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A Long-Distance Dedication from Mudville
2006-08-05 14:40
by Jon Weisman

Today, randomly, on one of the XM radio channels coming though DirecTV, I heard Casey Kasem reciting "Casey at the Bat." It was priceless - everything you'd expect it could be. If only I had a recording of it ...

On that note, happy birthday or thereabouts to Bob Timmermann's cat, Casey. May he be well burnished for another year.

* * *

Today's Game

Comments (324)
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2006-08-05 14:49:17
1.   Bob Timmermann
I told my cat to keep his feet on the ground, but to reach for the stars.
2006-08-05 14:51:09
2.   Sam DC
Next thing you know, you'll be reading him O The Places You'll Go!
2006-08-05 14:53:00
3.   Bob Timmermann
Last night, Casey did not seem to be at all interested in watching "A History of Violence" with me.
2006-08-05 14:53:52
4.   Uncle Miltie
(from the other thread) 3- yea, all Ned had to do to get a "quality" arm like Dessens was pay 95 % of Perez's salary and give up 2 pitching prospects.

The Bradley/Ethier trade definitely favored the Dodgers, but by no means was it a steal. Bradley is hitting over .400 since coming off the DL and he and Frank Thomas are carrying the A's offense. On the year, Bradley is hitting .297 with an .871 OPS. He is displaying the elite talent that makes him one of the top 25 players (non pitchers) in the league when he is healthy.

Here's an article that shows what kind of impact Bradley has made on the A's since his return from the DL

Ned is a very aggressive GM. I think his philosophy is that if you aren't willing to take a chance, you'll never hit the jackpot. This is definitely a true statement, but Ned takes it to another level. He seems to be willing to make moves that appear one sided at the time of the trade, with the small glimmer of hope that it will turn out to be a steal. Ned is playing the nickel slot machine in hopes of winning a million dollars. He is betting on the last place horse that has a miniscule chance of winning. Other GM's are taking advantage of Ned's foolish way of thinking.

That said, Ned is a rookie GM. You give rookie players time to develop, so you do the same with a GM. The leash may be shorter, but you can't act on impulses (like McCourt has done in the past). Ned is fortunate to have such a great staff around him. Kim Ng, Logan White, Roy Smith, and Terry Collins are all top notch baseball people. This year, Ned has been saved by a great farm system. If Ned continues to collaborate with his staff and learns from some of his reckless moves, then he has the potential to become an above average GM.

2006-08-05 15:08:27
5.   Big Game
According to Charly(spelling intentional), Lugo will be playing CF tomorrow.
2006-08-05 15:08:40
6.   King of the Hobos
Lugo will debut tomorrow in center. Grady is pretty much giving up the game, as Repko, Martinez, and Hall will play over Drew and Martin (and Repko).
2006-08-05 15:09:22
7.   tjshere
4 Nice job, Uncle Miltie. I really enjoyed reading your rational analysis of Flanders and the way he operates.

Maybe because I agree with you.

2006-08-05 15:10:30
8.   Bob Timmermann
Grady is pretty much giving up the game, as Repko, Martinez, and Hall will play over Drew and Martin (and Repko).

Are there two Repkos?

2006-08-05 15:11:51
9.   dzzrtRatt
5 What's he going to say after the IQ-boosting drugs wear off?
2006-08-05 15:11:52
10.   xaphor
Filling in for your self is the ultimate in scrappiness.
2006-08-05 15:11:56
11.   adraymond
Does anyone else have his/her Saturday ruined by MLBtv's blackouts? It pains me.
2006-08-05 15:12:55
12.   tjshere
8 I think Lofton must be on KOTH's "dead to me" list.
2006-08-05 15:13:30
13.   Gen3Blue
My grandfather was a great Gibert and Sullivan fan. (This was not the recording artist Gilbert O'Sullivan, who is responsable for "Alone again, Naturally" and "Get Down") I am happy to say. But from a line in "Pirates of Penzance" referring to a Cat-tail torch that went " Silent be!, the cat" he actually had a cat named "Silent Bee", that I remember as a small child.*
*Details of this dismal anectode may be wrong from repeated tellings, ie. "Pirates" may actually be "HMS Pinafore" etc.
An erratic Broadband connection linked to an erratic memory and spotty family tradition surely could lead to an inchoherent tribute to BT's cat.
2006-08-05 15:14:19
14.   King of the Hobos
8 Lugo's playing instead of Repko in center, and Repko's playing instead of Drew in right, and I wasn't really sure how to write it. I suppose it could be argued that Lugo is playing instead of Drew.
2006-08-05 15:14:45
15.   bluetahoe
If JD gets HOT (OPS's .930+ the rest of the way) the Dodgers will win this division in a landslide.
2006-08-05 15:15:46
16.   King of the Hobos
12 We face Olsen tomorrow, so Lofton wouldn't play regardless (although he's pretty much on that list). I'm guessing Saenz will play tomorrow as well.
2006-08-05 15:16:08
17.   tjshere
" Silent be!, the cat"

So he named one cat "Silent Bee".

I take it the next one was just referred to as "The Cat"?

2006-08-05 15:16:44
18.   Eric Enders
Answering a question from the last thread...

90 "Has an infielder ever dropped a popup subject to the infield fly rule on purpose, just for fun? Or to bait one of the runners? I think that's what I would do."

Yep, at least once. On April 24, 1911, Tigers third baseman George Moriarty (grandfather of actor Michael) started a triple play by intentionally dropping a popup after the infield fly rule had been called, then throwing out the two confused baserunners who tried to advance at their own risk. The runner from first base reached second where he was tagged out by the 2Bman, while the runner from second tried to return there, and also proceeded to get tagged out by the 2Bman.

Yes, I realize I need to get out more.

2006-08-05 15:17:05
19.   xaphor
[13] It is in fact HMS Pinafore.
2006-08-05 15:17:07
20.   D4P
Knowing our luck, DJ will OPS .929 the rest of the way, and we'll finish one game out of first place.
2006-08-05 15:17:17
21.   Gen3Blue
On a more businesslike tack-- this young man pitching for the fish seems to have figured things out and looks to be a real test for the D's streak.
2006-08-05 15:17:22
22.   Big Game
Way off topic and way early in the year for basketball, but there's a good article at about the skyhook:

2006-08-05 15:17:45
23.   dzzrtRatt
4 In many ways I agree with you on Ned. However:

"Other GM's are taking advantage of Ned's foolish way of thinking."

Like many statements made by many of Colletti's critics, I'd like to see one example of this claim being true in the real (vs. peripheral) world.

Edwin Jackson? Barely hanging onto a major league career.

Chuck Tiffany? Who?

Joel Guzman? We'll see; but now he's TB's nickel in the slot machine. He was lower on the Dodger depth chart than he will be there.

Cesar Izturis? Suddenly he gets love, now that he's gone?

