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June 25 Game Chat
2006-06-25 12:00
by Jon Weisman
Comments (225)
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2006-06-25 12:19:47
1.   natepurcell
Martin should have gotten the day off. Please Grady, don't ride him into the ground.
2006-06-25 12:23:37
2.   D4P
As the Dodgers stand on the precipice of sweeping Jim Tracy's pirates, I'm thinking about JT's proposensity for dodging blame and placing responsibility for the team's failures directly on his players. I'm sure we've all heard him say things like "I can't hit or throw or field the ball. The players have to do that."

That's all well and good, but it begs the question: if the players are the ones who determine the outcome of the game by how well they hit and throw and field, then just what is the point of having a manager in the first place? If JT is truly claiming that he has no influence on the team's success, then how does he justify his salary?

2006-06-25 12:24:55
3.   natepurcell

He isn't the problem when they lose but when they win, it's because of him.


2006-06-25 12:34:53
4.   overkill94
I posted this in the last thread right before this one opened up:

A bit random, but does anyone remember when Fernando used to play first base for a hitter and then resume pitching? I'm assuming there were some match-up problems that necessitated a righty even though Fernando still had some gas left. Anyone know when the last time someone did this was? Bob?

2006-06-25 12:37:22
5.   Jon Weisman
I thought Fernando only played in the field when the Dodgers ran out of players.
2006-06-25 12:40:58
6.   overkill94
5 My memory could be letting me down once again, but I have a pretty vivid memory from sometime in the late 80's of Fernando catching a pop-up at 1B and then going right back to pitching. Is there any way to look that up?
2006-06-25 12:42:15
7.   Bob Timmermann
Just look him up in and you will see that Fernando just had one game at 1B in his career.

He also played a game in the outfield.

2006-06-25 12:47:33
8.   ToyCannon
I answered your question in the other thread. As Bob said he only played 1st one time in 1989.
2006-06-25 12:50:41
9.   overkill94
Hmmm, is there any way to find out which game that was so that I can find out whether my memory is right or not?
2006-06-25 12:51:00
10.   natepurcell
Ever since Dewitt took 2 days off to rework his swing and clear his mind, he has come back with authority.

29AB 345/500/862 5hr 7bb 3k

Hopefully he can continue it. And I hope that Vero Beach coach is fired.

2006-06-25 12:52:33
11.   ToyCannon
If Alomar can't even catch on Sundays what is he doing as our backup catcher? Navarro better get going in AAA so he can come up here and give our franchise player a break before Little kills him.

Even this weenie lineup should be enough to handle Kip Wells and Pirate bullpen with Penny going.

Good thing we had the Pirates this weekend so we could win some games. For some reason I think were going to run into a buzz saw in Minnesota and get swept. They are hot and were going to face the best pitcher in baseball and the best young LH in baseball not named Santana. If you haven't seen Liriano pitch your in for a treat.

2006-06-25 12:55:16
12.   Bob Timmermann
June 3, 1989
2006-06-25 12:55:45
13.   Bob Timmermann
Alomar did come in for the last few innings on both Friday and Saturday.
2006-06-25 12:57:25
14.   ToyCannon
It was the famous 6/3/1989 game in which Hamilton pitched and lost but showed a nice fastball. Orel pitched 7 innings in relief striking out 8 and Fernando played 1st base late in the game but never pitched.
2006-06-25 12:57:42
15.   Blu2
We have the 4 shortstop lineup on the field today. That must be a first.
2006-06-25 12:58:26
16.   overkill94
So once again my childhood Dodger memory is wrong. How does stuff get crossed up in your head like that?
2006-06-25 12:59:18
17.   ToyCannon
Talk about a box score bringing back alot of memories. T-Bone going 0-10.
2006-06-25 13:01:15
18.   ToyCannon
Wait until you have 20 more years of crap to fill your brain up with and then ask yourself that again. Without retrosheet to fix my baseball memories I'd be in error all the time. Now if there was only a retrosheet for life then I'd be more comfortable getting older.
2006-06-25 13:02:09
19.   Bob Timmermann
If the Dodgers truly played with four shortstops, I certainly hope that Pittsburgh starts all right-handed batters who pull the ball.
2006-06-25 13:03:30
20.   tjshere

overkill, I have a similar memory but I don't think it was Fernando. Seems to me a relief pitcher shifted to the outfield for one batter and then came back in to pitch. Couldn't for the life of me tell you who it was. For that matter I could be totally full of it, but I don't think so.

2006-06-25 13:03:37
21.   D4P
But with no first basemen, where would the shortstops throw the ball...?
2006-06-25 13:05:22
22.   natepurcell
I didn't get to watch last night's game, how was Kemp in CF?
2006-06-25 13:06:54
23.   D4P

Kemp Rate2

LF: 114
CF: 40
RF: 51

2006-06-25 13:07:58
24.   overkill94
20 Hmmm, maybe that's where my wires got crossed.
2006-06-25 13:09:01
25.   natepurcell

I said last night.

2006-06-25 13:09:21
26.   overkill94
22 Looked fine to me, he did a nice job of tracking down a deep drive that he had to make a basket catch on.
2006-06-25 13:10:29
27.   Bob Timmermann

That gambit has been used several times.

It's believed to have first been done on the day BEFORE this Random Game Callback for 1951 by White Sox manager Paul Richards.

2006-06-25 13:12:49
28.   dzzrtRatt
The LA Press Club handed out journalism awards last night.

Winner for Sports Journalist of the Year: T.J. Simers!

"We liked the unpredictability of T.J. Simers' columns. They weren't just a columnist's rant. He offered an insider's view (though at times it could be a bit confusing to someone unfamiliar with the L.A. sports scene). Still, Simers shared wonderful details with the reader that only someone on the scene would know: such as the taped line that the media had to stand behind at the Shaq press conference. Great detail. His column describing his love-hate relationship with Jeff Kent was also a winner. Too often, it's one or the other from a columnist."

