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What It's Like To Sing the Anthem
2006-07-21 17:20
by Jon Weisman

Thought you might enjoy this Dodger Stadium national anthem singer's tale (from August 2005).

... I entered the press box to "rehearse." I'm putting quotation marks around the word "rehearse" because what they don't really tell you is that it's actually an audition! The Dodgers' staff has the power to send you home if they don't think you're any good. So there I was in the box above the stadium with all the reporters, announcers and important looking people with walkie-talkies and I'm introduced to Nancy Bea. She is a lovely woman with a kind face and a nice smile. However, as soon as I met her I realized she was all business. She looked at me with an expression that said "You better know how to sing, girlie, 'cuz I have no patience for amateurs." I soon realized that pretty much everyone in the room was sizing me up! Can you say, "intimidating?" ...

Fortunately, Nancy Bea is still there to guide the singers along.

* * *

Tonight's Game

Comments (456)
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2006-07-21 17:37:29
1.   overkill94
nate or canuck, who is this Rick Taloa guy? He now has 6 homers on the year in rookie ball, and i think all of them have come in the last week or so. Is he a prospect? He keeps showing up in my Baseball America prospect report.
2006-07-21 17:43:28
2.   CanuckDodger
Like more than a few DT posters, as we approach the trade deadline, I am hoping we make no trade at all, unless it is a deal or deals that gets rid of some undesirable vets. But let's face it, regardless of what is wise, we are going to deal away some prospects, it is just a matter of which ones and whether they are first, second, or third tier guys (it will probably be a combination).

So my question is, who do you HOPE is untouchable? Which guys being traded would make you really angry? Keep in mind that nobody we just drafted in June can be traded inside of a year, by MLB rules.

My untouchables are ALL of the rookies now with the Dodgers, plus Kemp, LaRoche, Elbert, Loney, and DeWitt. Out of those players, I think the Dodgers are most likely to part with Aybar. I don't think we SHOULD part with him, but I see it coming. I think Guzman is going to be dealt as well, and though I don't agree with that either, I have kind of made my peace with it, because of (1) Ethier, and (2) the fact that Guzman is sounding like an Odalis Perez-type malcontent.

2006-07-21 17:46:26
3.   overkill94
I agree with your untouchables as well unless we could get someone to overpay for Kemp based on his brief success, but only if it's a player under contract for longer than this year.
2006-07-21 17:49:33
4.   Bluebleeder87
I don't watch american idle but that's what your story reminded me of Jon.
2006-07-21 17:51:32
5.   Bluebleeder87

I agree with you're story of Guzman's miscontent "issues"

2006-07-21 17:55:30
6.   CanuckDodger
1 -- Rick Taloa was a 35th round draft pick last year, out of Santa Ana Junior College. He is 21, so he is a bit old for his level. He is a 6'4" 250 lbs. first baseman who bats and throws right-handed. He is of Samoan descent. At his age and playing in a big-time hitter's league, don't take Taloa's numbers too seriously -- yet.
2006-07-21 17:56:20
7.   Linkmeister
You know, after reading about singing the anthem (three minutes long, about four octaves, in a lousy key) from the singer's POV, throwing out the first pitch where you either bounce it or you don't doesn't seem nearly as difficult.
2006-07-21 17:57:30
8.   Steve
Everybody is untouchable but Colletti.
2006-07-21 17:57:52
9.   Linkmeister
David Pinto has a link to a baseball/PG Wodehouse quiz. Two of my favorite subjects, so I aced it.

2006-07-21 17:58:41
10.   Bluebleeder87

I wish I could throw out the first pitch, I'll throw a freaken cannon!!

2006-07-21 17:58:57
11.   godvls
I still miss Helen Dell.
2006-07-21 18:04:12
12.   StolenMonkey86
2 - I'd go with the same list.

The only player I would even want to see traded for would be Greg Maddux, and even then, I wouldn't do it if the price were too high. The most creative way I see to shore up the rotation is to trade for Lance Niekro and convert him to a pitcher.

I hope the Giants get Hillenbrand, and I hope he goes Milton Bradley over there (or Jeff Kent if it means fighting with Barry Bonds).

2006-07-21 18:18:59
13.   trainwreck
Boston radio has been talking about rumors of Jake Peavy going to Red Sox in a packaged deal that centers around Mike Lowell. Awww dellusional Red Sox fans.

How great would that be if it were true?

2006-07-21 18:20:46
14.   Bluebleeder87

"How great would that be if it were true"

I was thinking the same thing.

2006-07-21 18:28:21
15.   underdog
13 "Boston radio on Red Sox rumors" = the source third least likely to be taken seriously, after Fox News and Ken Rosenthal, and just ahead of the NY Post.
2006-07-21 18:29:17
16.   Marty
I miss Helen Dell too.

RIP Jack Warden

2006-07-21 18:36:58
17.   JoeyP
I think CBS News has less credibility than Fox News.
2006-07-21 18:40:21
18.   Bluebleeder87

how about ESPN calling Joel Guzman a pitcher???

2006-07-21 18:57:17
19.   overkill94
Sure is dead around here tonight.
2006-07-21 18:57:46
20.   fawnkyj

From what ive read here and there Ned is very hesitant

2006-07-21 18:59:13
21.   Bluebleeder87
we need a pitcher.
2006-07-21 18:59:57
22.   Bluebleeder87

it's friday, maybe all the folks went' to the game (Pujols & all) I wish I was there.

2006-07-21 19:04:10
23.   fawnkyj

From what ive read Ned is hesitant to trade away the future. Mccourt also is excited with the youth. I dont know if it is PR spin or not but i tend to believe it just becasue its every where. Rosenthal and Olney have also mentioned in recent articles that every GM has asked for Bills, Kemp, Laroche, Ethier, Elbert etc. and has been turned away. I believe that is why Soriano being linked to the dodgers doesn't seem like a hot topic.
I do think Aybar, Guzman, Delwyn and Abreu could be had. But the one prospect i am very iffy on Loney. He could be sold high and Ned could be enamoured with Nomar.

2006-07-21 19:11:17
24.   Bluebleeder87
hey Bob are you at the game today?
2006-07-21 19:11:23
25.   StolenMonkey86
Kuo's starting in Vegas against Portland.

51's lineup
Valdez - SS
Riggs - 2B
Loney - 1B
Kemp - CF
Guzman - LF
Young - RF
Laroche - 3B
Bellorin - C
Kuo - P

2006-07-21 19:14:07
26.   overkill94
That's a pretty dang good 3-7 in that line-up. So has it been confirmed that they're trying Kuo out as a starter again?
2006-07-21 19:14:30
27.   Bluebleeder87

I can't help but think, how Kou payses him self?

2006-07-21 19:15:43
28.   Bluebleeder87
I wonder if Repko got a couple of hits yesterday.
2006-07-21 19:16:20
29.   StolenMonkey86
Kuo took 17 pitches to retire the first two batters. A whole lot of foul balls.
2006-07-21 19:16:54
30.   CanuckDodger
23 -- I am sure Colletti in an ideal world would keep the "untouchables," and is waiting to see if the other teams' prices come down the closer we get to the deadline. But when it is an hour before the deadline and Ned senses that prices are not going to drop any more, where will Colletti's priorities lie? I don't trust Colletti in that situation. I think he will rationalize making a trade that everybody on this board will recognize as foolish by claiming that he hasn't traded the WHOLE farm and trotting out that time-worn banality "I want to win now."
2006-07-21 19:19:36
31.   StolenMonkey86
27 pitch first inning, ending with a 4 pitch K.

No runs, 1 hit, no errors, and one man left on. Vegas due up.

2006-07-21 19:26:31
32.   King of the Hobos
31 Can't really complain too much, 20 of the 27 pitches were strikes. Now he just needs to keep that control, and miss bats, and he will be fine.
2006-07-21 19:26:45
33.   StolenMonkey86
The 51's go down in order on 10 pitches.

0-0 after 1

2006-07-21 19:32:43
34.   StolenMonkey86
Kuo gave up a leadoff double. Then the next guy lined out to Kuo, but he threw to first and the runner advanced to third, scoring on a groundout, followed by another groundout.

1 run, 1 hit, no errors. 1-0 Portland after 1 1/2

2006-07-21 19:39:19
35.   StolenMonkey86
Kemp works the count, grounding out to short on a 3-2 pitch around the inside corner.
Guzman becomes the 51s' first baserunner. Line drive single to center.
2006-07-21 19:43:09
36.   Bluebleeder87

Accourding to ESPN, he's a pitcher?? (Guzman is)

2006-07-21 19:45:04
37.   StolenMonkey86
Young fires a grounder through the 3.5 hole, singling and advancing JtD to 3rd.
Laroche flies out to shallow right.
Bellorin K's on 3 pitches.

no runs, 2 hits, no errors, and 2 runners stranded. 1-0 Portland after 2.

2006-07-21 19:46:01
38.   Bluebleeder87
hit Pujols, you'll save 3 pitches Penny!!
2006-07-21 19:47:28
39.   StolenMonkey86
36 - If by pitcher you mean left-fielder.

Also, reports that Fernando Tatis just got called up to Baltimore. Too bad Baltimore doesn't play the Padres.

2006-07-21 19:49:06
40.   trainwreck
I hope Penny does not tire himself out quickly trying to throw it so hard.
2006-07-21 19:49:35
41.   StolenMonkey86
40 - what's the gun reading?
2006-07-21 19:50:06
42.   scareduck
Jon, a friend of my mother's got a call once to sing the National Anthem at Dodger Stadium. He had some other gig going that weekend, and turned them down; he's never gotten another request since, and that was a few years back. The moral is you jump when they say "jump".
2006-07-21 19:50:08
43.   Bluebleeder87

it's true bro, they called Guzman I pitcher, i'm not kidding.

2006-07-21 19:50:36
44.   trainwreck
He's throwing a consistent 97.
2006-07-21 19:52:12
45.   Bluebleeder87
Juan Encarnacion use to be a pitcher (in the minors I think)
2006-07-21 19:53:32
46.   Bluebleeder87
Suppan is from the San Fernando Valley (like most MLB'ERS cali, native)
2006-07-21 19:53:55
47.   StolenMonkey86
43 - Who on ESPN? That's bad.

There's a Johancy Guzman with the DSL Dodgers. He's 19, and he's also 5-10 155 lbs.

2006-07-21 19:54:23
48.   trainwreck
NO, not in the knee!
2006-07-21 19:54:36
49.   Bluebleeder87
that's all we need!!
2006-07-21 19:54:53
50.   Marty
Well, that's that.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-07-21 19:55:03
51.   StolenMonkey86
It's one thing to hit Nomar, but you do not hit the man of clay!
2006-07-21 19:55:11
52.   King of the Hobos
If Drew's expression is an indication of severity, we'll be dumping several prospects for an OF very soon.
2006-07-21 19:55:47
53.   StolenMonkey86
Nomar should punish them with a 3 run homer.
2006-07-21 19:56:19
54.   trainwreck
Drew's out of the game.
2006-07-21 19:56:58
55.   Marty
Let's bring Kemp up.
2006-07-21 19:56:58
56.   StolenMonkey86
52 - dumping, or calling up?
2006-07-21 19:57:20
57.   thinkblue0
t-minus 30 seconds until thinkingblue posts something negative about Drew.....
2006-07-21 19:57:46
58.   StolenMonkey86
Penny needs to pull back a little more. I want 100 MPH to Edmonds' head.
2006-07-21 19:59:54
59.   Bluebleeder87

are you really suprised??

