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Vinny Tsks
2006-06-20 20:42
by Jon Weisman

Vin Scully expressed some exasperation - which is so rare that it's always news - at the Dodgers swinging too often at the first pitch lately. As usual, he's justified. Scully obviously doesn't think there's no occasion for jumping on the first pitch, but you can tell he thinks the Dodgers have become too impatient.

"It's amazing - absolutely amazing," Scully said after when Matt Kemp grounded out on the first pitch with the bases loaded and two out in the bottom of the fifth inning Tuesday.

I get a little impatient when people automatically criticize hitters for swinging at the first pitch, but yeah, the team seems a little skittish right now.

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2006-06-20 21:32:07
1.   Gen3Blue
The team is a bit skittish now, and this happens from time to time. I can't remember last years team going through a period of play this bad.(Well, maybe one.)The comment I was about to make in the previous bit, was that Iz coming back, and as many vets as possible playing right now is probably best. This streak will pass and vets will weather it better than rookies. Its actuallly bad to expose youngsters to this bad looking an attitude. And there is no doubt our prospects are going to be good regulars in time. I'm afraid I joined some others in getting euphoric when everyone was getting called up and battering other teams the way we have been battered this week.
2006-06-20 21:53:31
2.   Jon Weisman
You have a very short memory :)
2006-06-20 21:54:13
3.   JT Dutch
... I would think that the hitters have some justification for being a tad bit overeager when they see their pitching staff allowing a run per inning.

The Dodger pitching is so bad at this point, they've managed to make Adrian Beltre look like a star player again.

2006-06-20 22:08:48
4.   Gen3Blue
Beltre's upswing began before he saw Dodger pitching, but we have certainly helped.

I'm not panicking, and I certainly hope management doesn't make any desperate trades at this point. As horrible as our pitching looks, I think bad luck is part of it and the trends of statistics will come to our aid.

2006-06-20 22:20:35
5.   ToyCannon
Vinny also made fun of the winning team in the all-star game deciding who get's home field advantage in baseball "crown jewel" as he put it.
Can't recall a time that Vinny was so honest with an opinion like that. I know he hates beachballs and loves children but after listening to Vinny for 37 years I actually have no idea about what he thinks about how this game of baseball is run.
2006-06-20 22:23:34
6.   Kayaker7
Sorry to interrupt the regularly scheduled program, but here is a Tracy update:

Tracy's quote at the end of the article had me shaking my head.

Apologies if it's already been discussed.

2006-06-20 22:33:08
7.   StolenMonkey86
Beltre may be one of those ex-Dodgers who always plays well against us, but at least we got a good year out of him, unlike Craig Counsell or Jeromy Burnitz.

Derek Lowe has made a few comments about pitch counts (like his spring training remark about why he throws the first pitch down the middle). Your chart also revealed that LA is 3rd to last in starter innings in the NL. The Dodgers had that one game - Billingsley's debut - against Chris Young where he threw 100 pitches through 5, and they won the game off the bullpen. That was the only game they've won in a week, and they can hit last place again tomorrow if they're not careful.

2006-06-20 22:51:48
8.   Steve
Kershaw and Mattingly were there. The red car got a bigger reaction. I was just hoping they had a uniform somewhere for Kershaw.
2006-06-20 23:55:47
9.   natepurcell
Yea I saw Kershaw and Mattingly on the jumbo screen. That was cool.

Everything else was bad. Except Canadian Bacon. He was good. The Bison had an all around horrible game.

2006-06-21 00:42:07
10.   Greg Brock
5 ToyCannon, did Vinny sound anything like this?

2006-06-21 01:02:55
11.   Vishal
regarding the "cold corner" discussion earlier: how about we compromise and call it the "cool corner"? nomar's a pretty cool guy. he'd like it.
2006-06-21 01:43:09
12.   Uncle Miltie
His old team could use him, for this season if not for the duration of his contract. His new team hasn't unlocked his talent. Would he wish for the Mariners to trade him back to the Dodgers?

"Tough question," Beltre said, pausing in search of the proper words. "I'm playing here right now. I'm going to do my best wherever I play."
Obviously Beltre wants to be in LA.