Runner-up: Bill Plaschke!

2006-06-25 13:13:56
29.   Bob Timmermann
More outfielder/pitcher shenanigans:

2006-06-25 13:16:04
30.   overkill94
Wow, 2 in the same game, and one being the ultimate athlete, Jesse Orosco.

My original question stands though, when was the last time a team did this? I can't remember any in the last 5 years, was it ever done in the 90's?

2006-06-25 13:16:37
31.   scareduck
11 - speaking of the Twinkies, the Cubs are playing some of the most inept ball I have ever seen in a major league team. With the Cubs playing Justin Morneau to right, he popped a little bloop almost exactly halfway between first baseman Phil Nevin and Todd Walker. It should have been an out but neither player called for it. Instead, a run scored and Michael Cuddyer advanced to third. It was easily the most embarrassing play I think I've ever seen recently, and I watch the Angels on a regular basis...
2006-06-25 13:16:41
32.   Bob Timmermann
Plaschke and Simers were the only two nominees.
2006-06-25 13:18:40
33.   overkill94
I recommend we just walk Jason Bay every time, especially when he's "protected" by Jeromy Burnitz.
2006-06-25 13:22:55
34.   D4P
Joe Randa is OPSing .593 so far this year

Make that .587

2006-06-25 13:24:21
35.   Uncle Miltie
I saw a little bit of the replay of last night's game. Kemp looked good at the plate in the few times I saw him.

Nice play by Lofton.

2006-06-25 13:30:44
36.   D4P
Furball is now 16-23 in stolen base attempts. I don't think of that as "good." Maybe he should stop trying to steal and work on raising that .340 SLG%.
2006-06-25 13:31:33
37.   JoeyP
When facing a pitcher with a 12+ ERA, its probably not worth attempting to steal bases.
2006-06-25 13:33:33
38.   D4P
Wells' ERA is so big is doesn't even fit completely in my Gameday window.
2006-06-25 13:34:58
39.   scareduck
28 - I have my problems with Simers and go back and forth on him. He's a gadfly who takes more than his share of cheap shots, but at the same times, there are times when he's the only guy in town willing to say the obvious-but-painful. But it says a lot about the level of the sporting pages in the local press that he got their hinky award. This city used to have Ross Newhan... Jon deserves it about a hundred times before that joker does.
2006-06-25 13:37:18
40.   D4P
Wait, what did the Portuguese player do wrong there?
2006-06-25 13:37:38
41.   D4P
Ignore 40.
2006-06-25 13:37:59
42.   scareduck
Vin Scully is a sweet, eloquent Irishman... who is full of blarney. Nate McLouth does nothing to help anybody win.
2006-06-25 13:38:18
43.   joekings
A bit off topic but does anybody know what stadium is used in the California Lottery commercial? My wife thinks it's a CGI enhanced Dodger Stadium but I don't think so.
2006-06-25 13:39:11
44.   scareduck
43 - I and Mrs. Duck agree with your wife.
2006-06-25 13:39:46
45.   JoeyP
Its nice to see Tracy continue his tradition of batting his worst hitters at the top of the order.

McClouth- 1st
Castillo- 7th

Yeah that makes sense.

Of course, Grits is doing the same thing.

2006-06-25 13:46:43
46.   natepurcell
Having 4 shortstops in your line isn't something to brag about.
2006-06-25 13:47:08
47.   scareduck
Randa's made some nice plays today.
2006-06-25 13:48:19
48.   Gen3Blue
We seem to have the kind of team that will slaughter Kip Wells or make him look like Andy Messershcmidt. No in-between.
2006-06-25 13:50:17
49.   Gen3Blue
Whats this no Kent stuff. Maybe we are trying to find in between. And Penny with 47 pitches starting the third.
2006-06-25 13:50:21
50.   LAT
I was at the game last night and everyone looked good. Everyone in a Dodger uniform, that is. Kemp had a beautiful over the head catch against the wall. I guess its the easy ones that cross him up.

Had an interesting evening. I sat in a suite for the first time. Its different but a nice way to see a game. It lends itself more to partying than actually watching the game. The DS suites are a lot nicer than Staples. When we were driving into the stadium they stopped traffic for a long motorcade of CHP and Black SUVs. (I assumed it was the Govenator.) When we got to our suite we saw a bunch of secret service two doors down. Turns out the President of the Dominican Republic was in the box. With him was Sammy Sosa. (Manny Mota came up for most of the game.) About the 6th inning I went and bought a ball. I interrupted a woman in the President's box, told her I had a 12 yr old daughter who was a big fan and would Mr Sosa mind signing. She said "let the First Lady do it, let the First Lady do it." She could not have been lovelier. Turns out she was the First Lady. In any event she got Sammy and Manny's autographs. I should have asked for the President as well but I didn't want to push it. Sammy was gracious and took a moment to come over and speak with a few people in our group who were out in the hallway. And to cap things off a José Bautista foul ball came right into our suite. LAT (hands of stone) did not come up with it. (LAT now speaks in the third person, like the First Lady.)

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-06-25 13:53:31
51.   Marty
That's a great story LAT.
2006-06-25 14:02:40
52.   Sam DC
LAT - our Zelig.
2006-06-25 14:03:15
53.   Sam DC
ESPN news Breaking News box says Bonds left the Oakland game with a "knee injury".
2006-06-25 14:04:15
54.   regfairfield
42 He may not be able to hit...and he doesn't have any tools to speak of, but he's a Gamer (yes, that is a capital G).
2006-06-25 14:04:33
55.   dzzrtRatt
32 Really? So Simers and Plaschke went mano a mano and Plaschke lost? That must have been a bitter pill for Plaschke to swallow. Indeed.
2006-06-25 14:09:55
56.   scareduck
Does anyone else here think Tomko should be allowed to pursue his artistic pursuits at the expense of his baseball career?
2006-06-25 14:11:34
57.   Mark Joseph
Shame he wasn't on the opening day roster; he could have broken Hundley's record.
2006-06-25 14:13:40
58.   JoeyP
Will Kip Wells' luck end?

