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It Runs in the Family ...
2006-06-23 09:40
by Jon Weisman

... and then it aches.

Jayson Werth's sister, UCLA freshman heptathlete Hillary Werth, missed the indoor track season with leg problems and had surgery Wednesday, according to Robert Burns of the State Journal-Register of Springfield, Illinois.

Werth was able to compete in the javelin and shot put in the outdoor season before having her operation. Burns wrote that she has struggled with injuries for more than a year now.

Werth suffered multiple stress fractures in her foot that ended her high school career in April of 2005 after winning both hurdles races at the Spartan Invitational.

After an off-season full of casts, crutches and rehabilitation, Werth began to work under the UCLA coaching staff's master plan for her to compete in the heptathlon.

The stress fracture healed, but the calf injury prevented Werth from being able to run. So she concentrated on two facets of the heptathlon: the javelin and the shot put. ...

"My body is a little beat up right now," she said. "But when I first got out there, they told me that I would be running around."

Werth said she usually spent every weekend with her brother, the Dodger outfielder whose return date from wrist problems is still to be determined.

Comments (179)
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2006-06-23 09:52:06
1.   Vishal
gosh, what a pair of lame, sad ducks they must make. poor kids.
2006-06-23 09:59:58
2.   Bob Timmermann
One of my best friends from high school got a track scholarship to UCLA. She always was hurt and I think he competed in only a handful of meets in her four years on campus. But she got a degree.

But every time I would see her on campus, it would be like,
"Well, stepped in a hole while training."
"Tripped on the stairs."
"Knee strain while training."

Stuff like that.

2006-06-23 10:11:34
3.   Xeifrank
Last nights Dodger sim game: The Dodgers pound out 15 hits, 13 of which were singles. Izturis and Ethier both hit home runs in the win. Lowe scattered 6 hits in pitching the CG.
Actual game: Lowe pitches CG and scatters 7 hits. Dodgers hit 14 singles. Izturis and Ethier are both hitting stars with 3 hits each. Wonder what today's sim game will be like. It's not easy to sim the mind of Jim Tracy. Probably will rely heavily on the random number generator and fuzzy logic. :)
vr, Xei
2006-06-23 10:30:42
4.   Zak
Not to be a killjoy, but isn't this posting and thread a little insensitive? When a player does well, we don't usually post articles about their siblings also doing well... at least I don't see a lot of Stephen Drew and Michael Garciaparra threads around here. Why bring up someone's sister's injuries to make a point how brittle one of the Dodgers is?
2006-06-23 10:33:59
5.   Zak
1 Or, what a pair of gifted athletes who have been unfortunate with injuries. Lame ducks?! I mean, come on. Have you accomplished anything close to what both of them have?

Sorry to go off the deep end, Jon. I might be the only one, but this is really bothering me. I really don't know why. I'm not big on soapboxes usually.

2006-06-23 10:36:09
6.   Jon Weisman
4 - That wasn't the point at all. The "poor kids" feeling in 1 was my point.

In November 2004, I posted the good news that Hilary Werth had gotten her scholarship to UCLA.

2006-06-23 10:36:26
7.   Jon Weisman
2006-06-23 10:42:21
8.   Zak
7 I don't mean to come across as harsh as I have, and I am glad you showed me that post. Thanks. Just not sure why I feel so strongly about not discussing this in a public forum as a family thing. It's more of a ME thing than anybody else thing. Not a peep more about this from me!
2006-06-23 10:49:45
10.   Bob Timmermann
I would suggest people take a look at Bronx Banter and Cliff's list of his 25 least favorite Yankees.

Scott Erickson made the list despite pitching just 11 1/3 innings. Other old friends on the list include Jeff Weaver and Kevin Brown.

2006-06-23 10:51:17
11.   Vishal
[5] you totally missed my meaning, dude.

lame [adj.]
1. Disabled so that movement, especially walking, is difficult or impossible
2. Marked by pain or rigidness.

both of them are literally "lame" due to their injuries. considering that they are such gifted athletes, that must be incredibly frustrating and sad for them. i certainly feel badly about it, and i don't even know them.

2006-06-23 10:52:15
12.   Bob Timmermann
I think everybody is miscommunicating in this thread.

Or maybe I'm just making a sweeping generalization.

I hate all people who make sweeping generalizations.

2006-06-23 10:52:16
13.   SteveLee
I'm looking forward to Werth's return. Hopefully, it'll be this year.

Regarding Beltre and athletes in general, has there been a discussion about the contract year motivation? It drives me crazy when announcers and commentators ascribe a player's performance to his impending free agency. I just don't think players can raise their game to another level at will.

2006-06-23 10:53:15
14.   the OZ
Regarding tonight's Jack Wilson Scouting Excursion, who's interested in carpooling from Westwood/Brentwood/Santa Monica?

Respond with "westside carpool" in your post so they'll be easier to ctrl+F search and no one gets left out.

2006-06-23 10:53:30
15.   Gen3Blue
Xei. How can I find that result. when I go to Dodger Sim I land on series 17 sometime in March
2006-06-23 10:55:30
17.   Bob Timmermann
David Vincent had a list of all instances of back-to-back pinch hit homers posted on SABR-L. The Marlins did it last night.

The Dodgers have done it twice.

Once on 8/8/1963 - Frank Howard and Bill Skowon
and again on 7/23/1975 - Willie Crawford and Lee Lacy

2006-06-23 10:56:18
18.   Vishal
[16] mr. vice president, there is no "e" in potato.
2006-06-23 10:56:18
19.   D4P
Not to mention Todd Zeile and Tim Leary.

Where's Jeter...?

