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The Scoreboard That Knew Too Much
2006-06-02 23:54
by Jon Weisman

When week-old rookie Dodger outfielder Matt Kemp came up to bat for the first time tonight, the scoreboard said he had two home runs. And soon, he did. It was the next 400 feet of the giant steps being taken by him and the Dodgers.

But thanks to reliever Danys Baez's inability to get anyone out in the seventh, it wasn't enough. The main difference between Baez and the discarded Lance Carter right now is that Baez gets left in longer when he's in trouble.

In truth, though, the only move I didn't get by Dodger manager Grady Little tonight was taking out Odalis Perez after one inning in the top of the sixth, when his spot was due to lead off in the bottom of the fifth. Removing Jonathan Broxton after the subsequent inning, when he has gone two innings as often as he has, might have also seemed strange but was mainly a function of that previous move. Coming after what appeared to be an astute double-switch with Kemp (replacing Jae Seo and Jose Cruz, Jr.) that set up Perez to pitch multiple innings, the quick hook for Perez after a shutout inning was surprising.

Seo, by the way, was throwing strikes early, but seemed to get nervous when he found that his strikes could easily be tattooed. He then struggled with his location, got pinched by the umpires a little bit perhaps, and ultimately couldn't get the job done. He stands to lose his spot in the rotation, though I wouldn't be surprised if things remained fluid for a while longer.

The loss overshadows another flexing of the offense by the Dodgers, who scored six runs even with J.D. Drew mostly on the bench. In his first start (as a cleanup hitter, which seems like a big deal to me mainly because Russell Martin can't even get to the No. 7 spot - otherwise I don't really care), Joel Guzman got a hit and a walk, and made contact with a chance to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth, unfortunately doing the one thing you didn't want him to do - hit into a double play. Guzman wasn't tested much defensively at third, but the big guy (and I mean, big guy - he and Kemp could give half the Fearsome Foursome a run for their money) did come in to field a slow grounder and throw the batter out.

You forget, when so many other things have been talked about over the past 12 months, that not so long ago, the Dodgers were all about Eric Gagne. You forget, until he returns to the biggest roar of the night, even though the team is losing.

Gagne still lands off the mound ugly - when he got his strikeout, he did such a hop, skip and jump he could have been Willie Banks. It doesn't make me feel good. But I guess that's Gagne, and he's back. Welcome back.

* * *

Saturday's Game

Comments (299)
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2006-06-03 00:33:04
1.   bigcpa
Just got back from the yard. I didn't catch the Kemp thing- funny. Got to sit in the remodeled baseline seats and thought they were great. Why not just let Broxton bat in the 7th and then put up another goose egg? Or I could've lived with Beimel facing Utley/Abreu in the 7th. I had to stay for the 9th inning almost-rally and it cost me 45 minutes in the parking lot.
2006-06-03 00:50:09
2.   natepurcell
relievers i trust at the moment


the rest of them shouldnt even bother to show up to the game.

2006-06-03 00:56:31
3.   dzzrtRatt
So, I guess the Dodgers got bit again by the not-Russell Martin curse.

I'm wondering if anyone can recall the last time a team had so many promising players make their major league debuts within such a short time frame -- and have such an impact on the club's record.

2006-06-03 03:39:32
4.   DXMachina
Last years Atlanta club maybe, although I think we're ahead of them at this point.

The problem with only trusting those relievers is that our starters aren't going very deep into games, so if we only use the trusted guys, they're arms will fall off sooner rather than later. Beimel's been great, but I think Jon was right to compare him to Sele. So either we need a couple more trustworthy relievers (the one thing we don't have down in Vegas), or we need some of our starters to go eight innings once in awhile. Even seven innings would help.

2006-06-03 04:35:26
5.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
I was okay with the short hook on Odalis, because although he didn't give up a run, his pitching didn't seem especially sharp to me, and his numbers this year have been pretty bad. That being said, I would be okay with OP taking Seo's slot in the rotation for a turn or so.


2006-06-03 06:29:50
6.   nomomania
Sorry, I am a little bit of a baseball novice so I need a little help. I know Gagne looks awkward coming off the mound on his release, but what are the problems that are associated with it?
2006-06-03 07:06:08
7.   Marty
3 The only team I can think of is the 70's Dodgers. But I can't remember if Cey, Lopes, Garvey, Valentine, Buckner and Russell all debuted in the same year.
2006-06-03 07:39:54
8.   CharlieBrown
I think Odalis only pitched one inning because he threw 25 pitches, and two days before he threw 45. He is still adjusting the pen, and maybe can't bounce back like some guys.

Broxton should not have been taken out. Grady keeps pitching him 2 innings in 4-5 run lead games. I think Broxton needs to move up the food chain and fast.

Baez should have been a quick hook especially since he was facing the lefty-packed murderer's row that is the top of the Philly lineup. Beimel and Saito should have been up as soon as two guys got on.

But I think the pen is still looking good. How many teams have three guys as strong as Broxton/Gagne/Saito?

2006-06-03 08:02:39
9.   screwballin
The best part about needing relievers is that they're about the easiest part to find.

Off-topic: I've done this before here, but for the music lovers on the site, I've got more invites to a site called It's a very cool CD trading site that is invitation only for now. You list the CDs you want to receive, and the ones you want to get rid of. And CD sent to you costs $1. It's a great idea; I've been flooded by incoming CDs since I started.

If anyone wants to give it a try, email me at and I'll send you an invite.

2006-06-03 08:39:13
13.   Gen3Blue
An interesting moment last night looks larger away from the heat of the moment.
Perez allowed a couple of guys on base and then visibly bore down. He slowed down and was visibly talking to himself as he made some very affective breaking pitches, and then mixed in unpredictable strings of fastballs. Earlier in the year I was amazed at his craftiness in a fine effort when he didn't have much velocity. Last night he could well have been thinking that he better show something here or he was going to slip out of the plan.
This brings me back to grind one of my favorite axes, but I will try to be brief.
I don't see how baseball survives these long-term multi-mil contracts especially with pitchers, even unproven ones alla Boras.
Maybe a guy like Perez needs a reason to focus his thoughts. I'm going to review his stats and see what got him this contract. Rant over. Sorry
2006-06-03 08:43:42
14.   Bob Timmermann
It's not as much individual stats as what the market for players at a particular position rate during a free agent signing season.

You can be a slightly above average pitcher during an offseason, but if the rest of the pitchers available are all cannon fodder, some team will pay a lot because they figure that the slightly above average guy may help some and won't hurt too much.

It's sort of like going to a car lot and having your heart set on a really nice Lexus. But the Lexuses are sold out. You have a choice between a Yaris and a 1979 Corolla. So you buy the Yaris.

2006-06-03 08:45:30
15.   Steve
As good a time as any to plug my new blog:

2006-06-03 08:45:55
16.   screwballin
13 You could be right, or maybe he just started getting his breaking stuff over. The difference with him in that inning was mainly that he started throwing strikes, no?
2006-06-03 08:46:17
17.   Louis in SF
Since we are now in June and our starting pitching has the questions we all knew would come, eg Seo and Tomko's last three outings. Doesn't it make sense to move OP into Seo's spot now with the understanding that, if he or someone else really starts to struggle than bring up Billingsly sooner rather than later. IF he comes up he may struggle some, but better now than later.
2006-06-03 08:47:33
18.   D4P
I don't see how baseball survives these long-term multi-mil contracts

I agree. I'd like to see a one-year contract maximum imposed. I think it'd be good for the game.

2006-06-03 08:54:41
19.   Steve
I'd like to see a one-year contract maximum imposed.

One year is still far too long for some pitchers.

2006-06-03 08:57:46
20.   MollyKnight
19. Having players bounce from team to team every year would be good for the game? What about kids like me who own two Brewers Podsednik jerseys?! Dudes bouncing from team to team even more than they do now would be terrible.