Baez? (See Izturis)

Aybar? Best chance of success of any of Ned's trade-aways, but I like Betemit betetter.

Pedroza? Wasn't a prime prospect before he got traded.

Duaner Sanchez? Probably the only player Ned's traded who we truly missed. But at the time, the trade seemed even.

Who am I missing? What GM is dancing in the streets because they robbed Ned blind of any of the above?

2006-08-05 15:18:08
24.   Mr Customer
12 I get the same reaction. I was at the Washington game last Sunday. He proceeded to single with nobody out, failed to tag-up on a long fly ball, then was doubled up at first on the next AB. I found it very disappointing.
2006-08-05 15:18:35
25.   bluetahoe
Tomorrows predicted lineup

1) Raffy - ss
2) Repko - of
3) Lugo - of
4) Saenz - 1b
5) Betemit - 3b
6) Ethier - of
7) Martinez - 2b
8) Tobester - c
9) Hendy - p

2006-08-05 15:18:37
26.   Gen3Blue
17 I'm quite sure you are right!
2006-08-05 15:18:57
27.   Eric Enders
"Does anyone else have his/her Saturday ruined by MLBtv's blackouts? It pains me."

They don't do much for me either.

2006-08-05 15:20:32
28.   xaphor
[18] Ruthlessness must run in the Moriarty blood.
2006-08-05 15:21:32
29.   bluetahoe
23 Well put. Like I've always said. Tampa Bay is the team who should be banging their heads against a wall in regards to Baez. They could have gotten a TON for him in July of '05. They didn't. I'd be MADDER THAN HORNET if I were a DRay fan
2006-08-05 15:22:17
30.   Gen3Blue
Only here would someone know it was Pinafore!
I must complain again that because of FOX I'm stuck with Gameday again as I am in 9 out of 10 Saturdays.
2006-08-05 15:23:51
31.   Marty
30 If you haven't seen it yet, go rent "Topsy Turvy". A great movie on Gilbert and Sullivan.
2006-08-05 15:25:05
32.   Linkmeister
12-pitch inning for Billingsley. That's a nice start.
2006-08-05 15:27:29
33.   Mr Customer
Looks like Chad's taking something off his pitches. It seems to be finding the strike zone a little easier.
2006-08-05 15:29:16
34.   Vaudeville Villain

The problem isn't who we're giving up, it's what we're giving them up for.

2006-08-05 15:32:13
35.   Linkmeister
Gameday: "James Loney singles on a pop up to shortstop Hanley Ramirez."

Huh? Can someone explain that?

2006-08-05 15:32:42
36.   Bob Timmermann
That was not a wise move there by young Mr. Johnson to walk Billingsley.
2006-08-05 15:33:23
37.   Andrew Shimmin
Billingsly walked on the strikiest ball four I've ever seen.
2006-08-05 15:33:48
38.   Mr Customer
36 That's a Grabowski-level infraction.
2006-08-05 15:35:03
39.   Mr Customer
2006-08-05 15:35:06
40.   D4P
Especially with Mssrs. Furcal, Lofton, and Lugo due up.
2006-08-05 15:35:26
41.   xaphor
That was the softest hit triple I have ever seen.
2006-08-05 15:35:54
42.   Bob Timmermann
Two more of those by Furcal and he can tie Alfredo Griffin's alltime record!
2006-08-05 15:36:22
43.   Mr Customer
hooray for crooked numbers.
2006-08-05 15:36:25
44.   DXMachina
41 Hit 'em where they ain't.
2006-08-05 15:36:52
45.   Eric Enders
I was unaware Alfredo Griffin held a record for anything except outs made on the basepaths.
2006-08-05 15:36:55
46.   Big Game
23, et al.

I dont think you can really evaluate the deals Ned's made until you see who he retains, considering Maddux, Lugo, Hall, and Betemit's contracts are all set to expire.

2006-08-05 15:36:57
47.   Andrew Shimmin
Kenny speed doesn't work in reverse.
2006-08-05 15:37:30
48.   Mr Customer
What is wrong with that horrible man?
2006-08-05 15:37:41
49.   D4P
Is it too early to declare the Dodgers the prohibitive favorite to win the NL West?
2006-08-05 15:37:45
50.   bluetahoe
Raffy's starting to earn that bloated salary.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-08-05 15:38:03
51.   Eric Enders
Second game in a row Lofton's been picked off. Of course, last night it helped that the first baseman missed the throw.
2006-08-05 15:38:05
52.   Bob Timmermann
In 1988 Alfredo Griffin had 3 bases-loaded triples.

And he drove in just 27 runs that year.

2006-08-05 15:38:48
53.   Bob Timmermann

Ahh, irrational exuberance. Alan Greenspan was right!

2006-08-05 15:38:54
54.   Jon Weisman
41 - I saw a hard ground shot past first base that went all the way to the corner.
2006-08-05 15:39:16
55.   Mr Customer
46 I'd check if your information is correct on Betemit. I think he's only just arbitration-eligable this year.
2006-08-05 15:39:18
56.   bluetahoe
and Johnson is LOFTONIZED.....

only to get picked off.

2006-08-05 15:41:00
57.   xaphor
Marlins are about to lose their manager.
2006-08-05 15:41:13
58.   Eric Enders
I'm so glad this game is not on TV. I really needed to hear Rick Monday talking about "chocolate buns."
2006-08-05 15:41:31
59.   Berkeley Doug
49 I will hope for getting to at leat a few games over .500 first before even entertaining thoughts of making the playoff, let alone winning the division.
2006-08-05 15:42:09
60.   Andrew Shimmin
Did he get the boot? It looked like he was going to, but I didn't see him actually get thrown out.
2006-08-05 15:43:16
61.   Andrew Shimmin
Steiner and Reuss are on a loop. I heard this bit yesterday.
2006-08-05 15:43:38
62.   Jesse
where is the game not on tv?
2006-08-05 15:43:54
63.   Bob Timmermann

Girardi was booted according to Gameday.

2006-08-05 15:44:16
64.   Eric Enders
49 According to Baseball Prospectus, there is a 78.39704% chance that your exuberance is irrational and a 21.60296% chance that the Dodgers win the division.
2006-08-05 15:45:08
65.   Eric Enders
"where is the game not on tv?"

The United States. Minus Southern California.

2006-08-05 15:45:42
66.   Bob Timmermann
Top 2ND B:3 S:2 O:2
Florida Marlins Manager Joe Girardi ejected by HP umpire Chris Guccione.
2006-08-05 15:45:47
67.   Berkeley Doug
Well it's a good start. Let's hope Chad can keep his walks down and the offense puts up a few more crooked numbers.

I'm off - Go Dodgers!

