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Oh, By the Way - Pedro's in Town
2006-06-06 16:03
by Jon Weisman
Comments (434)
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2006-06-06 16:09:10
1.   gpellamjr
Yay! Lofton's in the lineup! I love Lofton! I have to admit, while I'd rather see Ethier in the lineup any day, not because he will necessarily produce for us any more, but because he has so much potential, Lofton is starting to grow on me.
2006-06-06 16:23:24
2.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Last weekend, I saw an "IMPEACH PEDRO" t-shirt.
2006-06-06 16:33:52
3.   Zak
Seriously, what a fun pitching matchup tonight. I hope it ends like last year's Penny-Pedro matchup.
2006-06-06 16:47:52
4.   Berkeley Doug
I just hope it ends with a Dodger victory.
2006-06-06 16:48:34
5.   Berkeley Doug
OT - Quick trivia question:

Name two former Dodger outfielders who were #1 draft picks?

2006-06-06 16:50:15
6.   gpellamjr
5 Rick Monday was one of them... Gary Sheffield, maybe?
2006-06-06 16:53:17
7.   Berkeley Doug

Monday - yes
Sheffield - no

2006-06-06 16:54:30
8.   Daniel Zappala
Anybody know what happened in the Angels' game?

- J. Molina walked
- J. Molina to second on S. Kazmir's throwing error
- A. Kennedy singled to right, A. Kennedy out at second on pitcher S. Kazmir's throwing error, J. Molina scored

2006-06-06 17:01:39
9.   Bluebleeder87
did you see that play by Guerrero, I thought he was safe.
2006-06-06 17:03:04
10.   Andrew Shimmin
Just turned on the Angels game. They got rooked, two plays in a row. Rivera was called out at second, by Eddings, even though his hand was on the bag during the tag. Then Vlad gets called out at first, even though he beat out the throw. By half a step.
2006-06-06 17:06:54
11.   Steve
If I chopped up Doug Eddings and fed him to my cat, my cat would vomit for a month.
2006-06-06 17:07:54
12.   FirstMohican
2006-06-06 17:07:57
13.   Bluebleeder87
Santana is sporting dreads (sp?)
2006-06-06 17:11:27
14.   Berkeley Doug


2006-06-06 17:13:36
15.   Berkeley Doug
If it hasn't been mentioned yet....

R.I.P. Eric Gregg

2006-06-06 17:15:54
16.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think one cat could eat all the food that would come out of one human being in one month.

Not that I'm going to experiment with my own cat.

2006-06-06 17:19:59
17.   Bluebleeder87
Pedro's only 3-3 against us, so I kinda like our chances.
2006-06-06 17:20:35
18.   Bluebleeder87
Lowe's been pitching great for us almost all year long, should be fun.
2006-06-06 17:21:43
19.   Bob Timmermann
How many people were the "Fifth Beatle"?

Billy Preston is described as such in his obituary. I believe that Brian Epstein also had that title. So did "Murray the K."

I prefer to think of my self as the 18th or so New Christy Minstrel.

2006-06-06 17:37:56
20.   Bluebleeder87
I don't know but I think Ethier against Pedro would have been a better match up, but it's fun watching Kemp.
2006-06-06 17:39:05
21.   gpellamjr
16 I can't say anything about cats, myself, but my ferrets don't like human flesh. They won't even eat chicken! Who doesn't like chicken?
2006-06-06 17:40:35
22.   Greg S
I have seats in the dugout boxes front row behind the Mets dugout $250 seats that come with all the food you can eat. Only cloud in that silver lining is that it's for tomrrow night and not tonight. Life stinks.
2006-06-06 17:40:41
23.   Bob Timmermann
My cat hasn't realized that when he sits on top of the lid of the container for the cat food, it is difficult for me to get food out of it to give to him to eat.
2006-06-06 17:42:02
24.   gpellamjr
22 I'd rather watch Glavine pitch than Pedro. I just love the way Glavine pitches, though it'd be great to see him fall apart tomorrow night.
2006-06-06 17:42:57
25.   Steve
I don't know what Doug eddings is, but he is not human.
2006-06-06 17:44:18
26.   Greg S
24- How about having to watch ODP pitch instead of Lowe?
Maybe I'll go down to the martini bar in the club while the Mets are batting
2006-06-06 17:44:20
27.   Daniel Zappala
I hate Doug Eddings. If I could be granted one wish in life, I would wish that he would never ump a game again.
2006-06-06 17:46:50
28.   gpellamjr
26 I like Odalis, too. Is that going to get me blocked from this site? I know it seems a little profane. I like to watch him pitch, I only wish he were better at it.

27 Hm. I admire your conviction. You really like to see the right calls made, eh?

2006-06-06 17:49:08
29.   Linkmeister
19 Stu Sutcliffe

I don't think Pete Best was ever called the 5th Beatle. Personally, although I don't think he's ever called that, I'd put George Martin up for the honor.

2006-06-06 17:54:43
30.   Bob Timmermann
But Stu Sutcliffe really wasn't a "Fifth Beatle", he was just a Beatle Who Didn't Want To Be a Beatle.

I think of a "Fifth Beatle" as a hanger-on

2006-06-06 17:55:20
31.   Jon Weisman
Note the tiny little "Draft Flashback" in the post just below this one, above today's draft coverage.
2006-06-06 17:56:22
32.   Greg S
What do you like about it? The was he twists to watch the ball go past him? Or the way he comes out of games with grace in the early innings?
My problems with this goat go beyond his lack of talent. He's a baby and has bitched publicly about his teammates. He also insisted that he pitch game 1 of the Playoffs and that he would carry the team on his back. Then got blown out early. He's everything you don't want in a strating pitcher.
The anti-Ace.
2006-06-06 17:57:48
33.   alexx
Lowe has a 2.68 ERA with 39 K's and 21 BB's in 77.1 IP.
Pedro has a 2.50 ERA with 88 K's and 17 BB's in 75.2 IP.
2006-06-06 18:10:52
34.   Linkmeister
19 If you're the 18th New Christy Minstrel, that means you evolved into a member of The Association.
2006-06-06 18:17:05
35.   confucius
The Great Kerry Wood failed to make it out of the 4th inning tonight. Maybe he wants to be a closer.
2006-06-06 18:18:11
36.   Bob Timmermann
When I covered a football game once between the prep version of the Fighting Weismans and St. Monica High at Santa Monica College, the St. Monica team was fired up in its pregame warmups by the schools a capella group which sang "Cherish."

It was truly weird.

Harvard-Westlake won the game.

For some reason, the LA Times sent a photographer to the game. Who, for some reason, was trying to hit on me. And not in a subtle way either.

Truly, truly weird.

2006-06-06 18:19:04
37.   Icaros
Does anyone know where Scott Van Slyke is playing this year and how he is doing?

I look forward to a future starting lineup with Van Slyke and Mattingly, two players whose fathers I always wished played for LA.

The kids are guaranteed to be at least as good as their dads, right? I was better at baseball than my dad ever was.

2006-06-06 18:21:12
38.   Icaros
For some reason, the LA Times sent a photographer to the game. Who, for some reason, was trying to hit on me.

Cut the suspense now; was the photographer male or female?

2006-06-06 18:21:50
39.   D4P
the schools a capella group which sang "Cherish."

Which version of "Cherish"? Madonna's? Kool and The Gang's? That other one from the 60/70s?

2006-06-06 18:25:31
40.   Icaros
Bob's story has left us with many questions.
2006-06-06 18:26:08
41.   Bluebleeder87

"The kids are guaranteed to be at least as good as their dads, right? I was better at baseball than my dad ever was."

I was a better hitter than My dad ever was, but man he could school me playing D.

2006-06-06 18:26:46
42.   Linkmeister
39 C'mon. The original was by The Association, and it was a staple of weddings for about ten years, until "We've Only Just Begun" came along.
2006-06-06 18:26:54
43.   Bob Timmermann
The Association version of "Cherish"

Female photographer.

2006-06-06 18:28:21
44.   Icaros

Damn, I really wanted the answers to be "male" and "Kool and the Gang."