1-7 GB/FB
0 swing and misses

2006-06-25 14:14:01
59.   Gen3Blue
We are making Kip look good. Well, he sure needs it. Its a foul wind that brings no-one good. Or somethinglike that.
2006-06-25 14:15:18
60.   regfairfield
58 That dribbler by Ethier should be a start.
2006-06-25 14:15:26
61.   Mark Joseph
I remember the game. What I don't understand about it is this: At the end of the game the Dodgers had Jeff Hamilton pitching, Fernando at 1B, and Eddie Murray at 3B. Why not permute them so that Fernando would pitch, Murray would be at 1B, and Hamilton at 3B, all of them at their normal positions? Had Fernando pitched the day before or something like that?
2006-06-25 14:16:30
62.   D4P
Does anyone else here think Tomko should be allowed to pursue his artistic pursuits at the expense of his baseball career?

No. Encouraged, not allowed.

2006-06-25 14:16:40
63.   JoeyP
Alright his luck is ending.
2006-06-25 14:16:45
64.   Mark Joseph
How 'bout now? He was just "Lucille balled".
2006-06-25 14:17:24
65.   D4P
Lucille II (aka Shortstop III) with a clutch hit.
2006-06-25 14:17:36
66.   natepurcell
Yess yess, lets single them to death!
2006-06-25 14:17:52
67.   Mark Joseph
And "Martinized".
2006-06-25 14:18:24
68.   Uncle Miltie
Martin- don't pull a Kemp right here
2006-06-25 14:19:13
69.   JoeyP
Kip Wells has fooled no one today.
Maybe Grits is sitting Kent/Kemp bc he knows Wells is horrible.
2006-06-25 14:20:24
70.   Uncle Miltie
I'll take that. He won't beat that out in 10 years.

Please no squeeze here!

2006-06-25 14:20:31
71.   Mark Joseph
My error (the hit was by Izturis); I made the mistake of listening to what the announcer (Charlie Steiner) said; he said "Martin."
2006-06-25 14:20:48
72.   natepurcell
Maybe Grits is sitting Kent/Kemp bc he knows Wells is horrible.

I don't think that is some secret knowledge. The whole league knows Kip Wells is horrible.

2006-06-25 14:21:29
73.   Uncle Miltie
That was a scrappy steal by Martin
2006-06-25 14:21:32
74.   regfairfield
Was that a hit and run attempt?
2006-06-25 14:23:56
75.   Uncle Miltie
Izturis, not K Loft, has lit a fire under Fookie
2006-06-25 14:26:44
76.   natepurcell

You could say that. But historically, this time of year is when Furcal usually starts getting his act together and plays well. The presence of Izturis might merely be just a coincidence.

2006-06-25 14:27:20
77.   JoeyP
His fire will probably be extinguished by Liriano and Santana...However, the Pirates will make every team look good, even the Royals.
2006-06-25 14:32:04
78.   JoeyP
The funniest thing about the Pirates and Jimbo, is their schedule after today. They play 6 games against the White Sox and Tigers.

Their streak might reach 16 games by next weekend.

2006-06-25 14:35:26
79.   Uncle Miltie
Rick Helling is still pitching?

Who was the Dodger player who completely destroyed Helling when he was covering home plate? Was it Brian Jordan?

Penny should consider retiring right now. A double to Nate McClouth and 3+ runs to the Pirates.

2006-06-25 14:38:26
80.   Gen3Blue
At least 2 Pirate runs today result of wildness. BB, Hit batter or wild pitch.
2006-06-25 14:38:56
81.   overkill94
Penny's location was a bit off that inning, too many pitches catching the middle of the plate. He got a bit lucky with those last two fly balls. Seems like he needs to mix in a few more curves.
2006-06-25 14:39:34
82.   Gen3Blue
90 pitches for Penny.
2006-06-25 14:39:42
83.   scareduck
78 - that's brutal.
2006-06-25 14:42:20
84.   27indigo
79 Yeah, that was Brian Jordan. He leveled Padrews catcher Gary Bennett too. Possibly the only two things I remember fondly concerning Brian Jordan.
2006-06-25 14:45:22
85.   JoeyP
Jimbo's he's done.
But since he batted in the top half of the inning, you'll keep him in.
I'm glad I'm not a Pirate fan.
2006-06-25 14:48:51
86.   27indigo
84 7/2/02 recap:
2006-06-25 14:49:05
87.   overkill94
Man, if the Dodgers are confident that Repko will be back by the end of July they really need to think about trading Lofton. I only include Repko in the discussion because if Kemp hits the rookie wall we might have trouble fielding a quality outfield. Think the Yankees want to give him another try?
2006-06-25 14:51:42
88.   Bob Timmermann
2-run double for Antonio Perez! Stop the presses!
2006-06-25 14:52:02
89.   overkill94
Joe Randa? I never quite understood it all the way, but does this fall under the Grabowski Principle?
2006-06-25 14:52:21
90.   D4P
1-run homerun for Joe Randa! Get Penny out of there!
2006-06-25 14:52:35
91.   Uncle Miltie
84- and the 30 rbi September

