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Echoes Chamber
2006-06-30 17:20
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

* * *

Schoolteacher Ken Aven invites you to check out his first novel, Chavez Ravine Echoes. Here's the description:

Hidden beneath the vast acreage of Dodger Stadium's parking lot is an almost forgotten Mexican/American community that once thrived in the area known as Chavez Ravine. A journey to uncover the culture and vibrancy of the displaced community is embarked upon after a late night serendipitous meeting between Dodger third baseman, Joe Shapiro, and Dodger marketing assistant, Liz Reyes. Using diary pages from a young 1950s Chavez Ravine inhabitant to guide them, Shapiro and Reyes's fictionalized voyage of discovery will bring to life the fascinating truths of Chavez Ravine and the forces that conspired to destroy the community.

Comments (266)
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2006-06-30 17:31:49
1.   natepurcell
I was going to place a waiver claim on weaver in the GM sim. But if Colletti is going to do that, then I don't think im going to anymore.
2006-06-30 17:32:31
2.   scareduck
The words "social justice" make me cringe, as if I'm about to see a public lynching of the first fellow with a sufficiently large wallet. In the right neighborhoods, that could be me.
2006-06-30 17:39:50
3.   Kayaker7 relation to former Dodger, Bruce Aven? ;-)
2006-06-30 17:43:32
4.   Jon Weisman
3 - I noticed the similarity

2 - Way to take the harshest reading possible from the author's bio. I tend to doubt that this guy has a lifelong passion for advocating lynching.

2006-06-30 17:43:50
5.   EricGagnesGoggles


So what is Colletti on trades thus far?


Bradley for Ethier. Base Hit

Sanchez for Seo. Swing and a miss

Jackson/Tiffany for Baez/Carter. Swing and a miss

Could Hendrickson or Weaver be strike 3?

2006-06-30 17:47:07
6.   Linkmeister
The book sounds very noir-ish.

There's a topic for the next off-day; mystery novels with baseball at least peripherally attached.

2006-06-30 17:50:04
7.   Linkmeister
It's also available (same price) from Amazon, if you've already got an account with that outfit.

No reviews yet; be the first one!

2006-06-30 17:52:31
8.   Uncle Miltie
Weaver would be a very good pickup since we probably wouldn't have to give up much. His strikeout and walk rates are almost exactly the same as last year. I've watched him pitch a lot this year and there's nothing wrong with his stuff. Weaver is giving up a ton of hits and the Angels have one of the worst defenses in baseball. I've seen a few players (especially Vlad) misjudge flyballs while Weaver is pitching and they went for extra base hits. It might not be much different with Lofton in CF though....

Anyways, Ned needs to pick up Weaver. He's an average pitcher and on this team, he'd be our 3rd best starter.

2006-06-30 17:52:52
9.   Marty
Do you know the author Jon?
2006-06-30 17:55:15
10.   EricGagnesGoggles
Smells like Ramon Martinez up in here.
2006-06-30 17:59:13
11.   Jon Weisman
9 - No.
2006-06-30 18:01:49
12.   Blu2
10 Did you know that Ramon is Nomar spelled backwards? Is there a mystery connection here?
2006-06-30 18:02:15
13.   Jon Weisman
Tonight (last night of Klimt) is perhaps the busiest I've ever seen LACMA since I've worked here.
2006-06-30 18:05:51
14.   scareduck
8 - and Figgins is inexperienced. I know of glaciers that could outrun Anderson.
2006-06-30 18:08:44
15.   Marty
Sounds like you are verKlimt.
2006-06-30 18:09:21
16.   overkill94
Why do they even have baseball on the east coast? Rain's ruining my boy Moose's no-hitter!!!
2006-06-30 18:20:34
17.   Icaros
Good lord, Marty.
2006-06-30 18:23:36
18.   Jon Weisman
Nice game for Navarro - 2 for 3, walk, 1-2 throwing out baserunners. And for those who care, his pitcher is throwing a shutout.
2006-06-30 18:24:17
19.   Jon Weisman
Edwin Jackson enters the game.
2006-06-30 18:25:22
20.   Greg Brock
16 Please, no "No hitter" talk until nine outs left.
2006-06-30 18:26:08
21.   Jon Weisman
Reminder: The words "no-hitter" are not permitted on this site to discuss a no-hitter in progress.

I have decided that "no-no" is allowed.

2006-06-30 18:26:29
22.   overkill94
argh, Mussina didn't come back to pitch after the rain delay, now he can't get the win >:0
2006-06-30 18:27:13
23.   overkill94
My bad
2006-06-30 18:27:13
24.   natepurcell
Jackson's throwing hard. 97 or so.
2006-06-30 18:27:23
25.   Greg Brock
Wait a minute, you can't jinx non-Dodger No-no's?
2006-06-30 18:28:12
26.   overkill94
Does it annoy anyone else that Jose Valentin is doing this year what we had planned for him to do last year?
2006-06-30 18:30:07
27.   Uncle Miltie
24- Baez throws 95+ and he's a proven veteran! :)

Maybe Edwin has finally found his niche as a reliever. If he can improve his control, he could be a pretty good closer.