2006-08-05 15:45:47
68.   alexx
18: That's interesting; thanks.
2006-08-05 15:45:53
69.   bluetahoe
64 Translation. The Dodgers are going to be playing baseball the 2nd week of October. LOL..
2006-08-05 15:46:13
70.   xaphor
[54] The ball seemed like it lazily rolled into the corner. I was very surprised the fielder didn't get to it sooner. This is based on my years of Cricket experience. :)
2006-08-05 15:46:47
71.   Andrew Shimmin
They showed the booting on replay. Must have happened while they were replaying the pitch, in X-mo. To the max.
2006-08-05 15:46:50
72.   Bob Timmermann
The game is also being televised in South Florida on Sun Sports.
2006-08-05 15:47:18
73.   Eric Enders
Of course, if the game were on TV then I would be watching it on a tivo delay, and thus be unable to bask in the warm glow of Dodger Thoughts e-companionship. So there's a silver cloud to every lining. Or however that goes.
2006-08-05 15:48:13
74.   Steve
Bob has a cat?
2006-08-05 15:50:15
75.   D4P
According to Baseball Prospectus, there is a 78.39704% chance that your exuberance is irrational and a 21.60296% chance that the Dodgers win the division.

What are the respective chances for each of the other teams in the division?

2006-08-05 15:50:29
76.   Linkmeister

Not bad. Trademark it quickly.

2006-08-05 15:51:29
77.   Eric Enders
75 That's a lot of typing so I'll just give the link. It's not part of the pay site.

2006-08-05 15:51:32
78.   D4P
Nevermind, I found it.
2006-08-05 15:51:52
79.   bluetahoe
I'm beginning to think Brett Tomko is this teams good luck charm. If they win today I bet the Dodgers are 12-15 games over .500 with Tomko on the active roster as opposed to 12-15 games under without him.
2006-08-05 15:51:52
80.   jasbo
23. For me, it's the promise of Pedroza I'll miss. Granted it's only promise, but I'd rather have that (and the Guzman chip still in my pocket) than two months of Lugo's time.
2006-08-05 15:55:18
81.   Mr Customer
Breathe, Chad. Breathe.
2006-08-05 15:55:39
82.   Sam DC
mystery alaska is on tv right now -- it has a very strong gravitiational pull for my clicker.
2006-08-05 15:55:44
83.   DXMachina
79 I'll just bet that if the Dodgers win today they'll be at .500.
2006-08-05 15:56:25
84.   gpellamjr
I'm getting the game on
2006-08-05 15:56:49
85.   bluetahoe
Billz doing his Ishii impersonations again. Crikees!
2006-08-05 15:56:49
86.   Big Game

I'm bouncing back and forth between the Dodgers and Chelsea v MLS Allstars.

2006-08-05 15:57:38
87.   Daniel Zappala
Jon -- seeing Borchard playing for the Marlins makes me wonder -- who's the best position player to star at Stanford and then play in the major leagues? I know Mussina is likely the best pitcher, but can't think of a hitter off the top of my head.
2006-08-05 15:58:01
88.   D4P
Interesting start for Chad so far...
2006-08-05 15:58:16
89.   Linkmeister
I wonder if Dodgers fans watched Koufax pre-1962 and cringed at his control problems like we do with Billingsley.

Not to say B will turn out like Sandy, but...

2006-08-05 15:58:32
90.   bluetahoe
2006-08-05 15:59:48
91.   Eric Enders
84 Hmmm. It's blacked out for me. That's very weird.

It's definitely a game that's supposed to be blacked out, too, so I suspect you found a loophole. If you find yourself mysteriously ejected onto the New Jersey Turnpike, don't say I didn't warn you.

But now I will go see if I can poke around and find that same loophole. Thanks.

2006-08-05 16:02:44
92.   Eric Enders
87 For me, Bob Boone and Jeffrey Hammonds are about all I can think of, which is pretty weak.

Paging Jed Lowrie... opportunity knocks.

2006-08-05 16:03:02
93.   Bob Timmermann
Take your pick

The most career home runs by an ex-Cardinal/Indian is 152 by Ed Sprague.

The highest batting average by anyone who played significant time in the majors is .272 by Jeffrey Hammonds.

2006-08-05 16:04:07
94.   Eric Enders
I would like to apologize to the court for the crimes against English grammar committed in post #92. I have entered writing rehab and am doing my best to ensure it never happens again.
2006-08-05 16:04:10
95.   Bluebleeder87
Not to say B will turn out like Sandy, but...

his control makes my heart pump a bit faster than normal.

2006-08-05 16:04:13
96.   Bob Timmermann
The alltime homerun leader for a former UCLA player is Eric Karros at 284, but Troy Glaus should pass him up next year if he stays healthy.
2006-08-05 16:05:26
97.   Eric Enders
96 And Chase Utley could pass them both.
2006-08-05 16:06:32
98.   tjshere
87 If the NFL counts as a major league I'll go with John Elway.
2006-08-05 16:07:01
99.   Bob Timmermann
Perhaps Jeff Conine will play until he's 50!
2006-08-05 16:07:19
100.   Eric Enders
"The highest batting average by anyone who played significant time in the majors is .272 by Jeffrey Hammonds."

The non-disclaimered answer is a lot funnier... Jeff Ballard.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-08-05 16:07:32
101.   gpellamjr
91 I tried through the screen, but it says it was blacked out. But it opened up when I tried through the tv icon on the gameday screen. Try that. The little tv icon in the gameday is red, but it's working. Let me know if it works for you.
2006-08-05 16:07:48
102.   Bob Timmermann
Jon is still waiting for Paul Carey to get the call to The Show.
2006-08-05 16:08:37
103.   Daniel Zappala
Thanks Bob. I didn't think there would be many stars in the list, though most people would recognize Bob Boone. It did confirm that Steve Beuchele is the only player to go to the same HS and college as me and play MLB.
2006-08-05 16:09:55
104.   Bob Timmermann
Jeff Ballard pitched in the coldest baseball game I ever saw in L.A. He shut out UCLA at Jackie Robinson Stadium on a Friday night.

JRS is L.A.'s collegiate Candlestick Park at night. When the wind kicks up off the cemetery, you feel like there are the ghosts of several thousand dead Civil War vets robbing you of your soul.

2006-08-05 16:11:29
105.   Daniel Zappala
Ha ha! Great line, Bob. Having spent many a night at Candlestick earning pins when the game went into extra innings, I know exactly what you mean.

Except I'm wondering how those Civil War vets made it to LA.

2006-08-05 16:11:47
106.   D4P
A 5-run lead sounds like a lot, but let's not forget the Marlins could tie this game with zero swings of the bat.
2006-08-05 16:13:04
107.   Bob Timmermann
The government built a huge retirement home/convalescent hospital for Civil War vets in the Sawtelle area of Los Angeles. That area now houses a VA hospital, Los Angeles National Cemetery, and some buildings for UCLA.
2006-08-05 16:13:16
108.   Eric Enders
At Candlestick it was so cold that veterans of the Whisky Rebellion showed up.

They've heard about the SF bleacher denizens, apparently.

