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Kent DLed, Aybar Recalled
2006-07-18 15:04
by Jon Weisman

Willy Aybar is coming up to take the place of Jeff Kent, who went on the 15-day disabled list, the Dodgers announced today.

* * *

R.I.P., Bud "The Steamer" Furillo.

* * *

Throw strikes, Chad. Just throw strikes.

* * *

Tonight's Game

Comments (362)
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2006-07-18 15:10:57
1.   Greg Brock
Mr. Aybar, I am honored and grateful that you have been recalled. May your next stay be a permanent stay.
2006-07-18 15:12:51
2.   skybluestoday
"He didn't expect to be invited."
2006-07-18 15:13:53
3.   Bob Timmermann
Bud Furillo wasn't dead?
2006-07-18 15:16:59
4.   Gagne55
Aybar's alright. A healthy Kent would be preferred, but Aybar is alright especially since I won't have to see him futilly attempt to field at third base. He's alright at second.
2006-07-18 15:18:02
5.   JoeyP
Well, now I have two reasons to watch tonite. Aybar and Billingsley.
2006-07-18 15:18:16
6.   Gagne55
Too bad there's no where to play Lony Gwynn.
2006-07-18 15:18:32
7.   D4P
Isn't 2B Aybar's "natural" position anyway?
2006-07-18 15:19:16
8.   Jacob L
So I guess that means Aybar is unavailable for my company softball game tonight. He'd be a huge help.
2006-07-18 15:19:55
9.   Gagne55
5 Have you seen Billingsley? He's not a top pitcher. He isn't much more than replacement level at this point. He might be a top starter eventually. But not in 2006. :(
2006-07-18 15:20:07
10.   King of the Hobos
7 Nope. He was moved to 2B two years ago I believe.
2006-07-18 15:21:21
11.   Jon Weisman
8 - James Worthy played in the co-ed softball league in which I met my wife.

It was incongruous on a number of levels.

2006-07-18 15:21:46
12.   D4P
Jacob L - You have a degree in city/urban/regional planning or something similar?
2006-07-18 15:22:03
13.   D4P
From which position did Aybar move to 2B?
2006-07-18 15:22:24
14.   Gagne55
7 If by natural you mean best, then yes. If you mean played at the longest, then no. He's played at third base longer. Yet, he still makes me cringe every time there's a groundball to third base. At second, he looks ok.
2006-07-18 15:23:49
15.   JoeyP
9. With rooks you never know what you are going to get, so thats why they are interesting to watch.

Jason Windsor was interesting to watch last nite. He pitched pretty well.

2006-07-18 15:24:34
16.   Brian Y
13. He moved from 3B.
2006-07-18 15:25:31
17.   sanchez101
10. that's true, Aybar was a SS until 2002, a 3B in 2003, a 2B in 2004, and a 3B in 2005. He really hasnt had much time to settle into a position. His difficulties at third are overstated, he had some issues in the majors but was an excellent defender at the position in the minors.

Tonite the Dodgers really need a dominant performance out of Billingsley, if he's capable of a 7IP 7K 1BB performance, now is the time to do it.

2006-07-18 15:28:04
18.   Jacob L
12 Actually, no, though I'm supposed to have an MA for the position I'm in. I like to think of myself as the Kobe Bryant of the planning world.
2006-07-18 15:28:18
19.   Bluebleeder87
I'd like an up the middle of Furcal & Izzy, have Aybar play 3rd.
2006-07-18 15:32:37
20.   Brian Y
I like Izturis' defense at 3B. He gets to some balls I am just amazed at though he does get in Furcal's way an awful lot.
2006-07-18 15:33:50
21.   sanchez101
15. I hate the attitude that "with rookies you never know what youre going to get," as if the hundreds of PA's and a half-decade of professional baseball in the minors doesnt count for anything. With Aybar we know what we're going to get: a contact-oriented switch hitter who sprays line-drives to all fields. He may hit .330 for a couple weeks, or he may hit .260 for a couple weeks, thats the nature of that game. The same thing could be said about Bill Muller or Rafael Furcal. Young players may be more volitile than established veterans, but that like saying kerosene is more volitle than propane.
2006-07-18 15:35:06
22.   trainwreck
Nice to see Big Willy back. Hopefully Billingsley can right the ship, I believe he will.
2006-07-18 15:35:12
23.   D4P
Yeah. In my experience, one really doesn't need an MA to be a planner. For the most part, the stuff they teach you in school and the stuff you do in the "real world" are pretty disconnected.
2006-07-18 15:35:38
24.   JoeyP
21. I was talking about Billingsley.
2006-07-18 15:37:20
25.   sanchez101
24. it doesnt really change anything
2006-07-18 15:37:21
26.   Bob Timmermann
All of this planning talk makes me feel out of my Housing Element.
2006-07-18 15:37:33
27.   trainwreck
Windsor has given up a ton of hits in the minors, which makes me worried about him long term, but they just need him for a short time.
2006-07-18 15:46:34
28.   blue22
23 - Are you a planner? Do you have a BA or something similar in that field?

Just asking, that's long been an interesting 2nd career goal of mine, but I'm not sure what it takes to get it going. I'm 30, so there's still time!

2006-07-18 15:50:55
29.   Jon Weisman
I have to say, seeing Aybar listed in the starting lineup tonight lifted my spirits.

He's playing third base, with Martinez at second base.

2006-07-18 15:57:19
30.   Greg S
Kent going on the DL seems strange since he really did have some great swings last night including two rifle shot hits.
2006-07-18 16:01:57
31.   D4P
Yes, I'm a planner. I have a masters, and am currently working on a doctorate. While some folks get a BA in planning, it's much more common to do undergrad work in something else and then to get a masters. If you actually want to be a planner in the real world and work for a government agency or a consulting firm, getting a masters is highly recommended. The only real reason to get a Ph.D. is to teach, which is what I'd like to do.

It's a very interesting and important field, but the compensation doesn't match the effort required and it can be disappointing for people who really want to "make a difference" in the world. 30 years old is by no means "too late." That was probably the average age of students when I started my masters program. There were some younger students (like myself, around 24), as well as older students (in their 40s and 50s.

2006-07-18 16:28:16
32.   Bluebleeder87
the toaster went koo koo on me, did anybody else have that problem?
2006-07-18 16:29:22
33.   Jon Weisman
Sidney Ponson allows three runs (Sexson HR) in his first Yankee inning.
2006-07-18 16:29:48
34.   bobbygrich
I am sure some here never heard of the old Herald Examiner and maybe memories make it get better as the years go by but certainly there was never a better sports section than the one helmed by Bud Furillo, other writers included Alan Malamudd, Doug Krikorian, Diane Shah, Mel Durslag, Rich Levin.

Bud was the first of the sportstalk hosts on KABC and I recall winning a contest on that show for playoff tickets back in seventies.

The only thing I was surprised was when I heard that Furillo was only 80, which makes his not a whole lot older than I am when he started the talk show career.

2006-07-18 16:30:43
35.   trainwreck
Yeah, I had that problem.
2006-07-18 16:33:48
36.   Bluebleeder87
34 Herald Examiner

I kid of remember it, when did they stop printing?

2006-07-18 16:34:27
37.   Jon Weisman
Pregame diversions:

Vero Beach at Sarasota:

Chattanooga at Jacksonville

2006-07-18 16:34:29
38.   das411
David Bell can play second base...

...and has anybody seen this new Hometown Heroes contest? It's an interesting mental excercise, one that might be best explored by the Griddler.

33 - Ponson = AL Jose Lima?

2006-07-18 16:38:35
39.   bobbygrich
36 November 2, 1989 was the last day of publication of the Herald Examiner.
2006-07-18 16:41:09
40.   natepurcell
Well, now I have two reasons to watch tonite. Aybar and Billingsley.

You don't even watch though lol.

2006-07-18 16:44:19
41.   Jon Weisman
39 - November 1989 - Herald-Examiner closing, and The National getting ready to open.

2006-07-18 16:50:36
42.   Borchard504
God bless Bud Furillo - The Herald Examiner had the best sports page in Los Angeles back in the early 80's - I was at CSUN then. My age is showing if I can remember enjoying, when others have barely, if ever, heard of it.
2006-07-18 16:52:55
43.   natepurcell
Ketchner pitched an inning for the GCL Dodgers today if anyone cares.
2006-07-18 16:53:13
44.   Jacob L
26 Bob, that's hitting really close to home.