2006-06-06 18:28:44
45.   confucius
Do the Dodgers send any prospects to play for Columbus in single A? It seems like most of their single A prospects play in Vero rather than Columbus.
2006-06-06 18:29:55
46.   sanchez101
37. dont forget ivan dejesus jr.
2006-06-06 18:31:30
47.   Bob Timmermann
Don't most newly drafted players end up in short season A or rookie ball? High A leagues for players with a little more experience.
2006-06-06 18:32:00
48.   Linkmeister
43 I confess with some shame that I can count the times I was the hittee on one hand, and that ain't likely to change anytime soon.
2006-06-06 18:32:36
49.   Bluebleeder87

good to know Bob.

2006-06-06 18:34:37
50.   D4P
The original was by The Association, and it was a staple of weddings for about ten years, until "We've Only Just Begun" came along.

I think I remember hearing both those songs on cheesy music collection commercials in the 80s.

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2006-06-06 18:36:27
51.   Bob Timmermann
I still remember the photographer asking me, "So are you going to stay here until this game is over?"

Didn't she know that Harvard-Westlake was playing for the championship of, I believe, the Santa Fe League? The Wolverines had been booted down to Division VIII or IX that season.

2006-06-06 18:36:42
52.   Bluebleeder87
HERSHISER!! (he's beeing interviewed right know)
2006-06-06 18:36:46
53.   Linkmeister
50 Ok, generational warfare right here on DT. Who's the ref? ;)
2006-06-06 18:37:35
54.   sanchez101
45. almost all of their HS picks go to Columbus. The exceptions were Miller, Loney, and Billingsley, but that all happened in 2002-2003. Around the time Depodesta showed up, the organization decided to slow their prospects down, mainly because the injuries/struggles of Miller and Edwin Jackson were associated with being rushed, at least according to some.

The better college products were sent straight to VB, such as Orenduff, Raglani, Ruggiano, and even Dunlap, a JC guy. But they came along in 2004, in the drafts prior there were no high end college picks.

Now it seems like theyre becoming even more conservative, polished college OF Pedroza and Locke are in Low-A, even though they seem roughly on par with Ruggiano and Raglani. I think the reason you may think that they are skipping prospects past Columbus is because last years draft was pretty thin. DeJesus is probably the best out of that draft, and he's doing fine in Columbus. The other HS picks are all in extended spring training, to my knowledge, and will probably see time in Odgen.

Im sure Nate or CanuchDodger can correct me were I mightve gone wrong on all this.

2006-06-06 18:38:24
55.   Bluebleeder87

so did you pip it Bob or no?

2006-06-06 18:44:15
56.   Linkmeister
Speaking of 70s music, I just got a copy of Springsteen's Live at the Hammersmith Odeon 1975 CD. Now I have to decide whether to play it first on my dinky computer speakers or wait and play it through the big 80-watt Pioneers later this evening.

Decisions, decisions.

2006-06-06 18:45:39
57.   Bob Timmermann
I stayed for the whole game and covered it and never saw the woman again.

The game ended very late and my game story is not in the online archive of the Daily News. But the game was played in November of 1994 and Harvard-Westlake won the Camino Real League championship.

The game didn't start until 8 and took a long time to play because it was St. Monica's Homecoming and they had all sorts of really horrible stuff going on with it.

2006-06-06 18:48:37
58.   Bluebleeder87

that's cool.

2006-06-06 18:55:08
59.   natepurcell
elbert had a very solid outing today.

5IP 5h 0er 2bb 7k

the bbs are down and the ks are up! era at 2.81 now.

2006-06-06 18:57:32
60.   natepurcell
Im listening to the Mattingly conversation and some guy from the NYtimes asked him if he was going to go to school and he said he definately wants to sign and start playing pro ball right away. Sounds good. get him signed and get him ABs.
2006-06-06 19:00:02
61.   Bluebleeder87


2006-06-06 19:03:46
62.   sanchez101
Sounds like Odgen will be more interesting that last year. The rotation should be awesome with Kershaw, Morris, and Josh Wall. Has anyone heard anything concerning Wall or any of the other guys from last years draft like Robinson, Bell, or Van Slyke.
2006-06-06 19:04:05
63.   natepurcell
why is that funny?
2006-06-06 19:04:20
64.   Bluebleeder87
I heard Mattingly's boy is really really raw as a baseball player, he was a football player & a BB player in high school.
2006-06-06 19:05:57
65.   Bluebleeder87

Sorry about that, I was actually laughing at a joke somebody here in my house said, I was trying to type when I heard what he said. Dose that sound weird.

2006-06-06 19:07:50
66.   Bluebleeder87
o.k. here we go! Pedro vs Lowe
2006-06-06 19:09:03
67.   Bluebleeder87
I just saw Hershiser throw out the first pitch, He still has good movement out it.
2006-06-06 19:11:44
68.   sanchez101
Lowe's ERA makes me nervous, so does his 39/21 K:W.
2006-06-06 19:11:49
69.   Doug Li
So anyone heard about word on Repko? Is he off crutches after being examined today?
2006-06-06 19:12:02
70.   Marty
I'm stuck at work handling election results. I'll only see snippets of the game when I wander into the newsroom.

I do get free pizza though, so I got that going for me.

2006-06-06 19:18:12
71.   Bob Timmermann
Where's Jose Reyes tonight?
2006-06-06 19:20:37
72.   Steve
60 -- I'm significantly higher on that pick than when I first heard it. But I should have known, because Logan White is The Man.
2006-06-06 19:23:30
73.   natepurcell
heard Mattingly's boy is really really raw as a baseball player, he was a football player & a BB player in high school.

he is raw but so was matt kemp whos main sport in high school was basketball. We'll see how it goes but theres nothing wrong with trying to get the player with the highest ceiling.

2006-06-06 19:24:56
74.   natepurcell
nomahhh! kemp holds his own against pedro.
2006-06-06 19:26:14
75.   natepurcell
I'm significantly higher on that pick than when I first heard it. But I should have known, because Logan White is The Man.

5 year contract extension needs to be given to him now. Hell, make it a liftime contract.

2006-06-06 19:27:44
76.   Linkmeister
Curses. No Prime Ticket again out here. Why on earth would they not put this on?
2006-06-06 19:28:22
77.   stevo
Woodward almost just lost a leg to a stampeding bison.
2006-06-06 19:29:55
78.   gpellamjr
So, Lofton ignites a fire and what does Nomar go and do? He kills the rally. I'm wondering how far I can take these set themes.
2006-06-06 19:30:42
79.   Uncle Miltie
These are some of the dirtiest words I've ever heard come out of Vin's mouth.
2006-06-06 19:31:22
80.   Linkmeister
79 What on earth did Vin say?
2006-06-06 19:31:35
81.   gpellamjr
79 What are those? "Black man"?
2006-06-06 19:33:24
82.   Linkmeister
Floyd goes out for a pinch runner in the 2nd inning? What's going on?
2006-06-06 19:33:41
83.   Bluebleeder87

he's still ashemed of how bad Kou made him look.

2006-06-06 19:34:51
84.   Andrew Shimmin
82- Turned his ankle, badly. Had to be helped off the field. Running at nearly full tilt, he landed on the side of his foot.
2006-06-06 19:35:09
85.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
82 - Turned his left ankle pulling into third base.
2006-06-06 19:35:27
86.   Linkmeister
84 Gracias.
2006-06-06 19:36:16
87.   Vishal
gee, classic pitcher's duel we've got going so far.
2006-06-06 19:36:47
88.   Andrew Shimmin
84 Update- I shouldn't say he was running at full tilt. I only looked up for the replay, so it looked like he was chugging hard, but that might just be how he looks jogging.
2006-06-06 19:37:09
89.   Steve
Lofton's arm has not been part of the argument, right? That would clearly go to credibility.
2006-06-06 19:37:15
90.   gpellamjr
84 It was ugly, too. I saw my wife break both legs a couple years ago by twisting them and it didn't look much worse than that.
2006-06-06 19:38:03
91.   Uncle Miltie
Lofton really has a noodle arm.

I thought Vin was naming of bondage/sex toys. I'm almost positive he said "big black men's underwear"

Lowe didn't want to feel left out so he decided to match Pedro.