2006-06-23 10:57:17
20.   Bob Timmermann
Not to mention that Our Mr. Werth is a JAYSON, not a Jason. He's no Grabowski or Phillips or Repko!
2006-06-23 10:57:34
21.   Xeifrank
15. I've gotten lazy and haven't updated that blog recently. I usually just post the sim result here, perhaps I will post them at both places. But this is such a great blog, who needs other blogs! Well, maybe the Griddle and 6-4-2 and the Mark Cuban blog is always good for a few laughs. Speaking of Mark Cuban, I see that he disabled commenting on his blog. He's one odd fella. Odd but rich... and probably pretty smart, but in an odd/rich sorta way. :)
vr, Xei
2006-06-23 10:57:38
22.   D4P
Ladies and Gents, I present to you: Hillary Werth

2006-06-23 10:58:07
23.   D4P
Yeah, but he's still a Ja(y)son
2006-06-23 11:01:56
25.   Vishal
[21] mark cuban owns the landmark movie theater chain, and my ex-roommate was a manager at one of them, and had a problem when a screening was cancelled due to some political wrangling over distribution rights or something to that effect. so he e-mailed cuban about it, and he and the billionaire ended up having about a 3 or 4 e-mail long discussion about cuban's business practices and the film/theater industry. it may not have accomplished anything, but i think it's awesome that he's open to feedback and responsive to low-level employees way down the chain.
2006-06-23 11:05:28
26.   Bob Timmermann
It's odd that the UCLA SID people didn't mention that Hilary Werth has a brother that plays major league baseball. (I know he does, I've seen him in person!)

Usually the schools are all over stuff like that.

In this case, Ms. Werth probably left it off her bio.

2006-06-23 11:05:31
27.   Gen3Blue
Hillary Werth--Not bad. Of course at my age few are bad.
2006-06-23 11:07:43
28.   Bob Timmermann
I would be hesitant to date a heptathlete. I'm more of a uniathlete. Or whatever the Greek suffix for "zero" is. Or maybe Greek for "negative one".
2006-06-23 11:10:30
29.   Nagman
It crossed my mind that moving Lowe up due to Tomko's "injury" may have been actually to avoid having him pitch against the Pirates. Somebody yesterday mentioned it was to quell the losing streak but remember what happened earlier this season, they ran wild on him and Tracy claimed to have some sort of "knowledge" on Lowe that he wouldn't divulge for "competitive reasons".
2006-06-23 11:13:02
31.   Greg S
4 I have chimed in on this too. Jon is probably sick of me seemingly always disagreeing but I always find myself reacting when we seem to cross a line into personal life. The Times published a letter I wrote that blasted them for writing about Derek Lowe and his prescriptions. I have had the pleasure of being friends with many ball players. Once you know these guys personally, you feel the shots they take personally. Ripping them for on-field seems fair. But even discussing their personal world (or family) is a line I wish the media would draw. It will never happen but it doesn't mean we have to like it or engage in it. I wouldn't be here if I didn't like Jon's POV or respect his integrity. And given that Hillary is an athlete, I don't even know that this crosses my line. I only write this diatribe in the hope that we can at least guard against the temptation to erase the line.
2006-06-23 11:13:23
32.   jasonungar05
Have fun tonight fellas. I wish I could be there.
2006-06-23 11:14:05
33.   Icaros

Opposites attract. Paula Abdul said so.

2006-06-23 11:15:20
34.   Inside Baseball
28 I'd be hesitant to date a biathlete (on multiple levels).
2006-06-23 11:15:57
35.   Xeifrank
Hillary Werth what TV show is she on?zzz
25. That's pretty cool. I emailed in one of his first years as the Mavs owner. It was after one of his many blowups over the officiating and the guy who ran the game clock. He actually wrote me back and questioned the source (a newspaper article) I used and said it was his team and his business and he should be able to run it how he sees fit and something along the lines of the employees of the NBA (Refs) should be competent and in the "normal" business world if they weren't they'd be fired. I am paraphrasing alot, but I think I still have his email. vr, Xei
2006-06-23 11:16:59
36.   D4P
She also said she was forever my girl. As it turned out, she was never my girl.
2006-06-23 11:17:45
37.   Greg S
30 Thank you for framing my post.
2006-06-23 11:18:49
38.   Jon Weisman
I don't understand the criticism. This isn't even about an athlete's personal life. Athlete injuries are reported constantly. The only unique part of this story is it involves siblings. It's nothing personal.
2006-06-23 11:21:27
40.   Bob Timmermann
I think I'll stick to figuring out weird permutations in the World Cup for a while until tensions ease.
2006-06-23 11:29:59
42.   Marty
10 My 25 least favorite Dodgers in no particular order:

1. Kevin Brown
2. Don Stanhouse
3. Daryl Strawberry
4. Eric Davis
5. Jose Offerman
6. Gary Sheffield
7. Delino DeShields
8. Juan Marichal (Spring Training Edition)
9. Ken Landreaux
10. Mike Marshall (General Soreness Edition)
11. Giovanni Carrera
12. Wilton Guerrero
13. Todd Hundley
14. Dave Goltz
15. Terry Forster
16. Tom Niedenfeuer
17. Greg Brock
18. Franklin Stubbs
19. Enos Cabell
20. Ismael Valdez
21. John Tudor
22. Kal Daniels
23. Stan Javier
24. Kaz Ishii
25. Jody Reed

2006-06-23 11:31:28
43.   Greg S
41 Ugly divorve? Girl he's kissing? What part do you not get?
Jon- I even said in my post that given that she's an athlete, I don't think you're crossing a line. But in 5 Zak had the same feeling so I'm not alone. I admittedly just took it as an opportunity to point out that there IS a line. I don't think you crossed it.
2006-06-23 11:32:59
44.   Jon Weisman
42 - I had a feeling this debate would start - I just wasn't ready to do my own list. In fact, I'm not sure I could fill a list. I don't have as much disgust for a lot of those guys as I know others do.
2006-06-23 11:33:41
45.   D4P
26. Todd Worrell
27. Jeff Kent
28. Fur-kle
2006-06-23 11:35:40
46.   Jon Weisman
43 - I hear you. And I understand why the Derek Lowe story brought up concerns. I just don't get why this one did - admittedly, for at least two people.
2006-06-23 11:35:58
47.   Inside Baseball
Jason Phillips anyone?
2006-06-23 11:37:19
48.   Marty
I more hated Tracy for using Phillips rather than hating him himself.
2006-06-23 11:38:04
49.   Icaros

I liked Kalvoski Daniels, though he was Milton Bradley injury prone.