28 Blue, I sure wouldn't recommend my route to the planning profession, since (a) I don't know anyone else who's taken it, and (b) it involves working at a series of mostly dull, mundane government job until one lucks into a promotion into the one part of government (with the possible exception of being a librarian) that's actually interesting. I'd mostly second what D4P said.

What kind of planning do yo do, D4P?

2006-07-18 16:53:35
45.   underdog
So there's no truth to the rumor the Dodgers might sign Buck O'Neill, after his one-day stint with the Kansas City T-Bones?

Nah, that's just silly.

He's more of a Giants kind of player.

2006-07-18 16:55:28
46.   natepurcell
Liriano vs Kazmir in 10 minutes.
2006-07-18 17:02:30
47.   trainwreck
I can't wait. I have them both on my fantasy team.

How did Ketchner do?

2006-07-18 17:06:02
48.   Steve
The baseball world does realize that when it claims there is "no pitching," it is making an entirely circular argument, right? That when it says there is "no pitching" because garbage like Jeff Weaver and Sidney Ponson still have jobs, then it uses the continued employment of Jeff Weaver and Sidney Ponson as proof that there is "no pitching," that none of this makes the slightest bit of sense. It does understand this, right?

And now those kids are on my lawn again. If I've told them once...

2006-07-18 17:07:04
49.   natepurcell
Ketchner: 1IP 1H 0ER 0bb 2k

Javy Guerra, a 4th round prep pitcher from 2004 is rehabbing from TJ surgery and he pitched today as well.

3IP 2H 0ER 1bb 5k

Mattingly went 0-3

2006-07-18 17:08:00
50.   TheRedMenace
Oakland and Baltimore in a pitching battle between two of the worst free-agent contracts in league history.

To be fair, Baltimore isn't responsible for their half of the "dynamic duo." They are, however, responsible for letting Ortiz wear a uniform and pretend to still be a major league pitcher.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-07-18 17:10:26
51.   Jon Weisman
48 - I think ultimately 1) the common-sense definition of "pitching" is outdated and/or 2) there needs to be more willingness to give fringe minor leaguers the chances that the many permutations of Jeff Weaver are getting.
2006-07-18 17:14:57
52.   trainwreck
Liriano throwing a little high, but it looks like they are not going to hit his slider today.
2006-07-18 17:15:18
53.   blue22
31/44 - Thanks for the info. It was something I considered coming out of college, but got diverted in a different industry for the last 6 years. Might be time to get back on that track though.
2006-07-18 17:18:01
54.   scareduck
Meantime, a 94-year-old is going to play professional baseball:

2006-07-18 17:24:28
55.   Terry A
"I like Izturis' defense at 3B... though he does get in Furcal's way an awful lot." (20)

You say that like it's a bad thing.

2006-07-18 17:28:14
56.   thinkingblue
I don't understand the major liking of Willy Aybar, he played decently, but it's not like when the angels sent down Jered Weaver.

But, if this means that Aybar will play third everyday when Kent comes back to get Izzy off the field, that it is good.

2006-07-18 17:29:45
57.   trainwreck
I need more strikeouts Liriano and Kazmir.
2006-07-18 17:31:22
58.   Jacob L
56 I think you answered your own question.
2006-07-18 17:31:44
59.   trainwreck
The Pirates commentators are losing it. They are talking to a pirate skull shaped magic 8 ball. I can't say I blame them with the Pirates losing 8-1 to the Rockies in the 4th.
2006-07-18 17:37:14
60.   Steve
No doubt when the Tampa Bay of the National League finally sheds the shackles of its loserhood, our intrepid GM will be first in line to try them on...again.
2006-07-18 17:41:51
61.   Marty
I once stood next to Bud Furillo in a men's room at the paper I was working at.

I thought the Herald was a great sports section too back in the day. But it's interesting to me that writers I used to think were good, like Krikorian and Keisser, I now think are hacks. Also, Malamud was really no great shakes. The three-dot format just encourages laziness. Mike Waldner is a good example of that now.

I think that if the Herald sports section of the 80's were still here we wouldn't be singing its praises as much as before.

2006-07-18 17:42:56
62.   trainwreck
Liriano is not having to work much to go through this lineup.
2006-07-18 17:45:55
63.   Sam DC
Bob Miezerski [racetrack guy; did I recall the name correctly?] I liked.

Meanwhile, just dropping in for a second for Bob:

Reggie Abercrombie singles on a bunt ground ball to third baseman Ryan Zimmerman. Reggie Abercrombie scores. Throwing error by third baseman Ryan Zimmerman. Throwing error by second baseman Marlon Anderson.

Ultimately, the run was scored as earned however, because subsequent hits would have brought the runner home. What a surreal way to resolve anything.

2006-07-18 17:49:30
64.   Sam DC
Also, this Stats Inc. gametracker at the washpost site is really worth checking out. It has little blurbs about the particular skills of each player.

e.g. Dontrelle Willis, Runs Allowed: Wow!
Robert Fick, Power: Poor; Creating Runs: Avg.

Pretty neat.

2006-07-18 17:49:41
65.   Uncle Miltie
R.I.P., Bud "The Steamer" Furillo.
I just heard him interviewed on the radio a few weeks ago. His sports knowledge was unbelievable and he had a good sense of humor. He seemed to be getting up there in years, but sounded extremely sharp. How old was he? I would have loved to been able to have a conversation with him.

Great news about Wilber coming back up. He doesn't help us in the power depart, but he can get on base. Maybe Grits will realize that Wilber is better suited to bat higher up in the lineup.

2006-07-18 17:50:05
66.   underdog
54 See 45 :-)
And God bless him!
2006-07-18 17:57:04
67.   Sam DC
Very wierd -- with runners on second and third and two outs, and up by two, the Marlins are IBBing Zimmerman to pitch to Nick Johnson.
2006-07-18 17:58:45
68.   D4P
What kind of planning do yo do, D4P?

I'm mostly interested in land use and environmental planning, though when I worked for a council of governments, I did all kinds of stuff: economic development, transportation, natural resources, community safety, infrastructure, telecommunications, regional planning, development review, etc.

2006-07-18 18:00:19
69.   Sam DC
The Post page also has salary rankings, shows a speed projection for each baserunner, and lots of other stuff.

And Nick Johnson ties it with a two run single.

2006-07-18 18:03:34
70.   Steve
Very wierd -- with runners on second and third and two outs, and up by two, the Marlins are IBBing Zimmerman to pitch to Nick Johnson.

And Nick Johnson ties it with a two run single.

Well, remember, those guys know a lot more about baseball than you or I.

2006-07-18 18:04:16
71.   scareduck
60 - so very cryptic are you, Steve! Which team in the NL might be its Tampa Bay? The Pirates? The Cubs?
2006-07-18 18:07:20
72.   D4P
Cryptic is Steve's first name.
2006-07-18 18:12:26
73.   jet
Alan Malamud ("Mud") was anything but lazy. I had the privilege of working with him in the 80s; he moonlighted as an actor in a couple of productions I was associated with, and he took his column quite seriously. He was knowledgeable, humane and worked his ass off. And left this world way too soon.
2006-07-18 18:15:37
74.   Steve
Well, I was referring to the Pirates, but does it really matter? I'm sure teams like that are lined up around the block and taking up Colletti's first four office lines hoping to unload their bizarre odds and ends on to us. Backup catchers, middle relievers, nondescript starters, banjo hitting outfielders. To be fair from something I said last night, it's less the Dodger Rays and more the Pomona Swap Meet Dodgers. We're probably not far away from being offered a strange fly-trap looking plant that appeared during a total eclipse of the sun, or a small furry creature that you can't feed after midnight.
2006-07-18 18:20:04
75.   Marty
73 All I meant to convey was I didn't think much of his column (and the format generally). I have no opinion on how he was as a person and did not mean to besmirch his character.
2006-07-18 18:20:39
76.   scareduck
74 - the songs write themselves:

"Suddenly, Neddy"
"True Blue Mother From Outer Space"

2006-07-18 18:25:33
77.   bobbygrich
I put out a plea before gametime, like Jon said earlier, stop the hate. Okay, go Blue.
2006-07-18 18:26:03
78.   Blu2
74 Let's buy one of those plants and plant it in centerfield. It may get hungry.
2006-07-18 18:28:57
79.   D4P
Let's buy one of those plants and plant it in centerfield

You killed Kenny! You @#$%^&*!