2006-06-30 18:30:28
28.   natepurcell
what would you guys give up for Tom Gorzelanny?
2006-06-30 18:34:33
29.   D4P
Izturis batting 8th tonight? Do mine eyes deceive me?

Oh, he's still batting ahead of Martin. Never mind.

2006-06-30 18:35:20
30.   overkill94
28 Ethier and Abreu
2006-06-30 18:35:40
31.   Marty


2006-06-30 18:35:45
32.   Jon Weisman
25 - Correct.

26 - It doesn't annoy me, but I wrote a post about it early this month talking about Mueller 2006 has turned out about the same as Valentin 2005, while Valentin 2006 is what both GMs intended all along.

2006-06-30 18:35:53
33.   Icaros
Tom Gowhatsamawho?
2006-06-30 18:36:02
34.   overkill94
Ahhh, meet the old Edwin, same as the old Edwin. Single and 2 walks loads the bases with big Zim up.
2006-06-30 18:36:18
35.   natepurcell

I have a Guzman+ Ruggiano deal on the table.

2006-06-30 18:36:39
36.   natepurcell

I offered Guzman and Abreu for Cliff Lee but I haven't heard back yet.

2006-06-30 18:37:03
37.   Marty
I'd give up Mark Grudzklvklrtkl
2006-06-30 18:38:22
38.   natepurcell
Tom Gowhatsamawho?

LHP SP 2nd round 2003 draft. 23 yrs old. fb 91-95 with a plus slider. having a great year in AAA today.

2006-06-30 18:39:30
39.   overkill94
I'd do what I could to push Ethier while his value is this high. Seems you'd be selling a bit low on Guzman to trade him now.
2006-06-30 18:39:32
40.   Uncle Miltie
Just thought I'd mention that Carl Crawford has more home runs than
Jeff Kent, Nomar, JD Drew, Hank Blalock, Mark Teixeira, Barry Bonds, Scott Rolen, Bobby Abreu, Todd Helton, Chipper Jones, Jim Edmonds, Geoff Jenkins, and even Kenny Lofton
2006-06-30 18:40:15
41.   D4P
Anyone know how to spell the name of that mischievous little villainr on the "Superfriends" cartoon who used to float in the air, and who would be banished if he were to say his name backwards? IIRC, his name sounded something like


2006-06-30 18:40:32
42.   natepurcell
Ruggiano is a nonfactor for me (sorry oldbear!). So its basically Gorzy for Guzzie. Gorzy is mlb ready right now, is left handed, throws hard and doesn't walk a lot of batter.

This deal is most likely going down unless someone can give me a reasonable reason why not too in the next hour.

2006-06-30 18:40:57
43.   Icaros

What org is he with?

2006-06-30 18:43:00
44.   regfairfield
43 Pittsburgh, who certainly shouldn't be giving up prospects.
2006-06-30 18:43:36
45.   natepurcell
I'd do what I could to push Ethier while his value is this high. Seems you'd be selling a bit low on Guzman to trade him now.

Depends on how much you like Gorzy.

his numbers this year in the international league

2.35era 99.2IP 67H 4hr 27bb 94k

2006-06-30 18:47:03
46.   DXMachina
41 - Mr. Mxyzptlk.
2006-06-30 18:48:05
47.   natepurcell

Gorzelanny starts tomorrow for Pitt. I told the pitt GM that I'm going to have my big league scouts (you guys) take a look at him before I pull the trigger.

2006-06-30 18:50:44
48.   overkill94
47 If you want to pay for MLB extra innings so that I can watch him, I'd be glad to give you a very informative scouting report.
2006-06-30 18:51:03
49.   natepurcell
I would like opinions from ToyCannon, Dsfan and some others who are very knowledgable about prospects. The more opinions the better. My inner circle can be Ned Colletti large!
2006-06-30 18:52:04
50.   natepurcell

scouts pay for their own traveling expenses. Come, Frank is our owner.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-06-30 18:53:24
51.   D4P
They don't call him "McCheap" and "McBankrupt" for nothing...
2006-06-30 18:55:42
52.   Woody
Need to have Jeff Weaver back. We have no guys who look like psychos on the team this year and it would make things more interesting.

Must say that my Red Sox affinity may take over again soon (have that rocky New England soil in my blood) if things don't pick up around here. This team ain't goin' nowhere as is.

2006-06-30 18:56:46
53.   Icaros
I'm fond of McStupid.
2006-06-30 19:01:43
54.   Greg S
Given that we have as high a payroll as ever and the stadium has seen tens of millions in renovations, what exactly is it that leads everybody to call McCourt "cheap" (let alone backrupt)?
2006-06-30 19:02:53
55.   Icaros

That's what I've been saying for two years.