Brad, I think it's time to hang them up

2006-06-25 14:52:35
92.   Bob Timmermann
It's classic Grabowski Principle.
2006-06-25 14:53:18
93.   JoeyP
Penny's at 95 pitches. If he lets one more guy on this inning, I'd pull him.
2006-06-25 14:53:39
94.   overkill94
Nice hook by Grittle, Penny didn't show much in the 4th, and when you give up a homer to Joe Randa you might as well call it a day.
2006-06-25 14:54:08
95.   JoeyP
Thats good managing by Grits.
Jimbo should take notes.
2006-06-25 14:54:14
96.   Marty
It looks like the Dodgers are bringing in Encino Man.
2006-06-25 14:55:08
97.   Bob Timmermann
Best lefthanded setup man in the NL!
2006-06-25 14:55:45
98.   overkill94
I'm pretty sure the caveman's new look scores high marks in nate's book.
2006-06-25 14:55:48
99.   D4P
Penny must not like the taste of innings.
2006-06-25 14:57:22
100.   Nick Iyengar
Gameday says Penny was pulled after throwing a first-pitch ball to Castillo. What's up with that?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-06-25 14:57:28
101.   Bob Timmermann
Old friend!
2006-06-25 14:57:30
102.   JoeyP
Old friend ALERT!
2006-06-25 14:57:56
103.   Bob Timmermann
That was left over from Randa's at bat.
2006-06-25 14:58:09
104.   natepurcell
I'm pretty sure the caveman's new look scores high marks in nate's book.

I was just about the comment on that. Beimel is no longer useless. He is now a deity. A rugged woodsmen deity.

2006-06-25 15:08:19
105.   JoeyP
Furcal, Cruz, and Saenz have huge R/L splits.
2006-06-25 15:13:16
106.   Uncle Miltie
104- LOL, can you say contract extension?

What happened to all of the good beards? Matt Morris is one of the few goods ones left.

2006-06-25 15:17:45
107.   overkill94
So assuming Gagne's option isn't picked up and Baez is allowed to leave through free agency, will the reins be handed to Broxton? My NL-only keeper league team would like to know :)
2006-06-25 15:18:26
108.   scareduck
Good day to be watching the game at home in the A/C.
2006-06-25 15:18:48
109.   scareduck
And no, Vinny, McLouth is not a good leadoff man.
2006-06-25 15:21:36
110.   overkill94
Ugh, walking Casey to get to Bay could be a big mistake...
2006-06-25 15:23:16
111.   natepurcell

You are forgetting the Broxton Principle. He only gets good hitters out and most of the time, he makes them look silly striking out.

2006-06-25 15:24:19
112.   Marty
Vinny is beating it into the ground, but that is quite a gabfest at first base.
2006-06-25 15:26:07
113.   Marty
108 Yes it is.
2006-06-25 15:27:14
114.   JoeyP
Nomar's used up all his homers.
2006-06-25 15:27:21
115.   natepurcell
I think Nomar only has only homerun left for the season.
2006-06-25 15:27:27
116.   Bob Timmermann
Last homer of the year for Nomar.
2006-06-25 15:27:31
117.   Uncle Miltie
The tank is now empty. No-mar home runs for "Mr. G"
2006-06-25 15:27:43
118.   natepurcell

What, thats all of them!?!?!


2006-06-25 15:28:07
119.   D4P
Last HR for Nom...Oh, never mind.
2006-06-25 15:29:00
120.   overkill94
Don't worry, he'll still manage 55 more RBI
2006-06-25 15:30:14
121.   natepurcell
another 3 hit game for Ethier. Pretty good for a rookie.
2006-06-25 15:30:45
122.   Uncle Miltie
Ethier really wants to get traded to Tampa Bay/Florida
2006-06-25 15:30:50
123.   JoeyP
These Pirate hurlers make hitting look easy.
2006-06-25 15:31:05
124.   MSarg29
another great at bat for Ethier against a lefthander. He really makes it difficult to pigeonhole him as a platoon/4th outfieldeer.
2006-06-25 15:31:17
125.   scareduck
114, 115, 119 - what's the gag?
2006-06-25 15:31:58
126.   JoeyP
124. He's labeled a 4th OF'er bc he plays corner OF and doesnt have much HR power.
2006-06-25 15:32:44
127.   overkill94
Ethier's average is up to .333, anyone want to play the guessing game for who sits against a righty tomorrow? Lofton? Ethier even though he's red-hot? Kemp even though he sat out today? Drew even though he sat out yesterday?

I'm thinking K-Loft gets some pine time.

2006-06-25 15:33:12
128.   Marty
125 I think it was A Martinez who said Nomar would have 9 HRs and 100 RBIs this year.
2006-06-25 15:34:13
129.   overkill94
Woo hoo, another bases loaded at-bat for my boy Russ. My fantasy team approves.
2006-06-25 15:34:18
130.   natepurcell
He's labeled a 4th OF'er bc he plays corner OF and doesnt have much HR power.

Obviously, he is showing with his bat that 4th outfielders don't consistently hit .300

2006-06-25 15:34:37
131.   Marty
Slappy McBanjo has run out of patience.
2006-06-25 15:34:53
132.   ory
Another familiar nubber to the right side
2006-06-25 15:35:11
133.   JoeyP
Izzy......i'll forgive you this one time.
2006-06-25 15:35:24
134.   MSarg29
I think Lofton rides the pine as well.
If Ethier gets regular playing time, I would expect to see his power blossom. But I know the lack of power was the A's knock on him.
2006-06-25 15:36:17
135.   overkill94
Well, not ideal, but I'll take the RBI and run for Ethier.
2006-06-25 15:37:22
136.   JoeyP
Martin must be pretty fast for a catcher bc teams have a hard time turning DPs on him even though he hits the ball on the ground quite a bit.
2006-06-25 15:37:33
137.   natepurcell
Power is often the last tool to develop. So I think it's a bunch of hogwash that he is already labeled as nothing more then a 4th outfielder when he is showing everyone he can hit. But whatever, there are always going to be critics especially those that didn't approve of the trade and will try to linger on to any hope that Ned got taken on that trade.
2006-06-25 15:38:08
138.   Gen3Blue
Kind of sad having to bat Broxton in the seventh, because you had to go to your bull-pen after 5.
2006-06-25 15:39:16
139.   overkill94
I think that says how much faith Grittle has in Baez that he has Broxton hit with two runners on after already throwing an inning.
2006-06-25 15:39:49
140.   Gen3Blue
Hope we don't wish we'd got that extra run in the 7th.
2006-06-25 15:40:36
141.   JoeyP
There were people that labeled Werth a 4th OF'er after he came up and hit 18HRs in 300 ABs.

