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That'll Teach 'Em
2006-07-07 22:50
by Jon Weisman

Bottom of the eighth.

Tie game.

Rafael Furcal singles.

Matt Kemp bunts into a force play.

Nomar Garciaparra homers.

(Enter J. Walter Weatherman.)

"And that's why you don't let your power hitter bunt!"

* * *

The day Joe Morgan hit his Dodger-killing homer off Terry Forster in 1982. I watched it. Oh yes, I saw it. What follows are the many, many things I don't remember about the game:

  • Fernando Valenzuela started for the Dodgers. He went six innings, walking five but allowing only two hits and striking out nine. In the second inning, after Ron Cey gave the Dodgers a 2-0 lead in the top of the inning, the Giants loaded the bases with none out. Valenzuela walked in one run and induced a double play that scored the other.

  • The score was still 2-2 with one out in the seventh when Rick Monday, Cey and pinch-hitter Jose Morales (batting for Mike Scioscia) loaded the bases with singles. In a critical at-bat with Valenzuela on deck, Bill Russell struck out. It was only Russell's 30th strikeout in 576 plate appearances that season. That forced Tommy Lasorda to send up Jorge Orta to bat for Valenzuela, who batted .168 in 1982, and Orta grounded out.

  • It was not Forster who started the decisive bottom of the seventh inning for the Dodgers, but none other than future devastator Tom Niedenfuer, who immediately allowed a single to Bob Brenly and a double to Champ Summers. Giants reliever Greg Minton, who ended up pitching the final 2 2/3 innings of the game, batted for himself and struck out. (Perhaps he attempted to squeeze at first?) Only after that did Forster enter the game.

  • Forster got the first batter he faced, right-handed pinch-hitter Jim Wohlford. Then Morgan came to bat. Up to that point, the seventh inning of the 162nd game of the season, Forster had not allowed a home run to a left-handed batter.

    The previous homer he had allowed to a lefty was by Dan Driessen on August 11, 1981 - coincidentally, also a game-winning shot in the seventh inning. In 1,029 at-bats by lefties against Forster during his career, they hit 12 home runs.

  • You'll notice the repeated references to the seventh inning. How many of you remember there were still two innings to play after Morgan's home run, and that the Dodgers scored in one of them? I didn't.

    With one out in the eighth, Dusty Baker and Ken Landreaux hit back-to-back doubles to cut the Giants' lead to 5-3. However, tying runs Steve Garvey struck out and Monday grounded out to end the threat.

  • Forster remained in the game and retired San Francisco in order. He ended up retiring four of five batters he faced that day.

  • In the final inning, the Dodgers went out one, two, three. Russell grounded to third for the final out.

    And that was the season.

    Forster may ultimately be the goat, but he certainly didn't deserve all the blame for this loss. In case you were wondering why I would resurrect this bad Dodger memory, it was because of the discovery that after nearly 25 years, Forster deserved a bit of a break.

    I guess I did Niedenfuer and Russell no favors, though. If Russell could have just made contact in top of the seventh, who knows? Sigh. Who knows ...

    * * *

    On the bright side, here's a companion to Angel pitcher John Lackey retiring 27 straight batters after allowing a leadoff double tonight. Dodger pitcher Jerry Reuss did the same thing June 11, 1982.

    Since we arrived at Dodger Stadium in time to see the second batter of the game, I like to think it was a perfect game for me.

    * * *

    I got 40 out of 50 out on ESPN's baseball trivia quiz. I should have done better, but at least I beat much of the pro competition.

  • Comments (84)
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    2006-07-07 23:04:54
    1.   Nomarsoup4U
    Alother reason to hate Joe Morgan I guess
    2006-07-07 23:07:55
    2.   Steve
    I was not only at the Reuss game above, but I remember it vividly. I was six.
    2006-07-07 23:13:05
    3.   Bob Timmermann
    I got a 43 on the quiz.

