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A First Pitch to Remember
2006-06-08 21:31
by Jon Weisman

Dodger Thoughts reader Jibin Park threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Dodger Stadium Monday night - with a little something extra, I might add. Here's his tale (along with some photos):

It was quite a surreal experience. I was on the field about an hour before game time, chatting with none other than Larry King of all people. I see Scott Boras talking on his phone, and sitting behind him is Dumb and Dumber star Jeff Daniels.

Precisely at 7:00 p.m., I am introduced onto the field as a special guest from Waddell & Reed and Los Altos High School. I had planned on going through this big routine of taking off my glove and walking around the mound - things that I used to do when I was a relief pitcher at Claremont McKenna not too long ago. Instead, I'm on the rubber and it sinks in that I'm on the mound at Dodger Stadium. So I don't shake the catcher (my older brother) off nor do I engage in any pre-first rituals that I had planned.

I go from the stretch, but consciously in an Eric Gagne-like half-stretch, half-windup. I take a big leg kick, and I fire the pitch. The ball tails a bit and goes low and inside (to a righty). My brother half-trots to the mind and shakes my hand and we are whisked off next to the Dodger dugout, and the National Anthem is played. We then go right past the Dodger dugout. In a jovial manner, Eddie Murray acknowledges my group (partly because my brother already knew him during his internship with the Padres as Dave Winfield's intern), and I say "what's up" to Odalis Perez as he's leaning on the rail of the dugout. Somewhat in a daze, Odalis acknowledges my greeting.

We're escorted to the club section. I sit down, and about 1 minute later after a Jose Reyes and Carlos Delgado bomba, the Dodgers are down 3-0 and I think to half-jokingly think to myself, "Man, I could do better than that."

It doesn't quite end there. After the game, one of my friends who was with me on the field said that one of the Dodger employees that works the gun (his name's Tom) approached him and asked if he was the one that caught the first pitch. My friend (Steve) said no. Tom informs him that I was clocked at 82 mph and that that was the hardest that he's seen from a first pitch in the five years that he's been there.

The whole experience was somewhat short, surreal, and sweet.

Can't wait to get the DVD that the Dodgers said they'd provide so that I can see what actually happened.

* * *

This other story came in through today's comments from DT reader Greg S:

Got to sit in the dugout boxes last night and about an hour before the game, Russell Martin, Sr. was sitting there by himself. So I went up and introduced myself and talked with him for quite a while. He is a really nice guy and of course very excited for his son. After reading the Plaschke story, I thought he might be a bit strange, but he was quite articulate and said all the things a good dad would say. Mostly excited but also concerned about his son being famous (quickly) in a place like L.A. Anyway, it was just a nice story (both in the Times and Vinny talking about it), and I can confirm first hand that he is enjoying every minute of it.

2006-06-08 21:42:20
1.   bhsportsguy
Jon - It was Monday night. Tuesday was Fenway West or Marching and Chowder Society Evening at the Ravine
2006-06-08 21:45:39
2.   Jon Weisman
2 - Thanks
2006-06-08 22:05:47
3.   Blu2
Just saw where Michelle Wie, in her own uniform with number 1 on it and her name on the back, threw out the first ball in Camden Yards Tuesday night. Dempsey had to make a lunging save on it. Supposedly the players and coaches were just as excited to see her as she was to be there. I would have made an awful fool of myself tripping over my tongue if I had been there...
2006-06-08 22:12:46
4.   TheRedMenace
I hope the host will forgive me but is it OK if I ask Mr. Park about my beloved Conquerors (Class of 93.) How is the old place? I'm a resident of San Francisco and I don't get to hear to much about "the real Los Altos."

More importantly, can you give me any good dirt on what happened to Mr. Inglish? He was a good man, but I hear he was a naughty boy.

How about Mr. Holbrook or any of the old die-hards?

All due apologies if neccesary.

2006-06-08 22:17:28
5.   LAT
Its official. Jim Tracy screwed us again.
2006-06-08 22:32:14
6.   bhsportsguy
Since we have the night off, let's review the 40-man Roster and look at the guys that are not on the active 25-man list.
Yhency Brazoban DL - TJ surgery, Mid-2007 return perhaps.
Lance Carter - MLB stats: 11.2 IP 17 Hits 11 ER 8 BB 5 K, AAA stats: 12.2 IP 9 Hits 1 ER 2 BB 11 K
Jose Diaz - AA stats: 13 IP 13 Hits 5 ER 5 BB 4 K
Tim Hamulack - MLB stats: 24.2 IP 26 Hits 18 ER 15 BB 30 K, AAA stats: Has not pitched yet
D.J. Houlton - AAA stats: 66.2 IP 71 Hits 41 ER 29 BB 52 K
Greg Miller - AAA stats: 7 IP 5 Hits 0 ER 10 BB 6 K, AA stats: 22.2 IP 12 Hits 2 ER 13 BB 24 K
Franquelis Osoria MLB stats: 17.2 IP 27 Hits 14 ER 9 BB 13 K, AAA stats: 9.1 IP 12 Hits 4 ER 4 BB 4 K