Lots of players that dont make the big leagues until 24 or older get labeled bench players. In Ethier's case i think its justified bc he doesnt hit for HR power, and he plays a power position. Thats just how it is.

2006-06-25 15:41:02
142.   ory
Yeah not to mention Broxton doesn't look paticularly good today.
2006-06-25 15:41:22
143.   Uncle Miltie
I hope Grits realizes that Martin has decent speed. Maybe then he'll bat him 1st or 2nd.
2006-06-25 15:42:30
144.   D4P
Is Lofton more of a "starting outfielder" than Ethier ?
2006-06-25 15:43:10
145.   D4P
Amen. No reason why Furcal/Lofton/Lucille/Izturis should get more PAs than Martin.
2006-06-25 15:44:53
146.   JoeyP
Best lineups:

VS LHP: (This is a killer lineup vs LHP)

vs RHP:

2006-06-25 15:45:38
147.   CanuckDodger
146 -- Broxton's being over-worked, just like Martin. Not a good idea in either case.
2006-06-25 15:45:47
148.   Uncle Miltie
Broxton's new nickname, Blue Bulls
2006-06-25 15:46:04
149.   Blu2
144 But, man, he's a vetran and has leadership. It is written in every manager's crapper that vetrans are always better than rookies, no matter the batting average or fielding ability. Managers also always live in the past...
2006-06-25 15:49:09
150.   Blu2
Baez is a lock to pitch the ninth.
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2006-06-25 15:49:34
151.   Steve
I think that says how much faith Grittle has in Baez that he has Broxton hit with two runners on after already throwing an inning.

Told ya, Jon. Not that Broxton should be hitting with two runners on.

2006-06-25 15:51:21
152.   JoeyP
Kloft will be riding the pine in Minnesota. You cant play him vs LHP.
2006-06-25 15:52:47
153.   CanuckDodger
147 -- My post was in response to post 142, not 146. Just in case my error confused anybody.
2006-06-25 15:52:52
154.   Marty
Save situation!
2006-06-25 15:53:01
155.   overkill94
Come oooooon Sammy! He's got some pretty easy opposition in Paulino, a pinch-hitter, and McLouth. I think it's time to queue (or is it cue?) up a classic Randy Newman tune.
2006-06-25 15:53:27
156.   Tommy John
Does anyone else think Lofton is showing signs of the onset of Tourette's syndrome?
2006-06-25 15:55:05
157.   overkill94
Good lord, 46:8 K:BB ratio? No wonder Saito's been dominating this year. Could he hold the closer role going into next year? I guess there's a little time to think about that one.
2006-06-25 15:58:08
158.   JoeyP
I'm wondering if Jimbo gets canned if the Pirates get swept in their next two series. 16 losses in a row cant look good on a resume.
2006-06-25 16:00:59
159.   Steve
Not that Broxton should be hitting with two runners on.

Although this is one of those very few times the equities may balance. Keeping Baez out of games is of paramount importance.

2006-06-25 16:04:19
160.   Uncle Miltie
In May, Saito was starting to look vulnerable, but then he rebounded and has been incredible in June. He reminds me of Otsuka, just without the hesitation in his delivery. He's been a huge surprise this season.
2006-06-25 16:07:38
161.   StolenMonkey86
I can't help but think that that avoiding Baez is exactly what Grady Little was trying to do. My fantasy team thanks him, as it nearly makes up for Penny giving the Pirates 4 runs over 5 innings. Did the official scorer say he pitched effectively enough for the win?

Note that Jim Tracy put his closer in for the 8th, kind of like he knew he wouldn't see the bottom of the 9th. I wonder if he was surprised that Gagne was still hurt.

2006-06-25 16:10:20
162.   StolenMonkey86
Incidentally, Esteban Loaiza pitched a complete game against Frisco on 97 pitches.
2006-06-25 16:29:37
163.   StolenMonkey86
Also, Maicer Izturis got the start at third base today for Anaheim. They really are trying to copy the Dodgers.
2006-06-25 17:20:49
164.   Gen3Blue
I was just thinking without intent. I would guess the average throw from 3rd would be longer than that fron shortstop. But the long throws from short are longer than from third.
2006-06-25 17:28:35
165.   nysports05
I think Jeter is a good shortstop. How about you guys?
2006-06-25 17:28:43
166.   nysports05
2006-06-25 18:03:11
167.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
From the AP's notebook:
Now that former Dodgers pitcher Kevin Brown is no longer around to complain about Nancy Bea Hefley's choice of tunes or intimidate her, the team's longtime organist is gleefully playing ``The Pirates Song'' before every game of this series with Pittsburgh. On July 17, 2000, after the Bucs scored three first-inning runs on a bases-loaded double by Brian Giles against Darren Dreifort, Brown was incensed that Hefley followed up with a song with the opponents' nickname in the title _ even though it originated from Disneyland's ``Pirates of the Carribean'' ride and had nothing to do with baseball. ``He wasn't even pitching that night,'' Hefley recalled. ``But he called up and said, `Tell that organist not to play Pirate theme music when they're ahead of us.' So that was the end of it until he left.''

Has anyone heard this story before?

