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Ledee Healthy, Alomar To Be Stashed?
2006-07-13 20:28
by Jon Weisman

Rather than having me parse all the pending roster moves, just catch up directly through Ken Gurnick's notebook on

Oh, what the heck. Let's parse:

  • Ricky Ledee is healthy and waiting for an opening. Most likely, Sandy Alomar, Jr. will take a disabled list vacation - unless fast-acting malcontent Toby Hall is traded. (I'm sure general managers are lining up around the block for him.)

    I don't doubt others have been upset about riding the bench even on a good team, but I'm surprised he's so open about it.

  • Cesar Izturis will miss a few days - his wife will be induced into labor Monday if she doesn't deliver a baby sooner. Congrats, Cesar!

  • Lance Carter was outright outrighted off the 40-man roster, meaning the other 29 teams passed on the chance to claim him. He remains in Las Vegas.

  • Jason Repko arrived in Las Vegas to begin a take-your-time rehabilitation assignment.

  • Brett Tomko will test himself by throwing off a mound soon.

  • Comments (100)
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    2006-07-13 20:42:25
    1.   bobbygrich
    I do think the stashing of Sandy Alomar makes sense, now when Repko comes back, that will probably mean sending Kemp back down.
    2006-07-13 20:44:54
    2.   Terry A
    I anticipate a trade, with Hall and Izturis the most likely suspects (at the major league level).

    And let us not forget that Odalis Perez is still taking up valued roster space as well.

    2006-07-13 20:48:12
    3.   bobbygrich
    2 I seriously doubt they trade Hall, I think they really want someone that can play every day in case something happens to Martin.
    2006-07-13 20:55:20
    4.   Jon Weisman
    2 - Call me crazy, but I think Perez would have to prove he's an ineffective relief pitcher.
    2006-07-13 21:05:57
    5.   Bob Timmermann
    That's crazy talk. You're talking crazy, man!
    2006-07-13 21:11:21
    6.   Terry A
    Bob's right, Jon. That is crazy.

    Crazy like having Jeff Weaver pinch-hit.

    2006-07-13 21:23:04
    7.   Bluebleeder87
    Izzy makes those playes like nothing!
    2006-07-13 21:23:05
    8.   Bluebleeder87
    Izzy makes those playes like nothing!
    2006-07-13 21:24:42
    9.   Bluebleeder87

    we've just love the last memember of the Perez lelief fund.

    2006-07-13 21:32:02
    10.   Bluebleeder87
    I love basbeall!!
    2006-07-13 21:33:02
    11.   Bluebleeder87
    show no love, see no love!
    2006-07-13 21:34:28
    12.   Bluebleeder87
    I will forever love this game, called baseball!
    2006-07-13 21:35:19
    13.   Terry A
    4 - You were saying, Jon?
    2006-07-13 21:36:48
    14.   thinkingblue
    I had to go somewhere, was Danys Baez still avalible at that time?
    2006-07-13 21:43:29
    15.   trainwreck
    Well that was expected. Made bad decisions on two pitches and it killed us. Odalis should have walked Pujols, simple as that.
    2006-07-13 21:46:41
    16.   thinkingblue
    Simple as Perez shouldn't have even been in the game.
    2006-07-13 21:47:37
    17.   Tom Meagher
    If we were to assume that the Dodgers would go along with Hall's request and trade him to a team that would play him as a regular, then, barring some other team losing a catcher to injury, the only teams where he could be considered an upgrade are Houston, St. Louis, Colorado, San Francisco, Washington, and Philadelphia.

    Houston and Washington are both stuck on no-hit catchers with defensive reps, and neither has shown much of a desire to have elsewise, and Washington isn't even in the race. Houston is more plausible, but even in the unlikely event that they wanted to finally augment Ausmus, it would be surprising if they were to do so in such a cut-rate fashion. What, Pence for Toby Hall? Right.

    St. Louis is into Molina, and he's only 23. It's pretty inconceivable they would decide that Hall's bat advantage substantially outweighs Molina's defensive advantage. If Hall were having a very good year, this would be a darkhorse shot of a contender looking for an edge, but given that he isn't and that StL can improve much more in the outfield, I don't see it.