155 OPS+ in 1990 (138 career).

2006-06-23 11:38:59
50.   Inside Baseball
48 - Understood. Same for Erickson?

Tracy would be number one on my list.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-06-23 11:39:05
51.   D4P
I think Ja(y)son Phillips is on the list of players (along with such luminaries as Edwards, Grabowski, etc.) that many around here hold Jim Tracy responsible for, and thus the ire they inspire is mostly directed toward JT.
2006-06-23 11:41:53
52.   DXMachina
1. Lance Carter
2. Lance Carter
3. Lance Carter
25. Lance Carter

I tend to be somewhat single-minded.

2006-06-23 11:43:17
53.   Marty
I also tried to not include that many recent players. My dislike spans decades.
2006-06-23 11:44:29
55.   Jon Weisman
I just got the official Arrested Development fan newsletter, in which the editor writes, "the outlook for a fourth season is bleak at best."

He also doesn't think the chances are great of the Dodgers winning the NL West last year.

2006-06-23 11:46:20
56.   D4P
How does one receive this newsletter...?

BTW: I see that Jeffrey Tambor (aka George Bluth Sr.) is on a new sitcom on NBC.

2006-06-23 11:47:30
57.   Jon Weisman
53 - Dixie Walker, anyone?
2006-06-23 11:48:50
58.   Marty
Jeffrey Tambor will always be Hank Kingsley to me.

Hey Now!!!

2006-06-23 11:49:09
59.   Xeifrank
I'd rather fill out a list of the 25 Dodgers I like the most (past and present). I would probably just include ones that I watched. Off the top of my head my top 5 would be.
vr, Xei
1) Tommy John Surgery
2) Jerry Rolls Ruess
3) Kirk Debbie Gibson
4) Fernando Bobblehead Valenzuela
5) Doug Rau Fish
2006-06-23 11:50:18
60.   Xeifrank
55. What's an Arrested Development? Or do I not want to know??
vr, Xei
2006-06-23 11:50:24
61.   Bob Timmermann

But Dixie Walker was the Peeple's Churce!

2006-06-23 11:50:27
62.   Marty
I'm sure I would have hated Walker if I had been conscious of him. A little before my time

I say that less and less it seems...

2006-06-23 11:51:29
63.   Marty
Who knew that Xei Frank was really Chris Berman?

"Your're with me, leather"

2006-06-23 11:52:00
64.   Jon Weisman
56 -
2006-06-23 11:52:29
65.   Greg S
46. I think I reacted at first because I'm a bit sensitive about it and as soon as I come to a Dodger website and read about a Dodger's sister, my spidey sense goes up (as did Zak's). BUT... she's an athlete and the story was about that. That's fair. Pics of a married guy taken on some drunk chick's cell phone camera and posted on the web... not so much. Wouldn't bother me so much if I didn't half expect it to be on CNN tomorrow.
2006-06-23 11:53:07
66.   gcrl
i never cared too much for rau, simply because he always seemed to be pitching at the games i went to as a kid. i wanted sutton or john, goldarnit.

i do enjoy listening to "dougie" argue with tommy about getting pulled from game 4 of the 77 world series on my ipod every once in a while, though.

2006-06-23 11:53:09
67.   Greg S
Kal Daniels was awesome. Wish his career had lasted longer.
2006-06-23 11:53:24
68.   Jon Weisman
No one's said Carlos Perez yet?
2006-06-23 11:54:20
69.   Greg S
CARLOS PEREZ! A thousand times Carlos Perez.
2006-06-23 11:58:20
70.   regfairfield
You know, after looking back on Carlos Perez, I really don't blame him for stinking. He couldn't strike anyone out, and he was an extreme flyball pitcher who pitched in one of the most home run forgiving parks in baseball. He was just a bad version of Jae Seo. Plus, he threw 460 innings in two years prior to joining the Dodgers. He was doomed to fail from the start, and I can't fault him for that.

What I can do is fault Tommy Lasorda for acquiring him.

2006-06-23 11:59:31
71.   Sam DC
53 When I saw Ken's list night, I sent the like to Chris Needham who writes Capitol Punishment and joked that someday he'd have a good time writing one of those. (Chris can be pretty acidic.) So he notes back that he already wrote one! Although with the Nationals only in their first year -- expos need not apply -- he only did 10. Pretty funny.
2006-06-23 12:01:58
72.   gcrl
i would add willie banks and nori nokamura - nokamara - not working here anymore, anyway.

also brett butler after being so vocal about mike busch.