Brett Tomko, Odalis Perez, James Loney, Aybar

His contract was frontloaded, so he makes about $11.25 million a year. If they didn't have Betancourt, a Furcal for Beltre swap might not be a bad idea. I don't think Beltre has every used steroids. I talked to someone who works high up in the Dodgers organization during the offseason and he said that they were contemplating going after Beltre. I think he's capable of hitting 25 HR, posting an .800 OPS and playing excellent defense at third. Is that worth $11.25 million a year? Nope, but it's better than paying Tomko and Perez about that much through next year.

The reason why the Mariners do it is because Beltre has 3 years left on his contract after this year, while Tomko and Perez only have 1 year. Both pitchers would probably pitch better at Safeco and I think Odalis would thrive in the American League with his changeup. The Mariners desperately need more young players to build around. They would probably see Loney in the mold of a young John Olerud. Safeco is a park that is much better for left handed hitters. Seattle prides themselves on being an excellent defensive team and Loney has gold glove potential. Aybar can fill in at 3B, at least in the short term and eventually become a good utility player who can accumulate 400-500 at bats alternating between LF, 3B, 2B, and DH (kind of like Chone Figgins).

Andy LaRoche's most recent injury might affect his best defensive asset, his arm. Besides having an excellent arm, LaRoche is a pretty average defender. A move to 1st base should be considered (especially if Beltre is acquired).

2006-06-21 02:00:29
13.   JoeyP
I don't think Beltre has every used steroids.

20,20,20,20,20,48,20,20,20.......What else could it have been?

I think he's capable of hitting 25 HR, posting an .800 OPS and playing excellent defense at third. Is that worth $11.25 million a year? Nope, but it's better than paying Tomko and Perez about that much through next year.

I'm not so sure that Aybar wont be better than Beltre the next 2-3 years. I do know for sure that he'll be alot cheaper.
If you think Beltre can OPS .800 for 11.25 mils, why not give Aybar that same chance?

Your deal is good for 2007 (getting rid of OP/Tomko probably a good deal). But I dont think it makes any sense for 2008 or 2009.

I just dont understand giving up Aybar, when he can do what Beltre does for 1/10 the cost. Even if Aybar plays 2nd, he still has more value at 2nd than Beltre would playing 3rd just bc of their salaries. You'd have to get Seattle to throw in some salary if I were ok'ing that deal.

Tomko's been in Seattle before. I dont think they'd want him back.

2006-06-21 07:06:15
14.   Sam DC
I and others have noted this before, but for the DT diaspora, tonight a rare chance to actually see the team on (non-extra innings) TV (espn 10pm Eastern), with Billingsley pitching no less and Izturis back as well. Happy happy joy joy.

And I'd like to make a plea that we can keep the Izturis discussions from become Choi II. There is a lot of room to profitably argue about his value and his best use, but I would very much like not to read a bunch a comments that start with potshots at "most of you" who supposedly hate him or love him. I just read all the comments from last night -- people clearly have a wide range of views on Izturis and, right now, there is no DT consensus.

I for one am happy for him to have made it back so quickly, and I hope he does OK.

2006-06-21 07:32:37
15.   Woody
Kind of depressing when your top two pitchers are Brad Penny and Derek Lowe, neither of whom you could call a "stopper". Especially because the drop-off from those two is precipitous. I'm not asking for a Koufax or Drysdale, just a Don Sutton or Jerry Reuss would be better than the motley crew we have (Billingsley not yet included, of course).

I noticed Russell Martin swinging at the first pitch the and flying weakly to right in the 17 inning game Saturday nite and wondered what his rush was. On the other hand, these kids have played quite well and looked really promising.

I keep telling myself that this season isn't the end all and be all since our future looks very bright (if we don't panic and trade away the young talent). But this is by far the longest draught I've experienced in my almost 50 years as a Dodger fan. I don't want to be one of those 89 year old geezers who waited 50 years for a world series like they showed on TV during the Red Sox and White Sox World Series wins the last two years, but sometimes it feels like it since I was 40 when we won in '88.

