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Furcal, Garciaparra Rest
2006-06-04 10:22
by Jon Weisman
Comments (261)
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2006-06-04 10:28:31
1.   Greg Brock
Hamulack down to Vegas tomorrow, Kuo up. And by Kuo, I mean not Billingsley...Oh, well.
2006-06-04 10:33:50
2.   Bob Timmermann
Arizona is up 2-0 already.

The Dodgers hold on the wildcard spot is tenuous as the Reds are just 1/2 game back and they've laid waste to the Houston pitching staff this weekend.

Oswalt is pitching for Houston today.

In Atlanta, Miguel Batista is facing Jorge Sosa.

2006-06-04 10:49:30
3.   sanchez101
Kemp batting 3rd?! Thats the most suprising thing ive seen this season.

For all the talk about the rookies, we should give credit to some reserve veterans that have done a great job at the plate:

Lucille II: .305 eqa
Olmedo Saenz: .299 eqa
Sandy Alomar: .272 eqa
Jose Cruz: .277 eqa

2006-06-04 10:50:59
4.   Bluebleeder87
Arizona is playing really well.
2006-06-04 10:56:55
5.   Greg Brock
Unless Webb goes 28-0 (which is not entirely out of the question), I'm just not a believer in the D'Backs.
2006-06-04 10:58:33
6.   Bob Timmermann
Arizona has won 11 of its last 15. And with the exception of three games against the Pirates, they've played pretty good teams in New York, Atlanta, and Cincinnati.
2006-06-04 11:09:46
7.   Eric Enders
It's not often you say this, but... great article by Plaschke today.
2006-06-04 11:12:39
8.   Greg Brock
Bob, that rotation after Webb (Vargas, Cruz, Batista, injured Russ Ortiz) shouldn't inspire confidence out in AZ. But Jackson, Quentin, Upton the Younger, Drew the Younger...It should be a two team race for the rest of the decade.
2006-06-04 11:15:57
9.   Greg S
Matt Kemp, with less than a month experience above A ball, is batting 3rd for the Los Angeles Dodgers.
And I would bet on them to win.
Strange but good times.
2006-06-04 11:17:03
10.   s choir
Good morning all.

Does anyone know why the Reds are playing so well?

2006-06-04 11:30:21
11.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers are a slight (-140) betting line favorite.

The Reds are playing well because their pitching is not as bad as people suspected it would be. Bronson Arroyo has been surprisingly good.

2006-06-04 11:31:13
12.   D4P
Lucille batting II?
2006-06-04 11:32:55
13.   Bob Timmermann
I'm going to keep running jokes using this formula into the ground.

Someone has to bat second or else people will keep getting called out for batting out of order.

2006-06-04 11:35:58
14.   D4P
I'd prefer Someone over Lucille.
2006-06-04 11:38:38
15.   Bob Timmermann
The Fighting Enderses lead NC State 2-1 in the 6th. If they win, they would have to beat the Fighting Weismans later today and then tomorrow to move on in the NCAA tournament.
2006-06-04 11:40:18
16.   bigcpa
Wacky lineup! Too many RH bats in there against Myers. I see a golden sombrero for either Guzman or Saenz.
2006-06-04 11:41:57
17.   Vaudeville Villain
Cincinatti also has the third best team OPS in the National League, behind Milwaukee(!?) and the Dodgers.

They've also done well to replace the Joe Randa/ whoever the hell played second base for them last year duo on the infield with Edwin Encarnacion at third and Brandon Phillips at second. Each is playing very well offensively.

2006-06-04 11:42:13
18.   Bob Timmermann
Oswalt was scatched in Houston with back spasms. Fernando Nieve was given the start instead.
2006-06-04 11:46:40
19.   Bob Timmermann
The Reds didn't have a regular second baseman last year. Rich Aurilia played the most there, but that was just 64 games.

Meanwhile Arizona has gone ahead 5-1 in the 6th in Atlanta.

2006-06-04 11:48:32
20.   bigcpa
I would have done it this way:

Lofton, CF
Aybar, 2B
Drew, RF
Kemp, LF
Saenz, 1B
Guzman, 3B
Martin, C
Martinez, SS
Sele, P

2006-06-04 11:49:33
21.   D4P
I too was thinking Aybar 2, Lucille 8.
2006-06-04 11:51:36
22.   gpellamjr
Is that two straight out of the lineup for Ethier? When do we get to see the Big 5 in there together?
2006-06-04 11:52:06
23.   Vaudeville Villain
Jeff DaVanon was actually a really smart pickup by the Diamondbacks. Same with Damion Easley.

Although, like Eric Byrnes, I'm not sure they can keep up this torrid pace an entire season.

2006-06-04 11:57:33
24.   bigcpa
Anyone having problems loading ESPN player and team pages? All year I've been getting a gray block overlaying the data area. I've reported it but nothing's been done about it.
2006-06-04 12:01:51
25.   Vaudeville Villain

ESPN is working perfectly fine for me.

2006-06-04 12:04:17
26.   gpellamjr
The Braves are useless. Ugh.
2006-06-04 12:04:44
27.   screwballin
Maybe it's a small sample size quirk, but Myers has a 1.50 ERA against lefties, 3.68 vs righties. Last year he was also tougher against lefties, although the split was less pronounced. Maybe that nasty curve is easier for righties?

At any rate, maybe Grittle is playing the odds instead of going with the knee-jerk. I think he deserves credit for that.

2006-06-04 12:06:39
28.   Underbruin
24 - What browser are you using? And whatever it is, have you tried viewing the page in an alternative one?