2006-07-21 20:00:23
60.   StolenMonkey86
Kuo gave up a walk and a double, then got pulled after 2 2/3. 59 pitches, 40 were for strikes
2006-07-21 20:00:57
61.   Bluebleeder87

I hope we hit Pujols arms & they detach from his body.

2006-07-21 20:01:32
62.   King of the Hobos
Kuo was removed after 59 pitches. In 2.2 IP, he had 3 Ks and a walk, and threw 40 of the 59 pitches for strikes. He didn't get very deep (although I'm sure he was on a 60ish pitch limit), but it was an encouraging outing because of the decent control.
2006-07-21 20:01:34
63.   StolenMonkey86
Beanball time!
2006-07-21 20:01:40
64.   trainwreck
I'm just informing people.
2006-07-21 20:01:47
65.   overkill94
What did Edmonds ever do to you?
2006-07-21 20:02:42
66.   Bluebleeder87
Suppan isn't that good, I can't believe we didn't score against him.
2006-07-21 20:03:29
67.   Gen3Blue
Drews history. Don't trade for an outfielder, give D.Young, Guz, or Kemp a chance. No one is going to give the D's anybody good.
2006-07-21 20:04:33
68.   King of the Hobos
56 I certainly hope it's calling up, but the Dodgers (actually Suppan) just gave Colletti an excellent reason to acquire Soriano, and I fear he'll take advantage of the opportunity. I also have a feeling Drew's replacement, if he goes to the DL, would be Repko.
2006-07-21 20:04:34
69.   overkill94
How is getting hit on the side of the knee "history"? I'm sure it hurts now and he might miss a few games while it's swollen, but I doubt this will necessitate a DL stint.
2006-07-21 20:04:38
70.   StolenMonkey86
It's not Edmonds, but they just hit the most injury prone guy on the team. That's like doing yo-yo tricks in a pottery shop.
2006-07-21 20:05:56
71.   Bluebleeder87
Jim Edmonds went to high schools with a buddy of mine.
2006-07-21 20:06:15
72.   StolenMonkey86
Strike out works too.
2006-07-21 20:06:40
73.   Tommy Naccarato
Boy, I was just checking in and I cant believe the blue sea of negativity....

What happened to this place?

2006-07-21 20:06:44
74.   King of the Hobos
Thanks to Justin Reid's ineffectiveness, Kuo actually will be charged with 3 runs in 2.2 IP, but I still think it was extremely encouraging.
2006-07-21 20:07:19
75.   overkill94
73 Losing 7 of 8 will do that to a community
2006-07-21 20:07:43
76.   Bluebleeder87

I'm just letting people know how angelinos feel about that!!

2006-07-21 20:07:56
77.   Tommy Naccarato
75 This is true..


2006-07-21 20:07:58
78.   StolenMonkey86
73 - JD Drew got nailed on the knee, and Jose Cruz immediately replaced him.
2006-07-21 20:09:18
79.   trainwreck
Penny looks in good form today. That will help a lot with Drew out of the game.
2006-07-21 20:09:35
80.   Tommy Naccarato
Getting hit on the knee is like being hit in the funny bone, well sort of.

So lets see Cruz produce! Come on!

2006-07-21 20:10:18
81.   Bluebleeder87

lossing dose that to you, we love our Dodgers so don't be suprised with the frustration.

2006-07-21 20:11:09
82.   StolenMonkey86
on Gamecast, it looks like the ball went past Encarnacion, because his name never moves.
2006-07-21 20:12:54
83.   Tommy Naccarato
81 Heck, I get that way all of the time...

Tonight and tomorrow if we win we set the tone for the rest of the season. These are the freeking Cardinals! Just win Baby!

2006-07-21 20:13:31
84.   thinkblue0
it's pretty amazing how bad our offense is. If Drew misses time we're going to be serioiusly screwed as far as scoring runs is concerned.
2006-07-21 20:13:34
85.   Tommy Naccarato
Or is it Just whine Baby!?!
2006-07-21 20:14:19
86.   Bluebleeder87

we need to win! losing isn't cool

2006-07-21 20:14:20
87.   Vaudeville Villain
Willy Aybar really got unlucky. That line drive he hit was absolutely smoked.
2006-07-21 20:14:56
88.   Tommy Naccarato
Drew will have a huge B&B contusion. I doubt he will go on the DL.
2006-07-21 20:15:39
89.   StolenMonkey86
If you could pick only Dodger to return to the form of their best season of their career, who would it be?
2006-07-21 20:16:12
90.   Marty
Tommy, you were very negative on last year's team. I guess we are just coming around to the same thing :)
2006-07-21 20:16:37
91.   Tommy Naccarato
I agree losing isn't cool... I'm tired of having to look at negativity everyday in the paper!

You know, we should have taken at least two of those four in StL.

2006-07-21 20:16:49
92.   StolenMonkey86
Penny still throwing 97?
2006-07-21 20:16:59
93.   trainwreck
Derek Lowe.
2006-07-21 20:17:25
94.   Nagman
Bonds was hit by Peavy in the kneecap tonight but remained in the game. When JD got hit and came out, I started to really question JD's fragility, thinking he probably could've shaken it off like Bonds apparently did.

Well, Bonds next time up he doubled but barely made it down the line. It appeared the knee that got nailed, which I guess is not the one that gives him the most problems, was bothering him enough that he came out of the game.

2006-07-21 20:17:26
95.   trainwreck
2006-07-21 20:17:27
96.   Tommy Naccarato
Marty, Forget the past tonight is the present!
2006-07-21 20:18:17
97.   Marty
and the present is bleak :)
2006-07-21 20:18:32
98.   Nagman
94 - correction, Bonds actually singled, anybody else would've had a double.
2006-07-21 20:18:36
99.   Tommy Naccarato
St. L, 1-2-3 OUT!
2006-07-21 20:18:58
100.   King of the Hobos
89 That would be tough. Probably Lowe, Odalis, Drew, Kent, or Gagne, but I wouldn't know who to choose. I'd have to say Gagne I guess.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-07-21 20:19:10
101.   Tommy Naccarato
No, the present is positive. Think Bob Marley!
2006-07-21 20:21:27
102.   Tommy Naccarato
Marty, I was out on Long Island in New York the majority of last season. I wanted positive, but only could get the Mets and Yankees. You want to talk depressing!
2006-07-21 20:22:09
103.   StolenMonkey86
93 - Jose Cruz hit .274/.326/.530 and had a 30-30 year in 2001, but give me Jeff Kent's 2000, where he won the MVP and had a .334/.424/.596 line with 33 homers and won the MVP.
2006-07-21 20:22:26
104.   Bluebleeder87

Mike Piazza was superman to me.

2006-07-21 20:22:29
105.   StolenMonkey86
103 - and pardon my reduncancy
2006-07-21 20:24:17
106.   Vaudeville Villain
Jeff Suppan's numbers:

5.52 ERA/ WHIP 1.58

41 BB 55 SO

We should be able to get a run or two against him.

2006-07-21 20:24:19
107.   Tommy Naccarato
89 Kirk Gibson. I think he breathed fire into the 1988 Dodgers.
2006-07-21 20:25:39
108.   StolenMonkey86
104 - I was thinking current Dodgers. If we went with past or present, I'd take a 1965 Sandy Koufax.

For a hitter, Piazza '97 is hard to pass up, so I won't. A .362/.431/.638 line with 40 homers.

2006-07-21 20:26:12
109.   Bluebleeder87

Bob is somewhere in the stadium being annoyed by a fan.

2006-07-21 20:26:18
110.   StolenMonkey86
108 - and he's Mike Piazza
2006-07-21 20:28:48
111.   Tommy Naccarato
109Sitting in the Honeywell seats... A good company that Honeywell
2006-07-21 20:29:30
112.   Bluebleeder87

& he was a hallywood story type player.

2006-07-21 20:31:31
113.   trainwreck
This year is the best looking Miss Universe group I have ever seen.
2006-07-21 20:33:53
114.   Bluebleeder87

Drysdale for a pitcher for me. Don't get me wrong but I identenfy with Drydale more.

2006-07-21 20:35:08
115.   StolenMonkey86
Furcal now has a 71.9% SB rate.
2006-07-21 20:35:13
116.   King of the Hobos
Chris Young threw well in a bullpen schedule, and has been confirmed for Monday for those that were curious in the other thread.
2006-07-21 20:35:58
117.   Tommy Naccarato
the two of them together were dynamite, Koufax and Big D.
2006-07-21 20:38:32
118.   Bluebleeder87
Chris Duncan is going balled!!
2006-07-21 20:39:32
119.   thinkingblue
uh oh, they scored, the games over :(
2006-07-21 20:39:59
120.   thinkingblue
you know, Suppan had an ERA of over 9 on the road coming into this game.
2006-07-21 20:40:12
121.   StolenMonkey86
Hard to say no to Drysdale. He was great in 1964, and it's shocking he didn't win 20 games, except for the Dodger offense that year.
2006-07-21 20:46:05
122.   Tommy Naccarato
During the Koufax/Drysdale years there was absolutely no offense--at least for Koufax and Drysdale....
2006-07-21 20:46:28
123.   thinkingblue
fool em once, shame on Suppan

fool em twice, shame on Andre

2006-07-21 20:46:35
124.   Gen3Blue
Suppan looks like Warren Spahn. Our offense is either really poor or in a terrible streak!
2006-07-21 20:49:00
125.   Gen3Blue
Gee , I just noticed Suppan had a plan. Its been a while since I even saw anything like that.
2006-07-21 20:49:50
126.   StolenMonkey86
Laroche doubled, but didn't move from there. Still 3-0 Portland after 5 in Vegas.
2006-07-21 20:50:57
127.   Bluebleeder87

We'll come around

2006-07-21 20:51:28
128.   Vaudeville Villain
One hit against Jeff Suppan is when you know it's time to go do something else. Night guys.
2006-07-21 20:54:27
129.   StolenMonkey86
Penny hits Suppan. Great. Let's see if Eckstein can ground into a DP.
2006-07-21 20:54:58
130.   Bluebleeder87
let's win blue crew!
2006-07-21 20:55:17
131.   Sam DC
Just back from the Nationals' big come-from-behind 7-6 win over the Cubs. 3 Cub home runs not enough, even though Nats had zero home runs. RFK grand re-opening a success; much better service at the food lines, new concessions, and a corny fun giant Presidents' race that worked despite its own ridiculousness.

Here's the Nationals first run: Soriano HBP; Soriano steal 2nd; wild pitch; wild pitch. Lots of aggressive running and lucky breaks for the Nats; I fear Frank will be very reinforced that running "puts pressure on the defense" and "makes things happen."