2006-06-21 08:25:47
16.   Dodger Tony
Is it time to start thinking about a replacement for Rick Honeycutt as pitching coach? I mean, When San Diego replaced Magadan with Rettenmund they were only a few games out of first but had those home struggles. A collapse of an entire staff at once might suggest that a change might be in order.
As far as the hitting woes, I think that everything starts off of your starting pitching. I don't think it is an accident that as soon as the pitching slumped that the hitting tried to compensate by doing too much. They need to get their starting pitching turned around and I don't think it will take that much. Tomko has good stuff but can't locate. That's what Honeycutt and he should be working on. Sele needs to keep challenging hitters and reduce his walk count. Brad Penny has to continue to be a pitcher not a thrower. Loew needs to keep the ball down, heck they all need to keep the ball down. Perez, well who knows?
The bullpen is fine. I mean, I really think they are fine. The problem is that Little doesn't use the spot lefty at all and that has altered his lefties mechanics. He also leaves the starters in way too long to save the pen then can't seem to negotiate his way out of the situation.
The pitching problems are solvable internally. Maybe one more starter.
Third base, hmmm?
2006-06-21 08:37:19
17.   Bob Timmermann
People like you Sam ...

I just don't what to think you.

You and your open-mindedness will kill us all!

2006-06-21 08:38:49
18.   ToyCannon
The obvious answer is age since your using numbers from when he 1st starting playing as oppossed to middle of his peak.

Only 2 tickets left for DT Friday Night game. Thanks to Suffering Bruin who snagged 10 tickets for himself and friends. Looking forward to meeting everyone and we all already have our tickets so go early and watch batting practice and maybe the "Blue BiSon" will put on a show. He sure looked like a 21 year old last night. Has Lofton been showing him how to run routes?

2006-06-21 08:52:20
19.   ToyCannon
The Mariners would have no interest in any of those players. After being spoiled with Beltre's defense they are not going to let Aybar play 3b. They have Sexson and no need for Loney. They aren't going to unload Beltre to get rid of his contract just to bring back 2 bad contracts in OP and Tomko. If they move Beltre is will be to reduce payroll now and in the future.
2006-06-21 09:01:26
20.   ToyCannon
My favorite new prospect update. Carlos Santana who for some reason was jumped to High A this year even though he only played for the short season squad in 05 has been converted from the of to 3b with the demotion of Denker to Low A. The reason I'm interested in Santana is not just his name though that was the reason I even took a look at him. He's from the DR but actually has impressive plate discipline with 16 walks in 78 ab's in the short season. He didn't show much power last year but hit home runs in his 1st two games for Vero Beach. He's only 20 and a switch hitter. Just someone to keep an eye on as I've never seen him and I'm only looking at the numbers. He continues to show nice plate discipline at the higher level with 12 walks in 108 at bats. He's the youngest player on the roster and seems to be holding his own.
2006-06-21 09:03:29
21.   Sam DC
The kid at Bronx Banter are not happy about the thought of acquiring Jacque Jones. Few of the comments are DT-safe, I'm afraid. One commenter (handle "yankaholic," honestly), says that Jones "stinks like a trekker."

Like a trekker who finished a long unwashed journey across the mongolian plains, or like a Trekker who spent four days sleeping in his car in the parking lot outside the Tucson convention center waiting to get Gates McFadden's autography?

2006-06-21 09:06:40
22.   Sam DC
oyy veyy. plz drop a y from myy funnyy at the end of 21.
2006-06-21 09:16:00
23.   Nagman
Read last night's game comments, looking for what I was sure would be a mild uproar over Kent's play on foul ball that let Ibanez score. Surprised to see no reaction at all... Turned out to not matter, and maybe that's why he did it (assuming Kent was challenging him or trying to sucker him instead of just being stupid). I guess if he did throw him out it would've been considered a savvy veteran move but it backfired badly.
2006-06-21 09:25:42
24.   Bob Timmermann
By the end of last night's game, everyone was just arguing about Matt Kemp's selectivity at the plate.

I've seen him been selective at the plate.

He doesn't like rutabaga.

2006-06-21 09:38:40
25.   Nagman
I want to argue about his lack of pitch "recognition" than his "selectivity"...
2006-06-21 09:47:03
26.   Bob Timmermann
I think Matt Kemp can recognize rutabaga when he sees it, but he's weak on kohlrabi.
2006-06-21 09:51:58
27.   Nagman
Kohlrabi -- I had never heard of that til a few days ago when I was reading my kids a book called "Eating the Alphabet" (all vegetables). Kohlrabi was the best they could come up with for the letter K.

At least Kemp can recognize and select meatballs.

2006-06-21 09:53:14
28.   Nagman
BTW Bob, I appreciated your situational summary for the WC first round finales from a couple days ago, I reference it daily.

