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A Grand Night Out
2006-06-23 23:06
by Jon Weisman

For our first offline get-together, could we have asked for much more than an easy victory, an opposing pitcher that was ineffective long past the point of reason, a visit to our cheap seats from Dodger public relations director Josh Rawitch, continued excellence from Cesar Izturis at third base to humble the host, and an all-around good time had by friends of Dodger Thoughts and friends of friends of Dodger Thoughts?

Update: Photo Album 1 (ToyCannon)

Photo Album 2 (Scareduck)

Comments (105)
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2006-06-23 23:16:44
1.   apsio
I would've loved to have gone, but the date wasn't doable. Can we do another one this summer?
2006-06-23 23:20:22
2.   Greg Brock
I'm glad you guys had a great time. I'm sure it was a blast. I second the "another one" motion for the "unable to attend" set.


2006-06-23 23:22:08
3.   al bundy
I hope y'all enjoyed it. Going to Dodgers games is the thing I miss most about not being in LA. With Zuma in 2nd place.
2006-06-23 23:22:08
4.   Steve
an opposing pitcher that was ineffective long past the point of reason

It's fun to watch Tracy in Wonderland, rather than be a character in it.

I thought I heard the Bison chants. It appears that virtually all pitches thrown to Matt Kemp are strikes regardless of where they are in relation to the plate.

I agree with the right and honorable gentleman in 1. I propose a brisk September eve as we fight for the pennant. Somewhere in mid-September...a nice round number. The 20th perhaps?

2006-06-23 23:27:39
5.   Jon Weisman
We'll do it again, and we'll try to give more notice. Thanks again to Molokai for handling the ticket arrangements.

Rob McMillin will have the pics.

2006-06-23 23:40:59
6.   StolenMonkey86
Heh, September 20 is a Wednesday game, and it's against the Pirates again!
2006-06-23 23:42:10
7.   entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem
Was there a "Fire Jim Tracy" chant?
2006-06-23 23:42:56
8.   StolenMonkey86
September 23 is Team Calendar day, and they're playing Arizona.
2006-06-23 23:47:52
9.   das411
Hey Nate:

6 - Somehow I figured that out even with no Dodgers sched nearby...

2006-06-23 23:48:09
10.   Uncle Miltie
I wish I could have gone, but I didn't get home until after 8. You guys might have seen the most exciting play of the year, a bases loaded walk from the VGoW
2006-06-23 23:48:46
11.   Greg Brock
Please tell me Bob was wearing his Team Tablecloth jersey and a lamp shade.
2006-06-23 23:52:18
12.   Andrew Shimmin
You got a link from Inside the Dodgers. He used the word hopefully improperly. Yes the grapes were sour, why do you ask?
2006-06-24 00:12:15
13.   Linkmeister
Man, that Times story about Mueller is beyond discouraging. Cartilage replacement surgery or an operation which deliberately breaks the knee in hope the cartilage will grow back.

Bye bye, baseball, I'd imagine.

2006-06-24 00:25:41
14.   LAT
13. If the career is over just go for the full knee replacement.
2006-06-24 00:27:47
15.   Uncle Miltie

Tracy really does love scrappy dog, so this makes my trade look a lot more realistic.

"It's just an opportunity for me to reflect on five fabulous years here," Tracy said. "The relationships I built here and the memories I have here, they're all going to be here and they're never, ever going to go away."
Unfortunately I feel the same way

2006-06-24 00:30:04
16.   LAT
The NL West has regressed to the mean. (translation: gone to hell). Only two teams barely above .500
2006-06-24 00:31:15
17.   Suffering Bruin
A very fun time to be had by all and many thanks to Molokai for the tix and the organization.

Some highlights:

1) Meeting our fearless leader in the flesh and watching him flattered and not a little confused on how to inscribe a book. Get used to it, Jon.

2) No matter who's in the lineup, the Dodgers can hit the baseball. Cesar Izturis right now is almost impossible to get out.

3) I don't mean to sound repetitive but I did say Jim Tracy would cost the Pirates five games. I think I was conservative.

4) I can't get over how nice all the DodgerThoughts fans are. Just a great group of people to watch a game with.