    Colorado and San Francisco are both employing fill-in tandems at catcher. SF will probably ride out what they've got, even if Alfonzo isn't as good as a lot of people probably think at the moment. Colorado probably likes Torrealba's youth enough to stick with him, and my impression is that the vibe up there is pretty solidly against trading anything meaningful to help the 2006 version.

    Philadelphia has Carlos Ruiz, and I think he's as good as Hall and they've got him for cheaper. Nonetheless, if they feel like both cutting bait on Lieberthal and adding a Proven Big Leaguer, then I could see some sort of swap (likely internecine) involving Lieberthal and Hall. What with Cincinnati's move today (!!!?) I think I could handle the impending stupefaction.

    2006-07-13 21:51:51
    18.   Jon Weisman
    13 - All Perez did was prove he shouldn't pitch to Pujols. That isn't news.

    But if you think it is news, we're back to the Dodgers wanting to get rid of him and other teams having no interest.

    2006-07-13 21:52:14
    19.   Louis in SF
    As far as roster issues go what about making Sandy Alamor a coach and similiar to what they used to do wtih Manny Mota activate him when the roster expand....While Ledee should be brought up he has been a valuable pinch hitter and decent spot starter, the infield problem is becoming more of a problem-when Kent was removed tonight was it because of his oblique?
    2006-07-13 21:57:05
    20.   Terry A
    "Internecine" being the operative word when discussing a Lieberthal/Hall trade.

    Good stuff as always, Tom.

    Hall's whining is really remarkable. The gist is essentially, "I could play in Tampa Bay, because they didn't have Russ Martin. He's better than I am, so they should respect my talent enough to trade me to a team with a catcher who's worse than I am."

    (By the way, seeing as how Hall was miffed at playing the last couple of innings of a blowout just before the ASB, think he'll be tickled at catching the brief bottom of the 14th tonight? One could interpret Grady's battery choice in the 14th as being one big "Shaddup!" to both players.)

    2006-07-13 21:57:24
    21.   JJoeScott
    Grady leave Odalis in too long.
    2006-07-13 21:59:26
    22.   Jon Weisman
    19 - I've advocated that with Alomar all year.

    Mike Penner in tomorrow's Times:

    "Signing off from Pittsburgh after the American League's 3-2 victory in Tuesday's All-Star game, Fox's Joe Buck wrapped an arm around Tim McCarver and uttered the words that sent shudders throughout America.

    "You're stuck!" a grinning Buck told millions of television viewers still reeling from the big-news signing of the day. "You're stuck with us for the next seven years!""

    2006-07-13 22:00:06
    23.   Terry A
    18 - Valid points, both.

    I think Perez will be DFA'd, perhaps as soon as tomorrow.

    2006-07-13 22:01:35
    24.   thinkingblue
    My question still is that of Grady's decision to put OP in instead of Danys Baez.
    2006-07-13 22:03:17
    25.   bobbygrich
    24 The other reason is that you had just had every other short reliever you have throw 2 innings so you will need someone tomorrow, so that was going to be Baez.
    2006-07-13 22:04:44
    26.   trainwreck
    I hope Chad gets a win here soon.
    2006-07-13 22:06:13
    27.   Midwest Blue
    23 I think they'll wait until they deal for another pitcher. And then...DFA, DFA, DFA.

    BTW: Did Lance Carter ever get his videos? Did they turn out to be reruns of Sesame Street or the Wiggles?

    2006-07-13 22:06:18
    28.   Greg S
    I try to not get caught up in the "he sucks" mentality that sometimes whips up around here all too easily. But boy does it apply to McCarver. He is truly the very worst broadcaster I have ever heard. I simply can't stand watching a game when he is behind the mic.
    2006-07-13 22:11:41
    29.   thinkingblue

    good point

    2006-07-13 22:12:20
    30.   thinkingblue
    I'm sorry, 25 was the one I was responding to.
    2006-07-13 22:17:29
    31.   Inside Baseball
    ODP after the game:

    "Well Pujols is the best hitter in the game and I can't help it if the manager decides I should pitch to him. He's hit me pretty well in the past, if it was up to me, I'd have walked him, but you have to go after him if the manager says so."