2006-06-23 12:02:04
73.   Xeifrank
DodgersSims predicts a tough night for the blue crew on Dodger Thoughts night at the stadium. It would be nice to get the public address system to acknowledge the attendance of DT tonight. Perhaps in the future, a larger group can get together and have it publicized. That is of course if Jon wanted it to. Kudos to the person who organized the trip. Sorry I couldn't make it. I will look for you on TV, where are the seats. 2nd level, third base line etc???
vr, Xei
2006-06-23 12:02:21
74.   Dark Horse
I used to be in a band called Kal Daniels' Knee. Of course, the band was fairly changed its name several times before its first rehearsal, and again before the second that ultimately never happened. If it had, though, Nate, we may have sounded a bit like Mogwai. A tremendous amount of My Bloody Valentine-damage was involved.
2006-06-23 12:02:26
75.   Sam DC
Capitol Punishment Ten Worst Nats.

Here's how it ends: "It's sad that I originally started with a list of 19, isn't it?"

2006-06-23 12:05:04
76.   Jon Weisman
74 - "I used to be in a band called Kal Daniels' Knee. Of course, the band was fairly theoretical."

So was his knee.

2006-06-23 12:07:47
77.   Greg S
I think the most frustrating player I ever wathced was John Shelby (was it 1989?). Seemd like he popped up or struck out EVERY at bat. Hard to hate him as he seems so nice but got to the point where I couldn't watch him.
2006-06-23 12:20:52
78.   thinkblue0
Does anyone think that Mueller might just retire with his knee in such bad shape? In that case, is Izzy now our new third baseman?

If Izzy can manage to hit .300 and draw a couple walks I'm not completely against having him. Although, the chances of him hitting above .300 are slim to none...not to mention, his severe lack of power would require getting another bat for LF.

2006-06-23 12:22:41
79.   Xeifrank
78. Mueller...Izzy, tomato, tom-AH-to, let's call the whole thing off.
vr, Xei
2006-06-23 12:24:23
80.   bhsportsguy
Baseball's version of the Chicken and the Egg, Winning and Team chemistry:

Did you ever notice that these articles never come out when you are in first place.

"Angels veterans say this is a more laidback clubhouse. Instead of talking about the game beforehand, many players watch music videos or use their cell phones. Some believe a lack of intensity contributes to a lack of focus on the field: The Angels' 53 unearned runs lead the majors."

Salmon said he and an opposing coach recently spoke about the decline of the old-school, fiery team leader. Teams tend to watch music videos in the afternoon and to ignore videotape of the opposing pitcher later.

"The leadership style of the '90s is transitioning out of the game. I just think it's more of an easygoing climate," Salmon said. "It's not necessarily bad, it's just changed. There are more TVs in the clubhouse than I can ever remember, and they're on a lot more things other than baseball."

2006-06-23 12:25:53
81.   Steve
70 -- Nonsense.

66 -- So Rau then is like Tomko now. I half expect Tomko to lead the league in innings pitched.

2006-06-23 12:28:46
82.   bigcpa
Is this guy worthy of a callup?

21.1ip, 14h, 2er, 21k, 4bb

2006-06-23 12:30:49
83.   DXMachina
66 - I had the same issue with Rau. Every time the Dodgers would be on TV, he was on the mound. The first time I got to watch the Dodgers in person, at Shea in 1975, Doug Rau started. (Weird game. Andy Messersmith was called in to relieve, the first time he'd ever done it.) It was uncanny.
2006-06-23 12:31:45
84.   Steve
Not if his name is Lance Carter.
2006-06-23 12:32:03
85.   bigcpa
You got me!
2006-06-23 12:32:33
86.   Icaros

What league are those numbers from?

California Penal?

2006-06-23 12:33:04
87.   Icaros
I'm too late.
2006-06-23 12:38:21
88.   bigcpa
Actually I think we need to normalize Carter's line for league difficulty and ballpark effects:

21.1ip, 10h, 1er, 27k, 2bb

Then re-adjust for Dodger Stadium:

21.1ip, 7h, 0er, 30k, 0bb

2006-06-23 12:38:40
89.   Steve
I should note that 70 is no doubt correct. But it is a non-sequitur. If hating Carlos Perez is wrong, then who wants to be right? I was just telling a friend that CMC had reached the Offerman/DeShields/Bobby Bonilla/Carlos Perez pantheon of evil.
2006-06-23 12:42:08
90.   Xeifrank
Trivia Question: (a)Who was the last Dodger play to fall for the hidden ball trick, and (b)who was the last Dodger fielder to successfully implement the trick?

Hint: (a) his name has been mentioned on the thread today. (b) he's never been in Bob's kitchen.

Sidenote: Ozzie Guillen has fell for the hidden ball trick three times. Twice in one season.
vr, Xei

2006-06-23 12:43:47
91.   Icaros
How did that whole Carlos Perez sexual assault business end up turning out?
2006-06-23 12:44:16
92.   Sam DC
There's something just absurd about bemoaning the lost leadership art of the 90s. I mean, you want to pine for Ty Cobb, fine. But the 1990s?
2006-06-23 12:44:56
93.   Xeifrank
91. Do we really want to cross that line?
vr, Xei
2006-06-23 12:46:04
94.   Icaros
Does anyone else hate Roger Cedeno?

I do, as a ballplayer and ex-Dodger. Don't know him personally.

2006-06-23 12:47:31
95.   Icaros

I just never heard anymore about it and was curious. Pretty seedy allegations, if I recall correctly.

2006-06-23 12:50:17
96.   Disabled List
42 That's an awful list. What is Kenny Landreaux doing on there? And in the top 10, no less??? For shame.

Marshall, Stubbs and Tudor all get a lifetime pass because of their association with the 1988 team. And any list of the 25 most loathed Dodgers that doesn't include Carlos Perez and Davey Johnson is not to be taken seriously.

Other candidates worthy of mention: Chan Homer Park, Eric Karros, Darren Dreifort, Mark Grudzielanek, Angel Pena (the entire 1999 team, really), Dennis Springer, Tom Goodwin, Daryle Ward, and Billy Ashley.