2006-07-18 18:29:37
80.   Sam DC
Cellar Dwellars update: Cabrera put the Marlins up 6-5 with an RBI single and then in the top of the eighth, Robert Fick hit a two-out two-strike fastball around his ankles over the rightfield fence to tie the game again.

Then OF Daryle Ward struck out on three pitches to end the inning.

To the ninth!

2006-07-18 18:32:09
81.   ninjavshippo
i guess today is one of those days i feel very, very young.

i know there's a lot of general enthusiasm and optimism for what our prospects can become, but I'm not as excited to see aybar again. i'd rather loney got a 2nd shot, although he's being blocked by nomar and other LFers. if aybar coming up shakes us out of our funk, i won't complain.

2006-07-18 18:33:25
82.   Sam DC
80 Well, to the bottom of the eighth, really.
2006-07-18 18:38:50
83.   Steve
It got very dark. And when the sun came out, there was this strange win eating plant sitting on the table beside me.
2006-07-18 18:39:30
84.   Linkmeister
Marty, if you've already said, ignore me, but how's your dog?
2006-07-18 18:43:03
85.   bobbygrich
Talk about taking one for the team, Jason Marquis goes 5 plus innings and gives up 11 runs to the very hot Braves.
2006-07-18 18:44:52
86.   bobbygrich
82 Now to the 9th.
2006-07-18 18:46:22
87.   Gen3Blue
Lofton maybe should lead off?
2006-07-18 18:47:10
88.   scareduck
83 - and so Ned bought bought Rafael Furcal. For $13M/year and three years. La la la la ooooh.
2006-07-18 18:51:31
89.   Steve
If you want a rationale it isn't really hard to see no no no stop and think it over pal the guy sure looks like plant food to me.
2006-07-18 18:51:34
90.   Uncle Miltie
87- why? Furcal gets on base just as much as Lofton and has much longer at bats. I'd rather swap Drew and Nomar in the order. Nomar is in a huge slump.
2006-07-18 18:55:54
91.   Humma Kavula
On the eighteenth day of the month of July, in the early year of a century not too long before our own, the Dodgers encountered a deadly threat to their very existence.

And this terrifying enemy surfaced -- as such enemies often do -- in the seemingly most innocent and unlikely of places...

Little BOB -- Little BOB of horrors!

2006-07-18 18:59:48
92.   Steve
Bob Melvin is good for what ails ya.
2006-07-18 18:59:53
93.   trainwreck
Billingsley looks good with his fastball tonight.
2006-07-18 18:59:58
94.   natepurcell
good inning from chad. Those hits were bloops and bleeders.
2006-07-18 19:00:12
95.   Bob Timmermann
Never in doubt! Typical Chad Billingsley inning!
2006-07-18 19:00:26
96.   Jon Weisman
Quoting "Little Shop" meets with high approval.
2006-07-18 19:00:43
97.   Uncle Miltie
Billingsley is throwing gas and his command looks much better. I am so happy that the D'backs extended Melvin's contract. I guess they want the NL West to stay competitive (i.e. bad)
2006-07-18 19:00:51
98.   trainwreck
Edwin Jackson not having much success for the D-Rays.
2006-07-18 19:00:55
99.   Bean

On the double steal attempt, when the runner is thrown out at third, does the runner at second credited with a stolen base?

2006-07-18 19:02:23
100.   Bob Timmermann


Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-07-18 19:03:34
101.   Bean
fielders choice?
2006-07-18 19:03:44
102.   Linkmeister
If FSNPrimeTicket's chyron is to be believed, it's now called "Chase Field" rather than "BOB."
2006-07-18 19:04:59
103.   Bob Timmermann
Rule 10.08
(d) When a double or triple steal is attempted and one runner is thrown out before reaching and holding the base he is attempting to steal, no other runner shall be credited with a stolen base.
2006-07-18 19:05:27
104.   bobbygrich
99 If you listened to Vin he would you that too.

Tonight in Tacoma, Repko is back in the lineup, then you have the fivesome of Delwyn Young, Loney, Kemp, Guzman and LaRoche.

They better score a lot, D.J. Houlton is pitching.

2006-07-18 19:05:46
105.   Marty
84 He's showing some improvement. He can actually walk some without assistance. But he still has a lot of trouble getting up on his own, plus there are some bathroom-related issues. But I'm very encouraged by the progress he's made in 3 days. I'm moving him to another vet tomorrow that offers hydro-therapy and other types of rehab, plus acupuncture, chiropractic etc. Ya gotta love Pasadena for treating dogs right. This is breaking me but I want to give him every chance to recover.
2006-07-18 19:06:23
106.   Bob Timmermann
The DBacks park became Chase Field during the middle of last season. Around the same time, I had to change all the passwords to access my credit card online!
2006-07-18 19:06:29
107.   bobbygrich
102 It is now Chase Ballpark.
2006-07-18 19:06:56
108.   scareduck
89 -

I played all our rookies
And veterans too
It's better than nothing
Or Jorge Cantu
I'm begging you sweetly
I'm down on my knees
Oh, please -- hit for me!

I moved our old shortstop
And made him play third
Although he can't bat there
And hits like a turd
I've given him time off
His fam'ly to see
Now please -- hit for me!

2006-07-18 19:07:54
109.   Bean
103. thank you Bob
2006-07-18 19:09:23
110.   Bob Timmermann
It's Chase Field to be precise. But it used to be BankOne Ballpark, aka the BOB.
2006-07-18 19:10:18
111.   trainwreck
I am happy I did not trade Chipper Jones for Morgan Ensberg earlier in the season.
2006-07-18 19:10:33
112.   Linkmeister
105 That's great.

I said when you first mentioned it that my dog had had a similar event. It took her about three days to get past it, but here we are two or three years later and she can still go from the back door to the side yard by the pool in about 4 seconds flat. Hopefully your pooch has a similar recovery.

2006-07-18 19:11:21
113.   bobbygrich
Sam, I swear Chad Cordero is going to be the death of my fantasy team.
2006-07-18 19:11:53
114.   Sam DC
Nationals squeeze out the win, but not without loading the bases in the bottom of the ninth with a one run lead. Game ends on a four-pitch K of Jeremy Heredia.
2006-07-18 19:12:10
115.   Bob Timmermann

So do you want my theory about why Jae Seo should have been credited with a save back on June 23????

2006-07-18 19:12:18
116.   bobbygrich
Vin will be quoting from "The Odyssey" during the 5th inning.
2006-07-18 19:13:47
117.   bobbygrich
115 Bob, do you still want Nap Lajoie to get his batting title back from Ty Cobb?
2006-07-18 19:16:02
118.   natepurcell
Billingsley is using his fastball very effectively. Changing velocity and movement between his 4 seamers and 2 seamers.
2006-07-18 19:17:42
119.   Sam DC
Fun goings on in the Bronx. Tie game, bottom of the ninth, two outs, winning run at first, JJ Putz v. A-Rod, count 3-1.

Rain delay.