2006-06-30 19:04:36
56.   StolenMonkey86
54 - Who played third base last year?
2006-06-30 19:06:21
57.   natepurcell
excellent. Hendrickson kept his beard. He will dominate for us for the rest of the year.
2006-06-30 19:06:45
58.   natepurcell
Argh, why isn't Ethier in the lineup? Seriously,..why not?
2006-06-30 19:07:06
59.   Greg S
56 That explains why McCourt is cheap??? The total payroll and expenditures are eclipsed by a single roster choice? Given the way things ended up playing out, don't you think that might have been a certain GM and not the owner?
2006-06-30 19:07:41
60.   D4P
I agree. Stupid is more appropriate than cheap.
2006-06-30 19:09:25
61.   Steve
60 -- Except when it came to third base last year, when stupid and cheap came together to save us from half a decade of fruitlessness.
2006-06-30 19:09:32
62.   natepurcell
Oops I'm blind. Ethier is playing. Joy to the world!
2006-06-30 19:12:41
63.   Steve
This is going to be one of those Grabowski Principle games -- Season Edition.
2006-06-30 19:13:50
64.   natepurcell
That looked like a gapper. Thanks for getting my hopes up camera man!
2006-06-30 19:14:48
65.   Marty
Vlad seems to have a noticeble limp.
2006-06-30 19:14:54
66.   Greg S
First four batters have all hit the ball hard
2006-06-30 19:15:34
67.   Uncle Miltie
Another selfish at bat by Kent
2006-06-30 19:16:07
68.   Steve
I'm not sure how many runs we actually have to score off of Colon to get the GP monkey off our backs. Six? Eight? Ten? Nice of Kent to miss that meat fastball.
2006-06-30 19:17:27
69.   Uncle Miltie
Tracy talk
Does Hendrickson suck? Probably. Does he have an awesome beard? Absolutely.
2006-06-30 19:18:11
70.   Sam DC
Nationals Nation says "well, when better to announce this than on the heels of an 11-1 drubbing by the Devil Rays"

2006-06-30 19:18:40
71.   Gagne55
What is the Grabowski principle? That less than worthless players get playing time?
2006-06-30 19:19:11
72.   Icaros
Some of us are forced to watch this game via Angels broadcast.


2006-06-30 19:20:55
73.   Gagne55
Vin Scully > Rex Hudler
2006-06-30 19:20:58
74.   Marty
Icaros, give the Wonder Dog our love.
2006-06-30 19:22:57
75.   scareduck
70 -

"Jim is very smart," Kasten said last night at RFK Stadium. "By smart, I mean analytical. I love that. I also think he's very resourceful. . . . And right now, as we're building this -- needing to speed the process up as quickly as we can, needing to shave any unnecessary steps -- I need someone resourceful. I think Jim is really good at that."

Amazing. Just amazing.

2006-06-30 19:24:11
76.   scareduck
72 - for those of us who also follow the Angels (i.e., me), it means we get to hear Vinny call an Angels game. For six times a season or so, Rex The Paid Homer is somewhere else.
2006-06-30 19:25:32
77.   scareduck
71 -

2006-06-30 19:26:13
78.   Icaros
Kent and Anderson play dueling morons in the first.
2006-06-30 19:26:59
79.   natepurcell

is that the same tune the dueling banjos izzy and furcal play?

2006-06-30 19:27:27
80.   Greg S
77 So did Penny's throw to first nearly qualify?
2006-06-30 19:28:49
81.   StolenMonkey86
So the first out of the first inning involved the defense of an Izturis for each club.
2006-06-30 19:30:11
82.   natepurcell
Great AB by Kemp. Layed off that 3rd slider which I thought he would swing at.
2006-06-30 19:31:12
83.   Greg S
82 Wouldn't have been such a great ab if it had been called a strike!
2006-06-30 19:32:01
84.   Sam DC
So Kasten has had this incredible honeymoon. And he -- and Boswell -- keep saying, build from within, follow the Braves model, invest in the farm. Then people say, look at Florida, that's the smart way to do it. But I get the sense people think that that means a rough year or two and then it's division championships and playoffs galore. Easy.

But lots of teams notionally try and build this way, and for many it just doesn't work. And starting where the Nationals are starting is a far cry from Florida trading a slew of All Stars for premium prospects.

Could be long and ugly here in DC if you ask me.

2006-06-30 19:32:29
85.   natepurcell

Yea but it was off the plate and was called a ball.

2006-06-30 19:32:33
86.   Greg S
Isn't in prounouced "May-cee-er" and not "Mice-ee-er"?
I don't follow the Angels that closely.
2006-06-30 19:34:45
87.   scareduck
80 - no.
2006-06-30 19:34:53
88.   Greg S
Betting question of the night: How long before Penny erases that "A" on the back of the mound?
2006-06-30 19:36:34
89.   scareduck
I get the impression that these are two very similar pitchers having similar kinds of games at the moment.
2006-06-30 19:36:34
90.   StolenMonkey86
Nice speed by Kemp there. Long AB by Cesar too.
2006-06-30 19:37:54
91.   Gen3Blue
I hope it occurs to the D's that they are on the way to making Colon throw too many pitches. I was surprised to see Martin swing at the first pitch, but I like the result. Great at bat for Izzy.
2006-06-30 19:38:09
92.   natepurcell
Mariners just offered me Gil Meche, a pitcher who has a 3.75 era this year for Joel Hanrahan.

Say hello to your newest Dodger fellas.