Crazy Frank. With a one-run lead, he allows Astacio to bat to open the bottom of the sixth. Tough call that; Astacio only had about 90 pitches in at that point. I would have hit for him, though, esp. with yesterday and monday both off days. But then, the seventh comes, and Astacio retires the first batter and Frank pulls him then for Mike Stanton! If that was the plan, why let him hit in the bottom of the sixth.

Anyhow, big crowd, lots of energy, nice to be at a game with friends and beers instead of kids and dippin dots. Lerners have to feel like the night was a big success.

And this evening they also announced that the team sale paperwork is complete; ownership transfer to be done by monday.

2006-07-21 20:55:24
132.   trainwreck
I'm happy we are keeping Eckstein off the bases.
2006-07-21 20:55:34
133.   Bluebleeder87

he just did! woo!!

2006-07-21 20:56:00
134.   StolenMonkey86
129 - yep! :)
2006-07-21 20:56:01
135.   Bluebleeder87

I hope we hit him!

2006-07-21 20:57:17
136.   thinkingblue
We'll come around

I hope so, but the line up we field doesn't lend much optomism.

2006-07-21 21:01:25
137.   Bluebleeder87

yeah I know but he's Suppan though!!

2006-07-21 21:03:24
138.   StolenMonkey86
bah. LIDP
2006-07-21 21:04:01
139.   thinkingblue
2 hits and a walk through 5. you could throw Weaver out there against us, and still shut us out, speaking of that cardnial...
2006-07-21 21:05:35
140.   StolenMonkey86
Loney lined out to 2nd.
2006-07-21 21:05:46
141.   trainwreck
Penny just hit 98.
2006-07-21 21:07:33
142.   Bluebleeder87
our hitting is non exsistent!
2006-07-21 21:08:52
143.   Bluebleeder87
Bob is at the stadium thinking, I hope Pujols dons't hit a HRun.(while taking score)
2006-07-21 21:09:18
144.   StolenMonkey86
That picture of Drew lying there on the ground was not pretty.
2006-07-21 21:10:50
145.   trainwreck
The Cardinals clearly are not scared of Lofton's arm.
2006-07-21 21:11:48
146.   Blu2
Just tuned in... Why is Jose Crud in Drew's spot?
2006-07-21 21:11:48
147.   thinkingblue
Running on Kenny is like stealing candy from a baby.
2006-07-21 21:12:03
148.   Bluebleeder87

No respect what's so ever!

2006-07-21 21:12:17
149.   StolenMonkey86
145 - yeah. That just hurts
2006-07-21 21:12:43
150.   StolenMonkey86
146 - Drew got nailed in the knee
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-07-21 21:12:56
151.   Gen3Blue
Fascinating how we went from the #1 offensive tean in the NL first half, to not being able to get a bat near a ball.
And its too bad, for our pitchings has been doing quite well. Runs they give up in the second half of the game, knowing they have no support, are inevitable.
2006-07-21 21:13:30
152.   StolenMonkey86
Edmonds IBB. Can Penny take care of Encarnacion?
2006-07-21 21:16:05
153.   thinkblue88
He is an ex-Dodger, of course he is going hurt us.
2006-07-21 21:19:57
154.   Bluebleeder87
these are trying days for Dodger fans.

I still have hope but come one!! not scoring against Suppan says alot bout our losing streak.

2006-07-21 21:20:03
155.   trainwreck
Why didn't Ledee come in to replace Drew? Cruz is far worse when he bats left-handed, plus Ledee needs some at bats.
2006-07-21 21:20:11
156.   StolenMonkey86
Has Penny been throwing straight fastballs all the way through? He might have high heat, but his control is Billingsley-esque.
2006-07-21 21:21:47
157.   StolenMonkey86
leadoff single furcal
2006-07-21 21:22:06
158.   Bluebleeder87
Drew will be on the 15 day DL. Who get's called up??
2006-07-21 21:22:38
159.   Ken Arneson
The Giants have announced a press conference following today's game, with Brian Sabean and Felipe Alou. Speculation is that they will announce a trade of some sort...
2006-07-21 21:23:23
160.   StolenMonkey86
155 - neither one looks good in the 3 hole
2006-07-21 21:23:35
161.   Nagman
158 - I assume you're asking hypothetically since Vin just said it was a contusion and is listed day-to-day.

Unless I missed something...

2006-07-21 21:23:43
162.   StolenMonkey86
and as I say that Cruz doubles
2006-07-21 21:23:55
163.   trainwreck
Drew is just day to day, Vin said.
2006-07-21 21:25:48
164.   StolenMonkey86
2006-07-21 21:25:57
165.   Bluebleeder87

Drew is not day to day, believe me!

yes I'm that edgy!!

2006-07-21 21:26:48
166.   Nagman
Bring back Jack Clark!
2006-07-21 21:28:14
167.   JoeyP
Dont make any trades Ned.
Its not worth it.
2006-07-21 21:28:50
168.   StolenMonkey86
Tim Hamulack still sucks. Bases loaded walk, and the 51's are down 8-0.
2006-07-21 21:29:12
169.   Bluebleeder87
we are officialy in s slump! COME ON!! this is Suppan with a 5.something ERA!! WHAT A FREAKING JOKE!!
2006-07-21 21:29:44
170.   3upn3down
One question, and one shocking fact:

Why does Little insist upon hitting Martin in the 8 spot? Izturis hitting in front of him is just insulting to Martin in my opinion. I would prefer so see him hitting in either the 2 or 7 spot.

10 players who would be leading or tied for the team lead in HRs if they were on the dodgers:

Ray Durham 16
Mike Piazza 14
Mike Jacobs 14
Dan Uggla 13
Eric Byrnes 13
Jeromy Burnitz 12
Rich Aurilla 12
Juan Encarnacion 12
David Freaking Ross 12
Corie Koskie 12

Not that the HR is the end all be all, or a reasonable barrometer to judge or current situation, but still.

2006-07-21 21:30:01
171.   Steve
This is nothing Rheal Cormier can't fix.
2006-07-21 21:30:17
172.   trainwreck
The game comes back on and there is a guy at second, damn FSN.
2006-07-21 21:30:34
173.   StolenMonkey86
and with Drew and Kent on the DL, Guzman gets the call, along with Repko
2006-07-21 21:32:26
174.   StolenMonkey86
Suppan lives and dies by the long ball. Check his stats.
2006-07-21 21:32:31
175.   Bluebleeder87
I really hope we come back from this one.
2006-07-21 21:33:04
176.   Nagman
170 - You can add Khalil Greene to that list, who just hit his 14th.
2006-07-21 21:35:07
177.   StolenMonkey86
Fox: because we hate baseball.
2006-07-21 21:36:00
178.   Bluebleeder87


2006-07-21 21:36:10
179.   3upn3down
176 - I was looking for former dodgers, border-line banjos, or has-beens for that list. Greene definitely fits the border-line banjo criteria.

Consider him added.

2006-07-21 21:36:34
180.   StolenMonkey86
Did Grady do a double switch with Beimel at all, or did he use a spot lefty for the first time all year?
2006-07-21 21:37:30
181.   StolenMonkey86
Not only do they buy the Dodgers and ruin the team, but they always come back late from commercial breaks. I've noticed this a lot watching the playoffs too.
2006-07-21 21:37:53
182.   trainwreck
no double switch
2006-07-21 21:40:12
183.   StolenMonkey86
Delwyn Young homers on a line drive to right, first run for Vegas. Laroche followed with a single. Bottom of the 7th, nobody out. Still 8-1.
2006-07-21 21:40:45
184.   Blu2
Drew is day to day to day to day to day, ad infinitum.
2006-07-21 21:41:50
185.   Nagman
The Giants have acquired Shea Hillenbrand.
2006-07-21 21:42:17
186.   3upn3down
The wise fantasy baseball players of the world are scrambling to pick up Jeff Weaver for his start against the dodgers on Sunday. I'd say he goes 7ip, 2ER, 2BB, 5K, goes 1-3 with an RBI and a sac bunt, and gets the W. (Finishes typing and puts grocery bag with eyes cut out back over head)
2006-07-21 21:42:27
187.   King of the Hobos
159 Reports are that the Giants just acquired Hillenbrand.
2006-07-21 21:43:34
188.   trainwreck
Come on Ledee!
2006-07-21 21:44:19
189.   3upn3down
See question at start of post # 170
2006-07-21 21:44:37
190.   trainwreck
Hopefully the Giants gave up a good prospect for no good reason.
2006-07-21 21:44:51
191.   Bluebleeder87

another reason to boo the gints!!!

2006-07-21 21:45:13
192.   MartinBillingsley31
Reports are that the Giants just acquired Hillenbrand.

Better them then us, considering the value ned gives up in trades.

2006-07-21 21:45:18
193.   StolenMonkey86
185 - Saw it coming. They optioned Niekro down to AAA, and they wanted a 1B. I hope they gave up some great prospects.
2006-07-21 21:45:54
194.   Bluebleeder87
the mound in Dodger Stadium looks mighty good.
2006-07-21 21:46:34
195.   Ken Arneson
Hillenbrand and Chulk for Accardo.
2006-07-21 21:46:40
196.   Bluebleeder87
the boys in blue look dead!!
2006-07-21 21:46:58
197.   Nagman
It's only 2-0 but it seems like (and might as well be) 12-0. I hope they make me regret turning off this game.
2006-07-21 21:47:37
198.   StolenMonkey86
Who's coming in to pitch next?
2006-07-21 21:48:25
199.   StolenMonkey86
195 - they offered up that ever so precious commodity of a relief pitcher
2006-07-21 21:48:41
200.   MartinBillingsley31
My boy martin just keeps crusin along out-opsing our 3b, ss, cf.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-07-21 21:48:56
201.   StolenMonkey86
Bringing in the bull. Grady has not given up yet.
2006-07-21 21:49:00
202.   Bluebleeder87

I'm such an optomist that I think we'll come back but, Suppan shouting us out really breaks my spirit.

2006-07-21 21:49:34
203.   3upn3down
2006-07-21 21:49:45
204.   Bluebleeder87
I've been hanging out with you guys to much, I guess that's why I feel like that. :o)
2006-07-21 21:50:03
205.   trainwreck
Stop with the broken records please! We all know they can't hit right now. No need to mention it 50 times.
2006-07-21 21:50:55
206.   Steve
They even got a crappy relief pitcher to replace their own.
2006-07-21 21:51:07
207.   Bluebleeder87
Lofton's arm is laughed at again.
2006-07-21 21:53:07
208.   thinkingblue
and now Kenny bobbles the ball. isn't this fun :( ?
2006-07-21 21:53:36
209.   StolenMonkey86
yep. I mean, I haven't seen a player run on like that since LeCroy was the starting catcher for the Nationals and 7 baserunners stole on him.
2006-07-21 21:54:36
210.   StolenMonkey86
very good strikeout
2006-07-21 21:55:11
211.   gpellamjr
Congrats to Shea on finding a new team. You deserve it, buddy!
2006-07-21 21:55:49
212.   trainwreck
I would like to see someone charge the mound when Broxton is pitching.
2006-07-21 21:55:51
213.   gpellamjr
211 ...or is that sentiment getting old?
2006-07-21 21:56:28
214.   MartinBillingsley31
Stop with the broken records please! We all know they can't hit right now. No need to mention it 50 times.