2006-06-23 12:52:36
97.   Disabled List
Oh yeah, one more.... Danys "In play, run-scoring play" Baez.
2006-06-23 12:55:43
98.   Bob Timmermann
The full version of Baez's nickname is:

"Pitch 1 - Strike (foul)
Pitch 2 - Strike (called)
Pitch 3 - In play, run-scoring play."

2006-06-23 12:56:59
99.   Icaros
He's not Baez anymore. He's the Cuban Missle Crisis.
2006-06-23 13:04:05
100.   DeucesWild
73 Is the group still 30+? If so and group tix were purchased, they'll put your group name up on the scoreboard in between innings. "DS weclomes...." I have an annual event at DS and have had my group name up a couple times. I'm not sure if they'll do since its a website. They didn't allow my buddy's site to appear, but that might be due to the name -
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-06-23 13:04:41
101.   Marty
96 I said it was in no order, so Landreaux is not in the top 10. But he IS on the list. My group of friends hated him. Sometimes illogical hate just takes over :)

I can't believe I left Carlos Perez off the list. I think I've repressed that memory.

2006-06-23 13:05:25
102.   LAT
65. Pics of a married guy taken on some drunk chick's cell phone camera and posted on the web... not so much.

Oh please!!! Why exactly is this not fair game? If the pro athlete is doing something he shouldn't be then don't do it--or do it in your own home where you have an expectation of privacy. I have no expectation of privacy in public, its just that no one cares what I do. If Lowe's drinking or divorce affects his pitching or his teammates are Dodger fans entitled to know that? Yes. When someone shells out $15K for season tickets should they be entitled to know the team ace isn't psychology ready? Of course. If I am a Phillies fan (perish the thought) do I have a right to know why Brett Meyers is distracted and how it may effect my team? Absolutely. Sorry, I just can't buy your whole "we must protect the privacy of pro athletes and BTW they are friends of mine." Rightly or not, athletes get treated like Gods in our society, the fact that their dirty laundry occasionally gets aired out is a small price to pay--especially when often they are doing something they shouldn't. Very few pro athletes get to legitimately play the victim card.

2006-06-23 13:05:54
103.   Disabled List
That reminds me of the Dallas beat writer who coined the term "Cuban Whistle Crisis" when Mark Cuban went through a particularly rancorous go-ballistic-on-the-refs stretch. Speaking of, did anyone see Cuban on the Letterman show last week? The Mavs were up 2-0 at the time, and he was talking about how great it was gonna be when David Stern had to hand him the championship trophy. The woof gods were watching.

Wow, that was a wierd digression. Sorry for the threadjack, everybody. You may resume your normally scheduled Baez-bashing.

2006-06-23 13:08:15
104.   Humma Kavula
For reasons that I cannot explain -- and for sure, I'm way, way too sensitive about this -- I am uncomfortable with the nickname "Cuban Missile Crisis."
2006-06-23 13:11:41
105.   Bob Timmermann
So you're really Robert McNamara?
2006-06-23 13:12:52
106.   Humma Kavula
105 You found out my secret.

It's time to shed your "Bob" identity, Errol.

2006-06-23 13:18:20
107.   ninjavshippo
Wish I could meet up with you gentlemen tonight, but I'll be there with my family. If you all decide to wear lime green shirts to stand out (like tourists at disneyland), please let me know. Have fun and go blue!
2006-06-23 13:19:10
108.   Terry A
I never liked F.P. Santangelo.

Or Terry Mulholland. Or Bobby Bonilla.

2006-06-23 13:19:21
109.   D4P
I expect JT wristwatches to be part of the DT uniform as well.
2006-06-23 13:19:42
110.   Marty
Hopefully, there will be some Ghame Over and Team Depo shirts worn.
2006-06-23 13:26:32
111.   Sushirabbit
104 it's probably the missionary in you . . .

Since you can't explain it must be a line that can't be crossed. Personally, I kind of like it.

2006-06-23 13:27:16
112.   Bluebleeder87
Bob quick question, does it matter if the copy of our tickets is only in black & white? (were getting ready to leave to DS)
2006-06-23 13:31:13
113.   mikethinksblue
108 My friends and I used to think of various things which the F P could stand for. None of them are printable in this forum...
2006-06-23 13:32:56
114.   Fallout
I think that peoples' reactions to Jon's article is more telling than anything else.
I read the first line and stopped because I wasn't interested in Werth's sister. After reading a few posts on the subject I went ahead and read it. All I got out of it was a sister in an athletic family who is suffering through injuries and is trying to fight her way through it. Just like so many athletes do. Some of the posts responding to the article are just off the wall. It just reminds me that there are all kinds on the internet...including myself.
2006-06-23 13:37:50
115.   Humma Kavula
111 Well, I wouldn't put it that way. And I'm not going to compare it to a nickname that would be over a line. And, as I mentioned, I'm just being too sensitive.

Which is a long-winded way of saying that even though others using it doesn't offend me, I don't think I'll call him that myself. As Fallout points out, there are all kinds.

2006-06-23 13:38:03
116.   Bob Timmermann
I hope not, mine is in black & white.

Seriously, it isn't.

2006-06-23 13:46:49
117.   mikethinksblue
I was just looking at tickets for the 7/7 Dogers/Giants game. The website says it Bingo Night at DS. Anyone know what that is all about?
2006-06-23 13:51:08
118.   blue22
117 - You're in luck. It's actually LA Cap night sponsored by San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino.

Free Hat! (Fans of South Park?)

2006-06-23 14:00:39
119.   JoeyP
Those Mets pictures almost looked like the team rented out a bar. Obviously the players dont care if they are photographed.