2006-06-25 18:06:12
168.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Actually, Giles hit a 2-run double in the first inning.
2006-06-25 18:13:21
169.   thinkingblue
Gotta like that 4th outfielder.
2006-06-25 18:14:35
170.   thinkingblue
The ONLY reason he is a fourth outfielder right now, is because we have Kenny Lofton, Cruz, and Kemp to all give playing time to. Not that that should mean a whole lot, I mean, there's gotta be a team willing to take a Lofton, or Cruz off our hands.
2006-06-25 19:32:58
171.   Steve
Whatever virus the National League West had last year has spread to the rest of the National League
2006-06-25 20:07:52
172.   LAT
two out bottom of the 9th grand slam for sox. 9-9 Lidge is dyin'
2006-06-25 20:08:44
173.   LAT
Iguchi with 7 rbi in two innings.
2006-06-25 20:10:43
174.   LAT
Sox have three slams in three days. Is that a record? Must be close, if not
2006-06-25 20:12:48
175.   LAT
Brad Lidge and Danys Baez, long lost brothers separated at birth.
2006-06-25 20:16:27
176.   thinkingblue
Then where does that leave Carter?
2006-06-25 20:21:05
177.   Jon Weisman
167 - When I worked at Disney, I came across the sheet music for the alternate title/version of that song: "A Parrot's Life for Me." For a while I thought I had heard the song wrong all my life, but I guess there are two versions.
2006-06-25 20:21:07
178.   thinkingblue
First 3 GS streak since the Tigers did it a LONG time ago, according to broadcasters on ESPN.
2006-06-25 20:28:15
179.   xaphor
[177] That's a great setup to a joke, but alas the perfect company man to complete the analogy alludes me.
2006-06-25 20:40:23
180.   LAT
What were they thinking? Why would anyone want a parrot's life? Stand on a perch all day above your own crap while eating crackers. Nope, its a pirate's life for me.
2006-06-25 20:41:58
181.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
177 - You worked there? Me, too.
2006-06-25 20:51:34
182.   Uncle Miltie
Joe Morgan needs to think before he talks.

There's one out in the game, with a man on 2B. Cintron is at the plate, Podsednik is on deck. Morgan suggests that maybe the Astros would pitch to Cintron, but walk Podsednik. This way, they could pitch to Iguchi with men on 1st and 2nd and 2 outs. Iguchi has 2 home runs and 7 rbis in the game.

Joe Morgan for Manager (of the Giants)!

2006-06-25 21:39:43
183.   LAT
There seems to be a lot of the "think before you talk" mantra going around.

2006-06-25 21:40:11
184.   Jon Weisman
180 - I think, as it turns out, it's a parrot on the pirate's shoulder singing the alternate version.
2006-06-25 21:56:23
185.   Marty
Maybe I missed the joke, but isn't it "a PIRATE'S Life"?
2006-06-25 22:08:26
186.   gibsonhobbs88
I want to know is when was the last time a Dodger catcher got credit for two SB? Martin didn't get a hit today but he drove in two runs and stole two bases. He seems to do something intelligent every time out there. Ethier is looking to dispel that righty-lefty platoon. They swept a team they should beat, now see what they do with a couple southpaw studs on Tuesday and Wednesday in Liriano and Santana.
2006-06-25 22:24:22
187.   ToyCannon
Minor League Update:
Vegas goes down to Tuscon in extra innings 5-4 but the story of the day is Joel Hanrahan pinch hitting and coming through with a hit in the 6th inning. Loney only has one hit in what seems like ages. JtD picks up two hits and D Young gets an ofer and continues to disapoint me.

Suns get shutout in a game shortened to 6 innings due to rain. Only 3 hits as Hu picks up 2 of them and Muegge takes the tough loss.

VB wins 6-2 and good news abounds everywhere. Malone takes the win but Megrew bouncing back from TJ surgery K's 5 in 2 innings of relief with no walks. He had walked 6 in 6 innings so the sign of command is a good thing. On the hitting side Xavier Paul continues his resurgance with his 8th HR and collected 2 hits to bring his average over 300. Big Butt Dunlap also connected for his 7th and Dewitt got another hit. Locke who was promoted from Columbus last week after putting up a 918 OPS in Low-A played CF and collected 2 hits while batting 3rd in the lineup. He was a 19th round pick last year and is already 23 so he needs to make up ground in a hurry.

No Game

2006-06-25 22:27:46
188.   regfairfield
186 Let's not give the man too much credit. He drove in two runs on balls that would have been double plays if Freddy Sanchez were an actual shortstop (he's played 29 games there in the bigs). I'm really starting to like Martin, but I'm not going to give the man credit for grounding out twice when someone happened to be on third.
2006-06-25 23:23:26
189.   thinkingblue
I know you think RBI's are a team dependant stat, but:

Martin: 33 RBI in 42 games in his career.

Navarro:23 RBI in 80 games in his career.

And they both hit 8th.

2006-06-25 23:23:56
190.   thinkblue0
Liriano and Santana scare the bejeezus out of me. I honestly won't be the least bit upset if we lose both of those.
2006-06-25 23:28:26
191.   thinkingblue
Well, we have Derek Lowe going against Lirano, so we have a chance there.

But with Tomko or Perez going against Santana...lets go team that's playing the Padres.

2006-06-25 23:32:32
192.   Greg Brock
Santana is due 12 million dollars next year. Does anybody reasonably assume that the Twins are going to pay him, or is there any chance for a trade? Considering what they can get for him, and the average Twins payroll, I can't imagine they're going to keep him around.

Yes, I'm dreaming...Aren't you?

2006-06-25 23:38:53
193.   regfairfield
189 Your point being?
2006-06-25 23:41:21
194.   natepurcell

Twins just got approval for a new ballpark

new ballpark= more revenue.

more revenue= Santana stays at least until his contract runs out.

2006-06-25 23:48:33
195.   Greg Brock
194 You know what Nate, if I wanted my dreams crushed, I'd hang out with my parents. Save your "reality".
2006-06-26 00:17:59
196.   Steve
Like Martin, like Navarro, like Martin better than Navarro, but Navarro played most of his games with the Ja(y)sons. RBI comparisons don't get you much.
2006-06-26 00:31:05
197.   Jon Weisman
This is the weirdest weather we're having.
2006-06-26 00:41:54
198.   Icaros

You should try working in Walnut Creek (92 high) and living in San Francisco (69 high).