If you're on a Mac especially, it can present problems. Give Firefox a try, perhaps.

2006-06-04 12:08:13
29.   Linkmeister
7 You're right, that was a good article. Of course, seeing "Big Russ" and "Little Russ" immediately made me think of Tim Russert, but once I got past that...
2006-06-04 12:12:35
30.   Aug C
I just have a point to make to those scoffing at the D-backs' alleged mirage of a hot streak.

We are not going to get full seasons of .300/.380/.500 from four or five different rookies. Nearly everyone on the team is currently over-performing (sans Furcal, Drew, and Kent). Is Nomar really going to hit .380 the entire year? I certainly hope so, and with Pujols' injury he could even be the all-star starter, but it's not very likely... like how it would be nice for all our insane rookies to continue to surpass their minor league production at the major league level - lovely to think about but obviously not something we should count on.

The good news is that even if we got a little less than the production we're currently getting, it's still probably good enough to win the division. But if we want to keep winning at the rate we're winning, we need to increase the intrinsic talent on the team. I'm hoping for a 2004 DePo-like move to bring in another quality arm down the stretch, hopefully someone who gives us more than one start.

P.S. I'm not saying none of the rookies will post better-than-their-minor-league-career numbers, just that not all of them will.

2006-06-04 12:14:56
31.   Bluebleeder87

you were right about the article.

2006-06-04 12:18:46
32.   Marty
I'll miss most if not all of the game today. I'm heading out for a dim sum brunch. It's nice to have someone who speaks Mandarin going with me.
2006-06-04 12:19:39
33.   Nick Iyengar
"Old friend" Scott Erickson's ERA has swollen to 8.31 after giving up 3 ER in one inning today against the Orioles.
2006-06-04 12:20:56
34.   bigcpa
28 I'm on IE 6.0. This is a screen cap of what's happening:

It happens at home and work so I don't think it's on my end.

2006-06-04 12:27:44
35.   Underbruin
7 - The article's content is good, but the writing style is vintage Plaschke. Also, he claims Russ has 5 CS and has allowed 5 - he's allowed 8, I believe (not a huge sin, but don't they have interns there or something?). And Plaschke, quoting OBP, as a positive stat?! The world is coming to an end.
2006-06-04 12:30:48
36.   Underbruin
34 - Hmm... Well, I'd say at least try a different browser. I don't think I've had that same problem yet - I just went to the same page (Blue Jays's sched) and it showed up okay.
2006-06-04 12:34:12
37.   screwballin
And Plaschke, quoting OBP, as a positive stat?!

Only when it serves his agenda.

Plaschke has a rep at the LAT for being a good feature writer but a lousy columnist. In my eyes, the former doesn't mitigate the latter.

2006-06-04 12:37:26
38.   Underbruin
37 - In my eyes, nothing mitigates Bill Plashcke's existence.
2006-06-04 12:38:37
39.   Nick Iyengar
33 - Actually, Erickson pitched another inning to get his ERA down to 7.45. He's walked 7 and struck out 1 so far this year.
2006-06-04 12:42:21
40.   coachjpark
Any advice for someone throwing out the first pitch for tomorrow's game?
2006-06-04 12:43:44
41.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Damion Easley = four jacks in two games.
2006-06-04 12:45:42
42.   Blu2
Jon, what can we do to see that Big Russ gets a plane ticket and a saxaphone to play our National Anthem at a Dodger game? Yes, I know Little Russ is pulling down something over $335K a year, and a couple of grand is just tip money for McCourt and Flanders, but the great Plashke makes it sound like the issue is in doubt. It would be worth a fortune in publicity to the Dodgers and they may well be on the problem already, but could you start a well publicized drive to force them into it? I'd contribute.
2006-06-04 12:46:56
43.   confucius
The Atlanta bullpen is an abomination to anyone who can walk and chew gum. How can those losers be professional athletes?
2006-06-04 12:51:41
44.   Bob Timmermann
1. Don't throw a knuckleball
2. Don't wind up
3. Keep the pitch down and in
2006-06-04 12:52:12
45.   Bluebleeder87

your gonna throw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium!!?

2006-06-04 12:52:28
46.   Jimi Shelter
3. sanchez101
Kemp batting 3rd?! Thats the most suprising thing ive seen this season.

More surprising than Guzman at clean up?

2006-06-04 12:53:02
47.   Bluebleeder87
you lucky _____!! ;)
2006-06-04 12:53:14
48.   D4P
Do something illegal, like spit on the ball or rub it with sandpaper/emory board.
2006-06-04 12:53:45
49.   Brendan

Bingo. When I read that I knew plaske had gone too far. twice he used that in the article and I think he made that entirely up himself. it wasn't needed but plaske can't help himself.

2006-06-04 12:54:47
50.   Bluebleeder87
I kinda don't like that Furcal & Nomar are sitting this one out. Hopefully they come in later in the game.
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2006-06-04 12:55:23
51.   Brendan

what happened to my h's? oh well.

2006-06-04 12:59:11
52.   Bluebleeder87

just let it fly!

