescription. But he is pretty likable and knowledgable.
2006-06-01 20:36:32
207.   Gen3Blue
I'd hate to try to bring Kemp down behind the line of scrimage.
2006-06-01 20:36:58
208.   D4P
Ugh. I also don't like "Si-to" instead of "Si-ee-to".
2006-06-01 20:37:39
209.   scareduck
It's just not David Bell's night.
2006-06-01 20:37:40
210.   sanchez101
again, what in the world is David Bell doing in the major leagues. Shouldnt he be well into a craptastic coaching career by now?
2006-06-01 20:37:54
211.   Andrew Shimmin
Steiner straightened out Psycho's Godfather mishap last night. He didn't kick him, which is, I think, the preferred method of correcting such errors, but it was still worthy of praise.

His voice is nice, too. He's a little excitable, but not too bad. I like Steiner better than I liked Ross.

2006-06-01 20:38:02
212.   Icaros

I've felt like his only fan since he debuted last season.

2006-06-01 20:38:18
213.   das411
Well guys, enjoy teeing off on it 58th highest of 62 starting pitchers who can qualify for the ERA title right now? Gavin Floyd = TERRIBLE this season, he seems to be auditioning for the Ryan Franklin role next year perhaps.

And just wait til later on tonight when you can actually watch Little out-manage somebody!! W00t!

2006-06-01 20:38:21
214.   D4P
Plus, I blame Steiner for "Ee-thee-er" instead of "Eth-ee-ay."
2006-06-01 20:38:30
215.   underdog
Bell is wrung.
2006-06-01 20:38:46
216.   King of the Hobos
What? He's not a rookie...
2006-06-01 20:38:49
217.   sanchez101
that one's gotta make Philly fans extra mad
2006-06-01 20:39:22
218.   scareduck
Okay, the pounding is official, and barring a Phillies comeback, we won't get to see Gagne in this one. I'm running off to Coldstone (literally).
2006-06-01 20:39:41
219.   scareduck
215 - Brilliant!
2006-06-01 20:40:14
220.   sanchez101
perhaps Saenz can use a break, and we can see Joel the Destroyer tonite?
2006-06-01 20:40:14
221.   Disabled List
All seven runs have come via the HR. That's got to make some folks happy.
2006-06-01 20:40:16
222.   underdog
213 Maybe, but I'm still enjoying the hell out of what is now a rout. You still need to hit the mediocre pitchers, something the, say, Giants, haven't always done this year.

I liked Steiner making Doobie Brothers and Pretty Boy Floyd references there...

2006-06-01 20:41:42
223.   scareduck
214 - you would think that at least the Dodgers could be counted upon to ask their own players how they want their names to be pronounced on air. Good thing he wasn't with the team in the early part of 2004.
2006-06-01 20:41:45
224.   gpellamjr
202 I disliked Steiner when I lived in NJ and listened to Yankee games there, but I enjoyed listening to him last year with Monday. I think he brings out the best in Monday (that is, Monday not talking very much), but Lyons brings out the worst in him.

So, when Vin's gone, what are the chances of getting Sutton to come over? Or is there a better option?

2006-06-01 20:41:51
225.   D4P
Sure enough, Drew's HR ended the rally, with Saenz ending the inning in the very next AB.
2006-06-01 20:42:13
226.   Jason Watts
Is anyone keeping track of how many runs the Dodgers have scored with two outs?
2006-06-01 20:42:59
227.   overkill94
214 Ethier? What's next, "pah-pee-ay ma-shay"?
2006-06-01 20:43:06
228.   gcrl
since we're being honest, i actually enjoyed listening to steiner/lyons over the memorial day holiday.

perhaps partially because i knew i would be hearing vin very soon.

2006-06-01 20:43:34
229.   Bob Timmermann
I would have thought this guy's name was pronounced "cost-ee" until Vin said he was from Minnesota.
2006-06-01 20:43:54
230.   Kayaker7
205 The "r" is in the wrong place.
2006-06-01 20:44:20
231.   scareduck
224 - that did not make any sense. Do you mean Lyons brings out the best in Monday (i.e., silence), but Monday brings out the worst in Lyons?
2006-06-01 20:45:03
232.   Jon Weisman
203 - Huh? Why?
2006-06-01 20:45:13
233.   LAT
I'm running off to Coldstone

Augh, you're killing me. I love Coldstone. Banana ice cream with choclate chips. Perhaps the best food ever invented.

(Been gone a few days. Seemed like ice cream was the best place to jump back in.)

2006-06-01 20:45:14
234.   sanchez101
224. I like Orel Hershiser on ESPN, he seems to say interesting things. Its pretty wierd.
2006-06-01 20:46:23
235.   gcrl
since we're being honest, i will say that i actually enjoyed listening to steiner/lyons on memorial day.

i will always be a fan of steiner simply because of the classic sportscenter commercial: "follow me, to freedom!"

2006-06-01 20:48:11
236.   gcrl

that's what i get for having multiple browsers open. sorry.

2006-06-01 20:48:45
237.   trainwreck
Steiner was my favorite Sportscenter anchor.
2006-06-01 20:48:46
238.   das411
234 - I second, Bulldog was calling the Tigers/Yanks game last night with Berman and just completely outclassing him.

222 - Then you will LOVE Ryan "Gascan" Franklin!

2006-06-01 20:49:26
239.   scareduck
233 - we have a Coldstone within about two miles of our house. To protect ourselves, my wife and I have a pact that we never go there but that we walk.
2006-06-01 20:49:33
240.   gpellamjr
231 I think it did make sense. My pronouns never change antecedents. I think that Steiner brings out the best in Monday. I like the way the work together. But I do not like Steiner and Lyons together. I think Lyons is obnoxious and Steiner laughs at all of his jokes. It all makes perfect sense.

