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August 3 Game Chat
2006-08-03 15:29
by Jon Weisman
Comments (700)
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2006-08-03 15:32:18
1.   bhsportsguy
Sounds like James Loney can plan on going to South Beach, A Martinez reported that Kent will not come back over the weekend.
2006-08-03 15:34:32
2.   bluetahoe
Let's make it 6 in a row boys. Looks like SD is about to win. Boo hoo.
2006-08-03 15:39:32
3.   caseybarker
Rolling to that magical 82-win mark.

My dad's favorite team back in the pre-1994 days was the Reds. I love it every time the Dodgers beat them.

2006-08-03 15:45:20
4.   Bluebleeder87
my Dad loved watching the Pirates back then.(70's) Dodgers #1 though he had alot of respect/hatred for the reds.
2006-08-03 15:47:03
5.   Eric Enders
Happy 60th birthday to Rich Donnelly, who will celebrate by trying to get exactly that many runners thrown out at home plate tonight.
2006-08-03 15:50:49
6.   Eric Enders
According to Joe Jareck's game notes, tonight the Madduxes become the ninth pair of brothers to both play for the Dodgers.

Let's see who can name the other 8 (16). No cheating, obviously.

2006-08-03 15:51:19
7.   Bob Timmermann
I finally solved today's NY Times Crossword. I had to stop during lunch. It was very hard today.

Then it hit me all at once.

I love it when a plan comes together.

2006-08-03 15:52:48
8.   Humma Kavula
7 I started it, and haven't looked at it more than 5 minutes... seems like a toughie. Congratulations.

Today's NY Sun puzzle is considerably easier.

2006-08-03 15:53:59
9.   D4P
Has anyone ever calculated stats for base coaches...? It might sound silly, but I think it would be a good idea. There must be at least some variation in the ability to judge correctly whether or not a runner can make it safely to the next base, musn't there? If you kept track of how many times a runner sent to the next base is out vs. safe, you might see some consistent trends for different coaches over time. The problem would be that such a stat would reward "conservatism" and keeping runners at the closest base, and wouldn't seem to punish an incorrect decision to keep them when you should have sent them.
2006-08-03 15:54:41
10.   Marty
I hated the Big Red Machine of the 70s, mainly because they too often beat the Dodgers. I remember really hating George Foster but I can't remember why.
2006-08-03 15:54:42
11.   bhsportsguy
6 I'll start, Steve and Dave Sax.
2006-08-03 15:54:44
12.   Eric Stephen
6 Dodger Brothers:

Gary & Ron Roenicke
Pedro & Ramon Martinez
Steve & Dave Sax

drawing a blank...

2006-08-03 15:55:23
13.   Eric Stephen
Roenicke is wrong...damn.
2006-08-03 15:55:26
14.   bhsportsguy
Okay, a harder, though it does contain a Hall of Famer, Paul and Lloyd Waner.
2006-08-03 15:56:20
15.   scooplew
Excellent question: Brothers who played with the Dodgers -- Saxes, Sherrys and Martinezes in L.A. One guess from Brooklyn -- Waners? After that, I am at a loss...
2006-08-03 15:57:02
16.   Jon Weisman
Hank and Zeke Karamazov
Hoak and Lefty Grimm
Joey and Hercules Ringling
2006-08-03 15:58:29
17.   Sam DC
Steve and Marcus Garvey
Ron and Udont Cey
2006-08-03 15:58:49
18.   Eric Stephen
16 I'm going to name my first born Hercules Ringling Stephen in honor of that post.

Now I just need to find someone to impregnate. :)

2006-08-03 16:00:37
19.   Eric Enders
All the guesses through #15 are correct except Roenicke.
2006-08-03 16:00:40
20.   Eric Stephen
The Red Sox of the 1940s and 1950s were hesitant to employ brothers.
2006-08-03 16:01:26
21.   Bob Timmermann
The Waners (Paul and Lloyd)
The Van Kuyks (One of them was named Johnny, they were twins I believe)
Sherrys (Norm and Larry)
Martinezes (Ramon and Pedro)
Saxes (Steve and Dave)
2006-08-03 16:01:50
22.   Eric Enders
18 That's a BP fastball but, like Mike Cameron going for the cycle, I'm going to take the walk.
2006-08-03 16:03:40
23.   Bob Timmermann
Zack and Mack Wheat
2006-08-03 16:04:09
24.   Eric Enders
Two of the 16 brothers I'd never heard of before. (In all 8 pairs I was familiar with the better known guy but in 2 instances I hadn't heard of the crappy brother.)
2006-08-03 16:05:24
25.   Steve
Mike and Mike Marshall
Mike and Mike Ramsey
Delino, Carlos, and Danys DeShields
2006-08-03 16:06:03
26.   Sam DC
23 And their sister Crema?
2006-08-03 16:07:02
27.   caseybarker
Kevin and Kip Gross?
Greg and Eric Gagne?
2006-08-03 16:07:27
28.   Eric Enders
And Gordie Hershiser doesn't count.

Every time I think of Gordie Hershiser, I get an image of the father from Stand By Me saying "It should have been you, Gordie."

2006-08-03 16:09:45
29.   Eric Enders
The game is being delayed due to cloud cover here. Which is sort of weird because earlier I had heard they were worried about getting the game in before the big storm starts later tonight. How this delay helps that, I'm not sure.
2006-08-03 16:09:55
30.   Humma Kavula
rain, rain, come quickly, so you can go away again.
2006-08-03 16:12:37
31.   bhsportsguy
29 Just the thing you want when you have to fly out late anyway.
2006-08-03 16:13:57
32.   Eric Enders
I forgot to bring my umbrella tonight too, so I'm thanking Sweet Mark Hendrickson that I only have about 20 yards to walk to my car afterward.
2006-08-03 16:15:30
33.   Bluebleeder87
rain delay it is uh guys.
2006-08-03 16:15:32
34.   Eric Enders
Word up here is that if it's a rainout it will have to be made up no matter what since the Reds can't afford to lose the revenue. Which means the Dodgers making a one-day trip out here on an off-day presumably in the middle of a pennant race.
2006-08-03 16:16:48
35.   Eric Enders
The pitchers haven't even started warming up so it's going to be a while. No tarp on the field though, except for home plate and the mound.
2006-08-03 16:17:40
36.   jasonungar05
The National Hero of Jamaica played for the Dodgers? Jah Rastafari.

"If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won before you have started." -Marcus Garvey.

Brother of Steve Garvey. Wow.

In a TV interview before the 1974 World Series:

"I always try to act as though there is a little boy or a little girl around, and I try never to do anything that would give them a bad example."

Steve Garvey is not my padre!!

2006-08-03 16:17:45
37.   Bob Timmermann
Or is it the Van Cuyks? I don't know how you can say which one was the good one and which one was the bad one however.
2006-08-03 16:19:39
38.   Linkmeister
Bob and Ken Aspromonte.
2006-08-03 16:19:44
39.   Kayaker7
7 Congratulations, Hannibal. ;-)
2006-08-03 16:21:26
40.   underdog
Thanks for the updates, Eric! Good to have a spy right there for us.

Looks like the worst of the T-Storm has already passed - according to Yahoo Weather, but chance of storms all night. So... my guess is they'll try as much as they can to get this one. For the Dodgers sake, I hope they do.

2006-08-03 16:21:48
41.   Jon Weisman
So, it's not raining but they're not playing?
2006-08-03 16:22:51
42.   underdog
Jack and Hal Warner?
Tom and Dick Smothers?

Sigh... Dave and Cody?

I give up.

2006-08-03 16:23:15
43.   Bob Timmermann
Ken Aspromonte never played for the Dodgers.
2006-08-03 16:23:24
44.   Eric Enders
I had heard of both Van Cuyks. The crappy brothers I was referring to are even more obscure.
2006-08-03 16:23:57
45.   Nagman
Reds radio says they are covering the field right now.
2006-08-03 16:24:02
46.   Linkmeister
Are you sure? Hmm. Off to baseball-reference.

Unless I'm thinking of Ken Boyer.

2006-08-03 16:24:19
47.   Eric Enders
And now they begin rolling the tarp onto the field. Unfortunately it isn't windy so we won't even get some cheap entertainment out of it.
2006-08-03 16:24:23
48.   Bob Timmermann
James and Lady Baldwin?
2006-08-03 16:24:33
49.   bhsportsguy
34 The only off day they share where it makes sense is Monday September 11th, The Dodgers are in the middle of a road trip and they start a series against the Cubs the next day. However, I'm sure the Dodgers will try not to do that because they only have 2 off days in September and by playing on the 11th, they will have a 24 game streak without a break.

The Reds are already at home and an off day on September 7th so I am sure they will choose that date.

2006-08-03 16:24:42
50.   Bluebleeder87
if it's not raining why not play? darn rise of the dropler i tell you...
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-08-03 16:25:38
51.   Linkmeister
Ah. Ken Aspromonte played for the Angels. I knew he'd been in LA for a season or so.

Back in my youth I rooted for both teams.

2006-08-03 16:26:21
52.   Eric Enders
41 It started sprinkling very, very lightly a couple minutes ago. Very playable though, so they must be expecting it to get a bit worse.

Either that or the Reds have an inexplicable fear of Greg Maddux.

2006-08-03 16:27:14
53.   jtshoe
Were Willie and Tommy Davis brothers?
2006-08-03 16:27:29
54.   thinkblue0
Izturis has struck again: 0-6 today.
2006-08-03 16:27:47
55.   Bob Timmermann
Cincinnati is known as a place where they play come hell or high water. I'm betting this game gets played today.

How's the tropical storm off Florida looking for the weekend? I'm always wary of L.A. teams having sporting events postponed because of a threat of a hurricane and having to be made up later.


Sorry, flashback there.

2006-08-03 16:28:08
56.   Eric Enders
It took 22 guys to unfurl the tarp. Despite all that manpower, they managed to put it on the field upside down anyway.

I'm sitting here wondering what the job description of those guys is when it isn't raining.

2006-08-03 16:28:10
57.   thinkblue0
James and Lady Baldwin?


2006-08-03 16:28:15
58.   bhsportsguy
Lucklily the flight is less than 3 hours, I wonder if they sent Derek Lowe ahead (although Lowe being alone in South Beach could be another story, though I thought he had kids in Florida so maybe he would see them.)
2006-08-03 16:29:31
59.   Bob Timmermann

The Royals crew last night was like a drill team. They got the tarp on so fast, I was in awe.

2006-08-03 16:29:46
60.   scooplew
Since we are looking for ways to entertain ourselves with a rain delay, here is another quiz: Presuming Greg Maddux makes the Hall of Fame, he will become the fourth Hall of Fame pitcher to pitch relatively briefly with the Dodgers in Los Angeles near or at the end of a career spent mostly with one or more other teams. Can you name the other three?
2006-08-03 16:31:20
61.   thinkblue0
hough Lowe being alone in South Beach could be another story, though I thought he had kids in Florida so maybe he would see them.

Is it bad that I laughed out loud at this?


2006-08-03 16:31:51
62.   Bob Timmermann
Juan Marichal
Hoyt Wilhelm

immediately spring to mind.

2006-08-03 16:31:57
63.   Eric Enders
We're getting some pretty serious lightning now so maybe that's why they delayed it despite the lack of rain.
2006-08-03 16:32:17
64.   FirstMohican
Cincinnati according to Light Rain w/ Thunder, 87 degrees (feels like 95).


2006-08-03 16:32:25
65.   Marty
Itchy and Scratchy
2006-08-03 16:33:49
66.   Eric Enders
60 I think Sen. Jackass is the other one.

Am I allowed to say that word here?

2006-08-03 16:33:52
67.   Marty
60 Pedro Martinez?
2006-08-03 16:34:40
68.   Bob Timmermann
Jim Bunning would be the third guy from 60 but he pitched for other teams after his stint in L.A. in 1969.
2006-08-03 16:35:52
69.   Marty
pay as little attention to 67 as I paid to the guidelines in 60
2006-08-03 16:35:57
70.   scooplew
62 and 66 -- Wilhelm and Marichal are correct. So is"Sen. Jackass," aka (fill in the blank)...
2006-08-03 16:35:57
71.   ssjames
68 60 said near or at the end of their careers. Bunning was near the end of his career.
2006-08-03 16:35:59
72.   Jon Weisman
66 - Borderline profanity mixed with political commentary ... no.
2006-08-03 16:36:16
73.   gpellamjr
Eric, are you in Ohio? I live in Columbus. I've been planning all year to make it down to these games, but it didn't work out financially for me in the end.
2006-08-03 16:36:52
74.   caseybarker
Babe Ruth.
2006-08-03 16:38:03
75.   Eric Enders
72 OK, sorry.

Know, though, that it wasn't a comment about politics but about the guy's personality, having met him several times.

2006-08-03 16:38:16
76.   Bluebleeder87
the baseball gods don't want us to see Maddux pitch today.(cruel world)
2006-08-03 16:39:34
77.   scooplew
68 -- Sen. Bunning is correct, as is the observation in 71.
2006-08-03 16:39:41
78.   bhsportsguy
I think Kershaw should pack his bags and go somewhere, maybe he should just head across the way to the Vero Beach Dodgers.

Today's game - 6.0 IP 4 hits 1 run 0 earned run 0 BBs 11 Ks

For the season (including today), 27.0 IP, 18 hits, 5 runs, 3 ER, 0 HRs, 4 walks, 42 strikeouts

2006-08-03 16:39:51
79.   Humma Kavula


Gaaaaaaah. I just got it. I had 55 Down solved and couldn't figure out how it answered the clue. I searched google -- no luck. Then........


2006-08-03 16:40:06
80.   gpellamjr
76 Maybe Maddux will be thrown off by the delay and they'll have Billz pitch this one.
2006-08-03 16:40:08
81.   caseybarker
How long is the list of hall of fame batters with the dodgers at or near (for Bob) the end of their careers?

Frank Robinson, Eddie Murray, Babe Ruth...