2006-06-06 19:38:08
92.   Bluebleeder87
as good as Pedro is hitting, wow is he bad hitting.
2006-06-06 19:39:33
93.   gpellamjr
92 I would say that that is logical. A very sound argument.
2006-06-06 19:40:52
94.   Marty
Haert & Soul alert...
2006-06-06 19:41:36
95.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Lowe's really struggling here.
2006-06-06 19:42:12
96.   Uncle Miltie
You can always count on Lo Duca for a clutch out.
2006-06-06 19:42:28
97.   Bluebleeder87

hahaha oh man!! it's not my day today, I meant as good has he is PITCHING he's bad at HITTING

2006-06-06 19:42:47
98.   LAT
Lowe looks awful. Drinking or forgot to take his ADHD meds?
2006-06-06 19:43:13
99.   Andrew Shimmin
94- So are you going to leak the results of the exit polls before 8? It's only twenty minutes, and probably nobody would care. Don't you think?
2006-06-06 19:43:22
100.   Marty
Maybe he's drinking to forget his ADHD meds.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-06-06 19:44:16
101.   Marty
99 I'm much too honest for that. I'm also partial to my pay check.
2006-06-06 19:45:57
102.   gpellamjr
91 I don't really know what he was talking about. All I heard was "blah blah black man, black man blah blah" and I got very nervous.
2006-06-06 19:46:15
103.   gpellamjr
I vaguely remember Jeff Kent.
2006-06-06 19:47:33
104.   Steve
Somebody cared enough to pay for an exit poll? Even though half the voting (such as it is) is absentee?

Nice to see someone finally got Russ Sr. some decent tickets.

2006-06-06 19:49:05
105.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Any explanation why Grittle has locked Martin into the 8-spot?
2006-06-06 19:49:18
106.   Bluebleeder87

that's kinda what I do when My girlfriend talks to me.

2006-06-06 19:49:28
107.   Marty
104 Yes I think exit polling, at least in California, are not long for this world. As are so many things I'm associated with professionally.
2006-06-06 19:51:35
108.   Marty
This seems to be a ptich-count duel.
2006-06-06 19:52:17
109.   Marty
I cannot type tonight.
2006-06-06 19:53:02
110.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Cole Hamels is dealing against the D-Backs. It's the 4th, and he gave up his first hit - a bloop single to CF from Conor Jackson.
2006-06-06 19:54:10
111.   D4P
Vin just called Pedro "Ramon" again.
2006-06-06 19:54:12
112.   Andrew Shimmin
102- It was a practical joke that I don't remember who played on the rookie David Wright, last year. Loading his carry-on bag (or something, I was only half listening), with Jet and Ebony, and some weird Black Men's Bathing Suit Monthly, or something.
2006-06-06 19:54:20
113.   LAT
102. Awfully politically sensitive of you. He was talking about how last year David Wright was Cliff Floyd's caddy. As a rookie Wright was required to carry Floyd's bags and going through airport security the attendant pulled out a bunch of gold chains and the attendant didn't believe they were Wrights. Then the attendant pulled out a bunch of magazines, JET, Ebony and the Black Swimsuit edition. That was the context. That the security person didn't believe the bag was Wright's because it belonged to a, dare I or Vinny say it, a black man.
2006-06-06 19:54:25
114.   Bluebleeder87

I hope we win tonight man!, yesterday was golden & we let it slip away.

2006-06-06 19:54:40
115.   RunninRebel
Vin was telling a story about David Wright carrying Cliff Floyd's bags through airport security last year as part of rookie hazing. Wright was stopped by the security agent and they went through Floyd's bags asking Wright if these items were Wright's (nail clippers, nail files, etc.). The gate agent then comes across some gold chains and asks Wright whether the chains are his, and he says yes. Then the agent comes across some magazines: Ebony, Jet, Essence, Men's swimwear something or other, and she asks Wright if the magazines were his as well, and of course Wright said yes. I don't do the story justice here, but that's the gist.
2006-06-06 19:56:55
116.   Steve
Hackier candidates do better in absentees, so Westly needs to win the walkins by a healthy margin.
2006-06-06 19:57:25
117.   gpellamjr
112, 113, 115 Each explanation more detailed than the last but each charming in it's own right. I understood the story as it was being told. I thought I'd be cute.
2006-06-06 19:58:16
118.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Carlos Delgado as Shawn Green's best man?
2006-06-06 19:59:44
119.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
As a non-Californian, I'm watching CA-50 as to get an idea of how the political winds are blowing nationally.
2006-06-06 20:00:04
120.   Bluebleeder87

isn't Green jewish?

2006-06-06 20:01:05
121.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
120 - Yes.
2006-06-06 20:01:20
122.   Bluebleeder87
or do they also have best men? I don't know?
2006-06-06 20:02:18
123.   capdodger
Time for the Lowe Detonation after the error.
2006-06-06 20:02:29
124.   Andrew Shimmin
116- Do you mean to libel the elderly, or are you just a subconscious age-ist? Heh. This is fun.
2006-06-06 20:03:19
125.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
122 - I believe a Jewish wedding can feature a best man.
2006-06-06 20:05:47
126.   Uncle Miltie
98- doing both at the same time would be very potent
2006-06-06 20:07:00
127.   gpellamjr
122 Apparently Shawn Green's Jewish wedding involved a best man. Mine didn't.
2006-06-06 20:08:19
128.   natepurcell
haahahah vinny "whos your daddy, whos your daddy, whos your daddy?"
2006-06-06 20:08:57
129.   gpellamjr
I have suddenly fallen deeply, madly in love with Kenny Lofton.
2006-06-06 20:10:19
130.   Greg S
Even if it might be sarcastic, at least the man finally gets a little love!
2006-06-06 20:13:58
131.   natepurcell
wow, i thought for sure that was a gapper.
2006-06-06 20:14:06
132.   sanchez101
Is it just me, or does it seem like the Dodgers have been robbed by a unusual number of great OF catches this season?
2006-06-06 20:14:28
133.   Steve
119 -- If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on Bilbray there. Barely.
2006-06-06 20:14:41
134.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Beltran may have racked himself on that dive.
2006-06-06 20:14:49
135.   gpellamjr
I'm getting tired of the Mets defense.
2006-06-06 20:14:54
136.   Greg S
Perdo is flat out struggling and that catch saved him. We did not need that.
2006-06-06 20:15:18
137.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Or maybe it's his torso.
2006-06-06 20:17:34
138.   gpellamjr
You know you've done well when Vin is reminded of the greatest catch he ever saw.
2006-06-06 20:18:06
139.   LAT
I think Beltran crushed his man berries on that play.
2006-06-06 20:18:18
140.   D4P
Nomar update:

2 HRs, 60 RBIs remaining in 2006

2006-06-06 20:18:41
141.   capdodger
Wait until Beltran has to swing. That could cause a problem for him.
2006-06-06 20:18:52
142.   gpellamjr
Is the greatness of a catch measured by how angry it makes the other team's fans?
2006-06-06 20:19:04
143.   Bluebleeder87
Kemp stroke out, I guess Pedro learned his leason (not throwing Kemp a fat one)
2006-06-06 20:19:08
144.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
133 - I'd do the same.
2006-06-06 20:20:00
145.   Bluebleeder87

yes, because that catch cost us a run. (darn Beltran)

2006-06-06 20:20:33
146.   D4P
Yeah. Gravel warning tracks and concrete outfield walls...?

"In my day, we didn't have these mamby-pamby jockstraps and cups. We got hit in the groin and we liked it!"

2006-06-06 20:23:08
147.   Steve
I'll miss those homers when they're gone.
2006-06-06 20:24:22
148.   confucius
I had visions of sugar plums when Drew hit that ball.
2006-06-06 20:24:29
149.   Greg S
I hate watching the games on channel 9. Mostly becuase the "bug" is at the bottom of the screen so when you use your Tivo, you can't see the score, outs or the count!
2006-06-06 20:25:42
150.   confucius
149. Tell me about it.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-06-06 20:25:52
151.   Bluebleeder87
Floyd is there version of our D.L. Drew.
2006-06-06 20:27:40
152.   sanchez101
"Ma" "R" "Tin"
2006-06-06 20:28:05
153.   Bluebleeder87
Russell Martin Sr. seemed to say that's my boy. that was cool.
2006-06-06 20:28:36
154.   gpellamjr
151 You are a marvel of the english language. I need to start writing this stuff down.
2006-06-06 20:28:51
155.   sanchez101
is this home ump the same one as last nite? it seems like Pedro's getting a tighter strikezone than Alay Soler
2006-06-06 20:28:58
156.   gpellamjr
I like Russ Sr., a black man.
2006-06-06 20:29:07
157.   confucius
russ just making sure the pitcher doesn't lead off the next inning. I love that.
2006-06-06 20:30:26
158.   Bluebleeder87

well thank you, thank you very much.

