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Night of a Thousand Dodger Thoughts Stars
2006-06-23 17:55
by Jon Weisman

Give or take 970 ...

We'll be somewhere in the vicinity of Aisle 12, row FF in the Reserved Level if you happen to be there ... and be sure to look for us on TV! We'll be the people indistinguishable from the other people.

Tonight's Game

Comments (340)
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2006-06-23 18:29:23
1.   natepurcell
Lets break the comment record.
2006-06-23 18:33:09
2.   Sam DC
So, Jon left the dial set to italics just to mess with us not-in-on-it types.


2006-06-23 18:35:03
3.   sanchez101
did anyone see Edwin Jackson against the braves?
2006-06-23 18:35:18
4.   natepurcell
Fine, I'll break the comment record.
2006-06-23 18:35:38
5.   natepurcell
Is he still pitching?
2006-06-23 18:36:09
6.   sanchez101
inning just ended, im assuming he's not going back out for another
2006-06-23 18:36:29
7.   Sam DC
Too bad Nate -- David Bell single breaks up Beckett's looming perfect game in the sixth, preventing Smooth Sal from doing it himself.
2006-06-23 18:37:31
8.   natepurcell
Beckett's lucky, Fasano would have taken him deep to break up the perfect game.
2006-06-23 18:38:30
9.   Sam DC
Sal hits into a DP so Beckett has still faced the minimum.

Meanwhile, since when does Chris Ray throw 98 mph for the Orioles?

2006-06-23 18:39:03
10.   trainwreck
Heard D-Rays may make Edwin their closer.
2006-06-23 18:39:33
11.   natepurcell
Chris Ray's delivery makes my arms hurt.
2006-06-23 18:43:52
12.   Sam DC

(think he heard me?)

2006-06-23 18:44:58
13.   trainwreck
Hey look Pujols is still good.
2006-06-23 18:45:37
14.   Andrew Shimmin
We've been begging for the ability to italicize ever since we found out how to bold. There's just no pleasing some people.
2006-06-23 18:45:57
15.   LAT
I'm putting the over under for game time comments at 150.

(I said game time cause after the game everyone will be on line talking about what a good time they had)

2006-06-23 18:48:17
16.   derrelthomas
I'll put my paycheck on the under.
2006-06-23 18:48:55
17.   Ken Arneson
12 I heard you.
2006-06-23 18:50:56
18.   LAT
Wow Ken even applied the italics ban retroactivly.
2006-06-23 18:51:37
19.   Sam DC
Thanks Ken.
2006-06-23 18:57:07
20.   Blu2
Little ought to take FurBall aside and try to clue him in: "Look, Furball, having Izzy here is not good for you. Too many people are noticing that he's a better shortstop than you, and he can hit as well. It is in your best interest to volunteer to play third for a couple of weeks so we can shop him around as a shortstop. If we can't play him at short, we can't trade him. And he ends up taking your job. Think about it".
2006-06-23 19:04:40
22.   natepurcell

Are you John Wayne Gacy?

2006-06-23 19:05:31
23.   natepurcell
To answer your question

I kind has that idea when he was promoting Justin Orenduff as the 2nd best player in our farm system.

2006-06-23 19:10:37
25.   natepurcell
I want a Fernando bobblehead!
2006-06-23 19:13:01
26.   derrelthomas

Ask and you shall receive... well ask and send in $20 + Shipping.

2006-06-23 19:18:54
27.   natepurcell
lol, Aybar homers in his first AB back in AAA.
2006-06-23 19:26:56
29.   Blu2
If he is, and I don't know, the name change was to get away from the trolls, so don't blab it all over the 'net. In fact, don't even mention it.
2006-06-23 19:27:23
30.   Sam DC
Apparently, our host has magical powers.
2006-06-23 19:28:26
31.   Andrew Shimmin
Do you think Jon makes sure to leave extra popsicles in the freezer on the nights Ken has to babysit us? Thanks again, Ken.
2006-06-23 19:29:49
32.   Sam DC
I'm wondering if Jon is here in sidekick.

And I was going to suggest we raid the liquor cabinet!

2006-06-23 19:31:57
33.   D4P
And I was going to suggest we raid the liquor cabinet!

And cuss and talk politics and argue over silly trade proposals.

2006-06-23 19:33:03
34.   Gen3Blue
Mornin from the EC (east coast) I'll be looking for the DT's on TV.
What was 21, seems to be deleted.
2006-06-23 19:34:30
35.   natepurcell
21 was the comeback attempt of John Wayne Gacy.
2006-06-23 19:36:31
36.   Sam DC
Did you second class citizens all enter The Griddle's WC 2006 pick 'em? Do, do! Bob's ponied up for a prize, even.
2006-06-23 19:36:50
37.   Blu2
34 Read 29, that'll give you a clue...
2006-06-23 19:38:13
38.   D4P
I had been wondering what had happened to you know who...Wasn't sure if he had been permanently scared away or what...
2006-06-23 19:38:16
39.   LAT
Hey for the first time I saw some comments before they were deleted.
2006-06-23 19:38:34
40.   trainwreck
The Giants are walking Jason Kendall...
2006-06-23 19:39:35
41.   natepurcell
Matt Kemp needs to give a shoutout to Dodger Thoughts in the form of a grand slam.
2006-06-23 19:39:52
42.   Gen3Blue
I always confuse John Wayne Gacy w/that other guy who was a model for Buffalo Bill and rather more pitiful. But also rem. that mem. performance by Brian Dennahy.
2006-06-23 19:42:42
43.   LAT
Game on
2006-06-23 19:42:56
44.   lakerican
Hey, Did the game begin or what? Are they trying to control the people in Aisle 12?
2006-06-23 19:43:52
45.   natepurcell

Gacy was the clown who liked teenage boys.