Not as much math as the WBC.

2006-06-21 10:00:15
29.   Bob Timmermann


And yet I still screw up the math! Because you know, adding 3 and 1 together can be hard!

As foods with a k:

kidney beans

And a whole bunch of dishes in Japanese.

2006-06-21 10:06:50
30.   Greg Brock
According to Bill Shaikin at The Times, Grits has asked Izturis to play third base, and he will comply. Ladies and gents, if you are a fan of OPS., turn away from the left side of the Dodgers infield. There's nothing to see hear. Izzy starts there tomorrow.
2006-06-21 10:08:01
31.   Greg Brock
30 There's nothing to see HERE. Homophones are a respecter of no one.
2006-06-21 10:11:10
32.   Jon Weisman
30/31 - I guess there's nothing to see here, either.

2006-06-21 10:15:42
33.   Greg Brock
32 Wow, total lack of due diligence...(slinks away in shame).
2006-06-21 10:16:41
34.   Jon Weisman
33 - LOL ... it's okay.
2006-06-21 10:24:53
35.   Bluebleeder87

he got really lucky one year?

2006-06-21 10:25:41
36.   Bob Timmermann
Maybe Izturis will respond to the forced position change with a Soriano like season.

Right now, Izturis has an OPS of 1.000!

2006-06-21 10:26:15
37.   Greg Brock
34 I'll just sit here for awhile and wait for Mr. Timmermann to mock me appropriately.
2006-06-21 10:30:36
38.   Bob Timmermann
I just leave out words or misspell things. I've been on a roll with those lately.

I'm wondering if I have keyboard aphasia.

Or maybe some chemical imbalance created by an excess of kohlrabi. I hope Dr. House's gang isn't going off to search my apartment to find out.

2006-06-21 10:34:29
39.   Jon Weisman
I am amazed by the number of medical cases that require home invasion to solve.
2006-06-21 10:34:42
40.   Bluebleeder87

I'm gotta get there early, it will be interesting to see Kemps aproach during batting practice.

2006-06-21 10:35:11
41.   Bob Timmermann
About 22 cases per year I think.
2006-06-21 10:38:08
42.   Greg Brock
Don't forget the racially insensitive joke aimed at the neurologist, usually with respect to his home invasion capabilities.
2006-06-21 10:43:30
43.   Jon Weisman
Foreman does have a record, so that gives House all the license he feels he needs. In fact, that's why Foreman got the job, supposedly.
2006-06-21 10:45:21
44.   Greg Brock
Hey, didn't we all steal a car when we were sixteen?



Plus, if I remember correctly, those records were supposed to be sealed. Never explained how the good doctor got a hold of them.

2006-06-21 10:45:33
45.   GoBears
39. Friend of mine thinks that's why they named the lead character "House." I just figured it would be so that all his diagnoses would become "House calls." Maybe we're both right.

42. Well, the character was a felon before he shaped up and went to med school. Car thief, I think. But yeah, House is a jerk. That's what makes him interesting.

As someone who spent a good part of last year in hospitals with crappy diagnosticians (took 'em 6 months to figure it out), I love the show, and, unfortunately, understand most of the medical stuff.

2006-06-21 10:48:57
46.   Marty
All I know is, it's probably not a good idea to slam a crow bar into Al Swearingen's hand.
2006-06-21 10:49:44
47.   Bob Timmermann

I thought it was sort of a claw hammer dealie.

2006-06-21 10:50:58
48.   Jon Weisman
45 - I hope you just gave them a key to your home to make things easier. And I hope you're okay.
2006-06-21 10:51:15
49.   Marty
You're probably right. Same effect I think.
2006-06-21 10:54:04
50.   Bob Timmermann
At first they gave him one treatment, which almost killed him. Then they searched his home (without his consent), then they tried a second treatment, but before it got underway, the diagnostician had a brainstorm and then GoBears got jammed with a needle in an uncomfortable place and he ended up better.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-06-21 10:55:07
51.   Jon Weisman
What did GoBears lie about, though? All patients lie.
2006-06-21 11:05:16
52.   GoBears
51. My height.

No, really. The 2nd question every doctor asked me (and I was seen by about 40 doctors, more because UCLA is a teaching hospital than because I'm so special) was "how tall are you?" That question became tiresome enough, that I just started making things up. I'm actually 5'10" or 5'11" (somewhere in there), but I amused myself by seeing if they'd blink when I'd say 6'6" or 5'1". Most didn't.