232 Because I was in the other room, and I was totally uninspired when I heard it. Maybe it's my fault, it's too hot in Columbus.

2006-06-01 20:49:57
241.   Blaine
With only 75 pitches could Lowe be the first starter this year to finish what he started? Or at least make it to the ninth inning?
2006-06-01 20:50:17
242.   Kayaker7
235 I also have a confession. Rex Hudler no longer makes my blood pressure rise 40 points.
2006-06-01 20:50:37
243.   LAT
I wish Drew had not hit that HR. One of my best friends is an out of control Giant fan and he is 100% certian the Dodgers cannot win with a bunch of minor leaguers. To have won on Kemps HR with Beimel setting up and Broxton closing would have been too much for him to take. Now he'll just write it off to Drew. . .something he can comprehend. (That is so Giant-like: "Give me a vet. I understand vets."
2006-06-01 20:51:02
244.   trainwreck
How did you do it?
2006-06-01 20:51:34
245.   Steve
Lyons is the auditory equivalent of having your eardrums pierced with a jagged piece of glass over and over again.
2006-06-01 20:52:54
246.   Uncle Miltie
I love DJ.

Kemp is really impressing me with his plate discipline. I don't think he's had a bad at bat since his first game in the majors.

Somebody needs to make a special project for K Loft.

2006-06-01 20:54:33
247.   Disabled List
I missed that entire half-inning on they had their "Commercial Break in Progress" window up the whole time.


2006-06-01 20:54:46
248.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Re: the Mueller update.
When was the last time an injured Dodger returned from a serious (i.e., DL-worthy) ahead of schedule?
Soon, I may be the first fan ever to send hate mail to a trainer.
2006-06-01 20:54:49
249.   Steve
244 - removed his ears with a crowbar.
2006-06-01 20:55:32
250.   Bob Timmermann
Were those 40 points in BOTH your diastolic and systolic or were they apportioned between the two?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-06-01 20:55:52
251.   Andrew Shimmin
Not only did that not hit him, it was a strike.
2006-06-01 20:56:35
252.   Kayaker7
244 Well, I'm not sure, but I think after I told myself how much he annoyed me, over and over, I created an annoyance expectation so high that it exceeded reality. So, when I listen to him, he doesn't seem so bad. Hey, life is about expectations.
2006-06-01 20:56:40
253.   das411
Woah, has anybody ever seen Grady Little and Dick Vermeil in the same place at the same time??
2006-06-01 20:58:03
254.   Jon Weisman
248 - Well, it's impossible to return from the DL ahead of schedule, because of the minimum time requirement. I believe Lofton returned on time this year, for starters.

Gagne certainly seems to always return quickly once the worst-case scenario is offered, which bothers me.

2006-06-01 20:58:18
255.   Kayaker7
250 Systolic. My diastolics has always been normal, but my systolic's a bit high--130 to 135. I guess my arteries aren't elastic enough.
2006-06-01 20:58:23
256.   Bob Timmermann
Does anyone here remember a TV series called "Chase"?

And can anybody name two of the stars of it.

Without looking it up.

2006-06-01 20:58:25
257.   JoeyP
Whats with all these rally killing HR's?

I will say Aybar, Kemp, and Martin are more entertaining than Mueller, Lofton, and Alomar.

2006-06-01 20:59:10
258.   Jon Weisman
248 - By the way, GSFRB is referring to my update up top, which conveys that Bill Mueller's recovery is going slowly. I always wonder if people see these updates if I don't point them out.
2006-06-01 20:59:43
259.   Jon Weisman
256 - I can't. So, no. :)
2006-06-01 21:01:00
260.   Bob Timmermann
"Chase" was created by Stephen J. Cannell. It was one of his earliest TV shows.

One might add it was not among his finest work.

2006-06-01 21:02:03
261.   trainwreck
Lowe is dancing tonight.
2006-06-01 21:02:11
262.   das411
248 - Aaron Rowand did that after Cole Hamels told him to move the outfield walls back by headbutting them!

256 - Chase Utley and Bobby Abreu? Is this what ESPN will use to fill the "Bonds on Bonds" timeslot? Please??

2006-06-01 21:02:20
263.   trainwreck
Lowe is dancing tonight.
2006-06-01 21:03:05
264.   Bob Timmermann
The A's-Twins game is over at 9:02.

A sub 2-hour game in the AL.

2006-06-01 21:03:13
265.   Icaros
Lowe's ADD is acting up, isn't it?
2006-06-01 21:03:32
266.   Jon Weisman
Vin says Derek is "huffing and puffing" and is all over the place (mechanically) like he's tired. But on the next pitch, Lowe strikes out Burrell, and Vin adds with a laugh, "Whatever he's doing, it's working."

But we will get to see the bullpen tonight.

2006-06-01 21:06:24
267.   towerofpower
bullpen up? looks like lowe might get lifted...joel pinch hit?
2006-06-01 21:09:21
268.   JoeyP
Lowe's thrown 99 pitches. No sense in letting him hit just so he can pitch one more.
2006-06-01 21:10:54
269.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
254 - The minimum is 15 days, yes, I know.
Point is, I'm growing weary players getting hurt and staying that way.
Will Carroll says Tampa Bay, a notoriously bad organization, has the best training staff in the majors. What are they doing in the Trop that can't be done in Chavez Ravine?
2006-06-01 21:13:36
270.   Jon Weisman
Ooh, Kemp bit at that high, looping curve and popped it up. Popped it to center, mind you, but still popped it up.

It was a slowball.