If this was towards me, sorry, i was just praising martin.
800+ ops for a catcher is pretty good.

2006-07-21 21:56:35
215.   gpellamjr
212 If only Cecil Fielder were still playing.
2006-07-21 21:57:57
216.   underdog
195 Hillenbrand and Chulk?

Wasn't someone here earlier hoping the Giants would acquire Hillenbrand so he could be a fun clubhouse presence with Bonds and co.? You got your wish! Let's hope he's more Pierzynski and less Randy Winn. I'm kind of sorry Accardo's gone though - he had potential but generally looked like crap.

2006-07-21 21:59:11
217.   StolenMonkey86
His son, Prince, plays 1B and weighs as much as Brad Penny
2006-07-21 21:59:21
218.   underdog
If the Dodgers can't bust out of their offensive slump against Weaver tomorrow then, well, I don't know what, but... then they're even more seriously slumping.
2006-07-21 22:00:14
219.   gpellamjr
218 Harsh words.
2006-07-21 22:00:29
220.   underdog
If Furcal hadn't been robbed in the first inning, he would have been on base every time tonight. A good night at the plate. (He says, trying to find the silver lining...)
2006-07-21 22:01:16
221.   underdog
218 I've already said all my harsh words here in the privacy of my own home. I'm harsh words-ed out. ;-)
2006-07-21 22:01:40
222.   underdog
And if Lofton hits into a double play again here I'll have even harsher words.
2006-07-21 22:02:27
223.   Gen3Blue
An amazing thing most often with baseball is the team slump. It is a psych thing, and while it holds, you could put in the Babe or Ted William and they couldn't hit the sidewalk with a spit. It usually takes something unusual, or an individual effort to break it.
2006-07-21 22:03:08
224.   trainwreck
Wasn't directed at you. Wasn't directed at anyone just in general, it was a pre-emptive strike if you will.
2006-07-21 22:03:49
225.   underdog
2006-07-21 22:04:03
226.   gpellamjr
Who would you rather have? Tony LaRussa or J.D. Drew and Ozzie Smith?
2006-07-21 22:04:29
227.   Bluebleeder87
you think we're gonna see 15 days of Cruz jr.??
2006-07-21 22:04:33
228.   Gen3Blue
And our attempted savior is J. Cruz.
2006-07-21 22:05:16
229.   Gen3Blue
And our attempted savior is J. Cruz.
Good team.
2006-07-21 22:05:16
230.   Andrew Shimmin
Anybody know what position Hillenbrand will play in SF?
2006-07-21 22:06:23
231.   trainwreck
2006-07-21 22:06:25
232.   StolenMonkey86
Accardo's first homer surrendered was to Nomar. That is disapointing that he won't be there again.

Hillenbrand apparently used the same term Ozzie Guillen used for Jay Mariotti to describe Theo Epstein in a rant back in 2003, prompting a trade from when he was on the Red Sox, so he might not last too long in San Francisco ( ) I look forward to seeing him punch a teammate or something.

2006-07-21 22:06:54
233.   trainwreck
Lofton needs to light a fire under Nomar.
2006-07-21 22:06:55
234.   gpellamjr
230 I've been out of commission for a while (a relief to you, I'm sure). How's the not-smoking effort going?
2006-07-21 22:07:57
235.   blue22
230 - Unfortunately 1st. He would've been way more fun to watch at 3rd.

Hillenbrand is kind of a Feliz-clone, and I'm pretty sure that's not a compliment.

2006-07-21 22:07:58
236.   gpellamjr
It's like being punched in the chest every time Eckstein makes a successful throw to first. It just doesn't seem possible, and then it happens.
2006-07-21 22:09:02
237.   Bluebleeder87
Tommy to the rescue PLEASE!!
2006-07-21 22:09:14
238.   Gen3Blue
I stay loyal to the D's, but I must admit they look worse than the Pirates did in their worst stretch.
2006-07-21 22:09:17
239.   underdog
You know I love Nomar to death and it's hard to argue with success - though it's easier to argue when he's in a slump - but I am pretty much officially over his constant first ball swinging thing. I know he's thinking first pitch strike but it can be frustrating to watch when he is in a slump. It's more frustrating though when it's at a time when the starting pitcher is still in there and you want him to work the guy a little and... swing! Oh well.
2006-07-21 22:09:43
240.   Andrew Shimmin
234- Day five. No longer hallucinating (although, this doesn't really isolate the variable, since I quit licking toads after the third day; what? Nicotine gum is expensive!). Thanks for asking.
2006-07-21 22:10:43
241.   trainwreck
Eckstein is an overachiever. A guy who keeps getting it done, when he shouldn't be able to. Always fighting and always hustling.

I hate those types.

2006-07-21 22:11:35
242.   gpellamjr
240 Well, you know, I'm just hoping you don't lose your edge. You're a worthy adversary.
2006-07-21 22:11:47
243.   Bluebleeder87
He was safe. PERIOD.
2006-07-21 22:11:54
244.   StolenMonkey86
241 - especially when they're on the other team. Gamecast hasn't advanced. Anything new? I've still got Cruz with an 0-1, Furcal on 2nd, and 1 out.
2006-07-21 22:11:54
245.   trainwreck
You picked a bad week to quit smoking.
2006-07-21 22:12:13
246.   underdog
Remember how bad the Padres were slumping earlier in the season, with the bat, and then they had that explosion against the Dodgers' bullpen after which they got red hot and hit the lights out for awhile? Just a reminder that sometimes all it takes is one big inning to wake a team up. It probably won't be tonight, but it'll happen.

(Btw, Aaron Miles was totally out on that last play at 1st.)

2006-07-21 22:12:46
247.   StolenMonkey86
Vegas is down 11-3
2006-07-21 22:12:49
248.   Bluebleeder87
In all fairness I saw it in super-slomo.
2006-07-21 22:13:23
249.   Gen3Blue
Like Repko!
I have been chastised for saying this, but I'm not sure I remember the '05 D's look worse.
2006-07-21 22:13:30
250.   thinkingblue

yet, he's hitting 8th when he should be 2nd or 7th.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-07-21 22:14:29
251.   Steve
I would vote for hallucinating.
2006-07-21 22:14:44
252.   StolenMonkey86
Gameday and Gamecast are both delayed. Is there any reason for that?
2006-07-21 22:15:36
253.   gpellamjr
252 Bomb threat at the stadium.
2006-07-21 22:15:55
254.   underdog
The 0-fer Triplets are coming up in the 9th against Isringhausen.


2006-07-21 22:16:01
255.   DaveP
252 - it's possible the guy updating Gameday was put to sleep by the Dodgers offense. Not sure about Gamecast, though.
2006-07-21 22:16:02
256.   trainwreck
I am tired of seeing these car commercials with the American Idol people!
2006-07-21 22:16:25
257.   gpellamjr
253 Don't believe me of course. We're going to the bottom of the 9th, still 2-0.
2006-07-21 22:16:40
258.   King of the Hobos
247 But it should be noted that 8 of Portland's runs belong to Reid, Hamulack, and Carter. Mark Alexander, however, pitched a scoreless inning, allowing a walk while striking out a batter (who was Manny Alexander, so it's not much of a K).
2006-07-21 22:16:59
259.   gpellamjr
I missed the middle innings. Any word on Drew?
2006-07-21 22:17:57
260.   Bluebleeder87
I'd be happy if we don't get shut out.
2006-07-21 22:18:21
261.   thinkingblue

stopped smoking? Congrats, good job, and very good luck with that please, you're doing the right thing.

2006-07-21 22:18:23
262.   Bluebleeder87

he's gone for 15 days.

2006-07-21 22:19:01
263.   MartinBillingsley31
yet, he's hitting 8th when he should be 2nd or 7th.

Exactly, i've always wanted him batting 2nd.
Hey if you are still dodfan2 from another web site, you've been posting some good posts recently (except the drew posts) so props to you.
I've been impressed (except the drew posts).

2006-07-21 22:19:27
264.   Bluebleeder87

just a hitch

2006-07-21 22:19:42
265.   trainwreck
Good start!

Drew is day to day.

2006-07-21 22:19:47
266.   StolenMonkey86
I take it then that Cruz and Nomar did not hit safely.

The ESPN guys were too busy watching Red Sox highlights.

2006-07-21 22:20:30
267.   Andrew Shimmin
261- Thanks.
2006-07-21 22:20:35
268.   StolenMonkey86
Gameday is defective. What's going on?
2006-07-21 22:21:05
269.   trainwreck
Please just throw fastballs Izzy. I know you like to.
2006-07-21 22:21:47
270.   StolenMonkey86
Olmedo's up?
2006-07-21 22:23:50
271.   trainwreck
2006-07-21 22:24:37
272.   trainwreck
Let's go Martin!
2006-07-21 22:25:11
273.   Bluebleeder87
Saenz rocks!
2006-07-21 22:25:37
274.   StolenMonkey86
Time to prove Canada's ownership of the 9th inning
2006-07-21 22:26:47
275.   Gen3Blue
Please don't trade our prospects. Only 10 more days til they are safe. At this point a trade would only be made to save face and all it could do is hurt our position in the draft!
2006-07-21 22:27:37
276.   Bluebleeder87
I love this game! (sorry just had to say that)
2006-07-21 22:28:27
277.   gpellamjr
276 I'm glad somebody did, because I had forgotten that this was a fun situation.
2006-07-21 22:28:32
278.   trainwreck
Our fate lies in the bat of Sandy Alomar at the moment.
2006-07-21 22:32:13
279.   StolenMonkey86
so much for that one
2006-07-21 22:32:27
280.   trainwreck
On a positive note...

We didn't get Shea Hillenbrand.

2006-07-21 22:32:59
281.   Bluebleeder87
I just love how this game breaks my heart.
2006-07-21 22:33:34
282.   Bluebleeder87
We were shut out my Suppan! suppan!!!!
2006-07-21 22:35:04
283.   thinkingblue

See the dodger blues a-hole of the moment, and scroll down.

Well, the dodgers have now been shut out 3 times in our last 9 games.

2006-07-21 22:37:43
284.   Steve
Sandy Alomar hits before Toby Hall? Nice job, Flanders. Please, keep working on "improving" the team. I'm sure the Devil Rays are anxiously awaiting your call.
2006-07-21 22:42:41
285.   Jon Weisman
284 - Sandy Alomar vs. Toby Hall?

The Lynne Thigpen vs. CCH Pounder debate is more compelling.

I still think slumps are made to be broken - cases in point, Arizona, San Diego, etc. - but this is the first night it's occuring to me that the Dodgers could go worse than 71-91 this year. And then what will people say?

2006-07-21 22:45:16
286.   Bluebleeder87
on a good note, Gubicza had a cannon for an arm.
2006-07-21 22:47:12
287.   Bluebleeder87

I still think the division could be had, it all depends on if the Dodgers wake up!!!