The first question every doctor asked was "have you been using cocaine?" I've never even seen anyone else use it, let alone touched it myself, but I thought it odd that that'd be the first question each time. If nothing else, it told me that they were following some script instead of, you know, thinking.

2006-06-21 11:05:25
53.   Bob Timmermann

He really went to Stanford.

2006-06-21 11:10:11
54.   Bob Timmermann
My HMO keeps asking me how old I am. Every body along the way asks.

When my doctor prescribed statins for me, he asked "Do you have high blood pressure?" I said, "Well, when I saw you last week, you said I didn't." I thought they wrote down things like that. Unless they just write down my initial BP reading which is always stratospheric.

2006-06-21 11:14:36
55.   Jon Weisman
Cameron: It looks like blunt force head trauma. But we can't figure out the cause.

Foreman: Maybe he bumped into the top of the doorway.

Chase: Impossible. The doorway is six feet, three inches off the ground. The patient said he was 5-foot-10.

House: Did you actually measure the patient?

[Foreman, Cameron and Chase look at each other.]


Foreman: He was 7-foot-2. How did you know?

House: Does the name Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ring any bells?

2006-06-21 11:18:00
56.   GoBears
53. Grrrrrrrrrr.

55. Nice.

2006-06-21 11:29:34
57.   Jon Weisman
55 minutes since the last Dodger-related comment
2006-06-21 11:29:55
58.   Marty
I go in for my first post-50 physical next week. I'm sure I've got a date with Mr. Colonoscopy in the near future.
2006-06-21 11:31:41
59.   Bob Timmermann

I think Marty's date with a big long scope could be Dodgers-related if the tailspin lasts much longer.

2006-06-21 11:48:09
60.   Marty
I think I killed the thread.
2006-06-21 11:55:14
61.   fanerman
Here's a Dodger-related comment. Is Izzy playing tonight or not until tomorrow? If he's not playing tonight, is Lucille II playing 3rd?

This is the first Dodger game I've seen since I left LA again a couple weeks ago, and I'm pretty psyched about getting to see Chad "The Impaler."

2006-06-21 11:56:14
62.   Bob Timmermann
Matt Kemp never needs a colonscopy. We already know he's all guts.
2006-06-21 11:57:38
63.   GoBears
I just turned 39. The only thing that bothers me about that is the new exams I have to look forward to starting at 40. I'd like to thank Marty for reminding me that it could be worse.
What a pal.
2006-06-21 11:57:42
64.   Sam DC
Fanerman -- Izzy at third; look at Jon's post before this one.
2006-06-21 11:59:56
65.   Bluebleeder87

That's kinda weird, why start him thursday when he's ready & willing now?

2006-06-21 12:00:20
66.   Bob Timmermann

They weren't that bad as I discovered. The worst thing was a fasting cholesterol test and all that meant was I just stopped eating after dinner and went to bed early and then go to the lab really early.

I asked for the test Marty spoke of since my mother passed away from colon cancer, but I was told I still needed to wait another ten years.

2006-06-21 12:00:57
67.   Linkmeister
58 Hey, if Katie Couric could undergo that on live TV how hard can it be?

(Don't answer that; I've been avoiding it for years. My excuse is that my lousy health insurance will make me pay at least 50% of the cost of the test, and I don't have that kind of spare cash.)

2006-06-21 12:02:16
68.   Sam DC
Forget Danica, apparently the DT crowd has moved on to Katie Couric . . .
2006-06-21 12:02:17
69.   Bob Timmermann
There was a test that involved popsicle sticks and carboard that I will not describe further.
2006-06-21 12:04:12
70.   Marty
I'm not worried about the colonoscopy. But, if you ever have to have your bladder checked get ready for a thrill. There's only one point of entry for that. Good times.
2006-06-21 12:04:31
71.   Bluebleeder87

I'm just glad I don't have to deal with that for another decade or so.

2006-06-21 12:07:59
72.   dsfan
Anyone know how to get league averages for pitches seen per plate appearance? Also, league average for the result when an 0-0 pitch is put into play?