2006-06-01 21:13:42
271.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
264 - One of the most amazing things I've seen in baseball was a 1:46 game in spring training involving a team managed by Tony LaRussa.
2006-06-01 21:14:42
272.   Jon Weisman
269 - Oh, I agree. I'm not sure that the problem is with the training staff - it might just be a mentality that refuses to provide the press with anything less than an optimistic prognosis. I don't know.
2006-06-01 21:15:31
273.   bhsportsguy
Looks we are scoring runs the Angels way today...
2006-06-01 21:15:38
274.   regfairfield
So is this the fourth time we've brought in Broxton up by 7?
2006-06-01 21:16:44
275.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Why isn't Broxton's nickname "Ox?" He's certainly large enough.
2006-06-01 21:17:24
276.   Bob Timmermann
Oakland vs Minnesota featured just 10 hits, zero walks, and Oakland scored all four of its runs on home runs. Minnesota left 5 runners on base and Oakland left 1.

Of course as recently as 40 years ago, a 1:57 game wouldn't have raised any eyebrows.

2006-06-01 21:18:04
277.   JoeyP
I'm hoping they are trying to lengthen Broxton's pitch limit in order to move him into the starting rotation.

If he starts pitching 2-3 relief innings at a time, they just might be getting ready for that.

2006-06-01 21:18:36
278.   Andrew Shimmin
274- To be fair, they've been up by seven every other day for the past month, it seems like.
2006-06-01 21:19:29
279.   sanchez101
275. I think we've had this conversation before and bob informed everyone that an ox is a bull with less manhood. Not something youd want to name a future closer.
2006-06-01 21:20:46
280.   natepurcell
Even the way Broxton walks off the mound is scary as hell. That split was nasty.
2006-06-01 21:21:02
281.   JoeyP
Broxton was nasty that inning.
I hope the Dodgers are breaking him in like Francisco Liriano. An arm that good is wasted being a middle reliever.
2006-06-01 21:21:07
282.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
272 - I'm running out of explanations why the problem cannot be the training staff. After all, Johnston is just about the only constant. The players change, the managers change, the GMs change but the training staff remains - as do the issues with injuries.
2006-06-01 21:21:33
283.   sanchez101
277. Broxton isnt going back to the rotation for the foreseeable future, the organization seems to like him better in the bullpen and more importantly Broxton would rather pitch out of the bullpen.
2006-06-01 21:21:47
284.   natepurcell
sanchez is right. an ox is a castrated bull. So lets let him keep his manhood and just stick with "the bull"
2006-06-01 21:22:12
285.   bhsportsguy
There is probably some competitive disadvantage to being transparent with your injuries.

This should not be the case within organization but if I worked there, I'd agree that the condition of the players on the disabled list would not be openly shared with the media.

2006-06-01 21:22:17
286.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
275 - (wince)
2006-06-01 21:22:24
287.   towerofpower
its been 2 yrs since broxton started...i just dont see it happening
2006-06-01 21:23:29
288.   natepurcell

speaking of talented pitchers stuck in the bullpen, i read on another board that Greg Miller gave an interview on a LV radio station and he said that they are building up his stamina this year with the hopeful thought of turning him back into a starter next year.

2006-06-01 21:24:09
289.   natepurcell
its been 2 yrs since broxton started...i just dont see it happening

actually, it hasnt even been one year yet. They converted him in late june/early july of last year.

2006-06-01 21:24:19
290.   Jason Watts
I thought JD had a clause in his contract AGAINST running with two large splinters in his hand.
2006-06-01 21:24:35
291.   sanchez101
288. thats right, Miller is our Liriano
2006-06-01 21:24:43
292.   Jon Weisman
282 - But a "glass half-full" mentality could be a constant.
2006-06-01 21:25:02
293.   D4P
Can we call Broxton "Wildebeast"...?
2006-06-01 21:25:07
294.   Bob Timmermann
In Dave Anderson's column in the NYT today about the rude treatment he expects Barry Bonds to receive in NY, he states that after a fan threw a "syringe" (which was really a kitchen tool of some kind), that fans in L.A. had "more syringes".

I don't recall Dodger fans waving syringes at Bonds. I think there were some handheld signs and lots of booing. But I don't recall "syringes".

2006-06-01 21:25:55
295.   JoeyP
Broxton isnt going back to the rotation for the foreseeable future, the organization seems to like him better in the bullpen and more importantly Broxton would rather pitch out of the bullpen

I've yet to read any quotes from Broxton or the Dodgers that would confirm any of that.
Are their any articles referencing these points?

2006-06-01 21:25:56
296.   trainwreck
That is what I was expecting. Good news to hear.
2006-06-01 21:27:51
297.   trainwreck
Yes, Guzman.
2006-06-01 21:29:27
298.   JoeyP
The current lineup is pretty awesome.
2006-06-01 21:30:13
299.   bhsportsguy
282 - Does the training staff have a plan for a broken wrist or blown elbow. Mueller's knee condition was apparently known and it bothered him to the point where he felt surgery was the only option, now that is a question for the GM re signing him but I don't think the training staff could have made a difference there.

I think a lot of us like to hope that there is some conspiracy or internal foul up but I think when you get guys who have an injury or conditioninig issues (see Ledee's hamstrings) you take a calculated risk. So far they have been fortunate with Garciaparra and Drew and less so with Mueller and Kent.

2006-06-01 21:30:34
300.   Bob Timmermann
Instead of wildebeest, we can just go for "The Gnu."