5) Watching my 9-year old son cheering his heart out. For the first time--and I hope you don't mind if I get personal here, folks--he was totally into the game. The kid has--or perhaps had--a learning challenge that affected his attention. But there he was last night, telling me the count, asking me about the scoreboard, reminding me that a foul ball is a strike but you can't strike out on a foul ball and how it occured to him that you can't see Shawn Green because he plays for Arizona. In other words, he couldn't stop talking about baseball.

I was pretty quiet the last few innings (which is saying something!) to try keep from crying. My best friend leaned in and told me, "Play catch with him tomorrow."

Hey, I get excited at games, too. But nothing beats kids cheering their hearts out.

A great night. As the other posters said, let's do it again.

2006-06-24 00:40:20
18.   Greg Brock
17 subparagraph 5:

Awesome. Just awesome. There are misty eyes at the Brock residence as well.

2006-06-24 00:52:43
19.   deburns
I second those emotions! A fun game, a great group of folks (I was going to say guys) and an experience I hope to be able to repeat. Of course, being in the presence of Bob and Bob as well as Jon was a privilege not to be missed. Vishal was a treat as usual, and Toy Cannon was his usual efficient and jovial self. I don't mean to not mention all the others, but I didn't take roll (I leave that to the teacher).
When I head to France later this summer I will definitely keep in touch with DT and you all.
2006-06-24 02:22:48
20.   ToyCannon
I've always pictured Bob Timmerman as a tall but bent Mr. Wilson(Dennis the Menace) kind of guy because of his bizarre dislike toward Frank Robinson but it turns out he's a youngish happy looking guy. Course he was outed by Suffering Bruin when he was unable to answer even the simplist question like if you add up all of the Brooklyn Dodger retired numbers and subtract the Yankee retired numbers what is the HOF player who used that number without the help of his crack research staff at the library.

Overkill brought a couple of girls who could have been part of yesterday's conversation thus leaving those who couldn't attend even unhappier. In addition, they very graciously decided to come and go around 20 times.

The biggest news of the night is that since the Dodgers scored 10 runs we all get 20 free chicken wings at any HOOTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My wife of course put the kibosh on any plan of mine on collecting those chicken wings unless it is takeout.

Bluebleeder and his girlfriend were alot of fun and Bluebleeder himself gave us some added excitement at the end. I'm sure he's okay and he looked in very good hands as he left shaken but not broken.

Jon does have a "shifty" look to him and I was relieved that I was able to bank 300$ from the DT people and that it was still in my pocket as I headed out of the stadium. He probably doesn't realize that if he changed his paypal email account he'd be able to live off of the DT donations by now.

Kudos to Suffering Bruin for trying to get the HSC chant going.

Izzy rocks at 3b. I liked the thirdstop that you guys came up with tonight.

Special thanks to Suffering Bruin for taking the last 8 tickets off my hands and to CoachPark for giving me back the last ticket so I could actually attend the game.

2006-06-24 03:51:10
21.   the OZ
For tonight's attendees that speculated about why Tomko was pulled so soon, Henson's LA Times writeup says he suffered a strained oblique.

Also, thanks to everyone that attended tonight; I had a great time with some great fans.

2006-06-24 04:33:19
22.   Dodger Dan
Glad you had a good time at a good game.

By the way, I don't know if anyone has taken note, but the Dodger infield the last two days may be unique in the last seventy years: three All Star shortstops on the field simultaneously. All Star shortstops normally stay put, but to have three may be unprecedented.

2006-06-24 05:03:59
23.   Sam DC
17(2) -- The term, I believe, is unoutable.

Nice reminscensces all around; considered my heartstrings tugged SB.

2006-06-24 07:42:40
24.   Daniel Zappala
Sounds like everyone had a great time. Looks like I won't be visiting LA until October ... the Dodgers will still be playing then, won't they?
2006-06-24 07:56:03
25.   Steve
Jim Tracy is still bitter and is taking it out on our rookies:

"But there is a completely different feeling in the clubhouse. A big reason is that the young players replacing injured veterans are top prospects making a profound impact.

Tracy knew most of them when he was here. They were coming through the farm system and weren't ready for prime time.