    #23 is impossible to answer correctly as none of the choices are correct.

    2006-07-07 23:20:29
    4.   LAT
    3. Will the real Ken Jennings please stand up.
    2006-07-07 23:20:50
    5.   LAT
    Az/Co game over. DBacks win 4-3
    2006-07-07 23:21:31
    6.   Daniel B
    I got 38.

    I had a complete brain fart and missed 49 and 50. I should of at least gotten those right.

    2006-07-07 23:24:03
    7.   Bob Timmermann
    And the Dodgers are back in the wildcard spot!
    2006-07-07 23:25:07
    8.   Bob Timmermann
    Question #1 doesn't really have the right answer listed either.
    2006-07-07 23:34:19
    9.   Louis in SF
    I was at all of the games that weekend working as a cub reporter for KFWB. I remember going into the Dodger dugout after the game and Forster was in tears. The Russell at bat was brutal because in addition to just needing to make contact I believe the infield was playing at normal or halfway so even if Russell would have hit into a double play the Dodgers might have scored, Fernando was pitching great and always wondered if the Dodgers would not have been better off alowing Fernando to continue.
    2006-07-07 23:41:55
    10.   regfairfield
    Let's see if anyone doesn't beat my 26.
    2006-07-07 23:45:13
    11.   StolenMonkey86
    Of course, Forster. Funny, but Odalis Perez seems the most like the guy who'd trigger a memory of him. Forster was, after all, the original FTOG.
    2006-07-07 23:46:50
    12.   Linkmeister
    Gah. 36 of 50.
    2006-07-07 23:47:07
    13.   Uncle Miltie
    I'm posting this in both threads because I feel that it is that important.

    One time this year I was watching ESPN and I wasn't exactly sober. I thought I was watching a tennis match between a man and a woman. After seeing the person who I thought was a man sober, I realized that the alcohol did not impair my judgment at all.

    Here's some proof

    2006-07-07 23:50:49
    14.   Xeifrank
    I was at that Jerry Ruess pitched game, sitting along the first base line with my father. Unfortunately for us, we were both big Cincinnati Reds fans. A double to the left center field wall then two consecutive productive outs and that was all she wrote for the Reds that evening. vr, Xei
    2006-07-07 23:55:06
    15.   LAT
    Let's just say I didn't do so well and it would have been at least two worse had Eight Men Out not been on a month or so ago.
    2006-07-07 23:59:18
    16.   Linkmeister
    15 That managerial one was tough, because at least three of the choices were actually on the Black Sox; I got it wrong too.
    2006-07-08 00:07:07
    17.   Uncle Miltie
    26 out of 50.

    Not a passing grade. I can always use my age as an excuse (19)

    2006-07-08 00:08:00
    18.   King of the Hobos
    10 I have you beat, I answered 17 correctly.
    2006-07-08 00:09:53
    19.   StolenMonkey86
    I looked like Shaq at the free throw line: 18 of 50. And using my age (20) as an excuse just makes Uncle Miltie look better.

    Why not.

    2006-07-08 00:11:20
    20.   LA Native
    Speaking of Lackey and the Angels, I know the local media and most everyone has been railing against them all year and they have been disappointing to be sure, but I think they have a good chance to win their weak division. They have a strong starting 5 especially if Colon gets on track. Their offense is still soft, but I don't see Guerrero going into another severe slump during the rest of the year, and guys like Kotchman, McPherson, and Kendrick could still contribute in the second half. Also, their defense has been horrible, which goes against many of their player's career figures. I wish I could be as positive on the Dodgers, now that Gagne is not coming back and our starting pitching and bullpen is still very suspect outside of Penny and Lowe. I can't see us winning with Izturis at 3rd.
    2006-07-08 00:15:18
    21.   King of the Hobos
    19 You still beat me though, so take that as consolation. Of the 17 I got right, 8 were were guesses. Which means of my guesses, I was 8 for 41, almost perfect probability, so I deserved what I got. I do have my age in my favor however (18)
    2006-07-08 00:16:49
    22.   thinkingblue
    I wish I could be as positive on the Dodgers, now that Gagne is not coming back and our starting pitching and bullpen is still very suspect outside of Penny and Lowe.