2006-06-30 19:38:29
93.   Marty
Nice eye by Furry.
2006-06-30 19:44:49
94.   Jon Weisman
91 - Martin was compensating for his game-ending strikeout Wednesday on a five-ball, seven-strike pitch (according to Gameday).
2006-06-30 19:47:11
95.   Sam DC
Who's the Carl Crawford groupie, again? Because it was a big night in Crawfordville (3-4, 2 2R HRs).
2006-06-30 19:48:21
96.   Steve
I thought they DFAed Jeff Weaver
2006-06-30 19:48:31
97.   scareduck
Dodger fans, thank your lucky stars that the Angels feature a man who needs a walker in left.
2006-06-30 19:49:13
98.   scareduck
96 - it was called "depth" when they started the season...
2006-06-30 19:49:38
99.   Gen3Blue
Funny, these guys couldn't hit a nickel against Minnesota.
2006-06-30 19:51:01
100.   scareduck
Did anyone tell Colon batting practice was over?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-06-30 19:51:15
101.   Greg S
I'm goint to assume there is a scouting report on Colon reagarding his first pitch and that the Dodgers read it.
2006-06-30 19:51:40
102.   DXMachina
Lot of selfish hitting going on.
2006-06-30 19:52:04
103.   Steve
101 -- It's really the second, third, and fourth pitch too. I mean, how long did it take to see that Colon had nothing? Three pitches in the first inning?
2006-06-30 19:52:44
104.   ninjavshippo
FINALLY: something to cheer about.

This guy won the Cy Young recently, didn't he?

2006-06-30 19:53:17
105.   scareduck
His "fastball" is clocking in at 91 MPH. He's still not well.
2006-06-30 19:53:32
106.   Sam DC
Kansas City has a pitcher named Jimmy Gobble.

Sounds like he should be pitching in a random game callback.

2006-06-30 19:54:09
107.   scareduck
The Angels just DFA'd the wrong starting pitcher.
2006-06-30 19:54:17
108.   Uncle Miltie
This umpire is screwing Kemp
2006-06-30 19:55:27
109.   Uncle Miltie
95- me, see post 40
2006-06-30 19:55:39
110.   Marty
Colon can still get Isturis out.
2006-06-30 19:55:43
111.   Sam DC
Gobble strikes out Edmonds. If he gets to stick around, he'll face Pujols to start the bottom of the ninth.
2006-06-30 19:56:21
112.   Jon Weisman
My son is crying is eyes out because his mean old man wouldn't let him wash his hands a second time.

He cares not for the woes of Weaver nor the cares of Colon.

2006-06-30 19:57:19
113.   Steve
This is a Super Colon Blow.
2006-06-30 19:58:23
114.   Greg Brock
113 Nice obscure SNL reference.
2006-06-30 19:58:50
115.   Greg S
The Angels are crying their eyes out beause of what it's going to cost them to wash their hands of Weaver, leaving them with Colon.
2006-06-30 20:00:04
116.   StolenMonkey86
Just after I commented on Cesar's long AB he's out on the first pitch.

Bartolo for Odalis?

2006-06-30 20:01:29
117.   DXMachina
Bartolo for Odalis?

An exchange of FTOGs?

2006-06-30 20:01:31
118.   Greg S
Penny's breaking ball is filthy tonight.
2006-06-30 20:02:02
119.   natepurcell

have you seen Colon's contract?

04:$9M, 05:$8M, 06:$12M, 07:$14M

2006-06-30 20:02:12
120.   DXMachina
Or should that be FTsOG?
2006-06-30 20:02:45
121.   D4P
How many bowls of Total does it take to match the fiber in one bowl of Super Colon Bowl?
2006-06-30 20:02:52
122.   confucius
13 What about during King Tut, or did you not work there then?
2006-06-30 20:03:57
123.   Steve
119 -- That joke is not going to be that obscure by 2007.
2006-06-30 20:04:54
124.   natepurcell
nice play furry.
2006-06-30 20:06:00
125.   DXMachina
121 - Isn't it about the same as the number of dollars in Colon's contract?
2006-06-30 20:06:27
126.   scareduck
115 - They're used to it; $14M for Appier, most of the $8M they owed Alfonzo, Esteban Yan. It's been a bad year for FA signings under the Halo.
2006-06-30 20:06:46
127.   confucius
108 No kidding. Kemp shows a little too much body language though. Umpires do not find that complimentary.
2006-06-30 20:09:01
128.   Uncle Miltie
Great play by Furcal.

I'd rather release Odalis than have to watch Fartolo pitch for the Dodgers.

2006-06-30 20:09:23
129.   Jon Weisman
122 - King Tut last year might have been this busy. But I don't know if it was busier. Klimt, Hockney and Friday Night Jazz tonight just filled the plaza, wall-to-wall.
2006-06-30 20:11:07
130.   StolenMonkey86
Well with Colon, the Dodgers can DL him. I just hope that we don't put the trainers on the DL with overwork.
2006-06-30 20:11:17
131.   scareduck
Tucson posting a 6-1 lead in the fourth.
2006-06-30 20:12:23
132.   Jon Weisman
Our progress toward the four-way tie for first in the NL West is looking good.
2006-06-30 20:13:13
133.   Goozmani
to: the idea that batting average is luck.

isn't it safe to say, that as much times the hitter gets lucky, he is unlucky.