You can bet if the team was going bad, there would be a bigger uproar. Kyle Orton of the Bears not only is a really really bad QB, but he's even more hated in Chicago bc he has more party pics on the internet than any other athlete I can think of. There's pics of him drinking Jack Daniels at 10AM...He's a running joke in Chicago.

These Mets players, as long as they keep winning, no one will care. Its pretty sad that Loduca has a young child and is acting like that, but maybe he was just being friendly.

2006-06-23 14:15:07
120.   Uncle Miltie
Nothing better than Bad Religion (80-85), Descendents, Minor Threat/Fugazi, and Operation Ivy. I could listen to this stuff 24/7.
I love Operation Ivy too. When I was in high school, I used to go to punk and ska concerts all the time, usually in clubs in Hollywood.

Uncle Miltie and Bad Religion is a combo I had not anticipated.

2006-06-23 14:22:29
121.   mikethinksblue
Anyone else watching professional dominoes on ESPN2? I had the little tv in my office on to watch the World Cup. I just got off the phone and looked up to see dominoes. Glad noone caught me
2006-06-23 14:25:21
122.   overkill94
So for tonight's game, will I be immediately outcast if I wear the Shawn Green shirt my parents bought me about 5 minutes before he got traded?
2006-06-23 14:26:33
123.   thinkingblue
not to mention, his severe lack of power would require getting another bat for LF

If there's any way to trade Lofton, and get some power to have an outfield of Kemp, Drew, and our aquired bat, that'd be good.

2006-06-23 14:29:17
124.   thinkingblue

What are batters hitting against Baez when the count is 0-2?

2006-06-23 14:30:10
125.   bhsportsguy
Summing up Gary Gillette's analysis of the Dodger rookie class:

1. Russell Martin, adept defensive player, plus arm, good mobility, hits for average, gap power and high on-base percentage.
2. Andre Ethier, disciplined hitter, valuable fourth outfielder, plus baserunner, average range in left.
3. Matt Kemp, power potential, matching AA production in majors, impressive raw tools, should be playing everyday in minors.
4. Willy Aybar, average-plus hitter with a quick bat, below-average power, does not identify pitches well, average fielder, below average runner, does not project as a regular 3B.
5. Chad Billingsley, power fastball, two power breaking balls, and even a semicircle change, vitally important to the Dodgers' hopes of winning the NL West, the 21-year-old is probably up to the task.
6. Jonathan Broxton, has two power pitches, still needs a change up to round up his game, could eventually take over closer role.
7. Takashi Saito, adequate fastball, snappy slider, if he maintains good command, he can outfox young hitters and frustrate veterans.
8. Hong-Chih Kuo, fastball can get up to high 90s but does not have command of slider and curve, still working on change up. Right now, projects as a "Wild Thing" clone.

2006-06-23 14:34:48
126.   D4P
2006-06-23 14:35:29
127.   Jon Weisman
125 - At first, I thought that said "Gary Glitter's analysis ..."
2006-06-23 14:38:08
128.   Dodger Blue Notes
One of my least favorite Dodgers is "the heart attack in cleats" Jeff Shaw.
2006-06-23 14:39:27
129.   Sushirabbit
126 - Wow! CMC!

127 - Ha! That ties the all the comments together.

2006-06-23 14:40:31
130.   Marty
120 Just thought you were too young to be a fan of that band.
2006-06-23 14:42:33
131.   thinkingblue

Why does everyone still think that Ethier is no more than a 4th outfielder?

Also, I think he's good defensively, he made a play last night on a double, where he made a diving stop which prevented a run from scoring that inning.

2006-06-23 14:43:52
132.   thinkingblue

Wow. No wonder he's so bad.

2006-06-23 14:46:29
133.   JoeyP
Willy Aybar, average-plus hitter with a quick bat, below-average power, does not identify pitches well

Considering the quality of at bats Aybar has, the amount of pitches he sees, and the amount of walks he gathers...I think he would identify pitches well.

2006-06-23 14:50:40
134.   bhsportsguy
124 Maybe Baez should try to waste one if he gets two quick strikes:

17 AB 6H 3DB 1HR .353/.353/.706
22 AB 5H .167/.184/.167
19 AB 2H .105/.105/.105

Those numbers also project after he gets to those counts. He also is most effective on no rest or 1 day rest. He is 4-0 and 6/9 in saves with a 1.28 ERA and 13/3 K/BB ratio and BAA less than .200. With more than 2 days rest, he is 0-4 and 3/7 in saves, with a 6.75 ERA, 11/4 K/BB ratio and a BAA over .350.

It is early but a look at the numbers indicate two things, Baez needs to work to stay sharp and Russ needs to waste a pitch or two when he gets ahead.

2006-06-23 14:50:50
135.   thinkingblue
I don't, show me statistics of his pitches per PAs, and compare it to the league.
2006-06-23 14:52:17
136.   thinkingblue

Exactly, these stats prove what all dodger fans think, WHEN THE COUNT IS 0-2, DON'T THROW A BP FASTBALL OVER THE PLATE.

2006-06-23 14:53:24
137.   Jon Weisman
133 - That was my reaction, too.
2006-06-23 14:54:51
138.   bhsportsguy
126 as I said in 134, Baez needs to waste a pitch or two in those situations.
2006-06-23 14:55:49
139.   Uncle Miltie
126- Hee Seop Choi's numbers while batting 2nd? j/k
130- I'm 19. They were wrote their best albums in the late 80s, early 90s. Those are the main ones that I listen to. Unfortunately, a lot of the new bands that are coming out stink because MTV has popularized being emo. Punk isn't the same either. You have bands like My Chemical Romance and Good Charlotte who think punk is writing songs about relationships and complaining about how parents are so mean. They are basically boy bands who wear dark makeup. Then you have bands like AFI and Blink 182 who sold out for a few extra bucks.
2006-06-23 14:57:28
140.   bhsportsguy
125 Those are Gary Gillette's findings and it seems that a lot of it is based on earlier scout's evaluations and not on actual first hand observation.
2006-06-23 14:57:31
141.   D4P
I think I get Bad Religion confused with Bad English. Which one sang the cheesy power ballad, "When I See You Smile"?
2006-06-23 14:58:41
142.   D4P
I'm 19

Nice to see the younger generation appreciating Jeff Kent's odiousness.