I'm trying to gain some context on, say, where Matt Kemp's PPA fits with the average for a MLB hitter. And would love to know just how successful, on the average, MLB hitters are when putting an 0-0 pitch into play (including home runs).

2006-06-21 12:10:09
73.   Steve
why start him thursday when he's ready & willing now?


2006-06-21 12:10:41
74.   GoBears
66. Yeah, most tests aren't as bad as one expects. Except lumbar punctures. Those are worse. I actually enjoy MRIs. Just hour-long naps for me. Soothing.
2006-06-21 12:11:50
75.   Bluebleeder87

cold, just cold

2006-06-21 12:12:35
76.   Bob Timmermann
Averages on particular counts are always deceptive because you have to normalize for the 2-strike phenomenon. Just about every batter will have a lower average with some 2-strike count because that's the only count you can strike out on.

So, if you want to see which is the best count to hit on, you have to remove all the strikeouts from the calculations.

2006-06-21 12:17:44
77.   Josh G
65. I think they will start Saenz at third today because of his success hitting off of Jarrod Washburn. I believe that he is hitting over .400 against him.
2006-06-21 12:20:14
78.   fanerman
65, 77
I just remember somebody saying that Izzy would start at 3rd "tomorrow"... not sure if that was posted yesterday or today.
2006-06-21 12:23:13
79.   Bob Timmermann

So, for once, "I don't know" is really playing third.

2006-06-21 12:27:44
80.   Sam DC
Aha -- I have been sowing confusion on Izturis. I misread Jon's post and have written a couple of comments stating or suggesting he would start tonight in the ESPN game. But I see that's wrong and he goes tomorrow. Sorry.
2006-06-21 12:27:58
81.   JoeyP
Tomko has good stuff but can't locate?

I'm always baffled by this comment and see it quite a bit. How can someone thats been in the league 9yrs, has a mediocre K rate, an even worse HR rate, be considered to have "good stuff"?

Will Tomko still have "good stuff" when he's 38 and has a career ERA of 4.80?

If Tomko had 'good stuff', he'd have better pitching results. He doesnt, and thus hasnt.

2006-06-21 12:28:51
82.   Bluebleeder87

it's kinda of funny when you make a mistake Bob. You jix your self

2006-06-21 12:33:27
83.   JoeyP
think he's capable of hitting 25 HR, posting an .800 OPS and playing excellent defense at third.

I'm not sure about the excellent defense part. Beltre's career Rate2 is 99. Last year it was 102, this year it is 97. His best Rate2 was 109. His worst Rate2 is 86. He's just average in every regard. For 12 mils, I'd pass.

2006-06-21 12:41:49
84.   dsfan
Major league personnel regard Beltre as an excellent 3B whose durability further adds to his run-suppression skills.

Fielding analyst John Dewan, who combines statistics with exhaustive video review, is also sold on Beltre's defensive skill, although it appears Beltre, nagged by a hamstring injury, was less effective in his debut season in Seattle.

Here's an excerpt from Dewan's The Fielding Bible (which I strongly recommend):

" one of the very best fielding 3B in the game. He has fantastic range, particularly to his right...slumped in Seattle..was still +11 in enhanced plays, eighth in the majors. But he was +30 in each of the previous two years, ranking second both times."

Interestingly, Dewan said Beltre should have won the 2003 Gold Glove over Rolen, citing a +30 rating compared with Rolen's minus-7.

2006-06-21 12:46:35
85.   Sam DC
Sorry if this was already commented on here, but did folks catch the LA Times correction linked in LA Observed's morning roundup today. Apparently the times quoted Luke Hochevar as saying "Scott had a plan . . . " when what he really said was "God had a plan . . ."

LA Observed is linked at right; click through today's morning roundup to read the whole thing.

2006-06-21 12:49:32
86.   Bob Timmermann
I was taught in school, "Father, Son, Scott Boras."

Was my religious training lacking?

2006-06-21 13:01:57
87.   dsfan

In terms of fastball velocity, Tomko has good "stuff," and his slider's bite/speed also rate above average.

Of course, those are two of several factors.

Does the ball go where he intended? Do his delivery create deception or do hitters see the ball well off him? Is his fastball straight?

Those factors and others can strongly mitigate the overall value of a pitcher's "stuff."

The "stuff" raves are often overdone, sometimes meaningless and can miss the point more often than not.