I like base contracts with incentives for stellar play.

2006-06-03 08:58:45
21.   screwballin
Of course, imposing a maximum length on contracts would probably be at worst unconstitutional, and at best a great reason for the union to strike.
2006-06-03 09:00:41
22.   blue22
Simlar to the Lance Carter implosion in San Diego a few weeks back, hopefully the 7th inning last night was the blatant, in-your-face sign that Baez simply cannot be put into a close game now.

If that turns out to be the case, I'll gladly accept the loss in exchange for a Baez banishment.

2006-06-03 09:01:18
23.   D4P
There's nothing to prevent a player from resigning with his current team after one year. In fact, there would be a lot of incentive to do so (i.e. not having to uproot and move all the time).
2006-06-03 09:03:11
24.   D4P
imposing a maximum length on contracts would probably be at worst unconstitutional

Oh, are we still following that Constitution thing? I had gotten the impression over the past several years that it was no longer applicable...

2006-06-03 09:04:30
25.   blue22
23 - Put a cap on individual salaries and allow the current team to have a higher cap per player (like the NBA). That's incentive.

The MLBPA has far too much pull to allow any monkeying around with salaries caps though.

2006-06-03 09:05:59
26.   blue22
er...salary caps...
2006-06-03 09:06:15
27.   Steve
Given the union's earlier stance on drug testing, I do wonder if it believes it has its own Bill of Rights.
2006-06-03 09:10:00
28.   D4P
Maybe one of these days a renegade owner/GM duo will decide that they will only give out 1-year contracts, and it will catch on across the league. Players could still make big bucks that way, just one season at a time.
2006-06-03 09:11:02
29.   Steve
Maybe one of these days a renegade owner/GM duo will decide that they will only give out 1-year contracts, and it will catch on across the league.

None Dare Call It Collusion

2006-06-03 09:12:50
30.   dzzrtRatt
As frustrating as Baez looks right now, he's got value on the trade market. He was -- hush, now -- a closer, and closers are much-desired, even ones like Baez who've blown a bunch of saves. I don't know what the Dodgers need right now that Baez could get us, maybe some minor-league catching depth? Neddy ought to start working it.
2006-06-03 09:14:48
31.   blue22
Maybe one of these days a renegade owner/GM duo will decide that they will only give out 1-year contracts

The Florida Marlins currently have $1.25M in salary committed for the 2007 season.

And that is owed to Al Leiter of all people.

2006-06-03 09:15:09
32.   D4P
None Dare Call It Collusion

Course not. It's simply a matter of individual choice. There would be obvious incentives to "defect" and offer longer-term contracts, but if you want to risk a Dreifort Debacle®, that's your choice.

2006-06-03 09:19:04
33.   Steve
There are long-term contracts that make sense. Jason Bay's comes to mind. Jimmy Rollins. A.J. Burnett. Carlos Beltran. Adrian Beltre. Danys Baez.
2006-06-03 09:20:05
34.   screwballin
28 The best players would then go elsewhere, and he would be run out of town DePo-style before summer.
2006-06-03 09:22:57
35.   blue22
33 - Are you speaking on behalf of the player's families or the IRS?
2006-06-03 09:26:25
36.   D4P
To some extent, it would probably only work if every team participated. But I'd still like to see someone try it. If a player is going to perform well for every year of their contract, they really have nothing to lose by signing one-year deals. If you're not willing to sign a series of one-year contracts, that tells me you don't have confidence in your abilities and I don't want you on my team anyway.

Plus, shorter-term deals afford a team the luxury of increasing the per-year salary (see: Fur-kle's contract).

2006-06-03 09:32:27
37.   Steve
By the way, Mr. Bay, I was just kidding including you, and when we trade Eric Gagne for you, you'll be more than welcome.
2006-06-03 09:34:01
38.   Blu2
(30) Doesn't Atlanta need a "closer"? I'm not greedy, I'd take an empty spot on the bench in exchange. Oh, and stuff Hamulack in his suitcase before he leaves and call a limo for him.
2006-06-03 09:35:26
39.   scooplew
7 -- I also liken this group of rookies to those who debuted about 35 years ago for the Dodgers. Their first games -- Russell, 4-7-69; Garvey, 9-1-69; Valentine, 9-2-69; Buckner, 9-21-69; Cey, 9-3-71; Lopes, 9-22-72. Notice that all but Russell were late-season call-ups. It wasn't until 1973 that all (but Valentine) were regulars. Valentine never played in more than 119 games as a Dodger.
2006-06-03 09:45:34
40.   Bob Timmermann
There's a contest to win free Dodgers tickets on the Griddle.

They're for today's game.

Free parking included.

2006-06-03 09:53:35
41.   underdog
38 That's not a bad idea. They are just desperate enough. It just... might... work. Reitsma's been even worse than Baez and has even less upside. Still they may have seen enough of Baez first hand to not want to bite.

I know I scoffed at this idea initially, but since he's been good down there so far and was good for LA once before, think the Dodgers will call up Carrara for Hamulack soon? and when will they try G Miller?

And how would Seo do in the bullpen?

Tune in to As The Dodgers Turn at this time every week for more.

2006-06-03 09:54:35
42.   underdog
I was hoping that if the Giants game got rained out again they'd show the Dodgers game on Fox up here in SF instead, even though they're at differen times. But it looks like they'll punish us with some crappy regional backup game at 10 instead.
2006-06-03 09:54:53
43.   Bob Timmermann
Would the length of an employment be governed by the Consitution? I would think that would be just a matter of contract law that has been long established through court decisions over history.

I'm trying to remember what Professor Kingsfield taught me at Harvard Law when I was a One L.

2006-06-03 09:59:12
44.   dsfan
IIRC, the 2003 Marlins, who won the World Series over the Evil Empire, had only 1-3 players with guaranteed salaries beyond 2003.
2006-06-03 10:03:13
45.   D4P
I'm trying to remember what Professor Kingsfield taught me at Harvard Law when I was a One L.

Sounds like you were too busy chasing papers to pay attention...

2006-06-03 10:03:37
46.   underdog
Drew's back in the line-up today. Kemp and Guzman are in, Ethier's out. Martin's back. Hopefully Penny's head will be in the game and he'll give us more than {{gasp!}} 5 innings.
2006-06-03 10:05:06
47.   D4P
See? If every player had a one-year contract, you'd have a roster full of players in their "contract" years, with maximum incentive to commit themselves to staying fit and being productive. I think the quality of play would rise dramatically.
2006-06-03 10:05:47
48.   dsfan
I know I'm throwing a lamb chop to wolves with this comment, but Baez should be better than this.

Not always, but too often he's making the old mistake of overthrowing whenever he hits a crisis. In other words, he's pitching like an over-adrenalized rookie. The man just starts chucking fastball after fastball, many of them too high. Had he mixed it up at all on April 30, when he went from very hot to very cold, the Padres would've been toast.

Back when Honeycutt was a pitcher, he understood that it's more effective to go softer when in duress. Baez has the pitches to be fairly good. He shouldn't be this dreadful. But he's got to calm down, back off and mix it up a little. A BP-speed, low fastball is a wonderful escape pitch. His changeup is a good pitch. So is his breaking ball. Sure, you win with your fastball. But you're a dead man if you go from pitcher to thrower every time the stuff hits the fans.

2006-06-03 10:05:58
49.   Bob Timmermann
I had trouble seeing in class because I was covered with a shroud.

And the professor gave me a dime to call home, but he wouldn't believe when I told him pay phones were at least 35 cents now.