2006-06-30 20:14:54
134.   Sam DC
Elmer Dessens v. Pujols, tied game, bottom of the ninth (Gobble apparently not an innings eater).
2006-06-30 20:17:36
135.   Sam DC
Pujols wins (single).
2006-06-30 20:17:43
136.   Uncle Miltie
That pitch was hit hard, but I think an average defensive center fielder catches that.
2006-06-30 20:18:33
137.   Jon Weisman
136 - At least there'd be hope.
2006-06-30 20:18:33
138.   Greg Brock
Lofton takes more bad routes than the Donner Party. Gadzooks.
2006-06-30 20:19:28
139.   Sam DC
Rolen ground out moves Pujols to second. Elmer WPs Pujols to third. Encarnacion gets the (I assume) rare intentional walk.
2006-06-30 20:20:31
140.   confucius
136 An average baby catches that.
2006-06-30 20:21:06
141.   Sam DC
Meanwhile Chan Ho Park v. Barry Bonds in SD.
2006-06-30 20:23:22
142.   Sam DC
Chan Ho wins!

In St. Louis, Elmer intentionally loads the bases then gives way to Ambiorix Burgos v. pinch hitter Scott Spezio, one out.

2006-06-30 20:24:02
143.   confucius
Tony Gwynn says "most of the time the (radar) guns are wrong."

Then how does he know if they are ever right?

2006-06-30 20:28:40
144.   Sam DC
Good stuff. Spezio runs the count full then Ks. Aaron Miles up with bases loaded, 2 outs, tie game, bottom nine, in St. L.
2006-06-30 20:29:15
145.   confucius
So Hall is Going to catch Hendrickson tomorrow.

If they do not win or if they do win and Hall doesn't have two hits we'll kill Ned.

DH Russ Martin!!

2006-06-30 20:29:19
146.   scareduck
Nice play by Izzy on that grounder.
2006-06-30 20:29:53
147.   StolenMonkey86
Was this in reference to baseball or traffic cops?

"Mr. Gwynn, you've been charged with driving 140 in a 35 mile an hour zone. How do you plead?"
"Your honor, most of the time the radar guns are wrong."

2006-06-30 20:29:55
148.   Gen3Blue
Bad sign. Colons got a pretty good pitch count, he's settled down for two good innings, and he got Drew and Kent on called strikes. I hope Penny can make it to the seventh for a change. He only has about 65 pitches in the fifth, good for him.
2006-06-30 20:31:33
149.   StolenMonkey86
Maicer becomes the first Izturis to get on base today.
2006-06-30 20:32:16
150.   Steve
How relieving is it by the way, to have the manager who has the Izturis brother eighth in the lineup?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-06-30 20:33:00
151.   Sam DC
Miles Ks with the bases loaded; free baseball in St. L.
2006-06-30 20:33:50
152.   regfairfield
148 Just be glad he isn't Oliver Perez, Gil Meche, Tony Armas, Curt Schilling, El Duque, Bruce Chen, Daniel Cabrera or Glendon Rusch
2006-06-30 20:34:39
153.   scareduck
148 - Colon started flashing a change that he hadn't used previously. He can change his game plan, but I've noticed he's slow to do it. Colon prefers to mix up his 4-seam and 2-seam fastballs; when they're working, they're both hard to square up because of the movement, but it depends on him being able to throw them in the mid-90's, a velocity he hasn't come near to touching today.
2006-06-30 20:34:54
154.   natepurcell

Gil Meche is pitching pretty well this year.

2006-06-30 20:35:37
155.   natepurcell
Loney homers. 2-2 hr, 2b hbp so far tonight.
2006-06-30 20:35:45
156.   regfairfield
154 Those are the pitchers that have been less efficent than Penny this year.
2006-06-30 20:36:49
157.   confucius
153 yeah, I don't recall seeing him throw this many off-speed pitches as well as that slider or whatever he was throwing to Kemp in his first AB.
2006-06-30 20:36:54
158.   scareduck
150 - Maicer has had a hit in six of his last seven games. It's not much, but when you believe in RISP voodoo to recover from your failure to get on base, you need a straw to hold on to.
2006-06-30 20:37:23
159.   natepurcell
What is the definition of efficient? The more innings you can pitch with the less amount of pitches?
2006-06-30 20:37:32
160.   Jon Weisman
Folks, if you haven't been reading Alex Belth this week, you're really missing something. His latest is on

2006-06-30 20:38:01
161.   regfairfield
159 Pitches per hitter.
2006-06-30 20:40:37
162.   Uncle Miltie
Izturis looks faster than he did last year. He got a good jump, but probably shouldn't have been running on Molina. Napoli is a different story.
2006-06-30 20:41:12
163.   natepurcell
Napoli is a different story.

Napoli throws out a lot of baserunners.

2006-06-30 20:41:47
164.   Jon Weisman
Izturis running on Molina with an OBP guy up? Flashback city.

"You're not a Tracy. The world is full of Tracys. Be a man. Don't just be a Tracy."