Buffalo Bill was used Ed Gein as who he was modeled after.

2006-06-23 19:44:21
46.   LAT
Ouch. right in the manberries
2006-06-23 19:46:04
47.   D4P
Jack Wilson Scouting Expedition off to a good start.
2006-06-23 19:47:17
48.   D4P
The Pirates actually have 6 players in the lineup tonight with OPS over .800
2006-06-23 19:49:23
49.   Gen3Blue
Thats right hold Wilson. Why does Tom, have to put a few on base?
Ed Gein just happened to have a few townsfolk skins curing in the basement.
2006-06-23 19:50:46
50.   Sam DC
OK -- I'm afraid Serial Killer Thoughts may be a little much for me.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-06-23 19:52:12
51.   Gen3Blue
OK. This is a line-up I like. Seems like nobodies to tired to play baseball for a few million.
2006-06-23 19:52:41
52.   Gen3Blue
OK. This is a line-up I like. Seems like nobodies too tired to play baseball for a few million.
2006-06-23 19:53:16
53.   LAT
My goal (and apparently Little's) is to get 3 SS on base at the same time.
2006-06-23 19:53:26
54.   Sam DC
Cesar, trying to improve on his .800 batting average . . .
2006-06-23 19:53:27
55.   Gen3Blue
And I reiterated.
2006-06-23 19:54:18
56.   Jon Weisman
We are looking live at sold-out Dodger Stadium!
2006-06-23 19:55:03
57.   LAT
A walk to Nomar (like that's going to happen) and we have the SS trifecta
2006-06-23 19:56:19
58.   LAT
well that's not what I was talkin about
2006-06-23 19:57:08
59.   Sam DC
Oooh - the most unsatifsying of all "in-play, run-scoring plays."
2006-06-23 19:58:04
60.   Gen3Blue
Wow-the Pirates could have been in deep doo-doo.
2006-06-23 19:58:15
61.   trainwreck
I think Drew needs more rest.
2006-06-23 19:58:15
62.   Sam DC
Us in the diaspora are mostly interested in what you're all eating. What's the spicy dog to dodger ratio?
2006-06-23 19:58:47
63.   LAT
John is Darkman. He is everywhere, yet nowhere.
2006-06-23 19:59:24
64.   Gen3Blue
Are you stuck with Gameday Sam? Well, it saved you seeing our vets kill a big inning.
2006-06-23 20:00:08
65.   natepurcell
duaner sanchez hurt his arm/shoulder.
2006-06-23 20:04:24
66.   Sam DC
I can get Vin on gameday audio, but my wife is watching tv and not necessarily totally in favor of me polaying baseball out of the computer.
2006-06-23 20:04:52
67.   Jon Weisman
Suffering Bruin just said something I can't repeat online. It wasn't profane, just incendiary.
2006-06-23 20:05:06
68.   natepurcell

Headphones Sam, headphones.

2006-06-23 20:05:09
69.   Gen3Blue
What a pleasure watching Izzy.
61 I'm afraid your right.
2006-06-23 20:05:49
70.   natepurcell

Way to tease us Jon.

2006-06-23 20:09:24
71.   natepurcell
I'm surprised Kemp swung and miss on two 86 mph fastballs.
2006-06-23 20:10:40
72.   Gen3Blue
Perez going to strike out side??
2006-06-23 20:11:16
73.   LAT
What a suprise Cruz K looking. I don't like any line-up he is in. Unless it the other teams line up
2006-06-23 20:11:48
74.   LAT
72. If he doesn't get killed first
2006-06-23 20:12:34
75.   lakerican
I like that aproach.

6 balls
1 strikeout

NO swing!

Yeah, Like MB like it; High OBP, much better than Lofton, HA!!!

2006-06-23 20:12:42
76.   StolenMonkey86
what was the injury delay?
2006-06-23 20:13:43
77.   Gen3Blue
That is humilating.
2006-06-23 20:14:11
78.   natepurcell

Martin hit a line drive off Perez's hip and trainers came out to make sure he was okay.

2006-06-23 20:14:12
79.   StolenMonkey86
gameday just said "Injury delay" after Martin's hit.
2006-06-23 20:14:44
80.   Gen3Blue
76 Martins line drive may have injured Perz' belt, but luckily he is fine.
2006-06-23 20:14:56
81.   StolenMonkey86
ok. Too bad it couldn't get the other O Perez. He's taking up roster space.
2006-06-23 20:15:25
82.   Gen3Blue
And well enough despite 9 losses to strike out the side.
2006-06-23 20:17:48
83.   Gen3Blue
Does it seem like with Izturis at third, furcal doesn't get many chances?
Iz seems to cover the whole left side.
2006-06-23 20:19:23
84.   Gen3Blue
Check the chances for the last 2 nights/ usually more for short.
2006-06-23 20:19:27
85.   natepurcell
Izturis can play "thirdstop"

it will give us an excuse to carry another crappy middle reliever.

2006-06-23 20:21:01
86.   DaveP
Guzman hit one out for Vegas.
2006-06-23 20:22:39
87.   StolenMonkey86
Here's Izturis' plan.

He's got the gold glove at short. Now he's going to get third, then later in his career 2nd, and then first. Then he can get a shelf that wraps around the walls of a room in his house and put a gold glove in each corner.

2006-06-23 20:23:37
88.   LAT
Shawn Green up with bases loaded
2006-06-23 20:27:07
89.   LAT
88. pop up. He has gone stone cold
2006-06-23 20:28:00
90.   StolenMonkey86
Come on Oakland!
2006-06-23 20:29:55
91.   natepurcell
we are on a good pace. 91 comments and the 3rd isn't even over yet!
2006-06-23 20:31:04
92.   alex 7
maybe Perez' hip is starting to bug him.
2006-06-23 20:32:22
93.   Gen3Blue
It looks to me like the ball is getting on the hitters pretty quick. I'm surprised to see Perez has only hit 88mph. He is supposed to be capable of 98. And he has 3 strikeouts. Now its up to Drew and he's OK.
2006-06-23 20:32:35
94.   alex 7
kemp's gonna get his right now.
2006-06-23 20:33:14
95.   Sam DC
Still never hit 1,000 comments on a Dodger Thoughts thread, right?