2006-06-23 14:59:07
143.   Uncle Miltie
2. Andre Ethier, disciplined hitter, valuable fourth outfielder, plus baserunner, average range in left.
He's not a disciplined hitter, he's very aggressive. He's a decent baserunner, but he has average speed. In left field, his range is above average and he has a good arm.
2006-06-23 14:59:31
144.   Steve
All of CMC's pitches are wasted.
2006-06-23 15:00:54
145.   Uncle Miltie
139- the grammar in this post is terrible. I think we need an edit feature.
2006-06-23 15:03:41
146.   JoeyP
I'm old enough to remember when MTV was good.
I think FUSE is the MTV for the new generation. Its an actual music channel.

I'm beginning to think MTV is marketed towards 12-15 year olds. Why else would they come up with Date My Mom, My Sweet Sixteen, Laguna Beach....?

MTV at its best: Nirvana Unplugged
MTV at its worst: pretty much anything that airs today

2006-06-23 15:06:11
147.   D4P
Serious question: does MTV show any music videos anymore? I literally can't remember the last time I saw one.
2006-06-23 15:06:43
148.   overkill94
133 I kind of take that comment as saying he doesn't crush mistakes like he should.
2006-06-23 15:11:28
149.   JoeyP
I dont think they do.
When MTV went to their new format, they said MTV2 would be the all video channel.
Now MTV2 doesnt shown any videos either.

If you want videos and dont have FUSE, your best bet is to watch Insomniac Music Theatre on VH1. However, that requires not sleeping.

2006-06-23 15:16:44
150.   JoeyP
143. Miltie you're right. I'm not sure how Ethier can get labeled a "disciplined hitter", but Aybar cant pick up pitches.

Ethier: 3.56
Aybar: 3.88

Ethier: .40
Aybar: .80

There's been some talk about making Lofton the leadoff hitter.
His P/PA is only 3.54.
I'm still wondering why he's at the top of the order, while Russ Martin bats 8th.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-06-23 15:17:12
151.   Marty
Oh my, I just listened to an Earl Weaver manager show clip linked to over at Capital Punishment. He taped it when a game was rained out thinking it would never see the light of day. It's hilarious, but soooo NSFW. It's like Al Swearingen talking baseball. If you are at work and don't have headphones, don't listen until you get home.

2006-06-23 15:21:11
152.   Icaros

Hire Earl Weaver!

2006-06-23 15:23:23
153.   gcrl
i think mtv at its best was 120 minutes. that was the only time you would see some bands like the jesus and mary chain or artists like bob mould.
i suppose headbanger's ball was the metal equivalent, and those two shows, i imagine, were responsible for introducing a lot of bands to a lot of people, which is what i thought mtv was supposed to be about.
2006-06-23 15:25:15
154.   Vaudeville Villain
Pretty good post on the Florida Marlins over at Bronx Banter. I've never rooted for a team other than the Dodgers to have a good year in years.

Maybe they can embarass all those Baseball Tonight guys who claim "veteran leadership" is the end all be all of success in baseball.

2006-06-23 15:25:16
155.   Vaudeville Villain
Pretty good post on the Florida Marlins over at Bronx Banter. I've never rooted for a team other than the Dodgers to have a good year in years.

Maybe they can embarass all those Baseball Tonight guys who claim "veteran leadership" is the end all be all of success in baseball.

2006-06-23 15:26:24
156.   D4P
Now it's just about getting as many stupid, shameless, fame-hungry morons on TV as possible.

Come to think of it, that's what most channels are about these days...

2006-06-23 15:29:47
157.   Icaros

Headbanger's Ball was okay, but it showed a bunch of videos we already saw all the time like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, etc.

If I stayed up until 1:30 a.m., I'd sometimes get lucky with a video from Morbid Angel, Slayer, Death, Carcass, Entombed, etc.

Still, most of the show was pretty mainstream.

2006-06-23 15:43:38
158.   gibsonhobbs88
Re 125 - Dodger Rookie Analysis Summary
I think Russell Martin is the head of the class also. See how he doesn't try to be a superhero last night, down two strikes with the bases loaded, he just put his bat on the ball and dropped a hit into right center scoring two. Too many times I had witnessed Dodger hitters trying to hit the Grand Salami when a single would put the team ahead. I have been most impressed with Martin's patience, poise and baseball savvy and am looking forward to seeing his game in person tonight. I will be in Section 2 of the Inner Reserve level row R if you want to stop by and say hello! Fernando's bobblehead giveaway night! 25 years since Fernandomania, Wow! How time goes by.
2006-06-23 15:45:50
159.   Nagman
I remember the days of MTV when I couldn't wait for the video to be over so I could see Martha Quinn's face again.
2006-06-23 15:47:57
160.   Uncle Miltie
Another good band is Panic! At The Disco. They are pop/punk/electronics all in one. I normally don't like this kind of music, but they are a pretty unique band. They have their own kind of sound. MTV tried to ruin them, but they said they didn't want to sell out. The guys in the band are 19-20 and they are from Vegas.
2006-06-23 16:05:08
161.   ninjavshippo
"Maybe they can embarass all those Baseball Tonight guys who claim "veteran leadership" is the end all be all of success in baseball."

