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Padres Wanted Guzman
2006-08-03 07:47
by Jon Weisman

"In his search for a third baseman, (San Diego Padres) General Manager Kevin Towers even called the rival Dodgers," wrote Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune. "'We asked them about Joel Guzman,' Towers said. Guzman, 21, was playing left field in Triple-A, but the Padres, who employ former Dodgers GM Paul DePodesta, believed Guzman could play third and that he would be available cheap. On Monday, the Dodgers traded Guzman and a Single-A outfielder for Julio Lugo, a free agent-eligible infielder."

It probably would have taken more for the Padres to get Guzman. The Dodgers wouldn't want a potential mistake staring them in the face 19 games a year. The Dodgers' last trade with San Diego was the epic acquisition of Widd Workman for Jim Bruske on July 23, 1998. Los Angeles hasn't traded with San Francisco since 1985 (Candy Maldonado for Alex Trevino).

In the same Padres notebook, you can read about ex-Dodger Chan Ho Park's recent struggle with lower intestinal bleeding that caused him to lose "half of his blood volume," according to Krasovic. The Padres expect a full recovery soon.

Comments (227)
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2006-08-03 08:22:06
1.   Andrew Shimmin
How cheap could the Padres have thought he'd get? Like, Woody Williams cheap?
2006-08-03 08:24:23
2.   Blaine
I also heard that the Dodgers had a deal on the table for JD Drew to the Red Sox for one of their young pitchers that Drew used his no trade clause to reject. Of course that was according to Hacksaw.
2006-08-03 08:26:27
3.   Jon Weisman
2 - So that means zero.
2006-08-03 08:27:32
4.   Suffering Bruin
Park lost half his blood volume? Is that like losing half of your blood or something? And he's "expected back soon?" This is a tough game.

Oh, and for the record, I don't ever want my beloved blue crew trading with the Giants unless it's clear the battery chuckers up north are being fleeced. Nothing less than Toby Hall for Jason Schmidt or hang up the phone.

2006-08-03 08:28:58
5.   adraymond
An expensive Drew for a cheap Lester or Hensen would have been nice.
2006-08-03 08:35:29
6.   savetheblues
If the Giants were willing to take Pierzynski for Bonser, Liriano, and Nathan, why not Lo Duca? Ah wishful thinking, you can torture yourself all day...
2006-08-03 08:37:09
7.   underdog
Ken Gurnick was kind enough to answer a couple of my questions (very briefly) directly via email (which I assume means they won't be published in his mailbag). I hope he won't mind if I re-post them here.

Q1) Why does Ned Colletti continue to deal with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays? Isn't he worried that they're trying to take advantage of him?

Ken: he's dealing with tampa now because they are out of the race, and also because they are unloading expensive players. most teams are still alive.

Q2) How far away do Dodger scouts consider Scott Elbert from the majors - is
there a chance we could see him next year?

Ken: elbert is at double-a, so next year is a possibility.

2006-08-03 08:41:14
8.   SMY
From the Boston Globe:

"The Red Sox made a call to the Dodgers concerning outfielder J.D. Drew, a player they've coveted because of his on-base percentage, but a no-trade clause in his contract ended the conversation quickly."

2006-08-03 08:46:30
9.   savetheblues
Is it just me or does anyone else think that Theo is a bit overrated as a GM...not just because he would go after JD, but because he hasn't done anything particularly amazing, and has made his share of mistakes. It seems like you could be as willing as anyone to accept new evaluation methods, but there is a luck element in how you yourself are evaluated(Sabean, for one, had Bonds and his teams success overshadow everything else).
2006-08-03 08:49:32
10.   savetheblues
(The flip side of that would be guys like Dan Evans and Depo who had things that were out of their control color everyones perceptions of them.)
2006-08-03 08:53:10
11.   regfairfield
9 David Ortiz.

Not only that he's picked up several useful parts like Bellhorn, Mueller, Arroyo and Pena for peanuts.

2006-08-03 08:56:48
12.   regfairfield
5 Your goal is to make the best team, not the cheapest. The Dodgers have the payroll to afford J.D. Drew.
2006-08-03 08:57:01
13.   SMY
Overrated in the "Boy Genius, best GM ever" sense? Sure. But he's still very good.
2006-08-03 09:01:13
14.   savetheblues
Well that's what I meant, he's a good GM to be sure, but he's not perfect by any stretch like many want us to believe. Remember, he's also tried to get rid of Manny, easily their best player, traded away Sanchez and Ramirez, who look like they're going to be studs, traded arroyo and then had pitching problems. I just find it funny that some guys are above regular criticism.
2006-08-03 09:01:37
15.   adraymond
I'm aware of that. The thinking behind that comment though is that the money spent on Drew could go toward a cheap Lester/Hensen and a player at or near Drew's caliber, resulting in the best team.
2006-08-03 09:04:13
16.   regfairfield
15 Who is avialable that's near Drew's caliber? Carlos Lee is the only guy that's close, but he'll cost more and has an on base about 60 poitns lower.
2006-08-03 09:11:25
17.   adraymond
Lee is definitely near Drew's caliber. Will he cost more? Maybe. But are you saying that you would rather have Drew than Lee and Lester/Hensen? Even if it did cost a little more? You said it yourself, it's about fielding the best team, not money. Or maybe the money saved on Drew could go to sign another starting pitcher. In the end, this argument is pointless since Drew will be a Dodger for the forseeable future anyway.
2006-08-03 09:18:32
18.   savetheblues
Lee is also older and entering his decline period, where power tends to slip faster than OBP does.
2006-08-03 09:22:02
19.   adraymond
Alright, Drew's better than Lee. Not arguing that. I like him better too. I guess when I guy see's a chance to add a young, stud pitcher to a rotation that currently includes Lurch's cousin, he gets excited.
2006-08-03 09:22:09
20.   Eric Enders
18 Isn't the opposite true? It's my impression from reading the old Bill James abstracts that batting average (highly correlated with OBP) is the first skill to go as a player ages, and that most players actually increase their power as they age.

Is there more recent research that refutes that?

2006-08-03 09:22:43
21.   bhsportsguy
I have not seen anything, either at the time Drew signed his contract, to my favorite site that list details of player's contracts that indicates that Drew has a no trade clause.

It's possible that hang up was his player option but since Hacksaw was said it was a no trade clause than I have to believe he was just wrong.

2006-08-03 09:22:55
22.   LAT
There is that World Series he engineered after 80 years (or whatever it was). That buys a lot of good will in Boston. Not to mention the Red Sox remain competitive in baseball's toughest division. I don't think anyone considers him perfect (no Gm is) but most of his moves have worked out for the better.
2006-08-03 09:28:22
23.   Sam DC
And don't forget Thanksgiving with the Schillings.
2006-08-03 09:29:23
24.   SMY
21 It's possible that hang up was his player option but since Hacksaw was said it was a no trade clause than I have to believe he was just wrong.