2006-06-06 20:30:29
159.   gpellamjr
155 Doesn't the ump at home move to 3B the next game?
2006-06-06 20:32:17
160.   Andrew Shimmin
156- Yeah, but you hate Lofton, also a black man. So you're half racist. Unless you like Kemp, in which case you're only a third racist.
2006-06-06 20:34:03
161.   confucius
That defensive play was all heart and soul.
2006-06-06 20:35:43
162.   D4P
Can someone explain why we only get to listen to Vin for 3 innings on MLB audio and Steinday for the other 6+? Why not at least keep Vin on there for 4.5 innings?
2006-06-06 20:37:34
163.   sanchez101
162. to bad, you just missed a good monkey story
2006-06-06 20:39:16
164.   JT Dutch
90 pitches after 4 and a third by Lowe.
2006-06-06 20:39:36
165.   LAT
Cole Hammels in trouble. Bases full, no outs
2006-06-06 20:41:55
166.   Andrew Shimmin
Broxton up in the pen.
2006-06-06 20:41:55
167.   D4P
Jackson with a rally-extending sac fly.
2006-06-06 20:42:43
168.   gpellamjr
162 I have no idea why they do the things they do. I remember when I first started following the Dodgers in the mid-90s, the tv broadcast would be Vin for innings 1-3, Ross 4-6, Vin 7-9. It worked out really well, because I liked Vin exactly twice as much as Ross, and I liked Ross a lot. It had to do with why I was a proponent of the 18-inning baseball game, because I liked Ross 6 innings worth.
2006-06-06 20:43:09
169.   JT Dutch
Wow, there's something you don't see every day.
2006-06-06 20:43:19
170.   Bob Timmermann
That could be ruled as a DP if the umps feel like it.
2006-06-06 20:43:31
171.   Bluebleeder87
Wow that pitch flew like 20 feet.
2006-06-06 20:44:59
172.   Bob Timmermann
However, they usually only give out the DP if the runner makes a blatant attempt to get into the way. Like reaching down to grab the ball with his hand. The rule was changed in the 1940s or 1950s to prevent players from doing that.
2006-06-06 20:45:29
173.   LAT
Cole's night is done.
2006-06-06 20:46:02
174.   capdodger
Wow... That inning was, uh, fun.
2006-06-06 20:46:02
175.   Bluebleeder87
Lowe looks like he just fought a 15 round boxing match.
2006-06-06 20:46:11
176.   confucius
Imagine how many errors Furcal would have if Nomar wasn't playing first.
2006-06-06 20:46:21
177.   gpellamjr
173 What was his final line?
2006-06-06 20:46:33
178.   Greg S
I've yet to see Nomar not make a play I think he should have (or could have if he were taller). But it seems like he is often at maximum strecth to reach a throw from the infielders.
2006-06-06 20:46:44
179.   confucius
163. Haha
2006-06-06 20:46:49
180.   Bluebleeder87

that was pretty smart.

2006-06-06 20:47:03
181.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
169 - I once saw that end an Arizona prep softball state championship game.
2006-06-06 20:47:51
182.   Bob Timmermann
I assume the sponsors for TV will pay more for games if they know Vin will be calling the whole game. People might go elsewhere during non-Vin innings.

The sponsors have a fair amount of say over the announcers.

2006-06-06 20:47:58
183.   Uncle Miltie
140- he'll get the 60 RBI but those 2 HR are going to be tough.

175- or like he was partying last night. I wouldn't be surprised if he was using coke.

2006-06-06 20:49:32
184.   Greg S
This is true but I'm sure nobody has more say than Vinnie himself.
2006-06-06 20:49:56
185.   sanchez101
180. ya, it only took them several decades to figure that out

how many pitches does Pedro have?

2006-06-06 20:51:59
186.   D4P
I thought it was some sort of "simulcast," with Vin's first 3 innings being heard on both TV and radio. That always explained to me why he was talking about babies in the crowd as if the radio listeners could see them.
2006-06-06 20:51:59
187.   Bluebleeder87

sounds like alot of the folks here don't like Lowe very much.

2006-06-06 20:52:07
188.   Andrew Shimmin
Since Marty is refusing to hook us up, does anybody have a favorite way of getting election returns? I'm using the Sec. of State site, which has a scrolling java app. It's fine, but if anybody's got a better idea, I'd be open to it.
2006-06-06 20:52:32
189.   JT Dutch
Wow, Lowe is still out there. I believe this is a mistake.
2006-06-06 20:53:46
190.   Bluebleeder87
I think he's a pretty good pitcher, that comes up big in BIG GAMES! he's cool in my book.
2006-06-06 20:54:31
191.   Uncle Miltie
I don't dislike Lowe at all, he's one of our best pitchers. He's a good innings eater, unlike Tomko, who just eats innings.
2006-06-06 20:54:51
192.   Bluebleeder87
are some of you from NY or something?
2006-06-06 20:55:30
193.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Vin just said "pink spiders."
2006-06-06 20:56:34
194.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
188 - Here's a link to links:
2006-06-06 20:56:37
195.   underdog
Logan White's in the booth for the radio broadcast this half inning, if anyone's interested...

Predicts Kershaw will start in Gulf Coast league, maybe higher A, then could move quickly to AA next year.

2006-06-06 20:57:12
196.   Bluebleeder87
2-2 tie these guys settled down.
2006-06-06 20:57:18
197.   Bob Timmermann
It all comes from the same place I think. It's not like somebody has super secret elections returns. I usually just the Sec of State's office web site.
2006-06-06 20:58:35
198.   Bluebleeder87

thanks, that's greatly appreciated.

2006-06-06 21:00:22
199.   underdog
Actually sounds like White will be back for one more half inning... "to finish that thought." Whatever thought that was.
2006-06-06 21:02:24
200.   D4P
Logan is really emphasizing the "makeup" of the draftees.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-06-06 21:02:32
201.   sanchez101
195. Logan White predicts that, or Kershaw predicts that or you predict that?
2006-06-06 21:02:48
202.   JT Dutch
2006-06-06 21:02:48
203.   sanchez101
195. Logan White predicts that, or Kershaw predicts that or you predict that?


2006-06-06 21:02:49
204.   EricGagnesGoggles
I can't wait till we trade Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsley, and Jonathan Broxton for Dontrelle Willis and Dan Uggla.
2006-06-06 21:02:51
205.   Bob Timmermann
Also with this primary since the big races are all on the Democratic side, you're better off just following the LA County Registrar/Recorder's site, which I believe is

Los Angeles County takes a long time to tabulate its votes because we have so many voters. And the County is predominantly Democratic, so if you win here, you'll likely win a statewide Democratic party.

Just call me Shirley Bebitch Timmermann.

2006-06-06 21:02:56
206.   natepurcell
2006-06-06 21:03:28
207.   Bluebleeder87
Kemp for president!!!!! yeeessss!!!!!!!!!
2006-06-06 21:03:30
208.   Greg S
I think Grady should go to the mound right now and pull Martinez. Just to put closure to the whole thing.
2006-06-06 21:03:36
209.   capdodger
2006-06-06 21:03:37
210.   D4P
"THE" "BI" "SON"
"THE" "BI" "SON"
2006-06-06 21:03:47
212.   Icaros
Bison, M.
2006-06-06 21:03:55
213.   Bob Timmermann
I believe my statement in 205 was ill-timed.
2006-06-06 21:03:59
214.   Uncle Miltie
Would Derek Lowe consider Kemp an American?
2006-06-06 21:04:04
215.   capdodger
208 LOL
2006-06-06 21:04:30
216.   Andrew Shimmin
205- Thanks Shirley.
2006-06-06 21:05:03
217.   D4P
Shirley, you can't be serious...
2006-06-06 21:05:18
218.   gpellamjr
For those of you who know about these things, what kind of player are the Mets expecting Milledge to become?
2006-06-06 21:06:07
219.   EricGagnesGoggles
Whos your daddy Pedro?
2006-06-06 21:06:33
220.   Steve
Lofton. Cruz. Blah blah blah blah. All I know is that Kemp should be playing every day until 2025. End of story. You guys can fight until 6/6/2106 about who the third outfielder should be.
2006-06-06 21:07:09
221.   Bob Timmermann
You're welcome, but stop calling me Shirley.
2006-06-06 21:07:32
222.   Bluebleeder87
Logan White needs a new contract NOW!!
2006-06-06 21:07:50
223.   MollyKnight


I love Matt Kemp so much. Where can I get the jersey?