2006-07-21 22:51:21
288.   Bluebleeder87
you gotta love Grady Little. wow how can you...
2006-07-21 22:52:00
289.   Bluebleeder87
I swear, Grady is my hero.
2006-07-21 22:52:54
290.   Steve
There's no debate. Who cares? Who builds a roster where the last two bats on the bench are banjo hitting catchers? For that matter, who makes a big deal about trading one backup catcher for another backup catcher? For another matter, how does Colletti tie his shoes without brains?
2006-07-21 22:54:23
291.   Jon Weisman
287 - Of course it can be had. A three-game deficit can be made up in the final week.
2006-07-21 22:55:40
292.   JoeyP
I still think slumps are made to be broken

Or hot streaks (like the Dodgers amazing BA w RISP from the 1st half of the season) are made to disappear.

2006-07-21 22:57:17
293.   JoeyP
When the Dodgers face the Pirates or Rockies again, all this will be forgotten.
2006-07-21 22:58:00
294.   Bluebleeder87
how Grady Little can stay even minded is amazing to me. I for sure couldn't do that.
2006-07-21 22:59:52
295.   Bluebleeder87
I don't like lossing, as a matter of fact I hate it!!!!
2006-07-21 23:07:57
296.   Bluebleeder87
I thought Gubby was from L.A.?
2006-07-21 23:13:02
297.   Blu2
One way to stay even minded is to be so dumb you're not aware of what is going on. Or to be so grateful to your boss you don't complain. You know there are literally thousands of people who could be hired to manage a team and do it better than most present managers, yet they hire, and fire, the same ones over and over. There has to be a reason.
2006-07-21 23:27:36
298.   Bluebleeder87

I don't like how you think blue2!!

2006-07-21 23:33:30
299.   Underbruin
297 - A group of people who have obtained photos of all major league owners in compromising or incriminating positions, and leverage said photos into managing jobs?

Well, it's as good a theory as any. :)

2006-07-21 23:53:43
300.   JoeyP
Bob made a pretty cool post over on The Griddle, but I had to respond too haha.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-07-21 23:59:48
301.   JoeyP
Not to jinx Milton Bradley, but he's off to quite a 2nd half start:

13-24, .542/.577/.750 in 6 games.

2006-07-22 00:05:03
302.   thinkingblue
I think I'll be hip and edgy by wondering aloud, we can't really be this bad, and stay like this much longer can we?

I don't think there have been that many teams that have fallen from top 3 in the league in offense to the bottom right? The dodgers can't continue to be consistantly shut out by the Bautista's and Suppans of the league right? Our batting average with balls in play can't stay as low as it has been the last 10 games forever right?

History must be on our side right? There must be some statistical way to predict that the offense will improve, maybe not to the 5-6 runs a game, but hopefully around 3-4 runs against good pitching, and 4-5 on good days.

Does anyone feel (or hope) this way?

2006-07-22 00:14:01
303.   JoeyP
I'm not real confident in the lineup as a whole, but I will say that Nomar will eventually get out of his slump.

Nomar's 5/32- .156/.229/344 Post-All Star.
Nomar's 16/67- .239/.338/.403 in July.

I doubt that will last. He'll snap out of it. But I think the rooks will continue their inevitable slide, Izzy and Lofton just arent that good to begin with, and Kent/Drew are hurt.

So, I'd say the best bet is Nomar/Furcal picking it up the next couple weeks. Whether thats enough to make much of a difference, I'm not sure. I still think pitching is the main problem.

2006-07-22 00:18:21
304.   thinkingblue

pitching wise, I think Lowe will eventually stop his slide, Billinsley will continue to pitch well, and Penny will continue to be an ace, Sele and Hendy on the other hand...we'll see.

But my question was, which team has had the biggest drop off in runs scored in the second half compared to the first, in baseball history? And how often does a -100 or more differential occur?

I'm just hoping that if those stats show that it almost never happens, it will give me some false optomism.

2006-07-22 00:18:38
305.   underdog
302 Yes, I do. Even though this past week has been a black hole, I don't think they've quite been sucked into one. Still without Kent, and possibly Drew, it's hard to have much faith in the offense right now. Furcal's definitely hitting better, Nomar will come around again, but it may continue to be tough going for awhile. Still, I know how streaky they can be, and how most teams have been this season. Anyway, yes, I do feel that way. But right now it does appear another bat is more our need than a pitcher - and yet I'm glad we didn't sign Shea He'llunravel.
2006-07-22 05:32:30
306.   Sam DC
1. Loved your Cards post Bob.

2. Some actual reported facts about the Soriano trade rumors, from gamer: "The reality, though, is that the Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Angels, New York Yankees, New York Mets, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals all sent scouts to watch two teams -- the Cubs and Nationals -- that are both out of the race and thus most likely to deal key players for prospects."

Hmmmm . . . who is not on this list. (Not that this determines anything. Minnesota the new supposed frontrunner is not on the list either.)

3. Apparently. Ryan Church is being recalled for another shot with the big club. He's been real hot in Nawlins. Hopefully he won't sleep wrong on a pea or something and win back Bowden's ire.

2006-07-22 06:22:36
307.   Claire Malone-Evans
If the Dodgers continue to lose 8 of 9 games for the remainder of the season ; they will end up with a 56-106 win -loss record. This will set a new standard for defeats in a single season, surpassing Brooklyn's 105 loss season in 1905 and the LA Dodger record of 99 losses in 1992.
2006-07-22 07:21:04
308.   Bob Timmermann
I pretty much imagined that the Cardinals fans sitting above were St. Louis versions of the author of 301.
2006-07-22 09:11:58
309.   Bluebleeder87
man, if Weaver shuts us down today...
2006-07-22 09:38:12
310.   Marty
Good thing it's a night game today for Bob, considering where his seats are. Should be down to about 95 degrees by game time.
2006-07-22 09:47:11
311.   thinkingblue
apparently Elbert was hit his last start?
2006-07-22 09:48:40
312.   Bob Timmermann
Last night was the hottest night game I have ever attended at Dodger Stadium. I felt like I was at a game in St. Louis.

In many ways....

I suppose the Cardinals fans next to me were disappointed that there wasn't Jim Crow seating for them to make them feel at home.

2006-07-22 10:02:39
313.   underdog
Anybody think the Dodgers would be interested in Carlos Lee?
2006-07-22 10:10:29
314.   Bluebleeder87

how many outfielders would we have? I like the rooks, let's just ride the wave.

2006-07-22 10:13:23
315.   underdog
What wave?

Anyway... maybe, but doesn't it appear we need offense right now, and who knows about Drew's durability... Now if Lee could play CF it would be even clearer. ;-)

2006-07-22 10:14:07
316.   Bob Timmermann
Perhaps the Dodgers could go with four outfielders and three infielders.
2006-07-22 10:24:11
317.   Nagman
The idea of facing Weaver tonight is giving me bad flashbacks of how I felt before we faced Jose Lima last year in KC. Let's hope it's not deja vu all over again.
2006-07-22 10:27:27
318.   Bluebleeder87

Lee's arm is like my gradmothers, He can't throw worth ____ I'd take my chances with the rooks.

2006-07-22 10:35:17
319.   Bob Timmermann
We can all play Madlibs now!
2006-07-22 10:38:48
320.   regfairfield
318 Focusing on what a guy can't do leads to DFAing David Ortiz and trading Austin Kearns for Gary Majewski. Let me put it this way:

Home runs for the Dodgers: 78
Home runs for Lee: 27

If a guy has almost 40% of your teams total in home runs, he'd be a huge boost. The Dodgers have five home runs this month. The Red Sox hit five home runs last night. Some form of power needs to be added to this team.

2006-07-22 10:41:57
321.   underdog
316 Ah the ol' 3-4 defense! Works for me. Now if we could only score more runs than the US soccer team...

320 Exactly.

2006-07-22 10:47:03
322.   Bluebleeder87

well if you put it that way....

2006-07-22 10:53:54
323.   Bob Timmermann
I think the 3-4 defense is what it's needed against modern baseball defenses. It cuts down on the passing game with an extra man to cover or making a linebacker available on a blitz.
2006-07-22 10:57:53
324.   underdog
The key to the Dodgers snapping out of the funk is twofold, imho:
Derek Lowe needs to snap out of his funk, and then I think their starting pitching will be fine.
The offense obviously needs to start driving in runners in scoring position (which will be harder if Drew is out and with Kent out - so another power bat is a must at this point. Whether it's by trade, or if someone like Matt Kemp comes back up and starts off hot again.
Those two relatively big "If"s and just having the team catch a few breaks is what it will take to get them back in the race for first again.

Not exactly going out on a limb here...

2006-07-22 11:02:19
325.   Bob Timmermann
Every NL West team this year has looked like the best team in the division at times and the worst team in the division at times.

Right now, it's the Giants turn to look good and the Dogers turn to look bad. But I wouldn't consider either a trend that will last.

Remember how bad Arizona was in June? Now they're back to being a game out.

2006-07-22 11:13:01
326.   Blu2
The last thing we need right now is Alomar taking up a valuable space. The same could be said for LeDee; DL or DFA one or both of them; call up Repko and Matt Kemp. Costs us nothing! Maybe we'll catch a boost from them, maybe not. If not, then make an expensive trade for a big hitter. Just try the cheap internal fix first.
2006-07-22 11:30:10
327.   Blu2
326 Forgot to mention that inherent in that suggestion is putting Lofton's butt firmly on the bench except for pinch hitting duties. Have they announced dear Drew to the DL yet or is it 'day to day' for the next three and a half years?
2006-07-22 11:31:36
328.   Bob Timmermann
Does anyone know where the little kids who run out on to the field sit after they get their autographs? Are they given good seats? How do they get picked? And do they always pick an older kid to go to right field since s/he has to run the farthest?
2006-07-22 11:37:45
329.   JoeyP
I suppose the Cardinals fans next to me were disappointed that there wasn't Jim Crow seating for them to make them feel at home

Thats a really ridiculous statement.

2006-07-22 11:37:45
330.   Blu2
328 I should imagine they already have their tickets (seats) before they are selected for the field thing. They probably get some kind of concession payoff for their work.

On another subject; I'm still puzzling about your Jim Crow remark. I know what Jim Crow is, I'm just puzzling its relevance to where they were sitting.

2006-07-22 11:38:24
331.   Blu2
328 I should imagine they already have their tickets (seats) before they are selected for the field thing. They probably get some kind of concession payoff for their work.

On another subject; I'm still puzzling about your Jim Crow remark. I know what Jim Crow is, I'm just puzzling its relevance to where they were sitting.

2006-07-22 11:39:36
332.   Bluebleeder87
I hope Jason "don't get hurt again" Repko comes back soon (you think that's a good nick for him?)
2006-07-22 11:42:40
333.   Blu2
332 Repko (and Eric Byrnes) remind me of the Madonna character, All-the -Way-May, in [A League Of Their Own].
2006-07-22 11:47:14
334.   Bob Timmermann
The Cardinals made fun of Spanish surnames, even among players on their own team. They aren't an ethnically diverse group of fans.
2006-07-22 11:51:03
335.   dzzrtRatt
329 Maybe so, but it still made me laugh.

