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Perez Replaces Seo in Rotation
2006-06-03 15:41
by Jon Weisman

'Tis a rotating rotation, tisn't it?

Jae Seo now goes on Aaron Sele watch.

Today, the Dodgers threw a 188-pitch two-hitter, walking nine and striking out 14.

By the way, if I'm not mistaken, Aaron Rowand has robbed Andre Ethier with the same diving catch two games in a row.

Update: In their fairly persistent pruning of the bullpen, the Dodgers have sent down Tim Hamulack after another strikeout-heavy but otherwise shaky performance and recalled Hong-Chih Kuo.

I know, I know - some are waiting impatiently for Danys Baez to get his pink slip. But this year, you have to slide all the way down the totem pole before that happens. Baez has unshimmied past Takashi Saito and Jonathan Broxton (and of course, Eric Gagne), maybe Joe Beimel (which is still so strange), but there's still a couple spots to go.

2006-06-03 15:50:12
1.   Bob Timmermann
Every game with Aaron Sele pitching is the baseball equivalent of Jenga played on board a listing ship.
2006-06-03 15:52:04
2.   JoeyP
OP's facing the Mets his first start back.
Thats a tough one.
2006-06-03 15:54:29
3.   Bob Timmermann
Odalis Perez vs Kaz Matsui in a duel of underachievers!
2006-06-03 16:10:47
4.   twerp
Maybe Seo should be on Tomko watch, given Tomko's last couple outings and that Sele's still Ok so far...
2006-06-03 16:33:08
5.   sanchez101
I think its an appropriate time to replace Seo with Perez. The next starter that falter, im looking at you Tomko, will bring on Billingsley
2006-06-03 16:46:52
6.   twerp
Speaking of rotating rotations, what's anyone's take on Tampa Bay's price for Scott Kazmir?

If a LH starter 22 years old, 7-3, 3.15, 12 starts, 71 IP, 71 hits, 75 SO, 26 BB, can be had, he might be a better acquisition than some veterans...

Career stats 290 IP, 276 hits, 290 SO...hmmmm...

TB might say he's untouchable, but they might be willing to "build" around a few lesser talents....?

2006-06-03 17:43:37
7.   sanchez101
6. no, that is impossible, that will never happen.
2006-06-03 19:34:36
8.   ToyCannon
Can we have D Sanchez back? Man I really liked that trade at the time.

I am at a loss for words for how impressive Matt Kemp has been in all phases of the game. His homers have all been prodigious shots and it just seems laughable now that some minor league analysts felt his power was a result of the VB park. The fact that he's only 21 just makes me goose pimply and Piazza was the last prospect that did that to me. Evidently he and Nomar love the batters eye at DS.

Someday JtD will actually hit the ball hard in the air. Someday..........

2006-06-03 21:35:11
9.   Gagne55
I like this move. Jay has been Seo-Seo at best . Perez has been inconsistent his whole career, but when healthy has shown dominance in the past. I really want Billingsly up soon, though.
2006-06-03 23:45:34
10.   capdodger
8 Evidently he and Nomar love the batters eye at DS.

Not to be to prodding, but do you have anything to back this up except the results?

2006-06-04 11:06:34
11.   elan cohen
6. if kazmir was available (which i have no reason to believe he is) the dodgers should give the drays any player from the system that they want with the exception of kemp or billingsly.

Perez fastball seems to have no life these days. when he first came to l.a. his FB seemed to hit between 88-90. now he's lucky to hit 85. anyone know if anything is wrong with his arm??

2006-06-04 15:38:20
12.   twerp
Earlier this season Tomko said improved off speed stuff--several MPH slower--was key to his success.

Any ideas specifically what's happened to him and his stuff lately?

When Tomko was signed, Colletti commented that his stuff was as good as that of any Giant starter. Not sure who SF starters were then, but still.... What holds him back from being an elite pitcher instead of near the back of a rotation (where he seems to be headed again if he's not already there)?

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