2006-07-18 19:17:59
120.   Humma Kavula
First verse:

A bandbox of our own!
A fence -- let's pad it, please.
Grilled dogs in the loge
That cool, third-base-side breeze
New seats staring up at Diamondvision screen
In the stadium we share:
Chavez Ravine

2006-07-18 19:18:13
121.   Steve
I've given you Vegas exposure to get you to drive
I've given you Nomar and lofton to get you to thrive
I've given you spare parts and DFAed the crud
I've given you corked bats and "mineral supplements" what do you want from me, blood?
2006-07-18 19:18:18
122.   jet
Marty, I realize you weren't trying to besmirch Malamud's character -- I was linking his personality with his writing. Both were thoughtful, at least to me. And good luck with your dog. I recently lost mine to the ravages of old age. Those guys will break your heart. (And wallet.) Good luck...
2006-07-18 19:18:19
123.   Bob Timmermann
Although Lajoie had a higher batting average (after a review of the stats) than Cobb, I think Cobb still deserves the honor since Lajoie got his extra hits because the other team cheated.
2006-07-18 19:18:27
124.   the OZ
118 Do you think he's been throwing more fastballs than usual, Nate? It seems to me that he's using the curve a lot less so far. Maybe it's part of the plan to make fewer pitches per inning; get some quick outs on good fastballs on the corners?
2006-07-18 19:20:08
125.   Gen3Blue
I hope at some point the D's remember they are playing B-ball.
I was somewhat encouraged by Mngmts. latest comments about not seeing any move worth making.
Only 13 days to make a foolish trade!
2006-07-18 19:24:48
126.   Humma Kavula
Verse two:

They roam the outfield grass
(But I don't trust their knees)
And once, just once, I wish
Our pitchers'd bring the cheese
This season's had its ups and downs;
sometimes it hurts my spleen
I'll eat peanuts somewhere in
Chavez Ravine

2006-07-18 19:26:08
127.   DaveP
Matt Kemp hit his first AAA HR.
2006-07-18 19:28:43
128.   Uncle Miltie
124- I don't. His command is much better and he's using his 2 seamer more than usual. His 2 seamer is really moving. When you have good command of your fastball, then you really don't need to use your other pitches often.
2006-07-18 19:29:47
129.   Marty
122 Thanks Jet. I appreciate that.
2006-07-18 19:30:10
130.   Humma Kavula
Oh -- I forgot the verse!

I know Neddie's the greatest
But sometimes I think he's -- well -- a sadist
'Cause he got us Fucal
And the team's awfully frail
Still, that Neddie's our guy
At least till McCourt wants to watch him fry
And the ballpark they play in
Makes it easy for me when they fail

2006-07-18 19:31:26
131.   bobbygrich
After striking out in his first two at bats yesterday, Matt Kemp went singled and walked in his last 3 plate appearances, then today in his first at bat, he homered.
2006-07-18 19:32:48
132.   Steve
I am your manager and I get off on causing fans pain
I am your manager and my strategies are quite inhumane
I thrill when I run out of a big inning
I bunt when they tell me I'm mad
And though it may cause the fan base distress (distress)
I know that somewhere somewhere up above me
I know that old Felipe is proud of me.
Cause I'm a manager, and a success!
Say duh (duhhhh)
Say duh (duhhhh)

(I feel that this is accurate because only a dead man would have let Schmidt pitch the seventh yesterday)

2006-07-18 19:33:06
133.   Bluebleeder87

that's good news

2006-07-18 19:34:13
134.   scareduck
120,121,126,130 - brilliant!
2006-07-18 19:35:52
135.   Bluebleeder87
has Bills looked impressive today? I had to step out for a while & missed the first couple of innings
2006-07-18 19:37:36
136.   natepurcell
yay for the kids.
2006-07-18 19:37:43
137.   Uncle Miltie
Wilber hammered that one
2006-07-18 19:38:20
138.   Bob Timmermann
Let the Canonization of St. Willy commence!
2006-07-18 19:40:58
139.   Gen3Blue
Bills is doing well. With an average team he'd be 2-1 or 3-1.
2006-07-18 19:41:08
140.   Bob Timmermann
For some the Canonization of St. Willy would be accompanited by the Cannonization of Jeff Kent.
2006-07-18 19:41:38
141.   bobbygrich
BTW Andy LaRoche doubled in that same inning that Kemp homered, still no work on his condition and I know a lot of people will be watching him very closely.
2006-07-18 19:41:56
142.   Sam DC
They're struggling with the "suspended game" rule over at Bronx Banter, Bob, and no one seems to know about the "after 1 am" proviso.

Just saying.

2006-07-18 19:41:57
143.   Andrew Shimmin
138- Well, yes, but aren't you forgetting the step where Aybar loyalists pillory Aybar splitters?
2006-07-18 19:42:27
144.   scareduck
141 - I assume you meant there's no word on his condition.
2006-07-18 19:42:44
145.   Suffering Bruin
Let the bad feelings commence!
2006-07-18 19:42:54
146.   natepurcell
Can you please not hit Martin on the hands/wrists? Pleaseeeeee.
2006-07-18 19:43:18
147.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Honest to God, my first thought on that HBP was: And we don't have Navarro!
2006-07-18 19:43:34
148.   Bluebleeder87
I don't wanna start anything but come on, J.D. yesterday & Martin today!!??
2006-07-18 19:44:01
149.   Bob Timmermann
There is no curfew in baseball now, but if a game is delayed by rain after 1 am, I believe there is an option for suspending it.

How hard can it be raining in New York? I would think they can wait.

2006-07-18 19:44:07
150.   ninjavshippo
what's the injury delay?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-07-18 19:44:42
151.   bobbygrich
144 Right, he's playing but no one knows for sure, in some e-mail correspondence with Will Carroll, he said that this is one of those things that is rather mysterious, some guys recover with no problem but the main thing is that you want to avoid surgery at all cost.
2006-07-18 19:44:50
152.   Steve
Has Bob also cornered the tar and feather markets?
2006-07-18 19:45:10
153.   Bluebleeder87
Bills first career grand slam (I can dream can't eye)
2006-07-18 19:45:53
154.   Gen3Blue
I think its a good time to try out rookies. The pitchers don't know what the4y will do. They know the vets are in a deep slump and will go meekly.
Uh-oh. I predict a wrist injury this year for Martin.
2006-07-18 19:46:05
155.   trainwreck
Liriano/Kazmir showdown was pretty one sided.
2006-07-18 19:46:13
156.   bobbygrich
123 7 bunts hits have to be some kind of record.
2006-07-18 19:47:10
157.   Suffering Bruin
153 Eye share that dream. Eye have been having a recurring dream, I see it in front of my I's that eye will see Bills hit a grand...

never mind, he struck out.


2006-07-18 19:47:15
158.   Uncle Miltie
Baez is going to have to pitch some time in the series after that HBP.
2006-07-18 19:47:26
159.   Bob Timmermann
Seven bunt hits from a guy who supposedly was not very fast either.
2006-07-18 19:47:59
160.   DaveP
Billingsley is pitching too well to have him retaliate. That can wait until later in the game.
2006-07-18 19:50:07
161.   Bluebleeder87

Eye hear ya. :o)

2006-07-18 19:50:10
162.   bobbygrich
159 Baseball from 1900-1918 remains one of the more interesting periods, from Walter Johnson, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson, Ty Cobb, Connie Mack, John McGraw, lots of interesting characters and just a different game than what we see today.
2006-07-18 19:50:28
163.   Suffering Bruin
I got the question right! I'm on a trivia roll!!
2006-07-18 19:50:51
164.   Bluebleeder87


2006-07-18 19:52:51
165.   Linkmeister
163 Hard, Kaiser, or Lobster?
2006-07-18 19:53:21
166.   Suffering Bruin
161 You want to hear a weird story? You'll never be ashamed about spelling again.

I'm a former sportscaster, I loved baseball history because there was so much of it. And then one night I'm playing Trivial Pursuit--this was about 15 years ago or so--and I'm asked to name the homes of the basketball, football and baseball halls of fame.

I got Canton, Springsfield... and drew a blank on Cooperstown. To this day, I couldn't tell you why. It's not a haunting thing just weird.

Yeah, so, on with the game...

2006-07-18 19:54:08
167.   Suffering Bruin
165 Dieting my man but thanks anyway...:)
2006-07-18 19:55:09
168.   Bluebleeder87
is that a change up Bills just threw to Green? he's keeping it up.
2006-07-18 19:56:41
169.   Suffering Bruin
My son just came in, started saying "Go Shawn, go Shawn..." and I swear Green is hitting something like .800 when my son watches him play which is not all that often. But it is more than coincidence, so... I'm taking him home!

I'll pick this up after I put him safely to bed.

2006-07-18 19:56:42
170.   ninjavshippo
argh.. old friend shawn green strikes again.
2006-07-18 19:57:34
171.   bobbygrich
If its to Shawn Green, you want it up in the zone.
2006-07-18 19:58:10
172.   Bluebleeder87

did you do you're sports brodcasting here in L.A?