2006-08-03 16:40:37
82.   Eric Enders
73 Well, I'm in Ohio for about another 4 hours. Then back to my hotel in northern Kentucky and tomorrow back home to Cooperstown.
2006-08-03 16:41:13
83.   Bob Timmermann
I wished that both of the Pfeffers had pitched for the Dodgers, but only Jeff did. The other Pfeffer, called Big Jeff didn't. Jeff was actually bigger than Big Jeff, but he was younger.
2006-08-03 16:42:08
84.   bhsportsguy
78 I wonder if he is getting a lot swings and misses or does he just have great command. The lack of home runs is probably not a surprise, for most of those kids, it is there first extended play with wood bats.
2006-08-03 16:42:16
85.   Bob Timmermann

I had the same reaction to 55-down. Once I figured that one out, everything else fell into place.

2006-08-03 16:42:35
86.   ssjames
78 Gotta love a 0.81 WHIP.
2006-08-03 16:42:52
87.   Kayaker7
83 If my last name was Pfeffer, I'd change my first name to Hassen.
2006-08-03 16:42:57
88.   caseybarker
and I know pitchers bat in the N.L. 81. should read HOF position players
2006-08-03 16:43:11
89.   Eric Enders
New start time: 5:15 PM PDT
2006-08-03 16:43:16
90.   Bluebleeder87
80 - Maybe Maddux will be thrown off by the delay and they'll have Billz pitch this one.

the baseball gods are genious I tell you..!!

2006-08-03 16:44:49
91.   scooplew
54 -- Izzy also failed to hit the ball out of the infield, although it says he twice lined out to third.
2006-08-03 16:45:37
92.   Eric Enders
81 Yet another trivia question to which the Waner Brothers are a correct answer.

Also Hack Wilson.

And a lot of others that will come to me as soon as I stop trying to think of them.

2006-08-03 16:47:05
93.   Marty
87 Bugs Bunny just flew into my mind.
2006-08-03 16:47:42
94.   Eric Enders
And the tarp comes off the field to a standing ovation from both fans.
2006-08-03 16:47:46
95.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Medwick came to the Dodgers when he was still good. Then he left. And then he came back again and wasn't any good anymore.
2006-08-03 16:48:04
96.   Disabled List
55 There was a hole in the wall of a bathroom at my mom's house that just got repaired last year. It dated from December 1998, when I put my fist through the drywall during that game. It was only sort-of an accident.

Only time in my life I've ever done something like that. I can laugh about it now, but my mom still doesn't think it's very funny.

2006-08-03 16:50:03
97.   King of the Hobos
Big Jeff's real name was Francis Xavier. Of course, Jeff's name was actually Edward Joseph, so they both must have liked the name Jeff.
2006-08-03 16:50:27
98.   Kayaker7
95 You can replace that name with several others.
2006-08-03 16:50:42
99.   Scanman33
Even as rain delay programming goes, "That's Funny!" is horrendous. It's about as funny as a colonoscopy.
2006-08-03 16:50:43
100.   Eric Enders
96 In my life I've put two holes in walls.

One was when UTEP lost a big game on a desperation 3-pointer. The other was in college when the kids in the next dorm room wouldn't quit smoking pot and blasting music at 5 a.m. the night before I had a final exam.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-08-03 16:52:56
101.   twerp
Maybe a good time to ask some of the knowledgeable historians here what was the fastest Sandy Koufax ever was clocked?

In Koufax'days radar guns might not have been in wide use, or not very reliable, or ?

Is he the fastest Dodger ever?

Beyond that, what pitcher has been clocked as fastest ever? How fast was that?

Also, could someone address a reference I once saw (not sure where) to the Dodgers' radar gun being "generous?" How can that be? If a radar gun is calibrated correctly how is there any room for "generous" or "stingy" or whatever?

2006-08-03 16:55:10
102.   Kayaker7
100 I remember a particularly frustrating game that the Cowboys lost to the Viking, when I threw something at the TV. Tony Dorsett even has a 99 yard TD run in the game. One of those rare games when Dorsett rushes for more than 100 yards and the Cowboys lose.

Ah...I have fond memories of listening to UTEP games on AM radio.

2006-08-03 16:56:46
103.   Bob Timmermann

No radar guns in Koufax's day.

I believe Nolan Ryan is credited with the fastest pitch that has been reliably timed and that was 100.9 mph.

This link has some radar gun readings:

Mark Wohlers at 103 mph seems to be the leader in the clubhouse.

2006-08-03 16:56:51
104.   gpellamjr
I punched a hole in the wall the other day when my wife called 911 on me for no real reason. I would say that was imprudent of me with police on the way.
2006-08-03 16:59:26
105.   scooplew
81 -- Some others who fit the bill -- Kiki Cuyler (always wondered how to pronounce both names), George Kelly, Tony Lazzeri, Freddie Lindstrom, Heinie (yes, that is how he pronounced his first name), Manush, both Waners and one who goes back to the 19th century -- Thomas McCarthy. Babe Ruth coached for Brooklyn, but didn't play.
2006-08-03 16:59:39
106.   thinkblue0
I believe Nolan Ryan is credited with the fastest pitch that has been reliably timed and that was 100.9 mph.

Im pretty sure Billy Kock hit 101 a couple of times as well.

2006-08-03 17:00:45
107.   confucius

After watching Penny-Martin's strike em out throw em out double play I started wondering when was the last time the dodgers did that and how frequently that play occurs in baseball. Do you know of a good site were I could search for that type of information?

2006-08-03 17:01:55
108.   Eric Enders
101 In Koufax's day radar guns were not in use at all. They were introduced in the early 1970s by the Dodgers and Orioles.

I did some research on this once and I'm fairly certain Koufax's speed was never clocked scientifically, although I'm not sure why, since earlier pitchers like Feller and Walter Johnson had their speed measured by various crude scientific methods.

The differences between "fast" and "slow" guns come about because of differences in the way they are calibrated. The way a radar gun works is it takes multiple radar readings as the pitch is on its way home, then averages those readings to come up with the number you see. Different brands of guns have different numbers of these test points and sometimes they are aimed at slightly different angles, so the numbers come up different.

2006-08-03 17:02:40
109.   Bob Timmermann
Kiki Cuyler pronounced his first name with a a long i sound. I believe he got the nickname because he stuttered when he pronounced his last name.

Or maybe it sounded better than Hazen.

2006-08-03 17:03:07
110.   Eric Enders
As of about 4 years ago the fastest pitch ever was by Mark Wohlers, either 103 or 104 (don't remember exactly). Not sure if that figure has been surpassed by now.
2006-08-03 17:03:47
111.   Eric Enders
109 It definitely sounded better than Hazen Shirley.
2006-08-03 17:04:18
112.   Bob Timmermann
You can download play-by-play data from and then mine all of those out of a particular season.

I don't know how to do that, mainly because you need a PC to do it and I'm a Mac guy.

2006-08-03 17:04:23
113.   Telemachos
105 KEE KEE KAI-LER, right?
2006-08-03 17:04:33
114.   bhsportsguy
109 I believe there was an old Leave it to Beaver episode where the Beaver loses his Dad's baseball that was autographed included Kiki Cuyler.
2006-08-03 17:04:50
115.   Eric Enders
I guess I should have hit refresh before posting 110. Except it's good to find that Bob and I came up with the same answer.
2006-08-03 17:04:54
116.   Kayaker7
109 Maybe it was Kkkken ccccoming to kkkkill me.
2006-08-03 17:05:12
117.   scooplew
109 -- Would that make it K(eye) K(eye) as opposed to Key Key?
2006-08-03 17:05:36
118.   Eric Enders
112 I don't know how to do it either, mainly because I'm an idiot.
2006-08-03 17:06:40
119.   scooplew
108 -- Thank you
2006-08-03 17:07:34
120.   Bob Timmermann
I used the Mac excuse to cover up the fact that I wouldn't be able to figure out the program either.

I'm guessing that the K-CS DP isn't that unusual.

2006-08-03 17:07:52
121.   Brendan
Because of the rain delay channel 9 KCAL is showing a program titled "That's Funny" here in SoCal.

It is everything I can do not to destroy my television. Maybe I could tape myself head butting the screen and sending it into this particular show to add to the other unfunny things
they are showing.

Count your blessing if you are following via Gameday this time.

As soon as I find out his name the homeplate umpire is going to be added to my "Dead to me list". Rain delay with no rain. Whatever happened to TWIB during a rain delay?

2006-08-03 17:08:57
122.   Bob Timmermann

How about this

Kigh Kigh Kighler

Kigh as in high

Ahh English spelling!

2006-08-03 17:10:48
123.   Jon Weisman
104 - Was that comment a channeling of Milton Bradley?
2006-08-03 17:10:56
124.   confucius
112 That's stinks because I'm too lazy. It seems like that is one of the most rare plays in baseball. I wish records of it were more accessible.
2006-08-03 17:11:22
125.   Jon Weisman
Watching on Gameday, it's like Rafael Furcal has been standing in the batter's box with the bat on his shoulder for an hour.
2006-08-03 17:11:29
126.   Eric Enders
121 Dana DeMuth. Although the umpire only has control once the first pitch is actually thrown. Until then it's up to the home team whether to start the game or not.
2006-08-03 17:12:13
127.   scooplew
117 -- Got it!
2006-08-03 17:13:22
128.   Eric Enders
122 That's quite a set of initials.
2006-08-03 17:13:37
129.   confucius
121 To be fair, you need to put that umpire on notice for at least ten days before he becomes dead to you. (Any Colbert Report fans out there?)
2006-08-03 17:14:01
130.   Eric Enders
And the Redlegs take the field
2006-08-03 17:14:04
131.   gpellamjr
123 No, my father. He's punched more holes in walls and in faces than I have.
2006-08-03 17:14:12
132.   Bluebleeder87
Martin frames pitches well, I'm sure Maddux will be happy with Martin.
2006-08-03 17:14:21
133.   trainwreck
There was a guy named Steve Dalkowski in the minors that reportedly threw 105-110 (obviously, never on radar).

2006-08-03 17:14:22
134.   ssjames
For those interested in the fastest fastball ever check out the following, it is a really interesting read:

2006-08-03 17:14:34
135.   scooplew
125 -- It should be Mike Hargrove.
2006-08-03 17:15:00
136.   ssjames
133 Beat me by one second.
2006-08-03 17:15:08
137.   Humma Kavula
He got that nickname because he stuttered?

Ah, for the old days, when a player's disability could be mocked openly.

2006-08-03 17:15:12
138.   bhsportsguy
78 I'll refer to this occasionally tonight, update on the Dodger's 1st pick, Clayton Kershaw, its all good.
2006-08-03 17:15:42
139.   Bob Timmermann
While it may not have been raining, I don't think lightning is one of nature's forces that you want to toy with.

Most times if you play a game of catch with a lightning bolt, you don't get to play anymore.

2006-08-03 17:15:55
140.   Marty
125 Stupid Ned. Signs a guy who doesn't even know to get out of a lightning storm.
2006-08-03 17:16:01
141.   bigcpa
Syd Finch could throw 108.
2006-08-03 17:16:07
142.   Brendan

That is like staring at the Mona Lisa compared to an hour of "That's Funny". One more episode and I'll find a way to reverse my Lasix.


Great. The Reds have been on my dead to me since at least 1994. No changes there.

Hey, baseball. nevermind

2006-08-03 17:16:13
143.   bhsportsguy
132 You should check out a couple of stories today, Maddux does not want Russ moving around back there.
2006-08-03 17:16:49
144.   Bob Timmermann
I'm not certain about the stutter, I figured an old HOF hand like Eric would know the true story.
2006-08-03 17:17:03
145.   bhsportsguy
125 He had a long time to study Milton.
2006-08-03 17:17:31
146.   scooplew
When I lived in Ohio, and the lightning alarm rang during one of my daughter's softball games, we didn't hang around for a second ringing...
2006-08-03 17:17:31
147.   Brendan
While it may not have been raining, I don't think lightning is one of nature's forces that you want to toy with.

Ben Franklin says "Hi, Bob"

2006-08-03 17:18:30
148.   Marty
There's nothing like seeing lightning on a golf course when you have a set of lightning rods on your back.
2006-08-03 17:19:34
149.   Eric Enders
The Tomato strikes.
2006-08-03 17:19:49
150.   Marty
On Gameday it looked like Milton quick-pitched Old Maid.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-08-03 17:19:57
151.   Bluebleeder87
nobody ever learns.. (Saenz)
2006-08-03 17:20:02
152.   trainwreck
That was crushed!
2006-08-03 17:20:15
153.   Bob Timmermann
Yeah, but it's Eric Milton.

Jason Tyner could hit a home run off of this guy.

2006-08-03 17:20:28
154.   Humma Kavula
The GameDay dot shows that one somewhere in Kentucky.
2006-08-03 17:20:58
155.   Steve
Saenz v. Milton is simply not fair.
2006-08-03 17:21:03
156.   Eric Enders
421 feet for Saenz

Not so far for Ethier but nice nonetheless.

2006-08-03 17:21:39
157.   Steve
[] v. Milton is simply not fair. Except for Lugo. That's pretty fair.
2006-08-03 17:21:49
158.   trainwreck
Ethier seems to be a threat for the cycle often.
2006-08-03 17:22:24
159.   Berkeley Doug
FYI - Utley singles in the 1st.
2006-08-03 17:22:29
160.   Humma Kavula
With a first-inning triple, what color is the Cycle Light?
2006-08-03 17:22:33
161.   Eric Enders
137, 144 The stuttering story is correct.
2006-08-03 17:27:14
162.   natepurcell
Kershaw rules.
2006-08-03 17:27:25
163.   Bob Timmermann
The Cycle Alert Light does not come into play unless a player has three hits.
2006-08-03 17:28:07
164.   Bluebleeder87
were was that pitch!!?
2006-08-03 17:28:14
165.   Eric Enders
In his Gameday mugshot Maddux looks like he just got pulled over with an open container.
2006-08-03 17:28:30
166.   Steve
Maddux throws the same pitch four times -- two of them are balls and two of them are strikes.
2006-08-03 17:28:38
167.   Eric Enders
Mr. Pinpoint Control
2006-08-03 17:28:42
168.   Bluebleeder87

Bob has strik rules for that.

2006-08-03 17:29:33
169.   Bluebleeder87
In his Gameday mugshot Maddux looks like he just got pulled over with an open container.