Extremely probable, considering we are talking about Hacksaw.

2006-08-03 09:33:18
25.   bhsportsguy
24 A favorite story that Steve Mason tells is the time they had someone call Hacksaw's show and they asked him about a player and went on to talk about that player's skills. The caller made up the name of the player.
2006-08-03 09:40:47
26.   savetheblues
I remember those too, but after reading in Moneyball that the A's believed OBP was the last thing to go down(about David Justice, I believe), I started thinking about it a bit more. Batting averages do go down in the decline period and are a good indicator, but all of this depends on the type of player. A selective hitter like Drew should not see much drop in his OBP and probably not his BA either. He looks for mistakes by the pitcher, and his walks aren't a result of pitchers nibbling around the strike zone. Carlos Lee get's on base because pitchers are afraid of getting into his power zone, he's not quite selective and as his natural power decreases, his walks and his BA may go down. He is already a natural power hitter, so the power spikes we could expect from an uppercut swing compensatng for decreasing leg power, bat speed, etc. shouldn't manifest in his case.
2006-08-03 09:44:07
27.   savetheblues
20., 26.
I didn't bother to check while writing that, but looking at their PECOTA projections on BP, it seems about right. They see stable OBP for Drew with a slight decrease in power, but some drop in OBP for Lee with a significant power drop.
One more interesting thing about PECOTA, Izzy's contract is entirely in line with his monetary valuation at shortsop in BP's system. You gotta believe Depo was looking at that...
2006-08-03 09:56:31
28.   Nagman
NL West news, I am listening to the Dback pregame show and they've reported that B. Webb has flown back to Phx for a precautionary MRI. No structural damage suspected, but inflammation and soreness of the elbow, pointing towards tendonitis. Still scheduled to make his next start.
2006-08-03 09:56:53
29.   Jacob L
According to Henson in the Times this morning, the Dodgers and interested in keeping Maddux around for 07.
2006-08-03 09:59:02
30.   D4P
I'd be more surprised if Ned didn't try to keep Maddux around. The guy is a quintessential Colletti player.
2006-08-03 10:00:36
31.   gpellamjr
With Milton pitching tonight, we should see Repko in the lineup.
2006-08-03 10:00:50
32.   Bob Timmermann
Hochevar news on the Griddle.
2006-08-03 10:03:18
33.   gpellamjr
30 Can we really say what type is Colletti's type? I mean we might infer something from his offseason acquisitions: Lofton, Mueller, Baez, Carter, and whoever else. All these certainly form a type (i.e. mediocre veterans, who know how to win, or how to go about their business or whatever the excuse is for signing them). But after one year, we might think that Colletti went after this type, as has often been said, as placeholders until all the kids are ready. Perhaps these aren't his "type" at all, however much time he spent with SF.
2006-08-03 10:07:06
34.   gcrl

i recall them doing that with runners. mason would call and ask about the chances of a made up american marathoner in the boston marathon, and hacksaw would spend a minute or two talking about that runner and how difficult it would be to beat the ethiopians or kenyans. almost as good as the guys who would call in and flush the toilet.

even though i live 1700 miles away, some friends and i still belt out some hacksaw classics: "down it, firefighter!" and "la jolla, i want to hear from you!"

good times.

2006-08-03 10:11:43
35.   Scanman33
SD should have known better. They don't have enough ex-Devil Rays to offer, although I'm sure Dewon Brazelton for Guzman would have worked for Ned.
2006-08-03 10:24:35
36.   D4P
When Ned wants Devil Rays, he goes directly to the source.
2006-08-03 10:26:29
37.   Formerly R
JD Drew over Carlos Lee? Really? Wow. I understand we're all supposed to be drunk on OBP here. I'm as big an OBP proponent as anyone but, heck, at some point you need someone who will MASH and cash that OBP in.

I also get the decline years concept. But, in the next 5 years, what exactly will Drew decline from? A .390 OBP and...what, chronically fragile knees? Will the decline years be good on those knees? I guess I'm just not sure normal 'decline year' projections will apply to JD Drew.

2006-08-03 10:40:10
38.   regfairfield
37 Carlos Lee has slugged over .500 twice. He's not an elite power hitter.
2006-08-03 10:44:24
39.   regfairfield
Plus, Drew is a much better fielder. Lee has career 98 rate2 and is middle of the pack in probablistic model of range.
2006-08-03 10:44:35
40.   Eric L
37 Just for a quick and dirty look at things, Drew has slugged .508 over his career while Lee has slugged .493.

Lee's body of work has been over a heck of a lot more PAs than Drew with Drew's injury problems and all.

2006-08-03 10:44:48
41.   Andrew Shimmin
I'd take Drew over Lee, but I'd take Lester for Drew in a heart beat. Lester is already doing well, and looks like he could be great.

How hurt is Nixon? Were the Sox looking for an expensive fill in, or is there now reason to wonder whether Drew might opt out of his contract? Actually, this is completely made up, so it isn't grounds for anything. My mistake.

2006-08-03 10:47:25
42.   Bob Timmermann
Nixon is supposed to be out for 2-4 weeks. Remember that the Red Sox are under a lot of pressure to try to make a big trade if the Yankees make one too.

The Red Sox do things like pick up Mike Stanton to be available for two regular season games.

It's a very strange world the Yankees and Red Sox inhabit. I would not want to be part of it.

2006-08-03 10:50:49
43.   D4P
It's a very strange world the Yankees and Red Sox inhabit

That world is sometimes referred to as "ESPN"

2006-08-03 10:53:10
44.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
It's a very strange world the Yankees and Red Sox inhabit. I would not want to be part of it.
I've always regarded the rest of the AL East as kin to Europe's Low Countries. When war breaks out between the superpowers, their lands will be ravaged and thousands will die.
2006-08-03 10:58:24
45.   djramone
Speaking of ESPN, John Kruk refered to the Dodgers offense as "too old" today ( Obviously no research is necessary if you used to play baseball...
2006-08-03 11:02:27
46.   savetheblues
I think this is the worst year we're going to see from Drew in this contract, barring a major injury.
2006-08-03 11:04:41
47.   bhsportsguy
34 Those beer commercials always gave me the chills, not that there's anything wrong with that.
2006-08-03 11:06:43
48.   bhsportsguy
32 Well Boras got his major league contract, I wonder if this year will count as an option year. But then, wouldn't surprise me to see Hochevar pitch with the Royals this year.
2006-08-03 11:06:44
49.   underdog
45 Gack, I wish there was a way to post a comment in response to Kruk's krukisms. He's certainly free to say the Dodgers have their issues, and free to doubt whether they can win the west, but his comments seem dumb and particularly the one about the offense. Note the opposite comment from the ESPN researcher below Kruk on that same page.
2006-08-03 11:08:48
50.   confucius
I didn't realize that Hacksaw was still on the air. Didn't he get fired from a broadcasting job one time for using a racial slur?