2006-06-06 21:08:01
224.   natepurcell
I think Grady should go to the mound right now and pull Martinez. Just to put closure to the whole thing.

hahaha that is funny.

anyways, can someone recap what Logan White said please.

2006-06-06 21:08:29
225.   sanchez101
218. Milledge has more power than his minor league stats show, great bat speed and good foot speed. He'll stay in CF, no problem. Me and nate have been wanting him to get to the Dodgers before Kemp burst his way on the scene. I think a fair comparison is Johnny Damon, with a chance to be better.
2006-06-06 21:10:41
226.   Bluebleeder87

oh man LOL!!!

2006-06-06 21:11:53
227.   D4P
can someone recap what Logan White said please

He has been talking for a long time, but hasn't really said much. Steinday are just all giddy about how Logan must feel like a "proud Papa" with how well the kids are doing. He said many times how the kids that were drafted were "good makeup" kids.

2006-06-06 21:12:46
228.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
This is sweet.
2006-06-06 21:12:51
229.   natepurcell

molokai compared milledge to marquis grissom which i think is perfect.

2006-06-06 21:13:21
230.   sanchez101
wow, this inning is not going well for the New Yawkers. serves right, those dirty scoundrels.
2006-06-06 21:13:43
231.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Stealing with a 5-run lead?
Will Lofton hit the deck now?
2006-06-06 21:13:52
232.   natepurcell

did he talk about any of the kids he drafted today?

2006-06-06 21:14:12
233.   Greg S
Aren't innings like this fun?
2006-06-06 21:14:34
234.   gpellamjr
Kenny Lofton, will you marry me (and my wife)?
2006-06-06 21:15:29
235.   D4P
Yeah, but I kinda spaced out during that part. He talked about how hard each of the top two pitchers throw, and how Morris has a good curveball. Seemed more concerned about their makeup than their skills. Talked about Mattingly's "bloodlines."
2006-06-06 21:15:38
236.   Johnson
Just so nobody gets too excited about this offensive explosion, please keep in mind that Little is likely to trot out "mop-up" Broxton in the bottom half of the inning.

See? Every silver lining has a cloud!

2006-06-06 21:15:42
237.   natepurcell
matt kemp bases loaded... make them pay kid!
2006-06-06 21:15:53
238.   sanchez101
229. im too young to know what grissom was like as a youngester, i just remember the terrible version that played for the dodgers. i cant believe people around here want lofton gone, dont they remember grissoms .250 opb from 2001, it could be worse.
2006-06-06 21:16:21
239.   D4P
Intentionally walk Drew to get to Kemp...?
2006-06-06 21:16:58
240.   JT Dutch
They're loading em up for Kemp?!?!?

Matt's gotta make them pay.

2006-06-06 21:17:00
241.   gpellamjr
Prediction: Kemp bats left-handed after they walk Drew so he can get that elusive "homering from both sides of the plate in one inning".
2006-06-06 21:17:11
242.   Greg S
I'm scratching my head right now.
2006-06-06 21:17:25
243.   capdodger
Can Matt Kemp hit two?
2006-06-06 21:17:37
244.   natepurcell
kemp is too anxious. calm down, stop swinging at crap.
2006-06-06 21:17:48
245.   Jason Watts
Damn, there goes the grand slam!@#
2006-06-06 21:18:22
246.   adg
What are the odds that a rookie (kemp) will have his first X (in progress) extra base hits all be homeruns?
2006-06-06 21:18:51
247.   Greg S
Vinnie just made someones predition from last night come true.
2006-06-06 21:18:56
248.   Bob Timmermann
Now that Kemp has missed out on it, who was the last Dodger to homer twice in one inning?

It happened in 1994.

2006-06-06 21:19:16
249.   Uncle Miltie
That's why you need Veteran Leadership™. Kemp needs to be sent back to the minors right now. A crafty veteran would have come through there with RISP.
2006-06-06 21:19:43
250.   Bob Timmermann
Whoops, wrong list I was checking.

The last Dodger to homer twice in one inning was in 2000 by ....

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-06-06 21:20:20
251.   natepurcell
why is broxton in the game?
2006-06-06 21:20:30
252.   adamclyde
249 where's fred mcgriff when you need him.
2006-06-06 21:20:31
253.   Bluebleeder87

Broxton has new found control, top that with his 95+ fastball & a great curve, forget about it.

2006-06-06 21:21:07
254.   sanchez101
this is starting to get silly, why is Baez not pitching right now? why is our best reliever pitching mop-up innings?
2006-06-06 21:21:14
255.   regfairfield
I don't know, it's only a six run lead, can we really trust Broxton now?
2006-06-06 21:21:33
256.   capdodger
And on the 7th inning, JD Rested...
2006-06-06 21:21:51
257.   Uncle Miltie
Nice catch Lofton
2006-06-06 21:22:08
258.   Greg S
Dodgers pulled away from the Metsville and blew right past Gagneland.
2006-06-06 21:23:22
259.   Johnson
253 My point is that Broxton is too good to be the mop-up guy, and every time we get in a blowout situation, Little confirms that Broxton is his mop-up guy. I'd like to see Broxton used in "higher-leverage" situations.
2006-06-06 21:23:51
260.   D4P
Steiner just pointed out that the Dodgers scored 6 runs in the 6th inning, on 6-6-06.
2006-06-06 21:24:04
261.   Bluebleeder87
oh! thanks Broxton for making me look bad.
2006-06-06 21:24:37
262.   Uncle Miltie
How can you walking freaking Lo Duca?
2006-06-06 21:24:42
263.   natepurcell


2006-06-06 21:25:03
264.   Uncle Miltie
2006-06-06 21:25:46
265.   Johnson
261 Actually, re-reading it I can see how the sarcasm didn't come through right. My fault.
2006-06-06 21:25:50
266.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
259 - I made the same point a few days ago. Used the Leverage stat from BPro and everything.
2006-06-06 21:26:09
267.   natepurcell
if we lose this game.. whatever, we got kershaw.
2006-06-06 21:27:20
268.   Bob Timmermann
I do think Broxton had to come in since he was already warming up. And he's was warming up when the game was tied.
2006-06-06 21:28:04
269.   natepurcell
uh oh.
2006-06-06 21:28:33
270.   D4P
Bring in Kershaw!
2006-06-06 21:28:58
271.   Goozmani
broxton and i share the same birthday yaaay!!
2006-06-06 21:30:00
272.   Johnson
268 Well, in that case we should warm Broxton up every time we need a big inning! That said, not Broxton's sharpest night tonight.
2006-06-06 21:31:16
273.   overkill94
Come on Brox, three straight K's
2006-06-06 21:31:30
274.   underdog
Maybe they're trying to get Gagne that blasted save situation he's still waiting for...?

Bring in Kuo to face the lefty Chavez after Wright.

2006-06-06 21:31:37
275.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Phillies 10
D-Backs 1
Top 9
2006-06-06 21:32:44
276.   natepurcell
if broxton doesnt get delgado, little will bring the hook
2006-06-06 21:32:54
277.   overkill94
2006-06-06 21:33:07
278.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Just noticed that Either's No. 16 means the last two Dodgers to wear that number were ASU products.
2006-06-06 21:34:04
279.   overkill94
274 I would think Kuo's unavailable tonight having pitched 1 2/3 IP last night and 2/3 IP on Sunday, especially with his injury history.
2006-06-06 21:34:15
280.   Bluebleeder87
Broxton looked like a thrower instead of a pitcher this time around.
2006-06-06 21:34:21
281.   Bob Timmermann
I think the only way Broxton would have stayed in the game is if Delgado had hit into a DP.
2006-06-06 21:34:42
282.   natepurcell
with a 6 run lead, you gotta throw strikes broxton.

and you lofton, catch the ball please.