If I'm reading the description of the gnu correctly, I believe they are kosher.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-06-01 21:30:43
301.   D4P
I don't know. The 5th spot might be a little high for Beimel...
2006-06-01 21:31:09
302.   Johnson
288 That is perhaps the best news I've heard in weeks. I mean, the thought of (TINSTAAPP) a Billingsley/Miller (TINSTAAPP) one-two punch at (TINSTAAPP) the top of the rotation is (TINSTAAPP) salivating.
2006-06-01 21:31:24
303.   lakerican
Well, I think the Dodgers are trying to find if Baez is expendable in a July trade...
2006-06-01 21:31:51
304.   Blaine
Free advertising for the 99 cents store
2006-06-01 21:32:03
305.   natepurcell
wow, Ethier is pretty well built.
2006-06-01 21:32:10
306.   towerofpower
alright, so its been 1 mlb season. i guess i was ahead of myself by including the remainder of this year. anyways, considering he was converted in dbl A into a reliever would go on to show that this isn't a francisco liriano/johan internship by bullpen. although who knows, that may change, considering the decision was based on the abundance of SP prospects that since has significantly diminished.
2006-06-01 21:32:13
307.   Kayaker7
300 Just don't put cheese on it if you want to keep it kosher.
2006-06-01 21:33:09
308.   ryu
I don't get why people bring beach balls to the park.
2006-06-01 21:34:01
309.   JoeyP
I dont think its a surprise Mueller has missed games. He missed quite a few the last several years, and he hasnt gotten any younger. Kent's just an older guy too. Not really a surprise that nagging injuries are harder to play through now for him than 5 years ago.

I do agree the Dodgers seem to have messed up Jayson Werth though. Maybe he'll file a malpractice lawsuit agains the Dodgers team doctors. For a guy to come back and play last year, and then find out there was a mis diagnosis and need surgery, was a total foul up.

2006-06-01 21:34:44
310.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
285 - It's not a matter of transparency; the media has nothing to do with this.
The issue is keeping players healthy, and if they're hurt restoring their health. I'd say the Dodgers training staff are fine on the first part, but an injured player 'round these parts tends to stay hurt for a long time.

292 - That's true. But if you're GM, wouldn't that drive you nuts? You need accurate diagnoses to plan. If Flash Fragile is out for a week, you can probably scrape by with Bob Benchwarner and Ron Replacement. But if you're told Flash will be back in a week when he's really out for a month, you might not look at other, better options because, hey, why overreact to a player missing a week?

2006-06-01 21:35:53
311.   JoeyP
considering he was converted in dbl A

Its my opinion that he was converted last year bc it was the fastest way for him to get to the big leagues. The Dodgers needed bullpen help after Gagne went down last year, so he was most likely guy. I'm sure he did actually have weight/endurance issues down there, but its not like they demoted him from starting bc he couldnt hack it. Broxton was a pretty good starter at AA and A.

2006-06-01 21:37:53
312.   Bob Timmermann
Burgers I have eaten:

Turkey burger
"Buffalo" burger
Muskox burger
Caribou burger
Ostrich burger
Veggie burger

I have not had a gnuburger.

2006-06-01 21:39:03
313.   natepurcell
Caribou! We need to name of them Caribou
2006-06-01 21:39:11
314.   trainwreck
Gagne chant already starting.
2006-06-01 21:39:52
315.   sanchez101
Enter the Destroyer
2006-06-01 21:40:13
316.   Bob Timmermann
I've also had caribou noodle soup.
2006-06-01 21:40:18
317.   gpellamjr
We all know what's going to happen here with Guzman coming up.
2006-06-01 21:40:42
318.   JoeyP
The Destroyer needs a better gameday pic.
2006-06-01 21:40:57
319.   D4P
No gnuburgers is good gnuburgers.
2006-06-01 21:40:58
320.   Steve
Is Gagne coming in? If so, I will stop watching The Office.

274 -- Another way of looking at that is realizing how many times we've been up by seven.

2006-06-01 21:41:17
321.   trainwreck
I was not thinking DP.
2006-06-01 21:41:37
322.   Blaine
OK, so no three run homer
2006-06-01 21:41:40
323.   natepurcell
oh wellllll.
2006-06-01 21:41:42
324.   King of the Hobos
Now the AAA all star game starters will be selected by fan votes (pitchers are included too). How many people are actually familiar with AAA enough to vote for the best players?
2006-06-01 21:42:39
325.   gpellamjr
Alright, I'm going to bed after I ruined Guzman's career.
2006-06-01 21:43:00
326.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I can't watch the game, so I need play-by-play on JtD's at-bat, with details!
How big is he? What kind of stance?
Protective gear on his elbow/shin?
2006-06-01 21:43:17
327.   dzzrtRatt
With Guzman's GIDP, I'm reminded of the scene in Goodfellas: "You popped your cherry!"
2006-06-01 21:44:32
328.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
316 - Where?
2006-06-01 21:44:37
329.   fldude
Broxton has said he likes reliving more than starting now.

2006-06-01 21:44:46
330.   trainwreck
Hamulack is no Gagne.
2006-06-01 21:44:49
331.   Disabled List

Swing and a miss, taken high, soft groundball into 5-4-3 DP.

2006-06-01 21:44:50
332.   Andrew Shimmin
No Gagne tonight. Unless Hamulack Odalises it.
2006-06-01 21:45:49
333.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
329 - Tinyurl.
Learn it. Live it.
2006-06-01 21:46:05
334.   Goozmani
does Broxton slide-step with runners on?
2006-06-01 21:46:15
335.   JoeyP
Weird I forgot Hamulack was even on the team. Just assumed that Gagne would take his place.
2006-06-01 21:46:25
336.   Bob Timmermann
Guzman does not wear protective body armor on his arm or feet.

He wears a helmet.

I haven't checked to see if he wears a cup. I'll get back to you on that.