Do we really have to retire the stereotype of white southerners as redneck bigots? I loved Randy Newman's "Good Old Boys" album, but I suppose it's going to have to be censored now as insensitive to red-state voters.

By the way--
:) :) :) :)

Just in case. Apparently that symbol means "I'm just keeedeeeng!"

2006-07-22 11:52:55
336.   dzzrtRatt
334 I assume Bob is referring to Cardinal fans. Tony Larussa is baseball's most PC manager.
2006-07-22 11:53:49
337.   Bob Timmermann
In 334
I left out "fans" which would have made the statement make more sense.

I will drop all of this, but I stand by my comments and I believe I am qualified to speak on this matter and I do not believe I was using hyperbole.

2006-07-22 11:55:27
338.   JoeyP
Do Afro-Americans not count for diversity anymore?

Interesting, considering I'd assume most St. Louisians are Cardinal fans, and St. Louis is 51.2% black and 43.8% white. Seems rather diverse to me.

2006-07-22 11:57:36
339.   JoeyP
Do we really have to retire the stereotype of white southerners as redneck bigots?

No, but I think using St. Louis would be the last place to use that stereotype, considering the demographic and Afro-Americans political power there.

2006-07-22 12:02:20
340.   Bob Timmermann

When you meet an African-American who lives in St. Louis and is Cardinals fan, be sure to say hello because you will have found a very rare person.

2006-07-22 12:03:12
341.   Andrew Shimmin
Jim Crow doesn't require that there not be black people, it requires segregation.
2006-07-22 12:10:35
342.   JoeyP
There is no segregation when it comes to sporting event seating, as last I checked, there's not a "check ethnicity box" on each advance ticket form.
2006-07-22 12:13:49
343.   Bob Timmermann
You do know that you're just arguing for the sake of arguing now, which is unbecoming.
2006-07-22 12:46:05
344.   dzzrtRatt
One of my brothers gets to travel a lot and wangles tickets to major league games all over the country. He's also an excellent photographer, and sends me digital images of these games. It's astonishing, and maybe JoeyP is just being naive about it, but there are some ballparks where you will hardly find a black face in the crowd. Oddly, these happen to be in the parks where some of the league's most historic teams play: Fenway, Wrigley, and, yes, Busch (and whatever they call the new park.) On the other hand, there are some parks where African Americans clearly feel more comfortable attending in significant numbers, including our own Dodger Stadium, Yankee Stadium, Miller Park in Milwaukee, Shea Stadium and U.S. Cellular.

I can't explain it. But it's foolish to deny it.

2006-07-22 12:48:46
345.   Andrew Shimmin
The city, JoeyB. St. Louis's segregation index (based on 2000 census data) is .731 (1 being perfect segregation, 0 being perfect desegregation). That would have been about average for an American city in 1960. Today, for example, Mobile, Alabama is .611; Tucson, AZ is .322. At .840, Detroit is the only city I can see, scanning, that is markedly more segregated than St. Louis.

I tend to agree with Bob, that you're arguing in bad faith. But if you're not, well, there you go. St. Louis is not the last place whose occupants might be needled with the redneck caricature. "[C]onsidering the demographic and Afro-Americans political power there," whatever that might mean, or not. (PDF warning)

2006-07-22 12:50:04
346.   JoeyP
No, thats not it at all Bob.
I found the statement you made in 312 to be very explosive, and very stupid quite frankly. To label a sports team's fans as racist (or basically label an entire region of the country), is just devoid of any logic or thought process.

I come hear to read intelligent people converse and back up their arguments with evidence. I dont come here to read about some sense of moral superiority based on a faulty premise that "Dodger fans are more diverse than Cardinal fans"? Honestly, what makes you think this? Is it the attendance at Dodger Stadium, compared to that at other ball parks? Well, I think that has more to do with the affordability of tickets, than anything else. Go to a Lakers' game, and you'll find mostly caucasian people. Why is that? Do the Lakers' have a less diverse fan base than the Dodgers' do, even though they live in the same town? Of course not. Most everyone in LA roots for LA teams. Same thing in Chicago. Chicago's north side is amongst the most diverse in the entire US, but if you go to a Cubs' game you'll find mostly caucasians. Does that mean the Cubs' fanbase isnt diverse? Ticket prices. Duh.

Or perhaps it was because these Cardinal fans 'made fun' of spanish surnames??? Wow, what a crime. I take it you've never heard Kirk Giminez do ESPN News, or ever seen Carlos Mencia's show. I'd hate to think what would happen to your politically correct neurons that obviously percolate at the first sense of trouble, should you see any of these shows.

Stereotyping is just dumb. I think the comments on this site should be above it. Just my take.

2006-07-22 13:06:26
347.   GoBears
I was just about to look up the segregation numbers, but Andrew beat me to it. St. Louis is a very (one might say, extremely) divided city. There's a street that runs through the downtown area (can't remember the name, but it's near Chuck Berry's bar) that is the dividing line.

I've been to several games at (the old) Busch, and I remember noticing that the whole place was red (shirts) and white (faces). I noted it because, well, as our host knows, Red and White is my least favorite color scheme. But I also noted it because I was aware that St. Louis is half black, half white, and figured that a baseball game, of all places (sports, and not class-based like the NBA or NFL with their ridiculous prices) would be a place to see a representative sample of the population. It was anything but. I don't have any knowledge at all as to whether that was because African Americans in StL don't like baseball, aren't Cards fans, or aren't comfortable breaking into what is (now anyway) a pretty homogeneous social setting. But the place was lily white.

I interpreted Bob's Jim Crow remark not as a claim that Cards fans are racists (though I don't know about this particular set of fans) but that they're not used to diversity in the stands at a baseball game.

2006-07-22 13:07:30
348.   bhsportsguy
346 Leaving the statements made by Bob alone for now, the one thing that bothers me is when we use the term "political correctness" as a some type of code for speaking out when someone views anything with the hint of it being insensitve.

Now, I am as an American as the next guy but due to my racial background, I have been asked (and probably innocently) where are you from? Now, I know that person who asks the question does not want to know what neighborhood in L.A. I am from, he or she want to know the country of origin (and in my case, great-grandparents) came from.

My point is that if you are white (and I am making a big generalization), you probably never think about that question in that way.

Or take it when someone in public uses a racial slur or a stereotype, if I complain, I might get accused of being PC, they might say can't you take a joke.

Its easy to throw out PC but I think a lot of times, those who complain about just don't want to deal with 21st century and the fact that life is a lot more complicated.

This is not really directed towards anyone here, sure there are those who feel (and maybe thats the case and its a double standard that if are Latino/Hispanic, you can make fun of those names), again I fall back the comment that is how complex the world is today.

2006-07-22 13:10:16
349.   D4P
What's going on here? JoeyP has been in a very bad mood lately. He used to be on "our" side, but he seems to be slipping into darkness.

Come back, JP: don't make us put you in our collective iggy bin...

2006-07-22 13:19:03
350.   GoBears
PC; Half sensitivity and politeness, half censorship.

I like the first half.

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-07-22 13:20:11
351.   Marty
See what happens when it's 110 degrees?
2006-07-22 13:21:25
352.   Steve
I'm good in principle, but we can still discriminate against talentless Devil Rays and goofy mistaches, right?
2006-07-22 13:23:05
353.   StolenMonkey86
The idea of facing Weaver tonight is giving me bad flashbacks of how I felt before we faced Jose Lima last year in KC. Let's hope it's not deja vu all over again.

We already faced Weaver, and hit him pretty hard. Sele was on the mound and got the win.

There is about as much reason for Drew to be on the active roster right now as there is for Sandy Alomar to be on the 40 man roster. Alomar has been used as a pinch hitter three times this month, so he's obviously wasting roster space. I'd just as soon DL Drew, and either DL Alomar or release him or hire him as a coach. Tomko and Repko are due back, but I'd feel more comfortable if Kemp or Guzman came back for a spell. Even with Guzman's OPS down, I think he's got the potential, and I felt I was teased when he didn't homer at all in his debut assignment. I'd also be happy with Loney's ML debut as an outfielder. To make room for them, get rid of Jose Cruz.

2006-07-22 13:26:10
354.   underdog
I believe Bob was referring to the obnoxious Cardinals fans who were in his proximity last night. I wouldn't turn this into a much deep argument than that. I think point is when extremely white fans start mocking ethnic surnames, even if it's done innocently, even if they love the players (because they're good), it can still be obnoxious and offensive. I'd hoped we'd (as a collective consciousness) would be beyond that by now, Carlos Mencia or not.

Granted, Bob was probably more surly about all this due to the heat and that the Dodgers can't seem to score runs against anyone, but it seems these obnoxious fans would have been irritating no matter what (probably just a lot quieter if the Dodgers were beating on the Cards).

2006-07-22 13:27:40
355.   Bob Timmermann
I never would have been set off if the Cardinals had not first asserted their moral superiority.

I stand by my statements.

And fortunately, I will be at the game tonight, so I won't be able to carry on this fascinating discourse.

2006-07-22 13:28:32
356.   underdog
352 Yes. Especially the goofy moustaches.

353 I agree with everything except DL'ing Drew (yet). It's certainly not his fault he got plunked on the knee yesterday, and it doesn't sound that serious. If he can't play for a few days they may indeed DL him though.

354 Sorry, I seem to have left out about 4 words above, and "deep" should be "deeper" and... I think the heat is getting to me, too. It's hot as heck even up here in the Bay Area.

2006-07-22 13:29:03
357.   DaveP
346 - you might find that taking a nice, long break from following sports would do wonders for you... and maybe others, too.
2006-07-22 13:29:39
358.   underdog
355 May it be a much less unpleasant evening for you, Bob (and for the Dodgers). My fingers are crossed.
2006-07-22 13:30:57
359.   dzzrtRatt
350 Yeah, I was the first one to use the "PC" term here, and I meant it half-jokingly, half-affectionately (referring mostly to LaRussa's animal rights stance). I'm ridiculously PC on civil rights issues, and proud of it. When PC is applied as oppressive speech codes, or when normal childhood behavior is labeled sexual harassment and punishment meted out, then it's out of control. But I get the feeling that the PC excesses of the early 90s have corrected themselves, so I find the term less perjorative now.
2006-07-22 13:32:50
360.   D4P
I never would have been set off if the Cardinals had not first asserted their moral superiority

But do they drive Priuses...?