    Gagne not coming back really doesn't sting as much as it seems. I mean, he hasn't really been a part of our team this year. Sure, it would help a whole lot to have Gagne, and Saito in a set up role (and not Baez), but Saito has been an outstanding closer this year.

    2006-07-08 00:20:11
    23.   Uncle Miltie
    I'm waiting to see how many Bob got right. Probably 49. He won't get number 20 right.
    2006-07-08 00:23:05
    24.   King of the Hobos
    23, please see 3
    2006-07-08 00:26:28
    25.   Uncle Miltie
    24- did not see that, thanks. Did anyone get number 20 right?
    2006-07-08 00:27:51
    26.   Greg Brock
    38/50: Philadelphia Daily and Eddie Plank hurt the most. Damn you Ken Burns, you only prepared me so well.
    2006-07-08 00:29:01
    27.   Linkmeister
    25 Yeah, I did. It helps if you know what his nickname was. I won't spoil it for anyone, but is your friend there.
    2006-07-08 00:29:07
    28.   Greg Brock
    25 You're kidding, I'm sure. Mordecai Brown...Mordecai "Three Finger Brown." I know you're kidding.
    2006-07-08 00:29:40
    29.   scooplew
    I got 37 right; I was at the Morgan homer game, sitting down the rightfield line. I was a news reporter at the old S.F. Examiner at the time, but not working that day. I was wearing my Dodgers cap. After the game I remember a woman whom I had never met, but also a Dodgers fan, giving me a big, sad hug. If I remember correctly, Morgan hit an 0-2 pitch for the homer. The Dodgers won the first game of the series on a Monday grand slam breaking a scoreless tie late in the game, and then hammered the Giants in the second game, Saturday afternoon, eliminating S.F. from the NL West race. We needed a victory on Sunday plus a San Diego victory of Atlanta to tie the Braves for first and force a playoff. San Diego beat Atlanta, 5-1.
    2006-07-08 00:31:58
    30.   King of the Hobos
    25 Of the 21 "pros," only Mike Lowell and Brad Ausmus missed #20. 70.3% of people have answered it correctly. I was not a member of that 70.3%.
    2006-07-08 00:33:02
    31.   Uncle Miltie
    28- nope, guess I missed an easy one.
    2006-07-08 00:34:21
    32.   Bob Timmermann
    I missed 11, 23 (which has the wrong answer), 28, 39, 44, 45, and 48.
    2006-07-08 00:40:23
    33.   Uncle Miltie
    I didn't even see that they had the pros take it. Rocco Baldelli answered more questions correctly than his manager, LOL. Kevin Mench is a baseball genius.

    32- I missed all of those except for 39

    2006-07-08 00:41:38
    34.   Bob Timmermann
    Question #23 bugs me even more than Jae Seo getting ripped off for a save on June 23.
    2006-07-08 00:43:26
    35.   King of the Hobos
    2, 3, 11, 12, 16, 18, 19, 26, 31, 40, 44, and 46 all have had a majority (plurality?) of people choose the wrong answer. 41 (who has the most no-hitters) had the most correct answers. Even I got that one right!
    2006-07-08 00:54:55
    36.   Ken Arneson
    I got a 38. Most of the ones I got wrong, I was debating between two answers, and picked the wrong one.
    2006-07-08 01:02:01
    37.   Uncle Miltie
    Every Dodgers fan should get 33 and 35 right. Steve Phillips didn't.

    Steve Phillips also missed 49 and 13, which weren't very hard.

    I'm surprised that more people didn't get number 12 right. I have a good memory so that probably helped me with this question.

    2006-07-08 01:15:12
    38.   natepurcell
    Kyle Orr has his own website.