2006-06-06 21:34:48
283.   capdodger
Anyone want to hazard a guess at what Grady said to Ox on the mound there?
2006-06-06 21:35:10
284.   Uncle Miltie
I'd much rather bring in Beimel. I think he's more of a groundball pitcher than Saito.
2006-06-06 21:35:28
285.   Gen3Blue
Broxton was warming up when the game was tied and he is still gonna be warming up when the game is tied again.
The guy's only 21. Send him down till he can learn to throw strikes under stress. And while he is there make him a starter. He has some of the best stuff I've seen and we have other closer candidates.
2006-06-06 21:35:34
286.   Bluebleeder87
Saito re-store order please
2006-06-06 21:35:37
287.   natepurcell
wright hasnt really gotten a big hit this series yet... he's due.
2006-06-06 21:35:53
288.   Disabled List
278 They mentioned on the broadcast yesterday that Rick Monday also went to ASU, also wore #16 for the Dodgers.
2006-06-06 21:36:06
289.   overkill94
Save situation for Sammy here. All he has to do is nail down these last 3 innings by himself.
2006-06-06 21:36:34
290.   natepurcell
Anyone want to hazard a guess at what Grady said to Ox on the mound there?

"Don't worry son, we'll go fishin' this winter and catch some big ole catfish."

2006-06-06 21:36:50
291.   Gen3Blue
God -Kou can't throw strikes either- don't bring him in.
2006-06-06 21:37:17
292.   overkill94
285 No matter how close the games are, there isn't a ton of stress in AAA games.
2006-06-06 21:38:52
293.   capdodger
291 Kuo is left-handed.
2006-06-06 21:39:00
294.   Steve
Baez can do this. Geez.
2006-06-06 21:39:13
295.   Greg S
Pretty clear that he said something along the lines of "just a bad night, don't sweat it, we'll use you tomorrow in the exact same situation".
Although he MIGHT have said something like "it sounds corny but you gotta follow your dreams"
2006-06-06 21:39:25
296.   overkill94
This is getting ridiculous, is Gagne willing to come in right now?
2006-06-06 21:39:32
297.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
278 - Monday also wore #16? It's trend, then.
2006-06-06 21:39:38
298.   RunninRebel
If Drew had chased that foul ball into the stand like Kemp his torso would have sheared off.
2006-06-06 21:40:26
299.   capdodger
2006-06-06 21:41:08
300.   capdodger
298 Drew went out in a double switch at the top of this inning.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-06-06 21:41:09
301.   Bob Timmermann
On the other hand, Hideo Nomo did not go to Arizona State.
2006-06-06 21:41:09
302.   underdog
Yep, I still think this is all part of a plan to get Gagne a save. We're almost there...
2006-06-06 21:41:45
303.   overkill94
On the bright side, Arizona's getting whooped, San Diego already lost, and the Giants are about to blow a 9th-inning lead.

Come on Sammy!

2006-06-06 21:41:47
304.   Uncle Miltie
Why not turn Valentin around here?
2006-06-06 21:42:03
305.   Bluebleeder87
Grady bringing in Broxton is looking like a bad idea now.
2006-06-06 21:42:49
306.   capdodger
298 - Disregard 300.
2006-06-06 21:43:00
307.   underdog
Marlins have runners at 2nd and 3rd, 1 out, in the 9th. Schmidt still pitching.
2006-06-06 21:43:09
308.   Bluebleeder87
Let's get a DP
2006-06-06 21:43:22
309.   Marty
188 205 Both those are probably the best on the internet for California returns. It's been a rough night for me so far. Some counties are more forthcoming with data than others (I'm looking at YOU, San Bernardino)
2006-06-06 21:44:19
310.   Uncle Miltie
My dad has a Lofton fetish and thinks that it was a tough ball for Lofton to catch.
2006-06-06 21:44:30
311.   Bluebleeder87
Saito restoring order (thank god)
2006-06-06 21:44:50
312.   overkill94
mmm, a Valentin pop-up and a cold Bud Light help to calm the nerves...
2006-06-06 21:45:28
313.   Bluebleeder87
We gotta score more runs.
2006-06-06 21:45:35
314.   LAT
What the. . .

I went away for a few mins and the wheels are coming off.

Now the Mets, like those of us before them, know the pain of Valentine.

These guys will do anything to get Gagne a save.

2006-06-06 21:46:07
315.   capdodger
310 - It may have been a tough ball to get to, but the darn thing clanked off of his glove. He took his eye off of it.
2006-06-06 21:46:45
316.   Bluebleeder87

send me one via the internet overkill94, I ain't drinking right now.

2006-06-06 21:47:15
317.   underdog
303 Ya jinxed it. Giants win 2-1, Schmidt complete game. Ah well.
2006-06-06 21:47:32
318.   Bluebleeder87
Saito is just buetiful to watch.
2006-06-06 21:47:47
319.   overkill94
Man, tomorrow's day off will be welcome relief for this bullpen after playing for 13 straight days. Is that normal scheduling practice?
2006-06-06 21:48:02
320.   capdodger
2006-06-06 21:48:10
321.   LAT
Schmidt = 16K tonight.

Giants win. That sucks.

2006-06-06 21:48:17
322.   Bluebleeder87


2006-06-06 21:49:02
323.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
301 - One of Jim Brock's few recruiting mistakes.
2006-06-06 21:49:18
324.   Bob Timmermann
The Basic Agreement lets teams play up to 20 straight days I believe.
2006-06-06 21:49:39
325.   Greg S
What are you talking about?! I have tickets in the front row behind the dugout tomorrow! They better not take the day off!
2006-06-06 21:49:52
326.   overkill94
317 Wow, I guess that's what you get from a bunch of rookies in a pressure situation against a clutch performer like Schmidt.
2006-06-06 21:50:12
327.   LAT
319. I hope tomorrow is not a day off. I have pretty good seats and don't want to be sitting there by myself.
2006-06-06 21:51:09
328.   Steve
309 -- San Bernardino is terrible. Be prepared for a long, long night. They use some kind of antiquated system that takes forever.
2006-06-06 21:51:11
329.   overkill94
316 Are you of legal drinking age?
2006-06-06 21:51:43
330.   Gen3Blue
319 a day off will be a welcome relief for fans with this bullpen
Question--will the dodgers act whipped now or look for a few runs which they may need.
2006-06-06 21:51:55
331.   overkill94
325 Oops, I meant Thursday, was looking ahead in the schedule and noticed all the days we had played in a row.
2006-06-06 21:52:02
332.   CanuckDodger
Yahoo! Baseball froze with the bases loaded and Delgado at the plate. What happened after that? What is the score now? Is the inning over?
2006-06-06 21:52:25
333.   LAT
319. Are you in the Dugout Club. That's sweet if so. And I thought I had good seats in Asile 4 Row G.
2006-06-06 21:53:39
334.   Uncle Miltie
I don't think drinking one bud light can help the ease the pain of having to watch Lofton play CF.
2006-06-06 21:53:58
335.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Why more counties don't use the Optiscan system escapes me.
2006-06-06 21:54:03
336.   Bob Timmermann
It's 8-5 Dodgers going to the 8th.
2006-06-06 21:54:43
337.   Greg S
333- yep!
Only 2nd time I've ever had those seats. All food you can eat (both high end buffet and hot dogs). Only wish I was behind the Dodger dugout instead of the Mets.
2006-06-06 21:54:49
338.   Gen3Blue
Saito please
2006-06-06 21:55:19
339.   Bob Timmermann
I want to find out my Central County Committee results as soon as possible. I like seeing one part of my ballot that says "Vote for no more than seven".

I've never been able to figure out what these people do.

2006-06-06 21:55:22
340.   Steve
335 -- With San Bernardino, it's not their counting, it's the way they transfer information to the registrar and on. It's been awhile since I was in the game, so I don't remember all the details. Something having to do with tapes comes to mind.
2006-06-06 21:55:34
341.   overkill94
334 Don't worry, I hadn't switched over from Last Comic Standing yet :)

Can't deny his performance at the plate today though.

2006-06-06 21:55:35
342.   Bluebleeder87

yes, yes I am.

