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This Is What I'm Talkin' About
2006-06-10 22:04
by Jon Weisman

"As long as I can feel anything, I can't throw," (Eric) Gagne said. "When the nerve is irritated, it has to go away completely. It's just time, but we don't know how long that takes."

That was a lesson (Brad) Penny learned at the end of 2004 and into 2005, when he suffered a rare arm nerve injury and aggravated it trying to rush back in September for the stretch run. Penny was more deliberate when he returned in 2005 and missed the first three weeks of the season to be doubly sure that his nerve was fully healed. He has had no further problems with it.

- Ken Gurnick,

Keep this in mind, by the way, if you're planning on questioning J.D. Drew's toughness. Drew doesn't play through every injury (though he plays through some) and risk making them worse. Maybe that doesn't mean he's weak. Maybe that means he's, I don't know, sane.

* * *

Chad Billingsley tonight: five innings, four hits, two runs, three walks, one hit batter, six strikeouts, 103 pitches. I only mention this because I figure people might be wondering.

2006-06-10 22:38:15
1.   Gagne55
Totally agree about Drew. Gagne has been alomst as bad as Darren Dreifort when it comes to denial of health problems.
2006-06-10 22:44:41
2.   Bob Timmermann
I think I've reached my last nerve.
2006-06-10 22:48:03
3.   DougS
Well, I've never been one to question Drew's toughness, or manhood, or whatever. Actually, quite the opposite. I was at the game last year where he broke his wrist, sitting in seats close to field level, so I got a pretty good look at it. You could tell it was bad, even from a bit of a distance, and I was stunned that he didn't leave the game right away. He trotted down to first base and even played a few more innings when I think most of us would have been curled up in the trainer's room.
2006-06-10 22:51:46
4.   Linkmeister
Ah, Sudoku. I'll tell my mom the addict.

If you listened to the warbloggers the French were supposed to be wimps. How come Gagne has to out-macho every other member of the team?

2006-06-10 22:57:50
5.   Bob Timmermann
The French and French-Canadians have about as much in common as Mexicans and Spaniards.
2006-06-10 23:16:56
6.   Linkmeister
5 (Putting on Congressional idiot hat)

Well, they both speak the same language, don't they?

(Removing idiot hat)

2006-06-10 23:22:35
7.   Steve
Who needs Chad Billingsley with our All-Star Rotation? We can trade him for a replacement for Beimel.
2006-06-10 23:57:57
8.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Speaking of Drew, anyone want to take a crack at explaining Grittle's double-switch after Cruz batted?
Not only did the Dodgers lose one of their best hitters, but the switch put the pitcher in the 4-spot - when Cruz had just entered the game (and made the inning's final out) in the 9-hole.
Lose Drew, ensure Kuo pitches only one inning (unless LA goes 1-2-3). Out-tanding!
My managing experience is limited to tabletop games, but even I knew this was not good.
2006-06-11 00:25:36
9.   Bob Timmermann
Drew had to leave the game with a stiff knee. It wasn't strategy. It was necessity. Somebody had to play right field or else the fly balls hit there would roll all the way to the wall.
2006-06-11 00:54:12
10.   Andrew Shimmin
Henson says Drew was pulled because of a bruise on his thigh. I think the Dodger Injury Conversion Chart judges would be inclined to go with Bob on this one, though.

2006-06-11 01:00:47
11.   Andrew Shimmin
And there's this: "Little said there is a 'strong likelihood' closer Eric Gagne will be put on the DL Monday or Tuesday."

Au revoir, Monsieur Gagne. Bon chance.

2006-06-11 01:12:32
12.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Ah. Thank you.
2006-06-11 01:15:09
13.   bhsportsguy
BTW The Dodgers have signed right-hander Bryan Morris, their second first-round pick in last week's draft, giving him a bonus believed to be slightly more than $1.3 million. They have now signed 5 picks, the story further states that they plan to sign their 1st pick Kershaw and 1st Supp. pick Mattingly in the next week.

2006-06-11 01:55:31
14.   Vishal
looking at the replay, quintanilla's knee hit drew right in the hamstrings, so i'm going to buy the bruised thigh claim.
2006-06-11 02:14:46
15.   Andrew Shimmin
Yeah, but he jammed his leg against the bag. It makes sense that it might just be a bruise, and it'll make sense tomorrow morning, when he's not in the line up, because it's the day before an off day. . .

Well, here's hoping.

2006-06-11 08:02:52
16.   Eric Enders
I just hope Martin sits today. I'm not really on board with Grady's "see how long it takes me to run him into the ground" plan.
2006-06-11 09:55:10
17.   Bluebleeder87

I saw it too, it looked pretty bad.(hopefully not that bad)

2006-06-11 10:27:24
18.   JoeyP
Cook is the Rockies ace.
He's went at least 6ip in all 12 of his starts this year.
9/12 "quality starts".
His last start was his worst of the season though. He gave up 5ER against the Pirates.
2006-06-11 10:30:47
19.   JoeyP
Ooops. He did have 1 outing of less than 6ip against the Blue Jays. He went 5.1.

Hurdle doesnt extend him like he often does Jason Jennings. Cook's made 12 starts. He's only went over the 100 pitch barrier 4 times. His high pitch count of the season is 109.

2006-06-11 11:37:07
20.   Bluebleeder87
what kind of pitches dose he have? (I've never heard of him) when I was looking at his #'s I was kind of impressed.
2006-06-11 21:48:29
21.   Bluebleeder87
congrats Bob, man you must have been NERVOUS FOR HER!!

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