    2006-07-08 01:48:03
    39.   Suffering Bruin
    What a hellish night. We went to see Bugs Bunny and the L.A. Phil at the Hollywood Bowl. The show was fine but let's just say the bus transportation was horrific.

    So why am I smiling? At 1:42am with a headache?

    46/50. I missed 9, 23, 28 and 39.

    Bow down, people. Bow down. :)

    2006-07-08 01:52:28
    40.   Greg Brock
    Once again, Suffering Bruin teaches me the way. I may have founded the ABI, I may have created Outfielder 3.5, but 46/50 puts me in my place. I bow before your greatness, You #%)*#$)!
    2006-07-08 02:10:42
    41.   bhsportsguy
    44/50 9, 16, 28, 31, 46 and 48.

    That's what you get for reading a lot of baseball history and purchasing the Ken Burn's documentary.

    Went to the game tonite, some comments:

    Since I did not have a CF shot of where Chad's pitches was going, I have to say that for the most part, his curve ball was working but he could not locate his fastball.

    Should have got out the 1st without a run, probably should have kept throwing curve balls to Bonds since he was waiting for the fastball.

    I think he is improving but he still does not get the easy outs, 2nd or 3rd pitch ground balls, etc.

    Furcal appears to be putting his offensive game. Nomar kept just missing those pitches in the 8th before hitting it out.

    Gio is back doing his good pitching after be called up, which generally lasts about half a season.

    Kemp made a nice grab on Vizquel's ball. Ethier has now joined Martin in breaking into the everyday lineup, although he may be skipped tomorrow due to LH Lowery pitching with an OF of Cruz, Kemp and Drew, then if Lofton's hammy is still tweaked, Ethier, Kemp and Drew against Schmidt.

    It certainly was a fun game with no real solid pitching for either team but good offensive production for the Dodgers.

    2006-07-08 05:12:39
    42.   MLKaplan43
    I got 33. Thanks Ken Burns!
    2006-07-08 07:32:03
    43.   Marty
    I'm ashamed to say I only got 31. But #20 was the easiest I thought. I've seen Eight Men Out about 10 times and I still missed the manager's name question.
    2006-07-08 07:51:14
    44.   Bob Timmermann
    All hail the Conquering Hero, Suffering Bruin.
    2006-07-08 08:11:36
    45.   Bluebleeder87
    13 Yikes
    2006-07-08 08:46:10
    46.   bill cox
    I got 35 out of 50 which is bad seeing as I went to school with Honus Wagner(just kidding-not quite that old)
    Nate;so is Orr not signed?

    Also-Is Justin Orenduff sidelined?

    Is James Loney a mere mortal?

    2006-07-08 08:47:57
    47.   Michael Green
    I got 41 out of 50, which is probably a miracle.

    Granting that I don't have any numbers in front of me, the funny thing to me about Bill Russell making key outs in that game is that I tend to remember him as a clutch hitter. Not always a clutch fielder, maybe not a clutch manager (I think he got kind of a bad rap), but a clutch hitter.

    2006-07-08 08:57:00
    48.   Tommy Naccarato
    I too was at the game last night and from my usual viewpoint, it was as almost as soon as that pitch left Chad's hand, I let out a gasp, knowing where it was going to end up. There was just never any doubt.

    IMHO, it was a rookie mistake to throw him that pitch and Bonds--hate him as much as I may--took complete advantage of it.

    While the Giants had some timely hits, it was that Bonds 3-run home run that gave them a life, and of course Feliz.

    Is it me or is that guy a pain in the neck?