2006-07-22 13:33:17
361.   underdog
By the way, I've actually been to a game in St Louis (the miserable old stadium) - and my g/f's from Missouri (although KC, not St.L) and can say at least from that experience that for the most part Cardinals fans there were incredibly nice and polite - tho luckily for me they weren't playing the Dodgers. Couldn't really judge how knowledgable they were but they were nice. The stadium was without a doubt 90-95% or more white. For whatever that's worth. Polite n' white.
2006-07-22 13:34:59
362.   Marty
I'll try to lighten the mood a little. As some may remember, my 4 year old black Labrador suffered what is described as a spinal stroke last week and lost the use of his back legs. Well, I'm happy to say he has made major progress and passed a huge milestone this morning. He had slowly been able to get up and walk around some, but today (and this sounds weird, but it's a big deal) he was able to go to "go to the bathroom" by himself. This means he's really recovering most of his muscle control. I've got him in a great facility here in Pasadena and they are taking very good care of him. He's doing hydro-therapy, accupuncture, chiropractic, etc. Don't ask how much it's costing, it will just scare you. But it's worth it to me. I'm actually going to take him home for the weekend and take him back Monday.
2006-07-22 13:36:20
363.   Bob Timmermann
How do you make a do hydro-therapy? Do they just naturally take to it?
2006-07-22 13:36:27
364.   StolenMonkey86
355 - If I were confident that Drew was playing free of nagging injuries, I would agree that it is too soon to put him on the DL. But when you add a knee injury like that, even if it's minor, then he's gonna need more than a couple days. The extra roster space would be nice too.

I think the Dodgers are just planning on holding Alomar on the active roster until Repko is back, and from there will probably let either Cruz or Ledee go.

Unless of course Ned makes a stupid trade.

2006-07-22 13:36:31
365.   D4P
The staunchest Cardinal fan I've ever known was a "goth" guy who literally wore all black every single day, had a shaved head, and collected Darth Vader action figures.
2006-07-22 13:37:25
366.   underdog
According to Tom Singer, the Giants could have put themselves over the top by acquiring Shea Hillenbrand.


2006-07-22 13:37:28
367.   StolenMonkey86
Correction: 364 meant to refer back to 356, not 355
2006-07-22 13:38:01
368.   Bob Timmermann
And "dog" should have a "g" at the end I suppose.
2006-07-22 13:39:41
369.   underdog
362 Great news Marty! I hope his recovery continues to go well, and swiftly.

365 No, no, I know that guy, that's a Raider fan you're thinking of. ;-)

Well, I'm gonna go stick myself inside the refrigerator for awhile. Later all!

2006-07-22 13:41:13
370.   StolenMonkey86
By the way, San Francisco plays in August.

Suggested T-shirt here:

2006-07-22 13:41:33
371.   Marty
Yout put him in a tank with a life vest on and start filling it up with water. He was a little nervous at first but took to it. He's a Lab after all. There's a treadmill in it. You fill it up to his shoulders which takes most of the weight off for him, then he walks on the treadmill. It's a good workout for his muscles without having to bear the weight.
2006-07-22 13:43:17
372.   tjshere
355 "fascinating discourse" provoked a big LOL. Well put, Bob!
2006-07-22 13:45:15
373.   D4P
No, no, I know that guy, that's a Raider fan you're thinking of. ;-)

Heh heh, yeah. He wasn't the kinda guy I would have expected to like mainstream sports at all, much less the Cardinals.

2006-07-22 13:48:20
374.   GoBears
But I get the feeling that the PC excesses of the early 90s have corrected themselves, so I find the term less perjorative now.

I think you're right about the real world. But I work in the university world, where PC is just now making it to the top levels of the administration. Students and many faculty have been PC-police for years, but now it's getting institutionalized. As far as it means non-discrimination, and equal treatment and opportunity, it is to be welcomed. And certainly there is still much that needs changing. But its current incarnation is essentially reverse discrimination and censorship -- lots of censorship. It's gotten to the point where many faculty are afraid to even raise controversial issues for discussion, just in case one student among hundreds is offended or feels like acting offended. On many issues, anyone who wishes to question the PC orthodoxy is about as welcome (and safe) as those who questioned Church doctrine in Copernicus's day. The only recourse is to play it safe and stay the heck away from anything the least bit contentious. Which sorta defeats the purpose of the university, and of education, if you ask me.

2006-07-22 13:50:44
375.   Bob Timmermann
Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty
Been down, isn't it a pity
Doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city

All around, people looking half dead
Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head

2006-07-22 13:52:40
376.   GoBears
That's great news, Marty. I had missed that he's only 4 years old. Poor fellah. My 3 yr old beagle is currently finishing hour two of cool-down/recovery from a 20 minute walk we just before noon. Apparently, she felt it was hot outside.
2006-07-22 13:55:08
377.   Bob Timmermann
My cat has dropped his activity level from moving around about 4 hours out of the day to moving around about 4 minutes of the day.

I guess since cats don't sweat like humans, they don't really like fans since they don't cool them off by evaporating the sweat. All they seem to do is make noise and tick them off.

2006-07-22 13:57:26
378.   trainwreck
Can we call this Adam Jones "Pac Man" as well?
2006-07-22 14:00:20
379.   Vaudeville Villain
Pedant alert:

Scanning the links on the side of the page, under the Variety section, Grey's Anatomy is spelled Antaomy.

Also, can't we all just get along? I know the heat is unbearable, but we can all find more productive things to do than fight with each other. Like, say, finding me a link to illegally download the Roots new album.

2006-07-22 14:04:48
380.   Bluebleeder87
I hope Pujols get's hit!!
2006-07-22 14:07:19
381.   trainwreck
Are you on IRC? If not just download it, read the instructions on how to surf. You could probably find it easily.
2006-07-22 14:10:27
382.   trainwreck
or use bittorrent
2006-07-22 14:10:31
383.   D4P

J.D. Drew did not have much of an opportunity to show what he could do in the No. 3 spot in the lineup on Friday night. Drew left in the first inning against the Cardinals after being hit by a pitch, sustaining a right knee contusion. Drew stepped up to the plate against Jeff Suppan with a runner on first. Suppan's third pitch to Drew drilled the right fielder in the knee. Drew fell to the floor immediately, as both legs came up in the air.

2006-07-22 14:15:54
384.   Robert Daeley
"Drill" and "knee" just do not belong together in the same sentence. Shudder.

Also not belonging: "113 degrees" and "the temperature outside right now." And yet, there it is. :(

2006-07-22 14:18:47
385.   Bob Timmermann
"The Best Fans in Baseball" cheered Drew's injury.
2006-07-22 14:22:47
386.   trainwreck
Why do Cardinal fans hate Drew so much? He was hurt all the time he played for them, but when he wasn't he did well.
2006-07-22 14:24:33
387.   Bob Timmermann
La Russa didn't like Drew. So, in turn, the media in St. Louis didn't like Drew. There's not a lot of media in St. Louis, so it's pretty easy to manipulate.

The most hated current Cardinal players by Cardinals fans seem to be:
1) Marquis
2) Miles
3) Isringhausen
4) Eckstein

2006-07-22 14:28:26
388.   dzzrtRatt
I'm feeling strange...a little I'm going through a transformation...oh...oh...

Well, it's happened. I officially hate the Cardinals. And it's all because of Dodger Thoughts.

I hope the Dodgers beat the Cardinals tonight like a red-headed schoendienst.

2006-07-22 14:28:49
389.   trainwreck
They hate Eckstein? I thought they would love him.

I hate Tony La Russa and I hate ARF. They built this multi-million dollar expensive building in my city. I like to call it the screw the homeless building.

2006-07-22 14:30:12
390.   dzzrtRatt

The Cardinal fans don't like scrappy? They don't like plucky? Plus, he's just about the whitest ballplayer in the league. You'd think they'd eat him up with a spoon.

2006-07-22 14:32:16
391.   underdog
Well I dunno if Soriano's going anywhere, and I certainly don't know if he's coming to the Dodgers (unlikely), but boy, he's hot. 3 doubles and a triple today. We sure could use that kind of offense.

377 My cats are as flat to the floor as they can get without actually being in the floor. Nice and cool down there. But they seem to like my fan, too, nice cool breeze.

Did I mention that it's hot?

2006-07-22 14:33:13
392.   D4P
Plus, he's just about the whitest ballplayer in the league

Just about. Only Jeff Kent stands in his way...

2006-07-22 14:36:25
393.   Bob Timmermann
Red Schoendienst?

Stan Musial?

Some of my best friends are from St. Louis ...
Whitey Kurowski?

2006-07-22 14:37:04
394.   trainwreck
Tony Gwynn Jr. sounds just like his dad.
2006-07-22 14:37:22
395.   LAT
Bob, to answer your question about how do kids get to go on the field. My daughter got to take the field on her birthday, April 5, 2004, it was opening day. I don't need to tell you which player she took the field with.

I wrote to Frank, enclosed her birth certificate and asked if she could take the field. They called back said yes and told me where to take her. I subsequently learned they let season ticket holders do it and they usually take kids from underprivilaged areas.

Interestingly they told me to take her to Asile 35 an hour before the game. I got there (on time for once) and there were no other kids right there. All the other kids were amassed in the Dodger bullpen. The usher notified a woman from the PR department who came over and took my daughter. Instead of taking her to the bullpen, she took her to homeplate. Five minutes later she is standing at home plate with the Dodgers about to give Gagne his Cy young award. She is standing with Gagne, Ann Drysdale, Fernando and Don Newcombe. To this day I don't know why they took her there. Of course, she only knew who Gagne was. Me, I was green with envy.

After the Cy Young award they brought out the other kids out and she joined them when they were told what position to run to. They didn't take requests they just assigned a kid to a position. Thay had given each kid a shirt, a ball and a pen. I dodn't know if it was fortuity that my daughter got to go to first base or they remembered the request in my letter.

In any event, its been the reason I can't really dislike Frank as much as I otherwise might.

2006-07-22 14:39:30
396.   JoeyP
But I also noted it because I was aware that St. Louis is half black, half white, and figured that a baseball game, of all places (sports, and not class-based like the NBA or NFL with their ridiculous prices) would be a place to see a representative sample of the population.

First, the tickets for St. Louis Cardinal games are astronomical, considering the wage inflation of the region. Single game box seats cost $88. When prices are that high, you will never get a representation of the population, unless income levels mirror the racial segmentation. They dont in St. Louis. They dont in most US cities.

Its my feeling that Dodger games are attended in 'diverse' crowds, bc the ticket prices are low and there is a strong latino influence in LA, and baseball is much more popular amongst Latinos than Afro-Americans. For cities that do not have a large Latino population but do have a large Afro-American population (St. Louis, Cleveland, Detroit, Atlanta), those baseball crowds will not be seen as nearly diverse bc baseball just isnt that popular amongst Afro-Americans.

I dont think it has anything to do with fan segregation. Its all about disposable income, a willing demographic, and marketing.

2006-07-22 14:41:04
397.   Bob Timmermann

That likely made your daughter a fan for life even if you weren't pushing her along.

My girlfriend wondered if the kids got good seats along with the time on the field because she thought it would do a lot to help encourage fan loyalty.

2006-07-22 14:43:37
398.   LAT
I am bummed. I had to give up four really good tickets to tonight's game. Asile 4, Row G.

We have tickets for Rent tonight at the Pantages. Somehow, she wouldn't let me give the Rent tickets away instead.