John Kruk is right, the dodgers need to get a rookie or two in this lineup.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-08-03 11:10:21
51.   bhsportsguy
BTW, is anyone here still disappointed that we did not get Brian Giles this year. Sure he could end up costing 14M-15M less than Drew over the life of their remaining contracts (For Drew, I am using just this year and the next 3 years while for Giles, I am using his full contract plus bonus and buyout.) But I can't believe Giles is going to get any better, he really his a leadoff or 2nd spot batter, not a third place hitter.
2006-08-03 11:12:07
52.   bhsportsguy
50 Hacksaw was not fired, he does updates, the best 5 minutes of radio during the week and then does shows on Saturday and Sunday. He has apologized in the past about questionable things he has said on the air.
2006-08-03 11:13:56
53.   confucius
52 I didn't mean fired from that job, He was a broadcaster for football and baseball teams in the past. I believe that was where he was fired from.
2006-08-03 11:20:18
54.   Bob Timmermann
Hacksaw was going to get a job as the radio play-by-play man for the Vikings a couple of years ago, but the people in Minnesota didn't like some of his more outrageous statements and the Vikings reneged.

Because the Minnesota Vikings are a high-class organization!

I remember listening to him once call a Chargers game and hearing him use a mild profanity when a Chargers lineman jumped offside. Something along the lines of "D-----, Shawn Lee (a name along those lines), that's the third time you've done that at a crucial time. That's inexcusable!"

Except he was really angry. It sounded most unprofessional.

2006-08-03 11:23:00
55.   bhsportsguy
53 I think those were mostly due to the fact that the station he worked for no longer broadcast those team's games.

Joe Sheehan has an interesting free article on on Jeff Cirillo's comments on how the balls are soaked at Coors Field this year.

One little tidbit, Jeff Francis has Batting average against at home this year of .202

2006-08-03 11:25:49
56.   bhsportsguy
Don't listen to him much anymore but occasionally Jim Rome will go to the wayback machine and while not naming names, use a weak Hacksawlike voice and say "Down it firefighter" or "Rancho Bernardo, I want to talk sports with you right now"
2006-08-03 11:27:16
57.   Sub4Era
Personally id much rather have Hacksaw spouting off for 5 minutes than having to listen to Vic "The Brick" for 3 hours at a time.
2006-08-03 11:29:16
58.   confucius
Found it.

All of Hacksaws major blunders are found there.

2006-08-03 11:30:25
59.   confucius
Rome always calls him butter knife. :)
2006-08-03 11:34:30
60.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Portrait of the loudmouth as a young man: Hacksaw started in Phoenix, about 25 years ago. When he left for California, I recall there was much rejoicing.
2006-08-03 11:38:28
61.   Bob Timmermann
The Dbacks appear on their way to moving into a tie for first place. They lead 7-1 against the Cubs in the first game of a doubleheader.
2006-08-03 11:45:13
62.   heato
I saw this in my brother's University of Chicago alumni magazine. It's a pretty interesting article about a recent graduate who goes from being a financial analyst to playing minor league baseball in Italy.

2006-08-03 11:51:50
63.   LAT
For anyone who is interested the EBAY auction for Bonds 715 HR ball is about to end in 10 mins.
2006-08-03 11:55:45
64.   bhsportsguy
Nate and others, this is the reported numbers by John Manuel of Hochevar's deal.

The Royals announced they have agreed to terms on a major league contract (through 2009) with Hochevar, the No. 1 overall pick from the 2006 draft.

As with several other Boras holdouts, the maneuver worked for Hochevar. After agreeing to (and then changing his mind and declining) a $2.98 million contract with the Dodgers last year, Hochevar pitched in independent ball, flashed three plus pitches and improved his draft standing. He not only went No. 1 overall, but he signed a contract that guarantees him more than 60 percent more money than he declined from the Dodgers last September. His contract also is believed to have escalator clauses in it for being on the 25-man big league roster, which could swell the overall value of the deal to close to $7 million.

2006-08-03 11:56:26
65.   Terry A
57 - Gosh, California media laws must be strict. Here in Arkansas, if we don't want to listen to something, we can just turn the radio off.

I am proud to know naught of Hacksaws nor Bricks.

2006-08-03 12:01:04
66.   D4P
Sold, for $220,100!
2006-08-03 12:09:31
67.   Ladderkite
Speaking of analysts...Did we ever find out anything more about why Harold Reynolds was canned?
2006-08-03 12:14:05
68.   Linkmeister
Can this be right? Greg Maddux, future HOFer, makes his first appearance in an LA Dodgers uniform and Prime Ticket is not showing the game?

Sheesh. What idiot does their marketing?

(Apologies to their execs if it was contractually precluded.)

2006-08-03 12:15:21
69.   regfairfield
67 Sexual harassment. A lot of it.
2006-08-03 12:16:49
70.   jasonungar05
well the game is on KCAL-channel 9
2006-08-03 12:20:18
71.   Ladderkite
69 - That's the official reason? Damn, that's a bummer. It's more airtime for the windbag twins Kruk and Phillips.
2006-08-03 12:21:21
72.   Paul Scott
67 Like I said at the time, not offering Hochevar the piddling extra $1M was stupid. Driving a hard negotiation - fine. Not signing him when all that seperated the parties was $1M - stupid. Most people jumped and cheered when he was not signed as some sort of "victory" over Boras - but in the end, $4M for risk Hochevar represented was reasonable. I am glad to see he got such an amazing deal from KC.
2006-08-03 12:25:05
73.   natepurcell
im glad he went to Kansas City.
2006-08-03 12:30:11
74.   Fallout
58 confucius
All of Hacksaws major blunders are found there.

I wonder how many are accurate quotes. For example he misquotes Campanis. If he can't get a well know quotation right, how can you trust the other so called quotes?

2006-08-03 12:36:04
75.   Bluebleeder87
Ken Gurnick was kind enough to answer a couple of my questions (very briefly) directly via email

Ken Gurnick is dead to me.

2006-08-03 12:40:14
76.   Fallout
75 Bluebleeder87

That's enlightening.

2006-08-03 12:40:52
77.   NPB
I don't care if he IS a withered, washed-up shell of his former self. I love Greg Maddux and I'm thrilled that he'll be pitching for the Blue. I'm really looking forward to tonight's game.
2006-08-03 12:40:57
78.   Eric L
72 It seems like it was just the money though. Did Hochevar want a MLB contract from the Dodgers?