2006-06-03 10:07:26
50.   dsfan
One other thing about Baez: Gagne might be good for him. When you get beyond the macho persona and the great fastball, Gagne was effective also because he trusted his offspeed pitches and wasn't afraid to go softer when the fires were raging all around him.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-06-03 10:07:41
51.   D4P
Will Grittle ever let Drew play CF? Put him in coach, he's ready to play! Why not try:

Ethier LF
Drew CF
Kemp RF

2006-06-03 10:08:22
52.   Greg S
Those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it. Luckily the Players and Owners are all too aware of their history.
2006-06-03 10:10:06
53.   Greg S
I like that!
2006-06-03 10:10:38
54.   LAT
Bob, you forgot to mention that the winner will also receive a free tee-shirt. (As longasthey are one of the first 50,000 hot, sweaty fans)
2006-06-03 10:13:29
55.   Steve
Must Cruz play every game? I mean, I know. Walks, OBP, blah, blah. I like that stuff. It's just, well, I want what I want.
2006-06-03 10:15:28
56.   dsfan
Isn't Cruz decent against LHP?
2006-06-03 10:16:39
57.   LAT
Az right back at it. Up 1-0 in the first.
2006-06-03 10:17:27
58.   Bob Timmermann
I added the free t-shirt notice. But so far I've had only one contestant...
2006-06-03 10:22:05
59.   Steve
I know the answer, Bob, but I can't use the tickets today either. :)
2006-06-03 10:22:29
60.   LAT
I would play but I am already going. I think its the hot sweaty part that is keeping the contestants away. Its going to be hot out there. Bring your own or lots of $5 bills for bottles of water.
2006-06-03 10:24:29
61.   Louis in SF
32 and those who oh pine for one year contracts. Just before free agency came into being Charlie Finley the owner of the A's proposed offering one year contracts to all players. The baseball owners, who thought they could keep slavery for ever vetoed the idea and a few years later free agency instead arrived.

However, going forward I think many of us when we see someone like Perez struggling after the long term contract and his obvious problems this year forget that long term contracts, especially when a player is happy can protect a team as well. Earlier in their stay's with the Braves Maddux and Glavine decided to stay and take less in exchange for long term contracts. Bob's point is also key, because it is the market at the time and if a player/agent wants to come to your team. In the case of Perez, I believe he is signed through 2007 with some sort of option year. One should also remember that Perez will only turn 29 this June. I would argue if he turns it around this year and pitches well next year his contract maybe a bargin!

2006-06-03 10:29:08
62.   D4P
I'm not convinced that players would necessarily leave after one year. One of the reasons they sign long-term contracts (beyond getting guaranteed millions of dollars regardless of how them perform) is to put down some roots, and to avoid having to move all the time. If you play well and enjoy yourself, resign with the team. If you don't play well and/or don't enjoy yourself, it's probably best if you leave anyway.
2006-06-03 10:31:27
63.   Greg S
Suggested reading:
I think it's out of print so you might need to buy it used or go to your local library.
2006-06-03 10:39:07
64.   Bob Timmermann
'Lords of the Realm' is a great book.

It's available in five librarires in the city of L.A.

Downtown, Encino, San Pedro, West L.A., and West Valley (Reseda).

2006-06-03 10:46:30
65.   Bob Timmermann
The 'Lords of the Realm' is also available at a bunch of LA County Library branches if you live in a suburb.

It's a great book for learning how stupid Augie Busch was. And how smart Walter O'Malley was. Marvin Miller has said that O'Malley was one of the few owners who was easy to deal with as he knew what to expect from him. O'Malley wanted to make money and he knew he had to figure out how with the economics of the game changed.

However, he's not in the Hall of Fame, unlike Tom Yawkey, whose primary contribution to baseball was racism and buying free drinks for the writers.

2006-06-03 10:50:26
66.   Sam DC
Never underestimate the power of free drinks. Maybe if you offered free drinks, you'd have more contestants at The Griddle.
2006-06-03 10:54:19
67.   LAT
2-2 in Atl.
2006-06-03 10:54:54
68.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
There are 275 pitchers who have thrown at least 20 innings this season.
Ranking by Win Expectation above Replacement, Lineup-adjusted:
Baez ranks 268th.
Humulack is No. 273.
(Old friend Matt Herges is dead last.)

In Adjusted Runs Prevented:
Baez is 253rd, while Hamulack is 271st.
(Another old friend, Guillermo Mota, is next to last.)

Leverage is the measure of how important the situations a reliever has been used in are. A leverage of 1.00 is the same importance as the start of a game.
Baez's leverage is 1.38, which ranks 47th.
Hamulack is 81st, at 1.05.
Broxton doesn't have enough innings to rank, but his Leverage is 0.58.

Are we seeing a problem here?

2006-06-03 10:55:10
69.   bhsportsguy
64 - Great book.

Listening to Baseball Prospectus radio, when they talked about teams paying outside the slot money for draft picks, the Dodgers (under Logan White) are mentioned for their bonuses for Chuck Tiffany and Andy LaRoche.

Kevin Goldstein now believes that it is 50/50 that KC will take Hochevar with the No. 1 pick.

Nate: I have heard that the Dodgers like Clayton Kershaw (as do the Tigers with the 6th pick) and if he is not there, the name I hear is Jeremy Jeffress, any thoughts.

2006-06-03 10:59:41
70.   Greg Brock
"I didn't really like what I was seeing," Little said. "He had thrown 80 pitches at the time, and in my mind I could see it getting worse before it got better."
Could Seo's struggles lead to a demotion?
"We'll see," Little said.

Bring on Billingsley!!

2006-06-03 11:03:37
71.   D4P
Seo was pitching poorly, but was allowed to stay in for 4 innings.

Perez and (to a greater extent) Broxton were pitching well, but were only allowed to stay in for 1 inning each.

2006-06-03 11:04:27
72.   bhsportsguy
I think Jerry Royster wakes up and sees the guys at Jacksonville and the guys up here and says why me.
2006-06-03 11:06:32
73.   ToyCannon
I'll be there today in Loge 137, Row D, seats 5 & 6. I know that is close to you so if your bored stop by, I'll be wearing a white turban with a UCLA BLue Tank Top. I've just finished packing my two bags full of frozen water and propel and I'm heading out.
2006-06-03 11:09:27
74.   blue22
70 - Seo's next turn is Wednesday against the Mets, but they won't need the 5th starter again until June 18th at Oakland. I bet it's a Seo vs. Odalis decision for next week, with CBills waiting in the wings just a bit longer.
2006-06-03 11:11:44
75.   Bluebleeder87
"Gagne still lands off the mound ugly - when he got his strikeout,"

I want to ignore that BUT I TOTALLY SEE YOUR POINT!

2006-06-03 11:11:45
76.   blue22
Has anybody sat in the new Vegas sportsbook-style seating yet? Is it possible to get tickets there, or is it season-ticket only?
2006-06-03 11:12:27
77.   Linkmeister
Bah. Cubs-Cards on Fox. Wright State v. UH in the loser's bracket from Corvallis on the radio seems more compelling.
2006-06-03 11:15:51
78.   Sam DC
LAT-ette smiling; rest of us Dodgers fans, less so.
2006-06-03 11:16:41
79.   sanchez101
69. this is a list of prep lefthanders taken in recent drafts:

2001: #24 Macay McBride (braves bullpen)

2002: #4 Adam Loewen (Baltimore bullpen)
#15 Scott Kazmir (up & coming phenom)
#17 Cole Hamels (up & coming phenom)
#31 Greg Miller (Dodger fans should know his name)

2003: #9 John Danks (top Rangers prospect)

2004: #17 Scott Elbert (top Dodgers prospect)

2005: #15 Mark Pawalek (85 on BA's top 100)
#22 Aaron Thompson (2.33 era in SAL)
#41 Beau Jones (3.52 era in SAL)
#44 Sean West (1.13 era in SAL)

Its still very early, especially for the 2005 picks, but that is an excellent, almost unreal, success rate for 1st round lefty's in recent drafts. I think this speaks wonders for Kershaw's chances.