"Stuff" refers to some very specific factors that are by no means determinative of success. Good "stuff" theoretically can reduce margin for error, but at some point, performance tells the greater truth.

2006-06-21 13:02:58
88.   Steve
The Angels' Death Wish 2006 is extremely gratifying.
2006-06-21 13:03:35
89.   chumsferd
81: I think it's possible to have great stuff but bad numbers. I imagine two meters (1-10 each), a stuff meter and a command meter. The greatest ones, like Clemens and Pedro had 10s in both. Maddux maybe a 7 (movement counts as stuff)/10 split. A total of 10 for both scores would be league average. I'd have Tomko at 8/2, Penny at 8/7, Lowe at 7/5.

I'm going to the game tonite. gonna get there early to see BP. I heard ichiro sometimes catches flyballs between his legs during BP. I'm also anxious to see Chad.

2006-06-21 13:07:23
90.   Icaros
The Angels' Death Wish 2006 is extremely gratifying.

Not when they're playing the Giants.

2006-06-21 13:09:45
91.   Howard Fox
okay, my take on things...first, yes, impatience at the plate is a problem, swinging at first pitches when the pitcher is on the ropes...

there was an article in the Times about the veterans taking the rookies under their wings a couple of days ago...and we also have a batting coach...why doesn't anyone tell the rookies to take a couple of pitches before they go up to the plate?

secondly, as for our pitching, I am not sure whether our staff is lousy or we have a lousy pitching coach...I suspect it is a little of both...none of the pitchers are improving, but are, in fact getting worse as time goes on...

I said a while back that this team would go nowhere with Little as manager, and believe that now more than ever...his coaches just make it worse

2006-06-21 13:10:23
92.   Steve
I think it's possible to have great stuff but bad numbers.

Not in Tomko's case. Tomko is like the hard-throwing FTOGS. No pitches. No stuff. Nothing. The void.

Not when they're playing the Giants.

Point taken.

2006-06-21 13:24:41
93.   Sam DC
Maury Brown on the Pirates: "I hate to use this analogy, but the situation in Pittsburgh, it's like the Bataan Death March, it's just kind of there. There doesn't seem to be any excitement around it, and it translates to the fans. There's no sense of real hope that they're going to go that route like (team CEO) Paul Godfrey and the Blue Jays have gone."

I can't say I find that a particularly apt analogy. The Bataan Death March wasn't "just kind of there" or lacking excitement.

2006-06-21 13:28:23
94.   Uncle Miltie
Steve, it's time to stop calling Jae Seo the Korean Jeff Weaver. The Korean Right Handed Terry Mulholland is more like it.
2006-06-21 13:32:27
95.   natepurcell
like a Trekker who spent four days sleeping in his car in the parking lot outside the Tucson convention center waiting to get Gates McFadden's autography?

2 questions:

1- Are there really Star Trek conventions in Tucson?

2- Tucson has a convention center?

2006-06-21 13:33:34
96.   Bob Timmermann
The Tucson Convention Center website:
2006-06-21 13:36:23
97.   Sam DC
95 Don't know about 1, but yes on 2. You can see the Lipizzaner Stallions in August if you're back.
2006-06-21 13:37:13
98.   das411
So comments 40-70 or so are basically a giant ad to Nate, Hobos, and everyone else on here that is our age saying: DIE YOUNG??

93 - this situation just begs for Mark Cuban to step in, no?

94 - "The Korean Right Handed Terry Mulholland" immediately brought an image of Bruce Chen to mind, even though I am 105% sure that he is both Panamanian and left handed...

2006-06-21 13:37:54
99.   Uncle Miltie
On Tuesday to reporters, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen referred to Chicago Sun-Times columnist and Around the Horn contributor Jay Mariotti as a derogatory name for a homosexual.

Angry with a recent column by Mariotti critical of Guillen's handling of recently demoted relief pitcher Sean Tracey and upset with Mariotti with columns of the past, Guillen said to reporters when referring to Mariotti before Tuesday's game with the Cardinals, "What a piece of [expletive] he is, [expletive] fag."

Before writing the column, Couch asked Guillen for an explanation. Guillen defended his use of the term "fag" by saying this about homosexuals and the use of the word in question: "I don't have anything against those people. In my country, you call someone something like that and it is not the same as it is in this country.''