Just sayin . . .

2006-06-23 20:34:28
96.   natepurcell
2006-06-23 20:35:32
97.   JoeyP
So has Tomko just gotten lucky the first 3 innings?

5-4 GB/FB ratio.
Pirates 1/10 on BABIP.

2006-06-23 20:35:43
98.   DXMachina
We could always post a few haiku to help up the count.
2006-06-23 20:36:14
99.   Uncle Miltie
Just got home. I'm surprised that Tomko hasn't given up a run yet.

Jon, how are you posting at Dodger Stadium?

2006-06-23 20:36:26
100.   Greg Brock
What'd I miss? Anybody and their girlfriend use Jon's bed yet?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-06-23 20:36:57
101.   adg
Hey, don't forget to enter in Timmermann's World Cup prediction contest. Next opportunity won't come around for another four summers.
2006-06-23 20:37:10
102.   Gen3Blue
Many of our best commentators are at the stadium.
2006-06-23 20:37:30
103.   DXMachina
99 - It's a wireless world. I'll bet someone has a Treo, or something similar.
2006-06-23 20:37:47
104.   natepurcell
Pirates 1/10 on BABIP.

Dodger Stadium suppresses batting average anyways.

2006-06-23 20:37:56
105.   LAT
97. Yeah he's lucky. Lucky this is the lowly Pirates.
2006-06-23 20:38:28
106.   JoeyP
Ok its luck.
2006-06-23 20:38:46
107.   Greg Brock
Kill Furcal. Forget it, I'll do it.
2006-06-23 20:38:48
108.   natepurcell
Izturis is never coming out of the lineup if he keeps doing that.
2006-06-23 20:38:59
109.   JoeyP
104. Not that much.
2006-06-23 20:39:00
110.   adg
Ooooh. Casey goes long. But still short.
2006-06-23 20:39:12
111.   Uncle Miltie
Put Izzy back at SS!
2006-06-23 20:39:15
112.   Gen3Blue
3rd-stop is all we need.
I think Vin's a Iz man.
2006-06-23 20:39:41
113.   LAT
100. Another very funny line.
2006-06-23 20:40:08
114.   dzzrtRatt
Aaah, there's nothing like playing a Jim Tracy team to get things going right.
2006-06-23 20:40:33
115.   JoeyP
1/13 BABIP
6/6 GB/FB
2006-06-23 20:40:53
116.   adg
Uno. Dos. Tres, entrada. Muy bien senor Tomko.
2006-06-23 20:41:17
117.   Greg Brock
Pele...Soccer God...Lover...Poet...Anti-Piracy Advocate.
2006-06-23 20:42:29
118.   adg
Señor Tomko, that is.
2006-06-23 20:42:34
119.   Andrew Shimmin
117- And he dated Xuxa!
2006-06-23 20:42:42
120.   Uncle Miltie
Wilber is angry about being sent down and he's taking it out on the ball.

1-2 HR 2 RBI 2 BB

Cruz is a walking stud…

2006-06-23 20:42:43
121.   DXMachina
The Puerto Rican God of Walks!
2006-06-23 20:43:31
122.   LAT
Anna Nicole Smith gonna party tonight!!!