2006-06-06 21:56:09
343.   scareduck
333, 337 - got comp tickets to that section last night. The food's the best, I must say.
2006-06-06 21:56:31
344.   JoeyP
What does Kemp have to do to play everyday?
If hating on Lofton allows Kemp to play everyday, then I guess I am a "lofton hater".
2006-06-06 21:56:52
345.   Bluebleeder87
Game Over will come in today no?
2006-06-06 21:57:03
346.   Greg S
Well, if this inning goes well, next inning should be exciting.
2006-06-06 21:57:10
347.   Marty
It's weird. Riverside county was always the best, they got me a good data file electronically, they had 100% returns by 10 p.m., it was great. But this year, they lost one person from their staff and we are back to doing it manually with spread sheets. Sheesh.
2006-06-06 21:58:54
348.   confucius
Matsui only makes six million a year, but he's got to be the most overpaid player in the majors.
2006-06-06 21:59:20
349.   scareduck
Beltre would have had that.
2006-06-06 21:59:56
350.   scareduck
348 - remember a couple offseasons ago when his name was floated in conjunction with the Dodgers?
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-06-06 21:59:56
351.   capdodger
Willy willy willy... sigh.
2006-06-06 21:59:59
352.   Bob Timmermann
Russ Ortiz and Cristian Guzman say hello.
2006-06-06 22:00:26
353.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
{349] - Paying homage to Matt Welch, are you?
2006-06-06 22:01:03
354.   Greg S
That call sucked on LoDuca. That was strike 3
2006-06-06 22:01:28
355.   LAT
I would prefer to sit behind the Mets and pass out a few razzies. I have sat in the dugout club a few times and the food is usally really good.

If you have nowhere to be after the game you should hang out in the bar down there for a while. A lot of the players come in and hang out. You can talk to some of them and some will take a picture with you. You never know who you'll see. I saw a certain pitcher come in holding hands with a certain Fox reporter before the news broke.
Yep, Derick Lowe and Kevin Kennedy made a cute couple.

2006-06-06 22:02:26
356.   scareduck
353 - only doing my Matt Welch imitation, and a halfhearted one at that. I still liked letting the M's get him.
2006-06-06 22:03:24
357.   Uncle Miltie
Another clutch out by Lo Duca. I can see why he was such a popular player when he was here.
2006-06-06 22:03:52
358.   MartinBillingsley31
Drew, kemp, ethier should be our starting outfielders.
Its a win win thing.
There are going to be days when we don't get on base enough to score enough runs, where power comes into play.
Then there are going to be games like today where the difference between winning and losing is 2- 2 run homers.
Then there are going to be games where we need to use speed late in the game for a go ahead run.
Power starting (drew, kemp, ethier) and speed on the bench (lofton, repko).
2006-06-06 22:04:16
359.   capdodger
A strikeout and a walk for Heart and Soul in the same game.
2006-06-06 22:04:49
360.   Bob Timmermann

Lo Duca decided to return the favor to the Dodgers by swinging at a pitch over his head.

2006-06-06 22:05:17
361.   scareduck
HOOO HOOOO!!! That was unhittable.

You know, I'm starting to like this Saito fellow.

2006-06-06 22:06:00
362.   Greg S
355- LOL
Yeah, think I'll do that. Don't mean to be coy but I've got a friend on the team so I'll try to hang out afterwards. Not a bad night.
2006-06-06 22:09:04
363.   LAT
Does that mean a friend on the Dodgers or the Mets?
2006-06-06 22:09:04
364.   Bob Timmermann
Second base, not the best position for the Mets now.
2006-06-06 22:09:51
365.   scareduck
I wonder how Omar Minaya sold the Jose Valentin signing this offseason. A little bird tells me it involved defense.
2006-06-06 22:09:57
366.   Greg S
We had taken a U-turn but now pulling back away from Gagneland
2006-06-06 22:13:00
367.   D4P
Note to Steiner: We don't really use the word "puss" as a synonym for "face" anymore.
2006-06-06 22:15:32
368.   overkill94
It's Game Over time!!!
2006-06-06 22:15:45
369.   Bluebleeder87
2006-06-06 22:16:00
370.   Greg S
You know where you are?
2006-06-06 22:16:28
371.   scareduck
Here's the all-Francophone pitching/catching duo we've been waiting for.
2006-06-06 22:16:37
372.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2006-06-06 22:17:01
373.   Bluebleeder87
It's fun watching how many people take pictures of him, Coming out of the gate!
2006-06-06 22:17:26
374.   capdodger
Do you think they have a big red button up in the contol booth labeled "Gange"?
2006-06-06 22:18:28
375.   Eric L
372 Exactly...
2006-06-06 22:18:30
376.   scareduck
374 - that's only in the cheap seats, and only when the ushers aren't looking.
2006-06-06 22:20:58
377.   overkill94
374 You got to it before I could, I was gonna say that it should be a green button instead of red.
2006-06-06 22:22:21
378.   scareduck
That pitch just wasn't fair. Byootiful.
2006-06-06 22:24:19
379.   scareduck
Bon soir, Eric.
2006-06-06 22:24:39
380.   overkill94
"Rollin' down the Imperial Highway..."
2006-06-06 22:24:44
381.   Bluebleeder87
Did you see Gagne face when He stroke out Wright?
2006-06-06 22:24:45
382.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Game over!
2006-06-06 22:24:55
383.   capdodger
377 - I was thinking like a big red e-stop button.

Those pitches to Wright were dirty.

2006-06-06 22:25:44
384.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Gagne (S,1)
Welcome back!
2006-06-06 22:25:49
385.   gpellamjr
I am satisfied with Gagne's performance.
2006-06-06 22:27:49
386.   sanchez101
That wasnt the same Gagne of old, he throws a lot more of that bugsbunny change. Vinny kept calling it the change, but his change used to be that 86-88 mph splitty-type thing, not the 68 mph laugher. Gagne threw that curve more than anyother pitch and it ranged anywhere from the upper 50's to the upper 60's. Gagne did throw the change to strike out Wright, it came in at 80 mph but had that typical splitter-like movement that Wright swung over. He still has that aura of domination about him though; he absolutly schooled Wright, for all you that couldnt watch it on TV, it was great.
2006-06-06 22:27:59
387.   Uncle Miltie
Gagne made Delgado look like Kenny Lofton and David Wright look like Vinny Castilla.
2006-06-06 22:28:21
388.   Bluebleeder87
I don't wanna read anything into to that.
2006-06-06 22:29:51
389.   sanchez101
386. that should say, bugsbunny curve.
2006-06-06 22:31:34
390.   Greg S
That was a great game.
Hope tomorrow is as much fun to watch.
G'night everybody.
2006-06-06 22:34:13
391.   Vaudeville Villain
I'd like to catch a look at the highlights on this game, but I guess ESPN is too enamored with Roger Clemens' AAA start.
2006-06-06 22:35:04
392.   gpellamjr
386 I think that's a good analysis. I think Wright was intimidated going into the at-bat. Gagne looked better than we might have expected him to, but not like he used to. He might have to feed off of his reputation to get strikeouts (wasn't that a big part of his 03-04 success, anyway?) until he gets back into shape (hopefully it will actually happen).

387 That was the funniest thing I've read all night... including when I read an email from a professor allowing me an extension on my paper.

2006-06-06 22:35:35
393.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
389 - How he threw more vurves, I noticed that too.
I wrote this in March '05:

*The ultimate Gagne at-bat:
1. Change. Watch how much he throws this on the first pitch, because batters are so keyed up to hit his fastball. The Vulcan change dives into the dirt while the batter strikes that awful, awkward butt-stuck-out, bat-in-bottom-hand-extended-far-away-from-body pose.
2. Fastball. With the hitter's head now in a terrible jumble, time to bring the high-octane gas.
3. Curve. A big b@stard that looks like it belongs in a cartoon. I've heard fans at Dodger Stadium laugh themselves silly when Eric breaks off one of these.
Respective speeds of Strikes one, two and three: 72, 95, 82. Unfair.*

2006-06-06 22:36:44
394.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2006-06-06 22:40:58
395.   Improbable88
I can't believe no one in here is really talking about Gagne's reaction to the Wright strike-out pitch.

He visibly grimaced and was clearly upset in the line for high fives, AND made a point of banging fists with his glove. When Martin came up to him he kind of shook his head and looked like he'd seen a ghost.

When Nomar, smilingly, said something to Martin, and Martin replied, Nomar's face got very serious.

I know I'm really looking into this, but it coming after just a brilliant pitching performance (and with it memories of how great this guy is)really upset me.

Anyone else see all of this happoen?

2006-06-06 22:43:59
396.   das411
Yknow, I'm kind of liking this whole you help us, we help you deal the Phils and Dodgers have going right now. Much better than this weekend anyways...

Hey Nate, will Longoria be batting 2nd or 3rd in the epic 2009 Dodgers-DRays World Series?