I swear I LOL'ed

2006-08-03 17:29:41
170.   Steve
Doesn't a home run and a triple in the first two at-bats turn on the alert?
2006-08-03 17:29:55
171.   Marty
165 At least Mel Gibson was smiling.
2006-08-03 17:30:27
172.   bhsportsguy
162 I guess a K/BB rate of 10.5/1 is okay.
2006-08-03 17:30:36
173.   bigcpa
Saenz the Milton Masher brings to mind that wacky study where RHB can't consistently hit lefties at an abnormal level. Saenz is at 1.232/.767 going into tonight but .868/.769 career.
2006-08-03 17:31:43
174.   Linkmeister
Actually the Gameday shot looks like he had the Dodgers hat Photoshopped on. Maddux has looked like that for 20 years -- a guy who ought to be an actuary or CPA. (No offense! Some of my best friends are CPAs!)
2006-08-03 17:31:55
175.   Bob Timmermann
If you turn on the Cycle Alert Light too often, people will start ignoring it.

"There goes the Doomsday Alarm. We ain't heard that since last week!"

2006-08-03 17:32:16
176.   Bluebleeder87
major league double play.
2006-08-03 17:32:19
177.   Steve
This guy is worse than Eddings.
2006-08-03 17:32:31
178.   natepurcell
Betemit just flashed his shortstop skills.
2006-08-03 17:32:34
179.   Eric Enders
Weirdly, since it's so new, the Reds pressbox is infested with cobwebs and lots and lots of spiders. This is either indicative of the level of media coverage they receive, or god's way of telling them they are going to lose 130 games.

And 300 wins beats 500 HR, this time.

Saenz has played Gold Glove defense for the past 10 days or so. What gives?

2006-08-03 17:32:51
180.   Sub4Era
thataboy! Nice 2
2006-08-03 17:33:48
181.   Marty
Gameday refuses to divulge what happened.
2006-08-03 17:34:27
182.   Telemachos
Ben Franklin says "Hi, Bob"

Didn't Mythbusters (aka "The Greatest Show on Television" bust that story a little while ago? I remember them doing it, but don't remember the results.

2006-08-03 17:34:35
183.   Jack Fimple
Wow. A 3-5-1 double play. Don't think I've ever seen that before.
2006-08-03 17:34:57
184.   Linkmeister
So it was a DP? Stupid Gameday is stuck.

I just got the print edition of SI, and there are samples of the sunflower-seed carved styrofoam cups of Hendrickson, Lugo and Hall pictured in the front of the book.

2006-08-03 17:35:08
185.   Bob Timmermann
I'm thinking that the 1-5-3 DP is unusual.

Probably more so than the K-CS DP.

2006-08-03 17:35:41
186.   Eric Enders
Saenz made a nice lunging stop of a hard grounder and flipped it to third baseman Betemit, who was covering second because of the Griffey shift, back to Maddux for a DP
2006-08-03 17:35:51
187.   Bob Timmermann
Of course the 1-5-3 was a mirror image as I typed....
2006-08-03 17:36:18
188.   Linkmeister
Saenz to Betemit to Maddux? Huh? What was Betemit doing taking the throw at second base?
2006-08-03 17:36:35
189.   s choir
They had the shift on for Junior Griffey?
2006-08-03 17:36:57
190.   trainwreck
I don't think the new Fast and the Furious is still even in theatres. They need to stop with this promotion.
2006-08-03 17:37:32
191.   Linkmeister
186 Ah. Thanks, Eric.

One of the things we didn't think about with the Maddux deal was the Gold Gloves the guy has. Might be the best fielding pitcher I've ever seen.

2006-08-03 17:38:09
192.   Sub4Era
What was more amusing was watching griff trying to go the other way with the shift on.
2006-08-03 17:39:13
193.   Marty
it loks like Repko swung at one at his eyes then one at his feet.
2006-08-03 17:39:49
194.   Eric Enders
191 He did it last night to perfection
2006-08-03 17:40:26
195.   Bluebleeder87
Maddux=great fundemantals
2006-08-03 17:40:29
196.   Eric Enders
194 referred to 192

Again with me messing up the links. I'm quitting cold turkey this time.

2006-08-03 17:41:59
197.   Bluebleeder87
it loks like Repko swung at one at his eyes then one at his feet.

& trying to pull everything(come on Murrey earn you're check)

2006-08-03 17:46:08
198.   Berkeley Doug
Even though he is a shadow of his former self, I am just in awe that Maddux is wearing a Dodger uniform.
2006-08-03 17:46:47
199.   Eric Enders
Dunn's not quitting till he gets that sombrero.
2006-08-03 17:47:03
200.   Humma Kavula
What's the record for strikeouts in consecutive at-bats?

Dunn is at 6.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-03 17:48:09
201.   Eric Enders
Betemit's got a gun
2006-08-03 17:48:46
202.   natepurcell
Maddux has gotten through the first two innings throwing only 2 seam fastballs and maybe, 2 cut fastballs.
2006-08-03 17:48:58
203.   Steve
I am surprised that Jack Fimple, with all of his baseball experience, has never seen a 3-5-1 double play.
2006-08-03 17:49:02
204.   Bluebleeder87
Maddux looks like he got a jult from being traded (so far)
2006-08-03 17:49:09
205.   confucius
It appears that Betemit has a great arm.
2006-08-03 17:49:57
206.   Humma Kavula
Answering my own question:

Bill Hands struck out in 14 (!!) straight at-bats in 1968.

2006-08-03 17:51:04
207.   Marty
With a name like Bill Hands, how could he not be a bad hitter.
2006-08-03 17:51:58
208.   Marty
So, is Lugo's nickname Lugy?
2006-08-03 17:52:33
209.   Steve
I'm not sure what the reverse of a Grabowski Principle is, but that might have been it.
2006-08-03 17:53:32
210.   Bluebleeder87
throw another fastball by Saenz I dare you
2006-08-03 17:54:51
211.   DXMachina
207 Bill Hands was a pitcher.
2006-08-03 17:55:17
212.   Berkeley Doug
Any ideas why Maddux's performance has deteriorated in the last couple of years? He had never really relied on velocity, but on control, location, and movement. Is he not getting the calls he used to get? Control not as good?
2006-08-03 17:55:25
213.   Bluebleeder87
2-0 Dodgers
2006-08-03 17:55:39
214.   Humma Kavula
211 Still, strikeouts in fourteen -- fourteen! -- straight at-bats is a lot.
2006-08-03 17:56:11
215.   Humma Kavula
214 But your point is taken. What's the record for consecutive strikeouts by a position player?
2006-08-03 17:56:28
216.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
So, Lugo is off to a 1-for-9, 1-for-10 start with the Dodgers? There's three walks in there, so at least he's getting on base.
(Note to the hypersensitive: The above is just a statement in search of facts, and should not be interpreted as an opinion on the trade's merits. Sample size, and all that.)
2006-08-03 17:58:10
217.   Steve
He has at least two singles, an output unmatched in Dodger history by a recently acquired banjo-hitting middle infielder acquisition.
2006-08-03 17:59:10
218.   Eric Enders
212 I think he had relied on velocity; namely, the difference in velocity between his fastball and changeup. That difference is now much less.

Though you couldn't tell from the way he's pitching tonight.

2006-08-03 18:00:32
219.   Eric Enders
I think Lugo is the fastest player on the team. It would be interesting to see a footrace between he, Repko, and Furcal.
2006-08-03 18:03:12
220.   StolenMonkey86
That's a good idea. Whenever you allow a baserunner, get a double play off the next guy.
2006-08-03 18:03:17
221.   D4P
Maddux is off to an interesting start...
2006-08-03 18:04:18
222.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
212 - I would think that a pitcher's command and control would go as he ages, just as he would lose his velocity.
Otherwise, Jamie Moyer might pitch until he's forced to retire at age 65.
2006-08-03 18:04:19
223.   Telemachos
Shouldn't it at least be the sixth inning before it becomes, um, interesting?
2006-08-03 18:04:48
224.   Berkeley Doug
219 Does Repko get bonus points for scrappiness?
2006-08-03 18:05:15
225.   Bluebleeder87
I think Lugo is the fastest player on the team. It would be interesting to see a footrace between he, Repko, and Furcal.

my bet goes to a healthy Repko, but Furcal is pretty damn fast.

2006-08-03 18:05:30
226.   Eric Enders
Maddux has never "pitched very well" before, correct?
2006-08-03 18:05:53
227.   bhsportsguy
223 I agree, you think Brad Penny and Chad are thinking, hmmm, 13 pitches an inning, that usually 2 batters for me.
2006-08-03 18:06:47
228.   Eric Enders
Meanwhile, Ethier is trying to "bat like Wes Parker."
2006-08-03 18:08:25
229.   natepurcell
I thought that was for sure in the gap. oh well.
2006-08-03 18:08:53
230.   bhsportsguy
228 How so, I only remember Wes Parker as a guest actor in the Brady Bunch episode where Greg had a crush on his math teacher.
2006-08-03 18:08:53
231.   Eric Enders
Ethier coulda beat that with a good slide, I think.
2006-08-03 18:10:22
232.   StolenMonkey86
why did Martin swing on the pitchout?
2006-08-03 18:10:47
233.   Benaiah
Ethier got the odd parts of the cycle, now he will fill in the even.
2006-08-03 18:10:56
234.   bhsportsguy
232 Probably was a busted hit and run play.
2006-08-03 18:11:40
235.   Steve
Will Martin and Ethier go into the Hall of Fame with Dodger caps?
2006-08-03 18:12:12
236.   Bluebleeder87
Repko has such a quick bat, I swear if he could just hold back just a bit.
2006-08-03 18:12:13
237.   bhsportsguy
The Dodgers are at least getting hits now.
2006-08-03 18:12:19
238.   Eric Enders
232 So Ethier wouldn't get CS
2006-08-03 18:12:53
239.   bhsportsguy
235 No, as Devil Rays.

And you thought I had no sense of humor.

2006-08-03 18:15:36
240.   Robert Daeley
OK, how would you score that Repko out?
2006-08-03 18:16:30
241.   Bluebleeder87
OK, how would you score that Repko out?

I have no clue, Bob to the rescue I hope.

2006-08-03 18:17:10
242.   bhsportsguy
240 The closest defensive player, in this case the catcher gets an unassisted put out.
2006-08-03 18:17:19
243.   StolenMonkey86
"Jason Repko bunt grounds out to catcher Javier Valentin. Jason Repko out on batter interference."

Did he trip over the ball or something?

2006-08-03 18:17:21
244.   Eric Enders
Today's trivia answer

Con and Ed Daily (didn't Con used to run Enron?)
Jim and Mickey Hughes
Mike and Greg Maddux
Ramon and Pedro Martinez
Steve and Dave Sax
Norm and Larry Sherry
Chris and John Van Cuyk
Lloyd and Paul Waner
Zack and Mack Wheat

2006-08-03 18:17:22
245.   Linkmeister
Gameday sez: "Jason Repko bunt grounds out to catcher Javier Valentin. Jason Repko out on batter interference."

Huh? Wha' happen?

2006-08-03 18:17:45
246.   Eric Enders
241 2 unassisted
2006-08-03 18:18:04
247.   Sam DC
So, can't the guys at NASA or the NRO get some old film of Sandy and clock his stuff?
2006-08-03 18:18:34
248.   Eric Enders
245 He was hit by his own bunt
2006-08-03 18:19:24
249.   Linkmeister
248 Ah. (And hey, you got the right link that time!) ;)
2006-08-03 18:19:46
250.   Eric Enders
247 You can't measure speed from film clips because you can never be sure exactly how many frames per second the original footage was shot at. Some of the older film cameras were imprecise to say the least.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-08-03 18:21:33
251.   Bluebleeder87
Sombrero? (Dunn)
2006-08-03 18:22:31
252.   Bluebleeder87
Lugo comes from right field to get Dunn out, wow that looked weird.
2006-08-03 18:22:49
253.   Humma Kavula
Well, I'm happy to see the out, but I'm sad to see Dunn's strikeout streak halted.
2006-08-03 18:22:57
254.   Sam DC
250 C'mon -- the CSI folks could certainly do this. How about using the movement of the sun in the sky or triangulating some shadows or the trajectory of a batted ball or or or or. Or something.

Who's with me?

2006-08-03 18:23:00
255.   StolenMonkey86
13 pitch inning
2006-08-03 18:23:12
256.   Brendan
anyone have the pitch count for Mad Dog?
2006-08-03 18:23:40
257.   StolenMonkey86
251 - he had one last night
2006-08-03 18:23:51
258.   Robert Daeley
246 Cool thanks.
2006-08-03 18:24:30
259.   StolenMonkey86
256 - 52 through 4, 2 K, 3 BB, 0 H
2006-08-03 18:24:38
260.   Eric Enders
256 52 pitches 29 strikes
2006-08-03 18:24:59
261.   Bob Timmermann
Bill Hands a walk and two sacrifices during his 14 K streak. Juan Eichelberger also had 14 Ks in 14 ABs with a sacrifice in the middle of it.

Sandy Koufax struck out in all 12 of his plate appearances in his rookie season in 1955.

In the AL, Dean Chance struck out 11 times in 11 straight plate appearances.

2006-08-03 18:25:39
262.   bhsportsguy
250 What is vibe in Cincy, do they think they have a shot at a playoff run or do they just hang out on Pete Rose Way and look over the Racing Form?
2006-08-03 18:25:54
263.   Telemachos
You know, Maddux is really terrible today. His K/BB rate is atrocious and his K/9 rate is lousy too. This is what we traded for????!
2006-08-03 18:25:59
264.   Steve
I am extraordinarily grateful that toby hall is around in case Russ Martin gets hit by a meteor or something.
2006-08-03 18:26:14
265.   Bluebleeder87
*C'mon -- the CSI folks could certainly do this. How about using the movement of the sun in the sky or triangulating some shadows or the trajectory of a batted ball or or or or. Or something.

Who's with me?*

My brain works like you're but you just have a better way of writting. :o)

2006-08-03 18:26:34
266.   bhsportsguy
260 Sometimes I think we should say, go to Yahoo Sports yourself and get the pitch count.

Just kidding.

2006-08-03 18:27:37
267.   Brendan
259 260

52, 29. not bad at all. thanks

2006-08-03 18:28:10
268.   Bob Timmermann
Cleveland batter with a grand slam today, but it's not Travis Hafner. It was Shin-Soo Choo.
2006-08-03 18:29:37
269.   Brendan

I was trying cbs sportsline and then gameday but it wouldn't open up. only reason I asked. i agree with your point though

2006-08-03 18:30:14
270.   Sam DC
265 If I were writing in Spanish, it wouldn't look one-one-hundredth as good as your's does here.