    Okay so Odalis didn't say this, I made it up, but it's disturbing that it's within his capability.

    2006-07-13 22:17:37
    32.   StolenMonkey86
    Tell me one thing: Did Odalis Perez pitch to Barry Bonds?
    2006-07-13 22:19:51
    33.   Greg S
    24 Perez instead of Baez because you're on the road. Baez likely would have been brought in if the Dodgers had gained a lead. Perez was there to keep pitching until that happened. Unfortunately, it didn't.
    2006-07-13 22:22:32
    34.   King of the Hobos
    25 Along with an Alomar/Ledee DL swap, I have a feeling Kemp could go down allowing the Dodgers to carry an extra reliever through the weekend. However, your theory makes sense and I'm fairly sure Grady had something like that in mind.
    2006-07-13 22:34:09
    35.   Uncle Miltie
    "It's not helping me or the club to catch once a week," said Hall, expected to start Saturday. "Some people say I'm complaining about playing time, but that's not it. I'm looking to the future. I have no future here. I got traded into this. There are plenty of guys out there who can do this.

    "It's a weird thing. I've tried to be positive, but my agent is fed up and I'm fed up. A lot of people ask me why I'm here and I have no answer. It's a top-notch organization, but they have a catcher with a future, so in the equation, I don't add up."

    Toby, in case you haven't realized yet (you're almost 30 years old), your career lies as a backup in the majors. Quit complaining. If you shutup and produce, you may get your wish. Complaining lowers your trade value (which wasn't much to begin with).

    2006-07-13 23:05:21
    36.   dsfan
    Aybar and Guzman, I suspect, will be traded before August.
    2006-07-13 23:10:08
    37.   dsfan
    A few weeks in Triple-A might be good for Kemp -- just let him go down there and get five PAs a night. The PCL has enough 4A guys who can throw him sliders, splits and curves to help him developed his offspeed hitting. Not that he isn't as good, or better, as some of the OFs on the current roster, but for this year and down the road, I think it could help him.
    2006-07-13 23:10:26
    38.   confucius
    No one should be blaming this loss on Odalis Perez. A team scores two runs in 14 innings and there is a pitcher to blame??
    2006-07-13 23:12:33
    39.   dsfan


    A lot can be blamed on Perez beyod this game, but this one's all about the 11 consecutive innings without scoring.

    2006-07-13 23:20:43
    40.   StolenMonkey86
    The Houston Astros have a bunch of pitchers, but, in the words of Jose Lima, their bats need some lovin'.

    They have homer guys. What they need, though, is guys for get on, steal, and score. Enter Kenny Lofton. I can't help but think that he might get a good return from Houston.

    They might even be a suitor for Hall? Ausmus, after all, has never hit for power, and he's hitting the same .238 average as Hall. With an OPS of .598, and throwing out 9 of 50 basestealers, Ausmus isn't quite doing it (Hall's 11 of 47 is slightly better?).

    If they're not attached to Adam Everett, Furcal or Izzy?

    As for who the Astros have, Andy Pettite would be a loaner, and has had a rough start (Pettite for Lofton? And would McCourt accept having another ex-Yankee?), but he has put in 120 innings over 20 starts, and comes with a high draft pick next year. I like Taylor Buckholz, since he's a rookie with a 1.15 WHIP whose only concern is his homer rate, and the fact that he's a rookie makes that less of a concern. Wandy Rodriguez' homer rate improved over last year, but his control isn't weak (1.36 K/BB this year, down from 1.51 in 2005). Or maybe some prospects, though I doubt they'd pick up prospects unless they're about to make a huge impact trade, like for Dontrelle Willis.

    Fortunately, I also doubt that Colletti will pull a DePo and make a huge trade only for the impact player not to work out.

    As for Odalis Perez, he might be tradeable for Shawn Chacon of the Yankees.

    2006-07-13 23:26:22
    41.   StolenMonkey86

    From this account, I can only come to the conclusion that Arn Tellem may be the worst agent ever. But since otherwise we might not have Nomar, I'll say thanks.