"I saw players like Russell Martin, Matt Kemp, Jonathan Broxton and Chad Billingsley, and we knew what we had," Tracy said. "I see a lot of similarities with [the Pirates]."

Uncalled for.

2006-06-24 08:21:05
26.   dzzrtRatt
Jim Tracy is like a guy who served on a supply boat far behind enemy lines who tells his grandchildren that one of the men in the Iwo Jima statue is him.

I will definitely join the DT crowd if this is arranged again.

2006-06-24 08:39:36
27.   Suffering Bruin
Course he was outed by Suffering Bruin when he was unable to answer even the simplist question like if you add up all of the Brooklyn Dodger retired numbers and subtract the Yankee retired numbers what is the HOF player who used that number without the help of his crack research staff at the library.

It was for me a "Say it ain't so, Joe" moment. I'm still recovering so let's not talk about it... (sigh).

Seriously, what a pleasure to meet all of you last night.

25 is exactly right, by the way.

26 comes up with the right analogy. I don't know if the Pirates are my least favorite team but I do know it's very hard to wish them well with Tracy at the helm.

2006-06-24 08:40:53
28.   DodgerBlueBruce
I Hereby Propose The Cincinnati Chapter of Dodger Thoughts make A Grand Night Out; Tuesday August 1st. Or any other night of the series I'll be there every game anyway.
It really gets old being a Blue hat in a sea of Red.
2006-06-24 08:43:22
29.   Bob Timmermann
I'm youngish and happy looking?
2006-06-24 09:03:43
30.   surfingdead
I too had a great time. I would like to thank Suffering Bruin for driving and Jim Tracy for his excellent managerial long as he's in Pittsburg.
2006-06-24 09:28:52
31.   Marty
Sounds like the gang (didn't the Times call us Lively Boys last year?) had a great time. I wish I could have made it and will definitely try to be a part of the next one.
2006-06-24 09:37:18
32.   Suffering Bruin
30 Welcome, rookie!
2006-06-24 09:37:58
33.   ToyCannon
Minor League Update:
Vegas (AAA)- Pounded Tuscon again as the Dodgers babies slapped the Diamondback pitching around. Aybar goes deep in his first AB back in AAA and JtD not to be outdone also goes yard for the 1st time in what seems like forever. Loney continues to rake, banking out 3 hits raising the average to 373. Navarro starting to warmup with his 2nd straight 2 hit game. Our pitching was awfull and the real bad news is that Greg Miller was pounded, probably his worse outing since he came back last summer.

They win again 5-3 with Alexander picking up his 18th save and lowering his ERA to 0.82. Nothing else of note.

VB(High A)
Win 6-5 with Jose Diaz pitching 2 innings inning in his 1st work since being demoted from the Suns. He did a nice job with 2 k's and no runs. DeWitt had 2 hits and Xavier Paul had 2 as he continues his efforts to crack the Dodgers prospect list again after being MIA for a while. He's putting together a solid season at VB. My man Santana had a hit and 2 walks keeping his OBP at a respectable 351 for the youngest position player on the team.

Columbus(Low A)
Win 7-2, with Pedroza hitting his 16th HR. Denker actually got 2 hits to raise his average to 192. No one has dropped more in their prospect status then Denker who struggled mightily at VB and continues to struggle in Columbus after his demotion. Meloan K'd 5 in 2 innings of relief work and has now K'd 26 in 13 innings giving up only one run.

2006-06-24 09:39:30
34.   Suffering Bruin
Not to double up but let's not forget (as if we could) the mighty tandem of 6-4-2. I say tandem because Mr. and Ms. were in attendance, in fine form, knowledgeable and carrying a camera that I swear could detail the stitches on the ball.
2006-06-24 09:39:38
35.   Bob Timmermann
So which lettered list are the celebrities on for tonight's Hollywood Stars Night:

"At 5:15 p.m., the 48th annual Hollywood Stars Game will be played. Among the celebrities scheduled to participate are Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Jimmy Kimmel, James Van Der Beek, Mia Hamm, Lou Gossett Jr., Carlos Mencia, Michael Clarke Duncan and Corbin Bernsen."