2006-07-22 14:45:39
399.   trainwreck
2006-07-22 14:45:56
400.   LAT
397. I'm pretty sure they give the kids seats but I don't think they are very good.
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2006-07-22 14:46:59
401.   LAT
399. Agreed. Apprently, I will be wearing the dress tonight and my wife will be wearing the pants.
2006-07-22 14:47:43
402.   Bob Timmermann
So in tonight's tableau, who is Frank and who is Jamie?
2006-07-22 14:49:45
403.   trainwreck
That means she can pay for dinner.
2006-07-22 14:53:24
404.   Bob Timmermann
Stupid community property law state!
2006-07-22 14:53:37
405.   LAT
401. I am wearing the dress. Alas, that means I am Frank.

403. Very Good point. Unfortunaly she'll use my card to pay for it. Come to think of it, its getting more like Frank and Jamie all the time.

2006-07-22 14:55:21
406.   Bob Timmermann
If there's a disagreement between you two, call me and I will come by and be Sitrick!
2006-07-22 14:58:22
407.   overkill94
396 So are you saying that all African-Americans are poor?

(of course I'm kidding, but I just felt like contributing)

2006-07-22 15:00:39
408.   overkill94
Christ almighty it's 100 degrees. I didn't think living 3 miles from the ocean would ever yield triple-digit temperatures.
2006-07-22 15:03:50
409.   Bob Timmermann
Those of us who have lived in the Valleys (both SFV and SGV) take perverse delight in this.

The Germans call it Schadensweate

2006-07-22 15:05:56
410.   trainwreck
In Santa Barbara there is at least always a breeze.
2006-07-22 15:15:11
411.   bill cox
Marty,I didn't know they did that stuff for dogs.I can't imagine the cost.I spent $300 bucks last year trying to keep my beautiful 2 year big mutt,Ruby, alive when she had toxic infection from eating flies(dogs are dumb)I hope your pooch makes it.
I wonder if Delwyn Young might be a good callup.He's only hitting .270 but has about 70rbi.The other rooks have streaked on callups.Maybe Young could be Mighty Joe Young for a couple of weeks.
Does anyone know if Greg Miller is hurt?
2006-07-22 15:15:29
412.   Marty
My front porch themometer says it's 112. It's in the sun right now so it's probably really only 106.
2006-07-22 15:17:10
413.   Blu2
I'll never be labeled a J D Drew apologist but I too get the impression he was already carrying a pain burden. And remember little injuries cause big injuries. At this point we have very little to lose, I think we should DL him till he is 100%. Way he's hitting now, we'll never miss him anyway, so give some combination of Kemp, Loney, Guzman, Repko, LaRoache a try. DFA LeDee, he has no future here and he's not contributing anything at all. Same goes for Alomar. Maybe even Martinez. He ran up his average the first couple of months but he's 0 for the summer now. I would also like to lose Jose Crud but the state of our outfield right now pretty much saves his job until we find out if some of the prospects are going to make it with us. For God's sakes, trade Izzy for whatever you can get...
2006-07-22 15:18:35
414.   Marty
411 Thanks Bill. I'm sorry to hear about your pup. I think I passed $300 in the emergency hospital parking lot :)
2006-07-22 15:19:16
415.   GoBears
396. I wouldn't care if they charged $30 or $1000 for box seats - I never even look at that price because I know I'm not paying more when I could pay less. I was in the cheap seats, as I always am, and they were cheap enough to not cause class distinctions. Maybe not $6 DS tix, but cheap.

Actually, other than the oppressive heatidity, the only unpleasant thing about the games I attended was the annoying beer vendors. They're ubiquitous (go figure) and loud. It seemed like there were hundreds of them. The fans were friendly enough, and certainly enthusiastic.

2006-07-22 15:22:21
416.   GoBears
The Germans call it Schadensweate

I'm still laughing.

Not Schadenschvitz? Or Schadenschweiß?

2006-07-22 15:27:18
417.   trainwreck
Miller has had a shoulder flare up so they have shut him down.

According to Jayston Stark are scouts have been scouting Cory Liddle.

2006-07-22 15:27:38
418.   trainwreck
2006-07-22 15:29:39
419.   GoBears
[the] way [Drew is] hitting now, we'll never miss him anyway

Over the last 7 games, Drew's OPS is .938. For all of July, it's .845.

I daresay, the Dodgers would miss that. True, he hasn't hit any HRs in nearly 2 months, which is troubling, but he's still the best offensive player on the team (other than Nomar), and playing like it (unlike Nomar, who has finally slumped to .741 in July and .574 over the last 7 games).

2006-07-22 15:29:42
420.   Bob Timmermann
I was in a rush. Your suggestions are good.
2006-07-22 15:30:08
421.   Robert Daeley
Cory's from Hollywood.
2006-07-22 15:31:25
422.   trainwreck
Cubs have asked for Ethier in return for Maddux. Forget Greg Maddux!!
2006-07-22 15:31:56
423.   Bob Timmermann
I know there are several reasons why beer isn't sold in the stands at sporting events in California, but I didn't realize that this section of the Business & Professions code might be a deterrent:

25657. It is unlawful:
(a) For any person to employ, upon any licensed on-sale premises,
any person for the purpose of procuring or encouraging the purchase
or sale of alcoholic beverages, or to pay any such person a
percentage or commission on the sale of alcoholic beverages for
procuring or encouraging the purchase or sale of alcoholic beverages
on such premises.

All the other vendors at Dodger Stadium who roam the aisles are paid a commission. But a beer vendor can't get one. So it would be pretty hard to get somebody to want to schlep around all that beer unless they got paid a higher wage compared to the peanut or soda vendors.

2006-07-22 15:32:36
424.   GoBears
419 BTW, I didn't mean to malign Nomar there - just to refute the idea that Drew is stinking up the joint. He's actually playing very well, especially lately.
2006-07-22 15:33:40
425.   GoBears
420 Hey, you're the idea man - I'm just the copy editor. I'm STILL laughing about that one.
2006-07-22 15:34:25
426.   Robert Daeley
According to Wikipedia, Cory:

* was a teammate of Jason Giambi at South Hills High School in Covina.

* is a descendent of Robert Fulton, widely credited with being the inventor of the steam-powered ship.

* "is one of a select few Major League Baseball players who is not a member of the MLB Players Union. This is because he was a replacement player during the 1994 baseball strike, and is therefore not eligible to join the union."

2006-07-22 15:39:57
427.   Marty
During my one trip to Eastern Pennsylvania, I drove by Robert Fulton's house. There was a sign out front or I wouldn't have known that.
2006-07-22 15:41:31
428.   Bob Timmermann
Robert Fulton didn't really invent the steamship as he just made that one worked fairly well.

Steamships sort of evolved. Just like TV, except Steve will tell me that it's Philo T. Farnsworth or NOTHING!

2006-07-22 15:42:41
429.   overkill94
426 Scab!
2006-07-22 15:50:00
430.   thinkingblue
Lofton, Izturis, and Cruz in the same line up.

This doesn't look good. This line up couldn't hit a ham sandwich.

2006-07-22 15:52:04
431.   thinkingblue

Why? He's no different, and not a lot better than Sele or Hendrickson.

2006-07-22 15:53:15
432.   thinkingblue

Why? He's no different, and not a lot better than Sele or Hendrickson.

2006-07-22 15:53:32
433.   thinkingblue

Why? He's no different, and not a lot better than Sele or Hendrickson.

2006-07-22 15:55:16
434.   Scanman33
As a former Devil Ray, Lidle would fit right in. Maybe Rick White can be thrown in for more Devil Ray goodness.
2006-07-22 15:55:41
435.   King of the Hobos
426 Other players barred from the Players Union: Kevin Millar, Damian Miller, Lou Merloni, Shane Spencer, Kerry Lightenberg, and old friend Matt herges.
2006-07-22 15:57:16
436.   Scanman33
435-And should he be given another chance with the Dodgers (and given his Boston roots, it's a distinct possibility), don't forget Oil Can Boyd.
2006-07-22 16:03:05
437.   Steve
if he needs scouts to tell him that Cory lidle sucks, then its probably a good thing we're around to tell him he has a funny mustache
2006-07-22 16:07:23
438.   King of the Hobos
430 But Martin's batting 5th! Somehow I don't think that lineup should be described as "slump-busting" (Rawitch's description).
2006-07-22 16:08:34
439.   trainwreck
Could someone please post the lineup, I have browser problems that won't let me check gameday.
2006-07-22 16:12:02
440.   Bob Timmermann
Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Ethier, LF

Martin, C

Aybar, 2B

Izzy, 3B

Cruz, RF

Sele, P

2006-07-22 16:13:29
441.   Bob Timmermann
Accuweather had the high today for Downtown L.A. at 99, but a "Realfeel" of 114!

I haven't left work (that's for you D4P).

Game time temp is expected to be around 84.

2006-07-22 16:14:35
442.   Bob Timmermann
In St. Louis right now, it's 80, but the Heat Index is 78.

You do the math.

2006-07-22 16:17:44
443.   trainwreck
Thanks Bob.
2006-07-22 16:21:29
444.   Bob Timmermann
You're most welcome.
2006-07-22 16:30:55
445.   Vaudeville Villain
I wonder why Izturis never gets placed in the 8 hole. That would seem to be the ideal place for him.


If the Cubs have asked for Ethier for Maddux, I'd immediately "lose" their phone number. I don't want Ned to get "Devil Rayed".

2006-07-22 16:33:13
446.   natepurcell
OMG Sal Fasano was just released! Hes our backup for next year. Git 'er done Ned!
2006-07-22 16:38:36
447.   Bob Timmermann
Remember the old days when Izturis always batted 8th? Then one day Jim Tracy declared him to be a leadoff hitter.

"Then I saw in the sky four bats, and one of them was pale and it was called Izturis. And death followed after it."

2006-07-22 16:40:09
448.   King of the Hobos
446 Next year? Why not release Alomar and trade Hall right now? How are Sal's Pals reacting to the release?
2006-07-22 16:41:24
449.   trainwreck
I find it funny that everyone thinks Maddux will somehow make a huge difference to whatever team he is traded to.
2006-07-22 16:42:18
450.   Bob Timmermann
Broad Street is choked with phony mustaches. All traffic has stopped there.

Grown men in Philadelphia are vowing never to shave again until Fasano returns to Philadelphia or they grow a mustache of equal size.

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2006-07-22 16:42:57
451.   trainwreck
Phillies should have traded Fasano to the Giants for Sanches.
2006-07-22 16:44:55
452.   Vaudeville Villain

LOL, nice.

2006-07-22 16:48:16
453.   trainwreck
Congrats to Floyd Landis for probably winning the Tour de France with a busted hip.
2006-07-22 16:54:13
454.   Jon Weisman
So just wondering, why did that whole conversation take place here instead of in the Griddle thread that started it all?

Game thread is open up top.

2006-07-22 16:54:59
455.   trainwreck
Nikola Dragovic is headed to UCLA. He shoots like Peja, but he has incredibly long arms which allows him to drive and dunk easily and he likes to be aggressive unlike many European players.
2006-07-22 18:58:57
456.   das411
446 - :'(

450 - Damn right Bob!

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