    2006-07-13 23:30:06
    42.   dsfan
    Tellem is the agent, but ultimately, the player makes the decision, and it appears Nomar's bloated ego caused him to turn down $60 million.
    2006-07-13 23:43:57
    43.   StolenMonkey86
    From what I read, Nomar didn't know what was going on with the contract.

    "Whatever the situation, Garciaparra insists that he still thought the $15 million-a-year, four-year deal was on the table. When, immediately after the spat between Henry and Tellem erupted in public, the Red Sox leaked to the Globe that Garciaparra had turned down the $60 offer million the team had made in spring training, Garciaparra was shocked.

    "'I was like, "Whoa, what is going on here?"' Garciaparra says. 'Since when did I turn it down? At what point did I reject this? I'm scratching my head.'"

    It's undeniable Nomar had an ego issue, but after the last couple years - in now his second 1 year deal of under $10 million, I think Nomar's ego has been taken down a notch.

    2006-07-13 23:45:11
    44.   StolenMonkey86
    43 - Yep, the original said "offer million."
    2006-07-13 23:49:59
    45.   StolenMonkey86

    Pitching to Barry Bonds in 2004 wasn't entirely ruled out.

    "Perez only allowed a pair of doubles by Alfonzo. He held Bonds to 0-for-2 with a walk and a strikeout, winning a key matchup in the sixth inning. Bonds came up after Marquis Grissom reached on a third-strike wild pitch with two outs."

    2006-07-14 00:31:38
    46.   Steve
    Ftogs is being blamed for sucking, which he does regardless of score or situation.

    Meanwhile, it is always a test when tomko throws from a mound, so how is this news?

    2006-07-14 00:44:46
    47.   thinkblue0
    has anyone else seen Odalis' outburst about how the Dodgers treat him like trash? Unbelievable. He even said he doesn't know why he's in the situation he's in. Odalis, if you're reading, I've got an answer for you:

    It's because you have a terrible attitude, and you're simply not a good pitcher. Why would the dodgers keep throwing you out there for an automatic loss every time? Suck it up, work out of the pen and try to build yourself back up to the rotation.

    I'm at a point with Odalis where Id honestly put a decent prospect in a deal with him just so someone would take at least a chunk of his contract. Say, Odalis plus an okay prospect and we pay like half his salary next year. I'd do that in a heartbeat just to get this guy off the roster. I'm not blaming him for the loss, I'm just sick and tired of his antics and the fact that we're losing a roster spot AND a lot of money on this guy.

    2006-07-14 00:56:06
    48.   Louis in SF
    45 makes a good point about the success OP has had against the Giants. Given the fact that he does have some ability, it seems a shame that, there isn't a Dodger pitching coach who could turn him around, wonder if we could cook up anything with Baltimore?
    2006-07-14 01:14:16
    49.   StolenMonkey86
    48- Why try that? Look at his stats; he wasn't very good when he was a Brave.

    Send him to Pittsburgh, and eat some salary. Don't ask for anything in return (Mike Gonzalez, maybe; throwing in Grabowski here would be great). Say it's a token of our appreciation to Jim Tracy, or whatever, because I think Jim Colburn is the only guy in the world who knows how to get Odalis Perez to pitch effectively. It's an even year, too, but he'll have to break Hershiser's streak to put up his even year numbers.

    2006-07-14 01:18:21
    50.   StolenMonkey86
    Also, does anyone else think that Martin should play third base when Izturis is out? Let Hall show what he can do. But Grady should have a talk with him about good manners first.

    I hope Hall and Odalis don't rub off on too many of the youngsters, who've all had good attitudes except Guzman.

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2006-07-14 06:03:51
    51.   Claire Malone-Evans
    Here is an UGLY trade possibility: J.D. Drew, Ordalis Perez, D. Young, T.J. Nall to Philly for Bobby Abreu and Brett Myers.
    2006-07-14 07:38:09
    52.   Midwest Blue
    51 I could live with that, except I want more than one good pitcher in return. And you have to pray to the gods that nothing bad happens to Russ Martin.
    2006-07-14 07:56:08
    53.   regfairfield
    I kept up my streak of "dreams about idiotic trades" by dreaming that the Dodgers managed to trade for David Wright.
    2006-07-14 08:12:21
    54.   Bob Timmermann
    I dreamed last night that I watched a 14-inning game between the Dodgers and Cardinals and somebody put Odalis Perez in at the end to pitch to Albert Pujols.