2006-06-01 21:46:36
337.   Steve
I am clearly not going to turn off The Office for Tim Hamulack, though I'm sure Adande has it on good authority that Hamulack works hard.
2006-06-01 21:47:21
338.   Uncle Miltie
No Gagne? I understand exactly what Little is doing. Grits is bringing in Hamulack to load the bases give up and run and then bring in Gagne. Great thinking Grits.

I think Rick Monday is drunk, but isn't he always?

2006-06-01 21:48:03
339.   towerofpower
311 - no doubt he was effective as a starter, but what im getting at is that he has only 13 games started above single a. for the dodgers to consider him for the rotation, he'd have to have more seasoning as a starter. also, such a move would indicate that he has overtaken other SP prospects on the depth chart. if you factor in his success as a reliever, the conditions to move him just are not there.
2006-06-01 21:48:09
340.   dagwich
312 -- I had something called "gameburger" in a South African national park, and there were a lot of wildebeest around. But there were a lot more impala, so I suspect it was an impala burger.

Better than squirrel, I can tell you that.

2006-06-01 21:48:26
341.   Steve
I'll take pitchers who want no part of Ryan Howard for 100, Alex.
2006-06-01 21:49:40
342.   bhsportsguy
Jon or Bob:

The Dodgers now have their Nos. 3, 4, 5, and 8 prospects on their big league roster. (Per Baseball America) Willy Aybar was No. 17, I believe.

Of the other 6, who is most likely to be added before September.

1. Chad Billingsley
2. Andy LaRoche
6. Scott Elbert
7. Blake DeWitt
9. Tony Abreu
10. Chin-Lung Hu

I am guessing Chad will be up within the next 2 months, the rest still have AA and AAA to conquer.

2006-06-01 21:50:09
343.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
336 - On that last point, not necessary.
2006-06-01 21:50:27
344.   natepurcell
also, such a move would indicate that he has overtaken other SP prospects on the depth chart.

well after the obvious billingsley, it isnt very obvious after that.

2006-06-01 21:51:07
345.   JoeyP
329 Good find:

If a team wanted me to go back to starting, I'd rather be relieving," he said. "I'd rather go out for one or two innings and let it loose than try to stretch it over seven or eight innings. This is a lot of fun

Thats too bad. Maybe Broxton will change his mind when he looks at what relievers make, and what starters are paid. I know I had read a quote about Greg Miller not being able to start either. Hopefully it changes.

2006-06-01 21:51:42
346.   bhsportsguy
Actually my Jon or Bob intro was for another question, have either of you remember a time when so many prospects were up at this time of year, I am guessing early '70s with the whole Garvey, Cey, Lopes, Buckner, Russell, et. al. group but that is just a guess.

All of those Rookie of Year guys were never part of a group like the guys we have now.

2006-06-01 21:51:44
347.   trainwreck
Poor Hamulack, no one wants him.
2006-06-01 21:51:45
348.   natepurcell

billingsley for sure. maybe laroche depending if he continues to hit in june and july like he did in may.

2006-06-01 21:52:04
349.   natepurcell
how come hamulack is still on the dodgers?
2006-06-01 21:52:07
350.   Bob Timmermann
You can use an Impala in the U.S. to get the necessary materials to make a squirrel burger.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-06-01 21:52:26
351.   Andrew Shimmin
Gagne's up in the pen!
2006-06-01 21:52:34
352.   bhsportsguy
Jon, why did you bring up the 1990 Phillies game today??
2006-06-01 21:53:09
353.   Gen3Blue
At least we have someone consistant we can play to cause some excitement--Hamulack.
2006-06-01 21:53:13
354.   JoeyP
Hamulack is about to get Carter'ed.
2006-06-01 21:53:16
355.   King of the Hobos
242 Billingsley is the obvious choice. Laroche and Hu both have a chance if enough injuries occur, but neither has much of a chance of beating Chad (due to his 40 man status, Laroche could get a September call up though)
2006-06-01 21:53:23
356.   bhsportsguy
Hamulack is writing his ticket to the Vegas as we speak.
2006-06-01 21:53:29
357.   mikethinksblue
352 I was just thinking the same thing
2006-06-01 21:53:46
358.   Steve
If Hamulack stretches this out, I can finish The Office and still see Gagne. Well played, Hamulack. Well played.

I'd rather go out for one or two innings

Let's hope the "or two innings" part actually has some teeth to it. Grittle's been pretty good on that so far.

2006-06-01 21:54:13
359.   sanchez101
I think Hamulak is here to create a save opportunity, and to earn his demotion.
2006-06-01 21:54:24
360.   LAT
Sounds like the fans are booing the 2nd out. They want the game extended so Gagne comes in.
2006-06-01 21:54:27
361.   Gen3Blue
Middle relievers are guys like Carter and Hamulack, not Broxton and Miller.
2006-06-01 21:54:29
362.   JoeyP
Isnt Kuo a better option than Hamulack?
2006-06-01 21:55:28
363.   bhsportsguy
One of the things I like about Grady and Neddy is that they will give a guy some chances but after repeated mistakes, they have no problem sending him out.

Nate, who do you call up...Kuo or Miller??

2006-06-01 21:55:49
364.   Steve
362 -- Depends whether you like your runners on first the slow way or the fast way.
2006-06-01 21:56:10
365.   King of the Hobos
Who deserves Hamulack's spot? Kuo? Osoria? Miller? Carter? Carrara? Wunsch? Hull? Hoorelbeke? Alexander?
2006-06-01 21:56:21
366.   mikethinksblue
Kemp almost grinned there for a second
2006-06-01 21:57:28
367.   bhsportsguy
Just a guess but before the season started, would most of us thought that any help we got from the minors would have been pitching (Billingsley, Broxton, Kuo) and not from the position players.
2006-06-01 21:57:56
368.   das411
360 - You mean they weren't just Phillies fans booing Nunez?