2006-06-30 20:43:17
165.   confucius
163 I've heard he has an accurate, but relatively weak arm.
2006-06-30 20:44:18
166.   confucius
164 At least Martin leads off the next inning.
2006-06-30 20:47:59
167.   confucius
129 Just wait until the Tomko exhibit rolls into town ;)
2006-06-30 20:48:28
168.   Jon Weisman
167 - LOL
2006-06-30 20:55:53
169.   confucius
John Rocker is on Quite Frankly with Steven A. Smith defending Ozzie Guillen. Brilliant.
2006-06-30 20:55:59
170.   Greg S
Penny's fastball has gotten better while his breaking ball seems to have left him.
2006-06-30 20:56:20
171.   natepurcell
Penny'a delivery is aa fluid and mechanically sound as ive seen it in a long time. He isn't falling off to the 1b base side after every pitch but following through on it.
2006-06-30 20:58:06
172.   scareduck
165 - that's about right from what I remember. I think I've seen Napoli throw out one baserunner all year, but I haven't actually been able to watch that many games. He's thrown out about a third of the baserunners who tried to steal against him (8-23).

After that CS, Jose Molina just bought himself an at bat or two.

2006-06-30 20:58:29
173.   Gen3Blue
This is actually good, Penny being under 100 pitches in the seventh. But the D's offense shutting off after the 3rd, lead by the vets is confounding.
2006-06-30 21:00:43
174.   coachjpark
What percentage of people watching the Dodgers/Angels game right now are actually watching the Angels telecast? Even if you're an Angel fan, wouldn't you prefer Vin over Rex?
2006-06-30 21:00:46
175.   scareduck
169 - what part of Guillen is he defending? Guillen's pretty indefensible generally, but every now and then he stumbles into something where he comes off as less despicable than one of the numerous slimebags often found lurking at the periphery of a major league team.
2006-06-30 21:01:07
176.   confucius
Penny has now thrown 100 pitches. Any thoughts of having him start the eighth?
2006-06-30 21:01:38
177.   scareduck
174 - See 76.
2006-06-30 21:02:11
178.   StolenMonkey86
Does Penny pitch the 8th?
2006-06-30 21:02:25
179.   Greg S
176- Toast.
2006-06-30 21:04:39
180.   confucius
I hate JD Drew
2006-06-30 21:05:42
181.   scareduck
That first pitch trick worked so well in the third, too. Sorry, Jeff.
2006-06-30 21:07:03
182.   StolenMonkey86
Let's see what Andre can do.
2006-06-30 21:07:48
183.   Greg S
182 that.
2006-06-30 21:08:00
184.   scareduck
Andre Ethier likes Angels pitching.
2006-06-30 21:08:01
185.   Greg Brock
Heck of a game for Outfielder 3.5
2006-06-30 21:08:03
186.   natepurcell
mr 4th outfielder!
2006-06-30 21:08:20
187.   coachjpark
Ethier trade looks better every day....
2006-06-30 21:08:21
188.   confucius
What d'ya say Andre!!!!
2006-06-30 21:08:52
189.   StolenMonkey86
A little over 400 ft on that one.

Kemp's turn.

2006-06-30 21:09:50
190.   natepurcell
Ethier looked like he got jammed. I am amazed the ball went out of the deepest part of the outfield.
2006-06-30 21:11:05
191.   StolenMonkey86
Coaching visit with Izturis up.

Bravo to Kemp on the 2-strike hit.

2006-06-30 21:11:15
192.   coachjpark
Is there anyone with DirecTV out there that can't get the Padres/Giants game? It irks me that I pay for the MLB package and for some odd reason, one game here and there is not televised...
2006-06-30 21:12:56
193.   Gen3Blue
Sometimes new blood helps. Watched Drew and Kent make four outs without even moving a runner. 3 strikeouts! And then Ethier takes out Colon, who we let stay into the eighth.
2006-06-30 21:15:09
194.   scareduck
192 - we have Extra Innings and I wanted to watch the D-Rays game. Guess they don't bother to follow that team.
2006-06-30 21:15:10
195.   Steve
The last two years have been like watching the Bizarro Enterprise episode of Star Trek, with Mike Scioscia wearing the pointy beard.
2006-06-30 21:16:16
196.   Nagman
192 - The likelihood of a Padre game being televised on Extra Innings is not as good as other teams since their flagship TV station does not have a deal with MLB Extra Innings.
2006-06-30 21:16:57
197.   StolenMonkey86
I was just thinking, 5 runs, that's almost safe enough for Danys Baez.

I can't help but feel uneasy here.

2006-06-30 21:17:58
198.   Uncle Miltie
Since Bradley can't stay healthy, Ned made a steal of a trade, even if Ethier is a borderline starting outfielder.

It's quite an accomplishment to rob Billy Beane, but when you've been to taken to school by the Devil Rays, it lessens your other achievements.

2006-06-30 21:18:00
199.   D4P
Caesar Izturis is the kind of 3rd baseman that makes me miss Mike Edwards.
2006-06-30 21:18:05
200.   scareduck
197 - you haven't been watching the Angels' offense. A .250 average would be an improvement.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-06-30 21:18:37
201.   D4P
when you've been to taken to school by the Devil Rays

Twice. Two times.

2006-06-30 21:18:58
202.   Gen3Blue
Oh, God . Penny could have gone another. I'm a chicken but I have to turn the sound off. Please get to Saito. Yes.
2006-06-30 21:19:27
203.   StolenMonkey86
Ok, good efficient inning from Baez.
2006-06-30 21:19:48
204.   coachjpark
192 Crawford had a pretty good fantasy day today as did Rocco... that team should be pretty good not too long from now. Look for Seo to regain his form...