Guillen said that in his native Venezuela, that word is not a reference to a person's sexuality, but to his courage. He said he was saying that Mariotti is "not man enough to meet me and talk about [things before writing].''

Guillen also told Couch that he has gay friends, attends WNBA games, went to a Madonna concert and plans to go to the Gay Games in Chicago.
I wish Tracy had done the same thing a few years ago. It certainly would have sped up the process and maybe we would have had a decent manager the past few years.

2006-06-21 13:39:25
100.   Bob Timmermann
Bruce Chen is from Panama, but he is of Chinese descent. I believe there are not an insignificant number of Chinese living in Panama.
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2006-06-21 13:41:47
101.   jasonungar05
I just ran into old friend Dave Roberts a half hour ago. I work in Padre country (Del Mar) and I was dropping of a candidate for an interview and sure enough there is Dave Roberts. So we ride the elevator down together and I say: another few weeks huh? He says, oh Padre fan? I say nope, Dodger Blue. He says, I have a feeling this year may end a little better for you guys than last year. We talked a few more minuets about nothing of interest as we walked out to our cars..He was really nice but was walking with a pretty strong limp...
2006-06-21 13:44:45
102.   natepurcell
What was the injury he sustained during that Angel game where his knee hit the concrete wall?
2006-06-21 13:46:17
103.   Howard Fox
Roberts was just being nice by saying that about the goes with the territory of being a nice guy in general
2006-06-21 13:47:21
104.   natepurcell
Buster Olney has a little fluff piece on how Chad and Russell are two peas in a pod on his blog.
2006-06-21 13:57:44
105.   Marty
For you Scrubs and Family Guy fans, here's a pilot by apparently the same writers that I found very funny. It's in 3 parts:

2006-06-21 14:03:08
106.   Vishal
[102] knee contusion, i think.
2006-06-21 14:06:50
107.   Humma Kavula
99 This line is the line that I read with Harry Shearer's Kent Brockman voice:

Guillen also told Couch that he has gay friends, attends WNBA games, went to a Madonna concert and plans to go to the Gay Games in Chicago.

Oh, you went to a Madonna concert. Clearly, your comments were misinterpreted.

I don't know about Ozzie's country, but in my country, we have a word for people who use that kind of justification for hateful speech. That word is moron.

2006-06-21 14:29:03
108.   Terry A
99 -- In a related story, earlier today Pat Robertson called for the assassination of Chicago newspaper columnist Jay Mariotti.
2006-06-21 14:33:04
109.   Linkmeister
97 If I had the chance again, I'd go see those horses in a minute. I saw them when they were out here about 10 years ago, and they're amazingly well-trained and beautiful animals.
2006-06-21 14:40:31
110.   Icaros
Doesn't attending a Madonna concert immediately exonerate one from his largest and most recent sin?

That's what I heard, anyway.

2006-06-21 14:59:34
111.   thinkingblue
Jon, what are the dodgers batting when they put balls in play swinging at the first pitch?
2006-06-21 15:01:53
112.   thinkingblue

I don't think Aybar will ever touch 20 home runs, and a .800 OPS.

2006-06-21 15:04:19
113.   D4P
Not sure if this exactly answers your question, but here are some stats when the count is 0-0:



2006-06-21 15:08:30
114.   natepurcell

in 192 career mlb abs, Aybar had a 851 OPS.

2006-06-21 15:10:04
115.   Jon Weisman
Game thread is open.
2006-06-21 15:13:02
116.   thinkingblue
Small sample size, he doesn't appear to have the power to maintain that.
2006-06-21 15:19:14
117.   natepurcell
Small sample size, he doesn't appear to have the power to maintain that.

it might be a small sample size, but it still proves your statement wrong that aybar will never "touch" 800 OPS. because right now, he is more then touching it.

2006-06-21 15:21:31
118.   JoeyP
If its a 'small sample size', then how can you say he 'doesnt have the power to maintain that'?

Its not like the guy hasnt hit doubles or HRs since he's been up. He's hit 3HRs in about 100 AB's. Thats 15 a season.
Plus he might improve.

2006-06-21 15:21:44
119.   Steve
I hope the International Court of Irony has an emergency appellate process.
2006-06-21 15:45:10
120.   Jon Weisman
119 - It does, but it actually takes longer than normal channels.
2006-06-21 21:56:12
121.   Uncle Miltie
Mr. 1.000 OPS :)

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