And the bold thing doesn't work in more than one paragaph -- so you have to put new * around each separate paragraph.

2006-08-03 18:30:25
271.   Humma Kavula
261 Thank you, Bob.

But position players! Who holds that record, and what is it?

Somebody posted something about Tomas Perez, but I'm not sure what he did or when he did it.

2006-08-03 18:30:57
272.   Eric Enders
Nice play by Betemit. It would have been a tough ball to call an error on.
2006-08-03 18:30:57
273.   Bluebleeder87
Betemit's arms is good.
2006-08-03 18:31:03
274.   Linkmeister
268 Didn't the Andrews Sisters sing about him?
2006-08-03 18:31:15
275.   Bluebleeder87
Kanye West!
2006-08-03 18:32:10
276.   natepurcell
Steiner just jinxed everything.
2006-08-03 18:32:42
277.   Eric Enders
2006-08-03 18:32:45
278.   Linkmeister
Wasn't there a game where Maddux threw a CG with something like 87 pitches?
2006-08-03 18:32:48
279.   Humma Kavula
2006-08-03 18:32:52
280.   Robert Daeley
Steiner is doing his best to jinx the game again. ;)
2006-08-03 18:33:16
281.   Brendan
every interesting game needs one of those
2006-08-03 18:33:25
282.   StolenMonkey86
This guy is efficient
2006-08-03 18:33:38
283.   bhsportsguy
Has Steiner or Lyons said anything yet, because Monday and Reuss have not noted the proceedings at all.
2006-08-03 18:33:45
284.   Linkmeister
Was Ethier's catch especially good or something? GD just sez: lines out to Ethier.
2006-08-03 18:34:02
285.   Bob Timmermann
Adolfo Phillips of the Cubs struck out nine straight times in 1966.
2006-08-03 18:34:25
286.   Bob Timmermann

They have on TV.

2006-08-03 18:34:37
287.   bhsportsguy
280 I take it Steiner has mentioned it then, though on TV, you do have that box scoreline that pops up at the end of the inning.
2006-08-03 18:34:55
288.   Sam DC
Announcers are announcers.
2006-08-03 18:35:26
289.   Eric Enders
264 Well, who was supposed to warm up Maddux last inning while Russ was putting on the shinguards?

262 All the talk in Cincy is about why the fans don't come to games. They have a beautiful new ballpark, a semi-winning team and a couple of big names but their attendance is terrible. I think I've heard a different excuse for each empty seat. It's too hot, too cold, too rainy, too much traffic, too expensive... whatever.

2006-08-03 18:36:08
290.   trainwreck
Poor Steiner can't catch a break.
2006-08-03 18:36:12
291.   bhsportsguy
286 Quick, Bob, how many HOF pitchers traded at the deadline for a Gold Glove shortstop has blah blah in a rain-delayed game?

Gotta be at least half a dozen.

2006-08-03 18:36:16
292.   Bluebleeder87
I'm wondering why Loeny ain't in today (Lefty maybe) but Loney looks more patient & more selective out there now, his swing looks a bit more "major league ready"
2006-08-03 18:36:35
293.   Eric Enders
284 No, but Drew's was.
2006-08-03 18:37:01
294.   Jon Weisman
276 - Broadcasters are allowed. Spectators, radio listeners and TV watchers are not.
2006-08-03 18:37:10
295.   Robert Daeley
"Perhaps it's too early to mention it," said Steiner just after Ethier's catch, "but they haven't come close to a hit!"

Moments later, Valentin sent the ball flying into right field.

2006-08-03 18:37:23
296.   trainwreck
I don't know if I could watch that pitching staff on a consistent basis either.
2006-08-03 18:37:28
297.   Bluebleeder87
Steiner just jinxed everything.

he did that once before.

2006-08-03 18:38:03
298.   Eric Enders
Wasn't Nomo in Denver a rain delay?
2006-08-03 18:39:16
299.   bhsportsguy
298 That was without the humidor or soaking the baseballs in milk (per Jeff Cirillo)
2006-08-03 18:39:31
300.   underdog
Funny, when I left work after one inning, I said to a coworker, "Well, I hope he still has the no hitter going, hah hah."
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-08-03 18:39:36
301.   Telemachos
Does quoting broadcasters count as jinxing? :)
2006-08-03 18:39:39
302.   Eric Enders
Adam Dunn says "No Wes Parker for you."
2006-08-03 18:39:59
303.   bhsportsguy
Is a jinx to say Andre needs a double and homer for the cycle. Ah ah now I get the Wes Parker comment.
2006-08-03 18:40:18
304.   Bluebleeder87

it was in colorado non the less.

2006-08-03 18:41:08
305.   Bluebleeder87
I don't know that comment by Steiner makes me un easy now.
2006-08-03 18:41:16
306.   JoeyP
Only scoring 2 runs off Milton will come back to hurt the Dodgers.
2006-08-03 18:41:56
307.   Eric Enders
Maddux is doing this while getting squeezed badly by the ump, too.
2006-08-03 18:42:03
308.   underdog
More importantly, will the Indians blow-pen blow another game vs. the Red Sox tonight?

Even more importantly, I wish I could actually watch the Dodgers game somewhere tonight (I'm in SF)... Sigh.

2006-08-03 18:42:26
309.   Brendan

I do recall it being really cold.

2006-08-03 18:42:34
310.   Eric Enders
Wow, Furcal.
2006-08-03 18:42:41
311.   trainwreck
Nice play!
2006-08-03 18:42:45
312.   natepurcell
furcal saves a hit. good play.
2006-08-03 18:43:01
313.   Bob Timmermann
June 8, 1966 - Adolfo Phillips of the Cubs struck out in the 4th and 7th against Don Drysdale and was standing at the plate when Don Kessinger was caught stealing to end the 8th inning. The Cubs beat the Dodgers 8-1
June 10, 1966 - Phillips struck out four times against Turk Farrell and once against Ron Taylor in a 1-0 loss by the Cubs to Houston.
June 11, 1966 - Phillips strikes out against Bob Bruce to tie the NL record with his 8th straight K in the first inning. Phillips gets his 9th straight K in the third inning. In the fourth, Phillips flies out to center to end his streak.
2006-08-03 18:43:16
314.   Jon Weisman
300 - Violation of site rules.
2006-08-03 18:44:16
315.   Steve
In honor of that play, I will not compare Furcal to the annoying kid on Family Matters tonight.
2006-08-03 18:44:35
316.   Mark Linsey
The Reds announcers just speculated that Furcal could probably pitch. Sounds like an idea to me.
2006-08-03 18:45:11
317.   Eric Enders
I'm telling you, it's all Russ Martin. And he was worried about whether Maddux would like his catching.
2006-08-03 18:45:20
318.   ddger
It's fun watching an artist at work tonight. I hope Chad is keeping notes.
2006-08-03 18:45:24
319.   s choir
It's just amazing that a 40-year-old with an 87-mph fastball can do what Maddux does, regardless of how interesting this game is.
2006-08-03 18:45:49
320.   trainwreck
If only we could play the Reds everyday.
2006-08-03 18:45:52
321.   Linkmeister
72 pitches, 41 strikes, through six innings.
2006-08-03 18:46:19
322.   bhsportsguy
I'm going to my car, I hope the Dodgers are still batting when I get there.
2006-08-03 18:46:20
323.   Suffering Bruin
I'd like to go on record as saying I approve of the trade for Greg Maddux.
2006-08-03 18:46:54
324.   Steve
320 - Your National League Wild Card representatives!
2006-08-03 18:47:56
325.   Bob Timmermann
As I like to say, every time a Dodger game ends without someone hitting for the cycle, Wes Parker opens up a bottle of champagne.

I've been trying to get an intervention arragned for Wes.

2006-08-03 18:48:32
326.   Humma Kavula
313 Thank you, Bob!
2006-08-03 18:48:58
327.   ddger
Did Maddux ever throw no hitter or what's the closest he's ever come to one?
2006-08-03 18:49:06
328.   Brendan

For another 4 innings only(hopefully) I hope I got that right from reading the Griddle

2006-08-03 18:50:09
329.   Berkeley Doug
I know we are all anxious to see if Maddux can achieve what-shall-not-be-named, but, geez, can't the Dodgers get a few more hits?
2006-08-03 18:50:10
330.   Linkmeister
325 What are you trying to do, destroy the French wine business?
2006-08-03 18:51:12
331.   bigcpa
Webmaster, please delete 327.
2006-08-03 18:51:27
332.   trainwreck
Repko has gone back to being Repko.
2006-08-03 18:51:32
333.   Eric Enders
Huge, huge lightning strike.

God saying "Watch it, Maddux."

2006-08-03 18:51:42
334.   Berkeley Doug
Thank you Russ Martin!
2006-08-03 18:52:11
335.   StolenMonkey86
at least he got the ball out of his way
2006-08-03 18:52:41
336.   ddger
331 Sorry.
2006-08-03 18:52:56
337.   Berkeley Doug
333 Aren't the umpires required to suspend play if there is lightning?
2006-08-03 18:52:59
338.   underdog
Oops, sorry, Jon - I missed the no-jinx rule. (?) I'll nervously keep my trap shut for the rest of the game though.

Gosh, Milton's pitched a pretty decent game himself.

2006-08-03 18:53:05
339.   Mark Linsey
If the thunderstorm comes back and the rest of hte game is aclaled off, it's already an official game. But if Greg Maddux is still pitching as well as he has been pitching, what does that mean in terms of whether people will view it as an interesting game?
2006-08-03 18:53:29
340.   trainwreck
Dodger game followed by Team USA game...

I am never going to finish my last (possibly) paper ever.

2006-08-03 18:53:32
341.   Humma Kavula
325 Just because he opens a bottle of champagne does not mean he has a problem.

I would imagine that wherever Wes Parker is, there are thousands of opened, flat bottles of champagne.

2006-08-03 18:53:48
342.   Bob Timmermann
Without comment, although saying "without comment" is a comment I guess.

2006-08-03 18:54:25
343.   Humma Kavula
grounds crew out.
2006-08-03 18:54:27
344.   Eric Enders

You are SO going to H-E-double-hockey-sticks.

2006-08-03 18:54:31
345.   Jon Weisman
I've decided it's time to post the code of conduct, for I am on the edge of my seat and don't want to fall.
2006-08-03 18:54:45
346.   trainwreck
Mad Dog has been forsaken.
2006-08-03 18:55:16
347.   StolenMonkey86
it says delayed on gameday
2006-08-03 18:55:18
348.   Eric Enders
But the answer to your question is, no, it is not an offically interesting game.
2006-08-03 18:55:23
349.   underdog
So... {{whistles}} How about that Tour de France scandal, huh, huh? Pretty crazy eh?

Um... yeah, how about those films of Charlie Kaufman? Aren't they all great?

{In Ralph Wiggums voice} Do you like things, and stuff?

2006-08-03 18:55:39
350.   Brendan
That hour long non rain delay delay looking really smart now. criminal charges should be filed if this lasts long.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-08-03 18:55:54
351.   s choir
I have a feeling Maddux is not giving the staff any pitching advice in the dugout tonight.
2006-08-03 18:56:32
352.   underdog
Ah, crud. It's raining again? Crud.

I'm gonna go make dinner. Give me a holler when they're back. Thanks.

2006-08-03 18:56:52
353.   Bob Timmermann

It would be "interesting", but only in a "special" sort of way. It would be Andy Hawkins or Melido Perez or David Palmer or Dean Chance interesting.

2006-08-03 18:56:52
354.   JoeyP
Judging from the radar, this delay will last at least 45minutes to 1 hour.

Wonder if Maddux will come back?

2006-08-03 18:57:19
355.   Bluebleeder87
the baseball gods are so cruel!!
2006-08-03 18:57:44
356.   Sam DC
Fine butterfly watching out here in DC.
2006-08-03 18:58:11
357.   Bluebleeder87
Psycho making a great point (why delay a game with out rain!!!!!!)
2006-08-03 18:58:17
358.   Eric Enders
It is raining very, very hard. However, word up here is that only a short delay is expected.
2006-08-03 18:58:43
359.   Bob Timmermann
Fausto Carmona NOT in to pitch the ninth for Cleveland. Jason Davis is in.
2006-08-03 18:58:58
360.   Terry A
354 - He should not, and likely will not.

Which really, really stinks.

2006-08-03 18:59:18
361.   ddger
This stinks. Will Maddux come back after rain delay?
2006-08-03 18:59:28
362.   gpellamjr
This game could have been over by now. This makes me angry. Very very angry. I might just punch a hole in the wall.
2006-08-03 18:59:41
363.   Eric Enders
353 The rulebook would disagree with you. I don't like the rule either but it is what it is.
2006-08-03 19:00:14
364.   ddger
If this game get rained out, will Maddux still get credit for no hitter.
2006-08-03 19:00:21
365.   Suffering Bruin
354 It's very, very unlikely unless they get out there real, real soon.
2006-08-03 19:01:23
366.   Bob Timmermann
I think I was agreeing with you, but we weren't agreeing on code words.

David Ortiz DID NOT homer to tie the game in Boston.

2006-08-03 19:01:27
367.   Robert Daeley
350 I am in agreement.

Thank goodness for this rain delay, otherwise I would have missed Family Feud! ;)

2006-08-03 19:01:41
368.   gpellamjr
364 There are some things you just don't say. And I know from experience.
2006-08-03 19:01:53
369.   Brendan
Oh My God. The Family Feud is on now. I can't take that
2006-08-03 19:02:37
370.   Berkeley Doug
Ortiz does NOT tie the game in the 9th. Is the world coming to an end???
2006-08-03 19:02:50
371.   BarkinJ
wait... so if the game is called, would Maddux's performance get an "asterisk" or no?
2006-08-03 19:02:52
372.   mountainmover
1. That Ned Coletti is a moron for trading All-Star Izturis and The Great Guzman for a rent-a-player and an over-the-hill picher!

2. That Ned Coletti is a genius.

3. Throw away all your stats - they ain't CRAP! THis is baseball, not Stat 101. If you don't know the difference - well you are sad!