    2006-07-08 09:02:32
    49.   Gagne55
    17 Age is no excuse. I'm 18 and I got 45 out of 50. I read too much.
    2006-07-08 09:07:01
    50.   Gagne55
    But one of my misses was where Vin Scully went to college. :(
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2006-07-08 09:36:43
    51.   Jon Weisman
    I probably would have done better when I was younger. That's when I had more time to read more baseball history, and that stuff was fresher in my head. You kids need to put down your bats and gloves and stay inside the house more!
    2006-07-08 09:37:43
    52.   Jon Weisman
    Wow - a Tommy sighting! Tommy and Howard Fox in the same 24-hour period - it's like a reunion.
    2006-07-08 09:39:02
    53.   Bob Timmermann
    Howard has still not invited me into his kitchen.
    2006-07-08 09:51:12
    54.   Bluebleeder87
    yesterday I sat next to a guy that looked just like Kevin Smith (Clerks) kind of funny when I think about it today (hang over)
    2006-07-08 09:59:00
    55.   underdog
    I still loathe Joe Morgan because of that home run, hit when I was 12, and was in such shock that I'd long since forgotten the game continued after that. I still loathe Joe Morgan also because he's an annoying baseball analyst. Poor Tom Niedenfuer.

    Well, I have to finish my screenplay this weekend so I'm gonna be mostly offline but will try to check in with the game today (the Fox televised game, speaking of annoying announcers) and have a good weekend!

    2006-07-08 10:00:24
    56.   Bluebleeder87
    My sister just told me she has to extra tickets for the Dodger game, I'M ON A ROLL LADYS & GENTLEMAN!! Tom Cruis (Cocktail)
    2006-07-08 10:01:08
    57.   Bob Timmermann
    I think a sizeable chunk of the white fans who come to Dodger Stadium look like Kevin Smith's "Silent Bob" character.
    2006-07-08 10:01:27
    58.   DXMachina
    44 out of 50. Missed 11, 24, 26, 43, 44, and 50. I also got lucky on a couple of guesses (especially the Yogi-ism).
    2006-07-08 10:09:35
    59.   dsfan
    Can't say I'm bullish on Bryan Morris, the pitcher the Dodgers selected with their second draft pick last month.
    Has nothing to do with Morris directly. It's just that he's a former Devil Ray, of sorts. The Devil Rays had agreed to terms with him, then decided against it. This alone should've scared off the Dodgers.
    And why wouldn't Jae Seo hold the Yankees to one run in seven innings, throwing only 91 pitches?
    2006-07-08 10:20:26
    60.   Bob Timmermann
    When he pours, he reigns.


    2006-07-08 10:25:02
    61.   Disabled List
    I got 37 out of 50, but I got lucky. I guessed on a number of questions and got a surprising number of them right. This means, of course, that on future trivia quizzes, I'm due to regress to the mean.

    Since my score is moderately decent and I'm less expensive than high performers like Suffering Bruin or Bob, Ned Colletti has entered negotiations to acquire my services to fill the hole in the Dodgers trivia dept. Good thing for me he's not interested in my peripherals.

    2006-07-08 10:32:10
    62.   Suffering Bruin
    In a trivia contest with Bob, I would probably end up in the fetal position sobbing in the corner. The only reason I did as well as I did was because I knew a lot of that stuff when I was much younger and it just stuck. In a trivia contest from the 1990's on, I would get crushed.

    I'm still ticked about question 28, though. I can't believe I missed that.

    2006-07-08 10:39:49
    63.   Bluebleeder87
    dose anybody know were secion 307PL/ROWBOX V/ VIP 12 IS???
    2006-07-08 10:40:17
    64.   dagwich
    36/50...not bad considering most of the answers had to pulled from the "archived" section of the hard drive. And where there was a coin flip between 2 answers (yes, I actually flipped a coin) I lost. But if I had to flip a fair coin 1000 times I bet I would have broken even.

    What's the story with #24? That was a surprise.

    2006-07-08 10:48:14
    65.   Bob Timmermann
    Section 307 is in the left field pavilion.

    Bring a hat, some sunscreen, and preferably a kevlar vest.

    2006-07-08 10:54:30
    66.   Bluebleeder87

    darn it!! I hate that section! oh well baggers can't be choosers!