2006-06-24 09:48:29
36.   underdog
I wish I could have been there. Sounds like a good time - with the best result anyone could have asked for. You guys should have a gathering every night!

Meanwhile, the best I could do was go to the A's-Giants game up here in SF, with a bunch of people from my workplace. It was fun, and several coworkers got drunk, and the seats were terrible (nosebleed), so I worried about people stumbling down the steep stairs and off the railing and landing on Barry Bonds. But the best part was the result: A's won in the 9th against Blownitez.

Anyway, hope Sele can pick it up this weekend .

2006-06-24 09:51:40
37.   Suffering Bruin
I worried about people stumbling down the steep stairs and off the railing and landing on Barry Bonds.

And this would be a bad thing because...

2006-06-24 10:11:44
38.   Gen3Blue
Have to come clean. Being an Iz fan, looking back, I've been too quick to praise Iz and to quick to critisize Furc. The fact is when healthy they are two good players. And there lies the problem. I'd like to keep both, and as impract. as this is, I hope we hold Iz a while.

I got to like Iz during his best run in 2004. I think the confusion came from him playing w/injury ruining both his D and offense.

2006-06-24 10:19:15
39.   underdog
37 It would be a great thing, I was being a little facetious (on several levels) (hee) I actually took a photo from way up high of Bonds in the outfield and the fact that my telephoto isn't that good and we were far away actually made it a good, symbolic picture. A small bonds in one corner surrounded by green, utterly alone. I should put it up on my blog...
2006-06-24 10:40:56
40.   D4P
At what point in time did ESPN become the paintball network?
2006-06-24 10:42:08
41.   Greg Brock
Eric Gagne...Foremost comedian of our time:

2006-06-24 10:48:24
42.   D4P
Tracy has been criticized in some corners -- including the Pirates' clubhouse -- for calling attention to players' mistakes while never assuming blame for any aspect of the team's dismal record.


2006-06-24 10:57:07
43.   Greg Brock
Some world class soccer hooliganism going on right now. Tune in to your favorite screaming head cable news channel for further details.
2006-06-24 10:57:47
44.   Greg Brock
Nevermind. They stopped covering it. But it was pretty cool.
2006-06-24 10:58:34
45.   Linkmeister
Underdog has a blog?

Who else does? C'mon, people, my blogroll needs refreshing! I know Rob does, and Bob's taking to it like a duck to water (or a Brazilian to soccer), but I wasn't aware of others.

2006-06-24 11:06:52
46.   underdog
But of course!

Boy, that Germany-Sweden game wasn't even as Klose as the score reflected.

2006-06-24 11:21:01
47.   D4P
Yay! A new blog to add to my bookmarks...
2006-06-24 11:26:58
48.   Greg Brock
46 Nice contribution on the time travel piece over at GreenCine.

P.S. I've never wanted to love a movie more than I wanted to love Primer. After four viewings, I like it a lot, but that's the extent of it.

2006-06-24 11:33:00
49.   Linkmeister
Ok, that's one. (Mine's here, btw: )


2006-06-24 11:33:06
50.   dzzrtRatt
39 I took a picture just like that at Dodger Stadium back when the Giants came through LA in April:

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-06-24 11:47:30
51.   Vishal
i had an lot of fun last night. it was great to see don and clay and rob and helen and roy again, and to meet several people i hadn't seen yet. it was a special treat to finally meet jon and bob t. and i had a nice time chattin' with mike, whom i ended up sitting next to. good times. thanks again to phil for taking the initiative and pulling the trigger on the tickets!!
2006-06-24 11:52:50
52.   dzzrtRatt
46 49 I just blogrolled both you guys. I'm here:
2006-06-24 12:02:11
53.   thinkblue0
okay...where are the pics?
2006-06-24 12:06:27
54.   underdog
Thanks for the love guys! I'll have to link you up in kind, too.

50 Nice shot. I don't think mine came out as well, though it's similar.

I continue to be irritated by Giants fans who become irritated anytime a pitcher dares through Barry a ball (even if they're not actually trying to throw him a ball!) All those intentional walks have now resulted in pent-up frustration and righteousness. How dare those pitchers not serve him up an underhanded softtossed ball that he can crush?