2006-08-03 19:03:16
373.   s choir
368 SOP is to ignore the jinxer and pretend it didn't happen
2006-08-03 19:04:49
374.   Robert Daeley
I wonder if anyone has done a statistical analysis on whether it is more prudent to play or pass, given a certain number of potential answers on the board.
2006-08-03 19:04:56
375.   trainwreck
2006-08-03 19:05:02
376.   Steve
372 -- Do you ever have anything useful to say?
2006-08-03 19:05:22
377.   Bluebleeder87
This game could have been over by now. This makes me angry. Very very angry. I might just punch a hole in the wall.

I just beat you to it. I swear what's wrong with the weather dudes!!

2006-08-03 19:05:25
378.   Terry A
372 - I often say the same thing about people who can't spell "pitcher."
2006-08-03 19:05:56
379.   Jon Weisman
2006-08-03 19:05:58
380.   Eric Enders
Rain has almost stopped now.
2006-08-03 19:06:12
381.   Bluebleeder87
This game could have been over by now. This makes me angry. Very very angry. I might just punch a hole in the wall.

I just beat you to it. I swear what's wrong with the weather people!

2006-08-03 19:06:47
382.   underdog
Wow, Jake Westbrook gets the win - first pitcher in 18 years to win a game after giving up 15 hits in a game!

And the bullpen held on.

2006-08-03 19:06:47
383.   Terry A
378 - (Stifling laughter) Or, for that matter, people who can't spell "Colletti."
2006-08-03 19:07:00
384.   Jon Weisman
376, 378 are violations as well
2006-08-03 19:07:40
385.   Eric Enders
But lightning still abounds
2006-08-03 19:08:11
386.   underdog
Uh oh, no one told the Baseball Tonight crew about the rules here.
2006-08-03 19:08:43
387.   dzzrtRatt
Been offline for a little while. Not much to say except, ah, garrrgh, rrgh.

Really, an hour rain delay?

Well, at least Mr. and Mrs. Billingsley aren't going to catch colds.

2006-08-03 19:08:46
388.   Terry A
384 - Guilty on 383 as well, Jon. My apologies. Won't happen again.
2006-08-03 19:09:22
389.   underdog
Orel's excited the Dodgers have Maddux, at any rate.
2006-08-03 19:09:56
390.   Johnny Nucleo
I think there was a rain delay in the middle of Cone's perfect game a few years ago.
2006-08-03 19:10:25
391.   underdog
A few more minutes delay and Maddux is likely done for the night...
2006-08-03 19:10:56
392.   Bob Timmermann

I would ask Phil Birnbaum about your "Familly Feud" question. He is an expert on sabermetrics and on game shows.

This is his blog:

He'd give your question a stab.

Really, he would.

He's given my analysis of what game show had the fairest scoring system.

I think it was "The Newlywed Game".

2006-08-03 19:10:57
393.   Robert Daeley
369 I guess it could be worse -- according to the schedule, Dr. Phil should be on right now.

"Repeat, 'Teen Wake-Up Calls', (2006), Mothers and their troubled teens are guests. (Advice)."

2006-08-03 19:12:24
394.   Steve
He is an expert on sabermetrics and on game shows.

Some guys have all the luck. But everyone knows that Press Your Luck was the fairest scoring system.

2006-08-03 19:12:35
395.   Eric Enders
"He is an expert on sabermetrics and on game shows."

I thought that was Claudia Perry.

2006-08-03 19:13:23
396.   JoeyP
372 is a flame bait.
Steve extinguished it.

Good job.

2006-08-03 19:13:30
397.   Bob Timmermann
Phil just watches 'em, he doesn't participate in them.
2006-08-03 19:14:17
398.   Eric Enders
Rain, rain, has gone away
But will Maddux pitch again today?
2006-08-03 19:15:09
399.   Bob Timmermann
The Best Fans in Baseball™ are booing the home team.
2006-08-03 19:15:45
400.   Andrew Shimmin
393- I've always thought those sorts of shows should be illegal. Children can't consent to being humiliated for profit, and any parent who permits it should obviously have his or her parental rights dissolved.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-08-03 19:16:23
401.   graciebarn
Gods of baseball cry
No tears, but they like to keep
Mortals in supense.
2006-08-03 19:16:33
402.   Eric Enders
C'mon, DeMuth, we're talking history here. Either start playing again right now or call this sucker a game.
2006-08-03 19:16:46
403.   Steve
You're all wet.
2006-08-03 19:17:12
404.   Bluebleeder87
ohh the agony!! (sp?)
2006-08-03 19:17:12
405.   Brendan

Thank you for that. That actually calmed me. It could always be worse. I forget that sometimes

2006-08-03 19:17:21
406.   Sam DC
399 Why, is that childish joy I see dripping out my screen?

Goes well with the butterflies buzzing around my kitchen.

And has everyone read 379 and clarifying comments?

2006-08-03 19:18:27
407.   Steve
That reminds me that we came up with the appropriate verb which is "to Grabowski"
2006-08-03 19:18:38
408.   Telemachos
Realistically, how long a break before a starting pitcher would head to the showers? I assume that they might continue soft-tossing or warming up periodically inside while the rain delay continues.
2006-08-03 19:18:45
409.   Eric Enders
Game to offically resume in 17 minutes (7:35 PT)
2006-08-03 19:19:02
410.   mountainmover

Do you have "anything" to say?


It's OK because I was just baiting Bluephan - I knew he jump on "picher". He likes to point out errors. It's my bad. I should not have been baiting him. I'm just surprised it took him so long.

P.S. Maybe I really don't know how to spell "pitcher."

2006-08-03 19:19:11
411.   Eric Enders
Tarp coming off the field as we speak
2006-08-03 19:19:29
412.   Robert Daeley
392 I wouldn't wish the necessary research on anyone.

Feud should have ended with Richard Dawson. And since when haven't they had the real flip-reveal board instead of the video screen? This is as bad as Vanna touching the video squares to reveal the letters rather than turning the actual squares.

2006-08-03 19:19:37
413.   Bob Timmermann
Phil had told me that the Ray Combs version of "Family Feud" did not let you pass.
2006-08-03 19:20:43
414.   dzzrtRatt
Well, let me ask a safe question. It's clear Maddux is pitching a reasonably good game. Since I can't see it, can someone tell me what's working for him?

Maybe he's a more adrenaline-oriented pitcher than he will admit. First Dodger game and all. Maybe that's aiding his concentration.

Or maybe he's just in love with Russell Martin's glove.

2006-08-03 19:21:14
415.   Steve
But Ray Combs has passed.
2006-08-03 19:22:28
416.   Eric Enders
414 You know what they say about Maddux. No glove, no love.

Seriously, I wish I knew the answer to that question. His pitches appear to have great movement but that has always been the case and he has never pitched an interesting game before. So I don't know.

2006-08-03 19:22:45
417.   mountainmover
It's not Coletti?


I could have sworn...

Boy, is that Terry guy smart...

I'll work on it.

2006-08-03 19:23:19
418.   Eric Enders
The grounds crew is really having difficulty with the tarp.
2006-08-03 19:23:47
419.   Brendan

Thanks,I'm watching 30 days with Morgan Spurlock. I caught the illegal immigrant/Minuteman episode and decided to add it to the TIVO list.

2006-08-03 19:24:17
420.   mountainmover

I wish I were more anal!

2006-08-03 19:24:35
421.   Robert Daeley
418 That will give us the opportunity to see if Lezlie Siegel can do well in the bonus round.
2006-08-03 19:25:10
422.   Bob Timmermann

Ahh, the irony. The sad life of America's best-loved Mormon game show host.

2006-08-03 19:25:11
423.   Bluebleeder87

Maybe it's a little of both, but I echo you're thought on Russell Martin's glove it's pretty sexy.

2006-08-03 19:25:16
424.   dzzrtRatt
It is of passing interest as well that an interesting game would take place in such an interesting ballpark. One where pop flies become home runs. Or maybe the heavier air is counteracting the bandbox effect.
2006-08-03 19:25:18
425.   Johnny Nucleo
Apologies for 390; First post. Have now duly read site rules.

Hi everyone, happy to be here. Dodgers fan from Montreal. Fernando Valenzuela made an impression on me at age 8 and I've been a fan ever since. Enjoy your blog Jon.

2006-08-03 19:26:01
426.   underdog
I read somewhere that the best way to avoid a troll's spell is to ignore them.

Eric, any word on whether maddux is coming back out?

Dzzrt, I only saw a few of the ABs against Maddux on Baseball Tonight, but from what I saw it looked like Maddux was hitting his spots and fooling the Reds hitters - freezing them, even. Saw 2 strikeouts with batters caught looking. And the ball was kept down.

Meanwhile, I'm about to burn my dinner.

2006-08-03 19:26:22
427.   dzzrtRatt
420 No, I think you're more than enough. Of that.
2006-08-03 19:26:52
428.   Terry A
dzzrt, you really need to come up with something "flashdrive of whack"-y to describe Martin's glove.
2006-08-03 19:27:15
429.   mountainmover
How about them Dodgers?
2006-08-03 19:27:53
430.   Jon Weisman
Folks, I had a lousy day at work and I'm trying to make the best of it. I just want you to know I have zero patience for people baiting each other tonight.
2006-08-03 19:28:18
431.   Eric Enders
Oh, crap. Aaron Sele is slowly trudging toward the Dodger bullpen.
2006-08-03 19:28:45
432.   Sam DC
Hi Johnny.

Thanks for your baseball team.

2006-08-03 19:29:02
433.   Brendan

Welcome, Johnny. Did Fernando make the impression on "Blue Monday"?

2006-08-03 19:29:46
434.   Jon Weisman
431 - That would have to be just to get work in, not to enter the game.
2006-08-03 19:30:31
435.   dzzrtRatt
Russell Martin's glove is a Dux Bed for curveballs.
2006-08-03 19:31:17
436.   underdog
Yeah, Sele just pitched two days ago. If he hadn't, then I'd suspect something is up.

I can't wait for the game to restart, just so mlb audio shifts from the Westwood One annoyingly perky voice over guy on an endless loop... even Rick Monday will be a sound for sore ears.

2006-08-03 19:31:30
437.   Eric Enders
I should've brought my binoculars so I could see better what's going on down in the pen. I don't even know where Maddux is at this point.
2006-08-03 19:31:38
438.   Suffering Bruin
So I'm watching ESPN Classic: Top 5 reasons you can't blame Jose Canseco for baseball's steroids scandal. Lots of reporters talking about how Canseco is now a great guy for telling the truth and all those players are seen as liars now.

Not one reporter--not one--is willing to say they blew the story. If I had a vote, "Journamilism" would be reason number one.

Hey, we gotta talk about something during a rain delay, right?

2006-08-03 19:31:39
439.   Bluebleeder87


2006-08-03 19:31:40
440.   Brendan

Please say it is just his day to throw between starts. this is too cruel

2006-08-03 19:32:30
441.   Mark Linsey
Reds announcers say Beimel is up in the pen.
2006-08-03 19:33:06
442.   mountainmover

You had a lousy day?

There are no BAD days - some are just better than others!

I had tickets for tonights game and had a meeting I couldn't get out of. I had to give them to my Sales Manager...

He's called me 4 times with updates!


Sorry for the baiting...

2006-08-03 19:33:26
443.   Eric Enders
Sele threw maybe a dozen pitches and stopped
2006-08-03 19:33:49
444.   trainwreck
2006-08-03 19:33:51
445.   Steve
This is disappointing, but it had to be so.
2006-08-03 19:34:06
446.   Bluebleeder87
Beimel in to pitch.
2006-08-03 19:34:37
447.   Eric Enders
441 Nobody's throwing. There are several guys up and walking around but I can't tell who they are.
2006-08-03 19:34:41
448.   Suffering Bruin
Well, Joe Beimel is on the hill so there goes that.
2006-08-03 19:34:43
449.   underdog
Earlier this week I was keeping after the blog (GC Daily) that my colleague does, when a troll using various pseudonyms came in and made a bunch of nasty, baiting, personal comments about the woman who was guest-posting. Really mean stuff, and yet it took me awhile to realize it was all the same person, and they were doing it to goad everyone into an argument. I finally banned their IP (it was all the same IP so I knew it was the same person) and deleted the troll posts. Don't know why this came up, uhm, was just thinking about it...

Anyway, go Dodgers.

2006-08-03 19:35:08
450.   dzzrtRatt
Well, it's probably the wiser course to have Mr. Maddux take a seat. Big picture-wise. You can't argue with Mother Nature. {Sigh}
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-08-03 19:36:00
451.   Steve
Lyons is talking crazy talk.
2006-08-03 19:36:11
452.   graciebarn

Sure you can, it's winning that's difficult.

2006-08-03 19:36:53
453.   Terry A
450 - Agreed. I didn't keep an eye on the clock during the delay, but given Maddux's pitch count, it was wise to send in a reliever after the delay.

Which still really, really stinks.

2006-08-03 19:37:06
454.   underdog
{sigh} indeed...
2006-08-03 19:37:26
455.   Telemachos
Well, now that (apparently) he's officially out of the game, kudos to Mr. Maddux -- fantastic first start for him. Let's hope it's the first of many.
2006-08-03 19:37:41
456.   Brendan
Just let the sky open up now. take the win and get out of here. a shame
2006-08-03 19:38:28
457.   graciebarn
So is it the idealists who will lose?
The Cubs or Dodgers fans? If forced to choose
I'll take the easy way out and proclaim
The Reds are less likely to win the game.
2006-08-03 19:38:29
458.   Eric Enders

Not sure I agree with that, really. We're talking about a pitcher here who is 40 years old and has basically never been hurt, has never had a hint of any kind of arm injury and presumably knows what his body can do.

If I'm Grady, and Maddux wants to stay in, I let him.

But here comes Joe.

2006-08-03 19:38:44
459.   Linkmeister
Ok, team, now concentrate on the win.


2006-08-03 19:38:54
460.   JoeyP
Buster Olney just said that Andruw Jones passed through waivers and no one claimed him.

I find that very hard to believe, considering he only has 13mils left on his contract.

2006-08-03 19:38:55
461.   HHortin
So if the game ends here MLB rules say Maddux won't be credited for a No-No. At the same time, I doubt any teams in MLB refund ticketholders the price of their tickets just because the game doesn't go the full 9 innings. I don't agree.
2006-08-03 19:39:29
462.   Steve
I think the fans just booed Beimel's announcement.
2006-08-03 19:39:37
463.   Eric Enders
Beimel gets the worst booing of hs life probably. And there's barely anybody left here.
2006-08-03 19:40:04
464.   Linkmeister
Yeah, 458, but if his arm has cooled down (that was what? About 1/2 an hour delay?), then discretion might be the better part of valor.
2006-08-03 19:40:16
465.   Jon Weisman
DT rules are still in play.
2006-08-03 19:40:53
466.   Sam DC
I have to imagine that in Grady Little's dugout, Maddux decided himself whether or not to keep going.