I'm resorting to using to listen to Chan Ho give up a bomb to Sweeney in the 8th inning...

2006-06-30 21:19:53
205.   scareduck
For a game with this much scoring, it's moved pretty fast.
2006-06-30 21:20:19
206.   Gen3Blue
The Announcers, who I think are Angels, have been quite human and good.
2006-06-30 21:20:25
207.   scareduck
204 - on his birthday, too.
2006-06-30 21:20:47
208.   regfairfield
Hey, Matt Kemp's coffee maker.
2006-06-30 21:20:51
209.   Greg S
199- Anyone associated with the Dodger organization that you don't despise?
2006-06-30 21:20:58
210.   Uncle Miltie
201- I thought I said that. Guess I left it out. And you can even add "in the last 4 months"
2006-06-30 21:21:11
211.   coachjpark
199 Mike Edwards, if I'm not mistaken, is batting a productive .133 for Tracy's Pirates. I wonder if, in the back of his mind, he would be playing in the big leagues with any manager other than Tracy at the helm....
2006-06-30 21:21:26
212.   MSarg29
I think Andre can develop real power. He can be more than a 4th out fielder.
2006-06-30 21:21:29
213.   StolenMonkey86
I love how when players get traded, they just get the new uniform photoshopped on their old portrait.
2006-06-30 21:21:47
214.   Nagman
204 Not exactly a bomb. It went into that little porch that sticks out in RF, Giles climbed the wall and leaned into the seats and almost had it, some fans got in the way or he mighta had it.
2006-06-30 21:22:56
215.   coachjpark
203 Baez has only two modes: efficient outing and get bombed outing
2006-06-30 21:24:47
216.   natepurcell
I think Andre can develop real power. He can be more than a 4th out fielder.

3.5 right?

2006-06-30 21:25:24
217.   Uncle Miltie
Fookie is drunk again. Can't he wait until the game is over?
2006-06-30 21:25:38
218.   coachjpark
204 Nice to know... Chan Ho is on all 3 of my fantasy teams -- a bit of a Korean bias, I must admit, but given that he was undrafted, Park's certainly been a serviceable pitcher that strikes out batters and a decent WHIP and ERA...

After watching Chan Ho during the WBC Classic, I knew that he was "back." And, given that he got married during the off-season, I had a hunch that that might settle him down a bit...

2006-06-30 21:26:31
219.   Steve
The only thing missing for the Angel this year is the constant taunts from stupid sportswriters to do something stupid.
2006-06-30 21:26:55
220.   StolenMonkey86
Furcal just pulled a Kent.
2006-06-30 21:27:39
221.   DXMachina
215 - He's like a Krusty doll. We just need someone to remember to flip the switch from "missile crisis" to "efficient" when he comes in.
2006-06-30 21:27:53
222.   Gen3Blue
Where the hell was Furcal, I couldn't find him in the picture I got.
Andre is not a forth.He is somewhere in the first three even now.
2006-06-30 21:28:16
223.   scareduck
219 - it's already started. I think Whicker, who I usuallly like, had already sounded the klaxon.
2006-06-30 21:28:42
224.   D4P
Baez has only two modes: efficient outing and get bombed outing

With the latter being the modal mode.

2006-06-30 21:29:04
225.   StolenMonkey86
But Baez didn't come with a free Frogurt.
2006-06-30 21:30:38
226.   Gen3Blue
2006-06-30 21:31:51
227.   DXMachina
225 -

Old guy in Devil Rays uniform: You also get Lance Carter...

Ned Colletti: [blank look]

Old guy: That's bad...

2006-06-30 21:33:05
228.   Greg Brock
216 That's correct. I'm calling him Outfielder 3.5 for now. Time will tell.
2006-06-30 21:34:23
229.   Gen3Blue
Yes--thank God.
2006-06-30 21:34:32
230.   coachjpark
Anyone in here in favoring of signing Chan Ho to a 1 or 2 year contract next year for about 3-4 million per year? It's my hunch that Chan Ho would take a discount to make a return to Los Angeles... besides, there's no Koreans on the team so the 1 Korean quota has to be filled by someone. Why not Chan Ho?
2006-06-30 21:34:35
231.   natepurcell

This 3.5 OF has an OPS over 900. Better then Mr. 55 million $ outfielder.

2006-06-30 21:35:08
232.   Greg S
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim-- The cure for whatever ails you.
2006-06-30 21:35:11
233.   D4P
We just got rid of one Korean Jeff Weaver. We don't need another.
2006-06-30 21:36:43
234.   Greg Brock
231 Sample size
2006-06-30 21:38:01
235.   natepurcell

The DT mantra!

2006-06-30 21:38:25
236.   Gen3Blue
Too Bad. They got to Ethier and gave him the full media course. His interview was a sterile Cukoo.
2006-06-30 21:41:17
237.   Greg Brock
Nate: Hey, Ethier is OPSing a ton. What can you make of this Greg?

Greg Brock: Oh, I can make a hat, or a broach, or a pterodactyl...