2006-06-24 12:07:08
55.   underdog
Throw, not through. Makes me want to through up it does.
2006-06-24 12:23:27
56.   Blu2
Loney is burning it up at Vegas. He may force us to call him up again. If and when we trade Izzy (I'd rather trade Furball), is it possible to move Nomar to third? That's where I wanted to sign him to play anyway; Now that we've blown $9-1/2 mill on Mueller only to have him go career terminal, Nomar at third and Loney at first sounds real good.
2006-06-24 12:34:02
57.   Linkmeister
Lessee, add two blogs to the roll, remove about six I no longer look at; Hey! I've only got 125 on the list now!
2006-06-24 12:36:58
58.   ToyCannon
Nomar is set at 1st for this year. Wouldn't be surprised if they move Loney to the OF if we extend Nomar to get him in the lineup. Saw him play RF in the AFL and he handled himself okay. Has a good arm, not so good on the wheels so a corner OF is his upside.
2006-06-24 12:40:08
59.   Linkmeister
58 "in the AFL"

Arena Football League? American Football League?

(Ok, I figured it out: Arizona Fall League, right?)

2006-06-24 12:41:33
60.   JoeyP
Rob may have the pictures at his site. He hasnt updated the Dodgers game coverage from last nite, so maybe thats what he's doing.
2006-06-24 12:42:38
61.   JoeyP
Last nite was bobblehead nite right? Which bobbleheads did you get?
2006-06-24 12:47:38
62.   Blu2
58 I'd rather give someone who can hit 30 homers the $10 mill it will take to sign Nomar. I'm just saying move him to third for the rest of the year; next year Aybar, Laroche, or free agent at third. I really would like more than 10 home runs for $10 million...
2006-06-24 13:04:22
63.   Blu2
I'm starting to feel that Nomar has gone beyond comfortable at first, he's actually grown to like it. And I think he greatly enjoys playing in LA, his home town. So maybe he will take a discount to sign an extended contract here, say three years @425 mill plus incentives or four years $35 mill. Bad part is that blocks Loney. Really no place for him in the outfield either.
2006-06-24 13:06:00
64.   natepurcell

most I go is 2 yr deal that automatically becomes 3 yrs if he reaches certain number of PAs.

total amount could be something like 30-35.

2006-06-24 13:06:41
65.   Blu2
[63} We really do need an edit function here for idiots like me. That is supposed to be three years @ $25 million....
2006-06-24 13:14:11
66.   StolenMonkey86
62 - Doubles and RBI my friend. Nomar has a team-leading 20 doubles on the year (17th in MLB), and he has 44 RBI (2nd on the Dodgers, #50 in MLB).

Next year at spring training will be the a nice competition for the outfield. You will see a contest between Jason Repko, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Joel Guzman, Willy Aybar, and other prospects for the starting left, starting center, and #4 outfield jobs, with a veteran (non-roster invite?) to be the 5th outfielder and pinch-hitter. It might not be a bad idea to extend Nomar and trade a prospect for pitching (Navarro anyone?). Besides, Cesar might need to play a full season at third to get a gold glove there.

Lineup for next year (inter/changeable) if I'm calling the shots:

left fielder

2006-06-24 13:14:15
67.   ToyCannon
Here are a few pictures from last night. Nothing earthshattering
2006-06-24 13:20:19
68.   JJoeScott
66 - Hmmm ... that assumes that Drew doesn't "opt out" after this season. He doesn't look like he's having fun here in L.A. to me, but who knows ...
2006-06-24 13:22:07
69.   JoeyP
Thanks for the pics.
2006-06-24 13:23:05
70.   overkill94
It was nice finally meeting a lot of you, we definitely need to do it again this year. Nice also to see a game where Tomko actually pitched very well. Let's see if Sele can get back to his rejuvenated ways tonight.
2006-06-24 13:28:35
71.   natepurcell
so what are the screenames for Mike and Juan?
2006-06-24 13:29:21
72.   tjshere

Excellent pix, Cannon. Thanks for sharing them, but you didn't include any of yourself.