Now that's just based on how I see Grady, and I certainly don't know.

2006-08-03 19:41:01
467.   Steve
That's the second Dodger lefthander this year booed as an accident of history. There have been other Dodger lefthanders booed for better reasons.
2006-08-03 19:41:17
468.   Eric Enders
46 minute rain delay is the final tally
2006-08-03 19:42:23
469.   Johnny Nucleo
433 - I remember the game fondly. There was an exhibit at the local museum a few years ago on the Expos and they had the Rick Monday home run on continuous loop. The closest taste the city ever had of the playoffs.
Sam DC, you're welcome for the team. Nobody here ever went to see them play, myself included (Dodgers games excepted). The ballpark was like a morgue.
2006-08-03 19:42:23
470.   Sam DC
Sorry you had a bad day at work Jon.
2006-08-03 19:42:38
471.   Eric Enders
2006-08-03 19:42:59
472.   trainwreck
Well that was appropriate.
2006-08-03 19:43:07
473.   Bob Timmermann
To answer a question from much earlier, a friend with some Retrosheet event files told me that in 1974 there were 140 K-CS DPs in the majors. And in 1990 there were 152.

So you can figure that the number of them probably holds steady around the 140-180 mark per season in the majors.

2006-08-03 19:43:13
474.   Eric Enders
Beimel is now one pitch away from making this night a bad experience altogether
2006-08-03 19:43:25
475.   dzzrtRatt
OT... I'm listening to Ray Davies' "Thanksgiving Day" on my mp3 right now, from his recent solo album. What a great song, what a great lyric! I guess there's no radio format where Ray Davies' first solo CD would cause a buzz. Too bad. If you liked the Kinks, this song is worth hearing.
2006-08-03 19:43:29
476.   Suffering Bruin
Well, that was fun.
2006-08-03 19:43:37
477.   Bluebleeder87
2006-08-03 19:43:39
478.   Telemachos
466 Yeah, I would think in this case Grady would certainly let Maddux influence his decision.

And, skirting around site rules, there can be, um, interesting games pitched by multiple pitchers, no?

2006-08-03 19:43:58
479.   JoeyP
I'm really surprised Maddux didnt come back out. That was probably the closest he'll come to throwing a no hitter til' his career is over.
2006-08-03 19:44:16
480.   Telemachos
Never mind, Hatteberg makes it all moot.
2006-08-03 19:44:46
481.   graciebarn

Yes. Remember the 6 Astros' collaboration versus the Yankees?

2006-08-03 19:45:15
482.   Bob Timmermann
Everyday there isn't a no-hitter, Randy Johnson opens up a bottle of champagne.

Except he does this after EVERY game.

2006-08-03 19:45:32
483.   Suffering Bruin
That was a nice pitch, Joseph!
2006-08-03 19:46:01
484.   Brendan

Rick Monday on a continuos loop? that made me sweat until I realized you couldn't hear his voice.

2006-08-03 19:46:07
485.   JoeyP
Even gameday didnt like some of those called strikes to Jr.
2006-08-03 19:46:53
486.   Brendan
Beimel looks like he is throwing some gas? eric do they have the MPH on at he ballpark
2006-08-03 19:47:27
487.   Suffering Bruin
485 I'm not sure why; that last pitch was clearly a strike.
2006-08-03 19:47:30
488.   Eric Enders
Last pitch to Dunn was 90
2006-08-03 19:48:26
489.   Suffering Bruin
Rule change proposition by Bill James: No pitcher shall be removed from the game unless he gives up at least one run.


2006-08-03 19:49:34
490.   Brendan

Not bad for a lefty.

2006-08-03 19:49:41
491.   Eric Enders
489 Insane.
2006-08-03 19:49:52
492.   Bluebleeder87

the people working gameday must be reds fans.

2006-08-03 19:49:56
493.   natepurcell
Broxton's waistline must be like 44 or something huge.
2006-08-03 19:50:13
494.   CanuckDodger
On another board, somebody who says he spoke to Logan White reports that RHP Jonathan Meloan has been promoted to Jacksonville. Meloan may be turning himself into an elite prospect before our eyes.
2006-08-03 19:50:15
495.   Brendan
Here comes The Bull. forget about the gas comment and biemel
2006-08-03 19:50:25
496.   Linkmeister
489 Er, and when the lightning bolt strikes the guy...?
2006-08-03 19:50:30
497.   Suffering Bruin
491 Kills that conversation. :)
2006-08-03 19:50:38
498.   ToyCannon
I guess since Greg's night is done that this may well have been the greatest debut for a Los Angeles Dodger pitcher?
The 3 SS defense has looked very sweet behind Greg tonight.
2006-08-03 19:50:46
499.   graciebarn

Impossible practically: too many loopholes (injuries?). Theoretically: cool.

2006-08-03 19:51:08
500.   Eric Enders
487 I think the people working Gameday are almost always fans of the home team since they have to live in the town.

But he's sitting right in front of me, I guess I could go ask.

Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-08-03 19:51:25
501.   Bluebleeder87
I really thought Broxton would come in instead of Beimel (I think they combined for a no-no no?)

ps in the minors.

2006-08-03 19:51:59
502.   Suffering Bruin
496 Then and only then may a pitcher be removed provided the uniform is singed. If not, PTSD be damned, he's pitching!
2006-08-03 19:52:26
503.   natepurcell
Aurilla had no chance.
2006-08-03 19:52:40
504.   trainwreck
Everyone looks depressed.
2006-08-03 19:52:41
505.   Brendan
Broxton is an offensive lineman(guard) pitching.
2006-08-03 19:53:21
506.   popup
I am listening to the game over Reds radio. I must say that although it is a shame that Maddux is deprived of going for the no-hitter, I am glad he is pitching for the Dodgers.

If I had to go with an all-time LA Dodger starting five, I would pick Koufax, Drysdale, Marichal, Pedro and Maddux. Wouldn't lose too many games with those guys pitching at their peak.

Hang in there Jon

Stan from Tacoma

2006-08-03 19:53:32
507.   Bluebleeder87
Broxton is an offensive lineman(guard) pitching.

Broxton was the key to the no-hitter!!

2006-08-03 19:53:41
508.   JoeyP
498. Pedro Astacio threw a complete game shutout in his debut.
2006-08-03 19:54:08
509.   Bluebleeder87

Bills & Broxton did (no-no)

2006-08-03 19:54:37
510.   Bob Timmermann
Pete Richert's first game, although he pitched fewer innings, was pretty impressive:
2006-08-03 19:54:45
511.   Linkmeister
502 And the singe marks must be clearly evident from fans in the upper deck!

I guess that was a righty-lefty switch from Beimel to Broxton, huh? Beimel seemed to be doing well.

2006-08-03 19:54:45
512.   Suffering Bruin
James' point was that the managers were slowing the game down for a negligible advantage (provided the opposing manager doesn't pinch-hit anyway) and the fans get the short end of the stick. In other words, you have a rally and the game suddenly stops for three pitching changes in an inning.

It's gotten better but it's maddening when it happens.

2006-08-03 19:55:49
513.   JoeyP
I think Penny threw 8ip 2h 0r in his debut two years ago.
2006-08-03 19:56:08
514.   ToyCannon
Dodgers being aggressive with him if that is true. Didn't start pitching this year until May at Low A and 3 months later could be in AA. They must like something about him, must be the 68 K's in 41 innings:)
2006-08-03 19:56:31
515.   Terry A
506 - Hmmph!

Any all-time Dodger rotation list that doesn't include Dave Mlicki...

2006-08-03 19:56:44
516.   graciebarn

Would it have to be earned or could unearned/inherited count?

2006-08-03 19:57:06
517.   Bluebleeder87
511--I guess that was a righty-lefty switch from Beimel to Broxton, huh? Beimel seemed to be doing well.

righty left is overated!

2006-08-03 19:57:06
518.   Eric Enders
In direct contrast to Ethier earlier, Furcal was kind of loafing on that ball. I thought he might've made it to third.
2006-08-03 19:58:41
519.   ryu
¡Vamonos, Julio!
2006-08-03 19:58:54
520.   caseybarker
494 Didn't see that Meloan was promoted, but DeWitt went 3-5 with 1 HR tonight.
2006-08-03 19:59:00
521.   ToyCannon
I was at that game and was sky high after it thinking of the future which only lasted one week. I think a 6 inning NoNo on the road against the Reds trumps an 8 inning two hitter at Dodger stadium but everyone to their own opinion.
2006-08-03 19:59:12
522.   Suffering Bruin
516 Yeah, that's something that would need to be discussed.
2006-08-03 19:59:18
523.   trainwreck
I say Lugo is the fastest.
2006-08-03 19:59:23
524.   Eric Enders
Fastest dude on the team, I'm telling you.
2006-08-03 19:59:45
525.   Suffering Bruin
This is a fun team to watch right now.
2006-08-03 20:00:04
526.   mountainmover
That Colletti (sp? How's that?) is a genius!
2006-08-03 20:00:38
527.   Marty
Jon, did part of your bad day have to do with that LACMA-owned piece of art the Paris museum wrecked?
2006-08-03 20:00:51
528.   tjshere
510 Joe Moeller is a name I haven't heard in quite a while. He of the now-extinct palmball.
2006-08-03 20:00:56
529.   natepurcell

it seems tha this stuff has gotten better since college. If he can end the season well enough in jax, i might be inclined to place him in the dodgers top 7.

2006-08-03 20:01:04
530.   Sam DC
This one was pretty good too.
2006-08-03 20:01:52
531.   trainwreck
Hey a rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic reference.
2006-08-03 20:02:08
532.   underdog
The baseball tonight crew (Buster Olney and Orel mostly) were just discussing who likely makes the call about whether Maddux goes back in or not and they said it's a conversation between Little, Honeycutt and Maddux, with maddux probably making the final, safe call. They also said given his career could be over after this year, or next, he was probably tempted to want to stay in there because he may never have another chance, but ultimately erred on the side of caution and odds.
2006-08-03 20:02:08
533.   Sam DC
er, this one:

2006-08-03 20:02:17
534.   Uncle Miltie
Just got home. How did Mad Dog look? I heard there was a rain delay so he couldn't pitch more than 6 innings.
2006-08-03 20:02:54
535.   Bluebleeder87
Freel has a great arm don't even try it Lugo.
2006-08-03 20:03:49
536.   underdog
He looked like a Hall of Fame pitcher, basically. Too bad he couldn't go further, or that Mother Nature didn't cooperate.

Boy, is Ryan Freel the most, uh, interesting centerfielder in baseball or what?

2006-08-03 20:05:33
537.   scareduck
Giving out the free pass to Saenz so he could pitch to Ethier? Questionable wisdom there.
2006-08-03 20:06:21
538.   Sam DC
Mountainmover, would you please cool it?
Jon asked nicely -- 430 -- he really shouldn't have to do more.
2006-08-03 20:06:34
539.   Bluebleeder87
Freel from what I've seen has an above average arm (I really respect it) i wouldn't run on it.
2006-08-03 20:06:39
540.   Brendan
Maddux looked unhittable to me 534
2006-08-03 20:06:58
541.   Sam DC
What are the best fans in baseball doing now Bob?
2006-08-03 20:07:49
542.   ToyCannon
That was a sweet game but he did give up 4 hits in 6 innings. I mean come on guys were talking a no no which must have some cache since Jon refuses to let anyone talk about one. If Depo had acquired Greg would their even be some discussion? Did anyone watch the game, JD made an excellent play on Javier but the rest were meak outs and solid plays by the infield on groundballs that they should have made the plays on.
2006-08-03 20:09:33
543.   underdog
Freel has an above average arm, yes, but a below average ability to consistently track and catch the ball.

542 I think we're allowed to talk about a no-hitter now, given it's not happening any longer, yah?

2006-08-03 20:09:45
544.   Bob Timmermann
By the way, the 3-5-1 DP of the game turned by the Dodgers was the 84th DP of Greg Maddux's career.

That is a new major league record for DPs by a pitcher. Maddux was tied with Phil Niekro.

Maddux is also way ahead of all pitchers in putouts.

But he doesn't have that many assists. That record is held by Christy Mathewson and Maddux is way behind him. I assume that's because there is far less bunting in today's game than there was in the Deadball Era.

2006-08-03 20:10:38
545.   underdog
Darn, there goes the one-hitter!
2006-08-03 20:10:52
546.   Steve
I guess the answer to the question posed earlier was "no"
2006-08-03 20:12:42
547.   dzzrtRatt
It's just one game. But if this is anything like the Maddux we're going to see the rest of the season, our rotation is not the liability it looked to be two weeks ago.

Now if Chad Billingsley can just stop walking people.

And if Hendrickson would just catch one break.

2006-08-03 20:13:18
548.   Eric Enders
544 Check out Ed Walsh's assist totals. Either he threw a heckuva lot of grounders or was the best athlete in baseball history.
2006-08-03 20:13:33
549.   Sam DC
542 Please not the DePodesta thing.

Maddux is getting roundly praised in this thread. People were just raising great debuts -- I certainly wasn't locking horns on which was the best, and I don't think anyone was.

2006-08-03 20:13:55
550.   popup
#536, Freel at least got rid of Jason Phillips as a catcher for the Dodgers.

Stan from Tacoma

Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-08-03 20:15:43
551.   Steve
Did anyone watch the game

Give me a break.

2006-08-03 20:15:55
552.   Chiron Brown
D'Artagnan, now pitching for the Reds.
2006-08-03 20:15:58
553.   Bob Timmermann

I have an even-handed post on the Griddle about the Cardinals.

2006-08-03 20:16:14
554.   Sam DC
Ex National Day! Bray (pretty good) now Majewski (heads up in the bleachers).
2006-08-03 20:17:52
555.   scooplew
544 -- I am impressed by your knowledge.
2006-08-03 20:18:33
556.   Sam DC
We went early to the penultimate Nationals game of last season, and Majewski was walking near our seats and signed a ball for my son.