2006-06-03 11:16:56
80.   Bob Timmermann
Mota has given up 8 home runs in about 22 innings pitched this year.

So much for my pick to win the World Series.

2006-06-03 11:17:57
81.   LAT
I think those tickets are not hard to come by but they are expensive, like $70 per.
2006-06-03 11:24:07
82.   LAT
78. Yep, she is smiling. Me, I'm getting tired of the D'Backs. I think we are witnessing the future. D'Backs and Dodgers battling it out for the next 5+ years.
2006-06-03 11:25:24
83.   Bob Timmermann
I think the seats behind the plate are season tickets only.

I just picked a random midweek game and asked for one ticket and Ticketmaster spit back a $90 seat where the picnic tables are.

2006-06-03 11:25:38
84.   LAT
73. Cannon, I'll see you there we are only ywo sections away. I'm in 133 row C.
2006-06-03 11:27:43
85.   Bluebleeder87

if your a basball fan, don't you just love it!!

2006-06-03 11:29:56
86.   the OZ
79 Rany Jazayerli just published a summary of an ongoing draft study he's been doing looking at players from 1984-1999 and found no real difference between LHP and RHP in terms of quality, value, likelyhood of reaching the majors, etc. That is, if two opposite-handed pitchers are of equal skill level in a draft, the lefty isn't inherently more valuable than the righty, or vice versa.

I'd be glad to have the best available pitcher, whether he's left- or right-handed, although as a lefty I admit that I have an irrational bias in favor of southpaws.

2006-06-03 11:32:17
87.   blue22
81/83 - Thanks. When the wife suggests going to a Dodger game for our anniversary, no expense is spared!
2006-06-03 11:34:33
88.   Bob Timmermann
bhsportsguy has won the contest.

And it wasn't a Seinfeldian contest either.

2006-06-03 11:39:47
89.   D4P
That gives a whole new meaning to "Lords of the realm"...
2006-06-03 11:41:45
90.   sanchez101
79. ive been following those articles since he started two years ago. I wonder, though, if you can really approach the draft in the way he has. The past isnt always the best predictor of the future.
2006-06-03 11:43:18
91.   Bob Timmermann
Vishal had the correct answer also, but couldn't go to the game.
2006-06-03 11:45:27
92.   Bob Timmermann
The DBacks are back ahead 3-2 on a homer by Chad Tracy.

Is it ever going to stop raining in New York.

The forecast says it should stop around 3.

2006-06-03 11:46:39
93.   Bob Timmermann
Our old friend makes it 4-2 DBacks with an RBI single.
2006-06-03 11:47:45
94.   LAT
I'm getting tired of this Shawn Green guy. All the sudden he's Mr. Clutch.
2006-06-03 11:47:54
95.   D4P
It better stop raining in New York. I'll be visiting the facade and fascia on the 15th.
2006-06-03 11:49:18
96.   Steve
He's like a tall Juan Pierre. Watch out, or Dusty's going to be offering Mark Prior for him.
2006-06-03 11:50:30
97.   LAT
Let it rain. Nothing I'd like more than to see the Giants have to make an end of season trip to NY to make up three games. I'm for anything that tires out those old men sooner.
2006-06-03 11:52:51
98.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers would be better served if the Mets have to play a doubleheader tomorrow instead of today.
2006-06-03 12:00:08
99.   LAT
98. Good point. Not to mention if we are in a season end dog fight with the Giants and the Mets have clinched they will be trotting out their call-ups. OK disregard my 97. Let's have a late night Sun NY-SF double header.
2006-06-03 12:02:34
100.   Bob Timmermann
John Smoltz and Enrique Gonzalez have combined for 18 strikeouts and 1 walk in 6 1/2 innings in Atlanta.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-06-03 12:09:35
101.   Steve
The D-Backs' announcer, on a (bad) strike call, with the Braves batting, just referred to Dana DeMuth's "floating strike zone"
2006-06-03 12:19:38
102.   gpellamjr
43 Strangest thing. One of the students in my Roman Republic class is a retired lawyer who went to Harvard Law. She told me she took contract law with the guy Kingsfield is based on. Apparently they are nothing alike, except that they are tough.
2006-06-03 12:40:19
103.   aloofman
Is today's (Saturday's) game on TV at all? Or do we only get the Angels' blowout instead?
2006-06-03 12:42:02
104.   GoBears
Channel 13.
2006-06-03 13:03:07
105.   natepurcell
Nate: I have heard that the Dodgers like Clayton Kershaw (as do the Tigers with the 6th pick) and if he is not there, the name I hear is Jeremy Jeffress, any thoughts.

Jeffress is about 6'1 180lbs or so with room for growth. he has the best arm strength in the draft and is the only 2nd HS pitcher ever to touch triple digits (he did it in front of tons of scouts in a game in early may/late april including dodger scouts). he probably has the best, most fluid delivery of the prep class and the ball just explodes out of his hand. He is a great competitor, elite athleticism and has good makeup.

BUT, even though his slider shows potential to be a plus pitch, it is inconsitent right now. His change up is a work in progress because he doesnt need to use it to dominate HS competition.

Jeffress has a ton of potential, but he is kind of raw as a pitcher and the organization that selects him will have to take it slow with him.

Would I pick Jeffress at #7? Eh, I dunno. It would be a bit of a reach. I am just praying that Kershaw drops to us.

2006-06-03 13:04:14
106.   natepurcell
I hate fox, the game is blacked out on

I want to watch kemp and guzman!

2006-06-03 13:05:50
107.   aloofman
GoBears, thanks!
2006-06-03 13:12:33
108.   sanchez101
Lyons: "... Rollins just doesnt seem to bunt enough ..."
2006-06-03 13:18:16
109.   Blu2
On several occaisons this season Vinnie has remarked on the 200 point difference in Cruz's batting average, between right and left sides. This really isn't uncommon among players who "think" they are switch-hitters. What I've never been able to understand is why the manager doesn't go to such a player and simply say, "You're a righthander from now on." Last year Cruz was a much better player overall, he seemed to hustle, put a lot of effort in everything he done. I was an advocate of resigning him. This year he seems lackadasical, like his effort is well under 100%. I'm sure we could get something for him, even if it's only a PTBNL.
2006-06-03 13:23:06
110.   Gen3Blue
Well here we are for another TV-less saturday in much of the country due to Fox.
Do you guys on the west coast get to see the game. Well to gameday we go.
I don't see why Fox wants to black out the whole afternoon, they never show a late game
ie. 4pm Est or 1 pm PT
2006-06-03 13:23:50
111.   Marty
109 If nothing else, I'd take a PB&J for him.
2006-06-03 13:24:31
112.   natepurcell
so why do they show cardinals vs cubs in tucson? Isnt tucson closer to LA!?!?! stupid fox.
2006-06-03 13:25:20
113.   sanchez101
109. i dont think you can just tell players what to do like that. anyway, i think cruz's platoon splits have fluctuated back and forth throughout his career. In 2002 he was better as a lefthanded hitter and over the past 3 years his LH OPS is over 100 points better than his LH OPS this year.

Cruz is also one of the most inconsistant players in the game, last year the DBacks were saying the same things only to trade him and watch him tear it apart for the Dodgers. I think Little will use him until he heats up again (could be June could be September) and then use him in the starting lineup. Also, he's probably a bit distracted with the disappearance of his brother.