2006-06-04 13:00:18
53.   confucius
Pujols get put on the 15 day so Edmonds is playing first. They recalled Chris Duncan so I'd assume he'll be playing outfield.
2006-06-04 13:01:35
54.   confucius
Vin just came straight from South Beach in that suit.
2006-06-04 13:05:02
55.   LAT
Hate to be Jonny RainCloud today but we really need at least 6+ good innings out of Sele. If he blows up early who does Grady go to? Can't be OP he's a starter again. Can't be Sao he just pitched. Can't be Broxton he threw 25+ yesterday (Grady made a mistake using hin in a 8-0 game yesterday). We can only use Baez in a mop up role. That leaves Beimel, Saito and Kuo, none of which are long guys.
2006-06-04 13:08:36
56.   Bluebleeder87


2006-06-04 13:08:42
57.   Nick Iyengar
55 Apparently Seo is actually available today.
2006-06-04 13:08:44
58.   coachjpark
I've got lots of different advice, but I think I'm going with the following:

1) I'm going from the stretch (In college, I was a relief pitcher, and I got really comfortable with throwing from the stretch.)

2) Go with the 4-seam fastball. The last thing I want to do is injure the catcher.... I don't throw especially hard, but I had a 82-84 mph fastball in my playing days with a high 70's slider. I'm requesting Russ Martin to catch me, but any Dodger player will do.

3) I haven't figured out exactly what I'm going to wear, but I'm leaning towards a Dodgers cap, Dodgers windbreaker-type jacket, khakis, and turf shoes. Ideally, I'd like to be in full uniform, but that's just over the top. I'm sure I could fool the average Dodger fan into thinking I'm another call-up or that perhaps Chan Ho Park has returned to the Dodgers

2006-06-04 13:09:44
59.   Brendan

I think beimel, saito, kuo can each go 2 innings but what happens during those innings might not be what you want. your point is valid though. sele needs to stay hot.

2006-06-04 13:12:47
60.   Brendan

usually you will throw from in front of the mound not on the mound so you should be ok. especially if you have multiple throwers.

whatever you do, do not leave it short.

2006-06-04 13:14:38
61.   Bluebleeder87
Not a good start for the boys in blue. darn it!
2006-06-04 13:17:26
62.   coachjpark
I think I'm the only one slated to go, and no way I'm throwing in front of the mound. I'm going from the rubber!
2006-06-04 13:18:43
63.   Bluebleeder87
way to come back Sele.
2006-06-04 13:19:16
64.   Bob Timmermann
I'm sure you could request Russell Martin, but you'll probably end up with Ramon Martinez
2006-06-04 13:20:28
65.   Bluebleeder87

so your going with the fourseamer, Dude if Martin catches you that would be freaking awesome!

2006-06-04 13:21:40
66.   confucius
That pitch to strike out Abreu was beautiful.
2006-06-04 13:22:32
67.   Bluebleeder87
thank you Utley
2006-06-04 13:22:43
68.   LAT
Consider the source but this morning Hacksaw said there was Dodger Fla talk for D-Train but Fla wants Bills, Guzman and Dioner.

Too rich for my taste.

2006-06-04 13:23:04
69.   Bob Timmermann
The Fighting Enderes are done, eliminated at home by the Wolf Pack 6-3.

NC State plays the Fighting Weismans later today.

2006-06-04 13:23:55
70.   Bluebleeder87

yeah that's bonafied (sp?) goose bump pitch.

2006-06-04 13:24:58
71.   Bob Timmermann
For the record, it's bona fide.
2006-06-04 13:26:09
72.   Bluebleeder87

you couldn't resist could you Bob. ;)

2006-06-04 13:27:00
73.   Greg S
One more front line starter is all we need to have a legitimate chance to go deep into the post season.
2006-06-04 13:27:17
74.   gpellamjr
70 bona fide (L. something like "in good faith).
2006-06-04 13:28:26
75.   thinkblue0

Wayyyy too rich. I don't care about Dioner, but I don't want Bills involved in any trade talks.

2006-06-04 13:30:40
76.   Bob Timmermann
Like Holly Hunter's daughters say in "O Brother Where Art Thou?"

"Momma says he's bona fide!"
"Yeah, bona fide!"

2006-06-04 13:30:42
77.   D4P
I wouldn't trade Billingsley for Willis straight up.
2006-06-04 13:33:37
78.   Nick Iyengar
Adrian Beltre has now homered on consecutive days. He blasted his fourth of the year earlier today.
2006-06-04 13:33:47
79.   spacebrother
I want D-Train, if only for the crooked cap thing.
2006-06-04 13:33:54
80.   thinkblue0

Neither would I. The whole idea is just ridiculous. I don't get why so many teams are enamored with Willis when he simply isn't that good.

2006-06-04 13:34:01
81.   coachjpark
77 What you talking about?
2006-06-04 13:34:28
82.   Bluebleeder87
I wonder how Izzy's been playing. I read the other day he got a couple of hits.
2006-06-04 13:35:33
83.   Bob Timmermann
Old friend Jose Valentin's homer makes it Giants 6, Mets 5 in the 10th.
2006-06-04 13:36:48
84.   thinkblue0
Saenz might be slower than Phillips.
2006-06-04 13:37:50
85.   thinkblue0

He wouldn't trade Chad Billingsley straight up for Dontrelle Willis...and neither would I.