It's like I drive out to my job in Scottsdale and then head back to my apartment in London.

2006-06-26 00:44:56
199.   Jon Weisman
It was just a huge blast of lightning and thunder for about five minutes, and then it was gone.
2006-06-26 00:47:04
200.   JoeyP
Martin's doing a good job but he's mostly a product of luck right now IMO after looking more closely at the numbers. I still believe he should make the All-Star team though.

His GB/FB ratio is 1.97, which means he's hitting the ball on the ground quite a bit, but has been finding the holes (.315 avg). For a catcher that hits the ball on the ground too much, it will eventually catch up to him. Martin might be fast for a catcher, but he's not fast enough to hit .300 with a ratio that skewed.

GB/FB ratio (just for reference):
Ethier- 1.40
Martin- 1.97
Aybar- 1.32
Navarro- 0.76- excellent
Kemp- 0.91
Nomar- 1.23- (career avg 1.00)
Drew- 1.34 (career avg 1.13)
Kent- 1.02 (career avg 0.85)

In sum, I think once Martin's luck regresses back to normal levels, that the offensive difference between Martin and Navarro will be virtually non existent. Nomar, Drew, Kent are showing a little less power than they are accustomed to throughout their careers.

Kemp still looks like a superstar if he plays CF. Ethier and Aybar both are solid.

I think Martin is due for a large regression in his offensive numbers if he keeps hitting the ball on the ground like he has been.

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2006-06-26 01:01:29
201.   JoeyP
Martin's not the luckiest player on the team however.

That distinctions lies with Sandy Alomar.

His GB/FB ratio is 2.70.
He's hitting .350
He runs like a 40 yr old catcher.

If this continues, then maybe its just one of those years.

2006-06-26 01:24:51
202.   natepurcell
just curious joey, do you watch the games or just follow on gameday?
2006-06-26 01:34:26
203.   Uncle Miltie
I don't remember any groundball hits squeaking by an infielder for Martin. He's had some bloop hits, but I doubt he hits under .280 this year. He's a very good hitter. He goes with the pitch based on where it's pitched (if that makes sense). He has a solid approach at the plate, though sometimes he'll swing at the first pitch if it's right down the middle. I like Navarro too, but his defensive game isn't close to Martin's. He's not nearly as athletic as Martin either.
2006-06-26 02:13:45
204.   JoeyP
I think Martin will hit .265/.340/.400 by the time the year is over. He just hits the ball on the ground too much for me to think he'll do better than that, given his speed.
2006-06-26 02:17:37
205.   natepurcell
I think Martin will hit .265/.340/.400 by the time the year is over.

If he doesn't, what will you do?

2006-06-26 04:12:45
206.   Sanford
I'm new here. Can anyone tell me why the Dodgers are playing Izturis at third base? He is a better shortstop than Furcal and shortstop is a more crucial and demanding defensive position, so why not put Furcal at third and Izturis at short? That would also give other teams the opportunity to see that he can still play there after his surgery, thus giving him more value in a trade.
2006-06-26 06:36:12
207.   Gen3Blue
206 Welcome! I don't even want to tackle that on except to say that Izturis is very early off TJ surgery.
2006-06-26 06:44:15
208.   Sushirabbit
206. Maybe it's because if they were to put the best shortstop at shortstop they'd have to find somebody to place 1st?
2006-06-26 09:54:38
209.   gibsonhobbs88
188 - I was attempting to point out that unlike the past few years when the Dodgers would have men in scoring position and less than two out, we would see the batter try to hit a homerun swinging from the heels and strike out. These Dodgers while not hitting the long ball are putting the ball in play and having a lot of games with lots of singles and doubles. Martin is one of those types of players that shows game awareness and attempts to put a bat on the ball and make something happen. Yes, he may hit a streak where those balls will not find the holes and end up in DP's, but that's baseball. I was just pointing out his penchant for being baseball savvy and for having good discipline and approach at the plate. What is the percentage of Dodger runs this year not scored via a home run? I imagine it is low relative to otehr teams in the NL. I am worried about the series with the Twins also, with the southpaw studs, Liriano and Santana. Hope they win tonight, it may be their best chance for a win.
2006-06-26 10:08:27
210.   das411
Alright, time to wake this board up:

2006-06-26 10:18:24
211.   LAT
199. That weather was really strange. It seemed like it was right in my backyard. My dog was freaking out. The errie part was there was no wind. The thunder and lightening were huge and the trees were dead calm. I waited for the downpour like a good New England thunderstorm but it never came. Strange.

(I actually though to myself, is this what Al Gore is talking about?)

2006-06-26 10:35:08
212.   regfairfield
209 First off, I really would like to see you prove your theory of people swinging for the fences instead of "not trying to do too much with it."

Second, if Martin is actually trying to just ease the ball into play Jason Kendall style, someone needs to slap him until he stops. Ground balls get converted into outs far more than any other outcome, and in a bases loaded situation, a flyball of almost any kind will score a run. It much rather he try to lift the ball and occassionally strike out instead of hitting a little dribbler and having a chance of grounding into a double play, a far more damaging result.

Finally, I know you meant well by using the term "baseball savvy" but it's become a running joke around here.

2006-06-26 10:51:16
213.   DXMachina
211 - I waited for the downpour like a good New England thunderstorm but it never came.

The downpour actually did come in New England. Miserable weather all weekend. (The PawSox were rained out both Saturday and Sunday.) It's sunny today, of course.