2006-06-03 13:28:13
114.   sanchez101
113. that should say "...Little will (use him as a reserve) until ..."
2006-06-03 13:29:16
115.   JoeyP
Brito wont last very long today pitching like this.
2006-06-03 13:30:21
116.   Steve
Maybe Brito will flourish as a closer.
2006-06-03 13:30:38
117.   sanchez101
"J" "D" "Drew"
2006-06-03 13:31:11
118.   JoeyP
He's got nothin.
2006-06-03 13:31:36
119.   Steve
"Dav" "Id" "Drew"
2006-06-03 13:32:01
120.   Nagman
Does Drew always wear his socks high like that? Seems different.
2006-06-03 13:32:42
121.   Andrew Shimmin
Somebody should introduce the White Sox to Repko. He could be a passable Rowand replacement. Especially if Garland is on the table. We could throw in Izzy!
2006-06-03 13:33:09
122.   JoeyP
That was bad luck for Kemp.
2006-06-03 13:33:14
123.   natepurcell
did kemp hit it hard?
2006-06-03 13:33:17
124.   Steve
And especially if you pronounce Garland "Mick" "Car" "Thee"
2006-06-03 13:33:46
125.   natepurcell
or should i say, did kemp show a good approach at the plate?
2006-06-03 13:34:27
126.   D4P
Great job by Aybar there. That kinda sacrifice won't show up in the box score.
2006-06-03 13:34:32
127.   sanchez101
how was that a basehit?
2006-06-03 13:34:44
128.   JoeyP
Did Utley lose it in the sun?
2006-06-03 13:34:44
129.   Blu2
(113) Well, if I'm signing his paychecks, he bats the way I tell him. This isn't the same as telling a left-handed hitter he's going to hit right-handed from now on... Presumably he can hit from either side, I'm just telling him which side to hit from. Actuslly, I wouldn't even play him; if I have to have a .240 hitting outfielder in the line up, my preference would be for a young kid who will (hopefully) get better, has more power capability, and is only cosing me $335,000 a year, not ten times that.
2006-06-03 13:35:54
130.   underdog
Yeah, what happened? GameDay says "Joel Guzman singles on a pop up to second baseman Chase Utley."

I'll take it. Not the best of debuts so far for young Mr. Brito. Sounds like Kemp hit his hard, too.

2006-06-03 13:36:04
131.   D4P
I'm hoping Jon will let us know what number career AB Guzman needs to reach before it's no longer ironic to criticize his lack of patience.
2006-06-03 13:37:47
132.   Andrew Shimmin
124- Greedy.
2006-06-03 13:37:54
133.   JoeyP
This game should be a win if Penny can ration his pitches. He threw 23 in the 1st, and only 1 guy reached base.
2006-06-03 13:39:26
134.   Gen3Blue
Are people watching it on MLB TV or is Fox showing it out west?
2006-06-03 13:39:59
135.   sanchez101
Penny looks much better today than he did his last two starts. FOXs gun has him 91-94 on his fastball and his curveball looks good.
2006-06-03 13:40:18
136.   fldude
Anyone know how fast Penny is throwing today?
2006-06-03 13:43:14
137.   Aug C
Can someone explain why channel 13 is showing the Fox game? Do they have some kind of deal together?
2006-06-03 13:43:41
138.   Andrew Shimmin
Now I see. Garland has thirty million bucks coming to him over this year and the next two. Well, that should work out well.
2006-06-03 13:44:18
139.   Andrew Shimmin
137- Fox owns channel 13. Like CBS owns channel 9.
2006-06-03 13:44:18
140.   sanchez101
136. he's been sitting at 94 this inning
2006-06-03 13:45:54
141.   natepurcell
ah man, fasano's playing today and i cant watch it.
2006-06-03 13:46:41
142.   sanchez101
when Navarro is traded, i want Fasano as the backup
2006-06-03 13:47:15
143.   Aug C
139- Much obliged.
2006-06-03 13:48:42
144.   D4P
Garland has thirty million bucks coming to him over this year and the next two

Stupid long-term contracts...

2006-06-03 13:49:36
145.   Andrew Shimmin
141- And he's wearing the black junk under his eyes. It's glorious.
2006-06-03 13:49:44
146.   natepurcell

If Colletti can sign Fasano this offseason and puts a clause in his contract that Fasano needs to keep his 'stache all year, Colletti would be my hero and it would make up for trading for Baez.

2006-06-03 13:50:05
147.   sanchez101
things are not going well for the philly defense
2006-06-03 13:50:48
148.   Sam DC
Anyone know why Sir Albert came out in St. Louis?
2006-06-03 13:52:45
149.   natepurcell

tweaked his back.

2006-06-03 13:52:56
150.   Andrew Shimmin
148- Tweaked his back. Didn't look too bad (I saw a replay), but I guess it hurt enough to sit.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-06-03 13:53:53
151.   Uncle Miltie
Cruz walks a ton. I bet they are showcasing him for a trade, maybe to the Yankees
2006-06-03 13:56:11
152.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
In the span of 12 batters, seven hits and a walk. Wow.
2006-06-03 13:56:12
153.   sanchez101
I dont think Cruz will be traded until at least Repko comes off the DL.
2006-06-03 14:02:28
154.   sanchez101
deja vu
2006-06-03 14:02:43
155.   natepurcell
How do you walk the pitcher penny?
2006-06-03 14:07:59
156.   DXMachina
So, any bets on whether Penny makes it through the fifth?
2006-06-03 14:09:02
157.   Louis in SF
Good news from New York it is raining hard, they haven't done another rain delay yet, but it does seem to be a possibility.
2006-06-03 14:10:29
158.   sanchez101
Kemp was late by half a step, he can really fly
2006-06-03 14:12:46
159.   Blu2
(153) Unfortuately he probably won't be trade at all. He has probably less value than Odalis. Remember we picked him up off waivers. I'd sleep well tonight if I knew he would be DFA when Repko returns.
2006-06-03 14:13:14
160.   Blu2
(153) Unfortuately he probably won't be trade at all. He has probably less value than Odalis. Remember we picked him up off waivers. I'd sleep well tonight if I knew he would be DFA when Repko returns.
2006-06-03 14:13:15
161.   Blu2
(153) Unfortuately he probably won't be trade at all. He has probably less value than Odalis. Remember we picked him up off waivers. I'd sleep well tonight if I knew he would be DFA when Repko returns.
2006-06-03 14:15:18
162.   sanchez101
159. youre hilarious
2006-06-03 14:16:18
163.   Blu2
That probably wasn't worth saying three times, I tried to post but the site just froze. I had to try it three times before it would upload and then it did it three times. I hate when that happens.... Sorry.
2006-06-03 14:16:25
164.   thinkblue0

I've read a few rumors of Odalis and Cruz to the Yanks...probably wouldn't get anything in return, but who cares if they're willing to take the salary.

2006-06-03 14:19:46
165.   Blu2
(164) Can we add in Baeys and Hamulack without hurting the deal?
2006-06-03 14:23:18
166.   Uncle Miltie
Why would we DFA Cruz? He's a solid backup. Is he not scrappy enough?

Kemp is so much better than Lofton. If Lofton was playing CF that would have been a run.

2006-06-03 14:23:29
167.   Andrew Shimmin
Steve Lyons was the only Beaver taken in the first round of the 1981 draft. So, I don't know what he was talking about.

2006-06-03 14:24:31
168.   dsfan
Little checks on Penny, possible finger blister, or back injury, or shoulder injury. Stays in game. Throws high curveball to Bell.
2006-06-03 14:25:46
169.   Gen3Blue
Well, at least we don't have to worry about Penny getting left in for 200 pitches cause he has a no-no going.
2006-06-03 14:26:14
170.   natepurcell
Can someone check Fasano's rate2 for me please.
2006-06-03 14:26:58
171.   thinkblue0

It's too bad, but I don't think anyone would have remote interest in Hamulack ;)

Baez cracks me up...all he does is whine and complain that he wants to close and he CLEARLY shouldn't be closing for anyone.