2006-06-04 13:38:29
86.   D4P
I had assumed 81 was a "Different Strokes" allusion...
2006-06-04 13:38:36
87.   Brendan
The L.A. Times said the Reds had a scout in Vegas this week. it is assumed they were there to see Izzy.
2006-06-04 13:38:42
88.   LAT
Depending on how long Willis is locked up for I'd do it straight up. I think Bills is great but come on were talking a dominate proven ML pitcher for a prospect who hasn't pitched a single ML inning.
2006-06-04 13:38:59
89.   Bob Timmermann
2-out homer by Lastings Milledge makes it 6-6 in the 10th at Shea.
2006-06-04 13:39:41
90.   Bob Timmermann
I believe Willis is unsigned for next year.
2006-06-04 13:40:25
91.   Bluebleeder87
who would they give us for Izzy? We need pitching.
2006-06-04 13:40:26
92.   al bundy
Bob, did you type that as it was happening or does MLB TV just take awhile to get to me in Slovkia?
2006-06-04 13:40:44
93.   Nagman
As much as I hate the Giants, I really wish this game would end since the Dodger game is on the same Extra Innings channel. I didn't want to see that... they better hit another one.

So I'm watching the college softball world series and I've come to the conclusion that Ichiro must've watched a lot of women's softball or else he's inspired a hitting style that's taken over the sport.

2006-06-04 13:41:14
94.   Brendan

the Giants bullpen makes me forget abount the dodgers bullpen troubles.

2006-06-04 13:42:40
95.   thinkblue0

but come on were talking a dominate proven ML pitcher for a prospect who hasn't pitched a single ML inning.

uhh...who's dominant? It sure isn't Willis....4.72 ERA, 1.45 Whip..that's not dominant. He had ONE good year, and we're gonna give up the farm for him? No thanks...

2006-06-04 13:42:46
96.   Gen3Blue
We've got a tough row to hoe.
A good pitcher going in to his prime.
He looks like he might throw a lot of pitches today, but we've made that unlkely.
2006-06-04 13:42:54
97.   Vaudeville Villain
Willy Aybar gets more bad strike calls then any hitter on the team.
2006-06-04 13:43:30
98.   thinkblue0

A pitching machine?

2006-06-04 13:43:36
99.   Nick Iyengar
87 Who do the Reds have that we would want?
2006-06-04 13:44:37
100.   Steve
Willis and Jose lima have the same number of twenty win seasons. :)
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-06-04 13:44:40
101.   Bob Timmermann
I'm pretty sure the Gameday application is about a batter or two ahead of
2006-06-04 13:44:47
102.   coachjpark
86 You are correct!
2006-06-04 13:44:49
103.   lakerican
55 Sele 5 Kuo 1 Beimel 1 Saito 1 Gagne 1
2006-06-04 13:46:05
104.   Bluebleeder87

Just what I was thinking.

2006-06-04 13:46:14
105.   Steve
99 - Dunn!
2006-06-04 13:46:15
106.   King of the Hobos
Anyone else having problems with Carlos Marmol's picture on Gameday?
2006-06-04 13:47:16
107.   lakerican
55 Sele 5 Kuo 1 Beimel 1 Saito 1 Gagne 1
2006-06-04 13:47:27
108.   Bluebleeder87

that's cold!

2006-06-04 13:48:38
109.   Nick Iyengar
105 Haha...who do the Reds have that we could get for Izzy? Haven't heard anything about prospects in their farm system.
2006-06-04 13:48:40
110.   Gen3Blue
Practically if Willis was locked up for a while at a decent price I would have to make the staight up trade. But if I had to negogiate a contract with Willis next year or even the one after--way too much of a crapshoot. You take a few years of Bills for free.
2006-06-04 13:48:48
111.   Bob Timmermann
Too bad Utley wasn't playing for his alma mater today.

UCLA was eliminated by Missouri 2-1.

2006-06-04 13:54:43
112.   Bluebleeder87
sweet play my Martinez!
2006-06-04 13:55:08
113.   thinkblue0

why would you trade arguably the best pitching prospect in the game for an average pitcher?

2006-06-04 13:58:50
114.   Andrew Shimmin
Alright. This whole Sele thing was fun for a while, but now it's just downright creepy. What is going on, here? It's a given that dark and mysterious forces are involved, but jeez. . .
2006-06-04 14:02:11
115.   Greg S
As for the Aflac question... they could have added Eddie Murray in there as well.
2006-06-04 14:03:55
116.   D4P
Deuces wild

Lucille II, batting 2nd, grounds into 2 double-plays.

2006-06-04 14:04:39
117.   underdog
Is there any reason why the Dodgers didn't have Martinez try to bunt in that situation after already hitting into double plays in all the other innings and just to get something going?

sigh Pretty anemic today so far but it's impossible to be too hard on the guys.

2006-06-04 14:05:40
118.   gpellamjr
116 Is it okay now for me to be angry that Lucille II is batting 2nd?
2006-06-04 14:05:52
119.   Bluebleeder87
Sele's been pitching good so far, we need to give him some run support.
2006-06-04 14:07:27
120.   Nagman
Extra Innings finally decides to put the Dodger game on one of their open channels, one hour and four innings later.

If there's anybody else out there, it's on what I think they call "Game 3".

2006-06-04 14:07:36
121.   underdog
Giants just went up on the Mets in the top o' the 12th, 7-6 with two outs. Let's see how long that last(ings).
2006-06-04 14:08:33
122.   D4P
It is not only okay: it is mandatory.
2006-06-04 14:10:19
123.   LAT
Giants out of position player sending jamie Wright (pitcher) to bat with bases full.
2006-06-04 14:11:00
124.   Gen3Blue
I've been surprised to find myself approving the way Grady uses everyone and allows key players more rest than some managers. It even seems to improve moral.
That said, I knew for several days that this was the day we were going to be challenged by an unsolvable pitcher(and I'm not very observant of these things.) I think Sele's done OK, but shouldn't this Sunday afternoon be our very best line-up.
Whatever that is?

BTW is that the proper use of period and parenthesis?