For a team that has to worry about 40-man roster problems, signing a recent draftee to a MLB contract might not be in their best interest.

On the flip side, Hochevar might be the most talented pitcher in the Royals system now so it makes sense for them to offer him whatever he wants.

2006-08-03 12:45:57
79.   adraymond
Was Kent not eligable to come off the DL yesterday?
2006-08-03 12:46:39
80.   bhsportsguy
78 Boras wanted a similar deal that he got Craig Hansen who was the 25th or 26th pick that year which included a MLB contract.

Remember, he was drafted in a slot area where 1 million dollar signing bonuses are high, they offered him top ten signing bonus money and he did not take it.

From what I read, the total amount of the deal could reach 7 million dollars, which is much more than the 2.98 million deal that was initially agreed too.

2006-08-03 12:47:11
81.   bhsportsguy
79 I think so, though reports are he may play in Florida over the weekend.
2006-08-03 12:50:19
82.   Bluebleeder87
From what I read, the total amount of the deal could reach 7 million dollars, which is much more than the 2.98 million deal that was initially agreed too.

Don't you just love America.

2006-08-03 12:51:09
83.   Robert Daeley
75 I was looking up Colbert's current lists of "On Notice" and "Dead to Me" and was happy to be reminded that there are in fact three lists, with the additional "Never Existed to Me".

2006-08-03 12:52:03
84.   Bluebleeder87
I'm thinking once Kent get's back, Lugo will be the one playing were ever the Dodger ask him to play.
2006-08-03 12:54:14
85.   Sam DC
80 I haven't read the details, but just looking at a from a "did the team get value for its money" perspective, if the incentives to get you to $7 million click in doesn't that mean you've got a well performing hot young pitcher under club control for a good long time? Such creatures are extremely valuable and hard to find -- certainly cost you a heck of a lot more than $7 million in the FA market.

Now, I realize it's a long game and the Dodgers felt they had other interests and priorities at stake.

2006-08-03 12:56:40
86.   Steve
It's hard to justify paying prospects a lot of money if you're going to turn around and trade them for banjo-hitting middle infielders anyway.
2006-08-03 12:59:03
87.   adraymond
I was wondering about this last night. What is the origin of the term "banjo hitting?"
2006-08-03 12:59:17
88.   Sam DC
I apologize for comment 640 in the last thread, Steve. I was completely wrong.
2006-08-03 13:00:30
89.   Vaudeville Villain

Far be it for me to question America's Greatest Hero, but the cast of Friends should be on the "Never Existed to Me" list.

2006-08-03 13:02:11
90.   Steve
Not to mention irregularly tall but untalented pitchers and history events from the early 1960's.
2006-08-03 13:06:17
91.   trainwreck
That crafty DePo going after Guzman.
2006-08-03 13:07:37
92.   trainwreck
Well the Banjo actually came from Africa, not the South like most people think. As for the term banjo hitting I have no idea.
2006-08-03 13:10:27
93.   thinkblue0
certainly cost you a heck of a lot more than $7 million in the FA market.

That's operating under the assumption that Hochevar is going to be good.

im glad he went to Kansas City.

Me too. Hope he likes losing.

2006-08-03 13:13:21
94.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Following Hochevar's weirdness with his agents last season, put a Milo on him.
2006-08-03 13:14:03
95.   Fallout
91 trainwreck
That crafty DePo going after Guzman.

I suppose he then contacted Oakland and inquired about A. Perez.

2006-08-03 13:14:13
96.   StolenMonkey86
hey, did you guys see the new banner? Saito's up, Gagne's out. Also included are Ethier and Martin, but I can't quite decipher who that is in the middle.
2006-08-03 13:15:28
97.   Marty
Have you ever tries to hit a baseball with a banjo? It doesn't go very far.
2006-08-03 13:15:53
98.   Sam DC
93 Not assuming he'll be good. Assuming there's a fair chance he'll be good (he's pitched well at relatively high levels compared to a prep draftee, for example) and believing it is smart to risk that much money on that kind of upside. It might work, it might not. But where top FAs are getting $10M-15M per year, and teams need to have a lot of prospects in the pipeline cause you never know which'll pan out, I think it was a mistake that the Dodgers did not get the side issues fixed and get this guy into the system.

Is a four year $50 million contract to Jason Schmidt a better risk?

2006-08-03 13:16:20
99.   Marty


2006-08-03 13:17:44
100.   trainwreck
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-08-03 13:18:36
101.   Bluebleeder87
Me too. Hope he likes losing.

Well atleast he'll be closer to home.

2006-08-03 13:19:05
102.   Telemachos
Personally id much rather have Hacksaw spouting off for 5 minutes than having to listen to Vic "The Brick" for 3 hours at a time.

Except The Brick has now entered the realm of wild self-parody (unintentially, of course). Just think of it as comedy, and it's hilarious. Teams win because of "la passion", Kobe can do no wrong, DePo was the devil, and the Dodgers are bad this year because they traded Lo Duca, Cora, and Izturis.

2006-08-03 13:20:20
103.   trainwreck
Is he really Bill Plaschke?
2006-08-03 13:20:25
104.   underdog
Recent-ex-Dodger infielders are 0 for 8 today if anyone's scoring at home.

Man, what sort of pitching are the Cubs throwing up there today? (Phrasing intentional.)

2006-08-03 13:20:34
105.   underdog
Recent-ex-Dodger infielders are 0 for 8 today if anyone's scoring at home.

Man, what sort of pitching are the Cubs throwing up there today? (Phrasing intentional.)

2006-08-03 13:20:37
106.   savetheblues
No the contract to Schmidt wouldn't be a good idea, either. Just because one idea is better than the other doesn't mean both are terrible ideas. Hochevar will probably hurt his arm, lose command of one of his pitches, or any other of the inexplicable problems that lead to Oliver Perez type disappearances. This deal is great for him because he probably won't last to see a bigger one. There is some truth to TNSTAAPP
2006-08-03 13:21:01
107.   Bluebleeder87

I just to a peek & it's still the same to me?

2006-08-03 13:22:48
108.   underdog
Recent computer server glitches are 2 for 2 today if anyone's scoring at home today. (Sorry.)

Meanwhile, still no line-up. Repko's gotta be starting today.

2006-08-03 13:25:45
109.   Sam DC
Hochevar will probably hurt his arm, lose command of one of his pitches, or any other of the inexplicable problems that lead to Oliver Perez type disappearances.

I'm not sure how to respond to that argument. Anything could happen to anyone, but teams still have to have players. I'm just talking about what risks make sense -- acknowledging that they are in fact risks.