When I told him a couple weeks ago that Majewski had been traded, he cried.

For about thirty seconds.

Then he looked at me and said: "But they won't trade Ryan Zimmerman will they?"

2006-08-03 20:18:41
557.   Steve
In twenty years, they're going to change the Schwarzengger Amendment to the Russell Martin Amendment
2006-08-03 20:19:42
558.   D4P
It may be time to dust off Project BROtheR.
2006-08-03 20:20:10
559.   caseybarker
528 I think Eddie Guardado throws the palmball. I am in the middle of Rob Neyer's book of pitchers which is pretty interesting.
2006-08-03 20:20:20
560.   Bluebleeder87
I can't believe we're all mad about winning.(a no-no bid dose that to you I guess)
2006-08-03 20:20:34
561.   Steve
[Now where did I put those business plans]
2006-08-03 20:22:01
562.   Sam DC
Won't the Constitution be replaced by the Matt Kemp Doctrine by then anyhow?
2006-08-03 20:22:13
563.   Eric Enders
OK, fellas, signing off for the moment. With luck, I may be back later tonight with an interesting audio recording.
2006-08-03 20:22:14
564.   Bluebleeder87

baseball is such a beautiful/weird game.

2006-08-03 20:22:26
565.   Bob Timmermann
I like fielding records because sometimes you find very obscure people holding on to them.

I attended the game when Glenn Hubbard tied the major league record for assists in a 9-inning game by a second baseman with 12. Juan Samuel then matched the total 6 days later.

Samuel would have broken the record in the 9th inning, but he ... wait for it ...

made a throwing error.

2006-08-03 20:23:24
566.   Brendan
Where can a guy find career assist records for each individual ballplayer?
2006-08-03 20:24:27
567.   caseybarker
Hubbard was my first autograph - a 1987 Topps card. I had it signed at a Dodgers-Braves game .
2006-08-03 20:24:33
568.   popup
Am I the only Ddoger fan who listens to the games on the road and the first three innings at home?

Stan from Tacoma

2006-08-03 20:24:53
569.   Bob Timmermann has complete fielding records for just about every player. Surprisingly, fielding records were kept in great detail in the 19th Century.

Or maybe unsurprisingly, since fielding was such a big part of the game when guys were playing without gloves and teams scored a lot of runs on errors.

2006-08-03 20:25:24
570.   underdog
Is there anyone left in Cincinnati? Listening to the game on the radio makes it sound like it's being played in a mausoleum.
2006-08-03 20:25:32
571.   Sam DC
Steve -- who was the other lefthander booed for fate? Can't get there from here.
2006-08-03 20:25:44
572.   Terry A
Bob, I thought you kept all those records in your kitchen.

Or is that Howard's kitchen?

2006-08-03 20:26:43
573.   Steve
Hamulack when Gagne came off the DL.
2006-08-03 20:26:46
574.   scooplew
The Reds have gone to the bullpen 12 times in these three games.
2006-08-03 20:27:05
575.   Blu2
Did I read earlier that Andruw Jones had cleared waivers? How can a player like that not be claimed? Was he DFAd or was Atlanta just fishing for a trading partner? I'd like to have him but he probably doesn't interest Flanders. Maybe we'll get him from Tampa Bay 5 years from now when he is over the hill and qualifies as a proven veteran with character...
2006-08-03 20:28:31
576.   caseybarker
Freel should just change his music to "Whipping Post"
2006-08-03 20:28:31
577.   Sam DC
Thx. I do remember now that reminded.
2006-08-03 20:29:10
578.   natepurcell
Did I read earlier that Andruw Jones had cleared waivers? How can a player like that not be claimed?

If a player is claimed by an opposing team, the team putting him on waivers has the option to pull him back off waivers. I guess other teams just didn't really want to bother. I probably wouldn't have bothered to claim him unless i was seriously thinking about working out a trade for druw.

2006-08-03 20:29:15
579.   underdog
Uh oh...

Saito-san. C'mon.

2006-08-03 20:30:09
580.   Bluebleeder87
Saito is human apparently
2006-08-03 20:30:22
581.   underdog
This would be a really, really bad game to end up losing.
2006-08-03 20:31:12
582.   Steve
This game could yield some interesting conspiracy theories if the roof caves in.
2006-08-03 20:33:14
583.   Bob Timmermann
The DBacks wait on pins and needles to see if they get to share the checkered jersey.
2006-08-03 20:33:22
584.   StolenMonkey86
2006-08-03 20:33:23
585.   popup
#575, this time of year everyone is put on waivers. Not too many are claimed. Lots of back-scratching in this game; if you don't claim my guy, I won't claim yours.

Come on Saito.

Stan from Tacoma

2006-08-03 20:33:35
586.   Brendan

thank you

2006-08-03 20:33:43
587.   Bluebleeder87
these type of games make my heart pump, a wee bit faster.
2006-08-03 20:33:51
588.   StolenMonkey86
and not so nice
2006-08-03 20:34:24
589.   Jon Weisman
527 - No, my day was way too uninspiring for that.
2006-08-03 20:34:32
590.   Steve
Well, this is interesting.
2006-08-03 20:34:33
591.   bhsportsguy
575 Two things, in the past, teams used to let players pass through waivers during this period, it was kind of a regular occurence. Then, Steve Phillips and Brian Cashman started claiming players, knowing that teams would just revoke the waiver and take their player back.

The second thing, because they are revocable waivers, it is pretty doubtful that the Braves would let him go, though I think they only have a few days before he is a 10/5 player which gives in a no-trade clause anyway.

2006-08-03 20:34:46
592.   Bluebleeder87
The DBacks wait on pins and needles to see if

there a song by that name no Bob?

2006-08-03 20:35:24
593.   Brendan
how come griffey didn't have to be thrown out at first?
2006-08-03 20:35:53
594.   Bob Timmermann
I saw her today, I saw her face
It was the face I loved and I knew
I had to run away and get down on my knees and pray
That they'd go away

But still they begin
Needles and pins
Because of all my pride
The tears I gotta hide

2006-08-03 20:36:08
595.   natepurcell
Sammy comes through!
2006-08-03 20:36:12
596.   bhsportsguy
Tomko may get a chance to close tomorrow.
2006-08-03 20:36:20
597.   StolenMonkey86
Saito saves the shutout
2006-08-03 20:36:21
598.   Bluebleeder87
Saito is goose bump certified in my book, WOW!!
2006-08-03 20:36:28
599.   D4P
Dunn would be a frustrating player to root for.
2006-08-03 20:36:33
600.   caseybarker
What a pitch!
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2006-08-03 20:36:36
601.   Bob Timmermann
First base was occupied with less than two outs.
2006-08-03 20:36:46
602.   Disabled List
That game almost made me punch a wall.
2006-08-03 20:36:51
603.   popup
Yes, It is a pleasure to listen to the Dodgers with Marty Brenamann doing the broadcasting.

Stan from Tacoma

2006-08-03 20:37:07
604.   StolenMonkey86
593 - I want to say because first base was not open
2006-08-03 20:37:08
605.   adraymond
You see that reaction? Sammy was pumped.
2006-08-03 20:37:11
606.   scooplew
Game's Dunn...
2006-08-03 20:37:55
607.   StolenMonkey86
600- I can see the location, and that's pretty good. What type of pitch was it?
2006-08-03 20:38:00
608.   Bluebleeder87

Darn you Bob, know I have to look for it on the web...

ps Dodgers rock to 6

2006-08-03 20:39:13
609.   Steve
And yet the wall is intact.
2006-08-03 20:39:17
610.   tjshere
If someone had told us before the game started that Maddox was going to give us 6 solid innings of shutout ball we would have been thrilled. Still a great debut and more importantly a nice win, but it's a shame he lost his shot at history.
2006-08-03 20:39:55
611.   Bob Timmermann
No, you don't get to run on a dropped third strike if first base is occupied before two are out or else the catcher would drop the third strike all the time and get an easy double play.
2006-08-03 20:40:01
612.   Blu2
593 Because first base was occupied. Same situation as infield fly rule.
2006-08-03 20:40:18
613.   scooplew
599 -- Dunn in the three-game series: 1-for-12, a 2-run homer, and 9 strikeouts.
2006-08-03 20:40:29
614.   Benaiah
Well... amazing to say, we are back in the thick of it. 2 out in the wild card and 3 out in the division. Very exciting stuff.
2006-08-03 20:40:30
615.   caseybarker
It looked like his slider.
2006-08-03 20:41:02
616.   Steve
The Reds' newly rebuilt bullpen continues to pay dividends.
2006-08-03 20:41:12
617.   Brendan

Just turned the game back on and didn't see the runner on first. thanks

2006-08-03 20:42:42
618.   Disabled List
The question is, will the walls remain intact for the rest of the season?

It's tough to say, considering how streaky this team is...

2006-08-03 20:47:03
619.   adraymond
10/5? I know those are years. But what do they mean. In the league for ten years, I imagine, and what exactly for 5?
2006-08-03 20:48:01
620.   natepurcell

on the current team for 5 years. it was a players union thing.

2006-08-03 20:48:09
621.   StolenMonkey86
619 - with the same team
2006-08-03 20:48:30
622.   Eric L
I'm happy to report that the Dodgers are now 6-0 since I stopped wearing my Dodger hat last week. I wear a hat everyday (it's summer and with no school, I don't have to work) so it's not like it's a casual thing for me to not wear my LA hat.
2006-08-03 20:50:15
623.   D4P
I think the Dodgers are undefeated since Danys Baez stopped wearing his Dodger hat too.
2006-08-03 20:50:17
624.   confucius

Thanks for turning me on the the American version of The Office. I like it.

2006-08-03 20:50:49
625.   confucius
623 :)
2006-08-03 20:51:05
626.   Steve
By the way, can we please drop Drew in the batting order and bat Martin second? Geez. I mean, it's not like Jim Tracy got a plaque for leaving Shawn Green up there to rot.
2006-08-03 20:51:09
627.   Eric L
623 That's what it was. Can I safely put my Dodger hat back on now?
2006-08-03 20:53:36
628.   D4P
Like I said yesterday: for some reason, Grittle thinks that when you have 2-3 "leadoff hitters" in the lineup everday, they all need to bat at the top of the lineup.
2006-08-03 20:54:14
629.   Steve
623 -- Are you saying we need to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative, and don't mess with Mr. In-between?
2006-08-03 21:12:21
630.   thinkingblue

Please explain to me why Buster Olney was gushing out over the reds basically trading Kearns, Lopez, and other prospects for middle relievers? I mean, what's so great about a bullpen that has a lot of middle relievers, and a Baezesque closer? Especially since you had to give up guys like Kearns and Lopez for them?

2006-08-03 21:17:22
631.   Terry A
Plenty of opportunity to sing with Bing tonight.

But pity poor Joe Beimel. One of his better outings, but I'll bet he feels like a scab in the locker room tonight.

2006-08-03 21:22:37
632.   Eric L
631 Speaking of Beimel, hopefully Ned has learned that assembling a bullpen isn't an exact science. Sometimes you just have to keep throwing stuff up against the wall to see what sticks.

Trading prospect, even guys that aren't likely to pan out, for bullpen help isn't the wisest thing to do. I know I'm just basically parroting Steve, but I wanted to point it out once again.

2006-08-03 21:24:02
633.   Bob Timmermann
Once there was a little old ant
Thought he could move a rubber tree plant
Everybody knows an ant
Move a rubber tree plant

But he's got high hopes!
He's got high hopes.
He's got high, apple pie in the sky, hopes!

2006-08-03 21:27:49
634.   Terry A
You've got to spread joy up to the maximum
Bring gloom down to the minimum
Have faith or pandemonium
Liable to walk upon the scene

To illustrate his last remark
Jonah in the whale, Noah in the ark
What did they do
Just when everything looked so dark

Man, they said we better
Accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
Don't mess with Mister In-Between
No, do not mess with Mister In-Between

2006-08-03 21:28:50
635.   popup
#630, because Kearns/Lopez can't pitch in middle relief and they are about to get awfully expensive. Kearns has been very brittle. I would be willing to bet in addition to Kearns/Lopez that the Reds would gladly trade Griffey and Dunn to anyone willing to pay their salaries.

Stan from Tacoma

2006-08-03 21:33:40
636.   Bob Timmermann
It's amazing that the Reds want to get rid of all their good players and yet they are still tied for the wild card lead!

The Cardinals are going to win the NL Central by default.

2006-08-03 21:35:07
637.   Eric L
635 Apparently, the guys they acquired for Kearns/Lopez can't pitch middle relief either.
2006-08-03 21:36:13
638.   bhsportsguy
I heard Tommy Lasorda last week on the Dave Smith show and went on and on recalling the 1982 team (which lost their chance for a playoff on the last day of the season) gained 12 games in 3 weeks and I'm going 7 games behind, that is going to be tough.

Now, one week later, the Dodgers are entering Friday's game 3 games out of the division in 3rd place and 2 games behind the Reds and D-Backs for the wild card.

I still think they need to get a few games above .500 before I get excited but 2 sweeps makes watching them a lot more fun.

But to quote someone from yesterday, boy this team is streaky.

2006-08-03 21:37:13
639.   bhsportsguy
636 If the Cards hang on, they can thank the Dodgers, without those games, the Cards would really be in trouble.
2006-08-03 21:38:29
640.   D4P
In our collective intoxication over Maddux's near no-hitter, have we all forgotten about Billingsley's dad...?
2006-08-03 21:44:09
641.   popup
Bob, I am not sure the Reds have good players. I think Griffey may be Dunn.

Stan from Tacoma

2006-08-03 21:48:41
642.   twerp
Bob, Eric....thanks for earlier info on pitcher top speeds & and link to stories.

Thought those might have mentioned JR Richard of Houston. I thought he'd hit 101?

Sorry to learn Koufax wasn't clocked. A story I saw last year quoted one of his catchers saying Koufax had the greatest margin for error he ever saw at the ML level. This in an era of Marichal, Gibson, et al.

Story told how, late in games and on a roll, Koufax sometimes would just quit using his curveball. Didn't need it. Major league hitters knew what was coming, just bullet after bullet. Didn't matter.

Whatever anyone's opinion of Joe Morgan on TV or otherwise, he's very knowledgeable. He's said Koufax had the best stuff he ever saw.

This thread a couple days back had a discussion of best all time pitchers. (Was surprised to see no mention of Nolan Ryan on any list there.)