    2006-07-14 08:18:11
    55.   bluetahoe
    If Odalis had walked Albert 'stinky' Pujols, Rolen or Edmonds would have gotten him. I don't like to be overly critical of CURRENT Dodgers but Odalis needs to go....NOW.

    He's not the same pitcher he was years past. From what I've seen he's lost 5 MPH's off his fastball which makes his offspeed stuff less effective. DFA him and eat the contract. It's not only his poor performances its that negative nelly attitude of his. There's nothing a positive petey could say about Odalis. NOTHING.

    And Kemp and Drew are starting to frustrate the tar out of me too.

    2006-07-14 08:22:20
    56.   regfairfield
    54 I like my dream better.
    2006-07-14 08:24:06
    57.   Suffering Bruin
    I'm sure we all had a chance to comment on the Reds trade... well, all of us who didn't spend a couple of days in July in Tennessee!

    I mean, guys, compared to the Reds, you have to agree that we really underpaid the Devil Rays for Baez and Carter.

    2006-07-14 08:25:55
    58.   bluetahoe
    Another comment on Odalis while I'm venting. I believe him to be a drunkard too.
    2006-07-14 08:28:56
    59.   bluetahoe
    57. For the love of Sam Hill. What did we give up to get Baez and Carter? Nothing. The Devil Rays are the ones that look stupid. They could have had some real prospects last August for Baez.
    2006-07-14 09:08:34
    60.   jasonungar05
    Whats a bigger mistake, pitching to Puljos and letting him hit a homerun in the 14th with an open base or 1st and 3rd and no outs and you can't score?

    I debated that all night with myself and still without a definitive answer.


    As soon as Perez went in my wife said, hey where you going, you made me watch 14 innings of this? I'll be right back, no worries. (worrying)

    Aw, went and put on your Gagne Game over shirt for luck?

    Nope, it's cause it's about to be Game Over.

    2006-07-14 09:15:50
    61.   Jon Weisman
    58 - A drunkard? Aye, I expect one might brand him a cur, but a drunkard? Wherefore call him drunkard?
    2006-07-14 09:16:49
    62.   jasonungar05
    this has to get you traded or DFA, right?

    "I've been treated like trash and I don't want to be in this situation," he said. "My confidence isn't the same anymore. It's killing me as a professional and it's killing my career.

    "I want to know what I did wrong to these people. I don't have the answer."

    2006-07-14 09:22:33
    63.   Humma Kavula
    60 62

    I had the same questions. I had to turn off the game right at that critical moment in the 10th -- but I was satisfied that things were reaching a conclusion. When I turned the game on again at 9, I was shocked that they were still playing.

    OP giving up a homer to maybe the best home run hitter in the game? That's not as bad as 1st and 3rd nobody out and failing to score.

    That said, I sure wish OP wouldn't shoot his mouth off like that. It's very difficult to support him at the water cooler.

    2006-07-14 09:27:39
    64.   jasonungar05
    Pujols increased the pain. He's 10-for-15 with five homers against Perez, and Perez said Pujols hit ball four on a full count over the left-field wall.

    And do we really blame OP or blame Grady for putting him out there in the situation. I also don't know if this has been talked about, but I was not thrilled at Grady leaving in GIO for a second inning. When he didnt pinch hit for him I had Jim Tracy flashbacks and got all sweaty and agitated.

    2006-07-14 09:31:00
    65.   Blaine
    Blue Tahoe

    I know that you have Ned's ear, but I don't believe that you have McCourt's wallet. You seem rather willing to throw away millions of his dollars.

    And I do not believe that OP has been arrested for DUI or anything of the sort, so it is simply wrong for you to accuse another human of being a drunkard without any knowledge of said drunkenness. You may convince me though that his comments that I just read may be a good sign that he was drunk when he said them.