I appreciate the point of view that this is just too much money to risk on a pitcher at this point in his career. I don't agree given the market, but I understand where you're coming from, if that's what you're saying.

Anyhow, I am logging off now for a while, so if I don't respond to further comments, that's why.

2006-08-03 13:26:42
110.   Bluebleeder87
Meanwhile, still no line-up. Repko's gotta be starting today.

I really hope so.

2006-08-03 13:27:02
111.   Vaudeville Villain
Banjo hitters are really bad, but they don't compare to the lowest class of all: ukelele hitters.

This elite class consists of hitters with a long, storied career of terribleness. Neifi Perez is a member of this group, and Royce Clayton is filing for membership soon.

2006-08-03 13:27:27
112.   Nagman
96 It looks the same to me as well, but I have always wondered who that was in the middle. Nomar?
2006-08-03 13:28:35
113.   D4P
I'm trying to evaluate the validity of a rumor that Ethier has been seen down to AAA...
2006-08-03 13:29:36
114.   StolenMonkey86
113 - where did you hear that?
2006-08-03 13:32:07
115.   StolenMonkey86
did you know Lugo and Maddux are the lightest guys on the team now?
2006-08-03 13:32:14
116.   Bluebleeder87

I hope Izzy dons't join that club, but he is nocking at the dore.

2006-08-03 13:32:23
117.   underdog
That's preposterous, D4P! Did that come from Hacksaw or John Kruk?

maybe they're trying to make their lineup older to vindicate Kruk.

2006-08-03 13:33:39
118.   StolenMonkey86
I don't think they would have put Ethier on the banner if he was gonna be sent down to AAA, nor would they send him down unless they got Soriano for free or something.
2006-08-03 13:34:37
119.   Bluebleeder87
I don't like the new banner on
2006-08-03 13:34:51
120.   Fallout
95 Fallout

OK, I'll be my own straight man.
I suppose he then contacted Oakland and inquired about A. Perez.

But DePodesta's boss wouldn't allow him to trade Dave Roberts for Perez.

2006-08-03 13:35:21
121.   D4P
I doubt the rumor is true, but I got a chuckle out of it.

As you were.

2006-08-03 13:35:28
122.   Vaudeville Villain
My opinion of Ned Coletti is not yet that low where I believe he will actually even consider demoting his best hitter to AAA.
2006-08-03 13:35:40
123.   StolenMonkey86
I don't know why you put Furcal in the center.

What does it say that Kent, Drew, and Nomar are not in there at all?

2006-08-03 13:38:01
124.   Bob Timmermann
No one knows for certain the exact origin of "banjo hitter", but it probably has something to do with the fact that a banjo hitter doesn't make solid contact often and the balls leaves the bat with a funny sound.

It took me a while to realize when I was futilely trying to learn golf that the best swings came with almost no sound.

2006-08-03 13:39:03
125.   D4P
I guess I'm the only one not seeing the new banner. I still see Kent, Fur-kel, Nomar, Gagne, and Drew.
2006-08-03 13:40:11
126.   Daniel Zappala
According to Wikipedia, the font of all knowledge:

The name is said to come from the twanging sound of the bat at contact, like that of a banjo.

2006-08-03 13:40:29
127.   Marty
125 That's what you get for the Ethier rumor.
2006-08-03 13:40:38
128.   dzzrtRatt
It was quite a few comments ago, but I actually laughed out loud (LOL) at whoever was pondering whether Theo Epstein was "overrated."

Is winning the World Series and getting in the playoffs continually despite playing in a very tough division just not enough for some of you guys? Is it that you have to do it the right way? I realize that logic is the supposed rationale for sabermetric thinking, but results in the actual (vs. Pythagorean) world actually do count for something.

Sabermetrics is rapidly hardening into dogma. Pretty soon you'll be applying to the IRS for a tax exemption as a church!

2006-08-03 13:41:01
129.   Nagman
125 - It must be some sorta cached version on your system. I went to and clicked on a Dodger link to get the new one.
2006-08-03 13:42:14
130.   StolenMonkey86
still no lineup. Ok Rawich, what's going on over there?
2006-08-03 13:42:35
131.   dzzrtRatt
Matt Kemp is a Jimmy Page-style double-neck guitar hitter.
2006-08-03 13:42:58
132.   Daniel Zappala
Ooh, and thanks to that, I now know that the best Vlad has been able to do the past few games is hit a Baltimore Chop.
2006-08-03 13:43:16
133.   Daniel Zappala
I should have included the URL:

2006-08-03 13:43:40
134.   StolenMonkey86
my guess is either Kent is ready to come off the DL, they're adjusting the rotation so Billingsley can pitch in Cincy, or Josh's computer has gone Dreifort again
2006-08-03 13:45:34
135.   Bob Timmermann
Wikipedia celebrates 750th anniversary of American independence!
2006-08-03 13:45:36
136.   Jon Weisman
Josh said earlier this week he isn't on the trip - he said there might not be an early lineup on Inside the Dodgers.
2006-08-03 13:46:29
137.   Daniel Zappala
The DT crowd will also be interested to know that "barn ball" was apparently a forerunner to "smear the queer". Good to know that as far back as the late 1800s you could play a game that involved throwing a ball at someone else before they touched the wall.
2006-08-03 13:46:52
138.   gibsonhobbs88
113-That has to be a rumor! No way you send down Ethier that is consistently producing runs. By the way, thinking of all the talk lately of all our prospects and how we should dump all our veterans made me think of those glory days in the 70's. The Dodgers farm system produced a bumper crop of ML players, Cey, Garvey, Lopes, Yeager, Fergie, Russell, Paciorek, ect... Even then though the Dodgers had to supplement those with veterans that were traded or acquired, like Dusty Baker, Reggie Smith, Andy Messersmith, Burt Hooton and Tommy John to name a few. In a front-running town like LA, you can't afford to have too many non-competitive years in a row, otherwise you become yesterday's news. While a great farm system is the best way to maintain long term success by developing players in your system, there is always going to be room for a role player that is acquired to fill a hole a prospect may not be ready to fill at the time. Remember, not every prospect pans out, Greg Brock, Jeff Hamilton, ect.. didn't have very long prosperous careers so a GM needs to balance what and who he acquires. Now this doesn't excuse Ned for seeming to acquire all the Rays spare parts, if he traded for Crawford, Baldelli or Kazmir that's one thing, but Hall, Hendy, Baez and Lugo call into question what he is up to.
2006-08-03 13:47:44
139.   Bluebleeder87
I guess I'm the only one not seeing the new banner. I still see Kent, Fur-kel, Nomar, Gagne, and Drew.

I don't like it.