2006-06-06 22:50:44
397.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
395 - He got Wright on a change, down and away, right?
2006-06-06 22:53:02
398.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
395 - I do know that Gagne was rather subdued while greeting Martin after the third out.
2006-06-06 22:53:36
399.   Improbable88
397 - It was either the quick darting change or his new "slider." It broke down and away from Wright like a slider, whereas his changeup usually darts, more or less, straight down.

He winced after he threw it. No mistake about it.

2006-06-06 22:56:13
400.   Eric L
399 The sports guy on Channel 9 mentioned that Gagne winced after the pitch. He said according to the Dodgers that Gagne is fine.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-06-06 22:57:35
401.   Steve
Going back on the TiVo, yep, I'm going to confirm just about all of it. He also reacted after the final pitch to Chavez(?), but it was only one pitch and the action cut away from Gagne because of the fly ball.
2006-06-06 23:00:53
402.   Andrew Shimmin
Didn't see the post game stuff, but he was slower tonight than he was in his last outing, sitting on 91, and dropping one 89 FB.
2006-06-06 23:00:54
403.   Improbable88
400 - Whew!

...though I will be somewhat worried until I see him pump his fist after a third out stike.

2006-06-06 23:05:30
404.   Steve
Meanwhile, Marty is making furious calls to the Yolo County Recorder trying to figure out where the hell their returns are.
2006-06-06 23:06:33
405.   Improbable88
400 - I hope they're right... won't feel like he's back until we're seeing third strike, third out fist pumps on a regular basis...but I hope they are right.

I'm hoping it's just some macho "I made those guys looked like idiots, sure, but I know I can do better."

2006-06-06 23:09:17
406.   Uncle Miltie
396- neither.
BJ Upton
Carl Crawford
Delmon Young

By the way, I was wrong about Lowe. Apparently, he was coked up or hungover, he's just been under the weather lately, but that could be code for hungover.

2006-06-06 23:10:44
407.   Uncle Miltie
2006-06-06 23:12:17
408.   regfairfield
400 How many times have we heard that?

Gagne has recovered just fine, don't worry about it. Make sure to buy tickets in advance for Gagne's next outing.

Two days later:

Eric Gagne has been placed on the 15 day disabled list with a broken spleen. The Dodgers are optimistic he will be back in time for next weeks series with the Diamondbacks.

2006-06-06 23:15:55
409.   coachjpark
Clearly, something's wrong with Gagne.... clearly.
2006-06-06 23:20:33
410.   Andrew Shimmin
Bad time to ask, but how did your throw go, chachjpark? Did you get to keep the ball?
2006-06-06 23:20:59
411.   Andrew Shimmin
Sorry, coachjpark.
2006-06-06 23:22:02
412.   Improbable88
409 - :-/
2006-06-06 23:26:28
413.   Bluebleeder87
they just deleted a thread, (on talking about Gagne & that weird face he made when he stroke out Wright. darn dude I hope we're all wrong about this,
2006-06-06 23:33:55
414.   Steve
413 -- They were afraid Jim Tracy would read it, and it would ruin our trade for Jason Bay.
2006-06-06 23:35:57
415.   JoeyP
Tonite was a great win. At the very least you avoid a sweep.

Matt Kemp for ROY.

2006-06-06 23:40:27
416.   adg
The yahoo game recap states that the ceremonial first pitch was thrown by Hershiser tonight...

If Hershisers' alias is coachjpark, that's some high company we have here.

2006-06-06 23:42:26
417.   adg
For me, Kemp still needs to hit some doubles. All these HR and no other extra base hits of any kind strikes me as too much a two true outcome kind of hitter.

But I'm excited about Bison none the less.

2006-06-06 23:49:29
418.   JoeyP
Whatever Kemp is doing, I hope he doesnt change. 4HRs is 4HRs. I'm sure he'd hit more doubles if he had less power, but the ball is jumping off his bat.

He kinda reminds me of a younger Werth when Werth came up in 2004. Werth hit 18 that year and Kemp could easily hit more if he gets enough PT.

2006-06-06 23:59:47
419.   Andrew Shimmin
There's a Gagne injury thread up on now; nothing in it worth noting. What was in the one that was deleted? Why isn't the message board run on Pacific time?
2006-06-07 00:10:23
420.   sanchez101
417. from the Steve Lyon's school of baseball strategy
2006-06-07 00:12:40
421.   Andrew Shimmin
No mention in the wire story. Nothing from Henson, either.
2006-06-07 00:13:43
422.   Strike4
Besides the kids, kudos tonight to our comeback and mvp candidate. Nomar's first inning hr pushed Pedro off balance from the git go. He looks pretty comfortable at 1B too.
2006-06-07 00:23:33
423.   elan cohen
no mention in the daily news about Gagne wincing. Bonsignore even has a quote from him
"I just went out there and did my business, trying to get batters out," Gagne said. "Everyone (in the bullpen) is throwing the ball well, and it's only a matter of time before the results start showing up."
2006-06-07 00:29:08
424.   LAT
Jon, If you can persuade him,I would love to see an interview with our own pseudo-celebrity, Coachjpark about throwing out the first pitch. What was it like? Scary? What did they tell him before hand? Who did he meet? How did it go? Who caught? How was Oral? (BYW did they let Oral throw from the rubber) I for one would be interested in all the details from when he got to DS to when he left the field and whether he got to keep the ball. Coach, are you out there?
2006-06-07 00:31:01
425.   LAT
423. Is Gagne not framiliar with the pitching stylings of Mr. Joan Baez.
2006-06-07 00:56:11
426.   overkill94
424 Didn't coachjpark throw Monday's game and Orel throw tonight's?

By the way, I didn't see Gagne do any of that stuff, but I'm still quite worried.

383 apparently is too far removed from his college days ;)

2006-06-07 02:12:02
427.   Andrew Shimmin
A few of the ways in which coachjpark and I are very different people:

1. If I'd thrown out the first pitch, I'd have been crowing about it, unbidden, till not only did nobody have any questions left, but everybody wished my computer would crash.

2. He can spell his screen name properly on the first try.

3. I've mooched tickets off of DT readers, instead of the other way around.

One way in which we're similar: We're both not Orel Hershiser.

2006-06-07 03:04:42
428.   Greg Brock
I hear this Pedro kid is Ramon Martinez's little brother...We should try to get him.
2006-06-07 04:25:20
429.   Sam DC
Man -- I wake up, see Henson's gamer, and come over here all excited to read about The Bison and Game Over. And instead it's wincing faces and broken spleens.

Mama, take this badge off of me.

2006-06-07 06:35:27
430.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh

To say this is worrisome would be an understatement.

Excerpt from a story on the site:


Although Gagne's discomfort was apparent, he continued to pitch, and nobody from the dugout went to the mound. He twice hit 92 mph with his fastball, but more often was around 89. Afterward, clubhouse comments were carefully worded.

"He got three outs. That's what we've been looking forward to seeing in a save situation," said manager Grady Little. "We look forward to it some more."

2006-06-07 08:26:18
431.   Marty
So much for "finally being pain-free" as he was quoted during his rehab. As much as I love Gagne as a player, you can't trust anything he says when it comes to his health, no matter how many "this time I mean its".
2006-06-07 08:44:38
432.   Blu2
Quick, while the iron's hot... I'll bet Tracey would love to get some of his favorite players from last year back. For Bay, let's offer a selection from this group: Ledee; Mueller; Robles; Carter; Hamulack; Saenz (he started the year great but for the last month he's been toast, and he is unplayable defensively. Guzman can do everything he can do, and better)(By the way, who was it said the young players wouldn't be called up to sit on the bench? That is exactly what is happening to Guzman.)
2006-06-07 08:46:50
433.   Sam DC
Anyone going to the Free Fathers' Day Play Catch on the Field event?

Ooooh, regretting my zip code on that one.

2006-06-07 09:29:37
434.   Daniel Zappala
Watched the game last night on DirecTV, and even the Mets announcers (who were pretty good, actually) noticed that Gagne was not very happy. It was not at all evident what he was mad about. It could be that he was feeling pain, but it could also be that he was not as dominant as he used to be or was not getting the calls he used to get. Regardless, the Mets announcers were falling over themselves in praise for Gagne and his repertoire of pitches. I hope he is OK.
2006-06-07 09:30:49
435.   Daniel Zappala
The Mets announcers were also rapturous over Dodger Stadium. I guess compared to Shea it looks like heaven.

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