Well played gents, now you see where my winterlong Lowe + Navarro for Abreu + Bell + Lieberthal quest came from. If only we had offered you Gavin Floyd also...

2006-06-01 21:58:03
369.   D4P
What's going on? Gameday froze...
2006-06-01 21:58:21
370.   bhsportsguy
If Kelly is healthy, I pick him, but I think you would have to DFA someone to do that.
2006-06-01 21:59:37
371.   Steve
you would have to DFA someone to do that.

That would be a real tragedy.

2006-06-01 21:59:56
372.   Uncle Miltie
Grady Little is just one step ahead of all us. He doesn't come off a genius, but behind the Forest Gump sounding mid 50's man is a master strategist. His plan was almost executed to perfection, but Hamulack didn't understand that he was supposed to walk Rollins.
2006-06-01 22:00:36
373.   towerofpower
ive yet to hear anyone say broxton's ceiling is as a middle reliever. closer or starter, and considering thatthe future of this team at the back end is shaky,i truly wouldnt mind seeing broxton come in to close the 9th.
2006-06-01 22:07:12
374.   JoeyP
Broxton wont be a closer as long as Gagne is here.

I had thought Gagne might be in danger of not being a Dodger after this season. However, Jeff Kent's extension rendered those concerns obsolete I believe. I cant see the Dodgers letting Gagne go if they are willing to re-up Kent. Fiscal responsibility isnt in the mission statement.

Middle relievers are guys like Carter and Hamulack, not Broxton and Miller

I agree. It what makes it difficult watching them in those roles.

2006-06-01 22:10:34
375.   towerofpower
have we forgotten who gagne's agent is?
2006-06-01 22:11:03
376.   Jon Weisman
I'm watching the spelling bee on Tivo (minute 40 - don't give anything away), and the umpires just reversed a call. They reinstated an ousted speller.

ABC is showing the word on screen before it is spelled, which is like telling us Kemp homered before his swing.

2006-06-01 22:11:04
377.   Uncle Miltie
Grady just told the media that Gagne wasn't coming in unless it was a save situation. He really knows how to play dumb to media. This way, hacks like Plaschke will have more respect for him and consider him an old school manager.
2006-06-01 22:12:17
378.   Andrew Shimmin
Gagne's 2007 is a mutual option, right? For $12 million? I think there's a very good chance that Gagne won't be back next year.
2006-06-01 22:14:47
379.   JoeyP
Do you think Gagne will opt out or the Dodgers will not exercise it?

Colletti gave a 39yr old Kent 11.5 mils.
Do you really believe Gagne wont get his 12 mils?

2006-06-01 22:19:48
380.   Gen3Blue
Sometimes I think i'm just being a dreamer putting Miller back in the starting role. But then I realize how young he is, and while scouts praised his stuff, they intimated he was a natch pitcher, who could get people out even when his stuff wasn't all there. Add that he is a lefty over 6'4",and I hope he progresses.
2006-06-01 22:20:36
381.   King of the Hobos
379 What Gagne does depends on the rest of the year I would assume. If he isn't nearly as dominate as he was in the past, he may decide to just take the $12 mil and try to have a full season of dominance
2006-06-01 22:21:11
382.   Steve
Gagne has to opt out. If he has a good to great 2006 (and Danys Baez was a "closer," so we're not talking about having to set records -- walking and chewing gum at the same time is pretty much all that's required), he cannot let everything ride on one year. He has enough cache to leverage himself into a long-term contract, whether with the Dodgers or someone else, that he will get paid and not have to worry about whether the arm goes out again.
2006-06-01 22:21:51
383.   mikethinksblue
376 - Wish I had Tivo'd the spelling bee, I'm stuck with old Star Trek's and Beavis and Butthead reruns
2006-06-01 22:22:31
384.   King of the Hobos
With the bases loaded and no outs for the 51s in the bottom of the 9th, Wilson Valdez singled to tie the game. Now it's up to Jon Weber to give Carter the win.
2006-06-01 22:22:58
385.   Andrew Shimmin
I think it's possible that Gagne won't be all that good. I'd be surprised if he turns down the money, no matter what, but won't be if Flanders declines, especially if Gagne has a bad year. But, I guess we'll have to wait to see.
2006-06-01 22:23:40
386.   King of the Hobos
Weber strikes out. Now Loney gets a chance to win it with one out.
2006-06-01 22:23:54
387.   Gen3Blue
That poor blonde is going to have a crick in her neck from interviewing 6'4"+ ballplayers.
2006-06-01 22:27:26
388.   King of the Hobos
Has the minor league ump strike ended yet? I'm getting tired of Gameday's umpire-related updates, like "Sacramento River Cats Manager Tony DeFrancesco ejected by 3B umpire 3B Umpire"

Also, Loney grounded into a double play, so they're playing extra innings in Vegas

2006-06-01 22:28:12
389.   ToyCannon
Burbank High star Freddie Sanchez takes over the NL Batting Title lead on June 1st. He should frame that stat. My niece went to school with him so I've always rooted for him cause she said he was cool and friendly.
2006-06-01 22:30:48
390.   ToyCannon
Izzy playing 2nd tonight for Vegas so he is not exactly being showcased as a SS. Sure glad I didn't plan a trip to watch the Vegas team and then find out I'm watching Robles/Duncan/Izzy the epitome of slaphappy hitters.

Got tickets for tomorrow and Saturday. Hope to see something similair to tonights lineup though I'm sure Martin will be missing from one of those games.

2006-06-01 22:38:13
391.   Aug C
Game Report

The crowd was all kinds of lively tonight. (Maybe because it was trader joe's dodger bag giveaway night?) The first attempt at the wave made it around the park three times.