2006-08-05 16:15:08
109.   Bob Timmermann
I think this should be a satellite image of the area around Jackie Robinson Stadium.

2006-08-05 16:15:10
110.   gpellamjr
Marlin's announcers: "Wouldn't a long ball here make it interesting?" "Yes."

Still better than either one of the Brennamans.

2006-08-05 16:16:55
111.   Bob Timmermann
A long ball here would be less interesting to me.
2006-08-05 16:17:51
112.   Daniel Zappala
I knew about the VA hospital and cemetary -- had no idea Civil War vets might be there.
2006-08-05 16:17:56
113.   Eric Enders
I actually think the Marlins TV guys are quite good. They do their research and don't say anything incredibly stupid. Which, these days, is enough to get you into the upper echelon of baseball broadcasters.
2006-08-05 16:18:32
114.   Eric Enders
Ahh, Josh Willingham, the most distinguished MLB alumnus of the University of North Alabama.

Too bad this guy never quite made it:

2006-08-05 16:18:38
115.   Bluebleeder87
Bills struck out the side.
2006-08-05 16:19:18
116.   Bob Timmermann

If you had worked in a genealogy department of a library (and may God have mercy on your soul if you did), you learn such things. Such as having to explain several times a day where "Sawtelle" is.

2006-08-05 16:19:38
117.   Benaiah
6Ks, two hits and no home runs in 3 innings would seem like a good start... but oh those walks Chad!
2006-08-05 16:20:02
118.   gpellamjr
113 That was my point. I quite enjoyed them yesterday--- except for the Vin Scully impersonations. Yesterday, I was quite impressed that they gave Kenny Loftong the Infiniti Drive of the Game... something that wouldn't be given to an opposing team's players on most broadcasts. Did you get the video for the game?
2006-08-05 16:20:35
119.   kegtron
Is it really striking out the side when an out was made on a fielders choice?
2006-08-05 16:21:27
120.   Eric Enders
118 Not yet, but still working on it.
2006-08-05 16:22:13
121.   Bob Timmermann
Is this "Scuffy" Moehler?
2006-08-05 16:23:18
122.   gpellamjr
120 Did you try accessing it through gameday?
2006-08-05 16:23:44
123.   gpellamjr
I'm hoping that I've found the secret passageway, but I'm afraid to close the game to try it out.
2006-08-05 16:24:28
124.   Bob Timmermann
Why? Are you in the Bat Cave?
2006-08-05 16:24:37
125.   Uncle Miltie
87- probably Jeffrey Hammonds, but Carlos Quentin will end up being the best.
2006-08-05 16:25:26
126.   Eric Enders
OK, I've got it now. What I ended up doing was signing out, closing all my browser windows, then signing in again and it worked.

So now that I'm in, I'm wondering if Catherine Keener comes as part of the deal.

2006-08-05 16:26:13
127.   Eric Enders
I wonder if it worked because it's after 7pm and the blackout period is over now. Were you able to access it before about 25 mins ago?
2006-08-05 16:26:18
128.   gpellamjr
124 Silly... the secret passageway to the batcave is in the field outside Wayne Manor. I'm remembering very vividly the LotDK issue where they covered the discovery... also all the cool trophies (giant penny anyone?) all over the cave.
2006-08-05 16:26:53
129.   Bluebleeder87
dude were on a role! Lugo got hit in the back bases loaded, instead of a double play
2006-08-05 16:27:10
130.   gpellamjr
127 Hmm... interesting question. I HATE Fox!
2006-08-05 16:27:42
131.   gpellamjr
129 Thank goodness for Lugo and his abnormally large back!
2006-08-05 16:28:13
132.   Bob Timmermann
I find fox very tough to cook right. But I've found coyote very tasty if served with a nice salad.
2006-08-05 16:30:01
133.   Eric Enders
132 But they're usually all squished from hitting the canyon floor.
2006-08-05 16:30:42
134.   Linkmeister
Why did the Marlins' starting pitcher go out?
2006-08-05 16:31:35
135.   Bob Timmermann
The Yankees were one-hit today by the trio of Adam Loewen, Todd Williams, and LaTroy Hawkins.
2006-08-05 16:32:01
136.   Bob Timmermann
Pinch-hit for in the 3rd.

He also was pitching poorly.

2006-08-05 16:32:26
137.   bigcpa
Hey Bob- how many 8 game winning streaks have followed 8 game losing streaks since the Dead Ball Era?
2006-08-05 16:33:15
138.   bluetahoe
With the Dodgers playing so well I figured there'd be a lot more people posting.

When the Dodgers were playing bad ball there was a post a minute.

One would think it would be the opposite way around. Go figure.

2006-08-05 16:33:35
139.   Bob Timmermann
I have the top minds working on that question. Top.

In other words, I posted a question on SABR-L.

2006-08-05 16:33:38
140.   xaphor
[134] The Marlins started warming up the pen with only one run in. They had him on a mighty short leash.
2006-08-05 16:35:06
141.   bluetahoe
137 I bet the Cubs were the last to do it. Maybe 6 seasons ago.
2006-08-05 16:35:11
142.   gpellamjr
Can anyone confirm that video is now available for the game or otherwise that we have found the secret passageway?
2006-08-05 16:36:11
143.   Eric Enders
I got the video, but I'm still not sure if that was an accident or not.
2006-08-05 16:37:03
144.   Daniel Zappala
116 Actually, I have worked for several genealogy libaries before! If I wasn't teaching computer science, genealogy would be my area. It's what I do in a lot of free time. I just found out my great-several-times grandfather was a seargent in the 93rd Highlander Regiment, which is pretty cool.
2006-08-05 16:38:05
145.   Daniel Zappala
143 Good karma.
2006-08-05 16:38:08
146.   lakerican
Hey, Kid, Let's throw strikes; you're ahead.
2006-08-05 16:38:14
147.   ToyCannon
Tis a Saturday afternoon and a beautiful one at that.

From Rotowire:
"Navarro will likely be rested against left-handed pitchers for the Devil Rays going forward, the St. Petersburg Times reports. Navarro has hit just .133 against lefties since coming over from the Dodgers."

2006-08-05 16:38:52
148.   King of the Hobos
Lots of players moving to new teams in the minors. Sergio Garcia has been promoted to Vegas, so they now have a 2 man bench, Russ Mitchell was promoted to Vero, which leads to the promotion of Blake Dewitt. Tony Abreu is still in Jacksonville, so Dewitt may play 3B for the Suns (he's not playing in the first game of a double header).
2006-08-05 16:39:18
149.   bigcpa
138 You should have been here for 12-2 last year. We had 500 posts on a slow day. And that was before Midas came to save us.
2006-08-05 16:39:43
150.   Bob Timmermann
In the words of Ralph Lawler:


The Cubs lost 8 straight from May 10 through May 18, 2001 and then won on May 19 and won 12 straight and didn't lose until June 2.