Someone is going to give that guy like 5 mill per to be a closer next year...and we'll gladly take the draft picks.

2006-06-03 14:27:32
172.   underdog
St Louis has a "1-2-3" line score so far (R-H-E). Not one of their best games of the season.
2006-06-03 14:28:55
173.   Andrew Shimmin
170- 100 this year, career 105. It was 355 in 2002!
2006-06-03 14:49:11
174.   Marty
Wow, that was unlucky for Kemp. He hit it hard.
2006-06-03 14:51:10
175.   natepurcell
it seems like kemp has been pretty unlucky so far.
2006-06-03 14:51:10
176.   dsfan
Anyone know how Penny's foulball allowed rates compare to the norm?

He seems to give up a lot of them. It's a factor in his high pitch counts.

Penny has a nice foundation with his fastball and curve, two plus pitches. But if he's going to work deep into games more often, he probably needs to develop his changeup or learn to change speeds off his fastball.

2006-06-03 14:52:42
177.   underdog
Did you know Guzman is Spanish for "swing first"?

(Delayed reaction because the blog was down for a few mins:) Jose Cruz said "DFA this!" last inning.

Meanwhile, the Mets are winning in the 6th, so I hope they hold that lead and then they call it...

2006-06-03 14:52:46
178.   Disabled List
The rookies are 1 for 10 so far today. The one hit was Guzman's pop single in the first.
2006-06-03 14:53:27
179.   thinkblue0
maybe we can have Lofton pitch relief instead of Baez...couldn't be any worse, right?
2006-06-03 14:54:01
180.   underdog
Argh, take back what I just said. That damned rookie Alfonzo just hit a two run homer, SF's now up.
2006-06-03 14:55:58
181.   Marty
Lyons really needs to stop talking about himself.
2006-06-03 14:56:23
182.   Disabled List
Penny must be thrilled. He's qualified for the win.
2006-06-03 14:57:58
183.   DXMachina
Penny got through that inning with only nine pitches.
2006-06-03 14:59:40
184.   Gen3Blue
176 just so. Are you the legendary Phillies fan, if so welcome.
2006-06-03 15:00:52
185.   Gen3Blue
Sorry your monicker would belay that-must be a similiar tag.
2006-06-03 15:01:16
186.   Disabled List
According to Gameday, Penny has thrown 112 pitches. I can't imagine he'll be out for the 7th inning, regardless of the one-hitter.

I'm guessing he already has Baez tied and gagged down in his locker. He's very protective of his W-L record, as we all know.

2006-06-03 15:02:30
187.   underdog
112 pitches in 6 innings. Guess taking him out was the thing to do. He really does need to learn to throw more off speed and get through innings with less pitches, even working one inning deeper (7th) would make a big difference. But one hit shutout isn't too shabby, won't complain.
2006-06-03 15:04:18
188.   Bob Timmermann

The pinch hitter for Penny indicates to me that he's not coming out for the 7th.

I have a hunch about this ...

2006-06-03 15:06:15
189.   DXMachina
This is one of those rule things again, isn't it?
2006-06-03 15:06:59
190.   underdog
I'm guessing he typed that before Ethier came up? (To cut some slack)

Meanwhile, who's coming in? {shudder}

2006-06-03 15:07:34
191.   Gen3Blue
Might be best to let Penny hit for himself, then pull him. Until we get some more data the only weak hitters we have are Cruz and Furcal.
2006-06-03 15:07:40
192.   underdog
C'mon Hamulack! Get Gagne that save situation...
2006-06-03 15:08:29
193.   Marty
Gah. It's our second-best lefthander.
2006-06-03 15:10:44
194.   underdog
Should Hamulack turn around and throw from the other side to face the right handers? Maybe that would help.
2006-06-03 15:12:31
195.   das411
So Steve....are you sure this isn't a getaway day?
2006-06-03 15:12:37
196.   Marty
The announcers continue to talk about Rowand even though he struck out a couple minutes ago.
2006-06-03 15:12:53
197.   Linkmeister
Completely O/T, but if the "Lost" fans are interested in photos of the locations used in the show, here's a gallery (all pix taken by a friend of mine except official ones as noted):

2006-06-03 15:14:30
198.   Disabled List
188 C'mon Bob, cut us delayed Gameday-ers some slack. ;)
2006-06-03 15:14:30
199.   Marty
192 Gagne is supposedly unavailable. A. Martinez even mentioned elbow stiffness once earlier today. But I've heard no other talk of that.
2006-06-03 15:15:38
200.   Gen3Blue
Hamulack might have "got it"
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-06-03 15:18:38
201.   overkill94
"The "Bi-" "Son"
2006-06-03 15:18:46
202.   sanchez101
"Matt" "Ke" "Mp"

"Matt" "Ke" "Mp"

2006-06-03 15:18:53
203.   Louis in SF
Great chance for Gagne today....given the lefty problem the Dodgers seem to be having ie Hammaluck. Kuo at the begining of the season was pitching against both lefties and righties. How has he been since he has been in Vegas?
2006-06-03 15:19:14
204.   Greg Brock
Boy, does the ball jump off his bat. That looked like a flyout.
2006-06-03 15:19:56
205.   natepurcell
my goodness another homerun? was this one a line drive, a high majestic blast or did he just force it out with the strength of a bison?
2006-06-03 15:20:35
206.   sanchez101
Kemp took an unbalanced swing, and hit it out to centerfield, the longest part of the park. Holy crap.
2006-06-03 15:21:23
207.   overkill94
205 Strength of a bison. Looked like a lazy fly ball but just kept carrying.

Hey, Guzman drew a walk, who woulda thunk.

2006-06-03 15:21:39
208.   Disabled List
Three HR in three games for M. Bison.

I think the Phillies pitchers will be glad not to have to face him any more this year.

2006-06-03 15:21:42
209.   Bob Timmermann
One would think on a hot day like today there would be more than one home run.

And it's pretty hot in Downtown L.A. today.

And there are strange bugs flying around and I'd prefer not to identify the one that flew into my hair while I was out for lunch. It took about six of us to subdue it.

2006-06-03 15:21:56
210.   Gen3Blue
Clondrey's in a Quandry
2006-06-03 15:22:05
211.   Sam DC
Heading out for date night. My last comment, upon seeing The Bison homer followed by the four pitch walk by Jor El.


2006-06-03 15:22:16
212.   sanchez101
205. a terrible parabola
2006-06-03 15:22:49
213.   underdog
Go Kemp, Go Kemp, w00t w00t!
2006-06-03 15:23:20
214.   Bob Timmermann

Is this a "Married Person's" Date Night or a "Single Person's" Date Night?

2006-06-03 15:23:33
215.   Uncle Miltie
Kemp is a beast

Productive Out(s) by Martin. He moved the runner over!

2006-06-03 15:23:47
216.   MartinBillingsley31
Wow, i'm sold on kemp.
Guzman is walking, good sign.
I love these prospects.
Please ned, do not trade these prospects, 2007 is looking very good.
2006-06-03 15:23:48
217.   Gen3Blue
Just looking at a Joel bigger than the previous Kemp would have helped draw a walk.
2006-06-03 15:23:55
218.   underdog
Damn. That took about 10 minutes to get posted. Oh well. I'm still excited.
2006-06-03 15:24:43
219.   overkill94
Wow, watching Hamulack attempt to hit was priceless. I especially liked the leg kick and explosive follow-through.
2006-06-03 15:24:46
220.   DXMachina
It was extra productive because he got two outs on it.
2006-06-03 15:27:57
221.   DXMachina
That was Hamulack's first major league at bat.
2006-06-03 15:28:51
222.   natepurcell
hamulack didnt want any part of the Fas'. Who would blame him though.
2006-06-03 15:29:29
223.   D4P
Kemp might be my new favorite player.
2006-06-03 15:30:05
224.   Marty
I'm in love with Kemp.
2006-06-03 15:31:21
225.   natepurcell
to everyone

back up! ive had dibs since 2004.