    Ps I'm just happy to be there! :o)

    2006-07-08 11:10:54
    67.   Kayaker7
    34 Why was Seo not credited with the save?

    This says that he got the save, but the save total is zero. Also, the game wrap says that he earned his first career save.

    2006-07-08 11:16:21
    68.   Bob Timmermann
    Contest to win free tickets for this afternoon's game on the Griddle.
    2006-07-08 11:20:27
    69.   Bob Timmermann
    The official scorer said that Seo was "not effective" and took the save away.

    On Wednesday, Florida pitcher Renyel Pinto gave up four runs in three innings and got a save in an 18-9 Florida win over Washington.

    Pinto got sent to the minors.

    2006-07-08 11:22:39
    70.   D4P
    The official scorer said that Seo was "not effective" and took the save away

    Has a "win" ever been taken away based on the same rationale?

    2006-07-08 11:24:45
    71.   Bob Timmermann
    They can do it for relievers who pitch "briefly and ineffectively."

    That doesn't happen too often, but the official scorer will do it if a reliever comes in, coughs up the lead while retiring just one or two batters and then his team rallies to take the lead in the next inning. If the next reliever pitches well, then that guy might get the win. Unless the pitcher that follows is the closer. Then they will usually give the closer the save and Mickey Middle Reliever gets a cheap win, Danys Baez-style.

    2006-07-08 11:26:38
    72.   Bob Timmermann
    Free ticket contest link:
    2006-07-08 11:28:58
    73.   PlayTwo
    Don't focus too much on the negative. Picture this memory: Eddie Murray at third, Fernando playing first.
    2006-07-08 11:29:21
    74.   D4P
    Why treat relievers differently? If a starting pitcher pitches at least 5 ineffective innings, maybe he shouldn't be allowed to get a "win."
    2006-07-08 11:30:54
    75.   Bob Timmermann
    An easier way around this would be to eliminate the subjectivity in the awarding of wins and saves all together.
    2006-07-08 11:35:41
    76.   D4P
    Agreed. Either be subjective about both or about neither. I personally wouldn't be the least bit upset if "wins" and "saves" were eliminated altogether. The problem, of course, is that they make for an easy way for pitchers to extract big contracts.
    2006-07-08 11:36:46
    77.   underdog
    An aside here, and was probably mentioned before, but has anyone noticed that the TB Devil Rays' mascot has his own blog (as part of the mlb blogs)?

    I have no idea what Raymond is supposed to be but it's clearly not a devil ray. His blog should be bookmarked by anyone who wants to keep up on all the mascot-related activity across the league.

    2006-07-08 11:41:02
    78.   Bob Timmermann
    I don't want to know what sort of animal Raymond is supposed to be, but I think God will be unhappy to see what sort of tinkering has been done with nature to create Raymond.
    2006-07-08 11:45:16
    79.   Jon Weisman
    Game thread is open.
    2006-07-08 11:58:21
    80.   Bluebleeder87
    I could have won that Bob!! >:)
    2006-07-08 12:13:04
    81.   Tommy Naccarato
    Hard to believe I know. Most people have been putting it on a par with seeing Sasquatch itself!

    If you weren't far from where you usually are, last night I should have just moissied on over and seen if you were there.

    2006-07-08 12:21:47
    82.   Daniel Zappala
    One of the few I got right was the question on Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown. And that was only because his was one of the cards on the baseball game I used to play as a kid -- one of those where you roll the dice and the probabilities on the card tell you what happened.
    2006-07-08 14:57:10
    83.   das411
    Last but not least, a Link- and dag-esque 36/50. Upset that I missed 44 because I had had "16 perfect games in MLB history" carved into my brain for a good 5 years before I watched the Unit close out #17.
    2006-07-08 22:52:01
    84.   Jon Weisman
    81 - I was where I usually am :)

    Comment status: comments have been closed. Baseball Toaster is now out of business.