2006-07-18 19:59:40
173.   ninjavshippo
2 BBs through 4 is good for chadwick.
2006-07-18 20:01:14
174.   ninjavshippo
that makes for 9 consecutive shutout innings for chad! only 50 more to go :D
2006-07-18 20:01:21
175.   Uncle Miltie
Furcal has good at bats even when he makes outs
2006-07-18 20:03:11
176.   D4P
Returning to the issue of whether the guy running toward 2nd on a double steal gets a SB if the guy running toward 3rd is thrown out: if the guy running toward 2nd doesn't get a SB if the guy running toward 3rd is thrown out, why should the guy running toward 2nd get a SB if the guy running toward 3rd isn't thrown out? What's the difference? Seems to me like the guy running toward 2nd either should get a SB in both situations, or in neither.
2006-07-18 20:03:14
177.   natepurcell
2 BBs through 4 is good for chadwick.

I thought it was only one? Gonzalez and who else?

2006-07-18 20:05:25
178.   ninjavshippo
you're right, just 1. i looked at cruz by accident before he walked lofton this inning.
2006-07-18 20:05:32
179.   ninjavshippo
you're right, just 1. i looked at cruz by accident before he walked lofton this inning.
2006-07-18 20:06:15
180.   ninjavshippo
damn it. i really am having a bad day.

i suggest writing a strongly worded letter, by natural light if possible.

2006-07-18 20:06:52
181.   natepurcell
Hey Uncle Miltie, are you a fan of Ignite? New album came out about 1-2 months ago. I just got around to listening to it and its really awesome.
2006-07-18 20:07:49
182.   Bluebleeder87
I see alot of Dodger hats in D-back country.
2006-07-18 20:07:59
183.   Steve
Start it with "When in the course of human events..." That always works.
2006-07-18 20:08:15
184.   Greg S
176 I think because the assumption is that if they can throw out the guy at 3rd, they COULD have thrown out the guy at 2nd; just chose not to. If they couln't get the guy at 3rd...
2006-07-18 20:08:25
185.   bobbygrich
Repko 2-3 tonight, single and double, lots of hits for 51s tonight though.
2006-07-18 20:08:53
186.   ninjavshippo
182 maybe you can blame inflated l.a. real estate for the exodus to phoenix? or maybe them signing (then dumping) russ ortiz left them scorned.
2006-07-18 20:09:22
187.   bobbygrich
185 correction 2-2
2006-07-18 20:10:07
188.   bobbygrich
BTW Repko just stole third, he is stealing is way into Grady's heart.
2006-07-18 20:12:16
189.   Andrew Shimmin
Byrnes is a nut case. I don't think this can be repeated too often.
2006-07-18 20:12:18
190.   D4P
But isn't it easier to throw out the guy at 3rd? Isn't the distance from home to 3rd 90 feet, while the distance from home to 2nd is 90 feet times the square root of 2?
2006-07-18 20:12:25
191.   natepurcell
Honestly, Does Byrnes really need to do a front flip after every throw?
2006-07-18 20:12:32
192.   dkminnick
Okay. Balls that go over the wall on one bounce should be a ground rule triple. Or at least a GR double but all runners allowed to score. It seems like very time a runner is held at third it is obvious that that runner would have scored. It happens ALL the time.

Heck, we figured this out in wiffle ball. One bounce over the fence is a GR triple. Sheesh.

2006-07-18 20:13:02
193.   ninjavshippo
ethier is looking great for a 3.5th outfielder. getting him for MB is nothing short of thievery.

except for that CS, earlier.

2006-07-18 20:14:32
194.   Steve
Say ah....
2006-07-18 20:14:56
195.   trainwreck
Byrnes can't function unless his face is in the ground.
2006-07-18 20:15:24
196.   JoeyP
Stop giving up outs on the base pads.
Never take the bat out of Aybar's magic hands.
2006-07-18 20:15:28
197.   D4P
I can see letting all the runners score, but why should the hitter be awarded a triple when the odds are that he only would have made it to 2B?
2006-07-18 20:16:11
198.   alex 7
I doubt Drew has a green light, so an odd call by Grady there.
2006-07-18 20:16:52
199.   Greg S
Yes. That furthers the point that a steal of 3rd should earn the other guy a steal of 2nd (tougher). And if the runner is out at 3rd, it's not as if the guy at 2nd is tagged with a CS, just a non-event. Not perfect but if I were on the rules committee I could see voting for it.
2006-07-18 20:17:13
200.   Bluebleeder87

My buddy moved out there not to long ago, He blames L.A. real state for his exodus.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-07-18 20:17:55
201.   bobbygrich
198 I like it, Ethier was probably going on a busted hit and run.
2006-07-18 20:17:57
202.   Bluebleeder87
Let's get a DP Bills, come on.
2006-07-18 20:18:32
203.   Uncle Miltie
Drew looked safe there. Can someone with TIVO watch the replay? Hernandez had a terrible view too. There's no way that he could have made an out call there.
2006-07-18 20:20:30
204.   thinkblue0

I tivo'd it...too tough to tell because they only give the behind view and not a side view.

2006-07-18 20:20:39
205.   Bluebleeder87
Eric Byrnes is Pujols when he plays against us.
2006-07-18 20:21:27
206.   Bluebleeder87
nice pitch by Bills (95 mph outside corner)
2006-07-18 20:22:09
207.   Steve
Hernandez had a terrible view too.

He took a mirror all the way out to second base?

2006-07-18 20:23:09
208.   trainwreck
Brynes is Pujols when he plays against the Giants. He destroys them, because they were his favorite team growing up.
2006-07-18 20:24:06
209.   DaveP
Billingsley is looking pretty good tonight. I'm looking for one more scoreless inning and then close it out with Broxton and Saito.
2006-07-18 20:24:23
210.   trainwreck
Angel Hernandez will not give a call to the Dodgers for the rest of this series and possibly season.
2006-07-18 20:25:07
211.   Bluebleeder87
I heard some were, that he had a good batting average against us
2006-07-18 20:26:35
212.   Steve
Since Angel Hernandez never makes a good call, we won't be any different than anyone else in that regard.
2006-07-18 20:27:10
213.   trainwreck
He probably does, but when he was an A he destroyed the Giants. Had the best games of his career against them.
2006-07-18 20:28:53
214.   bobbygrich
Howie Kendrick is now 4-6 in his return, Adam Kennedy did not even get a headache but I bet you will still see Kennedy out there because of his intangibles.
2006-07-18 20:28:57
215.   Uncle Miltie
nate- yea Ignite is a good band. They are more of a hardcore punk band, but I like them. To be honest with you, I haven't listened to them in a few years. I hope they haven't sold out.

I'm going to look at U of A and ASU this weekend. Any things I should check out around the area or at the school?

2006-07-18 20:29:30
216.   confucius
I wonder if when it is all said and done I'll be reading about JD Drew as "the crappy brother" on Dodger Blues.
2006-07-18 20:30:53
217.   Bluebleeder87
I wonder how many pitches Bills has?
2006-07-18 20:31:01
218.   trainwreck
If you wanna go to college go to U of A. If you wanna just party go to ASU.
2006-07-18 20:32:33
219.   natepurcell

Yea they are a melodic hardcore band but they are awesome. They haven't sold out, their new album is just as political and awesome as the rest.

Well I dont think you are old enough to go to the bars, but i guess walk around 4th street if you want. Theres not much going on there right now, in the middle of the summer, everyone went home.

2006-07-18 20:32:44
220.   D4P
I'm going to look at U of A and ASU this weekend. Any things I should check out around the area or at the school?

The chicks. Don't forget the chicks.

2006-07-18 20:33:29
221.   dkminnick
197 - You're right. GR double, all runners score. Doesn't it make sense?
2006-07-18 20:33:37
222.   confucius
Vin Scully's fantasy baseball team:

Third baseman - Pedro Feliz
Second baseman - O Dog

2006-07-18 20:34:42
223.   natepurcell
The chicks. Don't forget the chicks.

Too hot. Chicks stay inside.

2006-07-18 20:35:41
224.   trainwreck
Byrnes in CF and Finley in left.
2006-07-18 20:37:11
225.   Uncle Miltie
Billingsley has looked great. His command has been superb and he's getting a lot of movement on his pitches. He's showing us a glimpse of the future.
2006-07-18 20:38:01
226.   natepurcell

Kearns in right.