2006-06-23 20:43:44
123.   adg
Software piracy or high seas piracy? (Both are rife in Brasil.)
2006-06-23 20:43:49
124.   Greg Brock
119 And he dated ______________________________
2006-06-23 20:44:03
125.   lakerican
FINALLY Cruz GOT his Walk...
2006-06-23 20:44:04
126.   natepurcell
We have too many God of Walks on the team and that doesn't bode well for team chemistry...someone is going to be turned into a toad.
2006-06-23 20:44:48
127.   adg
119 Elarilarilari eh! Elarilarilari oh! E o xou da Xuxa!
2006-06-23 20:45:03
128.   Uncle Miltie
The Canadian Mountie of Walks
2006-06-23 20:45:40
129.   Greg Brock
123 I believe Pele is against internet privacy, but secretly pro high seas piracy. If I remember correctly, Pele played in the 14th annual "High Seas Piracy All-Star Charity Classic" in 1971.
2006-06-23 20:46:08
130.   adg
126 Hopefully they're all Norse gods, rather than those pesky un-chemistry producing Greek gods...
2006-06-23 20:46:50
131.   natepurcell
Do Norse Gods not get jealous? Odin's pretty beastly.
2006-06-23 20:47:17
132.   Greg Brock
Sorry guys, I call all the Dodger prospects Zoroaster
2006-06-23 20:47:46
133.   alex 7
Funny hearing Vin talk about the Pirates and their one-run losses. The Pirates have gotten worse with Tracy as their manager in one-run games.
I know there's some luck involved in this, as well as a lack of talent, but the fact that they've almost matched their one-run losses from last year only 40% of the way through this season is pretty bad.
2006-06-23 20:47:54
134.   adg
129 ...scoring one and assiting on two others as the Rio de Janeiro 11 defeated the Paulista All Stars 3-1...
2006-06-23 20:48:30
135.   DXMachina
We could start calling Matt Kemp "Thor."
2006-06-23 20:48:51
136.   Greg Brock
Feel free to just blame it on Tracy. We all do. FACTS BE DAMNED!
2006-06-23 20:49:04
137.   natepurcell
dominican furball of walks.
2006-06-23 20:49:10
138.   adg
131 I was thinking more along the lines of Thor and swinging mighty Mjolnir.
2006-06-23 20:49:17
139.   alex 7
Perez' hip has to be bugging him. What is that, 4 walks after that line drive hit him? Maybe not rotating as well.
2006-06-23 20:49:40
140.   Greg Brock
You saw that game?!! I saw that game!!!
2006-06-23 20:50:27
141.   adg
135 It's my impression that not enough ballplayers are named Thor.
2006-06-23 20:50:46
142.   LAT
I'm looking forward to seeing Colburn waddle out to the mound like the good old days
2006-06-23 20:51:08
143.   adg
140 No, but I downloaded the highlights.
2006-06-23 20:51:23
144.   spacebrother
Perez (their Perez) has thrown 3 more balls than strikes in this game. Are they all this bad? Nice time to start with the plate discipline again.
2006-06-23 20:51:37
145.   natepurcell
Venezuelan gaucho of walks.
2006-06-23 20:51:37
146.   Uncle Miltie
Venezuelan God of Walks!
2006-06-23 20:51:38
147.   Greg Brock
141 I always created a quarterback in Madden named Thor Touchdown...How's that guy not gonna rock?
2006-06-23 20:51:54
148.   JoeyP
Jimbo I think he's done.
2006-06-23 20:51:55
149.   Uncle Miltie
This guy is not going to walk
2006-06-23 20:52:18
150.   adg
Cesar Izturis must be helium-filled. He always floats to the top of the lineup.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-06-23 20:52:31
151.   spacebrother
Nail the lid on Nomar.
2006-06-23 20:52:41
152.   LAT
How can Nomar swing at a guy with 4 walks in one inning
2006-06-23 20:52:45
153.   Sam DC
fours are wild!
2006-06-23 20:53:08
154.   spacebrother
I meant to put a comma after "on."
2006-06-23 20:53:14
155.   alex 7
any chance the DTers at Dodger Stadium can start the HEE-SEOP-CHOI chant? Or do we save that for a day game against the Cubs?
2006-06-23 20:53:15
156.   dzzrtRatt's magical when a team does the little things right.
2006-06-23 20:53:20
157.   adg
145 Gauchos are from Argentina, silly. Venezuelas are probably called Petroleros.
2006-06-23 20:53:23
158.   Gen3Blue
Unfortunatly, for the last few games, Nomars the guy the Pirates want w/the bases loaded.
2006-06-23 20:53:31
159.   Sam DC
When the gameday operator plots a swung-at pitch a half inch below the box, I feel he's trying to make a point.
2006-06-23 20:53:35
160.   natepurcell
Kent with 2 walks tonight?

Amaerican Mottocross of walks!

2006-06-23 20:53:39
161.   alex 7
ghame over
2006-06-23 20:53:42
162.   JoeyP
Why was Nomar up there hacking when Oliver Perez had just walked a small village?
2006-06-23 20:53:42
163.   DXMachina
141 - Very true.

Hey, Mr. Hamm! Didya notice that Perez hasn't thrown a strike in about half an hour?

2006-06-23 20:53:55
164.   StolenMonkey86
If you're Grady Little, do you start to think double steal here, just for kicks?
2006-06-23 20:53:56
165.   Uncle Miltie
YES! His trade value is skyrocketing!
2006-06-23 20:54:03
166.   Gen3Blue
Hey you DTs, give you joy.
2006-06-23 20:54:10
167.   alex 7
Perez should have been pulled about 3 batters ago with that line drive situation probably affecting him.
2006-06-23 20:54:15
168.   LAT
Welcome home Jim Tracy.
2006-06-23 20:54:23
169.   Greg Brock
Collective Dodger Thoughts in-stadium BAC= 96.324
2006-06-23 20:54:33
170.   LAT
Is 7 runs enough for this bullpen?
2006-06-23 20:54:44
171.   adg
Dirk Diggler nee Officer Diggler comes through with the big (night)stick.
2006-06-23 20:54:57
172.   JoeyP
Sometimes, you just have to enjoy Jim Tracy's use of pitchers.
2006-06-23 20:55:05
173.   spacebrother
Want to yell at Kent now for swinging?
2006-06-23 20:55:16
174.   alex 7
maybe Perez will pull a Weaver here when Tracy gets to the mound.
2006-06-23 20:55:23
175.   lakerican
How I missed a dodger HR!!!
2006-06-23 20:55:30
176.   StolenMonkey86
And they've batted around!
2006-06-23 20:55:56
177.   natepurcell
Dirk Diggler nee Officer Diggler comes through with the big (night)stick.

Keep it coming, the dictator is off his throne!

2006-06-23 20:56:00
178.   Sam DC
165 Whose?
2006-06-23 20:56:12
179.   adg
Terminado. Finit. Kaput. Acabado.
2006-06-23 20:56:37
180.   StolenMonkey86
Excuse me, I got a little anxious. Kemp still has an at-bat
2006-06-23 20:57:08
181.   Greg Brock
Boy, Jon and the gang sure are missing a great game...And they decided to go to a stupid boating expo. They're never gonna live...Huh, they went where?...Nevermind.
2006-06-23 20:57:21
182.   adg
Which O.Perez was going to show up today?
2006-06-23 20:57:50
183.   JoeyP
This wasnt quite as bad as leaving Jeff Weaver in to give up a Grand Slam to Adam LaRoche, but its still pretty bad.

7bbs in 3 innings. The guy was so done.

2006-06-23 20:58:43
184.   Greg Brock
182 Exactly which version of any O. Perez doesn't show up sucky?
2006-06-23 20:58:55
185.   natepurcell

He was so done when he showed up to the game throwing 85 mph fastballs.