    2006-07-14 09:33:11
    66.   still bevens
    63 I had to turn the game off once it went to the 10th because I knew the rest of the game would consist of not scoring any runs punctuated by a heartbreaking loss. I was at that 14 inning game in Houston so I felt like I had kinda lived it before and didnt need to see it again.
    2006-07-14 09:34:49
    67.   Andrew Shimmin
    Plaschke took another swipe at Penny this morning. Any chance Plaschke's wife is cheating on him with Penny?
    2006-07-14 09:37:03
    68.   regfairfield
    67 One column wasn't enough?
    2006-07-14 09:41:18
    69.   blue22
    Is resident Clipper fan ToyCannon around?

    I wanted to hear his thoughts on the Iverson-to-the-Clippers deal that's on the table.

    2006-07-14 09:44:07
    70.   Sam DC
    Gotta give Bos some credit for this one I think (from his chat up now

    Washington, D.C.: How does the addition of Kearns affect Soriano and Guillen? Is Casto a potential replacement in left if we trade both?

    Tom Boswell: If both are traded, maybe Ryan Chruch will wake up and start to hit in the minors.

    That would help the Nats in their long-term project to corner the market on "Ryans" and "Marlons." Ryan Zimmerman, Wagner (someday) and Church. Marlon Byrd and Anderson. By Opening Day of '08, the Nationals apparently hope to field a 25-man roster with only three first names.

    2006-07-14 09:44:14
    71.   the OZ
    67 Why pick on Penny, when there are so many other DePodesta acquisitions to choose from?
    2006-07-14 09:44:52
    72.   Jacob L
    I will NOT read Plaschke this morning, no matter how much we talk about it.
    2006-07-14 09:45:09
    73.   Steve
    What sort of world do we live in where the horse dies and Plaschke lives?
    2006-07-14 09:55:09
    74.   the OZ
    73 Or, what kind of world do we live in where [according to] the horse is "much better Friday morning" but Plaschke is just as bad as ever.
    2006-07-14 09:55:36
    75.   Sam DC
    To quote Boz from aformentioned chat: "It's a strange strange world we live in, Master Jack."
    2006-07-14 09:57:27
    76.   bluetahoe
    Most of the players seem to enjoy the post game booze. Maybe it's unfair for me to believe Perez to be a drunkard and not the others, I reckon.

    From my observations Perez has always seemed distant from his teammates off the field. I don't think he would be missed in more ways than one. Wily Aybar is the only person I've seen OP associate with.

    Olmaedo Saenz is far and away the most shy/backward Dodger there is. I don't see him associating with his teammates either.

    2006-07-14 09:58:16
    77.   Gen3Blue
    If we do nothing, in one-two years we could have a solid team with very low payroll(pitching aside). We could then obtain 2 or 3 excellent players to fill needs.
    Perhaps this is too conservative to be realistic, but I just don't trust us to make
    a good trade

    Seventeen Days to go until we are safe from a poor trade.

    2006-07-14 10:04:44
    78.   regfairfield
    76 Is there anything wrong with that?
    2006-07-14 10:06:35
    79.   regfairfield
    77 Another reason to hate the Reds trade. Now the going rate for a middle reliever is Austin Kearns.
    2006-07-14 10:07:36
    80.   Sam DC
    There's a rumor article about the White Sox up at which floats "Dodgers' hot shot rookie" Broxton's name (among others, no source other than the classic "it is believed") as a possible target for Kenny Williams.
    2006-07-14 10:08:03
    81.   bobbygrich
    I think it is fair to criticize performance or the comments that a player makes but it is over the line to make accusations about things we need know nothing about.

    Again, the losses can be frustrating but Jon has done a great job to provide a forum for all fans to vent in bad times and to cheer in good times.

    But, it is getting rather tiresome to have personal shots taken in advance of what could happen (in regards to potential deals) or for things that happened years ago.

    Let's hope that the Dodgers to do something with their player personnel in regards to Odalis Perez but let's refrain from making unwarrented personal attacks.

    2006-07-14 10:09:06
    82.   Bob Timmermann
    I think Pablo Ozuna and Brian Anderson would be adequate compensation for Broxton! OK, maybe they can toss in Chris Widger too.
    2006-07-14 10:09:22
    83.   Greg S
    76. I don't think that most players are boozers. Not anymore anyway. And I believe you are incorrect about Saenz. Call it sad or call it what you want, the fact is that most players associate most with teammates of their race and background. The biggest loners on our team are probably two very highly paid white guys.
    2006-07-14 10:11:39
    84.   scareduck
    Cesar Izturis will miss a few days - his wife will be induced into labor Monday if she doesn't deliver a baby sooner.