Dionner Navarro DL - Starting rehab 6/9/06

Cesar Izturis DL - Started rehab 6/1/06
Jeff Kent DL - Reported to come back on 6/13/06
Andy LaRoche - AA stats: 220 AB 38 Runs 7 HR 41 RBI .291/.404/.441
James Loney - MLB stats: 40 AB 4 Runs 0 HR 3 RBI .225/.295/.300, AAA stats: 140 AB 19 Runs 2 HR 24 RBI .350/.408/.486
Bill Mueller DL - No timetable on return
Oscar Robles - MLB stats: 27 AB 6 Runs 0 HR 0 RBI .185/.313/.259, AAA stats: 65 AB 3 Runs 0 HR 9 RBI .231/.282/.262
Delwyn Young - AAA stats: 201 AB 36 Runs 5 HR 34 RBI .294/.370/.458

Ricky Ledee DL - No timetable on return
Jason Repko DL - No timetable on return
Jayson Werth DL - No timetable on return

On review, not a lot left on the 40-man for help, my read, pitching maybe Miller but he has to get his control figured out first.

I would say LaRoche, Loney and Miller are the best on the 40-man, Young is doing okay but he is behind a lot of guys.

Predicted roster moves, If Kent comes back in San Diego, Guzman goes back. When Izzy comes back, not only does someone have to come off the 25-man, somebody has to leave the 40-man. And while the Dodgers could take to June 29th to decide on Navarro, by the end of the month at least three moves need to be made and in Izzy and Navarro's case, what do you do with them because right now, there is no move that is easily apparent.

Finally, given the state of MLB pitching, while Perez'z contract makes him impossible to trade, Houlton, Sele, and Seo may still have some value for teams in the next two months.

2006-06-08 22:34:27
7.   bhsportsguy
3 Can we at least wait until she turns 18 before her name and tongue are in the same paragraph.
2006-06-08 22:47:21
8.   Steve
Dave Winfield had an intern?
2006-06-08 22:47:52
9.   ToyCannon
If it was me I wouldn't have to put much thought into it. I'd release Carter or Robles when Izzy is ready thus freeing up a spot on the 40 man roster and I'd release Alomar when Navarro is ready.
2006-06-08 22:53:48
10.   Eric Enders
8 Well, it's better than interning for Kramerica Industries. Interning for Winfield probably comes with groupies at least.

6 Mr. Miller is leading a charmed existence. It seems just barely possible to have a 0.00 ERA while allowing 15 baserunners in 7 innings.

2006-06-08 22:57:15
11.   Jon Weisman
8 - How else do you become Dave Winfield?
2006-06-08 22:58:50
12.   Linkmeister
The good news about Wie is she's tied with Annika Sorenstam after the first round. The bad news is they're tied for 41st, seven strokes back at 1 under.
2006-06-08 22:59:46
13.   Linkmeister
I'm dying of curiosity as to how one gets selected to throw out the first pitch.

Coach Park looks a little like Derek Tatsuno did when he won 20 for UH back in 1979.

2006-06-08 23:15:12
14.   Bob Timmermann
Coach Park was not nearly as tall as Derek Tatsuno was in 1979.
2006-06-09 00:00:59
15.   Vishal
i wonder if terry mulholland or jamie moyer can hit 82 :)
2006-06-09 02:12:27
16.   coachjpark
4 This is my 4th year at Los Altos, so I've never heard of this Mr. Inglish that you speak of but I'm sure I can bring it up and the old-timers will know.

Don Holbrook's last year was my first year when I was a math/econ/civics teacher. Lots of the old-timers are retiring. It's a new wave of younger teachers particularly in social science.

13 Just buy 1000 tickets to a game and you get to throw out the first pitch!

Thanks for the post, Jon!

Ray Dean, Kathy Larson, John Reynolds, and this year Toby Huddle is retiring.

2006-06-09 04:07:44
17.   JoeyP
Thats a great story coachpark. If you're working for Waddell & Reed, I'm assuming you're a financial advisor and the 1000 tickets you bought could possibly be used for clients. Definitely a good strategy when trying to sell.

I'm just wondering how hard it is to establish yourself in that field, of prospecting for enough clients, while also having enough time to give each of their portfolios the necessary time and energy? A financial advisor is a great job if you have a wealthy client list! Finding those clients, and convincing them that you should be their financial advisor, seems like the hard part.

2006-06-09 08:37:54
18.   coachjpark
17 I mainly have teacher clients who aren't wealthy but are consistently socking away money in their 403(b)s.

Definitely a difficult field to establish yourself in, and it sure helps to have a few wealthy clients. Honestly, to stay afloat in the business, you have to do life insurance as well as mutual funds.

The first few years are pretty lean (which is where I'm currently at) but if you succeed in making it, the rewards are huge...

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