2006-06-23 20:59:45
186.   StolenMonkey86
John Grabow. Does he ski?
2006-06-23 21:00:06
187.   Steve
I hope you guys enjoyed that upstairs because I sure as hell did.
2006-06-23 21:00:20
188.   adg
Poor bison. The only guy yet to get on base.
2006-06-23 21:00:34
189.   Andrew Shimmin
178- Kent's.
2006-06-23 21:00:34
190.   natepurcell
Is Steve at the game?
2006-06-23 21:00:45
191.   adg
188 Besides Tomko; and most of the pirates.
2006-06-23 21:01:14
192.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
It's time to state a fact: Kemp is in a bad slump.
2006-06-23 21:01:18
193.   LAT
Bison not looking so good
2006-06-23 21:02:24
194.   Jon Weisman
155 - It was discussed, but we tried a Bison chant instead.
2006-06-23 21:03:32
195.   DXMachina
193 - He was trying to decide if he'd rather be called Bison or Thor, and he lost focus.
2006-06-23 21:03:37
196.   D4P
Update on Buell Miller:

He has no cartilage, exposing the bone to contact and resulting in degenerative arthritis. "I'm bone on bone in three different places," said the 35-year-old Mueller, who underwent a third operation on the knee in May. "Right now, I can't even walk on it without it swelling up."

My question is this: did Miller somehow lose all of his cartilage after signing with the Dodgers, or had he already lost it before signing the contract? If the latter, why didn't this issue come up before he was signed...?

2006-06-23 21:03:46
197.   Sam DC
One would infer [deduce? no infer, right?] that Steve is at the game in good seats, shouting out to his secret friends in the bad seats.

151, 154 is pretty funny.

2006-06-23 21:04:45
198.   Greg Brock
194 Hide the booze! Everybody out the back! Nobody says a word about Nate and that, well...Nobody says a word! Jon's here!
2006-06-23 21:04:54
199.   Steve
I am otherwise disposed with guests unfortunately. Plus I don't really exist.
2006-06-23 21:05:38
200.   Sam DC
198 All fine, except I think he is now Darkman.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-06-23 21:08:27
201.   Greg Brock
I think that twitch that Tomko felt in his elbow was a twitch of non-suckiness.
2006-06-23 21:09:39
202.   lakerican
You know, there are some good players but there are some damm injuries, I hope not, but maybe we are seeing this, with not one but two of our good players: Werth and Mueller...
2006-06-23 21:09:53
203.   JoeyP
Tomko's using up all of his luck in this one start.

2/16 BABIP
6-9 GB/FB
Exactly 3 swing and misses out of 69 pitches (2 by pitchers)

2006-06-23 21:09:55
204.   Uncle Miltie
Tomko, Seo, Repko, Carrara, Izturis, and Kent for Oliver Perez, Jose Castillo, and Ian Snell?
2006-06-23 21:11:05
205.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
For Tomko, that's 16 batters in 69 pitches. Efficient.
2006-06-23 21:11:23
206.   JoeyP
It's time to state a fact: Kemp is in a bad slump

Care to elaborate, or was this sarcasm?

2006-06-23 21:12:01
207.   Uncle Miltie
Seo is warming up and Tomko is coming out of the game. I hope the fans in the bleachers brought their gloves.
2006-06-23 21:12:04
208.   Greg Brock
Have no fear kids...Fredo Seo will mop this one up...I'm SMAAAAAT!
2006-06-23 21:12:09
209.   StolenMonkey86
204 - Are you joking, retarded, or Kevin Malone?
2006-06-23 21:12:42
210.   Greg Brock
209 Why can't it be all three?
2006-06-23 21:14:32
211.   lakerican

Let's suppossed then that the prime target there is Snell beause Tracy's Perez is sucking equal or worst than ours...

2006-06-23 21:14:38
212.   StolenMonkey86
Tomko's still hurting. Why else would Grady Little take him out early?
2006-06-23 21:15:02
213.   LAT
209. The second two are reduntant
2006-06-23 21:15:40
214.   JoeyP
The Pirates would have to be run by idiots to trade Snell. Of course, they are so its possible.
2006-06-23 21:16:34
215.   LAT
Beltre has returned to his non-Dodger Stadium ways. K on a bad pitch to end threat in the 8th.
2006-06-23 21:16:41
216.   StolenMonkey86
Especially after having a 2-hit shutout with only 69 pitches.
2006-06-23 21:17:49
217.   lakerican
OK. Let's begin the rollercoaster...
2006-06-23 21:19:29
218.   Uncle Miltie
209- before you call me a Kevin Malone, you may want to take a look at the players involved in the trade. Ian Snell is a young pitcher with a solid strikeout rate, yet Jimbo isn't a big fan of his. Jose Castillo is one of the best 2B in the NL. He's hitting .286/.343/.473 with 11 home runs and is a good defender. Pittsburg has a terrible GM and if Jimbo is calling the shots, they'd do this trade in a minute. Throw in Old Maid and it's a done deal.
2006-06-23 21:19:32
219.   LAT
212. 216. Vin says Tomko hurt himslef. Not sure if was a back spasam or elbow strain. I was watching Beltre be Beltre.
2006-06-23 21:19:44
220.   JoeyP
Maybe Grits wants to give Tomko some confidence so he's taking him out before his luck changes.
2006-06-23 21:20:00
221.   alex 7
you keep pulling those outside pitches sluggers.
2006-06-23 21:20:32
222.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
206 - Statement of fact.
Since a week ago yesterday, Kemp his hitting .231 (6-for-26) with one double and three walks against 11 strikeouts.
2006-06-23 21:21:40
223.   JoeyP
218. The obstacle in your trade Milti is the cash. There's no way the Pirates take on Kent (11.5), Tomko (4.5), Izturis (4) and give away their 2nd best pitcher. The Dodgers would have to kick in some money.
2006-06-23 21:22:20
224.   Greg Brock
This could work out. You know the old saying:

"Tomko and Seo and pray for snow"

Oh, sorry, that's

"Pray that Tomko and Seo get meningitis"

I always mess that up.