2006-07-18 20:38:39
227.   bobbygrich
222 All in good nature, or else I will have to go ballistic, there is no trashing of Vin, even in fun.

Okay, nice work from Chad, I would like to see him throw another inning. He seems to be on a roll.

2006-07-18 20:39:44
228.   Andrew Shimmin
If I owned a pepper spray company, I'd call the most potent blend Eric Byrnes Strength.
2006-07-18 20:39:56
229.   Steve
The White Sox asked the Mets for Duaner Sanchez and Mike Pelfrey for Freddy Garcia. No go. The Sox have spoken to several clubs about Garcia and Javier Vazquez but prefer to keep Vazquez since he's contractually tied to the team for three more years. Garcia has told people he wouldn't be devastated to go to New York.

Yeah, so apparently that Broxton rumor fell somewhat short, unless the PTNBL was Kemp.

2006-07-18 20:40:18
230.   JoeyP
Surprised Grits would let him hit, when he only has 1 more inning at most left in him.

Maybe Grits is developing for the future?
I hope.

2006-07-18 20:40:59
231.   the OZ
215 Miltie - you're from California, right? Why not go to a UC school? What are you choosing between?

220 Beautiful.

2006-07-18 20:41:17
232.   bobbygrich
230 Have you seen the bullpen.
2006-07-18 20:41:49
233.   Steve
Why do GMs even talk to each other anymore?
2006-07-18 20:42:02
234.   confucius
226 Scully just benched the O - Dog!

Cora's in.

And miguel batista (the poet) gets the ball on opening day.

2006-07-18 20:42:08
235.   JoeyP
How did Lofton double on a ground ball to Devanon?

Ultra scrappy.

2006-07-18 20:42:09
236.   bobbygrich
Repko is now 3-3, he may be on a plane tonight.
2006-07-18 20:42:27
237.   Uncle Miltie
If you wanna go to college go to U of A. If you wanna just party go to ASU.
Both :) ASU might be too big for me. That's why I'm going to look at it. I'm also going to apply to Oregon and Chico State (I could have gone there out of high school). I might apply to U of Colorado at Boulder too, but it might snow too much to skate.
2006-07-18 20:42:32
238.   DaveP
236 - he also stole 3rd base.
2006-07-18 20:43:32
239.   thinkblue0
Surprised Grits would let him hit, when he only has 1 more inning at most left in him.

let's not forget that Baez looms in the pen....

2006-07-18 20:43:51
240.   Bluebleeder87
Nice insurance for Bills.
2006-07-18 20:43:53
241.   bobbygrich
233 Another thing in a chat today with Keith Law, former front office guy with the Blue Jays, he was asked if he ever talked to Billy Beane, he said sure, Billy Beane could talk about 15 things, from wine, books, current events, he's a pretty interesting guy.
2006-07-18 20:43:54
242.   Steve
I wonder if Izturis and Fur-kel would be interested in starring in a Dodger-themed remake of Single White Female
2006-07-18 20:43:57
243.   confucius
227 Of course. Vin Scully is the reason I like baseball. Plan and simple.
2006-07-18 20:44:22
244.   D4P
I'm also going to apply to Oregon and Chico State (I could have gone there out of high school). I might apply to U of Colorado at Boulder too, but it might snow too much to skate.

I went to Oregon, have an uncle that went to Chico State, and a wife that went to Boulder.

2006-07-18 20:44:55
245.   bobbygrich
Okay Bob, now the world is back on his axis since he got a hit in the 7th inning.
2006-07-18 20:45:24
246.   Greg S
215 I live part time in Tucson. U of A is a great school and AZ State is a great time. There is really very little to do in Tucson (unless you're like me and are a golf nut). But it's 10 degrees cooler than Tempe and when you're at a major University, who needs a surrounding town? Go to U of A if you can!
2006-07-18 20:46:01
247.   StolenMonkey86
2006-07-18 20:46:05
248.   trainwreck
Wow, you do wanna party haha.
2006-07-18 20:46:58
249.   Steve
Didn't one of the boneheads on Baseball Tonight try to claim Cliff Lee was the best lefthander in the American League?
2006-07-18 20:48:36
250.   trainwreck
Steve Phillips
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-07-18 20:48:41
251.   StolenMonkey86
249 - oh crap. Colletti's gonna go after Cliff Lee
2006-07-18 20:48:53
252.   confucius
237 I go to Boulder lots. The snow usually melts in a day or two. But its about 100 degrees there right now, of course if you're thinking of going to Arizona in the summer...
2006-07-18 20:50:55
253.   Nomarsoup4U
Oregon doesn't have a baseball team goto Oregon State
2006-07-18 20:51:02
254.   Greg S
Mentioning Chico State and U of A at the same time is like taling about Roger Clemens and Odalis Perez. Just doesn't go together. I guess you could call both a pitcher but geez.
Tucson doesn't get much above 100 in the summer. Not as bad as everyone thinks.
2006-07-18 20:51:11
255.   Uncle Miltie
231- with my grades, I wouldn't be able to get into most of the UC's. I've been to all the UC's except Merced and the only one that has the total package is UCLA. Davis is pretty nice though. I don't want to live close to home.

244- I'm interested in Oregon because of their Sports Management school. The only thing I'm not fond of is that it's ultra liberal (just like mine). I have a friend who goes there and she likes it.

2006-07-18 20:52:45
256.   Bob Timmermann

I really think you should go to Cal. You can work on your Jeff Kent worship there.

2006-07-18 20:53:22
257.   gpellamjr
255 Does "ultra liberal" equal "libertarian"?
2006-07-18 20:53:32
258.   Daniel Zappala
Joe Saunders with 6 innings, 4K, 1 run, 87 pitches. The Angels have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to pitching.
2006-07-18 20:53:36
259.   trainwreck
It's college, there are many that aren't ultra liberal.

Maybe SDSU? Or is your major impacted there?

2006-07-18 20:54:26
260.   gpellamjr
I'm excited about Billingsley's recent performance. Is he the real deal?
2006-07-18 20:54:45
261.   Steve
257 -- Bill Maher goes to Oregon?

[Sorry, Jon. Couldn't resist. Will follow rules. :) ]

2006-07-18 20:55:09
262.   Vishal
there was a time a couple years ago when i really wanted to do regional transportation planning. like, right when i graduated college. now i'm getting an MPA but i want to work for the feds instead.
2006-07-18 20:55:27
263.   Vishal
(that was late, i know, but directed to jacob l.)
2006-07-18 20:55:32
264.   Steve
260 -- The good people of central Florida are going to love him.
2006-07-18 20:56:06
265.   gpellamjr
How many times can teh DBacks' announcers pretend to be amazed by everything?
2006-07-18 20:56:43
266.   trainwreck
It can.
2006-07-18 20:56:45
267.   Daniel Zappala
255 Oregon has a fantastic sports management program. If that's what you are interested and you get in, you should definitely go. Don't worry about school politics, liberal or conserative, just be yourself and you will be fine. As an independent and a moderate, I never felt uncomfortable there.
2006-07-18 20:56:49
268.   DaveP
If Billingsley gets a quick out here, does he come back out for the 8th?
2006-07-18 20:57:54
269.   Bob Timmermann
Padres are up 4-2 with 2nd and 3rd and nobody out in the 6th.

And the runner on third is Rob Bowen.

If he scores, it's over.

2006-07-18 20:58:01
270.   natepurcell
See Chad? That was pretty easy. Just repeat every 5th game now.
2006-07-18 20:58:05
271.   Bluebleeder87
that curve ball was not fair.
2006-07-18 20:58:09
272.   gpellamjr
268 I hope so. He still looks great--- doesn't seem tired.
2006-07-18 20:58:18
273.   Gen3Blue
Back when I became concious of what I was watching, as I watched baseball with earlier generations of my family, a young guy like Bills would have resisted the idea of bringing in the bullpen in a game like this. Of course, back then the bullpen held a few dregs who couldn't quite make it as ML starters and
Actually it was wery much like today.
2006-07-18 20:59:15
274.   JoeyP
Adrian Gonzales has really improved.
Cameron/Piazza are both having really good years for their respective positions.
If Peavy bounces back in the 2nd half, I think the Padres may run away with the NL West.
2006-07-18 20:59:16
275.   Underbruin
7 IP, 6H, 2BB, 4K, 0 ER.