2006-06-26 11:00:00
214.   LAT
I just watched the video on that minor league coach going off ( This guy must be the love child of Earl Weaver and Billy Martin with a little Milton Bradly thrown in.
2006-06-26 11:01:21
215.   Sam DC
We have had a record drenching. For those who know the area, at 6 am this morning, here was the situation: mudslides onto the beltway near Alexandria, the 12th street tunnel under the National Mall flooded with a rescue boat sent in, 10 blocks of Constitution Ave flooded and closed, part of Penn ave flooded and closed, Musuems of American History and National closed for the day due to loss of power; IRS headquarters closed for the day (yes, they plan to reopen), Newly Renovated National Archives closed for the day (not sure why), three downtown metro stations closed due to flooding (only for a few hours), Wilson Bridge possibly closed (inconstent reports).


I was up there for half an hour in the rain this morning trying to figure out where the leak was; all I can figure is it was coming in through the air conditioner, which seems to have a missing panel and a bunch of wet, exposed wires (which I almost touched before realizing, of yeah, don't be a dead idiot).


2006-06-26 11:02:19
216.   Sushirabbit
All this crazy music talk has send you off the deep end, eh?

I'm cranking Boris' Akuma No Uta at work.

The best reference for those over 40 came from Emusic "Blue Cheer Resurrected". Beach Heads of Acid comes to mind.

2006-06-26 11:06:20
217.   Sam DC
215 Washington DC's gross inability to handle challenging weather really has me fear for our ability to handle another human-made calamity.

Link to article summing up the damage: DOJ and Commerce closed too.

This line sums it up pretty well: "A stationary front is parked from New York extending south into Georgia and Florida," said Weather Service meteorologist John Darnley. "It's just sitting there." Darnley said the moisture is "going over and over the same area like a railroad train."

2006-06-26 11:09:02
218.   gibsonhobbs88
212 - I didn't mean to imply that Martin isn't hitting the ball hard, he is just not trying to do more with a pitch and turning a batted ball into an out by pulling an outside pitch. Thursday night with the bases loaded and two strikes on him, he protected the plate and shot a line drive for a hit into right center on a pitch that was on the outer half of the plate. Past Dodger hitters would have tried to pull that and either struck out or popped out. I was just remarding on the young man's maturity and plate discipline and the appearance he goes up there with a plan, not just "wishing and wailing hopelessly" like I have seen from other young Dodger hitters in the recent past. I guess instead of "savvy" I'll use acumen, Martin has a great baseball "Acumen". There is that better! :) Go Blue!!
2006-06-26 11:12:56
219.   LAT
215. Sam, I don't know if this is what you are talking about, but last summer a side panel fell of my AC. Consequently the thing was sucking in 100+ degree air from the attic instead of cooler air from the return. This caused huge amounts of condensation which leaked into the ceiling causing water damamge (which of course, I still haven't gotten around to having fixed). The key to the whole think is to check the drainage line which should empty outside near your compressor. If there is not any water trickleing out of there, the water is trickling elsewhere, maybe in the house.

I have just exhausted my complete knowledge of AC but if someone had told me this before I would have saved the $200 service call and the $500 it will cost to fix the water damamge.

2006-06-26 12:11:28
220.   das411
216 - Nah, I just thik Nate might have a new favorite drummer after watching that!

It's all this nonstop rain that just might drive me off the deep end...

211 - Just be careful when the tornadocanes come for you LAT!

2006-06-26 12:17:44
221.   thinkblue0
Past Dodger hitters would have tried to pull that and either struck out or popped out.

The problem with statements like this, with all due respect, is that they're baseless.

To say one group of hitters hits one way and another hits differently you need to show proof. Can't use ONE single at bat by Martin to say that this ENTIRE Dodger team hits differently from the teams of the past few years.

2006-06-26 12:21:01
222.   ToyCannon
From BA:
The Dodgers received good news over the weekend as third baseman Andy LaRoche will not require surgery on his throwing shoulder. LaRoche injured his shoulder when he made a diving stop on a play and threw from his knees in a game last weekend. The initial diagnosis was a slightly torn labrum, but the club put him on a throwing program after sitting him for 10 days. "He threw Saturday and he threw today and feels OK," Dodgers scouting director Logan White said on Sunday. "It's just now where he's throwing with no pain, though he hasn't really aired it out yet. So we'll see, but we're pleased with the way he's responded." LaRoche has been hitting off a tee and took some live batting practice over the weekend while the team was in Tucson. Since being called up from Double-A Jacksonville, LaRoche batted .333 with a pair of homers in just four games with Triple-A Las Vegas .
2006-06-26 12:32:37
223.   ToyCannon
I think Russ Martin is one of the smartest young hitters/players I've ever seen come up through the Dodgers organization and that is strictly based on observation. He could be hitting 250 and I'd have the same opinion. This coming from someone who thought Martin was way overhyped.

Sam I used to live in Alexandria a block from a creek that ran through the city. I expect that creek is running rampant right now.

2006-06-26 12:39:48
224.   Jon Weisman
Thanks, Toy. New post up top.
2006-06-26 13:25:27
225.   gibsonhobbs88
221 - Like the ToyCannon- my comments are purely based on observation also. I have watched hundreds of Dodger games over the years, in person and on TV so I don't have any figures for you "stat heads", it is just memories of seeing Dodger hitters over the past 10 years especially, come up and fail in run-producing situations, because I've seen them wave at pitches a half our outside of the strike zone and trying to pull it and either strike out or hit a meek grounder to short. You can look at the team's batting average this year, the fact we are near the top in runs scored, stolen bases and batting average in the NL and when has a Dodger team been near the top in those categories, maybe the powerful Dodgers of Baker, Garvey, Cey and Smith, circa 1977-81. Those teams did it more with power though they did have Davey Lopes for steals. I think this team feeds off of Nomar and his approach at the plate and my assessment of Russell Martin and Andre Ethier is based on my observations watching them play. I think they both show maturity that belies their actual age, that's all.

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