2006-06-03 15:31:48
226.   Marty
The heat seems to be melting down the Toaster.

I've been getting about 4 political phone calls an hour all day. It's driving me nuts because I'm waiting for a phone call.

2006-06-03 15:31:54
227.   Linkmeister
Hamulack sure has spotty control. Has every hitter he's faced gotten to three balls? Seems like it.

How'd Guzman do on the pivot to throw to second?

2006-06-03 15:32:21
228.   D4P
ive had dibs since 2004

Meh, you've had dibs on every player in the organization.

2006-06-03 15:34:07
229.   overkill94
227 It wasn't the easiest play to make the turn on, he had to charge it a lot. That being said, he looked alright, although his throw almost went into right field.
2006-06-03 15:35:08
230.   Marty
Hamulak the skills to stay on this team.
2006-06-03 15:35:18
231.   Gen3Blue
Better have people up in the Bullpen. I'm an inning behind on gameday.
2006-06-03 15:36:00
232.   Linkmeister
229 Thanks.
2006-06-03 15:37:18
233.   Bob Timmermann
Stanford leads Texas 9-4 in the seventh in the Weisman-Enders showdown in Austin.
2006-06-03 15:38:17
234.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I don't like Hamulack pitching at all but if he must, then this is a perfect situation - atop a huge lead.
2006-06-03 15:38:37
235.   Uncle Miltie
Nate- Kemp was early on a changeup, but he adjusted in midswing and hit a bomb to CF. It was a pretty amazing HR
2006-06-03 15:39:22
236.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Whoa-ho! Broxton enters in a higher leverage situation than Hamulack.
Oh, the wonders!
2006-06-03 15:43:46
237.   Linkmeister
233 UH beat Wright State 5-3 in Corvallis.
2006-06-03 15:43:51
238.   Uncle Miltie
The Bull just overpowered Howard
2006-06-03 15:47:53
239.   Bob Timmermann
The fighting Enderses of Texas put up a 4-spot in the seventh to cut the lead to 9-8. Although the game is at Austin, Stanford is the designated home team.
2006-06-03 15:49:15
240.   Uncle Miltie
Cruz is the most underrated player on the Dodgers. I don't see why anybody would hate him.
2006-06-03 15:49:18
241.   JoeyP
Kemp-Drew-Ethier should be our everyday starting OF.

Time for Cruz/Lofton to be 4th/5th OF'ers.
Repko can play for the 51's when he's back.

2006-06-03 15:52:41
242.   MartinBillingsley31
""""""Kemp-Drew-Ethier should be our everyday starting OF.""""""

Bingo, i agree.

2006-06-03 15:57:36
243.   overkill94
If Kemp and Ethier can continue their torrid pace, it wouldn't be a bad idea to trade Cruz or Lofton to the Yankees or another outfield-challenged team. If either of those rookies starts to slump, however, it might be a good idea to send them back down while their confidence is still pretty high.
2006-06-03 15:58:29
244.   JoeyP
Actually, I might platoon Cruz/Ethier. Cruz is good against LHP.

It'd be cool to trade Lofton or have him go on the DL. He's just sort of a liability. Sort of like in 2004 when Werth should have been playing more, but didnt get time until Roberts/Encarnacion were let go. Lofton needs to go.

2006-06-03 15:59:32
245.   Linkmeister
Guys, guys...Kemp/Ethier haven't even been in 25 games apiece yet. Don't fall in love so fast!

(/uncle mode off)

2006-06-03 16:00:53
246.   sanchez101
Lofton (.315/.377/.420 11sb) is a liability? You have high standards.
2006-06-03 16:01:50
247.   MartinBillingsley31
It'd be cool to trade Lofton or have him go on the DL. He's just sort of a liability. Sort of like in 2004 when Werth should have been playing more, but didnt get time until Roberts/Encarnacion were let go. Lofton needs to go.

Bingo, i totally agree about now and about 2004 example.
Lofton totally reminds me of roberts, and i hated roberts and i hate lofton.
What is it with the dodgers and centerfielders with ABSOLUTELY no power.

2006-06-03 16:02:34
248.   Jon Weisman
Clear error on Furcal, but that is one a taller first baseman might have caught. Just FYI.
2006-06-03 16:02:44
249.   JoeyP
Unless Kemp is Shane Spencer with these homers, I think he's the real deal. You dont get lucky hitting homers.

Cruz/Ethier could make a nice platoon in LF tho.

2006-06-03 16:04:24
250.   Uncle Miltie
That was a terrible error by Fookie
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2006-06-03 16:04:49
251.   overkill94
Anybody else afraid Broxton's arm will fall off? He has thrown a lot of pitches today after going an inning each in the last two games.
2006-06-03 16:04:53
252.   spacebrother
Gagne please.
2006-06-03 16:04:57
253.   Jon Weisman
Save situation, I believe. Tying run is in the hole, and in the hold.
2006-06-03 16:05:33
254.   sanchez101
the encarnacion-lofton parallel couldnt be more wrong. encarnacion's CAREER high eqa is .279 (in 2004 it was .241), lofton's eqa right now is .288. just because you dont like someone or didnt like his signing doesnt mean getting rid of him is a good idea.
2006-06-03 16:05:33
255.   Jon Weisman
(If another pitcher comes in, that is.)

Gagne is not pitching today. Saito is warming up.

2006-06-03 16:05:42
256.   Linkmeister
29 pitches, 14 strikes, 15 balls, per gameday.
2006-06-03 16:05:51
257.   overkill94
245 I agree 100%. Aren't we always shunning small sample sizes?
2006-06-03 16:07:43
258.   Jon Weisman
Ah, but that was a nice, nice play by Nomar to end the game.
2006-06-03 16:08:20
259.   Jon Weisman
If Nomar could have gone to his left last night like he went to his right just now, the Dodgers would be looking for a sweep.
2006-06-03 16:09:28
260.   Linkmeister
253 Gameday shows Penny with the W, but no save for Da Bull.
2006-06-03 16:10:13
261.   Jon Weisman
257 - I just find some of the hostility toward Lofton pretty over-the-top. It's as if on-base perecentage had suddenly become irrelevant. I'm excited about the kids too, but you don't need to trash Lofton to root for them to start. It reflects badly.
2006-06-03 16:11:02
262.   spacebrother
Is there not a difference between small sample size and hitting streaks? The rookies have been playing in so few games that I suppose there isn't much of a difference right now.
2006-06-03 16:11:09
263.   Jon Weisman
260 - See 255.
2006-06-03 16:11:45
264.   Linkmeister
259 What happened on that ball? Gameday is useless for descriptions other than "soft fly ball" or "sharp line drive."
2006-06-03 16:12:36
265.   JoeyP
254. What about the Roberts-Lofton parallel? Its not what Lofton has done to this point. Its what you expect him to do from this point on. The guy is old. I'd be thankful for getting what the Dodgers got out of him, and selling high.
2006-06-03 16:12:37
266.   Linkmeister
263 Ah. I missed the conditional phrase. Thanks.
2006-06-03 16:12:51
267.   Marty
Kemp's on pace for 109 HRs. That should lock up the ROY for him...
2006-06-03 16:14:08
268.   Jon Weisman
It was a sharp line drive.
2006-06-03 16:14:36
269.   JoeyP
I just find some of the hostility toward Lofton pretty over-the-top. It's as if on-base perecentage had suddenly become irrelevant

No, its more that Lofton is old and likely to wear down. Its his age that has become ultra relevant.