And they finished in third.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-08-05 16:39:50
151.   gpellamjr
143 Did you access it through or through the icon on gameday?
2006-08-05 16:40:29
152.   Eric Enders
2006-08-05 16:40:50
153.   Eric Enders
Again with the links.
2006-08-05 16:41:12
154.   Bob Timmermann
Is Dessens healthy? This game has his name all over it. I assume Sele could make an appearance today too.
2006-08-05 16:41:56
155.   regfairfield
148 Were did you get that from?
2006-08-05 16:42:39
156.   gpellamjr
154 This kind of game needs Lance Carter. Is he still playing?
2006-08-05 16:43:58
157.   King of the Hobos
155 The rosters on I got suspicious when I saw Russ Mitchell playing 3B for Vero and no Dewitt.
2006-08-05 16:44:09
158.   Bluebleeder87
7 strike out in 4 innings for Bills.
2006-08-05 16:44:57
159.   Bluebleeder87
I really hope he learns how to throw the ball for strikes!
2006-08-05 16:45:17
160.   Eric Enders
Monday said Dessens is probably unavailable today.
2006-08-05 16:47:19
161.   DXMachina
154 Monday said that Dessens is likely NOT available. Ankle still hurts.
2006-08-05 16:48:25
162.   bigcpa
161 Webb, Liriano, Verlander, now THIS?
2006-08-05 16:49:27
163.   DXMachina
156 He currently boasts a 4.54 ERA at Vegas.
2006-08-05 16:50:57
164.   Eric Enders
Bizarrely, that actually IS something to boast about.
2006-08-05 16:51:02
165.   gpellamjr
163 Well, it's a hitter's park.
2006-08-05 16:51:10
166.   King of the Hobos
If the Dodgers decide not to activate Kent on Monday, there could be some problems.

"He said he feels like he's ready to go. He's been talking about [returning] the last couple of days. If it's not by Monday, he'll probably come in the office with a shotgun, and it won't be a casual conversation."

2006-08-05 16:53:23
167.   Bob Timmermann

And since I watched "A History of Violence" last night, I'm worried about shotguns.

2006-08-05 16:55:50
168.   gpellamjr
167 My wife made me watch that movie. I've never forgiven her.
2006-08-05 16:56:01
169.   Eric Enders
I really liked that movie. Even the ridiculous hamming of William Hurt seemed apropos, for whatever reason.
2006-08-05 16:56:17
170.   bluetahoe
149 Really. I do get the feeling some posters actually want the Dodgers to LOSE.

I'd hope the Dodgers winning streak wouldn't run people off. It probably has been the nice weather and such.

2006-08-05 16:56:18
171.   Andrew Shimmin
I watched War of the Worlds last night (after giving up on the Walmart movie), so I'm worried about mind-numbing boredom.
2006-08-05 16:56:28
172.   Bob Timmermann
I hope you and your wife don't have a wooden staircase in your home.
2006-08-05 16:57:33
173.   Eric Enders
172: Hilarious.
Maria Bello: Hot.
This game: History.
2006-08-05 16:57:41
174.   Uncle Miltie
Kobayashi is an amazing athlete. He just won the bratwurst eating contest with 58 brats (a world record)!
2006-08-05 16:57:51
175.   gpellamjr
172 I never quite figured out the mechanics of that scene. But that's not a topic for this site.
2006-08-05 16:57:53
176.   Linkmeister
100 pitches through five inning, Gameday sez. 60 for strikes. 3 walks, 7 strikeouts.

So who comes in? Sele?

2006-08-05 16:59:16
177.   Greg S
170. It's the weather, I'm sure. I just got back from playing golf and I'm in Arizona. If I were in LA today, I'd probably have played 36.
2006-08-05 17:04:27
178.   Bob Timmermann
People also comment less frequently on the weekend because they are with their families and trying to be sociable and stuff like that.
2006-08-05 17:04:59
179.   twerp
What happened to the Dodger lefty, Thompson (I think) who'd had cadaver tendons (or something cadaver) grafted into his elbow (or arm somewhere) and started a couple games (last year?), didn't seem to do badly, then got hurt (I think).

Whew. Arrest that sentence for speeding. And overuse of (). And probably other offenses.

And I may have the specifics wrong. But folks here will know. (I think.) (I hope.)

2006-08-05 17:05:02
180.   Eric Enders
Did Olivo just tag Lugo with an empty glove, or did my eyes deceive me?
2006-08-05 17:05:09
181.   Eric Enders
Did Olivo just tag Lugo with an empty glove, or did my eyes deceive me?
2006-08-05 17:05:24
182.   Andrew Shimmin
170- Which posters give you that feeling?
2006-08-05 17:07:59
183.   Eric Enders
James Loney, Irish God of Triples.
2006-08-05 17:08:24
184.   gpellamjr
Was that ball really fair?
2006-08-05 17:08:51
185.   Eric Enders
Looked like it to me.
2006-08-05 17:08:53
186.   DaveP
184 - yes. It hit the yellow line at the base of the wall.
2006-08-05 17:08:55
187.   Linkmeister
179 I need information, he said parenthetically.

Anybody remember that category of word play called Tom Swifties?

2006-08-05 17:08:56
188.   Bluebleeder87

it was fair

2006-08-05 17:09:10
189.   Icaros
Loney raises his season OPS from .747 to .802 with one swing of the bat.
2006-08-05 17:09:50
190.   Greg S
This is the first time I've been forced to watch on Gameday. Makes you appreciate the conversations about the specifics that go on. Luckily, this is the sort of game that even Gameday can make fun to watch.
2006-08-05 17:09:51
191.   ddger
Should Grady rest Drew and Martin for tomorrow so he won't have half of the team sitting out tomorrow.
2006-08-05 17:10:21
192.   Eric Enders
187 You're not the only one who used to read Boys' Life.
2006-08-05 17:10:22
193.   Mr Customer
wow, they're trotting bills out for the 6th?
2006-08-05 17:10:54
194.   lakerican
176. Bills
2006-08-05 17:11:04
195.   Gen3Blue
Man' look at the RBI's for Furcal, Etheir, Martin, and Loney.
Its getting to the point where only an imbecile would leave them out for older players. Anyone agree.
2006-08-05 17:11:15
196.   Bob Timmermann
That pitcher was Derek Thompson. I believe he's been standed on a desert island with Jayson Werth.
2006-08-05 17:11:31
197.   ddger
I think it's safe to safe that Gio will make an appearance today.
2006-08-05 17:11:55
198.   Eric Enders
191 I would recommend removing Blue Trane now regardless of whether he plays tomrrow. The game is over, it's a long season for catchers, and Hall is already ticked about his playing time. Win-win-win.
2006-08-05 17:11:59
199.   gpellamjr
182 You, for one, since, if I remember rightly, your quitting smoking coincided with the beginning of the losing streak. That can't be coincidence.
2006-08-05 17:12:06
200.   Mr Customer
Tha'll keep the count down.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-08-05 17:12:28
201.   Bob Timmermann
I think Billingsley should come out after this inning and then someone should come in and try to get the 3-inning save.