All in all, pretty solid outing from Billingsley. Me happy (though I will throw a fit if Grady does the Tracy-esque move of letting him hit in the 8th if one of the 6-7-8 gets on base, and then tosses him back out into the game... He's still got stuff but c'mon, you've got Brox and Saito in the pen).

2006-07-18 20:59:49
276.   Greg S
I forget... what happens if the Dodgers are leading at the end of 9 innings?
2006-07-18 20:59:54
277.   Steve
103 pitches + 21 years old + 7 innings = Thanks for getting us back to .500 and enjoy the buffet
2006-07-18 21:01:00
278.   Andrew Shimmin
2006-07-18 21:01:29
279.   natepurcell
Everyone is getting in on the fun in Tacoma. Guzman homers.
2006-07-18 21:01:42
280.   D4P
The only thing I'm not fond of is that it's ultra liberal

Ironically, at your age, I was ultra conservative and loathed the idea of going to Oregon and being around all those "hippies." I wanted to go anywhere else, partly because Eugene was my hometown and partly because of the "liberals." But financial considerations gave me no choice but to stay home and become a Duck, and I can honestly say that my time there was the best thing that could have happened to me. Being around people (and ideas) I had always avoided (mostly, in hindsight, out of fear) forced me to reexamine my own set of beliefs and to subject them to much stricter scrutiny and critique than I had ever done before. I learned a lot and am a completely different (and, IMO, "better") person for it.

2006-07-18 21:01:45
281.   Greg S
Lesson of the night... if your wife has a baby, just give her a call and say "nice going honey, see you when I get home".
2006-07-18 21:01:58
282.   Gen3Blue
Back when I became concious of what I was watching, as I watched baseball with earlier generations of my family, a young guy like Bills would have resisted the idea of bringing in the bullpen in a game like this. Of course, back then the bullpen held a few dregs who couldn't quite make it as ML starters and
Actually it was wery much like today.
2006-07-18 21:02:13
283.   trainwreck
Did anyone read in Jayson Starks article that Bowden asked for Martin, Kemp, and/or Billingsley for Soriano? Ned couldn't say no fast enough apparently.
2006-07-18 21:02:31
284.   Bluebleeder87
did I hear Vin say "Danys Baez worming up in the pen" (gulpe)
2006-07-18 21:03:16
285.   JoeyP
Its nice to see you again Mr. Aybar.
2006-07-18 21:03:33
286.   StolenMonkey86
257 - generally no. I go to George Mason (great school by the way), and the econ dept (great program by the way) is very libertarian, and you can tell the difference.
2006-07-18 21:03:48
287.   natepurcell
hahaha. Oh Byrnesie.
2006-07-18 21:04:30
288.   Andrew Shimmin
Huh. I don't think I've ever seen him catch one of those. He's still a nutcase.
2006-07-18 21:04:53
289.   Underbruin
284 - Uh oh...
2006-07-18 21:05:23
290.   StolenMonkey86
283 - Just say no to drunk at the wheel GM's.
2006-07-18 21:06:23
291.   Scanman33
After watching that play, how many Dodger fans said, "Boo-yrnes"?
2006-07-18 21:06:35
292.   gpellamjr
288 Just because of who he was, I was convinced that he had dropped it--- I'm still not sure he caught it.
2006-07-18 21:06:43
293.   Bob Timmermann
They're playing again in New York.
2006-07-18 21:07:00
294.   StolenMonkey86
Whoa! Did Donnelly get ejected? Sure the ball was hit to left, but they actually held a runner at third.
2006-07-18 21:08:00
295.   D4P
Thanks, Smithers.
2006-07-18 21:08:01
296.   natepurcell
Baez is being brought in because he is the designated plunker.
2006-07-18 21:08:26
297.   Underbruin
Theeeeere we go. Thanks for the performance, Chad, enjoy the buffet (strange sense of deja vu -vu -vu -vu ...)
2006-07-18 21:08:27
298.   Bob Timmermann
The ball was hit really hard and Aybar was just at third when Gonzalez was throwing it back in.
2006-07-18 21:08:34
299.   LA Native
283 - I'd imagine the price for Soriano will be coming down quite a bit over the next couple of weeks. He'll get dealt somewhere, but don't think it will be the Dodgers.

286 - For me, libertarian means wanting less government and is generally more associated with republicans or conservatism than liberalism, but it really depends on the issue.

2006-07-18 21:08:54
300.   trainwreck
Byrnes makes a lot of nice highlight reel catches, but makes tons of bad plays because he is always trying to make highlight reel catches.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-07-18 21:09:35
301.   Bluebleeder87
Jack Daniels logo hasn't changed since 1866? (old no.7)
2006-07-18 21:09:47
302.   Uncle Miltie
259- got into SDSU out of high school and went to visit. I hated it. It's huge and it's just not a very nice school.

267- yea, I'll check it out if I get in. You can't get much more liberal than my school, sonoma state.

280- I don't really want to get into a political discussion because that can cause a lot of problems. I am not ultra conservative, just a moderate republican (yes, we do exist!). I'm a pretty accepting person, but I've had a lot of "stuff" shoved down my throat, from professors to other students. That's not why I want to transfer though because I realize that many colleges are like this. I want to go to a bigger school (my school has something like 8,000 students) that has more things to do. My school doesn't have a college town, so there isn't much to do. I kind of regret not going to Chico.

2006-07-18 21:10:34
303.   dkminnick
I heard a story once - don't know if it's true - but the Dodgers once had pitchers throw something called a "complete game".

Apparently it would sometimes happen if a pitcher had allowed no runs, when it was called a "complete game shutout". Having never seen one, I'll have to look it up in the history books.

2006-07-18 21:11:17
304.   StolenMonkey86
296 - Gonzalez up at #3. Well, he can't blow a 4 run lead in only 3 batters.
2006-07-18 21:12:25
305.   Underbruin
... Okay, is Drew worse in the field than I thought or something? I'm using ESPN's GameCast, and they're showing that out of the 6 hits the Bax have, 5 of them were to shallow right field. Meanwhile, there were only two outs to right field neither of which Drew caught.

Am I missing something? I always had the impression of JD as a solid, if unspectacular, fielder. Maybe he's playing a bit hurt and it's preventing him from ranging around RF like he normally would?

2006-07-18 21:12:41
306.   trainwreck
I know a few people who went there from my school. That place is what you would expect.
2006-07-18 21:13:47
307.   trainwreck
Sonoma St.
2006-07-18 21:13:51
308.   natepurcell

If you are implying that Little should have let Billingsley go out there and try to get a CG then I would have to respectfully disagree. 105 or so pitches is plenty enough for a 21 yr old.

2006-07-18 21:14:13
309.   StolenMonkey86
Hey, at least they've all been singles.
2006-07-18 21:14:37
310.   natepurcell
no one on, 2 outs, gonzo up. lets see some high heat action.
2006-07-18 21:16:03
311.   Telemachos
302 You're at Sonoma State? LOL, I used to live in Petaluma.
2006-07-18 21:16:45
312.   mikethinksblue
I went to Sonoma State, and was an Environmental Studies major. It doesn't get more liberal than that. Picture hippies bathing in the duck pond.
2006-07-18 21:17:13
313.   jujibee
Repko now 4 for 4 with 2 doubles.
2006-07-18 21:18:13
314.   StolenMonkey86
313 - nice
2006-07-18 21:19:38
315.   Bluebleeder87

good news, is he spreading them around? right, left & center?

2006-07-18 21:20:32
316.   dkminnick
308 - You're probably right, Nate. I just miss 'em, that's all. I remember when we would lead the league (majors?) in CG's and pitching in general. Maybe it wasn't a coincidence.
2006-07-18 21:21:09
317.   gpellamjr
311 Funny, I would have thought Ithaka.

312 I don't understand the association of "hippies" with "liberals". Most everyone at any libertarian convention that I've been to is a hippie.