2006-08-03 13:49:17
140.   Daniel Zappala
135 Clearly that Onion article is wrong. It was Matt Kemp who incinerated the Stamp Act by looking at it and then roundhouse kicked the entire British Army into the Atlantic.
2006-08-03 13:50:35
141.   StolenMonkey86
136 - Ah, good call.

From "trade coverage"
I'm actually not on this road trip, so lineups may be a little later than usual and sometimes I won't be able to post them at all, but please be patient.

I guess we'll have to wait.

2006-08-03 13:51:39
142.   Daniel Zappala
Why is Saito shaking his fist at Rafael Furcal? That reminds me of those hilarious Japanese baseball cartoons. "You make another error, Raffy, and I'll take you to the woodshed!"
2006-08-03 13:52:46
143.   Bluebleeder87

is he on vacation or something? (Josh)

2006-08-03 13:53:18
144.   Sub4Era
102- Whats funny is recently they had an arguement that basically came down to the question "Would you trade Brad Penny for Paul LoDuca straight up?" Ofcourse everyone said yes except for the brick. I think I almost flew off the road...
2006-08-03 13:54:08
145.   Bob Timmermann
I'm predicting that in tonight's lineup, Greg Maddux will be batting ninth.

And tonight will be the first time for DTers to give the team's only certain first ballot HOFer a lot of heat for not being perfect.

2006-08-03 13:54:39
146.   Sub4Era
144 - Meaning if LoDuca was still on the dodgers would you trade him to the marlins for Penny. sorry for not being clear.
2006-08-03 13:55:21
147.   Bob Timmermann

Presumably Josh Rawitch doesn't go on every road trip because he doesn't want to or have to.

Cincinnati and Miami during hurricane season isn't exactly a glamorous trip.

2006-08-03 13:56:44
148.   Benaiah
D4P, I am indeed StuckinDukewithDodgerBlues. I stopped posting on that board because it was overpopulated by insane yahoos. I like the people here much better. I am out of Durham now, but I have fond memories...
2006-08-03 13:56:50
149.   screwballin
As with several other Boras holdouts, the maneuver worked for Hochevar.

BP did a pretty solid debunking of the value of holding out in the chapter about Varitek's holdout in "Mind Game." If Hochevar really thinks he'll be a star, then why push his free agent period back a year? A young star pitcher five years from now will make at least $15 mil/year, I would guess. Hochevar just gave up one of those years to play independent league ball for minimum wage. Not to mention losing the chance to play for a perennial contender. Good thinking, Luke.

2006-08-03 13:59:50
150.   D4P
Good to see you again. We ate at Chai's last night. Yum!

In other news, it's really hot today...

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-08-03 14:01:11
151.   underdog
The Padres are up 2-zip on the Astros in the 5th, and have the bases loaded with 2 outs (against some pitcher named Albers...)

Dodgers may need to win today just to not lose any ground to the teams ahead of them.

2006-08-03 14:01:50
152.   underdog
Er, make that 4-zip.
2006-08-03 14:03:17
153.   StolenMonkey86
145 - Just to make us all feel good about Greg Maddux, I'll add this link.

2006-08-03 14:03:28
154.   Bob Timmermann
Since the Reds are ahead of the Dodgers in the wild card, a win would be a good thing.

The Reds would give up the checkered jersey with a loss today combined with an Arizona win.

2006-08-03 14:03:39
155.   StolenMonkey86
153 - ok, not a link, but URL. whatever
2006-08-03 14:04:59
156.   Jon Weisman
I'm pretty disappointed that Widd Workman generated no interest.
2006-08-03 14:06:07
157.   Blu2
Who would you rather have:

Hochevar for $4M
Tomko for $4M
Hendrickson for $?
Another shortstop for the bench @ $4M
Lofton for $4M

on and on. Dodgers blew that one.

2006-08-03 14:06:43
158.   Bob Timmermann
I've been down the Widd Workman road before.

It's like Highway 99. It's not very interesting.

2006-08-03 14:09:20
159.   caseybarker
140 lol he must have stolen Sonny Dolamite's pimp cane.

156 I remember Judd, but not Widd.

2006-08-03 14:11:20
160.   Bob Timmermann
I believe the reason that Jim Bruske got traded to San Diego was that he yelled at Tommy Lasorda in the clubhouse. So he sent him off there. And then Bruske made his way to the Yankees.

And got to collect TWO World Series bonus checks.

2006-08-03 14:13:13
161.   caseybarker
Ahhh... Widd Workman who went from San Bernardino to Vero Beach to San Antonio and out. Does San Bernardino have a team anymore?
2006-08-03 14:16:51
162.   Bob Timmermann
LA Times, 7/24/1998

Pitcher Jim Bruske, anxious to get more work on the mound, will get his chance.

With the San Diego Padres.

Dodger General Manager Tommy Lasorda traded the unhappy right-handed reliever to the Padres on Thursday for minor-league right-hander Widd Workman despite the fact that Bruske is 3-0 with a 3.48 earned-run average and despite the fact that the move strengthens the division leaders.

In the new Dodger front office, there seems to be little patience with malcontents, regardless of the cost.

2006-08-03 14:16:51
163.   Eric Stephen
161 Does San Bernardino have a team anymore?

Yep, the "Inland Empire" 66ers.

2006-08-03 14:17:36
164.   Daniel Zappala
Not a good sign when you've been draft four times, in a lower round each time.
2006-08-03 14:18:43
165.   Daniel Zappala
Dodger General Manager Tommy Lasorda

Please, this is a family-friendly site.

2006-08-03 14:20:55
166.   ssjames
Clayton Kershaw is much too good for the Gulf Coast league. Today he pitched six innings, giving up only four singles, walking none and striking out 11 while giving up one earned run. This kid is going to be crazy good.
2006-08-03 14:20:55
167.   King of the Hobos
Why are the Astros wearing retro jerseys? They should be immediately removed and burned, and both the original uniform designer and whoever decided to have a retro day should be shot.
2006-08-03 14:22:24
168.   Benaiah
150 - Forget Chai's, go to Grasshopper. The food is way better, sit out on the patio and have a red ale. Order some Cha Gio and the Red Curry seafood hot pot (enough to share) and enjoy. Chai's is a little corny, and the food is too Americanized.
2006-08-03 14:22:40
169.   underdog
"Dodger General Manager Tommy Lasorda" - yeah, that makes me fairly queasy... How did we survive that period and still remain Dodgers fans? Sort of like the hearty souls who survive a natural disaster.
2006-08-03 14:24:05
170.   underdog
166 Amazing. I suppose it's too late in the year to promote him beyond that? But boy... I could see him skipping through levels quickly next year.
2006-08-03 14:24:24
171.   savetheblues
Not to start an argument from before...but I was the one that posted that and I'm a bit offended. Yes Epstein won a world series, but so has Brian Cashman and he is hardly mentioned in the same way Epstein is. It's a very expensive team with huge resources and they've made their share of mistakes, which are rarely discussed. I'm not saying he's a bad GM, he's one of the better ones, but I think it's ridiculous to label him the "boy genius." Since the WS, he's had a bad Varitek contract, thinking Boomer could pitch, the Clement signing, the Beckett for Sanchez/Ramirez trade that looks bad right now. In the national media(I don't know about in Boston) he seems to get a bit of a free pass because of the WS.
2006-08-03 14:25:10
172.   bigcpa
July 9, 1998 - LA Times

The deal that sent Paul Konerko and Dennis Reyes to the Cincinnati Reds for closer Jeff Shaw on Saturday was among the most-discussed topics at the All-Star break in Denver.