I think they do plenty to embarrass themselves already.

160- say it isn't so. P!@TD is hardly different from fallout boy and bands of that ilk. i wanted to believe that they were, but i don't hear it.

2006-06-23 16:15:50
162.   Uncle Miltie
161- really? maybe they became a lot more popular recently, but unlike fallout boy (who I've heard very little of), they don't have a lead singer with a shrieky voice, they know how to play their instruments, and they don't write these BS emotional lyrics. I think emo fans don't like them because they don't talk about cutting themselves and have talent. I'm sure they'll sell out like most bands do. They are more dance music than those other junky bands anyways.
2006-06-23 16:19:51
163.   Uncle Miltie
I probably like their music because they kind of sound like the RX Bandits (a good ska band). I would definitely say they aren't emo though. Too much electronics, upbeat lyrics, no self pity. Pop/dance/punk/electronics.
2006-06-23 16:34:57
164.   Steve
Grittle crafted a lineup special for the Jack Wilson Scouting Expedition.
2006-06-23 16:36:54
165.   Bob Timmermann
Eat up tonight:
2006-06-23 16:37:39
166.   ninjavshippo
remember when bands were doing turntables for the sake of having turntables? the same goes for P!@TD with their synths. kraftwerk would be rolling in their graves. if they were dead.
2006-06-23 16:47:02
167.   Uncle Miltie
166- still if I really wanted to listen to electronics, I'd listen to Gnarls Barkley. They are much more innovative. Mixing soul music and electronics, how is awesome is that? Plus their lead singer (Cee lo) has a great voice.

My friend played Panic! At The Disco's London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines and I thought it was a good song. I started listening to them a few weeks ago.

2006-06-23 16:55:16
168.   D4P
Grittle crafted a lineup special for the Jack Wilson Scouting Expedition.

Nothing like leading off with 3 straight shortstops.

2006-06-23 16:59:08
169.   overkill94
Ahhh music talk, now there's something I can get into. Just got back from the used CD store with albums by The Walkmen, The Arcade Fire, Brendan Benson, and Ocean Colour Scene. A nice little indie rock haul I must say.
2006-06-23 17:02:30
170.   fawnkyj
163, 166, 169-

Heard panic at the discon and cant say i am impressed they sound like all those whiny bands from the OC like good charlotte.
Try the group The Rapture, their last album is a a couple years old but really good, its called Echoes.

2006-06-23 17:04:00
171.   Uncle Miltie
Have to go now, I'll be back probably in the middle of the game. Hopefully Tomko doesn't give up a bunch of home runs. My Tomko prediction:
5 IP 7 H 5 ER 2 HR

The Dodgers will probably lose tonight

2006-06-23 17:09:50
172.   overkill94
Well, they are facing Oliver "gas can" Perez, so maybe it'll be a good old-fashioned slugfest and we'll get to hear that cool techno song a bunch of times.
2006-06-23 17:20:39
173.   Gagne55
Oliver Perez will be the worst O. Per3z at the stadium tonight, and that is saying something. The Dodgers have pwn3d Pittsburg the last few years. I expect Dodgers to win this 10-8 or so. Uncle Mitie's Tomko prediction looks pretty good.
2006-06-23 17:25:30
174.   thinkblue0

we listen to a lot of the same stuff...I'm pretty much the only hipster in LA that's also into baseball ha.

2006-06-23 17:29:50
175.   twerp
72 A bit behind, but I always wanted to see a headline saying "Nokamura Knocks a Homa."

Don't guess that'll happen. Sigh...

2006-06-23 17:41:28
176.   regfairfield
175 Say what you will about Nori, but that man could scoop a ball like no other.
2006-06-23 17:44:33
177.   Andrew Shimmin
So, I finally recognize one band name. I only know one of Gnarls Barkley's songs, but I kind of like it. (youtube video)

2006-06-23 17:46:34
178.   natepurcell
Try the group The Rapture, their last album is a a couple years old but really good, its called Echoes.

Rapture is okay. I can listen to it sometimes.

This is what is in my 6 disc car cd player

mars volta- deloused
Isis- Pantioptican
Animosity- Empires
Against me!- searching for a former clarity
adamantium- from the depths of depression
dredg- catch without arms

That basically covers all my musical tastes.

2006-06-23 17:47:09
179.   overkill94
174 I just listened to the new Walkmen album for the first time. Very different than Bows and Arrows in that the piano and organ are basically gone resulting in a lot more of a straightforward rock sound. Seems so-so after one listen but I hear it's a grower.
2006-06-23 17:56:40
180.   njr

Not the only one...

2006-06-23 18:08:17
181.   twerp
Haven't found a FAQ section or anything here, so will just ask how you get something to appear in bold face?

And is there a FAQ for stuff like this and I just don't know where it is? Thx.

2006-06-23 18:17:22
182.   twerp
176 Just trying to be funny with a play on Nokamura name. Actually would like to see him "knocking homas" at DS to go along with that slick glove.

That would have taken care of current 3B issue. But hitting .129 or whatever for the 51s meant no way....had/has some serious power...didn't he hit a ball clear out of Holman last spring?

2006-06-23 18:25:46
183.   natepurcell
Is this going to be the game thread? I think half of the DT community will be at the game.
2006-06-23 18:27:39
184.   Andrew Shimmin
Game thread is up top.
2006-06-23 18:28:29
185.   Andrew Shimmin
I can't remember the last time I saw a post on the front page with 0 Comments underneath.
2006-06-23 20:19:01
186.   DXMachina
181 - Put the type you want to be bold between two asterisks.

*Bold* becomes Bold.

There is no faq as far as I know.

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