2006-06-23 21:24:29
225.   JoeyP
26ABs constitutes a bad slump?

Furcal's been hitting .230 for the last month, which is 82ABs worth.

2006-06-23 21:24:50
226.   Uncle Miltie
It's 10-6 in Vegas.

Wilber is 1-2 with a HR 2 RBI 3 BB
Loney is 2-5
Guzman is 2-4 with a HR 2 RBI
Navarro is 2-4

Gio Carrara has 3 RBI LOL

The VGoW does it again

2006-06-23 21:25:01
227.   D4P
Izturis is the new Aybar
2006-06-23 21:25:31
228.   alex 7
way to sell out
2006-06-23 21:25:37
229.   Greg Brock
I didn't know Ken Landreaux played for the Pirates.
2006-06-23 21:25:50
230.   Sam DC
Cesar Izturis: Unoutable!
2006-06-23 21:25:53
231.   trainwreck
Wow, the Pirates are terrible. They should pay us to see their games.
2006-06-23 21:26:07
232.   Steve
2006-06-23 21:27:01
233.   JoeyP
Yesterday, I recall Bob stating the Dodgers BABIP was .520 worth of singles.

Today its 9-16 with 8 singles and 1HR.

2006-06-23 21:27:13
234.   D4P
That unselfish sac fly by Kent won't show up in the box score.
2006-06-23 21:27:30
235.   LAT
Finally, Jason Schmidt comes out of the game. He's like a bad guest. I though he'd never leave.
2006-06-23 21:28:07
236.   Greg Brock
The best part of the entire weekend is roasting the hell out of Jim Tracy. Tracyball! bombs?...I'm putting the over under at 103 1/2, and I'm taking the over.
2006-06-23 21:28:45
237.   alex 7
for the ups and downs of a season, I'd say 26 abs, and swinging at what Kemp is swinging, can be considered a small slump. Expected though as hot as he was.
2006-06-23 21:28:51
238.   StolenMonkey86
Well, I admit that might have been a little harsh since you didn't propose to lock them in for the next 5 years at $60 million apiece. But we just saw Oliver Perez.

Ian Snell is alright, but he's nobody to go crazy over. If you're talking about Francisco Liriano, Justin Verlander or Scott Kazmir, then that's a different story. But I'm not sold on the guy. Just admit it, you like his W-L record, which although nice is rather meaningless.

2006-06-23 21:29:00
239.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
225 - Striking out in 42% of your at-bats, that's a bad slump.
Kemp's line in that stretch: 231/310/269/579.
Sample size, sure, but Kemp is not hitting.
As for Furcal, he's also in a bad slump - unless we're seeing his true level of ability.
2006-06-23 21:29:01
240.   Gen3Blue
Watch Izturis figure out how to score.
2006-06-23 21:29:20
241.   StolenMonkey86
Besides, Izzy has an OPS of 1.514.
2006-06-23 21:30:06
242.   JoeyP
Drew with another selfish olney.
2006-06-23 21:30:38
243.   alex 7
this is just hilarious. Did they skip practice in March?
2006-06-23 21:30:54
244.   LAT
Is anyone else suffering from slow serveritis?

Vin says official word is Tomko has mild left oblique strain.

2006-06-23 21:30:55
245.   D4P
That unselfish sac fly by Drew will show up in the box score.
2006-06-23 21:30:57
246.   Greg Brock
Nice pick and roll by the foul ball guy.
2006-06-23 21:31:36
247.   Gen3Blue
Thats a flair for Kemp.
Why do we have to play anyone but the NL east and central.
2006-06-23 21:31:48
248.   JoeyP
2006-06-23 21:32:01
249.   Sam DC
Heartless gameday retracts the "In-play, run scoring play."
2006-06-23 21:33:10
250.   Greg Brock
Thank God that Tracy never got his hands on any of the prospects. I was going to say "on any of the kids," but that just sounded gross.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-06-23 21:33:20
251.   JoeyP
The Buccos have just what the Dodgers like.
Mediocre left handed pitching.

And the Killer Tomato is even sitting this one out.

2006-06-23 21:33:32
252.   LAT
I am suprised Tracy has not tried to get himself ejected.
2006-06-23 21:33:37
253.   adg
WTF, over? Kemp with a double but cruz on 2nd and Martin batting?
2006-06-23 21:34:10
254.   adg
My gameday is screwy again.
2006-06-23 21:34:17
255.   D4P
Is the 10-run rule in effect?
2006-06-23 21:34:26
256.   Greg Brock
QUIET! Pele is telling me about internet piracy.
2006-06-23 21:34:30
257.   Gen3Blue
3 more innings to go and I already am hitting the celebratory communion. Not Good.
2006-06-23 21:34:38
258.   StolenMonkey86
239 - look at Jeff Francouer. He has 300 AB, just took his 6th walk tonight, and has 61K on the season in 300 AB. But he does have 15 HR and 55 RBI.

Kemp didn't have the best BB/K coming up, and he just needs to learn how to do that Oakland thing. And he just hit a ground rule double in the time it took me to look up Francouer's stats.

2006-06-23 21:35:30
259.   JoeyP
Just admit it, you like his W-L record, which although nice is rather meaningless.

Snell's W/L is meaningless. That never factors into the equations.
Its his very good K/9 rate that is enticing. Plus he's improved as the year has progressed.

2006-06-23 21:35:47
260.   Steve
More tracyball! More!
2006-06-23 21:36:38
261.   lakerican

Dodgers Gods, Let Seo complete the remaining of this game..