I have a thing for the 3-inning save.

2006-08-05 17:14:17
202.   ddger
201 Let's give Gio that chance. Bring him in 6th.
2006-08-05 17:14:42
203.   Mr Customer
201 Still trying to make up for the one that Seo lost, are we?
2006-08-05 17:14:52
204.   Eric Enders
He may pitch the 7th too.
2006-08-05 17:14:54
205.   gpellamjr
201 If you pitch 3 innings, do you get a save regardless of the lead?
2006-08-05 17:15:11
206.   Bluebleeder87
how many pitches has he thrown?? (Bills)
2006-08-05 17:15:49
207.   Daniel Zappala
Whoever it was that mentioned Firefox's memory leaks are fixed with the new version --- thank you! I've been using the new one since then and it has been great.
2006-08-05 17:16:05
208.   Bob Timmermann
You do.

Unless you're Jae Seo on June 23.

If I ever meet that official scorer, I will challenge him to a duel.

2006-08-05 17:16:09
209.   DXMachina
187 But of course, he said knowingly. I still even have my collection of Tom Swift, Jr., books.
2006-08-05 17:16:50
210.   Eric Enders
206 107. I've seen weirder things happen.
2006-08-05 17:16:53
211.   Daniel Zappala
At the rate Billingsley is going (7 pitches last inning), it will take only 21 more to close out the game, for 128 total.
2006-08-05 17:16:55
212.   gpellamjr
206 107
2006-08-05 17:17:51
213.   Daniel Zappala
What's your choice of weapon, Bob? The double entendre?
2006-08-05 17:17:52
214.   King of the Hobos
Thompson had TJ last year on July 29th, and had some scar tissue cleaned out in February. He should begin rehabbing fairly soon.
2006-08-05 17:18:21
215.   Linkmeister
Boy's Life! I haven't thought of that since I was, well, a boy!

201 You want Gossage to come out of retirement?

2006-08-05 17:18:47
216.   Eric Enders
This game is doubly great because my fantasy team has Billingsley and the guy I'm trying to catch has Josh Johnson.
2006-08-05 17:20:49
217.   Eric Enders
Like Dreifort, Derek Thompson now has a piece of a cadaver in him.
2006-08-05 17:20:53
218.   Bob Timmermann

Will you be my second? I've already booked some space in Weehawken.

2006-08-05 17:21:11
219.   Linkmeister
209 I found a couple of the original Tom Swift books in my grandmother's garage in Phoenix back in the late 1960s-early 1970s. Unfortunately I didn't realize what collectors' items they were and didn't keep them.
2006-08-05 17:21:27
220.   ddger
Everyone in our lineup had at least 2 hits except Betemit who had a really tough day going 0-4 with 8 LOBs. I guess it's good to have those days when you're winning big.
2006-08-05 17:21:38
221.   gpellamjr
216 I guess for once you were rooting for the Dodgers not to lose!
2006-08-05 17:22:39
222.   gpellamjr
Gio in for the three inning save!!!
2006-08-05 17:22:39
223.   Daniel Zappala
218 I've got your back.
2006-08-05 17:22:45
224.   Bob Timmermann
Billingsley didn't have any hits.
2006-08-05 17:23:34
225.   CanuckDodger
Derek Thompson was recently placed on the "Suspended List." Does anyone know the regulations surrounding the Suspended List? Sounds like some sort of disciplinary measure, but I can't imagine what Thompson did to warrant being penalized.
2006-08-05 17:24:32
226.   ddger
220 picky, picky
2006-08-05 17:29:52
227.   King of the Hobos
225 Where did you hear that? As far as I can tell, the suspended list is for Elijah Dukes and steroid users.
2006-08-05 17:30:23
228.   xaphor
Score one for the head first slide.
2006-08-05 17:30:54
229.   Bob Timmermann
June 28, 2006 St. Petersburg Times

Thompson also hopes to wipe clean some off-field problems. He was arrested and charged with misdemeanor DUI in August in Vero Beach, then arrested on suspicion of trespassing in December at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

According to public records, Thompson is serving probation for the Vero Beach incident and was accepted into a pretrial intervention program for the Hard Rock incident. His license is suspended, records show.

Thompson declined to comment on the arrests.

2006-08-05 17:33:58
230.   Steve
Who is the useless cut rate Steve Lyons clone doing this game?
2006-08-05 17:34:58
231.   Bob Timmermann

Jerry Reuss on TV
A Martinez on radio

2006-08-05 17:38:03
232.   Steve
That explains it.
2006-08-05 17:39:16
233.   Mr Customer
231 - I don't have a huge problem with Reuss, though calling him a "color" commentator carries as much weight as calling Monday a "play-by-play" announcer.

Martinez needs to stick to the Stadium quiz and Dodgertalk.

2006-08-05 17:39:50
234.   Bob Timmermann
It's the 5th inning in KC and the Twins have scored 8 runs on just 5 hits, but have picked up 10 walks.

Paul Bako just got ejected.

2006-08-05 17:43:46
235.   ddger
If Gio give up more than 3 runs in 3 innings, will he still get a save?
2006-08-05 17:44:32
236.   Bob Timmermann
If Carrara gets through three innings and the official scorer isn't on a high horse, he would get his first save since 8/31/2004 when he pitched the bottom of the 13th in Arizona. The Dodgers won 4-1 that day.
2006-08-05 17:45:35
237.   ddger
Gio is either giving up a hit or striking everyone out.
2006-08-05 17:46:21
238.   Bob Timmermann
It would in the discretion of the official scorer. The rule says "three effective innings."

In practice (except on June 23) that just means "finishing the game."

Except on June 23, a night that will live in infamy as the most shameful scoring decision since the phantom error by Ken Reitz on Bob Forsch's first no-hitter.

2006-08-05 17:48:11
239.   ddger
Let's go Gio, 9Ks in 3 innings. If he does that then there is no way he won't get a save.
2006-08-05 17:49:36
240.   Bob Timmermann
I don't know about that. After June 23, I don't believe anything is certain anymore.

I've lost my faith in official scorers. Sort of like a kid finding out there's no Santa Claus.

2006-08-05 17:50:23
241.   D4P
Bob - Is "Eliminate the save statistic" on your Quixotic List or mine?
2006-08-05 17:51:31
242.   Bob Timmermann

That one is yours.

2006-08-05 17:51:56
243.   Eric Enders
Why in the world did you ever have faith in official scorers?
2006-08-05 17:52:34
244.   ddger
1 more inning for Gio. Please Grady don't take out Gio now.
2006-08-05 17:52:55
245.   Bob Timmermann
I had to believe in something.
2006-08-05 17:53:44
246.   ddger
The only suspense left in this game is if Gio will get a save or not.
2006-08-05 17:54:16
247.   Eric Enders
"Please Grady don't take out Gio now."