2006-06-24 13:34:12
73.   Bob Timmermann
Toy Cannon looks like a cross between a young Randolph Scott and an old Harry Dean Stanton.
2006-06-24 13:35:22
74.   overkill94
By the way, you're welcome for the eye candy ToyCannon ;)
2006-06-24 14:22:39
75.   Blu2
68 Drew's option to opt out exists only on paper at this time. He will have to show a whole lot more than he has so far to get someone to offer him more than $11 mill. This is the middle of his second year here and he still hasn't earned $11 mill in my book. But Kent isn't earning his bread yet this year etc., Guess that could be said about a lot of players around the league. But Furball is well worth the $3 million we're paying him...What's that? We're paying him $13 million? NO! There's not a GM in baseball that would be that stupid!
2006-06-24 14:43:37
76.   regfairfield
75 Kent has an .835 OPS while Drew has an .840 OPS with strong defense. While Drew's numbers are down from what they should be, he does seem to be pulling himself out of a major slump, so he should improve. While Drew hasn't been performing optimally, he certainly hasn't been a bust.
2006-06-24 15:11:55
77.   Blu2
Those are rates and are meaningless. Not being argumentative but just compute how many runs, homers, and RBIs he will have in October. Would you pay someone $11 million to hit them next year. Look at Izzy's batting average; would be league leader, would amass 500 hits over a full season. But he won't, so is his stats worth $11 million? I think not.
2006-06-24 15:20:06
78.   Andrew Shimmin
That's a weird argument. Are all rate stats meaningless, or just Drew's and Izzy's?
2006-06-24 15:23:22
79.   Andrew Shimmin
Re-reading, you're not dismissing rate stats, since your entreaty that reg compute, "how many runs, homers, and RBIs," Drew will have in October, is just an extrapolation from a rate stat. So it's just the particular rate stat OPS that you distrust? RBI rate is better?
2006-06-24 15:34:20
80.   scareduck
For those so inclined:

2006-06-24 15:44:22
81.   Linkmeister
I love the caption for the scoreboard shot.
2006-06-24 15:45:58
82.   Bob Timmermann
With a camera lens that long, Rob should go into a more lucrative line of work.

Like trying to get more photos of Baby Shiloh!

2006-06-24 15:50:35
83.   scareduck
82 - I think that falls under the paparrazzi (sp?)/anti-stalking laws.
2006-06-24 15:54:06
84.   D4P
Is it wrong to want "Baby Shiloh" to turn out ugly?
2006-06-24 15:57:38
85.   scareduck
83 - is silicone inheritable?
2006-06-24 16:07:09
86.   ToyCannon
Bottom Up:
BoB T, ToyCannon, CoachPark
Jon, SufferingBruin, SurfingDead,Helen
DBurns, Mike(OZ), Vishal, Juan, Friend
Mr. Kim, Nick(Underdog), IC1, IC2, NickFriend

Bluebleeder had left by then.

The rest were an assorment of Clayton's family and friends and I'll let him call those out.

2006-06-24 16:13:39
87.   Daniel Zappala
Bluebleeder had left by then.

He's not worthy!

Unless he had a really good excuse like a wife giving birth, a five alarm fire to fight, or Colletti needing his help deciding which trade to make.

2006-06-24 16:16:26
88.   natepurcell
Did you guys get a pitcher of Josh Rawitch?
2006-06-24 16:17:09
89.   Daniel Zappala
Or maybe Bob bribed him into cleaning his litter box.
2006-06-24 16:22:18
90.   Andrew Shimmin
85- Yes, but your probate lawyer might dump you if you try to hard to inherit it. It's a little bit creepy.

Is bluebleeder alright? There was some mention of his having an exciting sort of trouble--is it classified?

2006-06-24 16:26:57
91.   Suffering Bruin
86 Well then...

Just above Mr. Kim is Ms. Suffering Bruin. The common reaction of DT readers who met my wife was, "And she said yes? To you??" You're a great bunch of guys! :)

Hiding in his orange sweatjacket is my son who is sitting in the same row as his best friend and his best friend's family.

2006-06-24 16:28:11
92.   Suffering Bruin
90 I'm sure he's fine.
2006-06-24 16:31:44
93.   Suffering Bruin
88 We did not and I take the blame. The wife and I bought a digital camera and we keep forgetting it. I reached into my pocket to grab it and realized it was safe and sound on my kitchen counter. I was so ticked I forgot to ask others to take a pitcher.