    But... but... she's not in Oklahoma!

    2006-07-14 10:12:35
    85.   Humma Kavula
    83 In fact, didn't Drew say as much in some interview a while back -- that he had plenty of friends, just not in baseball?

    It would have been the same article that revealed that he wanted the out clause after two years to see how well he liked L.A., only to discover that he liked it just fine and had made many friends in Pasadena or wherever he lives.

    OK, I'll stop making stuff up now.

    2006-07-14 10:13:57
    86.   bobbygrich
    80 Sam was right, I think the writer is just hearing some pie in the sky talk from Chi-town, but this was the most interesting thing in that column.

    "Jeff Kent just returned from the disabled list. But whether he's playing or not, word is he's showing considerable power. He has the ear of owner Frank McCourt's wife, Jamie."

    I have no idea what that means and please let's not make this a critique of Mrs. McCourt's other body parts. I hear that she has nice legs though.

    2006-07-14 10:14:20
    87.   D4P
    The biggest loners on our team are probably two very highly paid white guys

    i.e. "Americans"

    2006-07-14 10:16:46
    88.   Bob Timmermann
    For a while the Dodgers had a team where players spoke English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese (presuming that's what Kuo speaks), and French.

    And there are players in their early 20s as well as those in their late 30s.

    The only thing the men really have in common is playing baseball. Off the field, who knows? I get along with my coworkers, but only one of them has ever been to my home and that was because she bought my old car.

    Well, that and I live in a small apartment too.

    2006-07-14 10:19:47
    89.   D4P
    If Kent is advising the McCourt's, I would assume he prefers a "win now" strategy that dictates trading prospects for veterans.
    2006-07-14 10:19:51
    90.   Greg S
    I guess it's only natural and expected that there would be cliques. I think it helps to have a team full of guys that like each other and hang out off the field. But it's probabaly more and more rare and not necessary to win.
    2006-07-14 10:22:02
    91.   bobbygrich
    88 No, I will not be dragged into a dialogue about team chemistry.

    Maybe one reaseon Pujols didn't comment too much about his home run, he and Odalis were team mates on the Dominican WBC team.

    2006-07-14 10:23:01
    92.   bobbygrich
    89 He has the ear of one McCourt, not two according to the article.
    2006-07-14 10:25:00
    93.   D4P
    He has the ear of one McCourt, not two according to the article

    But we all know who wears the pants...

    2006-07-14 10:33:05
    94.   blue22
    80 - If they thought Broxton is a bit better suited for the pen than McCarthy, I'd entertain a Broxton-for-McCarthy swap.

    It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but he's really the only player on the White Sox that is interesting.

    2006-07-14 10:34:04
    95.   Steve
    Don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but apparently the CMC had been blockaded back at the hotel with the flu.
    2006-07-14 10:35:10
    96.   Bob Timmermann
    I briefly thought you wrote CDC and wondered how bad the flu was in St. Louis.
    2006-07-14 10:37:08
    97.   scareduck
    86 - did you ever see "Blue Velvet" ...?
    2006-07-14 10:38:25
    98.   Jon Weisman
    95 - I just mentioned it up top in my new post. Didn't hit publish soon enough, though.
    2006-07-14 10:40:55
    99.   ryu
    88. Kuo was born in Taiwan, so most likely he speaks Mandarin.
    2006-07-14 10:47:40
    100.   underdog
    80 Sounds like the White Sox don't want to trade McCarthy - a trade of another starter is what they're looking for, Garcia or Vazquez, in order to open up a spot for McCarthy and to replenish their bullpen. I wouldn't give up Broxton (and presumably someone else?) for those other two guys, though they would be an improvement over the 4 and 5 spots of our rotation.

    the Baez with the flu thing should hopefully put to rest any further discussions of "Why Odalis?" even though I continue to torture myself with visions of the Ball 4 that should have been tossed to Pujols but thankfully there's another game today and hopefully we can soon forget about all this.

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