2006-06-04 14:11:11
125.   underdog
Wow, didn't realize Jorge Sosa was 1 and 7 for the Braves. Their pitching has tanked. Another homer for Damion Easley? Sheesh.
2006-06-04 14:11:50
126.   underdog
123 Yeah, Alou burned through his entire bench and all his relievers except Accardo by the 11th.
2006-06-04 14:12:27
127.   gpellamjr
120 I debated between and extra innings, but decided on in the end. It's kind of grainy at times and a lot of Saturday games are blocked out because of FOX, but otherwise it seems more consistent. About how many Dodger games do you get on extra innings?
2006-06-04 14:13:43
128.   gpellamjr
124 No. You would want to have the period follow the parenthesis.
2006-06-04 14:14:25
129.   confucius
Homerun scores Saenz
2006-06-04 14:14:44
130.   CanuckDodger
I wasn't expecting us to win this game, which is why winning on Friday was really necessary if we hoped to win this series. Brett Myers is now what Chad Billingsley will be in two years, three tops: an ace. And Willis certainly ISN'T an ace, but a guy who has got a lot out of a funky delivery that teams are now starting to get used to, just like teams eventually got used to Nomo's weird delivery.
2006-06-04 14:15:21
131.   LAT
Wright k
2006-06-04 14:15:53
132.   Bluebleeder87
is Utley that bad fielding?
2006-06-04 14:16:16
133.   Nagman
Any game that is on Prime (FSN2) is televised (they carry either the Dodger feed or the other team's). Sometimes Channel 9 games are on, but using the other team's feed (never Channel 9's feed). I'm not sure of the percentage of games on Prime vs. channel 9.

I live in north San Diego so I can actually pick up Channel 9 digital using my hd antenna, so luckily I can watch all the games that are televised.

Extra Innings is a great thing to have if you love baseball.

2006-06-04 14:16:59
134.   Gen3Blue
113 If it came right down to it,I probably wouldn't. But the Dodgers have had arguably the best prospect in baseball several times in the last two decades and failed to get even an average pitcher out of it. Well,at least not an average amount of service ie. Dreifort.
2006-06-04 14:17:14
135.   D4P
Homerun scores Saenz

Or Groundrule Double

2006-06-04 14:18:40
136.   lal showtime
127 I am a 3rd year subscriber to extra innings and I would guess that I miss a couple of games a month over the course of a whole year. Extra innings misses saturday games as well, due to Fox.
2006-06-04 14:19:44
137.   Andrew Shimmin
133- Channel 9 has rights to 50 games this year. Prime has 100. The rest are spread out between Fox and ESPN.
2006-06-04 14:20:30
138.   lal showtime
Extra innings will typically carry any game where one of the teams is using a FSN broadcast. If both are, typically the home team's FSN is used. I also love the package.
2006-06-04 14:21:09
139.   Bluebleeder87
watching Sele hit, is not good for my health
2006-06-04 14:21:18
140.   LAT
Giants win. Boo.
2006-06-04 14:22:29
141.   Nagman
It beats Sunday Ticket (NFL) which costs almost twice as much and is only on one day per week... but it's great for Fantasy Football.
2006-06-04 14:24:42
142.   lal showtime
Sele is going to continue pitch well just long enough to insure that he will stay in the rotation while he pitches awful. If that makes sense to anyone besides me.
2006-06-04 14:24:43
143.   Gen3Blue
127 I concur with 136. But if you are on the West coast you get some of the Dodger games on Fox, in the East you can count on none. I like Extra inning, but have no comparison.
2006-06-04 14:27:28
144.   Bluebleeder87

hear ya

2006-06-04 14:28:00
145.   Gen3Blue
127 I concur with 136. If you are on the west coast you will also get a few saturday Fox games with luck. I like Extra innings but can't compare.
2006-06-04 14:28:00
146.   gpellamjr
140 How are the Dodgers supposed to win the worst division in baseball if everyone in the division keeps winning games against teams in other divisions?

142 Yes, if my comment above makes sense, too.

2006-06-04 14:28:54
147.   Gen3Blue
143 145 sorry, swear I did my best.
2006-06-04 14:29:14
148.   Bluebleeder87

but I hope your wrong.

2006-06-04 14:29:17
149.   Andrew Shimmin
142- Well, sure, but how is he doing it? How does he go from absolute garbage, to 6Ks, no walks in 4IP? This is why I suspect foul play. Or magic.
2006-06-04 14:30:51
150.   al bundy
The prices of these sports packages are insane. Over $300 to watch the NFL on tv on Sundays? I sprung for about $100 to watch and listen to the Dodgers while living in europe temporarily. I'm not sure I would've but for Vin.

I didn't like the Lofton signing but he's come through.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-06-04 14:31:47
151.   King of the Hobos
So Lucille II now needs to line out to get the DP. I'm sure he can do it.
2006-06-04 14:33:02
152.   Gen3Blue
128 thanks. That sounds logical, and that somehow made me decide to go the other way, if that makes sense.
2006-06-04 14:33:06
153.   Greg S
All you Lofton haters..
seriously, what is your problem?
2006-06-04 14:33:36
154.   gpellamjr
Martinez is going to have to work hard to hit into a DP now!
2006-06-04 14:34:03
155.   Bluebleeder87
gotta love the hustle by Martinez. were in business now.
2006-06-04 14:34:19
156.   Tommy John
On July 21, 1975, Joe Torre set the NL record for most double plays grounded into in a single game, 4.
2006-06-04 14:36:08
157.   lal showtime
Man that kid is fast!
2006-06-04 14:36:22
158.   D4P
gotta love the hustle by Martinez

Especially when he's only making $700,000, a mere fraction of what players like Fur-kel are pulling in.