2006-06-23 21:36:52
262.   capdodger
Woah... Weird moment there. I got home from Columbia Heights and sat down to watch the game. When I logged on in the bottom of the 6th, the sound was normal, but everyone was velcroed to the ceiling. I thought that I'd been out too long, but a restart of the stream put everyone back on the ground.
2006-06-23 21:36:53
263.   adg
256 So, what's he saying?
2006-06-23 21:37:05
264.   Uncle Miltie
238- I had no idea that he had 7 wins. In that case, the Pirates probably won't trade him. The center piece of my deal is Jose Castillo. He's an extremely underrated player. He's one of the Pirates best hitters, yet Jimbo bats him 7th.
2006-06-23 21:37:54
265.   alex 7
Seo! Consistent.
2006-06-23 21:37:56
266.   Gen3Blue
Seo it goes.
2006-06-23 21:38:02
267.   Greg Brock
263 I don't think he likes it. Or he does. I don't know, I was busy thinking about all the hot broads he nailed.
2006-06-23 21:38:18
268.   Sam DC
253 -- Cruz doubled right after The Bison.

And no biggie but "wtf" is not kosher under the "no swearing (and no immediately recognizable substitutes for swearing)" policy.

2006-06-23 21:38:19
269.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
258 - There's no explaining Frenchy.
2006-06-23 21:38:36
270.   D4P
Just another "In play, run-scoring play" for Seo.
2006-06-23 21:38:40
271.   capdodger
Seo the run donor to the rescue!!!
2006-06-23 21:38:58
272.   Uncle Miltie
Seo Seo does it again. The right handed Terry Mulholland, the Human Souvenir machine, etc. He's terrible.
2006-06-23 21:38:58
273.   Gen3Blue
Well at least that killed the rally.
2006-06-23 21:39:03
274.   LAT
Sexton out at the plate to end the 8th. Collision was not pretty.

A's walk Bonds, he steal s second and comes around to score the go ahead run on a single by Feliz

2006-06-23 21:39:11
275.   Greg Brock
261 Sorry, the Dodger Gods are busy getting ready to help the DT guys drive home.
2006-06-23 21:39:50
276.   dzzrtRatt
Maybe Seo wants Neddy to trade for Wilson. I thought I saw Wilson slip Seo a sawbuck while he was rounding the bases.
2006-06-23 21:39:59
277.   Sam DC
Pedro Feliz singles in Barry to put SF up 3-2. Has Vin swooned?
2006-06-23 21:40:04
278.   Gen3Blue
I thought WTF meant World Trade Federation!
2006-06-23 21:40:06
279.   adg
267 I thought he went both ways? A two-way player?
2006-06-23 21:40:16
280.   alex 7
Kemp! consistent D :)
2006-06-23 21:40:24
281.   StolenMonkey86
Izzy's back on the Web Gems list already - all third base edition - hitting #5. Beltre hit #3 with one of those slow roller plays.
2006-06-23 21:40:30
282.   dzzrtRatt
Kemp -- Willie Mays you're not.
2006-06-23 21:40:40
283.   Gen3Blue
I like this Kemp.
2006-06-23 21:40:41
284.   Sam DC
Bonds got into SP by walking then stealing his first base of the year.
2006-06-23 21:41:01
285.   JoeyP
258. To put in perspective, I dont think Kemp has much in common with Francouer.

Kemp had 7bbs in 69ABs coming into tonite.
You just showed Francoeur with 6BBs in 300ABs.

Kemp's BB/K's isnt as good as Aybar or Martin, but he also has a bunch more power than those two.

For all the talk about Ethier being so disciplined, his BB/K was 0.40. Kemp's is 0.35 Not a big difference.

I guess my point is that Kemp's doing fine. Power hitters do strike out and do walk. Thats just the way it is. He's not scrappy. But thats a good thing.

2006-06-23 21:41:39
286.   capdodger
274 - I wish I'd seen Bonds steal a base... That must have been funny-looking.
2006-06-23 21:41:40
287.   Greg Brock
279 Well, I'm not thinking about that. Always look on the "Hot Broad" side of life.
2006-06-23 21:41:56
288.   Sam DC
I admit, 284 was a little late.
2006-06-23 21:42:07
289.   Uncle Miltie
278- it means Why Trash Feliz. Vin created it.
2006-06-23 21:42:57
290.   alex 7
was that two DTers with the two blondes between them? oh come on, no need to laugh at that suggestion.
2006-06-23 21:43:55
291.   Greg Brock
I hear Joe Capps's uncle Andy is quite the drunk.
2006-06-23 21:44:04
292.   adg
289 Wartburg Track and Field.
2006-06-23 21:44:52
293.   Sam DC
I'd vote for "nailed" to fall a few inches on the "just too much" side of the line, as well, though I realize it's Friday night.

I'll shut up now.

2006-06-23 21:44:56
294.   StolenMonkey86
My point was don't worry about Kemp. The worst thing that could happen is that he gets to fat to dunk - no wait, that was SHAWN Kemp and he already did that.
2006-06-23 21:45:04
295.   adg
Where's The Finger?
2006-06-23 21:45:29
296.   scooplew
Regarding the steal by Bonds, he actually left first too soon. The pitcher could have nailed him by simply stepping off the rubber. Instead, he threw to first and Dan Johnson had trouble getting the ball out of his glove and threw late to second. But an SB is an SB.
2006-06-23 21:46:17
297.   Greg Brock
293 Understood and complied with (unhappily).
2006-06-23 21:46:26
298.   adg
My gameday refuses to come back after the seventh inning stretch... It's been like 10 minutes already.
2006-06-23 21:46:38
299.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
289 - World Taekwondo Federation.
2006-06-23 21:46:53
300.   Gen3Blue
Tomato! one of the Vets must feel peaked.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-06-23 21:46:54
301.   adg
Maybe it's in a line for a dodger dog.
2006-06-23 21:47:22
302.   LAT
Putting Jim Tracy's boyfriend in is just plain mean
2006-06-23 21:48:00
303.   D4P
Jason Bay's night is over.
2006-06-23 21:48:32
304.   StolenMonkey86
What's with Pittsburgh and left fielders? I say this as Jim Tracy pulls Jason Bay.
2006-06-23 21:48:51
305.   alex 7
"nobody covering second..." says Vin on the groundball to 3rd base. At least Tracy teams don't quit.
2006-06-23 21:49:10
306.   lakerican
Well, Im stunned.