The consensus was that Cincinnati General Manager Jim Bowden outfoxed Tom Lasorda.

Many baseball officials were stunned that the Dodger interim general manager traded Konerko--last season's minor league player of the year--and the left-handed Reyes, who was selected the organization's top pitching prospect last season.

Most Dodger officials believe Konerko will be a 30-homer, 100-RBI player for the next decade--and scouts in other organizations agree. Reyes is considered a potential 200-inning-plus pitcher.

2006-08-03 14:25:27
173.   underdog
D'oh, I forgot they were playing a DH in Chicago today - it's 3-0 Cubs already in the "nightcap" (late afternoon-cap?)
2006-08-03 14:26:31
174.   King of the Hobos
The Mets just signed Reyes to a 4 year deal, prolonging his free agency by at least one year. Now Ned will need wait an additional year to sign Reyes as the team's 10th SS.
2006-08-03 14:26:46
175.   trainwreck
Promote him!
2006-08-03 14:26:47
176.   bigcpa
from that same article...

"The Dodgers and Seattle Mariners have resumed talks about left-handed pitcher Randy Johnson. The Mariners want right-handed reliever Antonio Osuna, who was bumped from the closer role by Shaw, and second baseman Wilton Guerrero."

Jul 26, 1998
"The Dodgers soon could be sending out another youngster for a veteran pitcher. Unless that pitcher can get them to a World Series, let's hope that youngster is not Adrian Beltre or Wilton Guerrero." - Bill Plaschke

2006-08-03 14:28:29
177.   Bluebleeder87

I have to admit that made me chuckle.(I love Tommy)

2006-08-03 14:28:52
178.   trainwreck
2006-08-03 14:29:09
179.   Telemachos
Osuna and Guerrero for Randy Johnson? Dear God, that's almost as painful as Edwin Jackson for Pujols.

To think what could have been....

2006-08-03 14:29:17
180.   D4P
Forget Chai's, go to Grasshopper. The food is way better, sit out on the patio and have a red ale

Yeah, we like Grasshopper too, though we have only been there once. We're waiting for the weather to cool off (and bugs to go away) before we go sit outside there again.

2006-08-03 14:30:29
181.   Steve
The Mariners want right-handed reliever Antonio Osuna, who was bumped from the closer role by Shaw, and second baseman Wilton Guerrero.

So...what's changed?

2006-08-03 14:30:29
182.   caseybarker
172 and Shaw got about a bazillion saves for a .500 ball club.

And Konerko would just be blocking Loney, anyway... (just kidding)

2006-08-03 14:31:36
183.   King of the Hobos
Furcal, SS
Lugo, 2B
Drew, RF
Saenz, 1B
Ethier, LF
Betemit, 3B (good to see Dodger Thoughts taking the Pearl Jam reference a step further)
Martin, C
Repko, CF
Maddux, P

The Betemit comment is Rawitch's, not mine.

2006-08-03 14:31:45
184.   Gagne55
167 They are?! I <3 Astro retro jerseys. :D They are the most awesome design ever. How could you not like them?
2006-08-03 14:31:53
185.   Bluebleeder87

I wish the dodgers still had a team there. Where is the nearest one? Vegas.

2006-08-03 14:32:43
186.   Benaiah
180 - Ha. Good point. George is too cheap to put in enough AC there so the inside is a little too authentically south east asian. It is usually in the mid 80s-early 90s with 100% humidity.
2006-08-03 14:32:47
187.   StolenMonkey86
Josh posted the lineup, and has a bit of info in there.


2006-08-03 14:33:02
188.   the OZ
From The Onion's trade deadline surprises:

"The Mets deal for two fresh arms, then surgucally attach them to Victor Zambrano."


2006-08-03 14:34:02
189.   Gagne55
179 It was actually Jackson for Dunn, but still.

183 Repko batting 8th? WFT?

2006-08-03 14:34:19
190.   StolenMonkey86
I like this lineup today
2006-08-03 14:34:22
191.   Telemachos
183 That's a pretty good lineup there. Lugo seems a better fit as a #2 hitter, Lofton's out of the lineup, Repko's in (but batting eight), Saenz is in to murder the lefty.
2006-08-03 14:34:34
192.   caseybarker
I remember all tose RJ rumors. First it was Beltre, then Nomo, then Valdes. How about all three...
2006-08-03 14:35:30
193.   D4P
From Josh:

given that Kenny is batting .294 overall and has been very steady offensively all year, despite his occasional defensive issues, it would be hard to justify pulling him from the lineup altogether.

If by "hard" you mean "easy," then I agree.

2006-08-03 14:36:16
194.   Telemachos
It was actually Jackson for Dunn, but still.

I thought back in the day (when Pujols was just an unknown first-baseman) we were interested in trading for him, but balked when the asking price was Edwin. Am I just mixing up two different trade rumors?

2006-08-03 14:36:33
195.   bigcpa
This newspaper archive is a painful awful thing...

June 3, 1993

"While the Dodgers waited in the No. 2 position, the Seattle Mariners, who have the first pick in today's amateur draft, reversed their field Wednesday, deciding to take shortstop Alex Rodriguez of Miami's Westminster Christian High over Wichita State relief pitcher Darren Dreifort, who will now be selected by the Dodgers.

The Mariners had been leaning toward Dreifort as a pitcher who could become the bullpen closer when Norm Charlton possibly leaves as a free agent after the 1994 season. However, a club official said Wednesday that the Mariners were now favoring Rodriguez because of his potential as an everyday player and the physical gamble involved in drafting a pitcher."

2006-08-03 14:38:13
196.   D4P
George is too cheap to put in enough AC there so the inside is a little too authentically south east asian. It is usually in the mid 80s-early 90s with 100% humidity.

Ugh. We have been hanging out at Whole Foods lately to take advantage of their AC. We think my wife's boss (another "George") may be a business partner of Restaurant George, but we're not sure. They're very "hush hush" about it. Her boss is cheap too, so it would be a good match...