We have a leader in the clubhouse for "line you least thought you'd read on Dodger Thoughts in 2006."

2006-08-05 17:54:20
248.   Bob Timmermann
Logan Kensing vs. Russell Martin

A guy with two last names faces a guy with two first names.

2006-08-05 17:55:32
249.   D4P
As pointed out by a guy with one first name and one last name.
2006-08-05 17:55:39
250.   Eric Enders
Russell Nathan Jeanson Coltrane Martin
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-08-05 17:59:08
251.   Bob Timmermann
Now, the game is devoid of suspense.
2006-08-05 18:00:33
252.   Steve
Toby Hall is fulfilling the measure of creation. That has to be heartwarming, if nothing else.
2006-08-05 18:01:54
253.   Terry A
Derek Thompson failed to report promptly after Cesar Izturis' wife gave birth.
2006-08-05 18:01:59
254.   das411
227 - Nice. The Delmon puts in an appearance there every once in a while too, no?
2006-08-05 18:03:17
255.   mikethinksblue
Anyone else listening to Rick Monday talking about Paul Hoover's chocolate buns?
2006-08-05 18:03:45
256.   Eric Enders
Durham Bulls and steroid users?
2006-08-05 18:04:31
257.   Eric Enders
255, meet 58.
2006-08-05 18:04:38
258.   Steve
Paul Hoover had twenty at-bats for Tampa Bay. I hope he's not coming home with us.
2006-08-05 18:04:56
259.   Daniel Zappala
When do the Dodgers hire the announcer they audition from the 51s? Next year?
2006-08-05 18:05:15
260.   Gen3Blue
Whoooo-hooo Loney--2 triples in two days.
2006-08-05 18:05:17
261.   Eric Enders
I hear he plays third like Brooks Robinson though.
2006-08-05 18:07:59
262.   Steve
Do you think Ethier's statue outside Dodger Stadium will be made of bronze?
2006-08-05 18:08:40
263.   D4P
Depends on whether Ned touches it or not
2006-08-05 18:09:03
264.   Steve
By the way, Billy. You had Mark Kotsay and Jay Payton running around the outfield and this guy parked in AA?


2006-08-05 18:09:12
265.   Daniel Zappala
2006-08-05 18:11:58
266.   D4P
Who's leading off for the Giants tonight, you ask?

Yep, Steve Finley.

2006-08-05 18:15:56
267.   Linkmeister
Here, Bob, this one's for you:

The Library 2.0 Idea Generator

2006-08-05 18:17:20
268.   Linkmeister
Ooh, I like this one:

enhance metadata and then dispose of all your book stock

2006-08-05 18:17:30
269.   Steve
I have never understood the fascination with Mark Kotsay.
2006-08-05 18:20:26
270.   Eric Enders
Ethier needs to average 4.29 plate appearaces per Dodger game from now through the end of the season to qualify for the NL batting title.

Since his callup he has averaged 3.36 PAs per team game. Since becoming a regular on June 30, it's 3.81.

Sorry, Andre, looks like no soup for you.

2006-08-05 18:21:38
271.   Daniel Zappala
Mark Kotsay is not that bad with the bat if you are playing him in CF. Everywhere else he's not that great.
2006-08-05 18:23:47
272.   Steve
he's not that great.

I agree with all of your statement to an extent, but I agree with this part of your statement the most.

2006-08-05 18:29:53
273.   D4P
BTW: How did Jon know that today was roughly Bob's cat's birthday...?
2006-08-05 18:37:37
274.   Marty
273 Let's hear it for Outlook reminders.
2006-08-05 18:41:32
275.   Bob Timmermann

It was a revolutionary method of telling him.

2006-08-05 18:43:18
276.   Steve
273 -- You would recognize that strategy if you didn't watch Gameday so much.
2006-08-05 18:47:42
277.   King of the Hobos
Kuo's line tonight: 5 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 5 K, 69 pitches
His ERA in Vegas is at 3.93, with a 40/17 K/BB ratio in 34.1 IP.
2006-08-05 18:48:04
278.   Sam DC
Things you don't see [er, read on gameday] every day:

David Ortiz singles on a bunt ground ball to third baseman B. J. Upton.

2006-08-05 18:48:41
279.   underdog
Random musings:

So Lugo in CF tomorrow - that should be interesting...

I wonder if Loney will get another triple.

I only caught the last inning of Billingsley - how'd he look overall? Seems like he's just getting better and better.

They could only be one game out after tonight - either way, it's pretty amazing. Bruce Jenkins in the SF Chron today sniffed that none of the teams in the West are much to think about and said "the Dodgers won't go anywhere unless Jeff Kent is fully recovered from his oblique injury." Guess he didn't notice they'd won 7 (now 8) in a row without Kent.

Now I find that even when I really should root for the Giants, I still can't.

Tomorrow is too early in the year for an NFL game, even if it's a Hall of Fame pre-season game.

Non-sports musing: My g/f just accidentally turned the station to that VH-1 show with Flava Flav, with him making out in the bathtub with somebody and I feel physically ill and now need a few therapy sessions to recover.

And happy birthday to Bob's cat. My cat just coughed up a hairball in his honor.

2006-08-05 18:49:03
280.   D4P
if you didn't watch Gameday so much

That's crazy talk...

2006-08-05 18:51:45
281.   Steve
Two minutes of A Martinez doing commentary would not only drive one into the welcoming arms of Gameday, it might be enough to make one a basketball fan.
2006-08-05 18:53:26
282.   Marty
Someone needs to send Martinez out to look for his missing period.
2006-08-05 18:56:11
283.   Eric Enders
So I take it there will be an addition to the Martinez family soon?
2006-08-05 18:57:15
284.   Sam DC
Further to 278, it's 5-4 Tampa Bay over the Red Sox. Tampa batting in the bottom of the 8th. David Ortiz is due up . . . third in the top of the ninth.
2006-08-05 18:58:30
285.   Vaudeville Villain
Where is the love for Mark Kotsay and his career .759 OPS?
2006-08-05 18:59:59
286.   D4P
If he played shortstop, he'd be worth $13 million/year.
2006-08-05 19:01:22
287.   bigcpa
I thought A was pretty good last year. One night on Dodger talk he debated using Gagne outside of the traditional closer role. But this year he's turned into just another chemistry guy.
2006-08-05 19:03:23
288.   Bob Timmermann

He's a Dodgers guy, so the stick is always blue after he pees.