I know numbers, ratios, etc. tell a lot. But if I had to pick one pitcher to win one game, intangibles and whatever else, it'd be Koufax.

Post too long. Way more than 'nuf said...

2006-08-03 21:50:24
643.   Steve
As always, it doesn't matter whether they can pitch middle relief, because middle relief doesn't matter.

I was going to say that it's because Buster Olney is a reactionary idiot.

2006-08-03 21:56:07
644.   Terry A
640 - Did I read that Little is pretty confident he can get Billingsley a start in Chicago? I believe Colletti is savvy enough to see the PR value in funding the Billingsleys' trip. Might not hurt to drop a couple of notes at Inside the Dodgers...
2006-08-03 21:59:07
645.   bhsportsguy
643 Just so I am clear, its not that you doubt that someone needs to pitch between the starter and the closer, it just that you don't want to spend any resources (either cash or players) to get that person.

And I do think the comment re Buster Olney is against site rules. Its safer to go after the statement not the person.

2006-08-03 22:01:34
646.   Steve
If Buster Olney were here, the comment would be against site rules. In any event, Buster Olney is a reactionary idiot, so there is no reason to have a rule that would bar calling him a reactionary idiot.
2006-08-03 22:08:57
647.   Terry A
I wonder how one gets a nickname (assuming it is indeed a nickname) like Buster?

My brother nicknames each of his nieces and nephews, but I can't see them sticking with them into adulthood.

"We now bring in ESPN baseball writer Knucklehead Austin for the latest on the trade deadline..."

2006-08-03 22:13:19
648.   Eric Enders
Here's audio of Russell Martin's postgame interview about catching Maddux.

Go to the bottom left of the page and click "download."

(I got a clip of Maddux's comments too, but alas, they're unintelligible because of the hip-hop blaring in the background.)

2006-08-03 22:14:38
649.   Eric L
647 My best friend's sister dated a Buster for many years. He's in his mid-20's now and it's just his name. His given name is something else, but he only responds to Buster.

I don't know how he became Buster, though.

2006-08-03 22:19:35
650.   Jon Weisman
We have friends whose son's given name is Buster.
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2006-08-03 22:20:58
651.   King of the Hobos
Olney's given name is Robert Stanbury "Buster" Olney III. I'm guessing he was given the name Buster to distinguish himself from his father and grandfather, and as "Third" isn't much of name, someone chose Buster.
2006-08-03 22:22:35
652.   Andrew Shimmin
Shuuto (I looked it up)! I always thought that was made up for Jack Elliot's benefit. And what kind of a world do we live in, anyway, where Hiroko never worked again?
2006-08-03 22:25:55
653.   Eric Enders
631 "But pity poor Joe Beimel. One of his better outings, but I'll bet he feels like a scab in the locker room tonight. "

He was all smiles in the locker room afterward, FWIWF

2006-08-03 22:27:12
654.   Eric Enders
653 Gotta love that extra F.

"For What It's Worth, F**: The Explicit Buffalo Springfield Record."

2006-08-03 22:29:30
655.   Bob Timmermann
My family's idea of a colorful nickname was shortening my first name from Robert to Bob.

Then again my dad was baptized as Henry, called Vernon by his family, and then Tim by everyone else as an adult, including the priest at his second wedding.

No wonder that priest got defrocked.

2006-08-03 22:29:59
656.   Jon Weisman
648 - Cool.
2006-08-03 22:32:08
657.   Terry A
LOL. I just assumed it was short for "Friend." (By the way, thanks for the real-time reporting during this series.)

650 - They both enjoyed the name? They're cartoon characters? Family history? Fans of Buster Keaton? Sounds like a great story.

I know a Snapper and a Jett, but no Busters.

2006-08-03 22:33:39
658.   Terry A
(The first part of 657 refers to 654, if that's unclear.)
2006-08-03 22:37:58
659.   popup
#642, Sandy is the best I have ever seen. No one is very close in my opinion. Pedro is awfully good, but he does not pitch deep in a game. Last time he tried that in an important game he got Grady fired. Best curveball and best fastball I have ever seen from a starting pitcher. Blyleven had a great curve and so does Zito, but Sandy's curve was otherworldly. Sandy's fastball was not only fast, but it was invariably thrown right on a corner of the plate.

The best recent Dodger comparison I can think of to Sandy is Eric Gagne, but Gagne only was called on to pitch one inning at a time over a period of a couple of years. Fernando in 81 and Orel in 88 I suppose are comparable, but they did not sustain Sandy's excellence over a five year period. At their peak, Sandy is to pitching as Vin Scully is to broadcasting.

Stan from Tacoma

2006-08-03 22:40:12
660.   Bob Timmermann
The pitch Martin described is a "shuto" not a "shuuto" I believe.

No one seems to be able to properly describe it in English. It's a screwball/sinker hybrid.

When I asked Rob Neyer and Bill James about it at a SABR Convention when they were compiling their book, James insisted that the "shuto" was not unique to Japan.

2006-08-03 22:44:58
661.   mikethinksblue

I heard a story that "For What It's Worth" was written about a bar on Sunset near Laurel, I think. Apparently, they were shutting down the bar due to safety code reasons, because it was pretty small. The story is that people were out with picket signs trying to save the bar, and thus, the song was written. The only thing left of the site now is a triangular cement bus stop island. I never believed it, but the source of the story swears it is true.

2006-08-03 22:47:41
662.   Andrew Shimmin
Wikipedia with another bum steer.

2006-08-03 22:52:07
663.   Bob Timmermann
I find both spellings "shuuto" and "shuto". I'll need to ask a native Japanese which is better. They're probably both right. Sort of like the spelling of the surname of Seattle's catcher: Johjima or Jojima.
2006-08-03 22:59:04
664.   Eric Enders
661 Guess what was Tolstoy's original title for "War and Peace?"
2006-08-03 23:02:23
665.   mikethinksblue
War, what is it good for?

I know its a crazy story, but the reference to Buffalo Springfield just popped it into my head.

And it was told with such conviction, I half-way believe it.

2006-08-03 23:02:27
666.   King of the Hobos
Wikipedia tells me "shuto" is the pickled entrails of tuna. Yummy.
2006-08-03 23:02:48
667.   Andrew Shimmin
Bill Plaschke
2006-08-03 23:03:16
668.   Andrew Shimmin
2006-08-03 23:09:47
669.   Steve
People like Plaschke are why I take it easy on people like Buster Olney.
2006-08-03 23:11:32
670.   Eric Enders
"CINCINNATI - Rain kept Greg Maddux from having a memorable debut for the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday night."

Sorry, AP. You really need to go back and rewrite that lede.

2006-08-03 23:15:11
671.   Eric Enders
Meanwhile, this article is good for a snicker. I love the "expert" quotes.

Which brings up a question: Why have Vegas oddsmaking and sabermetrics not been introduced to each other yet? It seems a natural marriage.

2006-08-03 23:48:09
672.   gibsonhobbs88
627 - No, you can't put your hat back on. Like it was quoted in the movie Bull Durham, "You don't f@#$ with a winning streak, if you think you are winning, or on a hot hitting streak because you are having s#$, or not having s#$, or wearing the same underwear, then you are. You have to respect the streak." :)
As far as the game tonight, some debut for the future HOF, I guess his next start will be Tuesday against the Rockies at the Ravine, but hard to top this outing, so reel in those expectations. On Baseball Tonight, that Orestes and Orel both think Maddux could get rejuvenated and refocused now that he could be playing for something.
I hope it's true for all fans of Blue Heaven.
2006-08-04 00:45:00
673.   StolenMonkey86
so neither Clemens nor Maddux has a no-no. go figure
2006-08-04 01:22:12
674.   xaphor
[663] In a Japanese dictionary I have they list both spellings as correct for most definitions.

However shuuto is also the Japanese-ified translation of the English shoot. Shuutobooru cleverly translates as "shoot ball" and is used to describe a screwball. So the correct spelling probably has two u's.

2006-08-04 02:20:03
675.   Suffering Bruin
Ah, insomnia. Let me know if there's a cure...

I just read Bill Plaschke's column. Transparent bias against his latest grudge (Penny) and made-up arguments backed up by gross illogic... he's a heckuva nice guy by all my second-hand accounts; patient with young interns, giving of colleagues and competitors when necessary and sometimes when not. He is apparently a very good guy. But there are many good guys and gals who are sportswriters. They should be good people and they should also be good at what they do. Plaschke is not my least favorite Times sportswriter--the odious Simers has that honor--but Plaschke is becoming the most indefensible sportswriter. The best you can say is that he genuinely believes what he is writing.

2006-08-04 04:16:46
676.   Inside Baseball
675 - I just read it too. Unreal. The quote by Boras of all people put me over the edge. It's upsetting because it seems written mainly to make Penny look bad. One would think Maddux's debut could be enough to write about without having to overblow an issue over a uniform number.
2006-08-04 07:09:11
677.   Penarol1916
Wait, so Plaschke takes Penny to task about a stupid number, but is completely silent about Maddux refusing to move his start to allow Billingsley to pitch in front of his sick dad? My goodness, talk about being in the bag for someone. While I personally would have focused on the great start rather than either of these issues, to focus on this is just mind-blowing. It's not like Maddux is like Wesley Snipes in "The Fan"
2006-08-04 07:35:53
678.   Sam DC
I really have managed to completely stop reading Plashcke's column. Andrew's quitting smoking may have added five years to his life; I think my quitting Plashke is worth at least a couple.

Anibel Sanchez for the Dodgers in FL today. He kind of blew up his last start, but his three before that were dominating.

2006-08-04 07:41:25
679.   gpellamjr
I just read my first Plashke article today, thanks to you people. Ugh.
2006-08-04 07:42:16
680.   Andrew Shimmin
Plaschko delenda est.
2006-08-04 07:49:50
681.   Bob Timmermann

As I thought, I asked a Japanese friend of mine who writes about baseball and he says he would write "shuto" instead of "shuuto." I think neither is "wrong" or "right". It's more just a matter of style.

2006-08-04 07:56:22
682.   Eric Enders
Maddux was asked about the uniform thing last night in the clubhouse and said it doesn't matter to him one bit, and seemed to genuinely mean it.

Penny's exact quote before the game: "We'll see if we can work something out. And if not, there's only two months left."

2006-08-04 07:59:11
683.   Bob Timmermann
Ted Turocy of Retrosheet believes that last night's 3-5-1 DP was just the second one in the last 50 seasons. Before that, no one knows very well.

Carlos Delgado (of Florida then) hit into one against Arizona last year on July 20.

Brandon Webb was the pitcher.

2006-08-04 08:03:17
684.   Greg S
675. Plashke is a nice guy in person. Was very nice to me years ago when I was an intern so interesting that you would mention that. And when he sticks to writing the human interest stories that gained him his success, I can even see why people like him. It's just that when he writes about anything having to do with the actual team, he seems to blow it every time. Just seems like his instincts are for the human story and those instincts fail him when there is only a sports story to tell.
2006-08-04 08:04:55
685.   Andrew Shimmin
Plaschke as much as admits that nobody cares about it. He's a WWF villain level cheapshot artist.
2006-08-04 08:15:25
686.   adraymond
WWF Villain = heel

2006-08-04 08:27:00
687.   Andrew Shimmin
Right you are. Also, there's no such thing as the WWF any more, it seems.
2006-08-04 08:40:50
688.   gpellamjr
680 Plaschko delenda est would mean something like "She must be destroyed by Plashke".

What you want is "Plashke delendus est".

2006-08-04 08:47:14
689.   gpellamjr
Odi et amo, Plaschke!
Odi te
omnia autem quae non es
2006-08-04 08:48:35
690.   gpellamjr
whoops should read:

odi et amo, Paschke
Odi to
Amo autem omnia quae non es

2006-08-04 08:49:02
691.   gpellamjr

odi te odi te odi te

2006-08-04 09:08:16
692.   D4P
It's all Latin to me.

odi te = I hate you ???

2006-08-04 09:12:47
693.   gpellamjr
692 Yes, but I still don't know what "odi to" means. I must have been speaking in tongues.
2006-08-04 09:15:34
694.   ToyCannon
Platelets/Blood appeal for Sean Reader

Anyone who gives blood or platelets on a normal cycle and has time, a HUGE Dodger fan is fighting for his life and could use your help. The family would greatly appreciate anyone who is able to donate platelets to do so. They only have a shelf life of 5 days so when a child is losing his platelets he sometimes has to wait for platelets to come available I'm not exaggerating when I say it can be the difference between life and death. This boy has been fighting Leukemia for 18 months now.

Sean lost a lot of blood last week (the doctor said "I've never seen a living person with such a small amount of blood in them.")

These procedures need to be done at Children's Hospital (on Sunset, near Normandie). They are open Mon-Sat.

The phone number for the Childrens Hospital Blood Donor center is 323-669-2441

2006-08-04 09:29:05
695.   Sam DC
I'm sorry I cannot help. I made a platelet donation for an acquaintence during law school; the scene in the donor center was very moving, and the amount of appreciation for what was a very small gesture on my part was quite overwhelming.

My niece happens to be in Children's Hospital recovering from back surgery this week (doing well), so this is one of those times I am doubly disappointed to live so far from LA.

Best wishes to Sean and his family.

2006-08-04 09:38:07
696.   gibsonhobbs88
682 - Seems to be more of a media-driven controversy to me. Plaschke shouldn't be so hard on Penny, Penny pays for dinners for teammates on the road, especially the rookies (he just paid for a team dinner on their day off in Cincy according to Andre Ethier), he has taken rookies under his wing, like Saito and Martin so to portray him as a "heavy" is a little much and not accurate. Maddux, I don't think wearing 36 instead of 31 is going to alter his pitching, he's been around too long to let that effect him. Watching him pitch last night, showed that Location + Movement + Smarts > Velocity.
2006-08-04 09:42:17
697.   Blu2
Judging from last night, he should have been wearing #36 all his career. You might have a hard time getting that number away from him...
2006-08-04 09:46:25
698.   regfairfield
696 He also let Jason Repko live with him last year. By all accounts, Penny is a good guy.
2006-08-04 09:54:51
699.   Jon Weisman
And Penny also befriended the milky Marlins bat-boy.

New post up top.

2006-08-04 10:24:25
700.   Andrew Shimmin
It had to be done.

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