2006-06-04 14:36:52
159.   gpellamjr
151 Sorry, posted before I refreshed.
2006-06-04 14:37:35
160.   Bluebleeder87
2006-06-04 14:37:54
161.   Gen3Blue
Now its in Drew court. And even he walks instead of facing it, we'll get a run.
2006-06-04 14:40:26
162.   Andrew Shimmin
An RBI* of shame for Drew!

*not an actual RBI; see Futility Infielder for more information.

2006-06-04 14:42:18
163.   Bluebleeder87

atleast we tide it up. Brand new ball game.

2006-06-04 14:43:47
164.   Gen3Blue
Myers has 82 pitches. If he didn't have four double plays he would be gone.
2006-06-04 14:44:06
165.   LAT
156 Vin ia quoting you.
2006-06-04 14:45:24
166.   LAT
Sitting Nomar is killing us
2006-06-04 14:45:47
167.   Brendan
I have no idea what the reds would offer for Izzy. I do like the way Steve thinks though.
2006-06-04 14:46:06
168.   LAT
Dreaded words: "And Dannys Baez warming in the pen."
2006-06-04 14:46:14
169.   Bluebleeder87
great great effort by Sele.
2006-06-04 14:46:33
170.   thinkblue0


and now we're down again.

2006-06-04 14:47:43
171.   Bluebleeder87
Drew killed it man!
2006-06-04 14:48:13
172.   Nick Iyengar

The way he's been playing, you definitely miss him when he sits, but every game we sit him helps keep him fresh and healthy. Sitting him every so often will pay off over the course of the season, I think.

2006-06-04 14:48:17
173.   Tommy John
Again I ask:

Why hasn't Danny Baez been repatriated?

2006-06-04 14:49:25
174.   al bundy
For anybody using MLB tv, have you downloaded their new software mosaic? It's only in beta right now but offers better video quality and you can watch 6 games at once.
2006-06-04 14:49:52
175.   LAT
Between the E leading to an unearned run in the first and the DP last inning with bases loaded, Drew has killed his team this game.
2006-06-04 14:51:39
176.   D4P
He probably needed a day off.
2006-06-04 14:53:42
177.   Nick Iyengar
so far so good for Baez...
2006-06-04 14:54:37
178.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think Danys Baez is a citizen of the U.S. or Cuba.

I thought he was a citizen of Costa Rica.

2006-06-04 14:54:49
179.   D4P
Looks like Danys has turned the corner.
2006-06-04 14:54:54
180.   Bluebleeder87
let's start chiping away.
2006-06-04 14:55:50
181.   gpellamjr
180 How do you chip away at a one-run deficit?
2006-06-04 14:55:50
182.   Bluebleeder87

your right.

2006-06-04 14:56:11
183.   Tommy John
Then again, Baez's right to benefit from free market capitalism would be violated in Cuba.

Temporary amnesty I say!

2006-06-04 14:56:55
184.   the OZ
150 If you think the NFL is expensive now, the league is seriously exploring a video-on-demand or PPV system after its current braodcast contracts expire.

You wouldn't be able to watch NFL games without paying for them on an indivudual or package basis.

2006-06-04 14:58:57
185.   Tommy John
178, 182

Vinny has said repeatedly Baez is from Cuba.

2006-06-04 14:59:49
186.   gpellamjr
185 But he is not a citizen of Cuba or the US, I think is the point.
2006-06-04 15:03:37
187.   JoeyP
I was looking at Arizona's schedule, and they've actually already played the toughest part of it.

They have yet to play the Cubs, Nationals, or Marlins. Their schedule in Sept is a cakewalk.

2006-06-04 15:03:42
188.   Andrew Shimmin
185- He is. But he's not welcome back.
2006-06-04 15:03:48
189.   D4P
When you get one scoreless inning out of Baez, you don't push your luck.
2006-06-04 15:06:05
190.   JoeyP
What was the Phils manager thinking in letting Myers hit in the top of the 7th with a man in scoring position, but then pulling him in the bottom half?

Thats brutally bad managing.

2006-06-04 15:07:07
191.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Do you pinch run for Martin here?
And who's the pinch-hitter for Lofton?
My answers: Yes, with Furcal; Nomar.
2006-06-04 15:07:48
192.   Brendan
rheal is due to give up a run or two.
2006-06-04 15:27:58
193.   D4P
Grittle should have left Baez in...
2006-06-04 15:28:05
194.   das411
So...any tips for Steve??

Chase Utley with a sweet open-field tackle of Russ Martin though!

2006-06-04 15:28:42
195.   JoeyP
Beimel must have crashed DT.
I guess even the best LH reliever in the NL sometimes will have bad days.
2006-06-04 15:28:55
196.   Gen3Blue
Did you see that --that was cruel-- someone has to get Utley or the disgrace of this game will go beyond not tryin to win it.
2006-06-04 15:29:32
197.   be2ween
Talk more about the Utley-Martin collision. steiner and Monday call it ugly.
2006-06-04 15:29:50
198.   lal showtime
Did i miss something? It was first and third so there was no force, why did Utley take out Martin? He had his back to him, all Utley had to do was run through or slide?
2006-06-04 15:32:52
199.   Andrew Shimmin
It was an ugly play. Martin was standing on the plate, so I don't blame Utley for taking him out, even though there was no play (bad throw from Saenz, but I'm not sure a good one would have sufficed). That said, if Utley bats again, he should have his head handed to him.
2006-06-04 15:33:09
200.   JoeyP
One loogy in for another.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-06-04 15:33:14
201.   Andrew Shimmin
I guess that'll work, though.
2006-06-04 15:34:26
202.   capdodger
197 It was a high chopper to a drawn in Saenz. He fielded it easily, but his throw was low and in the LH batters box. Chase took out Martin after he touched the plate. He should hope the phils don't bat around.
2006-06-04 15:34:27
203.   lal showtime
Scully didn't really say anything about it.
2006-06-04 15:34:58
204.   Bob Timmermann
This will be the last Dodgers-Phillies game until the postseason.