2006-08-05 19:07:53
289.   Sam DC
TB scores two more so the Ortiz moment won't be quite the same.
2006-08-05 19:12:16
290.   Gen3Blue
If SF had a core in their low 20's, like Eth,Loney,Martin and Furc., they would expect that they would improve a bit over the next few years. IF. I love it.
2006-08-05 19:16:05
291.   underdog
Ausmus hit a grand slam for the Astros against the Diamondbacks, Houston up 4-0 early.
2006-08-05 19:23:37
292.   Steve
My SA Sponsor, the brilliant Buster Olney, would be so proud of me right now.
2006-08-05 19:27:12
293.   Sam DC
8-4 Tampa.
Crisp ground out
Loretta double
Ortiz RBI single, 8-5
Manny single
Youklis JAWFY
Javy now up . . .
2006-08-05 19:27:42
294.   Gen3Blue
I usally don't see anything after a D's game because it's often 1 or 2 a.m. on the East coast when we finish. But today I'm watching Col vs. Giants and Ariz vs. Hou.
It is great, hearing of a GS by Houston, I switched to that game. The D-back announcers, who I dislike in general, weren't talking. It was like a funeral. This is all wonderful. Last I saw we were 1+1/2 games out. What a wonderful division!
2006-08-05 19:28:44
295.   Sam DC
2006-08-05 19:37:46
296.   CanuckDodger
277 -- Kuo's control problems are disappearing now that he is a starter. I don't think it is a coincidence. Though Kuo was dominant in the minors last year as a reliever, he was being treated with kidd gloves, getting four days rest between relief appearances. Kuo didn't show control problems till the end of last year, when he was called up and Tracy had him pitching on back to back days or with one or two days rest. Kuo was fine in spring training pitching with plenty of rest, then when the regular season started the irregular schedule of a reliever started to once again take a toll on him. The obvious conclusion to draw is that Kuo's arm is not resilient enough to handle an MLB reliever's schedule. There is a faulty logic at work that says a pitcher with an injury history is going to be better served by pitching fewer innings as a reliever instead of more innings as a starter, when the issue might not be more or less innings, but frequency of use.
2006-08-05 19:56:18
297.   Marty
296 That would be a great development. I'd love to see an effective Kuo in the rotation with Billingsley, Penny and Lowe. Add Maddux for another year and I like that rotation.

It would be Kuofax time!

2006-08-05 19:59:12
298.   Jon Weisman
I realize that up top, I forgot to tie in the fact that Bob's cat is named Casey.

296 - I raised that faulty logic issue with Dreifort.

2006-08-05 20:13:04
299.   Eric Enders
298 Ah, I get it now. I had thought that meant you were spending the weekend in Stockton.
2006-08-05 20:15:25
300.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 296

Great news to see Kuo starting again.

It truly pains me that it looks like the first Taiwanese star in the big leagues is a freaking Yankee. I was there for a wedding recently, and Wang might as well be Moses there. It's almost comical how often they replay his starts.


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2006-08-05 20:16:31
301.   Gen3Blue
296 Good stuff, and I suspect it has much truth. Of course I'm an outspoken advocate of young arms being pointed towards starting until they crash and burn at the Major League level.
I also have seemed to tie into some pro-Giants announcers--though they were slightly more subtle.Not even sure who we should root for, but against SF and D-backs feels right.
2006-08-05 20:19:49
302.   underdog
Just saw this new note on RotoWorld, for what it's worth (not sure about the conjecture at this point, and boy I feel bad if Loney has to go down but I guess it's to be expected - either way, he'll be with the club in September):

Jeff Kent, on the 15-day DL with a sore left oblique, will be activated for Monday's game against the Rockies.
He's still not 100 percent, but it looks like he's eager to give it a try. James Loney could be sent down to make room for him. Kent will play first base until Nomar Garciaparra returns.

2006-08-05 20:24:19
303.   Bob Timmermann
I have finished Friday's NYT crossword.

I think I need some more practice before competition.

I should be ready for the show in about 10 years.

2006-08-05 20:25:16
304.   Bob Timmermann
Nats spotted the Padres three early runs, but have tied on a solo homer by Zimmerman and a two run shot by Anderson.
2006-08-05 20:25:42
305.   Steve
This is the "I Might As Well Play Because It's Not Getting Any Better" stage. He'll play for roughly three games and be out for the year. Too bad Hendrickson is so tall, or we could cut his oblique out and implant it in Kent.
2006-08-05 20:29:06
306.   Gagne55
"Kuo's line tonight: 5 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 5 K, 69 pitches"

You serious?

2006-08-05 20:29:18
307.   Eric Enders
Is it true that in the show, the puzzles are all printed on bonded paper, everyone uses Mont Blanc pens, and the crossword writers all have long legs and brains?
2006-08-05 20:30:28
308.   Eric Enders
305 I think I can arrange that. I know a guy who knows a guy.
2006-08-05 20:34:21
309.   Steve
This could be the wave of the future. Trading for body parts. "Danys, it's great that you're here. We need your calf muscle and an eye." I like it.
2006-08-05 20:34:25
310.   Daniel Zappala
I wish I had a way of getting the NY Times puzzle without paying for an online subscription. I used to do it in the Stanford Daily every day, but have no source for it now since I don't actually buy a paper any more.
2006-08-05 20:34:45
311.   Bob Timmermann
When I went to see "Word Play" with my girlfriend, I told her "See, there are people just as nerdy as me."

She replied, "Even you aren't that bad."

It was so sweet!

2006-08-05 20:34:54
312.   D4P
I wonder if BJ's oblique has a spear scar, like J's...
2006-08-05 20:35:10
313.   Gagne55
Washington came back to tie the game. The D'backs are about to lose. Dodgers could be just a game out at the end of the night.
2006-08-05 20:35:45
314.   Bob Timmermann
Even if you get the paper delivered which automatically gives you TimesSelect access, you still have to pay extra to do the crossword puzzle online.
2006-08-05 20:37:14
315.   Gagne55
"He's still not 100 percent, but it looks like he's eager to give it a try."

This is when the no profanity rule becomes restrictive...

2006-08-05 20:50:21
316.   Bob Timmermann
Rockies take a 2-1 lead over the Giants in the 11th.
2006-08-05 20:51:08
317.   Eric Enders
This week's sign of the apocalypse
2006-08-05 20:59:46
318.   Gagne55
Nice to see the Giants go down.
2006-08-05 21:02:05
319.   Gagne55
317 It's a sign of the apocalypse that Bob Dylan has a Myspace? I doubt it's even his. More likely that somebody made on for him. Anyway, if you want to see a cool Myspace profile, go here:

2006-08-05 21:06:32
320.   Bob Timmermann
Padres take a lead in the 7th, 4-3 on a Cameron double.
2006-08-05 21:17:48
321.   Steve
"If I knew exactly what I did to pull this off, I would have done it before we lost 13 of 14," manager Grady Little said."

I just like Grittle.

2006-08-05 21:19:46
322.   Eric Enders
321 I do, too. A lot.

But then I also liked Tracy his first couple of years.

2006-08-05 21:25:12
323.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2006-08-05 21:43:40
324.   Blu2

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