There was a huge "We want Gagne chant" in the middle of the 8th inning. A couple of innings earlier, Gagne stepped out into the open area of the bullpen to a massive ovation from the surrounding areas... Joel Guzman simply looks too big to play the infield, although I'm not saying that's a reason he shouldn't. Ignorant to both his callup and his wearing of #50, I was shocked to see some random huge guy come out to take infield during half-innings... And of course, seeing Kemp's first career homer was un-friggin-believable. There weren't any plays that made me think he was either an extraordinary or subpar glove in center.

Think Blue (:

2006-06-01 22:47:36
392.   Bob Timmermann

All the minor league umps are supposed to be back by June 12.

2006-06-01 23:26:25
393.   Jon Weisman
Hochevar speaks:

2006-06-01 23:39:26
394.   Andrew Shimmin
Hmm, this part is weird: "I had faith this would all work out." What do you mean had faith? It hasn't worked out yet, unless you're super geeked about being a Fort Worth Cat.
2006-06-02 00:13:59
395.   natepurcell
Lowe to Kemp:

"You're moving on up in the world," Lowe told Kemp. "You're like George and Weezy from the TV show `The Jeffersons.' Movin' on up."

Coming from Lowe, there has to be racist undertones in that comment.

2006-06-02 00:59:54
396.   JoeyP
Didnt George and Weezy move on up to the Eastside?

Kemp is moving on up to the Westside.

2006-06-02 01:01:27
397.   Louis in SF
392, Bob if you are still up maybe you have the answer. Since Navarro seems to be the closest to returning the Dodgers then need to decide what to do, even if he goes to Vegas for a short rehab to by some time in my mind he seems to be at worst a good back-up catcher who can still improve. Could the Dodgers make Alomar a coach and then if necessary activate if they see fit or even if they were to trade Navarro later in the season. Is there a limit to how many coaches a team can have?
2006-06-02 05:01:52
398.   brandesh
There s a limit to how many coaches you can have in the dugout during the game (i think it is 6). MLB had been lenient on this rule but have been cracking down as of late. I read this somewhere in the beginning of the season; can't remember where.
2006-06-02 07:56:11
399.   Bob Timmermann

In answer to your questions, there's a limit on coaches and you'd still have to carry him around on the 40-man roster.

2006-06-02 09:23:34
400.   underdog
The Cub blogger is wondering aloud about the Dodgers' interest in Greg Maddux:

All speculation at this point, as he notes, but if you have any thoughts (or inside information) feel free to contribute. Who would you trade for Greg Maddux? Would it be worth trading for someone who, as great as he is, probably wouldn't give you much more than months of service - I'm assuming he's only under contract through the end of this season?

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-06-02 09:33:08
401.   GoBears
208 Ugh. I also don't like "Si-to" instead of "Si-ee-to".

I know this was a long time ago, in reference to the Charlie Steiner Experience, but I'm just getting around to the comments now (watched the game on TiVo, and didn't want to know what happened).

Anyhoo, "Sigh-toe" is correct. Yes, the "i" is a separate vowel in Japanese, but when it follows another vowel (other than "u") the two vowels are run together as a single syllable.

So Kaz Ishii's surname also has only two syllables, albeit with the last one extended. So, ee-SHEEEE, not EE-she or ee-she-ee. No glottal stops between the "i"s (ahem).

2006-06-02 09:46:11
402.   gpellamjr
401 "...the two vowels are run together as a single syllable." Where's your linguistic terminology? It's called a dipthong. Very interesting though, I've often considered learning Japanese. It's Latin & Greek for me, but I'm adding German and French this summer.
2006-06-02 09:55:29
403.   Sam DC
Another marvelous article from Post baseball writer Dave Sheinin (who also wrote the 33 inning piece I linked a while back). This one actually on page A1 today, which is kind of cool in itself. This is about Jeffrey Maier, of Yankee/Os' playoff inamy, who is now a college baseball players and may even get drafted by the Orioles.
2006-06-02 10:02:51
404.   GoBears
402. Yeah, I know, but ever since he learned the term in grade school, my little brother has decided to turn "diphthong" (note the spelling) into a mild insult. Like doofus, or dipstick.

So I can't use the word without chuckling. Plus, I always worry that I might be insulting someone...

2006-06-02 10:19:59
405.   gpellamjr
404 A couple years ago a friend and I were trying to decide if there was any word in English, like the Greek island town of phthia with a "ph" followed immediately by a "th". I suggested "diphthong", but then we looked up the word, and in one of my Greek books, the word was spelled "dipthong". I think "dipthong" is a better mild insult.
2006-06-02 10:24:50
406.   capdodger
403 Funniest passage from that story:
Pitcher Scott Erickson, who started the game for the Orioles and was in line to get the win before Armando Benitez served up the fateful pitch in the eighth inning to Jeter, said he hopes Maier makes it to the major leagues, "just so I can drill him -- I'd like to get one shot at him."

Not only would Maier be able to get out of the way of Scotty's 83 mph "fast"ball, Jeff, being a banjo hitter, would probably hit a homer off of him. Only then would Erickson's failure be complete.