Josh looks young, in-shape, energetic, industrious and happy to be doing what he is doing. It was a pleasure meeting him.

2006-06-24 16:35:39
94.   D4P
Don't know if this has been pointed out, but in honor of Jim Tracy's return to Dodger Stadium, Grittle has evidently agreed to put Izturis in the leadoff spot in tonight's lineup.

DJ is not in the starting lineup.

2006-06-24 16:39:07
95.   Suffering Bruin
Going for the homerun here, let me say one thing more about last night.

It is indicative of the tone of this blog--and blogs like it (check the sidebar)--that I could go to the ballpark and have absolutely no concern about the people around me. That's not always true on a visit to Dodger Stadium or, to be fair, any stadium. There are times when, because of traffic or some less than polite neighbors just a few seats away where I would think that watching the game on television would be preferable to going to the park.

Last night was not one of those times. I wouldn't have missed last night no matter how tired I was and I was exhausted after finally finishing my first year of teaching. But I came home energized--that's how much fun it was. A more diverse group of people would be difficult to imagine and yet there we were, drawn by the common hope that the Dodgers would win (they did) and Jim Tracy would do something to help them win (he did).

Let me know when the next one is, guys. I'm ready for more.

2006-06-24 16:39:30
96.   natepurcell
lineup after izzy is pretty good though. even izzy is pretty good at the moment.
2006-06-24 16:44:36
97.   D4P
PS: I should have mentioned that Izturis is starting at SS in place of Gaffy/Fur-kel/Furball.
2006-06-24 16:46:21
98.   Daniel Zappala
Giants win in the bottom of the ninth on a walk-off three-run homer hit off Huston Street. No, it wasn't Barry Bonds, though he walked in the previous at bat. It was Ray Durham.
2006-06-24 16:48:48
99.   Daniel Zappala
Just saw this on the InsidetheDodgers blog -- 11 more games and Izturis will be third on the list of most games played by a Dodgers shortstop. Maury Wills -- Bill Russell -- Jose Offerman -- Caesar Izturis. Interesting list.
2006-06-24 16:57:15
100.   thinkblue0
izzy starting at short tonight? Guess it's time for a day off.

I don't see the point in having Drew hit fifth...with his ability to get on base, he should be hitting higher. Honestly, I'd hit him behind Furcal and ahead of Nomar....Furcal/Drew/Nomar/Kent etc.

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2006-06-24 16:58:19
101.   D4P
I agree regarding Drew. 2nd makes more sense than 5th. But it doesn't matter tonight, as he's not in the lineup.
2006-06-24 17:05:31
102.   Jon Weisman
Game thread is open.
2006-06-24 17:05:40
103.   Blu2
[78,79] Not sure how to answer that. I'll try it this way: If a player hits a home run every 20 abs or an RBI per game, I would say he had a good year and earned $10 million or whatever, IF he got into 100 games (100 RBIs) or 600 at bats (30 homers). Drew has good rates but for one reason or another will be lucky to end up with 20 homers and 85 RBIs because he will miss so many games. That's not worth $11 mill in my book. A player should be paid for what he does, not what he could do if he played twice as much. Look at Kemp in his first three weeks; if you projected that over a full season of about 600 at bats, he'd well be worth $25 million a year...
2006-06-24 17:09:30
104.   ToyCannon
Durham was trying to bunt, Ozzie and Bonds to 2nd and 3rd. He was unsuccessfull so he decided to hit a 3 run walk off to atone for his sins.

I can remember many moons ago Art Shamsky of the Mets doing the same thing to the Dodgers in a very long extra inning game that took place before many of you were born.

2006-06-24 22:58:07
105.   underdog
Nice pics, guys - it was fun to see y'all. :-) Looks like your seats were only marginally better than mine at PhoneCo Park last night.

Btw, Scareduck, as much as I wish I was with all of you at the game, that wasn't me there in the pic. I'm guessing Nick is "under(somethingelse)" so it's an understandable bit of confusion. But I'm glad to have met all of you - hope I enjoyed it! (heh)

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