The last team the Dodgers will face for the first time will be Florida on August 4.

2006-06-04 15:36:12
205.   Nick Iyengar
Martin's still in the game, so I assume he's okay...
2006-06-04 15:37:00
206.   das411
Mike Lieberthal showing off his wicked GIDP skillz, this game seems to be a contest between dumb and dumberer today...
2006-06-04 15:37:04
207.   Bob Timmermann
Utley will bat again in the game unless Manuel takes him out.
2006-06-04 15:37:20
208.   be2ween
Gagne, give me the head of Utley the Chase on a platter! Or a dish. Or a home plate.
2006-06-04 15:38:32
209.   MSarg29
Aybar to Martinez to Saenz isnt exactly poetry in motion. Though the way these guys are hitting makes it easier to watch.
2006-06-04 15:38:37
210.   Andrew Shimmin
Watching the replay, it looks a little like Hobbes jumping on Calvin. Maybe Martin will get a chance to "break up a DP."
2006-06-04 15:39:01
211.   Linkmeister
NCAA update (Bob): UH defeats Kansas 9-5, coming back from a 5-0 deficit. Plays OSU this afternoon.
2006-06-04 15:39:02
212.   capdodger
The play at the plate wasn't so much dirty as much as it was sort of unecessary.
2006-06-04 15:39:09
213.   das411
190 - I believe my answer to this question yesterday was:
2006-06-04 15:41:46
214.   Bob Timmermann
I'll update the whole NCAA thing later tonight after all the dust has cleared.

The Fighting Weismans lead the Wolf Pack 5-4 and if they hold on, they move on to the Super-regionals.

2006-06-04 15:42:09
215.   JoeyP
Saenz OPS vs LHP is 1.426 this year.
The bad news is that he's only gathered 20ABs against them.
2006-06-04 15:42:36
216.   scareduck
What happened to the Toaster?
2006-06-04 15:43:30
217.   Bluebleeder87

it got toasted for a munite there.

2006-06-04 15:44:50
218.   Underbruin
Jae Seo sighting. Hoo boy.
2006-06-04 15:45:06
219.   Bob Timmermann
Jae Seo is not a good person to use to seek vengeance.
2006-06-04 15:45:45
220.   capdodger
Hmm.. Seo in relief. Grady reacts....
2006-06-04 15:46:49
221.   JoeyP
Didnt Seo just start on friday?
2006-06-04 15:47:46
222.   Steve
The Korean Danys Baez.
2006-06-04 15:49:11
223.   Gen3Blue
I am almost content with Grady's strategy of don't go for one game-play for the season. When I saw we were resting Nomar against the best pitcher we had seen in a while, I was pretty well resigned to the loss.
But seeing Utley throw both elbows into Martins head when he was surely safe ticked me off. Granted Martin was standing on the plate asking for it, but it was a bit excessive. Seeing incompetence out of the bullpen compromise a guy like Martin still gets to me.
2006-06-04 15:50:33
224.   JoeyP
I guess the Dodgers didnt care bc none of Seo's pitches came close to even brushing back Utley.
2006-06-04 15:50:43
225.   lal showtime
He did not collide with him as much as he drove him into the ground face first. I could do without Vinny acting like it is no big deal. He is not the one who ate dirt.
2006-06-04 15:51:20
226.   Steve
Jimmy Rollins started off the eighth with a double and nobody called Grabowski Principle? Slackers.
2006-06-04 15:51:39
227.   capdodger
223 To be fair to Utley, the only reason he was surely safe was because Saenz wasn't accurate with his throw. If he had been, that would have been the only way for Chase to score.
2006-06-04 15:51:40
228.   Bob Timmermann
Perhaps it wasn't wise to risk putting Aybar on base in front of Abreu, would could turn a 3-run deficit into a 5-run deficit.

Vengeance is a dish best served when the score won't change.