2006-06-02 11:07:57
407.   Blu2
The way our injury list seems to have developed a life of its own, seems to me we should start an "injury pool", guessing who the next one to go will be. I'll make the first entry: Tomato Seanz. Although a man of his size and speed (like moi) isn't generally prone to injuries, we are working him hard this year and last, so I feel it is likely. Some of you guys are in positions where you sometimes are given free tickets to the games, and when you can't use them, you generously offer them to other posters. Maybe, if we have a winner when next we send someone to the DL, someone could offer a ticket or two as a prize. I live 300 miles from Dodger Stadium so I would pass on tickets if I were the winner. One rule: Entering a player for the contest must be at least three days prior to his going on the list.
2006-06-02 11:12:20
408.   Johnson
405 'Diphthong' is the correct spelling according to the OED but 'dipthong' is a legal variant. A search of the OED gives 354 entries with the $phth$ structure, but they are almost exclusively scientific/technical terms and their variants - 'diphthong', 'diphtheria', 'naphtha'/'naphthalene', 'ophthalmology', and (depending on your background) 'phenolphthalein' are the only ones that appear to be likely to come up in daily conversation. The only entry that didn't appear to have a Greek origin was a bit of a cheat: the hyphenated 'graph-theory'.

Oh, that's right. I'm supposed to be working.

2006-06-02 11:17:04
409.   Sam DC
I don't understand -- Gagne's coming back from the crazy nerve situation and they're waiting for a proper save situation to get him into a game? Is that right? Shouldn't they just get him in to pitch to some major leaguers, regardless of the situation?
2006-06-02 11:20:43
410.   ToyCannon
I'll throw in Brad Penny for my pool entry.

Good thing we weren't counting on E Jackson for the 2006 season. Got pounded again yesterday and now has an ERA over 6.00 in AAA. I thought he was going to come around but he's quickly following the Hannrahan route of ex-prospect. To bad, I had real high hopes for him.

2006-06-02 11:21:52
411.   ToyCannon
That is probably the right thing to do but I'm happy he didn't pitch last night so I have a better chance of seeing him tonight or tomorrow.
2006-06-02 11:21:59
412.   Blu2
Does anyone feel like I do, that the ONLY player I'm anxious to get back from the DL is Navarro, and that only because Martin needs to be rested at least once a week. Kent maybe, but only if it's the Kent we had last year. By and large, I'm comfortable with Aybar at second. And Repko to take his seat on the bench as the fourth or fifth outfielder. Mueller isn't a bad guy and is a pretty good player but I think we have adequate, and more durable, players available in Aybar, Nomar, maybe even Guzman. I really see Guzman as our first baseman of the future; his size is an advantage and I think his power will be adequate. Izturis coming back will serve only as an embarassment to the team and to himself, he has been replaced, there simply is nothing for him here anymore. I like him and wish he had never been hurt, but now it's time to move on. I want Ledee back just long enough to pick up his boyfriend Jose Cruz and ride away into the sunset together. Worth will never play for the dodgers again; IF he ever recovers, his baseball skills will likely have deterioriated to the point of uselessnes at the major league level. A sad case, but life is never fair, is it?
2006-06-02 11:26:03
413.   the OZ

(channeling Napoleon Dynamite):

"Closers can ONLY pitch when it's a save situation. GOSH!"

I would love to see MLB change the save rule back to a 2-run (or up to a 4-run) threshold, just to see if managers changed their reliever useage patterns based on the stat. It's just semantics, but it's amazing the hold it has over players, coaches, and writers. Remember Billy Wagner's "it's not my fault I blew a 4-run lead, because I'm only supposed to hold 3-run leads" [paraphrased] comments earlier this year?

2006-06-02 11:27:08
414.   GoBears
409 Yeah, that was from Lindsay Soto's postgame interview of Grady Little. Little said that he would only use Gagne in a save situation. Idiotic, but not the least bit surprising. Here's hoping that the Dodgers keep scoring enough runs that Little has to eat those words or else let Gagne rot in the bullpen.
2006-06-02 11:29:18
415.   GoBears
413. Oh, I'm quite certain that usage patterns would adapt to the new stat. No doubt in my mind.
2006-06-02 11:51:01
416.   overkill94
409 I think the kicker is that they don't want to use Gagne in back-to-back games, so if they would have used him yesterday, he wouldn't be available if a save situation arose tonight. My thinking is that if there isn't a save situation tonight, he'll be used tomorrow no matter what.
2006-06-02 11:53:07
417.   s choir

Werth can regain his prowess if healthy. He's a good baseball player.

2006-06-02 11:59:56
418.   ToyCannon
Martin needs some rest and I hope Navarro delivers it. Aybar is doing fine but we need Kent's power if we plan on being an elite team. Aybar at 3rd is fine for me with Kent at 2nd.
The rest of the DL players could just dissapear and I wouldn't notice now that Gagne is back.

The trading chip list just keeps growing. Izzy, Repko, Ledee, Robles, Mueller?(must agree to a trade since he signed as a FA), Baez, Carter, LaRoche, Seo, OP, Navarro(something sweet must be returned). Granted some of these guys wouldn't fetch a bad walnut but you never know what some GM might covet.

2006-06-02 12:07:00
419.   Sam DC
It seems our host is not the only one out there . . . From Lisa deMoraes TV chat at (which also sadly informed me that Tom Shales has accepted a buyout from the paper):

Germantown, Md.: Where do you think the writers of "The Office" will go with Jim and Pam kissing? Pam calling off the wedding? Or an affair? As much as I would love to see them together, I think their secret love for each other was one of the main reasons people watched. Aside from the fact that is a hilarious show.

Lisa de Moraes: It's on NBC so I suspect that in the fall, they will carry on as if it had never happened. Like what used to happen on "Friends" every week....

2006-06-02 12:10:45
420.   Jon Weisman
419 - That's a nonsensical response - Friends milked every relationship turn for everything it was worth, and then some. I like the Office people's chances for handling Jim and Pam well.

New post up top.

2006-06-02 14:29:50
421.   Andrew Shimmin
Is there a network sitcom equivalent of house style? Do NBC shows have identifiably NBC-esque attributes? I got on to the The Office bandwagon late, but nothing I've seen has caused me to worry over what the writers will do to it.

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