2006-08-03 14:38:49
197.   Daniel Zappala
Ooh, Randy Johnson and Alex Rodriguez on the same team. Now that would have been something to see. We could have been ...

Oh, never mind.

2006-08-03 14:38:49
198.   underdog
..."and the physical gamble involved in drafting a pitcher." <--- How prescient that write-up was (and the Mariners, too).


2006-08-03 14:41:38
199.   caseybarker
Rodriguez asked the Mariners not to pick him so he could play in a big market like LA. If only the Mariners were the San Diego Chargers and Alex Rodriguez was Eli Manning.

Of course Rodriguez has really been stinkin' it up out there in the Bronx.

2006-08-03 14:42:08
200.   D4P
A-Rod attended a Christian high school...? I guess they skipped over Luke 12:15...
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-03 14:47:06
201.   Bob Timmermann
Stop reading all those old papers...

Don't you know what the saddest words in the English language are?

"Mark Hendrickson gets the start for the Dodgers tonight."

2006-08-03 14:51:00
202.   ssjames
201 It certainly is much less sad than when they read "Carlos Perez gets the start for the Dodgers tonight."
2006-08-03 14:52:43
203.   Benaiah
196 - Anything involving restaurant George is bound to be shady. All of his restaurants (George's, Parizades, Vin Rouge, Grasshopper, Bin 54, Spice Street, Verde) are sloppily run and sometimes have inconsistent food. Some of them have been losing money for years and yet they are still around. I think that Vin Rouge and Grasshopper are fun and the food is usually pretty good there. Other than that, pass.
2006-08-03 14:53:43
204.   Sam DC
201 Did Ford Maddox Ford write that?
2006-08-03 14:56:21
205.   StolenMonkey86
201 - "Scott Erickson gets the start for the Dodgers tonight."
2006-08-03 15:00:10
206.   Bluebleeder87
201-- Stop reading all those old papers...

yeah those papers make you're heart pump a little faster then you'd like it to.

2006-08-03 15:00:44
207.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
172 - Odd thing is about that trade and all the accompanying criticism Lasorda takes, the Dodgers won it.
LA received 3-1/2 seasons from Shaw where he delivered 129 saves with a very good ERA+.
Meanwhile, what did the Reds get?
Reyes delivered 3-1/2 seasons of middling middle relief before he was packaged with Pokey Reese to Colorado for not much.
Konerko had an OPS+ of 73 in 81 plate appearances in Cincinnati, then was traded straight-up for Mike Cameron. While Cameron (plus old friend Antonio Perez and current friend Brett Tomko) was flipped a season later for Ken Griffey Jr., Konerko developed into an above-average power hitter on the South Side. But not too much above average - check his OPS+, even when he was hitting 40 bombs a season.
2006-08-03 15:00:50
208.   D4P
Verde has gotten better than it used to be. I got deathly sick the last time we ate at Vin Rouge (back in February), and we haven't been back since. I'm not sure the food caused my sickness, but my mind connects the two.

My wife just told me to tell you that the food has gotten a lot better at Parizade too. She works in the building, so she eats there a lot...

2006-08-03 15:03:00
209.   Linkmeister
204 No, Franklin P Adams.
2006-08-03 15:06:50
210.   trainwreck
ESPN says Javy Lopez to the Red Sox.
2006-08-03 15:09:39
211.   DXMachina
I guess they skipped over Luke 12:15...

"Thou shalt not pop up with men on base"?

2006-08-03 15:09:49
212.   D4P
Speaking of ridiculous contract years: check out Javy's 2003.
2006-08-03 15:11:38
213.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
210 - Good pickup by the BoSox. They can afford him as insurance for Varitek.
2006-08-03 15:19:16
214.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Let's get some runs here, Astros.
2006-08-03 15:19:32
215.   Fallout
210 trainwreck
>>ESPN says Javy Lopez to the Red Sox.<<

Oh well, I thought that since Toby Hall was so unhappy he might go there.

2006-08-03 15:26:59
216.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Dang. Padres win, 5-3.
2006-08-03 15:27:14
217.   thinkblue0
Andru Jones is also on waivers. I know this is pretty common, just thought I'd mention it.
2006-08-03 15:27:41
218.   Bob Timmermann
Actually they won 5-2.
2006-08-03 15:28:35
219.   Bob Timmermann
Andruw Jones becomes a 5-and-10 guy on August 15.
2006-08-03 15:29:26
220.   underdog
Oh well, at least Arizona's losing the 2nd game now, it's 6-3 Cubbies.

217 Sure, we'll take him.

2006-08-03 15:31:32
221.   Eric L
220 Has he played SS lately?
2006-08-03 15:32:55
222.   Jon Weisman
Game thread is open.
2006-08-03 15:38:23
223.   dzzrtRatt
171 I wasn't suggested Epstein is a god. Part of why I disagree he's overrated is that I don't think any current GM is seen as flawless.

Some of the "mistakes" you point to are borne of scarcity. This is what I keep going back to, in terms of how Colletti gets judged too. Hendrickson was a terrible pitcher to pick up, just awful, ridiculous...until you look around and see how few other options there were. A lot of GM "mistakes" are simply filling gaps with the best available option, taking a chance that player X will turn out okay after player Y has proven to be incapable of filling that slot.

If Varitek had been allowed to leave to get that bad contract somewhere else, would you have had a higher opinion of Epstein if he'd signed Bengie Molina? Or if he'd traded for Paul LoDuca? Mike Piazza? The option of somehow corralling Joe Mauer (or Russell Martin) wasn't available.

Sometimes, even the smartest GM has to settle for the next best option, or even the least worst option. Around here, GMs who do that get called "stupid," and I think it's somewhat lacking in insight to view their decisions that way.

P.S. I don't think Cashman lacks for credit, although his payroll is tens of millions higher than the next-highest. That does affect how much credit he gets. Not too many teams can afford to say, "Oh well, our $13 million outfielder got hurt, let's replace him with another $13 million outfielder." Not even the Sox, generally.

2006-08-03 15:41:19
224.   Bluebleeder87
P.S. I don't think Cashman lacks for credit, although his payroll is tens of millions higher than the next-highest. That does affect how much credit he gets. Not too many teams can afford to say, "Oh well, our $13 million outfielder got hurt, let's replace him with another $13 million outfielder." Not even the Sox, generally.

totally agree.

2006-08-03 15:41:32
225.   thinkblue0

All the more reason to get it done now.

2006-08-03 17:32:07
226.   Andrew Shimmin
545 Hits for Psycho. So, close.
2006-08-03 17:32:34
227.   Andrew Shimmin
Shoot. Wrong thread.

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