2006-06-30 21:41:24
238.   Gen3Blue
If Drew takes many more days off he will have a sample size problem too.
2006-06-30 21:43:44
239.   natepurcell


2006-06-30 21:45:29
240.   D4P
Lotta pressure there on whomever posts 287.
2006-06-30 21:47:07
241.   Greg Brock
240 Oh Nelly, I have fifty posts to come up with comedy gold. Steve? Bob? Any help?
2006-06-30 21:49:25
242.   Nagman
The 4-way tie scenario is in jeopardy.
2006-06-30 21:50:31
243.   natepurcell
The person who makes comment 287, I gave you plenty of warning time.

be prepared.

2006-06-30 21:52:13
244.   regfairfield
234 Unless we're talking about Odalis Perez.
2006-06-30 21:53:15
245.   Greg Brock
244 No that would be "Sampler Size". As in Chili's appetizer menu.
2006-06-30 21:54:30
246.   regfairfield
I may be doing my math wrong, but did Josh Fogg face the minimum against Seattle?
2006-06-30 21:56:03
247.   natepurcell
The savior debuts tomorrow. I can't wait!
2006-06-30 21:58:01
248.   Gagne55
Giants implode in the ninth against the Pads. First place will have to wait for another day.
2006-06-30 21:59:03
249.   Greg Brock
247 Jesus Colome?
2006-06-30 21:59:41
250.   Gagne55
Just looked at the box score. BF: Fogg 27, Moyer 33.

So yes, Fogg did face the minimum.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-06-30 22:00:18
251.   Gagne55
244 Odalis Perez is terrible.
2006-06-30 22:00:37
252.   thinkingblue
This 3.5 OF has an OPS over 900. Better then Mr. 55 million $ outfielder.<<

JD "overrated+Injury Prone Syndrome (OPS)" Drew.

2006-06-30 22:01:35
253.   Gagne55
249 He's referring to Hendrickson. Personally, I think Hendrickson is going to implode any day now.
2006-06-30 22:02:56
254.   thinkingblue
So yes, Fogg did face the minimum.

There must really have been fog for that to happen.

2006-06-30 22:10:40
255.   regfairfield
252 How can he be overrated when every baseball fan seems to hate him?

Much like how can Darin Erstad/Chone Figgins/any other intangables monster be underrated.

2006-06-30 22:25:49
256.   natepurcell
Todays trade discussion recap

Pretty busy day in the office, with a lot of GMs initiating contact and vice versa. I have gotten plenty of interest for Izturis. With Boston having the greatest interest so far. They have offered a packaged centered about 2 pitchers, one being a C prospect while the other right now IMO a B prospect but has excellent potential. Ive gotten feelers from Toronto and the Mets for Izturis as well, although talks haven't developed to the names stage yet.

There have been inquiries about Penny, Lowe and Drew, who I i said were all available for the right price. I had a couple of back and forth conversations with the Yankees GM, he seems to be the most interested in Lowe and Drew but my asking price for both cannot be met with his farm system unless he wants to trade his jewel.

I have initiated some talks. Some successful, most not. Just like the real life GM, I am looking for any kind of pitching. Right now, I do have one deal I really like that is on the table from the other team and I just need to snap my fingers to make it happen. It involes a trade with the Pirates for a pitcher who IMO, is underrated in the prospect world right now and projects to be a solid #2 pitcher. He's asking for two outfielder prospects; one who right now is mostly potential instead of production and the other has produced, but also has some serious flaws which will hinder his future development in my opinion. I have sent some scouts to watch his outing tomorrow and if they like what they see, I will probably pull the trigger on the deal.

Well thats all from the Dodger front office right now. Probably plenty more stuff will happen tomororw... maybe even a trade.

2006-06-30 22:28:29
257.   thinkingblue
How can he be overrated when every baseball fan seems to hate him?

Much like how can Darin Erstad/Chone Figgins/any other intangables monster be underrated.

He may always put up a good OPS (when he plays that is), but would you really put him up there with the top outfielders in the National League? No, maybe in 2004, but that's about the only year he was a top outfielder.

Also, most Angel fans bash Erstad and Figgins to no end.

2006-06-30 22:36:45
258.   Jon Weisman
Six-run eighth gives the 51s a win.
2006-06-30 22:44:21
259.   D4P
Long way to go before we hit 287. Bed time here on the east coast.
2006-06-30 22:52:42
260.   Greg Brock
I don't think we're hitting 287 folks. But I have a few tricks up the Ole Brockster's sleeve, just in cases.
2006-06-30 22:54:14
261.   natepurcell
we will if we talk about my day at the office!
2006-06-30 22:54:27
262.   StolenMonkey86
Yep, it's late on this side of the country.
2006-06-30 22:55:18
263.   Greg Brock
So, Nate, how was your day at the office?
2006-06-30 22:55:22
264.   StolenMonkey86
Long or short sleeve?
2006-06-30 22:58:58
265.   Greg Brock
261 At least tell me that your boss stepped on a Foreman Grill, or that your co-workers held Office Olympics, or that one of them dressed up as a Sith Lord.
2006-06-30 23:15:15
266.   StolenMonkey86
Well now I'll be humming the imperial march to sleep.

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