If Lofton were 24 the attitude would be differing.

2006-06-03 16:15:04
270.   Jon Weisman
239 - Stanford adds insurance runs. 12-8, 9th inning
2006-06-03 16:16:51
271.   overkill94
261 Exactly, how can you bag on someone hitting over .300? We're all excited about the kids because they represent a bright future, but for right now Lofton is probably more of an asset than Kemp or Ethier are. Lofton's only on a 1-year contract, can't the kids wait one more year?
2006-06-03 16:17:32
272.   sanchez101
265. Lofton is playing better right now than Roberts has ever played in any year of his career. Lofton has been has consistently hit better than the average CF over the past couple years, and at times been well over average. There is nothing wrong with selling high on him, but their is absolutly no rush, he would be traded because of depth not because he cant play.
2006-06-03 16:18:35
273.   overkill94
269 Shouldn't we wait until he does wear down before we crucify him? We're not talking about a long-term commitment here.
2006-06-03 16:19:10
274.   Gen3Blue
I can't understand the hostility against Lofton. Vets and rookies make a good blend in the right proportion and I like an outfield of Ethier,Lofton,Kemp. Though I like Cruz and appreciate his contr. to the D's, I don't understand people choosing him over Lofton(thats what it amounts to) if they check batting averages and stolen base success. Any stat you like.
And if I only had this year and my own eyes to judge by, Furcal is brutal defensively. He better hit a passal(whatever that is) over Isturiz.
2006-06-03 16:20:49
275.   Marty
A passle a little more than a bunch but not as much as a whole bunch.
2006-06-03 16:22:47
276.   Uncle Miltie
261- I don't hate Lofton. He's a nice bench player. Kemp should at least be given a chance to start in CF until pitchers figure him out.
2006-06-03 16:23:19
277.   sanchez101
Furcal hit .311/.366/.429 in May, that probably has something to do with the Dodgers leading the NL in runs scored during that span.
2006-06-03 16:25:24
278.   natepurcell
you know whats funny? we still have the 7th, 19th, 55th, and 82nd best prospects still left in the minors.
2006-06-03 16:28:48
279.   sanchez101
278. i was thinking about that today. according to BA, our 1st and 2nd best prospects are still in the minors. Id just like to see this lineup once, perhaps in a meaningless Sept game:

ss Hu
2b Aybar
rf Ethier
cf Kemp
lf Guzman
3b LaRoche
c Martin
1b Loney
sp Billingsley

2006-06-03 16:29:35
280.   the OZ
Anyone know where I can track the UCLA-Pepperdine baseball score? I can't find one anywhere.
2006-06-03 16:30:11
281.   Uncle Miltie
Billingsley, LaRoche, Elbert (?), ???????
2006-06-03 16:31:31
282.   natepurcell

dewitt. he is struggling a bit at vero. he is hitting for avg but the power hasnt showed up yet.

2006-06-03 16:33:12
283.   Uncle Miltie
Is Kemp 6'4 or 6'2? All the broadcasters say he is 6'4 as does Baseball America and the baseball cube, but the Dodgers website has him at 6'2. He looks like he may be in between those two heights.
2006-06-03 16:34:38
284.   natepurcell

the 6'4 was his listed height when he was drafted. More often then not, that height is fibbed a bit. the most recent measurements are on and they have him as 6'2. I believe the 6'2 more then 6'4 he is a big 6'2.

2006-06-03 16:36:23
285.   lakerican
261 Paradox. I don't hate him but he is a bench player. Milton, yes, you hate him. A bench player is Ramon Martinez. A bench player is Santos Alomar. A bench player is a player who has an established player playing in from of him and is not capable of playing consistent 4 of 6 days a week truout a season. Maybe that is not your definition of a bench player but I am trying; not labeling falsely a player with the wrong label...
2006-06-03 16:37:17
286.   Bob Timmermann
The UCLA-Pepperdine game was delayed in its start because the Missour-UCI game went 14 innings (Missouri winning)

Go to

2006-06-03 16:38:09
287.   Linkmeister
280 Here:

That's the official NCAA baseball Div 1 site.

2006-06-03 16:40:56
288.   Linkmeister
Oh, if anyone runs across sites which talk in code, Firefox now has an extension called "Leetkey" which allows instant translation from/to text to coded text.

I run across sites with spoilers sometimes, and the considerate folks who post often use Rot-13 or even Morse, both of which are accomodated by that extension. Do a search at the FF extension page.

2006-06-03 16:44:24
289.   Uncle Miltie
285- Bill Plaschke?

Yes I hate Lofton. I hate guys who don't show up on my spread sheets. I only like three true outcomes players.

I did not realize that you were a clairvoyant. I apologize for lying to you. Please forgive me.

2006-06-03 16:53:53
290.   lakerican
289 No Lakerican

If you don't have argument, please don't insult me.

It is not verborhea...

2006-06-03 17:17:27
291.   Steve
I don't hate him but he is a bench player.

I don't really have a dog in this hunt, except that Kemp should obviously be playing every day, so there's one spot left. Whatever the case, this statement is not a paradox. It may be wrong, but it is not a paradox.

2006-06-03 17:18:40
292.   Bob Timmermann
Oliver Wendell Holmes said the right of free speech does not extend to call someone "Bill Plaschke" in a crowded theater.
2006-06-03 17:23:31
293.   natepurcell
good news.

andy laroche has gotten his BA passed the .300 mark with his 3rd inning homerun. he is 2-2 today and his BA is .302

his OBP is north of .400

2006-06-03 17:31:29
294.   JoeyP
Though I like Cruz and appreciate his contr. to the D's, I don't understand people choosing him over Lofton(thats what it amounts to) if they check batting averages and stolen base success. Any stat you like

Birth certificate, defense, and OPS vs LHP.

Kemp should obviously be playing every day, so there's one spot left.

When a LH is on the mound, Cruz should play ahead of both Lofton/Ethier. So that leaves whether to play Lofton or Ethier vs RHP. I'll take Ethier until he proves he cant do it.

2006-06-03 17:42:41
295.   Uncle Miltie
Cruz leads the team in walks, is hitting .299/.435/.463 while batting 2nd. Coming into today's game, he was batting .342/.435/.526 vs. LHP. Those numbers have gone up. Why do people hate Cruz? Because he's never been an All Star like Lofton?
2006-06-03 17:50:04
296.   JoeyP
It must be the scrap factor.
Cruz just doenst "look" as scrappy as Lofton.
Also, Lofton's reputation from 10yrs ago still carries some weight.
2006-06-03 17:52:55
297.   sanchez101
295. because he looks "lethargic." The idea that he should be DFA'd is laughable.
2006-06-03 18:20:34
298.   Underbruin
274 - "I like an outfield of Ethier,Lofton,Kemp."

Paging J. D. Drew to the white courtesy phone...

2006-06-03 18:45:49
299.   natepurcell
hmmm i think i was just in a tornado.

my room overlooks a river bed and the mountains. my blinds are closed but i hear wind sounds coming from out my window. The sounds get really loud after like 5 mins so i open my blinds to see whats up.

what do i see? A huge dustball coming at me. One minute later, i cant see 20 feet away, theres dust and sand from the riverbed in the air everywhere, things are flying in the air that are not suppose to be and this is the kicker, its raining. I'm in tucson and its 100 degrees outside and my windown is covered in rain. this is insane.

2006-06-03 18:48:29
300.   natepurcell
crap, the dust/rain storm is coming back. I have never seen anything like this.
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2006-06-03 19:20:15
301.   LAT
I hope you closed the window.
2006-06-03 19:26:30
302.   natepurcell
Are you kidding me!??! Damion Easley... 3 homeruns today.

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