2006-06-04 15:51:46
229.   lal showtime
For absolute no reason, I might add.
2006-06-04 15:52:19
230.   Underbruin
Maybe Mr. Utley was looking to get punched in the jaw.
2006-06-04 15:52:39
231.   scareduck
Good thing Lieberthal didn't pull a Jeter on that play. Little girls and catcher's gear don't go together well.
2006-06-04 15:53:58
232.   lal showtime
Martin's revenge!
2006-06-04 15:54:04
233.   Bluebleeder87
2006-06-04 15:54:10
234.   Gen3Blue
That is pure class!
2006-06-04 15:54:24
235.   scareduck
The best kind of revenge, IMO.
2006-06-04 15:55:26
236.   JoeyP
Yeah I figured they'd probably lose today bc Myers vs Sele looks like a miss match. However, the bad thing is the Mets are coming to town and Pedro/Glavine are scheduled to pitch Tuesday/Wed. The first game is probably the best chance the Dodgers have of winning but Tomko is pitching that one. Might be a rough home stand.
2006-06-04 15:56:10
237.   adg
Seriously, is Garciaparra not available to hit here? Furcal????
2006-06-04 15:56:35
238.   Bob Timmermann
I would assume Nomar would have batted with ducks on the pond.
2006-06-04 15:57:41
239.   JoeyP
That'll do it.
2nd place 2.5 back.
2006-06-04 15:57:58
240.   lal showtime
Glavine is going on 3 days correct?
2006-06-04 15:58:53
241.   JoeyP
Thats what they show on the probable pitcher report on the dodgers website.
2006-06-04 15:59:05
242.   scareduck
The first time since 2002 that the Dodgers have won the season series against the Phils.
2006-06-04 16:00:14
243.   Bob Timmermann
That means the Dodgers would be the home team if they both win their divisions and tie with the same record!
2006-06-04 16:01:29
244.   Gen3Blue
I know Grady is trying to use and involve the whole roster and it may be the best policy. But the game was close all day and
we had the hitters on the bench and the pitchers in the bullpen to win. It is uncomfortable.
2006-06-04 16:08:07
245.   Steve
242 -- In 2004, it seemed like we lost every game to the them but the ones Paul Abbott pitched. Not that beating Paul Abbott was any kind of achievement. Sort of the Ryan Franklin of the day.
2006-06-04 16:11:33
246.   scareduck
244 - sounds like a Bobby Cox scenario: good at getting through the marathon of the season, but not so good at the postseason.
2006-06-04 16:17:10
247.   Steve
Jarrod Washburn....yikes.
2006-06-04 16:32:59
248.   Gen3Blue
246 we could hope for better- good at getting through the marathon, and then adaptable. I really hadn't thought of guys like Cox. I never felt this way about a game.
2006-06-04 16:34:55
249.   Uncle Miltie
Aybar has done a nice job filling in for Kent defensively.

Olmedo Saenz is a DH playing in the field. Too bad our backup first baseman can't play defense.

Guzman has been very unimpressive. He's not ready to be up here.

Lucille has been a huge surprise. He's having a career year at 35(?)

Why isn't JD Drew walking much anymore? Maybe he's getting too much rest.

2006-06-04 16:57:33
250.   JoeyP
Is Ned Yost going to be the first manager fired in 2006? The Brewers have lost 8 in a row, getting swept by the Pirates/Nationals.
That aint good.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-06-04 19:20:18
251.   Gen3Blue
Hey! Toaster is working again at 10:15p eastern time. Enough time has passed to lose the heat of the moment.
Slowly, I've begun to have the paranoid thought that 2 out of 3 of the last games Grady has calmly brought in pitchers
who many of us feared would blow the game. And they did.What better way to get them off the roster and out of his hair.Maybe he's pretty smart.
2006-06-04 20:35:31
252.   das411
Hey guys, not really LAD-related but the local news here just reported that former MLB umpire Eric Gregg has suffered a stroke tonight. Best wishes to his family, although the initial reports do not sound promising:

2006-06-04 21:06:44
253.   Bluebleeder87
best wishes for the family, I saw his picture & automaticaly rememberd him, I miss the old school umps.
2006-06-04 21:21:15
254.   gpellamjr
252 Maybe that's why they've been calling those crazy outside strikes against Aybar, in honor of Gregg's masterful performance in the 97 playoffs. "That's MY strikezone."
2006-06-04 21:29:32
255.   LAT
That is very sad. I read an article a few years ago about him working as a bartender with fincial problems waiting to be reinstated by MLB. I never understood why MLB would not take back one of their more recognizable umpires. While it was the decision of each and every unpire to submit his owm resignation, Richie Phillips is one of the huge buttheads (using restraint there) of all time. The union just screwed those guys. I
2006-06-04 21:30:45
256.   LAT
Here is the article

2006-06-05 04:32:38
257.   JoeyP
Stat of the day:

The Dodgers are 1-10, in games in which Sandy Alomar has batted at least twice.

Alomar's CERA is 6.04.
Navarro's CERA is 3.88.
Martin's CERA is 3.14.

If Navarro is optioned to AAA and Alomar stays in LA, it will be an extremely poor move.

2006-06-05 08:35:48
258.   ToyCannon
Per the Hardball Times:
RC/G refers to Runs Created Per Game, which Runs Created divided by the number of outs made by the batter, times 27.

Nomar continues to lead the Dodgers with a 11.8 amoung regular players.
Lofton - 7.3
JD Drew has fallen to 6.8

For all the dribble written about Lofton here I'm sure most of you are shocked to find him outproducing JD at 1/3 the price.

Sandy Alomar has a 9.5 which means about as much as the previous post since he's played so few games.

2006-06-05 08:56:07
259.   JoeyP
Lofton's RC27 is probably over valuing his stolen bases.
2006-06-05 09:25:21
260.   GoBears
For all the dribble written about Lofton here I'm sure most of you are shocked to find him outproducing JD at 1/3 the price.

Well, it's drivel, but yes, I'm shocked. Even once you take away a few runs for Lofton's horrible defense, it's still shocking.

2006-06-05 10:29:44
261.   Blu2
Has anyone ever tried Baez as a starter? He's no rocket scientist but knowing that he has to pace himself over 6 innings and that one walk or even a run or two won't get him pulled out of the game, might settle him down a lot. He does seem to pitch better when he starts an inning. Final argument: Can he be worse than Seo, Perez, and Tomko are on all too frequent occaisons?

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