2006-07-18 21:21:19
318.   natepurcell
What I like about UofA
-Business School
-i live in my own house
-the campus, parts of it is pretty, especially the red brick buildings
-the weather from late October to April. 65-70, high clouds, breezy everyday
-tons of hot girls
-College town, so most of the activities revolve around student oriented things

What I don't like about UofA
-Sometimes hard to get the electives/genED clases you want
-Some really stupid TAs
-The weather from May-September
-The City of Tucson. Not much of a downtown
-The speed limits. I swear everyone is basically 40MPH or under. Incredibly annoying
-our football team

2006-07-18 21:22:06
319.   Bob Timmermann
7-5 Padres in the 7th and the Phillies have no one out and Abreu on second.
2006-07-18 21:22:52
320.   jujibee
315 - infield single, single to left, double to left and double to right.
2006-07-18 21:23:01
321.   kegtron
Billingsley has 14 2/3 consecutive shutout innings.
2006-07-18 21:23:30
322.   mikethinksblue
317 Perhaps a different flavor of hippie, but hippies indeed exist at SSU
2006-07-18 21:24:32
323.   natepurcell
What is Chad's current era?
2006-07-18 21:24:50
324.   gpellamjr
318 Being a really stupid TA at Ohio State, I can attest to the fact that they are all over. You just have to learn how to deal with us. Often times, the stupider the better for the students.
2006-07-18 21:24:51
325.   underdog
Well, I was very pleased to come home from my writer's group, to find Chad B had pitched a gem, the Dodgers were up and then even got to see Baez pitch a nice easy inning. Can it be? {{rubs eyes}} Am I dreaming? (Well, one more inning to go. Better shaddup now.)

Oh, that Nomar, I was hoping he'd hit a single and a home run in that at bat so he could get the cycle, but he wouldn't oblige.

2006-07-18 21:25:26
326.   underdog
323 3.66.
2006-07-18 21:25:30
327.   Bluebleeder87

I like the double to right.

2006-07-18 21:26:06
328.   StolenMonkey86
323 - 3.66
2006-07-18 21:26:55
329.   natepurcell
Mark Alexander in for Vegas.
2006-07-18 21:27:11
330.   the OZ
Miltie -

Oregon does have a good sports management program; one of my roomates is on a summer internship at a major sports firm and a few of his fellow interns are from that program. Sports employers know about it.

Also, SDSU has a one-year Sports MBA program that seems to effectively get its students jobs with pro teams and other sports business players. If sports is what you've got your heart set on as a career, it's another option no matter where you end up finishing your bachelor's degree.

2006-07-18 21:27:15
331.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers have not led the NL in complete games since 1990.

They had 29 that year. 12 by Ramon Martinez. 6 by Mike Morgan. 5 each by Fernando Valenzuela and Tim Belcher. And 1 by the immortal Mike Hartley.

2006-07-18 21:27:18
332.   natepurcell

Thanks guys.

2006-07-18 21:27:32
333.   underdog
Damn, the Giants are now ahead of the Brewers. I guess all things can't smell of roses.
2006-07-18 21:29:42
334.   jujibee
327 - it also looked like his infield hit was between the pitcher and 2nd baseman. Hard to tell from Gameday, but he also has a walk and a stolen base.
2006-07-18 21:29:54
335.   Bluebleeder87

thanks for the heads up, I'm listening.

2006-07-18 21:31:32
336.   Bob Timmermann
Actually the Dodgers led in complete games from 1984 through 1990.
2006-07-18 21:32:15
337.   Bluebleeder87
where was that pitch!
2006-07-18 21:32:18
338.   Greg S
I would recommend going to whatever undergrad you want to and that the program or major should be secondary. I majored in Psychology and interned for an ad agency and then a MLB team. I think employers are usually less interested in where you went than what your degree is in. The sports management thing might be an exception but the point is that you can make your path no matter what your major.
2006-07-18 21:33:04
339.   Bluebleeder87
Byrnes looks like Robert Smith from the cure.
2006-07-18 21:33:41
340.   Greg S
338 - correction- they are MORE interested in where you went than what your degree is in.
2006-07-18 21:34:49
341.   mikethinksblue
How do you score Defensive Indifference on a score card?
2006-07-18 21:34:57
342.   Uncle Miltie
312- LOL, a little bit of an exaggeration, but pretty close. My school is 65 % girls, but about 20 % of them are lesbians. There are a lot of rallies, which is probably normal.

Anyways, here's how I'd rate my school
What I like
-Beautiful campus, especially the newer buildings
-Amazing gym, top notch equipment. Less than a year old.
-There are no dorms, they are more like small houses. The rooms are spacious. Last year, my house had a full kitchen (as a freshman)! Next year, I'll have a single.
-They allow skateboards on campus
-Most professors are easily accessible

What I don't like
-A bit too small, you run into the same people a lot- too much like high school in that sense
-It rains a ton, it was raining in May! I love the rain, but it got kind of depressing.
-The weather is terrible until October
-My school starts in late August
-My winter break is a month a half, it's too long (if it wasn't this long, maybe I wouldn't have to start in the summer)
-The town is boring. It's full of families and retired people.

2006-07-18 21:35:02
343.   King of the Hobos
Alexander seemed pretty wild. He allowed a sac fly to the first batter, walked the next, and struck out the last one. Took him 17 pitches to get 2 outs, and he only threw 8 of those for strikes.
2006-07-18 21:35:06
344.   kegtron
Billingsley's ERA in July is 2.31.

Congrats on the first win, kid.

2006-07-18 21:35:42
345.   JoeyP
Stephen could learn a little from his bro and take a pitch in that situation.
2006-07-18 21:35:44
346.   Bluebleeder87
Looks like Billingsley is getting better each time out.
2006-07-18 21:35:48
347.   underdog
Man, Saito and Alexander both struggled a little bit but both got the job done. So much for Chad's shutout but we'll take the W.
2006-07-18 21:36:06
348.   StolenMonkey86
341 - I would say write "I DON'T CARE!" on your scorecard, but I'm almost certain that's wrong
2006-07-18 21:36:26
349.   confucius
1 down 299 to go.
2006-07-18 21:36:27
350.   natepurcell
I dont think this has been talked about yet but John Manuel of BA came out with his top 25 midseason in prospect rankings.

Surprisngly and unwarranted IMO, Stephen Drew is top dog. Elbert is the only Dodger and he comes in at #14. Laroche was not on it which baffled me.

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-07-18 21:36:33
351.   Bluebleeder87

nerves maybe, Matt Kemp batting right now for vegas.

2006-07-18 21:36:46
352.   JoeyP
343. It all evens out. Last nite Alexander threw 7 pitches to retire the side in order.
2006-07-18 21:36:50
353.   Gen3Blue
Thank God!
2006-07-18 21:37:13
354.   trainwreck
That is funny, because the people I know who went there are conservative women.
2006-07-18 21:37:22
355.   mikethinksblue
342 You are right about the town being boring, that was probably the worst part about SSU. Ever been to Red's Recovery Room?
2006-07-18 21:37:43
356.   Greg S
This game was a like a long deep breath of mountain fresh air. After sucking on a tail pipe for a week.
2006-07-18 21:38:09
357.   JoeyP
350. You do realize that BA didnt even rank Jason Windsor in their top 10 A's prospects. They really dont know what they are talking about half the time when they come out with their lists, and who actually does something the major leagues.
2006-07-18 21:40:22
358.   underdog
Well Kemp and Guzman homered for Vegas tonight, along with Repko's 4 for 4, and Billingsley's nice night with the big club, makes the evening a success I'd say.
2006-07-18 21:42:52
359.   Bob Timmermann

I usually write "FC-DI"

2006-07-18 21:43:33
360.   dkminnick
331,336 - Thanks, Bob! I also remember the late 70's as a similar era. Actually, it was the entire Lasorda era.

Something about the CG seemed to give the team a lift and create an air of dominance.

I know, I know, it's not provable by the numbers or whatever, but man it felt (past tense) good to see a CG once in a while.

Are there any numbers to show that pitchers get hurt less now (or other quantifiable benefit) because pitchers throw less? (notice I am once again hoping someone else will do the work :-)

2006-07-18 21:44:13
361.   StolenMonkey86
Aybar had 2 doubles, and Ethier went 1-2 with a walk and a sac fly.

Anyone remember that intrasquad game back in February with the Dodgers vs the Suns? If I recall correctly, the Suns won.

The future is bright.

2006-07-18 21:44:31
362.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.

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