I thought it was Wrestling Transexual Federation...

2006-06-23 21:50:02
307.   Sam DC
2006-06-23 21:50:26
308.   JoeyP
Izzy with a .750 batting average.
2006-06-23 21:50:31
309.   LAT
We made it to 300+. Someone 16 just coughed up a paycheck. Night guys I'm off to the bar.
2006-06-23 21:50:41
310.   D4P
I'm expecting Izturis to be waived in the near future.
2006-06-23 21:50:57
311.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I'd like to thank Cesar for his hot start... which means it'll be that much easier to trade him for something worthwhile.
2006-06-23 21:51:11
312.   StolenMonkey86
It's Nomar's bedtime too.
2006-06-23 21:51:27
313.   capdodger
302 - He's not Jimbo's boyfriend. Professionals don't have boyfriends.
2006-06-23 21:52:22
314.   scooplew
The pitcher who made the gaffe on Bonds' stolen base was Gaudin, who walked him on five pitches with one out and no one on. Feliz scored Bonds with a bloop single to center. Gaudin stands to be the loser. Bonds is hitting .242.
2006-06-23 21:53:02
315.   JoeyP
I'm actually surprised Tracy didnt play Burnitz. He's killed the Dodgers.
2006-06-23 21:53:55
316.   Gen3Blue
I like this Kemp.
2006-06-23 21:56:16
317.   lakerican

...or maybe involve Furcal in a 3 way trade with Boston and Atlanta...

2006-06-23 21:58:25
318.   JoeyP
Benitez Baez'ed the A's.
2006-06-23 22:00:26
319.   StolenMonkey86
Gameday said he only gave up one run. To Baez someone, you have to give up like 5.
2006-06-23 22:01:32
320.   Greg Brock
I do believe I hear a faint "Lets Go Bison" chant.
2006-06-23 22:01:44
321.   JoeyP
Well, at least the Giants dont have Joe Nathan closing for them anymore. Or Liriano starting for them.
2006-06-23 22:02:21
322.   StolenMonkey86
The two oldest guys on the team don't get to step up to the plate, or at least the side of it.
2006-06-23 22:03:45
323.   adg
Nothing like fattening up on raw Pirate pitching to get back on track.
2006-06-23 22:04:20
324.   lakerican
319 No, To Baez'ed you have to give the go ahead one which he just gave...
2006-06-23 22:05:01
325.   lakerican
The Gods are hearing me!
2006-06-23 22:05:32
326.   Greg Brock
Well guys, I do believe that I'm off. The last thing in the world I want to read is "Oooh, remember that time Jon said that funny thing in the third inning?" or "Ooh Ooh, do you remember when Bob got that Dodger Dog, and he thought he put onions on it, but he didn't put onions on it?

I'm petty like that.

2006-06-23 22:05:54
327.   DodgerBakers
If Seo finishes up, will he get the save since he pitched 3 innings?
2006-06-23 22:06:08
328.   StolenMonkey86
Oh, ok. It's not tied anymore. Now if Julio Mateo could hold off the Padres . . .
2006-06-23 22:08:27
329.   DodgerBakers
bummer about the Padres
2006-06-23 22:12:01
330.   trainwreck
Fitting ending.
2006-06-23 22:12:06
331.   Gen3Blue
Seo is pitching himself somewhere.
2006-06-23 22:12:53
332.   trainwreck
Nice catch over guardrail by Kendall to end game.
2006-06-23 22:13:46
333.   StolenMonkey86
That's quite a bit o rest for the bullpen, and yes, Jae Seo gets the save.
2006-06-23 22:14:12
334.   lakerican
Not Bad. A sparking 9.00 ERA for the game o and he got the SAVE!
2006-06-23 22:15:09
335.   DodgerBakers
333 and 334
Way to protect that 10 run lead Seo
2006-06-23 22:17:21
336.   JoeyP
I was thinking that its too the scorer's discretion whether to award a 3 or 4 inning save.

But I guess Seo impressed the scorer enough.

2006-06-23 22:18:53
337.   lakerican
Sorry, I mean sparkling but this Mango Cruzan Rum with Guava Pineaple juice is really working...
2006-06-23 22:20:17
338.   lakerican

It was the Dodgers Gods influence...

2006-06-23 22:38:54
339.   dzzrtRatt
302 Jason Phillips sighting?
2006-06-23 22:43:49
340.   dzzrtRatt
Tracy on Prime Ticket:

He is still not over winning the division in 2004. It's "the greatest thrill of his life."

Sad. Eight managers experience that "thrill" every season, Jim. Some of them have done it more times than they have toes.

Gubicza and the other guy on Prime Ticket are serious Tracy groupies. "He always remembered my name!" Ugh.

2006-06-23 23:00:05
341.   Steve
I'll have Tracyball 'til I float!
2006-06-23 23:20:35
342.   thinkingblue
Jae Seo is the definition of a walking time bomb. Sure, he can look good with three or four hitters, but then he'll suddenly give up a couple home runs, and before you know it, he will have allowed 7 runs in 5 innings.
2006-06-23 23:38:34
343.   Blu2
No save with a six run lead...

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